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Tf t.rt- VW? -the msTonr or it. I
FHIDAY, J USE 22, 1S77.
Oftleial Paper of Yavapai County.
C. Crane. Xentgettry ttrtt. San JVancirro, ti
le't Jcf"lrH AU'A MtvLiS in that atg. lit n
vlAeritrd f coll-it nenrys dut Hti eitabluhmtnt.
tait orders for airtrtntng and attend to any other
bkiinttt deeoiemj upott him at tke tprtitntatirt of
thi yub.xsltrs
Indian Agent J. P. Chun lias offered to
take the protection of the Territory upon his
shoulders, in addition to the fire thousand
pets that belong to his Agency, if he can
hare two companies of Indian police. He
eridently thinks that if officers of the army
can attend to his business, he can undertake
to do military duty. He is a gallant youth
brare, energetic and charitable. The ill
success of the Governor and Captain Buford,
his right hand man, who really has all the
capacity there is, at San Carlos, to manage
Indian scouts, does not deter him from un
dertaking the tas-k of keeping the Indian:
quiet, lie proposes to hold himself rcspon
siblo for the conduct of the Indians; but
even this obligation of the youthful saint
will hardly be accepted by the people of the
I emtory. j o doubt the Governor and as
son would both indorse him. btiil, even
that will not be sufficient to give the people
confidence to allow the troops to be with
drawn, as recommended bv General Sher
man. If Clum and his backers only would
suffer in case of failure, we should like to
sec mm take charge of the whole business
but as an innocent people would be the suf
ferers we sincerely hope that the youth's en
deavors to destroy the reputation of a well
tried gentleman's past and present honorable
career will be nipped m the bud. Mr. Clum
evidentlT wants to vent his spite on General
Kautz, and it at the expense of the inhabi-
Unts of the whole Territory.
The movements of the Russians, which
were at first active and of a character to
warrant the assertion that Turkey would no?
last in the jaws of the Bear for any length of
time, seems to have becu slackened for some
cause, and the Turks have takeu couragi
from, the Russian's seeming lethargy ana
lore made a resistance that astonishes the
whole of Europe. The movements of the
Northern invaders do not indicate a deter
mination to annihilate the whole Ottoman
Empire. Were Von Moltke at the head of
the Russian army, with all its strength and
resources, combatting against a power l;u
inferior, as Turkey certainly is, he wouhi
lonij ere this have found means to have
crossed the turbulent waters ol the Danube
and driven the Turks like chaff before the
wind and entered Constantinople in trium
phal splendor. The Turks would, under a
rem like that, wludi could, and oujrht tc
have been, inaugurated, have been compelled
to take refuse iu the Balkan mountains or
surrendered. It seems that the Russiai.
Royal Arch Duke has been, like Caesar, halt
ing on the banks of a river. There may be
& good deal of military ability displayed by
the Uussian and the I urkish commanders,
but if so. they have been careful not to havi
it known. In Asia the war Mcms more liki
a country dance than a war a dance when
one partr retires and the other advances;
when the latter retires aud the other follow.
Under the above heading the Citizen pub
lishes a letter from the Department Com
mander to the Adjutant General of the
Army, asking for an officer to be stationed
at Indian agencies in his Department. From
the heading we are led to suppose that thi
letter is a gMme to bring the Interior l)e
partmcnt into disrepute," etc. In auothei
place he is charged with bavins stater.
falsely that the Indian Commissioner had re
quested a military officer to bo stationed on
the reserves; and still in another nlnco tlu
Citizen tries to make out that the GeneralV
letter has been finally referred to the Aireuts
who will "probably determine the whole
The Citizen is evidently verv hard up fm
a case agaiust me department Commander
t e are really at a loss to know what that
trutmul aud high-toned sheet wants its
readers to believe in this mutter. We cer
tainly cannot see how the publications ol
General Kautz's letter helps the came which
the Citizen is advocating. 1 he letter speaks
tor itselt, and shows that the General knows
what he is about. An officer has been or
dered to atteud at the San Carlos Reserva
tion, we do not know whether at General
Kautz's application or not. Wo give below
our authority for stating some weeks ago
that it was at the request of the Indian
Commissioner. One thins; is evident from
the two communications, that both the Gen
eral and the Indian Commissioner have
asked for an officer to be stationed at .the
agencies, and it matters little who inuujnt-
wbc oi uie greatest wants oi me peopn
living in Mohave county is more mail facil
itie.. and more especially is this applicabk
to Greenwood and vicinity. As it is now, mai
for that part of the Territory sent fron
Prescotc has to go to Ehrcuberg, thence uj
the river to Aubrey, etc a distance of 30i
siiles, whilst it should and could bo sup
plied by the wav of Kirkland Vallcv ant,
old Camp Date Creek, a distance from Prcs-1 Genkkal'
rated the thing, it has been done, and it is
not left to the agents to d.termine whether
it shall be done or not. It has evidently
been considered nccessnry both by the War
and Interior Departments. We think the
people of the Territory considers it a legal
and proper check on the swell Indian riug
that has been trying to maintain the grip it
has had upon the Territory for years:
Hkadquaiitkks Mimtaky Division ok
thk l'Acinc and Dki'autmknt or Calh-ou-
nia. San Frareisco, t'al.. May 17, Ifm
Circular: The following copies of communi
cations; furnished these headouarlers arc
published for the information and Guidance
of all concerned:
Dni'AKTMUNT or THK Intkiuois, OFi'ici: ok
Indian a kfaiks, Washington, April IS77.
the Honorable, th- Secretary oj Mar iIIt: I
have tho honor to transmit herewith a eop
of a letter, dated the 27th instant, from Trie
Commissioner of Indian A Hairs, requesting
that the War Department lo solicited to allow
;hc attendance of a military officer from the
military posts in the vicinin," of Indian agen
cies, whenever it inav be practicable, to wit
ness each delivery of beef and other supplies
by the contractor for furnishing the same.
'lhe expressions of the I ointnis toner upon
tho subject presented havo the approval of
this Department, anil the favorable consider
ation of ttie.Seeretarv of War is roiHXiful!v
- . 1 ; .
mpicMrti in uiu premises. ery respec.-
1 full" vmir ilinHimif .irv?iiit
...., aw... ...v ... . .......
C. Scucrz, Secretary.
of Indian A ffaiils, Washington, Anm.2l,
ISn. The Honorable the Secretary of the lute
rior air: I have tho honor to request that
the Honorable Secretary of War bo .solicited
to allow tho attendance of a military oilicer
from military posts iu the vicinity of Indian
agencies, whenever it bo practicable, to wit
ness each delivery of beef aud other supplies
bv tho contractor for furnishing such sup
plies. Should this request bo favorably eonsiderd
br tho War Department, all agents at agen
cies in the vicinity of military posts will be
instructed to submit to the inspection of such I
nicer tiio copies ot eontrar;.s rurnislied nun
under which the delivery is to be made. 1
also ask that, if this management be con
sented to by the War Department, officers
ic ting as witnesses l beef or other deliveries
bo instructed to rcort to this olheo any cir
mmstancc that, iu his judgment, imlica:e
any given delivery to bo not in full conform
ity to the terms of the contract, ervre-
pectfully, J.Q.Smith, Commissioner.
(From the Yuron cottar!.)
This town, in Mohave county, hns in and
around it some -400 people. It is pleasantly
situated on the Big Saudy. The climate is
excellent, and it is the verv heart of a rich
mineral and grazing country. Along the
river are many ranches, which will alunys
supply it with tho best of fruit and vegeta
hies, and there is pleuty of land and water
for many more farms along the valley. Tom
D'Spain showed this season a field of as fine
rain as ever grew. Clark's ranch has grown
.o perfection all the many crops aud fruits
that have been tried upon it. A tobacco
piant now stands there which has lived
trough the winter, and has grown almost
into a tree little frost there. Choice meats,
outter and vegetables arc among the luxu
ries constantly enjoyed by this mining town.
It lies or. the main route of travel through
Mohave county. The country dependent oa
it now supports many large herds of cattle
and sheep, aud has room for thousands more.
.No stranger can go into it without beiuir
struck with the air of vigorous thrift which
pervades it. Greenwood would be always a
urospcrous village were never a miue near
it; but us it teeds a couutrv rich in miner-
ils, in addition to it other resoures. it i
destined to become one of the prominent
towns in Arizona. The McCrackin mine
alone is enough to build up a city, but the
trade of Cedar V:Uey and other rich camps
is also controlled hero. From the latter dis
trict constant shipments are beiug made of
rich ores, anil of gold and silver bullion.
worKcu out ov antaira nnu barrel process.
Two large blacksmith shops are fenced in
by wagons, waiting their turn tor repairs.
New buildings are being erected. The
Hicrry clatter, day aud night, of a ten-stamp
mill, gives ureenwood assurance that the
stream into her coffers of wealth from that
ource is unceasing. So well ls the
McCrackin Company done with this mill
that they propose putting up another with-
nit delav. I he bignal Company has a large
force of mechanics at work putting up a
fitie new ten stamp mill below town. The
Davis House is well patronize!, offers the
raveler daiutilv clean beds, a luxurious ta-
le, and gives him an undelinablc feeling ot
being in a refined Iume. Heavy stoeks of
joods are carried bv Solotnou it Mevers,
Kimble Brothers, ami Levy & Koshland.
.Money is plenty, business on a cash lwsi
mil no one seems t
For some time, a few of the aspirants to
the next Delegacy, and one or two others
who want a little money by the way of
Uealinq, met at the hall of C. 1 Cate in
Prescott, on Saturday last, for tho purpoe
oi organizing tue wcmocraiic party hi ) a-
vnpai County. Being imttjvmleMt, in every
thing, we stepped in, and as ouriormer con
victions had told us, we found tho few, sut
18 in all, assembled to do the noble work.
Jno. G. Campbell and C. F. Cate, the brains
of the meeting, did tho talking, and made
1.. A. Stevens chairman of the County Cen
tral Committee. Delegates were named
fiom different precincts throughout the
County who wore not present, and we doubt
much whether they will act or allow their
unmet to be used. We did not notice such
Democrats prwent ps Gideon Br)oke, 11. J.
Cook, Col. C. V. Head, John A. Rush, Win.
Wilkersou, Joe. Walker, Gtd. Cornell, Geo.
W. Curtis. R. G. Peck, J. S. Hutchasou, Benj
Morgan. Hon. Judge ll. li. t attter, wi.ev
Standefer and a few others whom wu could
mention. Wo account for their absence on
the ground that they are not aspirants to
the Delegacy, winch they know is to Ik? given
away 10 months hence. They arc modest
men. and presume- that if th j'ofJt wUh
them to stand at tho posts of honor, thev
will be generous enough toaskthem to lend
their service to the cause and become mar
tyrs for the good of tho country. Should
the Democrats, however, succeed iu effect
ing a broken organization in Yavajmi
County, will tho Democrats in the different
counties of the Territory follow? Not
much. The aim of Southern Arizona is and
has been to break the long existing harmony
of the two factions of Yavapai, thinking it
is their ouly salvation to secure the next
delegate in Congress. They will find, how.
ever, that in this they will be foiled. There
w ill be, when the proper time comes, a Peo
ple's party, composed of the Republicans '
and liberal Democrats of the Territory, who
will sweep everything before them, and sond
a Delegate to the halls of Congress by a
vote of two-third of all those entitle! to
the right of franchise, and it matters but
little to us whether that min be a Republi
can or a Democrat, so long as he has the in
terests of the whole Territory at heart.
Stevens, the present incumbent, may want
to make the "third term stick. noisy
will be in the field from Maricopa; Bull,
from Mohave; and at least two Democrats
A ten-stamp quartz mill is being built in
41. !...! I...... 1
me iimuMimv iiMrict, Arizona.
At Black Canyon, Arizona, some goo
placers tiro being worked bv Mexicans. A
recent clean up at the Aztlan mill of oros
snowed nn average of ?ri00 per ton.
A new ami promising discovery of silvor
ore is reported trom the vicinity of Safford
New .Mexico. The district is mimed Monte
zuma. A number of locations have becu
I'he shipments of mir eonnor from Hi
i . . .i i --.
i.wgieiiow mines tor tho thirty ava inl nir
April U3 Hjfjjfogatcd 7fl tons. At'this rate
me company re producing about SWO.OOO
in copper yearly.
I'he beginning of a movement acrnu th
southern bonier of the United States into
Mexico has commenced union-' mininir nro
prietor. For yrar the rich mines of So
nora and Chihuahua have ti-mptcd enterpris
ing Aiiifni-Mii explorer., and the recent ux
citement on th FaeiHc Coast over Arizona,
has induced a number ot scattered band of
men to jmws over the line. Tho lute revolu
ti'n in Mtxicn, and the complications ex-jK-cted
from thr existence of two Presidents
in that country, Diaz and I.erdo.have rather
eneonntgwl this ix-areful Invasion. Kngi
neeriiig and Mining Journal.
Qi kstios. New York, June 12. The elab
orate statement of the policy of comnro-
Rooms to Rent.
FurnWho.l and unfurihf-J room to let Inoatrv ire
ana licut tomli of liwltlnruwr tira l ri Sitm of
Prrieutt, Arliorn, Juii SO. lt77
Est ray Notice.
Cm lal toy randi www Sknll at Itxiimt Vltj a
rr". wealing a immi. j.ir whl rei. two wn
Uh branili, Tli w nrr ) rri)urtM tu y rh.rirrt ( n-vr
ini(irriy ami wi ahinwi array. h 1 1. KMIsi.
I'rwmt, Arimnti, J use aui. I6? Si-tn-
Just Received-
A lot of Paris Green for Potato Dugs
J. Huslifori! & Co.'.
Saifhrtr or Ik wrl MJ ef the I'1, a jwli!
DLiwramluw twrnV rva'aiaiaff ai'il rt at n
ralu.wiefiM UTh J. Nrnbr, Ibeawarr A ruitttbir
revrartl will be ir)Ta fur It by Intrlas It at tlir nf
I'rwolt, Arlia Jnar 90, IeTT. iUw-t3
Thr ZaUda MLi.c Cewraav U to rnthtot- a maa
ad wife t in to hr mlir TH fratleBMD l nwl In
tb ifllnr al Ut. W.v H attnnl tt tar eultlmir)- deart-
mnu a man h tn nata i i hauaai; lr lbe euiBiBy
ffrrrsl Iitrf f Ilnrtor Dar-
rrrxttt. Anjuaa. June I?. 177 d tf
Troar I'ltKNCII NI SPANISH. Term.. $15
mUconthc silvor mustion simt.ly meuns "iL., T.V. r.'Vl "vrU ' F?'?'
Imvi. itv. t'np lwni:. will run from Yavapai, all on the M-euirth
kecimN. A good physician is there, but the of Deniocracy, and for what they have done!
health of the place give him little to do. 0,,e m l,p accepted by the lndepeml-
War I)EiAiiTMi:.NT, .Ma 4, 1S77. A-
pmved, aud respoctfully refcrRil to the Con-
r.il of tho Army to issue tho iKves!iry in
structions to carry out, as far as practicable.
tho wishes of tho C'ommis.siouor of Itulian
Atlairs. By onler of tho Secretary of War,
C. II. Cahkinoto.v, Acting Chief Clerk.
I Here are no lawyers mere: tne pe pie are
law -abidmg and cobwebs hang on the scales
ot justice. It any ot our reattera think tlu
description of CJreenwood is oveid.awn, a
personal inflection of the place will con
vince them to the contrary. The town is
.vached by Doling'. four-horse wagon from
Khrenberg. Many old Arizonaas and Yu
inanyos are now repairing their shattered
fortunes there. l)au Conger and Johnny
McCaun are there, erger for Yuma gossip.
Fatty Smith aud John Cody have two of the
nicest snlootib in tlu county. Nash and
Geo. Matlock, and Crcct Bryan are hauling
ore from the McCrackin but wc cannot
name them all. The most disgraceful mat
ter remains to be told. Here is a commu
nity of over 400 people, building up a pros
perous .settlement and actually shipping
some $."50,000 per month in bull Ton and ore?,
entirely destitute of mail facilities. But for
her own enterprise. Greenwood would iret
no jmijhts or letters at all. Over $1,000 per
year is paid by her citizen., iu sums ol
$2.50 to $10 per month each, to employ
private mail carriers.
The Trade of Arlrnnu with San I'mncUco.
ent party of the whole Territory, and he will
Ik' elected. But those who arc ambitious
will, iu the meantime, have ti chance to vt
p their pare change, and the grand jSuoli !
will be "out ami injured.
that while silver remains at its present
tire the monetary sttitMhiru H to continue
as it is. Sherman pmiiosei to coin a silver
dollar of full value- on a relative propor
tion to gold of sixteen to one. This he pro-jmk-cs
to isue in cxcluinge for legal ten ler
notes. He expects that fifty millions of
notfs could be readily redeemed in this way
and the process of resumption greatly facili
tated. As a note would be worth a tntle
more than n dollar, and as a majority of the;
people think a roll ot notes more conven
ient than that of a jvocketful of hilvor piec
es, we suspect that Sherman is expecting a
yood deal too much. In any case the plan
is a double standard only in name, and un
der it ojornlio silver could bo brought out
in larw quantities only jn the event of a
decided depreciation Jn the value of legal
tenders, or, what is the same thing, fcharp
use iu the gold premium. Its possibly mis
chievous effects are obviuiis enough, but it
is harmless when compnrcd with the demand
of the vilver maniacs w ho will row doubtless
turn round and abuse the Secretary for fa
voring their cause only to hctrav them.
f 1P7S wWd An n-H u lakr Ue of Jack. J.
l'rf utt Juar.Si. JHT7.
Soli 'Vt for th. SI, '
lower ami upwards, SSmy-Mm. ,Ito!
working Machinery, HoisHN
Babcock Fire Exting
Patent Automatic Ore Feeders
lllako & Wheoler'a Bock
bturtovant ami Boot i.
lauory Grinders and &
latent Kngino G0 S
lA-atherJC HuluJgJ
Droyfus Oilers. Pairbank'a Scw
Tvo-Stainii Prospector J
&Miiticr f Ilittrrj, Kocl BrV i- .
Tlic Regulator AVimi.
iiiii'nl irnirriitir stock tf 1,. . 1
artWr. .Ulirerrd at Saa Francuco pici,, ftjjuj
r tf Son. i ft .
Ornri Kat hI. fth. i"i... . ,
A. CoV Prrwvtt. Arinma. f"""C
Ortblte Strrtt, f.tit dtr jomh f f HtUawaj'.
Cleaning and llepniring Neatly Done and
Carpets sewed aud Fitted.
Inott, Antfo.i. Jouo I- :sT7
nad tnnnrj oi trtxtblr. and
MiriMi lis tattam id -nr IVrht
iiAOMrrn. iilastic Titrss
"A urdti th. it ufltfivnt'"
Srml fur Illu.trntrtl llm.l; ixm l't.
UOO. .Sinunf dIu Strtt, Saa rraPUs-
1S2 Cm i.w
(;nvi;it.oit TI I.I) HN.
(From ue San Kraaetct IVm.
The business men and interests of San
Francisco will need to bestir tlumsclvcs if
they hope to control any considerable pro
pot tion of the growhig business of the region
to the southeast. It is not enough to con
gratulate ourselves on the completion of the
Souther.i Pacific Kailroad. It is ncccsnrv
At the Manhatten reception given in New
York City to Gov. Tildcn recently, he made
the following remarks :
"Everybody knows that after the recent
election, the men who were elected by the
people as President and Vice President of
the I'nitod States were couu'ed out, and
men who were not elected were counted in
and seated. I disclaim any thought of per
sonal wrong involved in this transaction.
.Not by any act or word of mine shall that
be dwarfed or degraded into personal griev
ance, which is in irutii ttie greatest wrong;
that has stained our national annals. To
every man of the four and a quarter mil
millions who were defrauded of the fruits of
their elective franchise, it is as great a
wrong as it is to me. and no les of every
man of the minority will the ultimate con-seipjence-extend.
Evils iu government grow
by success and by impurity. They do not
arrest their own progress; they can never
be limited except bv extreme force. If
men in possession of government can in one!
instance maintain themselves in pnwur
against an adverse decision at elections,
siich an example will be imitated. Tempta
tion exists always; devices to give color of
Walnut Crock Item.
Mn. KuiTOit: You are often favored
with communications from nearly every
quart or of our Territory, but I liac never
seen one from this fertile little district.
Taking all in all, we are not a very im
portant part of the country, yet wc claim
some notice as a very fertile little valley.
Our ciops are not as forward as in former
veils', but are very promising. Nearly ev
ery acre of ground that is susceptible of
cultivation is teeming with corn and pota
toes, and some of the largest gardens in the
Territory have their location on this creek.
There is about 100 acres in coru and twenty
aero of potatoes.
Mr. Ed. Scholev has. the present vear.
I opened up a garden of about five acres," and
has a large supply of water for irrigati-ii?.
i His vegetables arc abundant and lookin
J well. The Charming Dale gatdeu consists
ot about two acres, and contains a great va
riety of vegetables, as well as some orna
mental work and shrubbery.
We expect to make our settlement equal
to the beat, and, as wo improve, will occa
sionally post you. S. C. H.
and Passengers.
Thr rtmfrislffBrd will tiv lrr?tt on Saaday the
Slth lht. atdthrrrafter mat r rrgu ar trip bvtnreu Irj
VU aad Kbre: bore erry irtrntfro U. I am Jr
parrd tt takr iuiifrM an f right at low rat, and
hot to I rrm'inlvri-i bv ibt luorrhaB't and rtiiirH. t
1'rr.oott. Onln left nh ll- nr. A fjs-iHVr will rmitt
lrnirt attention J. II IttCKKVIO'l Kit.
Prvxitt, Ariiuwx. June lMh. 1T7. diir-if
XV holcsalc J) v u i s t s
Itaporte'i of Pure
French. English and German Drugs.
Agents for Quicksilver.
huuth 3Icmtc7.li llt:i
I Chock Foil f 2
: rxrty dcKxi.tion. aad ju th pU fe, tx
I'llrim tv rrt. rol.h tbflr lardenT aad
nre,lI by tbrta Caoaj. fur Cah w nadr J!1
.uppllrt, Jat ttctiyed, of the fotloiriaj wt?1'
Iloiii, Bacon, r.f
CuuncU FruitM, Meat. Veseta'
Drird Fru't. by th-box. barrel otr-Jntd, K-u v
shool., and Oiim lt4Sit. KVJ
water." bv th. nint ..L 1. "H im '
itak. nr tck A Ko. 1, aad a oew eale tit
raat aieta abUiwrimr to tay l't00.r fri-rj!..
tm ewmrr. tbat tbey can do WtWr by MirtkL:
ban from aav ether ira.W la lrritt vawjtn
Crreoboek. (iold Coia, Bullion, Oold Dm fV
I'TodiKeaad County Sctlp taken laxcbaairSLlill
Jon. tit. 1576. B-n.WEATUBJ
Cor.ot Kront and X?ino Strcetc,
Inn nnfl fallen vitiitiklicf. ri uliiti ...
that every ctloi t should be made to induce rn.,..,i..i... ,i.J.:.;... :ti i,
the managers of that road to pursue a liberal
IIeaiwjvakteks cr t m; Antv, Aixjitamt ! policy in the matter of freights and fares
s offici:, Wamiinot n, May D,
cott not to execsd S3 miles, thus saving 2K
ii iles in distance, aud it would irivc the fivi
crsix hundred people who live in that poi-
uon ot Moliavc countv their mail at least
six days earlier than by the circuitous routr
now adopted. The people of the cntin
county of Mojave has long been neglected
ai regards mail facilities, and some actum
inould bo taken by those in power at Wash
ingtoa to remedy the evil.
Mr. Stevens has been iu Washington foi
sometime, aad appeal after appeal has been
.? i i.... i... i j ... t.... i . . i
uiauc iu min, uiu nu 11:1a iuue us uul mill l javs
good, pcrhajis on account of lack of inllu- J manner of vile charge's against the San Car
nce, or maybe because he feels but little U,s management, uo one lias had the hardi
trit.ionef )lin n 1 4 1. . ! 1. .1.1. . 1
juiuiuai. iui uiu -.-.jnu vu anuum ui im noou to claim mai uosinc iiiuians or tncir
meagre support given him at the polls m booty have ever been traced to that Reserve
ISm. Otlieialeopy rcspectftillv referred to tho
Commanding (Sonera I, Military Division of
ho Pacific, for compliance with the preced
ing indorsement of tho tkvrclarv of ar. 15 v
command of Gcnoral Sherman.
12. D. Townskm), Adjutant General.
The Citizen, in its efforts to bolster up
the juvenile Agent at San Carlos, is con
stantly calling out the proofs to the con-
. - i t.- .. .. .
irarv oi wnai nc claims ior ins pet. tie
that '-it is worthy of note that, with all
ham, the example of everything that can at
rough Chick, Hrowne V Co.. can j,avo ' trart ,n.1Itators "hey must reliiM. a pros
ods laid down chcajwr than getting them j Parous immunity to crime. This is not all.
that countv.
If Mr. McCormick
can be induced to
The audacity of this claim is apparent when
the lact is reiterated, that we have repeat
take aa interest in Mohave county's wants edlv stated, that the troops in this portion
ami exen uiuisva uui a nine, wc ieci conn- ot the Territory nave killed nearly one huu
dent that he can secure the required increase dred hostile Indians belonging to that Res
of mail service needed by a long and ne- vation in the imst ei-diteen months. In ne
glected people. Instead of a weekly mail cember. 1S73. Lieut. Carter traced the In-
carried on horseback from the Capital of dians that captured and killed thirteen of
Arizona io me couiuy seai oi .uojave couniy, nance s cattle, directly to the San Crrlos
wc should have a tri-weekly, and it should be
conreyeu in some kind of a proper vehicle
-with rood stock attached thereto, which
ttouiu mane a trip irom nere to Jionave a
pletiure rather than one to be dreaded.
Reservation. The Indians that killed Hill's
horses and mules in the Ton to Basin, in
January last, were from the San Carlos Res
ervation. Nearly every settler in Ton to
Rasin has something to complain of, and
have only curses for Mr. Cluin's manage
ment of liis Indians. The only reasou that
their depredations are not more numerous,
and greater publicity given to the indigna
tion ot the settlers in lonto IJosm is due to
the fact that troops have succeeded so gene
rally in punishing the depredators. The
Citizen is not doing Mr. Cium any good.
We think he would fare better with any
Mines nnd.AtlnliiK.
Under this heading the last Citizen gives us
& lummarv of the valuable services of Com
pany A, Arizona Scouts, commanded by
Captain Clay Buford. The sum and sub
stance of which is that thev scouted through
tho Whetstone and Dragoon mountains into
the Chiricahua mountains, where they struck
a trail which had already been found and
pursued by the regular scouts. Went into preferable to his praise.
Camp Bowie for supplies, and learned
through information furnished by Lieu
tenant Hencly that the Iudians they were
nere looking for were at the Warm Springs.
They went over to the Agency and continued
the fact. They returned and again went
icouting, accompanied by Governor Safford
and R. N. Leatherwood, and succeeded iu
proving that all the Governor's statements ,
about the mountains being lull ot Indians
were unfounded. I hey returned, "havin
put in seventy-seven days of faithful and
earnest work, under Captain Buford, than
whom there has never btcn a more success
ful guide and Indian hunter in Arizona."
The whole article is nothing more than a
confession that the Governor's scouts, who
But more even than that tlcnends uoon the
j liberality of the mcrchauts themselves. This
city has no exclusive pre-emption right on
the trade of the Territory, even with the
added advantage of railroad transportation.
The following, from a recent copy of the
Tucson Star, establishes this. Speaking of
a merchant at Camp Grant the Sur says:
Mr. Stewart has been absent from the Ter
ritory somo threv or four months, has visited
tho pritieiiud cities of tho East and .savs thai
Eastern merchants are coinpclim; tor tho
Arizona trade. The St. Louis markets have
advantages over all others in this respect,
and Mr. Stewart made his purchases aecord
i i.. i . i
mgiy, aim i tinner lniorms us inai Arizona
tiireet irom an i-raucisco that is to snv,
cheaper than goods can bo laid down at
Yuma, and consequently saving seven cents
Ior pound for wagon transportation.
There is no reason why this should be so,
at least for a great many" of the goods which
are required in Southern Arizona and So
tiora. A huge part of the latter State can
be supplied from Tucson. That place is but
;500 miles from Yuma, and by rail Yuma is
only 'J0 from this city. The nearest point
for railroad communication east of Tucson
now in the southern portion of Colorado, a
distance of at least GOO miles, while St. Louis
is SoO miles by rail therefrom. The wagon
road usually traveled is from Trinidad, Colo
lado, S35 mile-, to Tucson. Yet with an
advantage iu our favor, by railroad and
wagon road of at least 701) mila, we nro
being successfully shut out from a market in
which we ought to have a large and growing
interest. Our business mcninu$t not "de
spise the day of small things," nor must
thsy regard the trade of Southern and East-
The wrong will grow into practice, if con
doned. In the world's history, changes hi
succession of governments have usually
been the result of fraud or force. It had
been our faith and pride th.it we had estab
lished a mode of peaceful change, to be
worked out by the agency of the ballot
box. The question is now, whether our
elective system iu its substance as well :n
its form is to be maintained This is the
question of questions. It involves the fun
damental rights of the people; it involves
the elective principle; it involves the whole
system of popular government. The peo
ple must signally condemn the great wrong
which has been done to them. Thev must
Negotiations are pending for the sale and
purchnse of Alex. Mc Key's interest in the
Cerro Colorado mines for $30,000. Wo
Mc. has lived
as one of the
first locators of the town of old La l a:, in
Yuma countv.
hojie he may gt the money,
in Arizona since 1SG3 ami wa
Officer Koyser has arrived in San Fran
cisco with his prisoner Lazarus, and speaks
well of the treatment he received at the
hands of officials in Prescott.
TIC Titles, the errata
tmxlrrn Inrrntion t tbe atre L.V
et and b:, nt Rrratly rmltir-Hl pil
Tbl Tru ii ttimdavnnd nicbt
mth faw and vmfirt. Satis'urtioa ga.ira tred. Ca'l
and examine, or n-ml i,r cirvuW. CALIr'OIlNIA
ELASTIC TltUSS COXl'A.NY. fiSOCtay Street Sar
1 raoolcw, Cal. j22.6ralw
Ctl . T. IMTOEa,
JItvbn't Ferry,
Maricopa Cunty, A T.
Wells, Fargo & Co. have established an
office at Tucson. It will reimburse them a
little for the loss of the Capital.
The Missouri river, bolow Knnsas City, is
over her banks and doiug much damage
along tho river bottom.
Notice !
The a5ijmf nt ntl of Yavapai uuntv. Arlrona. f-r
the fi-oat jea' eadinc July lt 1877. h.Trln? been th!
day re-eivd and tiled Iu the i(l:r of the Clerk of the
Il.inl f Surerritor In and for aaal Countv of Yavapai.
uriri.re o.ure uereoy fpvea I Dal Hie SjUperr'MU 04
Yuvaiai County wilt mort aa Uatd of Equalization
tbe office of the c!;rk nfrr&id. on
Monday, July 2. 1877.
And will foatiane in seftlm from time to tim, ,..-,u,
toinet of equalization t resented to ther. s. "
or.orttatUtbeUud.lv or fa'd month of n1v a"'d
v"" "m nr siv -i
vh .wii 1MII m.
I're.ieott. Arlrnna. Jane It", IE7
Hare conuaatly on band tbat lajf rlw ktrj :
From tho Haydea Mill' Q
Superfine Flour,
Graham PlrJMrj Iw
anl bracked WkJ
Are cetr reeeWinp- a Utfr j,,,.
fEHC I ! a. rs' I I s jM
Direc. from New Tork,
Art galle ei?
til am:
WEscorr, A. T.
Sej 'ember 10. 1S75.
other people in the Territory than the Tuc- cm Arizona as being embraced by that 'eli-
.son Ring, who are really responsible for all i nition. Tucson has done a large -business
of Mr. Cluufs troubles. Waaioa's abuse is : for over a century nast. and can to-dnv I...
The people will not be nblc to trust the au
thors or bcnchcianc.s of wrong to devise
remedies; but when those who condemn the
wrong shall have the power, they must tie
vise measures which shall render a repeti
tion of w rong forever impossible. If un
voice could reach throughout the country,
and be heard in its remofest hamlet, 1 would
say: 'lie good cheer. The republic will
live. The institutions of our fathers arc not
to expire in .shame. The sovereignty of the
people shall be rescued from the peril and
re-established. A successful wrong never
appears so triumphantly aa on the very eve
of its fall. Seven years ago a corrupt dy
nasty culminated in its power over the mil-!
lion of people who live in the citv of Now t (Uadovia
York. It had conouorcd or bribed or llat-
One million pounds of wool have been
shipped from lied BlulF, Tehama county,
California, this season.
leiina, June 19. Sulitnan Pasha has left
Aiessicsami ontorrcl .Montenegro toetl'ectn
junction with the Albania division.
Liout.-floneral Mohamet All has resumed
an onensivo position against them, and with
seventy thousand Turks to contend arainst
thoir situation is regarded as critical.
London, Juno 10, U is believed that
Prince Milan will .sljrn a eovnnnm wit )
sin. allowing her troops to cross tho Hanni'm
Warning Notice.
Ullh. exiectlnt tlwt nhrn oreJed tbey trould reisnd at
7 wucmni 10 nie. but whit i.jie ihm
wni Iw of the pre..te,t lneat to ercrylxHly in tbii ec
twa, wbicli atone thould have nr,JBl.i,J..
me. I do aot n ih t brin ...n 1 "'.." " 7
r, out a
1 do not ih to brinr milt ij
my own creditor. previa,: tue w 6 S
ir uuui uie tuia or Jn v to ntv nn nr if V
IVe-K-ott, Ariioaa, JuaeSUt, 1S77.
Austria is pelting
more hostilo towards
tercd ami won almost everybody into ncoui-1 ""'"t creaieu oy iniomal inlluenco and the
essence. It appeared to be invincible. A I " m'," C,,,0.?" Pl-c.l alllaiw
year or two later iu members were in peni- 15 corrt.nd
icntiaiics or exile. History abounds in outs h avo boon slint iu oi.w i... n .1 i ,. .
ireregoinf: to "do as much in tliree months
as the whole United States armv could do in
twenty years,' have not been even as suc
cessful as the scouts under the orders ol the
Department Commander. The Governor has
ainiplv proved that he did not know near so
much about the Department Commander's
-iuiMcess as lie thought he did, aud as he has
proved this upon himself he will do the
Jiandsomc thing by admitting his error, as
in honest man wou.d.
We are happy to learn in the same paper
tlist tho insinuations, so repeatedly made,
that the Indian tcout of :he Governor's was
prospecting expedition, is not true. It no
doubt is a great wrong to o.t such imputa
tions upon sucn a pure ami patriotic move
went as that fv which tho Governor induced
the Legislature to appropriate ten thousand
dollars; tho laithful ."'" honest manner in
"which the money has btcri WfDt; and alwvc
H, the brilliant results tin have been
In Turkey Creek district, Ashton find
Ward arc sinking on the Carrie claim, which
is on the well known Goodwin lode, with
the most flatteriiir results. Wc have seen
specimens from this lead which are on ex
hibition at Howard a jewelry story, which
will dazzle the Hght oj man ihitec gen
tlemen arc pushing work on thoir dnim, ex
tracting tons of brilliant ore preparatory for
working it in the new mill which will be
erected during the coming month.
The Peerless, another mine of great mag
nitude and richness, owned by Ward it Co.,
is producing extraordinary rich ore, and
. .. .t t ...
icn ions now on uicmimp win average, in
made even more than il has been tho
jHtint of supply for a very considerable tcr-
sinular examples. Wc must believe in the
right and in the future. A great and noble
nation will not sever its people from, i's
moral life.'''
Looks Like "CrssEi.Kss." A Camp
Howie letter states that, when I.tontHMimr
it j icuckcr was on the trcsh trail of tho livo ' ,
"in. imiiuii wii- man-rulers
Lieutenant Wost. In iw
ers trom
ntorv. I his trade is worthy an effort
will be competed for quite keenly by St.
Louis interests. The city understands the
value ot this trade, present anil prospective.
and her business representatives are on hand. I more sr
.i.:t.. c... i.'.......:. : ..1... . . .1
miiuv oiiu i idiiiisu is atinosl Wllliotlt a rn.,f r-i. . .
voice. Ami yet the .mat active citizens aro ! A'XJ - ' , '.V "..n v, or has hesecret
identified w th California, and n,.,,! J "V , s.'" -VT "? ry iresh ior a brush
1 ---- "
lean this wav. The
ow ut
i iupusais Tor Huihliu 31ateriaf
OKnca Cinnr QcvirrE'tMAsTKR. '
1'itastorr. Juue il, lgrr.
. . I T win oe rerelve.1 at thU oSUn
VJ oc wl. noon .Mnn.liv Im.m. ic
for buildinc ,,uartcr for ib0 CommandUg Geocr J lU,
rartmentol Ariiona, vlr; s r"- Ue
UourU Lumber
Dre.oe.1 ....J5M.
Iith - 5M
v. L . ""rum to
t urther Information at the oftlce
be of tbv tst fiualiiy
Q.iartertnaMrr V. s. Atuiy,
Ch.el QuattfrmaMtr. Uet Amona.
nam est he wasr.jt;cil ff , j
5m cucr"-' Tvautz forbitl.lin'ir any
luting from that Post. Docs' Kautz
black suljihurets and chloride of ilvcr, $i!00
achievctl, and
Sitting Bull mad a f.-iv
L-Tc rfsc oa British oil
to the ton, while several assays have been
made on ore that gives as high as $11,000 to
the ton. The pay streak in this vein is ten
feet wide, and lus cnopniugs that arc trace
able for over 1,500 feet.
On the Holmes claim a tunnel has been
run in about sixtv-iive feet, showing good
ore on the face of the tunnel.
On tbe Continental, JJerry it Cole, the
owners, have funk a .sunit which Is now
down C." feet, and they are commencing to
run drifts preparatory to stoping.
llaubon t Co. arc preparing to commence
work on the San Jose and the Mountain
Queen, in the Peck district. These claims
arc oyi)cd bv scientific men, and arc pro
nounced by Jute competent to judge, as
the best claims north ot tin; Perk.
People are coming into the Territqry at a
rate fm excelled during any period of the
lust decade; all, or noaly all, remain aud
Immediately drop intp sniuptjjing cood.
Wis havo no muii in the Territory u-iirlnnt
.. . . i . . . . . . - '
i ins lodowcrs for bCM, but thoy arc making wages, aud
some foil uacs.
so ell set forth by Citi
way. I he ierntorv now ,
population pf at least pa.OQO, and if ij, in
creasing tpnto rapidly. This doas not oni.
brace the Indians or the troops stationed
therein. There is danger of complete alien
ation from this city as the commercial en
trepot, and much of this feeling is the result
of an illiberal spirit among business houses
That portion of the Territory which bv every
..... (jwijuijimui leitiuon anti access
ahould IjccJuspfy rejatcd to us Jlipuorlhorn
half and wesfern third of tho territorial mea
will, it is asserted, yet be able to supply
itself at cheaper rates from the East than
from this city and coast. There is no genu-1
ino reason for this, for verv manv ..rnVlo I
we ought to .be able m furnish at lower
prices than St. Louk A considerahlc nro
nortion of this dissatisfaction is due to tho
large difference in the rates of trnnanhrtn.
ttn fMrtlr.nl.. 1 . . .
the part of merchants nr frolghtors, to so act
as to destroy tho very germs of what must
crc long hi a grcnt trade.
with Mexico? Yuma Sentinel.
Tlo author of the Camp Howie letter evi
dently belongs to the ring, and his asser
tions are vile falsehoods and slanders and
should not be regarded as worthy the notice
of a gentleman. Why not give the authors
name. This making assertions without
backing them up by facts or evidence has
become a stereotyped plan of the Citizen
and cvidantly our friend of the Sentinel has
...mm iiMu mc same, channel. The people
, o . ",llJ miow mat the above from
the Sentinel is an absolute slander and false
hood and docs not meet the approval of the
honest people of Prescott and should not
be regarded by any person as worthy of notice.
Wool N'l'rl. i:tc.
1- tl . 1 .. .. . '
7.011 k, ami ooin wvglishuion mid Aineri'.,,,,
Il!lV. I lAA f Itlvil.l.ul U3
.... . v - - v w
llaJpum, Juno lt. Tho TurV, Vesdrr.l ,v
llriMlona Kr.Mioh v.i i ycsnertl.iy
enter 1Wrt. Tho Fn ' n .V.aS
, v., i,..,:. i 1 " -v I onsul hasdemand-
i ,on am apology.
e I .. , , i .,-... v voiim i ii i iieiue. nanroati
..mi uiNeti ; omeesat Los Aimeles were moved to tho now
enti oi town on Minday. Kailroad material
ai tajon rass is Dome removed to Sacra
inonio.tiiiis proving that no nioro work in
inai direction win Do done at prcsont. Pas
senger travel increasing.
K. P. Nichols, division airunt P. nml
j Sta:o Co., came in yosterdav and sont out a
lemii aim men 10 improve the road into An
tclojH) Valley.
Yuma, A." T., Juno I!). Thos. Kwinir of
1 ueson, ami Col. C. V. Tozier. of San l'rati-
ew YouK.Junc lfi. (told opened at 10.1;
Pacilic.Mail, P.d., ; U. S. Bonds 1807, 112 ;
1S81, 110; Western Union, fi3f ; Sterling
Exchange, 4 S84 D0. ; Hides, quiet, UI
to 22c: Whale Oil. ouiet at r..,it7A70o' Wintnr
Gov. McCormick, iu a private letter to us,
says: "However, I have not given up Ari
zona by any moan, and I hope we shall all
yot have jnany pleasant days m the Terri
tory. I am sanguine in my holier that the
Territory combjiira tjo greatest wealth of
the world in hor mines."
Marnr!l ?
i vuivinui in cuuura,
ii . -
oicaciicd, r.'suc; Sperm Oil, quiet, Si 2r
tol 2S; Winter-bleached, t 50(?il 53; Cal
ifornia Wool, steady, Spring, 20y)80c; bur
y, 12tCl5c; pulled, 2oti33c; Fall clip, loc
to 20c; hurry, 143?Oc.
Hoston, June lo. Sales of thavxcek
l,l;J2,0P0 lbs spring, and 103,000 llis fall.
Prices ranged ll UC.'Hr. for snrinrr filf,l,iL-
of tho sales ranging from 2o;i0c, and choice !
nsco, arrived this morning, bv row-boat.
r..... 1.-1. ...... 1...- i nt i - "
win i.iiiuuuui;, anti wtii ieavo ior San
FrancNco this evening. Thev report that
the Signal Mining Coinjmnv's mill is
rapidly approaching completion. Tho Mc
Crackin miiio is looking well. Tho ship,
nient of bullion now amounts to thtrtv Minn.
sand dollars jwr month. To-davs.sh!pinont
was M'von thousand dollar. Greenwood
City mines nro improving. Tho owners of
the Muchacho sold mines denv tho report of
their mines being bonded, but say negotia
tions nro ponding for the .salo of tho samo
tuna, Juno 20. Tho steamer Gila sailed
this morning at 10 o'clock for Khronber"
with !. itasseniroiNand 7 tons nt' fr..:.ri.i itl
cludini; a mill and mining machinery for
inu.uunii.mil mm Aiiiiiug Company Pros
cott. '
fill... i-!l.f- , . . . . .
inu v. inci ami AssLstant Engineers of
iiuuu .s Nurvovintr nartv imvn m i.i i.
(dla Hend, one huiuired miles east, and are
now running back on tho lino over the mesa,
I his lino avoid tho river bott.mi and .saves
distaneoand much work.
Wiekonbunr. Juno 21 ,lasiiirnr .t,
coach to-day: Hop, (',(,. y. Fi-oiich. Mrs.
tnoicr, Mrs Uhrhotti, Wm. Long, Mrs.
Parkor, Miss V:rkcr, Ma.ster Parker, F. W.
liudcl, Mrx.Suiith,S. 1). Ilnskins. hirgo
......s....i, hj.il is oh wwrti. titairo passnn.
1TI11-V lll.- ........ !!.! i. . . P l -l
..j,,,,, Hutu arrival nere. no
i : 11... w ...... .... ....
I.T 111 I lU.M.llll, JUIII
Grand Re-oponing !
t a .
,,i . , nlf c , , n, "lilted the "CHAMriOX-ln
-v.. uu unl .uauer wnn iae bttt .lUJOtity of
ami thk
1 ....... ...r..-.. . ...
...... v, ....,.ri ,,ie enti. Kootn Attaclictl
Irecott, Arltnnn. June 16, 1S77.
TV Ttir h1Cfnttt Mv...
niV,: ;KT third judicial
Ui .iriuiBM. county of Yatiai
(luiLmim Hatuaw.vy
Action bnuirht In the ni. r . . .. ...
dtut ni.i.1. I 7".rr,'wn inlr.l Jit
in tbe
r 'inai
TA-Jlr,,'f?"?-,r 'ri"na grvting to th,
t.olil and i,lrtr .Vimtty CumjKtny lftdant.
i ou are nerebr mmmnnnl iJ .
I. ami for th, of Y.ninTj S ..f TA
jooft. an,l an.wer tl.e WI,.lalnt file,! with t"e rMerk of
thi. ( ..utt, at 1-re.tt. In ..m t.-oun,v. o. o,,r uf "hirh
comp'uint : iwomnuiiM .i,i .ummon.X ,..;a Iwentv
days lexrluslve of the .lav. nr 1a. " . 'went
lOW fur t
Cnn I heoti copy of tho
lots from y2(&;ttc; fall wool ranging from' Nichols, Division Agont of the C. and
lo to ISc for poor, up to 2uc for dusted.! Vl'J:iaso K?'" is uwl,,F to Imt L-horso
J 'stock over tho mountains. j
nin v.m ur is;. I.'"'".' "' 'rvire
. . v " "nierca!- roiti- .!.i.-
Carte le A'isites, Imperial,
torias and SxlOs
A ipeciaty. All work execnted la rst-!ui
fine aortCH'nt of KlO
Stereoscopic Views of Arizoaa S35o
Always on huail, cotnpriInp icenen oflr-ottui J 'l
Sty. CamAVhirr!e. Vfnle and McDowell. rtr&TAMl
.Monteiuma'i Well. .Stoneman'l Lake. Mtal Xsna
Tinto ltiuin, Altec Ituloi. Indian Camp Yx .
CVIt of TSuildinvj, Jlininc Cla!m,3e(,'
chiuerj-. etc, made to order on ihort notice. OU
myistr d. r. iirrcnm
KKrs roa salx
Groceries, Provisions,
C?Pricei Seasonable.
Montezuma Street, opposite the Miner &ij
Itarinr rnrch.veil the interett of Lane Da'Ofe 1
the city .Meat Market. I taka UU tnetaol. "ritis
eolnmiiof the DULY MlNKK. of notlfyiar ft 11 ;M
frejeott tbat " YanW rhll' will be tatliarrfr'H
the cmtomm ol the old firm, aad add new ctUJh o
teeing; to furaltb them the nicest IHoTt
Steals. Roasts, Mnlton.Saiisaie.Cs
Call at tnv Met Market and eiaraine forrc'
Alt tni at trill be guaranteed tweet and frtta. g -
M. H. MOONEY, 5r
A few doors afcove htmx' Stett, taB
Gurloy Slrect, riESCOTT,.tt;;;
Dress Suits, Business Suits,
Hde to order, and atifatton suiria!
French, English and ScotchGo
Contantly on hand, which he U rrtrared to
but !
j n.i v.i i. ..i ..... . . . . . i
.. . u.uy amine,! bal if y ,,. m . j
am anrwer the cmplalnt .u uU.ve rri,uinil l L
will takejudirmrntby defanll apilwi v.. for J lTn. I
Iiehalf ntn.n,UI
Oljen under my haml and the ,eal of ,
y um at rrescott thU Slut .lav of June. A. 1 1.-T7
un. i.lovii, Deputy.
Attorney for plalnuff.
For Sale,
nlnem!0! '" "'"""""'.thrctv tiro. eren nnd
n ne will, In,, n.vemont. thereon, in blook twrntv-lx in
.... ' ' "imveiii-iit. i-,,n.iit
.....inuf; uumr, wnn rellHr. tat!
run-., eic .Vl0. Hll irri'KlM. ...i ... .
Ave, 1're.ootU Apply to J. if. it A IC 1 1 ) X, or ' U'"CK
l. .. a n. ...... . f.. KISUKIt.
lioterpris pleBi copv.
uf onn ntal
tvnit other out lioimrj.
h then : WJCKKNIU7K.G AbUl
m t r -4
Livery Stable and Feed CorrtH
Tlie Uest of Feeil and Accvinmodation fcr - '
Injr public. .
Jank Of All Trades
lUra. Sofirjf r
Stops at Mr. Jcn. UluV

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