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i tS tSattle attle Cafe C fe
rc i taH t I liodrs Wooil UUil too OudJ1 > in jt
j jln imd ln I liivti viHViM
39 SEIE H S rAer
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Uncle Sams san s fishing licet numbers riun ber
CS34 vessels
The University pf Calcutta is prOD
i I Wy the largest educational Institu ¬
tion In the world It has about 10
t CJOO students st dents
Tho Tbu1 Tbu1cfrs liorso cfrs o lias a smaller stomach
5n SnproporUontp proportion to its size than any
other thtt fiuadruped uadruped
ihero hero are a r fif flftyelgt tyelgtit t 11lstlnctdls distinct dis
emS < < mBes sof of the th eye No other orl organ an of
1U ilthohnmtm body bolylias has so many
A Any i chlld chlldoer over seven sevancanl1e can bo prose
utqd < < utpd as is a crim c rlm inal ina in England but
5n nGernlaIlY Germany twelveJ3 tweholsthe the limit of ofre re
Bronslblllty t v I
TheroiprpCnbO rheroIf1r G3oO G3oOeoctrlc electric lights on
1110 M ur t > nJ I
I i 1
The ihe hardest t wppd oPd n lt the world la
ixotpbonj ixotpbonjbut Il jJl oDbut but c COClISw cus which hl h la used
1 Spr p mtklngflutqs np lllgQljtsaljd and similar similarmusical musical
Ins irtlmen tll
Asnca As near iy i iy y as s snl1 can nl1 be bee9t1mnte estimated dthco there
are tlilrty tMl tyi inhabitants ihabltants to the square
jnllo ml o on onth the globe glo jJe
Switzerland Swltze tandhas has a total to population
i f3UOP 3500 000 OO and thero are n ro1384 ro1384pCII 1384 peri ¬
odicals odicalslnt4eqonnbyor in theconn tiT or one publi ¬
cation to t every over 2715 2U5persons persons
Tie TIle highestinhabited hlghestlnh blted place la tho
world IB I that Buddhist monastery of ofI I
IJalcc JaIn Thibet r lbe w < ilc plch h is I about seV8n
teen thousand feet above boveseii sei level j
OI 12OQQOOd 12QoQ O p 000 leHers le tters written I
In a ar year r by theyiorld thc ibrldnt at largeS largo S
OOOpDbOOO aro in Enllsh 1200 I
C < pp0p0 0 OIOh1 liGarmanj GcrmanlanlClnlYJ and only 1 1000
0ijpOB f QPQD ft JlJrench jn Drench I
I i
T p vflrasQ yqra Q we 1elghL ight of a anan man flyo
fee fe jt Blic 1I jaq l Ves qsJn height h tat at the t a l1eof e pf
thirtyflvo thll tfivo s tp forty rortyr ygarfl r arJi Is 147
pounds The feminine average tlvera ohl is
flyo pounds less I
The conservation consen atlon of Aus tr trlaHun iaHun
gurIsnproerbbut gary IB a prpverb but Yankee Invent Inven
tlonibd tiph abd ehterprlse l Ifaye ye been able ble to t
l bl > rea al i through throu g the old d lines lnes to a sur
lIriJ3higdegree prlahig degree
The ThepoJlco police third thlrdde degree ree so Ire
que1llyused < 5Ue tly used by Now NcwYo Yorks rksdetecUve detective
korce Itf j caEes casswlereprlsoliers where prisoners do not
ftnow noV their fights has fallen under
the ban banef of tho thp highest court of the
State of Washington n I
By Tneana JIIeansof of Improvomen ts of tho
Taaturo of ofcurv curve eliminations ellmInatonsand and I
shortcuts r cutso of fQn one kind ItlMorinothet or another the he i Ji
engt oMbo 1ral s SI erl1li RnllrpiJrG
Fllb FllbeIOis yiu oo eIOis so shortened bQrtonedthatl2QOmlle that 1200 miles
Vi1l1bo will jboi put ut off oftthetrtp the trip from Paris to
IPa J klk jfiistcad l1steadofb of belngr lngmol moro t1ia than
S500 ra jles in lengthlt length It will wmbe be 0300 03001
and tho fourteen days now consumed
bytbc by the trip will be reduced to nine
and a half The improvements are
being made mnd on the most substantial ubstantla
lines andwill not be open ope to the un ¬ i
favorable criticism the or orIginal iginal work I
was wassnbjecte snbjected d to
Fpnr FpnJKlttens Kittens Remain enU1nArou11Il Around House
an 8JldFollo dFollo d Follow v Master nrns fur tike Dogs I
I was fprtunate fo rtunat enough to to secure
a temale fAJ1 fAJ1lnle lnle wild wlldcatwhlchhad cat which had been i
cajissii t in Ina a trap trapbY by a keeper in the
csitrcme north pf Scotland It was I IcibtHne
Eotlong mo o llgln in niy my myposses posaesslon posses slonbefo before re I ar
tr tWlil3t lwistl at thoconcjuslon ttoconc slo that there are i
few an unlniaBwl1derthan imals wlider than a wild wild cat
Tho tb beast was so soaa savage vage that thatl I found fou nd
It itiIpJJosslble Impossible U tdo do any anythIng thing to thi
anliired 1i 1ur ed fore forellmb 4lmb but nature came 1 1
ho 0031d aid of my captive and tho leg
although a ithongbre remaining malnll g slightly de J
tfbrmed 1f nDed became quite serylcable erv cable 1
In about a months time the tliJcat cat
sftilch afterwar ds f escaped and was
chot otwhUoraldlng while raiding pheasant rearing
Ii grounds unds presented mewlthfour me with four klt
ftens and ndknowlng knowing the cannibalistic j
ttendcncleB ct ndenclesof of wild cnlmals In cap
< ti irily irilyf lty f SC ma lIa de arrangemerits rran eme rits t to re r 1
mo pmTO the kittens Idttensl as B soph soqhaf as they Were
Sama iI n Onohad howeyerj h weverbeen been mode
savTOpal tn = alof of ibefore lforet tftei 1 others < wereres wli res
coei c oeIL iL
Tie 1 remaining throe were irons trans7
Sewed lCmit to a afostcrmotherln foster mother In the shape 1 1
oIJfgenti of Sentle s itabo table cat and the family I
affirylYed s vri1Ye ciaU all theIr Infantile Inf1ntjleaIlInct ailments ts tsI I
saafl a ftara are B tlll tmallve alive Notwithstanding NotwltbSan dlng
ttitelx ft lr env nvlronment ironment and the excellen excell nt t j I I
KEamplo nhown them by the stable
Qt1hl st the kittens klttnsweroPfac were1 practically lcanY un I
ttamcfl terrors with wltheveryone every one but my ¬
self I nI1 until tUthfJY they reached the age of four
cxrnomonthB r ittio months
Alter 1 that period they Bcemed IP
have haP a greater r ater faith In n human nature
Of f perhaps ta familiarity I1 rltyh had d bred rcd cpn
tprapt thongh even Q en yet ye f fthere there nre are
tiaett tJJlJCflw when 1en the wild ancestral blood
wraTses l es madly through their veins
and lor Sor days dayfthey they are aroalmost almost unap unnpilrQacl1able
jpiroachable iButll1thalrquleter 3at Jn tholr quieter me I
monts they follow n me eabolitlIltfl about like cioga oga
auid mdr respond toca to ca ll or orw1Jlstle whistle Iglve I give
Ihem hem theIr liberty only OIlIYdurlng during tho th
lajrnowi and nndoven even then the they are nn
oderobs der obBdryatipn ivlltlonns as Once rjncewh waen n I I let
stliem montofthehquartersn ont of theif quarters n the eve ev
n 11lngtheybolted lng they bolted I
Arterm l1chdlffiCUty IreJapturec l
two but ut the third did no t ti return for I
a week and I was WlISsurprlsed surprised that it It
eame biick at atan all On warm moon I
JlgiitG 1g1tstheywlll they will cautorwaul to tho ho do
BieB mOO mOOctabbles tle ctabbles ta bbleo and the voice v oIce of the
0111 rdhury rycat cat is a mere whisper cpnt om
lJiUe p ircailo iio the thecans calls of those productsof
1ti o jj ino wpods w ads glooiri looin and I I ba had d to
aweftdye lem1tbtoo nay iWco wjld Ild caua C1 to tqlplDco n placo
Krlfeer NW1itr8there itftere were w wr r no ne ighbprs lg1iborswhoso whoso
> dt dmtMVi 1 cddl col l 9b < < 9 be disturbed d stutb cdFrom From
jifA Q3 b q lg 1 9r plInlf
1J i 6 11t e n nlrl1l 11d lli f
t Jhi 1 mlt j ll I S p
1 ifl t11 ir W1 W11i JII 1i ri i1 6rs r n M Il D Ii p er
ijt r tllol itkM Be w fi Dn
IiI gPD n tp II ons lJ nweso he 1 n tI tIl tIu u
II crel1l I1thlr tCuCJlQ ento
Si rt
i 1iI
IJr iT J
rriji r1U Attic AG i
nbrhcn I cr hcn hcnd hcnshc d d is shc he ld l nmong OI og tlic th < stnru
Heifet HCI fc tlIre rare oi C1J1tiO tlie It a
An Ana a irs hip with itn whirling whlrlit blaJca bln c3
Ispoillc Is polled il1Jion ujjon lie 1 Uncej Ime <
An auto n totiro tro isiDunr l ho nefk ne k
A trolley tlo lley nthecnlde nt heJoitlo
Anil ni mile ilcs of insulated nsulntedwiro wiro
About her waist w lst iu3 tlodi
Tfio Jie1ktning8j Jig t irilla pf4he 9f l i1lc Mirelcaa w i lc s flash
Around her hClIpnl1t jiantorn fOf n
He lIcih brpvi is jshilcr Ve iled lh lhc lij c jlpiu l ln lildsqfdus ls of dust t
Hej lIC1Olcl voicij dll Is like the storm
She put luU a hnrnBss hlrii soh dW the World olld
It move at her copiraan d
And all the lecrets e rcts of tlio nir
Ai6 Ar prisoned in her Imntl Illll ld
Jlinnn rtnna Irvinj Jrjurln in Leslies Wee kly
jl J I havo llvef faltfifu Itlifuqyltaptmy ily kept my prpmlse prpmlset promI t
ne nevcdodlvuls yer tp dlyu ige IP to my myslsterLoullie s istpr Lpuise
I the t 1 1adv adventure adv Cn t tre re ha lI1 t t Jjefell efe me meat at our
flfgt r jnemorablei jnemorableiiinnerx e eofn ofn ble bleidlnner iinnerx at a Lily Car
t tersnorthe t or t e identity de 1tlt of Pfi the hevrlm prim
waltresswhp waltres wJ > servdd serVb111S iis pn that ttu occa
Bipii slO1iAnd And no pno ono bu t M Mls s Carter
and an thcf person r ersondirect1ylnvole directly involved ever
knew cnew qf Hho tho loss o san an il tsubsequent subsequent hls hI
torypfny tory 9 1y pearl al 1 scarf s lI fpln pin
Br BflctrI ief nientipn nUqn muat mQ t bo bemlld made of my
eldest s lsterJs Inerflinate h1 > rdltllitailii4 and sinful
regard reg1l4fo fpfv the tted detrtlls tlIs Pf household
management managementtor fpr thereby thelebhangs hangs thte
tale Her He r rown own homo Is perfectly or ¬
t dered deredan and d thuslntrenchedo thus Intrenched outside tRlde
the application of oftJloadageconmn tlio adage concern
lIng Ing dwellers In glass houses she
IjuStlfie justifies herself In IncavllUngat cavilling at the
domestic peccadilloes of ofherfrlel1ds her friends
I No N9t t b 6 that Is not notafraltJ afraid to enter
I ta talnLoulse in Louise Ilm I knew w that thMrs Mrs Carter
I wasquaklng dvertbcxprospect 6ver thoprospect of our
dining dlnln st her erhou hone e er r She was a i
I boar oardln dlns echobl fr len lenI il 6f f Lpulse s i
and hi4 hi4j hi4marjie i j marjie mar ded a poor bank1 bankclerk c lerk i
arid a d thli i was YasL Lusi Lusiis L s is s11rs firs t tvisit visit East
u inc e Lily y had ha set s lit up Up housekeeping l1o sc eepInS
Vfo wer w ere r to gp putearly in order
IP o 10 be1 drJTe 4r inn ri abput b butti utti the esu su burbs urbs betoro
dark My sister had preceded me
and as I t twas was on my my way from the the
station stntohg > z > lone olei Idetected ldetect d a short shortcut cut
to the th c 1ious liousp by way wn of some vacant
Iqts Grip ln Inhand > hand J sprang up the
banking ban fngwhlch whlch sipped abruptly from
tho sidewalk and upon reac reaching hing the
top noticed i g > girl hes hesitating itating on the
brink as if if dubious about trusting
erself rselfiJpohthosllppery iipph the slippery surface j for
itwas the thewlntcrseason winter season After pass ¬
ing gher her l I paused pnusD d with an instinctive
6 6islro islro to Wheof be of assistance slrtanc 1 Sho Sh was
We the prettiest PIetUc crea re atpre ture Ieiex I eyer paw aw
Her Herblonahalr blond halr i fluffed tiuti i3utfrombe frpm be
nea tK Ja 30 boyish boyIshE seal E alcap cap w which hich
matched mntchedher her rich coat coatUponthe Uponthe soft
curve of ofone one cheek where the tio
quettea quettesof of old used to wear their
patc hes a small sm allbro brown v tnole moleeu en ¬
hanced the fairness faIrIJessof pf her skin sklnShe She
threw me a lconflt confiding lng look from fr mber her
I gray eyes which w hl hwerOshi werp shaded l1 d by YW w pn
1 dorful black lashes lasha anil an l tenfntlve tentntlveJr iy
stepped upon the Icy alcpe Ti T1Ien n her
feet teet began bega to o slide slld i
I f1i hEJ d drl rl < 131 4 MtJ1f1
tJ628 I fFd dilAnr tr4
zeAitJ1a h hca1t1on ca1t1on T MlJtbr l llti
the tiqJmp Impetus tusof of my Iy aap aJPI1PocJpltuttng njocipuatjng
us at atableae a breakneck ne ci1t paap VaC 4pwu iIv11 the 1
I bank across the slippery sUpperysldewalk s idewalk
and Into the stree street t With Wltha a hurried
Thank thank you so much muchlnas In a Weet w wet et
vo voIce ice she disengaged dlsengagedh herself rself from
my support and was gone
I I adjusted adjus ted my hat and coat collar
With a lJlell pleased ed thoughregretfur though regretful
Bmlle omllel1l1d and w ith a habit X haye felt
for the thepln pin tn in my scarf It It wa3gone
And then I remembered with yivid ylvld
distinctness the vieleht violent pressuroof pressuro of
j two twClsmaU small hands hnnds againsti agalnstlmy my chest as
we made our mad descent rUwas If was a
valuable pin and I was sprry sorry to lose lo e
it But Butmy my deepest regret was on inan < an ¬
o ot ther er account 1ccount
What t a charming chall11lngmnld maid this In
a stage whimper w4IJ3perbyJ by Louise oulse to t9Mrs Mrs
Carter Has she been b en with you
fNot Notlong long Mrs Carter Jar ter btldtlme htd time
to t treslJondbofore respond reslJondbofore before the t egIrlreentered girl reentered
the dlnlngropm I 19 g lanced up upwlth with ¬
out interest Her ha ir was blond
parted parte4prlm primly in the middle and
drawn smppthlyaway smoo thyawaitrom from her lie fore ¬
head Upon thelurveof the curve of one very
pink plnkch cheek et where our ourpolonlal colonial belies b Ues
were wont to tc wear their beauty
patches was a small smallbrown brown mole
So my lady was a profess Pro fess ional thief
gaining entrance elitranceto to this t ls house dis cils ¬
gu gubed ised as s a servant
Tho Thedlnnerwasa dinner was a success and the
I IlIerv servan lIerv ntperfet t perfect Loulsqbpaied Louls v vb b ed ap ¬
proval provalanllr and Mrs Carter Carterbask basked dthere there ¬
I in IPr After BoJfee in the library I
I found some pre pr tex teit t for fo leaving eavlngthe the
room Listen LI8tenlngst ing stealthily althllyat at th the
pantry door and Marin hear ing the fa faint int j
clink of china I etitered e1teredShe She was was
I sentedlndepend sea ted independently ntloon on the top ol ofa a
palr pahof of portable steps finishing 1Inl hll g an
Ice Her H r face blanched when she s he met
my my condemning gaze and she sprang
to the floor Her Iorbeauty beauty smote nie m e
to tiie tbeheart heart
w 1 I know knoweverytltig everythirigi I I declared in In
a Ii dramatic whisper If you will
Ipave l aveat at pncp onco jt will not note exppse xppse your our
position xosIUQni i I
How did you knbw know she he
breathed wideeye wlde e e d I M
f It Is qu 9Ul ite apparcttti a parcntsallrdr said I dry ¬
ly especially esieciaJ1 afterthe after the1 th0ftbf leftof my mY
Oh 0111 1 Bhe gaspe gaspe d li lilt Its lt you la
it lU
Yes It Is I grimly mly jtlowever
It Is upon my friends account that tha t I r 1
come co neto to you youn not t my own
I 1 Why W yp dont iLtyou you tell tetiypur your tr trmM friends mM
s fre defied i
I I tte felt itmyse myse lf growing groV ing ted red
It Itls Is a mans ma sprldeto pride to have hn a t reason Icasoi
I for hs acts Ithen I then realized that her
beautys b allt rJs appeal IlPpea to tothy my sympathy simp thY was
my reason now 1 1nt1
Ypu Y uare are young 1 re re plied se Ee
verelyr verel J I trus r this la IS9Itr 1 jpnr fjrsto j t 1
i fenso andthat andthatyou you wllire wl1 re ilprm
Sho covered covercdh her rtaCQlftb11er1It face with her lit ¬
tie hands and fpr t r a mauieut her
shou IIho1ti IIho1tiers idprs ers shpohr fh okgently gently But tho dyes i tJs
that tb tsl she lrrnls raised ed tomlne tb i mine were we re terir tel r Xessv s
Slnco SlncclYo yoti are so Kind kl d I 1 wilt wmtc fe ll
you uil th the truth I did not steal ste3JY9ur your
pin p n it Itall caught all bt r lt 1tcalgbt caught in my ID
rpohipadpurj pompadotl J Yoii Yti will IU flndit 11 1t fldv I1civ i
tlspd In ttt the Jie ovenihg ov n tl1g pRpor iV Qr
Was Vas tliis tlils cjever < pverllea vue to throw me
lofn off I r IdQk looked cnt at her e keenly
n LJIH 1 Iu llmrm
Yol 1o l tbOlJGi i me tI1BlIt
Cycstlq qd J
I I ilaibj 110 bPJ bllftffi i JbuV lnd ami iaslc 1usl3u ypuV
pardpn par4c D IJutt QtrfJc1nt r J cant uudorstand tmd lst nll
your ourl1osttlon pos ition 1l3 rdra 1 + a a ascrl BorvflAit lJ
Is to it neccssaryrthat lteccsuiyUiltYOIIsbould you should
Mr Barrows Bnrlowai i 1 It was w s th tho p icy IcyvOce voice
of my my hostoca Be Dengll ing v gwrIJthol1t jvr without
deforico 1 IooIclltMl1lc looked the pic tuVe of fgu gu ilt
When Whe n 1 need need any n ylietec 1 detec tive tlvcwOIIt work
Mr Barrows I I will wlUcall call upon yon
perhaps Until Until then kindly refrain refl riln
from fr mannoylng annoying my servants
It jtW8S Was eviden t tsho she thought thou ht me
smitten by the charms of her table
g irl So I I was vasctu yet was a well ye1l
meaning young youligmatiCvel man ever to Ina a mbro moro
awkward1 position
Nonsense Lily Mr Barrows does
hot deserve such abominable abemlDl le treat t tlt
ment l lAndi And I m mnot not your yo r servant 1
u uOh Oh Daphne think thlnltwhnt w hat you ou are rl
saying implored l nl ored Mrs rrs Car ter bf her
mutinous ttlll tJnous mad ma d
I donltcare on tcare Ypull Yqu lhave have tp ten
him htrar r Lily Im Imsl1re sure he hecan can be trusted
with our secret
How blessed for that that i 1
Then thpy th y told me how 1 Mrs Car < far ¬
ters lack of ofl a walt waltesshnd waitress esshnd had been sup ¬
plied by her cousin Daphne Know
Ing lngLoulso Louise as I did di I IoudaupretJlato could appreciate
the situation sltuatlonand and after mutual mutualns as
surancea suranccso of f forglvenesa and nndconlr conff
denco Pi 0 > ir 1 strange sessipri In In the pan
try broke broeup up
Whoni W1 W1enimy enimy ray sis ter rotuined to Chi ¬
cago a few days later aterIddm 1 did not t11c ac
Company companyheland her and in due season the t1e
pearl poarlscarf scarf pin was fashioned fas hioned into Jntoan an
engagement engage ient ring for the loveliest
girl in the world Boston oston Post
GlGueOeOClODOOlJooeoo uoe
lThe The Tight Little
e Isle I sIe
0 e
QooaoeoaBOoaBoaoaB908iioeoii CI GII no III COOIIIOIlGalaoo II 09013
An Englishmans pride in Inb V own 6wn
country countr Is both admirable and humor
Qus ous a ttlmes t times Inlayerygood In a very good Western
story In Gunters entitled The Re
mlttnnce mlttnnce Man ManP Preston cston Ward the
writer wr lterhas has his hero apostrophize
England Englandln in these words
u ulsee I lsee see a place placewl1ere where the thegrassls grass la
green greenso so green you dont know kn w
green gre en Tom tIIIo till yoUSee UI S eoE English n glIShgras grass S
all rolled roll lid andpampered and trimmed trlmlped
ifor for hundreds hundl eds of ofyenrsbymy years bymy father I
and my fathers father and their
fathers back b I 77so so far f al ali i And An d > theres th eres
hedges hedgestrlm tr im hedges Tom not nota a I Ihedgestrlm
grea t Lrlggedr rugged cruel Clue1 moun ount tain > o ridge
that notches the hor horizon izon English
hedges you can see se over civerbest best when
a ageodold good old Irish hunter hunterlIftshs lifts hs frpnt
legs to to take them It It takes fakesY your tr
breath that tbatlift lilt It does Maybe a
little ltUe trout stream streamp streampi streampays plays i ays for fora a whilo wh lo
through the green greenso so green greengrass grass
its an English trout stream streamnever never
blustering bll1s erlng nor making mnklllg a afu fusflabout u t
Itself like the mountain fellows fel1 ws here
And tho the whole wI101eco countrys ntrY sfllledwHh filled with
trees treesEng English l lsh sh trees trees Great oaks
that thathavelved have lived In in bur ur places s sshico s shico jnco
we and 1ha that tguard guard theo the eld iil hbmes h m ea
and the theold old families famlUesandm pnd make ako them I
what vh t they the i ia are a ro ihey Theyrenot rell Qt afraid afraIdt to
stretclvout thfy dCntget c1 rtdct1l34nmed ashamed
atid aiimted mted at a t t tmTberiino Qlli l lt o U1 titoreiv I j
no I cr1jb o flkIi i I caru a
1 ml Hgl 1 fft V plflCe1
It er I Ot tlf t I fli an > t tItll Itll 1 1It
the families fam pleS arfl I nkG tb i
lines Une = anitne eugratfJan l4 i Qai that this thl
la iJlUIM mine jtid MiUrl1t tMi is ybnrs onts but We
wont quarrel qumreaboJt about it it for were werean all
Englishmen EngllslmlenOhlts Oh its a l1Ught tight little little
place pacejTom Tom pn and dIt it sometimes ometlI1es cratpps crn ps
fellows like me < and alidchafesus chafes us mortal
sore s re and andsomeUmeswe souietlmea we well wo
arent aa straight straightas as the oa oalts ks and a nd
they theymalto mako us ashamed asb med to lis ten jtgj to I
the English breeze whispering whtsper Ing
through thro gh their thellEnglish English branches brl1nc i is s But But
its tight little England Engmdpy r my Eng
landrom lahd Tom i And thats that 13 what whatI I see ee
down dO Il there thereIn in the mountains moun taIns its
calling me home calling me calling ca iUng
me home like 1ketho the echo ecbowe we catc h hup up
i t >
The l Parsons arsonsTrap Trap
A certain ertalnJQcal local preacher who wbollved lived
in Western WlsternNe New vYOrlt York In InmYbqYh my boyhood Od
days cultivated a small farm in ad ado j jdays
ditlon tohlaclerical to his clerical duties dutlesand and was
accustomed tp trap mink muskrat mus krat
and an d dslmUar similar small smalId deer er He Hewas was
brought before a board of deacons of f
his hl 3chur church ch on a charge cha rge of ofnttendlng attending
hIs traps on Sunday He expla explained ined
by saying that on one occasion occaslQnhe ho
was wastaklng taking a walk It chanced IP tob be
Sunday mprnlng and alsp he had
caslll1ypnss casually passed d near nearoneothls One of his traps
In the jaws jawsQf pf thesteel the steel trap he dis ¬
covered cover da a live mink As the poor
creature was badly ba dlymangled Dangled and Buf aut ¬
fering heVout h out pf fq fquhtanlti humanityi taok the
ttaliaal bUt o t and aJ1dItlockedlt i ik k pcke d it in the
This Thlsseemedtobe seemed tpbe satisfactory aUst ctQryand and
the charge wasabeiit tp tob be dls
mIssed when Deacon Cbbhapiang hls
trap Parson did you youset set tho trap
agin 1 With WlthadeprecatorYVtlveof a deprecatory wave of
I the hand easy tp Imagine but diffl llm
I culttp describe the parson pa rson replied d
Deacon Deac n 1 just barely barel set it It
I Colifessed C llfessedToo Top Much
Late Lateoneatternoon one afternoon MlchlteiFJan Michael iFJan Flan
hlgan and Dennis ORourJce onoUljtomcb mbtupon pop 1 1nlgan
the avenue a venu Mike wnspnslderby yas cons iderably
under the thawenthcr weather
Molke Molkeas asked iebdOPour OUourkQ ke why
dont d nye2 yea brace up and lav lave the
dhrlnk alone
Olve thrie d di i Dlnnle but butt the e Jobs
too big f forme or mo
Thry this this once oncenoreMol1to more Mblke
Heres Hlresachllrch a church fornlntjjs fornln tu I Op a in
there old man and confess c nfesr and takp take
a f frlsh rlsh start Ill wa Wllt it outside
He He waited untllihe u nU11ie was tired then
peer peering ing Into the darkened da rteneJ bu ihllng 11111ng
sa s ildll id in a huarse wtIsper
Molke i
Have yes cbnflssed c nfiissed
01 01 have havethatl that
Wheres Wbe a tho prastr prast
V 11I I E gorrahi Sor a11i Dlpnle DlnneanlO and 01 tjihk
has Boneouttocalia gone puttolla < 01 > SucceS3 Sl1ci ss
Trade of tlipUriited States g a tEs wlthv wlthlts lta
fioncon 1l0nconttngll tlngubus l1 teriIlplica ter dtpJlc3 assrer ag gr 1
Gate Ji72OOOidOO in tho year J4 jast t
prided e rid d against about abQ t 0flpiipbO G 1M 0 oa a
decada1 o 1 1decada1
Tfce nianafact 1lan f1ct lre re pf citrlttm ratfan farnl j
turn is ieslnwin 1Jelnlll1 to atU tt1W > i J itteiitiou ttelltlou I
ITUhe blUllllllp
t Ic
> f
I ug
I kl G f
0 I I
The Mot4ntelljent Mo f I lntelllnBl1talld aiid Mfpslinij
> > rf liscGiil SRnlche ltaes s W f
His 11S Personality crSOO lllf
tUrtfs II ts JJio iwi JII ftiijpndbri londlt Cor < ii irp iwqtttfWiCfl ncu
10 t J t 1 Ileplt li n Whttt1I1J
JoI ot1I JJea tloJEdwardYr
I Ituse4 It Ussfl to tp bo betlief tho faflhlpnvtajloo l lQn t lo t
6nth n ni nthe i the p man manwhQ whp will wlHr relgn Jguot bjelk lUie the
Britis rlU h Emnir E Enhe nhe p HB nsGeorg Georgb V ittW iiii n
gopd laatiirpd but JJutrnthol rather Btupidman
bUtlecentdovelopments btit recent i doyelopments
have h v given glyenleason reason to tobeHeve believe that thl
Is lsnotso not so No l o doubt dOubtGer Ge < rges Q court
wilt bo a very dlfToioht one o a from Ed
I wfcrdjs w rd but utl i therp rolle are inariy JI ny1JjIlilsh ISngllgh
men men who think tilnk this will wlllno no t Lbea be a bad
thlusi tI1111 ii
Tp o bosin with wIth George V Wwill will be
the first i EJng E11g1sh iish mpnardh monar b since tho
Jtuart t art daya dq g of It whom it w ill be b possl o s
blij bletQ to sayiitUathQv saYi thnth s swhollY who lly and In
1 iputiVblyEnglish i iP P ut biY EJlgllsh Even Evenlilsgrand his grand
mother gueenj Q1ce 1 Vlctorla Vlctorlaj VJctorlaspke j Spoke Eng
Jjsh > 1 wl y h a > German atcent ncc ntiaUho although g
J1 J1c c > s dl1 lr Engll h IIis entl
mant T1Qpr c Oermanlncllnaton
J Jo o fir i iol ol ac > rSOSVleren tOrrl
j jOUs OUs us usl usan l and an moat Jna t of them could ooUlc tbaldlY nardly
jj lMer e btan t8pt t8ptIthe iithe Ithe language Pf the tn > cpiin coun
OTpverwjhchtheyhad trl9 er wlichtheyhad been b en call caUed ed
t tcnIle prijley ii j Georgespeaks Oeorg Oeorgi i sp ksno no
l languasps gl1 g j JJ1 bUfe bUfei i L EnglIsh h He had the
iisi J u ial l drlUijig drmI lgatcboolln at fichool in the be Euro Eu o
pean toftgn to g1Ws ifs ofcourse or course butVEo soon
as a hjs js fp fOrnle nal eduicatlbn du aU was w s 1 finished
he promptly forgot all about abo tthe them ni
declar IjClarlng ing emphatically that English
va was qu q jte te good oCdeno enough h for forallhls all his
wants Vauts viH jaQr poesn doesnt tUk like foreigners f r elgIlers
and jfn J factrone fn < tlaneof of his fathers chief
tr dnl ials r 1 les es in In1 persuading > e luadlng him to be
ordinarily o r llnarlly civil IvU to tod diplomats pI mats and anddls dis ¬
I Hng1shedvIsltors tingu ished visitors whom it Is 1s his
duty as heir 1 apparent to the throne
toraepf to meqt lWhy nvhy should lsCe I see the th
1J ute b I repoitadWbaveas1ctid
recently re en tiy wipn wbal1 a ar < number of of aistln sHn
gulshed gUIs ed European t trOPlan rOPlan statesmen statesm li were w ie
Visiting ir Lon jjpn pnnnd and he waif was called
on to re ecelve p 1 eiYe tbemCbII them lEhrtilns ex ex ¬
plained palnedthatdtlWas thatjltiwas necessary vforhiin c forihlm
to be civil dv l land and ho Acquiesced ll qulesc innd and
was wnatolmally formally polite but butbe ho Ii1 Ii11ed Juried 1ed
Jb through T Tu > u 9 J4CjIeromony thcf Bromony as quickly Julctly4s jus
posslbl 71 r
Thisdoesitno fhls io t otm jniean an howevp how p ffU ftXat i1t
the Prlncek PrI cetsshY shy pr s tupid pr 1tliat that
he Is npt not keenly lte llily consc cpIlscIQus ious pf of the th dur du
ties Uesco co neeted nee wlti with i his high pos positiOn ition
when When he is ajled oh tP take part in
any Englis h horcolonlalfuncUon or orcolonlalfuncUon colonial function he 1 e el 1
responds gla a illy and there the re ls > ribMnan v
jn nthe the countiy cCtunt Y whp whols Is better 1 Informed
op home homeandlmperIal and Imperial1 problems His
choice choice of offrl fr iends n s js slgnlflcant In It it ¬
self They ajte ajoa a jJselected Jlsel cted either x xrom from rom
the t pld Englislvnoblllty En lshnobl1ltror or f from rpm men men
whp ho have made mtl c their thelrmarkln mark In the de
yelopment v l oPl11ent L tthe fthecmplr empire nor d
I Sirathcpna strathOl 11 a Wb ho began life Ife as1 as R01 Donald Y1d
Smith Smt a trapper for the Hudsons Hud ns
Bay companHih om omJal < Jal lti Canada anada is Ison pno of his
most m ost i trust d d f friends dends and andJadvlsers jadvlsers
an At 4 anotlVerls tnl IirlsIlrl Lonl Mount t Stet5i on
I h > Efi iiiree UIClf Uas o leanidoniifiol heon Idem Lificl1 vith tth
Au 4liedeflppvue H ppm t of the Brest glcrJtCiJJt Oaii
iw AAI k f I A s1 ltt V JW
nj fli + t ITn pl1l1hY f vlal tl1
rt rt1i 1i I liju II Jf Jfp p lri itiYeRtll
1f E tz JIIJIhd the fllt rnl1tl 1ll
j n rQ Ji 7 r Qtthem 1 stor1
or o jgln glnWP9 whpi fwarmI1 warmjibout hout li nls Javfathef father
will wlHllud find thejcpurt a very cold place
Indeed 111 deed when ypellhe he succeeds to the
thrpno t rpno af
i The 1l9P1In I rlnceideteats eidetests cards cnrdsin and d hard har d ¬
ly canb can be persuaded to to take a i1 hand
when w hen henI ihe I h Isf I I ataylng staylnat at a It country
hpuse hQueeHeclirori He Cdros nothing nothlnsforiacll for racing g
foi fOI wliich wl lch his father f ltber had a passion
and a t d li careaeven cat sevenlessforentertaln less for entertain
ing Ingwblll1 wlijie hs hlllfljtbersoye fathers love lor forsur sur
rounding li Mmselfwlth iraselt with clever c1 vcl people
has made htscourtthe hh ou rt > themostbrllllnnt most brilliant
lnEurope nEu rope Thero is nobettelevl no better evi
j jdcnce dcnce of this jthan thedlfference be 7
jtween tween the lifa IlfOat at MarlborougU MarlboroughHouse House
npw no and when the bolJ King 1g was Prince
of o f Wales Wa lesIJI In the old days d ye a Buccesf suc es
slon of o f brilliant br Ii Iiantba antba ba ils lsga garden rdenparUC parties
an d dotber other entertainments entertah ri1entsfoUowcd followed 1
eac ji other ther throughout the London
season se sonNow Notf the Prince Prlnceglvea gives one
ba il irnndone and one garden gardenpartYevery party every year rear
and a nd grum grllmblesat bles at atj j hav havIng lng to dp this
At these functions fu ctlonshe ho contents hlmi him
self with a aformalal1peajance formal appearance and
then th n settles down in Inn a qufat quretoorner eorner
with w lthso some mo colonial olpnla ior or some man who
is doing things at home and fprgets forge ts
all about hlsmoro frivolous frlvoousguesta guests
In a dl8cuBsIon dbicussl ii iiof of some problem of l
The e King KlngUcesforelgnpoIUlcs JUces foreign politics and
high hlghdlploma dyipmacy Y and audth the Prlncede Prince de
fttests them hemand and pnly ol lYil s too t o glad a dtlt tha t
his iatUerAaoesnot atlierdoeSnotRjk ask him toi ta ke
any pf this thb work > orlelnhls pn his shoulders
The rhoWng King fs is bored boredwlth w jth hpnie horneand nnd
colonial clonIUI affatrs falrJ which he hecons cohs fders fders
dull and une u xciting and is Isdollghted delighted
that t I1 hsPon his pni pnifa ltrwllUngtotake fa willin g IP take all this
wprk work9ffhlshands pff hlghandsi
The Thero o w a typical case pf this
QgreemeRt ng e me to 9 disagree when the
Squth SquthMrlcan African Generals visited Lon
dpn I1 after tl3r th6 t4 iwar The king mng it was
hnqwn knllV I jpuld PU tl not no foigat fOlg t th that tthese theae
men Ind had lae qocn h In Inirebolliph i reholUonnglhist agaInst
hi jn and a1 whjjtai W I hls jil exqillslte exqtlslt tact oii
pbec I1b him l tpu tpuberpolite tpl berpolite be olta to tp thcvi th lie
ha jjnp3esrevto lnopelr otlonlze llpnlzothemj them iho 1he
Pfince PiI stepped s eppel1f1itp into the breach and nd
surprised su r iI ed the 40fnemfromthe rnenf rpm theyeldt iveldtb by
his hi Intimate II1Umltocnowlerlgejfal VnPWledgaaf all tha i
had hadhnpllenel happenedkin lniSouth South Africa since
the whit ltj man man flrstsettled first settled there and
of all the problems thqt that haa lrd io be
settjed se tI d df f I lamtoldthattber am told that thertf can be
no odQu doubt t tha h jfc jfcv ttbo v thpi Princes Prlnce I gariu gn ulne ine
affabiljty to the theformel former enemies enemlcsot ot
his country q1 try J iad JidIlI ai Jot to do with w ith tho
speed pe dx recpnclilatlpn rlCOIlC Ultlonof of therBfiers theB ersto to
their thel Au 4eleat re1 and nd their 10yal loyal cce ccept t
ance pf British qrule ru ie 4 The Th
thprpughnea thoroJls l1lafl with which i the PrJnce
had hndninqe made hImself mastet of ofSoutli South
Af A rican I a1pr prpblems Qblemss is typical trpfc nl nli > otj OffaU all hs his
work work Every Everynow now and again he
makes m ke a speqch at ntsomopub soJino pubIc Ic funcr fU 1c
tion lont that t surpr surprI iBes s every ono by by Ita
graspon graWon the subject rubjecttreated treated Such SuaIr
a co one Aevas was his famous Wake Walte UD Up
T TH H lM ll f l
Englf1nll sP 9chd IV red at a
i Guildhal ban quet petI Af a > f aw wyeil years lIngo ago
When ho tred 1191tqarlusot tq arouso t o couiltry o litry
to olsens n sense pfihow o fh w It It wtts > being dls
4ancedii lanc d ltidi tfi Mrace rl rlc c efo1 fer the worlds
commerce co rJ1m rce by the theJo11ger younger nations
lnclul li1gWI Vn H qSfrite
t i 1 t ts tbI s bI Il Yft YftPtpt1 Ptpt1 cei
e Ii
J iiIlirl fl
H j r r
4 4
makes makcsr spp wh ah like Uketbntto that to saylliat
It was wilttei i ipf o htn Il1br tiy tolh Sdihe one Ol io
elsei else but In the thecttse case of George Geor o PC C
Wtjies Wales this la npt nots so Ho iieplelJarcs prepares
every Gverys s i ieeoh > eeoh thnf that lie makfea himselt
as as carefully aa any public p ublic ml1 ml1amcu mi h hamong among amcu
his subjects Of course o or r i ie e this does
not moan that thathedoes ho does not true t to tQa a
secretary secretaryto to Jbpc l olc up ulhls hls flgUrbs fiflt los and d
references but 6yeiy velr busy po PollU litlcJian lnn r
does that i The fact remains that tha t th the
speech is his hIBownld own idfeas ns phrasing IJ hrnslnm and
construction Perhapsthis Pell1ap thls thoroligh
ness is the result of ofll his lse1rly ear ly traia tr ln
j ing
To this day George has haS1IIn1aln rpnialnca
thp th burt bluff sailor sallQIand and his virtues vlrtllc bnriil anil
shortcomings are those th seof of the thom1 ma
who wbofollows follows tno tfiesea sea
An excellent 1 story f of his modesty n i desty
refers rofersto to the tlm tlma > when l1cl he wasn w sa
ypung youngo o iBcsr o on 1a a warship wars lp which put
Iniat In at Nova NovaScoUa Sco tia tp toco coal A f promln
out American pOIlUelnnwasat politician WRS at Hali ¬
fax when VhcntheVessel the vessel entered enteredthopolt the port j
and in hope of f seeing the youns i un
Prince he obtained btalne pertuissroh tp In
spect the ship nhlpCoallhg Cpalihg was Inpr In pr pr
gross when lloclim h6cnuierpn on board add
the captain c ptalnwhowl1s whp was T busy 1 turned turn d
him fpyer oretto to a ayoilhgomcel yotilag OfflcerwHp wlie
showed show dhlnt hlni all U oyor 0VorthEia1ihJTh the sh ip The
officers face was b begrime gr fl e d with vlthcoa cpali l
dust dl1stnndWs anu his uniform showed that ho
had been beenCtl1 celled d from ft msuperfntondlng superfntonding
the tl1etrlmmlng trimming pfthB ofi the bunkfirs1 bun rs tp < act
as Ilshosttothev host to theT lsiWr The American
questioned q uestlon d him about the t e Prince
Isnt he to t be beseento seen today day he
askod aso d
il rm afraid tfald his hlsteaturesworit1J features wont bo
visible was vas the theIepIy reply
Oh 0 I 1 suppose su poS poSIYOU IYOU you keep him
wrapped up 1 In cotton wool woolwhona w hen a
Job like lIketlils this Is Isonsa pn < sa id idtheAmerlj the Amerl
can canr canb r but t the young 0fflcer offi < r pnly ony
laughed l ugh dgood good naturedlr
Klnaliy when1 when he e had been shown
everything there was to fOseothe see the
American Al erlcanwent went to say say goodby to the
captain Who asked as1c d him if ho had
seenaU S nal1hevanted he Vanted
Well Wellthcfatt the fact is I r 1 havent bl ventse seen n
the man I Iwnnted wanted most mostto to see the
Pr nce
The Prince said aIdthe tho captttln
Wh Why Inan man you pave have been with him
for the th last lllS ttwD two hours bou rs
Was Va 3 that ttat tho tho Prince Prlnc etbe etbemerl the Ameri merl ¬
can Ca11 s hptitetl fJ > t 1 v vWell W Well ll Captaln Caplalnyo jou l1
Jus giyp ldV him hlm my 111Y compliments cqp1pUnentsanll and
lo el1 ii hint h Jm that h t i have aYegoneq gpnoashpro hore tp
klc I ptl11 ptl11seU lcmyself seU > r
i On the domestic dometlcsldethe side the heir tP
the British throne is Isa11 all that cpuldb0
desired by bythemosthomo the most homo loving 10vIngEng Eng ¬
lishman In fact said
my my Informant Informant at atcourt cour t all that thatwo we
can complain of Is that the Prince is
too domestic for a man a1 a1i i in Inblsposl his posi ¬
tion He never is bp bseenat p seen seenat at the clubs
and andseld seldom seld ma at t the tho theatroor theatre or the
opera His Idea of ofa a pleasant pleasan t eTen venf
ing Is toslt to s it at t home ho bv the flre llrewfth with
a aboocwhllehlswlfosltgathls book while Il ls wifpsltg at his aide
w with tthherenHtln her knitting HbJ HbJcaresf caresf far or noth no tii ¬
in Ingln g In tl tlie ewarof way of aniu emehtorsp6rt
as it genorally tellGrnl1ls IS understoodexcapt understood except i
for totshooUng shoo tlng and andbebas rhe has a perfect I I
paiSloa USOlL for l ltMtBtoVen that BHt evcn fihoa lintj Lu i
wont induce Wn hi to aci aceoptlQ opt au Inn
f f1tlI itU n from tronll1 any i v J So l n pvv 9 pblljty O Ujtv j
aith n II io1heriaotiw I t > e taotj um4 1rUfjjy yteKto jtth o j
ndi > ttlt19 it js nB 1 a t1 aitCUCtlodi aitCUCtlodiil fot il tlOtl tJ1ilt il ii l j
Court wm w it lw b a miic UlucltQuietrI4tJ li quietc r < ino fan n i
hlj hLratiljI fatlior1 Imt but tile t1jellalne nattiea of those tho
about it will wllt1J be much more JlamDlnr t lI1I i
IOt to thosO io So who w ho havo haveBtud studied ed English
history r
Ho is not likely to have the per ¬
sonal popularity pC of his father fOItho for tho
reason that he has net the Kings
wonderful i i1110m memory 1110m ry for names names and
faces pnd incidents King Edward
never forge ts antme a name or a afac facp and
years after hobasmet hei heihllsmota hllsmota a man anhecan he can
recall the clrc o1rclmstance9 imstancea perfectly per recU
He Heaso alsp is very thoughtful in remem ¬
bering berlngannlvcrsllJes anniversarlea and tho theUko Hko and
in sending kindly messages The
Prince PrIp 9 isv Gf just J st a Vkln d butJiBBjmpiy bu fh fhi i sltnplY
doesnt understand how prnessage a message
frpm tromhlmc him can ngl give e pleasure 1 lensureto to any
onij onijr onijand r and nndonoccaslonswhcn on occas ions when H Hi I i absp abs
lu felyls is necessary necessarytha that tl1o ho should
Bend one Jie has to bo urged to do so
He H la BXe terribly Jr b ycons conscientious lent9US and Ind pnce
haea h lea ilzes zcs that patt It is ifl hTs his duty to ex ¬
tend these formal formalcourtesles courtesies ho will
be most most punctlllous punctlUousput i but his liI actions actlo ns
of this this kind ldndneyer never will wUhave have the thegen gen ¬
uine ulnospo spontaneity ntlLnelto of his fathers
What Wliat tho Prtnco lacks in this thlsro re
spoct spectthough though wUlbe will be supplied Buppll d1Jy1is by his
wife There rhere is Isn9 up mpre moromethodlcal methpdlcal
person porsonln In the kingdom than the
Princess of Wales Walcsiand and while her
manlier sometimes sometlmesseeme seems cold there
is snowoman no woman who whpsympathlzea sympathizes more ntor
genuinely with misfortune of all
kinds kin ds She has hnsthe the great advantage adytm tage
pf ofha having vlng known knpwn somethingapproach something pproach
ing po pqJe verty tYWalthoug1i for although born a
prlnce prJl1cefs tho tbodaughter daughter of off a royal
duke there never was i1s toomuch too much
monoy in tho Tech Tecthouseholdlnd iousehPld and
Pr Princess incess May knew Vhat It itwns was to
scrutinize housekeeping bills and
even to make her horowndresses own dresses She
has h s a wonderful gift for fordetl1Uand detail and
an anexcellelitmel excellent memory ory Sho neverls never is
sohappy sohappyaa sohappyafiwhe r aa when caring for forhor1 herehil h h
dren drenofVfhom of whom she ah has six slxllve flye sons
arid alida a daughter
In conclusion it is my duty to re ¬
fute fut a slander about the Prince
which has gained galnedcnrre currency cyfn in Eng
la iaridandAme id and Amer dcaIt ica It is that he
drinks to excess exc ssNothlllgcould Nothlhg cpuld ba
further r from the 1 truth Perhaps l erha ps
When he hewaB was a young young sailor sallorhemay he may
hare joined some ome of his messmates m ssmates
in a aspre spree and have b ve taken tak n too much
grog but tot fotye1irs yettrs he has been the
tnpst rPosttemperateQfmen temperate of men Ho 1 s no no
connoisseur c itnolsseur of wines like hla father
and and hevseldem heseldo m tak taKes anythTng mere
to drink than a couple e glasses glassesof pf
claret atdlriher Anypne who could
two him as asldld I did the theothe pthev day lOo k kr r
Ing Ing In the very pink oC condltlon
wpuld realize at Once oncethat that he was
looking at a aman man to towhoni whoni tempor
iifrion l1ncQa l1ncQacf ance lIglon and cf cfda da a fitncssdre lltncss re almost almostare a re
Early EnrIru Ifabits bIts
That last speaker 1 said the ili lI9t t
guest guostat at the th banquet was waelulto fiuito en n ¬
Yes replied Vll i1 ilfo e oth otlillrt otlillrtnnd C nnd hes ho
a lset selfmade mallo miinf milniOo AOP
I cant an t say t t tougll ouBh that I IllIced liked
hla p1ld delivery aVerr It t Was rather rl1tbarslt slow > w
qblna Qhtf natura 1ra lly ilyII Ifo began beg l1Ue Hie as
a tl111si1tg mpsaetiBftr r orCllttiol1 t < CatUollc Stafld
fr ar4 Times =
t Wi ti
n J
ti j l r V
i ff J 9 E JQ I
m rnom R 111 MI I 60JEGV D If 1IJI 1IJIc I tT c < j
A otl y Wft ri rinsellQr nsellQr t L LV V
ig4 tb iSian plvQn t
Boom R DIl115 15 Le Wis BI jr w1higt u C Ci i
SI t9 1 fflc cLa laurin I
AUot y aiidC l n Jl r At I w
60 f ST N W
h 1
First Flr t Floor IODr
Dead cndAfter After nji n Exfstcnco of More lore
lhnn i 11I1n ji > IundredYcars Hundred Years
After 1 an iexlste > exlstenco ncDofnear oil nearly iy 102 102
jyeara Dc i iY Volksfraund UtSfreund und nd Beo bic b bch ch h
tor terLlInC Lanc MerSi 1terslastsurvllng last surylvlng Gor
i man neyrapaper lqvispaper w ith the Issue tasU of ill
March Marc h S became edefunch defunct For F r more mare
ttdnv th 1 4ilp years y ars ISanoAster IJan llter 209 a i
l r Oe tPIl1n peWSpnpl1raotlv lr lrcom com
pCtirigwitItthe Qthig Iithe Engllshi EngUshFcrn Fcr nnitm nUm
I ber bet ptyiears pt arBtl1o the c pmmunlty oninlunlty ably nblysup supi
portedUdally pOlted dnny It IB Isn n s fgnlflean fgnU cnn tfact
tHntthcr tHattheroare paro not now sufficient sumclcntread read
era erSbf 6f Cferman erman tolupportevena to support eyenia
weekly weeltly
Pennsylvania PennsYI l1nlaputch Putch is IssUU still 3p ii pkeh ken
in the th northern par parte ts of Lancaster Lancas ter
County Countybut but com cQbiparative paratively lYflwof fdw of the
pppulatlon popi11 tlon can iiend 1 jread German and
while they may mllYc ionrerse wersa In 111 the Get 1
maa funn dr dialect tba liaylngfiBotii VIU gbon educated in
th thp i pUbHcschopls JC JCChos Chos ithe they Y rsad EJingllsh HplI Sh
ne jrspapdrs sp p rs Journalism Jour nallsl11ln mngtl ils ti
has now now complete compl te Yy Ycrowded crowded out the
German here
WnilamHtim William Hamilton ntonlheei1 the cQltpr tQ t pf of
the tancaster Lnpcasfar Jpurna J urna l begun g1n In
1794fn 17D4h nJuly Jiily ISOS lBOSa advertisedfpra dver tfs dfor n
German editor He Hesecurad secured Joseph J eph
EhrenfrledV Ehren f le i ilandln landln and in August AUgustL iSOS
started Der Del Vp Vo1i jksfreund fr und a aFeder Federalist iis t
weekly we l iypa paper 1 1erthe erthe tho subscrlptfbn Iubscrlp on price prlF
to be 150 ai a year In Fe bruary bruaryp
lODj l OD Mr MrHamme MrHammeannounc Hamilton announced announc 4 that
ho had tprrnqd form da a cohriectlon l with
Mr Peter etel Albright late one o ne of o nhe tho
publis publis hers of ofthe the Amerilta Amer llIl hlshe lsh
StaatsBp te and iltiiat th at j the i Yol yplks s
freund w ill hencfeforwar Mn forwardbepnb il be pub
lis 1ISP jicid d dI undeiv I d1r the t lie ft ftrip firm rip pt of Hamllton H mUton
AlbrIght IihrentrJod I IAlbrIght
Supseq1entltMr amlifo ilb came
involyed InvohedJn in pecuniary pe cunlrYdlfficulUesand difficulties and
the esta stab1 stab1shmen blishment shmen f passed passe d jatp In to Mr liI
Ehrenfrleds Ehre nffled s possession IJQs essI nb by Sheriif a
sale salea Hp did hQt hot make mne a Isuccessof success of
the tbepaperan paper and d it was again lI alnsold sold by
the thCSherlf Sheriff in In18Hn 18 17 and l purchssed plrch ed
by p John JohnBnor lBaer and Samuel Samu l Kllng
The latter la tterreUred retired thq thQsame Same year and
Mr Baer B er becmesoleproprl1tor became sole proprietor In
1834 183 he hepurchasedotl1oL9ncasterBeo purchased tho Lancaster Beo
bachter frpm fromSnmul Samuel W Wgnera Wagner gnera a iid
cpmblnpd th tho two W i ipapers p n per EIun 1 under dor the he J
title of p perVolltlfreund r Volksfreund und undB Beo o
bachtor ba thter TheiPSoplasiErlend TheiP ople IFrlencinndOb and Ob ¬
JohnBaor died In I 1858 Hlssens Issons
Reuben A and Ctfristian ClfrlstanR E under und r
th tWinamojpf iuamoof John Baera Sons con
I f1nW f1nWi i t ft1 i ub i J rt i ip M t
IRp i1 pJ1ti oI 1IDae MId a 2 erirs
mtr ago VN II t ls r Ul p nII1Qr j jf 111 111tUbl f tUbl jlf jlfl l ybg i
jhe i r Wp Wpe iiT e tire frcdt d andff ndtJIi6f lWvfepblehealtfi bl h llHl f
f fI land I bd1t lils VBpnyJphii sQn iQhitF lPi lPiv lPiBaeri v Baeri Bie ri was WI1JifJ ffip
lasttablla las t publis her oftho of the paper p lper
Mh Mr John P Baer the thi3publlsher publisher
says It no longer on er paid paldundsQ and so we
gave gav It up Thei T 1e edltprlal valedjc Vl llc j i
tory was written by MrChnilea Mr Char les
Nicker Nl lc liw who ho lilvd bMlIeeil Tjeeic editor for a j
num n mbor ber of of years ats Thus full of years
andhpnprs and honors expired Der DerYol1ts Vplksfreund freund
und Beob Beo bachter ac l ter perliapsthe P rhri pa ihe last las t Ger ¬
man newspappr ever Cyerto to be pu blished
In InLancristerD Lancaster D H S Lancaster Lan aster
Pa P lJn la the New w York Sun SIu
d O0 ocoo
o II
o o
oaoooooooooooooocoooaooaoe OcOGeOGOooc
Dbyou DoyoultIlpw ktiow that tbatour otiir grea great t Amer fi f
can can g game me of o base ba Ji iundoubt undoubtedly undoubt d
originated in Eng land and Arthur B
Reeve In InOutIng Outing delves into thehls the his ¬
tory of of the game He says
Baseball probably grew out outoftho of tho
old English schoolboy schoolbo game of t
rpunders Some have adduced ndducedevl evi ¬ I
dence dencethat that it came from Jhe the old New evr
England game of one old o ld cat cator or
two old oldcat cat which whlchttlay may be true
The Theoldgame oldgarae of oftlpcatmay tipcat may also bo
related reatedlt It was waspl played yed by Ofo four r sir
or ore e ight lghtplayers players each standing by bya a
hole or base bas e One of the opposite
party partyoihrewthecat threw the cat to a baseman an and d
every eve ry time it 1twasJlIt was hit they theyh had d to run run
about the bases Probably rounders
and ind tipcat t pm iha had dt1ies the samo me a ance jicestph
At any rate tasetra ll belongs belongstotho to the
An Englishman Engllsh1l1ansee tee ing ingab a base so ball ba U
game gnnioforthofirsttimomlghtyerY for tho first time might very
properly say This la rounders made
scientific scIe ntific W Wo took the old game
made rules and andamendedltunUln amended It until bbyT
it stands f forth rtha as s the thenatlonal national gamo ga nul
of America
Animal 4QImnlPr Partnerships 1nelBbJpS
A doctor in in Canada Canndaglves giVos a amost most
Interesting In terestlng instance bf partnership pa rne s hip
between two tw animals animalsa a COyote or
praIrie > wolf a nd dd a a common badger
It Itdsul l9i au u itefcommon lt l ommonho 1 he says for those
two creatures creaturcstogo to go out hunting io
gother and andMhae hit has often oftflnseen seen them thoniln In
his district hu hunting tln for the small
ground squirrels squlrrelsthlt that live in bur bPf
rows below the EPll <
Their snug uttlehomes little hpmes have hllVQal al ¬
ways WII YS twoentla two entrances ncoannd and while the
coyote co yote watches w a ChC ChCt I t one of O the these sa the
badger digs do from1thoother eo
thatwhlchever way the poor squirrel
tries tr les i to escape he hela is certain to make
a amealfor meal for ono 0110 of his foesi fo says s 1ya Home
I NotesIhls NoteSi Thls Is ISlq1it i iultb true s tory
though thoughltsoundsstrange It sounds strange and there
i its ts no n doubt dQ ubt thl that t animals a rmllls are ar eoft often n
far far1 more 1o e cletyer cll3 er than tha we wo glye them
cre c edlt dit for forbelu being Z
judge judgeT JI1lgcu JI1lgcXqu T u Ypu are arep1v1l p rivileged ged to
challenge any mcm ct1iler ber of the Jury
now being Impanelled 1
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tte tli Shraall mott mouWld wif wan Wt1io1 pydyIn Int tha
corner there tber ttrn t rn tast lllStyezlIetlo yezJ Meti > 0
polltan Maeazlne ii1g zli e
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7 = =
it J t l i hoI f fO > O ir i 1 c
1 e i IT OlD 0 S > 6 G 0
SJll Ie fisfij11iI 0 b P r v I r
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fQrT f iI ntJ ii1en
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sp t prl dloalsand Z leS
m pdrt pdrte e nd OIJ1 lcclg rs
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< gl L fl0fi lv Q 6 ijW
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ln d Ut al1ig iorea ioreal l rsille
For about abouUha he Bost Yot YathlaSngfitly In a SllgliUy I
UsodTalioredult Usod Tailored Suit
310 10
One OnePr Price ce9nly Only
Mens fl1en fl1eni i s Suits Cleaned clean d Repaired
ancUropeilyiressei and fropeIyl ressel ptl
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Dy r anQ l la a n nWork
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jilpgatd g l d IoraadDetlyer o r p pen en ret1 l
CJothingStoredFree cJ thfDgst9redFr e +
Phone Moln 237O 2J70 Jo 1
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i fa Pa inting in ling fi fiaili PJ aili IC riaSi iP K K Kicmui icmui rninc ins
Window WlncfowSha ShadlesCTo esJoOrder Order 1
JProinpt ProlnptAtt Attention nt on
AUWork Al1Wor ic Guopontced d
i HQ 1400 Iiere Pierce Place ace Nor NbtIA ttw t
lhoneNorth40i5 i 1
Tfie T Te e I6psy T psy JjIlVY Tui y Pressing P essflig Cl I J
iW You Stree Af W
Sili Silias s Johnson Jo hnson
NewJPncl N ewJo rl and d Blllisrd Il ardP Parlor rlor j I
1721 t i2 2 S Seventh ventbtrect Street N NW V
This Is sa a trnostory true story about a man ma n O
who is lsallveto a itre today d lYi He has ln ye nt riM W 1
a ataUdng talking mac machlnelhas hine i has glyfin glyenus s IP Qir I
electric ele tilc 1 lights an and d 1 has has invedtedili lnv Jitedh U
dreds of usefulthlUgs useful things Which v lVB
comfort com Qrt to tQPl people lea all over overi i uio uioW the wqnW W orJIt
Ho has h s eVpn DaM madefap J11 inBtrumen ljj t
me 1iuro 1iurolt lt tt
Bix ty threa yearst aja
little hby grew into chiWho bd 1
aaked many queations whic fi were jf
flcult to answer for he wante to
know 1 tho why1 and andj andi andhpw j i hpw of ra jiitisr
th Ings Vheii young Edison twfis
twelve years old he began to arft
money for he started in businesBi as
a newsboy selling 1 fruits peanutsland
papers o h th6 train His br ightjis
iind pleasantness gained many us
Withtho money earned he bought
ppwders and liquids to uso for ext
erlments All of these jars and bot
tls of things were kept in a rfpld bag ¬
gage car and la bele d poison so
that no one would Interfere with
thonii Soon Edison wanted to pr int
a paper of his own so bought i fsome
old type f rom a pr in ting office His
Bhop was In thebaggagecar where hs
kept his chemicdls After being t y
newsboy for fbUr years an ttccldeat
happened which caused young 1 Edison >
i to i cbange his 1 wbr fc The baggago
car In which whichthp v thp boy Itept his cbem
Ipala and printing press caught fire
by the falling of a bottle 6f plips
phorus on thofloor So angry was tho
conductor that after putting out the
fire he bo ed Thomas Edisons ears
and threw his materials out of the
car Later Edlaon set up his print
Ing press at hlshome
As the boy grew older he studied
to iegraphy from a Mr McKensie w ho
took great pa ins in teaching Edison
for Edison had riske d hlsllfeto save
that of Mr McKens ibs child who
was playlngon the traclt of < moving
engine The great inventor as a
youris man asnpt Tery sucoessf ul In
keeping ppsltiqijs fpr ils employers
complained that he aa4 top many
plans of hls own
As the manv grew Older these plans i
and many more were rprked outjintIV
Thomas Edison has given pietore
ana cdmfort to mllUona of people by
the work of hla Jianda and bra in
This tintirinB worker stlll stlllv v fliiepda
much of his time In trying tordtScbver
better ways of doing thlngB WasU
Koynl Motor Cora
Klag Edwards mbtor cars did pot
bear number plates s sTii6s6 Tii6s6 of r rtna tna
Gbrmaai reyaj famlly are irecpgnized
ijytho irwarnlng signals They a lbno
may Use tho three n btod herns
The ursnsedibythe Uerman Bm
lierni an d Einpress have their v np3
proaqh heralded by three noted noteds notediioras iioras
and those of therbyal pr inces fry twtf
noted horna No Infrlngementpf thlsi
The fact that the royal cars both
Jn EnBlanit pnil in G m jnyt jnytrtiii rtiii ao V
Ba8iy Ba8iyr Ba8iybo r bo 4liJtingui8hu is ati indica
tioti of the confidence vvhich ex ists 1
peiStiva peop ieaiS Baytf uia tJentl
iv pinan Inlliss htippler ilmea
tiavp narle il iBuch marks of dlstlnci
llou ani i iflven flven now in l6S9fprtunate
lunds tWfjiruiera durv pbrJltivel si
c iali ftfgul Atfon ot the gonWil OPVein
mottteafbrced by locaTputii rltles

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