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PHIL Vi>EI.PiirA M * ? I'KKK
Persons visiting Philadelphia. either on bust-;
dm, or pleasure, or en route to the North.
Last. or West, or having any kind of busmen
^transact there, either in person or by letter,
are eontidently rcfcrrrd to the following curds
M representing some ol the principal estab
lishments ther.?, in their respective department*
of business, and whose proprietors can be re
lied on for dointf th" hamUome thimj, whether
receiving orders in puson or by until. Any of
them will promptly attend to ait orders by mail
* or otherwise, uutl can 1 <* relied ou as being
governed strictly by fail nsuket prices and the
rules of honor. Those having business in that
direction would do wi-il i i cut thi* department
out and preserve it for retereuce.
w AHt. ivc.
11 ALL -V BOA HUMAN. MaiitilHCturers ol
Bnt>)iiiiiH Ware, No* t>3 A: 9i> Arch street, Phila
delphia. ui?- constant v prewired to snpplv, o! the
be*t quai iy to any extent, tlie lollow.ng ailictes
and every urticle ol ware manufactured frotu
Britauuia Metal: tea sets. coflee pot*, t-a pot?,
cream cup*, sugar bowl*, slop bowl*, molasses
cup*, children'- cups, pitchers, beer mugs, mint
julep cup*, plates and Waains, castors, soup ladles.
gravy la.lies, table-s|>oons, tea spoou*, spittoons,
candlesticks, fluid lamps, lard an. oil lamps, de
canter stoppers, syrup cups,bed pans, chair pans,
cotniuuntoa service sets. A Silver Medal award
ed by the Franklin Institute. Orders by mail
promptly attended to.
\VM. D ROGKlra. Coach and Liijlit Carriage
Builder. Northeast corner 6th aad Master streets,
Philadelphia. Orders for every description ol
Carriages from anv pirt of the world executed in
the ino?t saii?f?c*ory manner.
i,. \\ . WAT.- He,...*ii ry. Ches
nut -treet. ah >ve Twelitb Medal awardeJ at
tue WorldV Fair ?>f IS-'il. Orders by mail prompt
ly attended m.
GOODS t'UK C A Kill AGE M AKLll-> ?Drab
and Colored Clohs, Wot -i< d .? d Union Damask*,
Prtr iiiiatias. Cottelines. I'l-iu toid Figured Plush,
Silt;*, Ku*sia Sheeliug*. Buckrams. 6zc. Shoe
Manufacturers'Good-.?English und French Les
nn. lialun Cloth'. Lucets, Gallo.us, Liuii>k?,
Uanrrlex eelwus. Hiid Iri*n Linens F?r i??lr>
I,., is A At. BA' I'ON A" Co, Impouersrnd Job
ber-. 37 S.?'ith Second *i re t.fellad elphia. Orders
by mail promptly attended to.
t VK V* HEEI.N ?!kc.
A A'llITNEY A' SON, Manufacturers of
V\ ii' els for Car? and Locomotives. 1 III! >detphia.
A. W, ^ Son. manufacturers ot Chiile?l llailrosd
Wheels lor Car* and Locomotives. Will nl*o fur
nish Wheels lilted complete on t?est Enji'i-ii and
American Kollersauu American Hammered Axles.
Ordc-rs by man promptly aiteuded to.
N U. SELHfclMER. Manutacturer ot French
Tete-a-tete*. Arm and P trior Chair Frames, No.
U'K-k street, Vid story, l r.e trade South and
Wc*t supplied on reasonable terms. Orders
pro ptly auswered.
.,1 W. BALDWIN A' < o, <M W. Baldwin
nud Matthew iiaird ) Euguieers. Broad and
H?iulUou strrrt*, Philadelphia, would eatl the
attention ot Railroad Managers, and those inter
ested i i lUilroad Property, to their System ot Lo
comotive Engines. iu winch they are adapted to
the p >riicuiar business lor which they may be re
quired ; O* the uw ol one. two, three, or four
y?,r ol driViUK wneels; and the u?e olthe whole,
or so much ol the weight as may be desirable, for
adnesion ; aud in accommodating them to the
grades, curves, strength ol sup;rstructton and
r?il aud work to be done. We also lurntsh to
or-ler Wheels, Axles, Bowling Tire, (lo lit ceuties
without boring,J Composition Castings lor liear
jog* j every description ol Copper Sheet Iron and
Bmler work, and every article appertaining to the
repair or renewal ot Locomotive Engines. Or
<3. is uy mail promptly attended to.
t JOHN AGNEW, Fire Engine Manufactory,
and Brass Foundry. No. 340 Viue street. Pniladel
phia, Manufactures Fire Engines of every des
cription to order ; auction aud Leading Hose, and
ail other articles c'onnected with Fire Apparatus.
Orders by mail promptly attended to.
WILLIAM VAUGHAN, No. 3^1 Ilace street, I
Philadelphia, would respectfully invite the atten
tion ol Merchant*. Builders and others to the j
be*utilul vatiety ot work produced at his e-tab j
hshmeut, consisting of Stained Window Olass
suitatde lor Hotels. Saloons, Public and Private
Build.ii**- Churched Oruameuial Stained Glass j
Tran?oms aud Side Lights lor Vestibules, Balco
ny. Piazza, aud St?irca-e Windows. Also, Lcau
Sasti aud Stained Glass for Churches, Scriptural
Figures and Aher pieces, t ruit. Flowers, Orna
ments, Lsudseapcs. &c., accurately worked up to
order und lumifhed iu auy part of the United
Sia.e*. Samples of White and Colored Enamels
may be sccu at the store. Ail yr.lers promptly
attended to
II A Kim AKI-, Ac.
R Ac W. C BlUDLE & Co., No 47 Market
?tree), mid 42 and ~i Jonri Wley, Philadelphia,
constantly on baud a large assortment ol
Foieign ?iitl Domestic Hardware, among which
will k 1'iunu gcuuine Mousebole, Win. Foater'*
an J Wright'* Aa vila, blacksmith'* liellow*, Col
ter Key and Wright's Soli J liix Vice*, Hoe's and
Rowland's Croaa Cut and Mnl &iw?, English and
American Wagon Boxe*, Ames Shovel* Rc^w
land a Shovels sad Spades, Middle's Railroad
Sbovotei; Bestty's, Hum ?. Biddle'a, and Wuh
erby < Edge Tool*, Butcher's Tool*, aud Files ,
Spencer ? Kile a ; S|Ntar'i. Di*-lon'?, and Kiddle a
baws ; ISiddle a black Auger*, Hugh a Auger Bills,
K-> e Son's Trowels, Wosteiilioim a and other
Cutlery, which, with a lull aaaortment of Ham
mered Pans, Bras* Kettle*, Caal Sled, Home
Natl* Wrought Nails, llorae Shoes, Hinge*,
pin.>t au'J guublel point Screwa, lkiita. Locka,
Planes, Ruler*, Tack* Brads, Sparables, and
? hell gooJ? general^ Will be ?old at the loweal
market pric?*. either by the package or Iron) Ibe
thrive*. Order* by inail prompt y attended to.
* SAVt.RY Ot CO.. Manufacturer* of ail kind*
ol Lnamelled Ware. Sad Iron*, Wagon Uuxei,
ai-o PI >ugha, Agricultural Boiler*, dec., 8. Front
atreet, below the Navy Vard. Curiia & hand,
agents, No*. 41 and 43 Commerce atreet, Phila
delphia Of ders by mail promptly attended to.
LACEY & PHILLIPS, liarne** and Saddle
Manufacturers, 14 and 10 Seventh atreet. Phila
delphia Me?ara. L dt P., at their extensive es
tablishment, Southwest corner .ruh aud Minor,
keep Ibe largert. Mock of ready made Harness
and Saddle* ol any hou*e in the United State*.
They h.ive reduced Ibe business of uiaauinctur
inn to aucb a perfect -yseui that, for quality and
price, they are beyond aM competition. It i* ac
knowledged that lor elegance. Iightuesa, comfort,
and real value, Ibe Harueaa and Saddle* ol Lacey
Si Phillipa aurpaa* all other*. They invite a close
examination ol their stock. Attention i* called
?, to the following scalc ol price*:
Good plain serviceable Single Harness $ t ^ to *<!.')
" Fancy " ? to $ 5
Plain Double Harness. Wu to $8U
They have a branch ol llieir establishment at
New Orleans, No bl St. Chai lea street. Country
Harne** Maker* can lie supplied Willi Harne**
cheaper hui ibey can manufacture them Prixe
Medal awarded World'* Fair, London, 1 ?)'>!
Pnxe Medal awarded World's Fair, New York.
HmJ. Order* by mail promptly attended to.
A STONE lleinp -Hose ai d Lamp-Wick
M.iuulactory. Quarry street, Philadelphia. A
cheap and aupenor Hose, lor the use of Fire
Companies, Railroad Locomotives. Steamboats,
Ships, Manufactory-, Housekeeper*. Arc. Ills'
insde without Meant, la mnct lighter, and far lea*
expensive to keep in order than the leather ho?e,
and manufactured af no other establishment in
the United States. Lamp wick ol every descrip
tion for Chemical, Solar. Fluid and Astral Lamps,
of all numbers. Also, Cliair and Sofa Webbing.
Order* by muil promptly attended to.
the Eurofiean Plan, 77 Dock alreel, opposite Ex
Ahange and Post OlEie, Philadelphia.
AliCADE HOTEL, Ch?*oui at rem, between
Sixth and Seventh, (one .block above the Stat*
UouseJ Philadelphia. This l.oiel is conducle
on ibe European plan ?nd po??e?ses many advau
tnges t?? business men. Open during the tweniv
lour bourn of the day. J. D. BROWN, Proprieior.
ASHLAND HOUSE, Arch sireel,above sev
enth Philadelphia. H S BENSON, Proprietor.
ikon wdrws.
OHi. eand Warehouse No. Pi North Tenth street,
Philadelphia. M Culloufh St Co, Manulacturer.
of Galvan.aed Slice. and Roofing Iron to any
natter., up to 30 inch*, wide, and 8- feet on?.
From No 14 o 28. wire guage. All kind, o
Wrough, and Cast Iron work galvanised. Patent
Galvanized Iron Tubing, lor Chain Pumpa. "1 his
urw and desirable article. made ol Gilvanixed
Iron i" strong. durable and neat, warranted not
ty corrode; wiU laal three timea longer than" any
other article heretofore used for Chain Pump*,
produces one-third less friction, and consequently
require* less |*)wer to draw the water. M Cul
lough Ac Co. would invite the especial attention ol
Architec'aand Builder* to their Patent Galvauiaeu
Iron Cornice, which, for cheapness, lightness and
neatness, cannot be excelled; will not ?orrode,
ami gives to the building a moat beautiful appear
ance As to the st^le. beauty, and utility of this
Cornice, iliey can rwlrr to some of the finest build
ings in Philadelphia All order* for any ol the
above articb-s promptly attended to.
14 North Teuth ?t-. Phila.
japanned wark.
I J MALL ROHRM AN. Ornamental Jajjanner,
I and Wholesale Manufacturer of Grocer's Tea
Cliests. Caiiu sits. Acc.. and all kinds ol 1 lain and
Japanned Tin Ware. Tin Boxes. Arc., by machi
nery. No. 90 Cherry streel, above Gih. Philadelphia.
Orders by mail promptly attended to.
locomotive works.
Henry Lulimer Norris ) Norris Locomotive
Works, Bush Hill, Philadelphia, manufacture to
order Locomotives, exclusively, on any plan or of
any sixe?of beat material, and workmanship.
Their Works having been this year greatly en
larged and furnished with the most approved
Tools they are enabled now, having a Urge num
ber of workmen employed, to execute ordurs with
M \CHINEK1, ?fcc.
THURLOW. HUGHES Ac CO.. Dealers in
Cotton and Woo en Machinery, Machine Card-,
Lubricating Oil, Oil Soap, Leather Belting, Drugs,
UyestuflV, Arc , No. 5 North Huh street, I h.U
ilelphia. Orders by mail prom; lly attended lo.
MAP?*, <kc.
K. S. BARNES, No. G South Seventh street.
Philadelphia, Publish and sell Wail Maps lor
Counting Houses and Map ol the World. Map ot
Europe, Map ol Asia. Map ol Alr.ca, Map ot
North and Souih America. Maps ol the Lulled
Slates, from one dollar up lo len dollar, each.
Al-o maps ol each Stale and Terruory in the
Unite*! Ma.es. O.dcr* by mall promptly executed.
i pr.Kt-I'MtKY, A.C.
1 a. PETERS Ar CO. Perfumers a,.d Im
porters ol French, English, and German Perfu
mery and Fancy t.uods, l3*Cbesl?ut street, Phil
adelphia. Having lilted up a handsome Store
and 'arge Laboratory, we are now prepared to
exreute orders lor everything in ihe I erlniucry
line. Our assortment is unequalled by any other
house in the country, and as to quality and puces
we guarantee to give satisfaction. Our a-sOil
wenl comprises Pomades, Oils, Colognes. Toil.!
and Verbena Water Extracts lor the Handker
chief, Eau Lustraie llair Restorative. Liquid 1 er
sian Mair Dye, instantaneous without coloring
the skin; Toilet and lnf.nl Powders: Toilet and
Fancy Soaps ol every description; transparent
Soap- ot superior quality, all of ? Inch we are
mauuiacturing on a Urge scale aud cau till ^r^cr9
lo anv au.ounl a; shorl notice. Druggists Arti
cle*.?We impon direc. from the Ketones in
Europe Bougit-s aud Catheters, Stomach lubes,
Suspensary Bandages, Injection Apparatus,
Pocket and Staud Scales, Cuurl Plaster, \ c.
T-eih, Hair, Nail and Shaviug Brushes, Orange
Flower Water, Essential Oils,Aic. taucy Goous.
We aie coustautly receiving, per European
steamers, Paper Mach-, Bronze, Back Gammon
Boards, and every variety ol ta. cy Goods lu our
line. Orders by u.a.l promptly alieudcd 10.
ufacturer-. No. 10 South Sixih street, respectfully
solicit the attention of a discriminating public to
their Piano Fories, being tne favorite. both ol
Professors and Amateurs. We have Orand
Square, Louis XlVih, aud other style Pianos, all
of superior aud substantial beauty, s wet lues*,
power clearness, and that rich mellow Volume ol
lone which renders them peculiarly ad.ipted lor
accompanying the voice in singing ; also ol that
delicacy aud elasticity of touch which so much
facilitate the execution of difficult passages.
Their superiority has secured them a rank aU,ve
most others, aud with our very moderate price
we hold oui inducements to all in want ol ex-"l
lent Pianos, not met with elaewhe. ?>. llelereuces
of the most respectable charade. * ui be given.
All the latest improvemeuts introduced, and. the
instruments warranted in every respect. Orders
by mail promptly attended to.
GEORGE VOGT, Manufacturer of Piano For
tes and publisher and Dealer in Music, No. 143
Arch street, Philadelphia, The aiteulion ol per
sons desiring Piano, is particularly invited to the
beautiful aud excellent variety ai this eslabl.sh
uieni. tor harmony ol lone nnd siyln ol fiiiitb
they cannot be surpassed. Country mercbauis
invited to call. Orders by mail promptly atteuded
C. MEYER r?s|>ecifully informs his friend- and
the public generally, thai he has coo.lanlly on
band Pianos equal .o those lor winch he received
the Piise Medal, in London, in 1301. AH orders
promptly attended lo, and great care faken in the
selec.iou and packing .he same. He has rece.ved
during in* last dfuen years, more medals Irom
Ihe Franklin Institute lhau any other Piano Man
ula-turer. Also, hrst premium Irom Boston, and
premium, fro.n New \ork and Balumore. Ware
room No. W South Fourth street. Philadelphia.
?A?<Ii?, MCALKM, <Wc.
EVANS Ac WATSON, No. 26 South Fourth
street, (late 63 Dock street ) have now on Hand a
Urge assortment ol their Patent salamander. Fire,
and Ihief-Proof Salea. Bank Vauils mid iron
boors lor Bauk and Stores, Patent Slate Lined
Refrigerators, Water Filler*, beat and Letter
Copying PrcMft, Fairbanks Platlorm and Coun
ter Scale*. Reference#.? Faruiera' and Mechan
ics' Bank, Philadelphia, IV safes; Win. Goodrich
Ac Co., corner Third and Market streets; United
Mate* Arseaal; 0 in California ; 3 in Philadel
phia; Pennsylvania Railroad Compeny U ?ates.
Hundreds ol other nainea can be given Sole
Agency lor iiuiterworth's, Beltley's, Yale's, Hall's
and Jones' Patent Powder Proof Hank Locks.
Please give na a call. Orders by inail promptly
atteuded to.
JACOB FOSTER, (successor to J. Russell,)
Manufacturer ol Lasts, Boot and Shoe Trees,
Crimping Boards, dec., Wholesale And Retail, No.
3Cherry street above Third, Philadelphia. Oideia
by mail promptly attended to.
DANIEL SHOEMAKLR, Manufacturer oi
Lasts, Boot and Shoe Trees, Crimping Uoards,
Arc.. No. t>9 Callowhill street, between <!?J and 3d.,
Philadelphia Orders by inail promptly atteiidcu
M WALKER Ac SONS, Pennsylvania Wire
Railing Works, Northeast corner tan and Market
streets, Philadelphia. At these works the follow
ing articles nre manufactured, and constantly on
band tor sale: Patent Wire Railing, l'atent
Wrought Iron Railroad and Farm Fencing, Patent
spring Wife Sacking Bedsteads; Brans, Coppei,
and Iron Wove Wire Cloth, with every variety ol
W ? re Work Circulars or any other information
may be obtained by addressing the proprietors,
M. WALKfclt Ac SONS, 23) Market St., Phila
delphia. Orders try mail promptly amended to.
ry'a Bookstore, near fell street?
The Plurality of Worlds, with an Introduction
i?y Edward Hitchcock, U. L)
A Lamp to the Path j or, the BiliK in the heart,
the Home, and the Market Place, by *nr IO-v W
i K Tweedie, U. U.
The Caiacomba ol Rome, by tlte Right Kev. W.
! J. Kip, D. L).
Narrative ol a Voyage to the Northwest t^>a*
1 of America, by Gnbriel Franchere.
Corinne, by Madame L?e Stael, new edition,
i Vathek, by Becktord, do
Female I'oets of Oreat Britain, do
Wesieui Scenes and Adventures, illustra erl.
d 1 RAt'H l.fc;fc:, by Jnlla Kavanali, author
vj"_ ol l)may Hums, Madeieine. Nathslie, Jtc.
1 he summer Ls-nd; a Southern Story, by a
child ol the sun Just published and lor sale by
April 10 Corner Penn. avenue and 11th at.
RAKE PENSION ItOOIkS.?-?? l.antla lu
Illinois to Soldiers of the Late Wnr." giving
the o?n*? of each soldier 10 whom a patent wa?
issued lor laud lying in the military lummy lund
district for tervice* in thti Ime war, (with Kny
land;) the description of the tract of land granted
to each, with tile dale of the patent; the company
ami regiment in which they severally served, and
by whom each patent was received A single
copy for sale.
Old Penmon Roll* of Indiana and Nerth Caro
List of Pensioners of the United States under
the act of iMh of March, showinv the rank
aud line in which each terveil.
Virginia Muster Holla
Virginia Pay Rolls.
List of Rejected and suspended Pension*, with
the reason* for the rejection or suspension
f ?? sale in Washington by
/AN! 1.1)--A Situation a? Teacher of
/ English. Mathematics. ami Latin; also, the
imientsof Greek, if desired All of which will
. u taught in the most approved manner.
The applicant is an experienced teacher. ol
good address. and will furnish the best references.
t>oth in regard to character and ability.
None but a liberal salary need !>e offered
For particular;!. address
L)i*c S 11 MaKNachunetb.
rr A K E N O 1' I (J E.?House-keeper* and
A mhers are rciniiided that the foil-wing list ol
articles are ol ihe very best description, and can
be purchased from the sub?criberon as low terms
as any oiher house in the city. A l*rKe >?aon
nieni and supply always on hand.
Oils ot all kinds. Queensware
Points, Brushes
Camphine Clocks,
Varnish, Lamps,
Turpentine Chandeliers
Window Glass Girondoles
China, Vases.
Earthenware Britannia ware,
, Glass, Are.. ^
Goods sent to any part of the city free ol
charge. Country dealers will do well to call
7th street
"l.fx.si?e Seidell & Withers'. B:.cl.
Mar 1' (Star.)
A ( sinplimrntnry Card anil Invlintloii to
tlic Public.
MONEY, I will trade ou one hundred dollars,
and when I have earned one thousand dollars,
I will trade upon one thousand dollars, and
so increase my business and capital in propor
tion I will never take credit or give my own
promise to pay notes, but will pay ca?h for all my
goods when purchased. J will keep down my ex
penses, and will not pay high, enormously high
rents, nor live above my income, and will deal
fairly with all men. Maxims like these and for
mer experience in the whole-ale and retail manu
facturing, as well as the import and export trades
during these last tive and twenty years, have en
abled GEORGE P. FOX. U.S.A., U.S. N., Tailor,
and I'lnventeur des Modes, to progressively rise'
from the humble rank of selling one vest pattern
I in Wall street a f*w years atro. to be the present
j sole proprietor ot the store (25 leel front by 10.r>feet
WAY ?',|>0*'tP 1>earl *lree'- NO. 321 BROAD
It is also equally true that wim money cash m
hand, FOX?GEORGE P. FOX?has. during the
past few months, made extensive purchase* at
ruinously low prices, of fine ?
and oiher articles connected with the Tailoring
j Busit,. ?s, on importation, and Iroin respectable
city merchants, who are in want of discounted
money at any price or loss, owing to uu over
stocked market and the circumstances of hard
times. (A. D 1S54.)
FOX?GEORGE P FOX?wmie most thankful
to the public lor the lit* rai patronage received,
still maintains bis reputation tor at ail times sell
ing the most fashionable of Custom, Pattern, and
Correct Fining,
Dress, crock Coats,Overcoats, Vests, Pantaloon*.
Cloths, Cassjn^res, Velvet Vesting*, dfc.,ic., and
is determined not to be outdone in liberality of
dealing, nor undersold by the least nor the biggest
house in the trade. He is also equally determined,
to the best of h?? abjlity, to employ a meritorious
? snoring class ot Journeymen Tailors; and others
who are suflering dreadful privation* for want of<
employment, and therefore offers, on and afier
this date, until ihe beginning of th? year ls5fj, the
resources ol his magnificent Tailoring Establish
ment, free of profit on the cost of all his goods,
com nned with hi* own gratuitous services, to his
friei 1 ind the public* to be considered as a sort
oi present
. iipleizing wealthy gentlemen. United States
Departments, the Executive, Officers of the Army
and Navy, Bankers, Foreigners, Citizens, the pres
ent imperative duty of solvent tradesmen and
merchants to employ their fellow-m? n, aid and
assist the inauguration ot a better stale of trade
all over the world from the commencement of the
New Year, one thousand eight hundred and fifly
",ve" ' Mm' 'ellow-citiaeos, (representing one ot
the links of Commerce.) your* truly,ever grateful
and obligwd.
San* United Stain leader of Faxhtona,
"Jj a. Ht+dqumrlrr*, Wo ."Wl Broadway,
2.: 5 GEORGE P. FOX.'
^ Dec 19?
best Quality. -A large assortment, at the
lowe*t market price*, constantly ?>n h;tnd,
322, Penn.avenue, next door to Iron Hall.
Jan 5 (News.)
TER for 1S?55.
Tbe Navy Uegi.nter for the United Stale# for the
year larfi5.
Official Army Register for 1S5.7
Just published and for rale at
Feb. 27 Bookstore, near 9th street
OVEI/I'IM, Invention*, and Curiosities
in Art* and Manufacture* ?Price fiO cent*
(Jay * Fable*. profusely illustrated.
The Ladiea' and Gentlemen'a Letter Writer.
Shooting, by R. Blakey.
Just imported from England by
Oct 14 Bookstore near y?h it.
gueville, or new Revelations of Court and
Convent in the seventeenth century, from ihe
French of Victor Cou*iu, by F. W. Ricord
Faggot* for the Fireside, or Facta and Fancy,
by Peter Parley.
Just received and lor sale by
Nov 12 R. FARNHAM.
Everv variety of size, style, and shape oi
new and desirable Scarf*, Napoleon T.es, Cra
vats, dec., of late importation, and at moderate
prices, at STEVENS'S
Dec 1?3tif Salesroom, ISrown'a Hotel.
GAL.T At KRO. will o|>en this day a magntfi
ceirt assortment ol Watches, Jewelry. Silver Ware,
and fancy (roods, suitable for presents, to which
thev invite the iitieniion ol purchasers.
Jan 3?.It Penn. av,, Iwrtw. 9th and 10th *t.
and Slippers. Just received a general as
sortment ofthe above; workmanship and materia
of the best,.
Also an elegant supply of Toilet Slippers, em
bracing the French einbroided, Wilton, and VW
vet. GEO. BURNS,
340 Pennsylvania avenue,
Adjoining Patterson's Drug Store.
rpHF UNOFRMIONFI) Would rea|*et
1 fully inform his fiiends and citizens gene
rally that he has resumed the Gro?-ery busine**,
and in now located at the corner of Pennsylvania
avenue and Thirteenth street, where will Ixr
found a choice selection of Groceries, Tea*,
W in**, Li<|iior*, Cigars,dec.
S(**?-ial attention is invited to his assortment of
Tea*, Liquors, and Cigars.
The aliove good* are all of the best qunlity, and
lor ?ale very low for cash.
Corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 13th street,
south side. Nov 3?dlw&eolw
/ 1 LTKon *kl'M \ UAH OF TIIB H AM ?
UT A Year ol the W?r. by Adam G. Da Gou
row ski, a citizen of the United States.
Just publiabed, and lor ?ale at
Taylor & maury'S,
F?h 1 Near Vtb at.
Muuiuier Arrangement.
nlirrMouday, May o, 16-04, the truius will ram as
Leave New York, from the office con o
Cbaii<ber? street and Collepe Place, at
?> u. in. Expres* tram lor Albany and Tiay
connecting with Northern and Western train*
Through in 4 hours Trout Ckioben atreel.
7, a. in. Poi|)(bk|Mi|ii>it! Way Passenger Triiia,
stopping hi allstatious, mid carrying way mail Irotu
New York to Poughkeeptie.
9, a. in. Mail Train lor Albany and Troy, stop
pin? at Peekskilt, Garrison's, Cold Spring, Fisn
kill. New Hamburg, and at all uiail stations north
of Poughkeepsie.
10, a. in Peekskill Way Passenger Train, mop
ping at all stations.
12. in. Way Train for Albany ami Troy, sto?Ding
at Y0aker?,T&rryt0wn, Sin* Siiif{, Crugers, Peetcs
kill. Cold Spring, Fi-hkill, New Hamburg, Pougn
keepsie, Hyde Park, Rhinebeek, Harrytown Ti
VOli, Oakhill, Hudson, t'oxsackie, Sluyvesant. am.
Castleton ; and connecting with the ExpfessTrair
leaving Allmny at 6.30. p. in., for Buffalo, and ai
Troy with Northern Train* for Montreal.
1, p. in. PoughkeepMe Way, Freight, and Paa
senger Train, stopping at all stations.
5, p. m. Way Train for Albany and Troy, stop
ping at Dobbs's Ferry, Sin? Sing, Peekskill, Cold
Spring, Fishkill, New Hamburg, Poughkeepsie,
and ut all stations north.
4 10, p. m. To Poughkeepsie, stopping ai all
way stations.
I. p. m. Express Trains to Albany and Troy,
?topping at Peek-ikiM, Fishkill, Poughkeepsie.
tillin*beck, and Hudson, connecting at Albany
with the Western Express Train at 11, p. ra? for
5.30, p. in. To Peekskill, stopping nt ?ll way
6.30, p. m. Emigrant and Freight Tram for Al
bany and Trov, stopping at all Time Table Sta
11, p. m To Tarrvtown, stopping at all way
Leaver Troy at 430, a m., aud Albany at 4.45,
a in Express Passenger Train for New York,
stopping at Hudson, ithinebeck. Poughkeepsic.
Fishkill, and Peekskill..
Leaves Troy at 4.45, a. m., and Albany at 6 a.
m. Way Mail and Passenger Tram for New York.
Mopping at all mail stations.
Leaves Troy at 8.30, a. m., and Albany at 8.45,
a m. Express Train for New York, stopping oulv
at Hudson, Rlwnebeck, Poughkeepsie, Fishkill,
and Peekskill.
Leaves Troy at 10.45, a. m., and Albany at 11,
a. m. Way Train, stopping at Castleton, Stuyve
sant, Coxsackie, Hudson, Oakhill, Tivoli, Barry
town, Khinebeck, Siaatsburg, Hyde Park, Pough
keepsie, Nev/ Hamburg, Fishkill, C?ld Spring,
Garrison'#, and Peekskill.
Leaves Albany at 1.45, p? m. Way, Freight, and
Passengtv Trein far Pougnkeepsie, stopping at all
Leave* Trr?7 it 4 30, p. m., and Albany at 4.45,
n. m. Exprts* Train stopmng only at Hudson.
Rhinebeck, Poughkeepsie, Fishkill, and Peekskiil.
Leaves Troy at 4.30. p. in., and Albany at 4.45,
p. in., from Albany. Milk, Freight, an4 Passen
ger Train, stopping at all stations.
At 4.30, a. m. Way Freight Train, Mopping at
all stations.
At'">30, a. m. Way Passepger Train, stopping
at all Tune Table stations except Manhattan.
At 4. p. m. Way Ps^enger Train, stopping at
all stations.
At 6.30, a. in., and 3.20, p. iu., stopping ai all
way stations.
At 6, a. in., stopping at all way stations.
Passengers are requested to procure tick
ets before entering the cars. Tickcts purchased
in the ears will be 5cehts extra.
Trains will stop a su "iem lime at Poughkeep
sie lor refreshments.
Freight forwarded tt> i.e west and north as ex
peditiously. safely, and neaply as by any other
New York. May S, IS: May 10?tfeo
Bill (or Injunction. In the Circuit Court in
the District of Columbia, miting iu Chan
Christopher Adam*.complainant.
J nine* Guthrie,
^ . Amos Adam*.
Ii-aac N. Comstock, Defendants.
Samuel liv>ngton,and
Rirhard Waliacb,
T1IIS bill of ^omplauu in ihe above stated cause
Dtatei*, that (he ?aid complainant on orabout the
twenty-di'tb day of November A. D , li>5l. entered
into a contract with the Dulled State* government,
agreeing to supply (he government with five mil
lion ol brick lor the extension ot'lhe Capitol. That
?aid complainant, on or about the 12th day of Jan
uary. A. L> lfvV/, a??igned to one Samuel Strong,
the ?aid contract; the ?aid Strong agreeing and
promising to pay to said coir.pUu.aal (he suin o(
tour thousand dollar*.
The bill further elate* (hat the said Strong, on
Or about lite 2d day of February, A D. Ib-Vi. as
signed the said contract, or one moiety thereof to
Atnui Adam* and Isaac N- Com?tock, of Ihe city
of Albany and State of New York.and received from
the said Adam* ami Comstock their obligation or
promise for the payment of lour thousand dollars,
or thereabout, as well as a li^n of thirty per cent,
on the moneys to be paid by the government on
-aid contract, until the said sum of four thousand
dol ars should lie paid * which lien said Strong
duly n?Mgned to the complainant in this bill. The
bill further state- that sometime in the year I89Q
the said Amos Adams and Waati N. Comstock as
signed their right, title.and interest in the contract
to one Samuel Byingion as partner and associate
ol Richard Waliacb, the said Hyington and Wal
lach having notne of the ?aid lien of thirty per
Cent, on the mourya to be paid by the government
on *aid contract.
The object of said Will is to obtain an injunction
against said defendants inhibiting thv said James
Guthrie, and all |*-r?ons acting for him, frotn
paying the said moneys to any of the defend
ants, or their representatives, and the defend
ants and tbeir re-prrneniattve* from receiving
the said moneys until the sum ot thirty-six hun
dred dollars, and Ihe intertst thereon, should t?e
paid to \be coomlainant or hi* legal reprrtenta
tive*, ann sucn other and further decree as to this
court shall seem right and proper. The said Amos
Adams and the said Isaac N Comstock, namvd
in the caption and bodv of the lull, still residing in
Albany a* aforesaid, beyond the reach of the pro
cess of ihe court.
It is, therefore, by the court ordered this l?t day
of January. A. D. lM-Vi, that the matters and
things stated in the aforesaid lull of complaint
agriu?t the defendants, ?hall be taken for con
fe??ed against the aaid Amos Adams and Wane
N. Coin-lock, and such decree made in the pre
mises agmn?t them, and each of them, as the
court shall deem right, unless the said defendants
apf?enr in the court on or before the second Mon
dsy in May next, and answer the axid bill, and
show cause il any they hsva why a decree a?
prayed lor by the coinplainaut should not be
pnssed by the court.
Provided ihe complainant cause this ordc. and
the substance and the object of the said lull ot
complaint, to be published to some newspaper in
the city of Wn?hmirion. twice a wee*V fo? six
succesaive week*, the first insenion thereof to
appear at lea-t four months before the second
Monday in May next.
Given st rules, the first Monday of January,
1896. bemg the first day of January,
Clerk of the Circuit Court.
WAawiaTon Ccrxn, D. C.
8. SPENCER, et al.
Solicitor for complainant.
True copy, Test: J NO. A. SMITH,
Jan 4?iswGw Clerk.
MAKHI.F. M\ NTI.EJC? Marble workiu
The ?ubscril?er l>egs Jeave to inform his
friends and the public that he has increased his
?tock of Marble Mantles, comprising Sienna
Brockedelia, Spanish, Egyptian vein, Italian, and
black marble, richly carved and plain, of the best
quality, newest style, and sii|?erior tinish, which he
offers for sale low for cash. Also. Marble Monu
ments, Tombs, and Headstone Slaba; Easterc
Marble for wittuow sills, lintels, steps, nnd plat
forms; Marble lite, counter and table tops; sosp
stone, calcined plaster. $2 W .?er hfirrwl.
Also on hsnd a large lot of Connecticut Browi
Stone, New York Flags a"nd Steps, suitable toi
building purposes. He invitnt tne attention o
builders and others to his stock, and will etidcavo'
te give satisfaction to all who may favor him w t'
their orders.
On E st.. bet. 12th and 13
Oet. w?8m. fm)
THAV'KIJM; aiid Parking Trunk* ol
all qualities.?A large variety constantly on
hsnd, acd for sale cheap by
HAKFEU'M MACA2INU tor June, at
Fanny Fern's new hook, second s?ne* of her
Leave*. .
Ivcginald Lyle, by Mis* Pardon.
lvivul Itcauiies, or Love and Diplomacy
Kiik Lrrlxi. ker Magazine, for June.
liehind ilie Scenes. I>y Lady Bulwer
Dickens's Household Words, for June.
Aii the new books and magazines received as
last as published. and for sale at
Odeon Building, corner 4i street
fuel aud the Gcutilcs, by L)r. Isaac Da
Paley's Evidences of Christianity, with Notes
aud Additions, by Charles M. Nairne.
Lectures delivered before the Young Men's
Christian Association of Londoji.
Words lo Win Soula, twelve sermons by emi
nent Divine^ of ihe Church of Englaud.
Letters aud .Remains of the late Rev. W. H
Hewitson,2 vols.
The Works of the Rev. Edward Bickerstelh, 18
Awtobiography and Reminiscences ot (he Rev.
Win. Jay, of Hath.
Scripture Testimony to the Messiah, by John
Pyue Smith, D. Lt. For sale by
I tLKV.?I have just received
a new supply of the latest stales of '.welry
and have just finished a fine lot of pu.e silver
ware, such as Tea Sets, Goblet*, Cups, Spoons,
Forks, Ladles, Butter, Fish, and fie Knives
Napkin Rings, &c., Acc. All of which I will sell
at much lower prices than is usually asked for the
same quality of goods at other establishments in
this city,^tnd will warrant every article as repre
settled at timeof sale. 11. O. HOOD,
41t? Penn. avenue, between 44 and fUh streets.
Suinuel W. Taylor Ac Co , have opened the
spacious New Store ou Penn. avenue, next to
Messrs. Geo., Ac T. Parker's opposite Brown'*
Hotel, tor the sale of Ladies', Gentlemen's, M isses',
Boy's aud Servant's BOOTS, SHOES, GAITERS
In opening this establishment our aim is to be
come popular by keeping good articles at veiy low
IP"Arrangements have been made with the best
Northern Manufacturers for a regular supply oi
every article exclusively to our order.
By respectful attention to the wants of those
who will favor us with a call, we hope to merit
their tuture confidence aud patronage.
Penn. avenue,opposite Brown's Hotol
PUKK sU,VKKVVAltK.-A Magnificent
assortment.?M. W. GALT Ac BRO. call at
tention to their unusually large assortment of Sil
verware, consisting ol?
Solid silver Tea Sets, complete.
Silver Pitchers, solid silver Castors.
Silver Cups and Saucers, Goblets.
Silver Fish Carvers and Forks, Crumb Scrapers
Cake Knives, Fruit Shovels, Sugar Sitters
Jelly dpoous, Cheese Scoups, Pickle Knives
aud Forks.
O ive Spoons, Salad Tougs, Vegetable Forks
Fruit Knives, Ice Tongs, Desert Knives.
Soup, cream, aud gravy Ladles.
Ice Cream Knives. Salt Cellars.
Napkin Rings, Butter Knives, Tea Strainers.
Tea, Table, and Desert Spoous. and Forks 01
every variety.
Breakfast and dinner Coffee Spoons, Acc.
Also, a very large assortment of Fancy Silver
ware, suitable tor weeding, birth-day, and other
The above is by far the largest and most varied
assortment ever offered to our customers. Being
of' our own manufacture, it is warranted pure sil
ver, and offered at as low rates us similar goods
can be purchased tor in any city in this country.
Sign ol' the Golden Eagle,
Penn. hv.. between Vth and 1 lith street* .
Work-ofRev. Dr. Chauuing, in ?ix volumes,
bound. Price V-i
The same six volumes bound in three. Price
two dollars.
Meiuoirs-of William Ellery Chemung, 3 vols.
Price 4-1 75, with Portrait eugiaved on stvvl.
Ware oil the Kormatiou ol the Christian Char
acter Price 50 cents.
A large supply of the al>ove just received at
March 10 Bookstore, near Ninth street
has ju?t received a very large assortment ol
Hie best American, English, aud French Playing
Cards or every description, and at the most rea
so liable prices, wholesale and retail.
Adjoiuiug Kirk wood House.
Dec 7?to*w2wif
MKjs COV* UU.N CLAliKE'a ucu Novel.
The Iron Cousiu, or Mutual Influence, by
.Vury Cowden Clarke, author of "The'ConipleU
Concordance to ShakspeHre."
Tfff's Dictionary ol Chronology.
Uvturri on the True, the Beaunlul, and the
oil, l?y M. N Cousiu; iucrMMd by an A ppendii
i French Art; translated by O. W. Wignt.
LAUS.?'('lie IkKt edition, com
piled by tue Commissioner of Peiisious ill
l>4i<. lb addition, the resolutions, laws, and ordl
tiauce? of the .>ld Congress, showing the pay to Ol
(icers -I the line and the stall ol the ariuy, the ho?
pital department, and medical Mall, aud of the
quartermaster's department; halt-pay ol the hue
iiuder the resolve of October ?41?t, 1750 j under
Other revolution*, to otficcra, to officers ol theiued
I icul u-.-'mrliiieiit and medical stall, chaplain* , and
' commutation pay under tbe resolution ol March
17&3; together with the names ol the officer*
of the continental line ?! the army in all the States
who aerved to the end ol the war, and acquired
(he rignt ol cdAiiuutation pay ; with the immea ol
orticera killed in battle, or who died in service.
Price tl ; ?ent postage lre? to any part of the Um
ted States, tor sale at
TAYLOR ic MAURY'S Bookstore,
Krb 14 Near N nth utreet.
j Diary of Turkish and ireek Writer*, by thr
Kight Mon. die fc-arl of Carbale, edited by 0. C.
tenon, Greek 1'iore-aor in Harvard University.
The noble barliswll aud lavorably known in
this country, having travelled here while be bore
tbe title ol Ltml Morpeth, and hia work will Ue
read with great interval by all who have devoted
any aitrillion lo the mighty eveuta which are now
taking p ace in the hanteru World. The period
embraced in his journal is one of deep signifi
cance, beisg at the v?ry coHiinenceuient ol ho?
lilitiea, aud the |ier?on? introduced have since
played eminent parta in thia terrible hiatorieal
tragedy. Prole*sor Felton ha- added lull and oo
piou* note* to ihe American edition, and the work
i* Iteatiiilully illustrated. It will herealler be re
garded a* a valuable, historical record of thia in
? retting period.
J u*l published and for sale by
June Cor. ll at. and Peun. av.
author ol the " Eclipse ol Faith," entitled A
feieuce of the Lclipse of Fmtb, by it* author, be
ing a rejoinder to Profeaaor Newman'a "Reply;"
and, in order to give the American public the
whole matter at a glance, th.-re la included in the
?ame volume the *? Reply to tbe Eclipse ol Faith,"
by F.W.Newman, with ?* chapter on the ''Moral
Perfection of Christ."
For sale by GRAY St BALLANTYNb,
Seventh -street
VTfcw felil I'lON UltKKM?tCUM>
J^l plete Work*.?The complete Works of
Unarles Dickens, in live volume*; price ?7 50.
The Miaaing Bride, or Miriam the Avenger, by
Mrs. Luirna JL). K. N. South worth; paper $1,
bound $1 US.
The Pickwick Papers complete, 00 cents.
Just published, arid lor sale at
Taylor ,\c maurys
May 31 Bookstore, near 7th at.
\ I H?. I-;, fci. A l.lvX A N DDK can accoDi
JlILL niodate a lew Gentlemen with Board; or a
i*auy ami Gentleman, on 1 street, between Gib
and 7th, No. foi'Z. The House la situated a abort
distance iroin the Patent Office and other Depart
meul*. Nov 10?if
SITUATION W AN l a yeang
0 F?*nchma?f wh? comes well recommended
a* a waiter in a hotel orlamily, or Valet tie LMmih |
bre Apply at tin* orfice.
Mar lif
I > < > A It I > I N ? - MOlJSkv, No. 43? fS Street. 1
II l>etwu?-n titb and 7ih streets, near the corner
01 7th aireet, Washington, D. C., I* prepared to i
aceomniodaie BOA RDhBS by the month, week,
day, or meal. Residence within two pr three
minutes' walk of tue Patent. General, and City
Post Offices.
Gentlemen can have Board with or without
Rooms. Dec b?toil
tayloh & maukv beg 10 announce
(Qui. at the suggestion ol several of our citizens,
ihe Pictures now on exhibiliou al their Store will
l>e Rallied lor.
Eleven prizes ; sixty chances, al $0.
A|>ri! 10 lk?oki>|ore, near Ninth street.
JL spondeiice ol the Oountess of lllessinglou
Harper's Story Hook lor April.
Loomis's Practical Astronomy.
J u*t published an J tor sale by
April 10 II. FARNIlAM.
WATER COLOR pictures.?Messrs.
TAYLOR 4 MAURY beg to announce
that, at the suggestion ol several of our citizen*,
ibe pictures now on exhibition ai their More, will
be rallied lor. KUvut fuze*?CO chalices at $0.
Bookstore near 9th street. April 7.
and Georgetown Directory, ju*t published,
t kmgressioual Directory lor Ihe Second Session
ot the Thirty-Third Congress of the United Slate*
<?t America.
For sale al TAYLOR & MAURY'S,
Feb 'i'i Bookstore. near Ninth street
More new hooks at taylor <v
MAURY'S.?Julia Kavauagh's new novel,
Uiaie J<ee ; paper 70 cent*, cloth SI.
Lite of Sain Houston, with portrait; price SI 20
A Long Look Ahead, or the First Stroke and
the Lhm, by A. S. Roe ; price SI 20.
The Old Inn, or the Traveller's Eiiteriaininent.
price SI.
The Summer Land, a Southern Story, by a
Child ol the Suu.
April 10 Bookstrfre, near Ninth street.
No 333 Broadway, New York.
Notwithstanding the combi.
lunation of Music Dealers "O keep up the
prices ol uon copyright music against the interests
ol Naiive Composers, and their refusal to exieud
to Mr Waters the courtesies of the trade, he is
uirtkn g immense sules?having abundant evi
dence that be has public couulenance and sup
p >rt in Ins opposition lo ihe Great Mouopoiy, and
in his ellbris lo aid Native Talent, aud adopt Ihe
Naiioual Currency. Mis slock ol American and
European Music is immense, and the catalogue
ol Ins own publications in one el the largest and
best selected in the United Stales, lie has aiso
made a Great Reduction in Hie Prices ol l'iauos,
Melodeons, and Musical Instrument* of all kinds
Sujierior toned til Oct-ve Pianos tor 4-175, V-'OU,
aud $2^0, interior of as good quality, aud instru
ments as strong aud as durable as those which
cost $000. Pianos of every variety ot style and
price up to Si,000, comprising those ol Ten dif
i'ereiu manufactories; among ihem the celebrated
modern improved Horace Waters' Pianos, and
ilie lirst premium ,?olean llanos of T. Gilbkht
Ac Co's. make (owners of ihe yEoleau Patent.)
Second-hand Pianos at great bargains. Prices
trom $40 tit S100. Melodeons from live ditlereui
manufactories, including the well-known S. D. &
11. W. 6.Mini s Melodeons, (tuned the equal lem
l>eraiiieui.) The liesl Make in the United States.
Prices W0, $00 S7'?, S100, $110, $120. ?130, $100.
Smith's Double Hunk Melodeons' $'^00. Each
1'iaiio and Mel deon guarantied. The best terms
lo the trade, schools, Arc l'?J4 per cent. di.count
to Clergymen and Churches. All Orders promptly
attended to. M usic sent lo all parts of the conn
try, post paid, al the reduced rates. Genvral aud
select Catalogues and Schedules of prices of Mu
steal liistrumeula forwarded lo any address free
ol charge. Feb 16?d3m
Mrs*, beeciier stowe'm new
Work.?The May Flower aud Misrellane
ous Writings, by Harriet Heecher Stowe
The Country Neighboiliuud, by Miss E A. Du
puy, author ot The Conspirator, <Scc., tfce.
l-'osier's First Principles of Ctieiuislry, 'illU'
truled. Adapted specially lor classes.
Tri-colored Sketches in Paris, during the years
Jusi published and for sale at
TAYLOR Ac MAURY'S Bookstore,
April 17 near yth St.
X. No. 27.?This Pen, which is mauulactured by
terry <3c l o., London, expressly lor Messrs. Tuy
lor lie. Maury, will be lound unequalled iu all the
requirements of a food siecl Pen.
bold in gross boxes. price a1, at
Book hnd Stationery Store,
April 17 near Vth ?t.
1 ing Struggle among the Nations, ol the Earth,
r the Political fcvents ol the next Filteen Years,
.escribed iu accordance with Prophocies in E*e
kiel, Ltauiei, and the Apocalypse.
Keprmted trom the SLXtielb-lhousund UomUiu
?iiitiou. For ?ale at
Bookstore, near Ninth Street,
I Tk* on!jr liaihomi Routt J'roui tU* Loicn
Ati.\*u*i]if11 totJui Atlantic
_ _|T^'? ^Tbe Steamer W I NL'll ESTER leaves
^buiSL the Alton wharl boat at St. Louia,
Uatiy (Sunuays excepted) at 7 o'clock, a. in., ant
the REINDEER leaves the Alton whurl boat at
St. Louis daily at .">.30. p. m.
The steamers connect at Alton (only Vfi mile*
roiu St. Louia) with express trains lor
Passenger* leaving St. Louis liy the steamer
Wincbwster at 7, a. m., lake the curs at Altou at
10, a iu., and arrive at Chicago the next morning
in tune to take the earliest morning trams going
Passengers leavtn* at. Loins hy 'in* Krindeer
at &.JU, p hi., lake tlie cars at Alton (Saturday tx
oepte \) at W p. ill., in time lor iht) evening ir^iir
rest. ? ?
Thi* line via Chicago and Mississippi, Illinois
Genital and Chicago and Rock Island, or Chtc?gu
and Aurora railroada, connects with all tfce rail
road* at Chicago, and atiortls the most s|>eedy
roup.- from St. Louis to points on the Mississippi
river, at and above the Upper Rapida, as well as
to j/cnils uu the Illinois tiver at and abova Pekiu.
The trams ol the G. and M. railroad couuecl ai
Carltuville, Vtrden, Spriughwld, and liiooiutngton,
with good Stage Liues lor Hillsltoro', Wa verly,
Danville, Terre-Hau<e, Pekin, and Piona,and also
with the Great Western Railroad at Springfield,
with the Great Western Railroao lor Jacksonville,
?nd Decatur, and at Hloomington with the Illinois
Central Railroad lor Laaalle.
pm~ THROUGH TICKETS, and Tickets lo
Chicago, cau lr* llad at the office* ol the Michigan
Southern. the Michigan Central, and the New
York and Erie railroada, St. Louts.
&.a- TICKETS TO CHICAGO and all Hie in
termed ate places, cau l>e had at the wharl Ikmi
and on the railroad packets, and ai the oilier* ol
the Chicago and Mississippi, Illinois Central, and
Chicago and Rock Island railroads.
E KEATING, S.ip't C. & M R. R.
VT fc-W YOHH, May ?, Tlie uiiiler
signed has (his day opened an ottice, No. 42
w Hliain street, (M e'r< hanla' Exchange,) lor the
transaction ol a general brokerage business.
Hank, insurance, mining, railroad, government,
Statu, and city >?4;uriiies Wouglit and aold
Promtsaory no'"a. bifls of exchaage, and ioaus
G\ I". \ ??-?< A I. AGENCY.?The undersigned
T must respectfully informs, by this noiHW, hia
rtends and the public in geueral, here and esle
where, that he has o|>eiicd an Agency Ulftce loi
the pro a? cut ion ol claims ol every descripiion
against the government, lie 10 re I be seveial depart
ments or Congress, procure j>ensions, bounty
ands ex?ra pay, and arrearage pay, and will at
end to the buying and sel'i'ng ol real e?tatc, the
renting ol houses, and a general collecting bust
n?Mj he will al?o lurnisn parties at a distance
with such information as Ihey may desire Irom
the seat of governiftoni. Charges will be mode
sale. Ollice, al present, will be on M nea^ Pith
Hon. J. C. Dobbin, ternary of th* tSuv*
Hon. J. I la vis, M*rrsf?rjr o) Wmr.
N. Callan, esq., rrnuimU of Ikt /hit J ../ i;?w
man (JounrU.
Oen. John M. McCalla, Aitw f> * m L*ian
J a me* II. Caustin, es.i.
W. C. Reddall, iyiatr Lftpartintut
Jan 17?U
HECKEHtC FARINA, prepared ex.
pressly lor families, a tie Ileal# and appr,
prune food for all seasons, nml one of the nnw
economical, nutritious, and whole-ome |>i> para
lions ever brought to the table. eminently com
bluing the gratification of the palate with ainple
and healthful sustenance of the body
Strictly speaking, Heckera' farina is netlhet*
stringent nor laxative, but restorative. alrenpen
ing the digestive and absorbeut system. In dia
ordered bowel*, diarrhae, dysentery, and even in
ca^eti of cholera, when food it? deemed admissible
by the physicians, Heckera' Farina cannot fail to
be military; and wbeiever known la extern* vcly
used in hospitals and private practice. Th?. pre*
ervalion of health or the prevention of sicklied*
is at lean as important a? the curing of disea e
People in health should therefore use Decker*
Farina freely, as common food, to preserve the in
eatiiiittble blessing.
For sale by grocers aud druggist* generally
Wholesale by Charles F. Pitt*, 12 Commerce
street, Baltimore; Dinjtee Ac Brother, 97 South
Front street. Philadelphia; S. O. Bi'wdlearAr Co,
17 Long Wharf, Boston ; aud by the iiianufaetu
rers, Ilecker & Br -ther, at the Croton Mills, 20!
Cherry street. New York.
Heckera' Farina Jelly, made In double
Boiler*, which render burning or scorehiiift im
possible. ia now exhibiled daily at the Fair of the
Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute in Washington
Mar 8?2w.
NEW NOVEL, by the author of ?? Mary
Hartoii."?North aud South, by the author
of Crawford, the Moorland Cottage, icv. Price
37J centa.
Kiiura and Queen*, or Life in the Palace; 1 >>
John S. C% Abbott* Price SI.
Just published, and for sale at
March 3 m Bookstore. nen> 9th st
Dutch herrinc; 10teg*,ism,v0ii?u.
Holland. For sale by
No. 40, opposite the Centre Market.
Pec. 23?lw
MADEIRA nuts, latest growth ; 1 cask
just received bv
No. 40, opposite Centre Market
Jan 6?3lif
Arrival of new English Juveuiir
and other Books.?Odds and End* fro in au
old Drawer, by Werdua Ketnyu, M. D
Pippins and Pies, by Stirling Coyne
Charade Dramas, for the drawing room b / Anne
Pleasures, Object*, and Advantages ol Litrra
lure, by the Rev. Robert Aria Willeuoii.
Heir ol Selwood. by Mr*. Gore.
Matilda Lonsdale, or the elde?l sis'er, by
Charlotte Adams.
A Tour rouml my Garden
Hildred, the Daughter, by Mrs. Newton Croa
Dashwood Friary, or Mortimer's College Lile.
Horse# and Hounds, a practical irea'iae on tb-ir
management, by " Scrutator."
Outlines of Chemical Analyst'*, prepared for ihe
Chemical Laboratory ai Giessen, by Dr H 'inrich
Will; translated I'roinlhe German by Daniel llreed
M. D., of the United States Patent Office.
The Forest in Exile, by Capt. Mayne Reid
On Sale at TAYOR & MAURY'S
Jan. v4 " Bookstore, near 9ih st
tion for Moistening the leaves of a Copying
Book. Postage Stamps, Envelopes, and Moisten
ng the Fingers when Counting Bank Bills ; also
useful for various other purposes. It will be
found an indispensable article f*r every Desk. It
ia perfectly simple and cheap, aud must c.oine in
to general use.
The following are a tew complimentary pin
ions of the Press :
Paper Moistknkr.? \ new and very neat use
ful invention for moistening post otfice -lamp-,
envelopes, sheets in a copying book, counting
bank bills, &C. This ooea away with the disjurret
able method ot moistening slumps. Ate wilh tin
ougue. ll is u patent article, vary simple an?J
cheap, and will be universally adopted as wuu a?
t is seen.?Button Tran.sct iyt, Srjjt. ISOl.
PapSr Moistenek?A new invention tor nun*
euing postage stamps, envelopes, sheets in a
copying book, counting bank bills, &c? The
common way of mo atening stamps with-ihu
tongue is very disagreeable and inconvenient;
also the usual way of welling sheets in a copying
book, by using a brush which has t? be dipped in
water, is inconvenient and very difficult t? give
paper an even moisture, which is very desirable
lor copying letters. This article obviates these
difficulties, besides being useful lor various other
purposes. It is also perfectly simple and cheap,
and uiust come uite general use.?| Huston Port,
Srj'i., 1S54.
Pai-sr Moisti'.ner ?A newlv invenieand very
uselul lillks contrivance (or moistening postage
stamps' and ? iive/ope*, anil for writing ."heel* in
a copying l?w>k, \ c. It roM* but little, and will
??ave the tongue h good deal of unpleasant worlf
( Button Travel!'), Srfd., l&f>4
Agent for We*bfMgl??n,
Jan. 17 Book*t'?re nea-M'h
rpilli akt UNION OF LONJMIN. Flan
1 lor the current year. The list is now open
and every ?ubscril>er of $5 00 will t>r entitled to
I. An impression of a Plate, by J T Willniorr
A. R. A., from the origins! picture, by J. J. Chulnu,
R. A., " A Water Party."
II. A volume containing thirty VVood Engr*
vinga, illuM rating subjects from Loril Byron's
poem of "Child Haroldej" and
III The chance of obtaining one of the Prize*
to be allotted at the general meeting in April,
which will include?
Tbe right to select for himself a valuable werk
of art from one of the public exhibition*.
Statuette* in bronze of Her Majesty on hor?e
back, by T. Thorneycroft.
Copies in bronze, from an original Model in rt?
lief by R. Jefferson, of ?* The entry of the Dule o
Wellington into Madrid."
Statuettea in porcelain or parian.
Proof impressioos of a large lithograph, by 1' H
Maguire alter the original picture by W. P. Frith,
R. A., '? The Three Bows," from Moliere'a "Bour
geois Gemlihomme."
Honorary Secretaries for Washington. Messrs
TAYLOR & MAURY. Rook-eller*. Jan. 24
of the Dead having just been dedicated with
appropriate ceremonies lor the pnrpo?e, is now
open lor the reception of the remains ol deceased
The Mausoleum has capacity for a hundred
?odiea, in which auch friends el the dc.ul, a-- may
apply, can place the departed until they a?lect
tile* for graves.
The plan ol the incorporator is one of equality
n regard to the lota, which will not be put up
publicly for aale, (although they usually bring a
premium,) making the early selections'ol lots the
most desirable.
Until an office is established in the city of Washi
ngton, applications will be punctually attended to
?t the present office, in the eaat wingot the build
ng on entering tbe Cemetery.
visiters are requested not te drive fs?t through
?? ' >metery ground*.
N. H. Olenwood is situated a short distance
?lue north of the Capitol Aug v?7?-1m
NKVV HOOK*.? Plato ou lumioi i?nt) ul
the Soul, trnnnlated Irom the <Jr%ck by
Cbarlus 8. Stanford.
Florence Egerton ; or, Sunshine and Shadows,
by the author of Clara Stanley, fee.
Sketches ol Western Methodism, Biogrnphieal,
Historical, and Miscellaneous, illustrative ol Plo
neer Life, by Rev. Jas. B. Fmley.
J'N tlila city, will l>e re-opened lor the re
ception ol guesis on the W7ib of this month,
he removal ol the Kilclien from the ba?emeni to
the rear of the building, and the alterations in and
sltout the Dining Rooms, will Vdd greatly to the
convenience and comfort of its guests. The table
will be furnished with the liest the maikeis can
afford,and served in tbe l?esl style, and no expense
Or labor will be spared to render the house, in
every respect, equal to any in the country. The
subscriber, therelore, trust*that a generous public
Will continue the liberal patronage which ha* al
ways been extended to the house. Persons de
airing to procure rooms lor the winter, can do so
at any time alter the 2Uth, by calling at the Hotel.
Waahington city, November 14.
Nov 1ft?if
Mlli it Tbe lnrge?t and best assortment ol all
qualities, will be found at
.122, Prnn. avenue, next door to Iron Hall
Jan 5 (New*.

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