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.?. II. MAUI ON". icmtor.
Th drmUtien of the MINER tela coaildraMy great
er thus that of aty othr Arijwia pr, boilneia men sr.
trywbtrt will n4 It adtsntagtoei to rsake tsowa their
baalasu In Iti airertiiinc calsmci.
Tsere l ait a toa, Tillage, military poet, faratag or'
mlalng attlmat la the Territory lawhith the paper does
not circulate, and coplei of It are Mat to every But and
Torrlwry of the Ualoni which, cooplod -with It ago and
itaadla?! maxo It a tery dsairabta adrsrtiilng median.
' Ci.om: or Volume Td.-Thto bcinS the I liaU''y lwt b,s baUnct-wbccI, became intoxi
i..tn...tr omnium, ten. of the Wi.kkly 1 -atcd with his (little) journalistic greatness,
ihn ntrnn. n,l KnruU wku. .!nc. Remember
"1st, 1807, have, by patronage and words ot i
""w t -"
a well as to greatly improve tho paer, in
every respect.
While the patronage bestowed upon tho
office has barely enabled us to lire, add nco
ded material to the concern and make a few
t,nr i,nnrn.,mmt. ,r rn,nm,! t,A f,et
bat " ti-ei -J an c thbiccot
comfort ourself with tho knowledco that the
citiaens of Arirana have. don well by the
Kau, whose editor, on behalf of himself
and fellow proprietors, return thanks for past
favors and hopes, by hard work in tho inter
est of Arizona and Arizonans to make the
paper tatter, if poasiMe, than it ha boon in
tuu iituc. aiiir, eoiiBctiUontiy, oi 'greater use", in
spreading correct information about our no
ble Territory's resources, wants, etc.
Military and Indian News.
"Evil to mm who Evil Does'-Del-Cho
and his Pand of Bad Tooto Apaches
Warmed" by Lieut. Rico and Com
mand Killed 21; Captured 12 Del-
Che s Narrow Escapoczc., ceo.
First Lieut W. F. Iticc, 23d Infantry, who
has been scouting in Tonto Basin since Dec.
7th, arrived at Department Headquarters on
the night of Dec. 21, from Camp Verde,
wnere nc lett his netacliment ot vrnito sol-
diers and Indian scouts, attacked two" small
rancherias in tne root-hills of the JIatisal shire, and one of the early settlers in Califor
inountabs, near tho big bend of the east fork nia, where he was engaged in mining and
of the erde river, killing 21 and capturing
12 two women and 10 children. The first
rancheria struck was that of old Del-Che,
who escaped with four warriors and four of
his women. I
I rom the second rancheria, only one es-
Lt Rice's party encountered great troublo
from the heavy anovr in tbu lofty country
passed through.
Captain Jim, chief of the San Carlos scouts,
u at Department Headquarters He has dona
good servico an a scout for General Crook.
Jose Maria, tho guide, la deserving of
praise for so uccesefully tracking up tho
savages, tic knows bis business.
Lieut. Bishop, fifth Cavalry, returned
from Camp Verde, December 2-ltb.
The General Gourtmartial lately in session
at Camp Verde, has adjourned fn die.
Chaplain Gilmore is in rouU to Prescott.
Ho waa to Lavs raaobod Sao Francisco Ve
cember 10th.
Lieut. Win. J. Roas, Twcnty-first Infantry,
j. u. v., was ui, uui .muieies. ucccmDer iu.
awaiting transportation to Trescott.
' - I
V a I r . i
icsieruay waa a penect typo
of a beautiful day, warm, clear and cheery.
All our people, civil and military, enjoyed
themselves ; particulars of which will appear
in our Daily, to-morrow.
(From We4aud7'a Dally.)
Merry Christmas !
The Miner, on this pleasant Christmas
Eve, greets its two thousand patrons and
twonty thousand readers, and hopes that
such of them as may not be provided with
turkeys, chickens, etc., will have some other
good dishes upon which to feast, for, sinco
ever so long ago, it has been customary for
Christians, whithersoever dispersed around
the globe, to honor Christmas the day upon
which Christ came down, in order foaavo sin
nors by leasting and feeling good, in a gen
eral way.
Now, there are poor people, evcti in Ari
zona people who aro not able to procure
such as they ought to have to eat and drink
upon this day, and it is to them tbo kind-
hearted and benevolent among us should turn
their attention, u did the Great Being whose
coming on earth rich and poor, alike, cele
brat. He ministered to the want. of the
poor, ana mauo u tne amy ol tin followers
to do likewise,
Let all, then, who can, see that no neigh
bor or acquaintance is dissatisfied with bis or
her lot and luck, to-morrow, when every
Christian man, woman and child should feel
that ss the earth and tho good thinca thereof
aro tho Lord's, they, as his children, aro en-
titled to a share of tho good things, tho bet-
ter to enauie mem to forget, lor tuts once,
t, i...t.- r.i.:. i.i .1
think, only, of the next, where-all good peo-
pie arc believod to be on an equal footing.
Some few years ago, at Santiago do Cuba,
an oxcitement was gotten up against the Ma-
sonic fraternity, and many of its members
were arrested, tried for treason and other
false charges condemned and executed. Rc-
nnftl. L U 1. 1 A 1 .
. r Tomnteers navo raiaea
r"' . ", r. "".
only equalled by the Apaches in flendishness. course' t0 , , rcSrottcd i b,lt 3p", herself, length, with under current and all tho mod
The fraternity through tho country is pro- inaugurated it, and should not complain, em improvements. The company have ground
posiag to takaaomo means for tho relief of aloud, concerning its barbarity. enough to last for years, and plenty of water
e " "
Opr. Atotv. Tho standing army of the U.
o. is covr aoont jy.wwstroncr, and ts Divided
l r , . - - AM . . .....It
into Wvw rccimenU of infantry, eight of
cavalry and flveof Artillery. Tbo cavalry is
diatribctrd through the State and Territo
ries we! of tho Missistini. na is also the case
with nir of tho infantrr rptr!mnta wlillAnll
. mi orunery, except tne rourtn, wuicn is
on tbo Pacific coast; is stationed at the .fort
in the Eattern States, nrinntiallr alnnr- tho
I From Tuciday'e Dally.
Ijtst mall brought us tho Yuma Sentinel of
the lllth inst. It touches us rcry gingerly
for words "spoken in debate," and almost
wonders why wo condescended to notice a re
cent untruthful, uncalled for article, of a per
sonal nature, which appeared in its columns.
Well, it was, of nourse, a condescension on our
part, hut it was not the 11 rut time that duty
to ourself almost forced us to chide n puling
editorial infant one who, like the editor of
the Sentinel, had been treated so well on his
first entry into the profession, that he immc-
"vo,kn liko 11 t0H nml likc quarrelsome
Irishman, went around dragging his coat be-
Idnd him Mmost begging some person to step
.... ..i:. r.t.cj ...l ....1 ..t.1..,l ...
(UVtuuuf ui iuuoviiviiiii,aiii, uu uau iauiu
whining and snivelling at us for not having
neglected our business and walked a couplo
of rollca to send hira a "fiery-winged" ills
patch, in answer to a "gloriously worded"
ooa 'om Mnwclf, wo thought our tlmo had
como to bring him to his senses, ere ho could
"ve tun0 t0 etumblu 8ainst eomu olt)er
cdltor who not knowing his talstallian pc-
culiaritics as wo did, might givo hira too un
coliaritiw as wo did, might givo mm too un-
merciful a castigation, for all of which kind-1
ness and condescension this lubberly person
accuses us of attacking him with "billings
gate," a cry raised by cornered editors from
. ...ma imm.mAW'l, .nd ono frhl a It mo immense I
personage as tho editor of tho Sentinel
ought not to have made. -As to having
changed our opinion of this editor, wo have
not done any such thing; we merely suppres
sed it, in order to give him a start in tho
world, not however, to lot him have tho start
of us; and now if he will hereafter behave
himself, he will find us as good a friend in the
future as in tho. past.
A Good Max Gone. A, telegram to Mr.
N. B. Bowers, to-day, announces the death,
by consumption, of his brother, Herbert
Bowers, in San Francisco, Sunday, December
21, aged 51 years. Mr. Jiowcrs was anative
0f Greenfield, Hillsboro County, New Hamp
other business, being for a long time in Ne
vada City, engaged in a banking business,
He came to Arizona about ten years ago,
and after placer raining on Hassayampa and
Lynx creeks, obtained the appointment of
Sutler at Fort Whipple, which position he
held at the timo of his death.
Sir. Bowers was a member of the Masonic
and Odd-Fellow Lodges in Prescott, and one
of tho most respected members of the com
munity. A pioneer in Northern Arizona ho
was well known. throughout the Territory, and
tho news of his death will occasion profound
regret among his numerous friends throughout
this Territory and in California.
While hundreds, perhaps thousand, of
cattle, sheep, etc., perished in Northern Cali
fornia during the late run of rain and snow,
wo have yet to learn of any of our stock men
suffering loss from our late storms, which have
been severe and almost unJookcd for. Tbo
lact is, Arizona is tne nest siock country in i
f . Al t . i
the Union, ouUide of Texas, to which our
I "UTriforv m. in onft nmnt. i!iTwnnri w hA.r
I - - - j g- . - - p w .
no cold northers here, as they have in Texas,
and no consenuent loss. Then. Arizona eras
K. renja5r. cood tbo vear around. and. beinc
a mountanious country, covered with timber
and brush to a great extent, affords a
change of pasture, an even, temperate climate,
puro air and good water, of which few of tho
old States can boast. These things ouL'ht to
induce stock owners and raisers to como here
at once and make uso of tho world of grass,
etc, that is going to waste.
Can't say that we aro sorry for Mr. Attor
ney-General Williams. Ho ought to havo
had better luck than to havo been rejected
by the Senate. I5,ut. he can stand tho rejee
tion if the President will only keep him in tho
position of Attorney-.General of the United
oiaies. uut, again, can President urant
stand up against public opinion, and keep Mr.
Williams, now that tho Republic, through its
Senate, has rsjectod him for Chief Justice?
Wa guess not.
One of onr dispatches, yesterday, leads us
to believe that Congress has restored to itself
the privilege of franking, and, wo believe, to
newspapers, tho right of free circulation in
tho counties where published, with, perhaps,
free (of lostage) exchanges, . of wbieb, If
r' " , ....-.., ..-.,
true, will not, in tbo least, clato us, for we
could havo made an honest living without any
"favora" of thwkmd from Congress.
The Inyo (Cal.,) Independent feels a little
uncomfortable over the flattering reports
f . l . i e .li. m . . . .
that Invo affords a better flplH (nr mining
irum iuu mines i tuia lernmrv. ana inaiaLa
Lmratlnm than -v h w.u.n.i Ai.trs,,
Wn . fh rl, r ' . J
, . , 1 .
commend their local resources, when it can
" "ono wlta justice, but wo look upon this
matter as a niece of extraordinary eucas-
work, and nothing more.
Unlucky day was it for the Spaniards when
"eT butchered tho poor, helpless Virginius
captives, as, sinco that uay, tho Cubans have
taken captive and killed more than enough
. . I
to atone for tno lives taken by order of the
,)rate, - of warfare is, of
n,, r, .. rn .
The Morning Call, of 8an Francisco, com-
plcted its seventeenth year December 1st. It
atJi mc" muuiicnueui iu pontics, anu nas a
t ! .1 I . I . . I ' . f ,
lM8e circulation larger, it claims, than any"
other Journal en tho coast. Bo that
maythCllsaTvl'0" 11
edly, a paying institution. UUUM
edly. a navlncr institute
The total length of the Sutro Tunnel is.
6,211 feet, only llOOO feet of which is fnUsise.
4 mi..i arv Eowtj qow ft rapidly, .
Vttm WrOoenlay'a t)ally.
Yuma Mattors.
Tho Arizona Sentinel of the 13th gives tho
lion's share of tho pralso bestowed on that
pajer since Judge Horry becamo its editor to
J. 0. Kacon, foreman of the office. That
is right. We know that the editor is not a
printer, but his size demanded an increase in
the dimensions of tho Sentinel, and after ho
took charge of the concent the expansion of
tho sheet and tho comploto control of tho
mechanical work gave Mr. Ilacon a chance to
do himself justice and ho lm succeeded in
making the Sentinel a respcctablo paper. .
Tho Feast of the Imiuaculato Conception
gave an excuse lor tne uarK-compiexioncu
resident ol "'Yuma to indulge in a general
drunk, little collisions occurred, anu one
Gallcgos was fined fifty dollars for striking a
man with a pistol. -
Messrs L. W. and J. S. Oarr, young men
who hacbeen in business in Arizona for av
eral years, intend to go rnto stock raising
bolow Tucson, and arc now In California rua
kjn tho noccgMry arrantrcmonta
A ..phln dispatch to the- Sentinel
states that a bill lias been introduced -in the
Scnat0i to incorporate a railroad from the
mouth 0f tho Arkansas river to a point on the
Colorado river and thence to San Francisco,
Tho bill only asks the right of way.
Letter from Gov. Fesauoira.
Wo givo below a letter from tho Governor
of Sonora to tho San Francisco Alta, relative
to Apache outrages in that State. Whatever
view may bo taken of the case elsewhere, wa
nro sure all Arizonana will sympathise with
our unfortunate Mexican neighbors:
Uues. Bonora, November 5, 1373,
VAdort Alia . The letter of Edward l Stnlib,
CommlMlnuer of Indian Airitrn. addressed to nit,
has not reached tne, and I obtained a knowledge
of It solely from Its publication in the Alta; but
i navo to-aay sent a reply, in the nopo mat ma in
tclllircnco and sense or luitlce will put an end to
tbo great evils Inflicted on Sonora by the Apaches
or mo uuiricnnus Jtescrvanon.
I sopnose be will agree with me that the re-
sponslblllty of the Indian llurcau of tbo United
wbTb Ut JTfhh" Tnt.
nlshcd to the Apacues tucir excellent turns (as the
&in Dlcco Union has charged), their army sad
dles or their army clothing. The saracea have
appeared In Sonora with army saddle, army
clutmnt;, army bianKct, anu aitnough the presen
tation ortbeso things to ibetu by the Government
of the United States would be considered otfen-
sivo by our people under present circumstances.
yet ot the liberality In itself, tho Government of
Mexico could not complain.
Neither does it concern Mexico to know that
Gen Howard did not makcatrcaty in writing with
Cacblae, or that bo told tbo savage that raids Into
Mexico would be considered as if made into
American territory. The main point of the re
sponsibility of tbo Indian Bureau conalau in the
tact that Cacblso and hi tribe, whllo llrlug on tbo
Cblrlcahua reservation, at peace with the Ameri
can authorities, by virtue of au agreement, writ
ten or unwritten, with lien Howard, make syste
matic excursions into Sonora to plunder and slay
the citizens of Mexico. These Indians have made
their Jorey: costlscosslr every dav. and neither
tho local, civil, nor military authorities of the
united states nave prevented or made auy serious
attempt to preVcnt tbelr crimes, nor have tbey
even been authorized to Intervene.
Suppose that Mexico should establish a colony
of professional murderers and highwaymen on
tne oorder, near some American settlement, and
protect them there whllo they made their settle
ment a focus of conspiracy against the order,
property and the lives of tho citizens ol the
United States : would not. in such case, the Indi
an Bureau agree with mo that Mexleo had com
mitted a serious International crime ? And If that
oe so, win jiremitn deny mat a similar otrence
has been committed in the establishment or that
focus or devastation aud death tor the peon
focus of devastation aud death lor the people of
fan 00 the Ufddwhut reservation, and that
, and that
i responsi-
fnw h nfr.mr.AV
m V M WttbMkV
The only method of avoldlncr tho rcsnonalbilitv
wonld be by proving that the Apaches, who rob
and mnrdcr our people, are not those who live on
tne Arizona reservation, but this is Impossible.
There are hundreds of witnesses, tbouaandsof
evidences and proors, in uansestlng abundance,
ajratnsi toe unincsuus reservation Indians. I tc-
fer you to the Ures Estrella ol the 10th of Octo
ber, sent to you with this. i
in other numbers or the same journal yon will
III read of numerous assassinations and denfo-
datlons, committed by the same savages, arnxd
with excellent rifles aud the best metallic cart
ridges. Ail the Apaches coming into Sonora tru
now provided with the best weapons, which ire
very scarce in Honors, and cannot be obtained
here by our citizens, nor even by the Government,
without ordering them from distant cities. D4cs
it'uot seem strange that tbey should all have Ibe
nesi mica i
I tbank von for vour plea In behalf of Instice.
and I trust you will continue to demand a prompt
by the reservation Apaches, and for the disgrace
enaing ior mo mierini:i mulcted upon rjooora
science of the American people has already re
belled against the course pursued toward the
Apaches in Sonora. and that the Alta is the faith-
fnl reflex of tbo public opinion. With the highest
appreciation, V. Pesqueiuu
John Smith, of McDowell, seems determin
ed to prcscrvo his name in tho annals of the
country, though he has no children to namo
after himself. His liberality in improving
tho school house in Phconlr, at his personal
expense, as noticed in our Salt River Valley
correspondence, in Monday's iisao, shows
ft,tPMwltnei.luIrW tnltln
his character, and he is bound to help some
body's children to get along. If John should
bo as careful of the wants of a constituency
a of the needs of the rising generation in
I Phoenix, he would mako a good Delegate to
I 1j
i uwhkiwd.
The Spring Valley Canal and Mining Co..
of Oherokco Elat, Butte county, Cal.. sent to
San Francisco last October a rnld hir mnu.
,n rranc"coi 't tctooer, a goia oar mcas-
uring 11x51 inches on top, S inches thick
and 13.t5J inches on tbo bottom. It weigh
cd 3,580 ounces, and was valued at the mint
at 871,273 19. In November tho samo com
pany sent down another bar worth over 00,-
000, and expect to eCnd, this month, over
870,000 more to tho mint. These immense
yields of gold aro tho rusulti of placer min
ing on a large scale. The dirt washed is run
off throuirh flume two and a half mile. I
to work xe th
Major Wo U. liooper is now at Boston
Highlands, Massachusetts, wblb his father I
spending thQ winter in California, Tho Ma
Jor's health, which was poor when ho left
has improved, but ho WyS
tuat Boston' . winter climato is a, btUo too
frosty for him.
I CtnTmutleat has decided tdissuatbere
t setvv m 3 f 1,000 of Grcorib'acks'.
Special Dispatches to tho Arizona Miner,
uy western union nnd u. S.
Military Lines.
Penalties for Rovenue Frauds.
Surrendor of the Virginius Pris
Sicklos Resignation Accoptod.
About Confirmation of Crook.
Firo in Hartford, Connecticut.
Judge Hager Elocted to tho Sen
Railroad Items.
Six Murders in Lincoln, N. M.
Grant Sticks to Williams.
Tho Ville du Havre.
Pennsylvania Majority for New
Charges Against Williams.
Bazxine Fillibuster Steamer
Q(n. Shorman Resumption of
Fiik & Hatch.
Death of
The War in Spain.
&c, &c, &c.
New York, Dec. 22. Judge Davis has
issued an order nirainst Sheriff Brcnnan and
deputy, requiring them to show cause why
they should not be punished for contempt in
nttnu'trir. till, rtnrr t!utf Hpnpf in ff-fnf
I The king of Asbantcc is not dead, as was
1 Gen Gonzales has been elected Governor
if San Domingo.
i WoodrulTifc Morrison of South Brooklyn,
thnso books wero seized some time ago,
charging that they had derrauded uovern
isent, olfer to nay 35,000 as penalties.
(Washington, Dec. 22 Attorney General
mlliatus has sent Secretary Fish a written
oanion to tho effect that tbo Virginius had
na rigut to carry the American nag.
the New York Tribuno gives a detailed
actount ot tbo surrender of Virginius pris
onirs on board tho Juniata at Moro Castle,
six miles below Santiago de Cuba. The poor
rcluws had been most inhumanly treated
an( their clothing was in tatters. The Span
iarjs led them to believe, till tho last mo
melt, that they were to bo led out to execu
tioj. When they saw the United States
Had Hying over the Juniata, they know do
Hvrancc bad come, and their expressions of
joy were almost frantic. Olllccrs and men
alile gave them clothing, and the Juniata
saved for Key est.
,The resignation of Minister Sickles has
bn accepted. The New Y'ork Times says
tbtt no din his best to embroil this country
in i war with bpain, and tnat tne recent ne
gotations with that country were carried on
without regard to mm.
The President returned from St. Louis this
Investigations as to tho character cf tho
Virginius will be commenced at New York
Government is powerless to proceed against
Patterson, to whom tlio register lor tho vca
sel was issued, on account or satuto of limi
Boston, Dec. 23. The wife of Alex A
Agassiz.sou ofcthc late Professor, died last
night of pneumonia, superinduced by fatigue
resulting J rom her attendance upon her lath
Hartford, Dec. 23. The largo manilla pa
Est mill of C. A. Duxter it Sons, at Windsor
akes, was burned down last night, together
with the machinery. Tho loss loots up $75,
uvu ; insured ior bwm
bacramento, Doc. 2d. In the Senate, yes
terday, Kent introduced a resolution asking
Uongrcsd to grant tlio lores t lands in Califor
ma to the state. It was referred to the com
tnittee on Federal Relations.
In tho joint session of the legislature, to
day, Judge Hager was elected to the United
States Scnato tor tho short term.
Washington, Dec. 23. A rumor is beinc
circulated among members of Congress that
Uol lorn A. Scott leu in this city last week
the draft of a bill providing for a Government
loan to the Northern Pacific and Texas Pa-
ciflc railroads tho amount of 62.'i,000.000 each
It is also rumored that Senator Windoui. o
Minnesota, is to engineer the movement in
the Senate, aud that tho combination western
and southern Interests aro bcini; eflected iu
Philadelphia to be ready for action at oiico
after tho holidays. Sixty-eight Senators aro
claimed to have been already secured for tho
In tho House, Houghton, of California
says he will favor the extension of aid to tb
Texas and Pacific Company to an amount
sufficient to cnablo it to comploto its road to
Fort Worth, so m to make its Texas money
anu land grunt suusiuies available fur futuru
prosperity of tho work. This is probably in
tended as a middle measure and will be
proposed as a compromise in caso tho original
proposition cannot pass.
Ibe prospects for the confirmation of Lieut
Colono. Crook as Brigadier General aro look
ing brighter. A very strong preasuro is be
ing exerted in his favor.
Washington. Dec. 21. In addition to two
bills providing for a through railroad from
Chicago to the Seaboard, another will be in
troduced for a railroad direct from Omaha to
New York in tho nearest possible straight
Attorney-General Williams tclej'rapbs to
the Military Headquarters at San i'rancisco
that the legal question as to Gvn. Crook'a
promotion has been settled favorably, and
that Crook will now bo conllrr.icd.
President Grant says be I'.oes not regard
any derogatory reports consuming Attorney.
General Williams woctb.y of the slightest
notice, and positively dcrilos tho story that
ho will withdraw the namo of Williams for
tho Chief Justiceship. Williams will now
doubtlets bo conflr.ncd.
Tbo President announces that ho will make
future Territorial appointments outside of
tho Territories on account of the bitterness
of local party feelings.
New York, Dec. 23. The Tribuno pub
mbtfl a lotUr civinif-nartitmlum t. tlit,r
,4.Sf'tb(LvlJIc r,to XIavr, and, saya the tntira
blame lies with the officers on wutch on the
steamer. Officers and crew acted most cow
ardly, saving themselves and leaving women
and children. Not a single passenger was
taken from the steamer in boats, but twonty
of tho crew reached tho ship without wet
ting their shoes.
Uoston, Dec. 21. bolicitoT Jlcnly kivcs
lis opinion that four women recently elected,
cannot legally serve on Boston school com
Harrisburg, Dec. 21. Complete official re
turns make thu majority for now constitu
tion, 140,150.
Madrid, Dec. Generals Martcnc and
I.oma have reentered the provlnco of Biscay
with liOOmen.
Uayonne, Dec. 21. ."steamers at bebaton
aro embarking the republican troops under
Ueneral .Maricnc.
London, Dec. 23. The hostile tono of tho
recent pastorals issued by French Bishops
have caused the uovcrnmcnt to renew their
complaints against France.
liazaiuu has been taken to banta Jlarga-
rite, his place of imprisonment.
Washington. Dec. 21. A prominent Re
publican says Williams will request tho I'res-
dent to withdraw ins nomination. YY lillo
most of tho charges vanish on investigation,
he is seriously compromised by scandal con-
scaucnt on removal of U. S. District Attor
ney Glbbs of Orogon, and by evidence that
a six hundred dollar carriage used by his
family, was pnid for out of thu contingent
fund of tho Department of Justice.
Key Vest dispatches say tho atcamer
Wyoming left for Aspinwall last night to
bring to former port the captured steamer
Gen. Shorman, which has )ecn tlllibustcring
In the neighborhood of Honduras under tho
American flag.
New i ork, Dec. Z. it is probable that tlio
Pacific Mail Steamship Company line will
lose a couplo of millions dollars on their
subsidy to China line, on account of non-com
plianco with the law, requiring iron vcmcIs lor
New York, Dec. 24. Fisk Jb Hatch, a well
known banking firm and financial agents for
the Central Pacific and Chesapeake and Ohio
and other railroads havo resumed.
It is rumored that the Emperor William is
The civil war in San Domineo is coing
against President mcz.
Gold in New York 110 and 11UJ.
Greenbacks in San Francisco 91 J and 92.
Merry Christinas to all.
No report been received hero by cither
paper to-day; consequently can send you no
report to- morrow, iriuay.
W. h. SMITH,
Tel. Operator and Agent Ass. Press,
San Deigo, Cal.
Territorial Dispatches.
Tucson, Dec. 23. A letter to tho Citizen
of Doccmber 18, from Fort Stanton, New
.Mexico, says that a few nights previous, at
Lincoln, David Warner, Mr. Herrell, John L.
uylutn ana Juan .Martin, all resident of Lin
coln county, were killed. It seems Juan
Martin, constable, and a posso tried to arrest
two of tho others nnd that Warner killed
tho constable and the posso killed him. Tho
bodies of tbo other two having been found
completely riddled with bullets some distance
out of town. It Is beliovcd thoy worn
killed after bavins surrendered. A fe to
nights afterwards tbo bodies of two Mexi
cans were found in a stream near Lincoln anil
the friends of Herrell wero suspicioned of
being the murderers. The Sheriff of the
county with a posso of twenty-five men, un
dertook to arrest them ten Texana in num
ber but tbo latter wero drawn up in lino
with Henry rifles and revolvers, and prompt
ly invited the sheriff and party to come on.
itic latter did not accent, and no arrests
were made.
Capt. Montgomery and wifs with fifteen
recruits, leave for Camps Grant and Apacho
Lt. Forbmh has recently killed a dozen
wild turkeys for Christma, and some deer
cast of town.
Weather clear, days warm and nights cool
Tucson, Dec. 24. Hon. It. W. Raymond,
U. S. Commissioner of Mining Statistics, has
requested the Surveyor General of this Ter
ritory to supply him with a concise state
ment or the progresses mado m mining In
Arizona for 1878. Also tbo product of enld.
silver, lead, etc., for tho samo period. Tho
surveyor General has, therefore, ent letters
of inquiry to Ool H. A. Bicclow, of Yavapai
couty ; A. J. Finlay and F. P. Goodwin, of
turns county ; Hon W. r . Ilenning, of Mo
have, and also to some others, for tbo neces
sary information. As tho facta aro required j
to bo in New Y'ork early in February next, !
it is expected that all addressed will prompt
ly attend to the matter, so that each locality
can havo proper credit in tho Commissioners
forthcoming report. Tho smallncss of tho
appropriation available for collecting statis
tics compels the Commissioner to gather tho
data by correspondence.
Tho new instructions of Commissioner
Drummond regarding mora exact marking of
mining claims at tho time of the original lo
cation, and in notice for local record, have
been received at tho Surveyor General's
office, and will appear In tho Citizen next
Saturday. The instructions aro of prime in
terest to applicants for patents to mineral
Phoonir, Dec. 23. W. B. Hcllings & Co.
are to havo a big egg-nog at noon on Christ
mas day, and a ball in tbo evening, for the
benefit of the operators on the place.
Thore is to bo a horse race in town on
Christmas, tho winner to take both horses.
Tucson, Dec. 2-1 Jesus Ortega, a man
indioted for participation in the Mission Camp
massacre, Decomher 24th, 1870, waa recently
Identified by 0. O. Mix, in Bakcrfiold, Cal.
Tho fact wa telegraphed to Yuma officials
whoconsultod Governor Safford by telegraph,
which resulted in tho Governor's sending a
requistion by mail for Ortega and tho appoint
ment of Sheriff Goodwin, of Yuma, to act a
agent on behalf of this Territory as provided
by our law.
Thomas Kwing and C E. Curtis, beef con
tractors, leave here for Prescott next Sunday
ujr junuio conveyance.
Rumor lias it that Spain baa proof tuat tho
Virginias bad no right, at tho time of her
capture, to carry tho U. 8. flag, benco sho
may demand tho return of tho Virginius,
will not saluto our flag to-morrow, aa was
agreed upon, and will probably demand apol
ogies irom tno u. a. Government.
A mining district, situate on the other aide
of tho Colorado, northeast from Prescott. and
distant 170 milea from Los Angelw, and in a
direct lino to Piochc, called Pauamint, ia com
ing into notice. Tbo mineral bolt compria
ing tbo district ia about fire miles
widoand twenty long. Some largo paying
veins havo ben discovered, and ono mine baa
been sold for 820,000. Us Angelca ia be
coming alivo to tho Importance of securing
the trade of theeo ojiuide raining districU
w.k.uixuxMt kdw'p b. urxtrsos, c.tt.vzn,.
Salt llivor Valloy, Arizona.
Oar lllll rivn l.tloj lo full oi.trullo, at irrut4
to furniiU Hit niaiVtl vritli a quulltr of Klour, nblch w.
Rturautte fir iuriof to uny innoufwturiJ In tti Terri
tory, nod fully iual loth trry Uil IrnportM from Call-
riirnla. Mill kf cooitaotly od kaad at tbi Mill, and
at our MTtnl autt(.
In 25, 50, and 100-Pound Sacks
A literal ffloocM will lx raa.1 on rsfnlar ratta lo
Gideon TJOMtxr. Pnimtt
J. 11. niliSOX Wiekburf.
lUiewrrfc BLOCK.., Iloenli.
lloosi Sl Cabb Marker Wttla,
E. X. ruil Si CD Floreaea.
K. N. run it Co , .....Tum.
W. B. HELI.INQ8 K 00.
Rait PhoMila. Arizona. t,oun
Phoenix. Arizona.
Th umtmlfrnrd having orwned tM ItoUl, aunm Ui
puLUo ibal no isilu or citit will b iurl to aatt It
THE Hotel of tti Territory.
MlajrJ. room fur UidIIIm. In ronaMUo with th IIoKl.
A (Owl ftubU and I'ttd Yard atlatbtd In tht tnU!i.
Coro one, coma all
Akd s;lre id. a call.
noTltr J.J. (lAltl)INElt, !roprltor.
Career Washington nnd Montezuma Sta,
MTjics,' Liquors and Cigars,
Two Billiard Tables in the Establiahment
k. natuiks. d. DirrarrcH.
Maricopa County, Arizona,
Out Motto: 'Quiet Sola and Small Profit!
J. Coldwater & Bro.,
; i?i3icEnsrix:, Arizona,
Hart oa haul a Largv aaJ Oca pie t Block of
Oiifilo(r, eTerytblnir ru!rd In bralnff noantry,.
ad'whteh tby will tU th. low eft BouibU prWi.
HlgtetVprica paid fir Qraliu fblif
Ilio?nix? Arizona,
JOHN GEORGE, Proprietor.
3h raring department will eomloti th raa
tnut it yU. SiCALfi AT ALU HOUltS.
D7rtccnt. by OnOItGH i V.'ALTCR3, wit b. tap
lWd with the beat of Uquon, 4c.
rcnii, Markka county, A. T., Anjuil 51, 1872.
....DKALERS IN ....
Groctria, Protltiont, Clothing, Dry-Qoodt
IhoUy Shott, Tobacco, de.
Piiaawx, M.uiicorA CotiNTr, Arizoka.
KT" Sell cbcapr than any other merchants In
central Arizona nor20'fi7.
New Store New Goods.
announcing to tb public tliat T bav ut rMlrJ, '
ru(Mi, and ar. now aelllng and othring fr ta1. la w
South Bide of Flnsa, Preacott, Arizona,
"One rloor Eat of Woriror k. Wertbclro.r'iJ
Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods,
Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Gaitors,
Of all kloda as4 tltpa, for ladies, onU.own and tJ.
prat care by on of 0 firm, fwbo will ral In 8an
r'ranelaco for lb. urpoa of buj-l.p more cooda, at
small advance m ewtj, sad with fecial r to tali
market, we are conrkteot that we can sell ur foods
Than any other Houe lo Ibe TerrliT. We ara Ibfrt
lore certain that a to quality atd jidopULUKy ta lae
wants of tbo QmtuueHy our ttuei la aniorjawd.
Tot thfui reaaoTia -w. reapectftilly aollelt a ifaare of l
rWi rnlronare, belletf wMred that try. foods atd
Tvtooa tannot fall i rfn entire eatlaraetkia,
Z5TVwtcj ZithKgti far GaU put.u3
rrtaeott, XoTcmbnr 70, lrTYX nWif
V TUJ5..,.
Eal rlenty cf boU) , 4
u fa t S4 1 borir.,a8d aa afos
ou wlUtooabeasttrosgaitaeZy
unu&a tt wm a a
ana uits of building a road to Paaamlnt,

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