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Price per Year, $5 ; Six Months,
jvfcxxrday, - July 37, lH7d.
richard c. Mccormick!
Election, November 5, 1572
Another supplement of United
States Laws is to-day sent out to o
readers throughout the Territory
A. C. Benedict, Jose Padllla a
Tomas Tapla are Attacked
Thirty Indians and They
Seven--Benedict Severely Wouml-
edPadilla Receives a Deep Fie1
On last Thursday, near Tuhac,
well armed band of about thirty In
dians attacked tho ranch of A. C.
Benediot and crot the worst of it. Ben
edict and two " laborers wore in th
field about 300 yards from tho house,
the latter two planting beans som
distance from whoro tho former was
TnUinfr un weeds. Ever watchful by
riPT,m. lfr. Benedict discovered a1
stalwart old buck within a few yardsU
of him with his lance in position to
run him through, but knowing tho over
present danger, ho had his rifle within
reach, and instantly picked it tip and
shot the would-be assassin dead on
the snot. At this moment, two armed
bucks wore seen near by, and in a few
minutes got their death from Mr. B.'sj
well-aimed rifle. In the meantime, Pa
dilla and Tapia got their guns, whicll
were near by, and poured such well-
dfrflrterl shots into the eneinv. that
they oach killed two, making seve
good Indians, in all, that day ; an
they think tw6 more must havo dietl
from wounds they feel cortain of hav-
insr inflicted.
Just as tho fight was about closed,
and he was preparing to mount hif
horse, a ricochet shot struck Benedict
on the inside of tho left leg at the J
anKle ana passea through, inflicting ainr.-hp,-i :R ih wnnrW that rim p-ov.
i. ,.,a TTr. i ? i,tjr
thrnnol, life nlnfhns in rint
ivirfa fwn or7inn- nn n.rm nnA frnf.
Jose Padilla wras shot through thei
"fleshy part of the left arm. Hi
wound is large but not dangerous an
will leave no permanent injury.
The whipped Indians got out of th
way as fast as they could, when th
men went to tho house, and Mr. Mi
Jvmnev aressea tneir wounas quite
skillfully. A noto was sent to Sheriff
Ott, and on its receipt on Weduesdayj,
he and Mr. Leatherwood went out a
brought Mr. Benedict to town, where
he now is in chargo of Dr. Hand
His wound is very bad, but it is hop
the foot may be saved so as as to bo f
some uso, though it is impossible thAt
it can over bo restored to anything
near a perfect limb. Jose Padill
mained at the ranch under the care pf
Mr. McKinney.
.Our spaco is .too limited to givo fifll
details of this gallant, successful figlrt.
ixcentinor three, fill A-nanhns seen
were armed with needlo and Henry
guns. Tho combatants wore withiij
30 to 100 yards, sq that the character o
their arms was unmistakeablo. Th
air was filled with balls, and tho es
cape with life, of tho bravo three, is
almost miraculous. Fifteen armed
Indians wero seen in ono body, an
full as many at the samo timo scat
tered about. Their expectation seen
ed to have been to separato tho wor
men irom their arms, ana then hate
an easy job of killing ; but Mr. Ben
edict never allows himself or men
about him to get beyond almost in
stant reach of good guns.
uo tne Apaches want peace r Do
they hunt for peace or objects to mur
der and steal ? Is thoro any man so
idiotic as not to know that as a body
they must bo severely punished by ac-
tual fighting beforo thoy will be at
peace r
We aro advised that orders are out
for tho return of Troop M of tho
Fifth, officered by Captain Leib and
Lieutenant Almy, from tho San Car
los, which probably closes out that
placo as a military camp. This Troop
goes to the head of Arivaipa Canyon,
about thirty miles southeast of Grant.
T. A. SCOTT and nurfcv of
c j
Texas and Pacific railway chiefs in
tend to reach San Diego in tho latter
part of August.
The conduot of these Indians is of
intense interest to this people. If
they behave well, some security to life
and property is felt in this portion of
Arizona; if they do not, tho most
terrible apprehensions provail. The
mathematical fact of two and two
making four, is no more plainand cer
tain than that tho Apaohes at Grant
havo either been cognizant of or par
ticipants in all thefts and murdora in
the Pima county settlements ; and it
is reasonably certain that until the ar
rival of Col. Eoyall and Agent J aeobs,
the officers in charge defended thorn in,
and probably incited them to commit,
these depredations. Tho Five Points
in New York in their palmiest days,
were not more prolific nurseries of
theft and murder, than tho Grant In
dian Agency prior to the advent of
the present officers ; and it is even now
believed by soino that tho former
agent has his hired villains socrotly
encouraging tho Indians to act in
solently and commit crimes, to tho ond
that it may appear to tho uninformed
abroad, tho government of them now
is worse than formerly. As infamous
acts as this are known to a moral cer-
tainty to havo been practiced within a
few months, for the solo purposo of
destroying honest men and officers
fvho are working and havo worked for
p poaco which would give security to
Indians as well as citizens. Perjurers,
.certificate men, strumpets, liquors,
bhampagnes, cigars, &c, were agencies
Wused and -indulged, and wo hear of
nono baing unpaid, and that they were
all obtained on an incomo of $125
per month, is too preposterous for
a moment's thought ; and doe3 any
ono sunposo that a debased and des-
pised officer would resort to overy
vilo and expensive means to retain
power for tho mere bonefit of a set of
Indians or any body but himself i Is
it possible that true philanthropy and
infamy can be so intimately ana yet
honestly blended in tho same officer i
After more than a year's manipula
tion by such an officer as wo havo des-
' J
e" OI lU0 -"" gW"
CerS. liko Col. RoVall and E. C
Jacobs, is extremely difficult and un
certain in results ?
Last year, stock stolon in this soo
tion, traced to Grant and found in pos
session of tho Indians, was sold by
them on an official permit, and tho
owners afterward had to buy it back
or lose it entirely ; now stolen stock
found there, is promptly returned to
tho owner. Last week a rolative of
Es-ko-van-zin brought a horse to
Agent Jacobs, which ho believed had
been stolen, and truo-onough, it proved
to bo one taken in Juno from Mr,
Bicknian, south of Tucson, and an
other of his horses is reported to have
been seen in possession of the Indians
Agont Jacobs has sent tho ono to Tuc
son and will do his bost to got and
return tho other.
As beforo stated, both Col. Eoyall
.and Agent Jacob3 aro doing all in
heir powor to rightfully executo their
'duties, and tho public at largo ap
preciate their efforts. Their task is
doubly difficult because of former
advicos from Sonora aro to
the effect that peaco reigns throughout
tho State, and that tho Apachos have
been less troublesome for tho past few
months than for years provious. This
nows seems to confirm tho report that
Cachise, with a largo band of war
riors, has taken up his headquarters
in Mexico, and made peaco with that
country, with tho full understanding
that he can raid into Arizona and other
American domain and return and find
protection for himself and band and
sale for his spoils. If this report
prove true, the gamo may bo permit
ted to go on undisturbed, but we don't
believe it will. Tho American pooplo
can bo provoked to defensive and oven
lo y
offensive moasures.
The Eeview at Albuquerque learns
that weekly mail sorvico between AL
buquerquo and Prescott, will begin
a doui; lao nrst ot August next.
July 18, a mulo train in charge of
N. B. Apple, with 36,000 pounds of
grain from the San Pedro, arrived at
the San Carlos where the new post
was intended to bo. Tho train went
via tho old Goodwin road. Distance
from Goodwin to San Carlos, is about
forty miles over a road reported to bo
quito rough. Before roaohiug San
Carlos, a teamster (Mexioan) shot him
self by accident in the left leg, and
Mr. Apple had something akin to a
sunstroke. Dr. Mullan, then at San
Carlos, was sent for. Ho promptly
wont and gavo relief, and at last ac
counts both were out of danger.
In Tucson, July 31, 1872, to the wife of
Herbert Lord, a daughter.
In Tucson, July 124, 1872, to the wile or
A. Levin, a daughter.
0KDER No. 6.
Mayor and Council of the Village of
Tucson :
The corporate authorities of the Village
of Tucsou will commence on the 12th day
of August, A. D. 1872, issuing deeds for
lots to partiese n titled thereto under the
following rules and regulations :
Jjirst The Village Hecordcr is hereby
required to be at lna oflice from 1 o'clock
p. sr. to 5 o'clock v. m. each day (Sundays
excepted), from the 12th day of August
to the lath day of oepteniDer, where all
parties interested may he heard and pre
sent their claims and evidence (in all cases
two acceptable witnesses being required)
as to their right to a deed for any lot
within the corporate limits of Tucson. If
said claim and evidence shall he satisfac
tory, there being no adverse claim,
upon payment to the -Marshal ol the
assessment or fees hereinaltcr stated,
and presentation to the Recorder of
the Marshal's receipt that the assess
ment or fees, has or have been paid,
it shall be the duty of the Recorder to
deliver to the claimant a deed for said lot,
duly signed and acknowledged by the
Mayor, with the corporate seal affixed and
attested by the Recorder, and with an In
ternal Revenue stamp placed and canceled
thereof as provided by law.
Second When there shall be an adverse
claim to any lot, the parties claimant and
defendant shall be notified by the Recorder
to appear before the Common Council at
a given time to be stated in said notifica
tion, with their evidence and witnesses,
and all cases so referred to the Common
Council, shall be heard and determined by
them without unnecessary delay, and after
a final decision thereon has been rendered,
deeds shall be issued as hereinbefore pre
scribed. Third During the time hereinbefore
specified, it shall be the duty of the Vil
lage Marshal to be in attendance at tho
office of the Recorder to receive the as
sessment or fees on etch lot, giving a re
ceipt therefor, with the amount of each
particular item of assessment stated there
in, date of payment, by whom paid, and
number of receipt, which shall he signed
by him and countersigned by the Mayor
and Recorder, and shall retain a stub with
entries thereon corresponding with those
on the receipt. He shall on Saturday of
each week, pay over to the Village Ireas
urer all funds in his possession belonging
to the Village of Tu'-son received on ac
count of said assessment on lots, taking
the Treasurer's receipt therefor, and shall
receive 5 per cent, on all money paid into
the village treasury on account of said as
sessments, to be paid out of the village
funds. He shall turn over to the Recorder
one dollar as Recorder's fees, on each as
sessment paid, and fifty cents for the pur
chase of Internal Revenue stamp. He
shall cntor into a special bond in the sum
of four thousand dollars conditioned for
the faithful performance of his duties ac
cording to the provisions of this order.
Fourth It shall be the duty of the
Mayor, for and on behalf of the. corporate
authorities, to sign all deeds for lots made
in accordance with law and the provisions
of this order.
Fifth It shall be the duty of the Recorder,-
upon issuing any deed, to enter in a
record boon to be kept lor that purpose,
a minute of the date of issue, to whom
issued, with tho number of the lot and
block and the field notes of the survey of
said lot, ana shall, as Justice of the Peace,
take the acknowledgment of the Mayor
to the execution ot the deed as provided
by law, and afHx thereon a fifty cent In
ternal Revenue stamp, and shall receive
ono dollar for all services rendered in is
suing any deed.
Sixth After the 12th day of Sept., 1872,
twenty-fivo per cent, shall be added to tbe
mount assessed on any and all lots whose
annant or claimants shall have neglected
or laiicd to pay tuereior.ana tne common
uncil may sell any of such lots upon
hich the assessments remain unpaid, at
nblic auction, after having given four
ecks public notice; and all purchasers of
its sold at puoiicauction snail De entitled
o and receive deeds therefor as hereinbe-
orc prescribed.
Seventh The following amounts shall
be levied and assessed on each lot, which
shall be paid by the party entitled to the
deed before it shall be Issued, viz: For the
survey of the lot, at the rate of 20 per
mile; lor each corner established, at 1
Vach ; lor cacn corner calculated, at
eewts each ; for each corner platted, at 25
finis eacu ; lor purchase money ot lot,
1 25 per lot not exceeding one acre in ex
tent , and $1 25 for each additional acre or
fractional part ot an acre ; lor makiner out
deed of lot, 51; for Internal Revenue
amp for deed, hlty cents.
Passed in the Common Council of the
lllage of Tucson, July 23, A. D. 1872.
Attest : Mayor.
William J. Ossony, Recorder. j329-3t
jOL uation in a Family or Small Club in
Tucson or vicinity, Address: OldPio
nccr Brewery. it
ORDEN No. 6.
Comun han ordenado lo siguientc :
El dia 12 do Agosto, 1872 las autoridades
municipalcs comenzaran a cspedir los
titulos en favor de las pcrsonas que para
cllo tengan derecho bajo los siguicntes
lo El Registrador de la Villa permane
cerd en su olicina desde la una hasta a las
cinco de la tardc todos los dias (salvo el
Domingo) desde el dia 12 de Agosto ha3ta
ol 12 de Septiembre, 1872. Alii atendera
A las personas interesadas quienes presen
taran sus reclamos probando con dos tee
tigos a lo menos la legitimidad de su dere
cho, despues dc la cual sc les dara un titu
lo a sus terrenos que cs'ten entre los limi
tes de la Villa del Tucson. Si tal reclarao
junto con las cvidencias son satisfactorias
no habiendo otros adyersos y despues de
pagar al Mariscal el acotamiento abajo es
puesto y que sc halla eutregado al Regis
trador el recibo del Mariscal por el pago
del acotamiento, seni cutonces el deber
del Registrador de hbrar al reclamante el
titulo por su tcrreno firmado y reconocido
por el Mayor estampado con el sello de
la corporacion y refrendado por el Regis
trador, estampado tambien con unsello'de
Rentas Internas segun prescrito por la ley.
2o Si hubiese un reclamo adverso a
cualquier terreno las personas controvcr
tentes seran notilicadas para que aparezcan
A cierto tiempo cspccilicado en la notili
cacion delante del Consej.0 Comun con sus
tcstigos y evidencias para ser tales casos
oidos y detcrminados por el Mayor sin
ninguna dilacion innecesaria. T cuando se
haya rendido la decision final, se daran los
titulos como sc haya prescrito.
3o Durante yen el tiempo especificaao.
sera el deber del Mariscal de periuanecer
en la oficina del Registrador para recibir
el acotamiento de cada terreno dando un
recibo en el que anotani la suma y el ca
racterdc cada partida del acotamiento con
fecha del pago, por quien pagado, y el nu
incro del recibo lo lirmara y lo refrenda-
ran con sus firmas el Mayor y el Registra
dor. Guardara el Mariscal una copia en
miniatura de dicho recibo con los asicntos
correspondientes al que entriegue. El Sa-
bado de cada semana, dcpositara con el
Tcsorero de la Villa todo el dineroqueeete
en su posesion rccibido por cuenta de I03
acotamicntos de terrenos y pertenecientes
la villa. Ue tal cantidad eutregada rc-
cibira un 5 por ciento de la cantidad colcc-
tadaquesepagara dc los londos del Mum
cipio. Dara al Registrador un peso por
cada acotamiento, y 50 centabos para la
compra de sellos de Rentas Internas. Dara
una lianza dc cuatro mil pesos para el ejer-
cicio uei de sus deneres comiorme alas pro
visiones de esta orden.
4o Sera el deber del Mayor de hrmar
todos los titulos de terrenos librados en
acucrdo con la ley ylas provisionea de esta
5o El RegiBtrador al espedir cualquier
titulo anotani en un libro guardado para
cste fix la fecha dclaespediciona quienes
pedida con el unmero del lote y su situacion
y las notas del Agrimensor sobre dicho lote.
Como Juez de paz tomara el rcconoci
miento del Mayor para la ejecucion del
titulo como esta prescrito por la ley, es
tampaudolo con un sello de Rentas In
ternas. Recibira nn peso por todos sus
servicios rendidos al espedir cualquiei
Co Despues del 12 de Septiembre, 1872
se anadira un veinte y cinco por ciento a la
cantidad acotada sobre cualquier terreno
por el cual no se hahra pagado. El Con
sejo Comun tiene facultad para vender en
publica subasta al Mayor postor los terre
nos por los cuales no sc habra pagado el
acotamiento. El comprador recibira en
tonces su titulo til tcrreno comprado como
se prescribio antes.
7o Las siguientes sumas se cole'ctarau
dc las pcrsonas a quienes se librcn titulos &
sns lotes antes de espedirlos. Para pagar
la agrnnensura de tal lote a razon de 20 pe
sospormilla; por cada esquina establecida
1 peso ; por cada csquma calculada 2o cen
tabos; por cada esquina delineada 25 cen
tabos ; por la compra del lote 1,2a cada acre
y 1,25 por cada acre ofraccion de acre adi
cional ; por registrar el titulo 1 peso, y para
comprar stllos dc Rentas Internas 50 cen-
Pasado en elConsejo Comun, de la Villa
del Tucson, Julio 23, A. V. iS72.
Refrendado : Mayor
William J. Osborn, Registrador. It
Recordeii's Office, )
Village of Tucson, July, 25, 1872. (
renting and locations of tents, booths,
tables, etc. during tho continuance of the
Feast of San Augnstin, Commencing Aug.
28, 1872, will be offered for sale at public
auction, at Congress Hail, on Monday,
August 12, at 10 o'clock a. m. The
nurchascr will have the right immediately
upon the close of the sale to a choice of
location, citner on me unurcn or uourt
House Plaza, to be confined and limited
to sucn portion ot the Plaza selected as
the Common Council mav direct, and will
be required to keep the grounds well
cleaned and lree ol runoisn and garbage,
and after the Feast shall have terminated.
to remove all structures and fixtures that
mav have been placed thereon.
Terms of Sale : Cash in hand at time of
sale or with approved security, payable
on or Dciorc tne otu aay oi aept. 1872.
By order of the Common Council.
jy29-td Recorder.
Court House Plaza, Tucson.
the Day or Week, on nay or ,t?f
(irain; also groomed m good style.
Travellers will find the best of accom
modations for animals at my corral and
A Job wagon is always ready to do work
about town at low prices.
Good saddle animals for hire, and iren
eral Livery Business kept up. Call and
try my accommodations.
Tucson, July 27, 1872. jy27-3ni '
JL9 Paper Bags by Tnn Ciitizex office
at fcB,' single thousands, and at less rates
for additional thousands.
Wm. B. Hooper &Co.,
San Francisco, Cal.,
Arizona City, A. T.,
tail Department,
We shall, from and after this date, attend
exclusively to the wants ol
Throughout Arizona Territory and So
nora, Mexico.
To interior merchants, small dealers-
station keepers, saloon kecDers. ranch
men, froighters, etc., who buy in quan
tities, we now oner our entire
To make room for large invoices soon
to arrive.
We " guarantee " satisfaction in oual-
ity and price, and those desiring anything
in stock, will not regret examining same
before doing so in any other market.
Orders from parties at a distance will
meet with the same care and attention al
though themselves present.
The highest price paid for
Or .any other marketable article produced
in the country. . -
Consigned merchandise,machincry,etc,
will be promptly forwarded to . destina
tion, as usual, by careful and competent
freighters, at current rates.
Arizona City, May 13, 1872. my -tf
Established In 1805.
San Francisco. ) Sanford, A. T.
Pima County, Arizona Tcrritorj,
And keep always on hand
A Complete Stock of Every Article '
Required by Merchants, Farmers, Hotels,
Saloons, Station-keepers, Miners,
Mechanics and Families.
Our Goods aro Selected Especially
for the Trade of Arizona,
All of which we will sell cheap for cash
or exchange for
Also Proprietors of the
SAuroRD, Pima Coustt, A. T.
We Manufacture the finest and best'
quality of bur in the Territory, which
we will supply to the trade and citizens
at LOWEST CASH PRICE in 100 lb. and
50 fi. sacks. Quality guananteed. Lib
eral allowance to the trade.
Orders solicited for
Sanford, Juno 5, 1872, Jc6-tf

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