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Arizona citizen. [volume] (Tucson, Pima County, A.T. [i.e. Ariz.]) 1870-1880, April 10, 1880, Image 3

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rwnr:lf account received In Currency
.F i.in nhlecl. to Cheek at sluht.
Certifi.-Mifs of Dei"it issued, payable
on tlrnifiu J or at a nxeu uaie, unariug m
F.xcn',T,?e drawn In sums to 6ult on
Aw Vfrk, St. Louis, ChHaso and i?an
Francisco: or transfer of funds mad by
tHesrrapli. Deposits made w'Jb our Cor-M.viiwln-
will he credited to parties
)ir. upon receipt of us oí advice of the
Will purchase or make, advances on
i-ld or Silver BiUii n. Territorial and
bounty Kond and Warrants, approved
nnimnl:ll HHOer. eiC.
Orders or requests hy mail, or otherwise,
will receive strict nt;cn:ioii. ana iy
pronint nl faithful execution 01 our cor
respondent's wNhe w wIM nlm lo merit
their fceteetn and cuili'lence.
cnRRKsp-v nnvTs:
Ansio California lim k.san l-'rn neico.
J. A: W. SHissi.-.n C".. N"' V' t K.
Central National i5,:.nk, Philadelphia.'
Jla:cl)'i'etls ?...: innal Uank, Bos'iMQ.
I'ark of C-n nn-Jj-e. St. lmN
Mercrmiii!' Siivu.t;. Loan and Trust Co.
T. R. TcLí.y. Presu B. M. Jacobs, Cash.
Tl'CSU.V, A, T.
?.N J7T Ni'ls; :i i I 'nenie líartk
I OS ANHK1.KS Kn;::i'v Mervlin'! U'k.
S'K'.V VUIv I i t 1 1 1 1 Nati. .mil í-tank.
í'HM'Ad'O First National Hank
UA I.TI M liil- Second N'1iin:il H tik.
ST- LOUIS - Hank of Commerce.
cpoit nreoiipts received subject to
c eck at sisUt at'" fept :i Mtlter coin or
cunencv, .Ji'positora i i ti tí allowed Mi
Ueof currency wnen Iver Is tcposited
Collect Ionio: prufts. Notes, fvluend
wild 1 li-r ;otinnrcl:tl piie- m:m1
IIiivmis-Iio'iI the Cnite.l suites and crei
lie I to ac:nunt or remití d fur on the day
julviee-y re ieeeive.1.
J.oana m-iie ir..n. or will huy, L "ite
Su -At-, l eiriloilal. ro:in:y or Ci'.v oenr
ties, prime oomtnemiai paper or rea.
Transfer of fond- made, cKlvr In
U-lernph or mail. and deposits ma-lewitti
any of ourcorii'sivitul-i.ts ' will iimiis
erted in anv manin-r t-.-ire.i .nd amount
crejued hete v poii. receipt hy usoi advice
Of sileh ileiMiml.
ExrhHHSe li-.H'irlit. rol Jiold at current
ale, limus drawn in sum to suit on
the principa! cities of the Uuüed o.aU-
Bjul K.urooe.
t'rtliit'i f I?ojwit, issued pay
ntile In any currency on demand, or aftet
fix-ci iimi'K lienriiia interest.
In vltiieiil made on I ! choicest se
rró it v for parties who are tnr;! toaU'iui
t snitie, foi wiic It we will chars1 a mo.i
era'e cmmiM"n.
'nlMin,ie6! of -ot-J or silver hn!-
Ii9n will receive especial uMciiiiori and
the name will i e slino d lo Mi" most, ret i
jiHe reduction arid r-rlmiiir w..rks. a' a,iy
point desired. V No make advavc.
I hereon and alloir I'.ie consivnors the ,V.i
net amotinl realized aiier deduclipg c.
Th opernti ms of this hank hcins con
fluid to a strictly li-Kit-.niate hankitiif Ims
ines t; pairon-s maj fee! as-imd that
tli.-y wii! -: ive liiieral !"i 1 satisfactory
tr,att"J"t in ' ransactíoits.
Parlies a! a distance may forward Iheir
rler and reqn'-Mn to llii hank hy mail
or olherwi-e, and rely upon a cnnsclen
thins ."alt-hfni execution of I ixeir winlies-
pi, p;-- "Slnin-nj
íííiásliíü ñübüli
man i
Finest Resort
in the
Clfjiic-t Y.'in.-'s, L;uo'-s aud Cigars.
(Leathervvood's Old Stand),
Near Cuurt Plaz.i.
All kinds of first-class ltvorles
Plnileaud douhie, always on har.d.
Raddle horses and every! hing apper-;
taming to a nrst-cia.-s livtty fciuui
alva s to be had.
Stock boarded by
he dav, wtek oí i
Terms reasonable.
JAM ESCAnnOU., Propriet
A. A. U'H'r,
Tres Altamos,
Dealer In
General rfíerchandise- r
1 receiving weekly larte kIoc.Us of gr.ods
Direct from the East,
And Is now prepared lo offer
Miners and Farm, o ra Supplies,
A cheap as they can be bo'.tuht in
-JOrtHI fc Co., Proprietors
Chtricahua Lumber and Shingle
At 'a
A1 kind of Lumber, including Matched
Flooring and Knslic. constant ly .ri hatiil
at T asottahle rate. Location of mill
nar White & Bro.'s Ranche, twepiy-i wo
in i le smith of Fori Liowie.
A. D.OTIS fe Co., Agents. Tucson.
Eeal Estate
city ptliciiaM-d nl market rates. i"
urable VMCttlit iota tor sale. Inquire at
ttv fftice "t JOSKFH N tUliASS.
IT- ke'K rrl.ü.UK. Mf-3': Ki-reet
.A P, K. SAFFOItl,
The Citizen.
APRIL 10, 1880.
Distrlct Court FroccedlngrH.
J. M. Bailey vs. Frank Wallace.
Continued until May term.
51. Wicks, admitted to practice in
this Court.
Darrah vs. Darrah. Motion to strike
out the answer, submitted.
C. W. Atchison vs. Calabnsas L. and
M. Company. Judgment for plain
tiff. Louis vs. Markham. Continued for
further hearing.
J. W. Kflsor vs. Wm. Connor. De
murrer overruled and twenty days to
A. S. Baily vs. Crurdict, et al. De
murrer overruled and thirty days to
A. Cock vs. Billicke, et als. Motion
to retax costs taken under advicemtnt.
MeCitfltTiy vs. Morgan, et al. On
motion of plaintiff case dismissed at
plaintiff's costs.
Adams vs. Green. Hearing set for
seven o'clock, p. in.
The Court will adjourn this evening
un'il M.iv, when all cas-es not heard
thistcim will be tí nail- disposed of.
Last Thuidiiy and Friday were
regular street cleaning days. A good
many unthinking people growl nboui
thehi"h w inds uud disagreeable weath
er, but to the observant man these
winds are a blessing in di-guisc. Look
at the streets now and see how ciean
they are. All the dust, and refuse lias
been taken up by the wind and care
fully deposited out of sight in the
rouses and backyards. And the city
is clean once more. It will take weeks
to get it all out into the streets again,
and liien will come another windy day
and sweep it buck where it should be
What a beautiful dispensation of Prov
idence. Some attorney, whose tail-feathers
were probably plucked by Judge
French during the present session of
Court, has seen it to complain of thai
Hon. gentleman's lack of dignity.
Somehow, though, the people who
are so fortunate as to get into court
always seem pleased when a lawyer
is sat down upon, and after the ex
perience in hung juries, &c, for the
past month we incline to the opinion
th-it the learned counselors are lucky
in not having the people generally sit
down upon them.
Pima District.
Tester day J. McC. Elliott, one of the
oldest prospectors in the Territory,
;took a bond on three claims in the
1 1 above district for $5.000, paying f 1,000
.cíowu. Assays from two of the claims
Ishow ?74, and $123 respectively per
iton. This dristrict is th.rty-iive miles
! southwest of here on west ide of the
iSiemtas, and near the mine? lately
'gold by James Lee and Mayer Leather- j
i WOOd.
, .
m.,...t. t T7 . mi ir,n--.rv ..
jperate eff rt earl 7 iu the Spring to colossal in proportions and elegant in
'make the public square presentable by architeoture. It vill have a fmr-in-'plantingafewtrees
and shrubs in it; hand team and will be us far in ad
jbut we are afraid they will all die if aiace of the old time water carts ás
! better system of irrigation is not ty is in advance ot the olden
.t,. i,f..,- r,..,m, -oii,i.i.
; comes on.
Howi.sitMavor.can'tvouorKS atine spring ana mutupiicu.
induce the fathers of "this anc xnt
r.nd honorable pueblo," to put up a
"Blast my luck," were the words
uttered by a young man, as he emerg
ed from one of our principal gambling
houses las', evening. Feeling eome
what interested in the young man, we
asked a l.y-staiub.r the cause of the
ynvmc man S troub.e, and. were lnlorm-
jed thnt he " recently made a sale, aud
ihnd invested his last dollar in trying t
beat the tiger, lie is probably arouno
to-day looking up a grub-slake.
An eight-war old girl in one of our I
I il.l'll. ..1""A? lliij nil ownn -won- uu
lunfo! iU' ale in finding her ink bottle
... ,.1, ..!.. I.oa t..r. l.nnr.
(empty when she wished to write; fin
ally the ink and bottle both disappear
ed, whereupon she complained to her
Arizona, jteacher, who, in order to pacify her,
told her that she" supposed it had evap
orated " "Well," s:iys our little girl,
did lho boule evaporate; too?"
The Bullion Slrai;i.
The follow ing shipments of bullion
arrived at Wells Fargo's office last
Fr-nn the Contention Mill Four
b-irs, value $8,000.
From the Tombstone M. & M. Co
mill Three bars, value $."5,000.
Frm the Arivaca mill One bar,
value $500.
Ocr local artist, Mrs. II. D. Gilbert
is gradually enlarging the sphere l
her operations and meeting with much
success. She is now engaged on a life
size portrait of Mr. Edward Scheilelin
and will no doubt turn out a highly
creditable work, of art.
New hay is now being brought in,
and soon the iDdmtrious Fapago
squaw will have to hy aside her bun
dle of gramma bny, and go to ped-l
dling ollas.
Strangeks visiting our town after
taking in the "Old Church" will find
it a very pleasant drive out to Camp
Lowell. The Camp is on Rillito creek,
seven miles east of Tucson.
A number of our carpenters are bus
ily engaged preparing frames for can
vas houses for the mines. They make
a cheap, airy hotr- f. r summer.
"What's the Blatter.
One of the most remarkable, fea.
tures about this bustling city of a little
under 10,000 inhabitants is that there
are no concerts, or musical ortheatri.
cal entertainments. Is ot even a van.
ety show or a minstrel troupe. What's
thft matter Where are they all?
Where are the circuses and Pinafore
troupes and the museums and the me
na ernes and free and easys? There's
a panorama on Meyers street, but it has
got a hand organ that was played
when Washington crossed the Dela
ware and it caught cold and has never
gained its harmony ; and besides, the
scenes are just too awfully thrilling for
anything. Come on with your. panto-
mines and Pirates of Penzance. Bring
along your minstrels, and dog-shows,
and sacred concerts, and opera troupes,
and giantesses, and one-legged men
Give us music by the full band; charge
high prices if necessary, but give us
some fun. And don't you forget that
i'nK Citizen office is the best place to
;i.-t your job work done. Ve only
mention this for your own good.
J. B. Lowe returned from Ilarshaw
!a ;t evening and started for San Fran
cisco by this morning's train. Mr.
Lowe is an old mining Superintendent
of the Coinstnck, and cxpiesses himself
as highly plcr-ed with the prospects
of the Pat.tgonii mint s.
N. C. Carter of the Semi-Tropic,
California, is visiting our country in
1 lie interest of his publication.
U. S. Grant, Jr , returned from Pata
ronia yesterdiy. We have heard it
whispered that there is now pending
sime very important negotiations tor
mines Hint locality. Mr. Grant
represents eastern capital, and if he
says the word, "it goes."
Mart Maloney and Charles Minick
arc in from Ilarshaw, and Lieut. W.
J. Ross arrived yesterday from Oro
Parties visiting San Xavier church;
with tickets of admittance from th
Bishop, which are supposed to admit
visitors to any part of the church, com
plain tint the usher charges an addi
tional -dollar for the privilege'of see
ing ihe upper pnrt of the building. We
are inclined to the belief that this is
unauthorized by the Bishop, bul the
abuse should be corrected or a larger
fee of admittance charged, which
would admit visitors to all parts of the
Our Postoflice.
The postoffice authorities of this
prosperous metropolis of Arizona
mean to keep well on top of times. The
new office in the east end of Lord &
Williams' b?ock, is rapidly being fitted
up, and will be all that could be wish
ed for. We shall give the matter more
extended notice upon completion of
the change. Altogether, the adminis
tration of Assistant Postmaster Drake
is very efficient and satisfactory.
Svnpev.s and Fye, the water men.
arc having a new water cart made,
-times. What with the new water
tion of cart our water men are well
up with the times.
ol. Wm. ft.' Boyle.
The capitalist and mining operator,
is expected here shortly en route to
ihis field at Shakespeare, New Mexico.
We wish the Colonel had stayed with
us instead of going over into New
Mexico, for there isn't a pleasanter or
better hearted man in the country than
that same Col. Vm. G. B.tyle.
John Aixkn, w ho is in from Wash-
hiion camp, informs us thai, m order
to accommodate the increased ttav. 1
to that camp, lie has decided to add
ten more rooms to his lodging house,
which is already one of the most neat
and comfortable stopping places to be
found in the mountains.
Caltfounia bah d hay, is being of
fered for sale by some of our produce
dealers. V. hy not keep this item of
expenditure at home, by bailing, or
otherwise securing our own crop of
wdtcut and barley hay? What are our
enterprising farmers doing.
FiiF.sn fish is now a luxury in Tuc
sm at th" modest cost of 6 cents peí
p-uiid. But nearly everybody here
abouts i- either rich or owns a rich
mine, so that it is a question of fish,
not of price. It is consoling in raauy
wavs to be rich.
Xew Store.
We understand that a new store is
soon lo be opened in ihe Old Hat Dis
trict, on the summit, at the old Wtldon
IIoiuc, which will be a center of sup
plies for the surrounding country.
Another large invoice of canned
traits, fresh vegetables, and a line of
groceries such as cannot be found in
any store, other than the cash store of
Pierce & Wood.
Dave Harshaw left for his station
at Davidson's Springs yesterday with a
four-horse load of supplies. Dave don't
believe in starving people who come
his way.
Mr. Wituerell is in from Arivaca.
He has great hopes of the future of
that district, which is now beginning
to ship bullion.
lo v. ii, Down..
Comes the price of fresh O. K. but
ter. Go to Felix & Co.. only seventy
cents per roll.
Grand Summer Openlnj at Welisch's,
There has long been felt in this place
a lack of certain ability only acquir
ed by years of experience In the se
lection of such a stock of fancy dry
goods and millinery as would meet all
the requirements of the season, and at
the same time be, as regards price,
within the reach of all. By the com
pletion of the railroad to this point,
the enterprising proprietor of the
White House, on Main street, has been
able to purchase a stock conjointly in
San Francisco and Xew Tork such
as has never before been offered in Ar
izona, and has set Thursday, the 8th,
as the day for opening. His long ex
perience in the business and his famil
iarity with the wants of the people,
has enabled him to select such articles
as will give satisfaction as regards
quality and price. The millinery de
partment contains a large variety of
elegant hats, bonnets and artificial
flowers imported direct from New
Tork, and unsurpassed by any house
west of the Rocky mountains We
cannot describe all that there is to see
and admire, and can only advise our
lady friends tc attend the grand open
ing next Thursdtii'. .
We understand that the Novelty
Troupe, which is under the manage
ment of Mr. R 'raback, has engaged
Levin's Hall for a .series of theatrical
entertainments. Mr. Ro: aback is pro
nounced as the finest tenor on the Pa
cific coast, while Patti Ro3a is too
well known for comment; the balance
of the troupe are said to be fine actors.
The Novelty Troupe performed at Los
Angeles, and with such success that
the whole house was in such a state of
commotion from laughter, that every
thing had to be stopped for the audi
ence to regain its equilibrium. The
entertainment, while it is ludicrous, is
said to be very chaste ; so much so that
even the most fastidious cannot find
fault. AVe bespeak for the Novelty
Troupe a prosperous season in Tucson.
There is a report that the Star 13
shortly to be changad to a religious
daily. If so, it will be the first daily
of the kind ever published in Arizona.
Such an enterprise would seem rather
premature at this stage of events, but
we believe the eminent purity and
Christianlikc character of the editor
of the Star would ensure sucsess in
such an undertaking.
Parties who have lately visited the
Papago Indian reservation report the
crops as looking well. This tribe of
Indians, which we believe has never
asked the government for a dollar, but
who have repeatedly fought our bat
ties with the Apaches, are self-sustaining.
They are a virtuous and in
dustrious people, and have ever been
the friend of the whit man.
Messrs. Pearson and Yv'hitton have
leased and are fitting up the room op
posite Jacobs & Co.'s store for a whole
sale liquor house. These gentlemen
come to uh well recommended, and we
bespeak for them a prosperous busi
ness c:'.r:jer.
Tesicrday was one of the days that
make our " Italy of America " so de
lightful. Tou might travel a long dis
tance before you would find a clime
with another such day. It was
truly pellucid we think pellucid is
the proper word or is it hellucid?
Freight has been received for the
following parties: Arizona and Cali
fornia Lumber Co., J. W. Walters, Pa
cific Improvement Co., C. E. Watkins,
Zeckendorf & Staab.
TriE cri;ic of ihe Carson Tribune!
was so well pleased with the leading
lady of a company that recently plaj--ing
there, that he hays he would like
t see more of her.
TnE Los Angeles Heraldsays that
" for one passenger wdio went through
Los Angeles a year ago en route for Ar
izona, it is hardly an exaggeration to
say that twenty now go." This is all
very natural. People are gt tting their
eyes opened as to the real value of the
Territory. The steady and continued
shipment of silver bars from our prin
ipül mining camps begins to have its
effect Give us but a little more time
and we will send out such a report in
the shape of silver bars and bullion as
will astonish the whole country. A
rush for Arizona will take place before
long. Mark what wr say.
Precautionary "Work Along the S. P.
Passengers inform us that the South
ern Pacific Company is doing a large
amount of ditching along the line of
its road in Arizona and on the Colora
do desert in California, to protect the
track from washing away by the sud
den dashes of rain on the adjacent
mountain and hill sides. Near Mo
hawk Summit there are now many
miles of ditches, so made and arranged
as to divide the water and conduct it
to sluice ways under the track. On
the Colorado desert, there must be near-
ly 100 miles of ditches for the same
purpose, but they are mostly Cut like the
Shingle roof Of a house, the apex being
some distance from the track. For
many miles there is no interruption in
this kind of ditches, reminding one of
an old rail worm fence
dirt. The expense of
oeen large, out experience shows Its I
necessity. I lie Company IS still bor-
ing for arteshn water on the desert
we't of Yuma and at 1at accounts
1 ' ' BI,J " l
bad reached a depth of over t!00 feet.
A "ew and Important. Enterprise.
One of the most important under
takings ever engaged in in this part of
Arizona has lately been quietly per
fected. A company has been incor
porated under the name of "The
Southern Arizona Railroad Company,"
to build and operate a railroad from
the crossing of the San Pedro by the
Southern Pacific road to Tombstone.
The company is organized under and
in accordance with the laws of the
United States and Arizona, and is
composed of the following officers:
W. W. Williams, President; Hugh
Farley, Secretary; and Messrs. Wil
liams, Parley, Wm. Zeckendorf, and
Fitch, Farley & Pomroy, Directors.
The amount of capital is $1,200,000.
A preliminary survey is already under
way under supervision of Mr. W. S.
Edwards. After the completion of this
a final survey will be made, and work
on the road is expected to commence
as so m as circumstances and the well
known energy and means of the un
dertakers will permit. The road will
be about forty miles in length, and
will run from the San Pedro intersec
tion via Contention and Charleston to
There is a fine field and urgent need
of just such a road, and while we are
glad to see the public spirit and enter
prise manifested in this undertaking,
we are the more pleased because there
is every reason to believe it will rtfsult
in great profit to its originators. 1
Postal Matters.
non. J. M. Mr.Cusick, Special Agent
of the Postoffice Department, left for
Patagonia this morning for the purpose
of examining into the necessity of
mail service for that locality. There
is but a limited appropriation for new
mail roads, and after talking with some
of our best informed citizens as to the
needs of that locality, Mr. McCusick
was so favorably impressed that he
immediately telegraphed the Depart
ment at Washington to reserve a suffi
cient amount to establish service from
Tucson, via Harshaw, to Washington
Camp, We have no doubt but that
Mr. McCusick will make a favorable
report, in which case service will be
put on at once.
Long- Haired Gentry.
There won't be any more trouble
about the Phna and Maricopa Indian
Reservation. Those pleasing and long
haired gentry have struck the soft
est kind of a snap. They get
aboard a passing train on the South
ern Pacific now and ride free to Tuc
son. The first invoices of them were
so well pleased that the whole tribe
have concluded to take possession of
this place. They ride home once a
week or so, and fill up with beans and
jerky and then come back again. They
are not quite so fond of " duty free"
mescal as some of the Papagos, but
they haven't had time to yet develop
that pleasing weakness.
It Makes Xo Difference.
Althnngh the time? are hard and money is
ftc.tire. The proprietor of the Red Uonse, Sacra
mento, Cab, never pays any attention to tbe
outward appearance of things, but goes right
on in a straightforward business way. In sun
shine or loweriog weather, whether the times
are flush or depressed, there is no chance in the
purchase or supply of roods at the peoples' f;i-
vorite purchasing depot. Nos. 79:, 714, 716 and
vil J streer, hncrninctito. During the paft
week this house, no doubt-, received the largest
Invoice of iroocls ever received in any week by
any other dry goods firm in California. Wonder
and astonishment increases, and every one con
versant with the amount of goods received at
the Bed House are amazed and bewildered as
they witness the unloading of immense quan
ties of boxes and hales. Where these goods
are stowed and what becomes of them are sti'.J
greater sources of bewilderment. Did thev
but know of the great number of clerks that
are constantly engaged in packing goods fur
shipment to all parts of California arid Nevada
to fill orders, and see also the number of bun
dles carried away by city purchasers, they
cotild in a manner account for the large re
ceipts. The display of goods is very fine, and
the large stock to select from and the extreme
ly low prices, give the purchaser such advan
tages at the Red House that all who feel the ne
ecssity of economy and the value of money
flock there to supply themselves.
We have found another pay-streak
and after surveying it have concluded
to tell everybody and divide. We can
recommend it to the soberest and
shrewdest as a mine well worth work
ing. We are in receipt of the new 48
page price-list of the lied Houe Trade
Union, of Sacramento, California, and
wish we could put it into the hands of
every man and woman in Arizona.
Buying goods through orders to this
great house is now a leading feature
of California and Nevada trade and we
can not see why Arizona should not
find it eaually advantageous. Every
one should send for their price-list,
which is mailed free.
G unsmi thinjj.
For gunsmithing and ail kinds of repairing,
and work of liks nature, go to J. Gruber, west
side of Main street, opposite the Cosmopolitan
Wholesale Fruit and Produce Dealers,
Are Constantly Receiving
A Card.
To all who are suffering from the errors and
indiscretions of yonth, nervous weakness, early
decay, loss of manhood, etc., I will send a
recipe free of charge. This great remedy was
discovered by a missionary in South America.
Send a self-addressed envelope to the Rev. Jo
seph T. Inman, Station D, New York City.
'ichoI's Infallible Injection.
. Guaranteed to cure promptly and perma
nently every case, no matter of how longstand
ing, il directions are followed. Internal rocdi
Irine not. recommended or necessary. Acure
guaranteed or money refunded. Directions in
English, German, French and Spanish. For
ea!e b C' H. Mevcrs, Congress street,
Arrarant 1Jreathaml 1arly Teeth
Are easily obtained by cleansing your teeth
dnilv with that instlv popular dentifrice, Soso-
but mirlo nf U'ont. Composed of rare antiseptic herbs, it;
, Dill made OI ' .
ihk wnrl- 1,., JimpartS whltene" to the teeth, a delicious aro-
mis wuriv li.ib mft tQ the hrcath) au(í preserve intact from:
youth to old age, the teeth. Acidity of the
a stomach will destroy the strongest teeth uroes
! " interacted with Sosodont, and
í,bi8 parP tWth h Jtal -nr-
face by reiDOvin? every impurity that adhr res
Vtbem. Ak
i our !rnsj!.t fo Sofodont.
In Arizona.
April, 630.,
Rear of Palace Hotel
Tucson, -
TonocTanhical Survcvin? and Drawing a
snecialrv." All business entrusted to me will
be carefuiiv and promptly performed: qfcon
Co.iress Street, opposite Lord & Williams
vm, Tn'CÍ Arizon(l.
4 32:
,-,f rrirnRiuii'rite itn frv M. Al'í, I. 5. Dcpn-'
i u M!ncm! Surveyor, Tucson. A. T.
Wholesale Dealer in
Wines! Liquors
TU5SON, A. T.,
Having received from E. MARTI if ft
CO-, San Francisco, Sole Aeenta for Iba
Pacific Coast, the appointment as
Sole Agent for Southern Arizona
for tbe Sale of tbe Justly Celebrated
Gutter Whiskies
Now Known as the
Private Stock,
Miller's Extra,
Old Rye,
' Etc., Etc.,
Offers tbe ara to tbe public as the Finest
Brands ever Introduced in Arizona. Also,
Gin and Wines,
Both Xatlv and Imported.
Fresh and from tbe Best Manufactories.
Purchasers are Invited to call and ex
amine goods and prices guaranteed to
suit the times.
Severs and CoDgress Streets,
Imported & Domestic Cigars,
Best Brands of Chewing and
Smoking Tobacco,
And a Complete Assort
ment of Smokers' Arti
cles. Cigars from 7 for
25 c to 3 for $1, acco ding
to quality.
The Great English Remedy
jUgf rt- v,t Seminal Weakness,
?-V'hi lost Manlioodjra-
'Wland' alí'thí terrible
ÍÍÍ1 effects of iHf-Ahnse
and youthful follie
ito 'and excesses in mi-
tfefjturer years such as
lass of memory, lassitude, noctnrnal emission,
aversion to society, dimness of visioD, noise
in the head, ihe vital fluid passing unobserved
in the urine, and many otuer diseases that lead
to insanity and death.
DK. MINTIE will aorrce to forfeit Fíto
Hundred Dollars for a case of this kind the
Vital Restorative (under his special advice
and treatment) will not cure or for anything
impure or injurious found iu it. Dr. Aiiulie
treats all Private Diseases successfully without
mercury. Consultation FREE. Thorough ex
amination and advice, including analysis of
urine, $3. Price of Vital Kestorative, 3 a
bottle, or four limes the Quantity, $10; sent to
any address upon receipt of price, or C. O. D.,
secure from observation, and in private name,
if desired, bv A. K. MIN'TIi;. M. 1., 11
Seamy street, San Francisco, California.
cum. cures all kinds of Kidney and Bladder
l ompiaims, uonorruuja, uicri, luiwhu'i.
For sale bv all drneidsts; SI a bottle; six bot
tles for $5.
Dr. MlntJe's Dandelion tr us are tue
cure in the market. For sale by all drugists.
M. I. JOHNSON, Proprietor.
The Long Branch and Favorite
Seaside.Resort of the Pacific
F.ootns single or en suite. First-class se
commodations for families or single persons.
Palace Hotel,
Maiph & Drtscoll, Proprietor.
nuudud guests.
Thespnefon d.'nimr hall 1 tinder
supervision of n nc-omp'lsried stewt
he enlsine nnexfild, td the wiriie
attentive and pol't.
Easiness Stard for Sale-
1 person w itn a small csso capital. J
(rocerv Store with Flxmres. 5ood fiii
fn5: loe.!!"!?, r.'Pt refers. ':- tai

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