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By virtue of a writ of als. vend. exp. to me directed, will
be exposed to public sale at the House of Mrs Rrinton,
Wilmington, in Christiana hundred, on Saturday the ninth
day df March next, at 2 o'clock P M—1 he following de
scribed plantations, tracts, pieces or parcels of land and
marsh, in Christiana, St Georges and Appoqunimink hun
dreds, and county of New Castle, viz No. 1, a farm in Chris
tiana hundred; bounded by the Kennet Turnpike road, land
tif John D Carter and No 2, with a new stone dwelling
house, frame barn and frame smith's shop thereon, con
taining 65 acres more or less. No. 2, a tract or piece of
land in Christian:* hundred, bounded by the Kennet Turn
pike road, land of John D. Carter, the road leading to E.
I. Dupont's & land of John Dirons, jr. ; containing 95 acrcr
more or less, subject to a water right to cover one half
acre of'land for the benefit of the factory of John Dirons
junr. No. 3, a farm in Christiana hundred, bounded by
land of James Laws, the heirs of David Brinton deceased,
Joseph Springer and others, the Kennet Turnpike pass,
ing through it, with a large stone dwelling house, stone
narn, and other con%*enient buildings thereon—containing
sixty-eight acres—more or less. No. 4, a tract or piece
of Land in Christiana hundred, bounded by land of Dr.
James Tilton, Thomas Hrndun, James Laws and others and
the Kennet turnpike road, containing 25 acres more or less
—No. 5, a farm in Appoquinimink hundred, hounded by
land of Samuel Thomas, John Milligan and the heirs of
James Moore dec. v.'itha two story brick dwelling house,
n large frame barn with stables under the same, contain
ing 343 acres more or less. No. 6, a piece of woodland
in Christiana hundred, near the Kennet Turnpike road,
from Wilmington, bounded by land of James M.
Broom esq. E. I. Dupont and others, containing 16 acres
more or le9s. No. 7, a piece of marsh in St. Georges hun
dred, bounded by Appoquinimink creek and above Car
ter's landing on the opposite side of said creek, by marsh
conveyed by David Wilson to Samuel Thomas, containing
B acres more or leas. No. 8, an undivided half part of
three fourths of an acre of land more or less, bounded by
lands of McLane and Milligan, other land of John Dirons
and land of John Dirons junr, with a dam erected thereon
for the benefit of the factory of John Dirons junr.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of John
Dirons, and to be sold by
New Castle, Feb. 13, *1822.
JOHN MOODY, late Sli'ff.
By virtue of r. writ of als. vend. exp. to me directed,
will be exposed to public sale at the house of Mrs llrin
ton, Wilmington, in Christiana hundred, on Saturday the
ninth day of March next, at two o'clock P. M., the fol
lowing described lands and tenements, situate in Christiana
hundred and county of New Castle, viz.
No. 1, A tract of land bounded by land of E. I. Dupont
and company, McLane and Milligan and others, v. hereon
is erected a cotton factory of stone, and the necessary
buildinçs to accomodate the hands to keep it in operation,
containing ten acres more or less.
No. 2, A farm bounded by land of F.. I. Dopont, John
Hirons senr. and No. I, with a large and well finished stone
dwelling house,—stone barn,—waggon house,—granary,
spring house and other convenient building9, also a large
orchard of the best fruits; containing seventy five acres,
more or less.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of John
Hirons junr. and to be sold by
■ JOHN MOODY, late Sheriff
New Castle, February 13,1822
By virtue of sundry writs of vend. exp. to me directed,
will be exposed to public sale, at the house of Mrs Brin
ton, AVilmington, in Christiana hundred, on'Saturday the
ninth day of March next at two o'clock P M. The fol
lowing described property, situate in Christiana hundred
and county of Newcastle, viz ; a two story slone dwelling
house and lot of ground, hounded by lands of John Shall
cross,'Joseph Pierson and the old Kings Hoad, containing
by computation, two acres more or less.
Seized and taken in execution as the property of Joseph
Marshall, mason, and to be sold by
JOHN MOODY, late Sheriff.
Newcastle, Feb. 1.3 1822.
By virtue of a writ of Lev. Vuc.ias to me directed, will be
exposed to public sale, at lire house of Mrs llrinton, Wil
mington, in Christiunna hundred, on Saturday the 9th day
of March next, at 2 o'clock, P. M. All that lot or piece of
land, situate in the borough of Wilmington and county of
Newcastle, with a brick messuage thereon erected, on the
cast side of Market street, between High & Onec-n streets:
Iff feet 3 inches front on Market street, the lot running
back 107 feet C inches; bounded by land of Lewis Rom
ford, William Robinson and others, be the contents more
less, with all and singular the improvements thereon erect
r-d. Seized and taken in execution as the property ol
Joshua Jackson, and to be sold by
JVbvmattle Feb. 21,
DAVID C. W II.Soft Sh'ff
By virtue of a writ of Levari Facias to me directed, will be
expssed to Public sale, at the house of John Crow, New
castle, m Newcastle hundred, on Tuesday the 12lli day of
March next, at 2 o'clock P. M.—A tract of land situate,
lying and being in Pencader Hundred, in the county ot
Newcastle, in the state of Delaware, bounded by lands
formerly belonging to Kennedy and Head, John Herman,
David Johns, John Porter and others; containing by a sur
vey thereof recent !y made, 745 acres and 37 perches, more
or less, together with all and singular, the improvements
and appurtenances thereunto belonging. This valuable
tract, a considerable portion of which is Woodland, adjoins
the village of Glasgow, through which the Chesapeake and
Delaware canal was located by the managers of that com
pany. To accommodate purchasers, the "tract will be sold
in the following parcels, according to a plot which may be
néen at my office. To each parcel a due proportion of
woodland is allotted, viz.
Tract No 1 —Bounded by lands of Stewart, Morton, 8.
Mulder, by the mill-pond, and by no 2; containing 182
acres and 150 perches, now in the tenure of N. David; the
improvements are a two-story dwelling house, barn and
stables. 'Tract No 2.—Is the mansion Farm in the tenure
of H. Fowler, and is bounded by no 1, lands of James Thom
son and the road leading to Newark, and contains 212 acres
and UI2 perches; a tract on the west side oftlie road,
chiefly woodland; containing 45 acres and 72 perches,
bounded by a small branch, by lands of S. Stewart and by
no 3, will he sold with this parcel. The improvements are
a large frame dwelling house, with out buildings. Tract
No 3.—Is situate between no 4, and the woodland part of
no 2, aud is bounded on the east by the road to Newark,
and on the west by lands of-Ash, and contains 156 acres
.-nd 157 perches, and has on it a large barn and stable.
Tract No 4.—Contains 147 acres and 26 perches, bounded
south by no 3, east by the road to Newark, and on the
north by lands formerly of Jolm Hyatt ; on it is a two-story
dwelling house now occupied by Mr Allen. Seized and
taken in execution as the pro
and wife, ar.d to be sold by
Newcastle, Feb. 25, 1822.
jperty of Richard K. Cochran
By virtue ot a writ of Vend. Expo, to me directed, will
tie exposed to Public sale at the house of Elias Otlioson
Middletown, St George's Hundred, on Wednesday the 20
day of March inst. at 2 o'clock I*. M—The following des
cribed lands and tenements, situate in St Georges hundred
and county of Newcastle, viz:-No 1, an undivided right
to one fourth of one fifth of a plantation or tract of land,
bounded ty land of the heirs of James Haughey, dec'tl,
Snowden s branch« Sucker run; containing (inthe whole!
232 acres more or less. No. 2, A lot in the village of Mid
dletown, with a log dwelling house, kitchen and frame sta
ble thereon, bounded by the street, land of Mary Peterson
Cuff Frisby, and no 3, containing 1-4 of an acre more or
less. No 3, a lot in the village ol Middletown, with a frame
dwelling house thereon, bounded by the street, lands of
Mary Peterson, John Hays, and no 2, containing one fourth
of an acre, more nr less. Seized and taken in execution as
the property of William Mountain, dec'll, and to be sold by
JOIIjY MUOnr, late Sli'ff.
i or a term i j ears, a lij^A CK-B O Y , about 17 years of
;*ge, brongnt up to Farming at which he is a good hand,
. «>r terms apply to the subscriber, living near the Red Lion i
tavern, in Newcastle county, Del. HEARS I)OWMA.V„mcnt,
March 1, 1822. 15-4tp j
Newcastle, March 4, 1822.
The Dwelling house at present occupied by Reuben
Webb, situate in West street, near Third street. It has
two parlors anil five good lodging rooms, with a commodious
kitchen, two stories high, a pump of good water near the
kitchen door, and a garden extending 180 feet from the
street. The situation is high and healthy, commanding an
interesting view of the Delaware River and surrounding
country. Possession will be given on the 25th of the Cd
month next. For further information, apply to
Wilmington, 1st Mo. 17th, 1822
The subscriber w ill sell his Merchant Mill, situate
south side of Brandywine creek, in the borough of Wilming
ton. The value of the Merchant Mills on the Brandywine
Creek being so generally known, it is considered unne
cessary to enter into a particular detail of their advanta
ges, although this Mill possesses some that are not com
mon to others, in particular one of the oldest water rights
on the south side of the creek, which has been found of
very important advantage in dry seasons. The Mill House
is built of stone, the w alls arc about thr-e feet in thickness,
three stories high, ami the dimensions fifty-live feet by
thirty five. There are two pair of good burr stones, and
also all the necessary fixtures, and other requisites for the
pur pose of manufacturing flour to the best advantage. The
mill ir. now in full operation, and has run on wheat up
wards of thirty years. Vessels drawing about eight feet
can go along side the mill to discharge, and take in their
cargoes. The Mill House might lie altered at a small ex
pence so as to manufacture cotton in its various branches.
The water right is sufficient to run from twenty-five hut),
dred to three thousand spindles. The mill is about se
venty feet distant from any other house, and there is at
tached to it a considerable piece of ground, on which con
venient buildings might be erected. Samuel Shipley, at
the Mill, will show the property, and for terms of sale,
applications to be made to " JOHN'CUMMINS.
Feb 12th 1822 10—9t nr Smyrna Del.
t In
Just published, ant! for Sale at the Office of
tlie Watchman No. 105 Market St.
To common sense and common justice. or irrefragable facts
opposed to plausible theories intended to prove the ex
treme injustice, as well as the utter impolicy of the ex
isting tariff—Illustrated by a sketch of the policy and
situation of F.ngland, France, and Holland.
Price 37 1 -2 etc.
Brandywine Cotton Company.
The Legislature oftlie ftatc of Delaware, having at their
late session passed an act to incorporate a Company under
tiie name and title oftlie " Brand yivi re JSlanvfacturing
Company, for the purpose of carrying* on the Manufacture
of Cotton upon the property of the Mill "Seat Company,*.'
on Brandywine Creek within one and a half miles of the
Borough of Wilmington
is hereby ffi-jen, that Books
will be opened by tie Subscribers at the House ofF.li Lam
born, in said Borough, on Second day the fourth of the
third month (Monday -the 4,h day of March) next, from
2 to 5 o'clock in the afternoon of said day, lor the purpose
of receiving subscriptions to the f'apital Stock of the said
Company, on the terms and conditions then to he made
known. Subscriptions may be made in person or by proxy.
ETBv.ntn iat.yat.l,
Joit.\ ronur.uT.
y for receiving
J subscriptions.
2d mo. 18th 1822.
A Small Brick House and Blacksmith's Shop, in New
port, at present in possession of Eli Setiex-. It is in a good
stand fur one disposed to follow a Blacksmith's trade—
ALSO, a two story brick house in same village, at pre
sent occupied by Mrs. l'rice. Possession given the 25lh
March next. Apply to ALLAN THOMSON, Wihn'n.
T. \Y. liUULSOX, Newport.
January 22 1822
Of Valuable Household and Kitchen "uin'.t
Books, btc.
On Fourth day, the 20th oftlie Third month (March) next,
at the late residence ol Henry W. I'hysick, deceased, pur
suant to his last will ami testament," will be sold all bis
household goods, "Kitchen furniture,-fee together wit 1 1 his
library of Books.—also, one good milch cow. 'forms of
Sale made known at the time by BENJAMIN FKUlilS,
,'ldminist'e icith Will annexed.
Feb. 2
13— Ht
JV72 W V l r, LU A 7 'IO.YS,
Just received at J. Wilson's Bookstore &
Circulating Library, No. 105, Market St.
Lile of William Penm by M. L. Weems,
Sarrlanapalus, a Tragedy, by lord Byron,
Poems, by Bernard Barton,
Minstrel Love: from the German of the author?
of Undine.
Pharmacologia; or the History of Medicinal sub
stances, by John Ayrton Paris, M.D. F L. S.
^ 1,00
7*'And possession given on the twenty fifth day of March
next, that valuable FARM, situate in the Hundred of Red
Lion, late the property of Samuel Crow, deceased. This
tract of Land will he leased for a term of years, so ao to
give the tenant encouragement for improvement.
For terms apply to the Subscriber, New Castle.
January 21st, 1822
Just published, and for sale at the Watchman office,
No. 105, Market street, Wilmington,
THE PI RATE,—A Romance,
by the author of ' Waverly,'—price 551,75.
I offer for sale on a liberal credit, one of the most exten
sive and rich beds of Iron ore in Maryland, with a never
failing stream cf water running through it; sufficient to
drive very extensive wr-Hts* with 860 Acres of Pine lands
adjoining. Contiguous thereto are thousands of low-priced
pine lands, affording the greatest abundance of wood for
fuel. It is situated in Worcester county Md. On the head
of Nasseongo creek, on the road leading from Snowhillto
Salisbury, 6 miles from tbe former, and 12 from the latter
place. This ore from actual testing is found to be very
good, easily raised, and vastly abundant, if not inexhausti
ble. This bed of ore for near a century, has been in con
templation to be worked, but certain rights were not extin
guished, which is now done, and nothing but the want of
funds now induces the offer of Sale. To facilitate a sale,
one half of the purchase money will he taken in Domestic
merchandise. For further particulars apply to Joseph
Hutcheson Ksq. Postmaster, Snowhill; who is authorized in
mv absence to sell the above property.
Feb. 15, 1822 13—4tp THOMAS R. HANDY.
The subscriber having* obtained letters of Administration
on the estate of the late Dr George Monro, late of the bo
rough of Wilmington, in the county of Newcastle and state
of Delaware, dec'd ; unadministered by Jemima .Monro,
, hisforincra(lministi*atrix,nowalsodec*d;reqiiestsallper
sons indebted to the said estate to make immediate pay
ment, and all those who have demands against it, to present
i them as early as practicable, dtilv authenticated, for settle
j Wilmington, Feb. 85, 1822. 14-61
THE SUBSCRIBER respectfully informs his
friends and the public generally, that he has remov
ed from the Queen of Ota heile to the
West side of Market Street,
Directly opposite the Town-Hall, Wilmington,
Delaware ;
Where he has purchased and opened a House of
Entertainment for Travellers and others, sign of
He confidently hopes a continuance of his former
friends and customers ; and trusts his superior ac
commodations will merit a continuance of an in
creasing public patronage.
Wilmington, March 13, 1821
N. B. Horses, Gigs, Carriages, See. kept for hire
as usual.
E. L.
Leave the Subscribers tavern, sign of the Swan, Wilming
ton, atul David John's, sign of the White Horse, Dankst.*
Philadelphia, at 8 o'clock A. M. and at 10 o'clock A. M.
everyday, Sundays excepted. PAUK ONT. DOLLAR.
The strictest attention paid to passengers, who for their
convenience, will he taken up or set down in any part of
the city. All baggage must be at the risk of the owners.
•Bank st runs from Market to Chcsnut, between Second i
and Third streets.
April 1 SJ1 4—tf. I
Hoot and ohoe Manufactory;
In Broad, near Shitiley Street.
The subscriber respectfully informs the public in gene
ral, that lie carries on the above business, in all its variety.
Having employed a Foreman oftlie best capacity, and be-1
ing deb- rmincd to cmplm the best workmen both tor men's 1
and women's work, and having procured the best materi- :
als, be confidently flatters himself that In- will lie enabled
1 c .. 1 •. s p .
-ogive general satisfaction and merit a share of patronage.
v „ ,, ,l ', 1
Iv AnowVslovë r ' r,Cklay, " B l,US,,,eS! ' as fun,,W *
• Vk PP ; V a . , .
One ortwonoysof respectable commettons wanted as
l-Tmcnrth 11 18°2 1 if
" 1 '*• 1 - u -
A plantation situate in I! randy wine 1 Intulr « cl, Nr weak, Ip
F utility; containing two hundred acres, si>.t
Woodland, and about fifteen of watered Meadow. On the
premises are, a good stone dwelling und choice spring of
water near the door, a tolerable frame Irani, with conve
nient out buildings, a variety of different kinds of fruit
trees. 'This Farm is handsomely situated, commanding a
fine view of the river Delaware, from which it is one mile,
within five of the Borough of Wilmington, twenty two oi
Philadelphia, and half a mile of the road leading from the
former to the latter place. The arable land is divided into
fields of a convenient size, all of which are well watered,
in a good state of culture, and under good fence.
Possession given on tile 2.5th of March next; title in
disputable. For tcrmsaml other information, inquire of
the subscriber, on the premises.
■f which in
3— tf
Jan'y. J7tb, 182-1
Kent Cotton Manufacturing company
1 lie General Assembly of the State Of Delaware having
at their lute session passed an act to incorporate a compa
ny under the name of * The Kent Cotton Manufacturing
Company' for the purpose of manufacturing cotton in the
county ot Kent, Therefore Notice :s hereby given ,— That
books v ill be opened by the subscribers, (appointed com
missioners for that purpose, in and by the aforesaid act) at
the house of Amelia Cook, in the tmvn of Dover, on Tues
day the 7th day of May next, from 10 o'clock A. M. until 5
o'clock 1'. M. for receiving subscriptions to the capital
stock of the said company, and Mill continue open during
those hours for three days successively, unless the stock
should be sooner taken. Subscriptions maybe made-cither
m person or by proxy The charter oftlie said company
which is highly liberal in its . provisions will be speedily
William W. "Morris, T
John Burton,
Benjamin Coonibe,
Joseph G. Howland,
Ezekiel Cowgill,
Spencer Williams,
J. M. Clayton.
Dover, 1 e-b. 25, 1822
(;ontinues to practice in the above branches as heretofore*
and his Medical shop is in South Queen street, one square
from the Court-house, in the city of Lancaster, where he
prepares upon the most reasonable terms, all kindsof medi
eines, agreeable to the age, strength, constitution and habits
of the patient, for aiding and assisting nature in removing
and curing most diseases to which the human body is liable.
The dailey and numerous applications from individuals
from different sections of the state, laboring under various
afflictions, for-which they could get no releif.and the easy, safe
and expeditious manner in which they have been happily
stored in health again in a very short time, the truth of
which several hundreds of living witnesses (under oath) have
already testified, a.e not only the best evidences, but tbe
rest criterion for the public to judge of the efficacy of his
medies, as well as the certainty of hia* mode of treating dis
r. •
Lancaster county, ss.
For the information of the public, 1 do here by certify, that
the following persons, whose names are herein mentioned,
personally appeared before me, the subscriber, one of the Al
dermen for the city ofl.ancaster; and being duly sworn or
affirmed, severally deposed and declared, that they had made
use of Dr. Clarkson Freeman's cough drops (or Indian Spe
cific) upon themselves with the greatest success, for the '
ring ol coughs, colds, asthmas, consumptions, Spitting
blood and diseases of the breast and lungs—and that in every
instance their effects were complete and infallible, will fully
appear by the followsng testimony of those who used them
Peter Albright, aged 34years, of the city of Lancaster, was
a long time exceeding ill with a violent cough, pain and
stitebes in his sides and breast, accompanied with hectic fe
ver, night-sweati, and emaciated, commenced using Dr. C.
Freeman's remedies and Indian Specific, 20th of February,
1819, he soon found himself better, and by continuing its use,
restored to health again. Sworn and subscribed to, Dec. 22d,
Conrad Mtxall, aged 31 years, cf Leacock township, Lan
caster county, was sorely afflicted wi-li a most violent cough,
pains and stitches in his sides and breast, fever and night
sweats, began using t)r. Freeman's Indian Specific, 5th March
1819, winch gave Immediate relief and, by its use was cured,
in a very short time. Affirmed and subscribed to 16th Novem
bcr. 1819.
John Collins, (Weaver) aged 42 yean, of Lampeter town
shm, Lancaster county, had a violent cough, pains in his sides
and breast, and spitting of matter from his h nj*, hectic fever
and night sweats. A complete cure by using hit Indian Spe
cific, now well and hearty. Sworn and subscribed to, lQth
August, 1819.
John Barr, aged 27 years, of New-Castle county, state of
Delaware, a long rime exceeding ill, with amost violent cough
hoarseness, pains in his sides and breast, hectic fever and'
night sweats, much emaciated. 22d March, 1817, applied
and got of 111» Indian Snecific ; by using two bottles, a com
plete cure ; now upwards of two years and no return; well
and hearty. Alfiimed and subscribed to, 10th Nov 1819
Nathan Joner. aged 27 years, of Strasburg, Lancaster Co
afflicted with a most violent cough, pai n5 j n his sides, breast
and spu -mg of matter mixed witii blood, from his lungs hec.
t'.cfevet and night sweats, by using two fiotri.es a complete
care ; il it eow three jreeri put, and ns return of the -, ,
Sworn and subicribed to, 7ih July, 1819. s ' ''
Jacob Sullehurger, aged 21 years, of I.xmpeter ownth-.
Lancaster county; was alone time very ill, with a b-idhac*«-'
cough, pains in his breast ; fever, night-sweats, and retlucH
vere losv ; by using four bottles of Specific and following (In
directions, row well and hcaily. Allirmed21st Aug. lgig :
Ebzajeth M'Kew.wife of Andrew M'ltew, aged do yez r
of Conostogo township, T.ancaster county, was a long tin»
exceeding ill, with a very bad cough, pains in her sides, bress'
and spitting of ma'ter front tier lungs, hect c fever, nigi '
sweats and much reduced, by using 3 tint les of Specific Vo
well and hearty and has since ahne young son, and v,\i
time pregnant again. Allinned and subscribed to the 240, ■
August, 1310 Mo:
John Wilson, ( Weaver 1 aged 30 years, cf the city of
caster, was for more tlian 9 months severely afflicted with j
very sore cough, pains and -ditches in his sides and breas
hoarseness, spitting of mat'cr from his lungs, hectic fever
and night-sweats, his feet swelled so that be could no
wear his shoes, reduced to a mere skeleton, and Ins life ( l, s
paired of ; a complete cure by using 3 bottles of Specif
nearly two years and no return. Sworn and subscribed i-'
10th of August, 1819.
John Burgess, aged 32 years, of the village of Strasbitr
Lancaster county, along time exceeding ill with a coup?'
pain in Ins sides and breas', spitting of matter from his lui, '
hectic fever, right-sweats, so much reduced that he was' ?
mere skeleton and his life despaired of; by using 7 battles c?
Specific, completely restored to health again, now two 'amt
a half years, and no return of the disease. Affirmed and sub
scribed to, 15 h of nep-ember, 1819. *
Adam Wericl, of Cone logo township, Lancaster co-.in'v
48 yea»* of age, bad been a long time exceedingly i!| w ;,i|
P ai " s and «»tebes in his sides and breast, accompanied witii
i an incessant cough and a copious discharge of matter tree
this lungs, which increased to a pint in twenty four hour
I He had night-sweai s during sleep, anil his feet and legs swell?
ed s6 that he could not wear l-.is shoes, and became ro rrdu
ced by the hectic tever, night-sweaT. and the disease, that he
couid not walk across the rati without taking hold of a
"J .° r, | alu!,'*. erllj i ,1 P. medicine in vatu
1 ,I-fi'rl '"S worm ; cm the se.
, ,0 JJL . *kmg Dr.C. K«.
1 ™? i Ln^di^te Xf Oo'ihr dÄ '° dlrec,10n ''
: , Sntinued it. u* .1 it „„nt; 'u* ?" * nol '
r.i.lETi » I « , , a . bat, ''n. 1
federation Jess, nain an stitches in his silt*
Las, leaving h.m. On .'he 17,h he go, another bottle a„ti
continued its tie, still mending, cough, night-sweats and ,11
the symptoms abating fast. Un the yd, of March go, Jn 0 ,hr!
bottle and continued i>* ««.e, still mending. On the 0 h
April got another bottle, and still continued to use it ,-i'|
found l.imsell daily mending and growing better fast. ' A,id
this deponent-further cuves, that (tom the very commence.
ment of using Ur. C. Freeman's Specific : nd ever after I t
found himself getting beitet fast, and all the symptoms of hit
sedisea daily diminishing. Notwithstanding lie perreverej
with unwearied diligence in strictly following his printedb.ll
of direct ions, laid down for,hose afflired with consumptions
and continued his plan of diet and regimen, and used hit
Specific occasionally, as a security ,o his constitution a lour
time after he considered himself out of danger. It is now
three years and six months since cured ; he continues wi-t
aud hear')- and enjoys a good state of health. Affirmed and
subscribed to, 15th November, 1819.
In testimony whereof, 1 have hereunto affixed mv hard
and seal this 4th day of January, 1820, in the city of Lancaslet
» The venom ( or poison ; ol the rattle snake, viper, coppet
head or adder, atier being introduced into tire human svveiti
by the hi e of either of these reptiles, can be arrested in i:j
caner, and in the course of a lew hours destroyed and
I'letely eradicated by a decoction prepared and aJmin*tered
from a few simple roots and plants, di covered f rom among
•he North American Indians, of which art they are complete
masters, the truth of which cannot lie denied by all ib
who have had an opportunity of becoming acouaimed with
those people ; tberciore from the foregoing premises ir mir
be fairly inferred that where a knowledge of those remédier,
which are so certain in their effects, is known if early appli
cmion is made by seeking immediate relief ; all those cum.
plaints may be crushed in the hud and prevented from taking
root ; which insensibly undermine the constitution snd bring
on incurable diseases, and thus the lives of thousands may be
saved from untimely graves.
( I.
c< ro<
Lakc asteti Count y, as.
For the information of the public, I do hereby certitr,
that the following persons.osenatr.es are herein men
tioned, personally appeared before me the stib'eriber, one cf
the Justices of the Peace in and tor the county of Lanças
ter : and being duly sworn and affirmed, severally deposed
and declared, that they had made use of Ur. Clarkson Free
man s cough drops (or Indian Specific) upon thenv>e!vet
with the greatest success, lor curing of coughs, coldt, asth
mas, consuptions, apining ol blood, ike. and that in every
instance their effects weie complete and infallible, will fullv
appear by the following testimony ol those who have useii
Benjamin A/illson, aged 53 years, of Bucks county, ex
ceeding ill for upwards of two yean with a dry cough ard
spitting of matter from his lungs, hectic fever, night-sweats
and reduced to a mere skeleton ; a complete cure, by using
the specific for two months. Affirmed 7th October, 1316.
John Kendrick, aged 27 years, of Lampeter township, a
long time exceeding ill with a dry cough, pain in his brea.t
tever andjnight.sweats ; a complete cure by using
Affirmed 20th December. 1816. **
bit H. Thomas, aged 39 years, of Lampetor township,
a long time ill wnh cough, hoarseness, spitting of purulent
matter from hts lungs, fever and nighi-sweats ; a complete
cure by using 4 bottles. Affirmed 28th October, 1816.
John Montgomery of do. very ill with a most violent
cough, spitting or matter mixed with blood ; a complete cure
by using two bottles and it is now 10 years since he used the
Specihc, and no return. Affirmed 6th January 1818
Jacob Bowemaster, aged 30 years of do. a long time ill
with cough, fever, ntght-sweats and symptoms as above
stated ; a comp,e;e cure by using 3 bottles. Affirmed 2UI.
November, 1817.
•ii ^ en , r / Fini, ryerl 26 years, of do. a long time exceeding
ill, with cougb, fever and night-sweats,and symtoms ass
bove stated; a complete cure by using 2 bottles. Affirmed
2d. August, 1817.
Andrew Weice's daughter Susanna, aged 15 years of do.
a long time ill of cough, spitting of blood and matter from
her lungs, and symptoms as above stated ; but all the hair
came off hrr head, a complete cure by using 4 bottles. Af
firmed 2nd November, lfe!7.
John Wilson, aged 28, years, of the City of Lancater, .
9 months with cough, and symptoms as stated above, a com
plete cure by using 2 bottles. Affirmed 12tli August, 1818.
David Longanaker aged 50 years, of Strawsburg town
shjp, exceeding ill fo, better than 10 weeks with cotijzh, and
k! ?L5S? t0 Ti: 0f c cons,,TO P t ion. a complete cu.e
by 3 bottles. Affirmed 17th September, 1616,
•ii • u B arr * a ged 25, of Strawsburg township, a long time
ill with cough and symptom, as before stateil ; »complet*
CUr , e ;v, y ^'T 2b0 r t, i C3 -- Al,; '"' cd H'h November, 1817.
John Kryder, of the city of Lancaster, aged 29 years, a
long time exceeding ill with ail the symptoms as before sta
ted, a comp,ete cure, by using 3 bottles and no return sir.ee,
ul. ^ y .r"c 1 _ Sw . ovn to 24th November, 18»7.
Henry Dehotl, of ihe city of Lancaster, aged 23 yean,
wnh cough and spitting of blood from hi. lungs, a loue ur-. ,
a complete cure by using one bottle, and is now one year and
foiu; month, andr.o return. Affirmed 29.h Novemlir, ,9.7
,,' V i^ lann , Gr " r ' »Red39 years, of Columbia, ruptured .
blood vessel and the blood rushed from his lunes, and c>
turned by spells for nearly two days; a complète cure, b
r , 5 rn g „??u ko'tle, andts ow upwards of ten years and uo r -
rorn of the bleeding from hie lungs since.
December, i8i5
two bottler
Sworn to t3
Adam Wcrfell, of Conejtogo township aged 45 tear», v.'rt
a long time exceeding ill, upwards of three niomhs cahSttb
to his room ; cough and copious spitting of matter from hit
» n E». night-sweats, &c. a complete cure, by using five 1- -
lei of Specific. Affirmed 22d Augujt, iSlfi.
In testimony whereof I have here™-o affixed tny bar 1
snd seal, this îîih day of February, 1819.in the city of La".
i lie above medicine is to be had of John Whits
Druggist, IrV/mirt.ffon(nEL,) at the corner of Mark r
tnd Queen streets.
October29, If"!

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