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I - a.
FK1DAY, J I'M I, 1S77.
Official Paixn of Yavaini County.
C. W. Oaar. 4Si .Vamtftmrry ttrttt, Smn Frmntitro, it
tale Agtnt ft tht Akuona MiM'.k i Mat rile, lie t
authorittd to colUct movjk tt f Jkt t uCaMifAMewr.
talt crtifrj fmr rrrtiij aarf affcKii to any oMer
tuifruii tjVrclruttr ufmn hi a tht rtprtstntmtivt of
tht pttbtithtrs.
Complaints. We have received two com
plaints, for publication, fnm Mrsons claini
iti to have becu arrested uul imprisoned
by Indian Agent Chun on the San Curios
reservation, tor no reasons except that Mr,
Clum had an antipathy against them. As
every person Iihs a right to resort to the
courts of justice for any wrong or persecu
tions inflicted on then!, we prefer that the
innocent, injured parties should apply to the
courts for relief. We do not think Mr. C.
would perpetrate such an outrage as charged
against him unless lie had some reason for
so doiug. If persons go on an Iudian reser
vation and bieak the laws of said reserva
tion, the person in charge has the right (and
properly, oo) to arrest and imprison the
offenders. From all we can learn in the
premises, Mr. Clum actwl as any other man
of stamina would have, under like circutn-btauccs.
A dispatch from the Commanding Officer
at Lamp Bowie, dated June v, received to
day, states: "Lieut. Totiey returned from
a most energetic pursuit of renegades. He
overtook them in the Las Animas mountains.
They escaped in spite of his extraordinary
The Las Animas mountains arc about 100
miles southeast of Bowie, in Xew Mexico,
and Lieut. Toucy must have made heavv
marches to go so far and return, with the
means he possessed. The number of In
dians was very small, and of course more
difficult to capture when overtaken. These
Indians operate in such small parties that
the only practicable method to capture
them seems to be the one practiced under
Gen. Crook, and that is, to order the Indians
on the San Carlos reservation to capture
them when they come in there, ns they arc
certain to do in time. It seems now pretty
certain that all the renegades at large are
not more than '23 or 80, and if the heads
of three or four of them could be had, it
would stop the depredations that have been
going on ever since the Chiricahua Reserva
tion was broken up.
Kejtort of tho Territorial Crnml Jury.
.Mining Item.
To the Ihmoralle thtJtvtgeof the Third M trial
District, in and fvr the Covuijf of lamMi :
The Grand Jury for flic County of Yava
pai, Territory or 'Arizona. June Term, beg
leave to roport:
That they have found seven true bills of
indictineut'and ignored seven charges.
In the matter of the alleged infant mur
der, wc find the evidence insufficient to war
rant a criminal charge, but Iwlievo it their
duty to reprimand the mother of the child
mufderer, and to charge her of lieine guilty
of criminal carcleasnr in allowing her
children to hare and use deadly weapont
while at their play.
And we recommend the appointing of a
guardian for the said child, by the proper
authorities, to the end that lie may bo more
strictly guardod, and that his lawi dispo
sition may be checked.
We think the city authorities should take
measures to prevent the uaeaud discharging
of fire-arms, by loys, within the city limits.
We find the "books of the Treasurer of the
county in perfect order.
1 lie books null accounts ot the Justices ol
tho Peace, of this precinct, we lind correct
and in good order.
We find the books of the Sheriff' oflice
kopt correct, and the prison cells tidy and 1 the surface about 4M feet in length, but ia
Wool Market.
From outMders who have come to Pres
cott on btuiuess connected with Court, wo
have gleaned a few items of interest not
! previously noticed.
The heated term sot in strong on the Oth
int., and everywhere south from Precott
wc hear of hot weat her.
The She rill" brought in seven men ns jurors
from the Perk District, and others are pres
ent from the Hasta, DnuUhuw, and Black
Forty men are at work in tho Peak mine,
and at Luke's mill and mine forty-two
more are lmy.
Profiteering U all the rage from Turkey ;
Creek to Pttottix, and occasionally a rich ,
strike make a httle stir in camp. Several
good prospects have been recently found on
lower Turkey Creek, in gold, silver, and
Conner, by Meesrs. Archer, Dougherty,
nuninit. Godfrey and other?, oast of the !
Peck District; but the latest rtwl sensation
was produced in Alexandra, a week ago, by
the exhibition of n lot of ore from anew
dUcoTery, named the "Eastern Slope," sltua
tetl about Are miles southeast from tfce
Peck mine the fortunate owners of which
are Frank Schultac, I). K. Ibmghtelin, and
Joeeph S. Drew. The rein only how on
Gegjul o uant Attbnds thkOaks Race
Boston, Mav 0. Wool has been quiet and at Ero:i. A telegram from London dated
steady during tin past week. The demand , jur.e ; ti.j6; The Prince of Wales, with Gen-
has been principally for California fall and
spriug and super and X pulled. Fleece
wool lias been comparatively quiet. Sales
of Ohio and Ponunvivania, 7S.00O pound
XXX; PeuiiajlvHtiia fit); XX Ohio, 40; X
Ohio, tf$-10!'; Michigan fleece steady
at 37$ 3M; 18,1X10 pounds utnv sold in tlifa
range. New York. New Hame4iire and
Western tie. ecu ranged from 85 to 88c., but
sale have been in mhuM lota. Tranaetioti
ju combing and delaine iWces are confined
to small lots, but toek are mall. Polled
wools aru i fair demand. Sal. St 1,000
for the week; IvaattHii and Maine super, 40
to 40 cent down to 10c. for low mer, and
X pulled 37 4 -10 c; combing polled is in
and has lcn eellinir at Mia. in
oral Gisat, iaft the Victoria station, London,
for E psora by special train, at 1 o'clock.
Coaut Mumtcr, tho German Ambassador,
the Dok of llamiiton, Lonl Dudley and
several other went by the Mine train.
The Aaglo American Times states that a
dinner to CrMieral Grant has been arranged
at the Uisked Jserrire Club, which i a rep
rcentat.v cf tle ftrftkh army and navy.
This rxnnr w only tendemi to oik-era of the
highest dhrluction. Other military club
have folhvrcU the example of the United
Service la &viiiug the Geocral to Income an
honorary nker. Among political clubs
the wty bat been led bj the iteform Club.
Spanish Class
Ilvrjr tI. at attic of Jwk l all Tnulrt,
irblii auUa Mrt4n rt l Jm. hale mm mi. T-rw
iw( week Hr serMMular. jRl34v
The Riverside Weekly Xcws, undoubtedly
& little jealous of the iniortanceinto which
Yuma City, in this Territory is springing,
comes out in a long article telling its read
ers what the future downfall of Yuma etc., for
getting however that should the railroad
only make that place a kind of way station,
that the rich miues that line the border of
the great Colorado for a distance of 300
miles, which must ncce.-aiily get their sup
plies through Yuma, and send their glitter
ing metal in return, of itself, is enough to
keep Yuma a thriving town. Then again
they forget that the whole country north,
comprising an area ot sevral liunureu square
miles including the counties of Mojave and
Yavapai, unparallcd in mineral, pastural
and agricultural resource, propose to get
their supplies through Yuma all of which
will go towards making Yuma r. lively,
healthy city. We cannot sec any reasou why
Yuma is not destined to become a large and
important town. The GilaandColorada river
bottoms contain arrablc land sufficient, ad
jacent to Yuma, of themselves to support a
town, equal, if not of more importance than
Riverside. Just because Yuma happens to
be on the Arizona side of the Colorado, Mr.
News, don't try to cry her down, she will
live thereon, and become and remain a town
of note when some of tho one horse places
arc dead and forgotten.
clean; that the prisoners confined therein
have good and wholesome food.
We find that the escae of prisoners from
tho jail is clmraable more to to the gener
al insecurity of the jail than to groas negli
gence of the keepers thereof. Ono prisoner
escaped while doing errands; one escaped
while at work ou the fence that surrounds
the jail, aud we think the officer who had
them in charge censurable for employing the
said prisoner in either capacity as laborer
or errand boy.
After examining carefully the bids given
in upon th contract tor marking a survey
and specifications of the proposed road from
Frescott to Bradshaw City, and examining
all the evidence apH.rtaining thereto, we are
unable to discover any reasou why the con
tract should not have been awarded to the
lowest instead of the highest bidder, by the
Supervisors of the county.
We find something irregular in the man
ner of auditing certain accounts against the
county, as in the case of the account of G. 1).
Kendal, of April 3, 1870, wherein the said
account is audited and a I low it 1, Kendal and
one other membes of the Board of Supervis
ors only being present at the time.
We think it of the greatest imortancc that
some means should be devised by which the
expenses of cariuir for the indi"rt:nt ick of
very rich in both gold and silver, showing
plenty of the former, coatNe, anil vMibte.m
the or, and giving aasays of aiiver np to
$1,000 per ton. A noticeable similarity be
tween the fieculiar rail ore of the Zalida and
this mine exist.
A rrjKtttiou of the news from the Silver
Prince, BlacK Warrior, ami Peck mines may
seem monotonous but it is certainly en
emiraging to be able to say that thoM vein
are still yielding plenty of rich ore. A sam
ple of the last shipment from the Prince
assayed $1,100 per ton. Smith and But
trick are taking jt as good ore from the
Warrior, and the yield of Bullion from the
Peck Company's mil! sjieaka for iUelf. In
the north reck tunnel the pav streak, which
has continued for weeks at from twclvo to
eighteen inches,, suddenly, on the 5th and
Oth of June, widened to 3 feet, and in
creased in richnesw an the width uf ore ch
largctl. The bunches of horn-siiver, yellow
chloride, and Car-ores are pleasing to behold,
and some a rich a and rare specimens have
recently been preserved as ever were taken
from the mine.
reouest and lias lcn eellinir at
California there ha been an increMed trade.
the .Mle of the week comprising 7A8,00U M AMtxaHTayenS xxn i.i pa a Fmox Waiu
pounds at from lo35c. for spring and Kew Yuri., JuoeOtb. The Tltnea Salt Lak
5 loriau, moaiiy tan wooi ai ioMi9c.
We can seo mi reason why Arixwa wool
kliouhl not be chMaed with that of New
York, New Hampahire and the Weetern
fleece. fe hare lecn sljowti aprcimeaa of
wool front the lenl of Mr. Smith, oo of
our wol growew, which will equl any
thing raWetl in I'enrlvnin or Ohio; and
if our wool grower would but look to their
own interests and sbip direct to Button, we
confidently believe that they would real be
equally with the Weatem wool growers. It
is an acknowledged fact, oy umi ueat jumm,
that Arixna wool, free it U from dirt,
burrs and thorns, i superior to the Califor
nia wool, still the men who are in the trade
in San FraecJaco, never acknowledge the fact,
but buy it in a cheap, if not cheaper than
the California decce, which i as a general
thing one-third in weight burr and dirt,
w hile the Arizona fleece is clean and free
from ail .uImmdc whk-h ha a timdwCY to
depreciate tint arthiiein alne.
Military Ortrr.
Captain G. M. Drayton, Kighth Infantry,
will proceel to Fort Yuma, CnlM where be
will, uihmi arrival, take charm of alt iri-
.... .1 . "i ' .
me county snail noi ie sa severe lax upon i oners at, and ordered to, that Mint lortmns
thc resources of the county. Stid exjwnses jKKtation to Atcatrax Ulaml. Cal., and pro
for the month of April, 1S77. was $0o0. ' ceetl with them to San Franciaco, Cal.
There is a looseness of form in the material j Upon his arrival at San Francico, Captain
points of the contract between the Board ot g. M. Itrayton will turn orer the piuoner
id Boarxl unprepared to combat acts of in-, (N.mmandinir General, MiiitaFv Dinwoo of c vmrHT mtnf? tb"
justice on the prt of the aaid v. L. Dy, ; the Pacific.
were he disposed to act unfairly, and to this The commanding officer Fort Yuma, Cal.,
fact, as much as auy other, may be attributed wiu furnish the neceasary uanl.
lutv herein
Cntnt' .Spih.
General Grant, on the S4th of Mnjr, hi r
aKNtse to a complimentary addrgtt by the
Mayor of Manchester. England, said:
" It is scarcely oaible for mo to gtv ut
terance to the feeling evoked by my recep
tion ujwni your oil, from the moment of my
arrival in Liteqiool. wheru I have paaaed a
coiipiu of days, until the present moment.
After the Keue which I Iwve witnomi in
your street, the elements of grentnee a
Iiianife-tcd in your Miblic ami imiutrial
buildings, I may be allowed to say that no
penson could be the recipient of the honor
and attention you liare bestowed upon uie
without the profondet feeling. Sncli ha
been incited in me, nod I find inpelf inade
quate to their mcr expniion. It waamy
original purxe ou my arrival in Liverp wil
i. iiastrn to London, and from thence nr -
the exorbitantly large charges that have been
aud are now making severe inroads upon the
treasury of the county.
Wc think it unjust to the taxpayers of
Yavapai county to Ik? comieUed to y so
large an amount for the caring of their sick.
when evidence shows plainly that nearly all
the money so paid is net profit to the con
tractor who has charge of the countv sick.
Alter tlie completion ot tnc i
assigned him, Captain Hrayton is authorized
to avail himself of the leave of absence
granted him in Special Orders, Xo. 55, cur
rent scries, from these Headquarters.
Upon the receipt of this ordor at his sta
tion Second Lieutenant W. L. Pitc.ier.
Eighth Infantrv. will le relived from duty
thereat, to enable him to take advantage of
Wc thank the Library Aisociation tor the U,e leave of ab-ence granted him by jwra
use of its well furnished rooms, being well j ph 4, Special Orders Xo. 1 12, 'current
aware of the inconvenience of its members, j Scries. HeadouarttTH of the Arm v. A. G. O.
Gov. A. P. K. Saff.ml and R. X. Leather
wood, Esq., returned yesterday. They have
been with the Arizona scouts since the ISth
of 3Iay, and made an extensive and hard
scout "through the Chiricahua mountains,
into Sonora and for a long distance through
mountains by way of Altar westward to the
Cananca and back into Arizona. The com
mand is now in Dragoon mountains. The
Indian scouts acted with zeal and perfect
obedience and in all things showed a desire
to find and puniMi hostile Indians. Gover
nor Ssfford has labored hard in this matter ten about Dr. Glenn's extensive farming op
and made u sacrifice ol time ana money, '
and all honest people honor and respect him j
he same is true of Mr. Lcathcr-
during our duty hours.
We think that Paul Weber. District At
torney, is entitled to a great deal of credit
for having the business of the county, that
requires the attention of the Grand Jury, ar
ranged in so perfect order, that no delay be- j
came necessary in any ot tnc numerous cases
brought before them by him.
Having no further business, we submit the
above as our final report, and ak to be dis
charged. R. E. Elliott.
Foreman of Graud Jurv.
By command of
Gkxkral Kautz.
Jacinto, Colusa County, Cal., )
June 4th, lt77.
Editor Miner: Here I am at the cele
brated Dr. Glenn ranch, where everything in
the way of farming is carried on so exten
sively that I am bewildered in looking at
the preparations now being made for harvest.
I have just counted two hundred and fifty
bales of grain sacks, each bale containing
one thousand sacks. This. I am told, is
only a starter; but so much has b"?n writ-
Illttn't Succeed.
I Prom ib Coltmi .Srmi Trof".)
Detective Keyscrof San Francisco hail an
interesting experience coming in from Dos
Palms last Thursday morning, a few miles
this side of Calezon station. He had in
charge one Lazarus-, whom he arrested at
Prescott, charged with abscouding from Sau
FrancUco with a large amount of jewelry,
which was found in his possession. When
the train was running along in the locality
mentioned, the prisoner, shackled as he was,
in an unguarded moment junied fiom the
cars. As soon as possible the train was
stopped, and the officer allowed to turn him
self looae in the sage brush and hunt the
fleeing bird.
country. Among thee I have rcgurueu Jrlan-
cheater as the mint important. A I have
been aware for years of the reat amount of
your manufacture, many of which find their
ultimate destination to my own country, m
I am aware that the sentiments of the great
mass of the jwople at Manchester went out
in symjwthy to that country during the
mighty struggle in which it fell to mv lot to
take some humble part. This expression cf
the jreople of Manchester at the time of onr
great trial incited within the bremts ot my
countrymen a feeling of friendship toward
them distinct from that felt toward all Eng
land. In that spirit I nccopt, on the part of
my country, the compliments wid m as its
representative, and I thank you."
GsvKiui. Ckook on Utah A Quirt a
flier ial . . General Crook exprvMe the
opiaion ;&t no more troop are needed in
I tab ; ff a be ran aee, Utah ii at
peaetl& ever Imfsre. The alleged at
tem)i fc3EaintiuN of a eorr ojKiwfet of
a New Yoak journal aee ma to be generally
discredited. 1 am now at the same hotel,
nod I U t. u aee how it could have been
Itoeaibie. Hrca the alleged attempted aasa
aination, wLch tdoitdiew, ia not kid to
ilomun Agent. The Territory h a quiet
a Xa&aitKctt or Connecticut, awl n far
from war or bloedfrhtd.
We were pleated to bear of the marriage
of bergeaat . Jlaon, or the Coinmiaeary
DrparUneo: at Camp Apache, to Miat Anna
Keber. V- .fntr auch aemibki peotdu
exittas tiiQ aibreMkl couple, mnt if not
women, .1 lie pfaMtjr in atl future time, at
leat it wiil oom pretty iar to it. Tfce
mowIt ai4 oouole have the batt wiahes
of the MtVSR, nod may they live long and
have o aiLcr rntbarmaemMtH execju young
Manna wo may become Commiawary, luar
terMMter,or Commanding Geoerai.
The Tcrkiah Government u aaid to be vir-
taally Uarapt, lU debt being $027,000,000,
on whkh the annual interest is $85,000,000.
Still this ttae of affairs does not interfere
with her oi?itr to carry on the war, "wit
force her creditors to extend atill more lie'p
in ocier r. Rave a chance to save the old c
couttts. Tho Turkish MinUter of Finances
a weak ftfio dgnHded a further advance of
15,000.000 from the Chamber of Deputies.
Careful sifting of our dipatclie shows
that the ftcaians ar strong and confidant,
and the Turks flnaociallT crampadnad slmrt
of field artillery, ami that they are jwrpe
tralSnst il.e moat horrible outrage in all
qaartera whre the army trina my advnn
facrs.tuereor juatlv mrit'ng condemnation
from, the waok dvilixsd world.
Hot Went Iicr has Come!
WMliMttk yutr all4if!t. jMk f a'l-Tjmjln viiMn
K wn aat caafi, or mil kM yu im'H nany
Jawycr.s, Attciiliou!
JanV-M al1-Trdf. t Im M no tyro at Wt.. tiff- hi
MWf(Ma vatx-rrWr ut $aaMi aati Tr. M a ma mi
wid rhkr l tafca nowa i-iiumj- mtitn. e..nr
tttnr 4mmt. Ijy wU liav !' tml
ni ikM thiMr aaa aMond to iBlly r.m!4 rr to
MMbr tmmit) JACKOPALI.-TItAUr.rf.
- rt - 1 I r V TT T. .
itS7i cMSJoru. .two i. xj.annautcr. fc.0.J
xv. BAiilrUKD & ft
I "TTJinlcniln nnd Unln.i n... "
lnvit an Infraction of car "(w
Stock ol -T
Strayed or Stolen.
I'rMM ar rarH la flw Joirn of V on U Tfir'mt M
Mataniair. Ih 9ifc. a Maall buy ftn-r braiuW 1'. U.
la itiral luf. A ajr pm ""iwal w ri la
aferMMtiwi Jt hi wlwr.ahMirt will b lifcmJ! rrwur
Tk fem ka a wkito tirip aaU ifei" lnf ar Uo
wMl. tl A, I.I7KK.
I'TnaU, Ariauaa. Jaa IS !?. ttttr-tf
T W. W. SwM( aat all atlwt ia OaatiarRial
Y.raMU Oaatv. A. T.
Vw ar hmtbr aiiar4 tkat If vm 4 aat am.
wiMa aia aar lam IW italo aarKf. am) faf lultnj
Hurry aa4 Jrrrr OI. all ol ya japrtfca tt lae
wuani a hmh4 br taw. la wrtil will eioha
a .Mla at vv lilnril at raitt arfMHartii tfcr
latata towtaf tkr litifa( u4 tW Biiiix tan w In
Tarky Qr..V. Arisava. Jaa 15, 16TT. n -a3
Dry Goods,
Dress Goods,
Dress Trimmings,
Ladies' Underwear,
Ladies' Hose,incli
Balbriggan, Ent2
(ii: i , J?-naa1
ounpeu ana Caiav-
Children's Hose, in great varied: '"i-
uorsets, uorset TrimmiB!,
Collars, Cuffs, Eucningi" 2
Rufflings, Embroiderr '
Insertions, Laces,
Fancy Toilet ArtkL
liibbons & Jeif!"
INtaaet, Tirtony M Artaww. Gmmy mi Yavspai.
AMkfi an.wcut at tt IMririet Curt at ttie Taiiil Judi
rial IMHfia. la aa4 ar la Ouatt of Yavar&l. ia tk
T-ntnny f AriH.
Tt Ttrritny Jnmmt Had 9rt4tf tmAndriwJatk-
aa AieKetrt.
Yaw ar akr taiaatoarJ aaU rtuireI to arrar Ir
un aoOa linartt upAmt t hr the abora aamt iiki
nm la tfc- inittriot CaoH r the Thlnl Jimtlaial IJIttnet
m a4 fnrtbr CaHaty mT Yavar ai. la tb Territory of Ari-
a. aa4 aatwrr Uf attatUn nt flletl trttU tlie Cterk
OiU Omrt, at l ifMwii. ia axl CMtay. (u eopv of itlile'
r.w4al.t acamaiiaaip llii mwdimm;. wiiliin tnrol
Jarn ('XIativr uf iIm Ur ivic- afitr Uto Irrvio
area . uf tfaU ihi . If wrt.-il la tht Ctmnlr; bt
It wrr Mtt I tKr Coaaty nait nrithia tbi ilutrlct, tb.
r laia lainr Mjr; la allki ra. furty ilay.
Aal ji ara krfrbr aarifinl tlMt If you fail la ci'Pa
aed 5vr Ik ouaij'latat at atmrc Tniirrt. the plaiBtrf
wi l ! anu avata t roa ana ak fur thr inrtbrf rNr
rm.tai m tarn eami taiat aa. nti aed UUburtetuooM l
Canned Fruits & Vegetables
Wholo and Ground Sp ces '
Alden Dried Fi nits,
California Dried Pears
Peaches, Apples, Gran
Pitted Plums, Currauk
TjToaVllnrr ni J m .
iihuuic auu AUiLfif
o j it- : j i .
UIUUCU xiuiicv. h li num.. nnn ij COMl Vila Ulj
Candles, Crackers. Nuts, iiSr
. ataa
Kaisms, Bacon, Lard.
Butter, Chesse, and Eggs,
Olvra umi-r mr ImhmI aai ik" mI of th Mail
triac LaurL. at l'ir. t. U th 4a at Jaa. 1-
I'AtuJ RnnMT Arar tr inaiatt.T.
I'tttt&t. ArtMMU, Jun II. l.-;7. w9
Potatoes. Corn. Flonr tt lt
' -VTarri
Tor Mechanics, Miners,
Mill Men and Artisans,
Plows, Plow Steels, Scythes,
Rakes, Bellows, Anvils, Aa
Shovels, Hammers. Sledges.
Pick3, Chisels, Piles, Sa-jri
Drills, Planes, Screwi, jW f
. -l.Mffc
hki a 1
t4j fni
We learr that Ute jrK&hoppert have al-
I ready ir.ad? tad havoc with the crops thmh-
ont Mlncxvota. Alretulv croi are rejwrtcd
to Ik- entirely dcratmyed, and man v of the
inhabitants era sucking homes in WisCDiisiD
nnd Illinois.
While the general cmnplaint in California
this year ia of drouth and short crofie, it h
?aki that Ynlm, Sntter and Hutte enmities
will prodnce more grain than any previous
-i.i. m a un M-n i
The announced intention uf Presidem
Hayes to make a complete change in all im
)ortant ireiim miion ia creating tjuite &
roth for the desirable lotions.
Three Xcgnte Untie. Wltlioitt Trial, for an
Atrociou Jlurxlcr.
(SfHal 4ifatch Ui thv Neir YV Herald.)
Coi.rMRW.Ga., .May 28, 1S77.-Last Friday
innrninx. lefore daybrenk. Ir. ('. C. fiam
biiiw, of Steward county, waa murdered by
thrcf negroes f the neigflliorhood. Tlit-y
filed fences and drew her liunhnnd away from
the liousc. The negroes then procetnled to
the houso to rob it. and were met by Mrs.
Chambliss, a bcantiful woman, ne3 eighteen
years, armed with a gun. One of the iie
"ne, Jerry bnead, took tlie "in from lier
We arc credibly informed that uo more
wwk will lie done for the prscnt on the
Southern Pacific Kailrotd this side of tho
Colorado river.
Hie Governor of Pennsylvania signed
seventeen deatii warrants during the month
of 3Iav.
mi lotl"pl its caiit.nts in lier liun.l. oiisin"
A (listmtcii irom tlie ttetcctive 1Cr deatii instant v. The iierocs lurnet
early m the forenoon related that lie hud In j the corn crib and lied
man. lie was Drought
train the same night
in on the special
and takeu to Los An-
Virginia, "o, Juno 12. The California
Mining Company to-day paid in $77,91 to
The late excursion pnrty from I.03 Ango-
Thcvwcre pursued ; ttio County, and tho Consolida'ou
and captured. Jerry admitted the deed and i Pa,u in M7ti, being tho bullion tax due for
implicated his companions, Stephen Abram i iV"00.'",5 M!lIch,?, Other niine-s
I ,,.. -,, ., ' n,, 1 , al.so ixud, the total acRroja'iiiir fcl(,921.
atidU jilliam Booth. They were brought to CmiM,i;datet Ma.iiiian bippwl to-
Chatnbhss house that aftornoon, ami it was tlitrht Sru3.sj. and the California, on hn nnw
I i-pent la;t evening at the hospitable res
idence of ilr. Philip Arouson. whobe amia
ble ami very intelligent wife is a daughter
of Michael Gold water, Ktq. of Prescott
for it; and the
wood. Tucson Citizen June 9th.
We are pleased to know that Ex-Governor
Saff.trd litis returned to Tucson unharmed.
That SafTird is a hard worker none will deny,
but it seems to u-. that the Governor ha
been working scramst fate. He has been
trvinu to prove to the world th
risrht in his Indian theories and that
al Kautz was all wronsr. Wc w
in hopes that the scouts wiio formed that j she regularly receives from Morris and Sam
grand line in Tucson three months since and I I spent the last ten days in the town of
7rwl fPT n c?titit. 111 linnur nC lii- muinctr filitcn wliinti I fiitiiifl wlirrmsli.il iti irlrinin
would have succeeded, at least, in capturing on account of tlie ravages 01 a malignant
one old squaw, but, alas, they found nothing 1 type of typhoid fever which is prevailing
- ,, .1. . 11? . r 1. 1 . 1 "1 . 1 . t . 1
in ail meir rautunu',s, save (tie ircsn anu 1 nnti 01 wiuen uiv count v juu"e ami one or
les to Yuma have returned, of which the
r.mtinn thf tin- ntilili.- tsnrnfiv wull .w.itn.1 ! iieraki says: i lie trip from this city totlic
with reference tt them ami I merely wish to Colorado river was enjoyed by many who
corroborate almost anything that may be ; had nc'cr been over that country before,
said about it, however extravagant it "may I but the ie.it almost uaeti Mmc of tIBm un
On arrival at Yuma every facility
the tourists to see the sights by
unanimously decided by about three hun- 1 month's account $J0S,7jU, and has m tho
. 1 1 . - 1 A 1 . 1". fc 1 . .... I I . I
. 1 ' 1.1 i- . 1 . . .1 Him iniM-ii 1 11c wiii 11 'i liic 11t111n.su in mou
lt lir. W5i. 1 n. A tikis h ltvlv tntiTivO in rnvrvtluncr . . . .
C. 1 . - , . . . . . . - iiitr uif iu3iiii:93 iiFuiuuusiii 1 iniiii. 1 111; iiutii
cner- jiertaing to Arizona affairs, and is quite 1 ., , ... . ..
ere real I v I thorourhlv nosted. throuh letters ivhich f l,.CM-" " T. "fS
- - 1 n . 1 7 1 .....
field to ro, nnd it was with great difficulty
that the whites could ncrsuadc them to ner-
the resi- mita burial. The cnlnrits met their fate
dents of the city, which was taken advan-; jccringlv and snccringly, glorying in the
tage of by the excursionists, some of whom j deed, ""and taunting their executioners. A
cotton rope was first used on Abrams, but it
! broke, and ho asked the crowd to set a
dred whites nnd blacks present that they I oniee 5100,000.
should be hanged. A gallows was erected .The luontlily. yield of tho Consolidated Vir
and the murderers were hanged yilh trace ; ffiSn, rwlllcwl Sf500 tons of
chains 1 he clored participant in the ort, from thc 14JS0.foot luvo, of th(J Coiolida
lynching threw the lifeless bodies into an old ted Viminia. nroduchn SO-JO.SMt notti,,
J- " . ' ' " ' c
numerous trails made by the United States
Regulars belonging to the command of Gen.
Kautz, who arc continually in the field and
on the alert for renegade Indians. The Cit
izen omits to state whether any valuable
mines or stock ranches were foun 1 and loca
ted. Wc think thc better course for the Ar
izona Militia is to disband, acknowledge
their inability to find Iudians. where none
exist, and adopt some other calling for
which they are better adapted.
Hon. J. J. Gosper, our newly appointed
Secretary, called on us to-day, and we find
himaverygeni.il gentleman, entirely fice
from sectional feeling and narrow-mindness,
lias clear and liberal ideas about the Terri
tory, and wc agree entirely with him that
tlie" people should not let personal prejudices
carry them from the line of duty, whereby
one portion of our fair Territory may be de
cried for the general airgraudizcmcnt of
another. We should know no east, vct.
north or s-oPth- but work for the :.chieve-
incnt and "enerl welfare of the whole uni
ted Territory. These have been our view
always, butWasson, wifJ' usual grasping
nroncusities. forever crying out lying vi
lains of Yavapai, etc., kept us busy answer-
inghisslurs.insinuationsaiid maledictions on
an innocent people. e have never lei the
opportunity pass, however, iu speaking
kindly of our southern neighbors, knowin
as wc do from personal observation, that tlie
people of Pima have a good country, hlle
with resources unsurpassed, mineral or
otherwise, by anv portion of thc Territory
with thc exception of timber -and climate
We have contended for the right and shall
ver do so. We have lieon misrepresented
hy the Citizen, and iu our answers to that
paper we do not want to be considered as
writing or standing in antagonism to the
people south of tlie CUla. That thc Allien
cans who live iu thc southern part of thc Ter
ritory arc not just as good as those north,
none but an idiot would assume. We have
plenty of room in our Territory, and tho in
ducements fire such that a large immigra
tion will ncces-tarily come in, and they
will find rich fields for investments and
operations in every corner, from New Mex
ico on thc east, to the Colorado on the
west, or from the lines of Nevada and Utah
on the north, to th balmy Infers of So
nora 011 tlie south, therefore, we say, lay
down vour war wraimas and let us havo.
In rentier, pwoe ano harmony irons
two members of his family have died, and
others are not expected to live. Thc weather
is quite warm and the roads dusty. I shall
take stage from here to Chico this afternoon
and from thence will go, in a day or two, to
Tehama, Hed Bluff nnu Reading. The crops
along the river thus far are very light, but,
the red lands, which have hitherto been con
sidered inferior soil, are said to be turning
out over an average yield. Half the work
ing men I meet want to go to Arizona, but
I give them but little encouragement. I
ten them that it they have enough money
remained in Yuma about hours, and
baths were eagerly sought nftcr by thc in
spiring martyrs of this warm trip on their
return. Wc understand that Mr. Pearson
made about '200 by this excursion.''
Gloiik DisTiticT. This is one of thc rich
est of the mineral regions of Arizona. Its
ores may be divided into four classes. First,
free milling ores ores containing chloride,
bromide and iodide of silver, and surface or
desulphurized ores, which easily yield their
silver by raw amalgamation; secondly, ores
containing silver which do not work well by
raw amalgamation; thirdly, cupriferous ores,
containing sulphur, carbonic acid, silurium,
arsenic consisting of gray copper ore;
! tennantite and bnunronite, which icnuire to
ml n " .
to keen them a year, and are willinir to 1 be roasted to be treated .successfully; fourth.
pitch in try, and 1 thinK they do well to go I ores containing lend as a carbonate, or as a
there, but if thev have nothing, and want to ' sulphide, oxide, silenidc or silicate, which,
y;ork for wagc,they had better stay where I owiug to the small amount of lead they con
they are. To men ioses-;cd of money or j ta,"" would be better beneficiated by ronst
nioncv or stock, I say "go and look at "Ari- j smelting ore is to be found in tlie
zona and I think y.nf will like it;" but of this district.
I have already said enough. Tniinsof head- "' 1
er wagons are moving back and forth, and ' Arizona's Kefkbsiktative. Hon. II. S.
traction engines snorting up and down thc 1 Stevens, delegate from Arizona, arrived in
road, making ready for the great harvest cit3' n the 4 th instant, en route homr
ba'tie tiiJt f about to be fought here, and wards. Mr. Stevens is a well known repre-
kicking up such n dust and making so much ' tentative ot the I'aciltc const, having resided
confusion that I write with difficulty under! " Arizona from its earliest occupation as
a locust tree in front of thu Jacinto Hotel, Territory. His knowledge of that section,
ami as I see the Colusa stage approaching, a,,(l a!,ty to represent it in Congress, was
on its way to Chico. I must give vou a rest, properly recognized by his nomination and
stronger one. No other rope could be lound,
ami trace chains were used.
Ilcllzara Gold and silver; Turkey Creek
district. Locators Jas. Guild and" Charles
Buckeye Gold and siivcr. Locators
II. A, Rose, W. H. Grove and 0. Lincoln.
Bluff Siivcr. Locators II. A. Rose, L.
B. Anderson, W. W. Clark and Thomas J.
Roso Gold and silver. Locators-II. A.
Ifasc, Krank McCuskcr, E. W. Aram and
James Goug,!.
Keystone Gold and silver. Locators
L. B. Chenweth and P.Morrison.
Combination Gold and silver; Hassa
yampa district. Locators D. M. Humes
and J. Whitman.
Gwcndalen Gold and siivcr; Lynx Creek.
Locators C. A. Reynolds and J. K. Bayard.
Cold Spring Siivcr; Peck district." Lo
cator I). S. Lount.
GrayEigle. Piacerclaim; Tiger District.
Locator John Odell.
SIW.40 per ton
Constantinople, Juno 12. There is groat
rejoicing over tho reported repulse 01 thc
Russians in Asia and on the Danube. Tholr
late .succeHos have cauuod the Turks to be
more hopeful and conildont of their power
to resist the Russians, their confidence hav
ing been shaken sadly by their inanv re
verses. New York, June 12. On Friday, divers
from a Turkish sbip succeeded In picking
up the toridoes placed by tho Russians in
tho channel below Widen. Tlie Danubo Is
so thickly set with torjxxloes, by the Rus
sians, as to neutralizo to a areat extent the
preseiu-oof 'I urkisb ironclads.
Washington, June 12. Tho authorities at
tho Treasury department positively deny
thostateiiiontthattlteNatioii.il Banks have
commenced to reduce the volumo of green
backs by surrendering tholr circulation and
applying next day for ro-issuc. Cancella
tion of ) per cent of legal tenders can go
on so far s.s Shorman is concerned. No se
cret is inatio of his views in favor of the re-1
motiotizaiion or stver. Ho believes that a
law making thu silver dollar a lojial tendor,
will aid resumption, as it will take tho place
of Treasury notes exchanged for it.
New Orleans, June 12. The ships Scotia,
drawl rg feet 4 inches, and Western Em
pire, drawing 20 feet 0 inehos, wore towed out
to soa through tho southwost pass to-dav.
fiingivc. '-.mo 12. Tho tiro from the Turk
ish forts curing tho past few days has boon
unusually heavy. Heavy artillery duels arc
reported at various points along the Danubo.
Tho accuracy of aim on the inirt of Turkish
artilleri.stjs is something remarkable. On sev-
Wftrl. M. BUFFUM
a till uccuDies uie uia senna. wesstJio
of tho Plaza.
Prescottj Arizona,
And is in receipt of a Large Invoice of
New and Desirable Goods
With others Ordered aud on the VTay.
HIojntomrrranil the pallia rensrallr ran ttirre Six
:u heretuforo, aaytbiBg they stay Beta in too -nuj of
Staple & Fancy Dry Goods.
Boots and. Slioess
Mining and Farming Tools,
locetlr with many other tblcgi, which will not b
mmttwinJ OIVK him ACALL.
l'rrsoott.Junel7 1875.
pokes. Hubs, Felloes, f
Uiins. Axle., Tongues, jaiVifc
Xwckyttkcs, Single i TlkTai
Iion and
fire Iron and Steel,
All Kinds and sizes,
Drill Steel, Toe Steel,
1'ick Steel, Shoe Steel,
Uand Iron, Hooji Iron,
Hut. iron ami Xail Rtxl.
jariui; aim tire l01., ' M.aMW
iiuu, nashers, anil Tacks,
Horse Sones, Mule Shoes, itfai
Os Shut, Ox Nails, Honse 2fi&
Giant, Blasting anil RiriepBirrV?
Shot, Bullets, Stoves, Tmtf
c o c s
I Itl It ata
j .... w.....,..v., J tuil
Wooden ware, and WilLtraa".
Glassware, Crockery, Stone China, i
-aUics1 and Gents',
routli1 and
and sir.es.
Misses' and ChVA
Inlants1 .Ail ka
and All prices. vk, I
Proposuls for Hiiildius- County
To suit all tastes Caidiean Jacket fla??
coats, Gents' Undershirts, aai
Drawers of every descriptios. 33g
Jollars, Neckties, tdhffe
Linen Shirts. White. at SHh
Cheviot and Fancy
Negliges and Oyersliirt
Balbripgan Socks, iJritfsB fl'ai
"Woolen Socks, and StoSiia
tlandKcrchiefs, Glo?,
II ats and Caps,g
Men, "Women and Children's.
Best Brands Lowest Pr..
Oak Grove. Piaocr claim: Tifrcr District. oni1 no fewer than liftv or sixtv ihells
T. J. B.
We are pleased to note the stand the
President lias taken with regard to the re-
inouitization of silver and tho restoration of
thc old silver dollar. Already the organs
of those who live by speculating on the
currency, nnd whose interest it is to keep
up the present disparity between "old and
siver, arc beginning to howl over the pros
pect and to prophecy all manner of evil to
result therefrom.
TY.ilfrrintt fnr tlin wi'mwl fprni iliimcr ,v?li
out opposition. To Governor McCoruiick,
now Assistant Secrolnry of thc Trcasuri,
anil .Mr. Stevens, much ot the present pros
perity of Arizona is due. S. F. Chronicle
Immense .shipments of iniuing machinery
are passing tolton daily, en route to Ari
zona, consigned to Uie great mill builders
of San Francisco, 3Iessrs. Allen & White.
hese mills are the Jack Horner's linger and
thumb that will pull the gigantic auriferous
mini out ot the wealthy Christmas pie ot
Arizona. Colton Semi-Tropic.
II.CKDEnnY Mimxo Comi-amy. A recent
loiter from tho Superintendent (L. B. Sew
er) of this company, to the Secretary, San
Francisco (T. F.. Jewell), states that, having
received the uccessirv material for reducing
ores at the mine, the work of reduction
would begin at once, ami that a shipment
wou!J be made before thc end of June also,
that work ou iho shaft was to be resumed,
and that the mine was developing finely.
The Ilackberry is one of the Arizona mines
whose ores assay at a high figure. .Mining
The past winter iu the Domin'oa of Cana
da, we learn from a priTSl? letter, has been
opon, and whs followed by an early spring.
Relativea of the writer of this, who live in
Canada on the bunks of tho beautiful St.
Lawreneo, who have been oonipollod hereto,
fore to snend their winters in Florida mid
Nearly 20.000 nilitrator skins arc voarlv i tli Smitlm tflf4 nn tirj-iiti flirt .
all li-j used by "the boot and shoe manufacturers in trome cold in Canada, wcro pcrmittort to cu
the Uaitetl States. j0y a mild w iutor ou the St. Lawrence.
Thc whole of Warner's ranch wool clip, nt
San Diego, consisting ol 7fl,000 pounds, was
bought on the 1st instant by Stuwart fa Co.
of San Diego, for direct shipinenttKast.
Locato. H. F.Norton
Buffalo, Placer claim; Tiger District.
Locator .John A Pen.
B.-rry. Gobi and ilvcr: Rig Bug Dis
trict. Locators G. K. Beary and Henry
Add. Gold and silver; Big Rug District.
Locators G. K. Berry and Henry Ruck.
Manifec Gold and silver. Locators J.
J. .Manifec, J. T. Dunne nnd the Hansen
Multanoniah Gold. Locators N. B. In
galls, C. G. Bonce, C. Hansen and R.J.
Good Hope Gold; Walnut Grove Dis
trict. Locators N. G. Ingalls, C. G. Bonce,
R. !. Holmes and C. Hansen.
Rnnce Gobi; Walnut throve Diitrict.
Locators AV. B. Tngalls, C. G. Bonce, C.
Hansen and R. J. Holmes.
Oneida Gold antl silver; Humbug' Dis
trict. Locator J. R. Durroche.
Rattlesnake Siivcr; Peck District. Lo
cators II. II. White and J. L. Douuhortv.
Chenango Silver. J. R. Darroche.
Huron-7-Gold and silver; Humbug Dis
trict. Locator J. R. Darroche.
General Custer Gobi and silver; Hiissa-
ynmpa District. Locators E. Jovcc. John
Kelly, J. Gates and P. J. Robert.
hays fallen within.
, Yuma, June 10.
Steamer Gila arrived vostcrdav afternoon,
with fair nasenner and freight list. It a'so
brought Sl.0o In bullion from tho Peek ami
MeCraeken ininns and -10,000 pounds of ore
from tUo t'istle Dome inine.
Thermomotor reached 1 14 yesterday. Hot
test day of tho season.
Yuma, Juno 8.
Advices from Silver Kim are verv tlatter
iner. The mill will bo running in a few days.
Thirty Ions of concentrated rc expected to
arrivo this week. Sotno parties sro hereseek
ing to purchase thegoldininosin Carga, Niu
ehaco Distnet, situated nino ndlo-s from hero
and three miles from the railroad in San
.V'.-'' rill,f"ruhJ- T!10 oroawvs 100 , iVw
w urn liKI UU II. U'lltO U-s .1 nl nn.l , ui ,! I., l. . i
ami InalfAtos an iinnvenso bodycif oro. Mr. ''-""ct..rMmii e-.wt th;,,m orswnu
Uallstram.of tho L'htenso Times, N vlsitini-i oa w"l'i..ti nmt acep aur i.f the fuuniiation : eso'ao
"" nr-d Arizona gonurnllv, in tho intorosts "",nl,'e"ol, aloi.tRBr r the wall ami r.Kr, Kn.i
I tin. hnii.ii 1 ,CHOna"1 aw itanc of.
vr inx.uh.iii ii, lAI.U'tl, 1.
PunsroTT. ilav 2t 1
MiAi.i;o ruorosArs avii.t. he reokivki.
nuae omen or tn- clrk ot the Hoard f Sapemwri. ua
it M" 'J3' ltTT- lM ",e e"'c,n ota. Coun
lloiuc anJ Jail fur the county of Vavtpai, A. T Inne
cuniunrp with an Act of the l.RisUturc, npprovnl Ftb
ruHry IS77. mtittl -An Act to provide fer the rriss
tion of Coanty ltnlWinps ia Yavapai Countr." SaM
buiMlnu will cwntaiu eleven rooms of the ful!wiiir di
mBIon, vii :
Re.nler' Offiee. l-?fu by Ulit. a. by UtU 61a. hlrb.
lit. Atty'n '.Vil-tCxl l C
Proti. Judt-e ' l.SJiU.fi.
SlierilT ' 13xSl GxU.C
Firep.oof Vanlt, 19x9.7x13
Court Room, 40ft. hy -liift. by lsit. 5ia. hieh.
JttryUi-iai, lSxl6tlt2.
, ,. ... KASKMEXT.
Jailor Room. 17ft. by 18ft. -Jin. by 10ft. hich.
lurnaee" 13 3xl).gxlil. h
ir!!,c,,,!.',,n 3xTx7- nxuX two tone cell,
Thfl Ki.Mm.tilw.llj il r . . . .
ui Mir-.
.. !l''P"l.r, tKrC 'nlUj ntSt..rv-2Uncl.r
hick, il ryl7 inW. Iimile wall, ot wW, pla
r..t. 6 incl.ri All the materi.il usd to L..1
the Wv n.ultty R.,f t,, l,e of tin ; ti.-.rintr Mbemat.-h-ct
Wni. 1 i.iehe in tht. kne. There jtill oe l.mrteea
d.ran,lti. ,ty;eiKb.wia(h.trB,Pr plan, ami peoia
J.ti. All t 1 in acc.iid.nuo with plan and speolSca
oi drawn by Camj 11 i arker. ami now va HTin
thu offire of the clr rw of tl... ,.f .,...til . '
da?. Kite's; """ ui or wfi'a
JlUefnTut Ue"Sh"" f r,kiad.
llidsmtn- be nceompnaied h- n caaraatee k'ncdliv
two wpnlbla Ruarant ,uit it. L
ed the bW.ler will, within 10 day-utter aec of ITd
eient .relic i. d.mblt tha Lunt , f the cmttact. to W
ttpnriivcd by the Pfcibat JdCe of Kd I county.
j iM. the p'M-e ot reidnre and postoffice adJrtM ot
bntdr ilmuld accompany l.id.
I'ilVIMhtlt Will lie ni.ntn m Ixmilcnf .-.t.t i x-
aprt! payable llft-eii yrar, tn, lhf, iU)Kli thtir lrtnuat."
bHrlt.K inte e,tat the rjt. ,U tan per cent. ir .,,.m
i wi iiay ia Jnnuarv f each ear
And a full auortment of the betV
""Patexit: Mfiflir.Snfl
Now in .MarketWarranted Vresu aaS GsiiC1!
Put(5 Vai'Ilisli. mill Tlnvikalli
Saildlorr, Pocket & Tabic Cuityjfc
We hare pcrfcctcj? arranemenm to reeeivi
tn every sieamer, and wilt tbua he
?;i e a complete outfit to one and al
We Pay the Highest Pries or all
Products of the Country.
Prcott. Jnnuarv 7
i rwaj
of that jujiar.
fP1 . , Yuma, Juno 11.
hero wrociht nassensors on Snlunlay's
boat, and jv, tons of frieff.it. A q..artz niill
. u ' ,PopI,'w part of tho frumht.
A boat icavo ou the Kith forMohaVe. On
down trip to Yuma, tho boat will toueh at
Lhrenborg about the Uth or 10th.
about nine milus below he iiouti of Cliforr.iit,
! . II. 1M
frty stiuaro miles ou the north bufc
the river Oihi, con)inoncing at a point
Salt Htver, and riiniiifr nlnng tlie (lila to
thc Ilassayainpa. fr, h, U, Uarauoi-
of Monterey count- - t ,lC
elt:.o emernria.. H. V l Peetor
PriilayJs Dispatcher
WieU(iiiliur A. T., Juno 15.
Ono passanger in tho eoneh to-ilav-hia,
liter, ' '
.ins. ftjiorart, Oonoml Xuporintomleut r
the 0. m4 A- Sta: Co., Icives in--
the hnil-ili rs.
My order of the Board of Supervior.
niglit for
n and It. S. Hionms eamo In
-n!iy irr.m th':ilt Itiver eottntt v.
Prof. UosuiiUml, dirwrtorot' - the MHItlntr
w,jtkv. win leave to-nttdit for .Snu Kntn iseo.
to i.orfi-rt arrR:-iemont6 to smelt ores hero on
a urijtj ?ealt.
Grand ReopTsning I
Haying renovated and reainl the "CH
Firit olHkx Style, win or, wji u jj,, - . JPION"' in
nuarters. with Hiii uultty ot ,w and extended
. o AiV D LI QUO RS,
SiOe Aent far the Sale of ff .
l'owcrand upwards, aw-ilills, Wa
worKin .Maclnnerv, lloistintr Ju
Maehinisls' Tools, .Ste:im i'ump
Cotupres&ors and Drills, Tur
bine Wheels, Etc, Etc.,.
Babcoek Fire Estingujfi
Patent Automatic Oro Feeders,
.uiaKe vt wheeler's Itoek Ireakcrs,
isturtevnnt nnd llo:n Hlowers
Emery Grindecs and Whee3
I'atoiit Emrino Governt
Leatlierlt Rubber Belt"
Droyros O.I . rs. raiib-iilt's Sflal.
Two-Stamp Prospector M
jioe, Lto.
The Rqz
For IrHjratinsr. watering s!iy)V. etc. Asy .Sjjjt j
articles iteiivereu at oan i rancww j.
3""aotul for Circulnrs.3
ncnni .Pnt kiila tf
i tV. riesott. Arizona.
Jack Of All Trades
Stops at Mr. Jr
Hhle' Barn. Notify him by potal
E. A. FARGO & CO.,
io. airs r rout street, coroer vz

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