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Iw V M IL 1 I
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brry of Congrs
I J 4 i u r ii idl i 1
Yoii i
W4f I
iV TIi h PIJ opposition os itlon to the Balloch 1htllochproil prop prop 1
crty ert i is a 1 site for the thenel nev neW Normal Schoo l
No 2 wi wlis was fe so wstroug o s stroii tronjj ani and ando l 80 o just that
when tie UJeconun committee conun tteoof ittea Of the colored col rel ll pas s <
tort of o Was hington hlugtonculIed calle called d upon Com C m
inlfMlpncr J118 inIsioiir lortClJIIlI011 iJmlson j udsoji oli lhMolldny lt Monday morninft m orlllnfI
luSt the thy y Ylecelve jcce ivL d dhls his promise to hold hol
the tIi 9 purchnBe of I a I slto 1tC for that sc hool
ofT onulllil onullliln until uii tll iiiitunin n hllnm
It ni in i Iw he IlcVe d l by many mnu tha t tII a a plo pl Jq t o of
ground g ollntl owned oWllel 1 by Howard HOIVuldUnvers Un ivers ivei ity
s ituate d lieu ile hear Ul i the thoreserYol tta reservoir w ill be next ext
advoca n tvoea te t d dIlssllHn as IlssllHn sliituble Lle for tlio new new Nor ¬
mal Iu School S cliuol 4lJl il No 2 Thin TIl ls location 10cI lOll is ii spo ¬
ken of as Jl Ls c tin lIIddenl ideal ideal1iot ppot Iot for the schoo sc hoo l
1 It tllIlY may be bchlllil ideal frjIll11 from a purely arc arci hi ft ¬
tectural t cturol po int inti 111 t 1 o ofvlew of f view if iflcgntled regarded as a I t
land landcai lanilBcu Iaii dscaje cai e adornment expressing pictur ¬
Is esque possibilities susceptible 8 sccpUbe of ar a rUstlc tistic
Jr Je 4 levelopinei lolInellt it For practical IlIneti itl educational
I purposes JlrJo l sociill moral morulIuld ivud h hygienic glenlc use us ui
fuliieH it its simply 7 wont do
I do donut not know knoiJ if this thlssit site will ill be pro
n posed oseilmHlliopclt osd osdarni niii arni l lope 1 it will il1 hot because becllu o all
the tlt objections to the Bullpen llulloc u llqc h site sitollre are
strengthene 8tr ngtllene d if ithisslte this site is to be con
sidore s si dere d dj dlieslt1 j besides lieslt1 be 1s s the thcfll filtration n tron p I lant ami
th thll sta st tkB ji las thereto are ai adde added d objection objec tfon
ables ble
No NOll1e one wUl Vil den y ythattbc that the Colone l lls is h
the most wo t distinc t flgUre fig Ie iiI our social
ami political life toda tO ltY y When Whcn T hen I 1 say
social sod II J 4 don dont on lt t mean those pinktea and
high hands ha ke affa irs but soc social ial as
< lialing with ith the thought and undllfe life of the
peo pe ple Hi is li t man ofvlgOlOIlS bf o f vigorous mind nIii d
and bodl bod he h henergizes energizes every action
controls coii trol all faculties puts all u l1 the power
of bpdy bPiJ v jULl and ml will will into what vhtthe lie does Ho
is positively Jos titly m anti id distinctive distInctive ly an Ameri
can produce d by pure p rel ly American 4meI ican in
Eurppenna urpp ons luiyc ha have vo long tot cr crltlcis iticised iticis dus d us as
being too force forceul ful too Jltv Ijvvish ishiJl tsli in action
and ll 801Speel Ul gpeed pI I d df f too florid 1Ior i d and a ni l vivid inc lined med
to tbhonH boas ting and lacking lncki lg in that thntmollesty mo rnodety desty
which reitmins restra ins and IInl l tempers power powerlu aim a dU ft
its HSIlfen use Colone l l Itoosevolt t possesses so
nitmy liulIIyexce moll y exce llencies it itis is hut h lt na m tural tha t
he may hn have el a fault or so One carping car ping
critic says BU S that thl t the Colonel is i a tin
soldier solllierIl a a to toy y xolonel olonel who was unwilling
to su bm it ltt to military niillhUylllsciplllle disc ipline for the
few days ays lie was in the army 1I11l1ybut but has
been im im pos ing arbitrary rule ever evelslncc since
upon his own pc people ple un lJI d dothers others To o an
enthus iastic admirer this might seem scent
Colone l Roosevelt has s been fortunately
siiftess sttcess fiil ill in the mastery of a all a ll l the
things he undertook k except Cxelptperlulps iperhaps
milking n a cow CO Cirellm Circumstances st tiICIS an lI t1d d con C9U ¬
ditions have overcome crcom to toon 11 an extent XWnt many mnn mnni i
p his l is obstac I Shwlfsan les ip ipand and lie has lulsstoolllurge stood large
ifttK iti n MJlg1t lI Jtgi tj tjV V l HiAVJnjf U ing il1g Vettinied tat ctullcdfr9mtb rntdfr j fr pin tlif t
v ll uS iM 11 flstynk t S r 11 In t J f ICU i ia a i 1 I It Ie r el 1 I 8 1 1eni e
jJ ibi W ClIIY Ifl 1100 1 1J 1i1 1l1 lf lfI lffi r I o1Vl i h fi llIJlDMPA 1 1
I i 1
L I II I 11 fk
1 1L IlI1IQ ttiflQt It t 8ue ue s tll J11 I f Ctre nl1 qels 1 is see seekht k IIl g
a nllcwhbjr new la bor worth orth His Js POW power We Ve are
tol tott tt1d < l ttllnthe that he tyill WUIgo iII go west an and d then south jout
1 would wOul suggest su ugllstthut ggest that lie hegO b go O s st < jIjJ u V first
and aiit l tell ttllhose those that thutdwc dwe ll llthercinjI therein many
tit or whom walk alk in Illl darkness 1l1rknes what I it is
to lw live in this twentie twcn tie th cen cenhlr centuty tury
what rhat it means ni rins to he an 1111 oh American Ame rican what
u citizen c Citizfl thwli o f tthe f the Un lJiite ite d t States should try
to be what wha vIut t t law In I an and order are nllwhnt what the
constitution is iS and that states who send stnl l
Jnelll members berstu to the th tIit Congress Congre s of the United l
States with a total vo te kof of 7000 as an
avera ge gtlndillling inc lu lut ding ling the o jpos ppos pos ition in that
number nUllll iiuiri ber r are Il lin nu t free commonwealths commolllla lth8 but
li lii i i hor de le of 9 1 slaves bound l in tighter
s tronger c ha ins than ever evei fastene d l an
unwilling ullIl lling hug African
Here Jler is isaJnbu u labor Iti bol for Hercules Herculest a work
that must be hedo done ile If L Lo Co < o lonel Itooseve Hoosevet lt
will wlJtdo do this and lie can do it ho will wm
sure ly l place pln ca a sliming shiningcnpstonl capstone upon that
pillar l pu JIIIo la o of f fgrtntness grea greatness tness his admirers tuhin irers build
for him and rise above the blame of his
harshes JIrs ht s t critic I ritie Hic
WHAT Dill 111 T1U5Y 1111 SAY SA styt t
About a wee w e k ago og there visile I Oyster O ster
Bay th the fo flilloing llowin g personages John C
Danoy n nIJf Dr Willltim William U I Cruin 3iles 11 IL
Jackson Jac son and Harry S Cummings Cumm ings a high ¬
ly I interesting quartet and ant i per peihnps haps It
was only onlyil it a social visit visitlmt but it is curd to
imagine IInllgintllllt I rnagin that aggregation coming to togeth geth ¬
er jus t t to pay purUII an afternoon ca ll ll It
seem they the asked l Jlr Roosevelt to visit
the tl1lColored Colore d Sthto S ltO J Fair niJ in Richmond in
October Octob ctob r r and ujit h te ll the t Ii a fo lks something
a bout < conditions in Aflicafho Afr ica The Tlt Co Colonel lone l
on Conditions in Virginia V Viigliu lgl 1in iu would vonlt onlt l bo
be better tter than th the Egypt gypt1peech speech
The average congress ional vote for a
member nienib fofth oftlie House of Re Ikiwesentatlves presenta pe entatives tives
of the United States Is about IIhout7000 7000 in
the tJUISouthti thi Southern ln States and ulIllnhout about 40000 40000111 in
tli tilt > North East E t and nllllWest West Theres u
Next Tues iiiesdiiy luellll day pIe he throng will ill have
gathere d tum i iamid amid um ill the laughing g grectihgs gre gree ctlilgs tings
hands liaiidliaks hake and smiles of ofl myr 1yr iads of
frien ds d Everyone er one Is lllled IlIIedw with w lth hospi ¬
tality tam tamIIJ1d an and d kin kindness dness toward a ll the vis visit it ¬
ors rs who will will1l0ck lock to our city from every ever
corner o f our common country countr
Aside sille from the socia l s tU lUu o of this gath r
firing l ring the hie merriment nllrrlmentItnll and joy jo Is is a ser ious
purpose to htf w attaine d l llIuli and important
work to be done doue It d is to be most sin
cerely eereli hoped that all dlUercnccs l11Itren ea will be
han ishwl ljllllllJid isln ¼ l arid ant i the entire en tire body hOllr1inito unite as
one Tha lluitconhntion Thiat t contention s hould houhlcellso cense i that
tancession clmce i ns be hI offered ttlrt ret by hveuIhnnd byeach each and andtta nc IU I
cepted teptt d l by both U i till liopo II OPII o f ftill all well
wis hers Tlie he power and influence of the
ord order r will vil I increase i ncreas an a a hundred hUlll lied l fo ld and
then theult It will be truly tr ly I 1 15 P 10 0 E W
A gcritlcinnn eJ tlilu1l n represintlilg some o f tIle
societies sO ci tieH for fllrthl the uplift ca lled upon ulJOnllnr May ¬
or paynor Gilvnolto to protest in behalf belil ilf of his hl so
cie dety ty aga inst the light pictures piehl res Tim
gentleman tells ti lls w hat hu said und also
what the Mayor la ol said
I had the Kinor 1U01 of calling c1l llinguJOn l I log upon 11 1011 the 1
Mayor of this city c ity who adm IIdmittelll1C tulmitted itte d rue to I
Ms presence pretj nct and ititt i talked tnlkelwlth with me ne I told
him lu in J lwns r was there heroto to b beg g gof of him tot to exert > xal
else his author IInthorit ity and ant 1 i prevent tlio ox
li Idbition ibition of l if the theT lelVrlcs nlielhfolinson Tolinson light pic
turfs tII e4 a J 1 pOinted p ilnhlloi1t < out to him the de t lt Ierad grad ¬
big iiljtellectof bigLilect ellect ellectof of them the th evil Inlluciice IlIlhwncoupou I upon
the yoiinsi Y01 IUI uteri Ien and Itlll ait i the further jnlluenqc i iiiltniine
for evi Y01J evl evil J they tlH1 r might haw upon tlio next I
generation I told toh l him tha hu t we e feire fered d
that even lJyenln In New Ne Yor k kcilv city cIt it ItmlghtHtil might mights stir s dv
uri n r fci lMi 1 lit r ltsyiiri 1 < llwfl tlio tlt white l 3 t nnd 11111 n nI 1 colbvw euJO Ct Iaiet I 1
rncjs Ilcnnt tlcs anti that til t tfhelt there might bo bloodshed h
as I thoro had h been LtnJn In the th past
nVJien VJieii I Julll had ulll Jlnislud tlnhh l ltho l the ilayor fllyor In
formed me tha that t ho bcknewofnolaw knew of no law lM
which would yo ld give him authority to ac net t
in the matter Ire was not 1I0tempowered empowered
to toplo prohibit pro hilJlttho hibit tInt exhibi exhibitiono exhibition tion To this 1 II
replied Icpliedtha thu t while I Ikncw knew of his li is great
legal learning leltrnlngyet yet 1 IIndbee1 had been informe d
or I I had read that a law founded upon
public poliey olicy m ight be invoked invokcdlle He asked a
mo where i herc 1 I Ijacl read cad this tit le law an d I
told hint huii that I had seen it re ferred to
lu in tt a newspaper
At onco his hi l l manner 1l1annerchungc changed Ife
looked 1 me simarcl sl lUlroly y in the face and dc
clarqdi cl clard rQd You are len a Jooland fool and you ou were
sent here by fools fool
Convers ing with Mi W V H Smith o f
Chicago t twhu who is to manajfo lI1unajfOthe the Howard
Theatre r ho sa id that he had just re ¬
turned from hOlllll a fourmo four mon niohths iths ths trip through
the South showing the JohnsonKctche l
light pic tures He sa id i I might imagine
wha t tII a time he IJehtl had 1 Mr Sllllthhopes Smith hopes
to toopen open the Howard on OUugust August 22 2 and
September SeptemberG 5 expec expccts ts to have Dudleys udleya
Smart Set Setll w with ith Ada Over Ol r ton WalkeV ValkeI
The Howard llJldsftlrtobe l bids fair to tobe be > a ngrea great house ho lsc
It Itcoers Ii covers a IL space of 80 by 1 1211 0 feet feet w wIth ith
a I a seating scatingcaIJ capacity ityof of 1500 IGOOnn and a I s stage
lar Iluge ge eno iigh gh to t produce any of the trav tra ¬
elin cling g productions ocomin of comin g seasons s seasons nsons
The lithe Mouse is an extra attractive attrae tle
house for its kind The animating idea
o f the bu ilder wjis ws comfort coiti fort It has hu 375 3G
large comfortable comfodnblQsellts seats full par quet
s ize w with ith plenty lenty of room and atit i four large
windows on eac each h s slue fde ihe 1111 stage is fitte d
with withcbmplcte itht complete scenic a 5Ce1 enic ic equipment equlplnentuhd add is
large enough for ensemble dramatic
work The Jlroductlon productions lroductlon are kept to a
high standard shll lnro J o f f interest and aitt i attractive
Uy B Byt t > tric trick k o f the type I I i was ma de
to say sari SCt We still have the lust for bat ¬
tle whic h all red ret bended animals fee l 1
I I1iOIe hope no auburn ha iredadm irer of mine m Ine
thought I was wusJnnking making fun f n at persons
with tinted locks I Ionly only onlymennt meant that
real live things like to fight some some time
and Itit l that now its it got down dow n to rule and
rate like everything else in this tli le highly
c ivilize ivilizedworld d world x
Tlie h he e campaign umpa lgn for the tb Congressioulil Congressio l l
nomination nbm noni inotion in the Sixth Maryland lfll htnd I fdis dis ¬
trict is now nOlI well tinder way waysith with three
avowed nOcdclJl candida llda tes t s namely Messrs Geo
NV N Pcirrc the present incumbent lIeumbent1 JJr r
Gist Bla ir ll a prominent t c itizen Itizenof oE Morit >
gomerycounty Koniery county and Mr 1IfjB fr H H Warner
Jr of of th < same snm coun ty
Mr Penrre has lic served servedillele twelve years in
twI tle il Ilpuse House e and aIHttl aIHttlerefore therefore erefore has has 11 t slight
cdyanth lYJ ya Ju nlltngfi htiiije V4 though th thoigIithepernt t gI P Pj j JI thepersonal > per 1 l i popular f V
rJ Q rr 1 DtlIM i p pIl Il k ctJ II i It1 I m Jl c9n
testftn tesfantli r tnii yv rll the race rMeto to dcfea t tt t Mrv Mr W1 WoI Vt
ncr thou iopht gh h young 0 oulig 1I1 f fund and Snexper iqiiced i hc d is
making l11itkltlg1 a L dashing Iluslnngenm cam paign palglt nnd will be b
a factor until un til the last
It isj iSlgenerullyc is generally conceded n edel r by political
experts of that th t sec section tion of o fthestntesul f the state soy ¬
roun ding Montgomer > y ycounty county conl1t that tha Mr rr
Blair lias hiii the better be tter chance of winning
both nomination Ilominll tion arid Jille aitt i ie e lection by J reason
first of his character c ability ubilit and pres ¬
tige1 tlgllHlll and atit i second sltomlj l that then thcm is less ItS fac ¬
tional antagonism toward hini Il him in
While Whi hih ile accompanying g ga a la Ici dy home on
Tuesday 1uesdnT lties lay of this week w ee e k Mr dr 11 Louis Taylor
was assaulted u slmlted on Xo North rthCnpittJl Capitol street strt ct
and seriously cer elio iously uslr beaten From the best lst e evi i ¬
deuce I we IC are able to gather it appears
that hat the assault was wus a5 entirely cn tirely unprovoked
on the part o f Mr Taylor and was IOS as the
result of fnothillgbutpull1 nothing nothiti g but pure malic mnliciousne8s iousness
on the part of pfteen fiftecii ftecn or sixteen ruffians
Mr Tr Taylors lo lors jaw wns ivs frac tured and ant i he
was as otherwise In lIjure jure d about the face
He was removed to his home where he
is now no confined an niu m d l where it is sa id by
ph physic ysie slcians ians he will be becompe compe lle d to re ¬
main for fOlsevernl severa l weeks One of the
culpr its was W S appre hende heni he d iIInd i and is now in
cI earmvited cellted without bail Later it was
learned l that the individual indihl ulwho who is now
languishin n g in the toils oils has con fessed
his Il ls guilt and toi l implicated illlpli ated nine ii iiio other per ¬
sons ons havin g given the ir names It was
a lleged l at first by bywuy way o f excuse that
they took Mr Taylor lo lor for Jack Tohnson
but the dissimilarity between the two
is so striking that this story stoJ was ils at once
Tlie death lIelltho o f Bishop Ki W Lampton
D I X D came as M quite a shoc k to tohisumn his many
friends here and elsewhere an it itwos was not
generally known that lui hewl1s < was ailing lIe
only onl en enjp enjoyed joyed ed the distinction dlstinctionof of holding
the Iio olllee o f bis hop for fOJa a little over two
yen yeats rears ja before he was iras I S calle d from labor to
reward In his passing In sing the church loses
I i splendid character charact r and the race a
itaunc h JuJiporlor hsuppor suppor ter The A M 111 Ti l E E preac h h
ers TS mee meeting ting ado pted a befitting set o of f
resolutions and forwarded fOlIlr ed them to Green
cilIa illc where the late bishop was vtts interred in ierred
m n last la t Thursday His family fami1 have the
ympathy yofblsmany of his many 1I1I1n friends
Homes for Colored
In the he District Dis tr ctat at 57th StN St StNL N E
f On tho Columbia Electric Railway
n H8tcarsitp Stcarstl Stcars 1 direct to tho property property5c Be
car car fare fare31 81 tunutea from 10th Btand St and
N Ni Y Ave
Purespiirigwatorfinoshadechurqhes Pure SP ingwatorfino sbadecl1urtbes
schools etc >
Lots SlOOtto 100to 200 20000 on
Easy Eos Monthly Monthl Payniments raYfllInentsJ J >
The PflflF Po Pa or Mans M nsChanceToEuY Cliaice To BEJ l
Grant P Park Park ark Office
Room oom314 314 i Ouray Oura Building
N NMV WCor8th3odllStreetsNW Y tor Cor 8th and G Streets N W Y
J JM i M
Reporte d by J A II II
On last Tuesday night the True Re ¬
formers Hall was filled fill d to the doors to
witness wltn ss the procee dings i 1 1s s of ofthe the Muss ll1ss Con ¬
vention vcn tioll whl whic h ha had d been bc n calle co llel d I by the
Indepen Iii depeo dent ent League o f this thi I Icity ci city ty
The purpose o of f the lie mee ting thi g it was vas
learned was to take some steps of pro
tes test testogulnst t against what the lcngue lcnguei Icng Ienn5 terms the
administrations IIIlmlnlstrntionssouthcrll southerli po licy le lh i cy toward
Negro N eglo Federal officeho lders iderscape especially especi cillly lly in
the South S utl Rev Corrothers who ho was ILS
c hairman lm irmull of o f the meeting opened it with
u stirring stir l nspeech speech to the sound of o f ninny
anions in the theautllenco audience He said l l d ninong it
other things that there had bai l never been
a policy polic Jf < If f tins tills kind pursue inirstwd d before and
that it It Itwas was ruinous to thte Negro and
to the general welfare l lfnre of the public
that thutGroCr Grover Cleveland even though a
Democrat ha Itiu d l never thought of intro ¬
ducing f lue ing suc such h a policy polic into his regime rlimll and
that it was an outrage The Rev Hc gen ¬
tleman also paid ln1 his respects to Mr > fr
Hitchcoc k whom w I hiouui I m he c c1lurnctcrizetl haracter ized us
be ing one of the ma in o ffenders in this thl
matter IUlittl r in other words the fe llow who
as u lie put it c was as moulding the bullets bu llets
while vhi ile the Pres ident shot them Rev
Corrothers drew t a a round ripple r o f laugh ¬
ter from from both the white re porters of
the Post and Herald Hcru ld ld1ien when 1ien he uiid 4 dd id that
Mr 11 Cl1n Cnrngic ie could not pick pic k a Moses ros Ioses s for
him that no man who was as piu IH pu l ll i1 i1could d l could
ever make a good lender leat emlcr her that lea lenAlels ders
were made by b be ing born not appointed n h
He set up upnnother another howl when he laugh ¬
i ngly said sll lI that the President ha d made
1 swing around the South Southi danced i lance d l with
the beuutiful he uu ttutiful tiful and nlulhlghly highly culture culturelsolth d l so ith
era la dles and then sold the Negro out
for It t mess of o possum He closed by b
guying sn lItg ihat that there were ere 40 congress ional
districts l listli ts In whic h the tlwNegrq Negro he ld the
ba hl1uee jnnce of power and that hat it was in
these distric ts t tha t JIe thin Independent ludepeath itt
Leaguo was organizing
Rev J Milton Wnldron WT aldron was ns th the thm e in ¬
tro frm duce lu d and anl l he said he heWus was a cUter tlier wont
taterm tot o rn rni tbjs poli pjli pohioy ty tythe ythll the Nepr Ne Negjo ptl1 q policy po lic y in IIh
itTOdi li i bC bt h > SptdliRrniTOliyy onl t1irrnioiIP1 Ii t V Vllal1li JIo lt llal1li Ujin
IjUHedlhn t u 1 nel 1 tl 111 Wli t I Ie 10l1g Iti I l1 Wus r shu Ii 1 li a se j Ie
dnl e ia hat l mission to to get tV tl Negro NIgrodissa dissatis tis ¬
fled w ith himself himse lf lfum um ttn lli t his is con com dition Not
that thntdissi dissatisfaction ltisfilction that lea ds to ev e il
said he but that which lhi whu ihi h makes mnesn n man
wun want vaui t to tOllsplrQ aspire iispiu to higher things Dr
Waldron Vahi hron said sl1 id he was Ill glad to tosl see Ne
goes in positions cither I titer Federal Pe dlrul or other ther ¬
wise lis lse That it did his heart h l1t goo d I but
sa id he It is our fighting that keeps
you there and I feel that we e really reu11yought ought
to assess nsse s you you all He paid l n high com OlU ¬
pliment to t the appointment o f fiIr Mr iIr h Whit
Mc McKlnlll i IcKiuilny IcKiuilnyas Kinley as collector of customs at
Georgetown < eorglthwn and 1U11 1 hoped he would be con ¬
firmed but felt f 1t that this was a gtrpke
of policy Jolic rather than anything nn thn g e lse lie
further state stu te d that this po rn licy llc > bad bi lijit lldono i done
more harm lie run than all u al ll I the wars in the 1 past
century Spea king of his trip to Mont Iunt ¬
gomery Ala he said that Ne groes were
not allowe aJowNI d to sit in the parks ani and l not
a llowed to toisit visit or draw l hooks from the
library 1ibrar und that all of oftl1il this had come
a bout indirectly by this policy polic ns nsit it was
notia not in vogue before He said by reason
of this policy olicYluJor labor un ions lonslue have more
tightly closed c osel l the ir doors an d 1 the busi bud ¬
ness world wo vo EM had narrowed nUllollcl l its limitations
with reference to the Negro und that
even England and the European cotta co un ¬
tries had caught the spirit because it
had emanated from such a high hightutU and
mighty source and were following in the
wa wake ke of the precedent established here Item
He argued that not onl y ywas was the Negro
being nllected but nil dark races He
stated that the Gospel Gos pel ministry minish had sig ¬
nally failed fa II cd to ma l1lako ke any ny effort to rectify
the matter but on the contrary contmar has aid ¬
ed and abette d it He ic cited the instances
of Ne groes not be being ing allowed a to enter
the lunch room roo m o f the Interior Depart Del art ¬
ment to eat entnndof and auut i of their being all n Il seg ¬
re gate gl wdln d in one room and o f the unfair ¬
ne ness s shown by b the c civ ivil tselvice t service board
toward Ne Negro gro e ligibles After pa pariug ying
his compliments also to Mr Hitc hcock hcock
he spoke of the ill treatment of the col ¬
ore d l railway mail clerks and finishe d
his speech by saying sn > ing that of oftill all the in ¬
dependent t Negroes the Negro min ister
was the most independent inu lepeutt leutt insomuch as
he did not live off the government and
there therefore foro it was as his duty dut to speak out
nlll and i he pro posed po ed to speak sp nkout out
Hon N B II Marshall Inlshulrwas was next intro ¬
duced u nnd ami d in a legal and clearcut way
made an argument that threw new light
on the Brownsv ille affa ir At 1 the men ¬
tion of the iionie of o Foraker the audi ¬
alice cheered wildly wlldl wildlyi Mr i Ir Mlllshn Marshall hitihiii ll was
dispassionate but convinc convincing convincingnnd eoaviuie ing ingati and nndargn ati d dargu argu ¬
mentative in his hi talk tol and gave his hear ¬
ers some food for thought Resolutions
were ere read real l and ado pted ptA > d l after which flue
meeting meetingwas was conclude d t
The Medical Men
Physicians as a whole do not re reo ¬
ceive the credit they deserve in the
popular mind for or their disinterested
work for or mankind We are top too apt
to look upon them as persons who
come to us when wo are sick and
give us something to make us wen weh
again or bandage our Injuries when
we have been hurt and even operate
upon us in an emergency and then
charge us a good price for or it when
compared compare d dwith with the wages of an ordi ¬
nary laborer laborerwhich which whlch price we are
glad to pay because we value out
health and comfort above price But
this is a comparatively small side 01
the i life of the average modem mo ern physi ¬
cian cianSt St Louis Star
Of the tl1e282 282 steamships which whlchcllr car ¬
ned s seerago teerage passengers across th tbr <
Atlantic during the tbel1r first t half o of 1909
143 Were equipped d with wireless wlreleubl ID
struments mtium trumet nt ts
A controversy controvetsyanhiiug anlOng l1I tJlJg the colored
Masons o lit f the Distric twli tihich ich hadnrouset hn liuud aroused
mncli mliii ci r fi t gilation gi itn tntioii Hon hllsh hllshell hiss been ell Settled eLJled by byu u a
recent dec ision lslono o f theCourt of Appeals AJp als
An attempt was as made niac in by bronl one aim e lement
tha that t t had come into In tujid jjxis ixIstence tence tcnce within vitli in the
last fifteen years toi 1oStist oust nisttho the other othelcle ele do
ment that tllUtllId had been be entl the thmereeogmilzet recognize r d l bo body y
of colored Masons in h the Distric lshic t since
1825 By the t11 dec ision o f the Supreme
Cour t tlItIlllUed nlllrmed by b tint th 1 Cour t tof of Appeals
that older body bOl ly earnS nrl1l outo out o f f thu legal le nl
struggle victorious in iu all nilof of Its essential ssen la l
In all of their longjji 10 long nghistoIY Ji istory the colored d
Masons TIsonsllero hero had newer before been in
n a contest con lestof of an uliy y nature IIllture before the courts
l Freemasonry amon colored men men in the
District Disbicthu ha d its origin o l gillln in the constitution cons titution
of u LSocial Social Jo Lo dge ge in inl8 182fl a5 Social Lodge is
a direct descendant llescenllnn9f tf > f Lhe lha graiid lo dge
of Englan IgII1IH d I throng the Prince Hall IIa tl
grand lodge lo g 0 01 Massachusetts lIIllls n hug ctt thence
through throllght1le the grad gtnldlMg ldge ibu lga of Pennsylva ¬
nia from flOmwhich which it received t tce e ce eIvd cd the th charter
constituting a just an a nd d legal lodge
In September 1QC8 l9O the colored colorel i Ma rti
sous soit of the country countr unlWd umi lti ld with the
Prince Hall grand gllin 1 i 1nhge i dge in celebratin g
in Boston its one hundre 1U11l11 cdth cdthInniver dth anniver ¬
sary orr This grand l body J d takes tl kes its itsnnme name
from Prince Hall the first I1lstcolore colore d dI1IlIn man
raise d to the degrculof degree uf a muster Mason
in this country Ho Ifeiwas wns entered l passed
and Itlll l raised lnl ell in a trave traveling ling lodge lo ge at ¬
tac hed to one one of th f British Bl lliitlsh tish regiments re ieirnents giments
under titu lar General Gage Oui ge at Boston in the
early en I par plir t tof of I77GWith 1775 With fourteen other p her
colored l men who Iio ha lIul uiiu d l been initiate il d
about the same times titnePl thOc Prince nco Hall uniti nn tl d l l
in Inorgunzingl Organizing n lodg lodgrithi yitli Iith the th sanction on tion
of the authorities author lties un U1II nnler iter ewhon whoni the tlllw y were
ma de
After the Revolutionary maluti9u R5olutiui iiry ry War W Vcu ll in w hich
Pr Prince ince Ha ll served serl l as osill asn a soldier on the
side of the theco co lonies lonl lonlsllpp1iclition sllpp1iclition application was W S
made by him to tothe tIm grand IF imiu llIllddgc l lodge of Eng ¬
land t for f r n warrant WI rllnt < jp lJ establish a regu ¬
lar lllrlodge liii lodge In InSepte September Scpteuu ihtr 4r 1784 1784llis his peti ¬
tion was granted gront d l lant amVi 1 ant 1111 Pu 1 warrant u lont was rlls ISl is ST
sued for the prgna orga bra Jlha 4 47l 7l i ion of Afr Afdclln ican
Lodge No 45fl 4 o Ai A coi f bpy opy of oLUI this ls warrant
inaj mn 1 still be seen in Freemasons Hall Hl dl
in London Lont hout Tint 1hoodglal orijial warrant is in
the possession o f fthlj f the tluPriitce Prince P ihc Hall grand gmanu l
lodge 10 gl On account Qf con con ditions ditiunsus as to
travel travelutt 1 1lIt av lIt that tiJrij tilorl tibi uiul a iid the theronfnsIon confusion oui fusinn
fo llmylrii Jlt Unynv Yi g Vtlis th war r rt t O l j indepen i ii in n 1 1 1e I e 1 dence deII d uice etl tins l
is i
I tti V IlClICU
its destination till Apr Air il 1787
In 17B7 two o ther colore d lodges o f
Masons lIfnsonsVln i were organized l one in Provi ¬
dence R I 1 and 11111 1 the other in Philade llu llade l ¬
phia Pa In 1808 these thes bodies met IIIt t w i ith
African frlcm Lodge Lot hgi No 45 4511 in Boston Dos ton and
formed Afr ican grand lodge IlI tlgl w u hich hichsub 1u kIt sub ¬
sequently ei iiieuttI became the Prince lii tie Hall lie II grand gmnl l
lodge whic vli Ic h is re ltgnlded garde ga idet d l by h l colored men
as the only source o f legitimate free an luu d l
accepte d h h1i 1i Masonry Iasol1l among them Soon
after this Pennsylvania 1enus r1vunia ha d her own
separate separa toglut grand lodge IU bot l lgL and as has been
said Social S clul Lodge o f the District Distr ict of o
Columbia Cohiu inbi inbiii ii was us calle ca II IIe e d 1 into existence by a
charter from this body hod hot ly In 1845 and nai l
1841 I 84 0 the thi Penns Peuuuiyluit ylvan ia grand giamui l lodge I char cliii r I
tejei tCI1 l Universal Lo dge dC o f Alexandria D 1
C and Felix lIx Lo o dge 1g < o f this city In
1848 ISHi these three co lore d lodges lot hges met in
Wa Washuiitgtoit Was hington and nai l organized w hat was then
lnlld calle d the Most i 1ost Worshipful ol ouslu hipful ihi ful Union grand
lo lodge dge o f the District ot of Co lumbia with
Charles Datc her aa grand ginuti l master It t is
now known as the Most Worshipful
firnu d i Lo dge of Free and tiuti l Acce pted Ma ¬
It has ex istel l for 62 years ellrs and Ilnddurin durin g
that time has lied 11111 l 33 3 grand masters
There are fourteen lodges under its ju ¬
rI tIst ris diction dietionand and aut h about 1180 1I O Master Tastel Ma ¬
sons Its membership lllemblr nuemtt birsliip lIlp composes the lead ¬
ing co lored men o f f the Capital City and
many of its grand o fficers have been be n
men who t lio have distingu dis distiuigumisiueu tinguis1el ished l them tlmnse thiemiuseves se lles lves
In various lines o f activity In the life o f
the community couutuuitinl ty The present 1nest l1t grand
master is Pro f Nelson eJson E Weatherlcss
director o f the department I of sc ience in
the colored l high sc hools It may lIIa be in ¬
teresting to give the names of the past
grutH grand I masters ns the they y are tie names well w ll
known in this community cOlllmlln 1t ity They The are
Charles Datcher DIItc hel Tohn T Costin C stln Rich ¬
old aut h Vhiske Plu hiskl ike Robert Robinson nohl lson Francis
Dltch Ditchier Dutc hcr r 11 r Char Chll rles les Hunt Ananias
Herbert Carter CurtrlA A Stewart Edward
Evans William An derson Edward Edwardi M i h
riiomas Adolplms i ldol phuits Hall William Vil I iant Tunala lnn mu lii
Robert H Booker Boo kel William i Ihhiatii II Thomas
Tohn F 10 1 Cook formerly formerlycollector oll1IcrJ collector of taxes
for the District of Co lumbia lllll1 bn William Vihl into
IT nlIfycrs Myers William A Tn Tnlia lla ferro Leon t < o 1 j
tinT O Bailey na nl Charles C C Johnson D Dr >
3 Roger Watts VII tt s John II Lee Charles ChllhslI H
Lemos Henry Henr Co lenmn Dr Hamilton S
Smith John II Bnrrill Judge JU gl Ro no1r ber t
II Terre ll W II Judd Malvin Pro f
John T 1 Layton William 11IulII Ihl iuiit H Grimsliaw v
Dr William lIlInm A Warfleld nrfil arileht Jd l surgeon in 11
cli ihle hllf in f Froedmeiis l Hospital I I spit ii I
The craft owns two splen did l I Ii i t ha lls U s our
a it t Virginia Virgin i ui avenue wl Ull Fifth Fl ftli Street tiet S
E an and aut d h the other in Nineteenth street
etwwn I L I ami 1111 1 M 1 streets sttnetN X W V Tin
o uu d tlgC8 > es are a to all al I in I it n nouris 1I0011islling Ihotit is hing hi lag condition conthil lout
mi l could be very lt ery niiicli larger ha rger from a u
numerical l1Umeri 111 standpoint stuuni lpolmit if tho greatest care
acre not taken in the matter of o the ac ¬
ceptance of ofcl1nt1itlutes ofcutuiu candidates cutuiu ikluttes The tota total l value
Df real estate owne 01111 d by the colored colore d Ma ¬
sonic craft in thc > District Di triet of o Columbia Coh mhin
is a conservative cons crvotivcly ly lyestintateu estimate < d lat t at i4OO0O 10000
Ihe Was Wll8hingtoll W7 as hington Post
Discretion the Better Part
Old Gent GentWhat What are you doing
with 1th those snowballs
Small Bey DoYSellln Selling g gem em three a
penny > enny and those who cant afford to
buy gets em for nuflln
Old Gent GentIll Ill take the lot
Town rpwn and Country
A Courteous Custom Cu stom Stopped
I I will bo magnanimous said the
French duelist duellstI I Rather than risk
taking human life I will Vl1ll fire in the
Dont do that responded his sec ¬
ond lld youd be almost sure to hit an
Viator yIatorW y1atorW4shiinton Washington sl1lntnStar Star
Mrs ii lts J f E Dent the thochallI1 charming cluarun lug wife
of Mr 11 Dent who is isIInt un IInt d l has been hc en em ¬
ployed plo c at the Capitol CI pHol for many years ears
is spending speltl 1ing tlie th summer In i Binghamton llhui ghmamton
N Y the guest o f the thepo1lIlur popular and lIudln aut h hcmi en ¬
terprisin g hotel l propr ietor Mr Lee
Mrs Dent Is a lady of strong personality
add it is Issohl said of her that nt no distant
day llllyln in h n the past pasts Him s itu ha hlil d l quite qu ite a ii deal dcii i
to do with withcmtgineer iliginecr ing a po litical liticalt deal t hea
with WitIIOIl one of the I leaders ndtrs of o the Republican
party ln in the Sta State te of o f New ew York whereby whele wlieieii y
the condition of the Negroes in that tlu it
particular IJartlc llir locality was bettered d Mr
Dent DClltw w ill leave eave to join his w I ife at Ding
haniton N Y about August 3rd from
which place P1 tIre the y will take a trip tn p up it p in
the Adirondacks to tospend spend part o f their
summer vacation
Mr P F Sola Su lit who v hio is employed l in
the sixth sixthuu au ditors office at the Post
olHce Building hiiih ding was tts among the number
o f fortmiates who rece ived promotions
Mr Sola was promo ltromoed ted to 000 per an ¬
tuna It spea ks we schi ll for his prbllc pl llc fency
and he is to be congra cougrntullLted coit gratutiated tulated
Miss W Talla ferro sister o f Mrs J J
W y Grayson rll son left for Orange Va a 1 few
da ys s ago Ob 1 to s pend some scum time with her
s ister at that thuu it point
Miss llissJmzllbeth Elizabeth Burros was buried from
her homo a t 1828 Eighteenth street N
W Wone v one day dut y this week She had llIll l been
ill am amtj J practically prnc ticully helpless hel 11 ss for some
time She was the sister of Mrs Ha ll
Tho 1h fhiicral was conducte d by the Rev
DI Brooks
Mr Isaac Hathway Hnthw py of o 1234 You street
N W has some new and very interest ¬
ing des igns in mo dels It will pay one
to stop in inund and loo k them over
Mr Ro bert Foley messenger at the
Bureau Iiut eaut of Engravings ngrl ings died July 15th
at Frce dmhns jlospitnl Iospitlll of stomac h trou ¬
ble The funeral was held heltItt at 2015 O15 Elev ¬
enth street s 1ect N N W
Misses Blanche George Natalie l1tolie Lewis
Es ther Middleton Mary Mitc Mitchell Mitchellmud hell ll llnml and
some outoftown ladies are on an ex ¬
tended temu deti trip covering Niagara Que bec
Montreal and Toronto They are spen sllend d ¬
ing imi g tlieir vacation vnclti n the thcy y report in an
excee exceedingly dingly hingly c harming amid m id pleasant man ¬ I
item i
Miss liss Etta daughter of the late James 1
Freeman Fr cenutn died nt her home at 10 ii oclock
P I M I July Tul Iflth Funeral serv services ices were
held hehlut at Plymouth IlymouthChuJchnt Church Churchat at Seventeenth
and P stree streetsN ts N W
Miss Fran l ln kie le Simms who has been
v isitirg her s ister in New Yor k has re ¬
turned to the c ity She reports an ex ¬
cellent time She contemplates s pendin g
the month of Au gust and part of Sep ¬
leather at Cape CU May
Elks El ks badges banners and postcards
at the Board l Mc Guire Pharmac y yon on
Fourteenth street be tween T and You
stree ts
Prof E W Williams pres ident o f the
Ferguson 1 ergusOlIAb Agricultural Agilcultuurut l Co llege le ge lit litJ at Abbe J Abbq bb
y iJI lIe SrG r fC ndi ndii ndigjW d i gjW llg isiirri tim 4 illfIt > < fe
city Prof Williams Vilhlu ns hn has s pei petit it the last
twentyfive years 3el s in sc hoo l wor k hi the
South SouthIUIlI an IUIlI d is there fore in n position pos po ition to
judge jut hge what pro gress is being made
imon g the Negroes When aske ust d 1 for
his Ju us ius opinion opinionlIlong along this line and ns to
what he thought the outlook for the
Negro Segro was over tho country generally he
replied From close observation it ap ¬
pears to me rne that the outloo k of the
Negro is growing worse lio1se instead Instelllio l lo o f bet ¬
ter in the thu South This however IlOwI Ier seems
to be l rather general gencrn in its I ts nature nut fume and mmmli i
bids hui ls fa ir to work worku quite u a detriment to
the Ne t gros glol cause of ofuui advancement uui I
am sorry to say that I find the fem fl ling
of intense inton l racial 1 prejudice prcjmui l ice more radical iui hical
this thui way than I do 10 down South The
fact is 1 Isee see more evidences el e ldenees of real genu ¬
ine i it unadulterated umuau holtemutteu i prejudice ICiUI 1iCll in I it Wash ¬
ington than I do l in lit n either North or
South Carolina Carol limit
It may be said l without strain ing lngIL iim g ga a
po int that the Professor has observed o
we ll lluml and mumuu l drawn a correct conc lusion
Mr > 11 Harry Parker tho po populoI pular mes ¬
senger to the Ways i Viu 3s tutU Means Commit ¬
tee o f ti tiie the ie House whose residence is 1412
Pierce Place will willlelLvo leave for New Yor k
on Tuesday 1nesdll Tumesi lal July 20th to assume his lu is
duties with the National Executive Com ¬
mittee Republican Mr > 11 Par Parker ker is a
prominent member men 1ber of o the A M E Met ct ¬
ro politan Church and has been with this
committee ami aIIl l lIIIBO also associated with the
National Executive Republican ltepuhu licaiu Commit ¬
tee for a number of years
Thomas N Ellis I llis of the TennysonEllis
Papering Company at tOO Pierce Place Ince
is away wa with Mr Thomas L Knrrick
at Thom pson Point Vt for the sum ¬
hint Mr hr Karrick is president of the
bank bati k kuit at the corner of Fourteenth l and
Yoi 01 out i 1streets streets During DUl ng his absence the
TennysonEllis 1enn snBlIIs Company is being looked
after o fter by the other member of the firm
Mr Ir James J J Tennyson When Wh n yon on want
neat papering papl ring done dOlI m iomue dont fail to call lm ll upon
them them at 1400 Pierce Place N W
You will ihl meet all ti ll of the Elks I lks and ami d the ir
fr friemls iends at the po pular drug m store of
Board h McQuire 1012Vj 1012 1 Fourteenth
street N W II the place where Iueme everybo eler hOl dy ly
meets everybody everybo y else l lge for drugs me di 1i ¬
cines dues and the most delicious u icecream
soda sOl la in the city
Mr Jack M > Ryan Jr died t at his
home 1717 717 Eighteenth street N W 1 on
last Thursday at 1245 A M > 1 Mr Ryan R un
had 11I1t1only luau only been ill two days and his death
came as It great shock to his relatives
and 11111 1 friends fritllI J ls His IlI funeral was con ducte d
from his hi fathers residence resid leitce nce at 1717 18th
street N W V
Mr fr Ryan was one aim of the most po pu ¬
lar young men in the he city cit and well ehl liked
by i icverybou everybo dy ly His many I1lI1n friends jo in
the fam ily in this their sad sau l hour of be ¬
reavement fIIWlI1en t tont and ontIllll tiro an unit in their ex
I press ions that death 1 has removed memnoveu l from
among them a s hining hu lal ng mark
TIn I 0 of St St Luke ke in the District
of Columbia s s howed to flute advantage ol lvmuiutui ga nt
the ir recent r Clnt excursion to Somerset
Beach The officials receive d 1 the con ¬
gratulations of nil the peo ple No more
orderly ordcrl ori lerly excursionists have been seen een on
the river this season There lIwre were c lose
on to a thousand people wljo Wl3 Wl3emujo enjoye cnJo ye ynu d l the
day The committee regale regl lc d in badges
made it pleasant for 01 everybo ever hOl dy lr The
fraternal s pirit was seen see a everyw everywhere here It
Is very noticeable 1I0tic able that worthy and 011l1in in ¬
te lligent leaders 1 lulers have success both as to
number o f people I l oplo and tuit ml i mone y returns in
thcsi public events We wish Ili h the St
Luke under tuitu ler Mrs rs B B BAndersun Anderson an d
Rev Dr Garner tlm rich success they ar
so sure ly winning
The fii St Lukes have hn vo chartered a car for
Richmond August lo J to avoid l Jim
j Vote For Your Favorite Elk
The most popu lar Elk Elkc c hosen hO by the votes o f the their ir fr ien ds
an d da a dm irers w ill illrece rece ive a Diamon d Elk Charm It is a beauty eauty I
The Charm w ill be disp laye d in the w wn jn n dow o f f Mr Ca llis her
the Jewe ler 9 917 1 7 Penna Ave N W Go an d dsee see it
Cut out this coupon fill it out an d dma ma il it to us Vote ear ly
an d do o ften Extra copies o f the Forum for sa le at 609 F St N
W Room 203 203or or you can or der from your news stan d
The Thepreaentation presentation w ill be ma de during the Elk Convention Conven tion 1
Ju ly 26 27 28 29 Ten thousan d Elks w v ill be in this c city ity at ¬
ten ding this Convention
Address National Forum 609 F St N W
1IYIo m
i 1 I B PO P O E O W
I Icast cast this vote for
The most popu lar Elk Elkw w ill illrecclve illrece rece recclve ive a Diamon Dia on d Elk
Ci Charm i
Englan E glan ds d s Capita l
Greater Than Ever Before and Stea Stead d l
lly Increasing
Sy Frederic Jlustin Ogg
ti IM
N recent years there has been a good deal of foolish talk
about the supposed decadence o of Britain Not N a few Eng ¬
l2 lishmen have themselves fallen Into grave doubts on the
fd subject As a matter of fact the nation never possessed
I elements of e strength equal to those of today A population
y Of 20000000 dn 1815 has ha increased to one of 44000000 In
1815 the nations accumulated wealth was under E3o00OOO 3000000
000 MOj as late as 1845 It was only E4000000000j 4000000000 In 1882 ac ¬
cording corcllngtJoMulhalI cordlngto to Mulhall It was 8720000000 today it Is vari van ¬
ously estimated at from 12000000000 to 15000000000 The yearly ad ¬
dition dltlo to this accumulated LCcumulatedwealth wealth In 1815 was 60000000 today Is It E300 300
000000 or six times as much
The total foreign torelgnlnvest Investnj 1 W tt t of British subjects almost a negligible quan ¬
tity JltYahundred tltya a hundred torelgnlnvesti years ago bel olow i jnow estimated esthitat at E270000 2700000000 000 upon Which
cr i 5 irein s Il = wunl oUi l5IS 1 tMIzi J1lfCQC J1 i DGtbJ1 Jfl a L
years the placement of British capital l In foreign countries largely suspended
during dllrlngthoprevlous the previous decade las been resumed r mcd on a stupendous scale scal greatly
to the Improvement of foreign trade and distinctly to the encouragement ot
public and private thrift At least a hundred millions were Invested abroad
In 1908 and an approximately the same amount a mount In 1909 These are merely a
few fewofthe of the more obvious evidences of the financial power of f the nation Ot
the ultimate ability of the British people to support a government twice as
lavish as any yet on record there can be not the remotest doubt Assum ¬
ing that the principles of reasonable economy are to prevail the one onetdWer tower
Ing question Is as to how the public burden may best be adjusted so that the
15 percent of the population which receives 50 percent of the national
Income and possesses more than 90 percent of the nations aggregate wealth
may be made to bear Its lust share hile bereRutvluw Rflvlew of Revlewi
a1 Al Ii
1 a WilMsia WillJJsidTa Ta ke Our Tra de 1
By y Moreton Frowen English Economist 1
HE most serious aspect of the depreciation of gold goldor or to
K word it more simply of the great rise of gold prices lrlcess Is that
It Is stimulating the Industrial development of Asia with
eight hundred millions of people and Involves a competi ¬
U T tion which though little noticed thus far Is a menace to
our Western civilizations The great abundance of the
new gold Inflates our currencies but there Is no equivalent
Inflation of the silver currencies of the far East The re ¬
sult Is a great stlmuus to all that Asia exports to us and am
If the rise of gold prices continues during the next quarter of a century as 1
believe It will we shall hand han over the control of many great industries Industrleseucb such
as steel steelllnd and coal cotton leather and jute juteto to an awakening China When Vhe I
thick of the creations I have myself seen seenthe the cotton mills of Bombay tim
Jute mills of Calcutta the boot factories of Cawnpore and now this terribly
ominous competition of Hankow Shanghai Shangballlnd and Hong Kong KongI I find myself won WO
derlng der1n what white industries menaced by this murderous Mongolia compe ¬
tition will survive The coming competition of Chinese pig and steel must
keep the prices of pig and steel steeillown down here In the West to something like their
cost of production In China plus freights but there Is no such competition
In the case of perishable commodities commoditieswheat wheat beef bacon and butter Thus Tliu
the necessaries of life here must get the full uplift of the increasing depre ¬
ciation of gold
A Lawabiding Child I
A health b alth officer recently received i
the following note from one of the
residnts of his district
Dear Sit I beg to Inform you that
my child aged 8 months Is suffering
from measles as required by act of
ParlI Parlliment ParhiamemitTitBlta ment TitBlts
Formaldehyde Is used in meat ex ¬
ported to England and the govern ¬
ment is making Investigations as to
Its effect on the healtS healt a < 2 consum
Easily Answered
How Is It doctor asks the smart
patient that if I get my feet wet I
contract a cold In my head while If I
get my head wet I dont have coil
feet 1
It Is caused replies l the weary phy ¬
sician by the fact that there Is no
room in your feet for a cold coldChlca Chica ¬
go Post
During 1909 Chile produced 18179
tons of 9t copper as against 194i3 194 tons
In 1008
Where The Forum Can Be Bought
M A Harris 810 Florida Avenue Northwest
Davis Smith 1020 U Street Northwest
Gray Gray 12th U Streets Northwest
vVilkerson Montague 2018 14th Street Northwest
Buard Mc Guire 1 1912 9I2 14r 14h h Street > treet Northwest
Snowden Keyes 1819 14th Street treet Northwest
Thos A Leatherwood 1516 14th Street Northwest t
W H Le 920 20th Street Northwest
E EL B Bookmon 1 1104 104 20th Street North NcrthwestH west
Harris and Howley 634 T F Street Northwest NOI thwest
John A Hanson 1018 4th Street Nt N rthwet
Thos H Harper Ha per 208 H Street Southwest outlHvest

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