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r. cosriY,
J. C VAL'GHAN, Corresponding Editor.
JUNE 17, 1848.
O H tend, oceagumally, a number of the
RiiHiMii (i MrwiutMort not eubocribere, tn
Ike A.;, that by j-erwal of it, thrf may be in-
tlucea to euoecrtSr.
Tle EualMr
Que year since, amid the conflict of douMsnd
hope, we began the publication of the Examin
er in thin city. Whatever hostility was mani
fested towards our enterprise at tLat time, Las,
we are glad to say, long since MiLoided, and we
now stand on the threshold of a second year
with increased confidence in the success of the
glorious cause with which we are associated.
There is a bright future before us, and we in
tend approaching it with firmness, fully alive to
all iti serious responsibilities, and resolved on
an earnest and conscientious discharge of the
duties which may devoh e on us. In order to an
efficient maintenance of the cause, no far as it
responsibilities rest with us, we have made ar
rangement which will secure to the volume we
commence to-day, a much greater amount of
ability, than marked our journal during the year
that is now past. We intend devoting ourselves
w ith earnestness and fidelity h the interesting
and important trust that has been committed to
our hands, expecting but very slight reward for
our exertions beyond the acrobat ion of good
mm nd our own consciences.
We Lave friends, and numerous friends in
Kentucky and elsewhere, who are deeply con
cerned for the success of our paper. Were we
to publish all that has been communicated to us
by letter and otherwise, from distinguished
friend here and in other States, approving and
eulogising our orrnrse, w e should bring together a
mas of teotiniany iu favor of the conduct and
efficiency of fbe Exaruiuer, such as has rarely
we think been published in favor of any like
enterprise. With snch marked approbation of
w hat has been done, we feel strongly encouraged
to labor fndustrioutfy in the field before us, and
our friends may rely en the promise w e iow give
them, itt if we do not t-ucceed in our enter
prise, it w ill not be because of any want of in
clination and determination on our part to merit
the most sigo al success.
Msch betide our own devotion ta, and efforts
in th cause, is necessary to the success of onr
undertaking . We must have assistance. Our
friends and well-wishers must co-operate with
u. Our subscription list must be increased.
Iuiieed, our circnUtiou epght to be doubled
forthwith, to suaUia the pajer, and to afford
even very moderats compensation to those whose
labors are neceary to iu existence. Under this
view we appeal, and appeal most earnestly to
every one w ho reads this to exert himself a little
towards th success of the Kxamlner. Without
such a Utauce unless our friends renew their
subscriptions snd exert themselves, and bring to
the n amber of our subscribers a large accession
to those whose names are now on our books
ws shall not only be usremu oersted for our Urns
aud labor, but may be forced to abandon our en
terprise after having surmounted the difficulties
that beset us a year ago. The prospect before
ui is cheering in regard to the future success of
var cause in this State, and ws believe the Ex
amiaer will continue to be. if auDDorted. hirhlv
sa w r r
can writers who died previous to that yeaii
1 he following 1 . comnsrstive cjitalns-ne of re.
Philosophy, -
Agriculture, .
Mew Ktiglusl.
Gil ! .
This is a great difference. The results tell
terribly against the Sostli. Nor shall we h.Wp
the matter by deducting the slave population.
Even then the proportion of men of letters in
the free States is as nuc to one! Indeed, if
we examine iuto details, we shall find polit.es
the safe branch of Literature in which the sis re
at all rival lbs free! In the great depart met Is
or Theology, Poetry, and Science there is no
approach to equality. Alas, when we leave tits
political writers, there are very few left in the
Turn we now to Intention. The number sf
patents are registered in the Patent Office. Tlie
return, or catalogue of le4U is before ws, ui J
the result of that year between tbe free tied
stave between New England, and Virglniaiit-d
tlie Carolina!, is aa follows: ;
Yirciuisand the CaMliati,
Hem EngWs 1,
Patents taken)
out in l4t;$
Tbs whole number of patents taken out Ihl.t
year was 54j. Of these, the free States ha-1
405 tbs slave, 801 The difference la regard ts
invention is still mors against the South. Nor
could it be otherwise. For the free States
abound in amal man u fact area; these are nur
eeriel ot invention; they train aud develops ths
mechanical faculties, and mass a people crest In
resource, great in wealth, great in enterprise.
In the South we have a few ouly. No when in
thrf slave States do they spring up as tlie natural
growth of human industry.
But the strotgeat contrast is yet to be msd
iu the number of educational institutions in these
same States.
New KagUih. Virginia tn J Carolina
Population, 2,234.822
Colleges, - It.
1 heoiogic.l Schools, 7
Medical schools.
Law Schools, -
College Students,
Theological "
Medical "
7 -
2,21 1
- C
precinct iu Krutiwky, whore there are not per
sens who think justly and feel warmly upon the
subject of slavery. The iruount of latent anti-
slavnry feeling in this Stats, as indicated by lit
tle incidents andcaiioal remarks, is surprising.
AU .that is needod for the manifestation of this
feeling Is tbe simple uttoranreof the fitting
Friends, let tlie word be uttered. Speak out
your honest thought. Maty a thought because
not uttered, ha died, whinh could it have beeu
w lu fed with words, would have flown angel
like ever tbe earth, nevur to die. Speak out
your thoughts, for your t wn sake, and for the
sske of others, w bo, It may be, are only waiting
for a word from you to give a response which
will muke your hourt and their own hearts
Spsak out your hones", earnest thought at
home, iu the places of biuiineas, on your farms,
every where. Yea will sot spesk in vain-
No good thought truly spoken, was ever lost
Vestee Vers.
The following lines are taken from the Salem
(Matst.) Gaxette. In by-gone year we knew
their author well, and a purer, nobler, gentler
spirit, we have never known. Born amid hum
ble circumstance, and having in childhood few
opportunities for mental culture, he seemed des
tined to a life of bard man sal toil. But his bear!
was all alive with a lovs of knowledge. He
yeainod with, insatiable yearning for holiness
Au kioai of mortJ purity und Intellectual great
ness sis always before Ills mind, and to that
ideal )ie fell that be must constantly aspire, or
die. To such a upirit, there are no obstacles.
It rnlee right royally over circumstances, and
compels them to doits bid-liug
Ilosr earnestly he strove to accomplish his
work. When midnight tlesesnded to esrth to
soand her sot emu hour, she found him bending
over u is books, snd ever ready was he to wet
come the morning sun
Such exertions were too great for the pbyst
cal frame. Ilia mind sympathized .with the
LttwsleGlvea Avay la Arkansas!.
How strange tlilssnd: How remarks! le
the procUmHtion.' Cotne one, eonieull, couie
freeme Englishmen, Irishuten, Scotchmen,
Germain, Freltckuien, and honest men," says
Arkansas; com along, take our land without
money tna priee, and be one or us.", : . ,
Is the land good? Rich as may be. Is it ac-
cessiblef Qaite so. May the owner calculate
upon certain return, if lie till it properly?
Withou doubt. Aye, all these things are so,
that is dear. "Hove happens it, then, that Ar
kansas Is so liberal!" inquires one, "We hear
of no oiier State doing likewise. Iowa, Wis
consin, Michigan, Illinois, Ave., are filling np
rapidly,, and settlers are paying government
price fortands, asd feel glad often of the privi
lege of dting It. Besides, these States are away
np North ws tfon't understand it." Not uu
derstani it! These States are free; Arkansas is
cursed with slavery. That tells the whole sto-
Set the actual atate of things.
Aikassaa owns half a million of acres of land.
Tlie are situated in every part of tbs Statu.
The embrace river bottoms, prairie, uplands of
everj soil. Settlers or purchasers can have tlieir
choiss. And we learn it is almost Impossible,
so fai as fertility is concerned, to go amiss.
Tris body of lands, Arkansas proposes to ills.
pose f on the following terms:
"Vff f srcAoie. Any person, resident of the
State, or a non-resident, by application to the
AudUor, personally or through an ugent, may
pu raises from the State any uuorber of tracts
wuit h have been forfeited as above staled, on
payiaent of tbe arrearages of taxi's and oats
due. asd tbe Auditor's fee for drawing the deed.
Tbe an oe.nt of taxes and costs due, vary of
course, accsrdiog to the number of years for
which lhs4axes remain unpaid; but tbs average
cost or purchasing a tract of too seres, may be
set down at about JifttrmtUIUre. When thus
paid fov, tbe purchaser ts sot retpurtd to mmtuny
imunmuuMt. All the title of the State to a tract
or tratis purchased, pass immediately, divested
of all contingencies, to tits grantee, by a deed
which the laws declare shall vest in him, his
heirs, r assigns, a good aud valid title, both in
. - , I . j . L . 1 1 l t 1 1 - ..II . I -
...li i . , . , .... . . i i iaw a us ruuiii, mu suaui we reveireu iu nil u
" " . court, oftheSUU. aa evidence cf a good and
insane, nur, u nm condition was insanity, we j.iy lW- la ,ucn natee, his heirs and assigns.
could almost desire insanity as eur lot. Con-1 and ahall b evidence that all things required by
sunt eomuiunion did hesini to hold with the law to be done, to make a good and valid sale,
t K..M. r .11 mi,n..i i.,.-ii-.,u.1 weredoae bolhbythe CoUectoraud the Audi-
s -,.
goodness. A etiasteusd and subdsed manner, 5, iesrion. Donations of these lands are
indicated the reverential posture of his soul. I limited to 100 acres to any one person. Any
with firm, and steady hand, and she will! . New Isst, s
prlnfr up, as the yonng tree, released front the I a anti-Slavery Manual being aa examin
. . 1 1 J l!fi 11 . I If. I . . . . . . a
pressure wuwn wsigus 11 oown, uiis its nau in 1 atit)tt iu iiM ghi of the BiWs into tne moral 1 olnir-, Curran saw this is
We tree air of Heaven, rejoicing iu iu oinu-
His gentle, calm words, revealed a nature in
which passion had been subdued and all was
peace; while his eye, beaming with purity and
I affective, told ua he breathed another atmos
phere than earth.
He still lives li Salem, a place fitly chosen
person wishing to obtain a donatiou of aa
tract or trsrts, which together do not exceed in
quantity ICO acres, may apply personally, or by
agent, te tbs Auditor, designating tUs particular
tract or tracts for which a title is desired, who,
upon payiaent of his fee of one dollur and twen
ty-tive cents for drawing the deed, will execute
s conveyance of the right to the lands described
S'hich title is rendered indefeasible in tlie donee,
Total Students, 3,375
Tlie sons of the wealthier cl
these institutions, snd support them.
leave them, then, and look, in the second place,
into the great mass of mind thi mikd or rnt
rxori.x and see how it is relatively cultivated
in the free aud alave States. Let us enquire
into the common Schools. Let us know the
common education.
Pi. EngtuiJ. V A Carolina
But let us give this State the full benefit of her
proposition. . The Auditor of State, and the ed
itor of the Arkansas Gasetle, units in the fol
lowing representation:
It is estimated that at the present tune, Ar-
kaneaa hokU a half a million acres ol land sub-1 .
..-1- j r - . ... ..... 1 . t ... 'ft 1 1
jeci iu ue uisposvu ut as suiicu Kudo.
I guilty of wrong in doing thsssase thier .J
thsy.ro right who seek their ew,
Uieycsanotbe right in withhoidia-it
others. Curran saw this in th. ,... , "
and social wrongs of American sluvery, with a Unttion, that the wmiBeBt any sns Umcaf
remedy for the evU. By Johu G., FfS, a Blin- soil of England, that moment he was free ,7!
bis shackles feU. MinsBeld saw it whLTr
s,tsr.f IhsGpel. . y. highest esnt of judicial Zlll'
la this book, one of Kentucky's sons has Uii- to u Brltisu , . T '
okea out on the great subject en which all I world that tbe great advocates of libertv ik
very soon must speak, on one side or the other. I tne 1 grew aeienuers of Oospel that ths rrZ,
Mr. Fee in 1341 pr-ented the argumenU con- JPf-J" XprJhS'rV'
These I
n this book to some of the citisens of
State, einbrscing river-bottoms, prairie, plain, I la 145, bo addressed them InjLewis county; to I incongruity j"1""" the declsrstion in th, i,
and upland of every grade,bO that puichaaexs 01 j th- coagregaUon of which, bo is now paster. 1 mcdd eoua'T'th V l""om' "i
it will be proclaimed.
. . , . . . ... r .1 . I hi. n t i w A miiiiIi Kraeksn In IMS JMSIS. I la a renshlu TK.M i . -..
tauus are siiuaieu m auno eery poiuon 01 uiui- 1 17 r -- t 1 m,
Oooee. can wake aucii iocntion aa then interebt . , - ,,.., ,B ... TrM. Amiir. that they tre '
oi fancy may prompt tbuin to edect. ZT'' C a iV. 90 ?Z IE .1 wua c,rUi" l'k!.
J - I Ths autliAe htasi msslsn siAenraew mAA it lAtlsV. skafld I enarKtea tKekt imiii tfriesm I .. f 1 u'w
Uoubtleae, many ol Uioe persons w no sieuu. 1 ' . . . ,, "'-.en,. uj liw
aciiuainVod with the history of these lands, may I now sends forth the book to do IU work. Msy I pursuit 01 nappiaees, sad ths doctrine asd ik.
1 ... . ... .. I .... I f-f 1 1 ri. t mi ioni mwm h.lil 1. - u"
be surpiised that such a vast amount oi icrruo- lt b. read by every Kentncklaa who. believes I " r " scrTuuc; the,,
n, wi-l,l M norrmtml in fall intn the hands of I . . ....... , I "ch incongruity is reading and Drn,i.:
tijai, slavery is sumorueo oy me tiwe u sjij j Oireerhoet the lead nA a .,
the State authouUes: and they may perhaps ar- ' . l T? . . ln IMa 'd dwellin.
i...t th. u.t it i. iittrlv iint.t IOr en !u. leucn atmunuB hu is wvau. uo.i.iii on use n -sen-evueni- Unth. anJ i tk." r
d ' . I . , -r 1. - .1.. L L AMJ I krasith. tBrAcls.unias' tha HnM;.. .1 "
vauon, ci it would never nave been pernuueu I ioto is nsuuem ery I ' mat u.Tt
to go out of the pobseeoion of its origin ai owners. I B0 one can read it without becoming abetter I " 'LmcT'S 'ik VW" eo"a,rJ a.
in uu eoncruaioa iney wouiu isu uuq - gi.e,- wutsver opinion he may have of the aa- . - w, . , . - ' .
kus error, ineuiassoi ue iauus wm- . r tw- n. F.. I ... i " ...7. " W
paniosof I
and I
lecled in a single body in any porUoa of the Several Ministers of the Gospel la Jwentucky I thst the eyee wdl yet be epe Opoa iar
rreat work- W niie I - a -k, sou Uie B.jrU
win oejin sss, wneuier we mean to i
uy Known aa ''imuiary uounuee, - anu eu- i . .11 A .t s u"of rt.
nadeby non-resident speculators, in com-1 iui oe reverence nereaiier, wuen me tin. r.-.r,. us in.tuHtioaof
. . . . I ... a . 1 DsUMBasVl ssvABaUtrej W Bn tkavaai La - 1 . 1
by individuals Mi agriculture, nunin;, 1 onr state ahall have been removeu, ana men 1 r--r ---- -.oca u WJ lu4
nitaulactuiuig purposes; ana me unoie ta-1 .... fm wW ..a thev have been de- I :ZrJZJ"WrCZr::r"f asiiuu
tot'other, may bo consiueied aa valuable as " 7 ' ;"e ney . 4r. f
7. .j 1. ,t k. it .llivered. Iwhdewe enslave millions in onr ... 1 '
State nunh of the Arkansas river.
are now laboring in this great
mote far them to tee! any great interest in so P- Sut- M'- mOH, of the ou, own rbt; whether we mesa to rejoie. o.Z
smaU aa investment so far olf. and who have Baptist church, is activsly engaged in another- is extended to ethers, or only that u , Mr.
ri . . 1 j . vm n
ln.l .! ikat i Miu;ntfHnM.. n 1 til M.i.si tka.t . ..iwlnUrlrl I 0l FO Ufk .ar.l ....
CUUtlUU74 Uleme. M WeV Wt VVt; JIULUJ - ss-i 1 j UWUfJl W UsV p;iVilVW sW iwsw sjsswsr e mwm a . fH lit IfJiJ
laUou to pay taxenoa then invoUinenU untd the MelaoJut ch.rch is laboring i. earnest u? elt wth the kolsTthaS r 1""'
Ume should arnvewhenthe Oenwai and Slate I . , . M .fk..l -T.'X .rp?thl Lurol
goveramUwciMtobet STT' 1" rhpW',-
in tbe laud market of Una Stale, niany outers 1 " . 7 ,7. ","""r prxrv
of thcownea have .bed, and then heirs acting w M isUebl u lba pLUoer., Msw-as. sverv u. kT.. (
doubUe on the oid maxim, "that a bird in the I " t. v r.. v 14 llzStlT'lSulVX Ps
baud is worth two in Uie 4us," have been so I uvi - I " .. TiIi -MTi Th a
busily engaged in attending to matters at home, of Caesstrre JfisseUe-w. We have s often In g-end God speed the dsy.
that a lew tracts Of land in this "neck of the I borne testimony to lite merits of this capital I -Tlu Cs.saaaiss ofSmnts' is the title f
woods," have been entuely oveioo.e.u w I Bllh;ication. that it would be a work of super- discourse delivered In St. M ;,!.. . n....
r ' - 1 - v iint-ri,
erogation to do more thsn remind the public I Brooklyn, New York, en Satsrday the .'Su,
that it has lost none of iU interest, sad deserve I March 1-4", by ths Rev. Ev M. Joh-..
all tbe commendatioa it has received. I I his discoarse is an earnest
of tbe mining and manufacturing joint stock
companies formed, by the capitalists of the east
and south, which were iu full blast (on paper.)
in our Stale a few years since, have blown up,
and all U act of their existence kt forever; ex
cept their forfeited ckarUre iu the lint of private
acts, ami their forfeited lands in the lUt of the
appeal to ,
To tbe same publishers we owe our tbanka I Episcopal and Catholic Churches to exert 1
1 . . 1 vr.l. .IT . C! . t I T til I 1. L I .
lor Jru ot sut v 01s. -l svi-s jam uHi-iuvru, i seiTss in uciiiu oi vur colored population. Y
of "Casmosrs Librmrf for Young People.' I Johnson says in the preface, "Thesnthjro'i'
We are pleased to learn that many of these I One of the stories is by Mrs. S.C Hall, another I discourse is not a member of anv !,.,,.,
lands aro already in procesa of rajsd transition K Miss Edgeworth. and this is enoegh to guar- or antl-slsvery, or abolition Socie,v h, -
from then late wild atate to prohuble cuitiva- ... , ... Z . . , . , ,, . ,J . nJt,,.:,
turn, anl pleasant hut.its. AppUcatiomj for anty their excellence. This is the handsomest ln1 Mly beeves .11 these would U sc .
these era'.uiUea are continually reaching tlie Au- series of books for childrsn that we have seen, ry, if the Catholic Church would do M.
ditor ironi Tenneouee, Alabama, tlie Carolinas, 1 1Bd deservse, as we doubt not it will receive, a I ought. It is with the bumble boue of ri ...
Virginis, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois;
fa tact thereto not a single Male in tne union
from wu:h thei have not been inquiries made
in relation to this subject A gentleman arrived
here a for days since, and procured donations ot
one hundred and thirty six quarter sections in St.
r ratio couuty, lor individuals now retuduig in
wide circulation. I the attention of her members to hsi he
Ew sink's HvDaxiucs. N leri: t7reeey negieciea aaiy vnsi ns is induced t pBi lHS
.C VrFtr.il W. k.w. r.isl lh.Slh. ami I this.
Concluding Number of this vsry valusUs work,
and add ours to tho universal commendation
and about Memphis, Teun., who w ill iiprnedi- I bestowed upon it by the press. On the subject
alcly remove to our State, and take pOosenuou oil 0f which it treaU. it is full and complete, and
"wed this subject t, th. attention of fj P.. in ever, ecienUfic
thf- ermgrnUng con.raittees of U.e c.tie. on the library. prssiticee whsrh .u to I.
M.uauo sea-board u Articular, ami all c reation w .. J-M mber of th- rJii, .4, mceii-uat with the U,vn,
StudenU in Academies, 43.6C4
Primary Schools, 13..J23
Scholars in primary sch'ls. 5?4,J7
Number of white persons
over 20 rears who can
not read & write, 13,(1 13C.101!!
Now, excluding the alave f-opulation, from
Virginia and the Carolines, nnd these States
contain just tw-tkirds the white population of
New England. Taking the students of MYan
kee Land" as the unit, we have the following
for bit abode, aa its name, Mcity of peace,'
beautilVUy declares. There be leads a calm, holy I by a coaipliance with the requisitions of ths lsw
almost leauestered life. Occasional!? be rives I which la substauce are as follows: The donee
utter.,, to hi, grand thought, and spiritual as- fil" ""'VTw T,W.,.lhl"
rhirflv attend Pirlio Iu sc nuels, which might bs placed sid of . Justice of the Peace, or Cou-t ' le 1.
t .. ... 1 oy "iu w uu uiesoiiueisoi jiuion, ana ine eresi 1 me townsiiin iu wuku tne land is situsieu. s. t-1 iu general, we can accommouaie a lewrcu-
An ubi . . .. ... .1 . 1-1 1 j . I li,. r i..l.:. :.i . V 1. i
ussier cl sods- svould not ahrluk. from ths caul- I "or ions lliai n asrss 01 uie lanu uuubumi ut I uuiisui iiiuauusuia luiuui uc.iik cruwucu aiau:
I 1 1 1 1 1 t I ,1 11. .. i. 1 . .- 1 n - r .
mm nave oeei cieareu, lenceo, ana piacea in 1 aim snouiaour population ever gei 10 ueuwueiise 1 me louowiag anicies: t. iegai oasia ei nniri
resumes lor cultivation, w nen in is certincata lor couiioii, rew jiexicu aim Lauiornia wiu ai-1 lean Slavery II Swedenbors-asnTbeolotrUn.
11ns urru iiieu, uie utoi vests i u iu, uuim . vie i iuiu m uicuit vi iwiu w uuuKiifo. I m r .. . . . , .
..r .1 r .. .u. iu- ivu. rM;.h 1. .k IUI. Causes and prevention of Idiocy. IV.
vi lit. Mim iwiw .uu w.iu,tvM wv
purchase, as mentioned above."
This is fair enough in all conscience. Snch
an invitation from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, or
any of the free Slates, would be accepted, not by
thousands, but by hundreds of thousands. Will
it be so with ArksusasT Not at all. Many
We invite attention to the follow in; et!r b
"What tben is to be doae when sarli 1 ,ut,
sf things exists in tho Catholic Church ' w.
apprehend tine mission of these l'r.u au
Lb ess Clergy is Ursl of all to tlie whiles. U u,,
panUiasSlip; or in lice simple snd beautiful, as
the following:
A Ws..
instrumental in bringing about Emancipation
We Lave reasons in abundance to suppose that I results:
1 1 . . . 1
ws oats aireauy acinevma mucU good, by con- I StudenU in Academies, - - 45 per cent
vincmg mose w no were arrayed against us, and I aiuaenis in miliary ecnools, - H
bv encourarins' others to eo-onersi with t. I Adult white persons unable to
th. v I read and write, - - - 1000
out the State. Do our friends wish to see ths
Examiner lans-aiah far s-s hiie. bb1 Wm
below the horizon T If not, let them bestir them
selves, for we can assure them that, without
their assistance, we can hardly hope to succeed
in sustaining our paper
Let every one w ho w ishee to do something for
tbe promotion of tlie csase in w bich we are en
gaged, come promptly to our assistance. Let
every one constitute himself an agent, and go
to work in bis own section and procure us sub
scribers, snd ire feel sure that, thus supported
and encouraged, we shall lie able to continue
tbs Examiner, snd greatly incree.se ittrfLcien
cy, ss the only anti-slsvery journal published
t-.Mi'.h of the Ohio.
Considering the white population alone, then
I we find the proportion, in point of tvisrsiion.
to be more than six fold ogoin.t th elite State.
For example. Take the totals in education, and
Ignorance, in Virginia and the Carolinas, and
study them:
Educating ia Colleges,
' Academies,
" . Schools,
19, VQ1
Ths silent history of a word,
Borne on Time's stream along,
. Has never yet been sung or heard;
It eska the voice of song.
Ten born from ont tlie soul's calm deep.
amit by me chastening rod;
As Kvu rlesh formed front Adam's sleep;
Touched by the hand of Cod.
h wassWed s'er the unyielding earth,
By war and famine worn;
A stringer seen of unknown birth,
Through night a child of morn.
'Twae welcomed ia the lowlv cot,
Tut heard in kingly hall;
And men their arms and strils forgot,
In I stoning to iu call.
It told of peace that would not fail
Of lovs that could not die;
'Twai felt beneath tbe warrior's mail;
. ll SlM lk MMWSW't Jt. ' . -
I looked along the path it took;
As told by legends old.
Repeated oft flora book to book,
It shone Lke shining gold.
A furrow through earth's barren fields
Ploughed deep and dowu with care;
But none to notice whst it yudds,
Or ia its harvest share.
Mauocm$ttt$ Quarterly Review. It contains
IUIU US UICUIT Ot IMU IA UUOCI1CS. I li, , . . , ...
Come il inif PieemMi. EnirlbJim-n. Ih,hmpn. u prevewwai 01 xuiocy.
Scotchrneu, Dutchmen, Frenthmen, arsl Hon- '"kn Quincy Adams. V. Short Reviews and
eot-men. Come along! I Notices. We hsvs not yet had time to reed
of "doing auto others as we woulu si.uu
would do onto us," is, that they mut tutimt
the civil law. Granted bat who makes ui
lawT Do not the isembers of the C'atiiu.
Church constitute a large proporli.k of Us
makers? The Clergy should coustauily, siu
edly, and peraeveriagl, insist opoa the rej.es. uf
every law, which imjwtM f burthen. ,
Christian elate bretkre.t, tUtn rou.i r.,tt
Ungly euim.it to, if they mere SMircj IktvurUrs.
s s s s s s
If the united voice of the Church sere jm:
forth it would be heard, it would be r-giruec
If tbe exertions of every Catholic in this laaj
were directed to ameliorate the condition of Uie
siave, ana ut eievaie un caaracier 01 Lie coiorsi
people if their prayers were unitetiiy to aweaJ
anus are the heart
Tate Harvest, oks.
Our agricultural friends in this neighborhood I The June number of the C'nten Mogunne,
have been engaged during the present week in I edited by the talented Mrs. C. M. KiaxLaxn, is
getting in their harvests. The crops of Wheat, I on our table. It contains several excellent ax
from the South may avail themselves of the op. I we learn, are generally very Hie, and the corn I tides.
. - r r .i. t - .... I :.. . - : I
",U"J' " I" '" ou- I "iy piuiuismg. I AmmmiU. m Tmlm for lis fi'sw Bt W. II.
1) . L 1. .1 I tM. . .1 y 1 . 1 .1 J
out noi eaougn, in our opinion, iroin inner seo- i no season uius ibi naa ueea a very picasani 1 g . D fB thia store a vonnir wkii. people if their prayers were 1
tion, or any quarter, will accept the btrnis, to I one, and with an averaee of temperature below I . j .... . , , . .. I uefore Hie throne, ia whose h
make any material advance in the growth of I what is usuaL The strawberry CTOD has been L., l. j J u .. of all mea, that He woaU dispose all tbrist.t
a.L I. , . . V . I a atu-sppeu ssu -viu ss stars. I Kulers to "do justly snd to love mercy, tiif
vwu., m. w i.w j,.. .u 1 . . I mirht we hone loses this all in.nortsni .
t. 1 tr . r . ... . I I k lttimtr stmea tr Tinus-A H mrr.m I . . .. r- - -r--
maiaetnasrangfuiromtwemy-nveioniiycenui ' lor-uie uommusion of Saints ' held, not asa
a raUon. Kapbernes are mst abumlunt - I w. u u ipwuiaure tneory, out as a living, setm?
or fruit U unusual-1 rreaoyurian ensren, rniiadeiphia. May I uinuentuu principle. tod grant that wei
1 1. ISU. bT AI ICIT KaBJIES. In this HiarnnrM I uve lo sen mis:
swsw sa tn.asasskwsw ffnm ll.ni.l B4 W u.sV.r.i Ok.
I - swexf-vrxrw ess nTiswrial s9nTW JCWMM
lliroD? were fat dorD9aodtoe Ancient oil Cbarrk
. ..... .
S-sawsesuBCfW. I Dsva liiil sit" Mr. Rsrnea liu inMAvt In . I ..i . i f .
j - f. mb . ouTui . i4uc . 11x1 c uiuiiuiT T r 11 . 1: '
Let ua see what that has been
Arkanaas - 144273
Illinois, . 55,'ill
Michigan, H'.'C
New make one stride mo
nother decea-
lower prices. The prospect 1
ly good. The heavens have beta propitious, and
we ahoukibe gratefuh
nial march.
States Is lu
See what the progress of these
lto. For that is the Ut year.
- 1
V . . . . . . . I sf " - r w mmB I " w- oxjv us ea auv ituc luuuui j ff rn.i
KendaU wnte, to th. Acyun. from Pans: "I m.nlT Md WBe,t hiM Tiwl .f fn. ve e tray s,y m e (
s 1 i is, ni . a i . . . 1 . w . , r i 1 I w.. .i v : x A. I
v"uus" " "iris-iag ss ic., wuicn l vwllx w.D uuivmenuio caiicsiuics 1 WQt conJiUon of tilings in Europe. He shows.
rial bvuu tit? uyvu UUo
Whites over 20 unable to read or write, 136,101
The number unable to read and write exeeedi
tie total number in etturtt of education by fifty
When, in the long course of generations can
Iu extinction would be dis-1 P0P,e. under these circumstances, hope to be
Dsrrsswe la lbs Mare Penwlaii la Vmkm
Ws find in the New York Tribune, a notice
of an artii Is which recently appeared in ths
Arksnsss, ... 117574
Illinois, .... 476,183
Michigan, - - - 212,267
Why, Iowa, having 43,112 souls, and Wiscoa'
sin, 30,94o, in lsU), are this year ahead a long
way ahead of Arkansas!
Now cast your eye upon tlie map. Look at
ths position of Arkansas. See her bounded on
f in 11 a ii . 1 v.r. 1... rtt I h. h r m it.;, r. i... .
n.r. .l :... 1 r -.1 .v . I r ' I "M " v" ".-v.i.v-
r , " . w in th. first place, "the relation of kiags and Ail of the pieces, which we heard, were r..
hs VA I sianea 1Ki1Tinrasa 11 nesra nsAs;..Al. 1.. I. . m I W '
. e svw. a uxiiti. m ;,, vWUWUlelUlw IU- I IhrOBM lUrtttflfflr. iw ths. imwrtVU ftf Iks. as rsA . rvsw K -s. ; - . i. - s -
,. I'V! el a I - r m' nssw, - 1 juuj, exuu Buxuo vm Uiciu iu m Uieiuuri Uiai v 1 Ka
you .to thesecond place, he considers -Uie cast- have done credit toany choir in Louisd. w.
, , u. ui0 p.mia io capital. 1 iog a0wn of thrones as an exponent of the nro-
D a t :a 9 x. .l
out. uie ucst. ceuicttiufCA uawTebQ was ia el ieiie I
IVref, Spanish-American paper, publisl.ed 0M b lhe F,lher of ler-n
number of the CAaritxiri. One of the German
Kings, in attitude most desponding, is leaning I
w ith one elbow upon a fence, w hile his hand ap
pears to be supporting a crown which sits totter
ing upon his hea 1 I a front of the folorn mem-
sstrous lo that good cause. Let our friends in
terest theuiseves, and avert so great a disaster.
EsTccts sr f la very mm Eatacaeles mm4 II a
educated T Will the intelligent ever overtake
the ignorant? Nay, if there be no change, most
not a vast majority of the coning generations
of whites be doomed to hopeless ignorance?
But what is tbs csuse of this vast disparity?
When reviewing Rev. Theodore Parker's Book I Climate. None will so assert! Difference In
on Slavery, we promised to recur again to the I intellect? The very supposition would be laugh.
subject embraced in the above beading. Ths. '"at: The cease is slavxby, sad slx vest elsse
promise w e proceed to fulfil. I Thst, and that alone, bears down the South as
It is a matter of boast o a tlie part of the South, I fkicdom, and FBxroon alone, buoys and build
s s.. ... I .. . jI . V . 1 t.t
and of compiaiat and jealousy on the part of I UP 1,10 1,orul- 11 "'svery wuicn represses in.
ths North, thst the slsve States have the most I ventioa, which paralyzes nil classes, which op-
political power; that they hare furnished mors I Prf 1,16 Pr ,nd tUo humble by keeping
thaa their share of public men. I them ignorant, which ainks the slsve States ho
This is true, snd, so far ai it goes, it is in favor I '0w " tft,t makes a people great and prow-
of the intellectual power of the slsve Ststee I perons. Shall it continue? We need a Voir
No fair mind will deny this. ( like Patrick Henry's to infuse into our people
But how fsr does it go? I the energy of the Revolution which willed fur
In tbs slsvs States there is necessarily a I liberty and wen it a power like the lightning;,
strong proneoeii towards political employments. I durtiug from the threatening cloud, with its
The reason U obvious. The very absence of 1 4U,C thunder-peal, to startle and rouse. ' Noth-
occosations, other thaa agricultnreand politics, I ial less can driva out from among us this w ith
concenlm'es nearly the whole intellect of so- I e,intT curse, this enervating, this suicidal
ciety into Urese chsnnels. Physicians are oflea
to b
or three
ing popal.tion of the free States; they know Ohio. Ia the course of conversation, the ques-
theirrspid accessions of strength. They feel, tion was asked, why Smith and and Paducab,
in New York. This article eontiins an analy
sis of ths Statistic Report of the Island of Cubs
for 147, which the authorities of that Island
suppressed. By comparing the statistics of pop
ulation of the yr 1&41 with thone of lc47. It is
(bind that there Is a large decrease in the num
ber of slsvce In six years:
Ccsauol IlKt,
- - istr, .
WUw. rratMlmd. Slavaa. TmsU
4M.fi i,(r-,4 1 made the contrast, now say which ought to grow
' I fastest bbJ thrivs tnostT Wliloh nth.p th;..
:--. - iin.:aa 1:1 " , , 7 " , v'
I rexa this it will be seen that more than one- beln e,l,, 0Mht to fir,t ,n Pw'.
fourth of Li. sl.v,a. ..,u,n.in t mr. el... ciog is upon lbs Southern
on. ninth of ths entire population of the Island, S,Ule- IIw,rKia tea the laborer; but
were, we must coafew, erreeebly liiai'TH mu
easiea eal PsntaPvt maVsis In ths tsv asII ea t4 s I. J.. r I 11 1 at . 1 s .
ga "w.iMt.Hu mum iHUCa VI I C nUirW UIO KUUUe Uie COiOrfU Ifipif III
1 . . ss tv t .1 a . a . . I 1
we misrs. unuer uie urn neau. no SSVS I mn.i smith, ml nu iiK rh ti... ......
Thseseenlial remark made thus far is, that the and sin anvtune. but we were not n re- are-: n
throne has stood in the wsy of ths liberty of the the correctness of style, tie wcellence of mj
1 J J ek.t el.- l I
uisyrog-. ..me race nas ution, the expressiveness andsimplicitr, and ::.e
been marked in sueeessiva .tens, h mnl, tk.t I 1 v .. . - ...
h.. r :. ii.:. ., . . I r-'-s I senerai propneiy wnicn cnaractenzeu tne err-
' ' " -f, 1 navs sirippea me urone 01 power, and transfer-1 tv;. rp. . . . . ,
whose face th. former i m .n..i.L,:.-, w cweson this oc case 3a. Thechoir, cclijU
and most ruefuilv. J f. iTZ-.uTl I"1?" T rt' evidet!, be, a
uneasvwesrer t the crown hrI L c T I ' D"nw ouffhlyandsystematicairyUught.andd.l cni.:
uneasy wearer or the crown, 'how I envy you! I duces five resulu from the "casting down of I .i.i. L th.m 1.' .
VeuareatleastpHnectedbythelawauntdSep-Lroae th. downfall of.. herJi . .
. ....... uiib BiLLiur i Liirr Hirr 1 .1111 iiM(-ri,i.' 'I ..r
... f rm .n.t until tK.ii .a am. ... K. 1... I . . .. .. . . I 3 - '
d ov tne snow and ice! fossessins- a fertile I uim joui out locrscv, ireenom oi opinion ana SDeecn. ths rs.
soil, it is trus, but having few of the natural ad-1 VX m' 1 may nlad8 &mo of nd Wffed t I moval of the reelraiaU onhs right of suffrage,
I an I ir?. Cnh 1., rC tK. Vil. V I ... ..... . .... . .
vantages wuicn belong to Arksnsss! Having
snd Whits rivers penetrating far into the into
rior her soil rich her mountains full of min
ers s snd all fanned by genial airs, and ths glad
dening warmth of Sou thorn suns. Turn now to
these Northern States. For five months shut
any tune.' buch isone of the hits French fancy I a separation of religion and State, and univer-
nas struck at royalty." I sal freedom. We quote a few remarks:
It is true, thst free discussion will produce
sgiuuioo, ana may aisiurt) tne repose of a pec-
hive disappeared. This diminution of popala-
slsvery crushes all who toil upon it. Her rich
lh. tr.H.r. K.t th. .r.u. c.-.l.
r 6 I ot uie 0OHIU I Oi" I n ... , n 1 . u-w -.
i ia ki. . ... I i"' " " iisycueu i,vnv muea.
w,w. vmu.uw TWH hllOLtl. & tlUI, iU IS glOIT
uus n-gion, uiesseo oy uesven with every bo us- The Boston Traveler states that at the last
ty, and rich ia every natural blessing, is made, meeting of the American Academv of Arts and
. . . ... . . B
comparatively, a wild and barren waste, by the I Sciences, Mise Maria Mitchell, of Nantucket
nd syste
i sitting i
exercises, we could not but imagine to i.tre
what would be the aenat.ons of si'me of
Northern friends, who associate with i'.a try i a y
cruelty and degradstion, could they haelce:i
L .itsriaa Paastay cs.sss Pscfec.. I .eiution. and mav disturb ths r. J . I wlUl e ws a la-ve church, br.!!;i:.
The report of tho Secretary states that there I pie. It has alwavs been the oolicv of Ssiaiita 1 1'gbted with gas and situated in the ve rv !.. r
have been published by the Society during the I Prod"c " P"iW6t sfeesJeefm ia the world; a I of the city, a church owned entirely It M.e
pat year, about 35,000 pages of tracts. The Vrr' LlVKlT",!, ' ,Vto''- I bUck- 1IeTe v ry large lud.emr. :
shaksn- tssu dieted, many drel w ith elegant e, aui
prevalence of certain onirJons that the I olft to listen totheeiercues of a choir of cw
would not be controverted: to biad ths mind i. I ed rtersons. who. as rhe tv.. r,t ... 1
nr.Vnd". "If CUU U h?P tftui platform, notebook m M. showri t
being rree; and to make it so acquiesce in the ex- I ,v - j . . .
UUng order of things that there should ha 1 01611 dlsUncl enunciation and correct hkJu.
desire lo be free to lull a nation, or the world, I tM)n " acquaintance with the langua-je J M-
into so profound repoee that there should ba ten sml nf fllUttlsT Wb Le"h aos-slil.1 Kan rs. f . til s
disposiUon. and no power to from It 0f eood inslnictn
- O -- wu sa 'as xs
j- - I . t . .1 . !.!. i . i t. ... I o " " "'t ew evuww, wv I nm inai I rial V evtnlil wew Kan
Uoa ha. not results from emigration from the ,7 T, .k P'! wf nu-f number of tethers being 1.129, and the number such a preval'ence of certain
Islsod,orfrotnnny sxtraordinary pesUlence, or 7 V. ,'u"- of scholars ia attendance 7,023. He has deliv-
... ' I h&M B ft Vitrei hi Sit rsasan tea laenni tka I .
any war. Tbe population has wasted sway n- , " C , .1 , V , T p I ereU33 addrewes, either oral or written, to 1 4,000
dsr other ia fl ueaces, j ust aa baleful and as fatal.
The Spanish psper, whose articles relating to
Cuba are prepared la Havana, thus accounts for
the illminuLlin of slaves:
I ComDSrstivelv. s svild snii snaii kn 11.. c.;.. ut: i : . .n r ... I I no seen Itfssl of sneh s n.llnn I. th.
XnB real eXDIlinStlOB SS UlSl Ih. eoinnul ran. v, mo uviVHLlEl. All UK iU.iia JllLCUCU. OI AtnruriH I . . --- .... . ..iw. I XJ..i r .
.uu. i. . ..... r.t .1...,- 7ZZZ. T"7; .1 curse of neero-slsverv. .h. , .v Pri darkness, is nrobablr China- -'",uw,a ,nr'" douDlleM Uti, as
.- . hh uwuiuiuuHiitue i . i uit uiwvtcici vi Luc cwiiri wnicn iiein nn .k.ui.. li.l ... . i .. : . - . . i . r .....
able to life, und the eouatrv is still le. r.r. I r n .x. o. . i I. , . I wup uiguesi laieni nas oeea dmplsyed, by I WUB oi ueir numoer leu, whom a tew SattiW:.
suie to iue, una we conaixy is sun less fsvora-I Well the State seeks ta nv.renm. tl.:. A-.m. I name, was unaaimrun.lv e srt,l ninW I l..n.r. ...i h. ..... . ., flu' I -
wo to increase ui4u me cities, on account of Uis I . . . ... : . , ... ... . .. I. T. " u..wu.v -ssccuiiipauieti w misname cuiriri. u
greater severity of labor, th. paucity of females " ' htT iU . W 1,151 001,01 of lhe k,nJ r.T,.' a. 1 " ProT supposed that he knew the condr.ion of the r, .
1 I . r . I TLll lAetH. IVthHtMM Sjinlli... ... .1 Lit I Annfurrl mwn . I. .4. V.: . nr. I i . - w i .iw i. wvww I UH IH IU WMM I '
in proportion to men, the stinted and inferior I w nav ia SouL'isrn non-slsvehold-1 confensd upon a lady in this country; Miss Car-1 Ar V
,.i;i. r,...j .1.. h u 7T j . . I . u . . !.,.,... i. . . ... I uie reii;
gion of the Brahmins prevails, and th.. I ns composing the conrevation, and we were
cian.j I.wyer.. almost always. Com- j-Uc. to th. high soe. poliU.I, and Intel-1 want of useful rest and sleep. All these ars more I mustrelslltl ll7ntiJn ti , W' . oo,,Tuie. some year, the countriea where U,. P. butv, the next morning. .! I.,
.and Liler.tur.ar. little c.hiv.teJ. .... lectual endowments. hh,h O.d .J .lMrJthaa sulflcient to destroy thefsc-1 Z ot mU1 ' The poorer clasws, since, were eled honorary members of the U of (r "y H-k- .skin us. with a eJ derr .X ..n L,M
ard. pressed u those whs enewr. i- eh- h.ve so l.visblv bestowed u. nioral, latelltual and phy.ical, whatever mav J mTT 0f th,m ,B C"oIi Roj.l Astrono.mc.1 Society of London. ;1" ? - e-n- uhow f.rflhoilLj , hmrm . ' intl, fK. .,..,,,
not sufficienUy tempting. Hence, the pro- ' W,:.." ..v' .T.oVto beTuVuo"; al.trryr It 11.4
ional and educated man must look tr.nt!t;e I aestk sal rear llsarwt Thaaahe. I i. ti....n:,. :: I ' "u" " remoTe, en ir mey wished I Pmm . ... . ... I a.u not to be examined: law. tlist h. th. I occurred to him s ramihi itmt th. ..r,.t ..
. - w...u.l;i.ylM.iiiiiU lUtUUTHie I l Bfld 111,, .f (K. I ik.P.1 .(T.. 1 L I I.U1V yUUUOllCVl ill U1S 1 IUT OUUl'ei, I ,,.; f . 1 .1 . " . " I ' ..... ..... v..ji.;...-
gricnlture. in th. South, for employment A few days since a friend, who resides in the ' Cuba, " which eight or teu thouMud J .. ltT . Ark'n: weexndense IhefoCoainF items: Acre of lWwlJw r-revim... w a co-
iemind. or graUficatio. to hi. ambition. So.Uier. part of Kentucky, says, a number of 77 ' .7' T"" TZ'?" "! in the State taxed. IT7.736.569: value of the U-t ai unTTh. " " ration HHstl, to,,, of e.
towns for commerce are few: colleges are I tentlemen who accideutly met at a atre. were I mstnr.. tl .nr. . ...nn.i - "Lt'i.w I ..'.... . ..t . . " ' Afcd Isauie. 616.824.935: rata of taxation. 7 S-in I d. ere represented as "tsrnisr the wsrid The exhibition of last Mondav evmii wj ,
pi,conaparatiTeIy.sr.f.wia3WBiiMllsgsdiessevemt.onuionu sabiscth .. . . . . . ,l y wou,d I mills on the dollar? Stats rfeM tot tj nsii I ?OWBi" Lmber, and Zwiagle, and Knox, shook I interesting to us for tw-. re,.. . .
intellect is consequently, into tw. which bed bee. pre-ed upon their mind, b, than .do., sf the race, and it will be easy lo T''! " V Number of acres of wheat noU. .We .k,TT tkn, of the existence of a huma.'.e, smht in our
channels. the able article, of Hamilton Smith. pr. ,,,r "oer.iana in. loss 01 trie slsve popul.tion." " "7 -wea.oi meunrow, man bemaaters rMn-(, of.0.0,.. . . I . "J " I.n7B ,.UT,,,eu- eos,m,.., k. .v......: . .V .
I ' i--f rp. . , , .! .u.v 1. ... I of lare-e farms aihnr. II la .ll.l.nnnuki j I ' vuicis icsocu, sa,jl,D,u; I n tree press in one pises I. oroaea Ua. audi "i "niw; ui uicu, iiiauj v.
ut there is another reason why Souther, the facilities presented for manufacturing pur. .J l "11 T " .t. . f er.ge amount raised to the acre, 13 1-fi bushel. I threatened la another; but the general prorress I colored people enjoy time and means iir in-
snrairs in politics. Thev sea ths Iner.. Doses. Is th.difT.r.t t..n. tl.. K-.lr. .r.h. r'"-" rvpia 01 wuoa. 1 s r.uuii u iml 1 , 1 is onward, and ths time isconiins- in sit ..rt. .r I atmetu.n. .n.t . ...
. e W ssa ss 1 vtvtsvii. SBIJU aW M H I fl I ir UI as hTl r.J V r.4 C 1 r.si -
too, that thi. strength cannot be counteracted, I which certainly offer as maay advanuges as
or met, except through political tact, or party any towns on the river for the establishment of 1
Were the ssnre cruelties committed on any por-1 filing" very strongly in Kentucky. Slavery ex-
tion of the Csucsslan family, we should hear of I utl nw ,n iu wildest form. But except in the
national interference to pat an end to Uie alro. I border counties, and cities, we are not benefited I P'ce, London, close to Behrrave scusre sn.t ,
- last. ' w - vu. 1
"W y mm umiitIw'' Islvrftv. I ' ... uaswt wudh j. ioui M cob I :
Metternich has tskn . fi.,m..; ; ceded that ail thing, may be free), exanU.!- I."7 'l-vte.t iu me colored pcpui-i
uh.. ... . j. - nnniM k :t. 1 1 v . . .. .1
I " "v " ""vii wi oswi, r insra fail I ivicv- ui cuiiiuiioii, iw."
.1 .11.1 1.1 7 l 1.V-. .
... 1 - 1 --- w miwv. mil uis ruui uu ma bo v.r . ...i icu Lumi. I iimw a. . ... .
eitiss. Itnmu.it. kiit.., I T loreign emigration: none of the masses of eo ns- to act u in tl. J;-. t, u, I ii .Zj ....u . f. 7." rmvm . . ' .u,,,iilt,u.w,u...u
j ocrn wrer mt i - .... . I r . "-", sou on I vm.m.wm, .uu uiiui n nu 10 niaKS Osr
.tr.u-ry. ButadmiLaswshav. hereto for. ... I r,.r. -.r. .0. h- it..,.,, r... i"tter ofwliltes, but she has too few tears to " tne united auxen cushions, and feast like Lucullus. Louis I uie earux aa sns can.
.-a .i.. .1. 1 1. . . 1 . ... - 1 .h. r,.. tl.. .. i , 1 ouHss.sc weamone ns. Ana in. sxeentin. 1 Hh 1 nn. h. .i-.n . n v - -
lual lur s isrge snare 01 political UI- I Uiat perposeT Various reasou. were riven In I . . T r,wu" ,urm,t prac-1 , - r -1 """11 i.h tiuau nouse on uie banks
ent devoloDod i. th. South Ia- A 1- ,i... .e... t. .... ... ticed on the blitks. I ,ua" Pruv" Tor7 wngiy our position. For of the Thames: and Lord Cliff! tin. .
iiiii. i.renvi, tuicr ueai iu uie uinereni I . . I ,i i r i . ..... I f.vw s
, reee 0 intelleciuol eirencesv,,. s fl neo.lt? answers, says, gentlemen, you huve not yet rae 01 dvoct lery in the Uni- ""- ,, WBI"' "..vuie-the country house st the disposal of the general of " fr--dorri of all, and with the Intro- of that choir resulL, .- 1
For this, after all. is the 'great question. . rsarbed the root of the matter. It is been.. f State humamty of slavery in this whi,M ,r- runn n "ipldly ahel. and the ne. the Jesuibj, who was compelled to quit Roma. dclio? J wh Ancient of fin witK ,,,Jrr.-T
I - " . . ae r mm ex tsat itsskAan a as aM O S St.. f kt . I
Letu.. in reply U this eaeation. whst ths presence and In flue ore ofslsssnr. eh.ee.n. I un"7 'ro'n Uie lact Of the increase of .1 an, . ... ,iu, growing UI. or
coa.Utuleslheintelleei.slssrw..-iirif. i..i:... .:.i . t. . t. . I shive Dcoulstion. If Uiis lis . w nn.l t.w..I slavery are sesreely seen and felt, tarn theselabo- Mr. James Prenties m,k- ... .k . r t I
t......j v m jv. w.u uv muii tiers mi mass invesimenc " . - ..v.jtvi , , . 1... -- "m m lewuajs "ir fimxw gvea o emancipaie 000 man it rnra
P'- To bis surprise, immediate assent was given t ,iht to iev wW in en U inhumani- " nif V? .to M,n,uch of lh prosper- sinoo in an affray wit. a Mr. Banton died on MMMlpati all; so far L it raiase one to the
la the first place, we may note, aa the highest hi. view, by all pweenu One gentlemen who tT of the yHtem, as it 4ii in Cuba, musl be "! eDJ"y , , UmttlltJ ,of Arksnsss will Tuesdaylast. As soon as the death of Mr. Pren- Bl,T fa. IU principle, raise all;
evidence which can be Educed, the progress own. eight or tea .laves, said, MI voted last An- 'flagrai.L Just think oT ill More than one ' k" -"7 touch the lice was known, officers Ronald and Gilmore i letuJ I ofU fau.ln '.i4'
made in tbe Fine Aru. Science, and ia Liters- just for the convention, simply because I wish- whole numberof slavee there, per- VU to nmlr' for Banton'.place of residimce, arrested, of any man, Ihe'right to civil mZ frellrio5 1Z
tore. In the second place tbe application of ed action te be lake a this subiect." Anoth. ""hod in six yeaci, owing to the comrilicated a. Bat this ease; In seme respecte, Is the most brought him to the cilv. and Dlaced him in UiL " opene that view to alL T. i"
I I is sns srhn.n nr,i,ii., ...... r.w
ay 1 10 ignorance and degradation, or could Juut t
that if aa grtjat pains were taken for the n i .
Fifth. Tho -oastinr dow. of throns." 1. .Uiou nd intellectual education of tbe bl t .
is to be, connected with freedom lathe trne -cnI7. as had been taken for the iiiif . ...
D.y, the great Ood alone, shell rule eT 7 W , V11"" P-ttude evt LlUu.
men. 80 far aa the demolition of royal hersdi-1 llmic ertt '"d every soul v' ;ch , ' ;fc
iae love of freedom.
1 y herever these ex- er, owning four or five, said that he had voted
" "J """awe degree, we shall find as a la the same way and for the same reason, and
vv i 1 wvu riiueuce. SQDUIinn in.ull. J-r I - i i
- - ui.n w uu. go as.10 ail.
fassd, and Schools, Acsdemies, aud Colleges,
ui, hubs 1, ana numerously attended.
OST. tlV maL !nv...n.H.-: . . i
, -j s - -uiuUWOB in mens nsr.
ticulars, between the free and sf.se States, we
ennii ascertain bow they stand
This incident unimportant though it may np-
pear to others, to us seems significant and inter
esting. Here were men, friends and neighbors,
similarly situated, and having iateresU ia com
New England contains about 234 W . "wbom had thought upon a subject
.. . . 1 ai tll.1 imiiMl.u. J - 1. . 1 , I .
- - . i-uv., .uu vcu.ii 01 wuum nan ac tea
want of an out
spoken word, no one knew of the tbooghbj and
hsblUnU.Virgini.. North and South Carolina. IZ 7th7 PT ,'
considerably more. Whatever inteltect J L P w bJ'Cl, "d ,6t
va.ceen.nt L bu made in JS.lSl't D f '
fairty represented in these, The eomnn 17-?. ' in-'
ngxn is uttered, and lo. all minds and hearts are
throw, open, and all minds are found Lo think
alike and all hearts to throb ia uaise..
And aa it Bight be. and so It. ere loa. will
be, every where. There la not a town, Tillage, '
v.. r. . . '
wen, MiB-een ivew r.ngland.and Virginia, with
the Carohsaa, is nfoir one. Let us make it.
In the American Almanac for If 40, we have
list of seven hundred ond lexxutyix Ameri-
veriuca mey wen autjected to! Such a st a le
nient almost conf-cals the blood in our veins and
w e shudder to thiak that such infernal barbari'
tits are permitted in Uie enlightened nineteenth
cuntury, and undi a government, and rnong a
people professedly christian I
remnrkable we hsve easn. Arkansas owns half
a mil lion of acres she has, besides, any quantity
of rich soil which may be purchased at low
rates. She Is poor very poor. She is without
real power in the Union, and, with slavery, nev
er can have any. ' But, if the were a free State,
not only might Arkansas tell her lands at fair
Itew Dally, I raUa, but have them nettled by aa snerretio.
Tbe citizen, of. Madison have now a dailv I thriving population- Yet rather than vlsld nn
.... . .. ... 1
eaiuon 01 we iwidlson Uanner. The Banner I slsvery rather than ceit out the caneer which
is . weekly paper, has been la existence. for
mi.ny years. Mr. Jones baa been a long tints
enjraged in ediUng- asd publishing; and with
The Richmond (Ky.) .Pkxwhboy sars. that hwrds uaiversai smaacioaUos. n. U
ShadrachBamea, who was committed: to jail in I pU'Jzi 'i? trey stopped UfoV. we
Madison county for the murder of Isaac Af ee. L'i" imi,,i- -eld
has Uken no food for the last eight days, and it claaUol ef eii tadsnc,!
is supposed that he deeiraj to commit aukido in I P.'P1" as her fulde, leaped at sacs to m m.ll
this sinirulai manner. , I ctUNoa which tee should have reaehsH. tk.t .
ons man 1. fv .11 . . .1 . ... " II
m, m miwi ansa ix ana eiaw Of mum
are e.UtW to l.bwty, all are; that if U fc, WrT!
hlrs is now associated Mr. Crail, who hi well
known here as one that thoroughly understand.
his business. The thriving pity of Madison
needs a daily paper.' and Messrs. Jones V. Crail
wfll faraUh one worthy to be supported-
ta eating np her ialwtai.ce-.lis proffers te give sad bequeathed $2,000 to the Parent Education ,n "P-blicj and
.nose land, wway 10 any w no may come, nav I Societv of tha F!s.ii..i t.l 1-1. t. Iroai
i IS .1 a .'i . ... s .1 a.r'svsw . .. - . I
oegs an te come, max vaey may ne eetusu, and -w 10 ut Theological Semlnarr. t300 to P...
The 1st. Isaac Baugher, BUo.i.f Frederick ..xnaVt? dlVV"
county, Md. b, hU will, liberated all hi. slavee, aJ JKJllLf. tn.ya Si R
lad kunutl.1 so nnn .. .l. n . . I i. . i.ii. j . J mm in oe SI a re.
men, so tar aa then ars eon. ,
m ttmvricBi oeminarv. jw to 1 ss. 1 tu . . aea, .re use. u
thn. the State renemted, vivified,' aal filled lylvania College, mi locate at C.tiTsburs- ,,7. rt te tlaUt,
with eaurprixe and wtalth Vala hope! The Afcma caualy. p. ,t.. '.,... rt,hi. u Z JzT. V.1
lacUionknie is tbe os-V remedy.: Put Ih.t t, Traet Society, ,a y0J wd $500 that -e aho.ld be fettered and man" JJSj!
tbe root of the evil vb' ' Arkanaas down. I to the" America. n...t . ,.. . . i f une ne wron?. it i r?ct rM iT.. ..t
ndkeepaberdownA "once, b slave. Foreiga Mixelota. ' ' J l-t'llitJl-l'.te.,' "y? uTet
1 a. . . 'i. . .
TV. nv:. c-... , "
, . aft. -oovniJ hM a telegraphic J-
Ptehann0ttncil,SCoat a great fire occanixi ia
Akron oaThucw. hy kich , UKe ncin.
b cf the mrM valuable buildings fn the place
were dcatft-ed, including the office of the Sum
uut Beacon. . v . . : s -
An "change paper ur, that the year r.i
favebirth to the following citizens: DaaielWeb-
sict: Dom 18th. of January; John C. Calhoun .
ISthof March; Gen. Lew.. Cai. v of Octo
ber; Martin Van Buren, ah of December.
Estacatiass I. a- Veeku
During the past year Uiere saws W.. 1. ...
tendance at the pmklio scW .f x . v.i
ey. IVJJSSS scholar- A ..
J-S.I-TJ. Tk. nmoiial . A. ths
CWI0:i-uuIs.i295.450.io.. .
Th ctiaage at the N Q. Jn-h Mt t-,
-m.aia enuinaJ'sy 2Isi, H '-Uap
f .
- T"

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