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Arizona citizen. [volume] (Tucson, Pima County, A.T. [i.e. Ariz.]) 1870-1880, October 15, 1870, Image 1

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ruuLianKD' evby Saturday at " j
l -o
One C-npy, one Ttjar,
Xm Copy, six months,.,
fclnsrlc numbers.
.t L0 1
S5. .
.-r-iwiJTTTVf T.vuAi.RiTES .j
Or square, tun lina, one time $8.00.
F.'HbbeiaentiDaerlJ6n... L50.
Professional per m&nth o.OJ.
Tf.. , r.-Hnrufi
Alt bills due monthly,
Oiace in Cofljrrej -ttatl Block.
; -.JOfiLN WAAiON,
Aixthofissil i)?ents for tfeo Citizan,
Hudson -c- Menet . .
1 I. FioJior
V. K. Bancroft...
G Vv. Baraard
Keliej-..., ....
.New York.
vHzona City, j
- .
-s-Reliable Correspondence ppllcited
frcm all parts of the Territory. Aaony-1
nious caiainniciition be tmaotieed.
I :?ro on business and for publication '
6r,nuld be addressed -to the jiropriotor to
jr? prompt attention. i
JY .llVr.'JcolUatediiadoscctttcdwithi'""'""'," vi v
. -y. T'rumotTil-s?, and nt Benson- j McCo- nuek. At the time this exio--
' ,M ,!"; a rr'EN oFFICB- ' j Hon was attempted, h.3, in a .spi it of
fc.- I, I in Mil , II. . ay cKTis
- COX, A. T. '
4 h
laz&, opsoiite ihc
Cotes Bashford,
Aicri37 a&l C'cassalor At-Laur,
TUCSON,' A. T. '
'n.L. P- e in all the Courts of the
J .--y.si-
137 zil Goansob? - at - J,fiw,
'')iSco in Court House Building)
1 TUCSON-, A. T.
AttQrusy an:l Counselor -At-la-,?,
'oOi F Strftet, Wnffbintoa, D. C:
""""j LL prouipriv attend to the collec
v ' l. on of all fiaiins placed in uis bawls
3-, . - tbe Government of the United
3wl S.
h i :iisn pay sncein! attention to pro-
' . i ' patents for Miuinj: chi!ni3, Selioul l
I., tie. -j
ccfiiUy rpferfitorGovnrnor A. P. K. I
ana tion. it. J. 31ev'onniek. 1-ti i
Shaving Saloon I
Coxokess'St., Tdcsox.
TJ ATR CUTTING ani Shampooing done Wo3rr Work. The pretended ros
n. m. uter the oiot approved styles. I , . 4- .
1 u BAH'L K JSXICK. j olutions ot the bogtnDemocratnt.Com-
.-. 1 mittee of Tucson, to the effect that at
Dissolution of 1'artnership.
T in ftrtnsr'Pro'cOTti?:be- ArizonanV or lerevoiit ifca edi-or from
it rw un Tikhh is h -vm uad C. F: Head, ' . . , . .' 1
er the ntnne and style of Swing & going ju wnere tus bass instincts
Urdavdtoolvedbymntiittlcott. tomptod him decaive nobody. 35vey
Tuoinus Efiusj is hereby authorised , , r. ... , t- , ,
o . .le up the buiner. of th.tinn. - body m iucson well knows tnat the
TUOS. BVflNO, -ores3 and malenal tciken f -omDooner,
C. P. HEAD. . , , i , - , , t
Tnc-"' n 9j&JL-'$t- !-2t after he had deelxi-ed hu teachery,
- ..- did not - belong to him, and. thath'3
a BrOWfi; PrOprit"r3
. . - . " . 1
" u pric is "iw as any other dealers,
an . i S.iud- Vvafrtmte'i.
i" a eiegi .is W ra T.i'?; s in the ilall
.:k. in d uke ;i Jiiuk, pUty Biiiurds .
nu be iltrry.
TiiE ARiztoAH mans case
Up to his issue or Sept. 24, th-; od-
itor (?) of the " Arizonan," to the best
j of his foiling ability," supported and
commended the action of-' Delegate
McConnick in Consrruss. When there
veru uouoivj aeout, alt. ju.cuc:nicK s
consenting to be a- candidate far re-
oUcHon, tliiisame editor add-o:ned a
' .
letter to mm, ret.usshnff taat hi
nin, and a tho same time completely
endorsed hn sjursa. In da 3 course of thy denial is, and the bitr of Hon
mail, onfiumitiv.i PwJhmjch the .eloient -M..C.
33 by 'lulfi;' and' tlufrei-Ifin NTdMvao hai ju?t li-?n unap-
endorsed hh sjursa. In daj course of
publimed an extract therefrom, and
by way of preface declared : . i
""We f ea-ed at one time that he
&?Ti)ieS! I CcCormick would decline the nom-V.Vr.Pr-acoit!
jinon, for reasons which, at the
time, appear.xl sumcunpm thjnielVos,
out; navuig r,ne mrorosM ex m xeiTi-
a, & coiiiti'nent at heart, and
yilding to the solicitiHon of people in
every county of the Torri'-o-y, ha now
comes forward to offjr hiin-5jit a i fh.-ir
caudi'Vite. The p 'ople h ve cauio for!
rejoicing 3. . t:m conciuion.
T"ii? d.-cHrabion was made Aug. 20,
1370, about one month previous to hii
apparent 3 Jicorry, empuaiciuiy ap-
i proved MeConnisk's whole public
course; said he would . rejoice at hii
re-election, etc., hut that hi could not. 1
under any cirenm-jtanoj, aid in hi3
re-election, or maintain the paper in a
neutral poiitien' during the campaign, j
and the bjst he. could do would be to !
Kuppre33 the use "of tlie ype pending
tlu can van for :',00fl ca-jh. HiAm- i
beeili'y in the past; hi; avowed iritcn- I
tioa of final deception while volunteer
ing hh support, his -brazen "exhibHon
.Q.ingjajjf'desiind, tiirpitur.?, ahdHj
total lack of personal in'luencj, it was
eviient th-it ii5,0Di), or ai many cents,
would be a price far above his worth, i
and it wa.i . not paid, bat rejected
with p-omprn j.3 !, and the mate-ial of;
the " Arizen an" oince, which he-haaj
the gratuitous use of so long, audi
which was the property of Mess-s. j
McCormiuk and DeLong, was remov-
ed in a qnijt and legal manner.
Tlieie ae the true and salient points j
ot the " Arizonan" man's - conduct he- i
"ore Mr. HqGormiek's return and a
- , ...
few dayi thsrearte:
Wo now a3k the public whou this
, .... , ... , ..
; ba'iiub'ie. uuivtii w:s iiumesi i is iv
possible he pvsr was? Is there a
more infamous cnurs-e on record of
jman in journalism ?
tempts has been made to suppress '.the
had used th5m for about two years
without co3t. Everybody further
knows that by its removal the office
was hot crippled, but that Dooner was
singly eompelljd to return to the use
of the old Mowry pros?, which still
rem'iined in Ids ofiio, and i3 cuito
nA ,m,r,U J- t,; . .A n,.A
foul business.
JiPw'APi' hi Mowry for spokesman.
Mowry. advocates sending the govern
in mt freight through . Mexiso to the
great hiju'j' of our freigh tors, fa-lnei-s,
station keepers and merchant : also
the establishment of f"; 1 ad
with foreign States. Free trade with
Mexico would destroy the hu;intsstuid
property of every fa 'mer south of th .
Giii. Do fanm.-r-s t.-uustoist. sta'io)
k pets, and merchant.. :u.t to pi i"
., f' ". .
these witheimg. rttsuluif
m "u m p'.w.er to 1J..HJ1 to u:mr aoeu'
Next irydirect pe-sonal abuse, the
1 ',.
rub or ruin fiction delights to deal in
. - . ,
app-opm iuiHrnxy
err ess urATOiii were uuii uu i;mii
of McCormick'sofFo- ts. Itha s uvenbeen
openlv denied that he had anything to
r -5- .
do Yy-iMi tie iucre'i-,3 m thj u'jnropT-ia-
. i
surveyor general's ofBci. The annexed
documents show how fates &ud .unjust
imoml renominated, is alike credit- , " . f ' . ,J . Montana Jegislatu-e were clisapprov
abb to his a m of f,l and com- a Af , ed, and for several successive session,
plimentay to iJ.IcCormick:
Washington, ."June '2' Sir-;
In connection with the Delegates from
New Mexico, Idaho and Montana, I ;
yesterday signed a communion to
you regarding the appropriations for
aurvey of the public landi in the
several territo ie3 werap!3tent. Irtde-
b.aoin the House on the 27th inst. the
Chai man of the Committee on utj-
prop-ialion3, Mr. Da we 3, chiefly op-
pos?d na--Fort3 o inc ea3thb,amounts
approp '.JVrfl to our TeTgUories, "upon.
the g ouud that you had. not rwsin-
mjnd.-d more, and stat-il tiuvt h-
woul.lmake no oeiecons to an in-
oreaie. -d he p-esumd the Senate
w,ilfl i-ff ;?rt-l;:-rl vn-vf.n.- 7n Ak'
johit oommmuc'ition sent you, we iio'hing of GootlVht's being a candi
gave gnear, and I thiiik, good.iua- da he uiil-ek'C'ion time, nr.d had no
3vns why you should reeou?:der your ; hand weat ever in b'mging him out.
esum-ited and make a more liueiai al
lowiUiee. Cut. I desire to call ..your atten'ioh
especially to the abioluto ntd of; a
Urgjr pprdpri5on iov Anzona. I
beg to oiiciose you a copy of my re-r
riidci'iiiad-. in- the'-Eoitay- o iviprJr
setitativ-s during the deoate in ques
tion. Frvin so small an app-opria-tion
as -5,000, comp.irativly little can.
be devoid to payment fo.- laoor in the
field. 1 earnestly hope you will re
commend to the fcienato an irturease of
the app-op'-ia'ion - f jr survoys in Ari
zona for the year ei.ding June 30,
l.o7 i,- to at least .."1 :),()(). In conncc
5ion with my remarks d.oiosJd, you
wilt niid taoe of Mr. Daw..-3, r.i-d
notice how confidently h e iaen-od the
D'elegata.1 to yon for ivli. f.
Yery EesnecfemUy,
Your 0ot bervatit,
Delegate f;om Aiizona.
IIor. Jos. S.vYlLSOI,.
Commissioner Gen'l land OtSco.
Gbxeral Lvsd Ox-'FICE, V
June :J0, U70.
Hon 0. McCormiek, House of
lieprescntaiives :
Sir : I liave the honor to acknowl-
LlAritVl T..if.i.,,if. (it vrair nnininiinimi.
tion of vestoi-dnv' daLr uro-ino- t.hn
increase of the surveying appropria-
tion for th j Territory of isona from
s5,000 to 10,000. " e "
In reply, I beg leovo to state that
letter was this, day enclosed to !
,u . k "... : J '
. 1 , 1 -n t I '
zona, Montana,
Idaho t
1 ha ve the honor to be,
Very Respectfully,
Your Ob't Servant,
boo,Aug.30, 170.
F an Franc:
My Dear sai'MHM) : I observe by
the "Arizona Miner" of the Kith inst
hat I am credited with iuoreanbg the
1 ,p-op-i--ion tor smv-ys m Atizona !
o 10,000, As matter of f i-t I had
nothing to do with it. 1 did alii
K.-'vr "itTivJof, n,ul
his-oSice recjminendmg the . , D.vds, to residj in San Fraueiscir, Cai-
si-edincro-ue, and a;kmg tlutt the; , . . . . . J , iion.ia. September 2o, . L-Brom-
, , ., , . ed sun)"!1 ' at hi ; s:ei;kiiig so muea 01 , n . . , ,
me be laid befbre Congress. iT , , r, . -x. . . v X' Oommissioner oi Deeds, to reaidc
cuid, of ooutso, to navo a's-sja.a i' UUiO AA1 aOKTAKA.
district mad ? and to assist in securing! 0 M.t. i i. j i t -
, . , . , . m of the hot-headed members oz
. asson s appointment; bat it wai so ; , ,. , . . ...
' , . ip w 1rl ;th& Brady fiction have teenansiahiig
lato m the season before weconld -pan r.,. T, . .1
, . ,. r. -v,. f
th.- Tiill rrri.fi'n
'.' -
co. afcyfching could be done
toward increasing the appi op? iaion, '
ai.d made no effort.. Our f bnd, He- 1
J ' , ' , t ,
Cormick, more hopsrul and i
, , . .
geiic, succeed od by his eftt
nffiirta in fay.
Senate m securing the increase at the
eleventh hour, a3 ' alio the appropri
tibns for surveyor's? office.
affairs are rhrafing in Arizona, but
lBBt lHi v ,ou,ru uuu j
He is very eSleient, ve:y energetic ; is.
; popular in Washington, and" Mil
po'-sonalby testify that he .wili never
alltJv us to have an -hour's ouiet so
laaa3 Arkolia waut of any.
in &M way of ljciiHtion.
j -. Your-truly
I ;
Posyos axi McCoKarErX. Uneof
tire weakest inventions of Muavjliausen
T Moy was that rega- dingticreiavions
of?osfoii and UTeCormick. 7ns-.ad
' of McCo' tidck b-eing in Asisona du
lug the
the En
mp-iign of 1865, he wa; at
InWlof his doing
thing to suppott Goodwin for 1)'
n Tn-.tsm'a liV-t3fT. ,w
Initeau of PoVon's .fiuding: f uilt with j
tMcCo.niiek at this tshue, it was when
a tve'itg GbveTx.br h? gave Goodwin
ins e-e"tiic7rc ot eiecion to wnzeei ne
vw legally eniljjl. Instetul ofMe
Co'mick's trying to coneiliito Poston,
h&Wibu ni45iit jxaaged
a letter !
Coi LAI.L.Y, a life-long Democ-at
and formerly w?ll known hi t'nii Te- -rifory
a-s Superintei.dent of .the Cerro
Colorado mine, i" now a resident of
Washington. He has seen much , of
our Debgite during the last year and
"although at first (f "he says) he wa;
prejudiced against hint he now esteems
him vry highly. Wishing to aid, if
possible, in the re-eleclon of ths Gov
ernor, he voluitavily addres3k.da letser
to P. R. Brady, inwhich he stated, as
a f-iend of the Territory, that anew
man could not be as useful, that the
Governor was a f lithfal, able, earnest
t. representative, and tht hi, Laliy, al-
tuougn an uirxa. lemocrur-, wouiu vui
for hun if living in tire Ten iory and
ad vised-all hi if bnds to do so.
' Yvh:.n Mr. Brady received this let-
terhaanedto approve ita suggas-
j j. 1 i , .
hons and e-xnltingly showad it to va-
, . e , x.
nou3 gentbmen, but of hxi-c weliave
, j ,. ., . , , A t
not heiu-d ot it. -Me; it was intended
f. i it t" i. .i
-fnr nllhltfi OTfl nf( Col. J.llv SO
informed Mr. Bralv. it would sj but
proper that the latter gentleman
should let it b : puhlished. If he i3 a
f fair man ire will not conceal it.
I :r: " ,x . i
C0XSISTKNCY.- iJ-.t0re .53 S,-Tilick
, . m , .
siioke m Tucson, his c-itic3 ware ton-
- , . j
star.t.ly a ikmg waat nn h id doce.
When h anwvvr.xi 1his oues'ion, by a
B.:.vrOH !'i'i,!i'a OfiN:'.)X. A late
letter f-om Nov,' York, says: -
"Senator Co; wa s iit n our ollice
j f nd eiiqui-.-d pa.-ticsUi-iy afser Mr.
McCo mi -k, and oxpivs A an earnest
jdesi - otJJ,tb - o.r.w.1.et. - d.
P.P. Buady , a candwlate for Congres-t
bv a small ',' ion of Democrats in
TncDf .. v.0rLh onMouday lv,t;
t, , ...,, . ..i,,,,- ;r
ta ; r. smi. JLc" in an ofiio -
capacity. .
1'.', iiuyju-Kar.
straight Demccraic Delegates to Con-
gresa, have fared far better than Ari
zona, uch is not the fact. Those Terri
tories have really had more troublo
than any o-ganized by the Govem
mept. Each year they havo a3ked
of Congress lage appropriations for
diici.iTini ? ar.d inm.V ftr thnir la-ws
: . , anC5all ths lava uaucd bv a
a iwrtion of tkosa of Idaho. Jlcre-
,r.7. W1, n; nw r,,, iir
djbt, whils Ariaia will-not owe "a
oent and have .i5,0GO in the Treasury
by January nest, aitd would have
been in such conditidn cn the first of
Januu-y last, bat for the conduct or
some of -tli3" iav-esi iiing, non-tax
paying felia new. supporting P. It.
Crady. In" the. matter of aijpropria
tiyns at the rocent session of Congress,
we lmd that hi propoition to the num
ber cf inhabitants, A izona fared bet-
ytsr ithan .oitharT. Idaho or. Montana.
j inajjcaiaa approp-ia tion iorAmona
" exm-1 tStJ fjr 2al0 and Mon.
cbwiifint while the iegiilatioa
T for Arizona is luo'O extttnGivo than
'that for either of thoie ii!iportnt Ter
ritories. " ' : .
TiiE Next ConoitEas.-VMov,'Tylia3
Vesir trying to stir Up party feeling in
the Territo-y, and to urge faction by
tm Democrat? by the asseiiioh that
v,Y, carm wmM iw. ..itv
o .. ... e-. x.-
oc anc. The rerort- from his lira
sheiiJd cant adict itself, but lest; any
WiaisLd-.tifB-ask aran-
tion to tlie fjllovdng lAiw f cm Hon.
S. B. Axfell, Dmoorutie Member of
Congresi f om hail Franciaco, which
appeared in th s Daily ' Chrorucle," of
that ci'y, of Sept. 2.
Wherever Mr. Axtell7 is known his
word will certainly be taken in pro
f erence to that of Mawry, and he
should be good au ho: ity in. thc, mat
ter of which he wrifes :
West Bieh; bid, Ohio, Aug; 23, 57&
Desir Chronicle: 1 havo jn;t return
ed from a shot tiip to Niag-ara aeid
the Great Lakes. Crops vay good.
The country , is grv-a'iy prosjisercus.
There is no marked pcliKeti! feeling
certainly no great urtakiitg up of par
ties The new Hoxwe will '.to., J a.
a? the present. Ycur idcii .'-.at th
-zn il. i.
wa-. wuz juu mi; ijiuoinrtitis is cxr
r,-cfc- Voiy ti.Uy,
i b. B. AXTLLL.
' In tlllJJ we J that
o"auc has ju.t gone P.pubU, by
it Li g.-ly nicreaed majori'v, and Wv-
" J -J u'11.- ttj
omir. has fer the first time -L eied
lipubhcan Del srfce. Th gtate-
. , i- - - -lmil
m -uts -e only maae to iila:at how
r,he public declara
tions of Mowry, and he n put forward
as the oratoical mouh -be e of Brady
j ATronmiEN i by wj. 0 . vi:ii3ro5 .
September 22, Larldn W. Carr,
T TJ ... . '
-N ota-y Tublie tor Puna countv, -t
W1, T c '
Ala-icopta' Well 3; Jamo3 Seatnaad
Probate Judge of Pah Ute county;
Geo. C. Walter, . Commissioner of
2, W. E. Simraonds, Commbsianer or
Deeds, to reside in Hartford, Conn.
Oct. .'5, James H; Toohr, a Supervisor
for Pima County, in place, of E. N.
Fi ,.4. Qtt, -jt irorri.
b.jn, a Juiti-cf .he Teaee for Grant
Precinct, Pimu county .
OKDEK9jvdn stage deivers fdr thc
w. 1.0
1" Ji ' statioi keepers will,
pl-ae tak-notice.
in rmixiancihco, uamornia

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