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is PUHuaauiD iiv whui akd wiiiit it
W**?!'? Building, B?M CM* CaylM,
city or WAa&uruTQN.
Try-Weekly |5 00
Weekly 2 00
To Club* or Individual*, subscribing to Jiv4 or
mort ctrytti?
Tri-Weekly per annum, in advance $3 00
^Weekly " " I 50
One square, (ten lines,)..l year..... $6 00
" " 6 months. 5 00
" " ....3 " 3 00
Two squares 1 year 12 00
" " 6 months 8 00
'? 3 " 5 00
Three squares 1 year 15 00
" " 6 months.. ..10 00
" ?? 3 ?' 7 00
One-third column 1 year ..18 00
" " 6 months 12 00
? " ......3 8 00
One column 1 year 50 00
" " 6 months..........30 00
All advertising for a less time than three months,
will be at the usual rates?$1 per square for the
first three insertions, and iwe*ty-/!ve cents for
each subsequent issue.
B&.Letters on business should be addressed
to John Shaw, Sentinel office, Washington.
Or Copslbal 114 Chsmbtri 8ti*?t, Ji. If. |
GENTIfiMliiN.-riie valuable medicinal
properties of Balsam Copaiba have long
been recognized by tbe faculty, but the great dis
advantage nrising from its nauseous taste has
hitherte prevented . its administration in many
diseases tor which it is particularly adapted. The
usual '' modus oyiratuli' of prescribing it, either
in the form of an Emulsion or Gelatinous Cap
sules, has not been found satisfactory, being liable
to some objection, either from the difficulty expe
rienced by some individuals in the deglutition ol
the Capsule or the small quantity of Copaiba gen
erally found in the Emulsion.
Joyce's tasteless solution of Copaiba is the
most unique preparation yet introduced to the
medical profession, as it contains 50 per cent, ol
the purest Para Copaiba, without taste or smell,
and at same time mixes clearly and freely with
water, and is pronounced by the most eminent
physicians and analytical chemists in the old and
new worlds to contain all the medicinal proper
ties of Balsam Copaiba without its disagreable
Il is an eificieut preparation lor all diseases ol
the mucous membranes, and particularly Go no
rheu-a, Leucorrhcea, Gleet, painful hemorrhoida,
affections, and in chronic irritation of the bladder.
Sold in Washington wholesale, by
and retail by Messrs. C. Stott & Co., M. P
Kings, Patterson & Nairn, Ford ic Brothers,
D. S. Dyson, J. B. Moore, Dr. W. B. Young,
R. A. Payne, Bury fle Co., Navy Yard; H. M
McPherson, jr, F. S. Walsh, V. Harbaugh
Benjamin Frankin, Mclntire, Dr. S. E. Ty
son, J. S. Lovejoy, J. W. Nairn, Wallace Elliott
and John A. Mtlburn, and Pierpoiut, Alex
Oct 5?6m
1 1 XTKA Heavy-plated Tea Seta, Albata
1\< Fork*, Spoons, &c.?M. W. Gait fie Bro.
Lave just received a beautiful aaaortmeut oi?
Extra Plated Tea Sels, latent styles
Castors, Cuke Baskets, Card Trays, ficc
Al?o, superior Albata Forks and Spoons.
The above are of the very best quality, and ua
usually low.
M. W. GALT fit BRO.
FOR LEASE OK HIi NT?The subscri
ber having determined to discontinue teach
ing school, offers for Lease or Rent the Rappa
hannock Academy, which he wishes to dispose ol
for the next four years. There has been a school
at the place for forty years. It is situated seven
men miles below Frederieksberg, immediately on
the road between that place and Port Royal.
The locality can be surpassed by none for beauty
or healthlulness, is supplied wuh all uecasssry
buildings, which are in good repair and will ac
wommodttie seventy borders.
Teaohers wishing to keep a boarding school
will do well by calling to see the place bafore
bargaining elsewhere.
Address the subscriber at Port Royal. Cat >lia<
county, Virginia.
MISS BROOKE, from Philadelphia, will
lor young Ladies, on Monday, Sqx+mbtr 10th,
In.V), at No. 13b, Penu. Avenue, corner of
Seven liuildings and 10th street. Miss BROOKE
will be assisted by the most ooinpeteot Profes
sors in every department.
A French lady, recently from Paris, is engaged
as a resident governess, and every means will be
used to accomplish ber pupils in that language.
Drawing will be taught in various and elegant
aaooM mind ations :
" My friend. Miss Brooke, is a inost estimable
lady, of great intelligenoe, whose qua ligations as
a teacher, and whose accomplishments in English
literature, entitle her to high consideration.
" Miss Brooke is well known to me ss s Isdy
who ia entirely capable of oonducting successfully
the education of young ladies, snd is every wsy
worthy ol the patronage of parents.
a kf?ainces:
The Right Rev ALONZO POTTER, D. D.,
LL. D.,
Right Rev. G. W. DOANE, D. D., LL. D.
Proleesor A. DALLAS BACHE. Supt. Coast
Professor JOSEPH HENRY, Sec'y ofSmith
soian Institution.
Gen. JOHN MASON, Washington, D. C.
JOHN S. MEEHAN, Esq., Librsrisn te Con
Hon. ELLIS LEWIS. Chief Justice of the 3.
Court, Pa.
Hon. O. W. WOODWARD, Associste Judgu
of the S. Court of Penna.
Hon. GEORGE VAIL, M. C., N.Jersey.
Lieut. M. F. MAURY, LL D., U. S. Obsei '<t
Circulsrs stating the terms to b? had at the
principal Book Stores, or of Miss Rrooke, No
138 Ps. Avenue.
August 30?3tawln?
THE ttubaertbera, lafliif made addition
to their active capital, ere now prepared to
purchaae an unlimited quantity 6f Land Werranta,
not only at the very higheat market pricea, but at
timn will pay more than any houae in thia city,
Baltimore, Philadelphia, or New York, and cer
tainly alwaya aa much ; and will deal very liberally
with correspondents, tor warding Warrant* by
mail, alwaya allowing thenr more liberal ratea io
consideration cf the lo?? of tiroe anofwwry for their
transmission to thm city, and our return draits on
?ionhern and Southern eiuea in payment Address
J. M. OLARKE St Co., Bank era, and
Dealer* in Land Warrants, Washington, L>. C.
Celonel James O. Berret, Postmaster, Wash
ington, D. C.
Suter, Lea, Sc Co., Bankers, Washingtoo, D. C.
All the Officers of the Bank* in Wheeling,
Beebee it Co., Bankers, New York.
Peters, Snenoe, Sc Oo., Banker*, Lynchburg, Va.
Paul ft Hinton, Bank era, Pete<*burg, Va.
R. H. Maury Sc Co., Banker*, Ri< hmond, Va.
Cnshier Bank of Virginia, Richo ond, Va.
Cashier Farmer*' Bank of Virginia, Richmond, Vn.
Cashier M- and M. Bank, Parkrraburg, Va.
Jamea Robb Sc Co., Bankera, New Orleana.
J. W. Clark St Co., Bankera, Ao*tOn.
W. M. St J. 0. Martin, Banker*,Charleston,S.C.
P. Sc A. Via ton, Bankera, New Philadelphia, O.
Jan. 19?1*.
STONE QIJAURY.?Iam prepared to fur
lush Iroui my quarry, opposite toe Little Falls
and adjoiuiug the quarry of the late Timothy
O'Neale, any quantity of a^oue that may be needed
lor building purposes. Apply to th?* undersigned
at bia bouse on H, between i'Jtb and 20th atreeta,
m tbe First ward, or to Mr. Paine, at the quarry.
July 27 WILLIAM 11. SCOTT.
?C)?NENTAKIE8 on the Jurisdiction
Practice, and Peculiar Jurisprudence of tbe
Courts of the United Stale a, vol. 1, by George
Ticknor Curtia.
Hiatory of the Crusades, their Rine, Progress,
ami Results, by Migor Proctor, of the Royal
Military Academy.
Cumining** Lectures on the Seven Churche>.
On aale at
TAYLOR fe MAURY'S Bookstore,
Not 16 near 9th street.
T EAVES from a Family Journal, from
I I the French of Emllie Souvestre, author of
"The Attic Philosopher ta Paris.
Memories, aud Fancies.
June 7 Corner 11th st. and Penn. av.
M taming Hiuta to Sportsmen, Notea on Sport
ug, and the Habits of tbe Game Birds and Wild
Fowl of America, by Eliaba J. Lewis, M. D., with
numerous illustrations. For sale at
Jan. 4 Book Store, near Ninth street.
HIBBARIVS Wild Cherry Blttera la the
beat Purifier of the Blood and the best anti-,
dote for Dyspepsia we have ever found. It is the
best Strengthening Bitters for all who are debili
tated by sickness or whose nerves have been
shattered from excitement or overworking them
selves that'can be fonud in any other purgative in
the world. It is perfectly harmless and gentle in
its nature, and when once used will be found
highly beneficial, eapectally to females. Try it
an4 become convinced; our word ior it, you will
uot regret it.
Prepared and aold by Hibbard & Wheeler, 82
Spruce street, New York; and J Gibbs, cornerol
5th and E street*; A. Babsett, 208 D street; and
E. H. Werner, Pennsylvania avenue, Washing
ton, D. C.; and by dealers aud druggists gener
ally. July 10?3in
BE it known that I, the subscriber ob
tained letters patent in December, l?5l, for
an apparatus for the destructive distillation of
wood, and the making therefrom of tar or pitch at
pleasure, and gas; and that in the judgment of
competent persons the invention of an appar
tus recently patented by W. D. Porter cannot be
used by him or any other person without infring
ing my said patent. And, further, that w.hat is
patented by said Porter rightfully belongs to me,
as 1 expect to prove ere long before the United
Slates Patent Office ; and, further, that the Use of
said Porter's invention involves also a process
which I am now claiming before the United States
Patent Office, and which has been adjudged to be
patentable to the first inventor thereof, and which
said W. D. Porter has formally disclaimed, as ap
pears upon the public records ol said office, ol
which an official copy is hereto annexed, and also
a copy of his claims.
In the National Inttlligenter of tbe 35th instant
Mr. Porter announces thai he haa secured by
patent the "exclusive right to malung gas from
wood," and threatens prosecution to all parties
infringing his pateni. 1 ask bow ibis statement
comports wilh the fart of my patent of December,
1831, and how far the threat t:an intimidate under
suck circumstances ? Mr. Porter's claim is based
upon a movable perforated diaphragm, and was
so understood by the Pateni Office, as it appears
from the records of ihe Patent Office that his
claim was at fir?l refused as interfering wilh a
prior pateni to Robert Foulis, of Canada, for an
equivalent contrivance. This^laim, as given be
low, and in which the perforated diaphragm is the
anving clause, is what Mr. Porter calls securing
the "exclusive right to making gas from wood.'
The statement carries absurdity on its front, aud
is a libel on ihe good sense of the Pateni Oitice
If such a claim or right bad been granted, il would
forbid every oo*l-kiln and charcoal manufactory
.n the country.
The following copies of correspondence and
extracts from the records of the Patent Office will
show the true state of the ease :
Unites Statu Patk>t Office,
August 25, 1854.
Sir . In reply to your letter of this date, asking
" if any patent has been granted to W. D. Porter,
dated 22d August, 1854, or at any other time, or
to any other person or persona securing to him
or thfin " ikeexrlusive rxght of making gat from
wood" and whether any such claim was made by
W. D? Porter, under his application for a patent,
which letters patent were issued bearing the
above date, you are informed that W. D. Porter's
claims are believed to be c nfined to his appara
tus; and, further, this office is not aware that a
patent has been sranted heretofore for the treln
nw right of making gat from wood. Il would,
however, be unjustifiable to expect me to make
an extended investigation to answer your re
quest. ,
. I am, respectfully, your obedient servast,
C. Mason, Commissioner of Patents
W. P. McConaki.u Esq.,
Care of Prof. C. O. Page, Washington, D. C.
The United Statu Patent Office? To all potions to
whom those presenti shall come, grmtng;
This is to certify thsi the annexed is a true copy
from the files of ibis office of an extract from s
Eaper filed in the matter of the application of "W.
>. Porter for letters patent, in accordance with
which application letters patent were issued to the
said W. b. Porter on the 22d day of August,
eighteen hundred and fifty-four.
In testimony whereof, I, Charles Mason, Com
missioner of Pstents, have caused the seal
of the Patent Office to be hereonto affixed
[u s.] this 25th day of August, in the year of our
Lord one thousand sight hundred and fifty
four, and of (be independence of the United
States the seventy-ninth. C. Mason.'
Copf ?/ dtoelatmar of W. D. Porter in Au apph ra
tion for " an improved ettll for maJctng wood
got, filed August 5, 1&64. letters patent issued
August 7U,lbM.
" I do not claiin'aa my invention and diacovery
the improvementa in making faa from wood, via:
?objecting the prodocta of deatructive diatillation
therefrom to a highadegree of heat, aubatantially
?a ha* been deacribad nnd for the purpose* *et
forth in the apAcification of W. P. McConnell."
Tkt United Stair* Patent Offte?To all per ton* to
?cA tun these present i shall come greeting :
Thia ia to certify that the annexed is a true copy
from the recorda of thia office of an extract from
the apecification of W. D. Porter'a patent, iaaued
in the twenty aecond day of Auguat, eighteen
hundred and fifty-four.
In teatimony whereof, I, Charlea Maaon, Com*
miaaioner of Patent*, hare canard the
aeal of the Patent Office to be hereunto
f . affixed thia twenty-fifth day of Align*!,
u *1 n the year of our Lord oae thouaand
eight hundred and fiAy-four, and of the
independence of the United Statea the
aeventy-ninth. C. Mamo*.
Rnrari from 9pee\fieat%on of W. D. Porter on
wktrJi Utters patent were toned August 22, 1854.
Claim.?What I claim aa my invention and de
air? to aecure by letter* patent ia:
" The conatruction of a gaa apparatua or atill,
conaiatiny af a metallic or other cylinder B, the
conea E and D, diaphram plate C, and exit pipe
P, substantially aa deacribed in the foregoing ape
cification, and ahown ia the accompanying draw
The truth of the ab*vemay be aacertained from
the recorda of ihft Patent Office, to which all have
By hia attorney CHAS. GT. PAOE.
Morning oowhua um and an
aaaortment, at all price. for M|e by
Greece,from the curliest limes to the Roman
Conquest, with supplementary chapters on the
History of Literature and Art. By Wm, Smith,
LL. D., editor of the Dictionaries of "Greek and
Roman Antiquities" "Biography and Mythology,"
and " Geograpny." With notes, and a continuation
to the prevent time. By C. C. Felton, LL.D..
Eliot Professor of Greek Literature iu Harvard
The above work is intended principally for schools
of the higher classes. Just received and for sale at
the Bookstore of R. FARNHAM, corner oi
Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street. Aug 21.
common-place hook of Thoughts, Memo
ries and Fancies, original and selected, by Mrs
Jameson. Price 75 cents.
Leaves from a Family Journal, from the French
ofEmilie Souvestre, author of " the Attic Philo
sopher in Paris." Paper, SO cents; cloth, 75
Theory and Practice of Landscape Painting in
water colors, illustrated by a series of 24 designs,
colored diagrams of numerous wood cuts, uith
two extra plates of simultaneous contracts, by
George Barnard. Price $5.
Just received at
TAYLOR & MAURY'S Bookstore,
June 7 near 9th st.
Modemn jlanguagbs^-d. e. urou.
a native of France, tencner of Modern Lan
^uages, especially French, Spanish, and German
Sranslationt- made with correctness and punctu
ity. Professor of Numesmatics, for the classifi
cation and explanation of medals and coins.
Pennsylvania avenue, south side, between flth
nd 7th streets, opposite Brown's Hotel.
Furnished Rooms to rem at thai placr.
&cp 21?dtf
vative Magazine.?When new aspirants
for popular favor are announced, the public have
a right to demand the grounds upon which aucb
show o! title to their patronage is made. In ac
knowledgment of this, we trace the customs ol
parties in the avowal of principles; of religious
sects, in the promulgation of creeds; and of per
sons in all pursuits of life, dependent upon the
public for success, in their preparatory expositions
of plans and purposes. The customs thus origin
ating, though sometimes abused, are useful and
proper, and should not be discarded. And when,
in obedience to custom, new plans are proposed,
those appioving ought not to withhold their en
couragement, as too many do, until they see that
success i? sure, for their aid may be needed to
secure it. Such a foolish policy as this jeopar
dizes the plan they approve, and hastens its failure:
it has defeated many important enterprizes, and
has deprived the country of good and useful works.
If a new proposition of any kind is approved by
the public, the support of those approving is of ?
right expected, their approval being solicited only"
in the v\ew that their more substantial aid will
not be withheld.
The Southern Conskkvativk Magazine will
occupy grounds but little cultivated by American
maga7<nists. It is believed that a field is open for
a periodical of a new and, in some respects, a
high *r order thau has bean aimed at in our maga
zine literature. In ("his belief, and with such an
aim, we announce the Southern Conservative
Magrcine. ...
Tbe new magazine will be national and not
sect'onal; claiming no merit by virtue of its es
tablishment in the South, but aiming at a higher
usetulness and a more general accsptability.
It will be Protestant, but not sectarian; opposing
religious bigotry or intolerance on the one side,
and infidelity on the other?laboring in iU teach
ings to advance a closer union between the several
branches of the great family of the church.
It will be political, but liberal; owing no slavish
allegiance to parties or politicians, it will advocate
mersures, not men, and will labor only for the
success of principles.
J twill be progressive, yet sternly opposed to
tht reckless spirit of innovation so rife in tbe
country?aiming to elevate and advance, not de
pies?; to reform and improve, not to destroy;
sacredly adhering to tbe true intent of our great
republican theory, and laboring to advance it to
its fullest development.
It will be truly American in tone and sentiment,
but will repudiate nothing foreign, merely because
so; believing that the good, the useful, and true
I etong not, par excellenoe, to any favored people,
Sut are the common right of all.
It will be the organ of pure conservatism.
It will encourage a high-toned literature, and
defend pure morals in all the social relations of
life. .
And it will number in its corps of regular com
tributors some of the ablest political and literary
writers of the country.
The magazine will be printed on the finest
quality of psper, with new type, and in a plain
but superior style.
Eaeh number will contain not less than jO large
octavo pages, made up of original articles, con
tributed and editorial ?reviews, political and?.
scientific essays, romances, poetry, Ate.
We promise much for the new magazine, and
we intend to perform it all, and more, if the read
ing public will give the enterprise a liberal en
The Southern Conservative Magazine will be
issued, the first of each month, from the office of
publication, Nashville or Knoxville, Tennessee,
and will be furnished to susenbers at four dollars
a year, or three dollars If psid punctually in ad
vance. Publication will be commenced the 1st
of January. Addresa orders to the
?tdiior ?B'I proprietor. w T. HEUMi
, Knoxville. Tennessee
May 31. W>3.
oeoiiob r. rox,
New York Metropolitan Tailoring Eatab
B81 Brosdwt)') oppjoalta th? Metropolitan
SIM IR: Allow me the pleaaureof placing my name
before your notice, at tbe same time offering
you my best services as a Tailor, together with
the resource# of my store, for the supply of
Military si** llsvy U?ltonssa, Caltsd
States Cosinl ?nd Oltissa'i Dreae.
I am now engaged making uniforms for the Mili
tary, Navy, and Marine Corps, also the Revenue,
according to the written and printed instructions
snd official drswinga, to the Istest regulations, as
received by me from the Stat?, Navy, and War
Departments, in Washington, D. C. If you should
feel disposed to favor me with any orders, you
may rest assured of receiving experienced atten
tion and accurate fitting. The very b?B Knglish
snd preach Cloths, Caasimerea, Oold Lace, T re Me
Gilt Buttons, Arc, fco, all at the lowest possible
cost for cash. I have, at very areat expense, em
ployed first rate Artists, as Gold Embroiderers.
Sillt, Moleskin, IVaver Chapeao, Cloth Cap, and
General Regimental Ornament Maker*; Eng
lish, French, and American Coat Catteea, V#nt
Cutters, Pantaloona tuit?r?. I heKevo I am
doing one of the largest Military and Navy
Officers' Clothing and Outfitting buainess la the
United Statea, and can refer you to many Oiosrt,
my customers, sttached to the Artillery, Uragoona,
Infantry, Ordnance, and Engineers, Ate I am also
personslly known to many of the Navy Officers
attached to ships of war; namely,the North Cano
lina Mississippi, Princeton. Powhatan, San Ja
cinto, St. Lawrence, Brandywine, Vtncennes,
Vandalia, Congress, Germantown, Independence,
Macedonia, Fulton, Lexington. Fredoaia, Coaati
tution, Cyane. Helief. Perry, Porpoise, including
Gentlemen, the Heads of the Executive Depart
menta, Membera of both Houses of Coafrtaa,
also, Ministers Plenipotentiary, Secretaries and
Attache* pt Legation*, tht English, Fr?ilOo, ftM
other PQfteign Military and Navy services.
I have the honor to subscnlw mfsell.
Yours, grateful and obligr*r
We hear it ia the intenttoa of Mr. POX to
visit oflr city a few days henoe.
Jan 15?3tif
rr (IB FAILURE of Free Society.?Soci
JL ology lor the South, or the Failure of Free
Society, by George Fitzhugh. On sale at
Book Store, near 9th street.
Messrs. TAYLOR & MAURV beg to an
nbuuce that, at the auggeatiou of several of our
caucus, the pictures now on exhibition at their
store will be raffled for.
Eleven prises ; sixty chances, at $5.
April 12 Bookstore, near Ninth street.
NEW WORK, by the Author of the Heir
of Redclytie.
The Castle Builders, by the author of the Heart's
Ease, in paper covert; price 50 cents ; bound, 15
cents. ?
Just published and for sale at
March 31 Bookstore, near Ninth street.
if y&u wish to purchase anything in the way
4l hue American, London, or Geneva watcher,
(that can be relied on for the true time,) rich gold
jewelry, pure silver ware, dcc., Sec., and save from
If* to 25 per cent, ae he is now receiving his
Fall supply, which will be sold at the lowest
wholesale rates.
Fine watches and jewelry repaired, and war
ranted to give satisfaction.
Pa. avenue, between 4J and tith streets, sign ot
the large spread eagle.
X lory of the Rise, Progress, and Destiny of
i lie American Party, and its probable influence
ou the next Presidential election, to which is
added a Review of the Letter of the Hon. Henry
A. Wise against the Know-nothings, by an Ame
The History of Mason and Dixon's Line, con
tainedMu an Address delivered by John H. B.
Latrobe, of. Maryland, before the Historical So
ciety of Pennsylvania, November 8,1854.
Mirana .Elliot, or the Voice of the Spirit, by S.
M. H.
Autobiography of Charles Caldwell, M. D.,with
a Preface, Notes, and Appendix, by Harriet W.
Just received and for sale by
Corner of Penn. avenue and 11th street.
Feb 15
HARPER'S MAGAZINE for September is
a magnificent number, filled with superior
engravings, and for sale at Shiixinoton's book
The great Illustrated Magazine of Art for Sep
tember is one of the best that has been issued.
Leslie's Ladies' Gazette for September contains
all the new Fall fashions.
The Knickerbocker Magazine for September
Godey's Lady's Book, Graham's Magazine, ana
Putnam's Magazine, all for September, received
and for sale at
HO. HOOD, Pennsylvania avenue, between
# 4J and 6th streets, has just returned from
ihe north with a good assortment of the most rich
and fashionable Jewelry in the market, which he
purchased for cash at very low prices, and now ot
lers tor sale the same, at wholesale or retail, much
cheaper than goods of like quality have ever been
sold for in this section of oountry. Please call at
his store, sign of the large spread eagle.
N. B. Special attention paid to the repairing of
watches by W. W. Hollingsworth.
x UNITED STATES."?This celebra
ted Map, recently eulogized by Lieutenant Mau
ry, in his "Virginia Letters," is on sale at
Dec 1 Bookstore, near Ninth street.
SOUTHERN BOOK.?Origin of the Con
stitution ; Incorporation of the General Gov
ernment by the Ststes; as national public agents
in trust, with no sovereignty ; History of Copart
nership Territories from the Virginia Deed, 1784,
to the Treaty with Mexico, 184b; Division of the
Public Lands ; Specific Duties; Origin and History
?ftbe Puritans; Origin and Cause of Trouble be
tween the North and South, and Jeopardy of the
Republic; Legal mode of Redress pointed out; by
W. B. Davis, Wilmington, North Csrolina. Prioe
Two Dollars.
? ?if Sale at BISHOP'S Periodical Store,
No. 216 Penqsylvmia avenue,
adjoining Willard's Hotel.
New books received at mixiIs
lington's Bookstore?
The Dodd Family, by Charles Lever, author of
t'harlea O'Mailey.
Nehind the Scenes, by Lady Balwer Lytton.
The Lamplighter, one of the moot fascinating
hook* ever written.
Everything in the Book, Newspaper, and 8ta
oaery line lor sale at
Bookstore, Odeon Building, corner 4|
street and Pa. avenue.
WATCHES.?Member* of Coagreaa and
others ia want of perfect timekeepers would
do welt to make their selections at once, In order
to test tbeir quality before leaving the city.
Our assortment for-both Ladies snd Gentlemen
wii never so oomplete as st present, embracing
'very description, which we ofTer unusually low.
Penn. avenue, between 9th snd 10th streets.
Jsn lb
DANIEL WEBSTER.?Meaara. Taylor
fie MAURY hare a few of the original sub
scribers' oopie* of the works of Daniel Webster,
printed on very fine isnpensl paper, ia which Mr.
Webster inscribed his nsme. six volumes;
price $20.
T. Ac M. are the only booksellers in the United
Slates who have any copies ia their possession.
Mar 11 Bookstore near 9th st.
Treble patent improved eye
let Machine.
First patent combined on oee stock.
Second patent, self-feeding in the eyelets.
Third patent, pateut improved fsstener, riveting
both sides
All parties in want ol a good Eyelet Machine
?re strongly recommended to u*e none but "Lip
oma's Patent Improved,'1 which ia decidedly the
bant aver brought before the public, possessing
numerous advantages, via:
It is strong, ^durable, snd not lisble to get out of
It punches the hole well and to fit the Eyelet,
and in one operation clinches the Eyelet on both
It saves time, a* the papers, dec., need net be
revefoed or turned over to clinch the Eyelet a
second time, as ia tht ease Willi all other ma
It is useful to the merchant in filing away
paper*,*as well as to the attorney or conveyancer,
the shoaiaker, tailor, mibaor, and numerous
ethers, and is a very Isbor-saving mschme.
Agents for Washington.
Book and Stslionery Store, near 9th st.
Msy 94
./V, ia advanced, we have determined to fell ofl
the remaining portion of our winter stock at
greatlyreduced prices; therefor*gestlemaa wish
tag to consult economy in purchaamg fine Over
coats, Talmas Dress, frock, and Businea* Coat*;
Black aad Fancy Cashmere Pants; Velvet, Silk,
Satis, and Meriao Yeats; Uader Skirts aad
Drawers, aad all other ready made garments of
fine quality, wilt And our present variety to be a*
well assorted as in the beginning ol the season,
with the advantage of much lower prices.
tffi Pa a van u a, next to Iron Hali
Fab 94
The Wealth, of Minnesota.?As an evi
dence of the wealth and industry of Minnesota,
we are informed that one hundred million feet
of pine lumber in the log were put into differ
ent streams in one district jast year.
The Committee on Commerce in the
United States House of Representatives state
the amount of pecuniary loss incurred at the
port of New York, iu the years 1854-5, at
Ia the three small Stales which last
voted, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode
Island, the aggregate Democratic gain is over
twenty thousand.
A correspondent of the Rural New
Yorker writes that he has for several years
practised coloring white butter with carrots.
It adds looks, flavor, and price of the article.
He puts the carrot to soak over night, after it
is, grated, and is governed by the quality and
of the amount of cream to be colored.
Mr. Douglas's bill providing that when
Kansas has the requisite population, she may
enter into the Union with such a constitution
as she may adopt, without reference to the
slavery question, will undoubtedly pass the
Senate, and the Washington Star states that it
will also have a clear majority in the House.
A Man Buried Alive in a Coal Bank.
A coal bank, a short distance from Zanesville,
(Ohio,) cavcd in on Friday last, and shut in
four men. An immense number of people, at
last accounts, were engaged, amid much ex
citement, iu trying to dig them out. The pris
oners had a basket of provisions, and it was
supposed would hold out until rescued, although
they were nearly a fourth of a mile from the
mouth of tfie pit.
Florence Nightingale, the woman be
loved of all men and all nations, for her noble
humanity, has been gazetted officially as Di
rectress-General of all hospitals in the-British
dominions. No nurses can for the .future be
appointed iu any public hospitals without her
sanction. She has been ill from a fall, but is
quite recovered.
The Price of a license to retail liquor
in Dempolis, Ala., has been raised to $10,000.
Liquor must command a high price down there!
Bad for the Apothecaries.?The report
of the New York Homcepathic Dispensary gives
the result of 754 cases treated at their in
firmary by the physicians, at the ' of only
$4 ,81 for medicine though the prtov. iptions
given amount to 3,049.
Peach Tree Borer?Taney.?We saw
it stated, two years ago, in an agricultural
journal that these pests could be driven from
peach trees, by Tansy. We planted it at the
roots of ten or twelve trees, and not one of them
have been disturbed, whilst others are injured
badly. This spring we intend planting it
around all.
Forced to Leave.?The Leesburg Wash
ingtonian, speaking of the departure of Fran
cis II. Ray from that county, says: It was Dot
a voluntary act upon his part, and it is due to
the citizens of the (Goose Creek) neighborhood
to state, that they required Mr. Ray to leave, as
they determined not to retain in their midst aa
individual whose Abolition discussions were
obnoxious to the public, and of mischievous
A chimney has just been completed at
Preston, England, which is two hundred and
fifly-eight feet in height; width at foundation,
thirty four feet; and forty thousand bricks have
been used in building it.
The Cyclopedia of Modern Travel, on
which Bayard Taylor is engaged, is to be com
pleted in Ju n*, after which Mr. Taylor will re
turn to Europe, to speud two years, principally
in Sweden, Norway, and Russia.
On the 20th of March, the Emperor and
Empress of Austria washed the feet of twenty
four old people, viz: Twelve old women and
twelve old men. The oldest of the women
eighty-nine, and the youngest eighty
three ; the oldest of the men was ninety-one,
and the youngest eighty-two; the ages of the
twenty-four combined, amounted to two thou
sand and fifty-two years.
An Ancient Jjind Patent.?We have
been shown a land patent, drawn up in the
year 1734, in the reign of Queen Anne, and at
the time of the Governorship of Alexander
8pottswood over Virginia. The patent settles
upon one Stephen Chasteane, the sole right
and proprietorship of a certain two hundred
and Jiffy acres of land, situated in the good
county of ITenrico, and for which the said
Stephen Chasteane paid the enormous sura of
thirty xhUlingtI or about six dollars.
A prize fight took place in Massachusetts,
at a retired spot, near the town of Medford, be
twecn Ned Price, of London, and a man named
Colbert, of New York, for a purse of $300.
The parties fought 155 rounds in 3J hours,
when both combatants being blind, and sa
vagely mauled, tbey were separated by their
respective friends, through fear of a fatal ter
mination if the fight was continued.
Aewcpapcr Folding Machine,?We have
recently added to the machinery of our office
a folding machine, manufactured by S. II.
Weeks, of Columbus, Ohio. It is a great sav
ing of time, labor and expense. It enables us
to dispense with the services and annoyance
of a number of boys, that were hitherto re
quired to fold our paper. The folding is done
more neatly, accurately, and with greater uni
formity than it can be done by hand. The
machine is compact, simple, and substantially
made. The entire frame work is of iron, the
rollers of wood. It can l?e regulated so as to
fold tbem at the rate of 2,700 per hour'. Every
newspaper Laving a large, circulation would
find one of these machines very economical.?
Louisville Journal. ,
Emigrants for Kansas.?The George
town Times of Wednesday says : "Some twen
ty-three men under the leadership of Mr. J. K.
Alston, leave here this morning, to be joined
by four others in Charleston, on their way to
Kansas. These men go for the purposo of
making that distant Territory their permanent
home. They go to stand or fall with the des
tiny of Kansas ; and we wish them all ? plea
sant trip and happy home hi that distant land."
We understand that Georgetown District is
largely ahead of any other district in the State
in her collections?Charleston not excepted.?
. The Japan Pea.?The editors of the
Philadelphia ledger have recently seen a plant
from one of these peas, raised by Mr. W. L.
Shaeffer, which had upon its branches about
four hundred pods, the larger .portion of which
contained from two to three peas each, or a
yield of aboat one hundred per cent. This is
from a single pea, in a single year's growth,
and is something worthy of noticfe. If each
pea possessed the qualities of reproduction in
the same degree as the one referred to, there
would be in the second year's growth nearly
half a million of pods and a million of peas.
Ho! for Kansas.?The Hagerstown
(Md.) Mail says, "within the past week over a
hundred persons have left this county for the
west, many of whom, we believe, intend to plant
their stakes in Kansas. The emigration west
from this county this spring has been very
heavy, and, judging from what we hear and
see, it has by no means abated. After awhile
what remains of us will have " elbow roos:."
The Camels.?The Indianola (Texas)
Bulletin of the 12th inst., says workmen are
now busy in erecting enclosures for the camels
that are now daily expected at that port, for
service on the Western plains. The building
iB to be 200 feet long by 20 feet in width, and
the enclosure will cover 10 acres of ground.
It is propoaed-to keep the animals at this place
several months, to recruit them. Some of the
animal^were presented by the Viceroy of Egypt
to our Government, but most of then) werepro
cured by Major Wayne and Capt. Porter, under
the appropriation made for the purpose at the
last session of Congress. We learn that, there
are some Arabs along with them to take care
of them.
The Famine in the Cape de Verde j
Islands.?Lieutenant Washington A. Bartlett
writes to the New York Courier and Enquirer
a letter, exhibiting the sad condition of the in
habitants of these Islands, from which it ap
pears that if they are not relieved speedily,
some 30,000 souls are certain to perish of star
vation. The gallant officer proposes that a ship
be provided, which he offers to man and navi
gate at his expense, provided she be freighted
with food for the suffering population of the
Islands. He also offers to contribute in addi
tion one hundred bushels of corn. He asks
the press throughout the country to notice the
appeal aud asks his friends Mr. Wolf, President
of the New York Corn Exchange, and Mr.
Henry Grinnell, to aid him in puttiug to sea
with a ship loaded with supplies as early as
It is a curious circumstance that a real
magnifying glass, identified by Sir David Brew
ster as decidedly and designedly such, was re
cently found by Mr. Layard in one of the tem
ples of Ninevah.
Emancipation qf Slaves.?We learn
that by the will of Mr. James Kelley, of Lan
caster county, Virginia, all his slaves, amount
ing to about forty five, have been emancipated.
His executors are now in this city making
arrangements for their outfit and embarkation
to Liberia, in the vessel which is soon to fail
from this port.
Trade with Africa.?American mer
chants are not wont to be blind to their interests,
but a few facts concerning the exports of
Western Africa into the city of Liverpool dur
| ing the past year are a very significant hint in
that direction. In four years the exports of
Palm oil alone to Qreat Britain have increased
about 15,000 tons, amounting last year to 30,
000 tons total exportation to that country, value
$8,000,000. A steamer recently conveyed from
Cape Coast Ca4fe 8,000 ounces of gold, equal
to $140,000. Other articles of African pro
dace are also rapidly comingjntO favor and use
in England and in France. In the course of
ten years there will be, beyond all doubt, a very
large and highly lucrative commerce between
>the Republic of Liberia and the Kingdom of
Great Britain.
Cough's Description of Cold Water,?
"Look at that liquid which has been produced
from the clear distillery of nature," (holding a
glass of water.) "The Eternal Father of us all
has brewed it for his children. It has been
produced, not in filthy distilleries, but in beau
tiful fragrant places. It has been brewed down
in yon grassy de^l, where the deer linger and
the rippling rills sing their wild lullaby; or
away upon the mountain tops where the blaz
ing sun has lighted It up with the heavenly fire;
or afar off upon the ocean, where showers and
storms are born. It sparkles in the ice gem.
It makes the graceful frost tissure on the moon
light plays. It dallies in the cataract; weaves
the *now wreath and the emerald settings on
the mountain peak. It never injures, but al
ways does good. It is blessed always at even
ing and at morning. It is ever beneficial and
kind. God made it glorious. Take and drink.
Take the pure liquid which God our Father
gave us. Take it as it is?bright, beautiful,
and blessed."
Mr. Scheutz, of Stockholm, has invent.
ed a calculating machine, which is exciting the
attention of the learned and curious.
Subject to the Decision of the National Con
Naval.?Michael Quinn, Chief Engi
neer UnitecT States Navy, has been ordered to
Superintend the repa'rs of the United States
Steamer Powhatan, at the Gosport Navy Yard.
The steamer Merrirnac, we learn, will go in
dock previous to her departure for Europe.
The United States sloop of-war Levant, Com
modore Charles C. Turner, sailed from the Cape
of Good Hope, Feb. 4th, for the East Indies.
United States Steamer Saranac, aijd frigates
Congress and Constellation were at Genoa 6tb,
to sail next week.
The United States frigate Savannah, from La
Plata, was at Rio on the 16th ulL ?
Ginger Beer.?Two gallons of ginger
beer may be made as follows: Put two gallons of
cold water into a pot upon the fire; add to it two
ounces of good ginger bruised, and two pounds
of white or brown sugar. Let all this come to
the boil, and continue boiling for about half an
hour. Then skim the liquor and pour it into a
jar or tub, along with one sliced lemon and half
an ounce of cream of tartar. When nearly cold,
put in a teacupful of yeast to cause the liquor
to work. The beer is now made; and after it
has worked for two days, strain it and bottte it
for use. Tie down the corks firmly.
Amos Lawrence's Pocket Book.?"Fath
er Taylor," of Boston, said in a public address:
I have this day seen Mr. Amos Lawrence's
pocket-book. It is such a pocket-book as was
never made before. On one fold of it is printed
in gold letters, ''What shall it profit a man if
he gain the whole world and lose his own soal?"
You open another fold and read, "The gold is
mine, saith the Lord of Hosts." On still an
other fold is printed, "He that giveth to the
poor lendeth to the Lord." i asked Mr. Law
rence what all this was for. He told me that
he remembered that as men grew old they some
times grew selfish, and every time he looked at
his money he wauted to be reminded of the Gos
pel, by which he ought to use his worldly goods,
and therefore he kept money in each of thosa
folds of his pocket-book, for all good uses which
Divine Providence might suggest.
The Female Husband.?The female hus
band who has created so much excitouient at
Syracuse, N. Y., and was sentenced to ninety
days in the penitentiary, wss brought before a
Judge on Friday, under a writ of habeas cor
pus, and discharged. She thanked the Judge,
and remarked that she would make some reve
lations in a few days that would astonish the
community. She has promised to give the
Standard a history of the whole affair, and that
paper advises its readers to prepare fnr "aston
ishing developments" and "stand fro :t under."
Startling Phenomena.?Mr. John Par
ker, and son, were attending to some fish Hoes
on the river about 3 miles above here, when they
were surprised by a continuous, unusual roar
ing towards the middle of the stream?the night
was without wind. Owing to the darkness, no
effort was made to ascertain the cause of this
strange noise until daylight, when it was seen
that a whirlpool of large extent was in active
operation, some 200 yards from the Missouri
shore, which still oontinues in operation, draw*
ing in s great body of water. So much, indeed,
(hat the volume of the river below is sensibly
lessened. Drift-wood and large floating logs
go in and disappear totally.
Many hundreds went up yesterday to see this
strange sight. Unless this immense chasm
soon fills up with water, the effect upon navi
gation will be Calamitous indeed, for it would
seem the bottom of tfce river has really fallen
Tbe Committee on the Correction of
^Compasses, appointed by the Boston Board of
Trade, baa reported in favor of Capt. Morris'
method of overcoming the effect of local at
traction in ships. It is understood thai the
Captain does not profess to treat all ships in
the same way; on the contrary, he states that
every ship has her peculiar error, and must be
treated according to the intensity of that error.
Another revolting pistol has been in
vented. It baa a magazine in two sections,
each capable of containing seven cartridges, to
that the pistol may be fired 14 limes. The
cartridges are thrown into a revolving block by
means of a spiral springs Tbe pistol la self
capping. It is an Albany invention.
A satisfactory experiment with a coal
burning locomotive has been made on tbe New
Jersey Central Railroad. The high price of
wood and the difficulty in obtaining a supply,
has rendered neceaaary some mode by which a
cheaper material might be used for purposes of
I fuel on railroads.
Anecdote of Jiotkscktld.?Anselm de
Rothschild, of Frankford, during the stormy
days of 1848, when all Europe was heaving
with tbe theories of the popular volcano, was
accosted by four stalwsrt leaders of the mob,
who entered his hank, and insisted on seeing
"You have millions on millions," said they
to him, "and we have nothing; the time is
come when you must^ivide with us."
" Very well; what do you suppose the firm
of de Rothschild is worth T*1
"About forty millions of florins."
"Forty millions, you think, eh? Now
there are forty millions of people in the Diet;
that would be a florin apiece. Here's yours
now be off with you."
Cure for Cutaneous Affections.? A
French physician recommends the use of po
made of proto-sulphate of iron as a suitable
remedy for all those diseases or affections of
the skin which, in their essence, are seoretiag,
and which generally occur in lymphatic tem
peraments and constitutions. It is also stated
that in the disease known as pyrosis, when it
is unaccompanied by extensive ulceration, or
organic malignant disease of the stomach, or
by disease of the liver, the most marked benefit
will follow the use of gallic acid.

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