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Arizona citizen. [volume] (Tucson, Pima County, A.T. [i.e. Ariz.]) 1870-1880, May 24, 1873, Image 1

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No. 33.
Vol. III.
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L. P. Fisher, 20 and 21 New Merchants'
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K. Irvine & Co Phenix
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Attorney and Cocnselloi: at Law,
Tucsox Arizona.
Ollice on Congress street. my4tf
Titcson, Arizona.
COrnkr of CiroRcn and Convent.
R. A. WILBUR, M. D.,
Tcosok Arizona.
Office: Cor. Stone and Convent Sts.
Attorney at Law,
Tucsox Arizona.
Will practice in all the Courts of the
Territory. ltf
Attornet at Law,
U. S. District Attorney for Arizona.
Tucson Arizona.
Office on Congress street. ltf
Dealer in Imported
"Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
congress hall,
Tucson, A. T.
JSha-vinjy Saloon,
Congiess street first pole above Pioneer
News Depot.
reasonable rates, such aB
Hair Cutting.
Best Bay um used.
corner of 4th and k sts.,
J. H, GoEwEr. C. I. Crowkll.
H. srcCauii.
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, ttt ? r-rp c? A AT) T Tn TJO RS
Sole Agents for tho
Celebrated Blue Crass Whisky,
409 and -ill Front Street, S. F., Cal.
apr26 6m.
Tres .AJLanxos, Ar 1 kojiu,
Dealeb in
Have constantly on hand a well aeleotod
stock ot
2 Etc., Etc..
'.WHICH I offer for sale at lowest possible
prices. I have also HAY and GRAIN ca
hand to supply tho traveling public. Also
a mo3t oxcllent well of water to aocona
modato tho public. Bp5-6a
The Map of the Great Metropolis a
Great Patch-work The Miseries
of a Million General Observations
McCormick, Crook, etc., etc.
New York, April 27. Any one
who looks about and thinks for him
self in this motley world, cannot do
much Avith New York in one or two
newspaper letters. I have been nos
ing about this place every day and
night for eight weeks, now, in addi
tion to several visits in years past, and
the more I come to know this metro
politan monstrosity, the better I like
it and the more thoroughly I hate it.
Its lights and shadows are the very
extremes of an orthodox hell and a
Mohammedan heaven. To live hero
as I would like to would require a
competence of half a million.
Governor McCormick was here last
week, and after a two days' and
nights' run together in and about this
accursed hive of humanity, we agreed
that no language could do justice to
life in New York. He thinks he has
discovered the grand line of demarka
tion between wealth and mediocrity
in this world specially in this world
of New York. Those who have to
ride in omnibuses and street cars, are
anions: the damned: those who can af
ford a conveyance of their own, how
ever plain, are above the common
herd and happy. He considers tho
veriest Arab of the American desert a
oerson to be envied in comparison to
the half million of well-dressed clerks,
etc., struggling for better things in
this mighty assemblage. Although
born and raised here, he hates tho
place next to myself. 1 allow no del
egate or devil to outswear me or say
more hateful things. In regard to
opening up streets parallel to Broad
way, and clear down to the Battery,
he says he would want the power of
ex-Emperor Napoleon, (the Third,)
whose declaration was law. I should
want to be the First Napoleon here
for about a year; the first widening
of streets in southern New York
would be by tho direct use of grape
shot and canister. If I could havo
Almighty power for fifteen minutes,
I would sink all south of Canal street
and start things anew.
Speaking of McCormick, he thinks
of a two months' tour to the Vienna
Exposition, some time after the meet
ing of the Centennial Commissioners
early next month at Philadelphia.
He thinks he could as well if not bet
ter servo Arizona that way than by
returning to the Territory this sum
mer ; and it would seem like a more
sensible move to any reasonable mor
tal. He will not decide until the
meeting in question. General Crook
and Cachise ought to be able to take
care of the Territory one summer,
now that they have niadb such head
way toward peace the one great aim
of all good Arizonans. It is a source
of great satisfaction to all those who
assisted in placing Crook in command
of Arizona, to see him as the right
man in the right place. I met In
dian Commissioner Smith the other
night, and he expressed himself quite
content with the military triumphs in
Arizona. All that is necessary now
to complete happiness all round, is
the placing of the star on Gen. Crook's
shoulder, that he had eminently
earned five years ago. I was going
to say something about his three days
and nights fight in the " lava beds "
of northern. California in September,
1867, with about 75 men, in compar
ison to the three months battle up
there yet going on with nearly a
thousand men, with artillery thrown
in ; but comparisons are odious. Let
us have peace.
The map of New York has been
compared to a fan, but that is too
thin. Cut your hand off back of the
wrist-joint, and spread out the fingers
and thumb more or less, and you get
a better idea of it. (If you don't
want to cut your hand off as sug
gested, you can go to the devil.) Then
surround your hand with water (an
other startling suggestion for some of
you, perhaps) and you have a 'good
enough idea of Manhattan Island,
alias New York city. In reading up
yesterday, I found that the word
Manhattan is Indian for "a place
where all got drunk as was the
case when old Henry Hudson landed
and made the usual sort of treaty
with the natives; that is, gobbled
everything. All he asked for, as the
history tells me, was for land enough
on wmcn to sireum. a uuum
The untutored savage, jolly with
whisky, acceded to the request, where
upon the wily gentleman from Hol
land proceeded to put tho raw-hide
" where it would do the most good,
as Oakes Ames would say. Ho cut it
into one Jong string and stretched it
clear round tho island ! The lnan3
considered it too good a joko to fight
about then; but soon found out that
it was too late. Besides much of the
island was swamp instead of lava
bed . "Wall Etreet got its name from a
wall thrown across the island as a de
fence against the reaction of that
original old drunk. I have found
life to be only one long struggle to
keep from getting drunk at best, but
I never could understand till reading
history yesterday, what deep-seated
influence existed here to make it a
greater struggle to keep from getting
But to return to tho map. The
wrist and hand up to tho fingers, rep
resent the old solid "down town"
portion of the city the wrist part the
far down portion. The fingers will
serve to show the newer plan, or avo
nuo system. The great crowd drop
down into the narrowest portion every
day like so many cats in a sack
crawling and scratching about as best
they can. Captain. Jack of the Mo
doc marines has a paradiso of it where
he is, compared to this. I don't blamo
him for killing Canby & Co., rather
than come into the height of civiliza
tion. I would kill Christ and hang
myself a la Judas, before submitting
to this sort of life eight weeks more.
I started out this morning to look for
Christ, thinking to find hira at Grace
church the most fashionable gospel
shop in the city ; it is happily located
along side of A. T. Stewart's up-town
dry goods palace. There are two pe
culiar land-marks in this line here
wealthy old Trinty church facing
"Wall 6treet, and Grace church as in
question. Their respective steeples
stand out in tho street as it were at
either end of Broadway, over two
miles apart. After church, I walked
leisurely over the south side of the
city, where I saw a larger field for
missionary work than if all the sav
ages in the land were huddled on the
same ground. I came to the conclu
sion that instead of finding Christ, I
had struck hell rich with tho "bed
rock pitching," and that it would re
quire all the capital here to " place "
this mine in the market of the New
Jerusalem. I iust came back to my
room and took an immense drink of
old Cutter whisky out of an original
package " hence these tears."
You can never make a silk purse
out of a mouse's ear, and two centu
ries more on top of the American me
tropolis, will not see it a sightly and
well regulated city, however much
there may be of interest in it othor
st think of that old Dutch
church of a post-office ! now used for
tho latter purpose in the most nar
row contracted part of the city, for
nearly a century. Lord, how 1 would
like to widen .Nassau street witn a
battery of the very biggest guns.
Tho masses are as helpless in the
hands of the thieving, selfish powers
that be, first and last, as so many
children. Every measure for tho
good of the city, advocated either at
the State or .National capital, is
staved off by the conflicting rings
from year to year decade to century,
and so it will go on indefinitely. The
selfish Stewart says he will fight till
the last an under-ground quick tran
sit railroad. The wharf system is a
stench, and shipping doubly expen-ci-va
Tbo nitv ia comnletelv sur
rounded by the dregs of civilization
the worst of the world's commune ;
and if so disposed this element could
crowd over into Broadway and Fifth
Avenue and literally gut tho wealthy
and fashionable part of the city be
fore assistance could be mustered.
The ono great work the city can boast
of is Central Park, and Boss Tweed
tho Prince of Thieves gave it the
finishing touches in course of time.
Give the devil his due. But I must
go and " see a man," W.
Judging from the scenes furnished
by illustrated papers, there must
have been several hundred "special
artists " lying around loose upon the
rocks, waiting to sketch Captain Jack
of the horse marines.
We were told an anecdole by Chas,
Nordhoff, tho celebrated writer, of
himself, which carries with it so good
a moral lesson that wo propose to tell
it at the risk of making public a story
that was only intended for our ears.
Nordhoff and Du Chaillu. the noted
African explorer, were fast friends of
manv vears standing : there was much
j j a
in the early history of each to bind
one to the other ; both nad traveled
and seen much of the world; both
were observing and by their graceful
pens had made a name and were
known the civilized world over ; one
had penetrated far into the unexplored
wilds of Africa, and had returned and
reported a vast fund of information
of men, insects, reptiles and animals,
lwfhm but little known. The two
were in the habit of corresponding
frequently with, eacn otner, ana an
attachment had grown up almost
akin to brothers. Thus matters stood
when one day an acquaintance of
NordhofPs, some what celebrated for
a carrier of news, stepped into his of
fice in New York and said: "Mr.
Nordhoff I understand that you are a
particular friend of Mr. Du Chaillu."
Nordhoff assured him that such was
the case. Now says our news carrier,
"It is always a painful duty for mo
to say aught about any one, and par
ticularly when it is liable to break
up friendly relations heretofore exist
ing, and 1 assure you Mr. Nordhoff
that it is only on account of my deep
attachment for you that I am now led
from my well-settled policy to not say
ill of any one, but I "believe that you
should know the truth, and I am
pairied when I have to announce to
you that Du Chaillu is no friend of
yours, in fact, that he is positively
your enemy." Can this be possible,
responded Nordhoff, and what knowl
edge have you to cause you to arrive
at such a conclusion ? " The best in
the world sir, I have it from Du
Chaillu's own lips. I heard him speak
of you in the most disrespectful man
ner, ho belittled your writings and
said that you were only a penny-a-liner."
Is it true that Du Chaillu said
such things of me, and did you hear
it with your own ears ? " Most as
suredly I did, and he even went fur
ther and said more." "Well that is
enough, replied Nordhoff, it is un
pleasant for mo to hear, but every
word he has said is true, because no
man knows mo better than Du Chaillu,
and in his judgment I have implicit
confidence, therefore whatever lie says
about me I most cordially endorse.
The next steamer that came from
Liverpool brough the watch Du Chail
lu had carried and used in making ob
servations in all his African travels,
inscribed on the inside of it to his
esteemed Charles Nordhoff. The mis-nhifif-maker
failed in his effort because
he found a man too great and too true
to be driven or coaxed from one he
had long known and tionfided in.
What, a world of bitter enmity would
be saved if every one would follow
tho example ot Uharles JNoraiiort
when such meddlesome- creatures,
either for mischief or hellish purposes,
attempted to estrango friends.
The Superintendent of public
schools for Yuma county reports that
free schools are open at Yuma and
Ehrenberg, and that tho pupils are
making excellent progress. At Cerbat
in Mohave county a school is open
and doing well. A school house is in
process of construction at Prescott and
a teacher is soon expected from Cali
fornia to open the school. In Mari
copa county two schools are open.
School marshals have been appointed
in every district of the Territory and
they are now: engaged in taking tho
census. A thorough and complete
nrp-anization of the school svstem is
being perfected and it is expected that
on tho hrst Atonday or next uctooer
that a free school will be orjened in
every school district of the Territory
j j c ; r lx.
ana conunueu iur muu mumus vl luo
year. "Wo want more good Bchool
mams, and must have them. Good
wages will be paid, and when they
get tired of teaching we will find
them all good husbands, and if they
do not marry it will not be our faulty
W-r prrnrl last week in savin sr that
tho man in charge of Buckalew's train
after being stripped Dy tne anuiiiuo
went to the San uarios reserving
Tho Tniliona fnnk him between Good
win and Cottonwood creek, and ho
overtook tho tram at the latter pi
Phenix. May 12. It docs not aDnear to
bo much uso writing to you, as it takes
about two weeks for you to get my letters,
and public iumor will giro you tho news
in half that timo. The District Court is
adjourned till the September term. Tho
men who were in jail, charged with tho
murder of Griffin, arc all out and clear,
though ono Manuel Pacheco Tas found
guilty of murder. Pacheco's counsel
moved for a new trial, which wa3 granted,
and tho District. Attorney not having any
more testimony to ndduce, by leave of tho
court, entered a nolle prosequi in each caso
and so they were all discharged. Har
vesting occupies tho greater amount of at
tention at present. Some have been cut
ting for more than a week, and many will
commenco this week. I have heard of but
ono who has commenced threshing. Tho
grain is likely to turn out an average crop,
at least. Education still claims somo at
tention. The public school at tho me3
quite is running, and the sabbath school in
Phenix continues to be an attractive place.
The weather begins to grow warm, not ex
cessively hot. Indeed it ia much cooler
now than at this time last year. Trees
aro being planted out extensively. Vege
tation is becoming moro abundant, and
water is being more widely spread over
tho land, which may account for tho dif
ference in climate. This morning there
was a pleasant shower, just enough to lay
the dust and cool the air. Phenix.
are reminded that
Delivers Clear, Fresh Spring Wa
ter once or more a day, at a
Very Moderate Price.
He is as punctual as a clock, and delivers
at hours to suit customers. Calluponhim
for water and particulars. mrilo-tf
Pioneer IVoavs Depot
odicals, Magazines and Novels.
Also, a fine assortment ot
Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes, Etc.,
constantly on hand.
Lesinsky's block, uongress-st,
Stf Tucson, Arizona
Every "Variety
Tucson, A . ' .
Tucson. San Francisco,
Jos. Collixgwood, Florence.
IE. IV. FISH ana CO,.
Wholesale and. Retail
"AVE constantly on hand a large and
. well selected stock of Dry Goods,
Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Groceries
Provisions, Liquors, Cigars and Tobacco,
Hardware, etc., which we will sell at the
very lowest prices.
We have, also, Hay and Grain, constant
ly on hand to supply the Public. 5-tf.
Cosobess Street, Tucson,
Tin, Brass aud Sheet-Iron IVare;
Also Stoves of the best patterns.
"Every description
Tin, Sheet-iron ware and Stoves Is sold
on terms to suit the times.
-Orders solicited and promptly filled.
establishment, is a special depart
ment for the
Repair and. Cleaning
"Etc.. Etc.
53?Steneilwork solicited and executed
to suit customers.
All work warranted as repreBentedi 'Mil

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