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NO. 21
C. W. BEACH, Editor and Proprietor.
bitera Star Golden Kale Chap
ter, So. 1.
m tw aaUnof tw Ort oattsant
?r7Z rarllia. eack aunt. AU mtmUn c
12TLA3 LOlfUX Be.. 1, F. A
ur nia ef tau La a tha laet
A SBirJT '- morUi, at 7: JO o'clock F. M
jf a.iii.ialaa' tx attorn frtimuj tnrltt
m T5Sl w. O: OUVW. Vf. M.
Moaats aenwvsa. aeratta.
!mai-Moia OOU)W4T, a. w
iTobaia Jadfa.
Hewn & Hawkins,
Attrcr CHHM-lors at Law,
UK. P. K. AUbftWOKlll.
Oetagenal Building Garley Stree
nsMorr. aaiaowa.
i Paxscorr, Arizona.
Gob Web Hall,
Thd'OUItst and Finest
Wines and Liquors,
....aB4ta bast.
P. M. jFISHER, Proprietor.
WtekMk ui BstsU Desist U
Wines and Liquors !
A fts a Mm, tnclsdijc tha anoloaat braada o
VAiakiM, Wins, Bay Run
and Brandies.
Bones & Spencer,
Groceries Ar.d Provisions
A full line of
Tobaccos, Cigars. Pipes, Etc.
Canned Fruits of all Description
Always on Hand.
Wa aa ptevfi to an pp.? any assomcir tfca ei
quality of
u4 y Almrnilona of mrrcbantabla.
Lumber, Shingles, Lath, Door
Sash,4c. at Bedrock
7. If. MURPHY & CO,
m mm tm
Uanrr. g rcht L Tltta Atmawctotf . Wmln j
9ttatxe t'urr.lsiext. Accounts ktopt
and Adjust a.
(MMtnl Attention 'iMt to Minimi
lnt4rMt nml Int.-i:ienoax
Bsn ERcaa :
UeT. F. A. TarriK, Bxsa or Asizona. L
Bignroitn & Co., Hlakk & Co., BankT
K. W. WeliaSL H. Shkkma.
Sash. Doors. Blinds.
rearataten a Alao (oralaa
Plana end Sheificatiorr
tot aU atata of m eo application.
Making and Repairing of Fat
niture a Specialty.
New Prices.
esr-Th. nn 1 erat irwl tia hoW forth at hie cW atan a j
1 li;i aU tin U in: the txt aaaortiDRil oi
General Merchandise
9Times Hsv9 Chanred,
And so Have my Prices.
Li ve and Let Live I
U'tha motto, ao4 If Ton don't htMtre it call on
Mm a larga atoak ef
WinM Liquors and Sag. ;t
and a
New Bagatelle Ttih!
kai been added to other attractions
3rl-T3 VLS A Call
Cor. Granite and Gorley strett
Montezuma Street,
Artistic Painters
firft-Cliss Workmen in EYery
Branch of the Business.
Kelly Stephen's Row, PRESCOTT, A. T
$g:ve us a call, -aji
Creature Comforti
Visit the halls of
"The Montezuma,"
Weat Side of Plaza, Adjoining Well
Fargo and Co.,
The finest brands of aegars
and the choicest Winea and
Lodging rooms clean and care
fully cared for overhead.
G. T. SHAW. v
I bivaniwa aaw rrarac, which alH ba fataiaiirdoc
AprU' alios'
la large aaaortaect
Etnbeum'ny Done in A Latest
Style the Art.
Valuable puopebti
....is the ..
$S?The undersigned desires
to dispose of his fine TWO Story
Dwelling House, one of the
most desirable properties in the
city. For full particulars inquire
on the premises, where price and
all information will be given.
San Francisco, Cala., and St
Louis, Missouri.
Threes roDni'a F!re 81irnt Cara vr now aa
U)4l.Wntl,I0,OWIM wuinnu r..u
r.-C. rl . T V . .-A ttanta Fe to Ha!td
t.totna. TbtoUpoUTer tne uy
hoe there tt oalr od eluntte of ef lete n the fra-
Ofic kod AtlanUcioMia, maim - ....
hnvthrirtlrt. VIA 1U1TF.P. Kni8. and th.
a L0C3 SAS rUrCCCS F.-Hk. im -wrBii
j-r;.t., i,wih omh ear o-i for ST. fBlt
V-P. sni Qes. Maaagvr, usa. rz.gaj,
B'-Lorls Xo. 8t.LoBisJU.
J. F. MEADOIt, Aqknt,
OflBc At First National Bank, Pres-
cott. Arizona.
nr'Ul'a'nof Cirpcate- Job viotx execuwa ' "
Shop oa Cort and wril!l S'neta.
rreacoit. So!j SI. 1SSS.
Onr m&m t r IS epnta In roret'pa to lT tor
niilHajf an I wmrrtoC aid nnie of o bo-k amenta
wtU rwhe FREE a at el Flnith Tarlor Eugrav n of
U rnr I'rmtdenta, Incladln ;lrTataod, alia 23
la h, wjrth ,u AMWi.
10 (L DTTTI nUOvf
Chicago, 111.
Lut Saturday, the day set apart Sot tlic
final tribute to the memory of General
Gnat, ni feelingly and patriotictlly ol-
aerved by evry class of our popclti"ii.
The erly dswn of light cams creephu uver
the eastern horizon, and with it the re
bounding echoes of artillery announced the
final ending ou earth of one whom wo Sieve
honored from the time of bis first march on
Paducah to toe Let victorious retreat from
pBotooiax . Basinets in every branch was
suspended and all, irrespective of an- feel
ing that bad arisen "Ter their rights in the
past, willingly fell into line and made the
occaaioa a aolean and impressive oni. Iu
bo place in our Territory we doubt err a
mnny mingled .together aa no thia last scene
of respect M the dead. Every hill and dell
had it representat-Vd and when the hour of
assembly came all eagerly hurried to the
odes: but not elaborate drapings thut en
circled the northern portion of the Cuit
Iioaee. The hour arriving, the stately
body proceeded to mora alow; under the
guidaao of Grand Marshal Kendall and hfs
aid, Jacob Henkle. The Tenth U. S. Cav
alry Band, Preaeott Gray and R fls, Capt
Valentine, commander and Frank Sloatlor,
adjutant. Barrett Post, (. A. R. of ons hun
dred members, the Hook and Ladder Co.
with their truck tastefully draped, the
Tough Rose Co. with their carrug-j pro
fusely laden with appropriare emblems in
black. President of the Day, F. A. Tritle
Col. Zabriakie, orator, in carriages, imme
diately followed by Chief Justice Howaid,
Secretary Van Arman, lion. T. J. fiut'er.
and scores of others in carriages, on horse
back and foot composed tie line that noved
slowly to the solemn strains of a dead si arch
in Baal, accompanied by the rauMrtanesjof
the Court House beU and the gloomy echoes
of guns in the vicinity fired at interval! of a
minute. A catalafque waa erected in front
ot the Court House, over which after the
march wts concluded, tbe Grand Army
proceeded with the service of the da 1 o
their order, and upon its conclusion each
deposited upon the catalafque a small ;reen
twig commemorative of the esteem he was
held in. The rest of the progironie was
occupied in euleg'stie remarks of the dead
hero, President Iritlo tuuehingly and
eloquently referring to the past, and after
concluding introduced the bri'liant and re
fined orttor, Col. J. A. Zibriakie, who iu.
pressively dwelt for an hour on General
Grant both as a statesman and a soldier.
Judge. French's rem irks were likewise well
timed and made it interesting to his hearers
by the pleasing way in which he traced the
career of the hero from the humblest to the
highest position in the gift of the people.
Chief Justice Howard in his clear amiriug
ing voice held his listeners as noiseless as
tbe rippling waters of a placid stream at the
brilliant orator dwelt on the past of the
chieftain. J. C. Herudon, Eq , in an
earnest and appropriate manner paid a
glowing tribute to the dead General and
sat down amid the applause of all. lion.
T. J . Butler cltarly and distinctly read the
President's and Governor's proclamations,
and upon being called for declined on ac
count of the late hour. .Excellent music
and aDDroDriato selections were Riven, the
f7 4 a
participants being Miss Mnore, Sirs. Blake,
Mrs. Martin, Messrs. J. Dauphin and tiarry
Carpenter, G. Arthur Allen presiding at the
Charleston, A. T.. August 7. A terrible
wind and rain storm, which passed over thu
plsce last nighr, ctused much damage.
The eighty-foot smokestack at the amelter
waa blown down aad the engiue-rooins
flooded with water. The flume to the mu
was damaged, and the tunnel and puiap
shaft caved in The quartz mill, smelter
shut down, and will not be able to start up
agin for ten dayo. The Mill Corapu y
estimate the amount of d image to their
property at 20,000.
Jew York, Aug. 5. TheTimea says the
Mormon policy of colonization is now to be
exhibited in Alabama One agent of the
church proposes to settle 3,000 fresh Euro
pean converts upon land in Jackson nnd
Delaware counties. Be has gone back to
Alabami with the purchase money in his
pocket. This is the first sttempt, so far
as we anow to plant polygamy iu iuc oouih-
ern states.
San Francisco, Aug. 5. The master In
chancery reported to Judge "Lawyer, of ".he
United fttates circuit court, the fact that
Miss Sarah Althea Hill drew a revolver
fnm her satchel while the examination of
witnesses in the case ot Sharon vs. Hill,
was beinj proceeded with. Justice FieU,
n-im vm nreaent. made an order that the
marshal of the court take measures to dis
arm Miss Hill and keep her disarmed while
she is in attendance at court.
Washington, D. C, August 7. Pr?s
ident Cleveland mide somrt very lroportnnt
appointments this afternoon, among tlnm
the secretaryship of the territory I new
Mi-xice, George W. Lane, of Buffalo, New
York, being the lucky man.
Kansss City. A"nut 6 The Live St -ck
Tn.liitor renorta: Cnttlo Receipts, 1,973
head: shipnienU,l,G71 head. Market wtak.
il"w and a shade lower; rXportera, 85 15
5.35, good to choice fhipuinjf. $4.90a5.10;
common to medium, 4-40 14 85; stoclers
and feeders, $3.304 30; cinuiinn, 5 50
a3.30; grass Texs steers, $2.80j3 30.
Boston St. Louis 4, Boston 3.
CincinnatiCincinnati 3, Pittabure 2;
14 innings.
New Yotk-Chicage 8, New York 3.
An interesting question of law is in-
volTed in tbe " ot Bryn Donnel,r
against E lward T. Donnelly pending be-
forejudge Sullivan ia Department 2 of
the Suporior Court of San Francisco.
Andrew J. Donnelley and Edwaad T.,
tha dpfnnda.nL were bra therm and Dart
Tiers in tha ranch and cattle bttsinees.
nnnrin., fhn S.n Phil.H. and San ti,,.
4 .t i t
,, mncura. vs o,cu.ocr t00u,
Anarew oeing ui ana m aaucipaugD oi
his death, and desiring to avoi4 the ex-
psnse of administering his estate in the 1
probata court, executed five de d, by
which he conveyed to Lii brother, (Ewd.
T., the defendant) all his real estate in 1
the counties of San Francisco, Sacra-
m-nto. Monterav. Saa Bonito and Frezuo.
it fl.. m. I,. ..M-nU to Mm ao
. i I
assignment of all h personal property.
S-mie years before tnathe made a will
jy wuicb,- it held good, all his proper-
ty would tiare gone to Edward in auy
event, lie probably anticipated, a corr-
al i i i) r.n 1
bran uu ua ri w uu unikun imjwi, .w
pUintifT, with whom he had not been on
good terms for many years. Three days
after executing the deeds he died. Bryan
then petitioned for letters of administra
tion, but was met by the filing of the
will, which was adraittel to probate, and
El wart T. D jnnelly qualified as execo-1
- ... . I
tnr. Th timi for contatinir th will has!
however not exuired.
brought suit against
I T., to set aside the
Meanwhile Bryan
his brother, Edward
aeeas ana assignment oi person.! prop-
erty. The case was argued before J udge
bullivan on demurrer to the complaint
tute a cause of action. The point con- I
tended tor by the plaiutirt is that the
deeds must, being made in anticipation I
of death, be construed as an attempt to J
makeateatiiuentary disposition of the
property, and that they should hare
been axecnted with all the formalities
required in the case of wills, ar.d that
failing' that they are void.
At tne roeeHBK oi me cuy council i
. i i , i m 1 1 A a. I
Friday eveniog the resignation of Mayor
Goldwater was accepted. Whatever may
have led Mr. Goldwater to take such a step
wehavenoideaof. and only express the
sentiment of all citizens in that it is to be
, , .. . , i
regretted that .y ,11 feeltng ahould corne
oevwen ououuiucu uu .u.: -w.
ute mm to take tne coursj ne u.a. u ir
retiring Mayor nas tne commence ana gooa
will of all for the able and impartial manner
in wnica ine ouMneaa uunngniaaumiuisirii-
tton was discharged and the g .aiieao pnnc;-
pie that moved him to wuie the many
.... .
public improvements now to be seen all
over our city. In every matter that came
up oeiore me .ouc.o. . uuC. ..u.r,
If f1..l.l..i. -1 aa.w1 aa n aaml van
i r n : .. e. :i i .. ... I
J- - -r
fully oppos d the uselew expenditure of
money for a private or public sclierae, and
earacauy auwcaieu iuc auiu,.uu .u
it i ...j :
little enterprises that the city was monthly
unler, until the present depleted treasury
c mid be strengthened sufficiently to admit
of the work being resumed. The people
hate lost in Mr. Goldwater a true guardian
of their righta and one who was beyond the
reich'of any click or clan.
Mor-or is brins shinned to Colorado
, , ,r i. . . xr-
sme ters from Mohave county at King-
. , .. . . .
...an than any other locality m Arizona,
and as a result sh is attracting many
capitaluls who wish to make invest-
Prescott, surrounded as she is by a
rich mineral country, ou-ht to be able
to abare likewise proserity, but it neems
not. UUtsiae Ol one or two paruea, no
oie is shipped, and the owners of mn"
who have rock that will yield a fair
profit after reduction and freight ex-
penses are paid, seem to rely more on
the "holdinc down" principle than of
going to work and realizing some benefit
i(UIU HID tUltlttl sis vwi'ia wa
. . . . . i
Many of our richest mines are owned
by men of little or no experience in min -
ing, who came here at an eariy date and
have secured many of the rich proper-
ties, as opportunities offered, either!
through the recklessnesof the former
. . . mi. i t
proprietors who were willing to part
with their finds for a nominal sum to
meet present wants or for dissipation
Thee iiartiea, though not practical min
ers and consequently incapacitated to
judiciously and profitably work their
mines, are shrewd nnd far-seeing business
min. who know th value of what they
porses", and hold on to their properties
until such time as the outgrowth and
development of the country will warrant
them in parting with the same. When
the time comes that it is to the advan-
tage of capital to seek investment in
our rich niin-8 there will be uo tardi-
ne.s in it making its appearance, and
thoe almost forgotten projerties which
i.:..lnm.n..r., rr. will h res-
I'.nvc leasts tiui.iiM. - -
.,1 ...,i- i
urrvcted, and me ieiuoi ouiuon iroiu
. .... i . ,....
avapi will oe second to no oiainci ou
the Pacific coast. That time will be co-
pv1 with the advent of a railway into
our mining center, and not before.
It is rrported-that the Indians drove iff
28 head of mules from Jimmy Carrs ranch
Jin the Huachucas yeiterday. Tombstone,
1st inst.
This ranmimf at mtvint ninn uVlnrlr aa tl m
Lf wllJch Wt Maricopa fur Phoinix it
7:30 neered the point ..f mountains about
Wven mih s this Mile of Maricopa it was
stppt 1 by two men with shutguns, ar.d
Wells Fargo A C..' b.t demanded, the
pawengers stood up iu a row snl made to
Tkere mtT lhr pas5t.grs on lioard
one of which Was Mr. B. Hey wan, another
Mr Stern, abrother of Dr. Stern. . f
. d fc , .rf wM r. Brown,
a drunjmer t,m Franciacn
t)n tu, demand being made for the bo
Mr. Heymaa who was on the outside seat
with the driver dropped it down 4'q iick"
Se says; the passengers were then ordered
down and mnde tu hold up the:r hand
Mr. Hymnn asked "Haw much money
d you ft llcws wan r Oh give us a lit 1
reply. -Here ia 93 SO.
but among it is a dollar I have car id for
. j q . n
Heyman. "Kaep thai ," aaid the sp.jkes-
aaat ud jfr. Heymaa got off by taming
Liver f2 60, though he had a para ia hie
pocket with considerable money bi- it,, aad
a nne iroia watcn ana cnain wiw
" -
In all tha t bber a 4 hot about ftl fn.wi
tbe passengers, though one of tbem had
upw ird of $200 about him .
After getting the rnney fMm the pas
sengers the robbers turned their attrntioo
to Wells, Farg& Cu'a box which they
malo a paaserigt r break opn, and thn
proceeded to tumble the contents into a bag
an that the mseenrors do not Know wnstl
they found in it They then appropriated
tney iouua in it. xaev men appi"jjnwu
the'leaders of the stage team and told the
dri'f 'nd f-y I?, ?!;
was left, and so they did without further
mnnv Thm ,,nDe ww w.tched.
howe. ,v monnted the stage horses,
bjIe M& itmck oat in an easterly
if there bad been a cool fighting xnsu
among the paasergers Sir. Ueyinan rays
it would hare been no j b at all to have got
the drop on both and taken them in, but as
Happened, noboay seomsa io io.i
fighting. Herald.
As stated in this paper heretofore, on ac
count of a misunderstanding about the rate
f fre:ht. over the A. T. & S. r., our
-.jjd builders had concluded to stop ex-
Dcnieg whcra but little eood cMild be ac-
complished until satisfactory terms bo
I..,,, -a Mmn.nr. Throunh some
tUa .,.,
I oau oii;uiaitu vinj ...........
l telgriiphed, c,n3e
U(!tltj due-bils were given for the balance.
To day M KtUy rcceived instructions
from To)Iimy Bullock to pay all demwds,
d fa nUema ia ready to Jiouor all
i . . TJ. -,,, from Mr
namjltont aikin) for the profile of th'J line
L.tneTed ,nd entered j the office i the
U, Department. Sir. .T. E. Anderson
pp leIr.nnl tom Mr. Bullock tell-
mM pcmnenlly employed.
Tkin eTerthinff in connection, we con-
. BUIthiPl,. ,n,l only hope
, , Bunocv Hamillou. Wilson and all
- , t d wiJj hurry up the iron
aod go to work.
Several of aur lcst citizens, among whom
we learn were M. T. Herzog and family,
M sa Rourke, J. S. Fifield, Bliss Julia Tim
Samuel Ilil', Miss Lizzie Ccnlon, 8. A.
L"tpin. Miss Nina Randall and an ex county
, ' . . ... m .
official, on Sunday last visited the ranch of
Winsx sat the Point of Rocks, where a
iiTely picnic waa indulged in and highly en-
joyed. There is nothing unususl or strange
I about au ordinary picnic, but this being of
that class where many ct the participants
were of an exceedingly bashtui t.;adrncy
it caused embarrasment for a while which
waa only broken by one of the older ones,
. . command anJ ordered a charjre
0n an imaginary band of old Big Rump's
Indiana who in days of yore held perfect
awry in the rock bods north of our city
where the picrickers baited for
dy of genuine pleasure. We have
from gd authority that the fair ones
s . - . g t, m rl.
.ne ueauiiiui khivcs, i4m.hmi.iiik
J w- n
ient 0j.ltaciethey were scaled just, the
aa rffflrJ ordinarily skip over barriers
of apparent hazardous undertaking. Some
of the young beaux were apprehensive of
accident, but nothing cime or autne ga.a
Dcrformanc.-s exoe.it a grand glorious time,
lonz to be remembered by the participants,
who sampled the luxurious baskets of re
freshments provided for tbe occasion.
As usual, disappointment, no matter un
der what circumstsnces. creat s more ot
less advene criticism, and such was the
case during our al sence iu the couutry,
wlurvin certain ex-railr.ud cinl iyea sent
a card to the Miner, detailing aggravated
troubles ou tha branc'i road The gentle
men sent their complaint ra her far when
tnry coUpled the nino of Mr. Murphy with
the matter, as he has acted in good f.iith
all the way through, and has worked hard
fr the enterprise at a detriment to his own
P rsond welfare. Cool, unpnjudiced
I . . . si t li
criticism is .ilwavi the bast, anl more Iiko y
; ,
to hit the null on the head.
A balloon railroad is to be contracted
in the Australian Tyrol. The balloon will
have grooved wheels on its car, and these
will ran on nearly perpendicular rails, the
ita movidimr the lifting power. G asita-
... . a i st
tion m be utuizea ou aowa tnps. z uia
cr Ncwsssd B-nncr.
Oti Tuesday last a circumstance occurred
which ushsred in'o the world a bright ltttlo
girl baby under peculiar surrounding.
Sirs. John Hise,.f Green Valley, Tnto
Bui", who waa about to be contin d, start
ed from her home to Flagstaff with her
husband' pack train Alien they arrived
at what is known aa the Folate ranch,
ab.ut one day's ride from Flags'aff, she
e implained of feeling unwell, (but ennclu
dad to continue on her journey,
and wh-n about five miles this aiHe of thu ;
pinch was c lupclted to stop, ller hna
bm l was not with her, but a mm in his
employ, wfto had charge of the train, was
her only companion. She alighted from
her horse, a blanket was spread for her in
the shad, when she gave birth to her chil-L
This c-urrcd iu the m iruing, and all that
day and night she remained on the ground
tith her child, her only attention being
the man mention!, Who never left her
side, f oaring thtt the beasts of the plains,
caurht injure the sa tthar or tMehila. The
fallowing morning a man cameal mg the
road, and tbe two arranged a lucer, apon
which they carried their precious burden
hack to the putatoe ranch, where she re
ceived the care and attention of 'those of
her own sex. The mother and child are
doing well. Chs m pion.
The Now Oilcans Exposition was badly
managed throughout, hence it is no sur
prise to learn that no fanda were set aside
to pay for the gold aad silver tsedala
aaarded to efthihitors. Tha fortunate
competitors la this State will bare to Send
oa Bsosey to gnt tbo as-dak which they
secure, the cot in the ease of gold medals
being fdO Of course the winners in most
cscs will prefer to tnnke the outlay rather
than loe the medals which they have
earn d with so ranch trouble and ex pens'-,
but the incident furnishes the cltni.-.x ot
deplorable mismanigetaeut of a great enter'
Dtise. which ouaht to have been a financial
suec'si. S. F. Chronicle.
Nnarly all of our citiuni were acquaint
ed with Frank Feldman who has been in
tbe wood business in this city for the past
fouryra, Withal a very genial and pl.-aaent
man. Some aix weeks ag he Waa told of
some rich placer miues iu Donors, and as
the wood business was full, it being sum
mer, he eqnipped hitnaelf with another man
whose name we failed to learn, started for
Sonora, where he was kille I together with
his companio'i br the Indiana about ten
daya ago a short distinct below Provideir-
eia. He was one of the volunteers who went
out with Mayor Thomas on his first trip to
DragiHins. He had considerable wood on
hand inthej)ragins which Wa think the
public adminutratof had better take charge
of before it is all hauled away.' The Tomb'
The cash boin of the lanu are teeming
with inactive fund. Nsver bf ire in the
historv of the c luntrv. was there- so much
mosey lying idie and paying no interest
The holders of this ctp.tt are gatting
hungry fr some return upon it. Upon
the minds of a few is beginning to dawn the
fact that in the chc.p lan is, the f "rests.
the quarries and ran, of the Smth and
"Wet, are to be found the best, the safest,
nd the mott Day'ng investment that can be
made. Already capital is seeking these,
and as money, like shecp always goes with
a rush, enormous rises in the value oi sucn
properties imy be expected, as they come
more into demand, anl as their reil rich
ness becomes kniwn. ICow is tbe time to
secure a homo or to invest.
A California stockman states that he
has tried the following reme ly and knows
to be a sure cure for blackle. Others
that have tried it corroborate his ex
perience. It is as follows: "Equal parts
of sulphur, saltjtetre, garlic, asafcrtida
and lard, beaten vp together and made
into balls about tbe i:e of a large buck
shot, one introduced into the side of the
mck of each animal, by making a srnal
opening in the hide and loosening it down
ward from tho incision thus forming
small pocket in which the ball of paste is
We know nothing of the remedy our
selves, but as it ia given as a s ure cure it
is worth a trial.
A Nocales telegram of tne itb inst
says : John Desmarque, a well-known
miner and f- raier resident of Tombstone,
was killed by Arhef on Wednesday,
near the Providenm mine, in tbe Can
anves monntains. it3 bolv was com
letely riddled with bullets
The B rd ef Supervisors met to-day and
fixed the rate of taxation for the current
year as follows:
Territorial Taxes $ .53
School " 50
County Goueral 1 50
County R.iad 10
IXuuty Buubs 46
There are many fortunes yet to he
made by niiuing iu Arizona. Ouly
few oi the rich ore deposits bare ss yet
been discovered, and many of those have
not vet ten their most nrcductiv
It Is rutsorcd that a fight has ialrsm sjlaaa
between the Russians aad Afgaaaw wm
Iowas new prohibitory law baa li
rd the numer of saloeal ia that
from 770 to Bid;
The WaJlapai Tribune is as af ti
prettest papers m Anaaai smh west
filled With live local news.
New Vork is about to follow
ciaco'a example add aboliak horse
put on cable cars instead
A eotnpant has bean erfaataee) ia Befit
to work the beds of copper or
the penansula of Bja Calif
The fall Mall CJaaettp:
publishing articles rwi
saorality of thd titled
Eft-GoVernor J It. -Ciakaai, wi
imtidjimg iivta th sAwss f
stroke of paralysis reeeived a aWrt tissal
fiir t - i
the Ariaona Copper Coaspaa a4 Csif
toa produced, with three farnsssa, dariag
the Bjoeth of Jane, 7M.I87 fMshtf
The teport of the iavsstigatissal-a
fraadsia New Mexire aasvsaaai lina w
rascality that sImsjM fsssiw -aatflaaJ
therowf tteatawfc
freaideat Katt, af tka Atlas- -
ciSr, raaeM tax eitjys
ear oceompMied by ex-GesMcal
D. KBobiaaosi.eC ike Ms
Alhaqurbue Joanral.
Tbe Territorial tax
county this year is 03 casta flM,
and as the gross levy is tltfMitO, tkc
Territorr will gobble $33,200 rfWd Mah
Last year tbe proportion vaa fO asssta am
the $100. and tbe increase k awisw tc 'l
acts of tbe notorious Thirletth."
Wonder if the Territorial Faif .
tion will do any better for tbe liva-stacM
men this year than it did a year afss
Sitter medals aftd diplcrmaf aiay da far
tbreahing-machinea and wind-Mfiilla, b
men who spend fifty to twobandretl
dollars to exhibit their live-stock, taiit
4fford that kind of taffy.
The following is a list of tha priacipa!
events-in Grant's career, phased ia cbrasv
illogical order:
Bora at Point Pleasant, Ohio, April
2?, 1822.
Entered West Point Military Assm2
cmy 1839.
Graduated and entered the army If 43.
Commissioned fall Liew tenant, Sept
SO, 1845,
Promoted to first Lieateasttt, fept. ,
Married to Miss Julia T, Dmt, 1841
Promoted to Captain Augast 9, IBM.
Resigned July 31, 1854.
Reported for daty to Gov. Tales April
19, 1861.
Made Colonel 21st. Regt. 111. Volaa-
teera, June 17, 1861.
Comminioned Brigadier Gtaeral al
Volunteers, August 23, 1861.
Battle of Belmont, Xovassbar T,
1861. .
Captured Fort Henry, Febraary 5,
1862. "r
Captured Fort Donelsor, Febriary Iff
Battle of Sbilob,Apnl 6-7, 186J.
Vicksbarg eaptnred July 4, 163.
Promoted to Maj-Gan. ragalar aray.
Jaly, 1863.
Battle of Chattaneoga, Nevaaber 21-
25, 1863.
Battle of the Wildernasa, Marck i 1 7
Made Lieutenant General, Marck ft
Moved on Richmond, May 3, 1864:
Battle of Spottsylvania Court Hoasa,
May 9-12, 1864.
Cold Harbor, June I, 1865.
Petersburg first attack Juae IT,
Petersburg second attack Jaly 30,
Hatcher's Run, Marck 29, 1865.
Five Forks, April 1, 1865."
Petersbarg captured, April 2, 183.
Richmond captured, April 3, 1865.
Lee surrendered. April 9, 1865.
Commissioned Genera, July 25, 1868.
Made Secretary of War, Aagast 12.
Nominated for President at Ckicaga
May 22, 1863.
Renominated at PLila&elpbia, Jase 5,
Retired from Presidential office, Marck
5, 1877.
Began his foreign tour, Mar 17.-1877.
Returned uia Son Francisco, Sept. 20,
Reeeiued in ladvillei July . 23, 1880.
Made tour in Mexico, 1880.
Secoadtour in Mexico, 1680.
Located' in New York, le'82.
Placed on the retired Iiat, March 3.
IS85. .
. Died, July 23, 1685. .
Issvcert. Stared St.

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