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No. 2.
Vol. I .
-X o 1-
One Copy, one year, ?5-00.
One Copy, six months.. 3.00.
Siugle numbers 25.
One square, ten lines, one time i'J.QO.
Bach subsequent insertion 1.50.
?rofessional cards, per month 3.00.
Business advertisements at reduced
All bills due monthly.
Office in Congress Hall Block.
Authorized Agents for the Citizen.
Hudson & Menet New York.
I. P. Fisher San Francisco.
W. II. Bancroft San Diego.
G. W. Barnard Prescott.
Kclley Arizona City.
g3 Reliable Correspondence solicited
from all parts of the Territory. Anony
mous communications will be unnoticed.
Letters on business and for publication
ihould be addressed to the proprietor to
Insure prompt attention.
OF all kinds solicited and executed with
Neatness, Promptness, and at Reason
able prices at the CITIZEN OFFICE.
FFICE on the Plaza, opposite the
Catholic Church. 1-tt
CoSes Bashford,
WILL Practice in all the Courts of the
Territory. - 1-tf
Attorney and Counselor - at - Law,
(Offica in Court House Building)
1-lf TUCSON, A. T.
l Attorney and Counselor -At -Lav,
1301 F Street, "Washington, D. C.
OXILL promptly attend to the collec
V l tion of all claims placed in his hands
against the Government of the United
"Will also pay spcciul attention to pro
curing patents for" Mining claims, School
Lands, etc.
Respectfully refers to Governor A. P. K.
Safford, and Hon. R. C. McCormick. 1-tf
Shaving Saloon!
Congress St., Tucson.
AIR CUTTING and Shampooing done
.after the most
approved styles. .
Dissolution of Partnership.
THE Partnership heretofore existing be
tween Thomas Ewing and C. P. Head,
under the name and style of Ewing fe
Head, is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent. Thomas Ewing is hereby authorized
t5uttlc up the business of the linn.
Tucson, Oct. 10, 1870. l-2t
C- Brown, Proprit'r.
J4,nn W TVDO (V T TflTTrtDC! o
And at prices as low as any other dealers,
and Brands Warranted.
Best Srands of Cigars at the BAH.
Two elegant Billiard Tables in the Hall.
Walk in and take a drink, play Billiards
and be Merry.
Proceedings of the People's Pima
County Convention.
Court-house, Tucson, A. T.,
October 14, 1870.
Pursuant to previous notice, the con
vention representing tho People of Pi
ma county to nominate candidates for
the various offices to be filled at the en
suing election, assembled in Tucson,
this day, and was called to order by S.
E. DeLong, and duly organized by
the election of the following officers :
Chairman, Judge J. "W. Anderson; J
Secretary, S. B. DeLong: committee'
on credentials, C. H.Meyers, JohnW.
Sweeny, E. Ochoa, C. B. LaStto and
John Petty. Meetiug then adjourned
for twenty minutes.
Immediately after being called to
gether by the chairman, C. A. Shibell
was chosen Assistant Secretary andB.
Bomano, Spanish interpreter.
The committee on credentials then
reported as follows :
Gentlemen of the Convention :
Your committee beg leave to report
that after an examination of the du
ties assigned to them, they find the
following delegates entitled to seats in
this convention, viz: Prom Tubac,
Beese Smith, Bamon Bomano, John
Bogersby B. Bomano, proxy: San
Pedro Banches, John Montgomery, F.
Berthold by C. H. Meyers, rjroxy ;
Camp Grant, H. L. Austin by James
Speedy, proxy; San Pedro Crossing,
J. W. Duncan by B. M. Crandall,
proxy ; Adamsville, J. D, "Walker, C.
S. Bice, B. Curley, S. Bichard, B. Cor
dova by J. D. Walker, proxy ; Apache
Pass, S. B. DeLong; Florence, Jos.
Collingwood, Chambers and Be
gan by C B. Lafitte, proxy ; Tucson,
Jamds H. Toole by B. M. Crandall,
proxy, Geo. Fester, J. H. Archibald,
J. W. Sweeney, J. W. Davis by J. H.
Archibald, proxy, C. A. Shiball, A.
C. Benedict, S. B. Wise,- E. Carrillo,
John Burt, J. W. Anderson, C. H.
Meyers, E. Ochoa, Juan Elias, C. B.
Lafitte, F. Buillas, C. Jrnes, J. S.
Thayer by J. W. Sweeney, proxy, C.
Lecn, W. "W. Williams, S. Hughes.
After the adoption of the report, the
convention passed into committee of
the whole upon nominations, where
upon H. Ott and James H. Douglas
were presented as candidates for sher
iff. Eei'e Mr. Douglas arose and, ad
dressing the chairman, said : I am
not a candidate before this convention
for the office of sheriff, a'nd would not
run if nominated. I was an independ
ent candidate for that office, but now
I withdraw my name, as such, and
will use my influence in support of the
People's Ticket.
H. Ott then received a majority of
all the votes cast, and was declared
tho unanimous nominee for sheriff.
F. H. Goodwin and Oscar Buckalew
were then placed in nomination for re
corder, and a majority of tho vote3 be
ing cast for Mr. Buckalaw, he was de
clared the unanimous choice of the
convention for recorder.
John H. Archibald was nominated
for treasurer, and, receiving a majority
of all the votes cast, he was declared
the unanimous nominee for that posi
tion. For county supervisors, J. W. Swee
ney, Samuel Hughes and Francisco
Builla3 were nominated and unani
mously chosen by the convention.
James E. McCafiVy was nominated
for district attorney by acclamation.
John S. Thayer was unanimously
nominated for public administrator.
For the Territorial Council, Hiram
S. Stevons, Francisco S. Leon, Este
van Ochoa, and Daniel H. Stiekney
were nominated by acclamation, and
likewise, for the Assembly, Juan Eli
as, Beese Smith, William Morgan, F.
H. Goodwin, J. W. Anderson, John
D. Walker, W. L. Fowler and Bamon
Charles H. Meyers and A. C. Ben
edict were named and declared the
nominees for justices of tho peace, a3
were John Miller and E. B. Marshall
for constables.
A committee on resolutions was then
chosen, consisting of S. B.. DeLong,
E. M. Crandall and J. D. Walker,
who subsequently submitted the fol
lowing :
People's Convention Platform.
Tho People of Pima county in en
tering upon tho contest for the elect
ion of representatives to the Tentorial
Legislature and the various county
and township officers, adopt and de
clare a3 their Platform :
First, That we stand ready to obey
the Constitution of tho United States
and the laws passed in pursuance there
of, and the laws of tho Territory of
Arizona, so long a3 they remain in
force and unrepealed.
Second, That wo are in favor of the
strictest economy in public expendi
tures, and a rigid accountability of all
public officers.
Third, We are in favor of Law and
Order, Fair and, peaceful elections,
free from fraud and corruption.
Fourth, That we are in favor of con
fiding the legislation of our Territory
and the offices of our county to men of
known capacity and tried integrity,
who accept office for the public good
and not for public plunder.
Fifth, That we tender the thanks
of the people of Pima county to the
officers and soldiers of the Army in
Arizona, for the ability and energy
with which they have carried on the
war against the Apache in this Terri
tory, and we congratulate them upon
the brilliant victories gained over our
savage fojs.
Sixth, That thi3 convention recog
nizes and appreciates the efforts of the
Hon. Bichard C. McCormick as Dele
gate from Arizona Ter'y to the United
States Congress, and that having tried
him and found him faithful, energetic
and eminently successful in his la
bors for the benefit of the whole Ter
ritory, we will use our utmost endeav
ors for his reelection.
The Platform was unanimously
adopted as a whole, with three time3
three for the nominees of the conven
tion, and Hon. B. C McCormick for
The convention then appointed the
following named gentlemen a Central
committee for Pima county:
For Tucson, John B. Allen, James
H.. Toole, B, M. Crandall: Calabazas,
A. C. Ashton: Tubac, J. B. Forbes:
Sonoita, Thomas Hughes : San Pedro
Banches, John Montgomery: Apacho
Pass, S. B. DeLong: Goodwin,
Lacy : Grant, F. L. Austin : Florence,
Jos. Collingwood: Adamsville, J. D.
Walker : Pima Villages, William Bi
chard : Maricopa Wells, Alex. McEey.
No further business appearing, the
convention adjourned sine die.
J. W. Anderson, Chairman.
S. B. DeLong, Secretary.
James H. Toole, JohnW. Sweeney
and Judge John S. Braiton, Pima su
pervisors, have actually committed the
horrid frtud of piwiding election pre
cincts for the accommodation of ranch
ers and station keepers. The 1 hari
sees who support Brady are outraged
at this action of the supervisors, as
they seem to be at all just official con
duct. Banchmen and station keepers
will quite unanimously vote against
the Brady & Oury ticket, and that's
,i.o t. i m, i.:,
I General EobnrtE. Lee died, in
j Virginia, Octobjr 12, of congestion of
I the brain.
Mucho nos ha sorprendido veer unas
lineas escritas por mano tal vez apa
cionada, en favor de D. Pedro Brady,
mal trasadas y en estilo nade caballe
resco, impropio de hombre3 sensatos,
ilustrados y patriotas, y separandoss
de esactitud en la verdad, con solo la
intencion de criarse partidavios en la
proccima elecion para el nombramien
tode delegado al Congreso de la U
nion a su favorite
Nosotro3 corao parte integrante, so
lo de este pueblo, de3eamo3 sin tenden
cias apacionadas no pertenecer a nin
guno de los dos partidos en cuestion,el
positivo engrandocimiento de este ter
ritorio; y no nos olvidaremo3 jamas de
e3tc deber; inspirados de estos sanos
principio3 n03 limitamos a dar nuestra
opinion sobro el particular, rechaasndo
energicamente las espreciones insul
tantes y muy poco desentes que so le
dirigen alosSrs.BicardoC.McCormick
y Estcvan Ochoa.
Embano han tratado de empanar
lo3 meritos del Sr. McCormick los par-
titdariodel Sr. Brady, manifistando
a los C.C. palabras empalagosas, gen
eralidades bulgares, jirmas ruine3 ya
gastadas y de muy poco valor.
La gratitudad: este deber do to-
do pueblo ilustrado solo bastaria para
estarle obligadus al Sr. McCormick,
danbole nuestro voto para delegado al
Congreso Gral, llenando con este he
cho dos deberes; Primero, el de reco-
nocimiento, y Segundo, para obteaer
el bien que nos rciultaria de sus futu-
ros trabajos, por que ha defado en su
primer periodo asuntos interesantes
pendientes, que en el segundo nos da
ra el resultado que deseamos.
El Sr. McCormick por su discurso
pronunciado en la camara de repre-
sentantes en el Congress, 1 1 de Julio
de 1870. intitulado " Socrro para Ari
zona,, no3 ha demostrado una parte da
sus tareas. Llamamos la atocion so
brc este punto; todo buon ciudadano
que como hemos dicho antes que no
tenga tenga tendenctas de ser pcrsona
lista, y solo si trabaje por el progreso
de este pobre territorio amagado por
los barbaros por mas de medie siglo,
cuyas depradaciones nos han dajado
huellas dolorosas portodasdirecciones,
derramandose la smgre de nuestros
conciudadanos; no negara esta3 verda
des y doncedera su verdadero inerito a
este Sr.
El Sr. McCormick posee todas las
cualidades que deb3n reanima.i a un
funcionario publico para contribuir al
bion general de su pueblo, es hombre
honrado, de buen juicio y de un pa
tiiotismo ecsagerado; conose las necesi
dades de este territorio, y especial
inente tiene profundo interes en la es
terminacion de los Indios Apaches; asi
lo ha demostrado repetidas veces ante
la camara do representantes cn la ciu
dad de Washington, citamos su discur
so de 11 do Julio, en el,demuastra que
esa pjaga foros nos ha dado muchos
dias de luto, que la guerra mas apropo
sito quo debia hacerseles, seria organi
zar una fuerza do nativos qe Arizona,
o C. C. Mejicanos para su completa es
terminacion. Doseamos, pues, que los
C. C. que opiuen como no30tros que no
tenemos mas fin que ayudar al pro
greso, a la paz, y a todo aquello que
sea nuestro deber como bucnos patrio
tas, contribnyan en la eleccion al con
greso de la union como representanes
de este territorio en favor del S. Mc
Cormick. Eechasamos los insultos que se lc
dirigen a nuestro candidato. se letrata
de "intrigante,, esprecion injuriosa y
muy poco desente que no sera capaz de
probar la apacionada pluma que la ha
La Verdad desnuda es amarga, pero
conviene proclamarla en vo alta, sia
rodeoi ni miramiento.
El escritor honrado y leal 33 pareae
al medico que no contenta consentfc
lar la llaga, si no que la sondea y tala
dra hasta que pone en descuvierao y
consiguo cstirpar entre ayu3, gi midoR
y maldiciones el origen del mal. El
enferino que en aquel terribls trance
le aniquilatia con una sola inirada d
pudiera, le da luego las graciaa y le
proclama su angel tutelar al verle sa
no y salvo, No de otra manera se con
ducen los hombres y I03 pueblo3Con el
quo ltis' dico la verdad.
Un poco dvi calniay sensatez,unpoct
de buen sentido y modi;racion, siempre
seronios pueblos numerosos, respetadot
y felices, y tendremos de libertad algo
mas que el vanonembre. No pues por
miras perticulares, adquirir algun des
tino, olvidemos nuestros mas caros de
beres; td buen C. solo debe pensar ea
el bien estar de. nuestra madre patria,
en el total desarroyo da sua elementos,
en la positiva organizacion de la paa;
que sea este el grito da todos I03 bue
nos patriotas, pobres y rico3,ilustrado
e ignorantes: La paz e3 la plegari
que crusa el continente Americano por
todas direcciones. jQqien no desea 1
paz? ,;Que nos dice ese clamor unibar
sal? N03 dice que lo paz invite, a la Con
cordia, estrecha la union y traa consigo
el orden: el orden convida a todos al
trabajo; cria nuevos abitos, y moraliz
las costumbres,hace estable el imperio
de la ley, ensena a elevarce por las vi
as licitas y honesta3, y traza a cad
uno el circulo de sus deberes y derechos.
Afianzado eLorden, el progreso mo
ral y el material: surgen a su lado co
mo por encauto, y la libertad apoyada,
en ellos bi-ota espontaneamenta:j;ecn5.
r i 13 -rvt-tu;r
la libartad noes una mentiraV noJS&f
sarmo ni una maldicion. -v.
James D. uusenbaryis acanowru&
for delegate. He sends out a printed
circular from Ehrenberg, stating that
he cannot visit the various settlements,
and thus asks the suffrages of the peo
ple. Ho declares that he "consented
to offer himself as a candidate at the
earnest solicitations 01 many 01 my
fuends" &o. The erroneous state
ments of the circular need no notice,
as the gentleman will hardly be no
ticed at the ballot box.
A leading merchant of Ehrenberg
writes, October 11th, that:
"The cominir election will satisfy
Mr. JMCLormicK or me grantuae xms
Territory owes him by giving him al
most a unanimous vote in this county.
The reason for saying so is, we have
to try any one else. His actions, wish
es, and desires were only for the wel
fare of our Territorv."
Pennsylvania, Ohio, la., Indiana,
J TVT1 1 1. n r.;nl 1 nr.
be a body in which Brady would boas
useful as the fifth wheel to a coach.
The steamer Continental foundered
at sea, near Cape St. Lucas, September
28. Eight lives lost.
Governors McGormick and Saflbrd ar
rived at Wlckenburg last Tuesday.
Read all the advertisements
Granh Ball next Tuesday evening at
the spacious new hall of. C. Q-Brown in
I nnenn -
Ditty For, Dooner,
When I think.of what 1 am,
Comnared towhatrl vas,
I fear I've thrown lh'yselt, away
Without suflicient cause.

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