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The weekly Arizona miner. (Prescott, Ariz.) 1868-1873, August 08, 1868, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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AT ruMcerrr, Yavapai Cowr, Ammxa.
in.- f'opy. One mr $ 7 00
Six Month. 4 00
Tliruo Months, 2 50
-iiile Copies 25
On? squire, one time, 43.00 ; each additional
,,,,. vi. Kch additional square. Mine rale.
A hiii ml discount will be made to pro;u con
iiiiiiidk tin- Mtiio udvitWiiii,il for three, six, or
lr'f. ioiml or business oarfls Inserted upon
,-iM'i'irii'li- tortus.
C rf t '7l TnvUr XoUi takm nt jmr in paymtnt
tin iu"n rijKMm, unvvTiittnj anajoe iror.
Terms, In vnrlii lily In inlvnnrr.
Directory of Yavapai County.
!i .lr cl .Tiitc V1. I. Tl'KKR,
l-r..'..il- .til.lf IlMCKIAH 1IKXIKH,
li .v i Atturwy JOH.H Jl. RoiDTBU.
' .1 A. 4. MM)KB.
I ,. Tr. .l1r WtUAAM Oor,
Or ..f IiKtrtet Court. It W. WMXS, JH.
I,.tri' (vHt rkt .MMdr la May, Ml Tainl )Im.
I- ,tir Court VUtt iim&tft hi Jaantry, April, Jnlf
C.wll. John O. CwnptMin, I. II. WNa4flfeh.
l-r 1 mi-rt cm th Vint Uuadaj la Jmmuv, April,
Jul, aji.l O.U.bT lit IWt
Kunurl K. Hlir. OtOfK W. lUnwnt
llusinoss & Professional Cards.
Muntesnma street, I'reseoU, Arisen.
l'recoU, Arizona.
Mohave City, Arizona Territory.
P. J. HOWARD, M. D.,
iirxrsiciAr jvtx suhgeox.
Wlrkenburg, Arizona,
Aztlan Lodge No. 177, F. & A. 21.
ltoCTilar merllnes or tills Lodire on
KiS t," ,t Saturday of each month, at 7
u r.iosi; r ,. aojouramg lircturen are
irnirrBinv invited to mtw.U.
.Tame- C. MrCirTRT, Secretary.
Why is il
That tbc I'reseoU people vnr lieUer elethe,
"ike 1'-tr cigars, anew better tobacco, ioelc
!i.inlomiT ami are Impjiier then rormwlyT Aak
H'TifVrwin A Co. my It.
V!iy is it
That Dry Gooilo nrcirohlohonpor in Prrtsoott
tVmn I'lirwhiTC this isJde of Snn Franeto! Hti-
l"ir- of HBNDKItSO.V .t CO.
T?tm SAL12-A FEW NO. 1. C0V
? V,.ply to A. G. DUNN.
i-wou, June j, jsos.
Groceries ami Provisions,
-Ckthing, Dry-Goodtt Iloolt, Shtm, Hah, if.,
XlV At thp old 6Und forninrly oecnrdml by II.
C .lio, l.A IM, Ariiono. fOliVfe.
Whj is it
That the Frceott Ubw m.'H letr Llijuom
thin formerly? Ask HEN'DKIISON k CO.
! Itlniik JIlnliiR n ml Uullrlnlm l)rit,
tr., for iiutc ut Ihr 3IIntr Olltt.
QM and Sikr HulUon A nay til.
U Commercial fitrtwt, San FranoUco.
siiveii and Ooi.r Ontw workwl In email lot nji
to a luiudrwl pounds, ly Chlorlnatlon
and otlipr tnetli0d.
Km FnincUco, Cal., June 27, 16d3. JylSraO
(n oils well Untight, Sell Thein
H'lves. -D. IIbkubiwov, the eunlor partner of
to" Ann. h constantly employed tn Kan Franobco
" Stcting and buying goods by which means we
enabled to lakendvanUgeof the fluctuations
la prices, and purchase our goods at lower ratos
toaauny other House in Central Arizona.
aj3a D. UBXDfTOOJf & Co. .
bolow.a Hat of tl" an c.om;onU!"lCO of
r contract, nt ht tl.n,. .1
hoot or t.Wr; , "7 .
iZm " " "I'M'Miiciit, anreeinent, or
ution mi. i,.. "7 r '
a Zr!mi0tr pi0CU ."f W,er' 5
.1 . - ' "e'-"iiii, r coninici.
ftS':7v I,f' original instnnnent.
ritSa; "'ot,-."-I-,for each sl.eot of
Agmmt oa ., ftaillp na 0,nci, V.hiuionaV Vtflinp'tVnt'ho
m Vd ral,on of ,tn,"ifer' acordinK to tha ratt of aUmps on
. . wewiH. (bee Uuiirtyantg.)
w "d,Si St?i aafr u,wn any ban
Ion. forVr,,,",K,n ot,,'.er Pfnonor r.H," Min'i.ntM Tor 'oorjwr
7 Snr' (lV "'Ji' .r " er fur th8 lyit of any so,,, f mm
K '' 0l,,erw w than at stelitoron deitmnd, or any
orT,rinti 1 P r V mium, checK, receipt, or other written
t a tiino JeiKated, for n turn not exceeding S100. eta
loml r0;V;lnr ' Idition.I S100, or fractional ,rt Uirreof in mom. of 6100, 6 ou!
JSma .or J'Hlwnnifying a,,y rson for the iymcnt of any .am of inoner, wlmn
umHwieiy rec.rerable
n lion in oxoum of SI.000. for each
lii wecmion or i.eriomwnce of dotiea of oliice SI 00
W porsonal, for security for the iMjimrat of inomr. See (ilW)
W of any dweription, other than mcb w may be required in leJlpniesdiBg?,
?r ",JI! collection with mortnee and not othoru-k. rrl
in tflte Schedule ; .7
Hond or Note cooinianriiii: a inortf ara riiiM i ir MV M'J.tI!llV.
?Jo?T" ?l one ?ta,r,l' 's rwiuired on tbc pr. wbieJi maT lo
Cwslract. JS) ",u't 1,,s th" hf8hwl t rwpiirvxl iijion either.
OwMrocr, roiwwal of, MNM stamp as original inortnmenL
Umefywr, teed, instnimei or writing, whereby am- ImkI?, totwreenta, or otkar
malty sold shall be granted, aligned, traimferrwl, or nthorwifo con
voyed to orreate.1 in the HireliAeroriNirehars, or any other iwrfoti or
immthmh, by hie. her, ur their direction, whon the cosiJratien or miua
t Uog i Kit exceed $5t) c!a
V.'fcsn tba cumhleraUwi execoia f500, awd does rwVexcewi $IJDC6? 51 00
Awl for every additional $500, ami friction! jwrt t4rwf, la excess of
1.000 50 cte
C(mKyam-th acknowledgment of a deed, or proof' by a witmis," needs' 'ni,
!bTaf?frtlflc,tt8 lf re1 of a deed doe not reqoire a tltma.
Zmm, agreeineflt, inemoramlMm, or ootitnct for Um hire, use, or rant of aey land
tenemmt, or portion thmof, where the rant or tun tat value H SC0 wr
annum or ls , J miK
3 loe rent or rental mine exceeds the turn of S300 jwr annnm. fur
Daeh ndditibnal fUOO, or fractional jmrt thereof in exoata of $100
AaatgntiHmi of le, bam damp as nriginai irttniiaent, and the rabi or
wmmvrauvn oi ute mutsier at tite came rate a a deed. (&m Cbnwy-
irmtfge f Ia4, oatatc. or protwrty, real er jtersonal, heduWo, or laoroable
wkaUoerer, a trust deed in the nature of a mortcaise, or any personal
bond given as security for tite payment of auy deliritc or certain sum
or money exceeding f 100, and not exceeding 510 W cti.
Kxeeoding $800, and not oTceedinK LCCO 1 00
And for ovory additional 600, or fractional part thoreef in oxcots
r $1,000.. , WcU.
Upon each alignment or transfer of a mortftaao, a Hamp duty wjtial to
tllllt Utmn a lI10rUraiO fori.hu mnuint mmiiniiur utituLI
Order fcr jwymont of money, if the amonnt is 10 or over 2 cts.
over Attorney, for the oalc or transfer of any stock, bonds, or erip, or Ibr the
Culloction of anv divldpiMl or infnnwt tliriii K
War o Attmriy or proxy for voting at any
uMMtiiui u. MK-xjiy, eiw.pi rengivM, ritantaM, or itterarv x3
tiet. or iMiMic cemeteries ini
Wrro AUrrhnr to rrcive or coifeet rent
'r "J Jiuoner to Ml ami convey real ostate,
War of AUmmtn for
Power of Attorney or other iper reiatine to appheatVuw Ihr iNMNtttee,
arrearuce of tmy or tieiHion. or reeeinu thereof reoulra no Ktsmti. Sm
alao. WturwU AtUtrmty.)
Pflm of ll'ttf, or letters of administration,
rea;et of which atich nrabata or
shall be sworn or declared not to exceed the value of $3,(.C0
Excelling SS.OG0. for even additional SI. 000. or faetioni wn LkrW'
in exrowt oi $j?akaj
Pnmmtery AWr (See lliU of Rnlmm Inland
uonewai oi a note subject to name duty as an original note.
Quit Gtriwa Dud to W stamptnl a conveyance, except when given as a rolosKti
of a mortgage by the mortagajjA to the mortgagor, in whk ocm it Is
exempt; but if It contains covenants be uigect m an agraomont or
lltctlpls for the payment of any mm of money or debt due, or for a draft or other
instrument given for the payment of money, exceeding 20, not being
for satisfaction of any mortgage or judgment or decree of court 2 Cta.
Revenue stamps may be used indiscriminately upon any of the matter or tilings
enumerated, except proprietary and playing eon I stamp, for whleh a special ue lm been
IWngo stamps cannot be n?od in payment of the diitv ehtrgeabte on initrments.
It is the duty of Um maker of an instrument to affix tie stamp thereto and to cancel the
game in tho maimer required by law. Proper cancellation to essential.
Under the provisions of section 158. an instrument subiect to Mamn dutv. but Usund
without a stamp or with an insuiilcient one,
vaiut to nil intents ana purges (nK as agaimU rifU$ ncqutn im gael faith Ujart. tttdk
ttampitkg ami tic rtcvrdiug vf tk Uutnmmt, if a rrvorvl U rtyirml) as if priery stamped
when made or tauud. Such an instrument ImtimI at a time when and in a place where no
collection district was ittablihwl may bo Mamiwd by the partv who boed it or by any
party having an interest therein at any time prior to January 1, 467t and the legal eilect of
tne 6tamp tlnu alllxwt will bo the same as toough alllxod by the Collector. hen original
are lost the necessary stamps may he ailixed t copies.
When two or more persons join in the oxer ution of an instrument, the stamp to which
the instrument is liable under the law may lie ailixed ami cancelled by either of them.
The different stamp needed, can be obtained from Levi Ihuhford, l'roscott; Robert
Cole?, Ln I'az, ami P. R. llrady, Tucson.
Tiik Casi: Statp-d Tin: Figures. The
Cincinnati Emjuirtr says tho Radical press is
now nearly unanimous, and the Radical or
ganization is being used to subserve the pur
poscs of tho bondholdore. They demand that
tho five-twenty IhhicU shall lc mid in gold,
principal and interest. They proiwse to jiay
tbetn say thirty years hence. Iot us see how,
under their plan, tho case will stand: The
Unitofl. States Governtnont to the iKindliold
ors, debtor: To if 2,000 000,000 of legal tender
greenbacks, to wit : when they were worth
liftv ceiiln on the dollar; In-ing in gold worth
$1,000,000,000. Credit: Tho United States
pay on interest six por cent, in gold on those
bomb, for forty yoars. being S120,000,000
in gold each yoar, or 4,800.000,000 total in
terest. Then tho principal, 2,000,000,000
in gold is to be paid, making in all 6,800.
000,000 fur what tho j;overnmont borrowcu,
to wit, 1,000,000,000.. Thoso who are in
favor of this kind of financiering this pay
ing the debt sovon timos over will vote too
bondholders, alias the Radical ticket.
,crw,ns (,oin In Ariaono, wo print
! ' ' ,,,so' ,a": iorovory
Bnineshall bo wrlttoji. . 5 cts.
r uoiuract suau oo wniten
cenu for c'1 nI ovory additional
contract shall bo written
5 eta.
2 cU.
theretiiion is 1,000 or lm. SO ctj
SI 000
fiO oU.
50 eta.
election for oiiieVrs of any Ynoorpo
nr. -t
or to rent or leae the same SI 00
where the oatate and eiacts for or In
Irttcr a i'miaUi:W. nnKat &-
1 00
w) cts
may be so stamped by the Collector as to bo as
Tiik white peojdeof Green county, Georgia,
in an address to tho negroes, say:
"These Yankees have told you that wc
wish to put you bnok into slavery again.
They are miserable liars. Wo have no do
sire to make sluves of you agin. Wc never
made slaves of you in tbc tlrst place. Tt was
the Yankees who did it. They will not daro
deny it. It was Yankoo money that brought
you from Africa. You came in Yankee ships,
manned by Yanke sailors. Tboy forced you
on us as slaves when wc did nut want you,
and now these same Yankees coino hero with
a lie in their mouth and protond to be your
groat friends."
Good Amvicb, Uo deaf to tho quarrel
some, blind to the scorner, and dumb to those
who arc mischievously inquisitive
Maruhgc A Frenchman has invented a
new definition for nurriagd freedom for
women, slavery for men.
United States Land Office.
(Tram the .Wrntnento Union. '
Wc linvo received from .1. Neoly Johnson,
the United States Land Register of this dis
trict, tho following importantoommunicntion,
which explains itself :
Gr.vnnAi, Laxd Oi'pici:, June 2, 1808.
Register and Receiver, United States liud
Oliice, Sacramento, California Gentlemen:
In reply to the Receiver's letter of the 1th of
April, you are instructed as follows:
Tho tenth section of tho Mining Act of
July 26, 1800, tiruvidttt for homesteads made
jnior to the passage of the Act, by citizens
of the United States or persons who had do
ctored their intention to become citizens, un-
on hinds previously loserved as mineral, and
as auch excluded from surrey ami sate, but !
which are properly agricultural, no valuable
mines oi goto, silver, cinnabar or copper hav
ing been discovered thereon, and which havo
been improved and used by settlers fw agri
cultural Mjq)oss.
These settlers have a right of pre-emption
to such lands, not exceeding ICO acres, and
may pwcbie at the minimum of SI. 25 jier
acre, or enter them tinder the homestead law,
aftr they become surveyed, upon the usual
awl jHoper proceedings in soch casos.
If the Deputy Surveyor returns it as agri
cultural und you have rto data to the contrary,
ami no one files an affidavit of iu being more
valuable for mineral than for agricultural pur
poses, the setter will he allowed to enter It
under thejirortfions of the said 10th Miction.
If an affidavit is filed alleging the land to
be mineral, a trial mot he had to determine
whether it is more valuable for mining jmr
poees than for agricultural purposes. In such
can-s you will set a day for the hearing, giv
inc to the claimant and the rty filing the
affidavit sufficient notice to enable them to lie
prw-wt iih their wiiHf; and when the
tract Itas been occupied fw agricultural pur
poses, and imtiroved as soch liefore July 26,
1666, the burden of proof will he upon the
party seeking to establish ita mineral char
actar, and the testimony should he of a na
ture dearly to prore the tiutu of soh ah
gatiow, before you deride toe right of the
MrttUr to enter the land.
Should the Deputy Surrey or return the
kind as mineral you will require the settler to
furnish you sati4actory jtroof of the error of
such return before permitting him te enter
the Rewfees cttinmby him under said 10th
The return of a Deputy Surveyor, although
ontitled to rcanect as coming from a strorn
ofttoar, h not to be taken as eonelHsive in
these cam, when dfepttted, but the matter
most be investigated by the examination of
witnesses, c;aW from experiance and obser
vation, ami from previous examination, to
testify underfiUndingly in reference to the
existence of minerals ujkmi any rwrtimlar
tract, and whether tke depeMt isof sufficient
oxtont to render it more valuable for raining
than for agrktilmre.
When lands of the character contemplated
by W 10th taction have not yet been filed
upon, yon should satify yourself as to which
eh? they lralong beAms taking steps in refer
ence to their disjyjsal.
The 1 1th srrtion of the Mining Art author
ise the Secretary of the Interior. . after the
nrrey uf lands pret ionsly reserved as mineral,
to designate sad fet apart Hich portions of
them a are rieariy agritjltural, which are
nade shjert to ro-etnntion and sale, as oth
er public lands of the United bUtes.
To give etTect to this section the SorTeyors
General ia the mining States and Territories
have been instruct oil to require their depu
ties in the ilehl to keep notes, and designate
on towns! lip plate such lands as arc "agricul
tural.'1 After the flling of the plats in your
office, If no counter affidavits arc presented,
the tracts designated "agricultural lands
may be Hied upon under th pre-emption or
bomostesd laws; bnt prc-cmntors must not
be permitted to jrove up and entt-r until after
such a period of actual settiemant nd culti
vation as shall show good faith, sav not less
than six months from the date of settlement
embraced in the Ming of the declaratory
statement ; and if lforc the expiration of
sucn lime an auniavu is tliexl alleging the
mineral character of the particular traet
claimed, a trial must lie had before any entry
s ma ue, to determine mat question.
It is not doubted that in ovory township
there arc tracts of land more valuable for
farnu and gardens tiian for mining wrpoes,
and the object of the law is to segregate these
from mineral and dispose of them as a'gricHl-
Errors of judgment may sometimes occur,
but as a general rule ?t is believed a careful
examination will onablc claimants to act with
safety in reference to these lands; and al
though they may be jwt to tho necessity of
proving their chief value to be for puqoes of
agriculture, by an opposing affidavit filed at
any time before ontry, yet where reasonable
precaution has been exercised such proof will
seldom fail, at tt as tho whole tract filed
uiMMi ; and if a jwofltablo mine were to Ims
discovered upon a part of the premiies, it
would only enhance tho value of the remain
ing portion.
Affidavits allcginc particular lands to be
more valuable as mineral than arable, must
apply to each of the smallest local subdivis
ions. Of a quartor section, 120 acres maybe
niinoral and the runminiug 40 anilile, and the
minora! character of tho lonnor is no 'reason
why tho latter should not be entered as agri
cultural. Nor is it sufficient that such affi
davits aro based upon opinion or belief. They
must contain a statement of facts within tho
knowledge of depononts, derived from actual
observation or examination, furnishing a
6trong presumption that the particular subdi
vision is niinoral land, and moro valuable as
such than as agricultural. More speculation,
based upon no positive knowledge, and dis
closing no material facts, should not bo re
ceived, and claimants ought not to be put to
the trouUs and nxjinnso of minting nflldsvits
of this character. There should Sxj the ut
most good faith required from both sides.
I-mds more valuable for mineral than for oth
er purposes are net to be taken under tho
pre emption or homestead laws; nor, on the
other hand, are parties to be intimidated
from making settlements upon and ultimately
entering under these laws lands as are most
valuable for agricwltural purposes, simply be
cause valuable mineral lands may lie in tho
immediate vicinity. Roth classes of lands
are to lie disjioscd of under those appropriate
laws, and neither interest it to lie subordin
ated Uj the other, to the detriment of the
public welfare.
If the Register and Receiver have reason
to halinVit that, tnilmnal alHilarit am lufnr
placed on timber land on whleh no mineral
has been found, for the jiurposo of keeping
the same from settlement until after the tim
ber has been removed, they will inform tho
Mrties flling such papers that aflblnvite in
which it is not alleged thatoither gold, silver,
cinnabar or copper, have been found are in
irjsuftlctent. And lion over specific and foil
such affidavit may lie, they arc not to bo
deeemed conclusive as to tho matters alleged.
Any settler filing an affidavit of a contrary
character, aud desiring to enter the particular
tract as agricultural land, is entitled to havo
tbc question examined and on proring It to
ho moro valuable an arable than as imnoraL
may file upon it under the pre-emption, or
enter it under the. Homestead law, and in duo
time consumate the title.
1 1 matters not whether the precious metals
are found in quartz ledges or in placer or in
hydraulic mines, if the particular subdivisions
of the public lands containing them, are moro
varaalde for mining than for agriculture, they
cannot he entered under the pre-emption or
homestead law. If placers ence valuable have
become exhausted an as no longer tu be vtl
uahle as mines, the Und may then be entered
as arable. These affidavits arc to be filed
with the Register, and cojiies transmitted t
tiii office. Ihey are to be registered and
carefully filed, but need not be recorded.
In reference to the fees suthorised in pre
emption and homestead caest ami for prov
ing up tne name, you are reterred to the legal
proviftMms and instructions communicirtodtn
a circular from this office, dated September
17, lfeoT. You will carefully cross-examine
all witnesses when necowary to elicit the
trutii. ami transmit tue testimony and papers
in each case, with your joint opinion, to tills
oiSee, for examination and review.
try rcspoctiully, your obedient servant.
Jos. S. Wilson, Commissioner.
How wk are Rod Bito. The New York
KrmiMff 'et, good Republican authority,
says: "Wc have now an unintelligible jum
ble of tax lews, understood by nobody ; orig
inallr bad, it has been patched up at each
soecessire session of Congress, until every
improvement in its principle has become a
new difficulty in its administration, by intro
ducing confusion and inconsistency into die
system. The Interpretations of it by the de
cssrons and instructions of the commissioners
hare iwcn vacillating: vcrv ranch of -it is
deemed by lawyer to lie unsound; and it is
quite doubtful what jwrtions of it have been
onset tied by rulings or various courts. And
the administration of the whole is corrupt
from the Atlantic to the Pacific, so that spies
and thieves, the waste of collection and tho
needless burden of commlstionfi and profits,
incrva-iiig the iivvoisiry bnrden of the taxct,
take from the people together twice the mon
ey that reach ih the treasury.
Is the trial of General Cole for the killing
of Hisoock, at Albany. New York, on the
ground of adultery with hi wife, the counsel
for the accused makes the remarkable state
ment that "within the last two liuudre
years ao man has been punished by anyoonrt
of justice, cither in this country or in Eng
land, for shooting the seducer of his wife, his
daughter or his sister, when that motive and
that alone, has prompted the latal low."
What Thomas JKrriiasoN Said. -The fol
lowing is the language of Thomas Jcficrson:
Nothing is more certainly written in the
book of fate than that theso people (thcjic
groes) aro to lx free Nor is it less certain
thit the two races equally free oannotJive
in the same Government. Nature, habit,
opinion, have drawn indelible lines of dis
tinctian between them.
Grop.CK C. Gorham is the sixth parson
who has filled the office of the Secretary of
a I. tT:-J C? O a mi it K r-
the United States Senate.
The .firat Socro-
tary, Samuel Allyn Otis,
hchl the position
twenty three years ; Char! as Cait. oloven
years ; Ashburv Dickons, twentv-flve vears :
ounu ii . x uniev mjiuii vears.
A charity school girl, under examination
in Psalms, on being asked, "What is the pes
tilence that walketh indarknoss?" answered,
"Hodbugs, sir."
Do you understand mo now?" thuadered
an irate pedagogue to an u robin, at whose
head be had thrown an inkstand. Pro tret
an inkling of what you mean," replied the
Tun Cleveland fimdtl thinks that Wendell
Phillips and Anna Dickinson ought to be mar
ried. There would bo a divorce or a funeral
in tho family in less than a week.
Ink is culled tho hlaok slave that waits
upon thought.
A sciLLri'L piokpooket always takes things
Qnrr.K kind of love A neuralgic affection.

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