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The weekly Arizona miner. (Prescott, Ariz.) 1868-1873, January 15, 1870, Image 1

Image and text provided by Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records; Phoenix, AZ

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One Topy, OneYwir....".... $700
" Six Months 4 00
Three Months, 2 50
flnzle Copies, . 25
Paper 111 "ol he 'cnl "n'ea Pa'd fr I" d-i-n-r
nd will inrariabfa bo discontinued at the
. of the time paid for.
.ad vjr. irrr s rs"G:
One sqnare. one time, S3.00; each additional
time, il.50. Ecu additional qurc, same rate,
A liberal discount will bo made to person con
mrtiu; the me advertisement for three, six, or
l r months.
lWrnSonsl or business cards Inserted upon
rratonsMe terras,
Job J?r iiii;inpf.
Titr Mi r.n olllre Is well npplled with Prors,
t'L.n, Kanr-V and Ornamental rypc. and the pro
rr.ftor is determined Jo ojcrcute nil work with
Wrh he mfty he lavored In theneatcst'and best
(file of the art.
Work mav he ordered from any jurt of the
Terrltury, and. when accompanied with the cah,
U b- promptly executed and sent by ranll, or
i directed,
p r "as sending i mijntr for snbseription,
1 r 4. nj or job work, may forward It by mall,
rr thrrwlse, at their own risk.
Istjai Ttndtr Yores taken nt par in payment
ftr umitcnptum, adc-ertuinf and job work.
Editor and Proprietor.
Iliisincss & Professional Cards.
Turtnn, ArlioiiH,
V pnrttr Ut poffwWi la all lh Otnrtt ,4 ttntf rrrltet y.
I.a I'ai, Yumn.Count jr, ATlsonft,
Wt la UiilarM la alt th eonrta of tha Territory.
Prrseott, Arizona.
Montezuma street, l'reseott, Arizona.
Freseott, Arizona.
-v a irsc;
Motive City, Arizona Territory.
(Late of the IT. B. Amiy,)
Ofp V, (TrioM t0 th tf' afVnvl and vtdottr
v4 t I-WiC at all Wr , trln nrnfM.Wmallr
""f Ma,to Allra & WMtr'ttUff, itoolrjama
La Paz and San Bernardino.
, Th fltatrrt of th ntvtfrrignwl. urrta;
(tint I. 8. Orrrland Mall, lrr Han lUr-
'ntfttlwi f. ! I f I . '.t I . .
MdnUr. IS. .rrtr.1 of K- T 1 . f.. 1 -
I'au Ariuaa, arrlrtnc ut Ijl I'm f-Trrr SatnMar morning
an4 drptrtrar ererjr Safonlay aTealny.
t f raniijft pwUfrt, eto, (ramported at low rates.
AffJosErrt tBKSfln IJmiartlnA; nnat 4: Co,
- 'ATKRJJ k N0DI.K, IVrirtom.
lWnarlliw, JUitii 20, arrMW
Im Vaz to Presrott.
HrruUr IVfirklv Trim.
, by HUrga. with the Mall, will be made
i "" ina aou iTetcui. a luur-
rZZJ.. x .l w,n " evT HatnrOay.
'iSOWtiiff with lt. It,. . ii.. f..ur. JL .r
lSl C-11! ' rTl"! nrrlvl at Wrtrqbufa; n
lanitt? -iT!.1 TueMayt. l-in-nijeri M-
tffSLrfclWiT? ".'f ."J eoneUBg wllh
v-..ivivi uiuvivrwi eaioraay morning.
AT-PackaM, farwatiled on rcaKinabl Intnl.
Trri rt . v . JAMES Oil A NT, Contractor.
I tntm, Octobers, 18CJ.
J'toneer Meat Market.
Oranlto Street, Prcscott
Coestandy on hand,
Fork, Mutton,
Potatoe$ Onion, df.
W- i'.ICKhLy, l'rorrittor.
riMott, October S3,' IE!. 1 hllTl1-
Curious Sceno in Egypt-Tho Sheikh'.
Eido Over a Roadway of Living
Tlio accounts given by special corrcspondenta
at Cairo of the festivities In honor of the Proph
et's birthday thta year arc very cnrlons. AraoDg
Iho most singular features or tho festival Is Urn
ride of tho Sheikh over it load way of living bod
ies to tho mowjue, a progress thus recorded s
As a sort of advance guard thero came a mob
of half-naked men, shouting, yelling, howling.
Eomo whirled round and round, tossing their
arm aloft as they whirled ; some wero foaming
at the mouth, others had snakes coiled round
their necks, suakes banging from between their
tcetb, snakes twintcd anil iHiiievxnl iMiawr. l!:.-ir
hands; omo hud bare swords, which they brand-1
iiowi m me air. mere were men wiin snewcri! 1
stuck through their cheeks, men with Iron spikea t
headed with henry iron balls, who kent stiinnlnir i
me point oi uio snips upon Uu-ir palms till tb
pieces of the sharp Jugged steel, attached by ;
chains to the ball, began to fly round and round, '
and then they made n feint to bring the whirling j
balls so near their necks as to lash and gash i
mne, mouth and eyre with tho revolving blades ; j
a reint which, however, was not carried into ac-
tion, as the police seled them and pushed them I
on. I
As the harsh strains of the band came sharper !
and clearer, the yelling grew wore frantic, the
idiouts more like the inarticulate cries or animals j
In pain, !"! like those of human beings Aad
then the shrieks, yell and cries were drowned
lor a moment as trie coiiegea of dervfortf came
inarching past, each with tu .icrd banner and J
its band or music. There was aoinu utlemnt at
im'Kwly. but it teemed to me as if the masieUas '
themudvei w-re carried away by the frtnry of '
the moment and played urmn their Instruments I
in um r nntrttrs enanted Indian, wane umy joined i
In the yelling shriek or Allaq-el-Aluh: ' Un i
they came, troup after troop of green tHr halted ,
drrvUltes. with tlieir fUg aad Mtr ; aw! he- J
twiH-n every two troer" there jreed am! milh-M
the rvar gnard of the mad, emMtng mob, (
which Kh1 the way in front Over the bodies in (
the street, dervishes, tl.iu b-a.ivn nlavrra and ,
their follower traaaped forward with uaihod
Then at the end of the streets uiiutaml the
Sheikh himself, mounted on a white Arab steed, j
Kxwpt ir. harSuitie.I never taw to huge a tar-1
oan a nc wore- j ne cnonnoiu iobis oi gren j
muslin wero wound round and wind his hed
un me weigni bjui navo neen nam io support, '
even tr your urain were clear; and too wrarer, I
to all mi t ward semblance, was in a ded falnL j
.ff.i.k im . ... ,-
Ho looked like a man helplessly drunk, or drug
god with the lutnca of tobacco till he had lost all ,
consclousnesa of where ho waa, all iowerof ut
Lag his limbs. Ills head, turmoantod by Its huge
turban, buns uownhelntcjuiv over bit jfl shoul
der, bis frame kept lulling to and fro, so tnal be
would bavo fallen oil the saddle It then' had not
been men propping him upon either side i hit
month was open, the saliva waa ruuulcg down
lrom the corners of bit Una.
Tbe veiling aod the shouting had been well I
nigti dcJiienmg before ; but now it swelled tato a
very I label of shrieks and torcanu as the white
horse and his rider were led slowly on over the
aveuent of bodies. Tramp, tramp, tramp, the
boot came down over tbe postrate fipirr; nad
even amid tne uproar of tbe crowd yon could
hear tbe dull rorunch aa the horte trrxl on hit
way. A the Sheikh moved onward, the men
prang up from tbe ground on winch they lay
ie as death, hair fainting. gdg far brealh,
writhing as If in mortal pain, they loekcd one
and all a if they were In varioui ttagtrs of epl
lepuc eetivultmfc. Their eyeballs glareil out of
their okols ; their fealure were contorted with
hideous KUm ; they threw tbesuelv1 alout at
If they wuuhl dosb their beau against tne atone
an., ana ktrugcicd iitrrceiy wiiii tiieir menus,
whoe arms wero paed round their shoulders
to to prevent them from filling to the ground.
Destructibility of the World.
Fclence dlsclcw that world and suns arc de
structible, and that aggregate humanity Itself
may 1m overtaken wllh sudden annihilation, if it
ha no spiritual exlitence and no Immaterial
sphere Jfnns have disappeared from tbe heav
ens by conflagration ; and the spectroscope ns'
lately proved that thousand on tbousanas oi
miles of hydrogen are blajtiog about our own
sun. A lato a last year, star in tbe constel
lation of the Northern Cniwn (f iJbwwt), sud
denly came lnmmoui aa a star of Ibe first magni
tude; tho spectroscope proved that it wat
another conflagration of hydrogen, and that tbo
increase tmift navo neen accompanied ny an in
crease of heat, which would augment 7M tlmei
the heat of all bodies within Its influence. Hich
an exnlolon on our sun (now actually subject
to a similar phenomena on n smaller, and yet n
stupendous scale I would cotuume to vapor onr
whole system. Tho fact that these catAstrophea
do take place In the heavens, is now indlsnnta
hie ; heretofore the sudden illumination and dls
appcrrancc of tuns could not bo explained, but
the new spectroscopic apparatus demonstrates
that tbey arc caused by Uio combustion of hy
drogen ran. St Peter' tdelure (lii:7.12) of the
fate of our system, laughed at by the skeptic, is
dually goioff on. by Ihelrown ncknowledge-
Tiuk. "When 1 look upon tho tomta of the
great, said AdulMin," every emotion or envy
dies in me. hen 1 read the epitaph of tho iM-aa
tlful. every inordinate desire coca out when J
seo tho tombs of tho parents themselves I con
alder tbo vanity of crlovinK for thoo whom wo
must qnlCKiy follow. H lien x see Kings lying
over those who deposed them ; when I tea rival
wlta placed sldo by side, or holy men mat di
vided tho world with their contests and disputes,
I reflect with sorrow nnd natonlnhment on tbe
little competitions, factions and debate of man
kind. When 1 read tho sovernl dates of tho
tomb, of ome tbat died as yeaterday, nnd some
of six bnndred years bro, I consider that great
day when we shall all of us bo contemporaries,
and make our appearanco together."
A yox-KxnsivE lamp, Oiled with non-cxplo-slvo
oil, nnd capped with n pnlcht non-explosive
burner, exploded in Clovvlnnd, Ohio, one night,
not long ago. A gentleman in the room end
dimly notlcwd that "tho lamp lecmed to enlarge."
lie drutr back a ship or two, when the lamp ex
ploded, aeudtng n hundred piece of glass (lying
through tho room." It was stnndlng on n bureau
at the time, and wiw prppperly trimmed, end In
good order : yet with all thew "non exploslvf,!'
if did explode. .1 .
What Aro "Good Indians?'
I perceive In your Is!ue of TtaUrdav some n-
! marks on what Is said to liu a report of General
1 Tl . 1 . . 1 . ( . I r , ...
liiuiunq un me conumuu oi me aiuirs oi me
Pima and Maricopa Indians, and I am induced to
beliuvu that General Thomas must hare received
his Information from unreliable sources. I was
agent for the Pima and Maricopa Indians for fix
years, nnd lived on their reservation for ten
years, and I am in constant corronpondence with
persons living in that auction of the country I if
any great change in the state or affairs had taken
pluce I should aiunrcdly have been informed
oi It.
The Pima and Maricopa are good Indians,
but, faithful to their savage InMineU. they want
all they can get. and gel all they can. and they
steal. loo; but inongn mer nave killed manr
Mexicans they hare not murdered any Atnerl
About ln years ago I went about eight miles
above their recerratlon. where at the tune ther
narcti not go, tinim in large band, rrotn rear 0 :
the Apache, and I took op a tract of CtO acres '
of land. TImj Indian approved of it. and every- i
thing was right, uutil Kitlr planUil thtnolv! i
on the Gila Jtiver, above thorn; then the Indians
came out in their natural character. About 600
white men live near the Gila, higher tip than the
Indians, and have valuable farms, but none
within six miles of the reservation. 1 know as a
puidtire fact that Uio Pima and Marieopaa bare,
on th4r return from a Bght with the Apaehr.
turned their borvct K) in number--into the
cornfields of the white farmers, vrbrn the corn
was nearly iip
and completely destroyed it,
aad dared tne
farmer to rewnt Um mischief
ilone. They cam to me. as Indian Agent, bnt '.
what could I do. who bad net a rrnt of tmblie '
fund t my disposal aad never received the first i
dollar in paymmtlW ify ssrTicsi! Whm tlx-v
Wrm aad cattle, which they do whenever '
teer nave a ottaace, mere arc no means oi rvu
I can voaeh for Celotwl Raggles, the Indian
Agent referred to in the JiJuHn in General
Thomas' ttsmkL heinc an hoert tna. aad I oaa
"en tbat be has no UM with Is tww rc silei of I
tbe ivertatlon referred to. and many good. loyal
men. who nerved their eountrr darlflf tbe war. i
have ranches above IL If GetHrral TlioaMt bad
been MiMlf oft the fU,I tboeld have helleveI i
his twort. ht knewine the ewintry nad tveotile I
I do, having late rest there, and being eon-
stantiy potteti wp ta lUi oerrtat evenu r tl !
piace, i im jrzj onieo 10 ueiie?c ni :
neither Colon! Haggles nor any other w hhe .
mau sat i;w.ini tm ise n-wn uen. ou m ,
iee tniorroauon on men tenerai iitomaa nar
hU retort Is the malt of te dUagreessrot be-
. .1..- r t 1. A .1-
tween lhoc from whom he received It and the
alleged faiUera. -.1. M. itt,tn Ma.
The Esture State.
The belief, the hepe, that there Jt s fiitnre Iq, i
which the wrong of tstffering iHiBmnlly will he (
TbeodmlHS onlefed the slaaehter of the no nil
lien of a city becane his statue had Iws de
faeed. Adaniherek cat off the tbab and great
toes of threescore and tea Ltsgt, and nude theta
gather eruwh under hi table. Cmu whe4
m.nktnd had hut one seek that he tttght hack
through it Justinian blinded the tsrer of his
throne. The King of irahomoy npi sugar tM
wat while a hundred human behigt are mu
erel before hi eye, and their blood U being ,
pvddle4 with the blood of tigers. 1 Hilary pilot
opprevUn wWrlteR its Woody lah after man. I
aod man In the madness of hi despair fiyinjr Mkc
Ore4e4 to the tasaple of God, and there tilling
a a suppliant n!!en and resolute: - Here will .
i keep ray station and await the event of judg- :
i;t." Wi'.hl i ! ' ATrnrer of
all tuch m call upon Him, and a future life in
which the wicked shoald cease from troubling ;
and he troubled blmndf in turn, man, the most
down-trodden of all creature, would wrap hi
mantle about bU fe. creep like a wonnded bare
into corner nnd. aou hlznlf to death. 1 be be
lief in a jit God and a future state in which
wrongs will he redressed, has been forced into
prominence to restrain defpomm. Kron -wiin
ueb a belief tbe earih is full of violence, bot
without tbe wonld brim over. Take away the
idea of responsibility and the fear of future ret
ribution, and the veriest tyng dog will becerae a
king tork. A ttcller in a mture ot rcwaras ana
pnnisbments has thna been a natural wcape for
man groaning underdepoim. Unhr the mutt
alleging wrongs he most and will hope, and
hoping be'leve. thai somewhere there Is One
above the wrong-doer, and that at some time He
will recompense tho wrong done. Wben oppre
sion is owl intolerable, the conviction of a fu
ture of rt Tibutlve justice 1 mott lively, but
when prosperity tmlle It It almost forgotten.
When absolute monarchy or feudal despotlm
racked men vrantonly.roeti tmsied that Jrcfraftfr
the king and the noble would writhe in tbe ago
nies they Inflicted on their tnbjccts. When tbe
power of the crown and lbs coronet Is assumed
by Justice, men hope that there It no future of
suffering, or believe that It is eailly evaded.
Tbn in the times when Ilotnan despotism bad
reached iu acme, men bunt away from the sla
very popularly called citizenship, and realizing
with nh awful intensity the jV.tlco of God, which
ther Imnrecated on the tvnints. They fastod
and tortured their bodies tn dens and careJ of
the earth, that they might satisfy during life that
dlvlno iustlco which they believed would a
snrely exact atUfaction for their offences a It
would wreak vengeance on the oppressor for his
crimes. If we turn to later ages, when political
wronz-dolni: is less la amount, or aiTecU Indi
vidual lets perceptibly, we Ond that the sense of
Divine Justice and tho belief In futuro retribu
tion fado from the religious horizon, and tbat
faith I taught to justify and insure a heaven,
oven without repentance. & Jtariintj flouliL
0B of tbe cxhorter at a Washington prayer
meeting, last week, waa a man who hail left homo
in the morning with the intention of committing
suicide. Dy inu advice of a friend bo took the
prayer meeting as an alternative, and aold hla
Oven four millions of foreigners aro aald to
have landed at the port of New York in the
past ten years, bringing with, thero over flvo bill,
ions of dollar.
A MLBDKnKit. on being sentenced to bo hanged
In Terra Haute, Indiana, did not catch the date,
and inquired: when did you tar, ypur Honor,
that occurrence was, to'Uke place !
ngn"i, bm mm ti rori into uw ctokitiiit i i or lue Itiviuue atiian jv ute csuuits t um i t.w Lrr betrayers tn tbe Vlare isirctla or AIrs
1 mankind by the oppemioa of ernturie. Ihit i core mu nit r. Mhat a torrihle s of ilarkncw, . acdria aad Cairo. Other Urse bodies of children
mat taen netu a aocmae oi mmrr reuiuuuon er j auuoiino. and fjiao. to KroreT in vne race or i fronl Germany, axm the Alp. MxffT
w roHir-doins they woid have Mtak Into de pair. rach imnndeet and surtlinr rerrlaUotva from I
Tho Female Suffrngnna on Promiscuous
AlfeoUon Darkness, Diabolism,
and Chaos.
Conventicles and meetings of tho women's
rights women aru increasing iut and West, and
thrv nra wlfltfilntf lhn vlitra tifflu'lr rlUmiMinrt
from women's rights In the matter of xuffragc to j
"everything in the heaven above. In tue eartti
below, and in tho waters under tho earth." ililt
at the )at Woman's National EuITrago AmocU
tion meeting in this citv, the McFsrland-Uicb-
ardson tragedy, with all its shocking details and
teachings, was tlie engronlng subject ol
U,e !
evening's debate and rtwolailons.
Mrs. Norton led att in a resolution agant the
assaatln, decla
both sulfered the
this (Richardson) murder would never have been
committed." upon uns win a woman rtgnu
man of the free love order. namd Pool, tiok up
the aubject. He contendcl that the divorce laws
of New York were not fr and easy enotigh j
that the death-bed marriage of Kicbardoa and
Mr. McParland upon tint Indiana divorce was a
gioriAtu thing, though in defiance or the law or
New York : that women are loaded down with
laws, and be objpeted to all laws affecting wo
men, because they are women, and so on. Next
cane Mi. IHake. who, bavins a butband of ber
own. did not admire the lax divorce laws of
the Western States. In France daring the Keign
of Ti-rror, when tbe divorce law were relaxed,
a woman emld net go to a public assemblage
without teeing tlx or eight 'different hmbaods,
and Mrs. Itlake did not nt anrlhioc or tbat
kind. Mrs. Norton, for her pari, thought that a I
slate of society Weh allewM a woman sir or j
e4gbt babid was ranch belter lean tfeevfdrl i
oi oeiriy unaer watcu a poor woman was ooiig
rd to live with a Imshaod the deteeUrd. TbU, ;
mrtj, was -tpeaktog ilht out k meeting.
Mr. Sammerby. horrified, m doabt. at Mra. Nor
" ' women ng. sngjn.ic.1 toai ,
rml ttration before Umi aooieiy woman s
rtght Ui the ballot.
A eertala Dr. Hoober here Mitln li? oar. con-
Uisdtag that wowaV rTghu in matrimony were
dejw-ndent pon their prim tf the right of '
ffrare. In the dndoralde fact that nose of the
newspaper had eoa.c forth to the dcleaxi of Mr. ;
ilcFsriand yon could rm hv wvtum arc Uni-
w. ia , w. yvmmuvrn vn ;
ot marrisge as nfrthin hut prwtltQti.a. Mrs.
.nB "i p r-i
oontradd that the unettlun of fiaffrace and the I
uordtlen of divorce law were mother and child. I
Ihis wmplr tnearK that the ultimatam of the 1
woman taffrage MAaociations ! trrelave and euwy '
dirorees, i
Tata, then, at the uphot of woman suffrage. ' ;
the entertainment to which the American twople
are lsvltM free love and frwaad ray dfrorce !
oomprebmding the abolition of wt family,
and the aohrtituiios of the Fonrirrite phalanx ,
thene free lore men In netUooata amd the old
women In brwehea, aod In view of their tro
ciout design upon Kodety. McFarlaud will be
apt to be considered the avegr of an on Urged
oomrau nity rather thui an offender against It
law. Indeed, with a few more ti tbeee out
tpokes free lore xroraen's rights meetings on the
Hiohanl)on aataMinatioa it will he impiihle- to
obtain a jury on the ce.- .Vmc York Herald.
Divine Ownership.
M The hand that 4e is Dirtec" In every
part and lu the haratoniotii whole, we ho the
trace of the Divine hand whkh hat formrd o.
Our whole bears the riamp of Divine ownership.
Abu van temple with mighty pitiarm, vnkcujir
wllh the prale of the Great Architect ; of ex
quisite workmanship throughout ; the very ideal
of perfection and goodoe; whose- windows,
polbhed and transparent reflecting and conduct
ing the pnreat Ught from heaven, are el toward
the tVlea that angel only might look in, A tem
ple of tbe Holy Gbot a human habitation for
the Inn-dwrilisg of God.
Such are the possibilities of our nature, and
ruch In good truth they ore when harmonized
with the Divine wllL
Tbe perfect man I be who carries hhntelf
with obedknee, to the voice of hi Creator ; who
listeita and obey : who allow the natural tie
that bind him to his Creator and eternal life to
utter their claim before the wurid, and who, set
i Irar rtore by real happiness, urges every faculty
1 ..1. a. I .... i r f. . .
wunin mm lowaru toe goal oi cuuioramy vo uio
IHvine will In all things. He d- not deny con
rcienee, hut be denies the world and tin. He
does aot deny hi reaaon. while he trample un
der foot the vain philosophies of men. He doe
not deny his life any rational delight or plea
u re, "chile he eounta alt thine bat Iota "for
the excellent knowledge of God which he em
ploy and pursue.
lie recognizes the gTeal truth of the drep
want or hit communion with the Creator; that
tbe sonl. so wonderful and to aspiring, rests and
rejoice only when in the complacent presence
of ita great original the source and cad of all
pci fee lion.
St.T tocr Chixxkts. In building a chimney,
put u quantity of ealt into the mortar with which
the intercourse or brick r to be laid. The el
feet wilt be that there never will be any toot In
that chimney. The philosophy it thut tinted :
Tbo valt in the portion ot ue mortar wnicu it
exposed, absorbs moisture from tbe atmosphere
every damp day. The toot thus becoming damp,
fall UOWn into 100 ure-piace. ioh apmrara u
be an Kngllsh discovery. It I used witn success
in Canada.
The French aro cheerful race, and And a
joke In things where no other people would
think or looking lor one. a toon iuue nuco a
steamboat explosion on the lower MUsistippi
blew a Frenchman's better hall Into the bushy,
wherenpon the bereaved husband, when he heard
of the disaster, exclaimed, "Farewell, much
e-ttcamed wife I"
ETEitxrrr has no grey balrs. Tho flower fade,
the heart -wither, man grow old and dies, but
time writes no wrinkles on eternity. Eternltyl
O.ttudendou thought 1 Earth bas its beautie,
but time shroud them for their gravo; its pala
ee.' thev are but the elided seputchre; IU pleas
ures. thev are burstlncr bubbles. Not to in the
untried ponrngj,, In the dwelling of the, Al
nlgtity can c'bmo no fooUtepi of decay. Ijl.
of public opinion in betiair of sa " " ; no wuai one ui.iikc
ring that "bad Sickles ind Cole 1 B1 wo" 1 " oiuer urines sou -wvu i at
imt nunliilifnMit of iliolr rrimit f on liorsjc assrr. or sloomr. or haonr. at
Extraordinary Story,
The Most Remarkablo Father and Boa
of the Age.
A most remarkable case of ineangnineons af
fection and sympathy Is that of a father and son
living In the adjoining county of Fleming. The
lamer u auoui iony-nve yean or age, and the
n is not yet twenty,
ben one has anr com-
plaint the other is rlmilarlr affected. If the
father bas the headache, the son ban It at thr
same time; if one suffers with the toothache, the
other also suffers with it ; when one geU a cold,
the other ret it alo: and to it noes on thronirh
all the catalogue of ordinary complaint, liut
yet more remarkable tun is ine similarity of
their appetite, tempermenUand general actions.
tbe nam degree and at the taiwi time Is the other
angry, or gloomy, or happy, piey sneeae at
the same time, and sleep tbe f me nnraVr of
hours ; and. tbe mct remarkable of all, tber
dream at the Mine time, and the dream of one u
tbe Mmc as that of the Otlx-r. We might go on
and enMinerate many other intance of the reliP1
tionship exUting between this faUier and Son,
though the above are auQldenl a showing bow
strange aod retnsrkable that relatlonahip Is.
OuiUleKy. Meratry.
The Children's Crusade. 1
Curious lief 0 7i'ofory 7he Jforf llrrmrhMe
and Ilrutrva tf G Crumbs.
(Pnaa Kmrjrt't Mac-aria tat Dmikl
One of the most startling effects of Uck asank-
Uh delusion the truwle of the little chlUi
Arm A band ut MlfKtO Mtlrn fmm r!n.
.fid KranfB -t t tn 1?1? (n
M-pnleber. A peasant chHd of Vendome firtt
aUDH-d the croas in France, and toon aalDcrea-
nr throne of boy and cirii rathered arrmud
j htm a he putted from Paris to the South,, and,
! with a touching simplicity declared that IheV
meant to go to Jernselcm to deliver the sennf-
cher of tbe Saviour. Their parent and relations
w Viin mdwivDred to diwmade themi thev
MTyl frctm llr tiimw 1 M-.m.l.,l mA
wiUout means of uh'itmc; sad they believed
lnM m jajjjo yrxmld dry np ibe "Seatirrraneari
Ma enable tnem U) pa raielr to the shores
f Syria, At length a bodrofaeren tbousaod'
IM r rencn children reached jHaraeflle, aad
here they met with a ttransre aad uulooked for
doom. At Marseille were slave trailer who
were acenstomed to ptircj or teal children"
in order to ell them to the Raraeens, Two of
tbee monttrr. Fern and Porcm, engaged to:
lake the yoong crusader to the Holy Land with
out charge, and they set sail In seven ships for
pareage, with all their paatengt. the others
rired taTrfy. and the happy children wero rold
tne i wo or me veeM-is were sunk on the.
few were enabled to die on the sacred toil of
Syria; aod it it estimated that fifty tbeBcsd"of
the Sower of European youth were lost la the.
molt remarkable of the Crusade.
What He Would Da.
This It what M. Quad of the Detroit Frtt Prut
say he would do. If, on returning home at even
Ing. -Mother baa cootd wllh another man.'
I wonld pry open tbe door with an ax, look
into tny secretary to tee if Mrs. Quad took away,
in her bad flight the half a dollar which I had
soruMuUted by locg and successful industry; I'
would et the cold potatoes on tbe table and bid
the children weep no more, and then when we
uu s5rrprd st5jL'"'Jy. I would ray to .my sec
ond child; I-ong Primer solid, step over to Ch
code's and say to him that your fetoer would
like a short conversation with hi tutnt' And
when tbe aunt had come, I would arise and point
to my children and say. 'Hannah, these are my"
iewela. Once they bad a mother, as all children
have, but during my temporary abtence at my
I port of doty, she and the cross eyed rve tender
KK)a UK rijiux iTvuu rui i uitou. i m a iotw
man. These are my lone children. 1 hare - ob
served you many Use during the past year,
and have ihoeght of you much. If you are sot
In any other business, suppose j that that
Right here, of course, I should break down, a
every man does when proposing matrimony.
QiitllsASAh-oaldundmtaad tny btabe sm
confatlon. Interpret them aright and the would
softly ay: -One good turn deaerves another
your till death do ut part" And I would . go
out to Chicago In the morning for a divorce. '
Jaraynr. Strtnso Acoomuoihtionx A eorj
respondeat or Ibe N. Y. Xt'Jolist give tie ioV
lowing description of Japanese fieeping accuaV
modations ;
"As I was about to pass ay first night In a
Jspatiete house, I watched anxiously the prepar
ation for sleeping. These were simple enough:
matrass In the fora of a very thick quill, about
seven feet Ions; by four wide, was spread oa the
floor, and over it was laid an ample- inbe, very
long and heavily padded, and provided with
iarge sleeve. Having put on this night drest, .
the sleeper covers himself with another quilt.
and sleep that is, if he bat had some years' ex
perience in tne use ot tue iica. um toe most
remarkable feature about a Japanese bed b the
pillow. TbU It a wooden box about four laches
high, eight Inches long, and two inches wldo at
the top. It ha a cushion of folded paper on
the upper tide to rest tbe neck on, for the elab
orate manner of drusslng tbe hair doe not per
mit the Japanese, especially tne women, to press
the head on the pillow. Every morning, the up
permost paper is taken off from the cushion, ex
posing a clean cunace, witnout me cxpeoM oi
washing a plllow-cac, Paring my stay In the
country, I learned many of tho customs, master
ing the use of tho choiHttlcks, and accustoming
ray palate to the raw fresh fish, but the attempt
to balance my bead ou a two inch pillow 1 t,'ve
up in despair, after trying in vain to secure tbe
box by tying it to ray neck and bead."
The Radical difficulty In Virginia the burst-
Ing of the carpet-bag. A". Y. Leadtr. "
Coxceitkd party Aw, I ay, must"! awftake
a ticket for a puppy 1" . . ti .."it
Tieket. clerk (meditatively WNo,l nyouneaa
ravel a an ordinary pMgHr.

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