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V> 1 . 1 ]
Wilmington. Frid iv, llt!i J inuarv, 1822
[No. 1.
Sloii'intiea to prac icf in \ c above branches as heretofore 1
ttrtfi his Med'Cll h«m is. in Sou h Q-tCen r ree-, one q »are
Aom ihe C »ur-liou»*, in he c. y of Lane is cr, when he
•rep ires upon the moi* reasonable erm* , all kind .of medi
Sinei. arable o -he age. reng h. cons . u ion a- d hah, s
D ; L na'ietit. £ r aidi'-e and assisting nature n rem-»vi»»ç
and c urn k mos diseases' io which the human body is liable,
Vhe dadey and nurneroi b applica iocs frm individuals
JHWlti diffei-'-m sect inns 'he at**, ah ring tinder varions
afflué ions fo. which'hey could get n^ re e t, ar.d t teea y, ate.
and expedi ious manner m «'Inch ri ey have b"en happtl• re
Stand in healh again •»»'•«'). aer o«h) have
already'tv'»fitd, a. ;' *• only he , . ■ v.«Ww-es bn .be su- C
tcttcfl crioa f.i he r.uilic '« jub-e f the efficacy of In* re.
as well as the Ceram.; of hi»* modeot treating dis- a
JUiKcasfrr rnuniu, un.
3^1; appear d '.efor. me, ..e -Vcriber. one of he A!
,!r mWi for heei'y ot I.mess er; a' d i>e ng du'v «vrn or.
uiTicmcib eve--illy deposed and dcclwd, hat they had mad»* *
use of I >r Clark-on F.eeman* e ngt, dr-M» tor Indian Spe
t *nloî"c"û"''' ern coM'' a , .hma t ', g con C u'.>p U ". e, , S ,' «ph'l'r '"f'
blood and dira r ■ of'.he b.eati and l.mr» —and tha in eve.y
in,.arc- h-1. .-ffee . were cnmple-e and InfalhHe, .IB fully
appear by «he toll ,w ,g^.m,„y nt hose who ned hem
Bst« Alb..gh, aged 34 years, or heci y f I.nncaaer, war
a long time •'xcen.mg dl »id. » violn,- coi.gl', pi n and ,,
6 I C • 1 p it u| J1 t nviircctl ii''i' p' 1) c
TVerrtSn's v«-niedV-w»d Indian Sp'c-fic, 20 h «f Feb ««ary
1319, he von fou dhim fit be ur, and by con iruirg it u
ht aith again. S«»m and ub.cnbcdto Dtc.2M.
wrOf 19 , rr .
J*| Collin«, (Weaver) aged 42year,rf Lampeter to* . -
<hin. La.ncawer erumy, hart a violen co-.gli, paniMn his side
ar,d breat , xnd pi ting r t *n.i' **r hnm hi luug«,htfc ic f< v< »•
andtdgh- s veats. A complre cure by u mg hi Lubau ?. •.
cific, no*' wc'U and hear y. S -vorn and s.ubrc ibed o 9 10 1»
Augu»., 1819
r«r ored
Conrad M xall, aged '1 »rar , -f Lraccck 'nwnship, Lan
Bcastcr'Coi'iry, was sorely afflic ed i h a mo t vi iien cottg'
■sain» ai d s itch's in Iti side, and btt-a« , frver anti riiRtv
i vea'i, began using' r Fwctmo* In I an Sp cffic, 5tlt 'laic
1^9, Wbicirsfive intmetbate relief *nd, by i^^ tt'C
in a very v on ime. Affirmed an. suutcriiird to !
a- cute ,
I6ta Novem
T_v.n «.. . a-r.v' 27 vca.«, of Ne Casile eountv, -täte • f
mlÆ * 'oxw Exceeding ,11 wnh amo't vident c ugh,
lioar'eneo' nai'i' in his ties o. d b.ea» 1 , bcc.ic fev?r an .
îaizh' XV. eats much c'raeia'ed. 22d .larch, 18. , applied
* "Sd go< Of hi Ird».. ycTc, by -ing-oho de, acom
^^, e v "Mimed and ,.b cV .V ", lÄo' . M19
7 vea-s. of s a barg. L W e rr Co.
JKTvhh a m^ 1 Violen- cnu.,1., pain irhr. ,de breas .
I and-p. ng of mate, mixed with bl™d, from ms. ang . hec
,* md .,i<ra v.ea s bvi.K' r g w*» ho h i comple'f
E lit* ' n ' a<? yfi'i •!.>, return of be dica e
1 r* '• 7 " kU»
gyforn and ...btcooed .0, 72 .1 i .
IcobSUrh.. g r.agej ^ ^ b d1 k Pj
vçtè Iovn ; by us:rg four bot U 1 1 tc ,c _ ' j
fbifctiou ,i-ow vH and bea^y. Albnrw.j .t Aag. iö y !
El 7 . Il 'i Ke , Wifeof Andre- M 1 Krw,*gedo0 >ea.:,
Ä-mlthlg im, trfo,. her Ink', h.ft c feve . m -.
i Kr. aMimtich redoced, by using 3 bo. le- > f sp.-j"fit, got
and e:ir y and ha_ >"ce *h « 7'"bS■ a '"' ®. . h ' f ;
.n. Affinned and ■oi.acr.bed ,o.|.e 24 Hof
. gn.ttv again
John Wtl-oi, (Weaver) aged TO year-, cf hec»y ofl.an
«Xer. w •« fer more ha t 9 months severely afltc ed wi lt a
verv • tve cmigrt, pai s and irches in ni« -He ami urea- ,
hoar et c- , spilth g of m* er ftom his längs, hectic fever
ar.i nieh swtac, ,i> Tee. swelled to bat c could nu
o a mere : ke'eion, and hi lit-- & a*
cure by using 3 ho* e of preific,
a and sub c:il»ed to,
hoe-., reduced
® yai.cd of ; a complete
.4) itéarly (wo year a*'d no return. Sv
M> 10th of At guat.iai'.i.
•wear i
H . joi,.. B iges-, aged 32 yean, of the vill tge af Sir? burg,
I® liacca. cr county, along ime exc vdi'g iH ■ i h a cough,
pant in hr side- a-ti b-.es» ,sou:t tgofma -ertrom lushing!,
he. t c tvye , r.igh -sweats, to much reduced-ha- ho
l met. skVe on and hislife d-p v red of; >yu'p.g7 h . tie. of
!• Speeds com,.iete'y restoied to hca'h agiot, w two ad
i ahiilf year . a id "cne u of the dt ase Affii meil a id ul>.
W set bed C, 15 h of -cprttibet, 1819.
i. Lanra'-rer co in y,
_r Igglyeats of age, had noen a bng ime tx-eed
■ th , ,.,j i ivt .it hi side and urea; 1 , accompanied with
Bt-Skmes*«.*' cm gh and a copiou discharge
■lAit (r, which increa ed " a pint tit went/ f m hour
Æn» oa.i'-igh - wea during sleep, and his fee' a ul leg swell.
rS^otha hecomdno wear hi shoes, amt heratne so r.-dti
P 1 déd hv the hec ic lem-r, : ig't -s.vca s and he disrate, tha he
f f oboht not walk t.w 'be r otn ••ith.wt taking oold of a
I ettau and pu ht gib-1 ne htm, af er it i -g medteme in vim
i hf I g mit h emseia ed and daily growing wor , oil the e
1 i.fcod ofF- brnarv 1 lfi, Itec mmenced ak ng Ur. . Face
|;? man's Indra« Spe ilic l-r ço gh-, accord.-« o directions,
m which gave immediate relit 1 »n he eigitth he got amv.he
I, t, trie, con* lotted its tie till mending cough aha mg, ex
H-Vcioraiion growing less, pain an «itches in Hi* Tie and
Isi fre-v leaving him. On lie 17th ne g t another b"t!e ,.nd
' continued its we, still mending, c Ugh, night sweat» and al
the syiripom abating fa«'- On he 5 It of Ma clt rt ano her
itoi-ip and continued I-- tf,c, still meodi-g. On me 9h ol
Ap-d ->ot another bottle, and ill continued t > n.e it, silt
Hi» in.l bon ell daily mending at d gro wing be
this deponent turher s'ac , tha »rom the verv commence-
jr.cot of tl ing Dt C Fveema t's S|terific and ever al e. hr
iinn d himself ge ing be 1 ter Hst, and all he tmp nos . f In
sedi ea da ly diminishing Nr wi-h landing he per-evered
witlt nn -aried diligence in uric ly lob mg hi p in <-d fell
-f,■.„»niiom. laid down for ho.e affl c ed withconvump ion*,
-and continued bn plan of die< and egimen, and u .cd ha
«pt- tiic occusicttahv,a tecurit' o htr, cons i ution a
r, roe üter he con id red him elf out ,,f danger l is n tw
itirce vears and six months since cured ; he conmucs wt
»udhe.ryattdenjnvsagoodstamuf ncalh. Affirmed and,
"^«'riuSty v-hirebf.l have hereunto affix**' my hand
this 4'dt day of Ja mary, 1820, nt the cry nf La-ica-ter.
Adam Wertel, ofCve mg
w 1
i-!l with
f mauer from
tar . And
•jnsl c;
L. S.)
• The venom ( or poison) ot h ■ ra dr snake, vipe», copper
addT.at er bring introduced in o the human ys e ti
Vv the ni e nf cither 1 f these reptile«, can hr arre, rd in its
, waiter,and ,n>hecnureof a few ho rs dejt.oedand com
Wrtfelv eradicated by a dec-c am preparetl and a-oninr cmd
' ' i,oV,i a few Ample roo - and plants, dt covered from am g
Ute Norh A e.ican Indians, of whirhstn the, are complete
mnvdrs, Ihr .rudmf vhich cann u be denied bv all tb • e
who have had an optior ttti, v of becoming -tcouain ed » Itlt
«bore p*ml- ;>%f- «« 'Vom the foregoing premise- i- may
be fairlv thfevHR hist where a knowledge ol hose remedte ,
whtel. are -o certain in-hrireff-c s, is kno ;n if evly anpti
ton i . made by seeking immedia'e relief s al! those coin
nlatr s may be cm bed in the bed and preven ed from along
,otr which insensibly undermine he consttm van and bring
en incurable di*ea«f-, and thus the Uvea of tkousanda may be
U»ved from uiilirine'y graves.
' ** ' 'read
Lanc \steh Cmun i y. hh
r »r ».e inf rina ion of he pibüc, I do hereby oertifv,
'fiat-fief lowing newv o enaine, are hetein n.cn
*>o *A, |»eraon..llv appeared before me the s i) enher. one i f
jh. Ju ices Mf he Peace in and for the com . y of Lanças
ter. and b ingdi ly sworn and affinrud, evcralty depns.d
arid Uccla.cd. tha they had made use of I)/. Ciarkson Fee
ma *s cougii dmps ( r Indian Specific) upon hem elve
wi'h the greatest ucce^s, ior curing of coughs, cold, asih
mas, ccnsup.ions, spicing nf hi .od, he. and that ir every
msance their effec** weie complete ..nd infallible, - ill fully
apjRar hy ihe following esnmony of hose who have used
h< n ■ • . , „ ,
C eenT«g tll'f r upwaÄ .wo Jm!'"f h^a^r.TugHnd
,„j. tlrs of matter fr .m hi. lungs, hec ic f-ver, n ght.swewU
a , 1( i nbced <oa mere keletmi s a curipiee et"-,' bv using
I'bc pecifie for twonon hs Affir ned 7 It Ocober, 13:6. )
1.^ KciHrlck, aged 37 year , of amne er tow ns .ip, a
AIB.m-d-O h Dree «ber.Wtft
of I amnenr township,
* h ,n 5 **nie ill with cm gh, hoa» cness. sp.u tg f purulent
™^e-■ f-» ' bn^' -Tfioned 28 h Octl 1 - î 8 T I ' ,e,e |
dohi Man gowry of do. very ill with a mo voient
■C'>u3 h . '!»'>' 5 of mat rr mixed «hh blo.l ; a complete cu.e
^i'^and -t?^re",n' d Affwmrtlhh hnw^'MlB "* ,h8
1 )aC(lll ' u wcn.«»C.pÄy«^o/ do.Vl ng ,me .11
W1 ,, c U! , h , fever, ntgb - cat andvmpnmsa above,
,, a . a compte c cure by ming3 bo,tie; Alti-mcd 2Mt.
Vf *v» iriher 1817. j
f . v 7 V/ro .pd T'* 2 ' a ° n, j ' mQ rxceeding,
a ^ complet cuK^bv u^iug 2 b nrdeT 'Affirmed i
:d. Angus \,'n 17 . 1 ' j
Amiru. WeiceV daugher Susanra, aged 15 year* cf do,
J «' K i^'e d < f cmgh, pitting ..f blood anvt mtpr from I
: ,Hung 5 an.Uymp um'a above -.a.ed ; b 1 . all b- hair '
came ir h. r bead, a cornu! te cure by usina 4 bo tie!. Af
-r„ed 2rd N.'vember, 1817 1
J bn Wilson,aget 28, yrar«. of ;bc Ci.y of : .anca-cr, ill
i h co igh, » ■ yi. pf .ms a» 'ta ed above, a cam
r.!ee cure by ..Ing 2 b-tie- Am-.ncl 120. \ g.. •, 1813.
David I onga aker aged SO vrav , • f S ra* b -g own
.h p, exceeding .1» fo. be e. ..a , to nek iih coi eh, and
t j hr S yn p;om r f cor firu*cd cons'mp i^u, a comply e cure
s y 3 botd»> Affi m d 17 ! Somber. :8I6.
John Birr, aged «'J, l S ra v burg o -nship, a long »ime
11 With cough and • mpmnv- a b tore stned; a comple-e
cnre,b .1 r g 2 b, 1-s Alfu'iied 0 Noverrbrr. 1317.
'd n Kryrier.of -he c„y . f .a-.ca er. aged 2 y a-t, a
lrr 'f: ime exceeding ill v.th all be Amo m a. b-t'ire
"d, a comp. ■ cue, by y r.g 3 bade 1 and no re'nrn since, .
Ä years 1
' h c^g. a-d spi.iVg ..f bio xl !
? co.,.- le.«- cum A «,l5g nn.hr le, and is n * '• e yrar and
fo^r month ordne reunm Affirmed 29 November,
V\ i.liam G.een, »R-dj9 years, ,f Columbia, rup-.i-ed a
bhod .-ess*»l and ''eb » »d rushed fr>nri his lung«-, and con
'inuedhv r ,pel*' f^rocirly two <laya ; a c^'Ytr)! *'e cure, bv
«. 8 ». I 1«. .mu, y ow upw.^-:«f.«.T™-.Ä
,.,r- ofm-te.. : ;.. B f.„,„ at» 1 i u „ s - smcc. S vom ,o t3'h
»••ember, 181*
j obis m ; cong and espion s suing of nia- er from hmi
! lu g , nîgnt w»atr,. Sic » cmnpV-p c bv »siv,- five b., -
,If fs 1W c.lic. Affirm-d 22d Aug i -, iGp>.
anV-SÄh d;V'tF,W ^
Tin- above medicine isto be had of John 11 hite,
; Druggist , IVilmmi'ton (uel.) at the corner of .Market
an , q.,^„ st .e-et6
Oc ober 21, 1820 2b—2v
0 man ns
ceas.-d, late ol Pencader hundred, county of New
Uastie and state ol Delaware
No. I A valuable Farm ('he laic residence of
deceased) containing '200 acres ot land of prime
quality, we.I adapted to the coitu e ol grain and clo
vets wii.i u sufficiency of timber ior the use ol the
farm Fhe imp ovenients on said farm are, a good
.. Bri. 1. House and Bri. k Ki eben, and all
'I her necessary out- eildm s in good repair. Thisj
far,,, he, within I I-'2 miles of the village of New
ark. an Ms convenient to Mills, Flares ol Worship,
See £<C.
No '2. Asmall I arm, also,n Pencader hundred,;
umaintng about o I acres, about | 1-2 miles ir.. m
■he village of Glasgow On -.aid farm are two log'
tenements in good repair The tarm under good
fencing. a d lies convenient to Mills, Nc
No. S A Log llo .se in the village of Glasgow,
with one acre of prime land attached thereto ; ail in
good tenantablv condition.
No 4. A Frame House and Stabling, in very good
repair, to the villa e of Newark, with two acres of,
land in high cultivation attached thereto; the lot
under a good ience
No-5 A sma 1 Log House and Stabling, also in
the village of NeWai k in good tenentable order with
two acres ot lanu of first quality attached thereto
nul under good fence.
No 6 Two lots in he village of Newark, con
tabling two and a quarter acres; each situated vetv
t onveniently ; is under good fence and in high stale
of cultivation They will e sold separate
Valuable Property» For tsale.
All the real estate of MORGAN JONES, de
" •' smal1 J-"* with a two story Fram
long}House thereon, tu the town ol New Castle ; in goof
j tenantable condition
llt \: 0 . 8 A Lease bold properly in the villar-c if
Newa , n f , wo acres of Land ; on with h there is a
' iar K*'' ' Ve " finished twn story Frame House, will
Kitchens, Sheds, Stabling, &c. all in wry good
'i'hc above pre-jterty has been occu
pied at a T WERN for some yeats past ;—and is
well situated lor that business
\ moic minute description of any of the above
real es'ate, other than wltat is given, is deemed un
necessary, as ii is presumed no one will be disposed
to pu ct)ase withm t fust viewing the premises.
The whole ol tli above described property will
te held lor PRIVATE SALE, until further No
For terms apply to
M \RY JONES Ex'trx, and ? of M. Joner
near Newark.
A pril| 1S?4
A Store Dwelling Houso,
The Subscriber is authorized to offer for suitor
i i 4 . i • i i
* LATgC StUlV Dlicll liOUSC*,
in the town of New Castle, state of Delaware This
house is a corner house fro.ding upon two streets^/*//,,«,
-im.,, .. . r , 1 , '
e nc J 1,1 formet ly oeen occupied as a j
store, and Irom its being directly opposite a public
wharf that the Town is building, is without excel)-!*
lion the
, r g \ ci
iit'St otftnd TOT *1 iiTOCCry NtOTG
'» ,,ie ,rjwn '«'he Dwellil«« part of the above build
j."* wi !' ** renUd «'her jointly with, or separately
,ron ' 'be store. CHARLES 1'HOMAS, ;
U cc 20, IS-20— 17 —tl N Castle. ;
—------- -l
|>KMOV\li ■
the subsur,ber uS
friends and tin pnbiio generally, that be has temov
e d from the Queen of Otal.eite to the
" CSt Sult; ot -Market Street,
Directly opposite the Town Hall, Wilmington,
Where he has IHKr-hased and opened a House of
Entertainment for levellers and others, sign of
.f.i.U/i.) ./, IÎJ1 1.1 lilt
He confidently hopes a continuance of his former
fri^nns arid c.usto »e» s ; and trusts his superior ac
rninnif1f * a ^ f,n * w 'b oierii a continuance of an in
creasing public patronage. ELI LAM HORN
Wilmington March 13, 18£l 70—if
N B Horses. Gitrs Ca-rioires &c kent for hire
" '*<«"»• Carrl. gts, ke. kept h.r hire
u^.iai. I.. !..
- -would
William Snencer T Marvland
« «»»m antnetr, j Maryland, |
_ vs - | Queen Ann .
Susan Winner Henrietta Wdmer J> County
and Edwin \Vi m-i ; huirs at law ol j Court, Oc*
i dward Wdmer. n.her tvvr
, t> . '
T , R .. f , , • . ■ 1 , .
' ' le *' n " 1,1 ''" s caU8e IS ,0 1,,n 8 sälc "f
the ma, estate of Edward P Wilmer, late of Kent
s'l-jCnuiity, Delaware, deceased The Bill slates that
. t!u . sa . (1 i-; f J VV a,ü I». Wilmer died. Beiz dot a consi
1 ''rH'*le re a. estate in Q„w. Ann '':Z I.ty aloresLTd,
! and that thee ,s no personal property belonging to
the estate of the said Mow ., d |>' Wilmer. ,,, this
.8,7-state, that can be discovered by the complainant,
a _, lla , the said Ed ward P Wilme, has left the l„l
. . a J i . t me lids lelt Die Ini
*'virjf3j chiithcn his heirs atluw, viz Susan Wilmer
.Ilinnwna and Edwin U ilmer ; all ol whom
are minora, a d reside in the Delaware « alt-and
I said Bill furihe. stales that the said Ed» a-cl 1* \Vn
l,le time of hi, death was indebted to the
sa, d complainant in a large sum ol money- It is
- the- cfor.: adjudged and ordered. th.H the c omplain
am. by causing a i opy of this order to be inserted
»' eac h «-k- ^ «hree successive mt^hniJ
the A meneau Watchman, Delaware State, before
'* ,e ^ rst -Monday in May next, fcive nolic- to the,
absent détendants ol the subs,ant e and object of this
Bill, that they may be warned to appear in this court
bv Guardian < r Solicitor, by the first Moudav in
May next, to shew rat.se it any they have, why the
said real estate should nut be sold to discharge the
satd claim.
True Copy
Queen Ann's GouVtv court'
v 8 ^ .{ y " ' '
the-----maiyiantn _
('beste)' Buckley's Estate
I'KltsONS ivi i.irmi v , „c
. , ., C ', > , S , , ' f ,. J t0 ' he t-'' 1 ' 1 '« ° f
( l,es er Ueckley, late of this Borough, i.eceased,.
f «d to make .mined,ate payment, and all
I*' 8 j nsha ing claims against said estate are r> quest j
«' "» V ™' P-M^rly nUes'ed,
1 i.',8" ALlY Ad minist r
*' -±i~ lt ...
T J> t n a rtmem Dec 17 1821
1 a ' u ' J P 4 ' uue " 1 , x,CLj 1 • « 13 - 1 ;
Sir—T he liequtn, violations of the 43d section
the collection law, which have recently occurred,!
have produced an impression that the provisions
that seetio have cither failed to attract public at-j
teinion or have been forgotten. |
To silent e the plea of ignotance of the law which,
has been invariably urg'd in those cases, I request
that you will publie, he at length the whole section
in the Gazettes ol Wilmington. ( Del ) in which the
laws of the United Slates are published, for
... . one
wm k, After such publication the pma ol ignorance
will not be readily received as a lust grôuud of mi
tigation or remission.
1 am respecttully, your obed'n, se-vant.
Ali.ev M I.ane, Esq.
e x/ l iT ' St 7 ■
. EC / *' )e 11 J rt,ier enarted* T hat the p^o
prietor, importer or consignee, ov his or htr agent,
who may receive saiu certificates shall u on the
,,ale or delivet y ol any of the said, spirits, wines or
|eas. deliver to the I'urMia-er or purchasers thereol
Me cerliln ate or certtfica'.es which ou s fit to acccm
party the same, on pain of forfeiting the sum of filly
dollats tor f'ach ca«'j J chest, vessel or case with
which si',clt certificate shall not be delivered:—And
11 any cask«» chests, vessels or cases, containing dis
tilled sptrvts, which by the foregoing provisions ought
lobe marked and accompanied with cclificates,
sha.il be found in the possession of any person tin*
ac.companied with such marks and certificates, it
shall be presumptive evidence that 'lie same a e lia
ble 10 foi feituie ; and it shall be lawful for auy officer
of the customs or of inspection to
tae theta as
lorleited ; and if upon the trial in consequenc of
such seizure the owner or claimant of the spirits,
wines 01 teas Seized, shall not prove that the same
were imported into the United States according ,0
law, and the duties there upon paid or secured, ih
shall he adpidged to be forfeited.
Dec. 21 1821.
40 — 2 .
streets^/*//,,«, citizen» of the Senate
t cu inzemt oj i,ie nt.ruxie
j ana of the Home of tUfircsenta five**
liu'ive to
by the General Assen bljr of tl.ut
solutions declare '* That each of the United States
; has an equal tight to participate in the benefit of
; tlie Public Lands, the common propetty of the
Union," and 'That the States, in whose favor
■ Congress have not made appropriations of land lor
uS .r.-* «!*«„. aP .
»* «'» « 01 espond, ,n just proportion,
)V lU '-bose lieretotore mad-, in fa»or of the other
.Stales I hat measures may be adopted for car
jrytng into (Vert this principle, is the object of -h R
resolutions I lay before you the report with thft
resolutions- I also lay betöre you communications
lro ' n ^ tioVeno , M of New-Hampshire,
"t", "IT L " Î y ° U 8ee î
that the legislatures of these states have approved!
these resolu'lons
1 be correctness of the principle affirmed by the*j®
resolutions seems to be satisfactorily established,
allt * probably Upon grounds of policy, the lundsron
lemplated could not be appropropriated to a wisef
n, ' belter purpose* than that recommended But
al,l,(JU S h 'be cibject shall be approved by Comrrtss,
{|c , IT1U st attend the accomplishment of it ; andE
. . . . ' . . \ .
suggest lo you the propriety of giving TurtheP
«Mention to the subject of Education, and anopti-.g
other measlir,;s relation to it, than ran proceed
| r m„ any view, which you-may take ol these reso
. * ' J may tnue reso
vt ' u- . . .
A ° su Ct,n he presented to your minds oP
« realer »mpoi tance 01 more general concern than*
that ot devising the best practic .bit- means of pro
. mnlinK the education of the great ontly ol the neo
n i r s.u,,. I 1,,- ciibiM^i ; i .
r P ! . V' n, m , 1 » Çertwnly tmliar
fa M< u . 1 man ?' difficulties, but it is ol auch vita*
" lt ^ re lhl * 1 " Might not to be negle. ted, and the
d,ffiCU,,,eS ' ''^'attend I,. instead of producin
should exc.te determ,ned diugence
f 8 tou K' tat aI J' l to ° obvious to be illustrated Upon
' de « ,end " Use intellectual, morel and religious
c | iaratle , of the c .mmuni:V it has an insena able
• , , ^ , ' ' r*
Con " e t )t on Wit 1 th « , -P ,ov *»e"« and prosperity of
'ne htate « and eveiy one. who has a rieht in our
80,1 01 a placc "* ° ,,r w, ? !e 'y or »* subject to our go
« = nt. ts mteres.ed m us diffusion an, ou* our
is n,^ . . r
a o n: rxor* s airs sa ge
To the Générai. Assembly of tub State of,
Delivered at Dover, January 2, 1822.
The Governor of Maryland has cntnmunfca*
to me a •* Report with sundt y Resolutions re
appropriations ol Public Land for the pur
puses ot Enucaton " which have been assented la
s'aie- These re
The value of ednettion
Lpon a subject of such moment, it is matte." for
S ' j, 1 l |" se i,nc ^> r egre r . 'hat aot even an experiment of
ha * ^ T'f " Î' St f
^ to t ^De'oDlé'ha« h*"» the ben '. fits ® f edeca
'_. as ' >een , ma "red hy the »egta
, i nd H, 2 nr CK ect ce, ' , " l,,l 5' has not proceeded
[ £ B 5 T ,,r ° bably (nm a " a PP rel « n -
O,on ' V* 3 ,le not poBsesa «»ear.s to carry
any a<kc l uate 8 >' at , em
n ' ta " s are I'mited ; nevertheless tf jadi. iously ap
p'led .hey might effect very important purposes,
iaccording to the principles of our government, tha
public cannot and ought not to tak-.- upon itself the
e " Ur,: char « e an V concerns, in which individuals
have a direct, personal interest ; the' general ten..
(lenry - s t0 , eave guch concet . ns , 0 t - ecare )(f tho
lo whom they more immediately bel-ng Bullho
I-egisUure may give an useful direction to the at
f |tennon of the community, and by assisting to
bine then'efforts, enabls them to accomn ish what
Wltll0 ,„ 8Uch directionwould not be "Zluo. and
j wilh olH h corn t,, nation wou | () b impracticable
Uimel3al experience proves, that if th^he no
,, a | pi . ovi9ion with respect to education, it will, eithei*
from being underval. ed or deemed unattainable, bo
a great portion of population of any
; country ; and that to induce tire peo.plc generally to
oljapp, eciate and seek its advantages. their minds mus'
be excited and the meanB of obtaining these advan
of!,ages placed in their view
ale have done much lor the promotion of educations
| but they cannot do all that r, U t condition requires
and probably the greatest diffi ultv is to create tha*
pei manent ■ egard to this subject, which your coun
tenance and encouragement would be calculated to
It Î3 true, oui 1
I» this State, indt' idu*
. r t°un.ics have not been divided into srhooï
districts, and we have ie>v school houses,
ci . - A
ston ot it ecounties vtito school districts migjjt be
effected either without expense or a, a very tiiflmg
charge. If this division should be nmde. the alten*
tion of tbt inhabitants of the districts would
matter of course he dirccttd to the support of 3
sc!wo1 P rti«w ot the income of the school l«nd
mi^ht^bc tendered to them upon condition, that they
should 'aise other specified sums by con ributio's.
To secure what woul-' be thus offered hÿ the public,
or the requisite contributions in many, if no, in all
cases, would be made;rivalships would arise au r.nfj
difl'eient districts; and it is believed, tha' school liou
ses would be built and schools supported A gieat
purpose will be answered, if a system ran be inuo*
duecd. and the peoi le, in having.the subject before
them, be induced to reason concerning the impor*
tance of education and he enahvd to see, that tne
means of it are within their power,
The Schools, in which the pub-ic have an imme
it diate interest and to which, it is with deference
suggested, that your attention sliouh be punt ipally
directed, are these, in which the rudiments of edu.
, as a
as cation are tau-ht The immetite intetes.. which
of society has in these schools, are not properly exti—
mated Those inst'ucted in them east y receive
the most lasting impressions The principles wit ch
,0 form the characters of men. and have a guveie ng
influence upon their conduct through life whet,-r
govd or bad. can frequently he traced 1 ih
ces. it is coucedgd, that these school, must be sup

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