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Philosophical I
A jlBjiB is the lonfy and elxe of
i1' V, i, Britain there at atill extaal I
Oaks, nu Pro," " J t.iu, wuK-u
. 1 l 11 - L. I ..
" . -Bjr4 years g- am mere are i
-aura M-t atill. There are some
. j i- man than Iwelre baa-1
-5 1 -
. - I
tr' ........ m the chnrch yard of Crow
..Jr of fourteen hundred and fifty
st"41 iv.vUora churcbysrd la Kent, i
ud the age of three lhoaaad
a .Bother at Hedmr. Bucks County.
ia full rigor. J meaaore. twenty
wk .... .. ...ter. appear. to be npward. ef
,,J two handred year old.
Hit ike
at Savannah, on the 29th ult.. 1,
A j , lLe Krpuhlican, l y which we learn
t(ie the lKle coast of Florida w a
'.Tu'.h'a irti.Cc sale. The mail carrier
Atotmc to Picolata report that the
f-.ei S:.
,a'..ie '!
,HV. Alir wv-..,
. i ...t ii-ua.il arhnoner
A ifi'-1 i
Ime bar, cnt ashore aouiti fi
...lam fr Blfewltc WMw
- ... .i . i -
!mi. tolestai.iisiieviinrhua.ieipma.
iJi..s. At a meeting lately
RtV. tlie Dtohop ot i iuiaiM-iiiia in me
I. .1 .. -.11 .1 llin'a
lociiHon." The boanl of niana-
o i' rti i i:ihop Ken riek.
1 r Ira re Hi.
Mi 0 Rfx!)'. ,JVS the Jmirnal of Commerce,
It-uiie gtian-em. nt with Mr. Dain. of F.ng
mJ iUl.i' rtvently exhibited his instrument
n NV Voil, it t!ie use hisUlegrajdi thiDuli
lu: if.el'u.uxls-.aH-s.
Mr. 0 KuUt ) i now engaged in getting up
!K.!.ri i.uo. Utmern New York and Boston,
,tl,ei!n of exleniJing it to Halifax; and
4'3)ftiiiuwpiatt' a connection w ith hia western
; t n.rans U lKe' hne to Philadelidiia.
Tfc i MMllKKr f litlas.
i lie iiuniir of n-gUtered electors m
to IMS, SS.Ut showing
iuiU-'n earsof 30.CSC.
T t'iiu.miati Commercial 6sys: "Don't
,-tiU rraler, wl one tell you that an iV or
Uh n al-ou! to ! eMaMiMj.ed in this city, but
U:r jur Caer aud make sure that you are not
dirauiinf-iv-T it is even sa By a recent dicov-
trt d f liriii i J combination applied by ma
rt.artv, ac.'4-any in tins city have determined
tj to into t!.e nianufjctory of ice, and promise
U, !unn-4 it t one dollar a ton! They can make
jtie ctr! ite m the warm e-t weather, and
ire n. a inaLine ?uecesfijl experiments. If you
.k-ubt, wa.taahiie."
(lee ef" the Haatcwrr.
Its od burns well, and it does very well to mix
riti '.indeed for come kinds of painting. Nine-
kvo L-iuht-;- of eed make twenty-three gallons
d! el I: makes f-ud ptano u hen limed with
V.V lea;n:hat ia atteuiptine to execute a man
it X t;tii, C. W., lecently , a the drop fell, hi
aa eere-l from lu My the one flying
...io lie ai and t!.e other faiUng htavdy on the
ticii orrteiitin. a hornd ;ectacle, even at
;a ii.t.e oi a capital execution.
Laseertlae'e NUk.
Tm "B.en PuWif in reference to a para-
rs;ti in the "S.ec!e," in w hich tbe w riter ak
vtfre M. it Lamartme wa when, according to
i ifj.is!Vn U-f.ire the comm.ttee of invett;ga-
ti , the Prtivivi.inal Government had accepted
trrnlfif, sv '-He was on the stairs of the
1L; de Vi, on the steps and on the square
f:ii;i-;i,j to rrmoxe the red fla? whiL-t the peo
piewe'e 'li.Kiiaii "La tetedc Lamartine!" It
via a: 'Xt- mon.rnt that he made a reply w hich
prmiii..! anetiKt even on the vociferators:
"Xt Leai. citi2en! would to God you all ha J it
Ihe Bihle.
ItMnUth&t ia 1M)4, according to the beet
ntunate tint can be obuiard, there were in ex-
Ktrar soly aboat 4,(NNl,000 copies of the Bible
Xou thrre are more than 30,0(10,000. Ia lf04'
tbe Bible bd been published in only or 49
lMtMf-1; is 1M', it existed in 13C In 1804
it tu accewiWs io language spoken by about
2 jOJWO.Uhi of men ; ia 1 ?47 it existed in tongues
pokes by wjO.WlO.IHiO. Daring the last year,
1,419-3 copies were issaed by the British and
fofifs Biblei Societies alone 400,000 more
this ia stiy yett Morn, except 1p4j.
Mr. corcoran ha completel his necntiations
iiEnIand and France, and has written that he
v.U return in the steamer of the 30th September.
J arran cement i are for the sale of f 3,750,000
f tt new I'mtid States loan, and for borrow
"if t2,fCi,u;m more on the security of deposits
f the stock. Tl.e 4irchaHers arc Messrs. Bar-
nf Brothers, Mtssrv Overend, Gumcy, & Co.,
3Ier. D-urnstmu 4 Co., and as many others
i LuDion, and Messrs. Hottinguer of Paris, It
uridfuu. that these houses do not intend to
"timmucu if this (-tick themselves, or to put it
eta market, but to transfer it to varioua other
rt bom th-y represent, for permanent in-
Mr. Becker, the German exile, who hae
ed tbe hospitalitie of the city of New
Tk, the Tsmmauy Hall Clab, dec, waa the
W of the Und of Germane, Pole, and
'leachRwn, which crossed the frontier ef
Iraats iBt th Grand Duchy of Baden, for the
pirpetsof revolutionizing Germany, aad estab-
"Ke d Republic." He foand that pub
htspiBio ia Germany waa not ia favor of a
rSUca form of government, aad bia band
teBfquenlly summarily dispersed by th
UsriUrsnf the country.
A Treatise on Campanology, published In
vua, IIIO HHllllr Ul cumui-
aa of definite sounds, that caa be produced
tnty-four bell, is so rreat. that at the rate
two l a second, it would ren aire to strike
. m -
i ' " "t
U..lHjO,W,0O0ye,r This give an Idea
eadles variety of tone that may be
' irm a few
primary note.
LawWvllle asd laia-a-i KJ
Tk Directory of the Louisville and Frank-
Miiroad have advertised for aealed propo
fur work, aad specified kinda of material
"w-artesn miles of the road. We trust that
frt enterprise i bow fairly commenced,
mat It will be prosecuted with energy.
raal Delaroche, the eminent French
air, at bow, it ia said, en hia way to thia
Sail;... l , . .
""ia, who etoned from Newark. N. J.. I
l(h Mary Fs.lia B;,l.m..J .-tit. 1. 1
""'hare, of aedueilfln .t I lie-
Unc-j , ,i ,!"cUoB L "c. no WM -
w vbe State prison for twe rears.
Th ernha-a v rn own. .ii-i.t.
kn-L.. .
uiiiiv wiirn.iai limuuia,
.1 '
--.er atMiut KJ-havlng been Increased late-
any B hmif.
t- thai W. Saiucr, a weaJlhy gentleman of
e""-' mn. I Mm BY a
-vt- 7j emancipated 28 Blavea.
The premium of One Hundred and Fifty dol-
.offered by Messrs. Oliver & Brothers tw the
ji Essay on the stale, prceitects, and htrpe of
tnt! temperance enicrpns n" l,eei ewsrutu
m . ,
j,y thecoinmiUee to the ttev. If. D. Mitchell of
Plymouth, Connecticut. 65 nianmciipts were
presented. The Judges wrre Rev, Drs. Tying
An.tuHna the ml nrnitlw.lnelal la now n.
0 fr " --
siding at Harlem, Bear New York. Ilia hoove
ie a perfect maaeam of natural history. We
regret to learn from the New York Post, thai
hia powerful mind exhibit a symptoms of decay.
Ilia personal health ie good.
Governor Brigga hae appoiated Thnraday, the
30th of November, for thankngivlnc. In Penn
ylraaia, the 23d of November baa been ap
pointed. New l ark City Kapeaaee. "
The anneal report of the Comptroller of
New York, ehowa that the expenaea of that
c,.y for th CBrMBt yealt an, $2,709,452, equal
to aboet $1 08 on every UW ef taxable proper
ty, being about 1 1 eente on the $100 over th
aeeeaament of laat year.
Tate toet ef three tmmi1
A five dollar kill of the Fulton Bank paaaeJ
through the hand of the New York Journal c f
Commerce on the back of wklch waa written a
ThU ia the last of three thoueand dollara left
me by my mother at her death, en the STlh day
of August, 1K4U. Would to God she had never
left it to me, and that I hail been learned I
work, te have earned my living, I would not be
what I am.
Gov Bissell, of Connetticut, has quite recov.
ered from his late severe illness.
Tbe public debt of Ohio ha been reduced nea :-
ly 800,aaJ within the last two years.
Tie Frtatk Acidrmj has proposed as the sub
ject for the prize in poetry, to be awarded inlSt't.
"The Death of the Archbishopof Pans," and for
the prize in eloquence, to be awarded in 1S5,
"An Eulogiura on Madame de Stael." Each of
the prircs w ill be a medal worth 2,000 francs.
During ti e mouth of Septr nilr there pa.-iil
through the Welland canal 330 vessel; of which
178 went down 120 bound to American and 58
to Canadian ports; and 152 up 103 to Ameri
can and 41 to Canadian ports.
There are at this time 20 newspapers publish
ed in the State of lows.
A fashionable paper in London tells the young
ladies to "damp the hair w ith water, and plait in
three or four plaits every night. It will then
take the waved torn), though combed and brush
ed next morning."
KaatarrattM le Chill.
It is now proposed in Chili to aipropriate pub
lic funds, say .j0,tM, to be expemleU in in
ducing Europeans to emigrate, and come to settle
in that land. An agent has been dispatched to
Europe for that purpose.
Arrltal ef the Brliaaala.
New Ycaa, Ucf. 17.
The Koval Mail Steamer I'litaniua amvetl to
day, having sailed on the aah ulu
The Republicans at Baden under Si. Kure have
made a aaeeeiwful outbreak and proclaimed a
Gentian Republic
Insurrections have taken place at Cologne in
consequence of the arreat ot persons charged with
revolutionary movements. The troops took pos
eneiou ot the main square and cairied about Uiiity
rarTieai'es ana occupiea we cuj airs. iiittu;
waa declared to be in a state of eeiee upon refu-
. t . i. i .. i j
ung tne esiaiiiisnment oi ine uuijurif uiu.
liamcaJes were men reniovea wiuioui any en
gaeenieet and order waa restored.
I0 lunner iriHn Olsiuioeiiceo uae muiini.
In London, money was easy and Uale aome-
wtiat improTing Consols S-i 7-8 sales of C-oUou
for the week reached 2),TM bales.
Bptia, Deawark, eVe.
Cabrera with a numerous band, had an engage
ment w till the ljueen's troops near Labajd in Cat
alonia. The insurgents were routed and L-arwe-
ra fled into the r rem a provinces of ( incade.
Keol and Toledo are proclaimed in a state oi
se.ee. Itie UaniMi uo eninieni oaa iswueo aiioi-
final orcfr contradicting we repon oi its aupo-
aitinii La acceyl a mouincation oi uie annw
Iui-i Naooleon hasuken his seat in the Assem
bly and made a speech in which he avowed his
adhesion to the Republic. Katpail has also been
admitted. Eight socialism have been arrested,
charred with conDirinc arin?t the life of Cava-
iensc. Tlie excitemeui oi me eiecuous is imi
subsiding, but great caution ia atill used. Tbe
military post are all doubled, and the grxrisons
are always beld in readiness, larnquiii'.y win
probably continue until the question of electing
the President comes, then a crisia will ensue.
The Government w ill propose the election of the
brat President by the AssemDiy.
Berlin has been neatly excited bv the appoint
ment of the new ministers, who are anr posed to be
reactionary or conservative. Gen. XV'oungel had
issued a proclamation, being alarmed at the ap
parent determination of the ultra Democrala to
check there eerioue couflicta between the troops
and the populace, and IrauJ, though yet, every
thing was tranquil.
CnTTo. Cotton, tairsnd better qualities ha J declined
l;nuddlinf dtsenpuoas were unroangrd.
Labd. Lard opened very weak and dull, hut finally
recovered aod closed at full pne sa.
Hacom. Hacoe waa very ouu.
Kica Rk. fine white, at l. per cwt.
r. T.r aad advaiced 3 nrr bbi.
TeaerTiriM. Tarventine ' very firm at last rates.
Vunvwu Klour X2 ta CO.
Muu-Metl I7lh.
Ci. Ked wheat 8Hs 4d; wtitt 8s 4daH t; corn
Tut Cnol.raa Letters from Salonica contain
fearful deecriptiona of the ravages of this terrible
scourge. We make an extract, dated August
The cholera ia proceeding here in a fcightful
manner. Yesterday, netween iuu ana i iu nooie
..... t 111 1. 1 ' - -
were carried to the cemetery, ror several day
pat the greatest mortality reigns among Ihe Jew
and Greeks. The deaths an lone them have been
lortv, fifty, and even as high assixtf per day. ke
terd'sv aud the day before, it waa the Turkish and
Armenian quarter which suffered the most. There
are sIko several Europeans dead, but there are no
English among them, ihe whole ci ineiamuyoi
M. Toaelli, the Belgian Consul, hare been attack
ed. Twool the daughter are dend, another na
had a narrow escape, but is recovering, ana mad
ame Toselli is in treat danger. I He panio ia in
credible. Fathers run away from their children.
and children from their parents, to escape the
dreadful contagion. Among tlie Jews and Greek
tlie dead bodies have, in many cne( been lor 3J
or 40 hours unburied. The English, r rench, Aus
Irian, Sardinian, Spanish and Dutch Consuls hare
nrt mnt llieir DOfila.
ttiongn great aumoersoi ne
inhabitants have fled. At Lariasa, Screen, and Bi-
SeriifMrtiT Piaxv Woods StiaK. We learn
from Mr. Wm. Marlatt, a passenger on board, that
on the afternoon of Friday last, the steamer Pioey
Woods, Capt Paytowine, on her passage iroin
Springfield for the Ponchertrain Bailroad, when
she waa about two and a half miles from land, was
discovered to be on fire on her starboard aide un
der her boiler deck. She waa in a few rr.inuta
mvelnned in flames. ow in, to a strom; bean wind.
m i.irh was Diowinf at we time, ine anuui w
was immediatelv let down, but soon filled wiih
water and drifted away. The Pmey Worda burn
ed about four hour when she sunk. Ine engi
neer. Mr. Bradley, clung to her about one hour
and a half when he waa taken off by the email
boats which came from ahore to the assistance o,
the bnrnine vessel: several oth era were also pick
ed tin n-lin vera driftinr about on niece of Plank.
Mr. Duncan, merchant of Springfield, was picked
np drowned. The name of those aaved are Mr.
Marlatt, and one paaaenger unknown; Mr. Bind
ley, engineer; tlie captain, a cabin boy, and aamall
hn about eieht vcars old. belonrln Io a family
among the passengers, ne naa oeen oruung nr
..mm;r,m nn iha anrf'aee of the water alone near-
lv two hours, aod waa heard crying out until he
waa reaeued. Two negro boya belonging to the
boat were also aaved. Thoae loat constat of a man
I -nonoaed in he named Brown, from St. Louis, who
I had with him a number of telegraphic iusirnmenta;
I im f-mill eon-inline: of one eentleman. hia
. , - -
1 . : I. l.. iw. vminf ,Him -nmwMeil Ia
be sisters to the married ladies, and two children
oae about ail veara of ace aod an infant two
servaio of the above families; two negro men and
the chambermaid belonging to tbe boat, and two
neraona unknown. The boot, loretlier whh a lot
of previaiooe, baggage, and about fourteen bales of
cotton, wa totally kxua, u, ric, imh.
Fiora Ua Lxmtu oaetrver and Reporter.
C aaea Befceela.
A the aeaaoi of the year ia neat at hand when
Reportii ouelit to be made by IheTruiiteea of Com
mon bclioulx, to the lMinmb)ouen ot dcbooia in
the various counties of the State, I have ttioni;lil
it would Oe usef at to putIUh the following table,
which, it is hoped, the newspapers of the State
generally wiil copy:
No. of district.
CMUtrea in the dit
Average number St
No. month! tauelit.
Oust of tuition per
WhoU number of dis
triita. .
Amint Rtate lund'
dUtributed the pre-i
ceiUug year. I
s 9 3
- 2 a
ll uho are intereattid in the subleet of Common
Sehofil., will find the (.-eneral law which reruUtr
tlio whole aubiect, in tbe aession acts for 1844 o;
a copy jf the bound volume containing the Law,
will te fount! In the omres oi ail tne .ircuu aiiu
Icuiily courts, and in the hands of all Justices ol
Ui- pe.ice. Great trouble and much diaappoint-ni-nt
would be avoided by Vt careful perusal of
The Conunisionera of Cornmou Schoola, in tlie
varioua counties, are earnestly requeued to com
nunieate with the nr-dersipned, before the next
Meeting of the Legislature of the State. The pro
gress oi the cause in the several couaties depends,
in a very great degree, on their teal and emcien
cj; and their Hutgeslions, in regard to any part ol
the great interest committed to them, will be
fratefully received, and maturely considered. In
inanv of the counties no reports have beeu made,
lor neveial year in auccesston; and in some in
otance it is not certainly known, whether the
persons formerly appointed, even consider them
xelves Commissioners. It will be my duty, how
ever unpleasant its performance may be, to super
cede Coinmis?ioners, who co not discharge their
duties, or send in their resignation.
The action of the last Legislature in regard to
te school fund ol the State, and tlie reult ot the
vote of the people, upon the question of a general
Tax for Common Sohaol purposes, at the Ute
election. o?ena before us a new and brighter pros
pect for the caase of General Education. If the
reit LeKUlatnre shall perfect the labors of the
last, by ie-eslablihingthe existing school fund, on
an hoiieut und ellecuve basis, and if it ahall fairly
carrvoutllie wishes cf the people, eipreaxed at
the August election, in regsrd to the School Tax,
the Board ot Kd-icalion will be in a position, after
llits rear, to distribute, for tlie beiiefil of the coil
dren'of the Sta :e, a'iout ont hundred and treaty
rioa-MRtf dollart ertry vetir, iustead of from six lu
l.Hi thousand, heretofore.
Inregirdto tchot-l book, 1 venture to remind
the public, thai parents and guardians have autho
rity, by law, to select the books, which shall be
read, in common aclioole, by their own children
and wards ; aud to inform all who are interested in
knowing the tact, lh.it good, plain copies of the
Kew Teetainenl, can be procured in most of the
towus and villnges of the State, at from sii to ten
cents a copy; the cheapest as well as the best ot
My poot-oflue address is Lexington. Miuty mis
takes, and much delay, are caused by directiug
letter intended tor me, to other post office.
BUUI. J. rKr.OrvKNi;il'jK.
Superiutexdent ot Public Instruction.
Lexington, Oct. 4J., IMS.
t-'roae, Veaeuacla.
The bark J. A. Jessurua, at this port from
Curacoa, brings information that Gen. Paex had
arrived there from t. Thomas, in the steamer
Augusta. The following letter ha just reached
us from our correspondent at Porto Cebello:
Cotmpuudenc of th Journal ef Cowmen.
Pt i aTO Caakixe, SepLSWUi, IMS.
I have to iul'orm you that the squadron of the
Constitutional or I'aes party consisting of ten
vessels, left the vicinity of the Island of Mar
garita on the 4th inst., and proceeded to Mara
caibo, passing in view of Curacoa the 5lh lost.
It is understood that they took en board aome
400 or 500 men at or near Cumana, with which,
aud. the force at the Castle of Maracaibo, the
Constitutionalists will probably commence ac
tive operations. By the most recent accounts,
tbe city of Maracaibo atill held out for Mona
gas, but could not by possibility, resist the re
inforcements which would arrive by the Paex
Gen. Paai reached the Island of Curacoa on
tbe 5th inst. from St. Thomas, accompanied by
several officer and other friend. Hi reception
waa moat cordial at that Island, the authorities
nd th principal inhabitant vising with each
other in their attention aud manifestation of
respect and consideration.
Tbe Monsgaa fleet is expected dowa hare
from the east, momently, aod will proceed im
mediately off Maracaibo te establish or enforce
the blockade of that port! On their appearance
there, an action must ensue as a matter of
course, an conclusion oi tne civil war ia
this country appeara as distant as ever. It Is
nderstood to be the determination ef Gen,
Paex to continue hla patriotic effort against tlie
enemies of hla country.
Coffee 5u5 e per lb; Indigo babk, rs. per lb;
Cotton nominal be; Hide 4' per lb; Ameri
can 1 lour ilialM, per brl.
Tbe American schooner JUary LUen still
Ciloaalaso frwsa she Kagllaj rssen.
Paoaaxaa or LutxaaL Ort.noNS in thi Hoc si
or Cokmc-ns. At the time, says the Leicester
Chronicle, that Mr. Richard Harria took the
usual oatb. and Mr. John LIlia made the atfir
mation, Lrd Howard, M. P. for Horsham, went
through a similar ceremony. There were thus
present together, a Baptist, a Quaker, and a
Catholic, about to become members of a legisla
lure, front which, only a few yeere ago, they
would have been excluded on account of their
religious opinions.
A F.LriuT is a Baxxa's Shop. Last
week, a Mr. Hylton'a menagerie waa entering
Rhayador, Wales, the elephant w aa regaieo at a
baker'. He carefully "aurveyed" the premises,
and about twe o'clock next morning broke out
of his temporary lodging, and forced a way leto
the baker' ehop, and in no time pal out ef alght
fourteen quartern loavea. lie men aemoiianeu
the bottle containing- tbe aweet-meata; and.
but for th timely appearance of the keeper, it
Is not known what pranks tins nuge ueest wouiu
bare committed before daylight
Gab Fob Onal Mr. Thorn aa Waugh, of Ber-
rv ide-e. publican, baa a gasometer all to hint-
self. It ha usually been concluded that a man
must dispense with the luxury ef gas, nnleaahbt
lot be cast in a (rood aixed town; bat Mr. Waugh,
thanks to an ingenious vnnaa vi uirauwu ,v
lierv. has pas a orks of his own. which only
cost him about 25; and he caa boast of hav
ing a more brilliant light than tbe folks ol new
A few dsva aiace a butchnr, at Preston
slaughtered a fat cow. and found in her paunch
a pair of buckles, a halfpenny, a clock pinion,
a . 1 I .! . a I
two nailes. a nation, ana several oiner pu
article, which seemed ia no wise te have injur
ed th animal's health or digestion.
On Monday, the 2d, inst., the London west
end bankers commenced closing ousines at
o'clock, P.M.
The Pomoloffical Convention (fruit grow
era) met at Clinton Hall on Tueady morning
at 11 o'clock, and made an informal organize
tion, with Gen. TaJmedgelB tnecnair. a very
large and elegant collection of fruit waa exhibi
ted ea table prepared tor ine mw. "''
It probable that it ha never before been equalled
s. fhi.er.antrv.and are told that Urge packa
ge ef epeclmene have be a received which are
vet unopened, and which will increase the beaa
ty of the colleclioa. The Convenlioa will
fema!lv thia Moralng. JV. Y Jeur.
Cent., IDA. - '
The lialale Beat.
We w eTe pleased to ace Capt Besan-on in
tnr, v-tenlav. He brooehtbacktheforee whxh
went A,um under hu ctanmand to Corpua Chna-
ti to ec-tiperate in Col. nuuncy'aexpct(3nH)Ve
mcnt on the Rio Grande.. Capt. lieaanoon will
iMihludi-a statement of the causes of the failure
of hi expedition. vV. O. Delta, 3d.
The Bailee.
There ia at this moment a crowd ef illustrious
exile In London, Instances of (he reverses ef
fortune more striking than the ex-Royalties
whom Csmdide eucouulered at the Carnival of
Veuice- A I rench paper thus sums ttiew up:
Louis Phillippe.
The Duke aud Duchess of Nemours the lat
ter bora heiress of Saxe-Cobourg, Cohary, and
cousin-uermaa oi me vfueen.
Tbe Prince and Princess of Joinvills
Gaixot,who ia guet ef the Society for the
Advancement or science, at ciwansea, Wales.
Duchatel, guest of Sir Robert Peel.
Klakaut, anrient Ambassador to Vienna.
Klincdworth, chief Editor of the Guizot
Melternicbiau journal, tlie Speetmtemr dt L
drt$, and secret agent of Louis Phillippe, whose
letter relative to M. Mole, the Kezit Uetr
$pectitt has been publishing.
MoDtemolin, absolutist pretender to the
Crown of Spain.
Don Francisco, brother to the last named, aad
bla wife, the Arohduchesa of Austria.
Don Miguel, absolutist pretender to the
Crown of Portugal.
Louis rvapoleon.
The Duke of Bordeaux and his wife. Arch
duchess of Austria, who are supposed to be
concealed la London.
The Priuce Melternich.
The Count de Coloratb, Minister of State
of Austria.
I The Baron Hagel, private Secretary of Met
ernich, on whom tbe Tory Univaraitv of Ox
ford has bestowed the degree of Doctor, a degree
awarded to Blueher, Prince Albert, ic.
I arae. Counsellor of the Court of Austria,
author of article iu the Time, Cimicle, dec.
Louis lilauc and Caussidiere, who strangely
enough close a list commenced with the name
of Louis Philippe. Albany AtU$. (
Arrival ef the DrttUh W. I. bteaaaer Usteat
rrosa Uavaava and the BrhUa XA eut ladla fa
lead. The British Royal mail aU-amer Forth, Capt.
Sturdee, arrived at Ship Island Harbor on Turn,
day evening laat, and was boarded by the auxil
iary steamer bolivar, who brought Iter passeu-
gers and mails to Proctor's Lauding. They ar
rived in the city yesterday. Ihe horth left
Southampton en the 2d ulx., and arived at Ha
vana en the 2lh, which port aha left on the
same day. Tbe paper received by her up to
tlie day of her sailing, are entirely divested of
any news of importance. The storm, which
by yesterday' mail we notice had beeu severely
felt on the Florida coast, did some damage ou
the Northeast end of tbe Island. From a pes
tonger on the Forth, who left Jamaica ou tlie
i'2d, w learn that Santa Anna was still in
Kingston, but that be had put forth a statement
that he intended to leave for Carthagena. By
those best informed upon matter concerning
that wily individual, the report waa considered
merely as a rase, circulated to mask his inten
tions of returning aaia to Mexico. That this
ia what he propose to do, is pertly co a firmed
by the fact that he had dispatched to Vera Crux
his private Secretary and intended aon-iu-ldw,
Don Fraucisco Arrillaga, who came passenger
on the Forth, and ia now on his way to that
rity. Arrlllaga, it will be remembered, bft
Vera Cruz on the steamer Severn, on the lth
of August last, aud proceeded directly to Ja
maica, where he ever since has been in intimate
communication with bia patron Santa Anna.
The extent of their plan of course can only be
surmised, but it is supposed that he will attempt
to unite with General Paredee, ahould he carry
into enact the plan of again returning to Mexi
co. Thre was no matt-rial change In the Havana
markets. The stock of Lard was reduced te
about 301)0 kegs, but under the anticipation of
further arrivals, prices evinced but little im
provement. Sales of kegs were reported at 13 '.j
a lGc., and barrels at 14all,V -v- - B"11'
tin, 5'A.
t'auhelle t-'ree He heel a 1st tlsxletaatl.
We find the following statistics in an article
in the Catholic Telegraph, upon the Catholic
rree Scliixila ot this city: The number ot chil
dren attending tlue sclioois w 2, OUT. The
scholar? are distributed in the follow insr orlri;
St, Peter (Cathedral.) 2; Holy Trinity, S00;
St. Mary's, 650; St. John's 500; St. Joseph's,
210; St. Michael's, 70; St. Philomena, 116; SL
Xavier, Ait); Chr.st Church, K. Tin number.
it thinks, swelled to upward of 3,fnO by tlie
children attending the fiee schoola attached
to the orphan ayluin and tlie convenU. It
also mentions that there are fiee schoola Attach
ed to the Catholic churches in Covington and
Newport, w hich are attended by nearly 3t pu
pils. The firt class of free schools named, ap
pear to be not entirely free. Each pupil pays
'25 cent per month, which makes the school rev-
nue derived fiom the 2,607 cluldieu, 57,SI1.
Ciaria. Dtijmtch.
Bice failure la fraace.
Thia cultivation has been recently introduced
on the Delta of the Rhone. It began in 1844
and '45, with one or two acres under the ear
of a single gardener. Ia 147 there were 1250
acres cultivated, employing 600 laborers and
producing 10,000 metric quintals of rice. In
Itfi there have been -J.vn) acres cultivated, em
ploying 1500 laborer, aud bidding fair to pro
duce 'JO.tMXI metric quintals. The irrigation
waa at first effected bv a siagl pump moved by
a horse. It I new effected by a team engine of
120 horse power. The Delta of the Rhone con
sist of about 450,000 acre, which i now
nearly waste, being grazed ever by a few cattle
and wild horse. At least 250,000, by the culti
vation of rice night be reclaimed wnd be made
to yield eubaistanc for 1,250,000 persons. A
plan baa bee a submitted to the Natioual As
sembly, whereby 87,500 acres may be secured
from the Mediterranean and made avaitable for
thia cultivation, by the employment of 5, 0(H)
men, at an expense of some 64X1,000 francs.
Wst Isnia Dtfari.TEB. A letter from King
ston, Jamaica, Aug. 21st, says:
Our hichlv Mid officials are the only ones who
do not really feel the pressure of the time. Vet
even ainoncxl them dishonesty haa been preva
lent. Our Regiatet of Chancery has been dutmiaa-
ed, hia defteienrie amounting to several thou
sand pounds! Ihe Auditor General of Prisona'
Accounts, haa decamped, leaving some thousands
unaccounted for! The Agent of the Planters'
Bank hit also decamped fourteen thousand un
accounted for! Our Keceiver General died, and
on countine his cash and examinli g hia accounts,
over ten thoiiaand pounds hsve been found defi
cient! The Planters' Bank baa foiled, with lie
bilitiea of over 30.(U0. and bo immediately avail
able assets! Th Colonial Bank, it is presumed,
will shortly wind np, having already lost ovei
100,0110, according to its own oiiiciai statement!
Onn Island Treasury is empty the present Ke
ceiver General havinc adveitised to that effect!
Our merchant (so called ia remembrance of past
days,) do out now sell a cargo nuleas for cash, be
cause if they do, they cannot remit The Ameri
cans will not send us cergoen, unless the eaah ac
companies Hie order. So that you see wc nave
neither cash nor credit to work upon."
Bl-sikkss. The business season of our city
promixes to open briskly, and with prospects m
the highest degree favorsble. The crops of every
kind in the interior sre in s nourishing condition,
although the cotton crop will not be aa large a
was expected. The sugar crop is abundant, and
grain of all kiads aa plentllul aa need be. There
IS every appeai-iiuc m. vum - --
muneratinc price, and the scarcity of ae harvest
in Kngland and Ireland w ill no doubt cause con
siderable shipments of w heat and corn from thia
port. The important trade, too, which haa been
gradually increasing under the operation of the
warehouaing law. for the last two years, will go
nn imnrovine until our city shall take iu proper
poition as an impomag town, cveij mms
. .. . t ..!
t j .k I 1. .r. h.a.M
ail unu me wuiu io
X O. CreKtnt,blk.
rni Washinoton's KxrrniTioic to Cai.iroa
Vl. friend has oMirinelv plsced in our hands
a letter from a gal laut officer of Col. Washington's
mand. now rout for Celitornia. From it
Io. rn that the CoiSllianu naa procreueu ioui
. . . 1
hundred end twenty mile with a train of one hun
dred and fifty wagon?, heavily loaded, in thespace
of twenty-one days, an wan men enenmpeu nw
Maperne io the State of Duraoro. The whole
command was in excellent condition an! expect
mA i K- in chihuahua in ten or twelve daya. They
had been treated with great kindness and courtesy
by the Mexicans, wbo fumsshedthem with liberal
... i:.. nrervthinf thev wanted. The omcer
to whose letter we wo iuukku
tion. la accompanies oj - j
city, who ia also much pleaaed with the expedi
tion. X. O.Dlta,itk. . It
-a:n Mi innarSea (eicht under the Baptist
Union, and eleven under the American Hoard)
:i.j r.. u.im on Monday, luineen ua
b-iicu -- - -v.. C 1 .k..
abto tailed from ew xora m ".
direction ol the Foreign Evangelical SocieUea of
the Presbyterian and oapust ooaru-. m. ew
majority of Uiem have aailed for lod.a. These
mesaenf era of tbe Cross earry with them the true
spirit of Cit ilizatioti and aa enlighted Christianity.
-rV..... Rr-neheoi a crealavslemofcood which
does Infinite honor to those inauumental in thia
gvaulworkof nairegene
tTMTha 'schooner Creed, from Sew Oleana for
aa!. waa recently wrecked and all on board sup-
noaed to be lost She had a cargo of 1003 barrela
of flour, snd sundry packages of BiMchandixe.
Art-eet as a nall-4uMvmctr taw Ufall
Th following la from Ihe Columbu (Miss.)
Whig of th 12th lust. The Jack Curry here
mentiountl waa a auail-contracter apoa the liae
from which be purloined letter:
Ou last Tuesday evening week ear postmas
ter aad aa agent of tbe Poet Office Department
set a trap In which te try tbe honesty of one ef
the alage contractors between thi city aad
Pickensville which proved te he the detection of
the mail robber, r or eome time past tbe Last
em mail haa been purloined, ae that it was un
safe to send money off In it No one In thia
community eeald have been made believe ea
Wednesday morning, prior te the arrest and
confession of Jack Curry, that he waa the guilty
person, but it proved to be aa Indisputable fact,
aa th package ef letter started out on the
evening before was found In his trunk.
awl mf Cwisrel aaatee Teasels.
The vessel belonging to the government, set
ap at auction en Wedneedsy, lltb inst-,at the
Goeport navy yard, sold as follows:
Th brig Veauviu was purchased by Lambert
tutting, of Baltimore, $5,300.
1 he brig .ttna. by John Hipkins. of Norfolk.
for $3,010.
Schooner Mehoneee, by John Lash, of Ports
mouth, for $1,850.
Schooner Tampico, by Rowland Sc. Brothers,
of Norfolk, for $1,000.
Schooner Bo a i to, by Williams, Staple aad
Williams, of Norfolk, for $1,250.
Steamer Spitfire, by L. J. Hirrtnsdc Brother,
of Norfolk, for $5,110.
The attendance was large aad the bidding
Gen. Kearney, it ia confidently expected, will
recover from hia late severe Illness.
The New York Herald speaks of "a Mr.
Choate of Massachusetts." We believe there
was a Mr. Pitt, once in England, who naed to
peak cleverly for a young man.
Hoa. Robert C. Winthrop, Speaker of the
House of Representatives, tales that he shall
retire from public life at the cloee of his Con
gressional term.
Lewie IIla.BC.
There is a story current in the clubs of Lon
don for the last week or ten days, which, if not
true to the letter, we believe at least to be found
ed on lacL It is said that Louis Blanc fled so
hastily from Pans that he had no change of lin
en, and waa provided only with notea of the
Bank of France for his frait d rout In such a
plight he was when he took shipping at Ostend
lor Dover, and in the passage across having
made acquaintance with a Conservative gentle
man, he told his tale exhibited a roll of l.OOOf.
notes of the Bank of France, atating that he
could find nobody to change them, and lament
edlhe "emfarrnVin w hich he waa thus placed.
'it that be all,' said the worthy Conservative
'give yourself no trouble about it. Nobody can
diiler moreest-entiaJly from your opinions, politi
cal ana social, than i do: and it I were a
Frenchman in February and March I would
have coinbatled your principle to the death.
Hut you are now an exile and a wanderer, seek
ing hospitality in England, and under such cir
cumstances you must permit me to arrange mat
ters witn the steward, and with the railroad, and
you shall repay me when I procure for you the
change of one of your billet de banqut, in Lon-
lon. This was considerate, was humane,
w as gentlemanly , and we trust the majority ol
our biethren of the press will pursue aa humane
and considerate a line of conduct in dealing
with political exdes, whether monarchical or
democratic. London Mvrning Herald.
Power's Greek slave, in charge of Minor Kel-
lorc, arrived hereon Saturday night. It is to be
exhibited at the Apollo, at Ute clObe of the con
cert of the Kneasa troupe. Cn. Com.
rtahy, hat 1tse.
A shark, about six feet long, caught a short
time since in Buzzard's Bsy, on being opened,
was found to contsin a purling pig (not of the
human species,) and C6 mendhaden, all whole,
unmarked and unbroken by teeth. JVmfwat
Thomas Swan is elected President of the Ohio
Railroad Company, in place of Louis McLane.
Oeae Bliaa.
We notice that N. P. Willis has gone blind.
In a letter, dated "New Bedford, SepL 23," he
announces, poor fellow, that he cannot see to
read; he as obligtxl to employ a person to read
new works to him, and he says the process is at
tended with "delays and hindrances number
less." dr.. Cost.
Free Hani la North Catwllaam.
A meeting, composed of Democrat, haa been
held in Orange county, N. C, and the nomina
tion of Van Buren and Adama endorsed. They
appointed 50 delegates to a convention to choose
electors. Ball. Hun.
Counterfeit II 00 notes of the Exchange Bank
have made their appearance in Virginia. Bait.
Mr. James Bergen, of New York, recently ar
rested by the Briush government, ta released, and
is on his way hotne.
The recent troubles in France are driving
many excellent mechanics to this country. We
know of two firms of fashionable tailors, who
have leftJParisand are about to commence busi
ness in this city. X. E. Eve. Post.
tt ahaah Ha plats.
Th improvement ef this point of ear river
I roinv on finely. 1 he company having la-
ken the work into their own hande, are vigor
ously prosecuting the work, and it will be but
a few week more until boata will be able to pas
through th 'lock. I taceaar UatHte.
Harria Smith, who made the attempt to get
bank notea printed in New York, and was ar
rested in Rhode Island therefor, arrived ia that
city oa Friday evening in custody. It ia stated
that he waa taken there by th way ef Boston,
ia consequence ef a very determined effort on
the part of Smith' friends ia Rhode Island, to
free him at all hazarda. Smith waa commuted
to await examiaatioa by order ef the Mayor-
ISftttoH Cearter.
Bnrniag of the Great Meessea Temple.
We copy the following from the St. Louis Xetc
The steamer Ohio Mail arrived thia moraine
from Galena, confirms the telegraphic report pub
lished vesterdav morn in t relative to the burning
of the Mormon Temole. at Nauvoo. but brings no
further particular, me unto junii was iymg ai
the opposite SHieot tne river, ana uta no. loocu -
a tier wants. The fire brokeoulaboolhalf-
past three o'clock in the cupalo of the Temple,
and the building burned about two hours, leaving
nothing standing but the bare walla. There caa
be no doubt but that the fire waa the work of an
f- thia eriv. on the mornini of the 18th last.. Rich a so
H. TiLLiav.soBofMiKC.A.TUlery. to the 17th year
of hU sge.
Thb ambbl and InU-rsatirg youU waa know to a
Urge circle of acquaintance t ia thb city, sad was muck
esteemed for hit Riasy ambbl and excellent qualities.
Emtowcdby nature with a mind of BMre taaa eralnary
sbiUty, h had cultivated th native graces of kUiatel.
lect with a superior education, snd he wss eansextlr de
voted to thecomtant Improvement of bb mind by read
ier. He bad remarkable energies, sad ceuid not bars
bibd, bad he beea btesstd with health, to occupy a high
station la society, lathe very forai-Uon of hia career.
however, he haa beea Cut off from anongtbe living,
Borne months rises he wss attacked with pulmonary
kemorrhag. XrsBX the effects ef which he bad parthvllj
recovered, wunsx he wa prostrate, won rwaeaaoi
which terminated ia Tuberculous Consurapiioa. Tat
prorrest of this disease was very rapid, and th suffei
na of the victim were suuauaUy sever. When be barn
sd that clou ads aad darkness rested oa Iks future of has
bfe, he wss stag P rd with th hstcutgaac. for K ta hard
(OT th young. With thev nrrgai vraona, unru wm w
ardeat hones, tosurremtsr U(. But thi yowth soon re-
corsred from the blow, and calmly set about getting Mi
aa to order for th crest Chang. He oagM ami
fannd the ceaasiatlea ef ChristbaUy, aaa yeturaaf
morniag he calmly and gentry sank lathe osnesace at
nrrdea seems to hav had In kU Diiad sa Vik aur
deceased friend w ken ha drew the touowuxg sscwrei ;
"Of testis blood, bb mother's worthy treasure, :
Her lasting sorrow, snd her vanished pleasure, ,
Adorned with Isatures, virtue, art aad grace,
A Urge provtaioa foe so short a race.
More moderate gift might have protoaged ha date.
Too tarty filled for a bttr ttats :
But. knowing heaven Ma koine, to then delay.
Hs laao'd e'er at, aad took the shortest way."
The funeral of Richard B. TBIery wiUteke place thb
murdina. at W o'clock. from the reaJeac of his another,
th- Mimerof Market and Fifth streets. Th rrktaas
tnd aronaintaneesof the nunili art Invited to attend.
REM ASKS TU atarket durtsg the wsk past has
deCa M Ktaten-1 ckun la kt-aiaa -rtackn.
xcej-Uaa there btuig wuxt duusets sad le-t taetary Br
pruvMuaa taaa seratoture. Tee k-to neaasa la Irsaa.
portatiua, Urthcr auk aaiavwraUc uarksUtlsWBr,
asswessiaeed tats rcacuua. Wi save Ward of euile a
number ef cos tracts for hoes ft sbttchlcring at the
seti-haoriat ceewnes at 8C iraaa, at which price IsaUers
readily met buyers. It Is ratiauUJ that there wlB he
euite aa iarrtass in the awne-ref hoes sisaghteied here
this season, as very auay drovers, that have formerly
seat their hogs ssrwhere, tetrad trrag this aw set the
coailag season. The auntbtr of bera te be aUarhtared
this ssasea tbreeghoat Kentucky. iacaltal-iad te be eufca
BAGGIIVi; AMD ROPE Pncaa at these articles are
firmly nuinliiaed, with a small advance ea previous
rate lor Kht sales of orders ea una. The sales ef the
week have seen quits fair ceosiderliig th reslnctJoai to
aavtgatioa. We ausaerata Ike salss ef the week as
fallowst Sale Tursday of 318 pieces sad 33) coils
la lots at lac sad 7c ea time, interest added; also
ales of 80 piece sad JO coils at llje aad Cfc, t asontas,
late real added; 10 assess aad tSCous at tic sad Cfe; aad
90 pieces and 90 coils at ttc and 7c. On Friday w heard
of sales of 39 pieces aad 30 coils at H aad Te taaa; So
pisee haggiag at lie. t months: LjO pieces aad m cutis
la lots at 13c aaJTc, nine, interest addedi sad tS pieces
aad 13 coils ef inferior at H and tic Duriag Saturday
we heard of tales of 115 pieces aad 137 coils ia lots at 13c
and 7c on tune, bite rest added abo sales of UOcetls
common rope st 6ft j and lid ptece at HjaUc, aad S3
ceila st 7C. Siles Monday of hsbt kits at 15 aad 7c ea
orders for time; also a aile of 60 pieces ba;gia at Itie
Sales yesterday of 100 pieces sad tuneousat llt
and CJ7Jt ; M i-eces and SO coils at llc aod 7c, terns
equal to cash; aiae one or two very Bkt or Jen filled st
Ue and 7e7c, according to terms. We heard of sales
to-day of 78 pieces sad 73 coils ia lots st 15 sad 7c ; abo
sales of 30 pieces sad AO coibat Usad 7c, sad SS cutis
repast 7c, ansa ban. Tbe receipts this week are
pieces aad M19 coils. The shipments duimg the week
amount to 1.VU pieces, aad 2.2Li cods. The stock of
each sow ou hand amounta to 7,5'14 pieces and ,fe)l
cons. Tke St Ortram aiarkjit ot the lotk aUlcs tke de-
aiaad arrive, aad we antic sales at 17c, and 8aStc.
COAL AND WOOD The stocks ef coal are saark
reduced, aad retail sale ar arm at 16c tur Pittaberrk
aad Itc itt Ponieroy. Ws heard of s sale yesterday of
5,000 bushels Pittsburgh, left ia the cellars of a Car
tory, st 9c. 8ales of goud Wood rrotn waguas st prices
ranging from $1 M to t3 per load.
CORDAGE, sac We euot retail sale ef BanCU
Cordage from the manufactory at 13c ; ales of oiled sad
tarred CorJage, at 10c per lb. Kales of Baling Jlrsif
Twine at liaise from stores; sacking Tain ere oiiote
CA3DLES We euot sperm aorainslat 37a3fcts;star
caadles frotn th maMufactory ia tots st 21e from star e.
at 2X. Cousiderabl sales of summer mould and pmsed
candles at SjalOc ia lots; cummoa auMild 8c.
COOPERAGE Tbe demand blight 1st the di.-rest
articles. W coati au to auoe floar bets at 3n-Jnc : a hu-
kyharreb 73ael)C slack hhds9oal 12, etch.
VORX MKAL We quotes! the Bulls at ft S3 per bbl;
reUil sales at HhoOc per bushel.
COTTO.X, COTTOM YAR.TS, ec The cottoa mar.
kethas remained quiet Uirmigh th week, aad the only
sale we bear of is s tot ef 38 bales mixed Alabama at tc.
Tbe receipts thH week are 73 bales. We quote fair sales
of batting at Sc. Tbestocks of Cottoa Yarns are reduced
aad the reeeipts are light. W quote sale at 5J, (j and 7i,
lor the different aumbers per dose n.
FEATHERS We quote from th country at fee.
Salea of 9i,0U0 lbs, sad 3J00 lb ftoul store at .Toe; also
aalea lor skipracat st 23-30C
FBl'fTS Th rrreipu ar hmited, and th deinaad
continues very small. Ws quote dried applet st 31WCHC
per bushel; dried pesclien $1 per bushel. Bunch raiens
we quote at (1 vua2 25 per box, according to quality
Prunes are worth from a) to 2C Figs Italic; IWs
9a 10c; K. S; Almonds 16 to 18c; Zante Currants tut.
FLOl'R at CKAIM The Flour market has coatiaaed
aachanged throughout the week. The foreign aews
will not materially affect prices. Sale during the first ef
Ute week of?,3iO bob, delivered below tbe lahs, a $3
$L We beard of sales Monday of 50 semis at
(3 SO J and 175 bob st S3 90. Ws Connnne to quote
trom stores, to b;M tots, st 3 90; retail sales at S t 2
The receipts this week amuent to ktit bbia. Wheat oa
tinues ia fair ; demand at 70c. W quote sale of
abelled Cora at 36c ; salea of sew Cora from wa
gons at Sic : old Corn scarce, and tales are bi isk at 3S
3Uc; also sales From wagoa st 3dc; retail sales at Xia3.jc.
A sal ot bright Oats ia sacka (rooi store ot 2m' ; sales of
cominoa Oats from the country at liaise. KJe from
stores at 3lic
FISH. Ws quote Markeiel at $6 33aS 7i for 5o. 3.
reud sales at 7a7 3; o. f aad 1 we quote at & 50al3
according to package. Salmon may be quoted at J 13-02
by th bM, snd t.TaSSSby the Here.
GROCKR1F.S W reuiarked au increased nrmnra
a Ike Grocery market, and some sale are making at
better rates thaa heretofore. We quhte sales of 70 had
tauS.O. Sugar bat Thursday and Fnday at lfc; Satar-
day ws heard of a sale of 30 kb.lt at tit; aad sa Moaoay
ws heard of s tale of 30 bads at tc. Yesterday we heard
ofssJesof It hhdsatlfri 11 bkdsat lie; aad Mkbdaat
5c Tbe above sales were ia tots cklefly to goto finciav
aati. Sales to-day of 10 kbds at tjc; 13 khds at tr. Ke
tail sas qy tbe bbl we quote at ba-'c. W ouote loaf,
clarified, and refined suaars at 7at0 fcw the different
aumbers aad qualities- Havana sugar ia boxes we quots
at CaTft. Rn CocTee is quite firm, sad we enumerate
sales made through th week of 3S5 bags st 7s74c. Ws
quote retail sales st 7, snd ixsaatuaaily tales at c. Wa
notKS receipts of 163 bag. Ws quote Havana. St. Ia
naingo, aad Laguira ceeTee at Cadc; Java eofie 13a 13c,
Plantation Molasses b &raa at STaSUe. VVr eoort sales
300 bhb through the weeks! 37e; and 95 hbla at 3MC;to-
getber with a sab Uday of 40 bbbat M cents. Sugar
house Molasses we quote st 35t;ic, according to quality.
Cheese b fat fair demand. Ws quote sales ia tots at 6a
6fC. Receipts this week 203 boxes. Rice a ia fair de
mandtor retail sales; tbe stock a aght. W quote sales
at 5-6,0.
GlSK5& We quote a fair demand at 22a3le from
he country.
Gl'SSY BAGS. W bear of no material tales, but
quote at 1U15C.
GLASS. W quota light sales of Pittsburgh manufac
tured at f lei 60 tor S by 10 ia light lots; country manu
facture S3 Xs3 75; salea of 10 by 13 at Sla5; brgr tr
ies rsagiag Cross 10 by U to 13 by W from t-t to Is
tots; sales to th couatry at a small ad ranee si retail.
YKGETABLFit Since oav last we notke sale snd
taipnients per flatbosu of Ms bhb Putaroes at pness
ranging f rosa Sue to (1 pet bbi. The sales for shipment
alea during the season have amounted to 37u0 bbls.
Sab of Onion at f 1 3Ual 50 per shU Sales! tabhages
at 22 fc for shipment.
WOOL. W' notk a moderate demand rrosa tne
country, sad we quote sales ia grease at rOjAUr, nulled
at tuhwaaaed at SSaZic.
SALT Sale of Kanawha hav been established st
3l,c, with upecUoa, la lots aid st retail.
M. McKiat. 31. N. Fifth t. PhUadelphiav.
Joscrki Fishrb, Chester, Vt.
Bacanaa St Caamrr, LafayeU, Ia.
J. Baldwis. Bethany, Va.
Gto. ScaaaoaovoH, Owenoboro, Ky.
C. EvaaTS, Utica, N. Y.
D. M. Dawav, Arcade Hall. Kochetr, a. I.
Ilrsav CHArtn.Caaaadairua, N. Y.
Baowsi Sl Wiixiamsok. Commercial Buildings,
Superior at., Cleveland, Ohio.
D. Nebohsm, 12, Exchangwst-, Bunslo, . I.
II. BaacLav, RuseelWill. fcv.
Rev. Hooraa Caaws. Meant Morris, Illinois.
Hon. A. W. Uaafcua, Bowliarreea. Ky-
War. Gaaarrr, Glasgow, Ky.
II. Babblxt. Lexmrton, Kentucky.
J. B. Rrssatx, Gaxette Othce, Ciaeiaaati. O.
Whitb dt roTrxa, li State street, uoetea.
Gun Smitn, 14i Nassau tret,ftw York.
P. II. Con ast, Smithland, Ky.
HART, r,.o:iTGo:.'.RY & CO.,
We. 11. Cheaant Street P IIILADELPHIA.
u -r .... a l- -i-rnnf Pana Ha-al-rs.
H.v. alwavs for sale a bxge stock ef PA PKRS. of vary
-let maauractured. watck they wiU seU whobaale aad
retail at the lowest rates.
8BU Slh. toleWtt.
MKW STBAM rVBalTian rtliunt.
WEATt prp-rM u mtnwiKiur mwwry "H"
nvtntlB UK vtesu iaru"""""r
WAKTtOv CutlTJ, vtsmuHeyv w.,w . -r
br Lumber.
3. M. A. J. tl-tCOL.w.
Aug. a a.
to thi LocuviruLi rrBsaVJC.
v-nmva th-i a wall ammtottd Bta Hons In
K i-Llu .ui ho anaremfwlto nastslasd by th
puUlt, 1 propose the auunx up enca aa
ar to aeeompn-h th. tt bsmttsry tor metol
procar tw besdred aa nny sna-et n-rrw.
V.- -a 1 a of sslblilne aasses. and weald re
a-eettully tail th atleaitoa ef ikwcltmsa to tbe tasjeet.
r-ba taklMhaae-l wUl etmiaia tt spec tons sad eea
nt-ni rnraahed both Ul asr tontl-mta. aad SI
for tables aad wUlpoassm every requbnetor ,
Wvm, Cold. oVbater, Snlpknr, Smll, ftoa.and Jtoa
1 . Jbtka. . e. . .
The baildlng wUT totaeatsd ta teewtisj partbf th
city, and opened tor busts am to tbe fall. .
f b terms ef mbssrtptma areTaa Datxaaa set the
As advsaco payment b rsqatred rrom the earrp eao
aertbefm.Ly wiribe entitled in katkine eae a aoah to
Ihe moots -ot a-Or-ced ta the resaler - ' j
NasnbKitption wUl a recsived saUltvre hundred and
aft sms are secared.
0 0 0 n o 0 c-
Ittheealr resaedy that eaa be railed ea for the par
ataawal car at BinaaJ Oseaaaata. npstuSie tea
rrattbae. Irrttattoa of iha Mervea, Itsrveae ee Sick
Hasdaths.Nrvons Trsawra. Kewiaicte A-cXkee, A pe
sieay, raralyssa, Ceasrsi PsksUty. PeBtlsetyef Xar
venaand rhys-cal Kaerfy. and all erveas laVastdsrs.
iactoelag the anMajeadral f all eaBsasss that ever aoecl
Ilysterbal Ins, Cwasabtoas. Bpi t. aa.
Thb anjesse line act In a sad Sea eeptivatiea ef the
sense, srraapaslid whh a violent eeaveJatve as at lea
ef the whole body. Ii aiiacks ky tin, aad aW aser
tola ewraiioa ees eT. Waving the saewrer la a staper.
" with greet weakness aad sikswstina ef the
Dectav Baav would impress H upaa th mtodsef th
afflk s,lha tan Vagstskls tau-sc b the ealy remedy
ever dbeevered that tea he tenad ea tor the permanent
care ef thin Basel ereaefal eg ak) dkwaasn. Ae SU lea
eeaey b to toaasHy, sasdaoai and death, las asset
of Europe, a trN sa tan efenr ews esaauy, bar
fiaetssifd Cssleesp kacar-U-. A ad U has heaa an
ronaidered by aiaav, aalU iha ussst bsponaal of all dnv
eeeertos wss atede by Doctor a. Hbt. asarto stxieea
years bace.duiing which tba H ha keen perfomuag
aaa -f the mi t
epea record, aad has aceaired repnlellsa which lime
atone caa efface. Physicians ef eaeVswhlsn ska and ex
perience. Minister ef vermes seasmlasiluss. at well aa
hamrrsdsef ear eaaiaenl cltiasas all aula ia feceeassead
in Ihe aaeef thb truly vslustls aaedwine ie their sa.
wals.eharre, aad frsvaaa who arethasalBlrted, th
ealy leased y.
Of Iwwaiysseea years aad sU steal hs, raj ed ky Ike saw
ef tbatraly wonderhti saedicme.
Read Ihe fottowiag renMrkabl caa- ef tbe soa ef Ws.
neeere. fc-a . ef rauadelphia. a SI k led wnh Eur
bHb Fns twentyeevea year and sit stdnib
Alto UnvsNuag 11-04 h F-tlsnd. Meiane. Ker
many and r'ranes.eonsulunciu unaaawiiueai yha
aruuM, mmi aandi-fl tor medicine. medicaJ Ireal
sM and advice, ihf-e Ihu-waad eoltara, k bib.4
wU h his sea to thb country . IB .Seventh lew . w a b-
om nrervlng any tonehl whatever, and w -sewed
byusiBg I
Mr. Wu. ai-eas' Letter to Dr. Hsrt
I have aeent ever three Ikteisad eollars for raedieia
and mediral Mlendaara. I was advaww te lake a tear
M Knrupe WSS bin, wbtrh I di). I Brat vMted tar
Isad I ens tiled ine ana eminent pbvaatiaas there in
reaper! 10 his ca-c: Ihey etsmmsd haa snd pra-rt'td
arevrdiatly. I remained IBs-te three munttM w,itraui
aerreiviac say chine lor the beiier. waieh eoi -,e
akonilwo hundred and tfty doUan. pocketed ky ibe
ebyeariaae, and the aoat ihei I lerenrcd was their epia
lon thai my -on 'scan wa- bay' . and
I secordlagly left Ealad, traveled tbraeth .VoUaad.
Germsay and Frsare. aad remraed bs-n in the aiosib
ef Xovenibef laat. waa my sua a far ham fceui-ra
aswbeallefx. I taer yoar advertiseaae-l ia ase el ib
ew Verh . and mrt-vl-d inlry Hart's Vrts
kb El tract. aeata yew staiea-rats snd ceritBcaKS -f
te stony enrssssumeet twenty aad tamy yarita-d-mg.and
I ean an are yea I am sot sorry I dtd so. akr
the as of Uall'a Vegetable Eiliacl aloe be ass rotor,
sd to
Hbreaaon. wklrk waa ae far tune as 10 saai kim for
tesin-m.beaiirely reMorew, wnh tne prseveci bow s
fore him of Ihe. heaUb and swrlulaees. He b now
years of saw. s-d 1 years S awalb- -f ih l,uia ba
been artlicled with that mum draJfl ef ditas, but
laaak tied W new ea)e) lag food heaUb
New, Kir, fait wilhonl wucka I Sun 'I keliev ia. T
ay I shall be ever grateful to yea b one tbisg. and a
I net cncMae yon one haadrae Oullar-, I have no sobm
Sal you wUl tbmk Ihra aa-ther snd qaM a ditTereat
tbia. TBe-Vat-f yraiswie , I will ewe yea. but plaaee
accept thb amoont as imerrM 1 in eeat in advaac.
Years, very resiweifuMy.
Aaeaaer rasarhahle tare per for as -1 hy
tba awe- at Mart'- SrrreoB.I Kair-vrt.
Doctor 1Kb vlt b with no small derreesf irai.iVe
lion mat I am anabled 10 snsoanc the ce-apie-.e
rentoraiuMi to bealihaf my daucMer.ky lb stw-of jtu
Vegetakb kUtrsrl. Al IB are W mi ears. thr at. al
preaenl b sulen. abe wa- ant euarkew with Ikte
dreadful malady railed Epileptic Fit. aad asm iberbm
atenced takm ihe Extract. ta -nueved w MB auaets uf
bis, slstost iiwemsally . snd ae aeverety as to tnr-aiaa
to drive leaaoa from Us Ihrens.and render hr inaane
Idiot sc.
Pbyaiebns preeoaaced her inrnrabie. and cou' do
aotbiBf antre tor her. Ve had almost despaired of a
care, when beariaf uf tbe reatarkaMe cares prkriud
by the Vefetafcb suuart. we eewrmined 10 f r u a
trial. Tits result ban eteeeded ear svom ssaguia et
peclai ioe. a- ky aa o she b freed from a aim ereaJial
malady, and restored to
fthould any on feel eeatoax ef seeina her. ssd f so
renainine in nartBcatars of the case, auch w wa sasy Se
gratioed ky callin ea ar addn-M-g a teller l M, pot
aid. at Bar reantesee. two mil from Ibe village ef
V ankers Wetrbeatet. Xew Y-rh.
O. C. DllMLuW, Yoekers, X. Y.
Te-eisme-sv span Te-tiaway.
Israfrreaee to Ihe almost SMrsrutowa eflVary st this
truly wonderful atrdMine. Bead the kilkowi-g letter
fr-m Dutmr W. L. M-taree. el tall lord. Ohio, one ot
tbe atosl rmiernl physic iansia that placs:
GaiHord. Ohio, August lTih. 14.
Brother Laborer ia Ibe rsanref flumaasy
lar fu- II is wHh nosstall entree of aaeetare thai I
am enabled 10 saaoum ie yea Ibe compt-ta UMimph of
your lavantahts ssednin ia caaea ef Epilepsy. I nave
pteacrihed a in htnr maac- m that vwiauy.ana a ha
been btfhly turtelsl ia sU. Three el the saiw-u, 1
lr, hav beea radaiall earaaV. The toon boo nta
pally improvint. and wiU. I think, wuhoal eeoto. r
rover. I sat not in Ibe hsbM a prearrikia s rsrotu
mendtng Psient Medatin, sot salt I sre aa ariM-'e
wfcatb promaowse morh bw tbe relief ef euflering bu--aanMv.
I leei a my duty 10 tscsmmend it.- aad I have
ne heMlatia to aaying. thai as toon as the Family are
fully aruuaialed wUh the tal morn of year saedicia.
lacy wm that yo sgatnet prejndate. snd leed tew
s bolpint band.
I mb-ciioe myarlf, years, sineerely.
(Higned) W. L. MotBOCM. D.
Te 1.. Habv, York.
V areakl refer to the following peraoas who have
been eared by enmg Hart's Yesotsato Extrsct-
VY. Be-net, adliried bib years. 171 Grand Mraet.
J. Ellswarlb. stBactsd -rv- y-ara. tl lovv treat.
Joseph MclAsagal, smattsd nine roars. East Brooklyn,
L. I.
H. VY. Smith. Ttew Tork Castom Hoa-e.
. Kelty.srflicied iwenly years. Mate laiaad.
Mia I' McKeef. artlieied iwenly yesn. Y wkvilb.
Mm B. Crass, adlKicd twelve yeaia. Hi bsmsaersiy
YYm. H. ranetUamiclisl twewiy-Ure years, 73 : Slut
talk street.
Jacob Fsuy. adlicled foar yeer. I-1 Delaary aireot.
ratio Johaaaa, sdlirted Iwealy e-jbl years, 6ree
Judee BandalL tM Cast Broadway. . T.
Th iss B. Joaesef the 0. a. Navy.
Captaia William Jeaamfs, tHale street. Bridgeport.
Coa sort rut,
Bev. Bab-send Tat ret I, VTest Dsveapert. N. Y.
Bv. T. I- aVoahnell. BValtlmure. Md.
Cberto Brown, I OS Wai-xMr, N. T.
AU of which msy be cmied apoa or aJJrsmed, post
Bent. 1'iem Ibe WautMaaa ef the Valley, the boding Prea
kvtprten papa of the Weat. puatlaaed ta Cincinnati,
I are raw rite.
Advert oaen of paiewt mediem .our iadaia sre
awsre. hav beea leloded from ear tor teveral
yean paat. Our eej-ettooa 10 Inem sre
I. W ar aot ia fsver of kcepiBg mrret enke
BMH-al of pbr-kal rentedie br th ilia Ikal Saah mbeir
f. Tberrsmest l-aaosiltoa are f lea prac toed ea lb
coaunonny by the va-eara of aeh nMdxin.
y rattcnu sre ellsn todncd. by the Ballerina recom
mtadstBise st them as drag thtm-rlve a itheal dwrre
tioo, a-d -art iibit mMf H"M. - a.fcv
the wsy. whb-b btommoa 10 the -eef all erirve mrd
ctawnhoot pufawnnsal ad-Ire
tin Ibe whet band we have ae doubt I bar are patent
sedwinee. wbsievsr eta be ear ebjerlaas ta the prw
clula ef a lQ 1 thawt. that ar valoaMe mnodt-r, toe
certain aosrta dMMssw,lbe public ai wo of abn-bissa
act of hint a la a. aenevm tne ana- a-vonweo
maaoUtawcoramalobeof laalclnaa abnf tsrwharh
tewkcal Jt a I beet IV
we hsve 'It SI Mt ts. AearrEpibsibndMhiate,
which ertoa bob Ike skill ef Ihe best paywrMiw. waa Id
Bring Joy toss maay aa assarted unity, in maai-c
Tbia Ad rest toe aa at
sa e Kept Inn leeer reweral xelasiea of paieal sMdwiBee.
Bar ratio we IB eismpas a man religion joaie
sls I hl have s-topMd the saaae seoerol rale.
ThbvalaaMe medn-ine ( n art s vreeianto axirsci; m
tor sal by Thorn at Miles. 147 Mais street. Ciaeia
aati, Onto.
- Thai Tlana I avaa fair Dtoaaaa
Whe Ihooaaads wbo are now IrvmMI- ander Ihe
hand of tba dreadful dwsms. aad foarm that avery tt
lara may seooefeial. will S-d pruanot relief and be
1 mured w me ay nwag t i
y ef tbe toawArtol re-
Hav r-r-.-c-.-- .
I bs peo-w.
crvakie Bva-
waet. M w-fc
rrepstot sy a. our, aa. .....
I rrke-Owt peckatw..
. to so
r-ar -
1 -. . - -
tr at-it gmrwwmur psn. -- ww w.a-w aiawtwiar
. aaa rn.rn.rn naH OS B Baaw I'msswS-oi MtlmSoam Taaaai
I Mexico ftaftwi Wm
147 Mara street, between 3d end tab ar, t mctaaail.
Ohm. Geaaral Are-la foe Ihe I sited "taaea.
Gad Cbapie, eorae ef ath aad Meraet arevts. Agent fo
Leobvtfto. ky.
David irjBona. lodlsnanolto. led.
jT AH commaabattoae to mfcieae to Dories Hart
Veamabl Ctuact, avast be nddremnd. pott. pn-J. as
117 Mats ttrotl, Clacmsali.
April 33. lM8-ov
Lexington. Kg.
ITflM attend promptly to say bwaarm -atrostod to
W toaa-wolaLtaa Atwat h th collet tiuo of moo. y
ad ctoswgscceaawee.Ac. thargss steawrale. .
Aprt.l.lia M -.
-Vv months. Tb Suminer scna-a t
the uta sv
A adl 1
.- .. oa na H Blil kdVr 1
Wfmatoa-toa. lMawvawv-tohe J-aJ
gafV swam SBk-n' M a

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