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The Illinois free trader and LaSalle County commercial advertiser. [volume] (Ottawa, Ill.) 1841-1843, June 04, 1841, Image 1

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A X I) 1, A S A L L K C () U X 'f V 0 O M lu E II C I A L A I) V K It T I S E 11 .
volumi: I I.
OTTAWA, ILLINOIS, Kit! DAY, JUNL 1, l .: 1 1 .
I't II 1. 1 Mil III WIIIIKI.V lit
f. t S.:IIc tint I, ttnr iliuir fnnii lie tinrl!:-irt ctirnrr
I'f tilt 'j'l'c .Vyl.wc.
r i; it M s :
Two doll. us ;ni(! liliy tenl.-- per annual, if paid in
M.l iiut't' ; 'I'll ice dollars it' not paid hi t tc I he c pi
k aliou of tin- In. l.siv ntoiilli.-; Ami direr dollar
.iii.l Iwi-m v -!i i- onil.i if d.lavrd until (lie cud ol
tlir vr;iV"
A1vim in-i-itioiili itis atrd at i per Miiun' I'.r
I'm :irt in n, an I 2- c'iit l'.r carli u!i
s - 1 1 1 1 1 1. in-:. "'tin:. li'irral discount in !:! In
lliii 'iii a:K( Til. i' liy tin- year.
(P j'.N'o .iirr discontinued until all airi-aia." .-.
urc paid, unless at die kj-Ii.mi ol th" cdiior..
.Ml ro n tciiii.'.itioii-i, tn riisuir a! : 1 1 1 : j . n 1 1: !
lie post paiil.
Of every tb'.fi ijition, rxr-iitcd ill tin- ne.ilc.-t
inanniT. nl I'ic iu,i:al plies.
OTTAWA is the s.'.tt nl' justice nl' I. a Sola
c .tintv ; is sainted at the junction nl'tlie I'u iicr
iili the lllirinis, .'.ID miles, by water, from a'rit
It juis, iiud mid-way lict ween I 'liiraio and l'i mi aa.
Ajjriit or ''' Trader.
At Mnr, ?pml, I.a Salle cuuntv, III.
I '. li. M i i.i.H, ll.it Inn.
A. . i I rii, Smith's mills.
.1 mix ( i . ii i.:; v , Trny i rov e.
I.. V. Di m M o.' k, Vrrinili.e.n illo.
H:iy I'll i i.i.i ps M mi i on, ( I n.li in ere,!.. )
I ', V. I!..! MII.IIS. 1'. M. I'lllltia.".
K.-.bs M 'ii. v , .M.irau'ii mill.
m:h i. t'l.tr-r, H.i t . K ine Co. III.
Willi im I! i it , li air Van l!uieti. 111.
V I L I 1 M K. II a 1 1 w n . . s i ii! ' u r . Illiimis.
IIi.miy II li K s, l!ic:,,' mill, IV K-il!i Cn. 111.
V. W. Wivv, OsAc-Kaue Co. II!.
AvrmiMT I'rr . i u. I'uiuieslinrn', HeleCn. I!1.
in:: :!t : i;i:t: ;:.
I k:i '.v two l'ii 'nils, iii 111 licit alike
A.i e'er you sa-.v two sf ini; s ;
A:rl no Mireiiulni.H could tind
,A iliiScretiee in tV.'ir butiip.'.
j.ic tiKi!: a j i.i i r, and liia 1:1,'
' ,'us Ii:i; ;.:i.t lh:in n K in i;"t-;
II. i i!,i!.!i n all can n ad iiud v.uii'.
And talk ul' iue;i and tliiuiis.
'J'lio other Ion!; no paper, and
While strolling i!irouL;h tlir wood,
A tree f'll dm :i upon I. is it.hvh,
And killed him a.s it !nii!l
Hud lie heen reading of the news,
At home like n.-i-ihii r Jim,
I'll !ict a cent the aeci.'. -ul
Would not h ive li,i i.'Ued hi.:i.
rrim the Soiitlicrn l.ilcraiy Mcssrn",i'r.
Ri.il uifiss-nr.i:.
A Morj f l!ir i tli-V. sUTii IloriU r.
11 V s. T ' K 1 l: it N A S.
C n.lukJ.
Wiihin five minutes after the -arrival
id' I'dliott, every living beinur in die :-et-tlenu.'tit
was i olb eted w ithin t!ie stock
atle furl at Wheeling. The story of the
youth was told in a few words.
"This is a distresMni;' affair," said ( Nil.
Zane, the commandant of the carrisnu.
"It is forliiiiiiif', however, that .Major
McCnlloch is with us to-d ay. Twelve
liiouuteil -nieii under his command will
rapture the copper colored rascahi bt lore
sunset, and it store the tle-.ir child to ns
iinhiirmed. hat sav you, -Major Me
Cutl.ich?" "I am always rratly, sir, for any thino
in the shape of an Indian light," replied
the intrepid hunter.
"Then .'elect twelve men myself a
monrf the number mount ns on t lit
llcetest hoiscs we can find, ant! dint I
need not tell you more. Time is prec-;
iotN. Vou pick the men, and I go now
to get the horses in readiness."
"It shall he done," answered McCul
loch, "and ipiieklv too! Lewis Welz
el !"
"lleie!" replied Lew is, as he elbowed
his way throiiolt the group of persons
that hail collected around the major.
"I put you at the head of the list, and
will expect much from mU" continued
"Major .Mae," said Wetzel, "1 don't
like the Colonel's plan, any way I can
fift il through. I suppose we all want lo
have the child fotch hack safe and sound,
liut I know vciy well the thing can't be
done, 'oording to the colonel's plan."
"Whv not?" respectfully inquired Me
Culloch, who reposed almost unbounded
"confidence in die judgment and skill ol
Lewis Wetzel.
i ''Ileeauso the very minute Ohl Cross
fire finds himself
"Old Cross-I'ire !" exclaimed a dozen
voices at once.
; "Old Cross-Fire!" repeated Wetzel,
with rather a snccriiiii emphasis, "he's
at the lop ami bottom of this business ;
nnd the very minute he finds ' himself
hunfed down by horsemen, he will nerdp
poor Hose, and then take good care to
'ell and lus cursed red-skin gaiio
. ,.l"'"- ..rtn s way."
' - - . . 1 1 T 1 i i i i
iir iiftitr ii.i fern i-i,itr i 1 1
i iiwr in vil JllIWi? lilli JUULlll
Ranjj to be Old Cross-Fire's !" usket
p JSIcOuHoeh.
1 "Why, you sec, Major Mae, 1 jest
tuck the trouble, n-bit ago, to pick out
Mtho bullet that was lodged in Elliott's
5 horse. Hera it is. I know the size of
thfi old rascal's balls too well to be mis
4s x on are ii:',ht,
,1 M.Oiil-
loeli, afliT he liM'.l (.XTiuiiR'il tlic shapr
1 1' pil'IT: n' le.ii.' .
"Tliciv's narv ('.uiilil abiiiit ii," rrplic.l
I ' mii RlliTtiim," i riiiai kial .MiCn!-Iih-!i,
airc wiili you that itis mil pi'ii
(li'lit In ;ro iitt'iiii It-'t. t' will ;:11 mi
'I iloii'l like that, n;.'iiliT,'' said Wc!
Va . 'If m i: nil on, tlici'i' v. ill lie loo ma
ny id' us lo do any oooil."
llow many do oa thin!, w iil In- miI
lieitTit lor the )iiiiomj .'" iu;jiiiivd the
'J'wo, at the oiilsi,!;'," relunied Wet
zel ; i n" il I In: e.ilimel'.s areei!, I'll ",i
That will never do !" c.e!aiiued :f
eral. "I lei! villi, l,eui-,'' s.-iiil liiiio'.t. win)
:.te;iied liol.lly up to tin' hunter, "dial 1
It w as tlli'OUeJl I
my indiseri ;ion that Mi:-s .Mason fell in
to the li.iinis ul the Indians, ami no pow
er under the. sun shall pi'twent me from
aidiier in l.t r le.-eue :"
Do.i't taik so t,'
tie.' iui-
m -r t : i id : 1 1 1 1 seoi,! "ji.-t let me fix the
thitIL'. iiiiil."
"Wi !el." said MeCtdioeli, "to.T nmeh
may he ri: l,e-l l.y seiuiiinr o'ot :m mi lli:
ielit lorec. I ie; r etil.K s the ( 'oloiiel : we
will hear whiit Ie' lias to sav tthoiH it."
The Colonel, !:o now repaired lo an
nounce ll.a! l!i" horses were I'ortiieoni
i:i:r, had Wet, l's olip etion to the origi
nal plan, and his tie: ire to take the mat
ter into his own hands, fully explained lo
"What can you do I ourst if .'" a:k
ed the ( 'cloni'l of We!' I.
"Why, Colonel. I v. iil do all th-t I
eail. I'll tp't the poo,- eiidd out of their
red pav.. if 1 haie i,j follow the skidk
i n LT ilo-.'s :ill the way to the Sandusky
" Hut you shall h;-.ve help," rein'iil.eil
the ( 'olor.el.
"Colonel, you aiut a oiitin:: julmus of
me, 1 hope, at this laic day ? lid on
ever Uuow l,ewr; i etzel to act tne .:o
when r.-d-skitis were about? ,ow, if
we want to fetch hack l'ee, we must eo
about tlie husine-s like Irue Indian hun
ters not lil.e fox hunt a's."
lb) vou think v.'ii can brititi I'aek die i
child in safotv, Lew is f seriously
Col. Zane.
"I can't prom!.-'.', sa: liu'y . I 'olonel ; but
I know fill will thai I can do more to
wards il hv m vself ihiiu I can with a pack
of noisv fellows i.lon'r with me."
"Weiel is rivht," s,L! the Colonel, ;d-
Iiiid revolved t!ie tpiestioli i it I.i s .
iniiid. "In an all'.iir ol this kind, I nev-1
er found him w rone. .M.-.ior .Met 'idiot h, ;
we will commit lie' husim ss to him
'1 ran ; I.itl to hear x a. u say so, Colo
nel," t Ai laimed ", ef.el, whoso eyes
now su hleii'.y brie diicm d with hope and
jav "I'll t.'ie jrni ,1 aeeount id' Illvself."
"I s!i..l! e1( with tmt, Lew is," sidd Fl
int), impatiently "1 will go at ihe lisk
f my Lie'.'"
So yam may," n plied the liunler;
you will do. no harm. Vou won't he
.ciidsi i one, because Vuti re a green hand,
mil w ill have to do jest as 1 tt 11 ou.
'esides, you oughl to help h'ose out ol
the bad box your foolery got her into."
"Where do you propose going?" ask
1 Col. Zane,
"Sliiiielit to the iii'iu'.li of Siioi 1 1 reek ;
thill's the pint (II.I Ctoss-I'ire alttats
rosses at. It's pitting fur now in the
iflernoon, so we II have to he brisk.
Fl'it, is your ril!e a:id all your lixins' in
Cood order J"
"All right," responded the youth.
"Then, conic, let's be oil'."
The two adventurers shouldered their
firelocks, and as thev pas-cd throiieh the
ite of the f 'rtilieatioii, many a brief
i i.
praver lor in ur sicee.-s was uitereii ny
the i'.iniiiles of the foil; i'.ll of whom had
been deeply interested auditors of the
conversation above related. They pur
sued a well beaten path tour or live miles
up the bank of the river, until they reach
ed the mouth of a hirgt: run, which emp
tied itself into tin: !uo, imnicdi.itcly op
posite a small island in the latter stream.
Here, nature appeared, in lu r v. oldest
"This is a suspicious looking place, '
observed Flliolt.
"Not a bit." said Welzel. "There
haint been an Indian here for a long lime.
A good w hile back it was a famous place
for them to cro.-s over in their canoes ;
and inans's the time I've laid for days
and 1 1 : 1 1 1 .-5 at a stretch, on the pint of llu.t
little island yander, watching the move
ment..! of the red-skins to ret a chance to
riddle their hides with my old woman
here, an. I the hunter palled the bit rch
of his gun with manifi st affection. "OL!
Cross-Fire," he continued, "used lo pad
dle over hereabouts ; but me and him
have had so manv cincks at each oilier.
that Iki's 'it aleaied to
viulut his olil ml hide in this ipiai'liT any
more, lie's t'ut hi.s ferry :.t S!:m t creek,
now; and tinie'.s wlieve we'd haw: to
nail mm.
"Do yon tliink tin! old ft iiuw liimsclf
cnnieil oil' IJo.-e .'" iuttl i oji'ilt :l liliiolt.
".li t as sariiii hi: tiid as my isiine'.-.-Lew
is. Wetzel."
"Then, Lewis, 1 am ret-clw d th: I my
l idti shall kill the infernal .-eouiidrt I '."
"Till, tu!, lillit! Dojestasl tell yot! ;
I tlid'nt fetch en :d in.r f I II. t!;..l way.
Hoy there's ii try man in lid.- p.ut of the
uiiiwT-se that Il tit;-! e.illt Old. Cro.-.:-
".I, ul ll a lair eliiiiiee slaeai i n::,-r, !," -is,
w hv mas I not ;.s w a II pull at him .'"
"l!e -aa.-.- it w oiihl'iit lie of no i;.-e, ;.;
ail: far it rues stion ; in my Lea.! t!..i
iiow tier ami leat! can't kill hi.u. .M v old
woman here h ,s
ti i.'d .:0 n!'.r:i to hi; h
us piw w T.lanit i ' i i ri ii, th a'. I ve lu-.tle
up my mind to try liiui some oilier was . j
lie's e(it a charmed hie ii.al's a clear
ea--e !"
"i'tidee, l,eu ii ! )o e.i I i liew
'.a-h old w email's' s I'M i' s .'"
"Well, I don't know that 1 do, a., a
mineral l!:::i::' ; hut I mu-t s y thai I'm
sali-li'd inyscil' that Old Cross-I'ire is
proof a;'i:i tide halls, anyhow. IJutwe
mil-1 lii'iwi aion:1' tpneker, illlit. 'e'rt:
only hail" way lo Short creek, ami v. e
h iwai't a mini te's tim? to spar.'."
"I can k ' p u:i i'.h o;; ::k)'. e a'.oe.o-,"
I t':e ot.tii.
it is l,i!l time to ipail 1 . I !. i i l'
al'it netl
oast i e:l t.i'' flili r
'inter in
K'iic, ai.cr tii'.y i:aO hit the ran seine tn
their rear. "A holy La:, to he eaiet
wl.cn la' "i:s about ilii- l:::li ir.s, or they'll
he t;ii .;Liy apt to flit about him,"
li.lli.lt iolili.-''d to keep : iienee. The
two haulers now tpdekcm d their pace,
though care was taken to briie; their
left 10 ll::' ground ;:s li'htiv as ' (;s s i! di :.
Wtt.el, who walkctl before Lis youthful
companion, continually (danced Lis weli-
raettsed eyes around bun, ponelrauniT
:." le.'. ;:es of the forest on cverv sidt.'.
lie inovctl Willi sr. fj-ris in.',' stiiluess, :.:ul
never liiiered a syllable, iiidess it uiiii ii I
hae been to clue!; his comrade for niak
in;; unnecessary noise.
Wle'il the hiinleis re:ie,eil the liioiilli
id' Slioit cr. t'k, the sun w
disappear behind the UM lit i edits cn
the' opposite shere of ti
hanks td thi crick, at its conltucnci' with
the liter, win- a! : upt, ihoiieh t.ot hieh.
am! entiled cwii io tht ir extrt ice bor
ders with a luxuriant prowlii of pav,-
pil'A -'.
I la' on' r t !', or I . .it'll id t i-
t ! t . r
tl'eaiil W..J
t'. ip ei Wei
iy; la.t
w ii
uneii-eis eartu next
h. d Lei ! cxpta t .i
lit fc'ilb ,,!"i;ee. 0j-
to tht
Wat.ir s (i:.-i
to vi'.'W by the let
fre.-ht t.
is pie: e.M
I our l;"i;np, u his
eo'.npanieii. They
t lie' low er tingle of
streams screened.
Wetzel t hi:
were, thru siaadiii;;
the jiiii.'li ui ;f tin
huueter, fr, ii.i o!
i; ervaiioli by the thick
Inch extended lo the
n.r.vpatv ":oe w .'lit.
l crpv o! ! .
" H l: il i" to lie. tto:,.' no w : :;. !,":! the
youth in a like lots' tt Lisper.
"Fil s'f," said Wetztl. "Vou slay
where you are, am! do not budoe a peg,
nor make a bit of mow, while 1 go am!
look round a lillle."
lit: cautiously drew the branches asi le
and glided through the bushes wi'di a
quietness peculiar to the skillful Indian
hunter. After an absence of several
mimit' S he returned, ami made asieiiid
to F.Iiiott to follow him. The latter
steppetl forward as cautiously as he
eonl I and accompanied Lewis a I tv rods
up the creek bank, when the el b rliunlrr
called the attention of bis companion to
the slumps cf two bushes, en which the
recent marks of tlic hatched w ere tisible.
"This one," whispered t t;vl, stoop
ing down to the nearer stump, "was cut
V I 'id I ro-'s-I li e I ; I :n si I f .
"How do x otl 1
SOW tli'l!
. "( 'an'l y on i-ee lhat it
lell-hauded mall .' The I
Was cut by ;i
i'..in st pint id
the stump is always when: tht
lleel ol
tin: halehet cuts it; i'.ud that Lie'i pint is I
next to us toi this .slump, an I .ei , , 1, f: '
"I it ml. i 1 iiml xi.i:," s;. i:l tiie y.ii.ih. I
" our It iisoillliT is eonelusite lie.it lb;.'
bush w as cut by a Ii I'l-hamh ii man." I
".Now look :it ihe oilier .--Tiiuip," n - 'a
uii-d Wel.t-l, "ami .'ivc in - t - mr idea'
about thai." I
FUititt earel'iiif e:-:iii:ii-d the j-crond
slump, i.nd v united bis opiiiio.ii promptly.
"This one," -ai l he. "was cut by a
I Mile."
it of til" stamp is n;i the i :
Thai's right, Fliii. I've
i a 1 tin
that mueii.
and ti's
worm niiurii.i:' i ii
inform m ..:! n .i
. I
1-. tn.'-
"It's valuable on this account, Fliit :
inn .-ti it -.-how., in; !h"t there have been
aiollT vailihT,
at l a d two red-skins here tiiits loll-
handed and one rhditdsanded oiie. The
J 1; ftdiiiiidi'd one h: (I! 1 ( 'ross-Tiro, he -
, eanse he's the oulv fl't-liaath d man 1
know of in these parts, and tin: other, 1
pit! :e, i.t tme of Ins hangers-on."
'ilii! mielit thei e no! ha a been more
tiii.ii t'.. o, Ja wis ."'
So there mi.:!,!, but we can't !'!!,"
said V. . ;
and ca-.i his lu ,
mow .! ue?ir tlic hank
1 i Yes upon the liosom
v. :t:cr. "'I 'here's anotlu r diseov-
m i;!.'," In i: hied. " I )o vou see
a I'.', iv i:i th
eieeii llier:: .
jla'aeed Lis e e in the direction
:::i: w .
' i
i-iJ (
v his ctMulatlt's liiiiit r, iucl
iii the iil'ii'mative.
il, l.oii, thiit liiile twi-j is la. t to
'.'.es-l 'ire's can ie, which is tin
i a ti, ' waler ; r.n I 1 area r that these
her.' were cut to make forts to
f.ls'e il li to the Lo;: Jlil."' P
" ( ry like!)," said Kllio'.t.
A:i.l 1 now arcr thai there miadit
Law Leen one or mure Indians takiu::
e,.iv I 1
f the can :e, while the ohl dog and
n:-: imp cotiie ashore I e
cat die lot
' ' nil l. iisot. like :i philosopher, Lewis,
will soon l ectin:.' an expert hunn r,
.!; yo'ai tutoraee."
".Now, lillil," s.iiil the M'oul, "you 'o
k to th,,' i.LI place ami Let n tiuiel.
hiok-oul, w liile 1 si
OUil'l tilt piill Ol tniit liiil i.iili sec W
, 1
Lroi:i'r on
( I
ill v
iiiet. and
teil toil. I'll be ::!,
Ul'lCHSV ."
Th,: ivo huuh.'i , : i'p;
seek Lis original cow-r
o:i pet .
fiiholt It
he othci !
tt'.iiil some information of the expected j
li'iny. The former examined the pri-1
ciii'iuv. j ne i irmer t xamme
mite; oi ins enn, ami sate-tietl
the.: i vcrv 1 1 : 1 1 : w
order for
.-iietl l.iniM If lijion the!
ground, ami i.i pi tvuiai UaMv quiet !e,;-1 l:;Mitly tliseoneerleil loin; lent sionmnn-r-"
i nir his iniail, iim-t of the time, in fan- j i;ig all his maidy enerpieH into action, he
ex me
he Wi
u.t.iou ol Ko c. SonU'limes.
ready to conclude that she h;it! !
fallen a ieliui to sava-je crticl'.y, but
( iideiivei'eil to dispel sue!: ;
from Lis mind, and t t.nti nip!
ionic itleiis
e i-idy thi
tiri::!it. r i ltte ol tlic pi, -lure. lie wa
Loppy , however, in spile
o! !;is (
to restore l::s spirits to their wo:;!' d
buoyancy. In the laidst of his medita
tions, ha felt soi.ii '.liino strike him upon
die tdi, udder from behind. He sprang
upon his fiv't -and discovered Wet.i !
standing near him.
"Its v. t il I ain'i i.ii'Iudiiiii," si.id ihe
1'liio't v. as iinn-ii iiLirtiiied to think
tbat be leal ailowed
cd so t a.-',' v.
"Lcivi-t. j on hat :
l.-.Vtl," sai l Le, ".iii
"See t!i;.t you do,
i -it in. i. d ..ii, I i ; ir i,,t.,.
'.ned m? another
shall proiit by 1'.
replied Wetzel, in j
.. t
tea Mil.- I be tpii.it now , j
ii. ! ..'.! Ill a t he p; r
'!h! ton :-,: i.i.tii
Led Iili
re t'ouiiu : .
i.'i .
"Old Cross-Fin
and ihtcc others.
"Ami Fo.-e .'"
"She's sale a.'imh, ridinir the iitih
w hite p"uey, and Ohl Cru; s-l ire is lead
ing it alone."
Lewis, I'll shoot tin1 impudent scoun
drel if 1 die for it !" mut'ered the
and he clenched bis lot-ill with la-io
"Hush, r.llit, hush '. do :e; 1 I' ll you. '
... , , i , . , , .
am all will ft: wa ll, i rotien ttott n as .
low as you can, ami be quiet."
"The old red-: LitCled V. i'"lc!l
ed the your.:' hunter.
"Ie,: easy, boy '" sai I Welz--'
'he i s
not to be shot, I tell Vou. I'll at'eud fi
him. Fllit. vou are etiin-r feverish: I
sta: it nil you a ic.idv,
Kei ii co d
coo! or ton c:i 1 1 net er shoo I to kill."
Th" eve o! Weiel tt : i -i'iiek to p
ive 1'ial his vou th I'.il comiiule wjs la-
boring iin.ler some nervous vivmcnt,
oee a -Killed by till! llottltV iiml pl'obiibh:
dim ;: of the i-iiuatiea i
i which he wa-,
e !.
'I'll be
', an'l
cool prt end ," he n pi i'
do as 1 1 II t ou, I iiht.
d.-..w t ..a;- ! i -:.'. i easy ;
l! oil l W ol: per
W Ol'll
hie our life, an.! Hose's too." ''
S :::: tin; ' el. ; i"d, before liih 'i' nia-le
t:;c sh tiit'-.-'t 111;)!', in. At b ii -.ill, lb"
t.-.i iip'mg of the pony, cppnciching the
cr. . '., wi .s dl' tiuetiy 'bent I ; ail. I i ill. oil (
in, ' a i.l.iiioii l ee, a,', L, l.e-iing his h"i"l
;o (.'., .in a i dit tn l.'-i. e, bul bis purpo. '
r.i- pnoop-iy ill Win P.! by tie: brawny
:t.-,. I of I. is oinpiUlioii, ". ho bieatiietl. ra
li, r t.' iii v,-)ii -pi r. tl, m
ins ear. bis t.ivof-
I i
' i-J";
W iis placed behind a
at i s, ihroi.oli ti e i.:i.-r-
o r u a re -n
s o tv U.t.'il
!l he was i li.ioied lo oolaili
. v law of ihe s hoiv of ihe e.eck, ciiiio.-ite
Uaee v. lie
i . i i I li..
I 'i 1 1 ie t .o ete .. ) St. ii iv . 11.
I ob- eitcd Oi l Cros--li.-'.'
' i!-v to th .' lu. ii'ein td tit
comtiti-t t!ie io-
bank at tvjiieh
l u'.aee he Idled the captive to 111 t'ltiiiud.
The i oh'omg of 15-ise at this litii was
I ' I
i.'e s ihe oi.ii- s It-1 1 noon
Mlli.tls car, Ii trciulileil willi ciliotion ;
and mi;;!it !iave iulVilioed Wctzid'a order,
liad not l!ie latter, a m i it i j :il 1 1 1 ;jr Miiiiethiiiij
! of l!ie kiiid, tin ned hi.s face tow aids liiin,
iiiiti Irov. netl loin into Mlenee.
Ohl Cross-fire, settine; u, store upon
Kose's saddle, merely stripped the polioy
of its Initlle, w liitlt he shtppial across the
;:ni i:i:il'.s lan k, am!, with a second swintr,
I threw it upon tin: beach below hini. '1'lic
pmicy entered in'.o tin! Imslic.i, whero ii
soon tamimeneetl fecdine; upon the wild
:;rass at his feet. In another moment,
the Indians had lifted Kosf down the de
e!i i; , ;md their whole liiirt v :uiiH:arcd
on the Leach. '1'wo of them waded into
i the ereck as f.-.r as the t'. cr w hic!l Iiatl
, ! ' i
i Oeeii o'iserve
I by Wetzel, where tlicy
. i i ,i
in:r:o.i tiieir arms mio tlu- water, and
drew forth a wooden fork. Their canoe
immediately rose to the surface. Ilcxtcr-
o;i.-ly tin ow ing nut the water it contained,
they pushed il to the shore, where Old
Cross-Fir.: and tin: ether warrior had
remained to stand guard over liese. The
i fair eapliw was then placed in the bow
ol the canoe ; one of the la.liads seated
himself about its centre; whilst another
drew forih a paddle and stood erect in the
stern, and pushed oil". The old chief and
one Indian remained on the beach, pro
bably to await th:.' rettiin of the canoe.
All of these motions w:
v ob
:l by elel, w ho quickly ma
ids own plain. The moment the
1 ' Inrci
eatioe was pas
if he made sbnis U
be in readiness.
"Aim I" said
he, in a scarcely audible
whisper, "at the fellow in the middle ol
the canoe. I'iut directly a! Lisboav, and
ihei't pull till 1 five iho word."
Llliott directed the Muzzle of his nun
towards the wate
r. ami p
tin n li;a! fir.-d
view of the ciu.'iny. The sight of Uose
eoci.etl Ins ril.e and l"o.; aceuriiie aim ;i:
the designate;! object. "Welz-
ilv ll.t
wiuie, gratmaieil n:s piece in u
siiine line of sie'it ; and, at the iiistan!
the canoe reached the mouth of the creek,
he (rate the wer.l, i.i a clear v. hi- per,
i'uii !"
liotll l'ilh'.s Iiriiig -'l precisely die s..uie
nioinenl, bleicled their rcporis so admira
bly, thai die ear could not have tli-tiu-giiishctl
two separate discharges. L'otii
Indians fell : ihe one in ihe centie t: the
craft dropped on its bottom ; but the other,
who had been standing upright i:i the
stern, capsi.ed the canoe in f..!!in:.r over,
this was a cantm.:. ncy which Wclz-d
had, iicrhi.ps, not eon; - i j : j . I ale. I. He was
promp', how etc.'. in meet m r
"I'iiiii-f: in !" la- w la.-p, :. d io liiii i't,
tt ho laid alr.'.u: . in. u! up his i.i, ud to do
s , l s leirdit ss of
t oitiii tiropped 10 : ii. le, aiel at i ,".r
v, as
I ... : . 1 1 1 i ' ' i e r 10 !.
t'.,i'..r. lie plit
lirulis w ith :.!ino:il
siioi'i'-haiii.-iii stia ti'tili. A shot was fired
oil the since, but he scarcely heard it, so
eagerly was he bent bpon saving Hose
frjiii the frightful death by which f.he was
threatened. For a short period idler Uose
!i:u! been thrown into the water, her dress
lei. o.t I her upon in surface, (iraduully,
however, il became triturated with the
element, and in fun cxc-cL; ;d an oppo-
i.ienee. She was tiCiliiv exlia'.e-t-
1 when Flliolt came le) her relief. The
outh la'tuiiihl the Uiieou a-ioa-' p:;! to tin
. ... it i . .
snore, aim place, i net in a ei-i n;i a . pi
; cil to restore animation,
IS. I'm e Flliolt had swam lav f.'.ui I
i shore,' f.evt is W
etzel. wiih a t- L i iiy of
I motion peculiar t
.;.,,. 1, , ,!, :!..! i
i his rifle, and stealthily placed hum i If at
the nitre of tlic irt einiec. n v.riv over t!ie
ke.-;!two Lilians w ho vt t rem ,:ii" 1 e:i Ihci
of Old Cr.
! hiul alicailv raised his ;oi.i to I.
tlef to the at I'dliott, when Wetzel :r .i
; - f
Lis te-tf I'osilion. T
the t outh, however, pbea-th ue;
thi-i.u:'!i the watt r, toi.ie-.t Lad batib d the
:.. !" ; and before he had time H draw
a --l'i -factory s'lL'hl upon ihe M. ill'!:: r, a
b ill fi-.uii I, i ",t is Wcli i's liile pe'.eet! the
M i i . s heart, t this i.i otn tit, 'id
1 Or.-: -.-Fire was s : n. 1 r near his eoiopa-
; t:i on ; his kn n black i yi s were directed
to ,'. a;;!-, th" s-pol from v. hi "Il ihe two first
-'mts v- oi ..red. Iln ample chest l.eav-
ic- I'.-.. m ti; v.'ii..Mi.;, ol the lure's tv.iih
. . . . . ...
i;1 ; lo ; u.i.'ii il.; were reiaxetl an 1 ti.-.eiu-e,
at t !'!!:. It It , ami his giant frame tvas
la.i -ed up in iis full hci-d;!. Hi., pond- r
oas ride was held by Lis ii;;bt 1; ei.l,
acii.s ;'e Iron! of lils bolt, lei'.t to b'
plie ed a:' linst his 1. li shoulder, at a no-im-itls
s sooii as Wetzel fired bis la.sl shot
ami before the Mingo chit f had time to
! make it motion tow:
n trcMt-ig,
' ti.
d Ids gun tiitd Iwaped ovt r the bank,
l,il lie; III. Ml i. i . . it j ii i. . - i
,!.,. I-.,... . i ., 1 it, 1,,,.,Y
s , -, , ; 1 1 1 enemy. The foia-e with which he
1 si;1-ine upon- Old Cross-Fii't' Lpd ll.e sa-
I v.e-o at lull l-'ii''th upon toe beach. With !
. one man an I a poriion of his body buried
in the in re. ttti iimr 1 ?li.l i ! .
thighs in tht; mud, and found it impossible
to cxfYicate himself. He had, liowevcr,
the advantage of the Indian ; for thq hitter
was lying prostrate somewhat stunned by
die fall, and deprived, moreover, of one
his ainiH. The hunter, whose tide was
now placed againn die breast of the ohl
chief, finding that his antagonist was re
viving, seized his knife, and was about u
plunge it into his heart, w hen the' hitler,
by a sweep of his long arm, encircled
W etel's body, and nearly crushed him
to death. The scout made several at
templs lo use his knife, but the excruciat
ing pain he experienced from ihe iron hug
of the .Mingo, paralyzed his powers of ac
tion. At length, Old Cross-Fire made a.
tremendous tllort to turn himself; and in
doing so relaxed hi.s arm in some measure, '
which enabled Wetzel io indict a deep
slab in- the cliicliiau's side, from which
the red current of life spouted freely.
The savage uttered a yell of anguish, and
his arm fell po wet less by his side. Wetz
el continued to use his knife until the vi
tal spark no longer animated the breast
of his victim. The Mingo Chief served
the purpose of the notorious hunter in c.
liieaiing his legs from the mire. He se
cured the sculps of Ohl Cross-Fire and his
comrade the bodies of i!ic two Indians
fust killed having sunk to the bottom of
ihe ritif.
It was now night, but die moon was up
and the sla-s shone brightly. Wetzel
went in search cf I'lliott and Kose. lie
found the latter much revived, and the
you;!: was tenderly supporting her weak
ened tiiime, ami making l,(.r sensible of
ihe leaiiiup events we hate related. She
expressei. a wimi to proceed home imme
diately. Lewis after a short search found
the poney ami its bridle. Kose was
placed m the saddle, and the party return
ed in safctv to the fort.
from the 1-1. J.ouj,, Tenant.
Anu-i imii Aiii::r.ilicE:iiirM of Tali jiqur'.
A e have been led into a v.wu interest
ing train of relief lions by seeing it stated
in our eastern papers, that Mr. Stephens,
who has recently returned from a pro
fessional visit lo the ruins of I'alempie,
in Central America, is now delivering a
series of lectures upon these sublime re
mains of former greatness -undoubtedly
one of die greatest objects of curiosity iii
t!u. world. He re, amid the desolation of
bigotry and barbarism, in whose arms this
mao'iiiucf ut country has slept for sies,
s'lill remain indisputable evidences that
that moet noble olL-pring ef the Cuuea
:::i!i branch of the human family, the
I'heuieian ' thn.-c buil.!us of llabt Ion,
Tyre and Carthage," were at one time,
a. they will be '..gain, the ma: ten of the
American as well as the European and
Asiatic continents. Connecting these
l.-i.ccs of former civilization, which abound
in Central and South America, with the
traditions of the Indian tribes vague and
indefinite in all, save in agreement as to
die catastrophe ihe mind is irresistibly
led tu the conclusion lhat those boundless
forests and trackless prairies those im
mense rivers which run like arteries
through the' two continent are merely,
:is it were, the work of yesterday the
produce of soiie! tremendous throe of
.Naiure, which swept in its resistless con
vulsions, a world ( f huiiii.n intellect and
thought, and all their beautiful retails,
into the remorsi le: ;; ocean of oblivion !
luce, ficLauee, through these vast
wildernesses, tv here the wo!f answering
""' Li'-ams yell, or the thunder-god
-imcimg Ins colls anion-: the plant lor-
j rM;'
i suenc
ne all lhat break the- terrible
ttsy hum of civilization
w..ue t.ic ecoes- ,: tlic ::ir- nacclul and
airy temples pie .veil the sky, and throng
ed cities, biittht with the t-r.-cc of intellect
ual cullurc, reared their walled sides.
.Music an.', the dance the bri;-htrrratiotis
of the painter's liiiuliotv-tinted mind the
I more than Lre .t
'.ml living forms
winch spring
forth iVian the marble br-
nc a th the seulpioi's chi.-i 1, as water
gushed from the Mnit'en reck have all
beiii swept away in one general ruin,
and their creators r.'P.itned in ihe Flernal
Ideal whence they eman ;!.",!.
To e.irry the mind ba- k to the contem
plation of that period when what is now
the nboil,- if fit ili.iition wars nought bul
a how ling wick mess, ami to picture the
seem: iii all iis probable details, requires
n.) oi'diii'trv il're.t tl' the imagination :
but to go buck yet jit other long lapse of
centuries, ami re-people it with all the
re. mils of human ( ivilizaliun, almost over
tasks the w t iiry lancy.
Iveseafelii'S in'.o the past arc always
inlerc.'.iug and useful. They eiiiiebk'
the conceptions of the mind, lead irresist
ibly to the c.ontQfuj.latioii of die litllenei's
of humanity and lh" xast and illimitable
sublimity of untere. We tvi.di wc could
these ltt'ircs. Whv cannot Mr.
Stephens pay us n tisit ? Ftcn here he
mi;' lit I'm 1 new 'f ubjeei. of interest in bu
lli'tltUIV fl tl'.C mcttlt'liiocs oi oy-conc limes
P 1 ..

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