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[58 per annum.]
NO. 17.
THE Subscriber having purchased the establishment
of the AMERICAN WATCHMAN, has barely time in
the present number, to present himself respectfully before
bis old friends the patrons of this paper, ami the public.
whom he solicits that share of lavor which he will
endeavor to deserve.
It is deemed superfluous at this time, when the aim and
design of Periodical Publications, and especially of News
tianers, are so well understood, to enlarge upon their util
... suffice it therefore to say that the columns of the
American Watchman will embrace every topic common
or proper fur a Public Journal, viz. Articles on Agricul
ture- Arts and Sciences; Manufactures; Morals; and His
torical, Political, and Religious Intelligence, foreign ami
Domestic, &c.
An abstract of the proceedings of the Congress of the
T! S and of the Speeches of the Governors of the several
Suites, to the Legislatures thereof, shall be recorded; to
gether with so much of the legislative proceedings ot
each State, as may be generally interesting.
The Politics Of the Watchman will be purely American,
and in strict accordance with the Democratical Republican
institutions of our country. "Truth is a Victor without vi
olence-" and so long as decency and candor guide the pen,
columns of the Watchman shall be always free and o
pen for the fair investigation of the pretensions of candi
dates for public offices; of public men and public mea
sures—tininingled with the wormwood and the gall that
have heretofore characterized, at the same time that they
have disgraced too many of the preSscs of our country:—
hut the truth, unvarnished, shall at all times he teavlessly
mid offend whom itmayi —and while the meed of applause
shall be justly conferred upon the faithful servant ot the
people, the lash of censure will not he withheld from the
traitorous delinquent or public defaulter.
The fair daughters of Columbia, though last mentioned,
rot least in our estimation, shall not he passed by unre
garded. A portion of our columns shall occasionally be
devoted to their amusement and instruction.
Jan. 1822. JAMES WILSON.
Communications and essays from correspondents will be
gladly received, and we tiopc they will enrich the col
umns of this paper with their lucubrations. They may
confidently rely on the most inviolable secrecy with re
gard to their productions, and the utmost candor in deci
ding on their merits. .
Subscribers who have been in the habit ot sending or call
ing at the Printing Office for their papers, will hereafter
find them at the old stand, No. 105, Market street.
The price is five dollars a year to those who do not cither
pay their subscriptions in advance, or before the first of
June or December, and four Dollars totho.se who do ;—at or
before which time, if a subscriber wishes to decline, he
must notify the editor of his intention. A non compliance
with these conditions to be considered a new engagement
fur six months, and no paper will be discontinued without
a fulfilment of them except at the option of the editor.
Advertisements not exceeding twelve lines, for a term
less than three months; four times for one dollar, and twen
ty cents fur every subsequent insertion, longer ones in pru
portion. Advertisers are requested to specify in writing
> iow long their advertisements are to be inserted, or they
will be continued till forbid. Letters to the Editor, to in- In
sure attention must be post paid.
n . m
Advertising by t,ie year,
Pursuant to the last will and testament of Charles Thomas
deceased, the subscriber will offer at PUBLIC SALE, on m
Thursday, the. 4-th day April next, at the house of John Crow,
in the town of Newcastle,—A /'ARM with the Appurtenances,
Situate in Dragon neck, Red Lion Hundred, Newcastle
county and state of Delaware; containing about 240 acres,
of which about 140 acres are arable ; 70 acres of Woc.d, a
handsome Apple Orchard of 5 acres, and the residue marsh,
The above Farm is about a mile and a half from an excel
lent landing on the river Delaware. It is highland, healthy
handsomely situated, commanding a fine view of the river
Delaware. It is nearly opposite the Pea-patch, on which a
fortification is at present erecting, and is on one of the pro
posed routes of the Delaware and Chesapeake canal. The
woodland consists of the best timber; and the arable land
is of an excellent quality, and part of it well set in clover,
Feb. 22,1822. 13_12t CHARLES THOMAS, Eofr.
And for sale at the Bookstore, 105 Market street,
„ „ . _ f . . , „ T , -, ,■ -r-v ..
_ -d Summary of Phistology By K Magendie, Doctor of
Medicine ot the Faculty of Paris &c. Translated from the
French, by John Revere, M. 1). Vice President of Medical,
Society of Maryland, &c.—'Price 553.
TV , o , , « ? ft-» • Pîrt.ir^c
Doctor Syntax's 2nd. Tour in search of the Picturesque,]
part ist. fei. I
Giuseppino, au occidental story, attributed to Lord By
ion.- Stets. I
The Two Foscari, a Tragedy, By Lord Byron.—63cts.
Cain, a Mystery, By L»r<l Byron.-SOcts. !
Odofricde.the Outcast, a Dramatic Poem, by Samuel B. H. !
' The Barber of Seville, a Comic Opera, in three acts -3Xcts !
Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Gene- i
lal Uoitrt of Appeals of the State of Maryland, from 1800j
Hi 1895, inclusive; By Harris and Johnson.—$6,50 ]
To Non-Subscribers.
1 year
6 months
3 do.
C3" Two apprentices to the Printing business are im
mediately' wanted in the office Ot the Watchman.
To Subscribers.
1 year
6 months
3 do.
18, 00
9, 50
5, 00
SI 6, 00
8, 50
4, 75
The President and Managers of the Wilmington and
Philadelphia Turnpike Company have this day declared a
dividend of three percent on the stock of said company,
for the last half vear, which will be paid to the stock
holders or their legal representatives, after tne 20th 111 st.,
by Eduard Tatnaii, Treasurer. By order of the Board.
JAV1ES 1'ilICE, Seey.
Februar y 4th 1822
The partnership heretofore existing under the F irm of
William Poole mid Co., is by mutual consent dissolved,
since the 31st day of the 12th Month, 1821.
Those having aoy demands, will please present their
accounts to William Poole.
Rramlvwine, 2d mo. 7th 1822,
Executors of
Samuel Canity jr.
AH persons who have demands against the estate of
HENRY W. PHYSICK, late of the borough of Wilming
ton, formerly of Cecil county, in the stale of Maryland,
deceased, are requested to present their accounts, duly at
tested, for settlement; and those who are indebted to. the
said estate, either bv bond, note, or otherwise, are desired
to make speedy payment to BENJAMIN FERRIS,
Administrator -with the will annexed i
Wilmington, lmo. 21,1822.
6—3m or tf
The late proprietor of this paper most earnestly requests
a speedy settlement of arrearages, that lie may be enabled
to do justice to all, with tlve least possible delay, and real
ise bis hard earnings to the best possible advantage. All
who have business with him are
requested to call at his of
fice, corner of Second and French streets, at the Eastern
door, on the Krench-street side.
Just received and for sale at
J. Wilson's Bookstore and Circulating Library,
The Solitary ; or Mysterious Man of the Mountain $1 00
Lacon : or Many things in few words
(■eralduie, or Modes of faith and practice, a Tale,
Mourning King, a Simple Story, by Mrs. Inch bald
Kotzebue's Narrative of a Journey into Persia
Phillips' Speeches, octavo
Don Juan, a Poem
The Expediti m of Orsea; and the Crimes of Aguirre 75
Betreut ; or Sketches from Nature
Confession of Faith, with an elegant engraved
title page
Sturm's Reflections, 2 vols
Columbian Orator
American Speaker
Sequel to do. or Dialogues for Schools
Blair's Reading Exercises
Nightingale—Choice collection of Songs
Morse's Geography
Guthrie's do. 2 vols. 8vo. and atlas
Gummeres Surveying
Jess' do.
Bowditche's Navigator
Mackay's do.
History of America
History of Mexico, 3 vols. 8vo with maps and
A Memoir of the rise, progress, and present state of
the Chesapeak & Delaware Cana), with original
Documents and Maps. By Joshua Gilpin.
Percy Anecdotes, from No. 1 to 11 inclusive, each $0 5U
Ten Years Exile of Mad. De Staël,
Aiken's Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth,
2 vols Bvo
The Life of Mary, Queen of Scots, 2 vols 8vo
Memoirs of the Life of Wm. Pitt, 2 vols 8vo
Italy, by Ladv Morgan, 2 vols 8vo
Bay mood's Political Economy, 1 vol 8vo
Annals of the Parish, or the Chronicle of Dalmailing,
Valerius; a Roman Story, 2 vols
The Cavalier; a Romance, 2 vols
'Plie Privateer; a Tale, 2 vols
Marcian Colonna; an Italian Tale; with three Dram
atic^Scenes and other Poems,
The Spy; a Pale, 2 vois
Davy's Agricultural Chemistry,
Quarto and other BIBLES, various priées.
Also—Slates of various sizes, slate and black lead pencils ;
red & black Sealing wax, (him elastic, Crayons, Ivory combs,
Wedgewood and glass Inkstands, Ink of a superior quali
ty, Wafers, Shaving boxes, Shoe blacking, Water colour*,
PATENT POLISHING POWDER for cleaning all kinds
of mctalic substances. A great variety of Flays, Farces,
Comedies, Dramas, Tragedies, &c. &c.
1 75
1 50
1 50
1 0U
1 25
2 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
7 00
2 50
2 25
4 00
3 50
1 00
9 00
1 00
4 00
4 00
5 00
4 50
2 50
8 :
2 00
2 00
1 25
2 00
1 25
In tie- LEVY COURT of Newcastle, county, held ai the Court
Bouse in the T own of Newcastle, on the 9/A day of February
Anno Donum 1821.' —It teas on motion ordered that a Coin -
mittee he appointed to procure the Attorney (lateral's written
relative to the power this Court way have, to appro
priate the County Funds fir building and rej
which is as follows, viz. ——
" A committee of the Levy court has preposed for my
consideration and written opinion, the following question—
1 Whether or not, the Levy court for Newcastle county, is
authorised by any power delegated to them, to erect, re
pair and maintain, at the expense of the county, bridges
upon the established common highways, other than such
common highways as are culled in the acts of Assembly,
the King's highways.* "
" I have examined the different acts of Assembly which
have any material connexion with this question, and am of
opinion that the Levy court has no such power."
" By the 6th section of an act, entitled, ' an act for erect
ing public bridges, causeways and laying out and maintain
ing highways,* 1 vol. Del. Laws, page 3iH, it is provided,
that all bridges over creeks anil deep waters, lying
King's highways, shall be repaired and maintained, at the
common expense of the county. No other bridges than
those on the King's highways, under the provisions of the
above act of Assembly, were to be supported at the expense
of the ootmty. Public roads, which were not King's high
ways, were obtained under the 13th section, at the expense
of the petitioners, amt were afterwards repaired and sup
ported, as directed by the 9th and 15tli section, by a con
tribution of labor, under the direction of Hundred over
seers—which method of supporting said Roads by the
labor of the inhabitants of the Hundreds, was subsequently
altered. The roads which were acknowledged as King's
Roads, are designated and described in section 2, of an
act, entitled e an act for the better regulation of the Roads
on m Newcastle cotfrtly* 1 vol Del. Laws, page402."
" By the 8th section of this last mentioned act, the law
seems to be as explicit as it well can be—all king's highways, j
common highways, roads, bridges and causeways, (except)
bridges over creeks and deep waters as are. erected or to he
a erected and supported at the common expense of the conn
ty,) were to lie amended and supported by the Hundreds,
under the direction of Overseers; and the expenses of the
same were paid by orders drawn on the collectors of the
respective Hundreds. In the 7th section of this act, com
a mon highways or public roads, were to be laid out at the
expense of the county, and the costs, damages and charges
were at the expense of the county—and yet the next sec
tion proceeded that such roads and the bridges on them,
should be supported by the Hundreds. From a consider
ation of the different sections of the act of Assembly before
referred to, it is apprehended no doubt can be entertained
upon the question by any person. Has there been any
change in the law? 1 know of none. If the legislature had
intended to make such a material change, it would not be
doubtfully expressed."
" In thc^2d voJ. Del. Laws, page 1325 and 6, there is a
general enumeration of the powers of the Levy court com
missioners, but no change in the Law can he discovered by
I me, in relation to the question tinder consideration. Among
j other things, they are to estimate the sum to be raised
yearly for laving out, repairing, amending, supporting and
erecting bridges, causeways, state roads, and other public
roads and common highways, which are chargeable upon the
county :—and those which should be chargeable to the coun
ty, were ascertained hy previousi laws, which enact, that no
other bridges, but those on the King s roads, shall be mam
of ta | mK j ant i supported, at the common expense of the
the county » JAMES ROGERS,
March 7 1821.
* * „ ' . - on ,^ ..
AND NOW, to wit, February 14th 1822, on motion, it is
ordel . ed by ' (|iat t , R . foI . elfoinff wl . iUe „ opii.ionof
I t l ie Attorney General; be published in both the Wihning
By- ton Newspapers.
I -, „
Newcastle county, s a.
! r V 1 } ,U ««»' & «*•* the . P a S c j! c ° m l° se
H. ! ) Se ">- \ a V l ! e C0 PX "< tlle Attorney-General s * men
opinion, and the proceedings of the Levy court
! «hereon, remaining filed of Record. In testimony whereof,
i 1 have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal of office,
1800j at Newcastle, the twenty-hfth day of February! A. D. 1822.
] 15—3t DAVID PAYNTEK, C. P.
o pi ni'
ing Bridges:
Attorney General.
Ä very large Corner CUPBOARD. Inquire at
the office of the Watchman.
Coach and Harness Making.
The Subscriber informs bis Friends and the Public, that
he still carries on the above business, in its various branch
es, at his shop, corner of King 1 and Hanover streets, No.
126, Wijminj^ton ; where all orders in his line will he exe
cuted with dispatch. He returns thanks to the public for
past favors, and hopes to be able to give general satisfac
tion to all who may favor him with their custom. He con
tinues to keep on hand a general assortment of new Car
riages, made of good materials; also second hand carriages,
together with *11 kinds of Harness—Likewise, Paient C.
Springs for carriages ; all which he will dispose of on mod
erate terms for cash. 'THOMAS MOORE.
March 5. 1822. 16—3m
Resolved, —by the President ami Managers of the Wil
mington ami Ciiristlanna turnpike road, that a dividend at
the rate ot 8 per cent per annum, be and the same is here
by declared on the stock of the; said company, which will
be paid to the stockholder, or their legal representatives,
on or after the 15th instant. By order of the Board
Wm. SEAL, Treasurer.
N. B. Stockholders are requested to bring their certift
cates of stock, at the time of receiving the dividend, in or
der to exchange them for new ones. Wm. Seal, Tr'r.
Wilmington, 3d mo. 4, 1822 16—41
Wanted to Purchase,
A Negro Boy, from 10 to 14 years old. Inquire at the of
fice of the Watchman. 15—4t
That extensive & valuable establishment for the Manufac
turing of Leather ami Quercitron Bark, and for Merchan
dizing, situate on St Jones'creek, within half a mile of the,
town of Dover, in the slale of Delaware—Lying in the vi
cinage of an extensive forest, principally of Spanish and
Black oak timber; ample supplies of the best bark can he
obtained at moderate prices.—Possession can be immedi
ately given of the Store house, Bark house, Bark mills, and
as much of the Tan Yard as can he occupied by any person
commencing the business and entire possession of the pro
perty can he given on the 1st day of the
next. The rent will he low—for particulars inqui
premises, of EZEKIEL CUWGILL.
2d mo. 20, 1822. 16—4t
5lh month (May)
on the
Was found on the Farm of the subscriber, on Saturday
morning the 2d inst. a Dark Ray Horse, supposed to be
between 4 and 5 years old, about 15 hands high, shod all
round. It is believed that this horse has been stolen from
some person in the city of Philadelphia, as a Negro man
calling himself Joseph Collins was discovered in a small ten
the Farm, where he had slept during the night,
and claimed the horse as the property of his brother, who
he alledges lives in Philadelphia, and keeps horses to hire.
Joseph has been committed to the Jail of Newcastle county
and the owner of the horse is requested to come forward,
prove property, pay charges and take him away; and if
stolen, to prosecute the thief, as the law in such cases
hundred, Del. March 2, 1822.
ANDREW UAUNABY, Fish Point, Newcastle
A Room suitable for a Shoemaker, Tinplate W*oker,
Taylor, Grocery store, &.c. Inquire at the office of the
Of every description neatly executed at the office
of the American Watchman, No. 105, Market St.,
Wilmington, (Del.)
Was stolen from the stable of the subscriber, living near
the lted Lion, Delaware, on the 28th of December last, a
BRIGHT BAY MAUI'., between 14 and 15 hands high,
between 3 and 4 years old, both hind feet white, a star in
her face, a wart above her left eye, a small one on her
breast, and a scar on her flank, occasioned by there having
been one cut from it, she is a little ewe necked, with a
little of the mane rubbed off by a halter, a light tail, the
hair of which has not grown out since docking. Whoever
will return her, or give such information as shall lead to
lier recovery, shall receive a reasonable reward and ex
' March 5, 1823. 16—tf
WOMEN, or Pour et Contre.
Without our hopes, without our fears,
Without the home that plighted love endears;
Without the srpile from 'partial beauty won,
Ob! what Were man?—A world without a sun.
The World was sad, the Garden was wild,
And Man the Hermit sigh'd 'till Woman smiled.
The only two that in my recollection
Have sting of Heaven and Hell, or Marriage are
Dante and Milton, and of both the affection
Was hapless in their nuptials, for some bar
Of fault or temper ruined the connexion,
(Such things, in fact, it don't ask much to mar)
But Dante's Beatrice, and Milton's Eve
Were not drawn from their spouses you conceive.
Is there a heart that never loved,
Or felt soft woman's sigh?
Is there a man can mark unmov'd,
Dear woman's tearful eye 1
Oh ! bear him to some distant shore,
Or solitary cell,
Where nought but savage monsters roar,
Where man ne'er deign'd to dwell.
Neither their sighs nor tears are true,
Those idly blow, these idly fall,
Nothing like to ours at all.
But sighs and tears have sexes toe.
Grace in all her steps, heaven in her eye :
In every,gesture, dignity and love.
Oh woman ! woman ! whether lean or fa!,
In face an Angeh but in soul a Cat*
Peter Pindar
Oh woman ! in our hours of ease,
Impatient, coy and hard lo please,
And variable as the shade
By the light quiv'ring Aspin made—
When pain and anguish rend the brow,
A ministering Angel thou.
Scott .
That man who hath a tongue, is no man,
If» with his tongue, he cannot win a woman.
O woman, lovely woman, nature form'd thee
To temper man; we had been brutes without thee.
Women are made as they themselves would chuso
Too proud to ask, loo humble to refuse.
from the London New Monthly Magazine.
Written at the request of a Gentleman mho had been rejected by
u Laily, on account of his liant of Fortune.
Cupid, thou changeful roving boy,
In times of old the source of joy
And god of tender passion ;
Why hast thou changed, ah! why array'd
Thy lovely form in masquerade,
And bow'd to tyrant fashion ?
Where are thy smiles, so warm, so bright !
Where is thy torch of waving light
That claim'd the minstrel s duty ?
All, all, alas ! have had their day,
And ancient fashions must not sway
The heart of modern beauty.
No more thy myrtle wreath of truth
Entwines the brows of blooming youth ;
But now, thy hoary suitors
To pay thy toll submissive wait,
And offer at thy golden gate
A passport signed by Plutus.
Thy smiles, that bless'd the faithful heart,
They seek at Beauty's auction mart,
And win ; if none bid higher ;
And when the brilliant lot is sold,
Vain Folly eyes the shining gold,
And little heeds the buyer.
No more thy vassals deck thy shrine
With offerings from the tuneful Nine,
Thy taBte is cloy'd with honey ;
More solid gifts thy favor prove,
And thou deniest thy smile to love,
Till love is joined with money.
Then how can I. a lowly bard,
Attempt to prove my fond regard,
Say, tyrant god how show it ?
Thou scorn'st the gift of farmer hours,
The wreath of wild Parnassian flowers,
Twined by an humble poet.
Come fired with dreams of glittering pelf,
I'll strive to qualify myself,
Wealth for thy smiles to barter,
To fortune's favor'd dome will steal,
And lure the godde's from her wheel,
Led on by Bish and Carter !
Ï will not boast of changeless truth,
Nor plead the claims of blooming youth,
(Those once allowed essentials ;)
No,—modern taste shall guide my muse,
Bank notes shall be my billets-doux,
And guineas my credentals!
Love shall not guide my tender scrolls,
For love to wise enlighten'd souls
Is but an empty vapour ;
And none can fail his wit to praise,
Who boasts the name of Henry Tase
Emblazon'd on his paper.
Some pliant maid, who feels no shocks
Save at the rise and fall of stocks,
Shall crown a chase so mettled ;
And chain'd in golden links of love,
Say, who can fear the heart should fove,
When stamp'd, and seal'd and settled
And should I still stern grief endure,
With potent wealth I'll buy a cure,
Nor see much cause to doubt one ;
For if the foolish heart gives pain,
Gold surely might a patent gain,
To learn to do without one !

From the Montreal Herald Feb. 16
A bold manoeuvre. —Yesterday, as an Ameri.
can farmer had just stopped, in the New Market,
his sleigh laden with pork and other good things,
an Irishman of the lower class advanced respect,
fully to him, enquiring" whether your honor wants
any assistance to unload or sell your things," to
which the latter answered in the negative and en
tered a tavern to get some bitters- But he had
scarcely been absent a moment, when the obliging
applicant jumped into his seat, gathered up the
reins, smacked his whip, and by the exertions of
an excellent span of horses, quickly disappeared.—>
As soon a« Jonathan could recover from his
amazement, (which was pretty considerable) ho
hired about a dozen carrioles and sent them in pur
suit ; but as the fugitive had got much the start
and would doubtless not spate his cattle, ( nay if
hard pressed would probably throw some of the
cargo overboard) the chase, we believe, was not
very successful. Such have been the particulars
given us of the daring theft, for which our nation
al sensibiiity makes us deeply blush-

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