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701. XIY
Monroe Hot Springs.
At last the fabled "Fountain of Youth "
vhas been discovered in the recesses of tho
mountains of Yavnpai county, Arizona.
Monroe Springs were discovered and located
three years ago by George Monroe and Ed.
Farley. They made a trail to the spring,
and that constituted nil the work done lor
three years. They were re-located .May 27,
1877, by Jesse Jackson, who intends build
ing and making a permanent residence. The
springs are about sixty miles south of Prcs
cott. Tho best route to them from Prcscott
is via Walnut Grove, from thence to Oak
Flat, from thence to Willow Creek, from
thence to tho head of Castle Creek, from
thence down Castle Creek iiftecn miles. The
spring issues from granite rock, at the head
of a small canyon, (lowing about twenty
inches of water, which runs through a rockv
canyon about half a mile to the mouth on
Castle Creek, whero it sinks in the sands.
The temperature of the water at the head is
about 131) degrees Fahrenheit; about 200
yards below tho temperature is reduced
about twenty degrees, making it excellent
ami wnriu euough lor bathing purposes. mlk; tlavor with vanilla.
me meuicai qualities oi me water are un
known, no analysis having ever been made,
Fuencu Sour. Take four pounds of the
veiny part or rump of good beef, not fat,
one pound of veal oil ot the leg, lour carrots,
two parsnip?, four onions' one head of celery,
four cloves,. To be put on the coals not
over the fire at eight o clock in the morn
inc. and to boil slowly till two o'clock.
! When it begins to boil, add two tables
spoonful Is of salt; no pepper; one gallon of
Suet Puddi.no. One half cupful chopped
suet, one cupful Indian meal, one half tea
spoonful soda; scald these together; mnko.a
thick batter; one cupful sugar, two eggs, two
large teasnoonluls ot Hour, ouo halt jmuuu
rnifins, spices to taste; bake in a hot oven
for two hours.
To Pickle Cauiiots. Scrape and boil
them tender in water and a little salt; cut in
oblong pieces or any fanciful shape; pour
cold vinegar ocr tnem, and Lt them stand
twenty-four hours. Ate nice served with
green "cucumber pickles.
Peakl CAKff. One cupful sugar, two
tablcspoonfuls butter, one cupful Hour, one
half cupful cor.i-starch, the whites of three
eggs, quarter icasimonfut soda, half tea-
spoonful cream tartar, half cupful sweet
The water when cooled has u very agreeable
taste, and can Iks drank in large quantities
without producing anv disagreeable effects,
It resembles snow water very much in taste
and feeling. It washes clothes without any
soap or scarcelv anv labor. It will cradi
rate all thu dirt from a miner's shirt after a
three mouths' prospecting tour in about five
minutes. There are several patients now at
the springs who can testify to its hcalim?
qualities. Unlike the generality of medi
cated watcrs.it has no disagreeable smell or
nauseous taste, but is in reality a pure dis
tilled water, compounded in nature's Jabro
lory. There is about five acres of arable
Jand on the creek; no frost ever falls, and
vegetables, fruits, etc., can bo raised every
month in tho vear. We look for these
springs to became the fashionablo resort for
all the invalids of Arizona.
Immigration statistics for the year 187G
show that Great Britain furnished to the
United States 42,243 of the 157,540 immi
grant arrivals, but, of this total, Ireland,
which has for many years sent us greatly
the majority, contributed only 10,500. This
is but 11,820 more than came from Wales
and Scotland, and is 4,545 less than tho
English supply. The German arrivals were
nearly double, and tho Scandinavians fell
less than 4,000 below. There were one
third as many from Russia and from France,
and 872 more Chinese than Irhh landed
here. Other years show a smaller ns well
as greater immigration, but no year shows
such a change in the composition of that
not cost you much, little hubby, do I?"
asked she, tenderly patting his chin. "Please,
say I don't," continued she, winsomely lay
ing her litt'c cheek against his. Wnl, aw
a of course you don't cost mo anvthing,
darling," replied he, hesitatingly, and the
visions of new silk dresses in his eye, "but "
"But what?" asked she. "Oh, nothing,
nothing," was his hurried answer, "only I
whs going to say" ''Say what?" de
manded the little woman. " Why," said he,
confusedly, "why, say say that though you
don't coat mo m-much to speak of. y-your
amines uu, iniguuiyr- one stopped patting
The Champion Walkku. Dan O'Lcary,
(not the original Dan O'Lcary of Arizona)
the champion pedestrian, who arrived in this
city on Thursday from Liverpool, left last
night tor Ins homo in Chicago. It is his
intention soon after he arrives there to attempt
the (eat ot walking 000 miles in six days.
While in England he walked in six matches
and Avas successful in four of them. His
last contest was with Weston of New York,
whom he defeated. Before leavinir London
ho was presented mith a magnificent silver
tea service oy iorty insu members oi parlia
ment, in recognition of his great athletic
feasts. New York Herald.
Curnto De Paso Mixes, Peru. The fam
ous silver mines of Cerro de Puso. in Peru,
notwithstanding the crude and unfaithful
manner in which they have been worked.
have produced, it is estimated, the enormous
yield of $500,000,000. It is now reported
that Henry Jueiijs, the celebrated railroad
builder' proposes to construct a tunnel, by
which the mines can be drained, and a vast
amount of our reached. If carried out, this
enterprise will equal the Sutro Tunnel in
extent and expense, but no doubt will prove
a profitable undertaking in the end. Min
ing Record.
Ben Bltlkr, it is said, has resolved to
take himself and his fortunes to Colorado.
New England is by far too small and too in
considerable a placo for a man of his wide
embracing sympathies. In his new home in
the Centennial State he will devote himself
to tho pastorial occupation of sheep shearing,
abandoning tor the once political warpath,
It would not; however, bo astonishing to see
the gentle Ben B. turn up in Washington a
iuu ueciged senator.
z,ncc. in the early part of tho present
century, zinc wa comparatively very little
employed for manufacturing or other pur
poses. For the past 29 years its use haVe
materially increased, and it is gradually
growing m importance among the metals.
It now enters into many industries.
The produce of spelter ia increasing vastly
In Europe; ia 1870.it amounted 123,000 tons;
In 1873, 129,000; in 1874, 143,000, and in
1876 It reached the amount of 175,000 tons.
This metal is very abundant in the United
States. Mining Record.
Earthquake at Paso Rostra. A dis
patch from Paso Roble dated May 80th
ays: The sovcrest ahock of earthquake that
has been felt in years occurred between 2
and a o'clock this morning, lasting several
seconds. But beside rolling people around
no damage was done. i
The Esquimaux have a most curious and
ingenious way of killing bears. They sharp
en the ends of a piece of whalebone, a foot
or more long, then bend It double, and wsap
it closely in fat meat, which is cxjiosed to
uio air tm it freezes. these trercherous
pellets aro thrown to the bear, which bolts
them whole. They thaw in his stomach, the
bent whalebone straightens, and the sharp
. ..." . .
mints pierce ins vnaia whenever ho attempts
to move.
The family of President Hayes consists
of hid wife, four sons and a daughter, Fannie,
about twelve years of age. His eldest son.
lucrum, and the second son Rutherford, arc
both at Harvard College, and the two others,
Webb and Scott, are ia Washington. The
latter is the youngest of the family. Mrs.
Mitchell and Miss Piatt;, who aro at the
White House, aro the daughters of the Presi
dent's only lister, who is dead.
Sam Prascr, our pioneer merchant, leaves
on Monday for Arizona, where he proposes
to stay a short time. We commend him to
our friends in that section as a tip-top gen
tleman. Loa Angeles Republican.
Con Sherman jr. to give the oration at the
coeaing meetis of the Army of the Poto
taaCw-udtad Mr. Bayard Tavlnr road h
Ixmdon, Jtitio 7.
Tho Statu communication which Shouvc
lott bring to l,oudou Is not a diplomatic
uoto, ill tho .strict sense, but a letter from
GorUwhakotriu reply to a letter of Lord Derby
which sMjnouvorioii iook wun huh lo su 1'e
torsburg, drawing the attention of Russia to
various jwliits whero English interest
would be effected if Russian action o.-iteudjd
as far as they woro mentioned lu Mr. Cross'
ajHJoeh in rurllamt.ii:, viz. Suez Canal, Egypt,
Con.MauUuopIo, tho iMrdlnollcs. and Persian
Gulf. Tho Prince's letter explains each
point, and say that Russia does not intend
to interfere with anv ono of thorn. Gortsch-
akotf acknowledges tho Great International
council, ana iuo importance oi the Sue Ca
nal, and give most positive assumneo that
Russia does not intend to touch it, Russia
thinks herself entitled to carry tho war into
't ho Pall Mall Gazette advocates tho Brit-
Uh occupation of Egypt forthwith.
Oxford University will confer tho deirroo
of D. C. L. on ox -President Grunt next Wed
nesday. Tho ceremony of otfrring hint tho
freedom of tho city will take placo on tho
Vienna, Juno 7.
Tho house of 150 Jowish families wore
pillaged by thu mob at Doiibania in ltuu-
inaniu, on Minday, and 11 killed, 14 wound
en, ami uu.uoo ciue.nn stolen.
Tho news Is continued that tho Circassians
InHicssily pillaged tho monastery at Ro-
gmo, aim Kiueu mo iuoiiks.
Bucharest, Juno 8.
Tho Roumanian army is ready for actual
lighting, and cotisfeta of 55,000 regulars,
which includes cavulty and artillery; also,
5,000 militia aro under arms and available
for Held sorvieo.
Galveston, Toxas, Juneb.
This morning mj end of the best blocks of
the city were buruod. Tho Josh is estimated
at from two to thrco million dollars. Tho
leading houses arc fully insured.
San Kmncieo, Juno S.
At noon the thrrmomoterKtooa 01.
Albert Hart has boon appointed to tho
ouico of U. S. Pension Agent at San Fran
cisco. R. N. Van Brunt has retired from
tho Secretaryship of tho Merchants' Ex
change Bank. He ha.s been connected with
tho Hank iucc tin organization.
The Nevada Bank has sold 250,000 trado
dollarn for tho outgoing China steamer.
Brokers toport a good demand for tho samo,
also for Mexican dollars.
Tho two bonanzas declared thoir regular
monthly dlvldonds to-dav. and in a fow dava
the grand aggregato sum of ?'J,1G0,000 will l
Now York. Juno S.
Richard B. Connally, of tho Tamtnanv
Ring, has oKued negotiations for tho resto
ration of a port of tho blunder. Tho lerms
aro under consideration. Thev include his
peaceful return from oxllo.
The firs; installment of the Sweeney
monoy has beon received by tho authori
ties. A prizo fight between McLaughlin, of
Brooklyn, and Williams, of Jorsoy City,
took place to-day, in a barroom in tho out
skirts of Brooklyn. Twenty-one rounds
were fought. William was declared victor.
Both men wore badly punished.
Politicians recently arrived from Indiana
report tho feeling very strong in favor of
romoneiizing silver, by both nartias.
Teter Coopor addressed an open lottor to
President Hayes, criticizing tho jwst financial
Iolicy of tho Government, marking out a
prriper course, in his opinion, to be nursnml.
Coojcr argues that our national curroucv-
must oo niado receivable for all purposes
iuruuuoui. uid country.
Washington, Juno 8.
district Attornov Howard, of Utah, ha
arrived and had a long Interview with Att'y
boneral JUowcs. Thov called unon tho
President and talked ovor Utah matters.
Howard was instructed to proceed with cau
tion anu urninass, and was assured that the
Government would sustain him in bringing
all mormon murdorers to justice, and that
military force ButHciont to protect thn Til.
trict Attorney in enforcing the law would be
Senator Jones, of Nevada, has drawn un
an amendment to the Federal Constitution.
wiucn no luiouus 10 suoinit in tho senate at
tho extra session. It provide that
money only shall be used as legal tender in
the United States. That the issues of such
money shall be at the rate of twenty dollars
per capita of the population nonnhttinn r
the country to h ascertained annually. Ho
wants gold and silver made a commodity,
not a standard of value. Tho rwnmt nf th.
Silvor Commission, Senator Jonas, chairman,
is nearly completed. Philadelphia gentle-
uicii propose a compromise upon which they
hope to unite silver dollarmeaandaflvmt
of a rold standard, have 'nataBtad mti
which contains an amalgam of 24 parts sil
ver and one part gold.
1 WW . .
NevrYart 1
uiauu jinven, MWfiln
...SenatorT.IL. Ferry isrTiS
ui wun congestion of the brai
JohnFramoy, tax collctor7ivn
Con.. iHilnfuillfir In It.v. ."?" "
... vuvButaOI K
bonds aro fvJO.000.
Reduction in the Custoa B.,a.-V
commenced. Several inea kiCcK
charged. One man who rscJL
had his salary reduced flfiOo C
Charles lkckerand Fred Hlkron
for the fonrervof .i ttnt .l7Tv ,
ingiton tiToynlon TraKt
taken deforo the Supreme iWr
to-iay, on a writ of habeas aJor '
mon were brought into Courthis0"1
wheniiiMdo of thu builillngu
were removed, when instantly El
to tho door and disappeared iaiprom
It Is reported that BeecbernsArou
tho Lecture Association an oBtrrfirooO
ajwnd his vaaUlon in Callforna. Lt,r
It is gener-llv believed thst W
soon be.lboratcd. m.aS
It is suited that the Mexiaa La
protest was totally Ignored. HhGovc
or nmd at a Cabinet meetiar. resol
probably send a now Militant,!:?
ton who will act for the best iaS
Governments, and who will w!iu."l
in puttindown raids. uitizi
Secretary Sherman expressed jiptitc
that will bo a grand surnri
who havo beon coufidcntlrooa We
him to inllueneo the Adiuinkatratet
bore rigidly to the gold standn pi,
that tho novspaKrs In repreail" ,v
paved romonetization of silveii ,
state his position correctly. Hitul3,l,
making hilvor a legal tender fcua s'ck
for which United States notejisfind C
tondor; nnd ho is opposed to tie rpreva
legalizing tho uso of silver ia jhan
customs duties, .r foranyothcrft,,,. i
which greenbacks may do: bet",
plieif. ntlarr.
Tho Gorman iron-clad s-jwiin w0
Kast has boon ordered to prwJ i. , v
sjKod . A second practice squiiv "
ingof hoven vessels, is altoatto3av c
Admiralty projuring to enlkiiider th
men. Organ
Tho Russians attempted joenatrical
ubo in forco blween MVopVkutauiinr
on Friday, and woro repulsed vill c(
Persia has applied for adnwme i
Postal Union at Borne. -.
Now York. Juno 10. It Ii UVCI. V
KbyMirund Fiolds will le M01 W,H'
with tho City on tho same bswiposcs.
ney arranged on, nnd it h s
Tweed may come under the pom A -31
it will bo by refunding i Kwarrau'
amount man originally offirea compla
Philadelphia, Juno 10. Ctathe 'arn
was arrested to-day for lteCn-Kcfo
gra.jd.son "Poo a hot stove, bUlatUu
Now York, Juno lO.-The WJwecn
ington Hpecial says that the cr.l,ierCbi
tary Shonnun dismissing ekvaluabl
Treasury Department is, that rted by j
ono of n family Is to be empfcfof Bclft
demoralizing to the whola Csamc ct
form The only object is to ta,ci.n i,,
friends of otUcials, and it iscpe,:"" "
cod on tho streets of Washingttfi'1
Tho jowelry store of Tajxxi"efoiisb
was bui-glariztnl to the eikaUi leg it
sand dollars. From I)
Kansas City, Juno II. Uk learn' th
rising, doing great damtgp. fyuscd ar
iiiguurinan at any time "v;tiirt
1S4U. Tho town of Harlem, off
Citv, Is six feet under vM, ijnnf r '
be destniyed. All Uio rallro that his
tyare greatly damaged. Psfexample
the bottoms along the rive m few
tho blutls, taking what profc i3 dfs
Now York, June 10. ta-'
Co., wholesale clothlust vet
this City havo failed. Their. UXJC'
upwards of two hundred tfc; oft
Tho night train on tbePefl?W. Barn,
duo in Jersey City this mora&ltczUBia -od
by a 1m ml of 'robbers vf for the 1
nearly beat to death Tfaoa faraJiy o1
New York. The conductors
who aUen)ptcl to rescue V
driven away with revolvers. W1 o r.
tho ruftlans In a car and telf municati
police in Jersey City to be rfevery otl.
whlln Ihn f ruin ros runaiaf "propose r
SOinllosan hour, thrto of V Mc throi
oscapod byjumplngout of "".theso" cnti
fourth man was arrested. 'that sua
Vienna, Juno 11. Tao W. ini, on
rose yesterday, overflowing ' ,nff
J f,v.ih meW.'cannot fa
Carpathian Alps. It will dfttwight to
military operations. ,f
San Francisco. June II -lirL.
Ast riavKan Kranclsco has tf
years. At 9 a. m. the bJslgnal S
0;atl2m.,0i;andat lf
Washington, June l
sengersfrom the east paf,
mas ef Damn, compw5
sponging period lastyev. ,
ding of
sco:t t
Tueoa ....
Florence.. .

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