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1 1 I J I I r rHE f 1 4 H E I N NA A T I 0 I NA L LIJI IJI A I i P 4 rc i 0 ORUM R U M II
VOL VbL J Of NO 12
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I It t Just why Howard IIqll i ard Hill should hou1d be
chpaen c4 c1i aenls ke11 as a pro l lo > per location for NOll11l Non
S School hool No 2 I cannot cannotunderstan understan d i nOr i
does d any o IY IYuno oriqseem uno seem a able ble to enlighten i me
I The TIesole sole ar gument glimentudvl a dvance neel d lln in favor pf
the Balloc llll lloe h sito s ito on or near BI Br iglity htwood htw <
avenue and c lose to Howard l Umversl Umv rsity
is the theeheopness cheapness o f the land buidT buid1iati Wliatu WhahVer T 1iati
yip 1o bQ pr price ice may bo and an d what re r dlt la tive ive dill mtTer
e enee iice n there th e 11111 may ma y be in the cost mid tllO
cost c 6 6st st of one more oro centrally centrally1oeu locn tod tel l It
may be fa irly sa id that th t it Is I deal I lit
any price jee nnd nflt the cash pave rnve oved d by the
Government Governmcntwlll will be spent i a nhlmdrel hun litmdre dre d l f fold
by parents and pupils in car faro i and
other inc identals created llJjl by a Ipn g dn daily d
journey journeyto to suc ue h an outoftheway sc h hool <
It will cost the grea giea t tnllt major nllt jo jor rlty rltyo ity of o f tea tenc h
ers an d pupils two twoear car fares fal iave es a day to
reac h hthls this sc school hool
l J
v To Ioocate locate ocato a training school for tea teach
I ers near Howard l Universitywould University would i 1I0t
torn be t good g ool lthll thing thingfor g for f l that thn t sc ae school hool h olw while wli iiIe ilc It
might benefit hene fit the University In I the
natura l lordqlj lordqljo ordqr o f til thin things ings gs the Un ivers lt
would d0111i1 dominate lt tlip tlii so scl eclioo hoo oQ lby Ib the he v very vi <
fact o of f prox proxlimty imityeveii imity even though the f fac
ulty 1ItyuI1I1 and body b bodyci ly of ci thc Univers ity ki kCl1t k
clear of the these sc hool hool1t n thin thing g tliuy the y yvoi wot voi ould
not be likely to o do
The colore col le d t pastors IJlsforso o f wui Ynohtngtoq Va1i liingt lngt
num ln ber berg ing a bout two hun dre d have i
sued ued the rolloWili following fo llowing llowingslat g gstateiniit statement slat < m llt of th theu
itlitude in an appeal to the colored p pal
cuts o f the District
I To the Colored Parents of the Distr District
o f fCol Co Columbia lum n bia bf
The lhenmupropr Hill appropriating llting the money 1 for
the purchase o f a site for the build building
of the thcColliel t1i Colored Col ie i or Normal Sc S hool 1 No
2 requires that it be loca te d somewhi oinewli u
East of 7th street West of North NorthCnpl C Ca
to tol street and aiii l torth orth o f 0 s tiee truct JS W
The Board of Education has rccpinmei recpmmend
ed to the Comm Commissioners issioners of o f the Distr District
of Co Columbia lumbia that the Ualloch 1roper t i
be Mtwcen tween Sixth and uin l Seventh street stJl et N W
opposite O opj1psit the thellfens ilcns Mens Dormitory of llowa Howarl l
Un Ul UnLversity iversity be purchased purc hased hasedtic as the s rtilo ito i for I
said sl111 sau 1 Normal School No No2 2
This site is unfit as a u location 1 for I
Norma l Schoo l No No2 2j 2 first because o f
II its close proxim ity lt to the Mens Meii Don DOIIII
tory and the New Me dica l l Sc hool o f
Howard li waid University Unlverslt Univeisitywlieie where will will be gal gl ga h
cred from from three to o foi foul ir hundred hl11ll led you oUitg
I men men for e ight months mou ths in tho year elr si sec s
ondly it is out of the way wo wayiint and ulll l not no ensi ensi1 ens
I access ible to a large major majority ity o f our lieo p l <
pie and niii l finally the thofoughtn
through llIoUghIII whic which iC h IIllIOS most t o f the girls otter 1ltlend
la ing lIIg g Normal orlllal schooINo Sc School hool No 2 would have Il1wo to
pass IJUS ia H is U unsightly degrading and U 1l5I1 3u fo
j iqt young ounl women womcnunattended unattended by cliaj dial e
I rimes riJlea oite i ilJiOr Tho lJiOr J Iio J3iil6c JJnQ alloc 3 h 1 P1 r prtytf r 1 II 1 11
l itfJtjIJJ l 11 I t Jil t
SC Sliool 1100r 1 tIil j 1 JI pn I1 r rfin fin 1
mediate me latif aidv aid YJgorb1Snpr v joro n sk Fill 111 jljti i
sign signan an andail d inail llil tile iu l Pr Pro > r test te stglven given be low t
the Comm issioners iseioJlIIIo o f the Distr ict i t of
Coltnnbifi Colltmhl 1 at once lie sure to put ut i 011
your protest at a t dotte dottcd d l line lin
Respectfully yours ollrs
To the Honorable Commiss ioners o f f t tho
District o of f Columbia
Gentlemen i
I respectfully Iesl wctfnlly ask us k as It parent citizc citizen
and taxpayer t xpa er of the District of o f Colui Colum
bia that the building buildin g for Norma l Sc c ho hoo l
No N0i 2 be NOT locate d on au the lla 15nllo Bnlloch llo
Property but on or near ne ir 0 street NV N W
Date 0 1
I I do not perceive the raison detri ctre etr
as my French Fren h fr friends ien ds d say of prcscribii I rescrlbin g
the location of o f Normal School No 2 to
these t ese bounds nor can I learn why v hy Co Con
gress s hould place IJ lace that stipulation s tipulatl n at 111 I
restriction in the appro aii pro priation bill m 1101 a
why the Commissioners Gomllliss ioners s hould make sui such
a recommendation recommenda tion nor w v hy li y th the Scho l
Board s hould ho IlI 1 uminimoui unanimously ly ado pt tl the
propos ition to place IiI laee ace tv a sc hool in a d tle i i
cide ci c ide e dlyant dly and ant jlll i pla jlahii inly lV evident undesirab b
location I may he ffnir fair in presimih
that the locatioi ll l in question was wa co eon
sii s llered lered before the bill was presented1 to I
Congress an al1l d 1 that tllI1 that is ywliy Jwh the thelJunds bounds i o f
selection selec tion were so fixe d If this is trn true
a wealth of ofsllggestion suggestion up ni to other tliiui things thiii
connected with the selection sclec tion bf this si site s
is at hand I shall eni endeavor e llellvQr leawor to yeril yerify
some 60meof of these suggestions and anl l will 1 be
glad to have llVe anybody itnybo dy dywho who ho knows kl lols an
thing to tell me nb something
0 The progrpsalve c hurchmen of America
have lon long g beelieonsitle been peen consider considering ring ing the means means i 01
br brlllging inging more men m n in Into to the theehurcl church churchau 1111 lUIl1 au
many manymcthotlshave Iflaul y ymethods methods have been tried trie Now tl the
c hurc h realizes the fact that the re real
men are less inc iiie lined l to attend atten d church
serv services ices and ta ke active IIc tive part pnrtin in chore
affairs yield to jl1relj purely iiiirci l1relj church Influences
than any time ii j j churc h h history Tliei Therc
are many reasons for this some say it Is I
because the c hurch is too thcoretica thtore tien ll llv
religions rcliiouis li iou8 and Il ll not sulllc iently ntly practici IJll ctic n
in 111 its teaching tt teaclu aellJng hig Men M rn n are more actual aetuulh
interested uitcreted in iI this this 1iis auud nn d while lu lln they all d di
sire to go to heaven when they ilii 1
they are lJr J qu ite anxious auu dOus to make the bes best be
of life in this world i
There are a great many men wli whe
would wou1d gladly go listen with i UIi c lose attei
tiori and uiui l strive to fo follov o llow the tcochin tI lUhn
uf any l1Y man or any number of men wh v li
could cou tI tell te ll them how hOl they plight bettc
the thew tlu ir daily da life life be more use ful to t i the theh d
neighbors ami 11m get g t some good thought an lilli
lu a m lHce on Suuiuday Sui Sunda idaj mat they the theycoull could carr
on Monday i ton day out into the workaday worlmdnyworl worhai lay laywork work worl i
Without go ing into a theolo theo Jo gical dis
I scrta tioii tiO l I may say that there are me mer
who w ho regard r glldOhrlst Christ as a great pli philoso llosc
plier 11 11cr a political po lltical reformer of advance l
princ principles iples w who ho sought to better the BC
I cial c ial and ant i po litical condition of Ills 1IlsJ 1IlsJCQ J pec pea JCQ
pie This rMss is s an al i intelei interesting ti tilg lg view and an t tl ti
fair fa l minded min e men does not no t disparage etlu > th
conception of those thoscwho who he libva Him > t t
be the Son of the Living God However
If a ll men l1l n believed bellev d l that tha t if all men en
teiuwe d l to fJiv live 11 ye h IiI i honor and a i d justice lui tice aiii inn mil
kindness Idltlll h sf of ofhenit heart and mic nc h l made ellor
toward tow U inch i life thokingdom tho kingdom of o f heave
v r li i coiiii C1ItI to he in our dnll dally r life a III
we w dl ll no a in inn a a faraway fnr farasvyiereaft wjY wjYIurcl hereafter Iurcl iereaft iftel thl
would ould in indeed deed bo ben a nicer nlcl r world to lie Iiein in
j 4
The Noo Yttw Yawk fc1 kClioin Choinal l1l says sl iys editor i i
I ally allythatp that a hundred l pound loluuii 1 1elerk clerk couli
kill both Johnson JollI ol1 and Jeffries Jeltr les in aetna
w wIII vau r In the darkness dllrlmessof of his e et ditoria litor ia
intellect the wr iter cons idered ide ed actual oct unl win
l to be a ri lot I lo o of f fellows w ith lIIllUsellUd Mauser am
Springfie ld rifles l r ifles fies standing in line shoot
ing lugat at each Other about a mile or 50
apart For the benefit o f others wh1 who
may mil ° ° h thin k k the lie same thing thingt I will sa
that that is not no t actua l war ar at all Will Va
is one of O f the lost lostarts los t arts and a d our Interes
in prize pllzl1flghts fights is it a survival of o its spirit
Thu fighting fightinglnshnct instinc iuis tiui t lives in 111 us yet ye et t
though dormant dormllntj t and we s still till have tin the
lust for fOIba battle ttle which all re rellhea dhea d liea ded l an ani l
nia ls feel When war really was a mIll
stood face to face with wi h his foe and aun t fough
with w ith his han ds 1 fee t talul and aiii l whole body lio dy It In
those days 11I s there were no hun hundled dred dre d diouuuuc uoimi pouud
So the mythical unytlu ical Yellow Yello Ye llow Streak did no not
fippear lpear in Jack J aek Johnson but showe shuoweti d iij up
in Jeff whom whom 1 I always thou ght was a
dub u and never hesitated to to say so soa i
sort of ofIt a Joe Grim champi chIJ cliainpipui l i9n on This ye rei i
low dull has been hounded hllu ed d out nboul
every co lore d prizefighter J1 lnipe 1gl1tcr flghi ter George Dixon
had It bnd Joe Walcott Va lcott was sa sadly dly nf
dieted flicte w ith it and nmlJolJ iiuit l Jou lot Gang had l chilli
when ho sav snl a boxing glove gloctha thats Vs what
they a ll sa id until untileach each o of f these timid
boys knoc ke d the block oil everything ii in
the ir class Tlie last man accuse accused d win
Jack Johnson but he faile fn ile d to dis is pla j
the yellow ellow streak Jeffries Corbett am lInll
John L I J Sullivan ha d the yellow ye llow strial
and had it ba bad d l They TheyI The y duc I ked be hind the tlu
color line to keep from having it seen
Now that the Jellr lcsJo lmson prize
fight is over the State of Nevada Nevn a should i
become c ivilized d It is the only State Sto te
in the Union in which a fight to the tli
finish is lawful lawfu l Novn da lll owes it both to
itself an d to the rest of the country to
repeal this relic o f barbarism In spite
of the hundreds o f reams JmIJs o f good goo d white
paper whic v hic h were waste d l by bymore more or
lass literary Iih I rnlY gentlemen gen tlemen in supplying the
I demand antelight nutef ght t accounts of the do ¬
ings o of f the fighters including iurcluui hiuig not only onl oiu ly
the routine ronti uie o of f their train ing camps but
thetllval the trivnl incidents o f their whole lio le past
lives greatly idealized idea lized all a ll intelligent
men an and d women when frank with them ¬
se lves know kno that pr prize ize lighting is brutal
to the last degree
To pretend pret nd i that it is necessary necessary Id
cultivate a love o f manly IIIl1nl strength and
COlIll1ge courage 1 Is s ba lder ltJenlas das h The manliest munlie t and nlil l
stro strongest 1ges t men wo O have are not those who
ta ke part in priu prio fights The assoc ia ¬
tion o of f the tin prize izo ring are anythu anything iuig but
elevating morally socially soolall or in any
other direction I
riThoJjIg Thobl Tho bia cor porations porn tionsoftll of this is country countr x
vel I l JI JldjJJ 1JU l ri
I JY t > II Ki
riCl ncn J bl1 bin ri Jili ii lint jcc TcconuBisnI n 1Iq ui bli on Jb t
tlll Aieuoto 111111 l1lt l1ltI u > I iay lyof ty of o f a young Y0l11 yotjii man thtO thai tho t lie
is s a 1 L fo o Hewer o of f ilstlama Hs tinnm vo we believe jeve
thllt hat is one of the technical phrases of
the lie spor sport t Huntingtoii l Herald Dis Dih
patch nitc ateli h
The contest for tho honor o f be ing the
most popu po pu lar Elk Ik is well we ll on and there
Is s a manifestation IIInnif < stlltion of interest that bids
fair air to mnku ma kll the affair spirited nill and ex ex ¬
citing Some have luwesald said that we should
limit the choice Cho ice of o f popularity to local
ilks Iks but I do hot think tluiut k that would be
ouiieous to the visitors vi sitors and we ve fee l
thot hat if a visitor should gain the honor
hospitality alone would ins pire us to
gladlr hully accor d him that honor The
c harm ha run is dis lis played pa tInb ed in t the lie window windo of
Ca alllshey a IllSlllJ ll ishicy the Jewe ler 017 I 1 7 Pennsylvania Pl1l1s ylvaui Illlla Ia
I ivcjiue Northwest Go ho and unti l see itj It get
an in expert o pinion on its merit and an d
I Iheauty beauty eauitv The charm Is worth olth any IIn mans
I Personal POT son a I and o ndSaci Social tv
I The Elks o of f this tll is c c ity it are re ma king ej ex e
tensive tens 1I preparations to entertain th the
Grand Lo lge which meets lII ets here the latte
part of this month It is expecte expeele1 d l thin thut
there will be ten thousand Elks iji th the
c ity at least This menus much to th tlllJ ti
citizenry eitlzenryof of Washington WltshlngtonlIml and every mat
whether Elk or not should l const constitute tut
himself himselfIt a a comm ittee of ofone one to see to i it
that the visiting Elks and the stranger
that come within Our our gates shall go awn
from the national Imtionlllcupitnl capita l prepared pueiaueu I t to
carry a good goo 00l d dreport 1 report r port back to the ir severn
an d i various homes
The excursion given by the Wes es le ll
Club of the Metropolitan 1Ifetlo polltnu A M 111 li I
Churc h on last Friday l Frblnywas rhlny was a deeitled < lechlc lcclu lc <
success suceC 8 This lhisis ii i rather a new featuii fentuu
in the way of an IHI outing in inehure churc h circle
and ant i it proved vroveu l riot n t only onl po pular but profit
able as well we II There is no good reusoi
why wh vlu y fhl lie c hurches should not enter into
the fie ld o Of f harmless harml ss amusemen ts am and
I thereby thcIe by fescue rl iscue CUeman many persons who oilier
i wise would l not be reac hed hel l if the thea y conk couItJ
I and could not be If they theywould would
Mrs urs rrS Hqni Jfuuiijlton rll1I j1ton Uun President lls Piesht id leuut nt of the Wes Ves
ley he y Club w I t hic 1m kIt h gave the excursion 01 on
Fu Friday iu hxuy night lust reports that this trij
to Summerset Heacli was the most enjoy enjo y
uble as > well astho most mo t profita ble b 1
far o fnny f f any o f the previous ones
Hon W V A 1 B Cosby Cosb Cosbyo o f 372 Houston
street Atlanta Gn was in the c city ity fo lot
I a ii few f fei w lays Ias i this wee k and was the gues guest
of Rev 1o Dr 1 1 I 1 N ij Ross nn ltlll d i family fllmil o of 01
1444 Q street N W V Mr Cosby has been
I maldng a tour of the thellllf larger r cities citts o f tin the
Nor th iii including inehll el uuu ling New York Phil Phihide Liu le l
phia hi hu la Hoston Duirulo and Baltimore with Ithi
a view to securing some ideas in con
nee ne tion with ti u cer certa ta in vroliM proposition itiout ii ill
which whi us hu ich h lie is interested int lested in the city of At
huita Ho is one of the popular younj oullg
men neJJ of that city cityiuia and IIUl was the leadin leat lIuu g
spirit S Sl l idt il lt in in Dr Ross Sunda Smlliay Suni la y Sc c lioo l wjici hell
Si tlie t i Ie Doctor was pastor pa tor of that church
Mrs A M i Curtis Cn tls the charming w if ife
of Dr A A1 M Curtis is speuiu spending sj enllhJ > liig the sum
mer at the popular resort Anmdclon Ariuuuu r1lJuelon leloru
theBay tlWDII Md t She reports a pleasanl
time t hue and advises a that Washington so
eiety luw contribute eontllb rte1 d liberally I lhural ly toward ovaui I
making IIIn ng thu th resort ort popular by li y its its iti patrons
who are Ie there from this city c ity
At Atno no cntor ClltOJIiI qrR Jli iii town town will you fim find
t i nicer rcpst rep repn n srIl Oijd Iuu l hcltSr hclt r service than
at Mrs i 1us I R Williamsons nt 1031 WIJ Otl Oth
street s reet N Nt t W V UTS J JS Willia Wilhiuuuson mson son is mis ¬
I i it t
ww wwlll lll
tress o of f the theculllllUY culinary departmen t litvvin luwlugl
spent a lifetime in this capacity Whe When liQ
you 011 des ire iv 1 rea l re freshing yet Uomi
like ineii mneil nlll l go to o Mrs ihs lrs I E Williamson
at Itthe the above IIboY O liamed number
Rev Mr h Holland one of the two loci l
preachers of the Metro 1letrololltnn politan Church
filled l the pulpit on last Sunday ii night nigh igli
and rendere r ullere d It very creditable creditutbhl creditablidisc01lJsl discours
indeed His subject was as we ll h handle
and llmllpgicu euti l logica lly discusse d
Rev Dr I N N Ross iiraiche 1m lIclw d uttli lit the 11
Au A M u f E l Churc h III Deiinwood eatvoodouu on Sin
day The occas ion wan the raising rllisillgof rais ing 1 c
some funds mnui ds to meet the needs o of f th tlte ti
trustees There was a goodly nunibe
present presentmid and luimy members of the Mu u le i t
ropolitan Church turned out to hc l lp 1
the ir l s ister i ter chulc c hurc h
Mr Harry 1T1l1 Nea Netil il l messenger inesseiu ger t tto to Speo SpllIker kc
I Cannon contemplate a trip to to Dnii Dn
flllo Ill soon < Mr i lr Neil l 1ms been en
ploel iloye d l in this capac cnpncity ity for n u num num ber o u f
yeills cars and is one of the most po pula
men about the Capitol It Is snu sa sai II d l c f
him him i lm that ho knows every ev ovcuyuuiirue ry rylimn man person
ally a who is a a member o f the House an 111111
has ias tl 1 wonder wounlerfuul l ful nl memory for faces me nltn
md events S
lUiss I liss Catherine C Hush died t Mpm 1Olll luj hl
July 11 at 1210 oc lock Her rema in ins
were bur bu ried ied at St Thomas Church Churchii n nt
Chapel Point near Port Tobacco Mi li
Services were held he ltl Mat at her late la te res idence
1022 Vermont avenue on rl1eSl fticsday rll 1uiy Jul 1ulr
12 Miss liush was formerly forJU i ly a clcr
in 11 tile itecouu Recorder ler of Deeds Ofiice uuuu and l en
joye d l the acqua aciuua intance an ant d l frien friendship dship dshipo o f
qnitll mite a number of persons both in innlll am thu
ou ni u t to of o f the c dty ity
COLUM13IA coI4 uMur
Tlio le Independent Tuidepeni lcuut Lea Leapue gue guel l ytllC o f the Dis
tr r ict o f Columbia has c cttllCl cit ule lle d din i u IV musi
mcetin nceting to be held held at the True f lIno Re form
ers rs Ha HIIII ll corner o f 12th and You s streets
OIi nt ui July 10 1010 for the purpose pI lJ1ose o of
aking a king steps looking toward a forma l
protest irotest o f what is claimed l by the League
to o 1 be the economic evils evil that have re
suited from the policy polic o f the President l esillent
ill 11 the South In an interview with one
of f the len le ders o f the League it t wns re
e ited itct l that their pur pose was to as k no not
only for tho retention of what co coorql lorifi l
o illico fli e holders now Iow occupy pos itions bu but
to o ask for restoration by way wayof wayo of o ap am
poinhnent loiiitniont o to oilices o lliels of those ne 11Cgl0l groes who vh <
md a d been deposed depos d on tint groun ground d tha tllllt
the he ir u the colored olllco holders 1III lioli IIIels lers oecu
I Ipaney paney paneyof ancy 511C of o f office was obnoxious obuto ioii to th thl
white f bite people peo ple ti of t the several and diirercnl
onimnliitics Oiuiflhittuitt Cs
It I t was it as learned eJrllet l that the th I lie Lenguo lias
I rganixations in thirtysix tlu lutyshx States the
purpose o f whic h h is to secure to the
lIegrJ cgro the same civil and political right
n s S en joyed by brother lt y yothiet other Amer Ame rican citizens c
The lie call e 11 announces that thatuuuty an uuuty y pa p patio trio tic
0 Tga 1 aJlzat0I1Qr11111hJihmI jizatiqn pr r iunuividuiat intli > n diuilWlio JWI10 who is insyn
If 1 i ith n iiI viUJle J ll li 1 1
tJrIIllI 1 1 Tm
IJitc iatei ate in tfl thc thcI thcV1i I V1i c jpn nfreitco ferericc f r J cci in iII inthe the J difternQori nfter000il lt r i
of f the tJeu a bove da ditf te an illll nuol d la a lso the t1i convention cone coutVcintioui nUOII
to o be held heldnt1ight Ite hu l lat nt1ight nt night of o f the same date
The he officers are us it follows fo fu Hows Rev S L I I
Corro orro orrothers thers D I 1 D President Presi > rcs lhmt leutt Districl JJistl istuiel ct
Jeilgue enguc Rev J 1 7 Miltron Waldroii Wal lroll D
D National Organizer Othw Othl mov moving ing iii
pirits are Blslui msl uis l yp p Alexander Walters T uiItCi4
A 1 M r f D i D Attorneys xttolne s J J L Neil Ne il ilii and nnd ii ml
N I n J Marshall i Dr L C Moore and J 3
O L Newsom
p 0 a
Miss Mamie Chisloum Chu islonun Mrs Ira ClanvMil Chauuni Ijl
lei r Mr u li Ir William Still Mr 11 Spate and
JI I Ir iv Wendell Conisli Conis Cout is h hwere were the guests of
lIIrs Irs Cacher Cac hor of New Gretna avenue last
SUllda Inndny
Miss Maynie fn lJ1e lJ1ei i Sorre Sorrcll ll of o f Baltimore 11111 lui ltiniore II 1110rc
slent pent euit Sunday Sunda y with her mother Airs 1Is Sot
rei el ii of 113 Maryland Ial11I1l1 l avenue v
Mr Ir J A Henderson of o f Ke ystone stone W
VII a is visiting frien flielltls ds ls here
Miss Louiso Wright hr rjglit and her brother
Eugene aigene Wright left yesterday for Geor
giu iii Ii where tli cue tlipy are attending a tleuu ding the funera l l
of f the ir i i mother
Miss fiss Grctta Scott who luis been visit
illg i g her sister tster Miss Raven Scott one
ot t our public school tcachem teute liets l Jelt et tt yes ts
tcrday rday for Boston
Mrs Miller of Richmond Va is sto p
ping ing ag at the Ridley Hote l l
Miss Iiss Mnyme Flamming I one bf o f our
ublie u blle schoo l teachers here is spending s peui din
jHlblie 0
j lerllcation er r vacation in Charlottesville Vn
In visiting Atlantic City Cit dont forget
to i try tr the new III drink drinku drinkuTIII u lu iui kIJue The Jacksun
lL1neh uncir uncirTservo Tservo ele d lat l at the tht fi Hay Ba fStnte y State Hotel
only thy
Surgeon SurgeonWhere Where the deuce can I
lmve ave left my glasses
Wife WlteYo You havent been perform
tng g gan an operation today I suppose
Pele Mele
Homes i iIlles for Colored
In the District at 57th StNE StN E
On the Columbia Electric Railway
II St cars c IIO direct to tho property property50 5o
car fnre31 fare 3i ruinutts 1JJ1ut B from rota 15th Br t an and d
N Y Ave ve
I Pure spring watorfine shade slJadeehurcbcs churches
schools etc
Lots SIOQ S100to OOto to 200 on
Easy Monthly Payiuments
Tte Th Poor POQrM Fo Mis 1II ns Clap To T Bits
Grant Park Pa rK Office
Room 314 Ouray O OUru rQ Building uhldIn
ft N W Y Cor 8th 8tlinnd and Q Streets N W Y
I s r
Cartoon by Jlfncluley in the New York WorM Wor hi
Big Blgflecrease Decrease Decreasein in Casualties in United States as a Result of Restrains
Observance Of the DayLast D y Last Year Dead Total 44650
Injured tiy byFi Fireworks eworks and 108 by Cannon This Year
Chicago ChlcagoThe The value of a sensible eyes which are so so frequently tho bat
and restrained o obsCl observance vnnce of the tered targets o of destructible explo
Fourth has again been demostrated sives
by the casualty list o of this years ears cele Casualties in Chicago and Its sub
bration In almost every city and urbs showed a remarkable dlmlnu lmlnu
town where the thoSale sale and a nd explosion of lion from tho number a year ago One
firewor 11reworlts ks were prohibited prohlbltcdor or or restrict death deathutuo duo utuo < to the accidental discharge
ed there has been a decided falling of ofa a pistol was reported although
off in the number of deaths and in the days celebration must also Iso be
jured compared co mpared with previous years debited with a it second death that re
This years list of dead throughout suited June 21 last from a rifle
the country so far as reported is 24 wound selfinflicted while a boy was
Last year the total was 44 The cleaning a small smallrlfie rifle
whole number of Injured d last year Of the injured this year 650 were
was 2361 This year there were were only hurt by fireworks 108 by cannon 173
1294 These figures lfg tires show enormous by firearms 59 9 by torpedoes and 97 7
conservation not no t only in human life by toy pistols
but les less injuries to arms arms ears and The lire loss was 317815
David Starr Jordon Ranks Game With PugilismDeclares Before th the
National Educational Association That No Intelligence is Required
a to Excel at Such Sport SportFavorsthe SportFavors Favors the English Football Game
Boston BostonDavld David Star Jordan presi stroys the best there is in America
dent of Leland Stanford University youth
declared In an address before the No intelligence is required in the
VlcanEducatlonalAssoclatlon Ame that game of football Blacksmiths anc and
football as played by the athletes ot boilermakers can clay the gam6ai gamtS gam ii a
American universities is a combina well as aSlnen men of finer intellect In fact
tlon of IJfthe the elements of pure bru brutality tality blacksmiths and boilermakers art ate
an4 audRu J II l jlilfli Ji FI s ldthatjltevorSt f h t thJ SlstC considered ln e e the b be best t r iawvuatertal Vf a lriI11 to o f
t + i l1dJ r et t UC Wllr it r 11 + m CHl 1 W1 11lltjoIi JJ I Iij K lJ lJord iiN j Z J JA A
tIT tITordnn
0fPreslden Pres1den ordnn ord
era colleges college j tlieloveof th love of thosor thesordld ld rIfe lJ1e remarks of
the same sa me love of the thesoldld sordid he said saidiwere were called calledforthbytbeprecedlng forth by the tbepreceding preceding ad
that compelled the interest of nearly dress delivered by Clark W ftetlier IetIter
the entire en tire coqntry to focus Itself upon Ington physical director of the Unl
a ring away out in far Nevada where verslty of Missouri and himself i a
a black man and a white man were Stanford graduate who had dellv
pounding ding each other ered an eloquent appeal for the eiten
Some day said President Jor ¬ sion don of athletics in American colleges
dan the college c presidents and and had defended football as the
school heads of this country will per ¬ greatest of Intercollegiate sports
haps be called cowardly and brutal Dr Jordan favored the entire abo ¬
because they did not put a stop to the litton of football as played and the
dangers of football a sport that de substitution of the English ngllsh same
Baltimore Md MdThe The Woman WomanSuf Sut Now States Attorney Owens will be I
Club of Baltimore Intends to asked for aid and If he declares th tlllt
frage flirtations to the tb appointments are Impossible t tho tI
im end to toallstreet all street
put putrm > of the young people who Women will walt until the next legis hegi
keep many
swarm the streets at night nl ht at home Intive session when a bill will I be
and to prevent any behavior that is framed providing for the appointment
decorous and mannerly by older o of the women assistants to the polic
Meanwhile many of the suffragIsts
and women
men A A committee from the club called will appoint fhemselves unofficial pi po
llcemen and will look out for th the
Attorney and asked lld
uponthe ntho the States St tes
upon up
advice and cooperation conduct of the people on the street
his The States Attorney will be ap Mrs Emma Maddox Funk the pres presl
pealed to particularly to discover if dent of the club says
We not planning this can
It Is possible to appoint women as
slstants to the police officers at the palgn because we feel that the pollci
suburban resorts and on the down men are lax in their duty but w we
streets whose duty will be to think that there Is much to be don done
look town after street morals for morality that the police have m not
the suffragists appealed to time to bother about bout If we succee succeed
the police board recently to secure the In getting women assistants to th the
of women policemen at police to do duty on the downtown
appointment the ap resorts the boarddeclared board decJared such streets and at the resorts then we wl will
action not within its power as the feel f el that we have accomplished SODJS
resorts were outside of the city limits thing worth while
Plans to Bo Taken Up UI With President In Kowbont at Midnight JIi < llllght Wlipn WIl 1iett ll It Ci Clh
Tart at Beverly sized Near N al Stony Brook
nwetlrlgs Brook L I IThe The
Washington D C CSuch Such meetings Stony
oftbe of the Board of Trustees of of the pro ofa of a rowboat at midnight caused the Ut
jected postal savings banks as are death by drowning of Miss Eugenl
and Leroy Nor
held during the summer will take Fltzglbbons twenty
at Beverly This has been ton eighteen Two other young me men
agreed place upon bY the three members who were with withtheni them In the boat strUg
PostmasterGeneral Hitchcock Secre ¬ gled gl d ashore
Miss Fitzgibbons was the
of the Treasury MacVeagh and
Wlckersham of Mr and Mrs John Fitzgibbons
AttorneyGeneral The organization of postal post banks ban Its Norton was the son of Mrs Wlnfiel < l
has been informally discussed by Norton a widow
members of the board boardbut but no plans The two young men who save
will be made for putting them into themselves hurried to where som
operation until the board has bad an guests still lingered at a beach part
opportunity to talk over the matter given by Miss Bessie Hawkins am
the alarm Many hurried to th
wlth th the President It Is not be ¬ gave
w creek and after repeated efforts re
lieved that the first of the postal
covered the body of Norton
banks can be opened year
Biblical Fables Government to o Run Model Farm
Will vil1 Abandon
D C CModern Modern meth
of new type Washington
Chicago Cl1lcagoThe Tho rlso a
ods of handling dairy products will hi
of Christianity is heralded in the cur ¬
rent number of the BiblicAl Dlbllc l World or ¬ exemplified by the Department o
farm of 475 acres
University of Chicago Di ¬ Agriculture on a
of the
gan ethical sci ¬ near Bultsvllle Md a few
School It will be
vinity altruistic Biblical north of this city It is stated that i
entitle social and t with herd of milch goats will be bled 01
fables and stories sto des that conflict conf l
abandoned the farm besides other ther dairy stock
scientific truth are to
Aviator Crawls Out From Under
Ills Broken Neck Set by
Wreckage of Sluchino Unhurt
a Bloodless Operation
n i bloodless iocs Pltto Plttsbulg liiiiir TCnTi KanArch Arrh Mnxsev Moxsey f ii
Columbus OhloBy a
coal 11 Wright biplane dived
Jack Bowers a
sllrglcil operation relieved straight downward from a height of i
miner 3 of Nelsonvllle 0 was Involving hundred feet here after his engine
of an injury to his neck de
and frac had gone dead The machine was
both dislocation mollshed but 1I10xsey crawled from
weeks a o Un
three ago
tUlO suforell
vertebrae were muss of planes and wires unhurt
del er an n anaosthetlc the lIIoxsey was soaring along
r stored stor ed to their propel and relations the head by at a height Qf 500 feet when hi
hand manipulation motor stopped Moxsey tilted
strapped rigidly In a normal position When
and floated down
tood the operation well and
Bowers talking and laugh laughi laughiof t of the plane ntays gave way the tb ma
Lag an int n hour later was 1 chine crashed cras crashedto e4Jo to earth elr ejrJi
r i
= = =
Vote For Your Favorite Elk
The most popu lar Elk Elkcosen Elkc c cosen hosen hosen by the votes o f the ir fr frien ien je ds
an d da a dm irers w ill illrece rece ive a Diamon d Elk EIkCharm Charm It is a beauty
The Charm w ill be disp laye d in the w wn in dow o f Mr Ca llis her her1 i
the Jewe ler 917 91 7 Penna Ave N W Go an d dsee see it it
Cut out this coupsn fill it out an d dma ma il it to us Vote ear ea rly ly ly
an d do o ften Extra copies o f the Forum for sa e eat at 609 F St N J
W Room 203 203or or you can or der from your news stan d
The presentation w ill be ma de during the Elk Convention s
Ju ly 26 26272829 27 28 29 Ten thousan d Elks w ill be in this c ity at ¬
ten t n ding this Convention
Address National Forum 609 F St N W
I i I I B P O E O W
I I Icast cast this vote for J
S The The most popu lar Elk Elkw w ill illrece rece ive a Diamon d Elk I
ti1 Q 1
m MM < tf 1 11 W
mh I he h e viaon ll im m Farm F arm
By Dallas Lore Sharp
HE clamfarm is not strictly a new venture however but up to to
I the present it has been a failure because in the first place the
T times were not ripe for it the public mind lacked the necessary n c ssary
I education Even yet the slate and the local town authorities
SIS give flue clamfarmer no protection He can obtain the states
jgj written grant to plant the land to clams but he can get no lt k > al
protection against his neighbors digging the clams ho plants
And the farms failed because in the second place tho he clamfarmer has
lacked the necessary energy and imagination A man who for years has
made his bread and butter and rubber boots out of land an belonging to every ever
In it is the last man to build a fence
body and to t nobody l by simply digging
about a piece of land and work it Digging is only half as hard as work ¬
I ing Ingj 1 besides isl cs in promiscuous s dipping 1l1 lng one Is getting clams that ones neighbor
d t there is hiethlng ething better than mere m re clams in that
t tmight might m 1ht have got an arn r rething
I A i j
I Atlantic N ntI9 i f
f I
1 1S Sixteenth S xtee xteeth th j C CentUry t ry inns m mi i >
I By E S Bates
I UPERV1SION over the inns was far stricter than atjpresent atIJ esent cape ¬
emily In Italy At Lucca and at Florence all the Inns jiths nns nnswere were in
S a aslngle single street and in many towns the new arr arrival ival h h hwaB was taken
i before the authorities by the guard gu rd at the gates before he was
allowed to choose his inn to which ho would be conducted by a
soldier At Lucca too was a department of the judiciary
which was specially concerned with strangers and al ar pi to this the
innkeepers had to send a daily report of each guest Yet to judge by the
tour ists accounts the supervision might well have been carried further and
reports upon the innkeepers required from the tourists Such a system ot
double reports would have been a check on the murdering innkeeper to
whom there are occasional references A landlord at Poitiers was detected
in the middle of the seventeenth century and at Stralesund so runs another
tale eight hundred U persons had disappeared at one Inn They had reap ¬
peared it is true truebut but pickled pickledAtianUc Atlantic
The TheJLa La Ldy dy o of f Rome
By ByEnlily 1yErn1lyJames Emily James Putnam
K I have a great deal o f detailed Information about the ladles of
Rome Many Man are known to us by name and we are aware of
W J the Impression they made on their contemporaries We should
not be helped in differentiating them from other ladies lu les by open
jl Ing a ledger and setting down the good against the bad Cal
I L purnla against Faustina and Alcmene against Trimalchlos
wife The trait that is interesting for our purpose is present
in good and bad ba alike The Roman lady was a person indeed she was
often what we call a character She is distinguished from the Athenian
lady as a statue In the round is distinguished from from a relief Once for all
she was as detached from tho background of family life and an not supported
throughout her height by the fabric of society must see to it that her per ¬
soon sonal centre of gravity should not He without her base She committed
her own sins and bore her own punishment unislutnent Her virtues were her own anti
did not often take the direction of selfeffacement solf effacenient The strong men among
whom she lived who broke everything ever thlnl else could not break her herAtl Atlantic nllc
J 1
A ANights ANightsLodging Nights Lo dging In
The Sixteenth Century
By E S Bates
FT12N 1 lEN before the Inn came cam e in sight the traveler would see his
I O Italian host Sometimes the host would have touts as far away
I as seven or eight leagues to buttonhole foreigners carry their
luggage promise anything and behave with the utmost servility
I till the morning of departure But with all this to expect
them to provide clean sheets was to expect too much and as the
I nation was grievously afflicted with tho itch it was deslrablo
for the visitor to carry his own bedding In many cases wo find tho tourist tourl t
bleeping on a table in his clothes to avoid the dirtiness or th tho s soll11tn vermin of the
bed Still In Italy ns a rule you shared your OUI bed with tlfese these permanent
occupants only In Spain you were sure to do so one man Olio bed was
the custom there In Germany tho custom was Just tho reverse In fact if
the tourist did not find a companion for himself the host chose for him
and his bedfellow might be a gentleman or he might be a carter all that
could safely be prophesied about him was that when hevcnmo he canto to bed ho
would be drunk The bed would be one of several In a room the covering
a quilt warm enough to be too warm for summer and narrow enough enou h to leave
one side of each person exposed In winter That is supposing thoro were
beds bedsAtlantlc Atlantic I
Gondolas are being displaced by The average weight of a man G
motor boats boat s son on the main canals of feet 6 Inches IUCh es in height at the age of
Venice V V nice but they hold their own in I 35 to 40 years Is 147 it pounds l > ouuds The ThE
the 124 side canals feminine average Is five pounds lejs

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