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Office of Brious Gootmicu, Attornm:t at
Law and Dim. Att'y for Pima Co., ltT
Judicial District, A. '1'.
Tucson, A. T., May 2S, 1877.
To the Etlitor f tlu Miner.
Who has lied, the Surveyor General of
Arizona Territory or I I The affidavit of
"William A. MeDennott, Star reporter, herein
set forth, will show.
In a sheet, known as the "Citizen," pub-lishe-!
weekly in this town, and edited by
one John Wasson (bite of Idaho), wlio now
holds the lucrative ollicc of Surveyor-General
of this Territory, upneared a " wider," on
the 20th inst., which was headed, "That
Lying Dispatch." The said leader or arti
cle attempts to deny the truth of the fol
lowing dipatch (which was. .sent by nu to,
and published in, the Minkh, a respectable
journal of Prescott, Arizona i : "A deputa
tion, headed by Wasson, Editor of the Citi
zen, and Hugh Farley, Attorney for plain
till in the Injunction case, invaded the
chamber of Jude French last night. A
reporter of the Star stepped into see fair
play, and the crowd scattered."
Now, John Wasson, through the same
sheet the Citizen calls me a liar, a b:iso
liar, for sending the above telegram. Head
the following affidavit, and then decide who
has lied.
Territory of Arizona, ?
County of Pima, J
William A McDermott, being first duly
sworn, deposes ami says, that he is the Star
reporter referred to in the dispatch: that lie
gave "IJ. G." the information as stated in
the above dispatch, and says further on in
formation and belief, thai the dispatch as
ient by "B. G." was to all intents and pur
posas true. William A. McDonald.
Subscribed and sworn to before me, ou
this 23th day of May, A. 1). 1H77.
Seal. J. A. Arri:nsoN.
Notary Public Pima Coiintv.
The said dispatch states nothing but facts;
no conclusions; and when I sent it, I knew
I had good, fearless ami reliable authority
who made them so believe t If Farley and
Pomroy, then so much tlie worse for them;
Tr professional etiquette and Atwr .should
have prevented them from approaching.l udge
French on a subject in any way pertaining
to or connected with the injunction suit, or
at all on the very ri dit of the day on which
they had argued lh:cisefor the plaiiitiil,
Tool, in said cause before the selfsame
Judge, and pending the Judge's decision.
And right here, let me st ite as a matter of
fjet (which can be prived if the gentlemen
desire it) that at the lime the said Star
reporter stepped m upon this deputation
they were talking about a statement charg
ed to have been made on the street by Judge
French respecting Mr. Farley's man
agement of the said injunction suit.
I can also prove, and will at the proper
time and place, that John Waswon at the
I time the Star reporter appeared in the said
; chamber of Judge French commenced to
speak to the Judge respecting Mr. Farley's
, conduct of the said suit, and since this Was
son is so apt at drawing conclusions as to
what I meant by 1113- dispatch, I propose to
state what appears to me to have been Wns
son's object ami intention in cnlling upon
Judge French, at the time and place afore
mentioned. In plain words, I think John
Wasson, editor of the Citi.en and Surveyor
General, would have attempted to browbeat
Judge French (relative to this injunction
case) had it not been for the timely arrival
and interference of the ''Star man." Mr.
Wasson essays to be regarde 1 as a dignified
and respected journalist, but does not hesi
tate to use the words liar, base liar (especial
ly when his little put up jobs and nefarious
practices arc about to be exposed). Yet in
Ids article so adroitly written, he failed to
show that I hud lied, for he admits that he
and live others were in the chamber of
Judge French at the time stated in the dis
patch, but has cautiously refrained from tell
ing the ooject of tho visit at such nn in
auspicious time. If no wrong was intended
why not let the whole affair come before the
puolic? Anything that concerns five gen
tlemen citizen; of this Territory, and the
person called John Wasson. and" the Chief
Justice of the Territory, that requires such
hasty and untimely interviews, need not be
kept secret. Now, since I have shown by
perfect evidence that I do not lieas charged
by John Watson in his little paper, it mat-
iers uni ume 10 me, wnat tnj ivinir. con
Yah aulk Property in Dispute. The
lowing from the Los Angeles Republican in
timates that the people of San Bernardino
and Colton are to have trouble about the
land upon w hich is built their towns as well
as the farmeis adjacent thereto:
The story that Don Pio Pico and others
would cuter suit for jiosscssion of the old
San Bernardino Ruucho is no id.c rumor,
but a fact. It is said that D011 Phi Pico
owned much laud in Southern California,
and watched it very carelessly, and many
parties taking advantage of him took pos
session under fraud. The San Bernardino
K.ineho is one of the tracts tlt&t he thus
lost, although the title is clearly in his favor.
Persons acquainted with the facts declare
that he will be successful in the suit. The
towns of San Bernardino and Colton are
both situated on the laud in contest, and the
remainder is improved farm lund. The
parties in jiosscssion will make a desperate
struggle for the property for which they
have paid snd on which they have put so
much improvement?.
Diaz rather thnu have Lcnlo Insuoks of
foreign power. V
Columbia, S C K 1 r
In the House, yesterday, a bM, road f
that adopted by otherSou'lterai' aPP
vunt marriages between race n"Por'
The colored members determinedlTTi"avaPr'
It on the ground that it was drawin?cc fixei
lin. M'
Constantinople. i.New E
The Minister of War ays Tufcnccd t!
fight to tho last. str
Berlin, dcn A
The reported Russian nn
conclusion of jx-acc, will be Klf-jwrt CW
for Bosnia, Jlerzegroviaua, liulndcd, ti
tno Christians of Iazannti in
Roster of Troops. We have received a
nicely printed copy of the Roster of Troops,
serving in Arizona, for June. The pam
phlet was gotten up at the Headquarters
printing establishment, by an excellent
workman, Mr. Chus. Allcbach.
. to substantiate it in everv particular.
John Wasson seems to fear that in
of the fact that the motion to dissolve the temntablc. inconsistent, pnmmt' cmvMnllv
injunction in the Capital case, was hoard 1 and "carpet-bag puppv Wasson may publish
and taken under advisemsnt by Judge about me in Ins false, libelous, unreliable
French at 12 o'clock m., on the day of the 1 and black-mailing sheet. But I much rp
night on which Farley and Pomroy, attor- irret that the Hon. G. W. French, Chief Jus
neys for the plaintilfToole, in said suit, and tice of this Territorv, who from his conduct
Hon. S. R. DaLong, J. S. Mansfield and Mr. ! on ami off the bench", since his advent anion"
Cooler and himself six iu number inva- j in, has proven himself to be an able and
deal the Judge's chamber, as stated in said 1 careful lawyer, n just Judge and correct citi
dispatch, will lead all intelligent minds to zen. should" allow nn article over his sina-
mature of
......ji.iiLii, m .in uiu-uiyi-iii iiiuius 10 zen, snouiu allow nn article over his
but one conclusion, and that is, that the iu- ture to appear in a newspaper bn.il.
vasion, or visit if you please, at such a time I here hnmblv suggest that the si.'na
.I..-:.. 1: ..r . .1 ; . , .
Iuriug the pending of a decision so im
portant to all bmafile citizens of this Terri
tory was, at the very least, very ill-timed, if
not intended to inlluence the Judge to de
cide the case then before him according to
to their views, w hich are known to ba hos
tile to the removal of the Capital to Pres-cott.
a .Judge at law appears to a better advant
age under a derision or opinion of his than
under a personal iu a newspaper. I feel
sure there is not a single man in this Terri
tory, or any when; else, that can s iv truth
fully that my dispatch either bv direct ex
pression or by the faintest implication or
otherwise att:ielnil nv 1,1
.No doubt, JohnAason will try, as he j Judge French respecting the said invasion
usually does when he has been guilty of or nsit by the "six," but it U the old trick
piuuui; up :x uinyjo.,, 10 siieaK out or put otthat sneaking cur, John Wasson of at
some one else between hiniselt and the re
sponsibilitv of this improper visit. But if
W asson shirks the responsibility of the said
invasion, then Farley and Pomroy must
assume it: for if the object of the visit was
to work upon the Judge's feelings respect
ing the said injunction mutter, which I be
lieve, not only from the particular circum
stances of this affair, but from the past re
ported conduct of this person, John Wasson,
toward and concerning certain officials of
this Territory, so far as the said John Was
son was concerned, was for the purpose of
influencing the Judge's action. So. if this
tempting to drive others and innocent itartie
into his fights, hoping thereby to mislead
just public indignation, and shield himself
even though it may ruin another. And I re
peat that John Wa'ss-on, editor of the Citizen
and Surveyor Grmral of Arizona Territory,
is a contemptible, corrupt, old puopy ami
professional hireling and mercenary liar of
the most unmitiirate 1 and reckless kind,
and is too cowardly to come out like a man,
face to face. Mr. Wasson knew and knows
now that the sender of the dispatch iu ques
tion was not "two hundred" miles awav
Tritii liviit .wl 1. . . 1 .
! min, ,imi unit uh- seniicr was un,r,rs
assnn, by his snake, fox, sheep-killing doir Goodrich, a man t.iwnrM hnm l, i.T.?.'.
Si I y,?- ? " 8 ""J? .t,,u respons,- entertained an enmity, and more than ,nc?
i rlfnn in UHV,V,t1 !IIVas,,M1 r visit, has this person Wasson, through his paper,
tarley and Pomroy need not attempt to exhibited that feeling of enmity tow: rds
aoni, oy a leciiiucality, the responmh 1 tv ! Brio's GoodrioJi ! iTc:.,.. :.. .i t.i
that must attach to either them or Wasson l pa, Inroad of lZZ
lor this lllV.'Wmn or mnutn,, ,.;.;f .i... I . , , """, in. ill
10 man, ocmamnng redress for his griev
ances, if he had any.
My office is in Tucson, Pima county, Ari
zona Territory, MosMIln street.dircctly oppo
site the "City Tailor Shop," where I can b.
found at any time, and am always ready- to
defend myself am only on the defensive
nothing more. Brigos Goodrich.
jor mis invasion or cunning visit. For tho
Known good character of Hon. R. S. DeLon",
J. S. Mansfield and .Mr. Cooler, forbids the
impression even that they had any idea of
the real object of the visit, as I understand
it. So they are blameless. No doubt they
were made to believe thev had occasion to
call upon Judge French" at this time; but
Columbus, May 31.
The State Democratic Convention will be
held here July 2oth.
Is'cw York, June 1.
Ex-Governor Hendricks of Indiaha sails
for Europe Juuc 13th.
Paris, June, 1.
Tho Chamber of Ilepntios will not vote
tho budget whilo the Hroglie ministry is in
power. This is In aecord.ineo with the ad
vice of Theirs. The Government intends to
nroxwiitn tin, 1rwiilitit i( tin, iiittni..ti.il
Council of Paris for remarks insulting Presi
dent .MacMahon. On a possible contingency
President MacMahon may resign. .M. Theirs
will probably become Provisional President.
Washington, June J.
Governor Stone of Mississippi says in
Washington pajn'rs this morning lhat'lheru
is no trouble in Mississippi.
Washington, June 1.
At a Cabinet meeting to-day the Secretary
of War iiuthot i7ed Sherman to instruct Gen
eral ord to follow Mexican maraudeis. if
necessary, from Texas into Mexico.
Athens, June 1.
In Chambers, to-day, tho Prime Minister
announced to the new Cabinet the intention
to double thestrungth of the army bv call
ing for volunteers.
Vienna, Juno I.
The Russian army on tlie Danube is to be
increased four hundred thousand men.
Scmiiton, Peon., June '2.
Four coaches tilled with jKissungers wero
precipitated iromnuciiibanktiii-nt, st night,
on tho Lehi Valley Hailroad. Tho .cone
which followed battled deseriptiou. Tliree
iKjrsons wore instantly killed, .seventeen
wounded, three niortallV.
Washington, June
Prominent Republicans say to-day that
thero are three 3iiihos pushing this Govern
ment on to war with Mexico. Tho South
are anxious for Aar,and may havu.t bearing
on me .Miunoisiraiiou, in ine nopo of gain
ing strongth iu that section. McCrarv'.s
letter is generally regarded as warlike.
Athens, June '2,
Afler the Prime Minister explained the pro
gramme to the Cabinet in, tho Chnmber of
Deputies to-day, the Chamber, in despite of
tho opposition of the Government, resolved
by a vote of id to ( to hold a secret sitting
t -inorrow. Tho early downfall of the new
ministry is probable.
Virginia, Nov., Junel!.
Sharon's mills will hereafter crush all of
tho Justice's ores. The Schultz and Von
Borgen mills will .hiit down.
New York, June 2.
It appears that tho war in Kuropo is alrea
dy aiding American shipmasters. A circu
lar just received says, that iu long voyages
chartering merchants give decided prefer
ence to American over other Hags.
Liverpool, Juno 2.
It is alleged that AV. II. Vandcrbilt has
formed a largo railroad combination in this
San Diego, Juno 2.
Intelligent mon just from Mexico say that
tho agitation of tho filibustering movement
has injuriously atlccied American interests
in that country; that the people will fight for
br V a verv
Governors; Kurovan commUsiow.i.ilditig
time; and accession of territory la towr
Vieiina.Ja.. ne
A conspiracy has been dLseoveredsV
grade against tho Prince of Mllia! r,
favor of the Priuco of Monteueiro. ess tn
Tlie HaUf, Jnts tl
Sophia Fredrika Matilda, Qiieta tfort ab:
laud, died to-day.
London, Jaxtr jj,
The Russians are advancing jj,.' i,
townnls Diyarkeker. There is inotk '
prevent them getting possession Str"11','
jihrates Valley from tho pacific sajiicoual
Iguiqai, Jeackcn
The Perquian rebel turret ship H;ly uia
coniniitteil piratical acts against Urifejck in:
jects. Her Majesty's ships Shah
thyst engaged her in Hilo, In the na" "
May. She escaped after dark, but ,
aged she surrendered to the Pem
wpi.ulrou. ,c. I'
Now- York,3t:ablis'
W. C. Trinler, who claims to hsiiod b'
10 years on the Coast near where thtSito C
San Francisco went down, and wrilevpn n
Herald, that tho rock on which &ist it
had been known for years. He itfel J,'
most of the old Captains of the PK&i111? 11
line of its existence in 1SG2. It apps;Ut ou
a solitary rock iu deep water, and in direi
quito exposed except in rough wiathacscot
about 185S or IStW tho steamship Wta
tun, iiuiii i iiiiiium iu oau .iiicisvo,
on it, and after her arrival in San Fna.ioci.
pieces of rock wero found stickinsiti .
bottom. But
Uurlintfon, IonPon
A water-spout this morning lloodrfinu '
country for two miles to tho northtsThc
tho City, causing several thousand dce of
damage. Alw
cw ork.Jaa-,,:
Tho Time's .specials from South Ctoln p
and Mississippi represent that Kenahkit" 1
are jwrseeuted in these States, and thpniU'
whim man dare pronounce himself Jven
publican. Tho Times thinks, w ith fenBasl
coptions. Civil Service reform undr HtvjkQ
is a failure. ...
Key West, Floridav.Juar trj
An American whaling schooner W:
Providence, Mass., has arrived hcrcsndi1
jMirts that whilo taking oil on a Key w aai
of Cuba, sho was boarded by a Spa
cruiser, her jpors demanded under pettTlu
of punishment. Tho Captain nroduMdte.lt
pajMii-s, which were considered suffottffan
suspicous to dotain him in close confines- '
for four days, until the arrival of a Sasry
frigate. ia
Washington, Jnn4i
Si('riljrvf iifrnrr t.iv- I ImF ilm UttrittV.
, - - - . - -- .... j . ...... ..it. .,.' -
struction to Con. (ird, concerning Mens3c
irouoies, expresses dulilenite and &y.
iniiy lormeu leterniination of the tv.T.
dent and Cabinet, that it means neither t'-pl
nexation nor war, but incansa siieedycf,
etleetivo suppression of Mexieau raidi''
any cost. It is by no means the objerf'Ke
the President, as some charge, to scaC
outside trouble in order to attract altena70
from internal affairs. Re
Cairo, III., Jane Its
A tornado struck Mount Carmel, IHiaav
to-day, causinir great loss of lifeanilprops'
Twelve persons were killed, thirty wouncc
and about twenty missing. Sl
Vienna, Junei 16.
Grand Duko Nicholas recently said teK
foreign Consul that neither Prince Hisnuns
nor Lord Derbv will prevent them frora-n
tcring Constantniople.
St. Petersburg, Junei
Prince GortchakotPs nolo to Lonl Der
status that tho Cir does not want ierritsT
inereaso m Euro, but only desires ficf
omy for Bulgaria, ami the indcimlenalc
ikiuimauia aim rervia. no ucma"1" " u
ut-vus-sion oi .vrineuia.
London, Jun?i
m ih-iiiv iiuorms ioro Ijvoiu
Greiit Britain has declined the iroposd;
.'i. ii ix-seps io Keep oiK.m tnosuei v-i
to all natums, and has iiitliiiatiHl to M
that an attempt to blockade, orotherwi
ii-iieru w nu me tanal or its appruwff.,
would be regarded as a meiiacu to Imlfa,11
incomnatiblo with tho maintenance of Ref1
ish atthudo of passive noutnilitv at thet
it was intimated to tho Porte and teMj
Khedive that England was firmly $
mined not to permit that land to be
tho Meno of any combat or other
ojwrations. Wtt
Xew York, June5,"
Tho Times savs tho President's wsitkB..
regard to tho silver question is eitherpJ

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