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The weekly Arizona miner. [volume] (Prescott, Ariz) 1877-1885, June 15, 1877, Image 6

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CarreanoaJenoe if tha 8tt PeanrlMa Alta 1
orknck. A. T., Mv 25, 1877. In my
utter iiom Suutltura Arizona ineiUiou
nude of tht: excitement then pervading
section, Utving tj the new discoveries in
...... if iT'i 11 tin r i . cnmn ihtic iiiim
.1 i . ..i n.. :..
lovcr runs liirli now all over the Tcrri-
, and the r jaiU arc thronged with pros-
( mi nil? minimi iuhii iiilu a uc 1111111111
irv. iijl uitSK uris ntiL mi? uii.v iicunit:
1 . . ft A... . 1 1 .1. . I.
. i . ..it . i . . . - . Ai'. t .1.
in annua ja mi: viiiii in in i iL.iuik . 4.1m
crniurv uiu o.uu;i viiiii, ami miu ou-
n liinre number of inltiilifct nnd sue-
ul uncuuunsis arc pus.i.ntj in, locat-
mean w maKe a siav 01 n. inu i uic
of men Arizona most needs; volul,
v tanners ami stock-irnnvers, men who
. . I 7.1. T 1 1
1 Utile U illk. UIIUUIIUUU
(Mi ng nriM?HLnLi on Liiti I'aciiii: uusl
inea know all about the chin itc they
fl ll'lVi" 111!" Ill" ll 111 llllilll'rr.ii 11111 LJif-
. . .... hi ..j 1 . j . m.
11111111 iivit iiiivfii 1 LiMit- iti.1i. 1 iit'v
I . I l -
1111 iiim: ii 1 iijii iiiiiiu "ii iikiltii 111 Liita
water, as men untauut by in experience
t. Tliey know, too, how to roujrh it,
better yet, they know what sort of
it will b-ist pay at present to raise.
jrntorv doss uot need truck farmers,
a at L a w w a u, w u a uwii u tuiai v.
mni who know haw t mist; nnd liar-
1 1 1 ...1 1
ri tin 1 i lis ua. uai tut. iilii 1 . Lui ii aiiu
' men wno Know nun wiiii me unumiieu
. . i-.I.. O.... 1
Southern Arizona especially, tho cli-
for the farmer, ranin from t0 and G5
and 93. Everything nourishes 111
.. 1 c. t 1.. .. i. r . -
III UUU lliUIU3IUll. 1. Ctrwiv IIIIU JltlVI
. . at 1 a 1 .r.l. .
csp.-cially iu 1 avanai county. aiout
ri-111 ul Pncrntt !inil 5n till fctnin.
. .? 1? - 1... 1 .. .
lllL l.LXUIIlllll IK-l'lll l&Il in. nil II till 13
UiverMtieit in tliat respect. Also, as to
' I .1? . I...-. -..I. Til l.
in the development of this countrv.
I . .1 tl.
into the Territory proves this. Daily
now puMi through trom luma in all
lllll. 1 nr. IIIIIll IIIJIII 1 til I 111. LAM 1 I
Phoenix aud Wickenbunr is well
cd, while that trom r lorence aim 1 uc-
II Oil llltll AB1V -lllIICl). lUClCL'S ll
y large volume of business day by day.
t iim ifr Mtj r t 4 1 t z Ifittnr riiltft liiu
- . II I . ! a. 1 AT ft..
Mill: UU K9 II UQIIlimiVUi tftfcftfclWM
nil fiicilitics demanded bv this raniulv
lad builders ot modern umcs is also
. It ... ft ft l. 1... arJ.tl
. rri. . l i ! 1 .1
Colorado river marks
look speedily to see a more impor-
, and alone the Santa Cruz to Tuc-
- . 1 i. ; -V
a men on over me iioriicr mm
1 rt 1 l I. 1. 1 1 a
aitri 1 111 riiii 11 1 t ti nnin 11 hiMi 1 1 ni mi
day enter the City of Mexico! All
is in the near future. To men who
I the destinies of the railways of the
uoasi are noi me men 10 imagine
the venje of New Mexico over the
. 1 . t 11 c
rioi nnii ninnrr inn iiniiir v.n 111
and Santa Cruz; their work ii
nly beginning. They are tempted by
V. .... .r PlitiiiiultiiA MiitHinrrA nnil T An
th or without concessions, or grants,
1? rni
i. .1 r.-i : 1 J!,
1 rirci ii v iiir wihiiiftiiii inuirri 11
s, already adranced by this Territory
x- a 1 1 :
building. They will advance it still
tiirllv wlmn fin tmini tlmnilor tin tlio
. . . .
ri mil nwnv in iiir s'iihiip.isl in rsn
of the Aztec ana the Apache.
almost au to think that the long
farce of Indian raids, and an In-
1 V 1a . . . I
c r r rr . t 1 1 s 9
H.ft . - i 1 it. .... 1..
uui uc well miuwii lu;il iuu iaic
1 4
1 mt
liow Governor SaiTord broke up an
rinirv in Humboldt Nevada, in 1801
1 -9 1 1.4
ill I ii I k ii iinir finri HiMiiiriiiiTiiMr iiii-
. . f
man nao. nan tilings very mucn nis
y until he ran sgainst Safford, and
then his career was short and inglorious, for
it took the Governor only half a seco.id to
decide as to which of the two should con
tinue to inhabit this earth, and when the de
cision wa-i made "Buiralo Jim" departed to
his allotted hunting grounds, from contact
with a bullet. Governor Saltan!, with Cap
tain Buford aud about ono hundred Hcouts
has Ix'cn exploring the Santa llita and adja
cent couuiry to drive up and conal the lew
reucirades who have been dcsnoilmr the
flocks ami herds of the settlers in the Santa
Cruz and Souoita valleys, and such of the
Apaches who have not died from too much
contact with the scouts, have left the coun
try fr the cnuutryV good.
Of the Territory has had a most ardent and
zealous friend in Gov. Safford. During his
long term as Governor, oven amidst all the
ditliculties inseparable in a country so lrge
aud so thiuly settled, he worked "faithfully
to build up the public bchoolsupou a broad,
liberal and permanent basis. Had this been
the oaly fact accomplished during his ad
ministration it would be an enduring testi
mony to his credit. The cause of education
has no tinner friend nor more enthUM&stic
advocate, and if his policy in regard to the
srhools be adhered to, as it diuitlcss will,
Arizona will he aide to creditably educate
her children. Manufacturers of every de
scription incident to the isolatnd position of
the Territory, were objects of the Gover
nor's special solicitude, and in this respec
a few years will tind a wonderous change
h;re. While we may be dependent upon
your city fur much, we will not be dependent
for e cry tiling.
Let me again impress upon your bnsi
nc:s men. before it be too late, the ur
gent necessity which exists that they bestir
themselves flook a littic more after the
trade of this rapidly growing country. In
special contrast with their apathy nnd in
difference must be noted the energy, tact
and judgement displayed by merchants and
manufacturers of the EaU and of the West,
from Huston to Chicago and St. Louis.
Through the medium of advertising and by
the personal solicitation of tireless agents,
these cities are bidding for the trade of Ari
zona, a:i i geUint it ton c;ry qr&tt cxltut. This
will not d . G to thj map of the Terri
tory and from Yav.npi to the Santa Kitas, j
from the Colorado to the liw of New Mexico,
miningcauips are springing up as by inmjic,
and towns grotv up with a oliil, healthy
growth which betokens permanency. The
unparalleled mineral wealth, and the agri
cultural possibilities nf the country do not
seem to be comprehended by your people as
well as thev an: bv the people of lioston.
The ground will give ns all we may choose
to ask of it m the staples, as well as the
luxuries of food and fruit. The grazing
sections arc immense in extent, and-unfuil-ing
the year round. On the rivers, notnldy
the Gila, Salt, Santa Cruz and Sonoita, a
Kcntuckian from the "blue-grasa region"
might well be enthusiastic over the pios
pect foi successful stock raising. Supple
ment these advantages with the mineral
wealth existing here which of itself will
briug in a permanent population greater
than that of any mineral bearing sec
tion of the United States and figure up the
result if San Francisco is to-day our natu
ral depot of supplies aud of capital; how
long will she wait to be supplanted ? This
Territory has bounded into imminence so
suddenly, as it wrre, that the ordinary busi
ness man of the Pacific Coast has got nei
ther its posibilities for its needs properly
mapped out yet. Your corresjtondent re
memlicring the solid and conservative char
acter of the Alta, which is best known by
the fact that its patrons and supporters rep
resent the great bustness interests of the
Pacific Coast, will not attempt to pile up
facts or figures. Your readers can seek and
find and figure for themselves but this
much must be said, that the Alta California,
our first and foremost friend, the paper
which has shown a knowledge of our re
sources, equalled by none other, may be
placed on tftc record right. This prediction
is made, that before the close of the year
1877 the Tcrritoiy of Arizona will be the
objective point of more capital, enterprise
and immigration than any otner section of
the United States. Business men will please
makca note of this and let our people hear
from them. "Uj the'r works ye shall know
them." Tho men who get interests in Ari
zona now will be the successful men of tho
coming decade. We wmt no drones, no
politicians, no useless, aimless rabble. We
want men of intelligence, mm of means and
of muscle to come in here and occupy the
land iU ranches and its mines.
The above we endorse as true, with the
exception of that portion refLning to Saf
ford and the Arizona Militia. They have
not found or kilted a single Indian, and the
writer of the above knew it when In; penned
the article Ed.
Jb Itpcct for Major Ogllby.
At a meeting held by the enlisted. men of
tho United States Army, stationed at Camp
Apache, Arizona Territory, May 31, 1877, a
preamble and the following resolutions were
unanimously adopted :
Whbrkas, Ttio hand of an all-wise nnd
overruling Provldonco has romovud our
hiuhly-cstoomod rocant Pom Commaudur.
Major K.D.ChjHby. Ktelith United States In
fantry, from tho Houreo of his temporal la-
oora, aim noirous an wo uro or ioiuyliig our
respect lor nn inomorv; tliorcron, bo it
lUio!tcl, That In the daub of Ma lor F. 1),
Ogllby tho ISiplrh Unltod States Infantry has
lost ouo of its bravest nnd most brilliant offi
cers; tho army, an honoit. upright, noblo and
chivalrous soldier; nnd the unlisted men of
this irarrwon, a true, tried and valued friend.
who many noblo nnd generous characteris
tics omlcnreu nun to all with whom ho caino
in loulaet.
It o!cttf. That wo tender our sineorcst sym
pathy and sorrow to tho bereaved 'amily of
ino oceeaseu, invoking mo Kind interposition
of a providential hand to support and sus
tain thorn iu this their hour of soro alliietion
and grief.
llnohtd, That a eov of those resolutions
bo transmitted to tho family of tho do?-a.sed.
as also to tho New York Herald, Sail Fran-
ei-oo Liirouiele, An zona Mink. . Army and
Navy Journal and Washington Sunday Her
ald, with request thaltliny bo published.
M. G. IlYMAN.Sergt. Co. E,Sth Infly,
P. 1'. Powell Corp. Co. D. Gtb Cavalry.
HEIftStXl cL Book
Vrizontx Territory,
Sim Francisco Evening Post.
vxtrntltM tuur through ihU rnpHltr Ivaifne Trrr
torv, ami trill preMot a faithful uctunt of l a I ran tie r
ami r-Kiurrri; It rich mlnrral !rFloun nt and nffiicut
turul cu(vibilifif . I'linutf, t.irn, mining illorli-t,
rui tt, ancient niltit rte , rrllb vivid lr, rlptlin of it
wi-mlerlullv plrtun-xiiin re- urry, umtintaln, ilvrr. T!!y
ami mew. I will h!m present a vrv curtlul hlituricitl
lrtctitioo f I lie Trtil ry, tr.itiLp fu lil-tury w'.tU cam
antl cutnplrtenfM.
Showlnc th. moit rrvnt tnlnlnir lUtrieti, torni nut
ul truxrl, nr.. trill aceumpaiiy the vt-lutnr In ml litlun,
th't Kill lx a ltOU I K MAIS.f tl. fniuthf rn (Cat.) l'a-
rifi lur.niei'l nwl 'ionli niucthw Kiiktrra lln of
c..miiiuniratiin. Talile of Jutano-, ratri i f fatv ami
frriirht, ptatluni on tie OvrrlMinl mute rtc will mIi
fratuir nf this wi-rk In liort. the nwp;tiir, rmlinaiit.
miner ami Irureler will fltitl u luv. luable.
A Hailtrti (iic.i will le leru etl to aitTrUa7ent.
'1 hn Killtur . ay be mlJtened at the offlce ct th Kveti
ne I'uai.
Thn ILmlt will retail at $'i par copy.
II. II. MURRAY Agent for l'rect)tt anj Northern Arizona.
Piles. Hemorrhoids. Piloa.
Many eantet tend to produce thU painful unit dltreu
Inf .late. The liluod U retarded In it return ; the tew
frequent ue of dnutlu purirntlre tend to produce con
jfeitioo of the bowel, torpid action tf the livrr, and nu
roeron other eaotex are the oiurre of thi ootnplaint. and
hitherto nvthin; effrctaitl ba beu pmented to th pub
Ho. which would rapidly alleviate ymptonn and nlil
mat ely pnire an effective care. In I'II.ON we hi
remedy which not only net almot imtuntly, but will re
mute the larirrrt tumor of th jrt (IMIee) by alrp
tioo, and inany who have receired not only 1 en. fit hut
have leen radlcarj-riirei. Vate been auun'd f prior to
ulo? tbl treatrorut) by eminent .ureeuBn that the only
lellaf they ever rould expert in life, would be by an
operation, and removing It or th m fnim the body by a
pmoedure which recenltated tin kn.fe. This remedy
ba been hailed with delight, arid I no w pi etrribed by
many praotUlnT phy"cUn, who are cotfnlxant of ju
merit, a the ouly known mire cure for 1'Il.KS.
Price, Fifty Ceut per parknRe, or tlx rr tiM.
Sold by all Urunt. and Oeider In Jlrdlclnethrooth
out the World.
I'ropartMl a.ilcly Jiy Dlt. CHANILKlt.
1.479 tlmadway. Now York.
Vhnre order ran lw addreited.
sw mills; scc.
Of Every Class and Kind.
Altra ob ban'- and for n the .MlNKlt oBlpe, h
pr.re. mieb ver Inntlce f the peace orothe,
Officer oiu iejjt.ii." y tlntl f.tult with.
Having porirttton ot the nrore nel tntll, and bar
ju.t atartrd up a new, and In fit'! opeintlon. we ne now,
and will Ledurin thU caon, pre'rured to fill order. for
First-Ciass Lumber,
In Great Variety,
-A.X, S O, S "JEH X 1ST G-LE S.
Ia Connection,
maiiu a arkCULTr.
Would reinolfully aolicit the ruttom .nl the cac-
penter of l'rccott, nud the raucbnivn ol the dltferenl
t alley.
vf. Z. Wiwo.t.
A. 8. ttASKULL
Sasli, Boor & Blind Factory.
Having now completed, and in full operation, our
Ke are prepared, to furoUh, cheaper than ever before
Doors, Sash, Blinds. IMoMIiijjs,
Turning, Scroll-Sawing,
Planing and Matching
Done to Order
Furnishing: Material & Building
All Orders Promptly Attended to.
OlTlCC and KACTOltY On tha corner uf Cttex and
Atibrer.StreeU. rreirxtt. Ariiona.
Hare etabllhrd a new
fJ U iI 13 12 It - Y A. K. r ,
On tho West side of Qmnlte Creek,
Corner McCormick ii Gurlcf Sin.,
Where the proprietor will alwar tare on band all klnd
of bulldlcir lumber.
lUvini; Jiut added Planlnjr and Sblnjle Uachiae, I aa
now prepared to turnlth
Dressed Lumber, Shingles, Etc.,
The Mill are ultuated eight mile wrath of Preaeott, 1
the fined body of timber In Yavapai County, and have
-A.lwiy on Hurxil.
CTTartlenlar attention ctvea to order f CLEAR
LUMBER, and bill will be Oiled with dUpaica.
rrtc,tt.NoT.19. 1875.
Two mid one-half miles South of Frescott.
Htrinf neir Coopleted, tad is Fall Open lies, my sew
Baw.XUl, wiu toe uten laproTAd machinery, com
iiiting of SAWS, 8HDiOLE MA0HI3E. lad
PLAIKEE, I un prep&rtd, at thd i&artwt
aetice, to fill all erdert for tha foIlowi
kladiof Loaber, either at the Kill
rat my Lumber Yard la Froa.
cett, sxaitly :
Casings, Mouldings, PanelingH
Ia laortj EverythUf in my line
for Tlirc c o sn iu cm o
i i ' rt .
Terma Caah- on Driivery.
All order enk by. miiil'or throttrh the 'merehant iwl
rreteott, wIrtolTe'prolBrtaltntlr.'- . .
... OEO. f. pilRTl!?j
rrevtt, Mar W. 1875
Brick for Sale.
Apply to (myH tfj C. T. CATR.

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