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The weekly Arizona miner. [volume] (Prescott, Ariz) 1877-1885, August 24, 1877, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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wt'tM Klil-n RVEItV FRIDAY.
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n y
.Kdiicu- and Proprietor.
W nnnber of the WstiKIA MlVKIS wn iuedon
JUlIlIj l . ant in tUI. il talrleealh jmr. It can.
'aa Ir i'?' 'a iu .o be Uh oldest, aaa twit newspaper
fee Tcn-U'ry.
lilj?criitioxi Kiitos.
at Tin:
sktti.imi tiii: ii;si:ut.
lCpv. OseYear
Jn Mirth
ISM " TliT-ee MBtb
and Wtvlti.v, t
I'?; nef lhitrp.l colnaw, 53.80 fnr firs
. i ' - i i h ! Mrh m, JJitliM. .1 .m.ertl.in.
tWA!!'' TiJ 1 .u ' " hve rate, will he niniic t t
-' . . .1.. i... . i. - .. i. r . . ..
qfiarrir'tawi. uilvertiiac
;c-7 i '-i
.ir.l it by matt.
-! f rtr lajwyinrnfar &'
-4i tturariably.
ornciA!. dihectoky.
1 rttnrroKiAt. wnrtK.
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IPfVft'' "rr .... . ......
s. d.t .. .
Hrl . .'..r'- i:
Iliraei S.S:rvm.
.tu T. IIyt.
J. J. 0er.
C. r.CtarV.
T. J. Ihrlcr.
. . ... ... Jba ffn.io.
.f JiMttr. Frrtma.
DFrt Farter.
(J. A. '." .
Jesna II Aoitna.
.....Is. H. VamrfY.
W. W. St,fr.
...W'm.J. OOxwn.
Iidios' nuil Mbtfca' Shawls,
LmuroiiliTy Ktiginj:,
Notiiiiyliam I-:ax'.
Kct.. Ktc, Ktc. Ktc
Be T !i.'Ti:i' Kevrna .. Tho. Ponli'
til'.-rl -S. !:... i.li'ff. Iirott... IV. X. Kellv.
" "" FloTOnce. ..Iyri Kart"l
ilkMe.rtr JCUSnlM.
" FitocH Qt. I.unt.
IWatcJu-'C' Uartpy II. Csrttr.
friT YA. F. flwr.
I V4 Geo. e. Ilrmni.
Qcq - - Wa. YiIknMi
ntv l r 1'i-r E. .1. Cik
tr A r I'mI Welnr
tk 1) T f 'Jrt Vi. V.'ilVr.on.
I MlVlH-l!.
OMtsUVo. t j: Harnett .td FmaV JlHrrnv.
: .r of raEsroTT.
K. .1. Cook.
I.. J. Ah-r. W. 7. Wi.M
) . Allen mmI ! H.
bal .......... ...FrnnV Mnrrav
TXfttK r J. F. m4w.
r otl.eruUe.at; r. DliUUilU 1 U Til lis .UAKlvh.1, LU.Ml'lilMAU
ilea'.-, Youth's anil Hnys Clothing, Ladies' and Units' lnth-rwcr,
Hoot.s Show .mil Slippon. .Men'. mid lioys' HuU,
Shirte, NccktiVa and G loves. Hosiery and Ilairtlkeichicft,
Bar, Dxnmsk, Knssi and Crash 'L'owcliug. Calicoes, GinsxlLiin. Aljwcas,
Poplins, Wool Plaids, Tweed?. Casehuen-u and Denims,
into, Colored and Opera Flaunele,
Cnff?, Collars, Crochet,
Yallencicnnes I-ace,
Black Silk 1'Yimre,
Cotton and Rustic Blind?, Tajetry and Velvet Mat?,
Tapestry, Innun and 3-ply Carpets. Oil Cniths, Wall Pxjier and Border,
Box, Cylinder and Thermometer Chnrns, Ivocfein. Dining aud OHico Ohnirs,
Children's Chairs, Bedroom Sets, TaMe awl Pocket Cullery,
Fish Hooks and Lines. Picks. Shovels and Siedjjon.
Hoes Bakes, Wheelbarrows, Planes, Chisel. Axes,
Iron and Lend Pipe, Couplinits, KIIh.ws, Ch.iin?,
Suction, Foiw and Lifting Pumps. Cooking ;ind Parlor Stoves,
Finders, Etc., Etc.. Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc.
Sporting:, Giant and BJasting Powder, Fuse, Caps,
Drill Steel, Paint Brushes, Wool Sack and Twine,
Paints, Oils, Glass, Stnalta, Bronze, Turpentine, White Iad, Gold Ieaf,
Crocker', Glassware and Lamps, Traveling Bags. Satchels, Trunks,
bar Glasses, Bottle, Minors, aliets, Lhandtlieii, Etc., Ktc
rh, CO P P E R A X I) Si! !2 12 T 1 It () IV Y O R K
an c v G-roccries,
. i Uilen Kmnke.
( Geo. V. Cmti.
A writer in the Lo-, Angeles Herald, who
ems to be eutirely familiur with hU sub
ject, furauhes tlw public whh a number of
ittretin jMrtkulara rotating to the cli
mate, soil ami general productive qualities
of the Mojare or California Desert. The
I rnmitlrtirn nC (Iih railruil In li. rvl,u.l..
1 ! n brought thae lands Into notice, which
ATTORNEY -A.T XiA'W, j might otuerwiM hnve reinninwl for yearn
Jliueral Park. Mohvc Omntv, Aria. 1 untttipn.vwl. 11iMt graml work has robliwl
- - . ; tni un.t wnt of IU terror, Mini will catuu
Attorney ami Counselor at Law,
Office South Moutszumn 3t, Proscott.
pvcl vkhi:u.
Attorney ami Coitiiseliir ul Law,
Pioscott Ailzonn.
T..I. DKfJl,
AKoriiey and Counselor at Liav,
PrtMOOtt, Aiixon.t,
orrirt-m rum.
to be opeaeil up in th near rttture borne of
the finet farms in the State.
According to tbi authority, tlioro hi a
tract iung othojt of liulio Station which
com:.rtMi Mime fifty thouaiHlaeref, tlio wil
Toai ami) an:.
(An. Ilrt
A forty-nlnor? You hot! Iacroo
Timui ain't as tlitty un to be.
At least, noways with mo.
WliyJ wboro I'm pmbblnp in UiLh oro ditch.
istny m tneair iom lateli,
Wo struck It uil-hty riuh.
Tom, ho Njireed it a powerful .sipht,
An turned up his loo ono night
In a h II of a tlht
I was bend fwrnt in ev'ry ouorv bout,
Drank like mat! an' gambled and fout
Till my diiht potor'd out.
Aftor tlmt what T teelied Keemcii to spile,
Couldn't anyhow maketho ixt bile,
Ne'er nsnin mude a
...V, t t ... - ; . . . I
ei ri m wiwm u noi wirpittJi uy Ye. tmnl ! soneethen call mcaroK'larKcrub,
uj mm ti vaiitiiiiiin. i iic nserunn is I ear 11 nan i
not tuaie at a vruturc. At leaat one outer
rikiiig settler ha Wt it U the tent. In the
hIioti time that he hn leuii a dweller on
I the uMirt, lie haa eultnated ;nipe hhiI i
lnma that com will come to maturity
i planted aav month of the roar. Hit profit
Probate.Inilse, .Inst ice oft ho Potice' crop alfalfa, nhich ia cut evory tvieaty
uajr. Ituvti in that time attaineil a hirht
Aud Conveyauoer
-County Budding.
Attorney unit Counselor at Law.
Preaoott, Aiizona.
H. ali:.a.i)i:h,
Yuina. Aiiaonn Territory.
W!U mot- ' ia ai: tb VnurU uf tbe Terrtlerjr.
.North .Ue M OaoJwia Siraet. MM (inMilw,
Hl-Miltt hraa nivat.h. afOLIf.
H. .1. WADIC,
Vttornoy ami CoituMflor nt Luw.
(Mare nk Harynr i Mrra, Cnrtra tlnei.
fUMtiVAt. ami nnrAiiTfi::; of tr.
S. MAITjs.
Staple rL nil .57
j Green, Black and English Breakfast Teas, Micha, ,laa and Bio Coffee,
Mackerel, Salmon Bellies, Drh-d Beef, Smokeil Sain
Buckwheat Flour, Canned Fruit,
Mushrooms, Cheese. Hams. Bacon.
mon, Boneless Codfish,
Cracked Wheat. Unniiny, Oatmeal,
Alden Dried Fruits and Vegetables.
jCttTifcmin. r.itern Sale nail Sectlirr
SaaC nn,:v ornrr mr.
Tobacco and Cigars, Wines, Luiuors, Ale, Porlcr ami Citlcr.
JH LLMjwiEitii.r. j Saddles. Ox Whip. Blacksnakes, Collars, Harness Soap and Eureka Dressing,
Hobbles; Halters, Buckles. Snap, Kings. Wagon Sjwkis, Felloes, Etc.. Etc.
All of which w ill be sold tit Bedrock Price-!, or e.ichanctl for the
Products of tU' Country.
LXeatTC Cmtntr. Mmet.il lUrk. Cerhat. nml Hnrdvville.
trwltj vi -S.itmday 3 r.U.aa4 rrtnran Fnday.
.TiMt Caroit Vrd- I.'-le 7.ilrmi r.nl Xew Mexico
Castp VT'V. I.it le C.Uwwlo aa4 New Mexico.
Tcvjtiy4. tru'y and iiad; ,
I O-tV-
Via Wa;n! Ctrovp und Hriidf-bnw, ntw a we?.
CO ltoxirf T I -2 A. M. to P oUo1c V. A I.
ti j e .- nt i p Mail U)' eln nC ! A. Jt.
be IT f.i Su-. 1 i .'Vl.irk t Ii o'clock A. M.
t. w. utis. i".
icrt Apr;: 2p . 1 "TT.
aZTLAH LODGE Ho. 177. r. & A. M
SPA tt"iT oar r.eet'nsrJ of thi Mt. no tbI:ut
4fjp ' Sw'-'Vd.iT ..f , .,.-b ntor.tb. at 7 o'clock t a.
2w ' ftent. A. -S HASKELU W. it.
3RfcS KrtT Se rMrr.
Mntn a ft C .r. n;;'rt r. S. Ki rr J. N. F.oeoT.l'Kr.
C. V. HnAI). Trrscott.
O. I3
s -A. Z3
VOL S. Iir.Al), Caniji grttc.
witot.r.SALi: axd r.K.rAit. DF.Ai.n: ix
Will prarlie is all CurU uf ti. Tvirttarr.
of abtitit three feet. This, it mmt Kt un
drraiood, i under the kUniiiltts of irriga
. a a a It- ?
uon. vi uier can ne nau ih auunumico uv
digging from four to eight feet.
It ia the further opinion of this writer
that then' i notmng grown ia Cahtornin
that cannot be raUeil ihi the ieert, inclu
ding aemi-trical ami tropica! fruits, among
the nnniler Itananaa, for uhieh it fr e
ei.illy adapted, Woofl ia carce, but, a the
railroad paaaea directly through thi tract,
the want could ea4ly benjplied.
A Mirtin of thin Und n alrwnlv been
ioiated under the l)eert Act am! by lMme
stead. pn-emptioQ awl soldiers' Warrants;
but a lar. Um.v Mill remains to which it
will be well for those in search of home
teath U turn their attention. The adja
cent mountains are known to contain gold,
ilvcr and other mineral. which makes the
country more inviting than if it otfered no
i been a d -d Imnl nib
make Ilckur ami $mb.
You kin last your bottom dollar if rufT,
An' tbo I'm cut out of right .stutl',
l'rc had pU n emiff.
mu. an' these other tf red ant old reakn,
A rail ready when Hot IamiI luniks
'IVi jet mm in our elteks.
A vcr) yoaW Unit addrcanod her
fatlier at the break faal table on Sundav
morning: 'Toppy, I wan fa new hat and ii
pair ot aew shoe.' "I s'pos o. What
don't you want!" replied the jwitemid.
'Well," repidied the uick-witted little
-1. "I itou t want any trowscrn.
One of oar citizen, of an oh-erring and
i'eriHirnul turn or mind, found a toad
upon hit doorstep recently, and iu order to
discover whether it could hear well, ueut
down upon hi knee and made ditfereut
noises to tet the question. The toad lre
tin' noie am! took iwrt in the exitcriinenu
itb u.i ualiairLini; oih nature that the
inquirer wad working up considerable in
terest in the matter, when he happened to
look up ami found lam-elf Mirroumb-d by a
crowd of oeoule who utrc Htwwnlnf Tnrr
among thcmeires & to whetlier he wt
uch iutlucemenU. The Summer tempera-! crray or simply drunk. Jlridgeport (Con.
trict Attorney of Shit IUmardino eountv on
J the Hepublicaa tickft, cr-dita him with hav-
ture of the air ia similar to that of the Han
Joaquin and Sacramento ralleva, while the
; Winter if it can be called Winter wltere
' there w no frost ia warmer than in the
rRAXKMcisa,, ni.exa.;pcwnUnw A cVmwW Umt
ARAM, McCUSKER BRUNER, t be found anywhere on the continent.
a . . . . t I n aftMtilMfinrr t Ka NwUiuuliitM r( flat.. I
.viiorney-i ami t. ontiseiorsat i.nw. v . : ft. ... . . . M ,, , . Ia. .,
I'..,t-t ,,.,. region, which will certainly attract a thri- w$ all hw life until jiM
ok t.. .uJ?:!"- IHimlathm, one ia hart in mlinirathm 1 J , tiun when lie saw hi.
wi.itra.,1.-i.uni.c.-.ft. , ot the rrn-a: achievement of railromb. , v "' ' " iiwm mnv
which, without exaggeration, can be wild
I to caue the "waste place to e settled,"
and "Hie Ueeri to Mourn and blov-ntu us
the nae."
L. D. Sivycr iti tho 3Iilwaukcc Wisconsin
Tito Rio Grande Valley, arid and sandy, i
turned to agricultural account by a system
ol irrigation, and by this means is prolific
in grain, fruits aud vegetables; cabbage, on
ions, and beets favorite vegetables "hero
surpass in size, mndnes and quality any
that I have ever tocn in any country. They
attain bulk that is simply immense.
Most of the choice lands in the vicinitr
of Alhuqurquc are owned, and occupied by
rmichuro-, and the remnants of several al
most degenerated trilws of Indians. The
upper latidrf, Imuk from the river, arc util
ized bv stock-raisers. Vast herds of sheep
and goats roam over the grassy plains and
mouutains. After traversing the liio Grande
country for evcral days we entered
but as I have already given in mv "descrip
tion of Santa Fo " a vague perception of
what a Mexican town is like, my descrip
tion shall Ikj very brief. On approaching
the town it presents a very fine view, with'
its grotesque building?, its large Open plni;
the pretty groeu and shaded lawns, with just
a few ktuuted tropical fruit trees here and
there, denoting that we are approaching the
southern country: and the surrounding vine
yards with tho never failing crop of grnjios
hanging in benutifulclttsters from the strong
and healthy vines. A we iwss through I
observe some elegant residences, i. e., ele
gant for Mexican architecture the sur
roundings arc beautiful the extensive
groumhTarc adorned with tlie prettiest of
gardens. These fine places are owned by
wealthy Mexicans who have large tracts of
land, and vast herds of sheep they live
like lords and count their wealth by mil
lions. The large Cathedral presents the
most imposing teatureof the town; it is said
to have been erected over a hundred and
tifty years ago, and at that time laborers em
ployed upon it received only five cents per
day for their services. The material of
which it is constructed is mostly adobe:
hence, 1 think it mu-t Ik' the cheapest con
structed edifice ever erected. The church is
The Cotton Semi Tropic, commenting on t "nb" remarkable f-.r the wonderful statu of
,i r. w r i ! c i preservation it has maintained all the.-
- vauviuin.j Ui v. . V . IIUHTII, HIT
Attorney & Counselor at Law.
Prescott, Arizona.
Will i'rwrtlc in all Courts nf tho Toirllorj'.
wi! the li.trii t tn roer. Ol1V- Uuw.
Kuitor it ix Ka : The name of the person
murdered at Carinsa Creek is Frank Louder.
The papers found at his ranch give no fur-
titer infi. mation of himself or friends. le-
ell was an otficcr in the Fetlcral armv in
Arizona during the civil war, and, after he
left the sen ice. I came a ci linen of the Ter
ritory ami continued to act with the Konub-
licnttf, Tle Capbtiii during the years of
our acquaiutame with him in this country
gloried in lieing reganleil as a ''Mack Republican."
Paper Ci kkkxcy. Tlie total volume of
! tho grecHljeck cirenhtiou is now $,100,000,
jOOO. It will lie reduced .-l,Ot0,OA)0 the
10. 0. AHlZOlfA LODGE 2io. 1.
fca.t. n0,-v 'f-.e;i mmitb.itt Xiwmiir Halt. Stem-
53i?'lr-of tli Drier, in irKl ftnin'.ir". nrein-
t .ttf'Vml. i:. J. COOK. S.G.
JTiiT. 1U ) J. Slecunltnc Secretary.
No. 230 Kearov St..
'i, yrr.
Ooiumissiou StocJ; Brokers,
ilo .iosisry - - San Francisco
l!aetlrt)t Ter:rlu Illorli.
8aarK'3 i l 3 !v.'k erj'
Respectfully announce to the pvplc of Northern Aiiona that thr-y now have on baud,
and are constantly rect iv:ng the
Silks, Calicoes, Iawns,
Dcl.iines, Linens. Xansooks.
Reps. Muslins. Merinos,
Flannels, Fmpresses, l)oincstioc,
Ginghams. Lace, Ribbons,
Overshirts. Overcoats,
Dress Suits. Pants, Overalls,
Fine Underwear, Ilo&ierv, Boots,
Business Suits,
Coyote Stock Ranch.
EiJawtfC .Vft fjw I"rctt ; bt t ranee nml
lrtV Xer. s!-w-r !ej.t per mocth. .Stock calloii
1 tl' h Asj It. SAU.Ii:iiS
K. A. FAR-0 &. CO.,
:"reTlus.v Jivmr.Rso.-
'. f'rtst z'j--'. cmer uf Cjimercia3,
Iratv.'! .ici:, i.r: c.vi.- sou'.n nt iiautatray t.
Jleaoir. :u Keiiairiag Neatly Done and
Crpcts e.'4'd and Fitted.
and Passengers.
sTtM rn V- .TtI wit' ,c V .c.irt on PhwI.iv the
taVia er"4!M Tai' ref: ..r trip l)etneeti l'je'
3toil I ' r lrrr c.r !. . i .lan. I am pre.
I'uKeito' r.e: .n ht t low rate. ami
e to 1 1 ' s iw i Tn'b.m anl ctitenf f
."cation (t-.'i i It-ft wlfi il 't" ' A Swnce- will receive
Craaaji a'V- .. i J. U HeC'KKVICia'KU.
Prlcf t ira. Jiite Jtti. 1-.,. .Uw-tf
Jj i:Ai.ins tv
mm iiMiii
H4?hcSt Price said for I lie Pro
flie or tliv Vmsntvy.
Express Lino,
etween Sllrer Clly, M Mexico,
Tken-'lK-Kif :-.eit Itxrtnc rc ftpetxsl tliW rotttc are pre-
rea . ry i-,..ei.i:.T rl .1-. a ireum! ffe tutu
) C 5.C v. ti. I. ex e wU end ol the matt eery
J. JtKUsON A MAKItlAClK. l'TOJ'ticiorf.
Jaf For further inlmiatiii aili!re
;aBRYOCK fitHISB. Globe City, Asexits.
Jti or
Ore Sacks,
Black Powder,
Caps, etc.
Giant Powder,
Giant Powder Caps,
Fuie, etc.
EX.1 A M I . ?.10 IK'. A .,
.TT03R3SrE-2- T LAW,
)' w th J 1 !UrrrTC. Ki )
rnifc-eorr, yavai-ai coi-xty, aihona. : nothing I hi I hierMrlrimies pertainiiitf to
Wttl I'no iltH' In nil t onri c.r lite TnrrlMiry. ! Si.iriinali.nl. He was eccentric almost to present month, briiiffinir it back to the li
I'artlcuhir attention siviui to Mining Law. iaaitr in lit belief. Kiecting this wild. 1 re t which it stood pre iou to Secretary
' ' . deso.ate pot to be alon tnm the wor ( ' wwiswi a wiow w.wani innatum ome
HON. S. HirVIIKXIKUl'T, - - - Sail FrancJeO. , " . ' ,, . -.i .l . fnnr imc. ann Tl, i. tl V
.. ... i .... .... ., i .i thai lit- n.n 111 r inverse in arcret with the I 'our ear aeo. I lie total amount ot Aa-
..rt,M..'i A.hL.'it.trf'.'iA...i..'iinhulMLinta if the Snirit land. Ho once I tional liank circulation is now A1O2.T00.-
I,,!,! one of the buckboard drivers tlmtiO. It ha been a little lower than this
h bail a brather iu Cincinnati. Ohio, bntf figure, but ha at no time since the move
never anTthinjr more than that. j meat on the part of the bank m contract
Ti-ecroiM in thi s-ction aro liourishins:. ,!,,-,r cinulutiiin rundown as low a tin
ltalliner , .imn. on the south shic of the I hl t30U.Wy,Wu limit, at which it stMH
rj r. lw- 200 acre of grain and vegeta die law was p.tl in ISlW, authori-
IiIi h: Smith's ramn. on :lie north side in increaae to meet tire then clntnorou
win .ukuiy Attead taii onf bataM nteata tatnxi) t tue ri.r jia j,trpK f coni, vegetables tleiiiamis ot the South and interior AVcot for
la tac everat t. wium mwra in tae irmwv. awki. ' , , , .. . , ,,. ,..,..
u! title to Minmc Claim-mut Kcitr mvamwW pMmrej. ) ud sugtir-eaue ; and A lt-n s camp, alwnt .10 "lore mouej.
milea aUive un.et Crossing, has about the
same, and all exiM-ctut-' -rood eroos. Alnutt T UK Laroispt Stvtiox i. tuk Woui.p.
time miles opposite Allen's camp is Ukes;j TIk good city of York, Knglaod, says an
he also has alxut 2tK) acres planted. The j Kngiih exchange, may now loast of hnvimr
next nlaee tht is llor-eheail Croe-dn. I the largest railway station in the worltl
above Allen's camp; the people at this boast tliat means sometliing in thee days of
place are not prai tical farmers, but thcoreti- railway extension and architectural im-
JMN A. at'sM.
It I'SH Ai
BD. H-. WftiXtl.
-VWary rMtt
Proscott. Tavapat County, Ariaonn
lmapt attaatioa citrva t. aolWctu..
jHftnct Attvrmef Ptma Ce.
M II. MKaaroao.
ii:i;i:foiu) .v. coodkich.
Attorney" Ai Counsolors :it Law,
Tucson, Ariz un.
Will iractice in all tb. Court nt th Terrtury.
OK. A. J. TIIIBOIX). M.A., .11. 0.
M. A-. Qaeeu' finrer.itv. J
M. U.. Trm.tv I mrm,,',. ) 1 ot'la'
M. K. t l'by. an.l sure
I'n-'ciitt, Ari7(iiiu.
(lflirr M Kl 'ieKM K Jewll HuiHtaj. rait of An
ilr. .V Itiiwc .ture.
Oil. WAKKKN li. OAV.
0,"FICT Miratp-urni S-reet. aUtve Gisstn-ia
Una lee sault I at 1.U OiBm nt al, bHir:
' eally speaking, can tell a head of cabbage provcni-ut l lie length ot the platform i
: fnuii au onion or potatoc. This is the biii i,.w icei, uic coerei porun oi me ta-
ncsipartof the Coloradi. Cluquiio. there tion b0 feet, tlie breadth 2:5 1 feet, and
Iin' t no. stores one of which Mr. Hcranhij hight fe-t. An idea of its extent may be
, Kr.iv re i proprietor, and vour humble scr- lortuett uy i.onloners or provincials who
vant is master ot the other. iibicitou innwuH me spienuiti .hkiuiui
terminus nt bt. 1'ancras. I he siiperiicial
area of the St. Panerns jilatform is 10M.:1U0
lr. Felix Scott has just returned from
I'l ili wriiiri. h tun iliri'l:tili' rnttliv
( ..... .. .. .. ..
with tue intentvui oi going extensively into
the stock busines. Emigrants are still
coming from the Kat en route for Arizona,
and from their conversations, 1 am able to
glean that they have met with the Usual
amount of croakers and tramp, the former
not being able to find a fortune or a per
f t Kdeu, the latter In-ing unable to run
his c heek ftr the usual amount of liquor
necessary has concluded to seek other lields
Mowers, Pitch Forks,
Wool Sacka,
Plow Steel,
Baling Rope,
Etc., Etc.
IVIeeliixnics :
ButJij and Screws, Wall Papct
Whito Ind, Paper Botdcr,
Window Shskles, Oil itnJ "'urpentine.
Cast side of Moutezuma St, bet Gurley S
Willis, 3 doora north of Head & Co. s
f.-et, and that of York platform 171,951 feet
It is not a terminal station, bur. trains will
rim ngiu inrongii wiiuoui imeKing or
-hunting. It is situated on a slope rising
from the uuse.aml its main entrance looks
upon the city walls on the south side
through a portico 150 feet by 55 feet.
Hkvt Lvi)KKor.ori. Some of the drift
on the lower levels of several of the Coin-
to eke out his miserable rxtstcnoe. tine of' toek mines are found to le s ht that it i
this tvie stopiietl at mv place over night. t next to i in possible fr the nun to work in
The tales of wwr ant! w roues that he had ' them. hen ther can work it U to :reitt
received from others was heartrending in-j disadvantage, and eoiiMtlerablo labor and
deed: but one thintr he failed to do. was to I monev is exiiended br the comtKUii to
: . . . . .... i , r
t.ike in uis si-'u
J2. THE1LE, 31. I).,
Physician, Surgeon and Accoucheur
ntusenrr. A. T.
Office ami reiiileno wn itonteium .'Ucrt, opisiM Ike
illMlu Odksj.
JT5lrirate. eairanro to oooullstioa moms, Inwn the
nHr. ileotiOt
Toi- "W'ool-Gri'OAvei'S r
Sack Twine, Sheep Shears,
Tar, Sulphur.
Sheep Dip.
For J-Xofcels, lSf,ntiori lv?epors n.ticl Stiloons :
Bed-room Set?, Ale and Porter. Glassware, Whiskies,
I'arlor Sets. Table Furniture, Wines, Tobacco,
Chairs, Crockery, Brandies, Cigarf.
Flour, Corn Meal, Beans, Bacon. Hams, Laitl, Canned Meats and Fruits, Dried Fruits,
Syrup, Sugar, Tea, CotTee, Rice, Spices, Soap, Candles, Soda. Starch, Salt,
Cream Tartar, Yeast Powders. Stoves, Carpets, Oil Cloths,
Matting, Blankets, Mattresses, Ktc, Etc.
Gold Dust, Cold and Silver Bullion, Wool, Hides,
j. uo!.ivati:i: & ijko.,
Forrrarding and Commission Uerchants
Illirciiberg. Arizona Territory'-
Yl C. CAIiilET,
Ileaidcncc ITcst to C. V.T. Bcsoh's.
.lAA' (I. K Bh LEV,
Prescott, Arizona Territory.
which indicated that he
dealt extensively in the peipondlcelar retail
whisk v business. Such men are better out
of a country than in it. being only an eye
sore to their friends aud no benetit to them
selves or anyone else.
The sinall-jMix is raging violently up the
river. Col. Jus. C. Hunt has lost two chil
dren, lwsddes various other pnraoiia being
ick with it, ami a great many deaths. The
disease of small-pox is contageous; there is
another diseas?, not new, but seems to be
epidemic, that is stealing. The driver ot
themiil froin"Cnmp Apache to Allen's camp,
has decamped, taking niulcs, buckboard and
mail with him. However, I think that if
the citizens of this section of tho country
could only effect a meeting with him, they
could administer a medicine, although
si'vere, which would cllcctually cure him.
Yours, truly, .Ikuky P.'Havwaki).
Horsohcftt! Crossing, Aug. U, 1i.
.1. A. LEWIS,
Architect, Uuililcr, Contractor etc.
W orV of all kind execittcil in la.ectjtylc nmt reaj.
aaab'o rate.
Prescott, Arizona.
Millwright and Contractor,
fc5?" Prices at the Verda House the same as at Proscott, with additional freight
New arrival of choice li.iuor. cipur, ntc, ut tho
Kirst-clai" lllHiant Tnble at the FI.OKUNCK ItKSOKT.
j Ca-Ak for "Low." aivST.tf.
I HE.MIV HUE 1 1 31 AX,
landscape and General Fbotorapber
Keep, on hand n l;ir?e aorlment sf ArizasA Viwf,
ilouliJLss" aaJ rictm. Knunf . lb'.e-i-m
Twrnly-IIvi! miles from I'ltircuee.
rinsT class taiili: and accommodation-
r travalem. Alu jJenly of HAKLKY, COIIN. WA
TI'.K ami 1IAY. myut
Elliott House.
AccoinmoJatHjsi cjaal to any eMuWishmetit in South
ern Arizona.
Kvory nltcnKoa tuiJ to the cumfort ot our truest.
Florence. A.T. LOSS KUO'S., Fwrrietori
op, -'.". '
Deputy U. S. Mineral Snrvcyois,
County Surveyor of Yuvajial Count v, 5
Prescott, Arizona.
All MniU nf cirll enuineerine and .im-eylnff jinnrptly
attemletl to. Oaice North of the Court Uuuo, mi Cor
e, stret't.
GoM Dint, Oold ami Silver Iltillion ami Ore of every
ilefcriptios melteil ni.il nisayeil. AH m"ny pimmnteeil.
Ol'FICR In tm'Siiinjr formerly occut'ieit by A. .fc N. M.
Kijiren" Co.. rrecott.
Aronotr jircjttreil to receiro ami for want all pwiU anj
nierolian'llie conlcnel to their on re nt remonnlile mtei.
Traini trill leave Kbrenlrcrj; four time jnr month.
s.c.mii.li:i: k ui:o.
rre.cott, Julj.iO.JgTT; r
Pit a CBcrrnn On. A story too good
to be lost bus just leaked out on a young
man who came here last summer from Ar
kansas. His occupation was that of a stage
driver, and "horse" was about the only sub
ject he could talk intelligently upon. A
short time since some of his companions
urged him to buy a " Idled shirt," and our
hero waltzed into Hash ford's ami bought
one, neck 17 inches, then went home and
dressed for the party. His friends noticed
that it was open backed and without a col
lar, and told him that he must buy one.
Sauntering into Goldwater's, Sam fitted him
with a linen collar, M inches. The collar
adjusted, he started lor the ball. In danc
ing the back button kepi getting loose, and
annoyed him considerably, aud kept him
busy poking it down. At last, a lady friend
with whom he was dancing, came to his re
lief und oaid, " Hank. I see your collar an
noys you some, let mo pin it for you." Hank
replied " yes, pin it, and if ever I wear an
other one of these things I'll put a crupper
Mtppiv ltosh tr. Ui mumo ocw.-. m'U can
only work a few minutes and then run "lit
to cool on". In the Consolidated Virginia
mine, the face of the north drift on the
lT.ill-fH(t level from the (Jonld A; Curry,
near the ea-t wall of tin ore vein, is so hot
that it is necessary to keep h ehvM tight
box, or cooling room, in r lose proximity to
the workmen, in which the temperature of
the air is kept down ly compressed air. so
that the men laity cool oil and change every
few minute-. Another of these cooling
boxes has to be placed at a half-way point
in the drift for the use of the men who mu
the cars iu ami out.
The Suvngo incline, also at a point near
the water, is so hot a to be almost beyond
human endurance. Hut for their shirts the
skin of the men would bo blistered as
though by a jet of sralding steam.
"Washington, August lo. In the Cabinet
meeting yesterday, it was announced that
the Governor of Texas would demand of the
Mexican authorities the culprits who cros
sed from the Mexican side to Ilio Grande
City on the 12th, broke open the jail and
committed oilier depredations. The)i,Cji
iiet,npprpycs iluitactipn .o tjp Governor un-;
I'duin W. .lone, brother of Senator John
P. .lones, of Nevada, died at Los Angeles
recently, of right's disease of the kidneys.
The writer of this notice, who for many
years was intimate with John P. and in lSfill
first made the acquaintance of Ned and
Sam, on their arrival at Bannock City from
Kansas, has had amide opportunity 10 judge
of the relative abilities of tho brothers, and
while he has .;o hesitation in according to
tlie rJi-ntr the possession of remarkable
powers of thought, and superior judgment
in matters financial as well as political, he
is nevertheless firmly impressed with the
belief that Ned was lite brightest member of
the .Tone's family. Not so ambitions as John,
nor had hethe bull-dog businessenergy of S;un
yet he possessed more general information
than both, and was one of the most compan
ionable men and agreeable conversationalists
on the Coast. To his political, as well as
personal friends he was us true as steel, re
garding a promise made as a jwditician with
all the' sanctity of those of private friend
ship. In the death of Xed Jones the community
in which he lived. Virginia City, lo.-cs one
of its brightest social ornaments, ids partic
ular friends and associates their most genial
and interesting companion, and thesurvivors
of the family a wise counselor and an atl'c
tionate aud unselfish brother. This feeble
tribute to his memory is prompted by recol
lections of tho campaigns of IMS and lb70
in Idaho, and the unselfish patriotic and un
remtiiujjjdcd labor lie porfonncd without
jhtjpti ot ptoniis-'f of towiird-jothex' than that
fn au approving 'ivuawitui-u.
years. About one-half mile I elow tlie town
we ferried over the Kio Grande. The stnaim
was up at this season; it was nlxnit viity
live or one hundred yards wide, with a
strong current. Many miles up the country,
win re the stream is smaller. I onee hint oc
casion to ford it. Its lnittom i full of
quick-sand, ant! I experienced conaidemblu
difficulty iu making my way snfely nrmis?.
I very distinctly recollect, however, of how
forcibly it reminded me of Mark Twain's
reference in " Houghing It" to fording the
North Plnttt! in a stage coach, or "inud
wagon as he termed it, and of how he hml
."avoided the daii!ers of the sea all his lift
to finally be wrecked ami engulfed in a ltd
of quick-sand," or something to that effect.
A ferry is by far the safest crowing over the
Rio Grande at any time.
Our route now lay along acombiuatiou of
sand-hills very difficult of access, ami after
several days of laborious travol ami much
worn out stock, we finally cuenmned on tho
Rio Puerco. Alter remaining Iwre suth- '
ciently long to recruit our stock, we pushed
on west again.
bear the appearance of cleanliness of per
son and dress; they are remarkable for their
affability and hospitality to strangers, hs
well a for their shrewdness and veH-dev!-ojhiI
propensity of taking the advantage in
a trade. Their cultivated lands display in
dustry. Their fertile lands are prtiriuctive
of most excellent corn, the chief wm!ucl.
and the bet in the Territory. Their well
bred stock, ant! numerous herds ot"shooj,
horses ant! cattle, denote wealth; though
their ystem of cultivating the land, and
their manner of living is o far Iiehind the
present age, that it is astonishing that with
their intelligence and ability they don't,
seek improvement. To watch them lalwr
recalls to one's mind descriptions of the an
cients. The maid curies water on her head
in precl-ely the same kind of earthenware
urn as is delineated in pictur. s of "Kelwea
at the Well;" the man cuts his grain with r.
sickle, and threshes it with his lierd of gouts ;
and all lalor is ierformed w ith equally slow
and unprofitable means.
John P. Chun, w1k has leen Indian Agent,
at the San Carlo- Reservation for tlie lust
three years, and who. by the way. waa .
good Agent with the exception of his devia
tion from the path of dutv to make wwr
on the military and some other minor fault.
has taken up his residence ar Florence. I'innl
county, and entered into a co-imrtnershin
huh onroiu inentt it. n. summers, who
formerly resided at Virginia Pit v. Nevada.
e were against Mr. Chun in his attacks on
General Kant, Wnu.se we were latisfied
that he was on the wrong track, but now
as a private citizen he shall lie treated bv us
with tlmt amount ot courtesy due him in
Ids new and honest .tJr. AVe are tinder this
impression that Mr. Chun has made
aiee as Indian Agent, and now as a sprig of'
the law hope he will do equally well.
The Kansas Pacific lbiilroad Oo;nnaRr
have sont us a map showing their system of
hues of .Missouri, Kansas. Colorado. Now
Mexico Wyoming and Arizona. The main,
line leaves Kansas Citv. Mo., and runs di-'
rect to Cheyenne, in Wyoming, with a,
oraucu irotn 1 leaver, Co orat o. which
completed, to Grande, west of Fort Garland,
cast uf the San Juan country, and surveved
almost to the corner of Colorado. Utah. Ari
zona and New Mexico, in the Xavajoe
country. Another branch leaving this lat
ter at Cucharas, is finished to El Moro.
with a survey extending on dow n to the Kio
Grande, and thence down that stream t
antu Ke, Albuquerque. Socoro. etc.. and!
finally around to Tucson, on its wav either
to Gua vmns or San Diego.
The Yuma Sentinel is astonished at. fit
large amount of quicksilver that missus
Yuma on its wav to Prescott. ami snv.s it is
out of all proportion to the amount of bul
lion shipments from Prescott. known to the
11 umn were the public, that statement
might be true, but a that small portiou of
the public through which slow freights from
San Francisco pass en route for Proscott,
known as 1 uma, never sees a hundredth
part of the bullion shipped from here, most
of which pas-.es, either by express or private
banns dircctlv to Dos Palms, xnd thence bv
rail to San Kiiinci-eo. it is not to be won
dered at that the Yuma public "don't
see it.
.Major E. H. Mc Daniel lectured on Wed
nesday evening of this week, the loth, at
Pacific Hall, ban t rancisco, his discourse be
ing "Arizona, tlie New Hoimnzn" with whnt
success wc have not learned. The Minors
formerly lived in Arizona.
The church debt of the different tTonomi-.
nations, of the citv of Chicago, amounts.tr
over -$1,000,000. No wonder tlib PrairW'H
Citv can nlTord line churches, when, thd cintiii
build them onjacfone. 7 nr.-).. lterjodf
" ""' TfiSSin'll jyy''"L?wT!!:M,1w ""' 'lafa. " " ""' '"",Ma'.,l.. L-
. Mi.'-'
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