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Arizona citizen. [volume] (Tucson, Pima County, A.T. [i.e. Ariz.]) 1870-1880, October 29, 1870, Image 1

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vol a
No. 3S
-X o -
One Copy, one year, $5.00.
nu Copy, six months 15.00.
Single numbers 5-
$ o
dne square, ten lines, one time $3.00.
Each &u'i)c-uicnt insertion 1.50.
Professional cards, per month 55.00.
Business a'dvortisuments at -reduced
All bills due monthly.
Office in Congress Hall Block.
Authorized Aeats for the Citizen.
Hudson & Menet. . .
L. P. Fisher
yf. II. Bancroft.....
(2. W. Barnard
New York.
.San Francisco.
San Diego.
, Preseott.
..Arizona City.
Reliable Correspondence solicited
from all parts of the Territory. Anony-
:ons communications will be unnoticed.
Letters on business and for publication
should be addressed to the proprietor to
insure prompt attention.
OF all kinds solicited and executed with
Neatness, Promptness, and at Reason
able prices at the CITIZEN OFFICE.
OFFICE on the Tlasa, opposite the
Catholic Church. 1-tf
Goles SSashfotrd,
Attorney and Counselor - At - law,
"XT ILL Practice in all the Courts of the
tri.ito-y. 1-tf
Attcmey and Counselor - at - Law,
(OSes in Court House Building)
l-t TUCSON, A. T.
Attorney and Counselor -At -law,
II'. i if Street, Washington, D. C.
o -
v TTLL promptly attend to the collec-
rUn of ail "claims placed in his hands
l-i the Government of the United
1 -i "ill also pay special attention to pro-
: .-i- jjutont.-Tfor jlining claims, School
, :!-, tip.
i jt. -"rf ally refers to Governor A. P. K.
? l jrll, itnd Hon. P.. C. McCormick. 1-tf
Coxoiiess St., Tccsoir.
XTAIR CUTTING and Shampooin
aii ftft.'.r the most annroved stvles'
SAItf'L liuaTICK
Dissolution of Partnership.
rjpIIE Partnership heretofore existing be
JL tv.'een Thomas Ewing and C. P. Head,
wndr tiie name and style of Ewing &
Head, is tills day dissolved by mutual con
Kent. Thomas Ewhisr is hereby authorized
Tucson, Oct. 30, 1870. l-2t
bUs4taiftt55 fmLL
rf Choice WINES & LIQUORS, at
Xad at prices as low as any other dealers,
and Brands Warranted.
Best Brands of Cigars at the BAE.
Two elegant Billiard Tables iu the Hall.
Walk in and tate a drink, play Billiards
be Merry.
Dooiicr to ItlcCorKiick.
Tucson, A. T., June 15, 1870.
Dear Sir : Tour communication
of tlie loth ult. lias been received. In
all frankness, I must say tliat I feel
somewhat surprised that you should
still remain undecided in the matter of
offering yourself as a candidate for
Congress at the coming election. To
say that your re-election, will be pro
cured, by an overwhelming majority,
is only expressing the convictions of
those who opposed you at the List
T have not been informed that Mr.
Mowry has expressed any intention of
offering himself as a candidate, but
would not be surprised to find him in
the field when the moment for iusinm
shall have arrived. His brother, Cap
tain Charles Mowry, and myself, had
a "passage at arms" concerning-the
material mod iu this office. He was
under the impression that the -press
and material were the property of Syl
vester Mo wry, and therefore under
took to question me regarding an arti
cle which I published commenting on
the transportation o govt, freight by
way of Guayinas. His tone was
haughty and menacing, and was met
in kind; and when informed that he
could have the Mo wry press by calling
at my office, lie "cool-.-d off" consider
ably; and concluded by requesting that
I would not oppose his-interests.
I think it would be well to procure
for this office th.3 articles, and the
quantities of each, a-5 shown by the
memorandum sent by mo, rollrc -mould
excepted. It might, also, I think, be
well to furnisii type for general news
paper purposes of a size larger than
Burgeois. The expense of getting up
a respectable sheet, the editorial page
in, say Long primer with, quotations
in minion, and the local page in Bur
geois, would be much less than that
of getting up a paper in smaller typo,
and would, I think, present a much
neater appearance.
I have not yet received any pay for
publishing-the laws of the first session
of the present, Congress. I forwarded
bill, as directed by Department, to W.
H. Hunter Second Asst. Secy., some
four months since, and there the mat
ter rests. If you can, find this gentle
man and speak to him about the mat
ter, you will confer a very great f aror
on me.
Since the death, of Ms wife, Duffield
has " taken to the bottle " pretty free
ly. He is at present under bonds for
$5,000 to keep the peace, and yet he
does not keep it. True, he does not
use actual violence ; but the worst lan
guage that a ruffianly tongue can sug
gest is being constantly hurled at the
mass of the people, individualizing
some ten or twelve persons, among
whom are prominently set forth the
District Attorney and myself, whom
he freely expresses his determination
to " crush." The man is certainly to
a greater or less extent insane, and I
feel almost satisfied that he will either
kill some one or be himself killed be
fore many weeks shall have passed.
He is gradually growing worse, and
I cannot understand the policy which
suffers him to run at large.
Hoping that you may yet conclude
to be a candidate at the coming elec
tion, I am, sir, Yery truly,
Ed. Ariionan.
B. C. McCormick, M. C., Wash
ington, D. C.
TllE headquarters of the 1st Caval
ry has been removed from Camp War
ner, Oregon, to Benicia, Cal.
Lieut. Wightnian, of the 3d Cav
alry, has been honorably discharged
at his own request, under the provi
sions of tlie new Army bill.
Indians' Icigiit to Vote. Acom
! plete copy, transcribed from the rec
ords, of Gov. McCormick' s letter to the
Attorney General of the United States,
touching the voting qualifications of
the Indians, will be found hi this pa
per. The reader's careful attention is
directed to it The letter completely
refutes the wilfully slanderous charge
that the Governor wa3 in any manner
laboring to secure the vote of the In
' dians for himself or anyone else. It
I was openly declared by a public jour-
vote, and the assertion was backed by
such citations of authority as would be
liable to mislead many men, if not
contradicted by higher authority. The
letter shows but one end to have been
! sought bv its author, viz.: Wore
friendly Indians voters in the Territo
ry or not?
The wretched vilifiers know tins full
well, but their only source of opposi
tion to McCormick being misrepresen
tation and willful slanders, they will
continue as they have begun. Having
no reputation for truth or honor, they
take kindly to vilification and false
hood, and their course on the letter in
question is just what is congenial with--
out being benehcial to them.
The following i3 from General Orders
No. 16, of date October 16, issued by
Col. Stoaeman, commanding Dept. of
Arizona :
"From and after the first of Nov.,
1S7-0, the consideration in all money
transactions with the U. S. Army, in
any of its Departments within the lim
its of this command will be expressed
in dollars and cents meaning thereby
legal lender notes, and t3io wordt;
" coin," or " coin or its equivalent in
U. S. currency," or " coiii or iU equiv
alent in legal tender nrites," will in
no case be used o;- understood.''
. One 3Iowry.
. The accounts of many people in Ari
zona and elsewhere, show their ac
quaintance with one Mowry, surnamed
Sylvester, and self-styled "Honorable
Sylvester," &c. The Uuited States
has some knowledge of the fellow, and
failed in its attempt to put some laiowl
edge into him that would at some day
bo turned to good account. He is said
lo have been a decent child, and gave
little promise of becominir an imnu-
"clent bummer. It was not even sus-
picioned that he would be an ingrate
to the country that tried to make a
man of him, and after aceapting the
hospitalities of gentlemen, he would
subsequently labor to bring odium
upon them, nor that ho would possess
the submissive without the grateful
qualities of a common pup.
Mowry has been charitably tolera
ted and fed at nearly every military
post in Gouthern Arizona, and among
them, Crittenden. The subjoined is a
copy of a letter which needs no expla-
; nation, but leaves us to infer that Lt.
! Lewis was not sufficiently deferential
! in dispensing his hospitality to the
! bummins: ingrate :
Tucson, A. T., Oct. 8, 1870.
Lt. Lewis, U. S. A. My Bear Sir :
It is reported here that you arc to be
used by the JiicCormick peoplo to vote
your whole command at Hughe3'
ranche, which has been made an elec
tion prechict, your men to be voted as
citizens. General Stoneman when
i here, said that he should regard, with
great disannrobation, any attempt by
officers or soldiers to interfere with the
I think you ought to know this, for
I have no idea that you will permit
yourself to be used as a tool for a dirty
political intrigue.
Tours, very faithfully,
Sylvester Mowry.
One Mowry supports Brady for
Congress, and this is one of his meth
ods of doing it. He presents many
phases of character neither valuable
nor attractive, and the determined fool
j is not the least prominent..
Hlowry and Brady.
Jeremy Diddler Mowry came to Ar
izona early in September, after an ab
sence of over six years, tooting his
horn for Congress. Fhidin;? himself
so uuiversally offensive, he cast about
for some other man to meet with the
popular condemnation one week from
next Tuesday. Discovering in P. E.
Brady a man representing his own
views, ho generously withdrew in
Brady's favor and so wrote to the Alta.
Mcwry is laboring with all his imbe
cile power to elect Brady, and the lat
ter is essentially Mowry's man.
Yoters of Arizona, remember that in
supporting Brady, you virtually sup
port Mowry, the man who has chiefly
in view the extension of the Pima and
Maricopa reservation, the establish
ment of free trade with Mexico, and
the diversion of the government freight
from an Arizona to a foreign route.
Bear in mind, also, that in support
ing McCormick, you oppose all these
damaj'iiiK schemes.
Don't Be Deceived.
The Brady men are flooding the up
per counties with letters to the effect
that they will carry Pima county by
a large majority. If they don't know
they are writing untruths, they are
wofully deceived. The same men, in
18CS, wrote in an equally confident
tone, that John A. Sush would carry
Pima by 400 majority, and the elec
tion proved that he got but 48 out of
about 800.
Pima will giva McCormick two
Votes to Bwly's one. This is the low
est estimate of the beat posted politic
ians, and appearances all indicate a
larger majority for McCormick.-
Yrhile- we would urge upon our
friends in the othar counties to not re
lax any effort to swell the majority
for McCormick, we assure them that
Pima- will give him a very large vote
over Brady, and all reports to the con
trary are merely put forth for their
supposed effect upon voters.
Haiston News.
Major Dickinson, Messrs. Johns,
May son and James passed through
Tucson on Tuesday en route from Eal
ston city to California. They give a
most satisfactory account of the Burro
mines, their rich ores and future pros
parity. Mr. Harpending paid a short visit
last week to these mines, and was high
ly gratified at his prospects, after a
careful personal inspection. He has
gone east for the purpose of bringing
out machinery to develop his own
mine3 and those of others. It is repor
ted to us that mills will be in opera
tion next spring.
There is also a report that active
steps are being taken to construct a
railway to the Gila, by which to ship
ore to wood and water. The distance
from the mines to the river is various
ly stated at 25 to 40 miles, the latter
we think near the truth. The route is
free of obstructions, and the grading
will consist mostly of clearing away
a little sage and other small brush.
Mr. Meyers and Capt. Curtis, who
came out with the above-named party,
remain to look after the interests of
the company.
A friend of Dooner's says he lies
awake at night, and occasionally ejac
ulates snatches of holy writ like unto
this : "lam pained at my very heart,
my heart maketh a noise within me ;
I cannot hold my peace."
The poor worm, having shown him
self utterly untrustworthy, must now
despise himself without exciting any
thing but ridicule and contempt among
even thosa who permit him to associate
with them.
Governor McCormick's Letter re
lating io the Indians' Hight to
Territory of Arizona,
Ofeice of tiie Governor, (.
Tucson, March 14, 1870. )
Sir: The following article in a
San Erancisco paper has induced some
of our politicians to propose to aUow
the Pimas, Maricopas and other friend
ly Indian tribes in this Territory to
vote at the ensuing general election,
June 3 :
"We desire to call the attention of
the Arizona politicians to a much ne
glected source of voting power which
slumbers in that happy Territory.
During the reign of Iturbide, all In
dians not savages were made equal
before the law of Mexico, and were
clothed with the rights of citizenship.
By " savages " were meant those who
did not dwell in villages and pursue
the arts of peace; all others were held
to be entitled to all the rights of citi
zens, as was the case of Juarez, who
is a full blooded Indian. "When tho
Territory from which Arizona was
carved was ceded to the United States,
it was provided in the treaty that the
rights of the Indians and others should,
be guaranteed, and that the rights of
citizenship should bo conferred by
Congress when it saw tit. That right
was conferred by the Organic Act of
the Territory, and by the omission of
the usual phrase, "Indians not taxed"
from the prescribed qualifications of
vofers, the right of suffrage was given,
to Indians who were citizens under
the old Mexican law. The Pimas,
Maricopas, and perhaps one or two
other tribes of peaceful and domesti
cated Indians arc legally voters in Ar
izonaand it only remains for some
enterprising political candidate to get
votes for himself and just rights for
the aboriginals by securing the ballot
for them."
I find that in the new amendment
to the constitution of the United States,
Art. XIY., Sec. 2, representatives are
to be apportioned in tho States,
" counting the whole number of per
sons excluding Indians not tared." Is
this to be applied to Territories, or is
there any existing law under which
friendly Indians not tared can be al
lowed to vote at our coming election 'i
By giving an early reply, you will
greatly oblige,
Tour ob't. servant,
E. C. McCoRjncir., Gov.
Hon. Henry Stansberry, Attorney
General of -the United States, Wash
ington, D . C.
P. S. The franchise laAv of congress
extending suffrage to the territories,
seems to excluda "no one n account
of race or color" who is a citizen.
What constitutes a citizen in a territo
ly under the present laws of congress V
Are friendly Indians (not taxed) on or
off of reservations to be considered cit-
Bhady is trying to secure votes by
declaring that he is the friend of the
poor man, when he is without ability
to be the valuable friend of anybody.
YTTiatever Brady amounts to, he owes
principally to men who now strongly
oppose him.
If the Mowry-Brady policy provail,
the station keepers and ranchers on
the Gila will soon thereafter perceive
the falsity and demagogic character pf
Brady's professions of special regard
for their interests. McCormick -has
succeeded in turning a constant string
of freight teams from a foreign route
to then: own, and thereby gave them
enhanced prices for their grain and
hay, and patronage for their tables
and stables.
McCormick recognizes and dischar
ges his duties impartially to all poor
and rich. According to Brady's dec
larations, a man becomes less entitled
to the benefits of legislation as his pro
perty accumulates. Laws should
have an equal influence for good ujjpn
all good citizens. Brady arjus nit-

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