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T'OHN II. UI/THMANlf. Importer au?1
Dealer in >Vl!it\ Hrutirty, Ci??r? ?fcc.
Pennsylvania avenue, south stile, between Knur'
HQcl-u-il.nl jjiJ Sue lb Hreets, hu* received in* in
?lock and uk.omueot ol the uliotre,
part of?
M vie.ia, Sherry, Port Jt various grade- Ch.-iui
pa ?">?, 111 tjuarta uud pills different 1rand?.
A ,.ri it variety of Rhine Wine. some oi M
-tU I i n x
Al#o Perav -.p.rkliug red and WlilU l-furei
mi |<rie?-s from ill '?'> t**r <io/rti t<> tne ii-gltes
And iiUUi'Ti'ii^ olbrf Lmdf Oi Wine
AU'? very ?n, . nor i\icn?c, |?ale and dark;
*? Iiciditin if;it. f-.m i.iu Kuro tine old Win*
iic>, In-li M ilt. < "idiu> and Havana Cigar*
. Ii:h . 'KK.N ? AIL lUM'Tb
^jm v ?ui.i> i/i>rvncp.
VN ? ST. I-Uius x ue .*n in
gun Southern '?nd Northern Indiana Railroad
Line, earn oif. iln-G%eut Western United S'utc!
Through Mul, liave ib* fallowing staunch tirKt
das? i?tcnroers riinui-.g on Lak? Erie in counec
ti?n with : New York and Erie railroad iruin
Dunkirk touching at Cleveland, and connecting
Willi iht-ir r??.d at Toa'do. cud connecting direcih
With she Chicago mid Rock Inland railroad- at
Chicago. it the depot. ihus forming a daily
line lor |i ????kger- and freight from New \uri. u
the V1i??.:*>.i|?pi river. N agura, 'api am M'lier;
Km >?? '' :i??.tin Mitch?llj Keysteue State, C pt
llii'l...r ? ?. Louisiana. Captain i>uvenport. Also,
a Dfl> i.n r from lluflalo direct to Monroe by
iho?e v. -si own uiaanibcent Floating Paii'.ces,
Emp re Sup I Will. i.. Com andcr, leaves !
Hiiti u i \loiiJ * -tnd Yn u.'?da) *; Southern Mtchi
gan. A If Perkins, Com man tier, leaves Butluio
TuesHay - and Friday Northern Indiana. I. T.
l'lieall. i 'ommauder. V.ivfi itull'alo Wednesdays
and Saturdays.
One ol Ittlc atiove splendid steamer* will cave
the Michigan Southern Railroad Lin?- Hoc* at 9
o'clock, p. id , every day, (except Sunday*,) and
run direct through to Monroe, wiiuout lauding, in
14 hours where the Lightning Express Train wi!
b? in waiting so take passenger*direct to Chicago
in S hours, and arriving next evening alter leav
ins Buffalo.
Running tune from New York to Buffalo, lour
teen hours.
Ruuning time from Buffalo to Monroe, fourteen
Running time from Monroe to Chicago, eigtu
hours Total thirty-six hours.
Con'teeting 41 Chicago with a tine linv ol low
pre?su:>* sienuhoats to ail jilices north of Chicago
:o Green l.av. jko with ' lieato and Rock island
Railr-j ?' i,. La ?ulle. nud ihere connect with lili
nois Ki ver Line of Steamhoats. or Exfiress Train
of ! ino'? fentral and t;hi.-itgt> and Mississippi
Railr< a.t- or .??>uncctmg at Kock l?laud with teg
ular line i>l rUamer- for all |?iint~ aiiove and )>e
ow, rnaUinc the cheapest and uio?t direct route to
St. Lou ? Roek Island. MuinHsoia and the Great
The ,-vji.?-i euii Lau. -Snore Katlrouo- irom bin
lalo a id Dm.kirk I'onn.n-t with Mii*l nr at Toledo
lorin?tiu" "iK direct and cniiiinttuuii tine oi
railroads -'<in tin Atlantic Seals.ard to the Valley
ofthu Mi-.|.?ipp. Rniinuitc time io Ch^'-ago, 3b
hours t-> St Louis !?ii hour
Four liaily Train*, !>y rmlronu. h. me v.n\
Two L/aily I. lies, hv Mieamcr- on Lake trie.
Thus ihe ira/cll?-r and ?hip|?er can tee at a
glanceth.it no uher line can r-n rrt ie I'siit a? coot
Pas>4-ti^ei - . w. teif :fu .ngn ,r Sr.\ \ .irk
with pnv Irpe i .KTppitiv over at a jioiut i?u tr>?
rouN. aii'i resu.lung ?eat? ?i lei-iire. either l>v the
New \ r- n:d Lri'r Kaiiioad. * in Uut.k>rb W\<
York and Eiie and Uiiffaki ami \ew ^'ork City
Railroad v t IJnfl lo; People - Lineoi'Steainl?oais.
Hudson lltv?'r hi ilar'etn and New York Central
Railr ads. via Al'ianv and Itullalo
For any turtiicr in:ori;..>tion, iLirou;h tickets, or
frcignt. apply st the Company'* t)fti#*?!. X<?. 1&3
Broadway corner of Dev -treet. New Vort, tc
JOHN F. PORYRH., Owien! Agent or
L. P UUNTUN, Ticket Acent
1 N \ l(.(flt ATI \ t; C <> 111) U 1..
PURELY Vegetable in il? c?iuposuiuu. 'lliir
invaluable Cordial i* extracted! ram llerhaHQu
Roots, wh eh havt Ikvii t3und alter year- of ej
perienee by the most skillful ph)siciau.? to l>?
oo??-;s-.cd <>l .jualities the ne>s; h-ineiieial in tin
disetis ?- lor whi'-h it is rot'oiumend.-d atn1 iiencr
whilst it is presented to the public as an eifiea
cious remedy, it ii also known to be of thai char
acter on wrnch reliance may ?>? placed a-to it
safety, la cast's ot Icipotrucy. ii?euioirUages
Lfisortlcred Sterility. Menstruation, or Suppression
of the Menses, Fluor Albiis or Whites, or for
l>ebility arising from any cause, -uch ar
weakness Irom sickness, where the pallet.> l>a?
been cottiiut-d !?' '? "i for aome time,for leinale*
alter couti'ieme... ortio.i or miscarriage, this
cordial cannot t?e ^{celled in its salii'nry efl'ects
or in h>ss of iuu?ctilar energy, irritability, phyaica
Erosiration. seuijnal weoki ?*?. palpitation of the
eart. indigestion. <?liifiris!i ic?s, dei-ay ol tl-e pro
creative tu net ions nervu i?ue?>. ?Vc.. Wucre r
TOXicmediciueiarequired.it will l>e found a^ua
if not superior to any compound ever used.
To Ft'iuales.?Henry's invigorating Cordiai is
one of the roost uivaluhUle mediemea in the tnanv
compla nt? io Whlefc female* are aubjeet. It a
siats nature to bineet!i?? w'lole -/stein, .-licck en
cesses ^ud create* r<r tea th *ikI happiness
Less suHeriiig. disea-e, ant) Uiihap; 'nesa amoti|i
lad?e- would ex.-t. were they rreneraiiy to adopt
the u?e >t thi? cordial La-i e- W!io are .Iciiiltfat'-d
by fho?e olistrucimas which females are I nble to
are restored by tt-e use ,?j" ? Smtleor two to bloom
and to vi>?jr.
Ynuiti' Mm ?Tl-ai soiuary practice, so ratal to
tbe exi-u-iiee of ,iau. and it is stie ya.inji who are
most jjh t<i 1 ie it- vi t;m^, troin an innorance
of the ds t'irer t ? w^i.-h 'hey ?uh|ni ihern?*lv??
Nerviltna Me'l.ltty. .?? I Hi,..* I Ilie ?Y?teA:
and (iiettui ure deeav ?ny ? ?? v 'i -jjay now be
su tie r 111 v niwlail .?? to * he ?e or ?onrce .?i dis
ease To inos. tfi**h. */%?.> if e?? "- I roojrtlt
on II rill-.*' ve? iiichi1 ,r?- .np.iletu'V . t> v ?. i ? r..
aeuiii*' ei|,l**iOn? ?? I'^ki ^I;d -I?riw^'tll.f yi
ttte genital or* Ml- aei' .'Mf ??le--HOi. HI inr ?tlie|
?ic.i ck lr-? .!????:' ?* **i f
m o.-.-^as-?iv .?| fr
nourc-oe tar felnit'e? ot
Iw*s-..|,iiik i.ifiiti ib(i i?i>t. f t|
paeitr sold' !l.-n-y s Inognrnluif '-onli*!. a ??n.-di
cm* UK - mrel. vegetal, e <ar-'l ?? d nature re
Store It ? e wi|Hin (.,[ {(,!?<? io<i> ? > t ?e?t?hy .?ntr
and will pr*ve .i .erviee to y< u It ... rart
?trtues ?? a general 'riNntrr ku<'
atmngtnener of tac sy?tem.
A* a Tiitilf edlelne, it - arstirpip-e.t 'V.
do not pittee tni? certnal on l?H?ting with tjuaei
medicine- and as ie customary append a ion*
list nt lecoNinieudmions, ??ertifi?"ttes. itc lii-^n
ning W'th Hear what the Prea< her ?ay?." an?!
such like, it i? not ne?-e??ary, lor Henry'- Tnvig
orating Cordial ' only nerds a trial ui prove thai
it will accomplish all we say.
The fieiiuiue ?? Metiry'a lnr??i.rating t <.r.
dial " i* put up m eijrht O*. panncl ??otiles. aitd
easily re< oani?ed t?y the mannfaetarer - signalwrt
on th* lal~*l ui es.-ji Sutt'r. (to i<fliui|srfflt wbiek
is forgei)
Sold f??r f-er b-mle; 'ij lor
Prepared oniy 17 8. E COHEN, No. 3, Franklin
Rew, Vine -treet l-low Eighth, Philadelphia !'*
to whom all orders must be addre?ed. For sale
by all respectable drvgeift* sud marebaota throuck
out the country; and by
W. H. GILMAN. Wa-htngton. H. Ci
CANBY & HATCH, Baltimore.
PEFL ft STEVENS. Ale>andna. V,.
si:\\ (.nous ji'ht km kivi:i>.
JL ? under th?- United State* Hotel, would re
speetlolly 111 tor in his >ru?tonier* and the pufdte
generally, that he ha?jnst received New Fa" and
Winter (roods m t'eHi rariety Such a? Cloths
assimeres, and Ve?tiaga. of the latest impi>rta
ton. aud is prepared t . nave tliero ronde up at
tf" shortest notice, in the most fashionable, man
n? r, and at !ou nte? ?f pnee?
* lavteif made srraage*??iiu to go aio the
' -.esdy-made Clothing buaine-s exte.s.ively this
"I sow, ha feels eoHrtdent tnat he ?1.1 ?,tl. r 10
thuae wi-hiiig 10 purcliase a -to' V of Cotbin/
n<*! inferior lo any in this city, and not made o < at
1 he mirth, as i- usually the ca-e with work ? .id
here , (.in c lt in His OWU e*l?l?iishlli?n|. ^nd inn<l?
by our owu needy citizen.- in this dull ?,-.1. 011
low rate- ot prices. I'? is enabled. theiet?. i?
Com pete with northern wurk 111 puuil of pri^e
aud a- to ipiality anil style, he Will leave lor Oms.
who lavor him with a call to judge.
lie can aell whole suits. Coat. Pants aud Ve-t
st the following low rates."
Good siii( lor be*>ue?s pur|M>ae?, out ol eloih 01
cassimere. tor ?he/.iuaj| ouin of ?.tl!i
Dre-s and Frock (.*ohIs, from tit) lo 920
Over-coats ol dilJ'ereut ?t>le?, troin... .112 lo SW
Bisck and lancy Pantalmus. irom. ..t'l TiOto SIO
Silk and velvet Ve?t*. from 99 '?*) to ?10
This stack of Clothing fs <t1 a superior <jueliiy
and n is been made up since he roeeived the fall
and winter fashions.
He keep- conslantlyon lian<l a l*rg? as?ortmetl
of fain-y ar|<?les *StU'h as gloves, cravats, ???tHars
umbrellas. ,Vu. ?
So'e a^eui tor the sale of Scott's Kepnrt ?
Fashions in this city.
Sept 14?U
hijj i'.i pc.litlou ?Fer?iiutliitr(?iivc ol ex
I p'orntions and mcidfiili in Texas, New Mriioo,
I t!aliloruis, Sonera, and Chihuahua ' y J. K Curl
leu I'Bitrd S Couimi?H>h?r Juriii^ hiai p*
rii>l lu two volumes vi iih m?p? ,?iU' r?fion
Tlit* Hive ol t be IW*u Hunter, a repository of
Sketches. including peculiar AmeruaU ctiiiructer.
scenery and rural sports, l?v T H Thorpe. author
u' Tom Uvkcn the Wumrr? A-. illn?irtiled
Oy -ketoht* iroin nature.
Farmiiltfd*le V. novel ly ''.roitie I'houias
Our Parian in anaal* ?i Psmoi an-l People.
' )a- rerKivivl .iii't lur s.<le by
V'oilier III Petlli \ ?3il luJ slid I 111* *1
IhAV'Kutu mi band a Ur|(e tMiurtuieiit |
ol every description ol" Spectacles. Irom ihe t
lowest (>rue to llid very best quality u?ed. and
having Iweii lor a long time engaged in iiiauiifac
luring, uud adjusting lor Hie most ditlicult
4iiJ delefti vu vi?ion>. therefore can with cou tide 11C1
guarau:<e io beuurit and improve the gl<t ol' an
wh need.
1 all at-ilb. I'eniicvK am i avenue. Sign <1 ih
? me Spread A. O. Hl'OL),
Feb "7 [Organ.|
ON M.iTxhood, and its premature
Just Puhilsi.rU Gra.lt>, the MOtli thousand.
Treatment. without Medicine- ol Spetma
ton lieu :>r Locui Weakness, Nocturnal Emission*,
Genital and Nervous Debility, (i:ijioteu'-y, and
luipedimeii s o Marriage generally.
liv u. dl l ini v. m. d.
Tile iinporiant fie that t he many alarming com
plaints originating in tile imprudence and solitude
of )Outli. may be easily removed without Mrdiciue.
t*. in tins -mall tiacl, clearly demonstrated; and
the entirely new aud highly soceestlul treatment,
u? adopted l>y the Author, fully explained, by
means ol Which ev<-ry one i.s enabled to eure/?t/w
self perfectly and at ihe 'east possible cost, thereby
avoiding all the advertised nostrum* of the day.
Sent to any address, gratia uud post free in a
?eaUd envelope, by remitMig (post paid) two
postage Mam.in to Dr. D. DE LANEY, 17 Lispe
nard street, New York City.
YV <*nd Hated Ware nt Reduced Price* - In
illU'lpaim)m ot i lie approaciiu.g >Juli season *\'e
Oder eui emir* stock of ele^.int God W.itches.
Ricti Jewe'ry. Pine Silver* ar?- A-c . at greatly
reduced rule--.
ri'r on> would <io to exa ait: e our aa^ofi*
0;eni. which is by la. ihe nr^ot. most la-h:o aide,
mid be ?! fleeted ever off- red to out customer*.
?I U . t, LT A: iiKO
' Ml Penii. avenue tielw.ieu Mh and Ah ?ir.?t?.
Feb 18?,"ii ii
li> GLOV !?*.-- \ fie?b supply ul'liri fii
Ii. ht-'.olored ivld 'j uves at
Feb V4?3t*i ."5al?-? Room, llrov n's i J??i?. ?
Of Mr. Ki.noslev s Popular Work.
H\ PATI V; Mr Neiv {^oes wftban (>l?l i<a'ee,
l*y the uuiuoi ef ,v Yeast.' *'Alton Locke," \*e.
j t v ?>!. iOhio, Price 51 CO
OF ihe autiior of ?? ({ypalra' t:ie Loudon spec
t.-.fp s:>j.; ?? Tti'.c im:ii H.'l iii all, Enelanu
Ua> op i.u r try ihii of his j>-ar?. who can set up
ne.-ide iiuii a? tn? eijna! in variety Hnd <|ti:tliiy cl
eniiownienls and iri ricbucss of promise."
L'iisUrpus.-.ed I \ ai.y kindred work ill the Eng
lish ,'nij;iia4e ~Rntio>ittl InhIIigeucrr.
Puiiiisti.d t.y CROSlJY. N'ICHULLS A- CO.,
&'>iuu; Huii iorsaie hi Washington by
f|UVK?l< ?s; . iALKV'S IKil.LAh l.lilV
I ler tiaU.ee, in universal u-e Price .>|.
April -1 liook-tore. neur 9lh nt.
Ju-t issued, a -eroud edition of Triplelt's Pen
sion and Bounty Laud Lues, containing the new
bounty-land art ot 15.V . and embracing a digest ol
all .lie laus. d.-eisions. aud lorma. relating to pen
? ;ons; to officers and soldier-of the revolution,
their u'idnMs and children ; t>> arm aud miihia
invalid- ar.d their widows J to navy aiidiiii nne
invulids. ti.eir v. id >m s and chilJreli; and to bounty
lands provided lor by every act iroin ihe Revolu
tion to. aud including that of March .1. lsoj; -o
arranged as to be intelligible to every claiuianl.
This work is highly recommended by the Com
missioner ol Pension?. Price S'i, iiiailed free to
any part of the LTuited Sutcs, (except California.)
TAYLOR wV MAURY, Uookstore.
April 91
near l?th st.
Mil ALL hereafter have an oflice perma
neutly in Washington lor the t.raclice of iny
prolessiou, and will give careful attention to any
business eutruated to my cba.-ge in ihe Supreme
Court, the Court ol Claims, in ihe Land, Patent,
or Pension, otli.-e-. or m any of the Departments.
l>usioe*? Irom the Southwest may be sent- to
(me tiirouKU V. II. Ivy. Attorney at Law, New Or
leau*. v ho has l>eeu a-noeiated with nie in tn*
t practice in that city, and ? tm will continue to at
i lend to mit ?iti?in^*? there which Oiay be plai ed
] in iiiv charge.
J L>. Ii. DE BOW,
bile MifwrmiifniTiit of Census
W*srtiN-<Ti>\. \t. C.. April V(). tSiVi
Apr VI ? law I in
i /\ iraied bj braucbei of mechanical art-, sta
; iiouar). marine, end t< co notive engine*, rwa'iu
{ tact urine iiMrb'iier)'. ^ruiling presses, tools, grist,
I steaiu, saw, atid roil.ng nulls, from buildings. <kc.,
, of the iirweat aiid u?o-t improved construction,
by G. Weisseuborn, Civil Engineei ; pam one
and two now r?-ady, 51 each Sole agents tor
Washington, TAYLOK 3c MAURY.
| Apr 14 liuokstore, near 9ih at.
C1III HT l>!?' CliAlM.^.?Mlgesttd aumuia
/ ry .'.nd .?!pt.abetieai ! ?t ?<! private claims
w ii.ch have been presented to the House o| llep
' resentative* hum the F.rst to the Thir.y Cr?t Con
fie?s, exhtbring the action ol Congre?a on each
| claim, with relVrence to tne journals report*, bill*.
! A'C., elucidating its progress, coni|g>ed by order ol
' the Hou*? ol Kepri ?ei?talives. A lew copies for
iaaleby R. FAKNHAM.
Apr 14
N OKTH *M> Mil I II, bj Km amboi .1
"Mary Uariou.'' "Tne Moorland Cottage.'
I -Crawford,' Stc. 'J"i centa.
King* anu Queens, oi Lde in lue Palace. t>y
1 John S C. Aiibott. new edition, just received and
j for ?ale by R FARSHAM
' llrou n, Manton, anil Walker.
\j ?ud J. KNuX WALKEli, have forme I a
I partnership for practising law in the Supreme
i Cotirl ol tne United States, aud the l/ouit of
Claim* in Washington, ami in the Conns ol Ten
nessee. Oilicea im Washington aud Meniphia.
One of the parties will always be louud at enher
place, and letters adurersed to theiu will receive
prompt attention. April VI?tieod
("1 RACK I.Kli, by Julia liavuuah. author
jj" of Daisy hums, .vladeleme. Nathalie, &c.
The Slimmer Lano; a Southern Story, by a
I child of the sun Ju?t published and lor sale by
April 10 Corner Tenn. avenue and 11th at.
. Trt? tis? . f. ?vt?pr. ?. ? f?' Wn.i rs
p.if. il to/ ii usi <ri In. m ? -lu.leal tuil an. |
| teurs in a?< .i. ? . ,?? j.. I a u.- , ..i?, ie.i
, for acho'ds aud 'rival. lu'UUvtOls, four in .?diii'in, J
revised in' <? i *r:{e?i, by '.?^<.r|i? f'ayi?- irt.si j
, eiKhty-sii
lllUMritAlks, T I'CRfs.
i . Rudiments oi itie /\ri I ituiidui|i, in rive -cc- '
dona, vi/ 1. <ieiier.ii ,u nciplea oi *^?i.?i? ui.tii.ii, ,
2. Matr-riais used n minding, 3. Strength ot lua
teiiais, 4. I *c ol materia ?, ?>. Working drawings, ,
- per im'.at ions, alid estimates, illestraled with til
woodcuts, by Edward D?b*oii. author >>| ? q? K.iii- ,
**ys of JVigittni Arc
fcleinenta of Mecha?i*m. eluciduitig iIh si r?. (
11ti>- i>riu?iple- ol the pradu-al coastructioa of
ma?ramea, lor Ite use ol ?<-l?o"is and students m |
uieehauitfikl cugiueenng, witn numerou* *p?-?!i
me as oi mod'T* ma?-hiDes remarksi<|a tor ineir
uiitily sr.il Mgenaity, iltuslratcil wth V4.'l engrav
lags, l?v T. k'.nker. am nor of Kntlwav Sag-fleering,
Insl received, sua <S| .sir ?( the b?N)kslore ol
K KAUNIIAjI iiuii" ?l lih street and Penu
' f\ II#
LIMtl LIME! I.INE1?To IMaslrrers
and I'u titer*. We tiave now ou hand, at I
3r<bL^ S Pal* ai Kihi?, o ?? thousand barrels ol
Lime stiii .*r? .hi* making two hundred barrels
daily whn-h we will sell on the liest terms.
W. wounl call the partieulnr attention of plas
terers to liiis superior article of l.auie, It is tree I
Irom ?-oal innder^ or other sedmient, n being '
tnirut altogether by WOOd which in?'^es it a very I
?ii|a;nor aitiele lor plastering, white costing, and
lierd I Ii iilllg
Give i s a call and you shall be ntes*ed.
f. J. SEELV Ar CO.
Jun V7?II '
Rauk phnmon n?hi.?u?ia lu
Illinois to Soldteri ol the Late War, giviu#
I bo name* of etch soldier to whom a patent war
tor land lying in the military bounty Itud
district tor service* in the late war, (with bug t
land:) the description of the trai t of Uud granted
lu each, with the date of the patent; the company |
and regiment in which they severally ??rved. and j
|?v whom each ??uieiit was received A siugie
t any tor ?ale ,
Old Pension RaAIs ol' Indiana ?itd North aro
lina- , .
List of P?u?ion?ra Ol the United Elates uuder
thf at-l of lWh of March. IMS, shown.* the raul
and line in which each served
Virginia Muster Roll*
Virginia Pay Rolls
L<*l of Rejected and auspeuded t nusioua, WHO
in. iea*.i?'- lor the rejection or ?u?t>eiisiou
Km lu A'?f.hington bv
ANTED?A Situation as Tt'Wlier of
. , Knalish. Mathematics. nml Latin; also, the
rudiment# of Greek. if desired AH ol which wilt
be taught m the mo?l approved manner
The applicant in an exi>erienced teacher, ol
good address. and will furnish the best retereuces.
both in regard to character and ubi'ity.
None but ? liberal *nl?rv need l.c ottered
Dec 5?It Piltsrteld. Massachusetts
rit a ?>. l?: n o r ? C b.-Jli?u?ekt?i'?iN .?uu
i other? arc remiuded it?vi 'lie foil?wiu* lisi ol
article* are of t he very t>e?l description and. an
he purchased from the subscriber on aa low ierm?
a? any other house in the cit\. A arm? ?sort
inein and supply always on hand
Oil* of ill kind* Quee;i-wa
Paints Brushes
Camphinc Clocks,
Varuish, Lamps
Turpentine - Chandelier*
Window Glass Girondole
Chin*. Vases.
Earthenware Britannia ware,
Glass, &c., &c., tec
Goo?U sent to any part of the city free ol
charge Country dealers-will do well to call
* 0. S WH1TT .E3EY,
7th street,
Opposite Selden & Withers'* Hank
Mar 1ft _ (Star.) ____
j rtDTHI^U.
' \ < ?lAullmcnury Card Rml lnvH?H?? ???
I He Pnblle.
I MO^EY- I will tra<>*' on one hundred dollirs.
alio When I have em ned wiie thousand dollars.
I I w ill trade upon one thousand dollars, rtntt
increase mv business mil capital "i propor
tion t w.tl never tnke credit or give my own
! premise to |>ny notes, but will pnv cash tor al! my
; goods wl en purchased. 1 will keep down m\ ex
i ^n.e?, and w-ll not pay high, enormously high
? rent* nf'r live above my income, and will deal
fairly with all men. Maxims like these and lor
i mer experience in the whole?ule and retail tnnnu
i laciuriug, as well mi the import and export trmW
! jnrine the.'e last five and twentv years, have en
i aoied GEORGE r. POX. u. S. A-, U. S. N., Tailor,
! and I'Jnvenleur de# Modes, lo progrewtvely rise
from the humble rank ol selling fue vest pattern
in Waft sueet a iVw year- auo. to l.c tke present
' ?ole proprietor ot tho store (2f> leet front by l(?f> feel
i IVari Mieei. NO. 321 BROAU
i It is also equally true that witn money, cash in
hand, POX?GEURGF. P. FOX?has, during the
j |>ast few months, made extensive purchases, at
i ruinously low prices, of fine
j .indoi'ier articles connected w.ih ttie fRiloring
i Ro*itii ?*, oil importation, an.i f.'in re-i-ectab e,
i city merchants, v ho are in want ol discounted
1 o.oriev at any price or loss, owing to mi over
! stocked market and. the ?ircmn?lail<^- ?l hard
; time?,(A. D. 1SM-)
FOX?GEORGE P FOX?while mostthanktul
to the pnblie. for the lib* ral patronaiie received,
-till maintains his reputation (or at ail tunes sell
intf the most fashionable of Custom, Pattern, and
Correct Fittine
Dress. P'rock Coats, Overcoats, Vests, Pantaloons,
Cloth*. Cassimeres, Velvet Vestings, &c.,?c.,and
i? determined not to be outdone in liberality ol
dealing, nor undersold by the least nor the biggest
house >ii the trade. He is also equally determined,
to the l>e?t of bis ability, to employ a meritorious
lal>oriiig class of Journeymen Tailors; and others
who hie Mitlerinj dreadful privstions tor want ot
employment, and therefore otlers. on and alier
this dale, until ihe beginning of the year lS.i.), the
resource* of his magnificent Tailoring Establish
ment, free of profit on the cost of all his goods,
combined with hi*own gratuitous servii'es, to his
friends and the public, to be considered as a sort
i rxnmpleixing wealthy gentlemen. United states
I Depart meats, the Executive Otficers ol il.e Vrmy
1 and Navy, linker*. ForeignersCiti*ens. th?? |?r*?
I ?-nt unperati?e duiv ot solvent trtde-nien uml
' merchants t?> employ their lellow-imn. aid and
assist the inauguration ol e Iwtter state of
all over the world from the commencement of the
Vew Year, one thousand eight hundred and filty
five 1 am. tellow-eitizens, {representing one ot
the 1'iiks of Commerc e,) yours truly,ever grateful
and ohligwd. ...
Uu it?i Suut* Under of Ftuhusns.
>an* UfadiuartiT*. No *21 Uroadieay,
!..? Dec 19?
G1 ENTI.lSMliN^ I)U1 <S SHiriTS, of
f bc-t quality. -A Impe ns?ortment, at ti e
I lowe?t market prices, constantly on hand.
332. Penn. avenue, next door to Iron Ilail.
Jon f? (News.)
TER for 1S.V-.
The Navy Regi-ter lor the I'mted S'aies for the
; year 16V>.
; Ol&cial Army Reji?ter for lb^fi
Just |iubti?hed and for sale at
Feb. Hook^iore, ne*r 9th street
N'ffVUb'liES, Inventions, uud ('urloaltlea
in Arts and Manufactures.?Price 00 cent*
Gay's Fables, profusely illustrated.
The Ladies' and Gentlemen's Letter Writer.
Shootigg. by R Rlakey
Just imported Irom England by
Oct 18 TSookslore near Mth st.
gueville, or nevr Revelations of Court and
: Convent in the ?evenieeiuh centnrv, Irom. the
j French of Victor Cousin, by F. VV. Ricoid
Fageots for the Fireside, or Fsets and Faney,
j by Peier Parley.
Just received and tor sale by
G1 EX IV Sl'AKFis. TIM, CKAVA rs.Ac.
I" I . erv variety of size, style, and shape ot
I new and desirable Scurf's, Napoleon T.es, Cra
; vnt?. Are , of late importation, and at moderate
i prices, at STEVENS'S}
J)ec 7-L3tif Salesroom, Brown's Ifotel.
Vr i: \\ v i-i a i< ? w -M w
GALT y BRO. wib open this day a magnili
cent assortment ol Watches.Jewelry, Silver Ware,
and Fancy Goods, suitable lor presents, to which
they invite the attention of purchasers.
Ian .'f?3t Penn. av? lieiw. 1-S1 h and l''th ?t.
ff and Slippers. Just received a general as
sortment of the al>ove; workmanship and materia
of the be?t,. #
Also an elegant sirppfy ol Toilet Slipper*, em
bracing the French embroiderl. Wilton, and VW
.'(40 Pennsylvania avenue,
Adjoining Peterson's Drug Store
r|MI?; lTKI)kK4K;Ni:i) Would reapect
g fully inform his titends and citizens gene
rally that he has resumed the Grocery business,
and is now located at the corner of Pennsylvania
avenue and Thirteenth street, where will le
j found a choice selection of Groceries. Teas,
i Wines, Li<|iior?, Cigars, Jrc.
Sperm! attention is invited to his assortment of
Teas, Liquors, and Cigars.
The above goods are all of the best <|ualuy, and
for sale Very low for cash.
Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 13th street,
south side. Nov 3?dlw<Venlw
A Year of the War. by Adam O. De Gou
rowslii, a citizen of Ihe United State*.
Just published, ami for sale at
Feb 1 Near 9th st.
Summer Arrangement.
- ,, ALBANY AND i ROY ?Ob and
alter Monday, May 8, la54, ,he trains wilt t?m as
Leave New York, from the office con tr ot
Chantlx?f? street and College Place, at v
ti. a. iu. Express tram iur Albany uud ^ ray
connecting with Northern and Western ira a*
1 b i oil if h iu 4 hours from Chambers street.
7, a. iu. Poughkeepsie Way Passenger Tina,
stoppiug at hII stations, aud carrying wav mail fr ??u
New York to Poughkeepsie.
&. a. m. Mail Train lor Albany aud Troy, slop
ping at Peekakill, Garrison's. Cold Spring, Fish
kill, New Hamburg, and at all mail stations north
ol Poughkeepsie.
10, a. ni. I'eekskill Way Passenger Train, stop,
ping at all stations.
12. in. Win Train for Albany and Troy, sIojimiik
?t >?nkers.Tarryiown. Sinking.Crugers.PecKs
kili Cold Spring, Fishkill, New Hamburg, Pon^n
keepsie, Hyde Park, Rhinebeck. Barrytown Ti
volt. Oakhill. Hudson. Coxsackie, Stuyvesam. ttuu
( astleton ; and connecting with the Express Tram
leaving Albany at 6.30, p. for Buffalo, and ai
[roy with Northern Trains for Montreal.
1, p. in. Poughkeepsie Way, Freight, and Pad
>enger Train, ?toi?ping at all stations.
<>, p. iu. Way Train for Albany and Troy, stop
plug at Dobbss Ferry, Sing Sing, Peekskill, Cold
Spring, frishkill, New Hamburg, Poughkeepsie,
and <u all station* north.
4.10, p. m. To Poughkeepsie, stopping at all
way stations.
4, p. m. Express Trains to Albany and Troy,
Mopping at Peekskill, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie,
Khtnwbeck, and Hudson, connecting at Albany
with the Western Express Train at 11, p. in., for
5.30, p. m To Peekskill, stopping ut all way
? fi.30, p^ in. Emigrant and Freight Train for Al
bany and Troy, stopping at all Time Table Sta
H p in To Tarrytowi,, stopping at all way
Loaves Troy at 4 30, a. u.., and Albany at 4.46,
h fr. Express Passenger Train for New York,
slopping at Hudson. Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie.
Fishkill, and PeekskilL
leaves Troy at 4.45, a. at.; and Albany at 6 a.
'? Way Mail and Passenger Train for New York,
-topping at all mail stations
Leaves Troy at 8.30, a. m., and Albany at 8.45,
u nr Express Train for New York, stopping only
at Hudson, Rhinebeck. Poughkeepsie. Fiahkilf,
I a;r*i Peekskill.
j Leaves Troy nt 10.45. a. in., and Albany at 11,
? hi. Way Train, stopping at Castleton, Stuyve
-ani. Coxsackie, Hudson, Oakhill, Tivoli, Barry
' town. Rhinebeck, Staatsbunr. Hyde Park, Poujrh
keepsie, New Hamburg. Fishkill Cold Sprint
j tiarrisoii's, and Peekskill.
Leaves Albany at 1.45, p. m. Way, Freight, and
i ussengcv Train for Poughkeepsie. stopping at all
Leaves 7 i ,j it 4.30, p. m- and Albany at 4.45,
p. m. Exprt -s Train stopping only at Hudsou,
| itljiuebeck, Poughkeepsie, Fishkill, and Peeksl.ill.
Lea vus Troy at 4.30. p. in., and Albany mi I 15,
I p. in?trom Albany. Milk, Freight. and Pnssen
ger Trnin. stopping at all stations.
At 4.30, a. i.i. Way Freight Train, stopping >u
' "II station*.
i A.t.630, "?" Way Passenger Train, M..p(. , u
; at ail Tune . uble stations except Manhattan
At 4. p. m Way Passenger Train, -top,.- * a
| all stations.
11 ".30, a. in., and 3.20, p. ro., stopping at all
j vuy stations.
At in, a. ni., stopping at all way stations.
Passengers are requested to procure tick
ets before entering the cars. Tickets purchased
! in the cars will be Scents extra.
Trains will stop a su cient time at Poughkeep
sie lor refreshments.
Freight forwarded to i.e west and north as ex
peditiously, safely, and neaply as by any other
M ,, Superintendent.
New York May 8, lb- May 10?tfro
mil tor Injunction. Iu the Circuit Court In
the District of Columbia, bitting iu Chan
Christopher Adums,complainant.
James, Guthrie.
Amos Adams,
Isaac N. Comstock, ]? Defendants.
Samuel Ryington, an J
Richard WalTach, J
THIS bill ol complaint in the above stated cause
states,that the said complainant.onorabout the
twenty-tiith day of November, A. D , l!>5l. eutered
intoacontract with the United Slates government
agreeing to supply the government with live mil
lion ol brick lor the extension ofihe Capitol. That
said complainant, on or about the 12th day of Jan
nary A. D lb52, assigned to one Samuel ^troiie,
ihe said contract; the said Strong agreeing and
| promising to pay to said con.plaic.ani the sum ot
luiir thousand dollars.
T?ie bill further states that the said Strong, on
or hIk>ui the 2d day of February, A. D. 1852, as
signed the aaid contract, or one moiety thereof, to
"J?.* Adams *n?* Isaac N Comstock. of the city
! oi Albany audState of New York, and received from
i *f14' Adams and Comstock their obligation or
promise for the payment of four thousand dollars
| or thereabout, as well as a l.en of thirty per cent.
I on the money* to be paid by the government on
I said contract, until the said sum of four thousand
do ars should be paid ; which lien said Strong
duly assigned to the complainant iu this bill. The
lull further state- th*t sometime in the year 1852
the said Amos Adams and Isaac N. Comstock as
signed their right, title.and interest in the contract
to one Samuel Byingion as partner and aasociate
ol Richard Wallacb, the said Byington and Wal
lach havmg notice of the said lien of thirty per
cent, on the moneys to be paid by the government
on said contract.
The object of said bill is to obtain an injunction
against said d-fendants inhibiting tho said Jaines
tiuthrie. and all persons acting for him. from
paying the said moneys to any of the defend
ants, or their representatives, and the defend
unts and their representatives from receiving
the said moneys until the sum ot thirty-six hun
dred dollars, and the interest thereon, should l>e
pa:d to complainant or hia legal represents
tives. anrt sucn otuer and further decree as to this
court shall seem right and proper. The said Amos
Adains and the said Isaac N. Comstock, named
in the caption and body of the bill, still reading in
Albany as aforesaid, beyond the reach of the pro
ces? ol the court.
It is, therefore, by the court ordered this 1st dav
of Jsnuary, A. D. 1855. that the matters and
things stated in the aforesaid bill of complaint
agsin-t the defendants, .hall be taken for con
?s,ed against the said Amos Adams and Uaac
? Comstock, and such decree made in the urt
mnea against thein. and each of them, as the
court shall deem right, unless the said defendants
appear in the court on or before the second Mon
<lsv in May next, and answer the snid bill, and
?now cause it any they have why a decree as
prayed for by the complainant should not be
pnssed by the court.
,be con,plainant cause this order, snd
?"bstance and the object of the said bill ot
complaint, to b? published in some newspaper in
r"y of Washington, twice a week fo. six
succeaaire weeks, the lir?t insertion thcr. to
i m 1'T"ti" fo,,r months before the secend
I Mon.lay )n May next.
! ,c<-9'\en '"I*"*, the first Monday of January,
ISo-i. being the first day of January, |i.'>5
1 Te"l: JOHN A. SMITH,
.Clerk of the Circuit Court.
| WAantioror* C< t -?Tr, D. C.
S. SPENCLR. et al.
t ^ Solicitor for complainant.
True copy. Test: JN0. A. SMITH.
Jan 4?Vawfiw Clerk.
MAHH1.R MAMTLKfU-Marble works?
The subscriber begs leave to inform his
friends and the public that he has increased his
stock of Marble Mantles, comprising Sienna,
Krockedelia, Spanish, Egyptian vein, Italian, and
black marble, richly carved and plain, of the best
quality, newest style, and superior finish, which be
offers for sale low for cash. Also. Marble Monu
Tombs, and Headstone Slaba; Eastern
.Marble for window sills, lintels, steps, and plat
forms; Marble tile, counter and table tops; soap
atone, calcined plaster, $2 75 f>er barrel
Also on hand a large lot of Connecticut Brow
Stone, New York Flags and Stent, suitable for
building purposes. He invites tne attention ??
builders and others to hia Mock, and will endeavo
to give satisfaction to all who may favor him w t'
their ordera
On E at., bet. 12tb and 13
Oct. t??6m. (m)
rriRAVELINU ud Packing Trunks ot
X all qualities.?A large variety constantly on
hand, and for aale cheap by
HAKPKtt'M >1 Vt; A/.l >K for June, at
Fanuy Feiu'a new book, second series of her
Reginald Lyle, by Mu> Purdue.
Kivul Beauties, or Love ?nd Diplomacy
Kuickc rU~>cker Magazine, tor June.
Behind Hie Scenes, by Lady Bulwcr.
Dickenss Household Words, lor June.
Ail the new books and magazines received a?
?ast ??s published. mid lor sale ai
Odeon Building, corner 4J street
rurl and the Gentiles, by Dr. I>mu Da
Paley's 'Evidences of Christianity, with Note*
Hud Addition!*, by Charles M Nairtie.
Lecturer delivered belore the Youug Men'*
Christian Aitoi iaiion of Loudon.
Words to Win Souls, twelve ?sermons by emi
nent Divine.- ot the Church of Knglaud.
Letters and rtcmuin* of the lute Kev. W. II
liewiimiii, 'i vol*.
The Works of the Kev. Edward Bickerateth, IK
Anlobiography and Rcniiuisceucca ol the Rev.
?Win. J a., of liath.
Scripture Testimony to the Mc??iah, by Johu
Pyne Smith, D. 1). For sale by
jHISiH J I)M til.It V.? I fiavwjust received
J_ a new ?uppiy of the latest stjles of ' welry
nud have jusl linirhed n tine lot ot pu.e silver
ware, such us Tea Sets, Goblets, Cups, Spoon*,
Forks. Ladies, Butter. Fish, and l'ie Knives
Napkin Rings, Jfc.,&c. All ol which I will sell
Ht much lower prices than is usually asked for the
same quality ot goods at other establishment* in
this <*ii) and will watratu every article us reprc
settled at time of sale. H. O. HOOD,
418 Penn avenue, between 4} and t'uh streets.
!?; \\ li OUT AMD SliOl-: MTOittt?
Samuel W. Taylor & Co , have opened the
spacious New .Store on Pentl. avenue, next to
Messrs. Geo., &: T. Parker's opposite Brown's
Hotel, for the sale of Ladies', Gentlemen's, Misses',
Boy's and Servant's BOOTS. SHOES, GAITERS
In opening this establishment our aun is to he
come popular by krepiuy good ariivles at veiy low
JCArrnngernent - huv? been made with the best
Vortheru Manufacturer* tor u regular supply ot
every article exclusively to our order.
By respectful attention to I lie wants ot those
who will liivor ut with a call, we hOj>? to merit
their fill tire confidence and patronage
S. W TAYLOR ik Co.
l'eit is- a venue, opposite Brown's Hotel.
A Hi! ?1 w
PUKIi ^ILVEKWAUL A >ltt{;iilttceiit
assortment.?M. W. (.ALT At BRO. call at
tention to their unusually Iarire assortment of Stl
verwure. consisting of?
Solid stiver Tea Sets, complete.
Silver Pitcher.-, solid silver Castor*.
Silver Cups and Saucers. Goblets.
Silver Fish Carvers and Forks. Crumb Scraper*
Cake Knives, Fruit Shovels, Su^ar Sifiers
Jelly Spoons. Cneese Scoups, Fickle Knives
and Forks.
Olive Spoons. Salad Tongs. Vegetable Forks.
Fruit Kuive?, Ice Tonus, Desert Knives
Soup, crcnm,and ffravy Ladles.
Ice Cream Knives. Sail Cellars.
Napkin Rings- Butter Knives, Tea Strainers.
Tea, Table, and Desert Spoons and Forks ot
every variety.
Breakfast and dinner Collee Spoons, dec.
Also, a very large ussoi imeut ot Fauey Silver
ware, suitable for weddnitf, bnlh-<lay, and other
The above is by tar the largest and most varied
assortment ever offered to our customers. Being
of our own manufacture, it is warranted pure sil
ver, and ottered at us low rates as similar goods
can be purchased tbr in any city in this country.
Sign of the Golden Eagle,
Peuii. nv? t-et ween 9th nnd 10th streets.
Works of Rev. Dr. Chauuing. in six volumes,
bo n tut Price S'-i 20 *
Tin same six volume* U.und in three. Price
two dollars.
Memoirs of William Ellery Cheuuing, 3 vols
Price >1 70, with Portrait engiaved on steel.
Ware on the Formation ol the Christian Char
acter. Price 50 cents.
A large supply of the above just received at
March 10 Bookstore, near Ninth street
has just received ft very large assortment Ol
the best American, English, and French Playing
Curds of every description, and at thv most rea
souahle prices, wholesale and retail.
Adjoiiiing Kirk wood House.
Dec 7?StawWwif
Mils. con l)G.\ CL.AHK.CS new Novel.
The lion Cousin, or Mutual Influeiice. bj
stioy Cowden Clarke. auiLor of The Complete
' -viiivortiliier ShaksjM-are '
" Dictionary of Chronology.
I retures 'in the True, the Beautiful, aud the
??.Oil by >1. N Cousin; :ncrensrd by an Appendix
?v Kreneh Art: translated by O. W. Wight.
T^lvN*mN l-AWit,? I'll? last edition, com
1 piled by the Commissioner of Pensions ill
1 a41<. In addition, the resolutions, laws, and ordi
nariceaol the old Congress, showing the pay to of
beers af the line and the siuII of the army, the hos
pitai ?lepartiueiil, and medical natT, and of the
quartermaster's department ; hall-pay of th? line
uudcr the resolve ol October ?1 si, I7?0; under
oiher resolutions, to oliieers, lo oliieers ol theined
i.nl uonartment and medical ?talf, chaplains; and
commiii <tiou pay under the resolution of March
2*ld. I7.V1; together with the names of the officers
Ot ttie continental line of the army in ail the SlMee
who served to the end ol the war, aud acquired
the rignt ol commutation pay ; with ihe names ol'
officers killed in battle, or who died in service.
Price *1 ; sent postage I'rea to any part of the Uni
ted States. For sale at
TAYIX)R At MAURY 5 Bookstore,
t eti U ^ Near N nth street.
Ijl A H L O I' c: A K I.I Li .'pi uT\7i \
Ij lu iry ot Turkish and Jreek Writers, by the
Right Hon. the Larl of Carlisl-, ?dited by C. C.
Fefton. Greek Piofe-sor in Harvard University.
The noble Earl is wsll and favorably known in
this country, having travelird here while he bore
the title of Lord Morpeth, and his work will oe
read with great interest by ol who have devoted
I any attention to ihe mighty events which Hre now
I taking p'ace i;? the Eastern World. The period
embraced in hi * journal is on>* of deep sigmli
'cance, t?ei?g at the v? rv ?ominenoement ol hos
tilities. sud ibe per-oii? mirodu ed have siuce
played eminent pari? hi th.s terrible historicul
tragedy. Professor Feilon ha-added full aud co
pious notes to the American edit>ou, and the woik
is benutilully illustrated. It will hereafter be re
garded as a valuable, historical record of this in
cresting period.
Just published and for sa.'e bv
June Vi Cor. 11 st. and Penn. av. j
A 'mkw work IIY iiknky KOUKKN,
author of the "Eclipse of Faith," entitled A
Delence of th? Eclipse ol Fa?th,by its author, be
ing a rejoinder to Professor Newman'# "Reply;"
and, in order lo give the American public the
whole matter at a glamir. there is included in the
same volume the " Reply lo the Eclipse of Faith."
by F. W.Newman, with his rtnpter on tha "Moral
Perfection of ("hrisi."
For sal? bv OR/* V 4r KALLANTYNE,
Seventh street.
plete tVurli.?The complete Works of j
Charles Dwltegi, in five volumes; price $7 oO.
The Mis.ing Bride, or Miriam the Avenger, by !
! Mrs. Kmmit O. K. N Southworth; paper $?!, |
| liotind 91 3Ti.
i The 1'ickwiek Papers complete, M cents.
Just published, and lor sale at
May 31 Bookstore, near 7th ft.
MKS. I'.. I'. A I.I.X tMitll can tccuw j
modaie a lew Gentlemen with Board; or a i
! Lady and Gentleman, on 1 street, between 04b j
| and 7th. No. ?'if'V. The House is situated a short
| distance from the Patent Olfiee and other Depart
j menis. Nov 10?tl
SITUATION O As l>;i>._liiy a young j
|i^ frenchman, who comes well recommended
as a waiter in a hotel Or family, or Vnl-t d* Cham
br*. Apply at this office
jVfti r I. i
OAR 1)1 NO HOUS10. No. 431 I. Street,
betwc a 0th nnd 7th street*, near th?- corner
ol 7th street, Washington, D. C., <s prepared to
accommodate HOARDERS by the mouth, week, j
dav, or meal. Residence within two or three
minutes' walk of the Patent. General, and City
Post Offices.
Gentlemen can have Board with or without |
Rooms Dec 8?eotf
TAYLOR ?te MAURY beg to announce
iiidi, ai the suggestion of several of our citizeus,
the Pictures now on exkibitiou at their Store will
he Rallied tor.
Eleven prues ; sixty uhuuces, at $5.
Apri' 10 ? Hooksiore, near Ninth street.
. spondence of the Connies* of lilt-".Million
Harper's Siory Book lor April.
Loomis's Practical Astronomy.
Just published an J tor sale liy
April 10 R. FARNHAM.
ATBK COLO It pictuke9.?Meana.
TAYLOR 6c MAURY beg to eououuee
that, at the suggestion ol several of onr citizen*,
the pictures now on exhibition at their store. Will
be milled for. Eleven Prizes? GO chances at ??').
Bookstore near (Ith street. Aj?cil 7
1.1 "I'd Georgetown Directory, just published.
< 'oiurro-Monul Directory lor the Second .Session
Ol the Thirty-Third Cougress of (lie Untied Slates
wt America.
For sale at TAYLOR & MAURY'S,
Feb 22 Bookstore. near Ninth street
Moke NEW hooks at -r.lYl.OU ?5?
MAURY'S.?Julia Kavanngh's new novel,
lifaie Lee ; puper 75 cent*, cluth $1.
Lite of bum Houston, with portrait; price $) 25
A Lung, Look Ahead, or the First Stroke and
the Last, by A. S. Roe; price 41 25.
The Old Inn, or the Traveler's Enteriaiuinent,
price 51.
The Summer Lund, a Southern ."Story, by a
Child ol the Sun.
April 10 Bookstore, near Ninth street
No 333 Broadway, New York.
Notwithstanding tiie combu
lunation of Music Dealers 'o keep up the
prices ol noa copyright mwaic against tlie interests
ol Native Composers, and their refusal to exleud
to Mr Waters the courtesies of the Irade, he i*
tn<king immense sales?having- filiiiidaiit evi
dence thai he lias public countenance uutl ?up
p >rt in his opposition to the G<-eut Monopoly, and
in his etlbrts to aid Native Talent, and adopt the
National Currency, tlis stock of American and
European Music is immense, and the catal-i^ue
ol his own publications is one t?t the largest and
best selected in the United Stales. Me has also
made a Great Reduction in the Price# of Pianos,
Alelodeons, and Musical instrument- of nil kinds
Superior toned Ui Oct ve Piuuos lor $175, <200,
and $225, interior of as good <|uality. and instru
nenls as strong and as durable as tho.se which
cost S500. Pianos of every variety ol style and
price up lo 51,000, comprising those oi Ten dif
ferent manufactories; among jhem the celebrated
modern improved Horace Waters' Pianos, and
the tir?t premium ./Eolean Pianos of T. Gilhf.kt
oe Co's. make (owners of the iEolean Patent )
Second-hand Pianos at creat bargains. Prices
Iroiij ?40 to *150. Melodeons from live ditlerent
manufactories, including the well-known S. D. &i
H. W Smith's Melodeons, (tuned the equal tem
l>erament.) The Best Make in the United Slates.
Prices $45, 900 *70, $100, >115, 8125. $135, $150
Smith's Double Bank Melodeons' 1*200. Each
Piano and Mel deon guarantied. The besl terms
to the Irade, schools, 6iu 12$ per cent, divcount
to Clergymen and Churches. All orders promptly
attended to. Music sent to all parts of the conn
try, post paid, al ihe reduced rates. General and
->elecl Catalogue- and Schedules of prices of Mil
steal Instruments forwarded to any addtess free
of charge. Feb 16?d3m
Work.?The May Flower and Misrellanr
ous Writings, by Harriet Bceclier Stowe
The Country Neixhboi hood, by Mi.-s C A. Dti
puy. author ol I he Conspirator, flee.. ?Vc.
Filer's Fir-t Principles cf Chemistry 11!i?
tmli'd. Adapted specially lor classes.
I'll-colored Sketches in Paris, duriug ltie jenrs
Just published and lor sale at
April 17 near 9th st.
1 No. 27.?This Pen, which is manufactured by
Perry it Co., London, expressly for Messrs. Tay
lor tc Maury, will be found unequalled in ail the
requirements of a good steel Pen.
Sold in gross boxes, price $1, at
Book and Stationery Store,
April 17 toDearVthst.
i tit coming STKUGGJLE.?TheCea
X ing Struggle among the Nations of the Earth,
jr the Political Events ot the next Filteen Years,
lescrilied iu accordance wiih Prophecies in Eze
*,et. Daniel, and the Apocalypse.
Kepriuied froiu the sixtieth-thousand London
-dilion For sale at
Bookstore, near Ninth streei.
IfMTft?l> .Sl'VILS MAIL KOU'lk!
i rh* only Kailrou/i Rottlc front thr 1
Mu.iu?ip)>i loth* At/atttir
TIM* t'KOM ST. L0U1? ToCMICaiIO ONLY J* llot'Ua
fcThr Steamer WINCHESTER leave*
tbu Alton w burl bont at Si.
daily (Suudays at 7 o'clock. a. in., <iih
the REINDEER leave- ihe Alton wharf boat hi
Si. Louis daily *t f?.rto. p. m
Tbe steniner* conned hi Alton (only '/it iKikt
rom St. Louis) wr.b express nam* lor
Passengers leaving St. Loin* by the aieaiucr
Winchester at 7, a. in., take the car* at Alton at
10. a. m., and arrive at C'hii-sgo the next morning
id time to take the carliesi i?>orn>ni trmu* going
ea m
Pafc?enger? leaving Si. Uiiir? i>y itie Keinrteer
mi 3.30. p m , iakr 'he r*r* m Alton (Saturday ex
? ejite I) at 1' j. hi., in h..u for ihe evening train*
Tn ? line via Chicago mid Mi"?MM|i|il, IIiim.j>?
<>Bl al ami Chicago aud rinck Island, urCh'CMuo
and Aurora railroad* connects with alt the rail
road- at Chicago, and aliords the moat ?|?rndy
route Iroiu St Louis to MHMf on the Mississippi
riv#r. at and alnive the I;pper Knpnls, a* wefl a*
to i? iMt* on the lllin-ji* river at and altova I'ekin.
t'lic trftiUs ol the 0. and M. railroad connect bi
arlmvtlle, Virdvu, Springtivld, and Uiooiningmn,
with good Stage Line* lor llill?l?oro', Waverly,
Dnnville, Terre-Haute. I'ekin, and 1'ioiia,and al?o
with the Great Western ltailroad at Springfield,
with the Great Western Railroad for Jacksonville,
and Decatar, and at Blooonngton with the lllinoia
Central Railroad lor Laaalle.
Jptr THROUGH TICKETS, and Ticket* to
Chicago, ran tr* bad at the ?ifirea of the Michigan
Southern, the Michigan Central, and the New
York and Erie railroad*, St. Loui*.
TICKETS TO CHICAGO and all the tn
termed ntc place*, can be bad at the wharf boat
and on the railroad packets, and at the offic.>? of
the Chicago and Mississippi, Illinois Central. and
Chicago and Rock Island railro-id?.
E. KEATING, Sup'tC. At M It K.
VJNW tOKK. May 3. I MAS*?The utirtcr
signed'has .In* day opened an office, No. 42
William street, (Merchants' Exchange ) for the
i transaction of a treneral brokerage btt?ine??
Bank. insuran t, mining, railroad, govern ii'-ti1,
! Ntate, and eity * Turitie* bought and sold
Promisaorv nntea bill* of exchnage aim uana
Sep 41?(t EMANUEL. M. HART
G1 liNkillAL ACi KNC' V??Tin- iimleralgii<*<1
f mo<i respcctlully inform* by1h>s notice, hi*
rieud* and the public in general, here and e*le
?vhere. that he has opened an Agency Office lot
the prosecution of claim* of every description
xg Kin at the government, belore the several depart
mentk or Congre**, procure pension*. bounty
amis exira pay, aud arrearage pay, and will at.
e?uTto the buying and sel'ing ol real estate, the
renting ol house*, and a general collecting bum
ne-.*; he will also furnish part'ic- at a distance
with such information as they may desirr from
the seat of government. Charges will be rr>odc
<me. *Mice,. at present, will I* on M or*. lMh
tlou J.C. Dobbin, S?rr*ttny c/ thr /V ?
Hon. J. Davia, Seerrtmry of Wm*
N. Caiian, e*q., Pre.u/tr.nt ?>/ tin Htm d ></ <,
mom UottvU.
Gen. John M. McCalla, ??< /y??
lames H. Caustin, eau. ?
W C. Reddall, Stmt? Depart merit
Jan 17?11
HECKEKS' FAH1NA, prepared ex
pressly tor families, a delicate ami appro
priate food for all seasom-, unU one of the mutt
economical, nutritious, ami wholesome prepara
tions ever brought to the table. eminently eOm*
biuuig the gratification of the palate with ample
and healthful su-tenance of lite body
Slriclly "peaking, Heck era' Farina in neither
stringent nor laxative, but restorative, atrengm
ing lite digestive and absort>ent system. In dis
ordered bowel.-, diarrhae, dysentery, and even in
cases of cholera, when food t* deemed aduiia><ible
by the physicians, Heck era' Farina cannot tail to
be salutary; and wlieiever known la exten* vely
used in hoajnfals and private practice. The pres
ervation of health or the prevention of sickness
is at least aa important as the curing of dtsca e.
People in health should therefore use decker*'
Farina freely, as common food, to preserve the in
estimable bleating.
For sale by grocer* and druggists generally.
Wholesale by Charles F. Pitts, 13 Coin tit erce
street, Baltimore; Dirigee Ar Bro.ber, U7 South
Front street. Philadelphia; S. G. B wdleurA* Co.,
17 L'>ug Wharf, Boston ; and bv the manufactu
rers, Hecker & Br ther, at the Croton Mills, 3<)t
Clierry street, New York.
Ileckerb' Farina Jcll>, uiadc in double
Boilers, which render burning or scorching im
possible. ia now exhibited daily fit the Fair of the
Metropolian Mechanics' Institute iu Washington.
Mar 8?2w.
NEW \OVEL, by till! author of "Mary
Itarton."?North and South, by the author
of Crawford, the Moorland Cottage. Arc. Price
374 cents.
Kings and Queen?, or Life iu the Palace. t-y
John S. C. Abliott Price $1.
Just published, and for sale at
March o Bookstore., near 9th at
UTCIl H ERKI NG.?15 kegs, 1S&4, Volluu,
? Holland. For sale by
No. 40, opposite the Centre Market.
Dee. 23? lw
AJDEIK A NUTS, latest growth ; I cask
just received by
No. <10, opposite Centre Market.
Jan ?3tif
and other Books.?Odds ami Euda from <?u
old Drawer, by WVrdua Retnyu, M. L>
l'ippins und Pies, by Stirling Coyne
Charade Dramua. for the druwing room, b/ Anso
Pleasures, Objects, ami Advantages ol Litcra
ture, by the Rev. Robert Aris Willenott.
Heir of Selwood, by Mrs. Gore.
Matilda Ixinsdale, or the eldest mstei by
Charlotte Adams.
A Tour round my Garden
Hildred the Daughter, by Air?. Ne-vton t-ros
Dashwood Prinry. or Mortimer's College Lite.
Horses and Hounds, a practical treatise oa their
management, by " Scrutator."
Outlines of Chemical Analysis, prepared for the
Chemical Laboratory at Giesseu. by Dr. Heinricii
Will; translated from the German by Daniel Breed,
M. D., of the United .States Patent Otfi.-e.
The Forest in ICxUe. by Capt. Mayne Re'd
On Sale at TAYOR & MA CRY'S
Jan. v4 Bookstore, near 0th st
APER MOISTENElt.? \ New Inrcn
lion tor Moistening the leave* of a Copying
Book,. Postage Stamp's, Envelopes, and Moisten*
ug the Fingers when Counting Bank Bills; also
useful for various? other purposes. It will he
louud an indispensable article fir every Desk. It
is perfectly simple ami cheap, and must couie in
to general u?e ,
The following are u tew c.ompliuciitary opin
ions of the Press:
Papeu Moistenkk.? \. new and very neat use
ful invention for moistening post oifiee stamp-,
envelopes, sheets in a copying book, counting
''auk bills, tSrc.. This does away with the disagree
ab'< method of ittuUieuiug si mips, Jcc., w ith tIt?
ongue. It is a patent article, vary si in pit* and
cheap, uud will be universnilv adopted as soon ??
t i? ?een.?'I'ruiitet ij>t, Stpt. Ia??l.
Paj>kr Moistknkr ?A new invention for muis
ening po.Mage stamps, envelopes, sheets iu a
copying book, counting bank bills, ire. The
common way of mo stenirig .stamps with ihu
tongue is very disagreeable and inconvenient,
also the usual way of wetting sheets in a copying
book, by using a brush which has In be dipped in
water, i* inconvenient and very difficult t?-give
paper an even moisture, which is very desuuble
lor copying letters. This article obviates these
difficulties, besides being useful for various other
purjioscs it is also perfectly simple and cheap,
aad must come into general u-e.?[Boston Putt,
Stjtf., 1SS4.
Paper Muisti'NKK ?A newly invented and v*r\
useful little contrivance for moistening postage
stumps ai.d enve.'opes. ami for wettir g ?hi7-ts in
? eofyiMs l?>?k, 4 c. It costs but litiie, and will
?uve (he (unfile a good deal of unpleasant wwrk.
I Go*'or/ T'Ufllrr. yrjtt. 1 bo-1
Agent for V. asliington,
Jan 17 Bo<-k?v>re r|ji
Tiil: akt union ok London. pi*u
for the current year. The li?t i* now open
and every laUrribrr of $5 f>0 w ill !??? entitled 10
I. An uiipre**ioii of a Plate, by J. T. Willmore,
A. R. A., from the original picture, by J J Cliakiu,
R. A.. 44 A Water Party.'
II. A volume cooiuunng thirty Wood Engm
vines, illuoTTalinsr subjects from Lord Byroa's *
poeni of "Child Haroldean4
III The chance of obtaining we of me PriMt
to l>e allotted nt the general meeting in April,
which will include?
The right to ?elect for himseli u vi?ltini>ie work
of art from one of the public exhibition*.
Statuette* in bronze of Her Majesty on h<>r*f
back. I>y T. Thorneycroft.
Copies in bronae, from a:i original Model in re
lief by K. Jefferson of " The *mtn of tb* UuLe of
Wellington into Madrid."
Statuette* in porcelain or pariau
Proof impressions of a large lithograph, by T (1
Maguire. utter the original picture by W. P. Frith,
R. A.,4- The Three Bows.r from MoJiere's "Bour
geois Gentilhomtne."
Honornry Secretaries lor Washington. Messrs
TAYLOR & MAURY, Booksellers. Jau 94
'pill* llliAHTIKIIL HI' It I A J. I'l.ACE
X 'he Dead having just lieen dedicated with
ippropr.ate ceieniomcs for the purpose, if now
c?pen for th? reception of the remain* of deceased
The Mausoleum h--- capacity tor a hundred
oilies in which Mich tri?*n>'> *< the dead,** may
fpply, ran place the d*>p*rted until t hey ?elect
<ite* for grave*.
The plan of the incor|M>ratora is one of equality
n regard to the lota, which will not l>e put up
publicly for sale, (although they nvuaily bring a
premfuffi,) making the early *eiection* of lots the
ntOM desirable.
I Willi an office is eMabliihed is the city of Wash,
ngton, application* will lie punctually Attended to
at the pfesent office, in the eaat wing of the build
oc oo entering the Cemetery.
Vi?iter* are requested not t? drive fast ifironih
he Cemetert ground*.
V I- <7l?nwfM?d ?? i ?hor? d f tt
? iioitli ot the CJnj 'fi>i tut -7?'?
NEW BOOKH.? Plato uii Immortality oi
the Hotil, translated irom the Or*ek by
Charl?;a S. Stanford.
Florence Egerton ; or. Sunshine and Shadow,
by the author of Clara Stanley. Jtc
Sketches of Western Methodism. Biographical
Historical, and Miscellaneous, illustrative of |'io
neer Life, by Rev. Jaa. B. Fin ley.
For sale by GRAY to BALL* NTYNK.
T PI fhla City, will be re-opiiird f?i the rt~
I ception ol guest* on the V7th of thn monih
The removal of the Kitchen from the basement to
the rear of the building, and the ntieralinna in ami
?bout the Dining Boom*. will add greatly to the
convenience and comfort of it* gnr-t?. The
will be furnished with the be?l the n.aik-tscsn
aflbrd. and served in the be*t style, and no expeii'O
or labor will be *pared to render the house, in
every respect, equal to any in the country. The
subscriber, therefore, trust* that a gent-row* public,
will continue the liberal patronnge which'has al
ways been extended to the house. Persons tic
?iring to procure rooms for the winter, can do *n
at any time sAer the 2oth, bv calling nt the Hotel
Washington city, November 14, 1S.'?4.
Nov 16?if
?on.?The IsrgeM and liest assortment of alt
qualities, will be found at
WALL & sti:vi;ns,
32Q, Penn. avenue, next door to Iron Halt
Jan 5 (Newt.)

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