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The weekly Arizona miner. (Prescott, Ariz.) 1868-1873, August 01, 1868, Image 3

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l'ltlVTOTT, AUGUST 1, lCfi.
.-,. li . I'iiitv. U" tlwo hone thln more Umn
. ' . . ; 1'. t v wU to hmtn life pleasant in rr
, .nlW HvlliKilUoA ll, HI it Wi-re.
;,: In. that thlmt if Umt chaste, ial
.,,.( in v.hich lead In clitoris and tlicir
.. .i and young bachelor ami thrir
, i. aasero We tothT muI pe awfty an
i -Uricinir. chatting and administering
, ml- f the inner man. It wm nnr food
, i , li" present, Wmliifsdny arming, at one
- tratlivrlngi. at tho residence of
M 'ol. K. I). Baker, in this town, ami
- i v t'nt n-rcr ln-fore have we attended
: i tliN Territory that gave better or more
! - itirt lion tin all who participated in it.
-lock in the evening the door were
i n. nnd thwgnetts, as tbey arrived, met
' '.. rTpllon from Messrs. Baker and
t li-ir excellent wlve, who. by tlio
and native of good, hospitable
; Among those present we noticed
. . in Major Menhnkcn and wife. Lleti
' ,liirpr,Carrick,Anjtin,.oiBrbee.
. 1 t-.n and Mr. tlend, front "Fnn Wlfipple.
i i h-- :rueta were Chief Justice Turner
, ' . a -nil Hfwbford and wife, Mr. and
r !! .. -m. Mr. and Mm. B. H. Weaver,
T W. N. Kelly. The belle, or whom
.. miliar nottec, were: the two Misses
M . banghart, two Miase ZalT and
',.-, whine beauty did not Impress an
i', iccoltait iik-lr 0gbotuM. There
(iiitc a distinguished array of old
h H'lit'lort, who were very affable,
! -w-et on fhe fair eex. Among
. i-ye heboid Messrs. Jfuye k Cnr
l..iiott, Dr. Kendall, A. L. Moeler,
" '.I!, FA. W. Well. Jr.. Judge Row-
Higelow, and various other who,
d nut possess raSlclent attractions
nng maiden heart. Dancing
i i oil in, and Meswr. Shank and
h i very good moafe. Mr. Hower
".Imkeu warbled like black bird, and
( .!. Dakar lvd off. In a miscellaneous
I: nearly everybody present joined.
- i me the supper, which iurpascdany
i! t linn this child ha flopped hit lip
time. We are not mneh on daoe
i it come to eating, we are some, an
i -K- r 'u probably aware. The JhmU of
..u-i.ted of a quadrille dance by eight
' -;srht gentlemen, bnt three or four of
. 1 1 it before attempted to trip tbe
isti. . Their graceful (!) movement
I d with laughter by the company,
'!: novitiate ceaaed making giddy
t . muw uf Umimi. no doubt, were -eaii
1 1- Mere several thing they could do
' i tnee. The party broke up about
,,.',;. when the Rttc left Ihr their home
' .iet isilie fur ihe fnturc happi-
' it uperiir of Mr. awl Mia. Raker.
-ur lire lom fid happy yeaat tnyHhcr in
' '" home in this Ixuntifnl movatain town.
.; u come to nm ibnt one ttf IkoM dayoa
- r Khull arrive who uill comfort and cheer
u ben old age come o'er them, are the aen
menu of the writer f ihfau
Mti!.. rrc- Owing to the heavy rahu that
I4K- fallen liiroughuut Northern AriftOBa alnce
!.! the roaUf. rivers and creeke kavo
nine almoit impaiabie. ami !. ha been with
4: difficulty that wail coinmanication hat been
u with California. NotwitltMoadtOf; wbhsh,
c h5 been regularly performed twlee a
it during the week. Since Friday
t wee,, no mail h came te band from Cal
i eit. utiles tbe country between WTcken-
! 1 i l'az aa heeome one vat I lalaad
m i v rea onably look for the arrival of
siviii Mr. Jaa. Monihon, who ar-
. ! re rcurday aoralog from Tarkey eroek.
: lie niarted m-IUi the mail Wednesday laat,
. - ,i tiir.lljng acniint of hi adrenliir"in the
.in-. He mn lumtelf and horao had to
,r..nj:h mnd several feet deep, nnd that
is- und gnleheit i-re higher than ever be
. Ute whUe have nettled in the country.
' . ti. kT CVirrtJM ami a party of Mjldlcru
itn Wicheuburg and Camp Mel'keraon
- night. Tbe Lieutenant aayi that a
p i -ir i in of the (Wintry In the vicinity of these
r viiiinergMi. The party eceedl in
twit deMrtert, whom they brought
' ! I ort Whipple.
.i.JiTktand thai, hereafter, WonnaerA Co..
tbe I'rveebit and Tnrkey creek mail.
I.i- tt Tmu-rttt The Camp Whipple Dra--.-
M-iaiion will perform -'Wreck Ashore;
' nteV portm.'' thl-', Rawhby, evening,
t ..tu Hall, for Ute bonefll ef Mr. Charlie
' -.who has jiurt completed bis term of
-' it in the Utiite-l SUtes Army. Mr. La-
i a venlletoaa ami nctor every way wor
' rouiing brueBt, and we hope he will
IiriitoiU bMresignml tbe afllce of Deputy
' tr 1 1 Utis oounty. Mr. B. mads a very e:
: ..(Tuer, anihU numerous friend will rc
r 1 ul.--i,c.- fiom .b Court House, lie -.nil,
f r. ) i main in town until the time comes
' : i to to to Tncon to atieod to hU duties
u e'isUUtr from this conuiy.
Mt m !o or KsNMxitM. I'arsuaat to notiee, the
' i . AirIatlon met at the Coart House In
' '-.nil on Saturday lust, to dlaeaaf Matters
tr 't their Interest. We havonot learmtd
- i'.t of their deliberation.
' has poured down la torrents nearly every
i n Mnco tbe date of last week's paper,
' ii- ran. hmett doVt like li much, but "what
( . rinvd mttai lMtduml," and It b better
Ueo liuletoo rauah of a gootl thing than
" at nil.
Hse Hoos. Johnson A Zhnatsrroaa , ef Mew
' - lUnrh, six mltM upVii ffWs I'raie&U, par-
I. recently, from CoL & I). IWw, ftnar
have ever (men. They are r puro Ih rkMilr.
breil,nnil l.ow tojrreAt ndvahlago when plaeeit
ttlortgside of lnnK noied cninter'. 'rhov notr
Ihivo alimitaajr li-ad 0f hogs on their ranch.
Hr Sctg.-il,wt! is now in front of the
tore of Henderson Co..
(inrley streets, a ocnie upon which burthens of '
ie tn.tn rour tons can be weighed. Hendernon
t Co., diwcrve the thnnks of the community for
"upplytag this hmg-felt want
Tmk l'ayokwtar kM gone tn Camp McDowell,
Mcl'herson and Reno, to pay off the troops.
A OovH-martial was, w are told, reeeutly
held at Kort Whipple. Three Corporals were
reduce to li raaka, ml ona Sergetmt ua rep
rimanded. Iaiial. Axn Onm Intw.-Mr. Jaa. llaker.
who has reaided In Prcscott for a long time past,
set out on -Saturday last to pay a risit to his old
home, McMinnville, Oregon .... Hen IJtock, of
Wnm-w & Co merchants, of J'rtwoott and La
I'af. has returned to U I'a. Ihm expecU to
take a trip to U Belle France, m....A. R
I .a
uavm und ( htrles Hpencer took their departure
for Camp Willows, on the Prescott and Itardy
villc road, SatunUy Met, Oar readers will reeol
lect Mr. Kpencer as tho man who was wounded
by Indiana near this same camp, several months
ago. He, with a small escort of troops, were
MMog the I'recott mail from the Willows to
Hardy ville, whew the savages jnmpetl then, kill
ing all of the escort at tbe first fire, thus leaving
Spencer alone, in the midst of about one hundred
at age, who for nearly one whole day. tried
every means in their power to kill or capture
him, hut iMHwIthaUMimg the fact that he u
badly wounded, he resisted them niceafutly.
andftiroed them to give up the contest. Mr.
gpeacer says bis wonad still pain Mm occasion
ally, but he b able to get around and earn a tir
mg. . . Wales Arnold, of Arnold & Rowers, sut
lers. Edward Peck and Tbaddeua Adams,
Covemment guides, came up from Camp Lincoln
last week, and returned asmiir rwly this week.
They brought no news of Importance D. Marr.
an old cltlaen of this part of Arixona, came in
from Bowers' Agua Frio ranch. This is the first
time in a year that Dan has come to town, al
though the ranch is but 18 miles from town. . . .
Prom Jas. ft. Giles, R. PosUe and J. M. Brown,
rams of IAvrr;rttRitg creek sad Cfefe6rltey,
we learn that tbe erops down that way are doing
tlondW Mssara. Ohom. Ifefcwum, Itngg,
Barnard and Roddick came to town from the set
tlement on tbe Agna Prlo. In the fore part of tbe
week. They gave glowing accounts of the big
crop of wheat and barley rained on tbe ranches
this year. Tbe corn was growing finely L.
C. Gray, J. 1'. Hargrave, O. Allen and Wm. Bunk
started Thursday morning, to go to Wlckenburg.
Mr. Gray, we understand, Intends to sell out hk
store in that town.
Anorr nooB,Htnrday hut, white a herd of
cattle helo aging to our fellow townsman, A. 0
Dunn, warn quietly browsing on Ute hills near
loan, and while tbe Mexican herder woe gone to
the home, they (Us oattle) were pounced upon
by u party of about 12 MbuM ami drive jh?1I
mell, eastward. TbHlr lorn vras Htm dbeoveifd,
and citizens rushed on foot over the hills,
armed and eqnippeil, but, of course, those foot
men might just as well hare staid in their bouse.
General Devin wm apiMfefd o tha feci, and im
mediately started LuMttwaat CarrkkMtl a party
of cavalrymen In pursuit of tbe thieve. Mr.
Peck, the able and eUefeot guMe, had Jwu ar
rived at Kort Whipple, from Camp IAncoln, and
accompanied Lieutenant Carrie 's command.
General Devia also seat with him a Mexioan
guide, who is a famous tracker of Indiaa. Mastrs.
Dunn and Linn, followed the Indian from town,
on hjrsebock. Xear Lynx creek, tbey and the
soldier ouae together and continued the pur
suit to a point near Bower' Agua Trio Ranch,
where tbey saw tmoke. and something white
spread out on the brush. Tbey lauaediataly j
made for tbe amoke, and oa reoehiug it found
that Mr. lo had just gone. Tbey mawt kaww left
in a hurry, a some nice, fat steak which wa
evidently intended for tbe Indian palate, was
found by tho white broiling on toe coal. Hav
ing paed most of Ute cattle on the trail, which,
owing to the hard driving and the muddy state
of tbe rouatry. had given out, and the 1ml bins
having now but three head of animals, a Jack
ltc-longing to a Mexican; a mule eoll belonging
to Mr. Dunn and a splendid yosriim; oolt, the
property of Mr. KM, Mr. Dnnn thongbt It ltet
to give up the chase, aau prevailed upon Lieu -truant
Carrkk to do to. The I Jwtenaat wished
to follow the rascal up, but as the horse of tbe
party were tired and Itarfefooted, having lost
their kh'tes in the mad, be cuchHiod to give It
up. Mr. Dunn gathered his cattle together and
brought them back borne. AH but five of the
thirty bead of animal taken by the Indian
were recovered, and they killed two out of tab
number, so Mr. Io did not make taneli en this
P. S. Mnee putting the above la type, vr
have conversed with Mr. Dunn, who staled that,
when the Indians ran from their fires they had
In their poeeaion, iteaide the three animal
mentioned above, three head of cattle, two of
which he afterward found, dead, nad the
nearly ao.
I'obt Wsmru Hoatfrii- r"rain IlaapBnb-
Steward Billing we learn that there are bow
about SO patient lu thl well conducted Institu
tion, ait of whom are rapidly recovering under
the skillful treatment of Dr. Middleton, awl aV
teitUon of fierajMOt Ilillins. Nearly all tha 4ek
of Camp Lincoln ami MePharaon are lent to
this hospital for treatment, and in order to sc
oowutodate ihm, an addition is being lntBt
which, whtm eemplotod, will glra room for it
more beds. All tbe trooiw ut the post were
vaccinated the oilier day.
AtXKK Cmruaaa, of Walnut Grove, will
pltiaea aeeapt our timnki for bis present of a
aioa lot of roattlfif oaw.
,MxiwKiuHha& wlara Informed. g)M a t
Camp Viiao flnovr.. This camp, sltnate
nbont midway belwocn llttnlyvlllcnndl'reHcott,
Inn lately rereiveil nn cctiwioti of nnotlier com
pany of cavnlrr, Co. U. fith repiment, Captnln
Lester comrastidlng; Co. If, same regiment, Imi
occupied the camp for some months nmi. This
lim XHTT Plelwlly ahnnled at the hend of
w illow creek, and being, i It hi, right !n tbe
heart of the Wallapat country, must be a. vary
unwelcome iMUbllshment to poor Lo. Col. Price
purpose proeecnling a vigorous and continued
war upon tho red dogs next fall, and fully ex
poet to rid onr Territory of the terror of the
Wallapai. Fully conversant, a hi scottie already
made against them, Imve made lilm with their
hannta and trails, tlioro U little doubt Hut with
hia present elfective command lie will aeoouiplbih
well bis work, and that the farming ami mta
mg conntry of that action will be ftilly reclaimed.
Caplain Lester U actively (.'iigageil in Urn work
or fitting np the camp and providing for the com
fort of his trooiw. The systematic arrangement
of the row of white ent dotting the green
sward ha a fine effect whim viewed from tbe
hill that surround and look down on tbe valley
uero w a spot Wat invite f ottJement, nm) now is
the time for tho who want to eeure a place to
build a home, to act: the troop seenre safety, and
there U room for half a don families to build
neat little homesteads in the rlciultv. A eood
soil, splendid climate and pure cold water,, are
Urn Inducements. ,. jj. p.
Mbacm' train arrived from Camp Lincoln
Wednesday last. It brought S,0M lb of barley
from lteamls' ranch, on Lynx creek.
Xtw jtoUtoe have made their appearance In
market Tbey were rained by Johnson .k Zim
merman on Mountain Ranch, six mllew south of
Provott, and about 7,000 feet above tbe level of
tbe tea.
Buck Cxtok. Nine men are now ready to
go to Black Canyon to try their luck there In tbe
placer. A few more are wanted.
A imbtt of five wen who reeeuOy arrived
here hare gone to tbe Haaaayampa, to placer
AtChlno Valley, Yavapai county. Artoona.
July . 1848, to the wife of Robert Pue tie, a ton.
N'ear San Lub Ob!po. California, June 28th.
Col. Wm. II. Gan in. aged Vi years.
Deceased came to Prescott from Denver, Colo
rado, In the Spring of '05, and resided here until
about a year ago, when he removed to San Fran
elsco for tbe purpoce or getting nfclUed medical
treatment for a painful disease with which be
was antietad. While m Sea FriHtciaes. heuader-
went M-rersl trying surgical operation, and bore
Ihe torture of the surgeon' knife with Christian
fortitude. Nut somehow or other, tbstte opera
tions and aocoMpoNyMg trtuUnunt failed te re
btorc his health and, by the advice of friends, he
removed to Ran Luis Oblsto, in tbe hope ef re
gaining health, but all to no purpoee. HU days
were numbered and his Creator called bha bom.
Co). Garvin held the powidon of Adjntant-Gon-eral
of thl Territory, wa a member in pood
Mnndbtg of Aatlau Lodge. P.'.fcA. of I'ree
eott, and wa highly rapected by all who knew
Lini. His untimely death far regretted by a
ou circle of friend in this, hk adopted home.
May the hwuM frcim Iteoven fell gently upon
hia grave, and may God in hi mercy cootfort
and oansol Ms mmlly and relative.
New and Important Discovery !
The undersigned have discovered that the only
meaoc by which Mkaius, Fwiia td all other
iManahe of bueiaen can be made to pay tbe
country to nourish, and the people made happy
U, to Sau. Gooim CMaui', ron Cask.
Being Interested in the peedy completion f
tbe Union PaeMe ItaHway, II whw iwpaa
Lto eli an kind organdc, Otanjwr dm AryUxif.
B3T Call at tbe BRICK STORK, on the PJaaa,
and for yoarfotraa.
l'reseoa, JtOrftl, WtS. ii
;.i ....
' .- "
....OO TO ....
In tbe Kat Room of th Old CapUol Duilding,
North Side of the IT, Vreaeott,
If you wUi to urchM
Grocurias nnd Provision8,
liquors, Can Frutta, Clothing,
Or ntu tWnfr die neadad by you, for 1m money
than the tame can be bought for anywhere eko
I'raseoU, June 90, IMS.
gwjftott gvcrtfocmcntjs.
g T I L L
Wholesale ami Retail Dealer lit
(ienls Heady-.AIaile Clothing,
and Ciirnisltiiii,' (jcxmU,
Jliwlon and I'i icer Mills' Woolen Good,
Fancy Good, Yankee Notions,
Confectionery, Stationery,
IN t o e i : x c It n .n n i 1 ? i j i e h 9
Tolmcco, Cigars. Hoot?, Shoe. Hat, Hoiery,
Duckskin and Kid Gloves,
rNuU, rig, J)ates,
Hetiry's and 8pencer8 Improved lliilea, Colt's
Pistol', Blasting and Sorting Powder,
Fixed Atnuiuiiition, Caps, Fuse,
Clock, Fanning Implement, Groceries,
Wine and 1 jqtiors.
Drj-Gi)ils, Drj-Coods, Dry-doods,
citHAi'im rMiV ;!7w
ilf W eanaad tball run a lireiv ounoeitlon
Corner of Qraulte and Ourta? Street,
taylG 1'resentt, Arizoai.
Feed and Sale Stable,
The undersigned hsve coostaatly on band"!
Of tbe beet quality, and at the Lowjkt P.atbs.
FeT Wacoa. tesmi. Middle and pack animals,
at ways on hasd, fhr sate or Mrv
PreMOtl, Aur. 19, It-Cm
Pacific Brewery,
Montezuma Street, Prcscott, Arizona.
Ruble a Scitcauan, Proprietor.
Ileer, asxl take trreat imin to
make it O. K lover of that bcaltbt
awl Mrenanbenmc bereraax will do
wwreaiung upon n na taking some or our
u - . . w
1ad LARP.K HKEll. IJmorad Onr. ab
Wttf a OU fewad.
PMfoett, Oateher h, 1T.
I lard wu re,
rrniMMioor ijuildiag,
West Bido of the Plaza, Prosoott, Arizona.
J. infonn the people of Profioott nnd flOft
surrounding country, that be Its leaded y
the hop, tool, etc., of tbe Miller brother, at
their ranch, one mile wet from l'reaeott, where
be 1 prepared to do all hinds of binrksmlthlpg In
a workmanlike manner.
Horse, mule and or hoa will lie kept con
stantly on ImwI, and 1 tball endeavor to give en
tire caiUfatlon in tbU branch ol the builnuM.
Millor' lUnah, May 2?, 1WW.
On lnind and l'uv hhI
Haiti JlaUamor the iuap?,
A9m" u
Afmt (Xerry Pectoral,
" Agut Owrr,
OfffoodU India CtoJngngtit,
7rown' Jnmttiot
7'rry JHvUU Pain JOBcr,
Oooiale's Catarrh Itentdy,
linmnH llronrhial Trtttttt,
intwt 7'afmonfc Wnfm.
Dr. Dtxint PUeh Jnengt, !
Jayn?$ PataU JftdMnti,
And, In fact, a full assortment of all tbe lViUiht
Medicines usually found In drug storaa.
Toiltt Soap, 1'anry Ariidtt, Perflmtry,
And a larpe supply of I)lpcnlng Medldnea, ',
X. I). I'byuclau' prescription carefully and
acrarately compounded. E. DAHLLVO.
PreneoU, April St, IjkK.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants,
LA PAZ and PIIESCOTT, Arizona,
. ... IiKALKKX IX....
Groccric, Pron.skms, Clothing, Ikl, Shoes,
Liquors, Crockery, Hardware, Farming
and Mining Implement, etc.,
W ykmutT friend and tbe ubU pammlly to
their new and splendid aortmcal of good, ra
oecitiy purchaoed, by one of the firm, In Sua Pratt.
deo, and now ou band at tbeir store lu La l'az
and 1'reMoU.
CMve as a call and use fbr yourselve. We are
not MdiiMg for ruinous prtc ; our motto U and
ba been, " Lire aud Let Lire."
Oar tock In jl Vz It acknowledged by ill
who have teen and examined it, to be
AjeOfttnent of good ever brought to that pigee.
Merchant", fannrra, mitrern oliicrr, WIpuIo
te pwfbae good, would do wen to give tu a
eatl, Hjsure mrctwMUK eisewitere. j
La I'a. and J'retcoU, AAzqhx.
. y
CLOTHING, ... ..
Crockcrr, Clocks, -
Iron, " NalLy ' ;
Quicksilver, Tobacco, .fcc.;
I prepsnrd to farnUU the xP
' - t Ui
Kerchandise, for Cash, i
. I"
At rt.uibl rate, at the '
Corner of Granite and Gurley " Streita.
PreMOtt, Arizona, June ST, 186S.
CRAY & CO., '
At I'ar; AVkckenburg and PreteottV
Groceries. ProYlsions. ClotMng. etc' .
WUh to eoll attention to Uie Urg axtorUnent of
t -'
now on band at tbotr fitore In PrewotU no!-tf
i . -(
.. , -
" 1 ' .
Baths, Baths, Baths.
Utu now be hud at tbe
Montezuma Shaving: and Hair
Dressing Saloon, , . ,
In Monteauma 1111, Montezuma Street, Prcscott.
SUA VINO, HAIR CUTTING, etc.. In tbffmou
approved taaniMr. THEOD0KE OTTO.
3Ioiitc7.mua Street, Prcscott.
T T San Francisco with a larco assort-
ment of LIQUOKS, which we ofler for sale
at reduced prices, tor cab, at Our sample rooms,
where Joo aud Sol, the handsomest and noitlctt
men in town, will always be on hand to dUpuunu
liquor In tbe mott approved ttylc
CIIAMPAONE on draft. We never rtop over.
1. S. Joe hu now another attraction beldta
hi ' Punt." C. JAOKSON'dc CO.
Prmott, June 5, IMS. 1 x :I
'i.ter of tbk Dllirlet, SI M flat bog at we
, -r 2

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