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The fl flt I he National Forum EonlqI
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r i
When hen it comes cJme to matters of speedy R pey PN dy
adjustment thc th House of o f Representa ¬
tives has no equal Six Si wee oe ks ago it
looke ooked d as if we would von1t 1 bo we ve ll on into the
log I days before be fore the Speaker would sound SO1fl
his gavel for final l a djm djournment ijot lIIlI1ent of the
Sixtyfirst Congress Iy nySOll1e some method
known on ly to those on the inside nsi le oil
was poured on the troubled trou ble d waters and ant i
the beginning beginningof of the end hove in sight
More was accomplis he hCi d l in the last four
wee ks o f the Session than had actually actua lly
been done tlon in point po int in t o f fr frea reii r < a l 1 legis Icgislati legislatin lation n
during t the whole o f the Session Sess ion up until
that time All o of f this goes g es to show that
heat an al1lllJroken and d broken down t political po litica l fences at
home will w v ill do 10 more to bring about speedy spee dy
legis lation than nil n il of o f the par liamentary
usages an J11 d 1 the Committee on Ru Hules Buk les
thrown in
Just now no con jecture is being he i ing g freely
ma de as to the organization of o if f the next
House and how it will be accomplis hed he d
It is fair to suppose that tho Insurgents Insur gents
will make ma ke their the ir wants known and aut h yet go
a step further and am sui d I insist tha that t t their de
mads be hee heedcd ded It has been broa dly
hinte d that the regulars will bo con ¬
cede d the Clerk of the House while the
insur insurgents gents w will ill claim c lahu the right to the
Doorkeeper Then the regulars will be
concede d the Sor SergeantatArms and an d the
insur insurgents gents insist on taking tn king the Postmas ¬
ter of the House This Tit le of ofcourse course w will ill
only leave the Chaplain Cha plain and ant I there will be
no trou tronbhe ble in getting ge tting to gether on his
election elec tion This would seem an equita ble
adjustment of the matter w hen not
viewed l from the inside or when looked loole d
nt by the la ity Hut upon a c loser loseranaly analy andy ¬
sis when s huen it is remembere remel 1berc d l that a ll of
the patronage that amounts to an anything ything
will w ill be in the hands of f the Doorkeeper it
can an be readily seen the advantage the in ¬
surgents urg nts wopld der ive from suc h h divi
s ion
us w = Mt Mte I e irec THne I Itne tne enTa ili fgSmT jt 0
Committee Comm itbee on Rules is going goingt go ing to have
cannot yet be determine leterm inc d dThere There is one
thing that it t is likely to distur b and that
is tile appointment o f Committees and
committee comm ittee chairmen Many lfanyaver aver that it
will in no wise effect the power o f the
next electe d Spea ker to determine I who w v ho
shall and who s shall not be hairman c o f the
different comm committees ittees in so muc much h as this
wou would ld be par liamentary courtesy to him
and in the igltt of the consideration cons idcm tion that
if i he were not permitte d this leeway he
would be ser se iously hampere d in his pro ¬
gram of o f expe diting business Others aver
as strongly that just the opposite resu lt
would o obtain The whole who lo matter is
seen s n but through a glass gnss t dar darldy darldynow kly now
but after the people have re registere gistere d l their
expressions nt the po lls in the coming com ing
November then s hall shah we see face to
The Fourth I ourth o f July has come and gone
The biggest sporting event o of f its kin kind d in
the wor ld is now histor y yuud and it has
taught its lesson The enactment of cer ¬
taiii ta in outrages on our main thoroughfare
a fter the announcement of the final round roun d
J of the big jigevent event ra raises ises serious and ant i per
plexing plcx yig questions in the min mind d of the rea foa oa l
thinking man Among l1ong the many thin gs
allege d to have inc ited ite these ugly and nnl l un ¬
ca calle lle d d for outbreaks outbr cnls ks over the coun co1Inry try ry
was the one wor d PRIDE The real rel l man n nlau lau lauJ J
after nil is the man who can canou en dure
with with admirable ca lm the pangs of an
honest defeat lIe who cannot do this is
man ifestly WEAK After all a ll Mr lr Jef ¬
fr ies and tlI Johnson se set t the real en example e t1ple ple
for both sides to have followed d They
ba battled ttle d honestly At no time it is said
did s lid they Use harsh words toward eac h I
other in the ring Mr lr Jeffries took his I
de defel1t feat like the game man that lip bu was i
and ant i said hq is 15 the best man D1I11 iuiit 1 level ever
I met Mr Johnson Johnsonneeepte accepte d his laure ls I
with withbeeomlug becoming grace gm ce c niu and d returned returne the
compliment t by b saying Thats the gamet
man I ever saw They rhl Y parted better
fr friends iends than when ll they ey met both with I
3 pra lSD for tho prevailing spirit and each I
w with ith a II good word for tlio tli o ther When
is the reason for a ll the aftermath after aftern niath fath To
the more so ber minde m inde d l have these inter ¬
rogations roga tions presente d themselvs thuesuse lva to you
Would thc these e til thhlgS lu ings have ha ve happened d hail ha d
Mr Jeffr IelIriel ies won r Wou ld lilo ldovtiouus ovations o Vlitious have e
been suppressed Would elate d l gather ¬
ings have been called c Jlcd r iotous iotou assemblies
I Think ye e tha t the presentation prelilent ton o of f the e
4 fight pictures over the country would vouhi l
have been bemidisa beeu disallowe IJowc d Is there not some
food l for thought here Think on n these tht < e
things thlll
The people who think t 1lnl of them
p nolvQs rolv s generally have very little lItt little e to I
think thlnkaboutcllirps about chirps tho tho1Qw Kow Ybrlt tk
No won vronor lon der Clr the railroad ttfenldeats I
fee feel l that these the have havebecn been badly b1dlYtreat treat ¬
ed ci1M1at c iL Wliatff Wiat j a a little lItuethfngllkethe thing Uliotlip law r
IbetWeen rntveCr frlcudstasks lcrd tskst > the the iMlanapp
lla1iOV13i 1ewu JGic
1M IJlIIIDlkLltJj ll
I catno came cam to make In company With wit
toy yfr1end friend Dr Noirot the tour of th the that
extensive gardens which surrounded
bis private asylum for the Insane w wo wt
jvero ero ro returning to his residence an and
he was on tho ho point of relating to m me tnt
the peculiar circumstances cl1cum tances connects
with the case of one of his patients atIenta
whom we wehlld had met and who had
greeted greet d us with an a air of great con
At that moment the sharp report report
Of a pistol rang out in the still morn <
Ing air
I grasped the arm of my host anc an md
What Is that Surely some om one
of your patients atlentn Is doing mischief
Dr Noirot smiled
No said he be composed It i Is Is
merely another singular case which I I
will show you
Diverging IHverglngto to the left eft ho drew mi me
toward a small pavilion hidden behind
a cluster of trees Ho opened a door
and after proceeding along a nnrrov
vestibule we reached a sort of Ion long
court surrounded by high brick walls
A man was there tall of stature ant and
clothed In the costume of a hunter
resembling in certain details the the
habit of the Mexican cattle herder
He was reclining against one of thi the
walls of the pavilion p vmon and at the mo
ment of our arrival raised slowly slo wly the
right hand In which was firmly
grasped a pistol Our arrival dis
turbed him not I followed the dI
rection of the weapon and I saw ai at
about fifteen paces a white head with
a black hole in the centre of the
forehead It was as far as I was able
to judge at that distance a mask of
plaster 1aster of paris skillfully altlll ullr executed ex cuted
and In which I seemed to be able to
distinguish a resemblance to Diana
the huntress
The shot was discharged The head
remained intact
See See said the doctor It is most
remarkable he never misses a shot
Is Isit it possible said I half In ¬
Yes all the balls are lodged In the
same place placeIn In that dark spot not
larger than an Inch and a half in di ¬
ameter See
The mt m an in had drawn another pis pistol tol
from fr P mh hisbelt lila ls bet Hefired H g d j Theliead l ta
moved n tTbe I T e we weaps po TW s a blind b d
some Bomerevolver revolver charged with several everai
shots The Th marksman discharged
successively euccesslvelyfive five other shots none of
which damaged the figure
The doctor placed his hand upon
the shoulder o of the marksman who
turning toward him revealed a face
adorned by a heavy black beard and
Upon upon u ion which reposed an air of deter ¬
mination and melancholy
I Stop a moment said the doctor
I I The man bowed assentlngly and
the doctor then conducted me to the
end of the court and behind the mask
and showed me a kind of blackened
iron plate which protected the wall
from being damaged by the bullets
In the centre of the plate I observed a
round spot which glistened brightly
from the effects of the lead which had
been battered in striking
You see s e said the doctor in
showing showll1 showll1me me the exact correspondence
of the brilliant spot and the hole
which passed through the plaster
head all balls have entered here
You will find this to be true in every
It is Indeed marvelous u replied
I But what of his strange history
Let us go I will relate it to you
We traversed again the court and
the the he vestibu vestibule le and this is the strange
recital of Dr Nolrot interrupted a at t
regular Intervals by the detonations
ot the mad marksmans revolver
That poor unfortunate Is called
Gujdo Gudo Ventura Vent ra Whether Italian
Spanish or American Is not certainly
known American I should say for
It is from the the United States these i
masters of the rifle and revolver
come It was from there he came to
France You could have seen him I
last season at the Alcazar UAutomno
where he had given four fo ur or five exhi ¬
bitions of dexterity d xterity and would have
performed elsewhere had not impera ¬
tive reasons terminated abruptly his
Guldo Ventura when he arrived at
Paris was accompanied by a young
lady known professionally as Made ¬
moiselle Arabelle She was a mag ¬
nificent creature with the form of a L
statue and the head of a goddess She
lacked not adorers and In less than thana a L
week it became quite the fashion to
seethe superb Arabelle assist Ventura L
in his tIs wonderful performances
She performed splendidly the arms
crossed the taco Immovable while at
fifteen paces Ventura leveled his 1 pis ls ¬
tol the bullets from which invariably
pierced a card held between the
fingers or broke the stem of a com ¬
mon clay pipe held between her I
Snowy snowy teeth and within a few few inches S
of her lips The crowning feat was s
the breaking of a small glass ball 1
placed upon her head
A A single tremor oflho hand of f
Ventura and andbut andhiuttlie but the hand ol Ven ¬
tura never trembled
Evidently Ventura loved this splen ¬
did woman with a love approaching
Idolatry It It sufficed to prove this to
see once the fierce fires w which hich flashed d
in his eyes when in the green gre m room rooml I II l
waiting their turns some gallant be ¬
came too friendly or attentive to the e
lovely ov eI Arbolle Ar be lle Jealous Jealous Of Mcoune course
and the poor fellow fcilow Buffered sUfleredatro atro I ¬
ciously ci UslyJor for ills bl companion as coquet ¬
tish as iSsl1evl1s sio she was beautiful Beamed to
11Ji n I1JI1J uTJw IILIH
SYwiNnY CdY corias t
She ma nwIe de d homt l ome bspprl hIlPpyllbeso rTheso few words w rds I read re lld
Within a achur churchyard hure bftrd b ard wr written itten on a stono
No name no date dt e el l tho simple wor words ds alono
Told mathe ins the stOTY9t story the unknown known dead
A marble column lifted lIftedJ lltedjuugh high gb ita hea d l
Close by inscribe inscribed d to cue no the world bad knownj known
But Bu ah h I that lone lonely ly mravo PIIT with moss oorgrown
Thrilled me far more thin his who armies led
She reads homo h31111 I Through the long sai sad l yeari year
The mother toiled and i never stopped to rest
Until the they crosee crossed d her i han hsnda tla i u pon ir her i i breast t
And 1ndc nd c closed her eyes no longer dim with tears
Tho simple s record that thlltel she a left behind I
i Was VII3 grander than the soldlors to my mind
American Borne Monthly lIIonthl
take a malicious pleasure In exas cxa ¬
perating his passion po slon
Tho director of t tho Alca Alcyar Alcar zar dAu d Au
tomno had observed this and Rlldhad had
Tako care mademoiselle That
man holds each night in his hands
your life
Arabelle laughingly replied as she
raised those beautiful shoulders
Ho kill me No He gets too
much gold from my head to ever
think of spoiling It
Each night she ho stood before the
pistols muzzle with the the same s me calm
tranquillity her soft glances calming
the revolt of her lover as the eye of
the themaster master subdues tho rage of the
One evening scarcely eight days
after the arrival of Ventura at Paris
a gentleman of elegant appearance
entered the green room and went
toward Arabelle who with a a slight
cry of mingled surprise and pleasure
seized tho extended hand and kissed
it passionately Guido Ventura who
had been conversing with the thedlrec direc ¬
tor turned about upon the entrance
of the stranger and witnessed this
tender reception His face assumed
a deathlike paUor and his eyes
flashed with fearful rage
The new arrival was a rich Amer Arnet
lLlur J
tmlntlng to tho th mash said in alb a iow
No Nor nlways aiwayIn fin the ceatrp c entro of tho ttlo tb
forehead always nlw ays intho IIi tho the cen tre 0 >
Now NowYork No York Weekly We l y
CoalMine CoalMineSafety Safety Devices
In the effort to eliminate BO far as
possible tho dangers of coalmining
the fuel division of the Geological Geoog tcnl
Survey SurVoyhns has been boe for come c nle time con ¬
ducting ductlngexperlments experiments with a number
of devices devfceslntended intended to save jtho tho lives
of miners Gas and coaldust coaldI st exp explo lO ¬
sions In mines exact a heavy toll of
lives nearly every year England and
Belgium have had few casnalltles
from this tource ro rce owing to extreme
precautions although Belgian mines
are notorious for th the thepresence presence of fire ¬
damp As a result ot experiments in
England there th ro are a number num ber of per
mlsslblo explosives used and no
others there and there is also a limit
charge which whfchmust must not be exceeded
by tho miners or mineowners under
pain of severe penalty
One of the devices used In Euro ¬
pean mines which will probably be
used here In the future Isan appara ¬
tus worn by the members of a rescue
party Immediately after an accident
This enables them th m to enter the mine
charged with gas and coaldst va ¬
pors Statistics Statisticsof of mine disasters in
this country show that many terrible
deaths from suffocation follow an ex e ¬
plosion In a mine If Immediately
after such an accident rescuers could
enter the mine to help the miners mh rs
fully fifty tier er cent of tho fatalities
could be averted The apparatus
which is used in European coal ¬
mines Is capable ot sustaining life
where thero is firedamp or the pol
ios vapors that follow explosions
The device consists ot a canvas jacket
equipped with cylinders of com ¬
pressed oxygen connected with tho
operators mouth by a flexible rub
berllned metallic tube The use of
th910xygenls thpi thgxygen oxygen Is regulated by a pressure
gauge The exhalation exh 1lation of the opera ¬
tor is passed through small lumps of
potassium hydroxide The carbon di ¬
vide lde is thus absorbed and the re1 re >
m n
As A a simple business proposition
Which Wins Wins1
Who der de dirvr rVJrite Wr ite
a billion do llars a year GROUP un m
his bonds bon ds control l his
Re clin gs to s in gle entn entry j
natural Iatural110o lies
I mono po
bookkee pin He H ne e does
pm g
mana ge his nlG public pu bl IC util U uti tJ I l ¬
rot knoW how ho much ities itiesdictae iff ff
1 dictate his h tar
pro perty pert he has hasvJhat What laWs construct cons coastructhsar tructhisvJar his War f
it t has h s cost him or its ships erect hs h s public 1
actual ctual present Value alue a lue buildin gs an ar n d dsell sell hun ¬
dre ds f fml illions W lllolso f do l
He fo llow s o m ml ns o o ¬
can c n not a
lars Worth o f fsu su pplies I
f business U ile 5 transaction S SI r rf rt t L i to tohim him hi krvovfr koWdoWa 9 doWn iJ to
i r ti tsru lj Q ghar I t d iP h hecJttup g I if ifI iflfPii f I lfPii t S t sf defs f i s uili k
He ca carl nnot n Iot n at ev een e erv str tr ike kecolditiol i condition of their busi bu t I
a s true ba balance lance ness J I
t = From Success Suc ess Magaz Ma Mgazne gaz ine
lean whose attentions to Arabelle
had caused some slight tandal L andal dur ¬
ing the time which they hid remained
In New York It w WPs s to avoid this
mal that Ventura had canceled his
engagement there and had come tc to
Paris And now behold him here
Who but Arabelle could have in >
formed him of their destination
That night upon their return tc to
the thehotel hotel a violent quarrel took place
between Ventura and his companion
But the most terrible scene of all
occurred eight days later During
that week the American was lavIsh
of his gifts and attentions to Arabelle
Ventura endeavored to induce the dl
rector to refuse the American en
trance behind tho scenes But to nc
On the evening In question as Ara
belle was preparing her stage COS
tume Guido saw a note fall from tht the
corsage o of her dress He picked pic ked II it
up unobserved and perused It eager
ly It was from the American filled
with expressions of endearment and
proposing flight on tho morrow
Five minutes later tha call boy an
nounced their turn On their way tc to t
the stage Ventura beheld the tbo Amer r ¬
ican leaning negligently against c a
scene Ventura glared at him nnt Ind nd
hesitated but at that moment Ara
belle who had made the entrance In lr
advance of him stood prepared the
arms crossed the glass ball in pos post l
tlon on her head With a bitter oath
but haltsuppressed Ventura turned
and s trode upon upo n the stage s tage
Ventura was in position the rnuz
zle of his pistol covered the mark c n
stillness as of death reigned in that
dense moss of of1uman human beings in front
Arabelle sm smiled iled On whom was
she smiling On whom save savotheman the mat
who rivale d him In her love Sh <
could smile on a man who dared tc
make such a proposal Heavens she
would perhaps assent ass ent to li ill
The ThesllencQ silence was terrible but butl bu ± it
soon broken a quick sharp report
rang out Arabelle tottered and tel
heavily to the stage the bullet hat
pierced the centre of her forehead x
When the arms of Ventura Ventura
loosened trom from the corpse which hi
held with an iron firmness to hi
breast he hewas was raving mad
Crime 1 Accident AcddentOne One knew no
how to decide At Paris
pass passqulcltly quickly and after the he first ex
cltement had subsided the character
of o f this tragedy were wer soon forgotten
Since Slnc that time ttmebe lie has passed mos
of his days of confinement here be
fore v vhis hisplnstor his hlsplastermlls plaster mask kOncoand Once and onCE
only his aim failed and the head
shattered For eight days thereatte
ho was as violent vl plent but butotherwlse otherwise be
teen beenharmlesa harmless bar d3leso and inoffensive as yet
We W returned to the pavilion am
found Ventura clean ing his hlsweal1on weapon
You iouhave have not m mIssed issed today Yen
turajald turn raid the doctor pleasantly pleasantI
o The Th man raised Ma head and
maining product with added oxygen
is available
With this apparatus a man could
enter a mine Immediately after the
explosion and begin rescue work The
firedamp and poisonous vapors do
not Immediately suffocate and if the
the miners could be brought lo o the
surface at once they would be saved
Besides having these devices ready read
at the mouths of the mines for thc thq th j
use of miners the Belgian author nutholri
ties require that mineowners carr carrYj
a a sufficient supply of them in deel I
underground work A rescuing party
could thus penetrate deep tunnels
and ane laffix affix an apparatus appar tus to the head of
tt suffocating miner so that he hev Would iould
not die while being carried to fresh
Mine explosions have been reduced
In number and seriousness in Belgium
by the compulsory use of standard d
miners lamps which are tested by
government experts Many of the so
called safety lamps used by miners
have been found inadequate Under
severe tests In the thegovernm9Jlt governmejit exper ¬
iment stations they have leaked suf ¬
ficiently ftclentl to ignite firedamp and coal
dust Another point which the ex ¬
perimental p erimental tests have developed is
that that more explosions are due to coal
dust than to tc firedamp f1re damp The care
less use of explosives by the miners
themselves is a common cause of ei
plosions and caveIn ca ie lnaccldents accidents The
men in their hurry burryor or carelessness use
too to heavy charges s sI1nd and cause under ¬
propping of the supports or orproauce produce
an anoxploslon explosion through the concussion
The 1o ventilation of the mines is an ¬
other ot r great advance mado in recent
years which will soon be improved
much further With the Invention Inv ntlon ol
electric fans and suction airpumps
so enclosed that they are airtight
the deepest tunneKcan tunnel can be kept fresh
and practically free from dangerous
firedamp and poisonous gases These
airpumps and ventilators can be op
crated night and day and it is possi
bid bl to keep a mine as fresh as 3 the
upper air alrHarpers Harpers Weekly
Wild Animal Diet
s I I am perfectly used remarked a
visitor vl ltor to the Central Park zoo to
seeing monkeys and lnd elephants eat
peanuts And I do not think it
strange that the toucans relish them
I for they are very much like a par ¬
rot But when It comes down to
I polar pola bears buffaloes wild dogs and
the rhinoceros liking peanuts It dis ¬
turbs my Ideas idea of wild animals
Peanuts epnuts however owever seem to furnish
the finest of c dainties to even the
wildest animals in the zoo The
deer antelope brown brownbellrs bears duc ks i
golden pheasants and and all tho animals
there except perhaps perhl1psthe the lipns tigers
and audel1glefl eagles eat peanuts The peanut
seems to liave have charms to soothe the
savage breast breastrlew New York Tribune Trb Uflte
Oil 01111ndco31 and coal are successfully burned
together to setherandof under boilers bol1 r In tll1 England ngllln >
I thS d1
un1 t 1
Kccovcm i tkitcrnnd 11l1tC1 Lter med the th l lEXCll ExCHi Ea Cr li i U
Inal Lives iives in Wealth
It la well vell known I lowl1 to tho police the that
there arc a number n tllnber of ex exconvicts convlctsw w li lio
are literally rolling roiling In riches an and
driving about London and nnd the pros pro provo
Inces today in their own motor car carll
and carriages said a detective to th tha
writer tho other day The majorlt
ot these men are old embezzlers am and
there seems to be little doubt tha tbat tim
they are able to live well and andlteep kee lceej
going lavishly furnished residence
because the money they stole wa was
hidden by them before befor being arrested
and sent to toprison prison
It may surprise you to know the that
thousands of pounds worth of valua
ble property looted by thieves fron
various sources lies burled in ode odd
corners of Britain and will probabl pr obablY
only be recovered by the men them
selves on their release Cases an aro
constantly occurring where an em
bezzlor after running off with a large
sum in gold refuses to divulge thi the
hiding place of his hls1Il 111 go gotten tten gains
He Is sent to prison and the loot lootre re
mains unrecovered In nine n Ino cases out out
of if ten the embezzler finding arrest Im
minent buries his stolen property anc and
digs It up again agEn wlen he comes out ol of
A man man who was for many years ar
Inmate of one of our prisons is non
living in affluence in a town up north
He was imprisoned for fo r reJ embez eJ nbezllng llns
70000 from his employers and he
declared at the trial that ho had spent
every penny of It For some time
after his release from Jail he lived IE III
a cheap lodging house at Hoxton and
then one day he declared that th tharhe 1t he had
come ome Into a fortune a brother in Aus ¬
tralia having died and left him some
thousands As a matter of fact al ¬
though the police had no proof he
had recovered the money which he
had embezzled years ears before
A man of considerable mea means ts nov
living In the States served a term of
Imprisonment for forgery having ob ¬
Lamed 15000 by means of false
hecks Not a penny of the money moneYI I
was rec re overed < by the police During
the forced confinement of the thIef
its is wife In pursuance of a previously
igreed plan went out ut to service In
a I i gentlemans family famll As soon as the
iusband was liberated 1 however the
wife resigned her position and the
pair sailed immediately for the col
rales It ultimately came to light
that hat the money which had been stolen
by Dy Y means of the forged checks had
been jeen burled under the flooring of a a
Soho house
Some fifteen fltteenyearsago years ago a Hlndo
nerchant who had ha d dcome come to London to
flake purchases of gems was robbed
of t many thousands of pounds The
thieves carried their ill gotten wealth
to o a cheap tenement in Whitechapel
but Ut finding the police hot hot on their
rack they carried the loot one dark
light to a remote spot on the Essex Es Ess sex
mars narsbes hes nnd secretly secre tly burled It It They
lien disappeared and have not been
ieen since it It is believed that the
ni nancy neyr rgmalcs malns to to this day daywher where G it
Jsburled fsburjed fsburjedr i J
f h
f n r t v
Not so so very long lqngag ago agot agoaburgary on aburgary bur burgiery g1a y
wasco Vas vaacor1mitted committed wmlttedb by a acoupleof couple 1 of f wall 7 WqJI
mown enownthieves thieves who got away away with
ibou t 5500 500 In coin and andbanJnotes banknotes
They were arrested a ar arest r rest < d but refused to
tate what they had h d done with the
noney although one darkly hinted
that hat It had been burled in a garden
in n a suburb of London LondonFrc11 From Tit
The Art of Disguise I
The disguise that really serves Its
purpose Instead of only betraying its
vearer Is a difficult art It Is an art
that hat enters more effectually Into real
Hfelts ife r lts romance and tragedy tragedythan than
nost people would be disposed to bei be
In the case of men the beard is un
do lou 1outedly itedly the greatest aid to ells
guise ulse But great care lids to be
taken for If too striking strlldngan an appear
ince were given to the subject the
vhole purpose o of the scheme would
he IB defeated In our art the whole
secret of success lies in not attempt
Ing ng too much There is no particular
kind ind of beard As a rule it has to be
thin bin and Is usually of a lighter hue
han the hair
Besides altering the complexion a
tbe he use of slightly smoked gasses glasses
iften helps greatly toward a good dis
guise ulse Alterations can also be made
In n the arch and color of the eye
brows > raws and talking of f eyebrows you
vould be surprised If you only knew
how low often We have to paint out black
bf Of tf course with certain persons it
Is s useless for us to attempt a disguise
solely by working on the face Atten
tion ion has to be paid to the contour of
the he back and shoulders whilosome while some
tImes the use of a towel toe10r or two over
the lie latter inside of the coat works a
SIeat reat c hange The use of a high heel
a md nd low one Is often successful in al
erlng the gait but in this matter a
good ood deal Depends iepends upon the person
lIirnselfStrand limselt Strand
Free I Ice Operation
Dr Doyen fought a duel with a
Belgian while I i was on the Riviera
sl1ld aid a Chicago surgeon Youve
heard of Doyen His latest is a
serum that increasing tenfold the en
erg irgy of our O otuu UI white w hite blood bloo d corpuscles
Wards oft old age
Well we gave him we sawbones
a L L supper at the Cergie Cerglede de la Medlter
Itln taco e in Nice after hls duel Ho Howon won
the he duel you know And In his at
ierdlnner s speech he told us how he
lad said to the Belgian Belglanas as lie ran
him through
You lucky dog Id charge any
other raan lm50OOO 50000 francs for an ab
lomlnal Incision like this And yet
llY jy y Jove you dont look oolc over
ileascd Detroit Free Press
A New Kind uiuclof of Farm
Tho Artcrsft Institute oK ofChlcaoo Chicago
which since 1900 has taught more
han 600 unsldlledwomel1 unskilled women home 110meand an and d
art irt occupations occupntlonsthat that have enabled
them hem to become 1 selfsupporting self supportlng is
pr ireparlng pnrlng to enlarge Its scope by byes es
abllshlng an alleclucatlonnl educational farm The
Ar Vr tr tcratt cratt Ins Institute titute is an educational
omblnation of olschoolclub school club and
works hop reaching reachln front tromtho the home
tothebustness o the business world Vorl WOrhdASflerItaLl American
Sducational Reylety Ito Viesv
I p
HO3H3 B1A3H2
I do do not yearn Y llm f for or JterilLp terrapin crraphor i > or r salmw sm i1l4l111
utenk or trout i 1
Or otvenisonorqull venison ven ison or quail lorennvnlb or cauvaiback 1ck
Oi Ow lobster a aln In Newburghor Ne Newburgh vburghor or a ndiIJh dish of o tdev dcv
illed crab
Or Orm1s mus hrooms or truffles ric h han an d black
But Dutmy my an y hearts go harking backward bllchWllrdo oe o er e
the beaten path of years etrs
Tp places where I 1 once wee wont won t to roam rO lm >
An And d a again aga ga in I seo before be Core me on a nchinl1 chin
pla pla tter piled
TOO shortca shortcoke kes that tJln t they < used to bake a nt ci
They went into the oven just a dozen t tl Ic <
the thoPlln pan
Like little balls of lishtan d fluffy lIuffysnow snow
And they the issue issu ssu ed d form fqrthi hake likuc0 cobblestones coli 9blestoncs blestones 01 or a
prehistor prell pra luustoric istor ic flint
Or O nny substance su bstance far removed from dough t
But 1 think thinkof of them with longing and I I
wis wis ish h for f r them once more
When I co to fi fish h for tarpon n in the foam
For Id like to take one onerith with me for for t 11
s inker on my myUne line
The shortcake shorleakethnt s that they used I1sOOtO to make nf nt
Minus MinnaIrvwllin IrviUB in the New Yor k Sun
Quito a large sign there thelePostNo Post No
Bills S So it is I wish my mytalol tailor
could see Ih ftIBlrmlngham Birmingham Age AgeI
Hes l lesgot lies esgot got no license to talk tall the i
way he does Oh hes got a II III I ¬
tense all right What he lacks Is a
muez mUliztcl ic Cleveland dLeader Leader
Why do you think the milkman Is
selling us condensed milk dear
Because two quarts of it justs fits
a v quart quartjarHouston Jar jarHouston Houston Post
Papa apa Mr Blltherhigton Days he
will kill himself unless you ou let him
have me Does ho say that as a
threat or a promise promlseChlcago Chicago Rec ¬
Uncle Bill BUlHow How mucty muc muci money
have you ou got In your bank Tommy Tommy
Tommy TomrnyNot Not much Tho deposi ¬
i tors have fallen oft 9ft 9f awfully since sl ce Vio ¬
I let got engaged engagedJudge Judge
I The breeze tbat sweeps the waves serene
Removes the dust
I And keeps I trust
The ocean clean
I Him HimI I was contused for a bit I
confess but it took me only a moment
I tojcollect toollect my wits wits Her HerYes Yes it
couldnt take any longer longerthan than that
Go on onCleveland Cleveland Leader
The Count CountOI CouxitAh OI OIAh Ah Do not refuse
me sweet angel of my dreams dr eams for
I cannot live without w tthout you The
Heiress reflectively refiectlvelYThats Thats just
what I was afraid of ofLlfe Life
Husband to wife packing trunk
But how am I going to get my
things in Wife WlfeI I dont seer setlrnt that
you need to take much my dear You
look very well as you are areLlte Life
Jones to friend who is showing
his collection of OI OIold old masters
How How do you know they are origin ¬
als Friend FrlendOh Oh I was too to o osmart smart
to play into the hands of a dealer I
bought em ermyself es myself right on the spot
Judge Judge
The Maiden Aunt AuntNo No sir No
travelin trl1velln1tsecondcI3as g secondclass on tho coati ¬
nent for me HOIVdo How do Itnowwith r I know with
what strange man I I might be locked
Jn intcua ntq ntqcompartment compartment o Tha Thas ts rs Jp BO
But the theman man iaa wouldnt wouldntkn knowwhatwas pw what was
c coming to tohlm him e elth eitherLfe ither r r Ltfe
The jo lter bids us u laugh our fill
An d be exceeding gay ga
But when one turns t rns up upma ma bill
We seldom feel that waj wi
ShcDid She SheOI OI OIDld Did you see where some
man declares that women are not hon ¬
est He HelO HeWeil Well lO hes right in say ¬
ing so Sho fiercely fierceyWhen When did
you ever know me to do a dishonest
thing He tenderly tenderlyIO tenderlyWhien When IO you
robbed me of my peace of mind and
stole my heart you dear little thief thteW
Baltimore American
Artemis gazing into the the crystal
I see rolling roll1ngdownscloydspo clowns downscrowdspc crowds po ¬
lice licehorses horses They are racing The
horses round the bend bendthe the jockeys
lash them They near the th post posttwo two
lead neck and neck necka a dead de d heat
no noono one of them dashes ahead and
wins Client ClientYes Yes es yes but which
What are the winners colors Ar ¬
temis temlsAlns Alas I cannot tell 1 you I
am colorblind colorbllndPunch Punch Pu cJ
The President and the Magazines
Talking with more than bnp uip visitor
the President expressed himself very
freely on the ubject of the theattltudo attitude
of the magazines magazln s and newspapers
Mr Taftdoes not accept this criticism
as sincerely mode He attributes the
antagonism of tho magazine writers
chleflyto the demand for muckrake
copy He feels it the more morekeenly keenly
because because the magazines arc the re reo ¬
c ipients of what he calls a subsidy
I from thePostoffice the Postofflce ostoiflce Department It
appears ap pears to him gross ingratitude for
the periodical press to attack the
Government which annually con ¬
tributes millions of dollars to its it sup
port Conscious of the rectitude of
his purposes ho finds It Impossible to
understand undor nderstandhow itand how persons so well In ¬
formed formedas as are the political writers for
the themagazines magazines and the correspondents
of the dally papers can Impugn his
motives or give to political news the
representations which ho reads in the
press pressWlIllanl William Bayard Hale in
Worlds Work for June
In Norway the average av rage lengthVot lengtl of
Ufo is greater than tha in an anjj oilier other
country f
n For a L t few few days we will B
una make lee to your order a
TwoPiece TWOa piece 1
I15O 16
q qfrcm
frem woolens that l1at regularly
j sell ellnt20 at 20 and 2259 Oholco liolco
El of 7 73 7Jpnlterns patterns
SGoldlleirn S i fioldlidffl liSOnS Sons
13495 4034oSSeventh Seventh St t
Buy 8 Buya uy a at t Home1 i 0 l11el
Stop Paying Payin g Rent ent
f very y Few Years You Pay Enough
Rent To Buy a Home of Your YOllrCwn Own
Very few chances < now left to bu y Y
cheap homes in the theD District strictorCollmbla of Columbia
jQo o out and look at
East Deanwood Burvillc U lville
Beverly D C
This subdiv ision lies Boson on both boths sides s ides of
pcnnlngs Bennings cnnln D C nnd Chesapea Chesilpealte ke Junc
lion One faro an d 20 20mlnufesflmo minutes time to tc >
the ho eclty city Get Geto1I off at Brooks Station East
pennwoo Deamvood cnnwoo dj d D 0 I
L Buynow w when hon you canptt can gel lots cheap
Prices rlccs will soon a advance Greater Grel ter Wash
fngton ngton is spreading out ou In every direc ¬
lion Uonnnd and will soon cover the entire Dis ¬
trial of ofColumbln Columbia
i Lots sold on easy ensymothlypayments mntbly payments
JSo o ointer intercst Inter dst nud no notaxes taxes taxestl11ots till lots are paid
for Title perfect
I I This Thisb is now the on ly section of the
District Istrlct in which W htCh laboring people pea ploanct and ndt
people cople of moderate means can buy
hoimie ionics IOlllesBuy Buy now The price will soon
be double doublewhutlt whut It Is toda to da yI y
The undersigned undersnod agent a ont will show the
ground Call and see him find ar ¬
range to go cut to look the subdivis ¬
ion over
1133 1135 113515th 113 15th St StN N W
Fran k T Raw lings Co
13O5 Pa t Ave N W
Contractor an anc d Builder
Architectural Plans Prepared
Materials selected selectedor or furn ished All
building details superintende supe superinten rinten rintene d e d w with ith s kill ldlL
and promptness
Office 51st and nd G St St N E E
Address R 3 Box No 44
Veteran Reporter Takes Occas ion t to
Roast Some Ordinary OrillmLrySpecimens Specimens
Albert L Blair a veteran news
paper man of Brooklyn recently en
tertained the Business Mens Assocla
of Bridgeport ridgeport Conn with a descrip
tlon of the inside workings of the
newspaper During his talk he ells
cussed different different phases of the tbeprOfes profes l j
elon which ha declared Is one of hlghj high
calling and second only to the minis
try and pedagogy Tho reporter he >
said Is a necessary nuisance and is I
the man who really reallymakestl1epaper makes the paper t l I
Many specimens of newspaper EJngi ng l
lish came in Inforn for a grilling Among Amon
them t em wasthe was tho word wor gutted g ttelw ttcd6 whlch Jch l
ho b said happened to toeveryh every bouso b usel
which had caught fire Kb Hbsald said thliJ this
word yvordh had d no place In Inacleanandup a clean and up
todatenewspaper todato newspaper He also alsoaskecl alsoaskeclj asked j
why It was that there were so fe few
fires In newspapers newspaperswhy why they were wer
always conflagrations HewlshedJ He wished
that some reporter r porter would say that a aI
criminal brO brOj brOko br Cke j ko sideways or any anYi
other than down when be con ¬
fessed He always breaks down 1
said the speaker Again a man never
says a thins nowadays he declared I
He makes a statement he states
The bride always comes In on the
arm of her father or somebody else
I consider that a great feat he de ¬
dared to tobe be able to t carry a woman
on oa ones arm It is second only to
the feat o of Byron who said he stood stoo cIi
on the Bridge of Sighs Slghsln in Venice with
a palace on one hand handnnd > and a prison
on the other Byron was a poet r et and an andJ cI
an athlete BO Ibelleve he did what ho h
said Another one is the inclem ¬
ency of tho weather At a baiiejuet ba quet
there is always a bounteous b unteousrepasb repast
to which whlcrr full justice was done 1
Whenever I read anything like that E
hear a lot of people in a hall gobbling
up food All afterdinner speeches speec hes
are of course postprandial postprandlaFroJD From
the Editor and Publisher
Dante as a Sorcerer
A correspondent of o f ftho the Times sends
a curiously Interesting paper on
Dante as a Sorcerer based on the
recently published documentary doc umentary rec ¬
ords of the processes Instituted at
Avignon by Pope John XXII XXIIagalnstl against
Matteo Visconti and his son Galeazzo
of Milan The Visconti were charged
with having resorted to witchcraft
In order to injure the Pope and Bar
tolomeo to omeo Canholati the chief witness wItness
against them dec de c1 lared that that in an In ¬
terview with withaGaheazzo Galeazzo the latter stated
that ho had conferred with Dante
The evidence which is in Latin
makes m t ltes no definite charga against
Dante All that Canholati alleges Is
that Galeazzo had caused Dante to
come come to him on this business and the
general impression of his evidence is
that Dante had an uncanny reputa ¬
tion for some people and that Gale ¬
azzo may have av hoped that he would wbul
consent to exert his inaleflclent pow ¬
ers against again at a man whom ho Gale ¬
azzo hated The particular r rmethod method
resorted to in this case case was the sub
fumigation of an Imagu Imng so that as
the Imago was consumed with heat
so would tho person be consumed
against whom the tholn1ago image imagswas was madel ma de1
and we have havaDante Dantes s sown own testimony
In the Purgatorlo XXV 23 that th t
he believed in the efficacy of that
fornl of witchcraft wltchcraftLondon London Spec ¬
The Luggage Question
DeLancey Nlcoll Nico li lawyer is always
a well dressed dressedman man and abominates
a slovenly sovenlyappearance appearance At the Union
Club he said of ofa of a Westerner Veateraor one day daY1
Ho haa come to New York for fora a
week and I dont believe he has
brought a stitch of o f luggage with
Hero Mr Nlcoll smiled
Unless indeed ho added addedhes hes
stowed something fom thlnB In tho largo bags
ho hcarrlel carries in the knees ofhl of hlfctrous hi trans
ersNew New Yorlk Xor IXTr1bul Tribune

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