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. .l. flalrtlaala).
. Von. July ICth.
. Hoton wire-sou
j,e bM' .'''(.,, f Ihe most imporUnt
of the .f"'"5"
ed." LWol up U noon ou the
.. f.diuwinr
.1 ..I km.) friwinlt
between tne rw" " ,.r:
.t.?'c'U,r-c,,0. of tha oly. which 1.
p.iure W u01fide ,.f the pl and '"
i 11.
. .1. . ..habitant"
lite dautli
.,t,r ''S ' '"..i. -..,, hare in hilleJ.
U" r" -V...... wounded. Th
LI ., - ill I
mob en
hi u, in Fr lac h.nwlf, bat I. wss
r""" ' Ti,,.iuir. of Italy uot- favor
If'1""' ., .J...i..i a llit-v wer at the
i , f..r tn' . Viucnt nn heen
u ".'
r 'tu tnun..h.ntly entewd Padua.
T . .J. finally accepted the inflation of
A""'1' .I !l liv
Ca'ti' 4 bu been introduced by the
, separating; the Spiiitcal
J ?n .uJ !'- K11 tiSfacl.0D.
S,AH.-Tl.er U no political
nthcouum-of importance
Sr" tf out, roulinj-
o. i neorjjaniiaiiwu
"7f W-e of ih pre. advocating 7 J','
-ll,red.rii Jb o'Coiiueli I,
,r l-rc from public Iif
'.. Kuii assembled Ihrc-e rnn.- at
; I -k Uenu-uy. .bould the
" , Tu.. i U-bir of Denumrk. f
V!.oU' counnpUf" enfruchliiiia l
w,'i-ob tue mi n-p' s,,iu',;!-1 ,
'l e Natioul liuarJ hd ! re-.lUilwd.
l.1Ja -lV..oa Kr.J.y w in Hit of
t,ie lHerald; "r1 JT
.' i u work, r. m-. tl,e i00!1' h,J co1;
'a UUU.e irocp. .ud U..I lUe Mcrinca of
I fc i tt-rnfii'-
NlW VoKk, Jttl) 11.
1 trir-Ti-.bil- Jl('t-b fr"U ''rl t0 lh CUr
j KauTT. Uatrd friiiay evn.iug, Juu..
. . tii.t ili- uiniuiT f Fr..isioiul
. . . - . n,1 l.i .1
ClcU. (.'
j.- iecOKJ tlie trooi ud had iiwUreu tl.j
It'.-'. :ti a of lliliUS J14 10"1'
lu" u l ir-i l. Uli ,u,f t'1''Prarh ti"d bi-"
j.r.vful furliur coiui.juuicati jn.
awix-rt i.tl.
LOM'OX, J Jlltf "-I.il.
T icutd tUe Corn market if finnrr la-day,
pn- r "di-aucinp.
Lit baa laij.rovfd 1 :t quarter.
Tbt t'jiiiu uiarlet ha rrj;iu!d 'Md of tl
C-i dt j.rev.ousiy UutiCed, nud prior ure fctiil
; M.r ! iniprovingat Manchester.
u.rr.cjn iii-mp lriug iiij per tou.
'..J.-.CCO qmet
i,,' baiur lias leo Jonr ia I -nrd at full
Bi on i ucchaugeu, bolii in regard to prire
(.Tit. t" rooueraio reijuesi ai -t-w lor
. fc r I'rime.
I11IU tKUl .H t III .
trwlitiua la .uaJiiM I'rr4ra la araaa
a.uart ihe Gurraoci""iiirral Buta
MrMr 4 M , ! t atkrra !(
aia Pr-i'ecl W Battle l aralu, etr. nr.
:.f a ;.-, .' re, on Sturiar,of the sleamT
K'-x?.. l'.ac, Irom Vera Cruz, the JUli
rsie m:el. -.route frosii ihe capital to til'
i i.i'.i.
.virs - isU.uJ hv Jaranta and olhoi offirern,
i.: :tt tuntUrd of revolt, and raused a de-t-
vr. ;: acor.-iii-Tiole number of the troupe oi
Z . ;- .r iv. M :.on lid been oh'lgod l.i re
i::r(if ivi ijna-i) ha. I
. t . . .j n i.di u. Ihe priiiit'Ci.t:m-t,io took
-.x: L:. J-ne 1, and ia the articles foc
'. tie p.ui he had pubii-fied, he declares:
- l..t pr.-er.t U ivetnment is leiiniiaccd aud
. -ii.wmi :o: Karlcf hetrayed the nalion.
Tr u:e, cousf ieutly, resume their cot-
y.. IieMrneihc.il cunalton the means of re
i : e :ie ii?o4l Govvtmaont.
i Ti-? ljverr!o:s of the Slates will defu nate
-.ri'rs c or pers.oa? who fchall ciatuod thf
' -r .r. a :L.
Vi. riet-..psof ih s'.aridine arniy who gire
cr ahe';ui to ihe present Plan will, i on-m.-
: u&x, he under the order of the Gei:
t . . h ftet fiik. whrt say Wilo ikieir ex
Y . i::t Kr.e-n Lad ten ene.-f wic ftes to
i:.e uij jrrei-'ion, bat it wi relieved that
. o: ie k-.pe.-rfjr otSceri. of Ihe army had been
iTv-i-pi th, a:.d M'cre'.iy Uored I'liiedes"
: ..jii;i. i'-:. :.'er had issued a manifesto, an--
:: :s: he had turwarded troops to mei-t
:r -' :.ei;iy, and that it was not expected
; ia:: r . ..d he aJle to reUt long the trieuil
raa.i N Cecil traru;'i:lity. He laments the
'..r .-d ;-o-.ij.e U.at detract the country, anil
e'?e-e h.- aM'jjd confidence in the stability
...A 'i ..Vofthe l'.h ulL, ronlain the
-.: I, te.fj the la'e-.t intelligence fioin tlie
Tr.' : .'.;.'.r.i'.c,u under U acumen te:
i.muiiiJiNitT Lvpef.w". Atone o'clock, this
-.-..; t, i.-.e S-Miie Government receifed a de
ar i :.oa S.iao, wtiicb contained imporlaut in
r. yrr.e, tj: G-.n'la Ba-himente, anrz, and
'i.'jr,i, i.id maiie a muvement to intercept therelK-1.-.
:r.eia .iiio i l.ht, of otherwise to c spitu
A je-ter hii hvei ireeived Irom Gen. Corta
i:. ;. .-l;-ajh.iiyrati:acijrT. He imotince
'u: Cui'f ri the mentioned officer,
i.i-.i ; tr-wi; , a, d n detn'rdoii preserv-jys-'M
f.rc-r at all riks. All ihe superior of-
i'-f.ijri the xaiue euthniiiaMii.
L-ut. Ey au eipress which has just reached
.pr.-iue Govern ami, w learn Uiat the escort
' ;re winch le:t Cj.ieretaro, arrived at S.m
el R.uoo Uie without accident. It
C',! ot the compiflies of Palric k,
-..ja!.dev. i.Uuv ( oi. lW,u r'ranciseo Schirtli
io to trmj: it on to the rapitaL
e lv!if a Minctiou waa formed at Silao ol
'', u:,cer Gen. Iln.-uinctiie, and 41 J under
.'i.i. in. iiii i i '.'i i.r i,.
.i ,t.- i
t Ui antz, aud iH'i ol the 50i cavalry were
rvr- ec - I'n I". CoU'ar announces that
men tc t.pe-i;t m con, unction with
c -..'..: : the re are besides i I under Imbar-
-r. .ib r.c:e of the i.ne. i he G-n eniment
j.ne c o
"Praimg J. y. u,e e-uhiiMinieut of order
(..'.T?. (Measure, which hha.ild have left
V t,ren yed, as thecornpanieu
ct L ere to uve eKcorted it, haw
oruerrd off a, Lafos, to meet the army under
,..: ' i URcniioDm wnt by the Yu-
I rt
asKnUnce againM the Indians
'") 'iii i "-"em vi.tyenif'ieni ?.),
m j " . 'e:"., ai.da email quautny of ain-'v-J?..
1 '-",d be fpared. They were
'r. . 11 . ... .
u,n 76 t'irotis that a command of
' ,'""""7 beietached by Gen. liullrr from hi
f. '""P'TOiiuuon -hould be giren our nol-
-.- e r , 'nvai at era Uu. I Uev
:;.:,?:.,' i,Mi &,!'"-8 of President Herreri
fr.st. ""."ci, uut Dothing, it appeara, wan
'' '-"d0f lt,t 'nt"iFence from Mexi-
tit: 'jr . ..w.ii,.c uini uic irpiiiii; iu
-.1 Kr. f f, f- 10 ,r irct'T contusion to
inr...Tii..s ik.t 1 1. a n.
r , i.. re-pp, trance of Nii.U Anna
"panymg'ke proclamation of the Presi
e w-iiumauon oi the war, is an
uere ..a i.. .n ..
."v iiu urn iiintial rrimi.n m rati.
. ..b.u.w .v ,
jt ' '1,f following are the places sc-
ir; isth and Htl
-.; 3d dracoons. at Jefferson
: io'.tliucl lf.th InfiintriT .1 V-.w.r
R. L iv- IlU iaUnlrf, t Newport,
i-Fm t Yrkharbors nd the 0,uficurs.
' Jltlfcnr,. Tie follow ing are two of the
I rtfr ot tv.1.
t; dependent 7,, n1"''"1""' M'Para'e batabon,
-i.:. v l 60 "r" (new lecimenU and
iHi"?h7? y 10 .WUW1 forms, fchow-
"-"w (rem ,imc 01 m'wter and dU-
,'J.oiedtT1Ce, !"d U,e n,me of 811 e
f;:jn ... 0iI,ceis belor.inir to the rel
a, a,Z3Uon. 'ith rcmarksonnositcRUAl.
K teJ b.n0r 'V "d. been killed in ac
,,CU a,T? Charged, oi have left the sei-
'.Ae i. -2n icfmg cause, date.
- I tan v. . a
Ce. trin. ".T '""mi ssion
O.C., w,u oeoBtted in thu
... tt-ri .eni:f..i. ...
diiiempn. V. ; , ,u lue Pft" oi me waj
UI h . V'unue,ruir.ceor courts-mar-
luUy. ."""" lie Miv.ce, the worf
tuwe r being erased from the face of the
'"nounced in
r u,w r..: r. -'teis irom me atmy
beiri . .y teturn to their torn
nt rj W bunithment or trial An
J" P'r to feKendit-8 ""T eoldicr who
Aiuinrlam rwnjriM the . ihe Mar
with Metleo.
To l! Stnttlt 'luil Ihif uf lirprmt Hlftirig
of the I'mlfrl St.tl !.:
I ly hefore Conres topienof a Ueniy o( peace
liifiulMiip, Junitx, nn.l settlement between I)
1 niled Siatea and the M.'irao Itopublic, the rut
iK ntio i.i of wnii li ere olv exchauced al the c
o( (Jiiefetavo, in Mexico, Mi the XMi diy of Jlny
The war in which our country was reluctaml
involved in tlie ueceiiry vindication ol the lit
tiouaS rifthta and honor hu.i been thus terminated
and I conipaiul.iie nnf re-i ana our coinmoii
cou-stiLuci Xs upon the rii loiation of mi honoriibl
Tlie ealeiiMve and valtnhl.? territories redeit h
Mexico to the L iuled Mates constmil.; indci.iiu
for ihepa.-!, aud the brilliijit achieveineiils and (.ig
nal nii.cesh a of our arnii. will be a ruaraiityiliv
ciuitv for the future, bv convincinr all nations thai
our njthls must be respected. The results of ibe
war villi .Mexico have riven to the l.mleil Male:
a ualional Character abroad wh eh our coiiuliy
uever netore enjoy ej. Our power and 0'ir rewmroes
have become known and are respected throuiihsut
the world, and we shall probably he saved, from the
nereMty ot enearinir in a lutlier fnreicn war lor a
lon w lies ot yearn.
It i a subject of con.Talula.tiou that we hne
Ss;-ed through a war ot more lliuu ttru years' dti
r:ition. w ith the htisine-sK of the country uninl.-r
rupted, with our resources m
public credit unin. paired.
uexhausted, and the
I c oiaiuunicate fur the inforintitlon ot Conresn
e ai-cninpanviii ilocumenta and eorresimn
deuce relat.nc to the negotiation and ratiflciition
ol ihe treaty.
Betore the treaty ca a be fully execute.) cm the
part ol the I nited State legislation will be re
It w ill he proper to make the necessary appu.
prwiliouo fur the paymMt ot trie lue!e luillious ot
'olluif, Ktipulated bv iht twelfth article, to be paii!
Mexico in fo'ir equal annual iiistalineritH. 1 hree
Ulioiis of dollars were appropriated by t'je act of
March 3. 147, and that suit) wa paid to the Mex
ican Government alter Uie exchanse ol tatifira-
ioiis iif the treaty.
Ilie tiitu a'txle oi lac treaty provides Uiat,"in
rder to designate the boundary line with d ie r-
i"in upon authoiiUilive iaap, ami to estab'n.h
Don the crotind landmarks which shall kww :l
rmiisof both republics, as described in the pie-
ent article, the two Gjvernm.iiU shall .eah n;
(onila ooiiiiihioii r and a surveyor, who, helot e
the expiration ol one vcar Irom the date of the
exrhanre ot the ratifications of this treaty, ha!l
meet at the port ofSuii lhego, and proceed to run
nd m:uk the mJ boundary in itMW tiole course to
kie nt'iuth of the Kio Hravo del Norte."
It will be i.eeeHnarv that provision should t
I made l-y la far the appointment of a coniiuiisioi,-
r and abiirveyor on the part ol trie tin led Matel ,
t. act iii conjunction with a comiiiirioner mil
Kiirveyor appointed by Mexico in eeciitiiiS the
; tipu! Uion.i ol lliis arucle.
It will be proper also to provide by law for the
appointment of a "board of commissioners" to
.ttijud.i ate. and decide upon nil claims of om citi-
;is ;;niu.-1 the Mexican Government, which t
:he treaty have been asumed by the I'nite.l
Ni .v Mexico and I'ppc r California hare been
ce.i.-d by Mexico tj the Culled Males, and now
Coii.stltuto a pail of our country. Km'irucinj;
nearly U n defieeH ot latitude, lying adjacent
ihe OrefTon teiiitorv. 8'id eitcuding Irom lht Pa
etfie Ocen to the Kin Grande, a mean distance o
nearly a Iboand miles, it would be difficult to
estimate the value of theie possessions to the
I nited Males. They constitute of themselves I
country larjre enough for a great empire, and theii
acquisition is second only in iniorlanee to lhl
of ixiuislana in 11. ch in iniueral and apii-
cultural resources, with a climate of jteat .saiu
hrity, they embrace the most iuijx.itatit ports cm
the whole I'acif.o coast of Ihe continent ol North
America. The possession of the potts of San Ihe
i:.., Monterey, and the B.iy of Sun Kranc-Uco w ill
t m.l-ie ihe United States to c oLonind the alr.-ndy
valusble aed rapidly iucreai-ing commerce of the
Pacihc. The uumber of our whaieship uioiie
now employ ed in that ea, exceed even liun
dred, requii aif more than twenty tlioiiand ceavueti
to navigate lliem. while the capita, invected in
this particular branch of commerce i? estimated al
not less than fortv millions ct dollars. The exeel
1. nt harbors of I'pper Calilornia will under our
fl.it aMord t.ecu'ity and rep)se to oui commetc ial
marine, and American niechmiies wiT soon fur
nish ready ineaus ol ship-buildm? and r.-pair,
x. hich are now t o iiiulIi wanted ill that di .Mill se.c
l!v the aejiiis'tion c.f these pnsse-sion-i we aie
brought into iiriia- oiaie proximity w i h the west
coai of Aniei.ca, from Cape Horn to the Kassisn
possesses norLx of Oregon; w ith ihe Islands ol
the Pacific Ocean; nnd, by a direct vcynpe in
fcteaniers, w e w ill be in less than tliirty days ot
Canton and other parts of China.
In thia vast rction, whose rich reiources are
toon to be developed by American energy and J
enterpri-e, gieat must be the augmentation of our '
toiiuncrce, una wnn u new ana proniaoie ce
riands for mechanical labor iu all it: branch ,
and new and v:i in aide markets for on: ruanulac.
tare 8'id agricultural products.
While the war has been coudueled with great
h'tni initv and forbearance, and with rojnpleienuo.
ces on our pari, trie peac e has !een concluded
on terms the most lihetil and m);naiianous to
Mexico. In her hands the tcriitones now te.h.'d
had remained, and it ia believed would li ive con
tinued l" remain, almost unoccupied, and of little
value to her or to any other nation, v.hiist as a pan
of our Cnion they w ill be productive of vast bene
fits to the ln:ted states, to the commercial world,
and the general interest of mankind.
The mulled. ate estaMi.-iinient ol teuitonal tov-
rnments. and ihe extension of our lawn over these
valuable possessions, are deemed to be not only im-
oortant. but incisoensat'le W prserveorder aud the
due administration of justice within the .r limits, to
nord protection to the inhabitants, arid s facilitate
the develouementjot trie Tst resources az.U weal.li
w hich their acquisition has add to ojr country.
ihe war wita Mexico Qnn;r terminaieu, mc-
powerot the Kxeculive to uslablish or to coritnne
temporary civil government over these territories,
winch existed under the lawi ot nations wmibi
lh'V were regarded as conquered provinces in our
iiiiilary occupation, has ceased. By their cession
to the I cited Stales, Mexico has no longer any
power over Ihem, and until Chits sf ail act the
inhabitants w ill be without any organiiecl govern
ment. Shot; Id they be left in tr.iM ci nc ition, con
fusion and anaicny will be likely to prevail.
poreien commerce to a considerable amount is
now carried on in the ports of I'pper California,
which will require to be legulaled by oar laws.
A soon as our system snail Dextenaeti over tins
commerce, a revenue ot consmeraiae a nouni w in
be at once collected, and it is Dot doubted that it
w ill be annually increased- For these and other
obvious reasons, I aeen it to ne my outy earnestly
to recommend the action of Congress on the sob
ject al the present session.
In organizing governments over these territories.
fraiichtwith such vast advantages to evifry portion
of our l'nkin, I invoke that spirit of concession,
concilia! ,ou, Mid compromise in your ue I liberation
in which the constitution was framed; in which it
should be administered; and w hich is so indispen
sable to preserve and perpetuate the harmony and
union ot the states, n e wiouia never wrjrei mat
this union of confederated Slates was esUblishod
and cemented by kindred blood, and ly the com
mon toils, sufferings, dangers, and triumphs of all
its narla. and has been Ihe ever-au rmeulir.g source
of our national greatness and of all onr blessings.
There lias perhaps been no period, since the
warmnr so impressively given to his countrymen
by Wuf hington to guard ag.iinst geographical divis
ions aad fcectluiial pactit-s, which appeals 'with
greater force than the present to tha patriotic, sober-minded,
andrellectuig of all parties and of all
sections of our country. Who can calculate the
value of our rlouoiis Lntonr It is a model and
example of free government to all the world, and
is the slar ot hope and me nayen oi rest to Uie op
pressed oievery Hiiue. i;y ia preservation we
have been rapidly advanced as a naiion l'j a height
of strength, power and happiness w ithout a paral
lel m the history ol the world. A we extena Its
blessings over new regions hhall we be no unwise
as to endanger its existence by georrapliicnl divis
ion and dibM-a&Ljns
With a view to encourage the early Bettlfmenl
of these distant possessions, I recommend that
liberal grants of the public lands t-e secured to all
our citizens who have settled, ot may in a limited
period settle, within their limits.
in execution ol tlie provisions oi uie treaty, or
ders have been issued to onr military and naval
forces to evacuate without delny tie Mexican pro
vinces, cities, towns, and lortihed places in oar
military occupation, and which are not embraced
- .i ... . i .i i- :, - i i "... i ti. .
Ill Hie cemtl.e Lvl.'U .o iiie i.iin-. aieirn. u-
srmy lc already on lis way to Hie l nitea Mates.
That portion of it, as well rcgulsrn aa volunteers,
wno etipagra to serve uunng me war wiin mexico,
will be discharged as coon as l hex' can be trans
ported or marched to convenient points in the
vicinity of their homes. A part ot the reg-iiai
snnv will be empioved in Aew Met no and Cppei
CalifoTnic, to tftord pruiection ti Hie inhabiunt
and to guard our interests in thet e territories.
The old army, as it existed before lhe com
mencement of ihe war with Mexico, especially il
authority b given to fill up th rank and file ot
the several corps to the maximum number author
ized during .tie war, it ia Delievea win ne a snm
cient force to be retained in service, during a period
of peace. A few additional oflicera in the line
and staff of the army have been authorized,
and these, it la believed, will be necessary in Uie
peace establishment, and should bo retained in the
service. The numbei of the gene 1 1 officer may
be reduced, as vacancies occur by the casualties
of the service, toarhat it was before the war.
While the people of oibet countries, who live
under forms of government less free than our own,
have been for ages oppressed by taxation to sup
port large standing armies in period of peace, out
experience has shown that such (istablishmetiU
are unnecessary in a republic Oip standing arm)
is to be found In the busom of society. It i com
posed of free citizens, who ' ie evil ready to take
up arms in the service of their ccuntry when an
emergency requires IL Our expiieiice In tw
war just doted fully confirms tit opinion thai
fcuch an army ma be raised ntioo A few week'
notice, and Uiatour citizen aoldim are ecnial to
perceived why we should enlarge our land forces
and thereby subject the Treasury to an annual in
ereastrd charge. Sound policy requires that we
sriuiini ii vow me creation oi a large standing army
in a peiioo ot peace. jo public exigency requires
t. Sue ti armies are hj.t only expeusive and nn
nei en aiy, tu.f -iniy become dangerous to liberty,
llesides ninkiug the neeesxary legislative provi
ions for the execution of the treaty, and the estab.
lishlilent of territorial governments ill the ceded
couiury, we have, upon the restoration of peace
0 her important duties to peiform. Among these
1 regeid none ss more important than the adoption
oi proper measures tor Hie speed1 extinguishment
..j- V. .. ' I J 1 i I. ' . i
u me uniionai o oi. u is agauisx sounu policy
and the genius of our institutions that a Duhli.-
debt should be permitted to exist n day longer than
the me ans of ihe Treasury will enable the Coy-
erni.u nl lo pay il oft. We should adhere to the
wise policy Inid down by President Washington,
"of av oiding the accumulation of debt, nol only by
snunninjr occasions ot expense, but by vigorous
( xeriiorn in time of peace lo discharge the debtb
vviiicrt inavoidaMe wars have occasioned, not tin
generously throwing upon posterity the burden
which wcoursolves ought to bear."
At Ihe commencement of the present Adminis
tration trie public debt amounted to seventeen iruf
Iic.im seven hunired and eighty -eight thousand sev
en bundled and ninety-nine dollars and sixtv-lw-u
cents, lu consequence of the war wiih Mexico it
has Seen necestarily increased, and now amounts
ici sixty-rive tuit ions seven hundred and seventy
e.'ght thousuud tour hundred and fifty dollars aiid
Ic-rty-one cents, inclmling the stock and Treasnrv
nols which limy yet ho issued under the act o
January 28. 1S47. and the sixteen million loan re
cently negotiated under the act of March 31. 1I8.
in addition to the amount of the debt, the treaty
stipulates that twelve millions of dollars shall be
paid to Mexico, in four equal snnuul instalments
oi inree minion;, eacn, the first ot which w ill tall
di e on the.'llllh day Df Mar. 13.19. The treaty nlso
t pulatt's lliat Uie L uited Stales shall "asst. nie
and pay" to our own ciiizeus "ihe claims already
liquidated nnd decided against the Mexican repub
lic, and "a j i c Hums not h erctoiore dec ided ara. nst
the Jlexican Giveriimeut." "to an asaounl nol
exceeding three and one-quarter millions of ilol-
lurs. ' the " liquidated" claims of citizens ol
the I'nited States aciiirst Mexico, as decided bv
the joint board of Commissioners, under the con
vention between the l tilted Slates and Mexico ol
he 1 1th of April. lr-.W, amounted lo two millions
anu tweniy-six iiiousiuiii one hundred and thirty
one dollars and sixty-eight cents. 1 his sum whs
payaMe in twenty const annual instalments.
i'hrc ot them had been paid to the claimants by
he Mexican Govermi.eiit, and two by the United
Snte;, leaving to he paid ot the principal ol ihe
' liquidated amount
Stales, ihe sum ot one mill.on five hundred and
inetoen thousand eix hundred and four dollars
and seventv-six cents, together wiih Uie interest
therecm. These several amounts of "liquidated
nnd unliquidated claims assumed by the t inted
Stales, u is believed ntav be paid as they tali due
out of the accruing r ?venue. without the issne of
lock or the creation of any additional public debt
I cannot too strongly recommend to Congress the
iuii.oii.nNVf- oi UUHI-4U1U1UK, an uur imciunui irsuiir-
ccs; of limiting ihe publ.c expendiiures to neces
sary objects; and of applying all tlie surplus al any
one in ina treasury to ttie redemption oi tne debt.
recomi lend that authority he vested in the Kx-
ecuiive, by law, to antiuii.Jte the period ot reun-
.uiseiiieni of such portion of tlie debt as may not
e now redeemable, and to purc hase it at par, or
i ice premium w men it ma; command ui me inar
et, in all cases ill which that au.horiiy has not
already been granted. A premium has been ob-
.uiied by Uie geveruineDl ou much the larger por
ion of the loans, and if, when the Government be
oines a purchaser of its own stock, il shall Cvm-
miid a p'einiuni in the market, it will be sound
olicy to pay it rather than lo psy Uie semi-annual
terest upon it. i he laterest upon the debt, if the
outstanding Treasury nates shall be funded, from
he nid ol the last fiscal y.'ur until it shall nil due
n. I be redeemable, w ill be verv nearly equal to
the nriiichal. which ninst iiself be ultini.itelv
pa id.
ithout ( hanging or modifvuiii the present tariff
f duties, so great has be en the increase of our
onii'.ierce under its trtngn oprralion, that the
oveiiue derived trom lb it souice and Irom the
ales cf ihe public l uids, will, it is confidently
believed, enable the Government to discharge an-
uaiiy several millions of the debt, and at the same
ime possess the means meeting necessary appro
iriatiuus (or all other proper objectx. Unless Con
fess stiaJ ataroiire largely uictea.sed expeudi-
ures for objects not of absolute necessity, the
hole public de--l existing before the Mexican war.
n.l tb:it created durirg iu coul iuuence, maybe
aid otr without any increase of taxatioa on the
eople lorg before il w ill fall due.
1 pon the restoration ot peace w should adopt a
oiicj s.iiied to a sts'e "t peace. In doing ihi
ie earliest practicable payrneiiiof the public debt
hold 1 be a cardinal principle of action.
Piolitinir by the cuer encs of the past, we
should avoid tlie errors into which the country was
betrayr.l shortly after the close of the war with
Gretii l.iiiain in 1!1. In a few years after that
eriod a broad and latitndiiioua construction of the
iwcrsof the federal Government unfortuately
received b it too la'ich countenance. Though the
country was burdene d with heavy public debt,
l uge, and in some ius'anccs unnecessary and ex
travag.int. t xpenditures were authorized by Con
gress. Tlie Conseqt ence ws , that the payment of
the debt was postponed for mob? than twenty
TMi.ituid even thru it was only Soccmplo-hed by
the stern will and unbending policy of President
Jackson, who made its payment a leading measure
of his Administration. He resisted the attempts
which were made to divert the public money from
that great cd'j. ct, and apply it in wiistelul and ex
travagant expenditures for ether objects, some of
them of more than doubtful constitutional author
ity mid expediency.
If the Government of the United Stales shall ob
serve a proper econrmy in i a expenditures, and be
conhued in lis action to tlie conduct ot our tor
cign relations, and l) the few general object of its
care enumerated in the constitution, leaving all
municipal and local lejislaliou to the States, our
greatness an a natioa, in moral and physical pow
er, and in weel'h and resources, cannot he calcu
late.. Hy piirsuiiig this policy oppressive measures,
operating unequally and unjustly upon sections and
Classes, will be avoided, and the people, having no
cause of complaint, w ill pursue their own inte
rests, under the blessings of equal laws and the
pmtection of a just and paternal Government. P.y
ahttaiuing from the exercise of all powers not
tli'arly conferred, the cement of our glorious
1 1 ion, nojy numbering tliirty States, will be
stiengthened ss we grow in age and increase in
population, and our l alure destiny will be without
a parallel or example iu the history of nations.
'iVshikito5, July 6, 1848.
The Battle Mmntmmu
The committee appointed by the Legislature to
sii;teriiitend the erection of the battle monument,
after having taken unusual pains to procure the
most elegant designs and most fa voi able propo
sals have made selection that will fully come
up to the expectations of the people, unit be
worthy of the gteat State t.f whom it is erected,
and of tlie illustriot soldit rs whom it is design
ed to commemorate. There were nearly twenty
designs offered, coming from U parts of the
Uiiitexl States and from the most eminent sculp-
ton. The candidates for tlie w ork seemed to be
more actuated by an ambition to connect their
farno with the monument than to make a profita
blecontract. The committee awarded the pref
erence to a dishrgtiislied wiulptor in New York
city, and tie lion. Mason Brown lcf, hure
week ago forth? purport of taking proper secu
rities, and attending to the execution of the con
tract. It will take probably two years to com
pletethe monument Fro; iort Commotivealth.
Aaviber CflTcetuaal tre yen live fr lyatrt-
Ia the event of a bite from an animal In a rab
id state or other ise, sponpe and wash the part,
issoc n as possible, with clear water, and then
ake (rood Iff (oiacco, and make a bandage ol
. X . . a
t on lite plsa bitten or Inc.eralea. vliang me
oandrtrs three or four tim a day for a week;
this will effectually absorb and extract any poi
son that may have lodeed in the part bitten. If
leaf tobacco cannot be obtained, take strong
man ufactu rod cut tobacco, and use It in the
a a a I 1 It -
same rnanpsr. in America, xuo ibuusi carry
he leaf tobacco with them, and when they are
Kitten bv serpents, or other venomous reptiles,
Lhev use til l leaf tobacco In the wsy described,
and il is au Invariable antidote to hydrophobia
and other fatal erl-jcta ot poison. Utounttet
Eng.) (-'iirt mult.
A French naner says liiat a few days aiuce
I ha Question of the exiale.no of a dad was dis
naa,l durirtr six Hours, dv bciudoi women ai
"... . . .L . . . .
Ro.len.and was at last put to the vote, when the
menial va was carried dv a maioniy oi twelve,
What can be expected from acouniry navmg
.arh neouleT Howcan there be stable rov-
eroment, when the very first principle of all
morality and obligatisn is so little understood,
nnd so lifrlitly treaUd? There can at least be
no security for a permanent itepuoiic, woere ui
iirsctiCB educator oi youin tue wvuiou vi mo
u..tihua reiect revelation and unceremonious
y break dows the only sound defences of virtue
nnd truth. -A". 1'- Com. Ado.
M.inr Wm. Tell Poussin th newly appointed
P.n.titati of th Frenoh Uepublicat Waah
Ingtoii, was formerly ia th Engineer ervk jf
Ihe United Stat. " Jrna.
- MiehUaai erl.
Ti i.i. Trenanrer trives noUc that the ia
lerertonthe nniversitv and ackaowledged five
million lo.a bond., will b paid on prewntation
f th eoapons at the Phceiitx nana, . ..-c,
y. m ww-. . -j " i
Latter fraaa JUaytl.
rrx.- i:TaTii CaDtaln Catto, which saiUd
from Fort aa I'rloca on th 20Ui ult reports
.4is tnno"Y . i ..
Front Im Plata
By a recent arrival we have received files of
the Buenos Ay res 1'uclet to the 22d of April
The negotial ions w i re still pending al the time,
The American Consul had sent an energetic pin
test to the Uoverninwit in iclatuai to the bark
Mason Barney, which was M iwxl by the block
ding squadron. Thcic had len distmliances in
Ihe Province Til Mendoza, Riairigues,' the coin
mantlet of a fort on the Indian frontier having
joiueu wiin some oi tue tribes against the Uov
eruineut. Troops under the commaud of Gen'L
fionivades were sent against him, but he took to
night and escaped across the Cordilleras.
A letter in yesterday's Sun. dated Kio Jancno
May 28, &aya that the negotiations between the
bullish audr rench Miuisiera and Gen's. Kosas
and Oribe were cloted on account of me new s
of the French Revolution.
The French fleet was expected to immediately
withdraw, taking with them a portion of the mo
narchical leaden of Montevideo. Gen. Orihe
will le recognised as constitutional President c
theBanda Oriental. The tight of Gen. Rosas.
aa Executive of the Argentine Union to aid Onbe
in regaining his constitutional power, havimr
been recognised by the Kuglish Minister, will of
course be concurred in by this (the Brazilian)
Government and the new French Republic.
Peace is about being restored tothe Republics of
trie data. A. 1. Trib.
A JVIBnaraBlf! Kellc.
We understand that Capt. Josiah Stutges, of
ihe reveiuic-cuiter Hamilton, stationed at Boston
has in his (Ktssessioii Uie masonic apron of Maj
ueneral Warren, who fell at Bunker Hill in 177b
General Warren was Grand Master of the Grand
Lodge of Massachusetts. This apron was given
by the heirs of Gen. Warren to the late Major
Benjamin KusselJ, a hero af the revolution, aisl
subsequently Grand Master of the Grand Lodge
of Massachusetts, and for forty-live years the
well-known editor of the Boston Sentinel. On
his death it was given by his heirs to Cant.
Sturges, and w ill be worn by hun this day in Uie
procession, aa a Iuight Templar, with a jewel
bearing date 1 1 17. -Wf. Intelligencer.
i.mmm by tVTrea. .'
Tliaetlimnted amount ofloasliy lire in this
city during the past six mouths 1 $14,747; oa
which there waa insurance for SI iJ,451, leav
ng a loct ot 3t,)6 uninsured. The iucreaa
u loss thus far th present year over the corres
pondiug period last year, i$ll,2TJ; iu insu
ranee, $1 l.fi.'il.
During lha month ofjuualhe Fire Depart
meut was called out twenty-eight time; fiv
alarm originated out of th city Enrinea
played at fire in the city but uiu time. Hot.
ton Uailj AUe.
' be l iMai,
We learn from an authentic source that all the
roopswho w ill arrive in this citvfroiu Mexico
will be on their w ay to thewi resiective home bv
the2Uthof July next- Thia reflects much creJit
uKn the quartermaster and his oificers, .who are
iclegated to luruish the transiairtation of so
argea bcidyof men. y. O. Xatit.nal, June2S.
t'ntka!lc 'atkeral at Albaay.
The Eve. Jour, gives an inteiest.ng account of
ineiayingot tbe corner stone of the new Catho
lic CaUiedral ut Albany. Rishca) lliowrs was
theOiatorof the Day, aud the exercises are said
to have bifn tery impressive. Among those
present were Rev. Mcrs. Conroy, Kile, Mc-
Closkey, I'utnatn and Gniberof Albany. O'Reil
ly of Troy; Curry of West Troy; Van Retth of
Cohnee; Farley of Lansingburgh, and Rev. Dr.
nacon, .Master ot ceremonies, of Brooklyn. .V.
1 t 'I f V-. 4 . 1
I. tuuurtc, JHIVVI1.
A impntrmmt ia tie rl. A discovery in
the art of Daguerreotyping ha lately been made
by Mr. Jones in Baltimore. The discovery coo-
ist in a new method of taking daguerreotype,
which renders th impression indelibly fixed
pon the plate, and not liable to be defaced by
andling indeed they may be rubbed with a
loth without the alightest injary. On advan
tage resulting from this invention i, that like
nesses can be taken on copper plate washed on
ilver, for the purpose of beiug engraved upon.
n this way the artist is enabled to follow the
most minute line of the picture, aud thus e-
ure an engraving as faithful aa the daguerreo
type lulf.
'I'easperaatcc Arrival.
A rrived at New Ycik on Tuesday, the 4th inst,
the fine ship "Amsterdam Temperance Society,"
CapL Menkman, w ith a tetotal crew, in A3 days
fmin AMi.rfcrdatn, t'rtng the AM J-Titf h Teinjer-
ance ship that has crossed the ocean.
Arrival !" .M lie be 1 1 al Itrranada.
New You, July c'th.
Accoonta have been received her of the arri
val of Mitchell at Bermuda, lie vras imniedi
ately conveyed to the Couvic t's Hulk.
V'irst Hiraaaer fraa (siata,
The Chicago Journal of th 27th ult, an
nounce the arrival of the stesmer Free Trader,
direct from Montreal in II day, being the first
steamboat from that port that ha reached Chi
cago. Abmt Onprts. The X. Orleans Pictiyune of
the 30th ulU, understands that orders were receiv
ed in that city the day previous, by which tlie
command of the Western Division of the army is
assigned to Maj. Gen. Taylor, and that of the First
Department of the Division to Bv'L Brig. Cen.
Brooke. Gen. Tay lor will make his headquarters
at Baton Rouge, or such other point as he may se
lect, while Gen. Brook e'e headquarters will con
tinue, as at present, in New Orleans.
New Railraaat ia Hmcktlla.
The Lowell and Lawrence Railroad was open
ed with appropriate c.ereiiionie oa Saturday.
in new branch of the liosr.on and Worces
ter Road from liolliston to Milt'ord, was opened
to tne public on ."Saturday last.
1 he car have commenced running over th
portion of the V orcestcr and Nashua Road,
between Clintonvllle, in Lancaster, and Groton
1 he btony Brook. Railroad ha been opened
its whole length between North Chelmsford,
where It joint th Lowell and Nashua Road, and
the Fitchburg Railroad at Grcton.
Th Vermont Ceatral ia open to Bethel, 2i
The Essex Railroad was opened to North
Danvers on Saturday. Journml.
It I said that William IlswiU, and his ac
complished wi, Mary Howitt, contemplated
leaving Cnglaud, and taking up their residence
in the West. They bay had relative la Ohio
for many year. Hi connection with some
Loudon magazine ha involved him in bank
ruptcy at the age of 54. Cin, Oa:.
The annut.1 report of Uie HutUoa River F.ail-
read Company, just published, states that there
are between three and Lur thousand men em
ployed on Uie line between Uie city of New York
and Poughkeepsie. The whole woik, it is stated,
will be completed in Uie year 1860, and sooner,
if possible. JT. 1. Era.
IValar-fsMte- Heal).
Our fellow-countryman, Dr. R. J. Spurr, aokl
at Louisville last week a portion of his crop 'of
water-rotted l,entp, fbrsorae of which he received
921,0 per ton, and for the remainder $205. It is
ap excellent article, and was readily taken by
the Government agent at Louisville at the prices
stated. LtT. Ufaerver.
Ma rater.
On Uie7th of July, in Anderson county, a roan
by the name of David Orubbs, killed a man by
the name of George Hanks, both citirens of An
derson county. Urubbs is yet at large, having,
immediately after the killing of Hanks, fled in the
direction of Louisville, lie is about 18 or 19
years of age, of youthful appearance, weighs
about 150 or ICO lbs., o feet 10 inches nign, ligru
hair, light-colored ryes, large mouth, rather cark
complexion, and has to beard. Franlfart Com.
The ..
The sugar cane, as we learn, does not look
promising. The rattoon cane has not come up
freely; and the incessant wet weather for the
oast four weeks haaorcvented Uie old cane irom
being sufficiently woiked. This ia the case on
the coast. A'. O. Pic Jun 29. ......
New Yoaa, July 12, 8 P. it
We have intelligence of the wreck of the choon.
u r tt.it;.. n(T rtairweeas. aeaf tie blue
Hills. It was near this same place that a ship of
war was lost soma day since, ine ram
crew of Uie Baliio war saved. " '
Faioav, Jaly 7.
In the Senate, Monday, Mr. Metcalfe appeared
was awoin. and took his seat.
The entire eaion w as engaged in the discussion
oi in resolution tor the hna adjournment of Con
greas without any action till the hour ol adjourn
The proceedings of the House to-day were uniin
In the Senate, Wednesday, the House resolution
for adjournment was amended by inserting the
3lst ol July, and then laid on the table.
The Oregon bill was then taken up.
Mr. Clayton replied to Mr. Foot and defended
Gen. Taylor's opinions.
In the liouse, the bill granting half-pay to the
widows and orphans of those who died in Mexico
wss passed.
The resolution of the Committee of Commerce
in favor of river and harbor improvements, and
condemning uie rresiaeni s veto, was taken up.
Mr. Hunt called for the previous question, which
waa seconded, snd the main question waa then put,
and th resolution passed by yeas 12S, nays 53.
This resolution affirms th power of Congress to
appropriate money to improve harbors and naviga
hie streams.
Th Civil Diplomatic bill waa then considered
till the hour of adjournment.
In the Senate, Thursday, the House bill re-establishing
a collecting uiatrictat Brunswick, Ga., was
iu iuuu unit? ana passed.
ine joint resolution lor the erection of a light
inn.- I - L s' . . :
The Oregon bill was taken up.
.air. Mason addressed the Senate, when, on mo
tion, tie subject was lsid aside informally, in c.ritpr
iu uiir up cue -x.ivai Appropriation DHL
Mr. Athermn moved to omit the appropriations
ui iuc cniauiisnmeni oi a marine nosniiai.
Upon this motion a lenethv discussion nsnf
The subject finally was hud aside.
A message was received from the President
transmitting the ratified treaty with Mexico, which
was ordered to be prini.,4 and 3UJU extra copies to
on auueu iu me usual numocr.
ihe .-Senate then adjourned till Friday,
Iu the House, the bill to purchase the Hamilton
Papers, waa read twice, aud referred to the Cchii-
aaiiUMt vi uie rv bol
Mr. Hunt then called for the regular order of bus
iness uie river and harbor resolutions.
air. lurner said il waa a cowardly act thus to
spring in cm upon trie liouse.
Mr. Wenlworia defended Mr. Polk, and favored
Uie bill.
When on motion thev took ud the Pimi n.r,..
bill and debated the items. The Senate amend
ments were adopted. 1 be subject was then laid
aside informally.
Ihe Indian appropriation bill was taken up, and
the amendments of Uie Senate discussed; when
the conunillee rose without definite action.
A message was received from the President.
transmitting the ratified treaty. The
says that territory has been obtained for past vie
Uuics aud security for future good faith. He
states t)i amounts to be met by the toiled Slates
and ask Congress to meet them. '
Mr. uitou delivered an impassioned speech iu
opposition to the President's course.
Ihe House then adjourned.
SaTtKOar, July 8.
In the Senate. Friday, the bill allowing n.
roasters to volunteer commissions on disburse
ment not to exceed S1UXI per annum, waa
U hitney Railroad bill was reported by the select
committee w ith amendments.
Mr. N.les rave notice that he would mova- fur
its consideratiau to-morrow, and ask the vote on
the bill without debate.
The F iiiauce Committee waa instructed to renort
the necessary measures to provide for the payment
of the adjudicated claims against Mexico.
.vir. JJauson addressed Uie Senate ou the Snnth-
ern views of Slaery.
Ihe Senate adjourned till Saturday.
In the House, Friday, the bill organizing the Ar
my, waa taken up.
An amendment was offered retainin the offirars
ill the -llh of March.
Mr. U Jtts said since Uie proclamation of neac
had been published, the bill should be passed im
mediately, o the President would be compelled
lo dismiss Scott or Taylor? so as to reduce the
number c f Major Generals in former stsnding.
Mr. Boyden remarked that it waa now too late
to meei the exigency. The pioclamation was da-
led July4lh.
On motion the Indian appropriation bill was ta
ken up in Committee of the H bole.
After a lengthy discussion Uie House sdiourned
till Saturday.
(During the disarrangement of the telegraph but
lit lie has been done in Congress, except making
e.ectioueering speeches on th appropriation bill.
Congress w i.l not adjourn for two months. AV-
ine court oi inquiry '. r leased Gen. Pillow
from the charge preferred ag nst him. All other
Caa writ.' K apypca.
Gen. Scott ia very sick and worn out with nenr- j
ous excitement. j
Mitchell has arrived at Bermuda and was imme
diately conveyed to the convicts hulks.
Monday, July 10.
After seine unimportant business proceeded to.
consider the Oregon bill.
Mr. Davis, of Massac bnsetls, addressed the Sen
ate and favored the right of Congress to legislate
upon slsvery in the territories of the lni'.ed
Adjourned till Monday.
Mr. Vinton remarked that the laws of 1S47, redu
cing th army taxes, takes effect ou the 20th inst.
Tbere was now barely time lor Uie military com
mittee to frame a bill to meet the ceficiency.
On motion of Mr. Vinton the Indian appropria
tion bill was taken up.
Mr. Gentry remarked that the claims of the
Carolina Indians was overrated, snd mcred to
amend the bill by appropriating fcio.U..
The question was taken by yeas and nays and
decided in the negative; yess V4, nsys 71.
The House adjourned till Monday.
Ti'Esdav, July 11:
On Monday, tlie Senate being called to order,
proceeded to business.
Mr. Hale, according to a previous notice, ob
tained leave to introduce a bill relating to the
public lands, preventing speculation, by providing
that every male citizen without land, may enter
160 acres, and receive a patent after rive years
A petition to purchase ML Vernon, and estab
lish a National Botanical Garden, waa received
and referred to the committee on Agriculture.
Mr. Nile moved to lake up the Bill he had pre
viously introduced, giving Vatternan the franking
Mr. Atherton from the Finance committee report
ed a bill foe payment of claim against Mexi
co. The Oregon bill was then taken up. After three
hours discussion Mr. Hannegan gave notice that
he would offer an amendment providing that the
States South of the Missouri compromise Hue
should be adm tted without Slavery, according to
Ihe wish of th people.
The Senate adjourned till Thursday.
In the House Mr. Stevens introduced, on leave,
a resolution calling on th President for informa
tion relative to the boundaries of California and
New Mexico. He then addressed the liouse in
an cxciUngspeech, accusing Uie president of du
plicity tnd inconsistency in laiming the Rio
. . . i .u b. 1 :A V n...... ff 1 W IA
IVUiQC tH lUV WUIlUniT, IU Mt"7W-6 VI JSrsv,
while in his instructions to Mr. Si id oil ho declared
that Texas had not established a .y boundary.
Mr. McLean denied that th President had been
Mr. Stevens rejoined that no honorable man
could make aucb a declaration.
Some further exciting remaiks passed between
them. The resolution wss finally passed.
The House adjourned till Thursday.
Wednesday, July 13.
The Senate Tuesday was called to order and pro
ceeded to busiues.
An unsuccessful motion was made to take up
the Texas 3iavyand the New Yoik Branch Mint
On motion of Air. Atheiton the bill relating to
Naval Appropriation was taken up and the amend
ments striking out fie appropriations for the Ma.
rine Hospitals wen concurred in. Th subject
was men informally laid astcc.
On motioQ the Oregon bill was resumed. Mr,
Hunte; addressed the Senate upon the subject,
In the House th Speaker announced the first
thing in order the resolutions of the Commerce
Committee relating to the Rivet and Harbor bill,
The first was adopted. The aecoud declaring that
the interest of National Commerce for th com
mon defence, required Uie exercise of the right of
National improvement by tue ueneral uovern-
mant, was passed in the affirmative by yeaa and
nays. The third, that th President's veto mess
age offered insufficient reason for the exercise of
the veto power and that it la altogether unsatottao
tory, waa passed by yeas 90, nays 7L Th fourth
protesting against the State power to levy College
dulie for improving harbor and river was passed
by yeaa 109, nays 29. All the remaining reaolu
tkens were passed.
The Civil Diplomatic Bill waa then considered
In Committee of the Whole. After soma Urn
spent therein, Uie Committee rose and reported th
.I,. .... i
Ulll wua imeiHiiaruui.
Hons adjourned UU Wednesday,
Fiv Uwns, only, U Rhode Ial and hav vo
ted to grant license for th sal of ardent plr
ii yt Kiit'i . i,.
REMARKS. The huin .j c f Die ti k.-t Lim l
''" heavy or amth varied frmn, tlx. wrk pf.si ,
though Ihsreeeipliinf masy tta.U-iiiiidl.,.tinr!ire,f
trade bare twee hlit, tmirily Mim lent f..r llir. rfrinaH.1 .4
cofUU!uerv.ad rairesui tnneqe-uce .re orr.ewlMt m
kaaced. The ftutki or groterirs .xi Urr jool hn.vrr
ar q cite ample, and the trade remains d.dl and qmet.
All the protueu ofoiir Kularn in a very fl .unlm. ; t.i.i
ditloa, and th crops of gniu, kmp, an I x.,hr
promise ofnior thaa the usutl averaar yield. It is a w
pretty generally conceded Dial the b.mp erops i .Mir
Sutawillb afair one, an, rnjch hrt'rr thin In hern
represented heretofore. The dminud for Ksirrn uian
ufvrturen, for cordage, has meanrjhly fallen oft", as tlre
tr not many sailuig vaaarls w buiklin?. The supWirs
of vegetables and fruits in this market are ahtindvut, an t
were quite early larr quantities hating keen sent (..
supply other r:Uej.
The river ia at a fair S'aje lo aU point. , ml has ben
rising here nearly all the week, and we now have atoij
even feel water in the canal. Freifhtaare comeeuenlly
reduced from the rates oMauwJ Ian week, and hipn.enu
have bee rather heavy. The w eatber h..a heen rul
and we have had an at.undante of rain.
BAGGIXU ROPK. Hearty all ti.e B;ib- inth a
market Is limited by owners at bi t,er rates than mir quo.
UUona. Tbere is eonsidjreNe deoiand aad bear of
but verjlitue that is offered for leu than 13c. The atis L
on band bay bee very much reduced by r- enl l,ip-
menU, and, after careful enquiry, w e find the amount on
band to amount to9,;j pieces of Bae'in- an t 7'35 cats
of Bo!. Th talet thu week have ammmted to H c.a'l.
Kope at 3c , r asb ; vaj cods at 6c , I mo. ; sti a s.l S3 cod at
6C; HO pieces Bag-inf al 12ic, 12 tiecesat Jlc; 2
eesof inferior and narrow tUejiiia at lllal2!e in lots-
121 pieee good Bagging in lou at lSc.cashj 5vplrrri ,
lots at t3c3deoils Hope atftjc: various loti on onlert
aiiiouutingtoTTycotUaeaiiic; 1cmLi ropnat , aa l
a few othrr il;ht sales at 13c and S.i.Jc.
COTTO.lA5DrejTTO. YAKS-XVe bear of but
very uiue enquiry lor t ottun tin week. A ale of 6
bales In tlie early part mt the week was effected at 3c,
aiac theu w bear of only hehl sales of damaged and in
re nor boUrni Cotton, al C,a4c. stock fair lor tl.ia market.
ReceipU thu week 25 unlet. Our quotahoos fi.r or.lim.ry
to fair qualities ar U. XV H. it fult( raica ut
talet of Cotloa Yrn to tee Country at 6. T, and 8c for
IbedUTereut Buiuhers. Sales of Jefferson Yirna at 5, ,
" -. oic 10 ia my true, arvl in Urre lns, are at j
percent off. The receipts and itock couUnu q nte fair.
tU.ll. jIJU WOOB- XVe quota sides of r-itisbur-ti
cotlin Urge quantities at Sr ; retail sale f loc per urh
COR.X MEAL Sale at ft 2J per bbl; retail tales at
3oaK)c per buabeL
CORDAGE, dtC.-Sales of MaiuUa at llal; baling
twine Iial2ic; sacking twine 23a30c. OiieJ aud UirreJ
cordage, a substitute for Manilla, loalle per lb.
FLOl RANUGK A 15. The lupplr of Fhwir is at pre.
ant exbiutted, and tne mills are making but very li?M
quanuues. Males during the firvt part of the week were
at 3 70 in Iota; they have since advanced to lal 2.;
retail sales at St 01 50 delivered. The demand, Imjw.
ever, is strictly confined to consumption, and a moderate
supply would relieve the inarkrt. The crept or Wlie.t
will be fair. The receipts are but light lo the mills at 1a
C3c perbuaheU The receipt of Com n,l Oa'sare lirhf.
We quote Corn in bulk at asiiic: reUd uk. at 2s. per
bushel. A tale of 400 hnshe Is of Con fr-.ni the river at
2aa-'. le from wa$nns at 57v?se. A ..is al tl.e river
o(OaU at 20c ; refAil sales at 2.ic.
FKATHER In tair demabd at 27.tJsX: f.r live reese
n good thippincondiliou; ruixed and oi l uiay he quoted
from 20 to c per in.
FRtTT Lemoos we quote at V, per b.n. Sone hue-
rior ar offered a low as 13 2. Very .ei tia.ir. is
maiket; Ust talet were at 3 50 per txx. P.isi5. cre,h
and dry, sell at I )to2 no per hux; hi!! !oe l IT,
al 25; quarter fElaT.V each. Hruitare r.oitl, fn.m ti
t 22C. F1gSl3slV. Pjtea.10r. S. S. . '., :0i..' ! olV
Zante Currants 1U1V:. Some IV.-.. an I .tP,-:. .- n-
still o hand, but there It Dodemaml. t ?ii. .1 .
are offered at 6.jnie, ami Peacheiat lal Vi ei '.uir.l.
GROCERIFS Market dull and enquiry r onfine.1 to re.
tail tales chiefly. The receipts are noiulo-d hut ti- st,t,
on hand continue ample. We bear of light slrs of .
Sugar, in hhds, at priret rn'ng from 1 to i'cenr..
Retail sale ia barrels at IjiV. Loaf an 1 refue.1 i :ir
a barrels we quote at CaliXfur tlie dun-rent rnr.in.
Havana Sugar in boxes at iloblers r.f .VUv-e
are a tittle firmer. Sales of plantation .MoUs.es in sin .11
lots at 9fi27e. Seir hon e Milvi e qi,.e itr
12c,accordiPgtnqiuUtv. We hea' of si!. or !:,!, nvr
iu tight lots at 7l7Jt and sales of Ji har at
quote reUil lr ol Java CoflVe at 12,11, . O'lier Hu:i
Urt of Coffr but sel lra brour.t in! tin niaiaet.
Cheese faftfC tn lofa. Krice M ti e trene, -v ; "c.
HEMP There isb.it a limited do man f, ainf.rlvail
Ibe factories throughout the SUte ha- -i, --pen-ted . ; era
tions until the 1st of A ugnst. The re. ei;,t rn.tn .f . I..,nis
haTe bee heavy, aniocnitin; to 1210 biea, roi),!er.-.l.!e
portion of which wat rs':ippej to the tiiten.r. We hear
of on or two light sales of goo.1 dew rote 1 a'
per tun. Alan valara !! Um mfrrH ml ar -i'
per ton. We quote a sale ( 11 haies watern.ttrd hrr. p
al pel lun.aud aaaleof .ti hakv ol iiKlirTrrnnifr p:e
pared w ter rotted at 5175.
bar iron 3i3c, pig metal f 20a2; per ton for col-1 bl-.ij
and $Joa.3 per ton for hnl an-1 h,t M. Sales of Ten
nessee not blast at per Urn, and ri cOhio hot hijt
atSpertnn. Piltslsirg rui'.s assorted atlstjc. S..s
at3Jalc. Boston nails, round, 1 -r. Anive.l thiv week
1,303 kegs. ti)it tales cf tin piate at S10 Viicl' :M
PROVISIOJIS LARD The ir.Mtet is very vnn-
Uly supplied and prices are rcwidrr..hfy enh.ire-.f. XVe
quote meat pork at $8 Tn9 Wi priine f. 75. The if
ceiptsof bacoufir.m the country are I'tl.t, ts.1 we her of
sales of nidy clear sides and bam, the forrier at 4c, and
the latter at .1a Ir . We hear oi a iu!e of lo..V lhs c i..,i e
plain bams at lc from store. A le of3) c.isli ,.'r at
3rbr ribbed, al lc lor clear, ptekaKes ettri. A u!e
ofaOcasktpork honse htgred hm, packages extri.at
fc,l and ! casks aho.il. ten at .lie, pack?,'. A sale of ?n
eatkt slioulders and hams at 2;c anj 4c; o. soletnf ln.5
casks pork house shoulders at Zl, pa.kars inriti.'e l.
A tale of 26 eatkt ribbed ttde t tt 3c,pit k.g' eutra. A
aale of 16 casJtt bagged bamsatGc, fraer, extra; aIo,
a sale of 3d,0W) pounds pork-house ihoul.lert at 3r, pack,
ages included. Lard is scarce and ba. advanced. We
bear of sales of 175 kegt at C:i7, and a sale of 6 btis coun
try lard at Cc.
TOBACCO The receipts ami a!es have increoe,l thu
week, but the quahUes received bav beroqui'e rommou.
Tb growing crop looks prospermia. The sales Una week
amount Ui 70 hogsheads at Todd's and 32 hogshead a'J- he
Planter's warehouse total 122 hobea .Is. The follow.
lug are th rat of sales: Firsts J 50, J 60, ;l, .! 2i,
Second! Jk'2 63. fl &i. 2 5. Jll 10. tl 4; Tonmion
fl 40, f 1 50. fl O), l 70, fct 5,i2 ii- A few ho
beads of wet tobacco sold at price ranirrn: from 1 Xi
tn $ 7.V. The, quantity of looacco iu buUt ware houses
unsold amouiiU to 7 hhds.
WHISKY ASD BRA1VDY. The receiols of Wins.
ky by the nver tbis week have beea onite small and the
stock on hand ia very bght. We quote sales of Raw al 17
anjc; sales of Rectified from stores in loft at t"a15i-.
Peach Brandy we qwute at :Tic a 31 20 ner awlinn: r..,o-
moabrnBdy2oc per gallon, Kren. jU.auJy l 3a3 i)
par I alio.
II. Bahclat, Rusellville, Kv.
Ker. Hooria Caaws, Mouul Morris, Illinois.
Hon. A. W. (itAHAJt, liowlingreen. Ky.
W at. UAEttlTT, Glasgow, Ky.
C. II. I.ABKLXr, Lexington, Kentucky.
b. Rdssill, Uazett Olhce, Cincinnati, O.
WhITK dt FoTTEa, 16 Stat a tree t, Boston.
Eua Smith, 142 Nassaa street, New York.
John. Scholxuxlo, S. E. cor. Arch St iit.lt st.-e..
P. II. Com ant, SmithlanJ, Ky.
No. 118. Cbeanul Street T II I L. A D E L P II I A ,
Maaufaclwrers and I as por wn of PatMe hanging.
Have always for sale a Urge ttock of PA PERS, of every
variety aimaufactured, which Uwy will U wbaeuie and
letaU at U kw rates.
Ill TtIItrri ATI-
No. 531, Main St. opposite Ljak of Ky,
a.lfvinv ia.a.ci
n Afl always for sale. Wholesale and Relad. a full a.
0ftmelUflbr,al'r,,, '-" M"u,"lu-
re hy 11AKT, MOJQlaOMKKY ..
pt. tt 1BC7 vy.
TO TUB IAl'lsVll.t.K PI KLIf.
W-mEHEVlNJ that a well appnh.led Baih K.miss In
I lAMiavvlll will b swrcenlull awtaind by lb
public, I propos tlie nning ap ol such as cstai.lita-
la order t areompiUb this. It is uereasary for hi to
p roc are Ids hnnarr aad fifty siilwetiWfs. 1 enter lo
day npon the Usa M' aoliciiing sinev, an wul re
rperttullytall lb attests) of ibetliiaen lo Ihe suh;ert.
TTbe esiablashnMrnt will euwlajn 4 naiois an '".
IbrtaMy furnished balfi rooua-i? for geuib-ie. an
n Indira tn will pa as every rwulUtbr
Warm, Call, StomtT, Sutrmr, &uJ, IWi, mi S'ers
Tb IstUdint will be batsted in a centra) part af lb
city. M spewed fer baslaeai la th fall.
Tb terms of Mhacrlpuoa, are Tm UolLab for tb
sea , assnstactag .
As a vane payment ia required from Ut early swb
senders, t.sy wUI b emilM la baahenc nwc a in
tb moat Iw MM enbrarsd ia the regnl ar seamta.
Nosa.iscfiptioawlllbsreraivw waiUtwattuadicdand
tfty aanMi ar eaesre.
Mayiii.-U, VYM. YOCJIO.
C U. KlBKIifY,
coLUCToa and vnraAL AiraT, .
' Ltximeta, Kg.
VTTI1 1, xtemd nnnnllr to any tasiaswtrwstd la
aim wUI act as Atwnt (or Um cwlkwliua l
BiMy,eIoainaervaal,c.,.c. C bargee aiuderai.
nturw Yr Gtrr tHi.e EXiK itr
I Hie only 0-u.c.i ibai caw be r. led an tor th pv
inanenl cur of b.inal luiapUinis. riuasmodie l i
irariiona. lirKUlun of lb sryem, aieivous ar rVk
lleadacbe.Vfairoiu Tremor. .rucaig Aaeclioms As
Vleiy, raali, (lateral IxfHiity, lieftrienry of JSer
ou. and I'.'.jorii toeriy, aud all ervu iHifJrr,.
including the stuat ilreadlitl vfad awea-es tbau vl ar.ei
I he human race
KPlLa:. rY, OR FALLING 8irK..-,
II) fieri. al Fi-k, t vavauaiona.gpaaana, Ac
Tbt diseAiw cunaMain amduea deprivaiioB af th
,en.-, accotuaoied with a vioteat rouvnlatv nHMioa
of th wbulelndy. Ii a'laek by liu, and alter ater
lain dura-iun got udT, Waving iba sut&ier iw a aintxr.
atleniliMt witb great wcxknea au4 etbaaaliua af u.a
lwior tlaai aauld impress it npoa lb sviimU of the
a.Hic'ed, Ihat iba Vetbia Lxiract U Ibe owly remedy
ever discovered Ibal caa b riied aa Kk Iu permaut-st
cure ol I iii miwt dre.U'ul ( all uraa. A. iu ira
lenry m l insaaMy, de and tfeala. lit moat
klUtL rUYplClANd
of Europe, aa well aa :boie af ur aw n country, have
ironoUHeed Epilepsy Incuiabie. And U ba brea aa
considered by waay.saiil ihi aioat iaun.iriaalof' ailaia
cuveriea was made ly Loc:uf S. lUar. nearly s.aira
cars.inre,u. lug which liuie il baa Ua tri4wmia
Muie of ihe an.!
upon retold, a -id baa acq-iiicd a repuuiwa which lima
alone .-a efface. PkjuuaiM f uadoutsed skill an ca
per unre, Miauiers ol v anoasdenoaiiaaiMin, a weiia
fijitdredaoi our emiuenl cilixena a. I nnulu lecwmaif aid
ing ibe a of Ibis Iruty vs uaU airdwiue In ll.eir pa
ruia, cliuf, aad friend a bu are Una art!.ctd, aa ba
oiJy itniedy.
tPiLtrric F1TB.
Of latuly atvea yraia and sit mobiiia, eared by trie a.e
of thiairuly wonderful metlKise.
Kead the l'vliowiut reuiarkai.:e case of Iheaon af Wua.
2-ecore. li . ol fuiiaorlpiua. a.f1wied ami ta
leis: I iu laeiilyievrn er ai d ii kiu -Ailer
liavrilmn luiuucb AelaM. Istuliaail, .rr
a.a.o ai.a rm, ci4iiiiia ut morl rmoimi uus
a mn. and eiprnaius lur nuiariue, amuu i,c
' awl advtra. lUiea liHMisana o'lr, le.ui
w i.U hi o lu ibis country, in Su.euuwr la. 1. won
out ie,-iui auy U.IMU1 wka-cvi, am wucu.cd
by bih(
Mr. Wat. Kcott's Leucr lu Ut. Hail
I have ape.il aver ibree iiHuuid dollar for wllu ili
and a.rilical aliewlance. I ws advircdlv lak tuir
u, Europe wub ami. alirli 1 mi. I nrt eauie i. -iau.i.
lemu.ilied lue Uiosi cuuiu i.l iili)iic i:it ti.r.e in
reprcl la but ce; thry eaaiuiiMI Mu and prex-nted
-... i, in. jiy. I leuiaiiml lucre Huee moi.ii, wituusi
prrcr.vmg any ciiai.xe for i.e letter, whirti e.l ma
;ui Iw v bundreU ajid w.tj d.Nlar. pvrkeied by Ilia
1-h oki.ui, and lue n.ort loai I rr ci,.,l waa lue. I uy.a
oii I nal my ton'acaac wj oo, Vs, aud
I a eoidmly loll Eula.i. Iravrk-d thrui.iib SrolUud.
I.eruiaiiy aud 1 1 ante. a,..a relumej u,iu im lur ui u..i
of Novemirf-r lavl. Willi U.V au as lar bom h."n, , .:-..-t
wiwu I lei I, I ,i yvui a.ivi-rt.rnrMi tn .nc u( iim
Nevy Vuik paoetauirouiiuird lolry hail's rj..
ble Lilrarl. -i..g y.nir a:a.eiraii a. .4 ceiniicaia f
o many ciirea.aoaur vl taenly and l.uily ver rian-j-
isg. and I can a,ir ya 1 aw d aorry d,d u. a hy
i.ivhA Hi' V3:ie aiatract aioua be w a rttvv.
ed lo
rekrixT health.
llireaon, which waa far gu as io sstit kiut fot
1'U.n.r-M. i. euiir. ly rvimed. w au IJ .ropect uw br-
s.ie n.mol ii, e, ua In ami ust-iulue. fti h ana
tr x ae, and . )e -ia b wumlu of ina lima has
leru iJ.iok I . ;.n in a.1 irJtul af uiear. taa
loans i.od i nuw e-ijoiiii; tmxi hea,ii.
,'wiw, S.r, uuii w ., nsiui wo 1 a)k believe in. Ta
.ay 1 ai.aii cvr sratriui l,i yon a one t;ui,, a,i4 ava
I here enc o.e t t one Qunuie aouara, I have no Vu',
..1 ) on in ii ,h luu a'aoiu.r ana tlllM a atn.-rvna
1I11112. I tie d'-i i ! i'j' i'.ne, I siul i you, lua p . i-e m
ace,'!'! llio auiousi a luut-.-.-i . e tne 4 he in advaoce.
touts, ery ic . -,liui)
(!ii0';ied; vMl-LlAM rECOIf.
.aaaikeg ISramarkaBtlr t air Bwrfaraarai y
the at- mt liatrt'a Yr,rtaaaila I airaci.
ih iof IU.' 'l a wtiii aoMoa I Uererol I rail, ira -
ilonliiut 1 i!ii.a.:-iit lu auavut'ce lo vi.u li.c rvaut lele
rr-n r.i;o lo bilQI my auKU:cr. Ly tlie ne ul )vat
r.,-i; t.at'art. Alli.ea.-eui iX)eai. i.et itr il
i etxieen. ute aa tisi ai s lc in.
Ji-au ui injiaiiv called t.rne.,IK- as. aud MI ln ri ai-mt-1,,1
,1 l .-4 ia rarl. ;. .u.leri d w lh alicC. mi
in. ai.o..i i., eerauiiy, aud o rvreiy a lo ihtaa.en
iodi.e ieai. tiui 11 lioo.a, aud render ber m..ie
I't:., urns iruiKtuncrd Ler llH-nraie. aad rould il
u i 1.1.1 tuoie lor ber. V e baa a.auo.t aerpaned if n
cuir.w.H ii iieirinol Ine riu.ar.aioe turn peritin,t
lite Vt--iai.Mt aairari. we wiirruiiiira to five 11 n
lnU 'I'im: t-uil kai exreeua .cr auvi aauuine ra
pe-i iiioii. a: l i ns u- ,. ia iieed Irom a Hmmi uie&c:ul
u.!ufc. y. and re.-lore to
I'rrletl llcaltk.
houid iniy Ji.e U..vooi.f aeein ber. and ! aav
rria .or - u.e pai lu ats f u.e en,-, -.ru w .j a. ay ae
f raliiiud I. cail.n oa or ajJreii. n .'etier to n,e. roa
,.,.l. al u, y r ... in.ee. two au.a lioui the vitiate of
ot.ae, vv rir neter. .w .h.
e. ltt i-OW. Yonker. . Y .
Tr.llUMur sspeat lavt.aaaaij,
I. 1 rferenre lo me aliuoi auo-culou. ehicary as lb.
Irtliy won.k-rfil meiU-iue Read tl tutiowu tattai
Tram lwc.or IV. L. M,wi,e, a, Co ator.l, Ohio, aue of
Ihe shI e,uiip-nt phj.c;aiia ia tli)t ptaare:
Ouilloi J. tiuio, Augial ITtft, t
Droi!.er I-ilsir. r iu ineciMtuI' iluwaitii)-:
ivar Mr It ia w nn no .-; 1 de:ne "I id. a are U,i I
am e.iut.i d u anooum-e la yoa l.e e.uip kic u.un;-n of
)..ur m.a.iiAi.l? s.imii.iu ca f Ei:r.y. uxa
lre(i it la ur liola.-ea in iliia vicnuiy. an il tj
te-n Ui-h v jicelul in a I. 'i'breaai ma iiaiwao, I
iru-l nave hr u ra.iH:4.l rure.l. I be tvurin one ra
1 1 .ly ui.;.oviuf. auu wi.l. I Hunk, wnhoai douhs. f.
rover, i am 1..1 in H,e Ust.oi prescribing ar rvcowi
uienuiiig fkteui ..ihriic. I,ui wln 1 are an in,,
w In. ii o,ouii- mt.cii fcir Ilia ie m;I ..I Mitrins I. u
u. a,n I I.r I u niy tiuiy l.a r, ton, n. ml il. aid 1 bvu
hi iHr.iiali'.n kisiyiiir. tiiilaa ao.a a the l'ruii mtm
fit ly arq-jaime,! wiin umi ira. mera ul yvnr airawiu.
li.i v will fi. se lie-ir ey.s anauist prejuue. and leu yaw
a h-! l, .1 band.
lanlbciibe n;-if, yours, aiin-erelv.
(eiuu) t. L. MuMit-'E. M. U
To Ui. elKT, w Vol .
We woui.i red r to Um lo.lowuu person wniauavo
hi en tured by w-in- Hart's Y;H.i,e Eairatt:
V. Kennt, a titrfd sine year. 171 liraud ltee.
J. :lw,Hiti. iUl:le,l trvtn year. H loer .1 eel.
Jwpu :rlMi.'Xl, aniutcd uiue teaxr. East i.roua ya.
I. I.
II. W. ismiiti. ew Ywk I nmoia llou-e.
. Kelly. arttieied twenty year, mate laiaad.
Mia. E. Mrkeffl. airlwiew twenty year. Vurtvirle.
M .- E. Crane, arUiclcd laelve jeaia, H i liaauttMCaly
Wuu II. rartel,amicied tweaty-iars years, 73 Xar
folk street.
Jact-b frUy. afflicted four year. 171 fielaury alreel.
ftnl.i Johiuoi. ani vied laenly eighl yeaes, tinea-
JudL'e Kaudaf'.M East Broailway. N. Y.
'f rKinia K. Joi.esol the I. Nary.
'a.ta.in VVi liam Jeuning. Aue alreel. Brulgepafl,
Count 1 1 . ul.
Kivreiireala made lo
Ke. Ka-buot l aesrit. Went fwvsnpoil, .Y. T.
kev I . I.. rti,slineli. Baitiniura. Xs
Cbarle Uruwn. Itat VX aier tueel, N. Y.
All of wbieh nay be railed spoa or adJrewed, past
paid. Ftota :h Wa tlirnan of tlie YaUay, the leading tresr
byterian paper of the Wesv, pubiiabed in Cincinnati
Car far rita.
Aa'vertisenien of patent medwines. ear readers ar
aware, luxve been eaciudVd from var co unto lor eavecat
year ptl. for aitnclsias to them are
I. Va are M-t m lavof of keeiuna- aarret Mbev
mora- nr pnysical tcmtaies lor -Ibe ul luai Beab a bris
1. Tl-ef roat impmilMHui are often pracluad aa IB
CoaiBiuBtty l y I at venders of surb Bieds-iiie.
3 rauenis aianfiea inaus-ed. by ibe ai.tin( vecusu
ateiulaleia Ol Harm U drag theme.v watrivut aiM-r
Ik n. and asm b ,a Ibeit injtiiy. many Hate: an evil, by
t tie n at . whKh at eotnmoa lo Hie ne ot all active NUt-W.
cities, wdiiut.1 p, nfr-wtonal aivare.
tin le aaber ban wa aa nadoabt tlie re nr naient
nwilK-ine. wba ever may he aar vlfriaitt u in prin
cl af paleniirf loem. Ibal am va.uahle remeiltee toe
cenin a, erl. r ...eae., ina paMuraeioa of wharbaaaa
at I of N-nevobsr. Hent-viug Iba an ice asveriied
lit aiHiLher cvun.n tab of Ibat cl i a Leiutf tot w bu ht
Y e suave Hi at Jlrwical jsalawtltv
wa bav ineerlnl u. A cat w Evdentas aatd atnev tila.
wlnrii oilen bait U.e t, kill ol III teil pii).aiaiut, sit
brtua: joy "via luviny ait aiiJaried laaily. laataklua;
1 hi AfiriHemenl
an exrejtiontoo ur leneral exetasion of patent aaeditinea.
w hr lo kiart in eiample t' "Cher religtow juara
ale that have a.ipled III eaan genernl ruUt.
That vahiufcie medK-ine i li.iri' Veeiabht Extract) kt
lnrs,tleby Tuoaia MuV-a, II? Maia streel, CiariB
naii. e !.!,.
Ike Tlaae I a I far D boat at
When i tv n -war) who ate now tremM.n n.nler iba
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