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Vol. 1.
GTIJCSOar, PIMA 0., A. T., SATURBAY, AUGtJT 20, 1871.
jo. 46.
Professional Cards, Adv'ts, Etc.
;g5 Opposite the Convent, au!2-tf
1.1. -A.. WILBUR, 3E. pO
25FA slate for calls may be found at the
Drugstore. ion
Will practice in all the courts of
the Territori'. ltf
.T. 33. 3rcCAlT,I?,XlY,
JwfWeZ Attorney for Pima county.
Ofliee next door to Custoni-honsc.-ltf
A.TTORlSnB-sr-.T - LAW,
Especial atteution jriven to Chattel Mort
gages under tht law of 1871.
Ofliee West side of Church Plaza.
33. 3T. 3 TJ jV jV 33 .
"ILL promptly attend to the collec
tion of all claims placed in his hands
-against the Government of the united
States .... Will also pay speciwl attention to
procuring patents for" Mining claims, and
School Lauds, etc Kespectiuuy rciers
10 Governor A. P. K. Sauoru, and lion. It.
O. McCormick. ltf
odicals, Magazines and Novels.
Also, a line assortment of
Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes, Etc.,
coustautlv on hand.
Lecinsky's block, uongress-st,
Stf Tucson, Arizona
arrive at Tucson every.
Sunday, Wednesday and Eriday
Mornings ; Depart at 0 p. m. on Tues
davs, Thursdavs & Saturdays,
" Until Farther Notice.
This will enable the traveling public to
reach San Francisco in EIGHT DAYS.
Fare to Arizona City 50
" SanDiego, (in gold coin or its equiv
alent,) 690
JOHN G. CAPRON, Proprietor.
Tnos. Ewing, Agent, Tucson.
Overland 3Ia.il and. Express
two-horse vehicle three; .t-b&.
limes a week, from Tucson to the Burro
Mines, where they connect with Coaches
For All Parts of New Mexico, Texas,
Chihuahua and Eastern States.
"Particular Atteution paid to carry
ing Express Matter, and comfort of Pass
engers. Office at Lasinsky & Co.'s store,
Tucson. (nol3tt)
to have in the house of stationkeep
crs, &c, for sale. Sent by mail, for cash
mcnts, for Pre-Emptors, for sale at the
tiizen office. Sent by mail for cash.
Subscription Bates :
One Copy, one year, 85 00
One Copy, six months 3 00
Single numbers 25
A-ilvertlsiiip: Utiles :
Twelve lines in this type, one sq.
One square, ten lines, one time $5 00
Each subsequent insertion 150
Professional cards, per month 3 00
2JDusincss Advertisements at Reduced
Hates. . . .All Bills Due Monthly. . . . Office in
northeast corner of Uonircss Hall Mock.
Authorized Agents for The Citizen.
L. P. Fisher San Francisco
Schneider Gricrson it Co Arizona City
i owns fccenery Mock Stages
Koaus The .Metropolis, etc.
Sax Francisco, August G. It may
interest a portion of The Citizex
readers to give a "brief account of the
coast route overland between San Ber
nardino and this city arriving here
Thursday evening last, just one week
from the time I reached the former
place. Stopped over at different points
three days and four nights.
San Bernardino, the last before the
jumping-off place toward Arizona, is
the most substantial settlement ac
cording to its extent, of any in south
ern California. It is laid out Mormon
fashion north, south, etc.; no old
adobes crumbling around like the re
mains of some crooked fortification.
Any one investing in real estate there
now, will realize handsomely in view
of the railroads and current improve
ments. To Los Angeles, Go miles, the
road is hard and smooth with the ex
ception of a mile or two. The cele
brated Cocomungo wine establishment
is the chief attraction on the way.
Ben. Holladay owns this bit of stage
line, just to keep his hand in, I sup
pose. It is all the stage property he
does own now, and ho has no business
to be bothered with that. It is well
conducted. His steamers having: no
opposition again, I found it about as
cheap to take the coast line stage
would get here several days sooner,
besides I wanted to come the overland
Los Angeles is pushing itself up
through the old Spanish walls quite
effectively some fine buildings on the
way. Still, a few barricades to con
nect those old mud lines of outer-
works remaining, and the city of An-
els would be effectively fortified.
The place appoars in a thriving condi
tion notwithstanding dry seasons, And
altogether it is a little city in mcst
every sense which a State so new
should feel proud of. It has depended
so far on irrigation as a rule in agri
culture. San Bernardino has more
water for this purpose than Los
The Coast Stage Line is the prop
erty of Flint, Bixby & Co. the sheep
men resident at San Juan. They have
no use for this line, but were compelled
to take it through transactions. It
carries the daily mail between Gilroy
and San Diego. It is entitled to the
name of first-class in stage business.
It runs the good old leather-lined Con
cord coach, four to six fine horses on
lo-mile stretches. I should think
Ben. Holladay would possess himself
of this property ere long, and havo a
pretty good monopoly of passenger
traffic south of the metropolis. The
opposition steamers cut up the through
business for the stage company, but it
looks as though the way trade were
always important. Owing to the
stoppages of the steamers, the stage
gets through on as good time, besides
running every day. The fares from
ban Bernardino to ban Francisco, in
cluding railroad from Gilroy, amounts
to $25; the feed to about half as much
more. The cars now run 20 miles
further south on the Central corn.
pany's road (to the town of Hollistor)
but owing to mail contracts, and
branch line of stages owned by and
connecting with Flint, Bixby & Co,
at San Juan with Monterey, the stagi
travel will not be shortened this year,
at least: besides, some road-makin
would be involved in the change. The
company have lately whipped up and
caught up six or eight hours, which
devoted to sleep or rest on the south
ern side of Salhas valley. So, you
see, were the 30 miles staging cut off,
or a change to Hollistor, besides these
hours gained, you would get mails at
least 12 hours earlier than jiow. But
you must bide the time.
Leaving Los Angeles at 5 P. 1L, run
over rolling prairie to ban Bueuaven
tura; smooth road except a certain
stretch Avhere the gophers liave alway
undermined it, and with, a light load
the very devil is to pay with you
Quartermaster's clerk, returninj
his mammy from Camp Apache, and
myself were the only occupants that
night, and we were thrown about. and
"telescoped" together in great distress
At daybreak, and after breakfast at
the above town, the scene is remarka
bly reviving. The mountains crowi
the road down into the very breakers
of the ocean, and. you are carried
along as pretty sea-beach drive for
many miles, as there is in the world
The wheels of. the coach are, switched
and washed at times by the breakm
waves. Beaching Santa Barbara at
S A. if., thence out over picturesque
foothills, and a sharp mountain
to climb, cutting off a number of mile:
and leaving the oia uaviotta Jrass
road ouite westward toward Point
Conc3i)tiou. I look upon Santa Bar
bara settlement, its soil and climate as
flourishing and inviting as any in the
State, but I was disappointed, in the
looks ot the town proper; the blend
ing of old Spanish hovels with the
modern improvements, is top general
and noticeable. .Now, Los Angel ;s is
unfolding itself like a silkworm
pushing off the old shell from within
and you can pay your money and take
a slice ot either view; but banta Bar
bara is a sort of architectural niisce
genation throughout. This may to
charitable and otherwise excusable I
simply remark it.
Once up the Santa Juez mountain
the road is carried at a considerable
elevation a long distance, or until the
Salinas Plains are reached. Alter
tcrnate hills, mountains, and level
runs, with few places in the entire
distance, however, that the road has
ever been changed from what nature
made it. In the Spring-time, the
adobe stretches are muddy, but .most
of the time these several hundred
miles of hi 'hway are so smooth and
hard that horses arc subject to "jam
as on a plank road. Xo dust to speak
ot anywhere,
San Luis Obispo county is all roll
ing, and a good pasture region; and
the country between San Buenaveu
tura and Salinas Plains, everywhero
dotted with live oak, is otherwise tim
bered and good to look at. "When the
grass and flowers are in season, I can
imagine no more pleasing landscape
or trip to take than that between Los
Angeles and Gilroy; and the continua
tion southward to San Diego is no doubt
interesting as well. 'Whoever comes
over the present divide looking down
upon the town of San Juan, at this
season, Avill see "a scene tor a painter
and no nonsense. At all these old
towns, the red tiled roofs lend a pecu
liar charm to the situation, after all;
and the brick walls, etc., of modern
improvements seem to paint things
into a pretty jumble. The universal
'old mission, or cathedral, is at all
points along the coast route as usual.
1 have used the word "settlement
purposely where speaking of towns
and neighborhoods, for how discon
nectedly and sparsely the State is cul
tivated to the southward! Were it
not for a sheep-herder's shed here and
there, the stage stations would appear
as lonely almost on the coast line as
in Arizona.
Speaking of sheep again, a word as
to the "drouth" in California, short
crops, etc. There is yet little or no
suffering among horses, or cattle, much
less sheep. It is feared there may be
on the Salinas plains, but I never saw
grass-fed stock look much better than
all along, and thousands were in
sight.t Still, prices are reasonable; in
some instances very cheap, and a good
year to invest. San Luis Obispo is
perhaps the safest county in the State
for grazing.
Colonel W. W. Holistor. 1 ivps arm
flourishes among about 90,000 head
of sheep round toward Point Concep
tion, in Santa Barbara, besides having
thousands in San Luis. He left Mt.
Vernon, Ohio, with others on a drive
overland, arriving in California with
700 for his share, in 1854. From the
increase thereof, his estate is now esti
mated as worth two millions! The
party were three years on the road
coming the southern. route dril
the animate from Ohio through, stop
jjiujj aioug in juissoun, JN ew Mexico,
I found the metropolis as usual in
O i -
mo oummer nine, looked like a
snow storm on the evenino- nf nmunl
and felt something like one in nonf-msi:
with the Territory left behind. But
with its pleasant forenoons rhn
ble afternoons as a rule this time of
year, and Avith all its faults T fpl
somehow as if "it were rood tn h
here. ALy first advent was when the
city was most thriving, and its ideas
biggest, and mv visit or sninum m-
is at the dullest time and the people
most down hearted, vet T fool ,f,m
laith in th -i outcome than ever. If I
had more invested in it n.nd
ings, I should hesitate
fore leaving it again.
To-day has been a
throughout, and the Itiilin 11 lln vn ruTi
aerea it extra-interesting by their eel
eDration ot "United Inhr"
Home as the Capital once more. The
orass-mountea she wolf, suckling the
mianc lounuers ot the Eternal City,
were solid emblems of pioneering in
deed, and should be oWichofl k?- oil
good Arizonians as emnmnr. i,m,;i,,u
gods. I don't know but Eomulus and
.Kemus had a softer thing suckin"- civ
ilization out of the four-footed savage
breast than the people of ArizoSa
have in their eternal tug of war with
the Apaches.
Iwill interview m v nlfl ,n;,.-
anccs political of either nnrhr- nlcn
my quartz-friends, and pick up the
luuaL iJ1 Senear sop lor you on rail
roads, and fi
- o -, - i uuii ui Will
days. In the meantime, hope Crook
will get lost from Washington, and
the "Commune" sfnr n :j.u
the philanthropists, until the Apaches
a-e quieted. w
A Section of LaAV.
For the benefit of our Santa Fe ex
changes, Colonel Pope, and those
officers here who hold it legal to con
fiscate the property of every man in
Arizona who trades with the Indians
without a permit from them to do so,
we give section seven of Act of Con
gress, approved February 28, 1859,
which is law to-day:
Sec. 7. And be it further enaetpd.
That the Commissioner of Indian Af
fairs, under the direction of the Secre
tary ot the Interior, is herebv author
ized and directed to prepare rules and
regulations for the crovernment of thi-
Indian service, and for trade and in
tercourse with the Indian tribes and
the regulations of their affairs: aiul
when approved by the President shall
be submitted to the Congress of the
United States for its aooroval: nro-
vided, that such laws, rules, and reg
ulations proposed shall not be in. force
until enacted oy uongress.
Now let the people note these facts :
that neither the Indian Department
nor the President of the United States
can make laws, rules, or regulations
for trade and intercourse with the In
dians, which can be enforced until
they are enacted by Congress. A 11 '
- .... !
men are by law forbidden to sell
liquor to Indians, and incidentally we !
u ' J 1
now direct the attention of the offi- I
cials having charge of Indians in Ari-
zona to the Act of February, 13, 18G2. !
Indians are made competent witnesses ,
against those who sell liquor to them, j
and the officials over them are required ,
to look up the evidence and have of- :
, -n . i ii i . ,i I uBiwecn me unuersignea uu-
tenders punished. But don t let the der the firm of Shibell & Speedy, at Des-
people be gulled by an exhibition of : crt statii,n '8 this day dissolved. The ac
, G ,,.J , ,. ,. j counts due by the late ltrm will be settled
rules and regulations of the Indian f by Charles A. Shibell. who is authorized to
juepartnient unless thev can be shown i
i 1 u . iJ 1 -I I
uu uavu ueeu euueteu. uy congress.
A ..T.T, 1 i -I' 1 -
..uijii.it neuLLiiMiuiii'T exmosion i
has occurred in a coal mine at Pitts-
" ;
ton, Pennsylvania. Twenty or more T. . Babbit Metal, can find the best sub
. . . , J -dtutc in type-metal, ot which this office
miners have perished.
Legal Advertisements.
Registek's Oefice, U. S. Land Office t
Pkescott, Arizona, June 15, 1871 '
whom it may concern, that Win F.
Scott aud James Lee have this day filed in
this Laud Office an application for a patent
from the United States, under an A of. nf
I ConrC5S approved July 20, 1SGG, and Acts
J T'00
known as the Neguillaj Mine, situated in
the Sierra de Amofe Mining District
county of Pima and Territory of Arizona'
which said mining claim embraces 1,993
2-10 lineal feec on said Neguilla lode, to
gether with a tract of land for mining and
milling purposes appurtenant to said
mine, as more fully shown by the diagram
accompanying said application ; the said
mining claim being bounded and described'
as follows: It is situated on the south
base of Soap "Weed Peak, about one -mile
west of the Soap Weed Gap, in the Sierra
de A mole mountain range, and beginning
at the N. W. corner of said claim, at a
post marked "N. S. & L. M. Co. ISTo. I,"1
iu a stone mound, on the right and west
bluff bank of a ravine runniug south, and
from which a large rock on the apex of
Soap Weed Peak bears N. 32 degrees K
2i).!)l chains distance ; thence S. 50 de
grees E. along the N. boundary at a varia
tion of 12 degrees 54 minutes E., one chain
to a deep ravine running south ; thence
direct on said line to 5 chains, opposite
which point a shaft and mining works are
150 links South : thnni-n tn V limine v.
which point the top of a hill bears N. and
o .iuu eims jluu nnKs south of line in
heavy quartz croppings; thence in same di
rection to H5.25ehn ins if rh-in .
thence on a line to 18 chains where "ravine
runs south ; thence to 24 chains where low
ndire runs south : fimioi sn 90 i.o;r,
a post marked "X. S. & L. M. Co. No. 2,"
ju a Biuim muuiiu, oeing uie JN. IS. corner
of said claim, from which the large rock
which is on the anex- of Snnn Wooii "Pnoir
bcars - $X degrees W. and a high conical
p""; ; mence a. 40 degrees
E 3.03 chains to a nost mnrkpA "r a .n
L. M. Co. Xo. 3." in n stono rrn,,n.l .
thence N 50 degrees W. along the sonth
boundary 30.20 chains to a post marked
"N. S. ifcL-.M. Co 'n J.." M,-., v tn
degrees E along the west boundary 3.03
chains to the place of beginning, contain
ing 9 15-100 acres. Anvnorsnn nin.rcnL,
claiming adversely to said applicants must
ia mijuireu uy law me a notice of the same
in this office within ninwt.v flnva frnm t.
first da3" of publishing hereof.
jesi-jm M. j. MSRRV Register.
U. S. Land Office, Pkescott, A. T. r
REOISTEn's Oppirw .Timo ) iO?1 .w
JLl whom it may concern, that Polhamus
fc Gunthcr have this day filed in this office
an annlication lhrnPntimt. frnmiiu. tt:...t
- i. A l" UJillCU
States, under an Act of Congress approved
ouiy u, iow, aim Acts supplementary
thereto, to the following described argen
tiferous iraleiia mininr olnim l-nrm-n oi"tl...
Flora Temple Mine, situated in the Castle
uome .Mining uistnct, county ot Yuma
and Territory of Arizona, which said min
ing claim embraces 2,000 lineal feet on said
Flora Temple lode and 100 feet on each
side of the course run, in accordance with
the customs of said mining district, as is
more fully shown by a diagram accompany
ing said application: Commencing at th'is
point, which is situated S. 33 deg's, 35 min
utes Wfrom the south face of Castle Dome
peak; and S. 71 degrees W. from the north
face of the most prominent peak next south
in the Dome range; thence runnings. IS de
grees, 30 minutes E., 20 30.100 chains; also
running N 71 degrees, 30 minutes W., 10
chains, making in all 2,000 feet of surface
ground, taking in as aforesaid 100 feet on
each side of the course run.
The said claim is named the Flora Tem
ple; is a rock claim composed of argentif
erous galena, and situated about 330 feet
west and running parallel to the Castle
Dome and Buckeye mines, in said Castle
Dome Mining District, county of Yuma
and Territory of Arizona, and upon unsur
veyed lands.
Any person or persons claiming adversely
to said applicants must, as required bylaw,
file a notice of the same in this office within
ninetvdavs from the first, il.iv of thi nnii;
cation hereof. WM. J. BERRY.
jyS-3m Register.
--- iuu uit uucuj uuimeu mat iro:n ana
after the first day of July, A.D. 1871, that I
w??i1Ifcnorwm pay any dcbts con;
tracted against me, or m my name, except
by me personally, or bv mv personal o. sTer
except with me personally or my legally
" 0 1 1 CC
meson. .Auirust Li. ioi
' . V
USt it, ioi.
i- , , , .
" x ACHINISTS. or am n'ersnn wnntim
JLJjnDi3iX -LV-l CIJL.-Ci I.J.
: spare about fifty pounds very caeap.

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