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the f-or.LUe; tof j
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el'j) uroa
w per if made up almost of hom tnetfj
1 1 e type, excepting- a f-w ort that were
isud here, were furnished1 by If. L. Cot,
i icr I from the rnannfactorj cf MeM
-, Wkimnuck & Coand il is printed o
n. t'nr new steam pre
y r-t- We commence two paper ia
wKick we are deairoua should be
i Jit first is J ttdjff BlLLOt 's able aJdryns;
( trf a argument by u CarWtaiea, oa
tt of lavry upoa the wealth of the
-'tr.Ua. We shall refer to both again.
1 .ie we Invite a free discussion of t In
y.aavolved. TLi page we shall tleytiU
j i (omniuaicaUoss, aud article tout.-u-
. . T.K.IwilWlI.iOU.
., mi; Pace. Oa thin page, the reader wil'
. -Ivi lioue. We mean that thene shall U
""V, lert wrrl-r of the day uch a a
.ulJ wish hod and daughter to r'ai
y -Ject will be, to make the Examin
ed "-iHfr- a paper, which, while
1 ' i t''' ue-s of the day and free from
" f that can offend the most sensitive
a to instruct that mind, youugr or
St tain Jiar with the brut thought
t hvuijr writer of the w orld. Selec
wrJe of them will generally lie found
. page.
v AalTai'liariaM'ala.
willTiid the I'xaiuiaer a otl
:kd-crtising. Our rirrulatiou Lid
( ...I ft.
"" .rrfrM Tkiaaa II.BeaitM,
t ' '. iourl Senator in arga-eyed a rt-pxrdt
. nrra of Mr. ("alhouu, aud hi ultra
perjxtujiit. lie lian nevvr allowed
. ve towarj tl-ir ulterior purpow with
, i ..n thean iu battle arrjy; aud thin, ti0,
j. Lc-a Sfucitor from the free.Jtite hnvevhrunk
i n.k :'ro;n the tak. Nor ha he perinitteil aaj
Iuf cf ther linking" effort to be miule witi
! t iposure, an J this, also, at the r if-t of ex
i -i.i t'TWOBal clamor aaint, or incur ring
1 f. t s, 5iUoB, to him. personally.
I flit fjcta which caJW forth t!iis btttr, may
ed tbn:
" of Reprecuttive, at Va..hiiip-
4 i a Bill esta!!ihinj a Federal tlov-
Oregon hich bill excluded elaxery
- Ji:. that region. Some, opposition t
,.. It w confiurd chierly, however, to
( Ci.i'.i'Ju frieaJ ia that body. lut it
-jry a larp tuajonty, most of the 1ure-
kr. Tctinj; for it.
TL t '.l of roarw went to the Senate. It
prr r f.-reliee ould have been to tae coin
...ie on tcrritori--. But Mr. Calhoua had it
6:r-tiou rliane. an d it w;t pu uniier the care
,r'f the j j ' i.try cviiiiinf.ee. Itwanitoon report-
evl to
r if -i
l')' i. i
t.: I.i:.'
ufo 3 :
iijte; Lut the anti-tlarrry c'am$e tea
:..?. Mr. CaMioua carried lii. point,
- MiTee !e !. l. this tep. in defeating
nd Mr. lleatou. "a man cf the South
. i -holder." toils the. trejon folk krrt
I. .'i liippett-d. in very plain language.
, ! n -r In-low. The judiciary onuuittee
-midwife." Mr. Calhoun. I'm geMra
i : .:'. fire-bran i r-solutions," (ol w hich we
fia': ..! r more', the author of tuis move
i'v.: let tiie LsKoari Senator Kjwak for
t niK rr.ori.i: f orejn.
WamcnoIt x Cttv. Man;h, l-47.
1 :. ii-; f . r t-u'-li I may call many of
vu i t:. :n r-roiia! acquaintance, and all of you
t;-o;u lay t'nrty years devotion to the interest
. f v.t r v':titr ; 1 think it riht to make thia
i-j it ijt.i' Io louiil the preset t uioiuent,
her, the ai'.iourair.ent of Conrens, without
.' n(r t;i hill for vour eov. rtuneiit and pro-
IH't-ii'i s.-'ii.!. to l.j l.ft vou ill a Ute uf
ajii i.i:iinit dv tiur uiotiier country. I'ut
j' i nut t!' I.,,.- Vou are i:ut uh.iadoned !
ti . - :i; you i.. ;:;(; protection for tut erree-
i.r 'o lJuiil aiav. r I. a man of the fouth aud
a i-f.-iMiorf t-'ii y ou -:us.
; !-,e Hi ue of I;. :re..itatives, as eariv lui the
i- ::.e i f January , had asod the kill to five
ul crrstoriai iovnirnent. and in that bill
t h . 'i n-d and i-i;iliie,i your IVoviaio'.ial
iMin' rt, one ol th-- i-I.tus.-a of whi:U foreyer
r ih.l.ls the etisvi.ce ( slavery i l Oregot.
'..i .-n.s-tdniHM lrofi 'ii-Senate' coirimittee, to
w'ii. h i n. hi;; m r f. rr.-.i, prnpooei to abrogate
I....- pr-'ntiou; nu t in t.i uelayand vexation
'. whit a Th.: t amen, imnt gave ri-e, the whole
I,", mm- .aiil oil tiie table, and lost for the iion.
'. i..s 1 I will tie a great disappoint went to you.
iiii a r.-nl calamity; alreuiy rive jear without
or f-zil itistitittion lor the protection of
-riy a fid property , and lio'V doomed to
. a-t a 'ar Ion jfer. This is a Strang aud anom-.iui-.
s .ition. almost itirre.lihleto con teinpl itc,
tuwt critical to eii.lure ! a colony of free
). t -ihi ui:l. s U'-ri the netropvlitait govern
i -n. ni ihout law s or goverrmeut to pre
- -ve tf.ei.i. put iio not V alarmoj or tieaperati-,
;. .oi w oi not f-- outlawed f.-r not admitting rda
t:'. our tanjasuut.il art against that itisti
!.itioa. copi.-d fro::i the t irdinanre of lt-7 the
ork of the e;reat men of the eouth, ill the great
d.'.v of th? aouth, prohibiting laverv in a tern
tory far iesa northern than yours) will not I
ahrog-ated nor is that the intention of the prime
inoy.r of the atiieiuiment. I.'pjn the record
the Judiciary committee .f the Senate is the
aathor of that amendment; but not ao the fact.
1 liit committee Uonly midmifetc it. Ilsiutbor
t:.eMnie mindtht generated the Fire-brand
KrtOiUiioiis. of which I wod vou a copv, a'td ot
wi.icht:ieaM,endineni i theWtimate deriva-
t!on. Urepon is not tiie nhiM-t The ninati
rat, J propagandist of tilaverv cannot expes-t to
point it on tii fhor-sof the pacific, in the Inti
tuae of Wiscnnaia and the Lake of the Wocd.
A heme agitation for eleetioii and disunion
purposes. i all that ia intended by thrusting thU
tire-brand question into your bill '. aud at the
uri. aei,10n, when it U thrust in again, we will
acoure it out; and pass your bill as it ought to j
Os. 1 r,ro:nise vnu thi in f ho nam of the
-o ltd, as well as. of the. North; and the event
w..l not c-veive me. In the mean time, the
President am iVe yOU ttt the- protection which
exrstinj Uwn. and'detachmenU of the armv
and nivy ran enable him to exUmd to you; and
sntj Conres has time to act. yur friends riu-t
rejy upon you to continue to govern yourseive-.,
a you have heretofore done, u ltier "the provis
K'hs if your own voluntary compart, and wi'h
'""'i Iunssnr init modrrsthra, srhirh is due
fo your own character ai d to the honor of tin
American name.
I ell VOU lit- fr . f th,. lull
cf th
e late session, both aa it passed the lIou-l
ol ne:,resentativa anl nr,,. In t tisii
d-d in the Senate, with the Senate's vote upon
laying ii on the table, and a copy of Mr. Cal
houn's resolution (posterior in date to the
amendment, but, tieverthless, father to it) ulso
eopy of y)ur own provisional organic act. as
printed by order of the Senate; all of which will
put you completely in possession of the pro.
eeeclings of Congress on your petition lor a
Territorial Government, and fr the protection
and security of your rights.
In conclusion I have to nature you that the
same spirit which lias made me the friend of
Oregon for 30 years which h'd me to denounce
the joint Occupation treaty the day it was
made, and to opjsuse its renewel in F-ei, and to
labor fur iu abrogation until it terminated ; the
ante spirit which led me to reveal the graaj
destiny of Oregon, in articles written in l")-,
and to support every measure for her benefit
since this same spirit still animates me, and
will continue to do so while I live; which, I
hope, w ill be long enough to see an emporium
of Asiatic commerce at the mouth of your river,
and a stream of Astatic tradit pouring into the
valleyof the Mississippi through the channel of
Your friend and fellow-citizen,
By a late erdiaaioce of the Xing of Bavaria,
females are prohibited from prsooaaeisg any
monastic vow until after having passed their
23d year.
Trar C karity.
' The Quaker belonging- lay the Philadelphia
Yearly Meeting have contributed in money and
prerijieDf;, nearly $1C,009 for lb wlief cf
- Ireland.
Vnm t- i f Har.
Advieea foin New Oi4ean to the 8th. briiiir u
lute date from IK- :. tn io
On th 21th1 February Barboar, lf3
- -... .
uimi tnen. em iiirrouiubuf K. iikm
Mexh-ana, under Gen.' Unea, and caDturd.
The wagoner, ofth traiu which ltowaaeon'
ducting wrr. ' maaaw-red. Thia occurred W.
tween MouUry and Caiiiarjo. ' '
The prbouf r were, nian ld off to the citv tf
Mexico, aud encountered hitrd un ou their
way. They arrived there Ifitk ,fav. Mi1.
Treuwiit, lilnratd through the interference of
the BritiKh MinUter. report, that Major, liulne.
udUorlaHd,andCapt.C. M. Clay , with -their
companion were yet cloaely confined in prison,
aud ceusure I tgm tot thia cruelty.
letter friu Mr. Heady dated Mexico, Mar
12. He .ay:
That you may understand Aim juttly tht
Gtnrral Yrgi) p)rtefte the Cooi treat
ineut extenopd to -iiim now and heretofore by
the American, the following lci are coiihiiu
aicated: All our hore were taken from u,
the meu walked, and the officer rode pouie
even ha iu red mile, often travelling fori
mile a da-, to thiacity. The men aufierec:
HUtRtrlf frtni aora feet, and heu a man be
cam o ditbled that he could walk no louder,
the officer having cha'je of u would imprema
Joukey for him to riue. To San Luia, Lieut.
Churchill, venteeu men and niyaelf, were in
charge of .Vaj. Kouiaro y Aniela, of Vera Crui,
who treated u moat respectfully, and kilti'ly.
Maj. (aiuea, Capt. Clay, Lieut. Lavidou and
thirty fiva men, with Maj. Borland. Capt. Dan
ley and thi-ty-five men, were taken to Sim
Lui by Liul. Col. Sumbrauico, aid to (leu.
Miuon,. When Capt. lleurie, ho had enjoyed
foretaate of what a a cuiniug, whilht a Minr
priaooer, broke the Guard and run toward our
camp, tbi redoubtable Colonel gave the oriitr
to lane the remaining seveuty unortViimug
oflicercautl men, aoil the line of the whole pur
ty were aived by the timely order of Capt.
Clay to drop on the (round, wliieh waa iotaut
ly obeyed, and aatiHtud the officer an escupe
waa notcontempud. At S.n Lui they gate
Uie oflicer thirty. iM-vrn aud a hall and them:i
eighteen and three qiiartert ieul each per day
for vubeia'ence. Fiom thetica to Qurrelaro,
five hundred and fifty mil,., we were in charge
or Col. Maleno, o( C ampeachy, who treated u
very courteoualy and well. From there here
w'r guarded by on may grand rapitan,
cf no place particularly, who daily cinbursed the
mngoauimou tlurty-aeveu and aud a half cent
to each olHcer, and th lif.aaviug three pica
yune to each mau, wxcept when he aid bi
treaaurv exhau.trd. w hich wa three dav
jeore wo got her during which tune, of course
we supported urlve and men. When the
men er uuable to walk, he would take the
,..1 llllllC At (4ltllllta ni. ,1. J . a
. i - iiiv roaa, and mukr tit
pay for them at uirht, aud bv way cf debenture
or draw t ack of the three bite, l,e charged u
four Mtcha dy ponieawe rode, which .pec
ulation, yielded huu a clear profit ( .even bita
aday, to nay inlhiug of the mule and donkey
W e learacJ. . appnvaf Innf tins cHr. Ibattiea. La
w as in romiiand of the Vera Crui lmr, and Itad
tawquari'ra ia MetK-o. wliere wiatit to tie roNfiited
anlll exr iaii(rl. and ttiw lutrllifriM-e elated our tiearia
iih Iiili h'pe of rood treatment from a macnanuuoas
oldier and iiileuian, wIhmc aeiwe of craiiiuue would
relerl uoii u t' the rourleav and lie an and aoiil of our
oioimw. Yaia hopea' H'e were troujhl into
lae cilv at i e rktrk at night, in 11m- hh1m of aretuhi
hiu. and pi:i ii io Siiitiafo. a iriaon hr chained .. n
aad fllr.ta,nnknf tArre Aatf-erf,. mur pay ---rmn d
at four a I i-irrful Mia a day, and not h mi to put on the
rork rl'n fpin Ixit our Mank-p: be,i Hererallnd
for, but rixild But I otiiaineil. New of u tattlo ol
Huena t naa lted Iter too days ailerw arda, aid 'he)
pi;t the Bf re upetaira K-itIii the am ohere itier
bow ar . in 'i rot.her. and Uiurdrrerr l.aVerawa
in tlie ritv ihi-e or iur rel.a. w it ImhiI romui to ua
or ar ml i in u any wi ld ut ciiiutori. ur aenuiiif un to aid
ijm i v Bnif- anmii-r niaiikei.ur Ui ae 11 He
would five our paoie aud bate the lii-rly ol live rue.
ierivi'd io more atu-n;Mn tiooi Mui. or any ol her
omrer la Hie rtf , ex.-ept lt.e rolouel ho haa eoniniaod
of lha pnxia.ll.an ao uia") ateaiairia. ent Iroui tiie Iu
lerior u raiiKal to iteeit e the hanaian'a knot . Ttte
easol Cerr Gordo raiue. and iher ta-e ua iIm lileny
of the il . after we prolaait-d ataint an order Io w-iut ua
On parrle rn lrea. ten trt fnrm olT.heyond the aoun
tain., towards the Taeirie. and roaia uuif a real rut
Ihroa. -ln of io tltouaanl. on an laocl of the
lakea. We have rereived lb freaieet atienlkon and kind
ness triHn forelaner of all aaluan. Amerirana. tlncliah.
r renen. iri;i. r-roiru, t'rraiars ana r-ouin Aiiierirana.
ainoni a hnm I her w a Mront. aympathy. It m Ihenym
palliy ot rotnirxin rotor, cokiuioii laiiiuate.roiiinion lea
lunent and of:eu common tnjurv from the Meiirauo.
rrom rteral Mexiraa athrera and families I hate re
reive! t.'ie kindeat treatment. W hereerr we nieet uh
an orh-erae her nerana, ( eat emaa ee lady, who ,u
hen ii. t:ie I'nued Staiae. aregreeti'd wub .hearty,
rord.a' rereplion. exreut in the rate of (.rn I era
nr w in he erfar,i;eo in an-waata, armrdmc n the
an.t-.'a ireufihe Menranfand word rera.ved frouitan.
Sroti. a ho aav ha ill rue the earliest ailenlion to our
eit-M'iMi. Meat reapeettaHv, your frwad,
C. joTT Taor. (.en. 6iieliia ia doiuj ell
Ma. r R. Ilaramond, Paymawer, t. t. A. .died on lard
ii-ini'ltif New Or'eana, whWh brines date from Vera
Cnir on the I at Inat.
Cm. Scot t left Jalap on the i'3d alt. .en. Twirp
en-.d Pueblaon tSe th Slav. Reimrta ae nameroua
as t '.he fort i fir alio a ft inj oa at Rio Trio, and S0.OO0
Mrili aa aaemhlif . X w hint certain.
The roada la Mexico are lined with rohhera. It ia not
V 1 1 travel.
:n. Scott reached Puehla on the 09th. Hi
efw-tive force waa 4,fji.N) mm. The retruiU will
join hint oon. Gen. Cadwullmler htid arrived
t V.-ra Cruz, and a portifin of his cotmnaiul.
S.'.T Alia md Mttico. Th flf tieral wi
'i'l-led rreaident, hut dechued. Herrera it is sniJ
s then chosoii. Nothing very definite or re
U i'ile is known about the true condition of
t iings in the c'ty. We supjiose it to le very
Vul. It U ;iid that Santa Anna lui In-en super
r.J,l by Valevacio.
Sr.roaT am EvtT. It van reported that
(.''IO men were sick at Vera Crui, en the 3Jt
u:t., and that a great many were dying daily.
Xptin it i declared that there ia Try little romi-
' P ""Tailing. J he new recruit .ufler. In
niHrehiitg to Jalapa, over road of sand, and un-
. broiling auo. many of the,,, gave out.
Jr.. . . .
There were KK) ok at Jalupa.
"ol Sou aud .even out of hi eacort. and
Li-tut. McDonald of th Rifle Regiment, were
murdered, and Gen. Scott V dcsptitcbe taken.
warn maaier by th tiaua of Tarker, and a quart
eriaaarrs clerk br tn aaoM of La'hrop, both ratiired
on the road frooi Caoiaro to llonterey, and who ware
sii yposed to have been killed. ere In prison in Mexico.
-ftronf suspicion were entertained at Jalaps f sn at-
teiapt to retaks th place, but f 'ol. Chttda is al waya wide
ae-akc for anything of that kind.
rVirnt Mts-n also came down yesterday from Jala
n, having been rohte-d on th road i.f everything tliey
tjd of value; but the highway men shewed their gner
nshy and kindness to lha anfortonate afterwar.ls, by re
taming them twenty Mr cent each to pay their etpenae
to llik place.
The twee of "he carte hero, rjh'irrs, etc.. on the md, i
art i mated at MMJ men. disposed of as follows : 3UO aien
ntar the road. and KUoa each aid nf it, ranglnr al a suf
ft:Kint distance to prevent siuall partM from takin; lha
a r rat its
Urn Fcott left Ja'.ana for Peuhla on the 9it lnt.. at the
The train which came dowa waa escorted br sixty
sien. moauy aiarnarreu aoiaier and snastortna wouiwted
at Garro tordo. in chargr of Cant. Whiting. The saw
I -cquently oa th route aien oa lha height, and Is the
distance men oa th look out.
C'hlcag) t'oavenllew.
The convention for internal improvements,
(western,) " comes ofT" July 5th.
Thn Wet generally will be represented; ard
so will the East. June the 4th a meeting was
held in Boston, at Jemes A". MM if C.'$
counting room, at which Mr. Natha ArrLt
to presided, to determine what should bedotle.
Mayor Qrtacr, Abbott LawaRxcE, and I. K.
II. Kossin explained the objecU of tho Con
vention, and its importance. A public meeting
of the Commonwealth was then determined
upon to choose delegates.
What ia Kentucky doing? What has Lonis
ville done? The Atlantic is seeking to mu'ti
ply its rail-way connections with the wrist.
From Baltimore to Boston the question is, how
shall eagh large city secure western trade,? And
jf western men are alive and tmergetic, if our
merchants and public men will look ahead, and
manifest a fair forecast, they may do much to
secure the benefits which must result from a
closer connection with the East. The industri
ous only can expect to win them. The luke
warm, whatever their natural advantages, must
lose th rave.
Th re shoold lye a full representation from
Kentucky, at Chicago. We -cannot watch too
closely all Internal Improvement schemes, nor
act too vigorously Insecuriug for ourselves what
ever beneficial Influence should all to oar lot
r-irviaaj.- -'-.-
Poor Ircbnd I ,A ad and btter faU ha Uvd
Chine! With a aoil a rich and a cllmata aa got
Dial a any earth know, and with aa true heart
aa ever beat la human bosom, 'cold and rank
opprei.icn hu made nil lheie Ueaalnga a iuot4
ery or acurae. N opportunity baa bee give
the Irlah ueaaant (o rise in the acale of manhood:
and Lad il not been for their lnlred valor, and
uncouqunrable ghulnes ii epirit, they had lout
ago bio uc hod kVfont landlord aupreroacy. But
Irishmen were aot boru t be acrfa, and if they
are not they will ooa be free. ;
Heretofore, UrtMtt BriUin and the civilized
world, in part, have turned a deaf ear to Ins
land' home champion. No matter what thetr
aid or did, the cry of demagogue and partiaanj
went far to .ileuce their auggetion,anddeUon
their plan. And even now, when the Tolce of
humanity compel the Britiah (Joverninent and
Brithth public to aciuiuiHter to the want of Ins-
land, not a single step ha bet.'ii taken, UgiL-
fatly, to root out the cauae of the difficulty,
namely, to put the people iu a right position, by
changing, legally, the uiou.troua system, by
means of which the land-owner of Ireland,
whether they will it or not, are made the rank
est of human oppressor.
Starvation ha been, in part, the bitter blight
of Ireland. We mourn over it; but we rejoice
also: for that starvation will do for Ireland what
half a century of struggling could not have
effected. The English (eople understand now
what liiey r ever understood before that all the
I rish people need i to posses in f e a part of the
land to become as properous, flourishing and
happy, as any portion of the empire. And they
will force their government to do justice to the
lri.-li people by demanding a radical change in
the management and distribution of properly in
tHv what they have affected already. Kvery
man in the British Parliament has looked main
ly to one end to the sat ing of Irish landlords,
and not to the uplifting of th Irish people.
Waste lands yvere to be redeemesi railroads
built through large estates but the land-owners,
though so directly benefitted, were not even
called upon by law to furnish the means of sub
sistence or employment to the people on these
est ttes. Rut thanks to the energy of the Eng
lish Tress, snd the virtuous determination of the
English people, this narrow and selfish policy
hits bejii thwarted, and we may look soon for a
change in the laws of Ireland, which will give
to Irish energy all the freedom and opportunity
now enjoyed by English enterprise.
The woes cf Erin, then, will prove her re
demption. In this spirit, evidently, one of the
best of England's poet thus singa to the sister
st soobwvs sikaar.
Throned upon the gloomy sumaiit
Of a bof land's turfy pile,
Frln aal; while Wirklow mountains
(arc aoeunnjr auaaasar sou le.
rad site at, aiie swaeed no areptre;
On het head no rrowa she wort; ,
Near he lay . braeie sapling .
And three withered leave (he bora.
Wild bar lock, (lowed e'er her ahonldera, '
Pireaminf o'er her whtta kreaaia bar.
Pry and food lew for her rhlldrto
Milk waa not, but tear wet tbere.
Flowed bar tears, lika waves of Pbsnnoa
When the winter win da are bleak:
t'ouraad her tears, aa a avaa of Hhaaiwon
Chaae each other, dowa her check.
Yet. though all was dark and dreary,
Waa btr harp beside bet aiuag,
TtMWifli alas' aac barpatrlng only
Could to ssuak's tooea l rung.
Other wire they all were biokan,
IHaumed with taara aad real wttli rust:
Hoi the lorn, lone airing gleamed brightly,
lake lb aoul a bora the dust.
Ke! on latg war of tba number
Oa lb one unbrakea wue;
Aim! tber wept a not of music,
I. ike a w alling ery in lr.
Then aba kissed her only harp airing.
And tta (one, lorn w ire ah rang
With her wan aad trenhling fingerr.
And ahe sadly eights sung
"Wa ia Eria! wo la Erin'
forrow, sorrow ia her name'
t'rowalees, arepireleas. and brokan,
la bar harp's oar glorlou tame!
"Wo la Erin' woe la Erin'
Barren mother of her young'
Milkle' foodlesa' for her children
Itry bckreaats, and parr lied ber tongue.
"Wo is Erin' war is Erin'
Parche 'r Innguaand buaou dry .
Her own sle cannot suckle,
And her cildrea mllkletwdle.
"Woe la Etn' wo la Erin'
la Cod deafthat God 1 dumb?
Is n on sent to anr r hert
Then death. O Parlour! come." j
Thu she aung, sntil wab suhbiiif ,
Only ton plaint faintly raw.
y oe I Erin! wo ia Erla!
!orrow, sorrow ber name'"
But there rushed across Iba w ater.
The full echo of a voice;
And 'twa tbu Britannia shouted
To the staler of her choice:
"I will give thy babe my breasu, Erin'
For I feel mother' sigh
I will glr tby babe my milk, Erin'
And thy children shall not die'"
Keunv Meadow deserve a medal for hiu rich
design of Village Gossip. It is a capital thing
Four women are grouped together evidently ea
ger to hear news, and just from work. The one
who relates the startling gossip has her hand
partly over her mouth, telling the wonderful
news as a great secret, while the listeners, with
eyes fairly popping out in amazement, and hand
llnliftAtfl alanA m ur jst rur-lr mi Ira imtiArlanr,
And what think you, reader, was the subject ! !n,bli,tlel J but J n,UUK
... ........ ' . .lPu,,cy that semis him to fight In st
matter oi mis gossip: just wast is me uojert
tnattcf of nearly all the gossip we bear.
The ouly thing we object to ia that poor wo
men shonlJ be made always t bear the ain of
gessipping. The men are as bad aa they every
bit. They love it aa well, and practice it in aa
ludicrous and wicked a spirit. Nor should they
ercape. The next time, then, that Kenny Mea
dows makes a design of Village Gossip, we hope
he will let the women alone, and give the men
a touch of hi satire, or that Mr. Angus B.
Reach, the author of the following story, will
rtaek far enough to include Uiem:
Who'd ha' thought it, Mrs. Dobba 7"
You don't say so, Mrs.. Dobba ? "
" Oh, hut it's quite true. It must be. Besidos,
William heard it at tho barber's shop."
"Well, now, do you know I always had my
suspicions there was always a soitirthing a
whiit-do-ye-eall-it sort of a look , about the
Browns, whrrh I never liked. They aay it was
all along of the railways. But whether or ao
that's the fact. John Brown's shop la ahut up
thin morning. Depend opon that."
"Well, well," rejoined Mrs. Dobbs, "it's no
more than I have said it would come to. They
always lived above their position. Aa Dobba,
my husband, often said to me 'Nunc y, says
he. 'innrk my words, for all that thoin Browns
hold up their noses like conceited peacocka as
they are, pride will have al fall,' eayn he, 'pride
will have a fall.'"
"And auch goings on, Mrs. Dobbs, to be
sure such goings on. Parties, parlies, parties,
from Monday till Saturday the beet joint at
th butcher's, the crustiest loaf at the baler',
always bespoke for the Browns. Well, they
must be couleut with scrags of mutton now.
"If they can get even 'em. Ftr aa Dobba,
my hnsband, says, they will be sold out and oat
dow n to the baby ' go-cart, Deary me, deary
"Onlvto think. How different it waa thia
tin last year, Mr. Dobba, to be sure. Mra.
Drwwii,-1!! ker u vlroCilrej-rfincst Ce
noa ai. ,..Vlr. Brown, with his new gig and
Master BroVn, wHth his stew pOnry and uiun
Brf wlU her awtr Pulka jacke." u ' r '..
'And even the errand boy, m itUUce round
his hat, Mrs. Dobb.", ",''. ,
."Bat every body eotM set hat wsji coming.
It could not go n so for ever: t'i'bst'a what I
said. But Brown waa always suck a raatf aaaa."
M Never would take any lody's aurvlca but his
owu there, it waa ao later thaa Wednesday
week, when ray husband, Dobba, err illy asked
him in the most neighborly way in the world,
if he wanted- ajiltle conversation wfcil v friend
about hi affairsdikea thev wereeoing backward
visible what do you think tie I rote selj?
Dobbs,' said he, 'yon and yoorwif f go chaf
teriag about the parish like- a cotlpljef humaa
inagpiea, anly the bird' inalinct m better than
your rejjson.' Ugh the Lrute J l1 ,
"BruTe, indeed, Mrs. Dobbs ya may well
ay that. Birds' lnstincf, forsoofb !"
"Set him up to Ulk of reasow,. Had he rea
son enough to keep himself ant of thu Gazette?"
" I should not be surprised, Mrs. Dobbs, tho'
he were to take to drinking."
"Aad aa for the matter of that, my dear
Thompson told Green, who told ouea, who told
our liocky, who told Dobbs, that Brown was
seen coming out of the White Hart this very
"Drunk, of course." .
"Well, I don't know exactly : but I think it
la i.tuch more likely he was drunk, than that he
was sober."
"Well, well ; its poor Mrs. Brown that I pity.
I'm sure I shan't have a wink ef sleen all thu
blessed night, a thinking of her."
"Poor woman, I'm sure I feel for her. Not
that ahe was ever much better than him. They
do say but I don't know of my own knowl
edge, you see ; and I'm the last person In the
worm to slander anybody behind anybody s
back but lltey do say, not that I believe it
that before they came to our patuh, there were
report sort of insinuations, curious stories
like, I don't know the right of it something
about a cousin of Mrs. Brown's, a handsome
man in the haberdashery Hue ; but I dare say its
all nonsense only, of course, there are some
people who will talk."
1 here no w wh oa ha' ihosalit it. Did vou
evarT But there was alwave-esihethini' very
oviu iiii .ma. umwii ; i t seen u often.
" hat 1 hope is that Emma Wan't Like after
her mother poor thing that's all."
"tin. as tor that, blew yon like parent like
hut 1 aa v nothing. o, no ! nobody ever heard
Nancy Dobbs. Alum is my word mum. What
I say ii, that people ought to keep jieople's
tongues between people's teeth : that sail. Em
ma crown na, ua, ha : Lord bl
i you.
A Maries a .TletlMalca Abrsuad.
We see an interestins- account of a visit la'elv
paid to the American contractors, Messrs. llar-
rtson, Winans and latwiek at Alexandroffsky,
six in ilea from M. IVtershurir. Russia, bv If a
Majesty the Emperor Nicholas 1. occoiniaui.d
by the first men of the realm. His Majesty ex
amined every thing connected with the manu
facture of locomotives. Eighty had btn huill
during the year 1Mb, and tho establishment w in
turning out six locomotives and tenders every
mouth. He next proceeded to the works erect
ed by theae enterprising Yankee for preparing
uis materials lor ireignt ana nassengtr cars.
Here every thing w as examined with the tame
attention aa at the locomotive department, and
me Deaury and cniciency of the mnchinerycoin
niented upon in strong l-ruia by h'j Mitjesty.nll
the various operations la-inr eriiiiuoeu bv the
contractors. Iu this shop tae re arts, prep semi
every uuy, live nets ol wood wo? Jvt ue usual
aize eight w heel box ears, such a, aro oil the-
Anvrk-an railrna.l. .
He neat went into the shop where the propri
etors were putting together fou of lh usiiul
sixe eight w heeled .Uea every nu It h. Evrry
thing was examineI with the chwet scrutiny
and with the highest admiration.
On the following day, ia a testitionv of his
Majesty's satisfaction, he promoted Colouels
Kraft and Meinikoffto the rank if Geiiends.
and ordered the cross of St. Anne o be confer
red upon Major (.. U . histler. tie American
engiueer;ahu that valuable tiamont riugsshould
he piwoted to the contractors. Messrs. Harri
son, Winans and Eaatwirk.
The establinhment of Messrs. Barrisont Wi
nans and East wick employ at present 1,9-JO
workmen, includin;; l.bl.'i' Russia, V21 Ger
mans, 164 Swede, J7 Euglish.aittli Amerit ans,
whic h nu til 1st embraces the whoh uumlier of
foremfii and workmen. :
1 he coutrai ta of these geutVmen embrace
16'J twenty-five ton locomotive and tenders:
5,300 iron trucks, for eight passeagcr car, and
2 improved car on sixteen wheel. HO feet long.
Out of whkh are now finished, 10 locomotives
with their tender ; 5,2(H.i waeoi. trucks : 9'6
freight cars, and 2 paaaengr fns". tiimtt
Vsawr tarwla aad IBM- M a War.
We are permitted to Iny bet-re our readers,
says the Ifaette (Ind.) Journiand Free Press,
the following letter received b a gentleman of
this place from Senator CorwU:
I.KBANow,Ohio, April 1. 117.
Dr. a Sit: I had the pleoaire of receiving
your letter of the 'Xh March, yester Jay ; and I
cannot deny myself th. gratification of express
ing to you the satisfaction with which 1 rccived
that among many other such evidences of ap
proval of toy course on the Mexican War. I
felt as strongly as any one could, the res'ionsl
biltty I assumed. I differed with all the Umding
Whigs of the Senate, aad saw plainly that they
all were, to some extent, bound to turn, if they
could, the curreut of puaiic, opiiiou ugnint me.
They all agreed with me that '.he war was un
just on our part ; that if properly begun, which
none ot tnem admitted, we h:ul already sum
cieutly chastised Mextro, and t tat further pros
ecution of it was winton waste of Wood and
treasure ; yet they would not undertake to stoi
it. They said the President alone was respon
sible. I thought we who aided him or furnished
ineatis, must be in the judgment cf reason and
conscience, equally guilty witk him. 1 nee the
Uemocratic' presee prate about refusing to
to feed and clothe the brave men ie in the
field. Do uot these praters know that it was
not for that purpose that we asked for supplies?
Did the President want twenlr-eight million of
money and tea Regiments more of men to 6rtg
tee. mlr fete u Cumargo? No, he told us
tie wanted mem lor in purpose of further pros
ecuting the War. He wanted to storm the
Halls of the Montezuma! And f.ir what?
i nat question be. will not answer ! It is for
conquest alone. The great model Republic of
mo " oria inuaea war upog one modeled after
ner, to take away her territory, and titterlr de
stroy her, till her leading mta are drive to beg
the aid of Kings to prevent as, the great Re
public, from robbing and msrderiug those, who,
as well as they know to do It, are trying to es
tablish free government aft our example. I
am amazed that a peopl calling itself Demo
cratichaling King, and loving free govern
ment, ahould act thus. What de it portend ?
j corneas it nils me witn melancholy foreboding.
I can honor the brave solder who does his duty
..... ... . . .
Dutue; out l despise tit mistaken, wicked
roiicy Uial senile htm to tight In such a war.
lad the President askati.n money to bring
home our armv after the taking of Monterey,
and to send a commission of one or more of the
first men in America to twt,for (Mace, I would
have given my vote with more hearty go-yd-will
for auch a bill, than any I ever gave, ia my whole
public life. I often urged this coarse In private
interviews with leading men of both parties.
But all in vain. Further battle more Wood
more laurels these were the insane and barhar
ou aspiration of men a he now Jiold tho power
of a Nation boasting itself the exemplar of
Christendom; vauatiug that it "asks fcr noth
ing which is not right, and trill submit to noth
ing which is wrong."
I send you a few copies if my speech on the
subject. I only regret thai It is not mere wor
thy the great cause It prtposee to uphold. I
shall be satisfied if H shall induce a few to pon
der, not the speech, bat the subject of which it
treats. Very trnly, your friend, .
Bark or E.fCiLa.iDe The amount of operations
for the last week in .May, s compared vilk the
prexitut week, how a DECREASE of paper
ia circulation. $2,275,000 of Hard Cash, $375,-
000 of nubile and private Depoaits,$t.'JiO,fMXI
and of Government ami other securities held.
$7,0,l00. The note in circulation were
about $100,000,000, (they being a legal tender
everywhere except at the bank itself.) The
Specie In bank vaults, April 21, waa $46,000,-
ooo. : .
A SnaiTKB IaisH Las. A whimsical incident
happened on Tuesday last, on board of one of
the emigrant ships lying7 at the Custom-house
Quay, Dubiln. Ameng the paam ugers were a
strapping country gfrl and her sweetheart, who
intended U be married on the ataer aide of the
Atlantic. The fair emigre, bad a little fortune
ef 200, which ahe had discreetly placed ia the
hands of the captain. She had hardly done ao
when het Intended aaksd frnr for scat of it, and
ru1' cooUy bett lter good morning,
ana tiisemu-ked- Thedejened damsefry 1 ,i
to the side of the vessel, bl instead of l!jr. , -herself
overboard, ahe addressed tbe arowi ou
the quay, telling ber story, aad fiuiahed by'o.ir
ing herself on honorable tenna to anv yopag
follow who would take the place of her fa.ih.B
swain. A handsoro young maeon, who hap
pened to be among the staaders by, inmeidiately
otfea-etl himself, aud was - accepted en the spot
The Captain very properly sent to make inqui
ries about him, and found that he waa, aa ha
represented himself to be, a aingt nana; and the
parties to thWexteinporo match, sailed with tliat
wrry tide for the shores of America.
Maw Carois or the- PoraTor Dihasx IV
Ing an excess of ltianare, with improper modes
of applying it, bad methods af storing, want ef
attention, to selecting seed from soil different
from th soils the seed is intended for, and using
inferior inntead of the very finest tuber to plant.
Liverpool MtrtMry.
Generally, the accounts of the appearance of
the potato crop, in Ireland, are ravoaaSLt; but
the King't ceaaf y Careaiele contains tome well
authenticated evidence of the re-appearance -of
the blight which haa produced such disastrous
consequences. Ib.
Yoc.vo Ibxlavd o EaictATio. On the 221
ult., the Young Irelauder met ia the Union
Hall, Dublin.wnea Mr. Devin Reiliy reported
on the Colonization project, laid before the
English Minister, by Mr. Morgan O'Connell,
&c, for removing a million Ind a half of ner-
totis from Ireland to Canada. It wan opposed.
because :
1st. Ireland does now, in the actual state of
its agriculture, produce, one year with another,
more than sufficient to feed all its Inhabitants.
TJie exports of food ia 135, were estimated bv
the Railway Commission at nearly 12,000,000.
We believe thev were even then greatly under
estimated, and have enormously increased since.
2d. We assert the absolute right of the Irish
people to be fed upon the fruits of thir own
soil and their own industry, seeing that there
are sufficient to support them.
3d. The content plated loan of 9,000,00(1, if
lentto Irish proprietors and tenants, for improve
ment of the Irish soil; and to Irish Railway
Companies, and Companies for Fishery, Mining
aud .Manufacturing purpose., and if permitted
to be expended without the control aud inter
meddling of Government officials would more
than repair the ravages of this year 'a famine,
and make Ireland the most eligible residence,
us she is the natural home and indefeasible prop
erty of all hor own people.
1th. There are in Ireland, according to the
estimate of Sir Robert Kane, 4.GO0,0OO ncres of
land racily recluimable and well worth reclaim
Father Meehau, in seconding a motion
the adoption of the report, said that :
" There were, and be waa proud to say it, 26
gentlemen preaeut, commanders of American
ships, great cheers and he wished them to car
ry away the cordial thanks of the Irish people
to their nation; and firthermore he would add,
that if ia the hour of her dantrer. should the
felon hand of England or any otuer country be
raised against her, they ' The rest of his
Kevereuce's sentence w as lost in the hurricane
of applause which burst forth.! 4 Should caJam
ity of any kind ever threaten ber, ye who have
escaped tae f miine and pestilence produced by
English misgovernment, remember America;
remember her noble and generoua relief and
sympathy." ftheera. Ha wanted them to
support homo manufactures and aid eaeh other.
The Report waa adopted.
Rev. Mr. Vahouey states that in bis parish of
t. oavntora, ttie population oi which is o ,!"..,
the average of deaths from famine is fifty week
ly; Rev. Mr. Barry, V. C, states that nearly
t.tsHr persona have fallen victims to famine in
Oautrv aione; and Dr. Walsh, Bishop of Cloy ne
ana Koss, states on the authority of a parish
priest of his diocese, that in one of his parishes.
containing a population of 3,700. the number of
leaths for the last month waa 2"0; and that " in
one of the sea-coast villages, which six months
ago contained a population of 230 persons, there
are now standing but three hovels, wi-.h about a
dozen persons;" he adds, "the other hamlets
have beeu entirely depopulated. 1 he Cork
Lxamitier says: " e this day witnessed a most
appalling spectacle at the Miandon curd house
Luder the sheds attached to that building lay
some thirty-eight human beings old and young
men, women, children, and infants of the ten-
derest sge all huddled together like so many
pigs or dogs, oa the ground, without any other
covering hut the raip on their persons, and
these iu the last stage of filth and hideousnese.
I here they lav some dy ing onv dead ail
giunt and yellow, and hideous witty famine and
Av Awrt'L Sccxk. In a house in Peacock-
lane, within ue or two doors of Clarence St.,
some wretched families from the country have
taxvn tip their reeoieiice. In that portion, of it
occupied by a laborer named liennts Kegan,
horrifviug spectacle was presented yesterday
the wife lay moaning in Ibe agonies of death
from furriun in oue corner of a bare, badly
lighted, and ill-ventilated hole of a room; and
iu another corner, on the remains of a oi of
straw, lay tie drA koJtet of fire children, one a
girl of the other a boy of - Their appear
ance was hideously ghastly. The father seem
ed almost unconscious of the suffering and death
around hun. tr luxamimtr.
A Prison wot ld be a Paxadise ! Hcax! Hxab!
Tiie Liverpool Mercury of May 4, shows the
e Herts of famiue, bail crops and Irish Landlord
ism, to be as follows :
Here we see landing on oar pier thousands
of pitiable creatures,' he have no choice but
to get into cellars long since condemned as unfit
for habitation, and into garrets already over
crowded. Disease is at work there, and fastens.
as if instinctively, upon their poor frames, which
are predisposed to its deadly effects. When fe
ver has marked its own, we remove tbe victims
to temporary shed, for the chance of relief or
death. On their first landing, we know that
they must pine in comparative hunger, though
we relieve them; we know many of them mut
die, because they must reiort for shelter to
places saturated with filth and foul air, and
eased fi'llow-sufferers. Our police officers can
not drive them out, because there are no hospi
tals or prisons tiiat would bold a tithe of them.
Their begging In the streets, and the disgusting
exhibition they make with squalid, perishing
children in their amis, cannot be euppreased
for the am reason. A poon would be a par
adise to them a luxury we cannot give them;
anf krnee the tanatory and xagroAt fair ore,
at this moment, in this town, wcrnsWy aerrrt mj
oil Jorct."
British Commo Schools SrsTM. The Brit
ish Government finds that it must rest on opin
ion, and that it is bet that that opinion should
be onlightened. Ia def.-nce of his scheme, and
the Government grant. Lord John RumcII, in
the House of Commons, April VJ, said, "We
felt that there pressed upon us the imperative
duty of improving, as far as in us lies, the so
ciaf condition of the teacher in this country
of attending, as far as in us lies, the knowledge
of virtue, of truth, and of religion. We felt
that this was one of those measure indispensa
ble for the welfare of the country; and h the
opposition what it may, and however formida
ble may be those oppouents however formida
ble, I aay, they may be and 1 Ument to see
that at auch a time, among them are those who
hare now withdrawn their aid, but who, through
good report and evil report, were the supporter
of our political eooraa still I aay, be tie oppo
sition what it may, it shall be a coDjaolatwa to
ua to reflect that wc have made the attempt to
diminish the empire of ignorance, and to raise
the people of this country in the srale of religion
and virtue among tbe people of the globe."
Hi .answer to inquiries made by Rev. Janet
Bunting and the Wesley aa body waa, that th
Government did not consider that persons who
h id ecclesiastical function would be eligible to
lite office of pupil-teachers j that THX aithobjx
id vrasio;. or the Scairroua wovu ac aim taxo
to ar t'scxt it a to. thi schools ; that persona
approved of by the Wesleyan body might. If ap
proved by the Government, be made inspector
of Wesieyau school ; and that of the grant
proposed for this year, ae perttea ssea ia4eaf
( a grvnted to tchoolt txclutivflrf Corns Calk
(the. Whenever the question of the Roman
Catholic schools might be brought before the
Government, and when tbe Roman Catholic
prelate ind clergy ahould express their views,
theu the Government would consider that very
diffit ult subject. " I could not,"said Lord John,
M rive mv assent to giro State support to any
1 schools which are iu connection with the mon
British Naval AaciirrxcTrna' Mr- Hc, in
the House of Commoa. April 29, exposed and
denounced the blunder of tba British Naval
Architects. He stated, that -sfnee lt32 we had
launched 20 aail-of-the-iine, 2 frigate, 7 eor
veittee, 31 brig, and vnxioue packets, at a cost of
22 "millions, equal to 11W millions of dollars.)
of which the grater part wan absolutely was!d.
He was prepared to prove, that In alaieet every
instane great errors had been committed ia
Lao. -construction cf three vessel. that their
stowage, floating and fighting qualities had been
altogether, failures ; that the alterations made ii
them had been Interminable, and that the ex
pense of thee al ten. bona had been enorcioo.
That waa ther charga bo brought, not against
Sir W Fymoads., but agaloat tte various Board
of AljuirElty wiika had allowed iwch lat. ....
' t proc)di;i7mlo goa. Kb thsw rea' -pe
cu. . ratios a; ..art the mukoraujrwi: -lo i af
the Alimiu. the Ver- mo. thn V
Uiluihai, tfti6-Jfr'acr Ai'oert. tho C umbels. nit
tbe tloliah, aud a, moat every hip racenilr lo! t
n. -die yttrasyof Pertsavih, Plymouth- Wi
Wklb Sha-srnesn, Chathaaw au4 k'err.broke.
'iaunsH Navak SrkrtsrKw. Nuiabc.ut mm-
snbi built aad registered in l-4ti,ln th ClHuad
Kingdom: aaUUsg veela 732 steamr 77
toLil K9. Toauare: aailins- vaasala lillt.S'U.
taamera 1550 total 12500. ' ;
Vessels sold and traasferred la 1840. bnloas.
Ing to the United Kinrdota. ineladin voui
sold to foreigner: sailing vessel 2-a j stetta
em 111! total 2.499. Tonnage: aailiur v-waels
3JI.2G1 ; steamers 1321 toial 364,-tc2.
Vessels and ton nave wrecked. Le. In W6:
aaJing vessel 529; tmer 8 total 537.
Tonnage: sailing 91,221 ; 7fr Utal 91JK.
t easel and tonnage broken op la IMS : Bail
ing vessels il; steoaners 14 total 13. lon
nage: sailing vessels fi,57) ; steamers 99S total
TATio.ti or thi Bbitish Aaiiv i.i N. Ami-
ica, ilaf 1. Cth regt. reservo battalion. Hud
sou' Bay; 14th. Halifax, N. S. (depot; 2Jd,
io. anu reserve latl. Lanada; Uth, iiennuda,
both batts,; 42d, io.; 4Cth, Cinada; S2d, Que
bec ; GOlh, 2d Utt. Halifax ; reserve butt, of
7 1st, Canada ; 77th, St. John. N. B.; 811, Can
ada ; c2d. ib.; 93d. ib.; 2d batL of Klile. ilriole,
ib,; Reserve batt. ib.; Quebec; Royal Canauian
Ride, Canada ; Koyal Newfoundland Co. New
EsuLaa tss vaa Foes. Oa aasnatioa tie latrotlue
hi isio Hi House ot Couinoaa a till to allow or ultra
har Majesty to sand aa anibasaador tone. Lrwd Johs
uMII luouxia It thaa tawiprdient. Sat said,- I Save
Mca.wli rerjr f real piaui, the roorse a tirli tli r
mt Fops baa pursued, tcbeer fresH has atoeaotlh
rloua) and Ithiuk U will land norMo tacreaaa IU hap
piness ot to people of Ita y. I has aa Be.lafoa ia
) ! that I II. Ink It woukt be datiraaa that IBeee mote
formal ralaiiona should b aiablu4)d ; (near. Laar ,) but
in quaMwu w ona in puini of ia and polx-y : ia point
i law aiceediiifly inlrKata. and tu doom im iwis-y ou
i hat taliacly tosxeiicouiaerai.ldiaruaKia.''
A Noilb IsvtsratsT. Th nsninrent earn fiiHy
thousand dollars has Wen i-lared t the d tsrusal of ta
lxpof alloa of Har tare l.l lvae.hr Uoa. Aaaarra Ua-
asts.lurtb fuundaifcra and endow aaeni of an tnsutu-
s.n for iuairnrtioa ih all hranrlMsof ln meehaaie aria
Th whol incoai of tl.U rhMsj," ia lua latcuar i
h tenaroua donor, m Io he - deToled to II arquiailion.
iHualralio and dlrBisattoa of UM practical arstaces,
for trar."
il. 34. U'bhto. A lunaer was a ivea t llnfi.t;e
naa on the lutti iu New Vork. Ahoul 120 fueaia par
look of U. Mr. W. has arvd bi eoaniry well, and
sterile th welcome h Ua received, lie said, la reply
lo lha romplluieatary toast, among other fuod ttnnta
I Be omce ol a lorair aiinister a ih vair of
pear maker. Diplomary ha Keen at-ppoeed k) lat
mantl of craft and dacait; hut I benrea that laietruy
aad honor ar Ibe astal aaeatial thing la il." (A p.
tiDsas InxaTS. Tha W'heellna Time of Friday last
nnoanre the sodden death al Ke. Mr. Prea. ol Lex
inftoat, Ky., wh waa a law days sine la Rieumoml.
Va , a a wemher of Ih rrsahrlnrian General Aaaewl.t.
II died in th ar, lhaday hrfor,ea ka rets r a lean.
Ta Pbbibst' Viav. Th Col! ofNaw Tork
has iaforoMd the Mayor of that city, taai It r reside ni
my baa x pected tlier -on Hi ISta or -.Oth'ofthe Br.
sent aMiaib. It I isrted thai he wilt xlnd ha J
aey t Brua, aad aa order mpartin hta mepllou ha
hn adopted t jr Ibe Comaaaa t eaucu
A uMvrrv.a rare, of la'te dimension, haa
neaw raeeatly dlsroeerad la tb Maie quarries of Mr. Jno.
Kennedy, la Moaujotuery eouuty. Pa.
To (n,Mt of Do mastic Couoa Good from R.
Uin. duriuf tha year aadts a IMH uli.. were ..-
m hale, i bia aboa aa increase of t ports sver the
prev hk ia year, ot s,!W7 baw. ;
Tha r.usrmrr't Uuti aar that the what
aavMial suhsriihed tn tbat ritv to th st:k al the Prna
sylvanial'eatral Bailro,, vpia Uo'clork oa Wadnca-
uay ism waa .ev aoarea.
Paorirrtas ar tx a Coaasar. Tb Uahlnion ror
rrsnaaneni nf the Ualn.nor I'airiot writea uuut-r data
of in 7tn last.:
A a order baa son from the Nae t Deirtmant fnt ih
aeamer rrmreionio i ntiea foraervlr torthwiia. 8tK
is to proceed u th Mediterranean la pursuit of th Men
ra privaiee-a. or piraia. that are said to n talsMin onr
commerce . Uial sea. II w tinecl"d that ah will
ready to alart in htiean day.
Vis llrBIt The orS.-ial raturns of the eoia for
Corernor (tree Williams (Demo ) , Coll-y (Whw;
t.iw. nerrv (ind.) PJ31; watlarin 54. Majority tor
William,! I W.
CoLaraion. Th t'newtapeak sad rosier, alsamer sad
aroooacr.caai in contact, oa the eta, aaar Conaesut. on
Lake Erie. Figlst parsons war drowned. A writ or
There wr Ketaeea mrtv and ft ft
hnaM.and an nsual pronortskn of Ihem as-e woman an.1
rhUrlre!. Nnneof I he latter wre left. Thar etsarae of
the fsmalee oor. on that of the men. Thefohaved the
ofrer Imnlirltly. ft was a Irvine mn.nent. howerer.
when ttie Narrtann nasaed th wreck without d srorenne
it . One ol the ladiee aaid smiu'i ptrmnt shriek rool.t
he heatil farther than man's vnre: and nt'ered a ahrttl
wail of kMider moan af the sea. and thn Hs-riarMt raa.ed
on leteln a-l appa-ently honeiean. faot. Warner's tad
weal M th M aend, n4 liter resaln4 till tn Hirl.
son arrived
Th Harrison took oT Ih nasaenfer. Fer PaMa n.
as won aa he heard of ta rr:deM.paahed atTlo their re
lief. ToF.XT'Vonsa ris tsntrs. Mr. John Corrard. of
laMneyon.suereeiaihat every essrl shoold rarrv at th
bottom of her hok. as ". aquan-'ly nf rhalk. wit h
whU-ti ase nrtwosnaM mtal in'tes ahonM comaanira's.
In the ev-nt of fire In the rwl'i hold. Kv pnunn dllu
ted alph'irir arid) ml of enrol j thraurh th tabea. snrh a
nantlre ot rarhtuiir acid aa would lbrmd a Wou'd
enertnallr put out th flame. Kf . per.
W team lhal aa alterrattMi lon ptr vee-rlav. In
th town or N. t narttn. seiween in-, i iveratt and a man
H the nam ot Arnold, tn which Ih lller hail his skull
hdlvfra.tnred hv a aton thrown front 'he hand of me
former. ST. ies F.rt.Jnt 10.
Hrv-s saoM ros twi Caows On Monda rut hi wh
anatVertin pirtare did Lord Raasell draw of her MaJ
ta Bu-xlnrham ratar. witn her rnklm a) nurse m
tVmdsor-a senaralmn inevltahie. aalsn Mr. Wore bad
another Jt t:si.nat ' t-CSO fsto -tnemrl an annlonal front
to the palace." TImm x isa.nfsi a r railed for t acenme
dat nvrblldren. Now if tha -doaneatt hanroness" oa
prettily phrased hv th Post renniree JTl.'in.ni'fl al pro
al. wemnrh tear teat ahould th dnnntle Aanntneas"
htretld tts aronuat, th root wnn'd rtropontonatiy
rl. Thns For fiee rhtldren. Xl.'e.OWr; toe fifteen.
xftOt tVetraatihat Mr. Hum wtilmMMer iht.
OeaIaa Jtrrli.
Isil VYr lt Th JhvlwM- Frewinee Mates,
with reference tn Ih manafse'artnf district, that 34?
m nts ar fhlt time. auS ehort tin, and fS ebwed
Of the workmen 77,11 have ronaiari emp'ornvent. ..
Stsy te nnrt a part af Ih Week. ed td.isnV are anem
ploted. Ttar was no prospect of any Imaaadtaia Un
provement. Falilttl Pot TH CaSOUSs. Th Ohaerver. miMIh4
at Genrvetown. a. C. of th 7nd Inaf.. Male thai ka'f nf
the suffer lai of (hat dwtrirt ha nevar bean told. Th
nopnialmn reaidinf from fifteen to twenty mile from
that rwdeeraased 4 per eM wpsla ta 'ast 30
rear Irom poe-rty . dteas anl pnsii its wast. The Os
erverv: -We knew yewerdae nf Ihre appllrailona
lhrem front lahorlnt men af laaallles oa Mark nver.anJ
throorn a rerv rasper tale aoarce, beard that a namher
oa fareer" hav. were tn ihesam enndltma. wha sent 10
Iowa, ne ram themselves, for bread, and coo Id not f et
any. The- la s fawtae ta Oeery ere-en drereraf. and
ihacernmnaKmeTsof ih poor a ill un Meadav, reciv
any donat ona that aay b offered.
Awrrt Caiaarrv. We laarn frt m th Boo;n jv)
Readv" pa Wind al Charleston llllnoia. tha' on ih 3Sh
aH . wklla Sir. Chandler, ka wlf. ha aon WUlwm'swiic
andrbiM. ka aon and daughter, arid a Mr. Miaelev.
were folnx to prewhlnf ta a two ho-ae wajon. a ljrM.e
storm areas, and that diinn tb Mo'. tre tell, and :a
Its fall crushed 1 hoe on the bach seat. Mrs. Moaeier. Mrs
Chandler and child, Mrs. Mnae'v and th child It
aantly kilM: Mm. Chandler aareleed only ha-f hour.
Mrs. Minvilar' a)l wa fractured cwn r)ot r arms.
wbi'the mjnrk M Mrs. Chandlae and child were frln
ripallv yn Ih Mmh and lsdy. Tb other rapd. in
body of Hm Ire fell on Ib wafnn.
Fatat. W andratnj lhal en Monday last voa-tf
man named Barhanaa. who latent rhaol saar the
River Hotd. a w mil from Loaa0. was killed ,
anaray with Dr. Pendentraat. a re anient nf th saute
njhburlsod. H m-eivad th eonienm af a shot nn.
heavtlvcbsrid wnh buck shot: ne dssd mat-owl half
an hour. A M.. PrewMi, who waa at th arban bo at
th time, waa sever elr heaian hy twa ann af Or. P.
We have not vet ttewril of tb srrnst of lha Doctor.
EaiasaVTsrsoa ? Noot or huafrad al
rranis ftem awaoen arnred al Chlraro, a fc-w daraafo,
oa Ihwr war lo Henry roaaiy. Illiaoa. wfcuaer five
bnndred of their eoontrymen ha prcdn Ihem by a
year Thett prupn v a al Sa d. say i Charaao Dem
uerai In rota aon. alt hoof n am ar wealthy and at kars
devtiinta sums harln lane or aa aannvy. ami otkaa-
HJ of $ 10.000. Tb eHeaalt. aaarlu ahoai
levea handred person. bv porehaaed almoat Ida
whole et Henry oosty. eaaiauyinf a of ta Cnaat
lands ia tha west.
Taa Aatsos Haoaai.a. Mm. ra snid Bat
I, ia her saw work, - A Ye- af CoaadaU-. 1va
a pleasant and spirited Brrallv ef ber Joorny Ihroucv
Franc to Italy. Th tneavnlene b u.rd la
so part of ber real, reca ll ber "Ind hat lrvlU
ipertere ta Aaarlca, and aba waxes th
TuhU for bavlnt aerastoaallp aoka a eaarp etd
afaisat as bore. . 8h aays :
Oh, say paor dear Aawritaa fc4low ralaen bow
humbly na aty a nee I do baf voar pardon for ail the
it-proacke I ha fcnmttad aaainol yoaa natiaaal dleer
wa f Sfihllng, aad th coaqual Alia voa crest
around yoa. How I taoufbi. too,f Ib honor
and aectirttv la whirr, a woman mient waeora atone
from Ueorgia l Mala, thai vaM eonntry, rortaia of
ratanra, aitanttoa, tha moot isepec-tm eorttm. ta aawt
kaaaiM proteetatn. froat vry ataa so asMta, w about
tba war af try ury-ar tnault. wrsvaed by tb moat set red
and artrveeial rare from evn tha appearaar ar aaiael
or tmprtUaaea-4riMn( aksoe a Mb a Btaea asy
and awafort aa ibeucb h war th aaatae - taa outt
urn ot every aaaa ass me-"
There are of re tar Bapttot Owlet to f. -.
7 A-t : aedaiaad auaater. Vil; Urananl raae.
l.Uoj; ctHnmaakraaaa, aais; oee" row-, 1;
lua4iical arbooia, aMiaksa anwaf eper. 1; aeted
parvMical. 14. Inelwhna broacaa of aMt.
th udal asatber ef Baptaa eaa.aaalt la ma waa-st
a M3a.ru.
. Tts Moaaumv Ta vdwMrty now ta that a 'arse
part U th poparlalwa ia California wu so a Mor
mon, tut even Uara, a her, they aeeas to be athtastto
ilirrni-aa aad kuooa. T Conform y' -
There aa bean Uaavaas. aa lrrconcga-K ) Jit aatenf
tbe iMarmoea at Eaa Praactsew. Th rasai af U.a
ptoaoa wttl U ie uwow wa lata oara-i fne ef C
lfbriua. - -
. V ,U . . ' ' ' ' -
y.h k
Loweil, ... ,
r rape, and tmi iair e a iiccon. ff.-.
aieird parson u .Muta Jtitcosli, kiataet. yes., .
j aiilj. ' - .
ITLleat. U 4 ntar re.peof ally fS.r'ie to ra
ce iv th awoid ant ecaaieUa w'vc t))M
frieed ta New-York wr aViat ts prtit ta
him. ', 11 doe net fee! that bu uu,d reae.te
tlim w hi! aittier tbj eeaaor at acowrt-ayar-
Uol. . -
MaJiMOTtt-Ot. TLa la wful W veftrJat
to ear rwaaket was tt..L."d vsaedav by Mr.
Altxaxdcb SrcsAIT, at G.ire'a .t.. Ha
was raised io Bath eoutr. Ky ,! ia said t.
t'gh en foot 320: be-, sop p toi v efts
Pa l a breed. Ua haa baera u cm f fat
taaiag for three y .- Sir. Sutti yw4
22Sfor hint.
C071.VI EACI As..
RaaaassTbe a.tvnc a sotlced la nt hwi ,-eriew
fot article a f produr and ra:1ar.T., wca?;aal
y Ih very faror abay rha.'aettr of tha ar n aotraa
ihea 1 kaiul. baa else allrhlly (kilca fT, aaslthesxar
krt (eaerally praeeoi a lea promati ( aspael laaa at
ibat data. Honiara, howerer. ar orally Sim at ner m
rale, sod bualncaa as a lair aneat a btlai rsrrWoa at
a auall dn-icaua of our lorasae qootaiayos. The J
rllnlatbeaa!ia aiarket Mr Bflaa drrr1ptlrrr-s of pra-
due aad braadotuiTa, baratofor aoiad, ba aartlaNy. If
nut fully, been recovered, tha ba auatd bsldar ta
more Arm la their ratr. Iviuf a b akaj aapatt a aw
Th receipt of produ-a from, th coon lev ma Uara
vary It ml! ad, Ihu retiJerlnj tint butaa ia tbts Jtpait
went of trad very Bieafre, price boweeaa- ar kauat
than uoiel in aur last, a will Le oteenred bp Ib fueta
itoa below.
5ur laieat data from ew Ortean are an ta th SU
int.,o week later than reported In oar lt. at tba
1 in. no intellijoce tfa.l town received af tha stMastea
net , rOowrouei.il y it .rct il will prnaure apon in
market yet remains sperulaiis Frir uf nM articles
of Wtsters rroduc. al that lia.. rmainad saarty Ut
arue asaotnod iu aur last. Frou Vew Tart, Plitaeai-
phia and Bait: more our daiea are ap 101 tx evenlnf of nVa
I'.IU tnsi at Ihosn pol ta tt: m ta m rr.eiB
from tlw panic abicb ocrurrcd .'ioft: after th rereptioa
of th trrarrs news, iieary purrl a-ra af Flour bad
hera maue, but t jey a at e rta-d. J ae c -f at a a fcotly
of s ,iera;iir nature. In Prneiaon lha ad r a or aa
I'ork aa a.K well nialuiai.ieil. in s h. r itia.il e pre-
vavi ala ner aiaady aud sale medoraie ; tb export
lemantt (r corn bad au' si.Ii-d. and luc .iruKlaJ tlSllliaa
Ihea doing for boax eousuuiitioa.
. 'ac oar last ! a bad unit a marked chasf la
Ibe aealhrr aliarh a sow txtremely cool (or Ibat ssasoa
of tb year; w a bare Lad oaveral rains, whiea kav soar
aled favorably for lo laruer. To day w wr tbrMi
sited wub it, and toward evenluj a re y eop'On
hower wa eipe:enred. a ba-b arree 10 roirth at-
.Moaplxr cooi and pleasant lor out o-r Mi-lncse.
T!m rirer ax t;ua uotiiis 1 jhCy ra-alina, 3y iinvV
ene fi'M Puiahurgli of the kStaansa. r'r was
ilwn rating witu 4 in th raaauet, freaa
r i j - - UrftcalsMi, w dm'4 B .i. teat aaajaitoa will
.tt free for ariiiaary hoais for ou.e tisi yet.
B GGING tit ROPE. Tranaacl'jiis coollsaa aaseV
rrai and atoatry HiDoed to p au'.aitua ortWr. W
ao aaof W pxct J.t,- It; do at 13; S do at l3i;
rj03doialu!a: I3il?c; Meaia at JJ. , 3 do ia sXt
BTaTtatvT or Baisa a.art.
aiork en band. Juutid. 1W7
Arrived lha week......
. 4403
shipped ihk week..
1 oral
.-tork" na hand. Jan 24. 14?
Arrived litis week ..........
. 1XA
.. , -
Shipped .hi week
BACOV. T ho m artsy remains lnarrhrw. and lb av
relpta ar moderate. Weqtot fraat Wafana, Bam at
P,.m 5c: IThonld- 3-; frMi Siaraa, Hamc
:'rtesrt;rou!.lealrc. dale of bat dauiaxad Haaje at
Sir. Barjed and Surar Cored Hams at lor,
BROOM? Ar worth tl 30C9t OS pay dowra.aapet
Bin ER. Fresn taMe baiter commarxla ta tbe aya
ket lii-Vc
BE Ed WAX Steady at 43iMi par tn.
BE O Canllnu ba food rcowaat frora w(aasal 9Jt
i)lMi husriel; hoot mix tprorH.
COFFEE Pnco eanl.aaa tha sama as an-d) last
week, i4 sales ar fair at ..tfJt. accord a to oaltiy
and roailily.
CH aea W. C st A i4c saatk Ugit and 4
Biaad ft.
CATTLE. a.e of Boevs 'iieC. LS UC
I i ?lrp t; idi 2.'; V. -3X
COAL. Tn rtst Pu aa caoatd oar atarkat
to b b4lir sjppiied. V" qao: a m oi rotstsarfB a
Uic.dSiHrarad, and Port toy at lie-ware.
OJTT V YARVs - . ar made for lb aerewt
numhet st 8, t and lor.
CoTTOs'.V aoor at 10, l'.ii:e. W Vat f
salyrs. ,
IOIDAGE. W CjUie Manii.a at ,S - '-
CtVDLLS. W quota 5i i'l.;l a at S3)
Mouid at K KatU.
TRY 4.00DS Cahot A aud Ch'cop D etnr.9fff .
Great F:i, Masaaeaiuwii. he., tit- A- C.A-tlcaa
totCa'.Tc. Methuea itcka ttH JiiTe. Bio Prints Tall
River stioi llt. Merrtme at t'ac- rancy Prtai
from 6i lac. accord. -.if 'a qnaiity aad style. Bleached
oo.te-34 incb Dvrig.'iui 1 Us; y '.bcH do, te.
FLOCa. ia'by ta -y at 4 IX at retail.
SO 5U.
FE TH EB? VYe har ,riiiit;:.not. vTsaaota
,! iKoris-.
FISH Wequot No I Mackerel w 913 V. Na lX
:ra.ai JH JO. i i at J ;0i'.u 10, o J, la.-;, at -;
"aimoa al $16. Herrloj al $7.
FLAXSEED-? from wa,oc- ar mad at Tl,
and fr.nu stores al HI.
FBCIT?. Wequot Ot led Ar.?' V' m waiaaa at 3
SO from Mores, a buhl. Dried Pa no, 1 1 00 par
bo; Otanies. 93 3i'S4 M; Lemon. TI par box; PTx
ltSlirts a . M. R. Ratsuiaat 9"J0 b. at a.
V'oionds at l f , and w :-. Prunna at tOc. 9
Zantc Curanutat 14c. B a.
IT EL. Wood by lJe boat load sl'4 at i M pf
cord, at retail, at 0,2 per w ajoo load.
C.R 1V Cora Kiairrd iroio Warm iSe; fooj Sterea
iitc; Oai front Wasou 3Ur, ka aarO 40e. BwcaefDoB
sacks (hntp.)corn lioui tier al S6c; 3U0 do hv Ouaay
baf at 1-c. 3jGis do Jo ai 5Sc.
GREEN FPLE5 Ars ocair al t-i U b6-
HAY Bd i.j tu lml toad Irom 9V9l 1 pr baa.
ac for Uunt 10 juaJuy. 3aUiug st tH-SU- Tbeeteck
on hand i heavy.
Ilsr W auo-te sales at $1 UkU 00.
IRON'. VV quote har at 3, 3 ior bMt LawBI4
rn-ehurgh manufacture. i:e are 4r r od lb beat
quality. I'i. VeiaJ. 001 blaai. 933, 0'4 bleat. '
JEAV? AND Lly'EV. We owor tae fnraaaf tt .
3re r,i sad 40 oa tliae. Ui lai.er at 1ft caah aad 3o aa
Las tr hear of se iage Trom last wa
lloaa. Wa juo.a from waoaa at , to. aad trom
at sc.
LEA I H ER. W qiiou Sirtl a at JiI; Pai hmtn
eratlHSiue a . Cpper at a doa. CaJ.
kin wax atl:4 9000. Brid'l 94r 9 w
Kbpa a aeV fiat,
LEAD. I p .l(. barer X
MOLAdsES. ealf N O at 34. VT at at UM
33; ih (apply ia market a limito.
NAILS. VV quot at 4 assorted. k
OILS W baw ao cbat'S t auk W 41 Lar4
Oil at UjiTu per gal'4a. Lrnwed On t ssJa, Tea.
ear's tea S Masil per bM. aa per qua: Ity.
rORC 3oo of 73 hl rrnne at Id 00; M4 Mesa
at 91S Oo. ti do M. Orf at 914 tsX
POTATOES S ar teaJr at fre-a II VtJ per
bM, according 13 qaaltty nd sis of br.1.
RICE Sales by tbe Tlerc at 5fc- la keg at Se.
Bl'OAB Tb. buaine eonium af a sry Hmbad
character, being ecu I aat'y rasf)e4 a anail par
for the lty trad and ni.bHrtiooL at abaaltae raag
of prV artO!vr aaotal eir ?i Jtc
SALT. W quota, at tlvr 23 . h1 InapacUoa, aa
Oe. aad mapartbMi fnaaa ttoeas.
8EKD3. Tijaotliy. 93 aoff 93 ji Base -as atrloa
91; clca. 9 - Ortluvd. IL Hamy, aaaa. Ckyaar,
4 30. Mustard. Red TopTJ.
PHOT By lb keg 1 30; bag at 9 1 tS.
SOAP. Wa quota N. 1 al 4c
STARCH W quot a vary partor srtia, ada
from tas best wbaal, at Sic. at watch artae atrg ttt-
ilea are sold acb week rrnst the Laaarclorf af Uotom
Owsthawf It Tyhw, en Mala (treat.
TOBACCO. -a4 ta the past at lewer Ware;
Itoue S30 btxla.
Far emt rar from $XTl t -
- rw ,xff
- Th.rd iJ "
Caaiea baa at higher ra'ra.
rtaetlsb Beat at taa aaova qjotetlOB
TALLOtV-W quota t ftt. '. .
TIN PL tTt Wanwoaaat Ki. ,
Wol Saia ia greas st JUe, war at
Ta raea'ts eonkaaa gaad.
WavawW q M' at 91.
WlliaKT-la; T Ra at 121; Bettitl
tiCH,XS! S3' sea drawtof at S.
na si '! 1 iyHni'r)Bw
i 1 .
t f .So.

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