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Arizona citizen. [volume] (Tucson, Pima County, A.T. [i.e. Ariz.]) 1870-1880, November 01, 1879, Image 4

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lg&Wgli in . 1) .I.JI-HL.1J..P.J.' i.M...Jiii.LIILliJU.lJICirUJLL't.'J.ILftrflIJJJ.llliL
Application for Patent.
ITnitkii Statfs LArcn Offiok.
Fmuksce. UtizoN. August 28, 1ST0.
W llio Corh n Mill and Minlnc Com-
nnv,n corporation orcanlzed undnr the
mwsof the Territory of Arizona, luivlne
tliolrolllre ami principal plareofhusinos
In the town of Tur-on. limn County. Art
wwn. lias Hits day made application forH
patent to ills
Ml tint I'd in the Toinlist'-ne Mining TU
trtrt, In Hit County of limn. Territory or
Arizona, lx-lnir bounded him described a?
follows: Beelnnlntrnt the N. W. crner
of said r.lnlm til n pot five feet lone four
Inches t-qnnre, plHiited 2 feel in Hie ground
and in a mnniimenlnf stones and marked i
t hereon I. C. M. C. No 1 ": thei.ce nin-
nlns.s.fiE20" E. nlong north end line of , Df satisf yiug onr animal passions, but
"Lucky Cuss" and south end line of J , , 1 '
" Old Guard " claim 8-Ofc chains to n post 5 as a revelation from heaven command-
leet lonu I Inches square plunieu z lectin . , c.-(s,v ,w;r of wri
t-round and In a mmmmeul of stones and , ,nS us lo Kiusn uie iiebire oi even
marked ihereon "L. c. M. c No. 2" for, woman who may wish to become a
the N. E. corneror tliec-lalm aim aisottie - .
H.K. corner of tiie "Old Guard"; theme I mother and as such :t is regarded by
running south I .' west 2.7Z' chains to ,, ,i rpyerg,,,,
n pot 5 frat lone 4x4 Inches planted 2 feet! us w 11,1 8,1 revereHCe.
Pjiknix, October 2S. Dio Jones, a
prominent Mormon settler in this val
ley, preached here Sunday on Mor
monism, and said on polyenmy that
with us it is not regarded as the means,
as is commonly supposed by outsiders,
From Monday's Daily.
Pima County Bank.
"We had the pleasure of n call this
ofternoon from Mr. "Win. A. Scott, Jr.,
who has just arrived in Tucson from
Sun Francisco and will take the posi
tion of Manager of the Pima County
Bank. Mr. Scott has had fifteen j ears
experience in "Wells, Fargo & Co.'s
Bonking House. He now comes to
make his home and will concentrate
The indefatigable Road Commis
sioners left this morning at seven
o'clock to inspect further prosecution
of the new Globe road. The party
comprised Messrs. "W. W. "Williams,
M. G. Samaniego, J. P. Clum and
Wiley. They departed with all the
grandeur becoming so honorable a
Board, having two spanking four-in-
hauds, two trusty jehues and an expe
rienced cook. The duties of .the two
energy and experience in his new po- rormer attendants are quite apparent,
sitton. The Pima MiiK lias been con- !ami wnou we consider the " ton of pro
ductal honorably and successfully and 'v,5jon," eta, which such an undertake
the management are determined it
jing necessitates, there remains no
in the ground and In a monument of
nonets marked thereon ' L. C. JI.C.No.
71" for the S.E. corner of the calm; thence
If . SS 20" W. nlonc south end line of
" l.ueKy unss" anil " Jtctanirs Claim "
clinlns to a post 5 feet lone -1x4 Inches
p. anted 2 feel In tlieground and in o mon
ument oi stones, marked thereon "I. C.
M . C. No. I for theS. W. eorner of claim ;
thence If. 200" K. alone the western line
or claim 22.72 chains to the place or
olnt of heclnninp; containing 20 jfi acrs;
said claim betns Itounded on the south
hv tlie "MeCHnn" claim, on the north
hv th " Old (Jimrd ": on the wost by the
Owl's Last, Hoot " claim and the " Owls
IfKt claim, lielns de-ienall as lot No.
-!fl on the plat tiled in the Hi giler'i office.
J- lorence, Arizona
The irlBlnal notice of location of this
clulm Is recorded is the Ilrcorder's oftl-ee
of I'iina Connlj-, Arlsona, In liook C.
imet's 220 and 221, Record of Mines, April
9. 1j7. and Is described In said IocmUou
nirth'H as beint; about 6 miles cast of the
f-Hii I'tHlro river ami abouts miles uetot
I he l.rauoon Mountains.
Any and all persons claiming ad tersely
the whole or any portion of i-ald Lucky
Cuss " claim or surface ground are re-
tjuireu to me their aiiver claims with
the Register of the Land Office at Flor
ence, Arizona, during the 90 day period oi
rHioiicaiion nereoi or ttiy will be Imrieu
by virtue of the provisions of the statute.
49-lt Itegiuter.
"Wm. B. Hcllings Has returned from
San Francisco.
The Grand Jury will probably make
its report to-morrow. An interesting
document is looked for.
Good news continues to be received
from the Tonto Basin mines.
An experiment on the raisinc of
sugar cane on a large scale in this val
ley is to be made by Jifajor Hooper,
who is confident of success.
The District Court will likely com
plete its work this week.
The Tip Top Mill at Gillette will
shut down after this month for six
week. The territorial road will then
be completed ami ore hauled instead
f being packed. During the stop
page of the mill work will be pushed
with vigor.
Lor em Bonded. '
Pjiexix, October 29. A special to
he Herald from Prescott says the Lo
rena mine in the Bradshnw District
has just been bonded by Bowen,
K wles & Co., from its present dwn
e -. .
S.vx Fkancisco, October So. Gen.
Grant attended a banquet of the . Cali
fornia Pioneers last evening.
After Many Days.
San Fkancisoo, October 27. The
remains of W. S. Bodie, the discoverer
of Bodie Mining District, and who
Uieaijovcnamed piain i. if in tha bi-riet ' perished in a snow storm November
Court id the First Judicial Disiriet In and i 1
jor ine uoumy ornma, j i the Territory ori -tow", were tiiscovereu yesterday
Arizona, and answer the complaint lilrd! . ... m ,, .,i...i r ,nl r
Willi the Clerk of this Court at Tucson, In abut m,,e SOUthest Of the tOWII of ,
couniy (a copy oi wnicti conip.aiiii ijodie. The deceased is believed to
accompanies this summons) wit' In twen-L . . .
it day (exclusive of the dav of erviee) have been a native of Kocheslcr- or
JL la a non-resident of the Territory of
Arizona, and who reside In the cltv and
county or Sun Francisco, .state of Califor
nia. In District Court. First Judicial Dis
trict, In the County of I'ima, Territory of
Arizona. Sam 11. Adams A II. A. McCar
thy, plalnliirs, against John E. Maee aii
C. S. llfiiedirt, defendants. Summons.
Action brouciit In the District Court or the
First Judicial District in and lor the Coun
ty of I'iina, jn the Territory of Arizona.
The Territory of Arizona sei d greeting
to John E. Maijeeand C.S. ISenedlrf. You
are hereby summoned and required to a-
jwwr in an aciion oroumit aeaim-t vou uv
shallhave no snperior in the Terri- question as regards the utility of the
latter. We are not informed whether
the second four-in-hand carried the
provision or was especially detailed
for the cook. The party intend being
away four days and no doubt the "ton"
nfter the service upon you of this sum
mons, if served in this couniv; but I
Hrvcdoutor this county and within this
district, then .riihln thirty days; In all
other cases loriy days.
And you are hereby notified that If vou
fall to appear and answer the complaint
as above renin red, the plalnl'ltr will apply
lo thecourt lorthe relief demanded there
in hihI costs nnd disbursements in this be-
lmir expended.
Given under my hand and the seal of the
said District Court at Tucson, this
fr- s. seventh day of October, 1S7H.
2 10t G. A. CLUM. Clerk.
Proposals for Building Material.
"VlIIllI.E BAIIItACKS. l'ltKsroTT, A. T.,
October 10, 1S79.
cate. subject to tho usual conditions.
Will receln d at this ofllce until 3 o'clock
1. m. on the 15th day or November. 1S79,
at which time ami place they will le
open-d In preseuceo! bidders, for furnlsli
Jac lliinlier, -tin, nails, and all other nin
lenal required for construction of tin roofs
to public huildinss at Fort Lowell, A. T.,
all the material, except lumber, to b" de
livered to the Depot Quartermaster at San
Francisco, Cal., and the lumber to be de
livered at Fort Lowell.
The Government reserves the right to
reject any or all proposals.
A preference Will be given to articles of
domestic production.
lttMiik proposals and specifications eon
talnintr detailed Information my be oh
tnlnrd at this olllce, nt the ofllce of the
Hot Q,iiarlermasler, Fort Lowell, A. T.,
awl at tli- ofllce of tho Depot Quartermas
ter. San Francisco.
Proposals should be enclosed In sealed
envelope, marked ' Propoxnls for Mater
ial for Tin Roofs at Fort Ii'rell, A. T.,"
:iik1 addressed lo the underslsneil.
OjHartermaster U. S. Army, Chief Quar
termaater Department of Arizona.
Hining "Work Notice.
J. his heirs, n.islj;ii and leeal repreenta.
tlves. Take notice that I.tlienndcrNlimed.
co-owner with said John Foley, dee'd. In
the IIoful mine, in Arivnca District,
Puna (.'oiinty, Arizona, located September
LM, J8TS. have done the assessment work
on sahl claim for the year endltiK June 6,
167H: that the sum of S-tO is due me from
sakl John Foley, dec'd.or the owners of
sain John Koley. dee'd, interest in said
claim, us his proH)rtlon of said assess
ment work: and that unless said sum of
fS" i tmld me on or la'fore the expiration
of 90 days from the date of this notice 1
shall claim a forfeiture to me of said de
oessed's Interest In said claim, by virtue of
eeetlon 2323 of the Revised Statutes of the
United States. B. A. HARASZTIIY.
Dated Tucson, October 10, 1ST8. 52-1 9t
Notice of Final Proof.
October 7, 1S79.
the following uaineil settler has filed
)intlce of Ills intent ion to make final proof
In siipiKirt of his claim, and secure nasi
entry thereof at the expiration of thirty
day from the date of this notice, viz.:
Alexander Levin, Pre emption Doclara-tniy-SiBteraent
No. BI7, for the S. ;.J, S. E.
y. and S. E. i S. V. ! Sev 13 nnd N . K. V
N- E. Vi fee. 21, lownsliip 13 S , ranee 13 it.,
mill names the following as his witnesses
to prove his claim: Alejando Mollno, of
J ociKin. i'iina county, anil Auavtasio 31 o
lino, nlfeoof Tucson. Pima County.
6:-W Registrar.
Poughkeepsi, New York, when he
left his family.
On the Street.
San Francisco, October 28. The
cabinet makers cf the city went on
street to-day for the increase of wages
Lof 25 per cent.
San Francisco, October 23. Curry,
9; Nexicnn, 04 Ophir, 82&;
Union, SI; Nevada, 57; Eureka,
24; Best, 17f ; Ovenmin, Utah,
20; Manhattan, 2; Bell, 2; Savage,
12; Mono, $.
Fevftr Record.
jrKMriiis, October 23.- The Board
of Health have declared the epidemic
at an end. Camps will be broken up
Monday. "We have had two heavy
frosts and no new cases.
Memphis, October 28. No new
cases have been reported within the
past twenty-four hours. Citizens con
tinue to return in large numbers ami
merchants report a marked improve
ment in business. "Weather clear and
The Lost Pathfinder.
St. Locis, October 25. A lnxly has
been washed ashore from Lake Michi
gan, near Miller's station, which has
been recognized as that of Batir, the
companion of Prof. Yi'isc in the bal
loon Pathfinder.
Petkhshurg, Ya., October 23. It is
feared that a heay frost last night
damaged the tobacco crop.
The Oar.
Boston, October 25. The Harvard
boat race was won by the Juniors.
Time: Juniors, 8.38; Seniors, S.8S
Sophomores, S.55.
Detroit, October 28.- A dispatch
received from Grand Haven states that
the steamer Amazon, for that place
from Milwaukee, with fifty passen-
srerp, struck a bar and was driven
ashore by a heavy sea and strong
northwest wind. She now lies within
100 feet of the river with her broad
side to the sea and the spray dashing
over her. Passengers are being taken
ashore by a lile-snviag car. The crew
are throwing the cargo overboard and
the steamer is evidently going to
Silver Delhrs.
"Washinoton, October 27. Standard
silver dollars coined up to tins date
44,15850. Of this number 12 ,221,010
are in circulation, the remainder in the
"Washington, October 23. Presi-
tory. Ve congratulate them upon se
curing the valuable services of Mr.
Judgk "Wood ami Ben Hereford are
back from a 14 days' trip through the
northern jwrtion of Pima county.
They have only good report. Tilings
oil the Upper Gila are very quiet, crops
arc good and the people are happy.
Both the gentlemen say the trip has
mane them feel a dozen years younger.
Twelvk passengers left for Tomb
stone yesterday on "Walker's line,
among which were Mr. F. Corbin, Mr.
J. Spiers, Miss Gird, H. Muller, AV.
Corbett, F. L. Goodwiu, Mr. Howe and
Dr. Seawell.
Jim Carrol's train came in this
morning with 00,000 jiounds of freight
the greater portion of which was for
L. Zeckcndorf & Co., aud the remain
der for the Government.
The Road Commissioners expect to
leave at seven a. m. to morrow to in
spect the new Globe road as far as the
point where it leaves, the Gila Canyon.
Mil. "W. C. Davis, the Knight of the
Tin Cup, has several workmen busy
preparing tin for the roof of the new
Corbin quartz mill at Charleston.
Two doeu sheot-iron stoves ear
being made in Mr. Davis' shop for
Tombstone people. It is evident the
intend to camp then: this winter.
A high wind has been blowing since
last evening. It is unusua1 for these
winds to continue so long.
ues. .john n. ai.lex is in again
from Tomlwtone lo get more provis
ions for the honest miners.
Levin is putting a handsome finish
on thu exterior walls of the Gem.
A car load of Chicago beer came in
to dav for L. Zeckeudorf & Co.
From Tuesday's Dally.
Restaurant a fa Mode.
Our fellow townsman, Paul Maro
ncy, Jr. and Joseph Casson, are about
fitting up a new restaurant next to the
Palace Hotel in the place formerly oc
cupied by the California Restaurant.
Workmen are busy enlarging the
premises, aud putting cverj-thiug in
trim for a grand opening. It is the
intention of the proprietors to make
the new place as inviting as possible.
New furniture will be added and first
class cooks will be brought from the
nobbiest establishments in San Fran
cisco. Those who are acquainted with
Paul Maroney, Sr., vouch for his abil
ity in this line; and it is probable that
Tucson will soon have an eating estab
lishment lirit class in every particular,
and when the inner man may be re
freshed in a manner to gladden the
hearts as well as the stomachs of all
The Mexican mine, Clobe District,
it to have a first-clttSo quartz mill with
as little delay as possible. Mr. Geo.
B. Walker who has for nearly a year
been employed by the Tombstone Com
pany at Charleston, passed through
Tucson to day to superintend the build
ing. He is a most thorough workman
and Supt. Baldwin could have selected
no superior for the work. Mr. Walk,
er saj's better men than Mr. Richard
Gird and the ScheiiTelin brothers, of
the Tombstone company, never breath
ed, and he goes to Globe only because
it is financially to his interest.
Hon. C. Lindlet has just returned
from Tombstone and Charleston, and
reports Tombstone filling up very rap
idly, and he says the people out there
are beginning to fear that too many
without means are going there at this
time. The mines are undoubtedly
rich and are being developed as rap
idly as can be expected, but that with
all this in its favor, there ma soon be
more there who need employment than
will lie able to get it. Judge Lindlcy
will be greatly diminished, the demi
johns emptied and the road thorough
ly inspected. Oh that we were a Com
miasioner. We had hoped to announce Pinafore
for Wednesday night, but there is a
possibility of a further continuance.
The whereabouts of the stage para
phcrnalia ordered by Mrn. Pring, and
which must have arrived at Casa
Grande on Monday last, can not be
ascertained, though strenuous efforts
have been made to that end. It is
highly provoking and financially ruin
ous to Mr. Pring to be so sadly disap
pointed. However, it will nlford am
ple practice for the local assistants to
" brace up " on the grand chorus, and
when all things are read the waiting
public will no doubt be compensated
for this unnvoidaolc delay.
C. T. Cutlkk intends leaving this
afternoon for Camp Bowie to superin
tend the shipping of lumber.to be used
at his mines in Sonora. On his re
turn Irom Bowie he will be joined by
W. S. Edwards, who will accompany
him to Mexico.
Col. James Stewart, Superintend
ent of the Northern stase lines and
also of the Tombstone route, arrived
by coach yesterday fiom Casa Grande
and will probably go on to Tombstone.
31r. Stewart is a thorough man, who
understands his business.
T. L. Stii.es, Esq., left this morning
for the famous Tombstone District.
Whether his trip is professional or for
pleasure we know not; perhaps lie
aspires to become a bonanza king.
The heavy winds of the past few
days have subsided and tho weather is
calm and mild. i
31k. Oscar Buckalkw goes to the
Contention mill to-day to superintend
-m.-i -i -m j i- la
Application for Patent
UNiTF.n Stats r iv.
IV . ' ar.iiKBy f:ivr..
and Mlnlns Company, a eor," Vpr M
ennized under the laws r?r,I'' " r ,.
Arlzonn, havius thelr..m.' Vrav.
the deliverv of freight.
Bknj. Morgan, Esq., has gone to
Florence to attend court. He remains
some three or four days.
Davis evidently intends to make it
hot for the Nugget; at least heahipped
iay a new stove yeltenlay.
"Wednesday's Daily.
The Opera.
When are we to have " Pinafore? " s
a question which is rapidly assuming
the importance of that antique inter
rogatory of " Who struck Billv Pat-
Mr. Pring, we are now informed,
will soon answer the former by a burst
ol musical eloquence never before
heard in this region. Go on, Mr.
Pring, in your noble efforts and suc
cess win auenti you. i'lUience is a
great virtue and Tucson people are
possessed of a patience of this exalted
Increased expectation has only
served to excite additional desire, and
our operatic friends may rest assured
that their best endeavors will meet
with an appreciation fully commen
surate with the ability displayed.
Miss Pauline Markham is an artist
of superior talent, ami received the
most exalted cuccmiums of praise from
the critics of tho Now York press
some years ago, when she was one of
the most brilliant stars of the "Lydia
Thompson Blonde Troupe."
We had the pleasure of seeing her
on several occasions during that per
iod, and can testify to her musical
-as.ita Mga5iuo liioiiu; , iot;iiii
acting, and last (but not the least con
sideration with the ladies) the exquis
ite taste which she exhibited in the
selection of her toilets.
Off Again.
Our old friend, Ben Hereford, takes
another new departure on Monday
.next; this time in the direction of
says this subject is freely talked in , Hermosillo, Sonora. He will retnrn
tins way in lombstono. hv the uv of f:,,,c rtoainMe nt
with the
by the way of Guaymas.
W. S. EowAitue, Ex-District Clerk, importance connected
IiKlisjvosillon to Exertion or Business,
.Shortness of I J real h. Troubled with
Thoughts of Disease, Dimness or Vision,
Pain In the Back, Chest and Head, Hush
of Blood to the Head, Pale Countenance
and Dry Skin. If these symptoms are al
lowed to kg on, very frequently Epileptic
Fits and Consumption follow. When the
tfons.Itntlon becomes affected it requires
tho aid of an Invignialing medicine, to
strengthen ar a tone up the system which
'EEelinbolcl's IBuiclra'
15y an remedy known. It is prescribed
by the most eminent physicians all over
the world. In
Aeliosand Pains,
v. : s -ui f -V i j
General Debility,
Kidney Diseases,
Liver Complaint,
Nervous Debility,
Head Troubles,
General Til Health,
Spinal Diseases,
All Nervous
Complaints, Female Complaints, Etc;
Ilendnelie, Pain In tho Shoulders, Cough,
Dizziness, Sour Stomach, Eruptions, Bad
Taste In the .Mouth, Palpitation of the
Heart, Pain Ih the region of the Kidneys,
and a thousand other! painful symptoms,
are the oflsprlngs of Dyspepsia.
I lliUUlt
Mesilla St., bet. Main and llcyers,
zona for the Celebrated
Manufactured by MILTON J. HARDY A
CO , of Louisville, Ky. E. Martin & Co.,
Snn Francisco, Sole Agents for the Pacific
Have also on hand a well selected stock
of Wines, Liquors and everything apper
:il ulnt to the Liquor Business.
Special Terms to Parties I'll r elms.
In; Ii y the Car-Loin).
Appolinaris Water,
Seltzer Water,
Blue Lick Water,
Beihseda Water.
place of business la th i "ua,ri-'
Pima County, Arlzona.hasT," ", Tn '
application for a patent to th" rLa
situated in the ToiiibnUine v, '
trIct.Hi the County r MmS. &n'V I ,
Arizona, beint: bounded ana " ' r
follows. to wit: Ueginnii) ut ,i ' '
east eorner of said claim, at a t ' "
lone, l.xl Inches square, plant,., r ' "
the ground and In monnm. nr 7, "
and marked thereon "T r s
1"; thence running s. V
chains aloiiic the east side of i ., -westsideoi
Viziiiifnnd "(jo ! '
claims, to a pot 5 feet Ion A
square in a monument of r?i..I ,
thereon ' T. N. M. a No. 2" fur ,"'
east corner; thonee ninnlni: sou-1
W. !M!i cbnins alone the south . ' t"1 -the'-T.Miah
Nut "and north ,.,
"Tons: li Nut Extension "to a r," , "
long lx I inches square plHnl. 'i
the ground and In a monnm.-nt ,',.
marked theieon "T. N. M.r "
the southwest corner; ihenc- ri;r-48-
S W. along the west line
Nut "and east line of'Kurw - '
tervenrr" and "Defeiiee" ,-u" , .
chains to n pot 5 feel lotu; i "
vqnare. planted 2 feet iu the Kri,'
a monument of stones, mark, i -1
" 1 . N. C. M No. i." for the N y
of claim ; thence N. 4l 52" E u.
end Hue of "Touch Nut "and s , . -line
of "Survey "location , t ,
place or ioint of begtnuioi;; c, '
30 66 acres. - .
Said mining claim belog d. -the
orltcinal location notice, ii
corded April 9, ISTS.In Book f. R. . "
Mines, I'ima County, page J 7,
situated about 1H miles nor-'i.
ftotn the " Lucky tuss" inin. iii ;
end of Tombstone hills, a!' t s r
west of the Druizoon Mountains :ir i
o in ie h me .-an i euro i; v -
Any nnd all persons claiini: i; u . . -
ly the whole or any portion i.f . 4
Nut claim or surface tcroi.iid nr.
to file their I verse ela litis with
Uter of the Land Office at Kl.
zona, durinc the 80 days peri : . a ,
cation horeif or they will b- I .
virtue of the provbihjns of th. .'.
C M. K.P.U I v
4S !. . - r
Mining Work Notice.
L administrntor of the estate (
ley, deceased, and to all wln.ru
eoneern. that the assessment w. 'ii
followiin; mlnins: claims has l
b.v J. I). Andrews, thv undersign. .
mine, loenteil May 10. 1S78, s ,
Arlvaea District fur the year en I i
10, $79; Chtco mine, locateii JI- .i
situated In Patasnnia mountni!.-'.
year endliis: May 21, 1.S79: Comi ,
mine, licated May 25, 1S7j, m .
PatHKonta mountains, for the yr-a
May 25. 1S78. This is to notify j . u.
Interested parties that, in coniph ir .
provisions of the mlnlnu act of M
IS7.', that In compliance with reoi.r. t
of said ad work lias been d u- c r
minlnt; claims or oiieyenrlat r ,s' .
scribed above by the ninlerslKn'-.
iiieretore, ir within ninety days r-. '
first iMiblication of this notice yu i
corne lorwani and pay yocr rri.:
portion of thecoftt of said work lh -
lit nel will claim forfoltuie of a..
rixhts. title and interest In anil to
portion of said minio? claims. Ti-
Mlil Minima .cam 1.11 1. u f T 1
imnorteu and Dome-fic Ciars. j. d. Andrews and c Fini.
I J. D an pi;
W wmikl call the attention of connols
urs to i Mir vry f-eleet Mock of WINES,
LIQUOKS and CIGAItS. the quality of
wbltili will equal anything supplied by
tirfit-elnss liHis6iBSan Francisco or ICast-
ern CiUos.
Hslmbolcl's Buchu Invigorates
the Stomach,
And stimulates tho torpid Live Bowels
and Kidneys to henllhy action. In cleans
ing tho blood of all Impurities and Im
parting new life nnd vigor to the whole
A single trial will b quite sufHelent to
convince the most hesitating of Its valu
able remedial qualities.
Price SI Per Bottle, or Six Bot
tles for $5.
Delivered to any address fre from ob
Patients" may consult by letter, re
ceiving the smr.e attention as by calling.
Competent Physlelans attend to corre
spondent. All letters should be ad-
Iressed to
returned to Patagonia j'cstenlay. Jlr.
Edwards is one of the first young men
of Southern Arizona, lieing courteous
and enterprising, lie merits the repula-
,t,rft nK-RWjident Hayes lias sent a telegramitoGen.!uo aw,,nie1 y " Jiermc
I 1 saiiaril'a and
l itis. itai.iNliMi .Grant
ISM. Uiinraiiiecsl ,
i. iu mi infut tiiiiA"iien
cure for -Scroful i I ;iiermau
in ns worai torms.
him to be his guest, never Iler-
archives of Sonora takes him thence,
but it h somewhat probable that Ben
will have some amusement en route.
He has promised to send soma oys
ters on the half-shell from Gnavmas
for the benefit of his friends in Tuc
Seo that tbf private Pro
prietaryStanip an eeh
TllVWV w niimllAl of mtnlnir .8011.
. - . . nmf . . .11 ... vi vt milling
men now in Tncfon who will proba-
he visits AVahbigton. Gen.
has a dispatch from Gen.
stubborn, deep-'urant slating mat lie win ue unanie oiy soon untlerUKe uie grand tour lo
phiVis. "primary! to 1,elM! tll reunion of the army of , the Sierra 3Iojndu. When they come
eciHidaryandter-ithe Cumberland in this citv on the: lmck thev will h able lo tell 11s how
miry; minors, 10111 cniHiins, 001 wire,
ihtMiiiiBtisin, and all diseases or sores
produced by bail blood or humors, llrin
lol's Suear-CiHted Pllts cure all Ux'er
Complaints. For sale by al! drneti-ts mid
ilcalers In medicines. Ju2t-dvr
ut. with over IMO Illusinulons. Seod nliw
veMtsfnrlt. (Stauii w ill t ) We soli all Roods
at wholesale prices in oua-ititles to suit the pur
chaser. .The onlv institution lu America who
uaHe ibis their siierlal liuslness. Aililrs.
JIONTHOaililtV 1VA1M) At CO..
Ai-i-U Wsibaali Ave, Cliicago, Ills.
Ji." Itl08,
Awiny to rueo. cusau-
2Uth prox., as ltc has an engagement
for that date at Indianapolis.
London, October 35. Cooper, the
American forger, has been sentenced
to fiye 3'earsjieual servitude.
liesenburg, editor of Town Talk, has
In Bad Oder.
Paius, October 27. It is reported
that Ion Carlos will -be requested to
leave France in consequence of hit- re-
ccption of and other public inter
changes of courtesies with army offi
cers, soma of whom have been aub-
LjflCtail loamy dieipltM for thaRtne
NOT FATTi tf semi
for our NEW PRICE 1
LIST. More complete
deVttonsoT been UmaA S" of "W
liuag required lor
pertonal or family
much better the prospect is there than
here. It will be interesting to know.
A wojcax living in the family of
Mr. John Ilrown was killed day before
yesterday by the accidental discharge
of a pistol in the htutds of Mrs. Brown.
The ball entered the head just between
the eyes.
Gen. J. 13. Alukn returned to Tomb
stone to-day where he is doing a large
'anil Aa Ran taiiac! 1 11 rlrotr flt
Vw ' wl a14 MIV tn..j
'tier at Dunbar's, what sail havoc will
he make among the delicious bivalves
of the Mexican coast. Bon voyage.
This extensive home facilities of
Clarke & Pnttou to supply the market
in their particular line is not gener
ally known. They have eight work
men constantly employed and addi
tional force is intended. The manu
facture of collars is made a specialty,
aud more substantial articles" can not
be produced. Yesterday they were in
receipt of a large invoice of material,
to be made up for immediate demand.
Sold . "Every wli e r e.
business, and uo mau in Arizona is ' 1 no8e s"-in young men nave umit
more deserving of prosperity than hc.j UP a ; most flattering as well
as remunerative.
11. X. Lkathkxwood and J. M. Has
kell are oft' this afturaoon for a visit to
Canyon tie Oro. They will return to-morrow.
L. ZitOKKKDOKP & Co. received to
day 8000 feet of lumber from Casa
Grande by Encklsv & Oohoas Iraia.
La n in miV
CVtebrMtnl Flor
ida Water, the
richest, most last
ing, yet moat del
Irate of all per
fumes for ue on
the handkerchief,
at the toilet and
in the bath, de
1 1 Kh I f ii 1 and
healthful In the
sick room, re
lieves weakness,
futlcue, pront ra
tion, nervousness and nemiacne. lxwk
out for rounterMts. Always ask for lhn
Florida water prepare! by the sole pro
prietors, jiessrs. ijinman a Kemp, "sew
York. Kor sale by perfumers, diuirt-tsts
CreomliilMlnrs. Ihv rff.t'tr
and fancy eoods dealers.
Main and Congress Sts.,
General Rrlerchandise.
Gold Dust and Bullion Bought
and Sold.
Cash Advances made on "Wool,
Hides, Metal Ores, or Coun
try Produce oi any Kind.
M'e eudeavot W keep on hand a
Full Stock of Goods, Wares
and Merchandise
Required In this Section of the Conntr)
"Wo "specially Invite the
Y'i-JTJK-yu-lOrV of riZOSKSa
to our assortment of Hardware,
eonsistlns of
Picks, Shovels, Steel, Axes,
aud Handles, Crou- Bars,
Powder Fuse, Sledges, Anvils,
Bellows, etc.,
together with
Blacksmith and Carpenters'
teols In full assortment.
Wa have made arrangements lo keep on
band a full ami eompletu stock of
Giant and Yulcau Powders.
together with Cms. etc..
these goods we are prepared to deliver to
Country Merchants and Min
ing Companies
at rates that will make It
To the'r interest to Buy of us
instead of the San FraneUeo market.
Oar Stock of Groceries, Staple
and Fancy,
Including canned oods,
Is Unrivaled in Arizona.
All that a ljot Experience In tbe local
tnMf together with unMo,uxllel oppor
tunities can do. In catering U the
ft'anlsof oar citatomers. Is don.
Tucsox, lima Co., A.T., July
Mining Work Notice.
ryo t. Mccarty and all onr
X interested in those certain mi
elaims known s lhtIiosie lliadc and
pr situated In the Tombstone M'
Dislrtcl, I'ima cmnty, Arizona.
This is to notify you that In accr -
with provisions of the miiilni: act . .
10. 1872. that In eomidiance with r
mentsof sal-' act. work has l-en !
said minini; claimx forone year b.i .
ending July 31, 1879, by the-nii'ln.-. .
Now, threlore, if wilhin niiiftj .
from the tlrst publication of this u
y u do not come ftirward atnl p.o
pniiT proportion or the cost of iiu n
work, tho mill- rslcned will claim ' "
tiro of all your rights, title and inU--In
and to every portion of salt! m
claim. J. W. Mt l'l in.
V. is. KNOX.
Tucson. August 8, 1S70.
Notice of Pinal Proof.
Land Officii at Kloubncb. ai:tov,
October Ji', s7
JLl the lollowlii); niini' d scttltT l.as l I
notice of his Intention to make II r ' I
In su -port of bis claim, and secii-v C
entry thereof nt tho expiration oi tT.i- 7
days from the dale of this notic ,
Thomas Dunlmr, of Tres Mamo, I'. :i
CiMinty, a. T. Pre-emption ih rl r.
statement No. 3T3, for theS. K. 4 f., s.
1 section 5 and K. of N. W. '4 r .
w. H of N. E. yx of section 8. town-i ,
south, rane 20 east, and nam s V
lowing as his witnesses, viz.: I il
Lome, of Tres Alnmiv. lima I'uni.'v
T., and Absalom A. Wilt. also of ins V
amos, limn County. A. T
C- M- K. FAl'MV
2-5t Ri t'i'-trn-.
H"otice of Final Proof.
Land Office at Klokkncr, Abi"ni,
Uelober i'li. K ;
L ftllowlnie-aamed settler has fl . '
tlee of bis intrntlon to make Una' I
III support of hla claliii, aud socun
en'ry thereof at tbe explnaion of t!
ls from the date of tliis not ).
Lvmihii W. WakeHeld, of Pima C"
Arizona. Pre-emption declaratorv
meat No. 5n1, lor the R. E. of seetio
township IS south. ratiRe 17 east,
namesthe tollowinc as bis witn sscs,
Tecls I .u jail. of Tncaon. lima Count'
Antonio Sedlllas, abio of Tucson . i
County. C. M. K. I'AL'LI-"
3-6t lU-sl r
Notice of Final Proof.
La.nii Officx at Kwjrknck. rtz
October K. !.:
xN the following Harnett set.li r n l
notice of his lutein ion to make ip i ,
lu support of his claim, and sen.'
rntry thereof at the expiration ( V
days from the date of this ii.t:c .
Joee Oalleuo, of Tucson, Ilni.i "
Homestead appltcaticin No. !. f"'
iiortheaul quarter seetlon 15 town- i
south ninee J3 east, and dkiids
lowing as his wtlnes, viz: IV ir
nell.or Tncfon, lima Couu'y, A ..
Dolors III vera, also of Tucmiii. -Ooooty,
C. M. K. FAULH' 'N
S-5t R-ki-
Tobaccos and Cigars
1 -r
Our slock of
Dry Goods
Is unrivalled both as to quantity and
quality, th'.s side of Sn FraiKtaeo.
ArranKemeiils have boon made, whereby
we will lie enabled lo open up a
s"ow and Fresh Stock Twice
Every Month.
A Member of tbe rtrm will hereanerre
maln In ew York, so that wo win bo
able to avail oorsolvus of all ad
vantages ottered by llBtiatlOBs
it he market.
printed and .for sale cheap at TueOtt -Izen
Notice of Final Proof.
October is.
Lt lb followlne nntiied sellb ri
uotlee ofiiis Inlenilon to make ri r ... ;
In support of his claim, aoo sec.:r
entry thereof at tbe expiration f
days from tbe dale of tr.is nh"
John A Justus. !re-etntlon ilc i
statement No.837. for the S. W. ' s
1 section 7 nod W. W of N. W. '4
w. rfS. W. section 18. tonn-i .
S. range it east. and names the
as his wii lieges viz.: Charles t' '
of Tucson, lima Coonty. A - T-. ai.
M. I'reeludo, al.o of TucMn, 1'lni i
ty, A. T. C. M. K. 1-AU1.I- ' -
2-61 Re.' -
ney In faet.and fully aaUiorli- .
tend to nil my businees ZJ?
hence from Taosou. JOHN
i, 'jhm"Ti.

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