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The weekly Arizona miner. (Prescott, Ariz.) 1868-1873, August 08, 1868, Image 2

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J. II. MA WON rinrroa.
l'rawoott, AHoim 'XVi-Htory.
Should Seymour be elected President, aud
wo liope lie Mill, " the next Delegate from
Ariaoim" will, when he arrives In Waging
ton, swear that ho is a Democrat, and the jm
pers that hnvo been endorsing him tt a lie
publican will have to take It all back. A
more complete "straddler" than "Pliant Rich
ard" can nowhere be found.
Not Sathfactokv. Notwithstanding the
Republican organs of this coast would have
tw belie vo that Grant will curry the entire
.votsj of the party of which cirmm$tantr liave
made hhn the standard-bearer, we occasion
all" ran a emu a "sore-headed power" who
kicks in the traces, ami reitoes to pcojiel
Ulysses chariot. The St. Louis Vtitt Xeitmng,
lladlenl, has this notice of the nomination of
Grant: "Republicans as vre are, we cannot
but deprecate that the Convention felt under
the necessity of nominating a man who never
was a Republican, who never jwofeasetl Re
publican principles, who has not the least cn
pasity for the exalted position, and who al
ways was a mere tool in the handi of misera
ble demagogues."
Qcrt mother Territory, Stw Mexico, fc
looming into importance as a producer and
shipper of gold bullion, and the editor of the
Santa Fe Gturite, chronicles the fact with
pride and pleasure. New Mexico ami Arisona
will yet rank among the highest gold awl sil
ver prodttoing geographical divisions of the
continent, and wore it not for their isolation
and the rod devils ihat have robbed and
plundered them, they would to-day be ahead
of .Montana and Idaho.
Run: a i. or an Ob.vo.tioc Postal Law.-
Gongrass lias recently repealed the law of
lc'5-t, which enacted that letter postage
should be paid on all printed matter going
westward from the western boundary of Kan
sas, and eastward from the eastern boundary
of California, and after the 30tb of Septem
ber next, the time the now law takes etfect,
books, etc., will be carried in the mail, to
the Territories, at the same rates as are
charged for conveying the same in all the
We learn from the Santa Fe Gtatttt, that
3Ir. Schuyler and party had arrived tbero
safe and sound and had gone to the States.
Mr. Schuyler, it will bo recollected, passed
through Prescott last winter. His object in
going back over the route was to, if possible,
select a better route at one or two places be
tween this place and New Mexico.
Kkmovai, or the Navajo3. It would sscm
as though Government never can act sensible
when dealing with Indians. Recent news
from New Mesico says that the Navajos have
been removed to their own country, whotber
to be placed on a reservation and guarded by
troops, or run at large, seems to be mixed.
"We hope, for the peace of this Territory, as
well as that of New Mexico, that this pow
erful tribe of thieves will not be let loose to
prey upon us again.
"Wrecked. Tho U. S. Steamer Suwanco
struck a rock and was wrecked, on tho morn
ing of the 9th of July. She was on her way
from San Franeisco to Alaska. No livos weio
Will Re.vekit Arizona. The Ix Angeles
and San Pedro Railroad, when completed, will
bo of some benefit to Arizona, and we aro
glad to learn, from the Los Angeles Jitpulli
mn, that Gen. Banning, who has the contract
for building the road, will commence work
npon it immediately.
Tjn Lower California Company, of New
York, met in that city recently, and in
creased their capital stock from twonty-five
millions to thirty-five millions. Tho Com
pany appointed Charles . Poston, formerly
Delegate in Congress from this Territory, to
superintend the importation of Chinese labor
ers into Lower California, and also, to the
"recently acquired Territory in Sonora."
Thore is n big scheme on foot hi tho East to
gobble up Lower California, Sonora and Sin
aloa, and wcro it possible for our government
and peoplo to get along with the mongrel,
revolutionary peoplo who inhabit them, we
would pray for the speedy culumniotion of
CojfsrDEJUDLK stir was created among our peo
plo upon the arrival here of the rumor that Sec
retary Seward had ptjfriased Sonora, Slnaloa
and Lower California. Indeed some individuals
talked of emigrating muy pronto, but after a lit
tle grave deliberation, concluded to wait awhile.
Senor Godoy, Mexican Consul at San Francisco,
npon hearing the report, pronounced it a fabri
cation. No doubt, Juarez would like to sell, in
order to raise what he is moat in need of money,
but dare be do it, knowing, as be does, tbe hos-
'Jl U woul(1 aroufce asI,lsl U,m ltl the hear,sof I persons to fill the civil ofllces, and recom
bss American hatipg conntrjtnen? W't shall eee. ' raendi a modification of the law.
Eastern News.
Governor Swan, of Miry land, lias appointed
William I'inckney Whyto ns U. S. Senator to
till tho unexpired term of Revfrdy .Johnson,
who was recently appointed Minister to Kng
land Members of Congress from the South
em States are now admitted to seat without
swearing to support tho jrast acts of the Rad
ical party. Their certificates, nW by ne
groes' and transplanted "Patriots' from the
North is nil that is necessary in the way of a
paasport to Thad Stevens' Debating Club. . . .
The legislature of Alabama contains thirty
negroes; nearly all the officers are "pussons
of color.".... Mississippi Radicals ?; have
protested against the validity of the late tlcc
tion. Tbey want that high old tribunal, the
Reconstruction Committee, to reverse the
decree of the people and give them the ofll-
ces Win. M. Kvnrta, he who cut tip old
Ren Rutler so terribly in the Impeachment
trial, has been confirmed Attorney General
of the United States. . . .Congress has, at last,
voted to pay for Alaska, and the Czar will
soon get m grind cash, for his icebergs ....
Tho bill allowing Henry St. Marie $lo,(XX,
for procuring tho arrest of John H. Surratt
has passed. Another uttde of public money.
... .In the House, July 17, Mr. Stevens took
strong grounds in favor of paying the 8-20
bonds in greenbacks. In reply to a member
who opposed the measure, old Thad aaid that
interest should be paid up to a certain time
at six per oent. in coin, and after the bonds
fell due they would be payable in money.
Just as the gentleman from Illinois under
stood it; just as he (Mr. Stevens) understood
it; just as all understood It when the law
was enacted; just as it was explained on the
floor a dozen times by the Chairman of the
Committee of Ways and Means. If he knew
of any party in the coantry which would go
for laying in coin that which was payable in
money, thus enhancing the debt one-half ; if
he knew tbero was such a platfonn and such
a determination on tha part of his own arty,
he would, with Frank Itlair and all, rote for
the other lrty; he would vote for no such
swindle on the tax pavers of the country ....
On the evening of July 13th, at Milltcen,
near Galveston, Texas, some negroes, led by
a white school-teacher, undertook to hang a
white man. The whites interfered, when a
fight commenced. Rvault, 50 or CO pcroni
killed The wife of General Hooker is
dead The hot weather eontinies in the
States and Canada. Many persons have died
from sun-stroke Sal nave. na declared him
self Emperor of all the black slaves in Hay ti.
Foreigners were threatened with death
Tho Itraullians and Paraguayans are still
fighting The new tax bill reduces the rate
on whiskey to 50 ct. per gallon. Wholesale
dealers pay $100 on annual t-aies of not over
$50,000: one dollar iter $100 on sales above
that limit, and one per cent, on all sales. Re
tail dealers jiay S"25. Distillers pay 4 per
day while running, and $2 while work is sus
pended. There is to be one or more reports
for each distillery, to be aid for by Govern
ment. Tobacco jjoys 3i cents on "chewing,
and 1C on smoking. SnutI pays 32 cents ;
dears $35 per thousand ; cigarettes SI 50
when not weighing over three pounds per
thousand, aim 5 when exceeding this weight.
Coal oil and its manufactures are hcrcaftrr
exempt from tax, but distillers and refiners
must pay the same tax as other manufactu
rers, by the act of last March. The meter
system is again introduced. There are to bo
twenty-fivo Supervisors of Internal Revenue
appointed by the Secretary, on the recom
mendation of the Commissioners, and assigned
to district. The Commissioners are to have
a salary of .thirty f three? thousand dollars.
The Commissioner has power to appoint
25 detectives and assign them to duty ....
President Johnson, in a message, recommends
that a President ami V. S. Senators be elected
by a direct vote of the people.... A mass
Democratic ratification meeting, probably the
largest ever held in Louisiana, was held in
Lafayette Square, on tho night of July 19th.
Several Catholic clergymen, two colored Rep
resentatives, and a colored Democratic Clob
were on the stand. A large number of ne
groes we io in the proccasiorf. Resolutions
wcro adopto-I endorsing the nominations and
platform of tho New York Convention;
pledging the unanimous support of tho Lou
isiana Democracy ; declaring slavery dead be
yond the power of nny man to resuscitate;
condemning tho present Constitution of tbe
State; expressing alarm at the course of the
Legislature now in session; returning thanks
to President Johnson; nbw expressing feel
ings of kindness toward tho negro people of
the State and city, and referring to the re
cent election in MtseisMppi as an instance of
what can be clone by a proper course toward
tho negro population. Resolutions were also
adopted in commendation of tho course pur
sued by the United States officers and sol
diers toward the citizens during the late ad
ministration by the military authorities.
Later accounts from Millican represent that
the riot is not ended. The negroes have
sent a defiant reply to the orders to disperse.
There was but a small force of soldiers at the
scene Moses Y. Reach, the veteran editor
of tho Hun, diod nt Wallingford, Connecticut,
July 20th. . ..Secretary Seward has issued a
formal announcement that tho resolutions of
tho Legislatures of Ohio and New Jersey
must remain in full force and effect, and that
the fourteenth amendment has been duly rat
ified and liecome n part of the Constitution.
Romero, Mexican Minister nt "Washing
ton has been recalled As tho Radicals as
sert that the Democrats carried the recent
election in Mississippi by fraud, we give what
the millitary commander says on that subject:
General Gillem has submitted a report in re
gard to'tbo condition of Mississippi under
the Reconstruction laws. He states that tho
result of the late election is: For Constitu
tion, 36,860 ; against it, 6G,231. In regard
to tho allogod fraud, General Gillem says he
is satisfied that the eloction was fair, and
free from intimidation or fraud as far ns pos
sible under existing circumstances. He says
no undo it almost iranoeaiuJe to find qualified
TJomocrntio National Platform.
The Democratic parly in .Vstlonil Convention a.
.tabled, reposing It trot In the lntalllgtiee, ltrl
otism sod descrimlustlMg justice of tho rxil. tand
npon the Constitution as the foundation and limita
tion of th powers of the Uovt rntnciil and tbe gnsr
snteeof the llbri ties ef the cltisen. and recognise
tbe questions of slavery sml secession as having been
nettled for all time to eoinc by tbe war. or the volun
teer action of tit Southern States in Constitutional
Convention assembled, and never to be rc"ucitaUd,
do. with the return of peace demand
First- 'I be immediate restoration of all the States
to their right in the Onion muter the constitution of
civil government and tbe American people.
Second Amnesty tor all pl p-dltlral rdfi-nrr
and the regulation of the t. .-... iranclnsc in tbe
State by their citizens.
Thiid Tbe payment of the public debt of tbe
United States ss rapidly ?A iira-ticabb- ; nil itionev
drawn from the people iiy taxation, except so mneii
istequisite for tbeusceswtif id the (loverlitncnt
economically administered, being honestly applied to
inch payment, and when the obligations of tbe Hot
ernmerit do not expresaly tl itr upon their fare or
tbe law under which they le iin-d doea not pin.
vide that they shall bo runl in '"Hi. they ought in
right and injustice to be paid in tbe Iswfnl money of
the I' mted Staks.
1-ourtli Kqna! taxation of every fpeeies of prop
erly, according to vatoe. including (Joverumeut bondi
aud other public secufiticf
Filth- (Sue currency for tbe Government and the
peupie. tbe laborer sad t'i ..!S H U!rr. t1'." pei"i"ii
tr and tin- tdlriier. the pmdr-er Mvt fx- bondholder
Sixth Kcouomy in trio a0miuitratinn i-f the liov.
eminent, the reductiou of the etanding army and
navy, tbe abolition of the r'retdmau'ii Hurenu and
all political inelrnnieuUlilit-idnngl.cd to serve negro
Rupremaey; simplification of Hie ivsW-m. and di
eoatlDuanre of Inquisitorial madnf inxeing and
collecting internal revenue; that tbe burden of tax
ation be equalised ard learned, the credit of the
COUlltrv mtde frond, nil m trmnt. (orthc rfllolilliff
of tbe Stale n ihtia lnt nuti"iial force In time of
peace be ab!hi d; and a UntT fur revenue npon
foreign impoiu, and such equal taxation nnder the
internal revenue law as will ifl'ord incidental pro tec- i
Uoc to dometitic manufacturers as w ill, without im- j
peiring tbereveiiu.-. iinnow the leat burden upon!
aud bet promote and encourage the great industrial
interests of the conntrv.
Seventh Reform of abnsea and administration ,
the cxpultion of corrupt men from office , tbe abro-
gaUon of uselcM office ; tbe restoration of rigbUul
authority to the independence of the Executive, and
Judicial Department of tbe Government ; tbe sub
ordination of tbe military to tbe civil power, to the
eni that U airptiwt of Congress and depututru
of the tword umy reave.
Eighth Kqnal rights and protection for natural
ized and native burn citizens at home aud abroad ;
tbe assertion of American nationality, which will
command the respect of foreign powers, funitxh an
example and encouragement to pi op le atrnggliog for
national integrity, constitutional liberty aud individ
ual rights, and the maintenance of the right of nat
uralised cil'.rer.s a?aioit tbe absntut doctrine of Im
mutable allegiance ami tbe Halm of foreign powers
to punish them for alleged crime committed beyond
their Jurisdiction
in damaodtog turae meaimro ft.id reforms -arc ar
raign the Radical party for It disregard of right aid
the unparalleled ojipo,tion and tyranny which have
warlctd its career. After the ot solemn and unan
imous pledge of rrnUi lliintri of l'ongre to pro-
cnte ll.t Hair exciufcivelr for the maintenance of tbe '
Government snd the preservation of the I'mon under
tbe 1'ousliU.uon. it lus repeatedly violated that most
sacred pledge1 nnder which was rs'lied the unble vol- j
onteer array which carried our Hag to victory. In- j
stead of ttMurlug tli Union it ha o far a it iiwin
ii power, giao:vHl it and subjected ten States in
time of profound peace to mlliUry despotism and
negro snBrage. It baa nullified tbe right of trial by
Jury ; it hs abolished tbe habea corpus, that tncmt
sacred writ of liberty ; It has overthrown the free
dom of ptch and the press ; it has sabetituted ar-
uvary acmuea aim arrests, and auutary trials and
secret Star Cbamber inqatel lions for constitutional
tribunal. 1 1 baa disregarded in time of peat the
right of tbe pan pie te be fret from search and aeis
ares. It bas entered tbe post and telegraph oUtrow.
and even the private rooms of individuals, and Mbwd
tbe-lr private mpera and letters, without aur pcin
cation or notice of affidavit, as repaired by' tbe or
ganic law. It Ua converted tbe Amerieau Capitol
Into a baatfle. It has established a syMcm of tpieo
and official eapion'age to tbich no constitutional
monarchy of Europe wonld dare to resort It baa
abolished the right of appeal on Important cocatltu
tional question to tbe supreme judicial tribunal ami
threaten to eartail or destroy ita originat Jariadletiou,
which is irrevocably vetnl bv tbe Coutttatimj.
while tbe learned Chief JnsUce has been snujttcted
to great and atrocioos calumnies merely because lie
would ttot protJttc bla higti oSlce to tbe support of.
tbe false and ttarttsun charges preferred against tbe
President. Its corruption and extravagance have
exceeded anything known in history, and by its
frauds and monopolies) it has nearly doubled tba bur-
ucn ot the a nt created daring tbe war. Jt baa strip
ped tbe i'resldmt of bis couatitational power of ap
pointment, even of bis own Cabinet Under iu re
peated sssanJta tbe pillara of tbe Government are
rocking on their base, and tboald It weeeed in No
vember next, and inaugurate lta 1'reident, we will
meet an a subjected and conquered people amid tbe
rains of liberty and tbe scattered fragments of tbe
And we do declare and resolve tbst erer since tbe
people of tbe United States threw off all Hibjectien
to tbe liritloh Crown, tbe prlrilego and trust of suff
rage bare belonged to tbe several Slate, and have
been granted, regulated and controlled exclusively by
the political power of caeh State respectively, and
any attempt by ('ongrens. on auy pretext vt'balever.
to deprive any State of this right, or interfere with
this exercise, is atlagrantuMirpatiou of mer which
con find no warrant in the constitution, and if saoo
thmed by tbe people will subvert onr form of govern
ment, and can only end In a single centralized, con
M'llildted govcrnmnit. In which the keparate exist
ence of the States Will be absorbed, and an unquali
fied deHtism be ex tab Uhed In jilace of a Federal
Union of co-equal States, and that we regard the rs
oocetraetion acu of Congress as usarpationg, and
uncwMtlUitioual, ruvolutkaary and void.
That oar boldit.ru and tailorn. who carried tbe flag
of our country to victory agaiut a muat gallant and
determined foe, most be ever gratefully remembered,
and all tbe guaranteed given in their favor most be
faithfblly carried Into execution.
That the public lands should be distributed widely
among tbe jieople aad should be tsioed of either
nnder tbe pre-emption of homestead lauds, and sold
In reasonable rjaantitie, and to none but actual occu
pants, at the minimum price established by tbe Gov
eminent. When grunt of tbe public Isuda may be
allowed necessary (or the encouragement of impor
tant public improvement, the proceeds of the sale
or such lands, and not tbe land themselves, should
be applied.
That tbe President of tbe United State, Andrew
Joftustta. exercising tbepower of ht office In restrict
ing the aggieesion of Congress on the constitutional
rights of the Slates and the people, is entitled to tbe
gratitude of the whole American people, and on lie.
half of tbe Detnocrotic party we tender btm onr
thanks fur hi patriotic efforts In that regard.
Upon this platwrm th Democratic party appeal
to every patriot, Including all tbe Comcrvattvij de
ment aud all who dtsire to support tbe Conatitattoo
and restore tbe Union, forgetting ail past differences
of opinion, to unite Willi ua In the present greststrug
gle for the liberties of tbe people, and that to all Men,
to whatever party tbey may have heretofore belonged,
we extend tbe right band of fellowship, and bail alt
such as friends and brother.
"UinDs or a Pratiikh, i:tc." All the
Tory organs of England take sidea with the
Itadical party of this countrj-, nnd donoonee
tho Democratic iarty, but the Democratic
parly once whippud the Tories of both coun
tries and they will do ao again.
Chaplain IIlakb, U. 8. A., who was for
merly stationed at Fort Whipple and Camp
McDowoll, In this county, received, recently,
sixtV davs leave nf nlwenee f.iv llio l,niu ..r
his health.
Government and tho ratmoru.
'N'.u.ntt Ottnvit. Yitvnpnl County,
Aiir.oni, AiiKUit It, 1S3. f
Kmtoh Auixona .Misiiii. Tlie rniiehmon have
been consulting in reference to their iBlerosts.
This is right and proper. Their rtlbrU In this
nutter mav tint alwnjs be wi-U illrected. 'fliey
may full in adopting the liift mcsns to the eml.
Tho runners nre tfli' l.ii'ormr uml prmliicUiir
cu: l in ir iiiliTf.-t lii'H at tin-fi iiiid.i'iini i' nil
nri.-i.criiv in lbi mid all i.ili. r cimnti b-, mid.
thei vim '. is entitled Io the foUMing euro uml
protection of both our civil and military author
TI." mill nt' hi of tl' -Hi! ii tl.c Hi -t step in
tho iicvclnpiiiiMit of onr Ti iriii'iy. Onr mlm-rul
rriniircc "ill avail iiuibiiig ko long H. llur and
lac i;i is itnp'irled irotn Calilnrniu.
Our g'Kid I'ni'le Sam semi bin " boy in blnov
to proU'i t ii" iig-diiHt ibe comuion enemy and in
eiilfiitnlly, uid in opening up tbe froiitiei' of his
iloinnlnx by making roads and affording other
iiii wn uml l.uilitio. to the hardy settlers In get
ting a tart in tln-ir new homes.
Tin- military nc d lurage and other supplier.
Tin- iiuicliineii ni-ed a rnurket for their com and
barley. They have been recently trylnjr to de
v ine "moans whori by tlicy inny sell their stuff,
and supply the only (Ieiiiatid fur it. without tin
aid or iiiterferenco l third parties, or specu
l.t..r. standing between tbe prvdueer and con
Miuior. In idiuit, the raiicbmen think they an
eiitiili-d to recohe ai i. the piice of their labor,
which the militnrj pay. nn 1 tint divide nny por
tion with unnecessary gu-betweens, non-pioduc-en
and hangert-rtn.
lint for tbf red tape attached to t'nrle Sam's
transactions, lor bi own protection, it would
eom aery simple luiiiiet transaction - nothing
ilitfcrciit Iruiii what it would be it' a miller or
iiit-i'i h :til was in the..m.iiket, Vu ing I he corn
und other grain of the farmer. The nly qiies
t'.on to settle wmil l be. What i the market
price wiiat i tbe nriide worth? This is the
nlv point to he reucueu in I lie same transaction
w ith the scent of I'nele Mm, and this is done
by receiving prnpal., ordinarily, not neces
xarlly, the only method of arriving nt the same
fact.' A fair and reasonable price may be agreed
upon by the fanners and tbe military authorities,
by CDiisiiltution and a Lompariaun of views. The
military authorities know what it will cost the
government to import barley from California or
in other quarter. I lure is no rea n wny me
government should not be willing to pay about
l lie rnme price for the same article raised at
hone. epeciully when the risks of life and prop
erly ure considered, wli'ch the ranchmen are
compelled to take, und tl.o farmer ought to be
willing to take about tbe kiuw price for tbe tmiiu'
article, in kind and quality, for whii Ii it can b
laid down here. Them don't mhmb. then, to !
ao necenxary difficulty in fixing a p.ice w illi
the government more than with any other pnr
cluur. TIm process, then, would seem to b for
the farmers to agree upon a price among them
selves and appoirt a Committee to i onfer with
the military authorities and uncertain if they cun
not agree im u pi 'k e. It i lint to be presumed
tint the military authorities will favor contract
or, at the evpene of tbe ranchmen; tly fboutd
lie willing that tlie full priev paid by thegoveni
lueat fbiill go into tbe po U t of the prodncei .
It m the practice of the military uuliiwrities in
other place", ns in New Mexico, to buy of the
producer, at the market price, jut a any trader
or produce dealer does. Why not do so here?
Ges. Brrr Orkkk, in tho I$altimore Pto
;aVV Wully, promises to publish a Mper
which "implicates, by more than circumstan
tial evidence, Jo Holt and Edwin Stanton as
accessories before the fact to the aasaasina
twn of Lincoln." llz,
"Wouldn't surprwo xk ! ISoth these diaboli
cal turncoaU and tyrant, are mean, black
hearted and treacherous enough to he guilty
of any crime. Old lino Republicans and
AbotiUoniats, like Seward and Smith may
have som ftK traita of character, but
secessionist like Jo Holt and a sneaking
dough face like Stanton have no redeeming
traits in their characters, for of Mich is tho
kingdom of the d 1.
Thb Lob Angeles Star reprets the fact that
people who recently went into tho Southern
counties of C.difornia to procure farujs and
settle down upon them, returnd north ujmjii
finding tliat owners of the soil asked too
mnch jer acre for it. We rcjret the circum
stance too, and wonder wliv they did not
js i i
gvKHl land
come to Arizona, wiiere nc-nly ot
may be bad for nothing.
'A BILL now liefora Congress appropriate,
for the Surveyor-Genera! of California and
Arizona, $3,000, and for clerk biro, $11,000.
Tho same bill appropriates, for salaries of
Governor, Chief Justice ami" two Associate
Justices and Secretary, in this Territory,
$12,000; contingent expense, SS00; com
pensation and mileage to Legislature, 20,000.
We understand that Sherman Day has been
appointed Surveyor, and we hope he will
not forget that Arizona is part and ttarcel of
his Surveyor-dom. We want our lamia sur
veyed mighty bad. 20,000 is a nice little
sum for running one legisiatnre. Wonder if
somehodv hasn't tailed a little of this annual
appropriation? It has not been spent in the
Territory, but it is said, the surplus has been
re t urn ex f to Washington. Maybe so
n -
ceived liv last mall miiiv nf fbn linve
ceiveu, iy last man, a cop 01 tue nooto
named IllOnthlv Tlllblicatloil. mill not lminer
lw Ul n limMtv, N u MSSCII il uvpr, jut urui
cisni, to Dr. Kendall, of this place. Of ita
typographical appearance, we can any that it
is first-rate. It consbt.s of 38 pages of closely
printed matter, all of which is devoted to the
science cf medicine. Romnn fc 0o., San Fran
cisco, aro tho publishers. Subscription price,
$5 per year.
Tun Republican journals of California that
'bolted during tho late Stato campaign have
all jtlncod tho nnmos of Orant and Colfax at
the head of their columns. Mumurl Demo
crat. The Sacramento Union, the San Francisco
IluUeti, and AUu California have not placed
tho names of Grant awl Colfax nt tho beads
of their columns, und U-Iy-tiis when you soy
iTissoid that Senator Griraea of Iown, is
going to take tho Stump against U-ly-ski Tit
duenh Grant and Scowler Coldfiicta. Go in.
. Grijiwt.
Dimoorntio WnHonnl Convention,
rollmilng nrc tlin proMod!,,,,,, M
oftlie lad dax'n session of the Convenilou: '
.... . July nth
The Convpntlon n'ri mlded at la. 1 m-
Mr. llroadln-nil iifimlnnlml n ... .
culoglr.rd Ills flrinnr of purpose ittmi r IUk'
andlndomllnblo will. II? wdrf'
mi anlng
to tbe plediroto " iirwerre JL ),u.
tli'- ( (institution.
n - ueieud
' Tb Cbnlr announced that tbe nineteenth ln
! would be taken. uoaiiot
A delegate lrorn California briefly iiott.. ,
Judge IT. UI for President. 7 nominated
vallindlgbam read a ktter from l,,di
dated Jul, 3d, desiring tbe wR'ft
name when the best Interests or the nartv .11- J
to require It. 7 ened
Vallandlgbam said MeClean desired to
this letter yesterday, but tho delegation .WS!'
t?rda0vkWP U1 i,enJle,n'9 AW3S
Tho twentieth ballot resnlted: Knrll.i, i
Uannkt 113 12; Doollltle, 13; llendiWlii1
Hlslr.lS; Field, fl; Thomas Seymour, a Cai
tila cant a divided vote, only giving yield j
The twenty-first ballot showed little ehan
Pennsylvania still going for Hancock and
York for llrndrleks. .Massachnactt gf,e Ctis. 7
On the twenty-second liallot, when Oi,i0
called, (ieneral Me o..k, by unanimous dir.-rt,,!',"
of bin delegation, with the assent and npmm ,' !
every pntille mm or that Htnte, InelndlnJ p, ,''..'
- t r1" nwmiiw i iiu-i iw lueiination hi i
no longer ngainst hi honor, tbe name of Hnriti
Seymour, lie said: " Let ua vote lor a awn wi,l
the Pi
rmli .Hfiir l.ittf miirlil 11,1.1 .'Im 1U
the Presidency." ThN be believed would Vru"''
rrma jMiwer the Itullcat .bal at Wasblhirtcii lit
hpliuvetl tbl iiimiiintin would cratuu,,''
unuriimous approval ol l) mtx rut and d,n-,rr
l.M .mil isitu of nil sections. He U"k(d, . , '
bnlfnf the country, that Heyiuour should n
this w i-li of (he Convi nllon. '' '
Great excitement
applanse ensued, d
gales rinin' mid die
MiC'i'ik tilSt tin
21 votes of Ohio for 11.
j Seymour. Renewed eb ring
tevtnour row and mid hu find no
Kl l
which to llmtik tie Contention ami
regri t t! nt lilt imihc lind Iwh.ii im Mi il in
(iii"lli)ii nlTectlng bin duty nnd honor be i,
hliiml lij bis opinion ii'iiinst tlie world. Ii-,,
li"t I e nonitiinted without ntling hiinx'li c,.
j j)t,
llioc .1110 party 'II pu ll. Wl.ui Ik (Im!.i i
lunation be irie.-.rt it. He imid .111 . '( ,
ti'.bute to Pendleton and tils m i-.iij,,
iid : " Your cinuidxtr I camrit lw.
V.iMnndlglum enid In time, of i-: i . -.
and ciliimny, ever) personal eon -id riii ,n -
'tve wny. He ii'if-Ntcd that llm-jio n, ,
inti'-t yield to tbe demonstration in hi.1,
'!.!') vote must and should simul i.,r i,
SiMiioiir. lie culli .1 iii uu Bceial d !' . i
follow that lead.
Pr.incls Kermiii, of New York, to relii v.-, .
Irtxi..' iii the New York delegation, sild ihi i
no lot or part In thl movement of II, nn
bad beard something of it, but dielimd to
uu v pi.i t ia it oat of retard lor a propi rs.
m on the jirt of tlx President of n,,' ( ,
tion. I'util titber Mate should -low Ij
action that feyniour was demanded l,y i h.-' j
in Co?iention, New oilt would beHlin''
Urged tliu uei cseiiy ol m.ccc in I'.i i ..
mid eprccd bis opinion that !ej:ii,r
now .-i-ipt of the jmlginent of tl.i ( n :.
Willi lienor, nnd tlmt Ik- i-honld vii ;,l to u- w
ami w iib liiin im llnii i .ludiiUk, Ne w Yu.i.
goo,! li.r l'.C.iiOO u.ujority.
The rolUail pioct (led, with 8utc rf!-- :
rutins; its vote fur t-ytoour l.ite w .
voted lor other c:uididate cUan'ini; to N ;. i,.
Amid a aeene of the ntmont eoiilnwon ij.
lu tbe street li-can tiring asalnte lnr thi rtm
Tiidt-o, of N. w York, rose, ;;as! nfu : . ; : ..l . .
matters, announced the vote, of Sew York f .
for eylll(lur.
The Chair announced the remit "17 tl.e e
tire vote oftlie Convention for Som--':
A eene of the greatest enlbusiona oi)i d
I'reston, of Kentucky. iuv'd ! j.rnei . I o
nnmlnalc a candidate tor Vice Prreldenf.
Htcrle, of Ualifonila. for a loajority or (he
gates from his State, i.uiiilnated F. 1'. l.'lor.
Itiglcr moved a reee ol one hour. Carried
On re-nsstmbllnx lllliioit nrecDtcd tbe nili.e ff
General Mt-CTeriiand, wtio Accursed.
Ir.wa named Aninistus C. Uodse.
Kansas named tieucrat Thomas IVmg. -Jr.
In aeeordanee with the wishes of tb r?..!d',
and bailors' Convent im, I'ronton, of KcilwUv,
I (forraerlv a Coufedcrale ofltcer), iminid Oewr i
I Iflrur. He said tbe Mildhtr of he iHxiihcxtPaar i
I tlu Ir hands to the soldiers of Hie "North, In toll u
of amity and good will.
Slcdman seconded tbe nomin it'iwi
Wnde H.imiton, of J'outh C.uoiuia, K'l-tl !
the nomination.
Tb- nrm.'"f rtwln?.nid I)o,U"- were wlthdror
and iibdr was l.oiuin iu d by un.niiiuou-i tu.
the t-'tatca noting for liiin.
Tho thanks of lie' Convention were ti ml"r. ' i
the Tammany Society lor tbe us- of their L
aUo, to Chief Ju t'ei I li e for the able and n:
i I'actial maiim-r i:i wbi- u be had l-rided uu-:
. mr4.sr)lti.ri,t trUJ.
The Convention tin n adjourned.
r AJ ortkmcMit. 1
Prooeodings of tlta Farrasr'a Conventlcr.
rurmant to call of Cotnrafttec of Farts
Association, a large number of firmer of is
pal nounty assembled, in Prescott. J'jly I '
Tlie Chaiiinan of tbe Asrfocintinn bein u'
on motion, Henry Clifton was chosen to.
Chairman pru U in.
On motion, Mers Collier, Iiourr Tu"
Itlafee and Hour. tree were appointed a I r
ten to draft and report, in ininuu r
tiont for further organisation.
At the expiration !' :W mintite. tli-" r
mndi a verbal n-jmrt. that the time n
fleieut tq draft such resolutions ai.d v.
a thev uepm-'il nece-i-arv lor the r, v.
I the Association. unl reuommend' d aa o
or ugreemenl. to
bo sl;aed by the fa"
follows, to wit:
i Hmii-mirniii, iir iiur rr. ' i"1
- ' irrr. m-ltli unit luti.l ,niriu l o.B .
! wbnK iht m w.:i na tl- ls w
llB(, hsf (fl) rr r iwJ ,n ri ,,. , ,
leut. tor wtieat, cm and Imrtoy. u, be (i. (.
W tiinsta at auv tune lolwoen He- U. :
flrst day of July. A. I lWi'1 or Ihut we '
I tlian said irn for g-roin 'S fanrh l, - th- cr
I (if ininsportf.tMA fn six li ram h to na- l " 1
i vti.uttiua uf tls urreern' 'il we bnnl ,.1,1 ( -
sum of en tbouMtnil ilulliirs to tlw jrt
1'resoast, Arisuru Temiury, Julj 2'i l"1
Tbe abote uboga'ion wa.. receiw-J.
and Committee dttcbargMl.
Following are the names of fani.c-s w i
signed the above agreement:
T. W. IteicOM, James M. SsMftiril. (I Vm-n
CBftoB,. J.ibn AlrVrrn Kh l-ui.tney H J "
W. Juhtwm. YA. r. lloweM. f. K lli J (l -Miebasi
HnMwbir, Uury & II flat. I' I. f-rfn
. Imku, J. r. Wuae. Attain N i.u '
Ilinm. T. Y. (immoiii Samuel t. L'!'
T ii
aasler aad T. II. naundera.
A majority of tho- signing may, '
sequent meeting, amend or unii'ii
deemed expedient so to do.
On motion, the Society adjourned w r
rroscptt on Tuesday, September 1-t. 1
1 o'lo'ek r. m.
J. M. ROl'NTKU..
A i rvt-rnu t-nr-antU- rncnired here fr
amio City, Dakota, states that I'af-y
nnd Dick Hull, formerly of Truo-ft. .
rivod there. Patsy told the writt'r ''r..
letter that Arizona was the ,llH"fl 1
he had seen since he left it "

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