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. . enioal Kmaneiratlenv
n a nrivl ill L1i
.If ever M - 7
decided hMi ,on"'n,ion 10
Throtif h their delegate
WW .iTfillMltl.
'ihrireon wule ,..,.,, ,d
' 0elion of the
L" f'lrvading interest to the Sul.
T. lion M jciue gradull
. r illPOrooraied into the ntr
S" m " ' . . ...
a great question, afl'ecting
8l of Stai't
and worthy the calm
ti;ii 0
ri...r r.tl.4f,i.
rt,kt;t,r i.i thtt view of
W,r question-ifiaf pl.i
' - . nr,r ill " l,"e S""1'"""
,,,, j! -,CMl-d, in, however, manifest!
J:Sli . ,in0ofes the necessity of dinnim-
v'"ft'..i. . the JeiU of a plan for attaining
"4 "" , f .re we have determined tbat the oh-
" attained Before discussing the mode
it i- necewy K dciJ'
IrtivV 10 tnd t0 bt
r"!"'' j ed U nrst w sre'd UPn' "J the"
U it accomplishment- A there . a
H wuo sole objectiou to ematici-
: JSr,IWii t il.-T 6," re8onsble Vlm for
?4'"lH' ' ! im it. ;1 'e",n",u in UTor
. ' Ur;ed uyoti them in win, until
Ffl'oiZt.il may be bent to
ecu r f cuiun, in order to
,s,..U'u'"f"t ould be, if Hie policy ol
'.!.-U U-aJoiied, to carry this oii
twa.ifd1"? Tj elrlice this objection end
w',ai jilt)ll , I-U0ii aa--oue
, , mUrmounu!.!e d.JhcuUus,
' ''''-iv no evil. real a those which
sJ;: !l., 'bu;U ri M fium the perpetuity vf
f,,r!T" k!! iimavnot be the wie that .hall
no' tbf, . ! ,' ir iK.'in my judument, uftcienl
u!l lulled
are in our
most ."' , .i,..,. do not pretend to
..in tLe p:n now autmiilted to Die con.
j, t.u.iy l" ie. U is not dissimilar in
t;.,ri;,un o. i V ivrtwM p( grt(lua, efnWK i.
Jn X e! in od.f Sul lu olh" P.
Mi,oBa-o' . sutfWiioin of other, and
1 M,e n'ii i as tlul. PPr0,"d lo '"o"11
i of lUe gIe'lMl 'nJ bwl ,"en
. tucroll'r,b4l,,of J"'' ,,''it
r UT atUiatUie!'Hoiitv.
wk-ueiWa they atuu. to th tgt
"''"'TlZ".'" th,T attaiatotlie age a hKfc
ui u. ivir irre Join unJer IM loriwni
Ai airr out la the Bne of the Suie I
"'w-." r" H tar pro-luc b IM prtKeda ol their
ll'JtMfaaoi.ih.i ibetoloiiyolUberUia AUhi,
h ihf br rcml.
' "JT ; Tai " h4" "ft """"
Tan altvei uixler tl.e iff of lortir yer, wbo
m tMKU-ntd lr ibfir u-wir. 'ter It lt JT f
f 7, r stiAll rureJ out in tw luune
'" i rfw i il'it iu u iK-eTurt. bom atlei lUr u:J
. j bu irr rrMuxe.1 lo be U rovlaotil
4 ' - ''.Mhiiraifid tritwa.
" ,i -t-itti '. uutKMteJ inu thu Mat after
.-.""rfjl.iii Jihm i-o.ttJ the Xti.-iiij-'.tave
.. .piudiai iiimmitiauuuoiiiee r.vutK ufcolur
i -.iti - rf ameou in t4or of thii plar, it
:. .... iniMitioa to urre tiie conaideratioiis
.., k .irrained ine to lator emancipaUou,
orw d.sfu!he qaeslioit wbeilier wt khaU emaii-
. k'iii h i.-ist niiu.e tu tu
, j; r
it will be
U thei'pera'.ion of this plan, llie insli
. ..t removed from our Sute.
i'.s'ioJ :di.liii..v. arcooiiitodating, by
. ! ar.u.tf t.i :!ir hir-iis. customs, induitry.
'.'k.r. coi.ieniaia'.ed. as the final results of
tie acairae. Negro Uoot will be dispensed witn
r-fc.u4.;v. inJ free wh.ie labor by degree, sub-
!:.' .ii i-j. nlice. rree. intel.iseut, and re-
Usor, Kiuiiilated by a full reward, will
tne:lp.Ace of ignorant, degraded, slave labor.
rJaeroMru"flMlnelu l!iiT of Jay I'S,,
tut ot lepl in taulage, and be qualified lo occu
7 ti a.tioa of free men in tbe colony to which
frr art to be removed. The expense of their re
ouitl sill be defrayed by the products of tteir
. . i.it, wi'Jioui co-t to the Sute. No nepro
u. '.rfi p'an wvi ic MAiic pjuJ to rcnialu
c,i th to d. The imirtat;on of slaves and the
iriairwi of free uegroe into the Site is pre-
S.L.ii Il.e lUve now ou the soil, and to be
Vsiefore the 4if. day of July iNw, are con-
'..i.fvl ia tiarerv upon the soil. The owners of
i im:( left ourertraine-d in the sale and reino
il jf their 'ave. l"he existing slave property is
Sji It lit to be arJVrted bv ihe Legislation. Pro
tiM u made f x Ihe holders of all slaves to eman
f!?)'.e, if u is desired, and the negroes so emanci
ue so to be colonized. Many of the free
Lef- sow upon Uie soil will be induced lo unite
and deniuy with their kindred and
frmir and make tl.rir homes in Africa. This sys
tr. ui operate as a great auxiliary to general
K: m cuioniuiuo. Liberia will be built up in
t' i (real Kepu'.iiic, bedding a humane and cliris
t.aa:iiar ififl tenceover Africa, reralltn2 Ihe peo
pe ofu.i: U-o.g'iied continent lrom euperstiiion
kui ttlutiry lo tbe knuw!eige and warship o! the
or.H ;rue (xd. And Ih'is will colonization be pro-
railed to a glorious realization of the fondest hops
o. .it M-oetuienl lounaers.
1 itis plan i,Tucticj.b!t? I believe it is. I think
u: Judfe L'udersood, in a recent speech in Uie
Vine ot the Lmied Slates, has demonstrated its
prictirarthity. All tuat u needed lo execute it
lauScieut amount of nuuey lo defray the ex-
jttiae of Uan;porU'.ioQ and a temporary subsis
tence a; their new hjnies. Where ia Uiia money
u cumt from, and what amount is reauiredf By
vie proroefl (crteme, the proceeus ot the hire o
,it vnov are to he applied lo that purpose.
it .uUii. be sufficient' Let it be considered. Tb
seru annual service of a negro man is worth
t.i I bat been firing out necroes for several
)eraidiLe average annual tare of negro men
uioe years has heen over fU. the aver-
f ii j ol negro women is about These are
anoiu :t,e amouuu the negroes emancipated under
Ha p an ,!! produce bv their labor. Now what
w.i! 1 the cost of colonizing and supporting them
Utey are acclimated? Judge Underwood,
v.. 'it Lis informtltun from Mr. M'Lain. .Seere.
arfjf to Uie Colonisation Society, aays the "So
f tetj can charter ships and transport adult colon
mo uke care ol them in Alnca, nntil the
t'r lecimitted and capable of provid ing for them
", at a cost of iHl per head. In their own
s' m they tin do it for t-VJ per head. In a pnbli
cnoa dated 1st November, I&4S, asking funds io
i of wluniwtion, Mr. M'Lain esliinhte the
i jjiuigano fupportmg each emigrant six months
-!hriat -ju per head. Ey actual experiment
- axieiy has ascertained this lo be the eosL
uxe J.j, the lowest average anuual hire of a
"-rroman ttcrUy-fitt years of age, and wca ne
at by ihe proceed of hi own labor within
' 'tar hom lh noritvl ml H'hirU ho will attain
b freedom under the first section, will be uiore
bla to transport, settle and maiutain himself
- ooiooy. x. (.males will be enabled to do
f t"o years' lat-ac nui ondevliu pba
- ould hire out the male for tvea yews oi
firee, d He proceeds of Ihe b ire of all
TfcivhoaidatUia their firAam antter 11. is nlan.
!! be applied lo ibe removal first of lhrse best
Zj?." fitt t0 encoonter tbe difficulties
--cnarge tbe duues devolved upon Uuort in
" relaUOB. in Aw lUrfa.J ..vri. Ill
w.tliia . a... .1 . .. ' I
"J".' rr"
t5 unt tyrt, HttU and prow
' ' wa-
e Jor
cCJ lAJnca' But a mutt be tyUtmati-
Ijatunaken. and ptrutertd in lo da iL"
, T,""?" and practicability of this plan
.uoi4rj,ershown jB ui, coniijeratioB of the
tTn!Lm'ch miT nrid to their cUim.
iilaT . ' M,'d' " lo U pl0f thai
aeoamplutri loo much.Uiat ihewotk
t..rTr . Uie number of negroes in Ken.
mi, 7 . e u re uove 'T colonixation. This
r -vutrcuim to aver) great enterprise. N
"I (Teat, aud Wartbv titm ntarnriain. .nin. i
leople ever has beet;
ilh'jui lime. anl
oi i
or canoe accomplish-1
maiM ..J t;i a ...r: I
mly, and toil, and aacrt-
ii . i ---. j, uiu ton, wju awcip
ti ' u'unQertaauig. Let us look at its
dimenstons. In its moial results upon our
innku'K',B4 f ede4io, will make
v thTL?"8 of n0'-"' "" PhiUcUiro-
...... wVIIU ,,u rTPr ieen.
Ilk l..t .
i - is ii uiai it Droooaea hi wrunn .kf 1
aaof In rni.:.. .1 - i.. I I
,. v Uia iu,tiM imnoiiw in our i
10 remove that ar.. ..ikm k.- . I
worn, et accofding to Judiie Underwood.
c wwuau
"au,ai could be d.e. This pUa eontenplates
u eumbet only a-fuch arrive at ihe age ileaig.
ft the 4th of Jnly, 1855. approximaie
3f ' 1 A ,l 'u0. everag
"crefciUte last ten years beinrahotit
tuL. . lbow bv " Audiloa reporL m fact
raach rrter thai (be annua number can
tort of I 01 u' Preeejil
mTny liT '"(1?'bt,.e bremoved,d
ler. ana T """" w Dy tneir benevolent mf
tTV04 colomied under the proTisioim of JSec. 6.
diu'inieh the annual in.
autfPf?Uon.,r'11 comparatively a small
grated, whatever thek r n Z
oy tueu i.h-, - . '
7 c coUia and luVinia tkeniaa. , '
j.:. w taat vessels caonot t obuined to
. Wft, , aunoet. j uaerlrom Mr. IrkLaia's
W.r"a W riJ ourelve of the m
rtllof tt'e.y Uji -Uuaat nollulif.
rrt.aiiu- err regard should !-e
B1',n'f -ht' anJ intereM of ll.e f la.e-l.oldii.j
I" ' W i ciU-'ena. I am slave-holder, ..J
P1 0 . t ol-iu which seemed to me O b
u-xr'' , . 1 1... i.wd to the iuleret ol
cat. ireer.r ui- -, I idniiion ot Calilornia into
uxr Ajpropnsie occasion. 7 P-J. -M Ul. biu rTred upon by lha
to confer im Tbe bill now reported, pro
to :iOr iu p-ir;aiiu, buu iu w
atateiiient, that the ColonUatlon Society, will, da
riuc the present year, tend out to Liberia l,Ul(J
f migrants, if they rlo not.it will not be lor tlie
want of chips, but iur th want of money. The
Societf baa eiptrienced but little difliculty in
procoring shipa. If ships can be chartered now
by the Colonization Society, at ao email a coat.
will not a aupply be furmihed whenever a de
mand ia created. It muat even now be profit.
able, ele ves! cauld not be chartered lor
the purpose. Aa Ijberia crown, ita commerce
iiiusi grow, oflfrringreturning freights in the export
hi ner tropica i priMiiiciioiiP, ana maaing ui-qneni
and proliiable Ihecoiuiiiercial iutercourae belwecii
the two countries. No, there are no returning
freights. This will piove a utw element, Chlcula
led to redace the present rates of passages tid by
the Colonization Society. The procuiement of
vesaela constitute no difficulty.
Hie objection I have heard urged with most re
liance, to this plan, i that it will separate hus
band and wile, &.C., and in ita effect will be cruel
and inhuman lo the negro. This objection do. j.
not come with seemly grace from those wh urge
it with apparent triumph. I am free to say that
litis scheme looks piimarily to the interest i f the
utile inati, yet at the same time it regards the wet
tare of Ibe negro. This under the circumstance
I deem right. But will the alleged cruelly result
troiu ita operation? Under this plan, husband ar d
wue win re removed ni the same time, tumiU
slight niodihculion eveu lanulies can be colt? I'd 1
overcome thu obstacle. But auppop
were to be lef. behind lor future em i'
not the wauts of parents be couso
wilh the knowledge that thev f'
lu re.sjid would before many jraCTl
new home, Uiparlakeofthet ?- IrSiyai.d
love. 1 he pioui er pareuta x ' .cLA-d lo
iustry aiiU the accuiuulutiiV .r jWbeen.
l-)ed by thenkM'lves and theirV ..urvO atier litem.
lu what respect then will tuts )tu change ti (dt
ivor.se the prefnt condition of tiik itecroT'' Is he
not now subject lo the disruption or -the ntr(nigf:d
and ihe teudeieet lia of our uaturef v Surely Le
I ntlei the humane syhteni of slavery irtJveii
lucky, by operation of our laws, the reUtibu 1
husband and w ife, and parent and child, lny be
ki ever severed. JJy petition the chancellor sel. a
the slavea of iiilauls, by eieculiou the sheriff aelia
i ne slaves ol every description ot citizens, by con
tract all masters can self their slaves, nnd in
no case does the law limit the salt! to families or
le.strirl the separation and removal of them. The
uecesNary and inevitable disruption of the nocinl
and domestic ties under even the mildest form (.1
slavery is greater than it will prove to be under the
xcbenie proposed. In further refutation of Ihit
it iecliou I slate the lollowiuc proposition which
I believe will not be deuied: that the uecessaiy
and final separation of husltand and w ife, ai d pit-
rent and child, under a system of perpetual slave
ry in Kentucky (lor that is lite alternative preset!,
ted by those making the objection) would be in-
romparably more frequent and more cruel thaivil.1 .
nit hiiuit uf unuri nits piati.
it win ie sata mat mot piau win re too siow in
producing the desired eflecU Of all the objection
alleged, this has impressed ine as thennvs! r aon
Me. I could denim the removal of slavery from
our midt-l more expeditiously. Hut it must te
ki p! in mind that respect muat be had to the rich'
ol present owners of slave, and time allowed to
bt and prepare the colony lor the reception ol the
slaves. And we, too, must become gradually used
to the new state of things.
1 have now considered the principal olneetioti
to the proposed scheme of gradual emancipation.
I nave not attempted lo answer any captious ob
jections which might be made to il Indeed
there are other objections which are worthy of no
tice, but will be more properly attended to in the
scowsion of the cuesiion, "shall Kentucky no
adopt a system of gradual emancipation."
in conclusion, 1 wili say, 1 am not wedded lo
any particular plaa. 1 am prepared to ac e,it aj
resHonabie remedy for the evil. I submit lha
outline w ith the hope that the discussion of thi-
subject may lead lo lha adoption of some
. I. nll IaiI.. vv .m a, t ....inrAr.w I
Keeuecituiiy, i
- - Jk T. UOYLV
D-tHtUU, Boyl C., lUf. 4. 1S4S. . ?
fwttgee bib ait a I PeeealB. ' a
I the Senate, on the 2th ult., Mr. Ijii;la,
from the Select Committee to whom bad Ihmh re
ferred the bill and amendments providing for the
Uie Union, repotted
posed to strike out of
Douglass' substitute ail after the enact in f
cliuse, and to insert, substantially, that Cocgre-i
dcHh concent that the portion of territory inclu ded
B IU11U U1C RIllOV Ulg ItlllllB, vis. Veglllltlllg VU .119
Pacific ocean, on the parallel of 4 1 derrees nuxVi
bt.; Iheuce west on eaid parallel to Uie dividing
ridge which separates Uie waters flowing into the
Colorado Kiver from those which flow into lh
Great Basin: thence alone said dividing ridge t.i
the point where it was crossed by Lieut. CoL J. C.
treuiuut, in 1MI, as shown on the map ol In ex.
c.orauons; thence southwardly along uie line ct
said exploration, aa shown on Uie map of sail
r rentonl s surveys, published by order ol me sen
te ui IMS, to it intersection with Uie Iltln mc-
redian ol west longitude; thence in a direct I ns la
U.e intersection of the Sierra Nevada Mountains
ma ti. ( Ut Cu.il Kiie; t hence due west I)
ll.a Pacific Clceun; thence aioiig the Cial, inclu
ding the adjacent islands, lo the place ot begin
ningshall be set span as Uie territory of one
Slate; and, when Uie fulfilment of Uie conditions
herein contained, shall be declared to be one of
the Stales of the Union, by the name and atyle ct
the State of California, -upon an equal footing with
the original Slates in ail respects, but with Uie un
conditional reservation to Uie U. State of all right
in ihe puoltc domain, c, o-c.
1 he condition prescribed are uie same as Here
tofore given in Mr. Douglass' substitute, that lha
acting governor, when furnished with a ceny of this
act, shall inmieUUlely proceed to lay off Uie coun
try embraced, into election districts, for Uie elec
tion of 50 delegates to form a constitution, o;C.,
It is further provided, Uial when the constitution
and Stale government shall have been established,
the President, on being officially notified thereof,
shall issue bis proclamation, declaring said State
to be one of the States of this Union. The laws
of Uie United Stales are declared, so far as they
are not locally inapplicable, to be extended lo,
and in force in said Male, and fuilher, Uiat until
the next census, Uie Slate shall haveone reprcseo
Uiive in Congress.
It 1 further provided by the bill that the portion
nf territnrv bounded on the North bv the 4'dd oar-
Del, Eaitt by the summit of Uie Hocky Mountains
nd Uie State ot I exas,
xas, souin Dy we isepuonc ot
Mexico, and West by the proposed Stale ol talifor- i
nia and the Pacific Ocean, including th
f i i f
nyacent to these, shall become one of the States
of this Union, by trie name and style ol me Mate
of New Mexico, or sucn other name as uie people
thereof shall, in their constitution, adopt, upon an
equal footing wiUi Uie original Mates in all re
spects, so soon it shall contain the proper num
ber ol inhabitants; ana uiey srisn esiaonsn lor
themselves a constitution and republican lorm of
Sute government the United States (as in the
case of California) reserving to Uiemselve nil
right of property in Uie public domain and oUier
property ceded to ihe lUitea Mates oy ice treaty
wirh Mexico, flee from taxes or assessment of
any kind by said Stale, ami also the power of dis
posing of Uie same, including the light of ad. udica
ting all claims and titles to lands derived from any
foreign government, in such manner as Congress
shall prescribe; and the laws of the United State
re extended lo Uie new States, so far not local
ly inapplicable.
One hundred thousand dollars are appropriated
lo carry into effect Uie provisions of Una act.
The bill was read and ordered io oe pruned.
Mr. Nile moved to take up Uie bill of last ses
sion, making a grant ot i anus, on certain condi
tions, to Mr. hilney, lo aid in the construction
of bis proposed railroad, from Lake Michigan to
Ihe Pacific Ocean, with a vHw, he snid, lo fix
a day for its consideration, and to ascertain wheUi-
rr tire Kwaie is disposed " 4o anything ou Uus
important subject at the present session a ques
tion in rrgaiu tu mc an,, m mm. r:niiueraiiun ui
which the public were niuen surpriseo.
Mr. Holland opposed the using up, auu proposed
a resolution requiring ine secretary oi war to
cause surveys to be made, to ascertain lite best
After some deUte. the bill was taken np-Mr.
Vaatm nffi . amendment, and Mr. Ilor and oro-
posed also to amend by striking out till afier the
enacting clause, and inserting instruction mere
ly to Uie Secretary ot War to nave made ine sur
vevs above referred to, by skilful engineers, cVc.
Wi. J . Ailnlul tt n.lnl sit an I
ID! atnrDUluruM wciv ... w y 1 tl. M . mum
the bill waa then made Uie special ordei lor Mot-
dae next.
Un notion 01 nr. nenim, me ranuma tin i was
then taken np; and Mr. Douglass offered a substi
tute, (which nr. Denton stated mat ne pieierreo
to the original bill, substantially the same aa tbM
. . r u. l-... 1 1 . . k. r...n... ...
. .r". " , r .l.. v.ua ci.. ih.
serving IO laegoveiuiitrui ui tuc unntu i.q
. .i, .u. .,nMtin nf ten Tear., lha
JgU mv maaaaa www r i
contract for the transporUfJon ol the maila, cVc,
and orovidinc Uiat the rale, during the lirst five
yean, across the Isthmus, shall not exceed S pur
Daaaeneer. and o per ion: aurtnc uts ntt u
years, 5; during the next 5 years H, and duriig
IhenextSyeers $3 provided lhat should Congretts
annul the eonUact at tbe expiration of ten yean,
111,:. i..:teAl ..lu .lui b 1. ti 1 1 Iia r-a 1 1 .!
" " -
Lb ui utrin oi utM uno snail ie ctuicvneu. 11 w
. .-am r a a 1 1 !.
. Iay arnvlail thai all frairhla (mm American Tea-
. . . j- ..I
seis snail oe uansporieo accorauig to 11a oiuci ui
. - -
After some conversation between Measra. Web-
stet, King and Benton, as to the proper order of
proceedings, on the bill, the amendments vrere
or-red to be printed, aud uie Dili was ineu uuoT'
muiy paesed over.
New Yobk, Feb. 6 P. M.
Ilia llon. ,W. II. Seward wa elected Senator
from ibis Slat to-day, by ill majority on pint b.U
The steamship United State was compelliKl to
put into Halifax for coal, where site waa detained
three day. She encountered very boisterous
weather, but no accident of any conseqnencn oc
I caeddxi. her pa".
f Ptou.-Keyolvint phloln lo the taint of
I "U.ICU, have been sold al one factory in Mnava
1 thtuett for lb Californi tnule. -
Wahbihotoii, Feb. 2, 1818.
- The joint resolution for extending the time for
irvri.uil proposals ror piiDiie pruning occupiea
lie Senate most of the day; the bill finally passed,
I xinc the time for closing the proposals for the 14th
f'ehrutiry. The Senate then adjourned over to
Diooaay. ,
At It o'clock the Speaker called the House to
crner, ana alter ine usual morning service, numer
ous peliiioiiH and iiiernorifils were presented by
different incmbers and referred to the appropriate
On motion of Mr. Vinton, of Ohio, the House re
solved itself into the Committee et the u hole, on
the atate of the Union, which occupied the House
until adjournment.
Saturday, Jan. 3.
Mr. Steven asked leave to introduce an impor
tant resolution, relating to the Mexicwn treaty, em
bodying a protocol now li(t.t published. This, it in
supposed, will invalidate the treaty. Objections
were raised so that Mr. Elevens wahdre w il for the
Then, ou motion of Mr. Vinton, the House re.
solved itself into Committee of the V hole ou the
Mute of the Union, ou Ihe Post-oflice Appropriation
thk'1' wB xiwskJwred for uome lime, and
Uy (iiefTuTUieoiderof thetlay fox Monday.
The' t.riilkto Caleudar bill was then considered
Jui UJ4soqr) nt) t.
Va8Hiniitox, Feb. 5, P. M.
Mr. Maneum offered resolutions simitar to those
ofl'ered by Mr. Stevens in tiie House lubl Saturday,
respecting the treaty with Mexico.
After some debate the subject vat laid over.
Mr. Uusk submitted a resolution which was
considered by uiiiiiiina6ucoiixeiit, and pa.srd, di
recting the President' t D jrtr secret service
fund. The n ami of which Mioeurred by the
1 ite treaty with Mexico... . . .-... . .-' ,
Hie Uih February wan the day set apart for tin
Committee to count the electoral vote.
Mr. JetUreoa ltovis made a report in favor ol
lb claim of Pddieco. .
Mr. A thert on, chaarann of the committee on
Fiuauce, teuortec upou the civil and diplomatic
bill; w hich taa made ihe order of Uie !sy for to
morrow. Several bills p-esenttnijfrere laid over, undet
Jn rule of the House. v.
The postage bill was consi.Jerta
Mr. Allen replied to Mr. Miles, aud clinrgtd hirii
as a deserter from the Democratic party. - J
Mr. Nile rejoined and deuied the charge, anj
as very severe ia hi remaiks in regard to Mr.
Mr. Steveu'a re)lu lion relative lo the Mexican
treaty came up, which prod net d a warm discus
lion and occupied most of the day. The resolu
tion was finally psMMsd: yeas 147; nays 34.
Unimportant business occupied the Housfthe
remainder of the day.
Washington, Feb. 6 3 & AL
After Uie usual morning service, communication
were received from the War aud Navy Depart
ments. Several petitions utid memorials were presented
and referred.
M.'. Hell presented the petition of a company of
citixens, asking the aid of Ihe Government, and
proposing to carry the, mail in coaches frora
Sl Louis lo Uie Pacific. ' Mr. Bell sail the peli-
iioa.tr were men of character, and lhat their pro
posals ought to be considered referred lo the Post
unite (oui'iuliee,
i g Panama laiirond iW whs then discussed for
soul tune, alter which Uie Senate proceeded to
Exe juiive business.
Mr. Brown, of Va., moved t lake np a previous
molon which had beea nde to re-consider i!ie
vol laying upon Ihe the table the bill rnptviitij
th Cirniii Courts of Western a.
w. a.K,ta which followed upon thi bill caused
coos lerab.e confusion in the House. Seveial
moti.Mi wer, tmde, and Ihe bill waa finally laid
over. -
Tbe House then debated the Ntivy Vaiu?rna4rtvI
Billiuiul adjourr.meiiL
WAiiioTO!i,Feb.7, 7 P. M.
Mr. Ilenlon preaeoted fc reaoluiion for lepealiii.r
uie ww requiring lue aeuaifl ui tirct u c
at arais, ic, and lo make the same a permanent
office, laid over.
Mi. Benton, from Ihe commitue on Military af
faire, reported a bill to construct a military road
from St Louis to the Bay cf San Francisco. The
Senate ihen went into executive session, which
occupied the remainder ol tbe day.
Parsed resolutions appointing a coramittee to
correct Ihe Presidential vote. Several reporu ol
a private character were submitted. The House
then resolved itself into committee of the whole
on the stale nf tbe Union, and discussed Die ap
propriation bill without conclusion until adjourn
ment. Ksalueky LcglslMare.
TriKsoav, Jan. 3(1
The SVnate went into committee of the whole,
Mr. Bradley in the chair upon the bill lo modify
Ihe law of lSJt,
A long ani animated debate arose, a brief ab
stract of which is given in Uie Commonwealth.
Mr. Helm (Speak et) spoke at length in opposi
tion to the bill. He opposed the modification of
the liv of 183.1; not because he was in favor of
the principles of it, but because he thought it in
expedient at this time, toacl upon this subject at
all. He thought nothing could be lost by letting
the question rest. In six months a convention
would assemble lo revite the Constitution; there
was at least a possibility that it would discuss and
decide this question; sqI he did not think any
man, even if this modificalV4i is made, would be
disposed lo risk his money by importing slaves be
fore the meeting of tbat convention. Thus noth
ing would be gained by acting now. But his great
objection was, that it would arouse and excite Uie
lee ling in favor of emancipation which was now
on the decline and dying away.
Mr. DrafTin opposed the bill, forbia own part
l.. ,i.r..,.i,, , ,:m- . nr.n thi.
. J emancipationists lying
u trauui
t ; J.,...,..,,.-.,,,!! hn wmlied
to bring
themont He was teady lo see andface hi lwes
upon th is question.
Mr. HobbsbPoke in eppositien to the proposed
modification of Uie law; declared his decided op
position to emancipation, and repelled the charge
of "abolitionism," which had been thrown upon
Uie defenders of the law of 1833.
The debate was continued at some length by
Messrs, Hogan and Grey m favor, and Messrs.
Williams and Helm against tbe modification.
The committee, without taking any vole, rose
i id reported Uie hill to the Senate.
The Speaker laid before the Senate a communi
cation trout the Public Printers in answer to the
resolution of thu Sen.vte inquiring lha cost ol
printing 01,1X1) copies of Ihe Constitution of the
Stale. The eonnnunication states the cost ol
printing at .T.I 77; of binding at f '.HI; and of the
paper al 4J. oil, uinking in an I 'J is -i.
Also a communication irout ui uuinuui,
rstiKimtlini lha bond ol 1C U. wuitersiiiiin
Treasurer elect, which ws referred to the com
mittee on I-inane e.
Mr. Wa'l, from the committee on Ihe Judiciary,
reported the bill lrom the H. K., returning lo the
Comty Court of Boyle county, the power of li
censing taverns in Uie lown of Danville, with an
opinion Uiat it ought not to pass: made the special
order for to-moirow.
The Sveker laid before Uie House a supplemen
tal report 01 the r irat Atioitor in leeponse to a
resolution Of this House in relation to the Old
Commonwealth's bank: ordered to be printed.
The Speaker aunounced Uie commiuee to wail
. mwm a m- 1 1 mm II.. I :
np-jn Uett. iayior, a ioiiows: messrs. iiamiu,
lson, Holton, Barlow. B!aiy, Newell, Dftnlap,
lintl.r l .renshaw and v. Davics.
Mr. Pope, from the committee on Internal Im
provement, reported a Dill to complete the locks
nrl Ha inn nn il roada ol this Commonwealth ap
propriates f-rKi2,liJ0, and authoriiea the issuing of
(ii.i. twimU for thu amount: read,
tv,. hill waa than ordered to te printed; ana
referred to the ccnimittee ol Ihe Whole for '1 ues-
The House atrain resolved lUelf Inlo committfe.
of Uie Whole, Mr. Underwood in Uie onair, upon
the bill to amend tbe law ot lJJ, proniDiiuig tue
importation of slaves.
Mr. Robertson liii entitled to the floor, id
dressed Uie committee at length, in opposition to
the bill. ......
Mr. Anderson adrocalea uie out at boi.ib
I in motion of Mr. K wing, Uie committee rose,
reported prosress.nnd obtained leave lo sit again.
Wedmkjoat, Jan. 31, 1849.
TViahill In restore tl.e power of licensing taverns
;n the lawn of Danville to the county court oi
iti.Uenuntv u-a reiected by a vole 01 10 to m.
The Senate resalved (self into committee of the
whole, Mr. Bradley in the chair, on Ihe considera
tion of the bill mollifying Uie law of 11133, prohib
iting Uie importation ol atavea.
Mr. Barbour poke at length in in favor of th
i tu
air r.nrliah also spoke at length in favor of the
bill. In the coure of his remarks, I e said thai
he rose only tor one purpose to correct the im-
: i.;ni. tha i.mmki of aome eentlemen
DICMIUII 11 1 U . . .law ... - ip
eri.. aa to the seuumenls of the river
,nuntiea on this subject. He believed that all of
t h.m were in lavoi ot the modification of Uie law,
PerhaDs he ought to except Louisville, where,
u.a k... aalit lha neoole preferred white ser
liau f r , . , . a
.- k...iu the could par then in cast on
cloUiea. and need not bear the expenae oj burying
Uiem when they died. But even in Jefferson
k.i..iil that iL the Question were
canraased, I majority would be found in laTOiof
the modification. He knew that the Senator
ftom thai distiict, whom he greatly adtuir.d and
respected, was opposed to it, and thai he was sup.
ported by the people there. But the Senator waa
a populur man, and it wn his imptession that Uie
question had not been discussed. At all events,
he was sure the other liver counties were souud
on Uiis subject- They had learned by experience
lhat Uie support of such Inws as Uie law of 1333,
and the discussion of emancipation doctrines, en.
counged northern fanatics to come snd steal away
their negroes.
Mr. Hobbs could accept no compliment at the
expense of but constituents: and he Would be un
worthy the seat he occupied if he did not indignant
ly repel sucn a manner upon uie citizens ol Lou
isville, aa had just been uttered, whether it came
by original remark or by quotation. What had Lou
isville done, what had she failed, to do Uiat she
should be thus assailedr Die sentiment which
the Senator had quoted, ascribed lo her a mean,
ignoble spirit. She had never shown such a spirit.
The geiiilenisn could exhibit no evidence of any
such spirit. The gentleman had passed a high en
comium upon Keuluckians; whenhad Louisville
tailed to contribute her lull share to whatever
made the name honorable! Whether upon the
baitl field or in Uie walks of peace, her citizens
hsd done full as much as any others, lo increase
the prosperity and glory of the State.
The committee then rose and reported the bill
to the Senate.
Wednksoav, Jan. 31.
The House was opened wilh prayer by Rev.
Smart Robinson of the Presbyterian church.
Mr. llite had .ave to offer the following reso
lutions: Haolvtd, That the committee on the Judiciary
enquire into Uie propriety and expediency of pass
ing a law requiring all druf gial and apothecuries
to have a license and ceililicaln of qualification
from a medical faculty, or a board ol physicians.
belore they are permitted to sell medicines; and.
also, make ita penal offence on Uie part of any
apothecary or driiggint who may sell trupuce, or
adulterated medic ine.; adopted.
Mr. Hughes Kuncs had leave lo report a bill
at this lime, to establish lha Covrngtoo Uank of
Kentucky; read, ordered lo be printed, and made
the special order of the day lor Monday next, aud
referred to the committee of Uie whole.
Ihe House then reHolved itself into Uie commit
tee of the Whole. Mr. Underwood in the Chair,
upon the bill lo amend the lawof l&tf. prohibiting
tbe importation of slaves.
Mr. Ewing being entitled lo the floor, opposed
the bill at length.
Mr. lowles advocated Ibe bill at length.
Mr. Mc Laming moved that the committee rise,
report progress, and obtain leave to sit again: car
ried. TllvisuAt, Feb. 1st
The election of U. S. Senator was the main busi
ness of the day, Uie result ol which we gave in our
p.iper ol yesterday, the till lo modily Ihe law ot
133 came up in both Houses, but scarcely any
piogrtsa was made wilhil. Speeches were de
livered by Messrs. Bovd, Helm, and Rice, in Uie
Senate, and Messrs. Hile, Verlrees, Dunhip and
ooda, in tbe House.
lu Ui House, Mr. Underwood, from tho com
millee on Education, reported a bill to establish
tb Kentucky College of Medicine and surgery,
which was read.
Also a minority report against aaid bilL
Mr. Pope moved lo amend by providing for a
submission of the art to the voters of the city of
Louisville, and unless a maiotiiy of the people
should vole in faver of the bill, it should be null
and void, which was discussed by Messrs. Rod
man, Towlea, Hughes, die., when the orders of
Ihe day came up. and the further cousideraliou ei
Uie College bill was laid overfill smother day.
- raioar. reb. "i.
The bill to'modifr Uie law of 1833, in relation to
Uie importation of slaves, came up, when
Mr. ilobba moved to postpone the further con
sideration of the bill until Kriday, Ibe 10th insl.
Metis. Barbour and Utey addressed lb Senate
in opposition in ihe motion.
ili. I loot a waaMiipriet! ai me alarm maaiie&ied
by Uie triendi of Uie measure, l a simple prooo
aitioa to postpone the tiual action upon it. They
seem to fear further light Ihev fai lo grant lime
lest they may lose strength. 1 hey aver, that lor
16 year the qnealiom baa been discussed, yet be
would venture to say that not ou in len, la Uie
country, fully understand. Ihe question. He hon
estly believed a large majority of the people were
oppoao to Uie modification, and he trusted that
further lime lor cuosi. feral ion and reflection
would be granted. '
The biiliiert ns del.ated t oine length by
Messrs. W all, Chiles nnd r,!er. m favor of Ihe
""OOliuii, and Meir. Cray, Harbour and liU-Ivy,
ag.iu.i u.
The 4tf-itioii ou postponing until Friday ncti.
resulted ases VJ, nars Is.
The bill to establish thVv Kentucky Coliere of
Medicine and Surgery came up aiuhhi time.
The question being a pom the adohiv, of th
amendment of Mr. Pope to submit the bill to .'
.r,.v.. .
nr. rope inane a uuemeni or an iur item m
the eaae from Ihe organization of Uie first Medical
school, to this time. He believed Uiat another
school could be sustained, and he wished lo have
Uie queaUon aubmittedlo Uie people of LoviiavMe,
to ay whether or not tbey desired another school
established among Idem. He alluded lo several
precedents for thi ubmifion to tbe people. One
I reiaitvu w utv laiitvmu iwm mii,iiiii.
rank tort another in reunion to licensing coffee
housen. He was in favor of a new school, but be
thought tl proper to submit it to the people, bay
ing Hit; most implicit confidence in their uttelli-
ence and ability to judge wisely in me premise
Mr. Morris had as much confidence in me intel
ligence and character of the people of Loouville,
as his colleague or any other person, lie snowed
the great difficulty under which the piesent Col
lege labored before il became able lo sustain it
self. He compared the progress of the school
nd its present condition, wilh Ihe schools in
Philadelphia and New York, and showed the pre.
minence of the Louisville school. Me had
avowed himself throughout the city during hi
anva. opposed lo the new school; and it was
eqnalty Uue, lhat his colleague had avowed himself
in favor of the new school. He denied that the
people had asked lhat Uie question it.ighl be sub
mitted to them, or that ihe precedents alluded to
were applicable. He feared lhat the establinh
mentot a new school would not only result in the
downfall of the old, but also the new school. He
hoped the amendment would not be adopted.
Mr. Robertson and Mr. Johnson advocated ine
amendment. Mr. Emg spoke in opposition toit.
The amendment was then adopted. Ihe tun
as then made the special order of the diy for
Monday neiL
The House resolved itsell into committee oi trie
Whole, Mr. Underwood In thethair, upon the bill
to amend Ihe law of 1S33, prohibiting the impor
tation of slaves.
Mr.Spesiier, (Fnge) being entitled lo Uie noor,
advocated r.he bill at lenpih.
The quetlion was debited by Messrs. nenzies.
Myers, Rhus, and others until the House adjourn
Saturday, Feb, 3, 184'.).
J. Speed Smith, from the Committee on In
ternal Impiovemeiit, reported a bill to improve ihe
downward navigation ol the Kentucky river, above
Mack-water navigation, and the three roraatnere
of. The b: II appropriates 9 1U.IJUU to remove rock?,
nsga, &c, from said steam.
Mr. J. Speed Mnitn Drieny explained ine onject
nf the bill. It proposed lo rrant a small appropri
ation for the benefit of an important section of
country, nt especially oi two very important
branches ol U.iue, vix: sail ana coai. a.iu wb
manufactured and coal found in abundance upon
the upper part of ihe Kentucky, but Ihe passage to
market wasdif&cult and dam erou. By removing
obstruction in the navigation, and making it sale,
japttal won d be drawn lo the developments nese
productions, nnd the whole country benefitted,
lie risked nolfunr in saying that if the navigation
should be ren dered safe, in a very short time salt
won Id all at Frankfort at 15 cent per busheL
Mr. Knvl moved an amendment, aparourimtiair
$10.(111 lo improve the navigation ol Licking river.
Tha bill and the amendment were then made the
order of th day for Monday next Ihe day previous
ly fixed for the consideration ol trie general Din re
lating to public improvements.
Mr. Todl, from lb Cammitteeon Finance, made
a report, of which, on tnolion, 1UU) copies were
nratMl in tw minted.
Mr. J. S,eed Smilfl onerea me louowing joint
. r .. .. , . , r.. n...r . i
resolution: ' , .
Rranlntd by tfi UeneTai Atvmbiu or m com
monweallh of Kentucky, Ibal the omcers and
Knlil.ers or" Kentucky who served in the last war
gainst Ureal Uritnin; s also an ontcers anu soi
Ters who served in iho Indian wars, or in ihe war
of the Revolution, be and they are hereby invited
to meet Uen. Taylor, upon bis visit to ine t apitai
r.f lha Suite.
The rule ben:g suapcuued, ine resolution was
adopted. ....,... ,....
Mr. Coleconereu ine lotiowmg juiui tnuuuiuu,
which, the rule being suspended, waa immediate-
la ennatdered:
' ... . , . C'l.l. C L nl,il tii a .limn
V HKRBA, Uie oiaic oi rvruiui mii m"
interestinsusUinine her present Banking In-
wi.tntioni. not only for their solvent condition
ami nniilentmanairemint, but because they con
stilute the chief reiourcc of our prewnt Sinking
Fund. The fact that there docs not exist, at
this time, pecuniary embankment, would oecm
inimnlv that the circulating medium was equal
m ihe w&nia of Ihe commnnity; but as there ate
numerous applications to ine preneni uenerai
Assembly for the creation of wore banking in
stitutions, wo are led to believe that the Incrcai
mi MitimMM of the State ilema mla an increase
of Uie circulation; and whilst good policy might
dictate that increase, yet warned ty me pail,
there is much reason to apprehend, by au in
nfthe number of bunkin institutions, a
redundancr of paper circul atton will follow, and
a consequent inflation of puces, extravagant
speculation, succeeaoa uy a rcvuision, auu ue
prociated bank paper, vvuerem.
Rrmlnti 1 lAe Ca.ral .linemWy of Ktlu:ly, That
,.ut r.mmitiM un Kaiika be Instructed lo iiMuiire la
ta th cau of lb demand for mre haiikuig cauitai;
and IX. In Uvair ppiuloa there axia wall ruuadtj re a
suna tor MLh ilsiiiaji 1, lite y ah. II umb inquira ol tha Bank
ol' Kenucky hat amount and when Un (uads ai pec ted
to heme tved rroui thn Srbutlkill Baim,iM ba rcalta.
ed.anit what yxxiiun of thai hmd could ka cinplnrail ia
lha braacheawSer I bet a exMiadeiuand fur mote Cam.
Ul; Uiat they inquire of th Nurtltc a Bank whether lacy
will rereive. o Uia part of th Kute.aa lacreaae Ulbetr
rutal,ai cunaent to ka mtatiui S Iheir chattev. and
tocate aVraiKhKuuto of Creru Kiver, and increase Ul
caiilal in tbe H ranch at Cwvutrhxi. Thai, ia tha event
i'ie iMni or Kentucky f annul realize lumts roai the
Schuylkill BaakiBtiiue toauotily the JamasJ, tha tooulra
Into, ami report uimiu the rapeJicucy of tk atal at
nice niikinrnr irisiiHi f.rr.iiiiirl-tiii iU rii;ht l.ubfilD-
i ton in lite rusk oi Henaky, and to mk arra;eainu
wiihruud Kauk lor Ihe employment of sura iucicase In
Ihe (tranche.
The reaulutian waa niai!,lhe special order uf th day
tor aiuuuay,
The Speaker bid before the House a report of
ine Auditor in response to a resolution or enquiry
in relation to Uie debt of Ihe Stale.
Mr. Wallace, of the Commiitee on Enrolments,
made a report.
Mr. Dohoney offered tbe following resolution: .
Hemilted, That we, the Representatives of the
people of Kentucky, aie op,Ksed to abolition or
emancipation of slavery in any form or shape what
Mr. Ewing said he looked upon the resolution
as entirely foreign to Uie duties for which the Rep
resentatives were setit here, and he therfore moved
to lay the resolution on Ihe table.
Upon this motion the yeas and nays being called,
it was lost: yeas 14, nays 7G.
Mr. Ewing said he saw by the resolution that It
was too genual in it terms "any ahnpe or form
whatever," iiot even allowing emancipation by
Inst will and testament according lo Uie law and
ConsliUilion as il uow exists. Ha Uiought his res
olution wad throwing down the gauntlet to the
emancipationists, and would provoke combat
which be believed unnecessary and impolitic,
siuce the pro- la very men had need lo acl oniy ou
the defensive. He had no fear or dread of emanci
pation; he had aaid that he waa no emancipation
ists, aud gentlemen ot lb House could believe
him or not, but it be waa an u aocipatiouiat. iv
wf 14 kaf aameayja a.a. ll h;dd
vote against Uie resolution.
Mr. Vet tress said it waa Uie very retti lion he
had desired lo oner to the House. ,.1 thought
the vote vtpomthe resolution, woult show to the
people of Kentucky. Uie position n'tverr man db-
ou the all-absorbiug question ofmancipalion. It
was not aiene lor the purpose ol disturbing the
question, that he desired the passage of this reso
lution. The pro-slavery me were not in tavor of
agitation; they had slavery, and it vaas for those
who wished jo restrict Uut right, guarantied to
them by the Constitutioouo disturb it if they chose.
He was oppotied to gradual emancipation now or
prospectively, and he d not say that any man in
the House waa an enncipaUoniat, but Uie time
would come when we 'ould aes emancipationibt
on ihe stump.
Mr. Coiikliti votetT-o lay on the table, that the
resolutions might b modified, and again offered
lo Uie House. He . not in favor of emancipa
lion, but th resolilion said lhat w were opposed
to it in any shape ft form whatever. - He dii. net
believe the MaLe weald adopt etnAsrClhalionx but
some men he believvtrt ie (.giialing Ihe queation
with a view lo pen summer, il the resolution
should be momafied he would vote it, but not as it
now alood.'
Mr. Unities moved lo amend the resolution, bv
adding P except a now provided for by the Con-
liluuoji and laws of the Sute." He Uiought the
ameuddieiit would obviate the objections raised
gaiut the resolution by the rentletnan from Cray-
son, (Mr. Conklin.) He stood upon the floor op
ped lo emancipation, and he waa willing that
the world should know ih position of Kentucky
boon that question. He supposed thai every man
expressed ihe views of his constituents, and let
those in favor of gradual emancipation vote again
the resolution, snd the wot Id would know Uie pos
ilion of Kentucky.
Dir. iMirris said there bad seemed to Lava Ixten
S feeling lo avoid Ihe asitatiou of the aubiecl ai
slavery, and tor il he had keeuglad. He was sur
prised uiat t.i meud ol slavery should force this
question upon the House and the people, and
throw a nie-itf.-tnd Uial mould spread like a tUioe
IhrougrtitheCo.nmouiaealth. tie feared Ihe very
course the House waa pursuing, would produce a
elate ol thiogs lo be deprecated. If ihey were
oppoJ .v agitation, why iatrrtduc a resolution
mat woaid engeode: it. it is the nature of man
lo go to extreme, when attempts are ajoif made
lo bind or lorcc hint to a position. His farer)!
were Virgiuiane, and he waa a naliwe born Kaa
luckiao; he waa not afraid to express before this
Legislature, and Uie wide world, that slavery waa
an evil. He adverted lo th hut lory of alaveiy ia
ihe United Suiett, ar.d expressed his entire appro,
val of the declaration made by iveiuia in 1S3I,
and by Mitr) land in 1832, "Uiat slavery tested like
a nig til-mare upoa the prosperity of Uie Slate,
Ate. He mas not afraid to ax press hi opinion;
l waa Ihe aane as had been freqaanUy aapreaaed
by Ibe greatest staleamea now livmr , who but a
few days ago waa electee) to Uie United Stale
Senate by lie Legislature. '
He ehowe-J thai slaver had, bp Io Uiia time,
been regarded by the Sale of Virginia, Mary-
I M . ... 1 : t ,nl i(k.. c. .
;fano, iorui iivu, whik otairs, aa
-11 as Keuincky, as axevik. He did uot believe
ifiVre were lea men in ite House who would go
rtsiiiutirg lavery iv n.entucky,if she was now
IreeiiVaea k. Siaveqraad bee a forced opon b in
ppoitiuo our w Be nd he oelieved mat Uie
pini'le would iiO-)oice lo be rid of it, if it could
S ai, me without a succeeding evil. Tiere were
uowhtee purties: ultra Jpto-aJavery men, Ihoee
who Vrv;rtj m favor of gelluig rid of alavtry if there
was a practical scheme without reaiilang etila,
and Uie ialtrtiated fanatics of the Nonh. lie uo
dentoAla diJlDtjice between abolition and email
cipmiou manctu)alioBuita were oppoetrd to dia
solvioh the relation ohn4stx.and slave reganllesa
of law abolitionists regarded aha inherent quali
ties of Iheir nature the same d xhe Anglo Saxon
rae would destroy existing relalions, aud would
break down Ihe barrier between th two rt.ces.
The latter were what he regarded att.faaatics.
The great men of ibis country, Jefferson, Madi
son, Marshall, and a host of others, had depreca
ted slavery, but it waa forced apnn uaadtecome
a r-hancbre upon the body politic. He (hoaxl
it untortuuate Uial ihe question had been inuodu
ced into tbe Legislature.
Mr. Ewing desired to be Uie following rend,
as expressive of his opinion, wilh the view of of
fering it as an amendmeut, ai Ihe proper time:
lltftttd, lhat in Uie opinion of this House, any
action by Ui convention, called lo meet this year,
to revise the constitution, on the subject of eman-
ipatiou, would be unwise.
nr. tioamutn moved thepreviona queanon.
The question now being, "shall the main ques
tion he nowpuir Messrs. Tow lea and Hardin de
manded the yeas and nay; and the question was
ecided in the affirmative; yeas bo, nays 3d
Mr. Hughes was opposed to suppresauir debate.
nd he therefore moved a reconsideration of the
vole just taken.
Mr. lowles had desired to oiler an amendment
to the resolution, which would "pour oil on the
troubled waters."
His amendment waa aa follows:
Htialeti by Iht it nt RrprftenUiitft, That in the
opinion of the representaUvea of the people of Kentucky
all H tietnraor puna or ine general emancipa uoa ot the
alaveaof Kentucky, whether Immediate or gradual, are
unwise and impracticable, amtl that it is politic aad pru
dent lo a void ail agilatloa of tlua subject.
Mr. Hughes' amendment waa adopted.
The QueUon now being upon the adoption of the IT no
il Hon, and tbe yeas and nay a belnf called, alond Teas U.
nays 0; and ao Uie reaoluuoa was uaaainioualy adopted.
Sattbpay, Feb. 3.
Even ins Sfsio.
Mr. Johnson, tin the House of Kepresenlalives.)
offered Uie following resolutions, as a substitute
for resolution ottered by nr. a. w. Us via.
1. httotreJ, That acommitie of three members
of thi House be appointed, with power to send
for persons and papers, to investigate, and report
to this House, what officers of this Government
have acted culpably in tailing to Uke bond from
the late Treasurer ol ID is common wealth.
2. Htmlvtd, That (aid committee enquire who
are the persons whone names hare been sent to
the Senal as the securities of Uie late Treasurer,
James Davidson; anil whether said persons, whoae
names were no given a security, are now, or
have been officers of the Stale of Kentucky, and
wheinei said aa ee not know Uial their
names were presentt-d as keenritiem.
X Kcmlvtd, That said committee enquire what
pari, or if anything, could be made by auit against
Uie late I reaaurer.
4 Rtmled. That aaid committee enquire into.
and resort such proposed amendment a Uiey
may deem proper, for the better security of the
people a money in tulure.
Adopted Dy a vote oi oi io i.
Mr. Towlea read and laid upon the table resolu
lions tgainst emancipation.
Appointments by Ike Prealdemt.
By and with the advice and content of Ike Senate,
taMO orricta
Ollivkb B. Hill, receiver of public moneys,
New Orleana, Louisiana, re-a pi Minted.
Samvil wiss, receiver ol public moneys,
mcennes, Indiana, Te-appointed.
Mit'ior Blisfl. it ia proposed, in our Legislature, to
present with a eword, in the name of the people
of this Slate a sword, iu testimony of their ap
preciation of bin gallantry and services in the Met
ican War. A resolution to inatenectnaa oeen Of
fered by Mr. Hall. IV. 1. hiineat.
W'isco.nsim Sesatob. The Legislature of the
Sthte of Wisconsin convened ami waa duly or
ganized on the 10th instant A Telegraphic dea
. . . - . i ii i ii u'.....
paten intormsua mat vno tutu., a. nmu,
wbois now a Senator lrom uiai state, Das trn
re-elected for six years from the 4th of March
iieit. when LU present term will expire.
aV aa eTrWmeiO
0The New York Herald give a list of forty
even associations formed in the United State for
emicralion lo the cold region. The members oi
of these forty seven companies number two Ibou
sand five hundred. Other companies ar organi
trine almost daily in all part of the Union.' Slost
of them adopt strict regulations, which, if miner
ed to, will be likely to insure salutary reaulta,
B AGGLMG aud HOPE During in, wetk tBCra baa
been in biereaaed inquiry kr these alaalea. W hare
aeard of aalea Uroogb the week af tso yaaees ami Im
coil on order at 15 aad It; amd nftU Si-Mces imb
liorBacgiaca tl, and ttt of to frtt a W tuili,
and 30 preen and 30 coil at ll.e mj Ti'; also a sale ol
Ka) coils rope at ;Je BtoUlis mithout inter alt a aile w
W piece bagjinf , at 14c; a tale of t pieces urfertokai
II. Tha recaipti ttm ireek ar 8H pleei u4 e eoOj
Tlie skipaMBls dating the week aaaoaat to 81t piecaa ad
ah! cot hi. The Btucks left o haad are (,4M piece atd
1,278 coils.
'0TfO.X ASDCOTTO.t YAKMS-frftoe Jyrmgthe
nrt of the week trtattimulateJ. Oa Thursmay me War 4
of a aale of 3) baha Roe Alahtma at Sc. aad 17 tvalei ht
aifijf, th highelrdeohaiHedthtaeaaom. A sals fat
uruayeveaMgOfWhalelowd Alahanuaat fta. There
cuatUioea a rood fee lis; hit ! Biarket.tlMMighth fcxelB
newt ia rather of aa uufavorahle lender y. Wc quute a
ale yesterday of 38 bates lair Alabama attr, aid Xi
lulet, a nixed k t. at U S4c. Our quota! kHM km com
raoato fair qualilies ar 4jaec. The receipUtUa wrt k
aoMHiat In 28 bales. CotUta Batting we quota al 7,8i.
Cotton Tarn are in fair demand, and wc quota aalesai
6, 6 aad 7,t for the dtnient numbers. Is lots ; retail salt
to the cow try at S, 1 and Sc.
COKUAGE, etc We qaote rvtail sale of
Cordage frum the asaiudaclory at tfcs aajea f eited a)
tarred lord are at lot per to. Bale of Baauj HVm
V.:.. . . it.tni. .
a wiua at ttaijt, iiuua iwresi aatauig I wine VJi
at tjoJtit. -"
CO R M M B A L We quote by the beahela1 40, uc, ,
the mii:sfor kilawlrted tt 25 per bbu, ."
1 oa I, i.iu a uuai Tjcirit a lair aapaey et I "awl
oa bBd. W HWTjbWgb by the qnanuly at 9 eta.
BetaiJ aalea wr-UUe at 12l?rc. 8.kra of Vbeeltag
rv imity UmU at SmtOc. Sales of rood Weed
rrHW4rao at pnrea raa,ia( rroaafl S6 to 13 per
r-LUUK A3D CklW-W. be.r of a tale mf
IVsir.at lb levee, at $3 SS; Bght aalea from alort
'! 10; retail nlei at (t 60. Mack em baa4 KfBj.
Kcptjuua wk JU be.!. We quote Wheat m -awmaaa
-mwrjc tut mrfnm. Halaa of pavw at K.2Jc.
Kales oi bright Oats at c.
KfiH. The stouka elMackatvl are very heavy tor tttat
market, we bear of taii No. 3 at l .5; 5m. Sal
7 60; aad 5o. 1 at I0 par mM, which are the JruliBg
aalea. KotaU lates to She too airy ef Ho. 2 at t5U 9S
GROCEKltS Uarimf the week mrleaa have Aoctma. I
ted aomemhat. Hotdera af food )"oaiaMaa (near I
quite firaa. Sugar ia pretty aaaca OfKhaaaed wuX hv I
creaatng receipts. The import Ul week are 733 hmda; I
IVrAlaBugarirrt bbl Molaaatai W7 bags Coffee j and U
tierce Klc. Tha aaias of Ke CooVie during the week
amount to 800 bags b lots at mi, 8. Ci aa4 6c. We I
euotrlaUsatesat6HTKatraaUtr.mu:. l.Ki,tie I
of Java Code at 101 alSlci L antra at 7m.ir. Suear ia
auiU nrai fee fair quallUes. Tb aalea rcnon.Jthr.ah I
the week amounted to 367 had at prices varying froan
Mtolie chiefly at 4 aaa c. One or tw light
at choice Sugar were made at Ac. We quota by the bU
at laoc. We H'-e Lea, Clarified aad Kenned maeara
a 7rOc tur the duTereat Btnuhera and qualities. II.
vaita Sagar tm boses we ooute at a?,c. PUaUtioa at a.
issacs we quota at Sl4a26c aa per quality. Sale duria
the weak of 150 kUaat tc, Soft bMa oa prteate tcrtua;
80 BMatc.ad37a bblj at 2Cc, aads aal of Ml ha
kola at 87 cent a. Bucarnoua alnlimra we quote
at 32a 13c, acconhag to quantr. fheeat is in fair demand.
We quote sales b lots at (laTc. Racelpta Uus week
218 boxes. Kice i to fair denuad to retail male the
stock blight, Wi eoou aalea at 41.
TOBACCO Tb receipt ef Tobeccm ar Increajamg,
ant much of the finer grade ia soft, owiag to an(a rot-abie
weather ia priilag. The sales at Todd' warekwaa dv
rutg the week asiottalad to 3o bads a foUovrt: Firw
ft 064 to; Second $3 lurt; L'oeamoa f2i3 U. The
aalesat Uie Puuatcra wareamva mer 15 hhJiat the aa.
aexed rates: Firata SUITS; 6ecoads 3 45a; Connuni
WH1KKT, e. Sales Thursday last ol 1 Id ' ben re w
Wbiakyat th over at 1616,c. Balea BaMrdaysfst
hols at 16al&tCl aake af AO bala U.in.1.. .t la a.i.
wa aa it ccais. we quota aahrtrnt
recUfiadrroaa store at iaal6c. Th receipts this week
are tea bbwyj We bear at sale of mew Peach BraaJy
from the coamtry at COc per gslloa; tale trues, stares at
toaWc. Holders af 014 Peach ar deavaavOmc lal S5
per caOum. Comvaoom Braadv ii per galloa; Freach
Ht aiMly c 3r to per cation.
Departed Una life tt Clm iunati. e ibe 9lb iu-t . at tha
reaueaceor her latbar. Or. Vv Uliaiu Judaim, u ihe aaJ
rf at her ace, hlea. kaaia t'ovii v, wile ot vviiluua
f. Lomly, one of liw editoes aud proprvbas 01 tbia
paper. Mr. C. aiedol T)vauU rei. ia.yi JUimai.
Rev. Wvt. Gc, Chribtianburr;, Ky,
Milton Stsvioi, Georgetowm, Ky. -
J. M. McKm, 31, N. Fifth t, Philadelphu.
Jawcrtt Fimeiaw, Cheater, Vu
Bit nu At Caivmirr. Lafayette, Ia. "
J. IUlowii, Bethaay, Va.
Uto. ScAkaoaotKiH, Owenaboro, Ky.
C. C. EvkkT. UUca, N. Y.
I). M. Dcwtr, Arcatla liall, RecWer. N.
iianav vnaPTR,ianaadairrua, N. y.
iiaown Sl Willi ajuso, CotmsnarciaJ BuilJinra,
Superior L, CleveUmd, Obi.
D. Nudhix, l2.EhangwBt,BaffeJo,N. Y.
H. baacLAT, RasaeUv.lle, Kt.
Kev.lIoopKaCaaws, Moaut Morria, IlliaoU.
Hon. A. W. GkABTAat, BowUnrreen. Ky.
War. UAaxm. Glaagiw, Ky.
C. II. BakkLkv, Lexiofton, Kentnckj.
J. B. Rcmill, Gaxettn OfCca, Ciacimaati, O.
W'nrrf it roTTca, 1 State treet. Boil on.
r'uil Sa-rm. 142 Niaua .traat V.k
l'H. Con ait. Suiitiland. Kv.
1'Hm! Statue, t roarers, wiJl remain en exhibition)
a wr a snort uine at tae '
Jefferson street. Opes from 9 AW. nntil 1. If.
Admittance 26 cent, beeama Hearts it. Pamphlets
luvcmi. laiiirOll
HK nuntenhersar Boweagayed ia th maamfactirre
of biased addinC, blark and white, lor the use of
Uiior and clothMrs. Il rsnfthe very est quality, of
anytiiH knea leqiarred, well glaaed, aad mad lone rf ban
the Kastera article. VI are now naakina; it sufrUmut
quanOties toaspmlythe whoie demntsi west el Ihe All-
ghanie. (nlrrs rroea dry roods joObcrs, ctoUuaia. aic.
promptly attended lo.
KtMUL k Dl fiiaja.
Onciamati. January ), Wta. U.
w.tst-rACTi'BBa asd ivtroarra op
Re. 71, Third street, hetwccajeffsrtoa amd Market,
jam 13 tf Locisvillb. Ky.
I VHR Wmanf th Bible 18 ncTvlnr;
L Laaeta ef Mcinory fur 131 Buuaeieue eagra-
I in cs ;
Th Gem of th Season 20 fine steel engravings;
Tiie ttuoa of rearm lor IWJ M "
Tha I'hnsUaa Keepaak:
Tbe Kuhy;
Tha Lady's A anoal;
Tae American tialieryof Art;
Scene ia th Life af our Savior;
M Tbe Apuatass;
Th Prophets;
Tbe Illuminated Gem of Sacred Poetry;
Tbe tiewa of Beauty ;
Tbe Book of Meeuty,
The Kaepeakei
The Heroine of Fhakspert
The Uysot the Western W arid;
Knemdaliip's OtTrnug;
Tb larlaad ;
Tbe Amaranth.
The above, tocetber with a SDlehdidajBortnaestof
Kngliab and French bUtioaary, and rsmcy aruclea, mibV
M lor the tioudays, may he round at the mew Beok
star of
Nov. 83 U iM blaiastreet-
C. n. aUBKUY.
coLLaxToa aia essiKnAi. aoxcrr,
Lexinftn. Kg.
ILL attend premptly to aay knmiii m aU anted
aim will act as A cent for tkecmUectioa of uoaey
amd cloning ace oums.aac.eai. i nargea naouarats.
April l.Jaao U
HART, K0?iTG0?.3RY & CO..
Ne. 118. Cheamat Btreel P RILAOBLPHIA
MaanfaciarfTsaad Immactetaaf fapae llaaglnfa.
Have always hw snle a larea ateck of PAPERS, ef every
variety muaataclured, which tacy wia sell wBotesnle amd
reUii at the low ant rates.
Sept. Mb, UV1-5- U.
. xovtayttxa, bt.
1 TTK ar areuared te anamufactar every thine ba
1 V lina. nm terms aehvernnle amy other eatablvah
nianliathe WesU The matfemageml the patih ia
Wan-rep. Cherry. Walnut, Kyr iranro, tiam ana rem.
Auk. ft IT. . . J. Bt. at A. J. Ll-SCAIU..
: IhlUBI,
ad Dealers to
Maxawaa abb ctryumr.
Sign of th Big Plans, ti. Thar Street, near Max.
Lotus nil,
Dec. ly
I N Oal'u T B O T 3LLE
rot ' ZXkHiMorAL asd MvvBycr?s
r ivirrf vrirr nerte ..it
--- - . 11 I I ' ,11
HABIT Ot TllS SYSTtV, V'if?,
Scrofula, er Kmg't ikAe-en: ,,
Br CnUtneout Ernptinie, ftmi-f-;-' t"v
tU$on f httte, L!otihe; Bit?, llw Svt
kym, King Ymm er Tlt'ier, Sct.'.i ie-V. .'
liTftmtnt and Pain a Ike Boett and .V-'v.
Sltt'if-arn Ulcere, SupkilAitHymplnma,
or Lumbago: and DUeates mtwif (runt i
diciou tue ef Mercury. Acitiui e lfvy. -
j pMure r imprmdeMe ia Lt; al), l VJ.i
- ConttituUoAal Dlatdet, 6c m
Tai Madicim baa aaouired a very itealil aad r
tabluaail icmutataom wherever it haa beea aar4. baaed
en'irely oa ill uwriU, wktck k-i -upt riof eiT.far ybt
atane awataiaad. The anmli aata lKlua a4 hraa.HUi y
itMaar, with wuMen graad; ToulxacVT'ain'aa, aaa
bnae batfearioea, ha aeem reMoreota kaalth aa4 vejix .
Tb scrofulous patiei.t, tort red with skeim. loath-wuM
K ahmaetr amd kia attemdaata, baa beam main mho.
Hiwdieda af pt nons, warn bad grwaaed kolraiarvr
years mmder cataaeoma aad (Uaduiar JiaueJara. cae-jauc
rheumatism, aad auay theuuixuiiitpriaiiif fi.m
a eeeaaceaseBtaf the aacrcuv oi(ama aaaihe tuaula
Uom.aav beea railed as it wer lrom the ra k or au
aad aew, with regeaerateacaastil4rfiuaia.(laillytei
lotaauacy ol IkiaiaesUmiUe prrpajaii- s. lt-e
taom wbe have been cured by tu uae.mnh
raaUeBCea, ha beea publmaed f run tunc u. ne ;
wwn aeairaate, a aaaas et the mwat eraarlmua
"KumomT mu ae enwot brwarvl, previa ( assat ten
cloiv1I imestimaale alM. The snht-tcd, ami iho-
aav sutaaed thi taedkiue, are lavite J to aule a
tal af il vtrtuee, amd apucwprle te thcfaacf eu t
el6" oae cam bestow.
The attendees of th reader is earned to tbe fc.llueu.(
asttttiehtBgcnr. effected by the as of Seeds Sna,.a-
This'i toeeitify that I have a colored ma
been affilcte for the last tse yeara wn h Scron. ,u
toe remedies 1 aae sad au (flan n aneattma im f,r-
areas of la complaint; oa the coairarv. abe conatamiv
ab conasamiv 1 .
1 aeseatyaual f "
T other pupm- l
aae bam eatre ' I
ippcaramcevm J I
crew worse 1 and aner expeadus betneea
ig&ty dolian wna paymciaM, aawoea esia
lar rainediaa wuhout am r aal. nn the etnei
away the cartfia ef her aoae, msad its appraraace va I
vartuus marts of her mmiy. aae aad nulls somnaeaced l'a I
ravage ia the roof of her Bsocta. ,
La tbia dreadful attaeno. sata the prmenect of death
surimc her ia the bace. I atate her case ie Dr. Ifaawwa.
the ageat lor Samoa' b'iraapaalia, ia Mewberm. ... ayi
whom I was ad need tm nac mat article amd to any m l
anae aad that or ray BeigBaors. to wfc.un ber eae
knows, after aainc kMir faWa kail hordes she was rrasrl
ad to aeOrct bralia.aad lhat as Uie space ol tlwra vek '
ad was able to work ia sew weeks from the tune
conmemced takiag it.
Ia witness of tha truth or thr statement. I have here-
awto alfiiee ray aame, the 19th day nf Mesrf.. M7.
OStfH VietaJTTEK. J. P.
hfoartk af Xenaa Si Tar. Craann I. N. I
Tlua core waa Herat u Jury, 19M; ther bar Keen
aayKptom af a return, aad hey health aha cofltiar-a
coed. July, WIS. -
Haw Toaa. July I.J-A4.
hfeawa. gassa. aiepUrmeo leoawilei it bid aar?
of wstit e so yoa to stale te fhUomine'aiUjBWa.
le Ufa great bench! I bare racarved in the ear uf
Tjnatt.A!icnoc VLcaa ob my nveajK
1 wasaaienJeJeignienemiMlrsieruinran'xi;Bt.
phySKaam, aasuted by theadsvee amd uxiaaai Moat ui t
our moat able aad eiperteaced turfeoas, wrhnct the I
Uvaat beaeut wiiaaesci. AUlme vmrtoaa aaeinaasaairsaai-
usg rancar were r anted to; for fire sreefca aeicreaan.ir
any breast was burred snth caustic three unseen das. and
for us it was daily iTnefrd wit weak aoautMinu nnnr
a hi, and the cavitv tar interne! slrer was so large Uwr .1 '
held over aaeunce oi the aoinOnm. The eatser fr f-
the ulcer and examined the bene, and mid the duee V ' -
was advamcuak rapully as the niacs. amd S I UU a4 ot
peeiry re lie I by nv.tlK vie or by aa omeraooa, ine r -a t
would be fatal. 1 was aevwed to hare Ibe breaot taat
opeaaad llta amies eramimail ; but ananmc amrehrf lrwe
what had beea dune, sad Icenmg 1 waa raptuiy (eDlng
arena. 1 alaxad deaaatireal of recovery, amd Comsmjeta
my cm Beany aorctrsa.
eeiac nnuas teaCisooauala amd ceithV ate af
'Carefre J
karate- .i
the ms ul bawls' bainaaann. In cases siitn.ar an a,
I comt hated tu try a utm butties, several l which.
naea. nut. iretn the kmic. aeep aeatea Cbaia.ierui eve
dtaease, prudixed no very urcasea t Baa'e
aa;e. Con.-n)ruaa: '
' cae. I per rr4 .
Il as ami ever !-'
una as Lheomty pm aaiaa ear tut my c
nwiu ine iiiwase wateauieiy cniee. 14 as muw ever eler
ea aiontru mncetke cwi waa cuanyietrditaeie aaao t-
unteaa apacaraa. w n rriaam. 1 J; , " 7ria--
aiyar wrj,mi:nt mt rMirdf tfft4 lti.w'rf.
trii.11 La, u f ma a via' nau'sm'a eiii jre
inr .'At liKie I eas ana 11. n eee i Wi ii iiaai.
rnease evi"ne ".he Iviat deferred riniwieH'a
aaaa 1 unaamr miiaaaar. inrtataak, sw
parilla cured aa,wilbluble4a4 of theusr Ft c aide nee, k
1 when nuthuag ala couhl; and I teal wvaeil nnaer lasting
4biigauusas Ul vow. I Can say niaxf tlunss I sanfivt nntr,
ami I do avust rrapMUulIy uavrt ai a fji tei a. k
been, lucali uyoa ane.am.1 1 nul iaieiir msrm Baa), a
Huth asataled abet, amd buay oOarr tuiugs n, nieieai ev
AntV. J. MILLtSK.StseJ.avamsa
TUiaeseellent einupowud. whtcb tse.gA.- a.fa. .
vwrsal wtrrosl tbnMi;neut the neumtrr. ass aa. c ale'
anccwamlly laie Uas iavw mt nsu cialaaaaamd aia neopae
aroumlas. He have read ag.u aa aeaim a. tm, et"Ka,
of taas invars imia a.iruf ! C aacad a tore .aaaat:
he vaiace ascitic ine bin met nauil c.,ne ka ka t
aay pmafiv erooi niwecania . aaibS-ak k-ar'l
of H. hut, ttwan liKbs im ear sa, a n,TC
well (ooruMed that, wuaoukoi'y eacemtnn, , a, a.
rsST, ereaaaaTsae, amd 'k,T cns,nuifml ever -lvre4
U the muhtac. tor to eary h ahruaaa dkemsee. ihew
mauiim aad rot wis. M H unauu-ie mi las bi,d, ua-
btk.r ansa nkan eCl
it hat sasf f"i" . . i oma at ' nos
tril nav and Buntnitp seiaaers,' that w batuh re reeena
hwmd a liiaery the MeewM eessmf e. ta-t
we jeevarthse er rnfeatauum for mcreeumy end .
eney 4 bait n t insnamte we heaUate ant to aan.nl ihrar.
niaik which vVAy aiad aaose-raaryar eh i-eA
. SORlTTr-lDAX ' ,
Th Ukiwtnf i an extract fmm tkuet itTTttTrr'
Mrs. Be rmtt . who had beea aAncted eartral years wiiir
Bcrnfuloua Talcers, lysaeaat, Ae.,aad recently ia if.
IrxUam of the throat and cheat; - .
BaiLkjlacao, T., Dee. 1.1, Kili.
Mesara. A. B. d U. lUmua: Betare I ceMna-nreJ
aataf your Sanapartllm, mt tanVenats were atmoet rust
espreaaiua; mv tares waneaaimnjtaiv aateraaed. I baas
dreadful court, and there were IreajiamUy aae an icavlh
er that 1 could mot sneak ahew a wmmper: and toir.
the mttaannsnitum irons ai lainna fiuMa, imans iiead.
ao that my bearmg was very mac unpaurr. .;ur la.
km the Sarsaparllia a anon tense mi neaamwuruTnl.
and aiy 'hroal te bow weU I am free lauua maa and
tiebtsMMsef th chant sa ever I was. amd cam hearemt
diaunctty. My Uaroat hasbeen weUahMil tare- nsnnins.
the cur of whira ha aeen cccdm taurcry ky to im i
soar hanapanlla.
leaiiKM, a.w w.a ar.i.1.,
That ttnaeevomsamd alarming anVcuom, which ka swept
Iron te stag nme se maay. both at the aimoM see
ofuslaJvcv.aathenvOTaviipnusandoialaraa. aum-
a.wid. has at raneta met as aane ane aata eae, am its ed
eifecta spoa the system ar lasl waste by the- pc werful
inttuewce t tats nuanswa. .niwiiiuumnja i.
Wna. falrKk, wvmd-corder, was attacked wuh Kaitrt
Paeer. wkach tell her ia a ureaaim statet ber aere was
eoeercd snth oartKWs ut scarlet eriaptnms: a lar in wmp
somelhinf uke a hue, and at asant rat uwaaa tm ihaanc
tee, made its appearaace oa the fhonhler, wharb brukn
and disc -aa reed aa aJoaoat tot reiuM omaatM v ed uow st
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Comgut-attrnsal Manietor, riaiiliag ai Wetnnrms
Woainui. Maak, March 3Utb, 184&,
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Maia Street, awxt doer to Bask of LouatTuia.

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