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f po 1 i
1 The 1 he National Forum
Subscr iption Rates nitcs
I lOaeYear lOne One Year 100
iBix BI 1xMonth Months CO
I i
r Published Weekly
i I r AT
f 609 F Street N W Room 203
Editor and Propri Proprietor tor
I I r BusinessManagor Business Manager
1 I Address rv all ll communications communlcB tlons checks
ltd money moneyorl orders ort tcrs to t
The National Natlon atIonvt t Forum
0 609 F Street N W
Washington D DO 0
Po o l llooscvc lt has go gone O1Q fill f > enough to
admit n 1it that lie Is for Mr Ir flirt nn d i tliat
1 I he te endorses endors s the adm ai ltii inistration iii istiatiofl W Wdl 11
q there is s some com fort in that for w
for or we nt least l have c II line mo on the
I Colonel Coloneltfl1 mid 1I1w w when hen lCn that much is i accom ¬
plishe hi1ied d w v Ith ithim ith 1pm 1im muc njn jifti h has 1 been done
His nvovvn l in Vs his particular w ill serve efe
I II I to clarify clar ify matters qu jn ite n IIl IIgrel l great grel dea l
It seems thnt thii t there is kIU us IU muc mndl h after ¬
il math to the JohnsonJe Jolll1sonJet1fies ffr ies affair as I
there was a 1er dvertisement < tisement before The
truth is that the fight tight is over VeT er and 111 this
matter of constant reviva re I1I l lo o f it should
I cease cen e The public puhliois la generally brcncra lly satisfie d l
1 With vitT it nn d 1 ready and 01 willing to cease
loading real 1ug About it it if the press p es8 of o f the coun ¬
try will vill ill kini lly cease overworking it
Especia lly is this true o f James Corbett
wlio hO is doing doingn nothing llOthiWUOVC n thiuZ more thoU 51 simply
getting himself a lot o f fensy easy nnd cheap
advertisement It is true that 3Ir tr Cor ¬
bett bettcannot cannot realize rellli J that his I1 s stunt cun
i readily ret1iI be seen through There is a meth ¬
t od in hill intense or apparently appnrcn tly intense
j jt I des ire to find someone as he puts it to
redeem rc leem the championship to the fl white white
race and lIn that method is to get himself I1 mself
I before the public 1hlic and keep himself himse lf there
In n or der < that he may gather a little
The veil iou il is too
easy eas coin for his show e
thin and its time fe for Mr Corbett to
wake up and Inl l fill his pipe with some 5OIfl other
dope do pc
While VIi ile tile Forum cannot subscribe slIhe l he
to the exact metho d of the Independent
League in n secur ing results it must con Co ¬
I cede that the leaders leaL lers are 1II r brin hl bringing llging ging senna soml1
Startling ltnrt1in tnrtIii g things to light and things to
whic whicit h tie ti e attention n of the colored ci lored peo ¬
ple ll le should he pertinently pertinentlyaddressel addressed If
some of the things whic h the report o f
the meeting mee ting shows Ions were uttere d by h Rev Ho
Dn Wa Va ldron are true and IInl l the they y doubtless
ate aretbey ne they are 1I1ee evils ils and an should i lie dea dealt lt
with ith as such If feo colore lorct d l pa tron banI are I IC re
mf fu < x > i ltb 3j 3jiiv iiv i ili IJ > WLo 5i n f bun lnllpl linbn dling in iIlGoV iw Gov ¬
ernment buildings as a lleged tie g cd then t l en tha t nt t
4s s an anev I ev v il ilan an d dshQu shou huld ld be corrected If
they theYII1e arc segregate d l that is wrong wrongnnd and
should be righted l If the Negro Is suf ¬
i ferin g gat nfc the hands o f the c ivil service
i Il Ms ls sufferings s hould receive t tecc ecc e redress and
it is not ict cowardly but manly to con ¬
tend for these rights We may differ
In our OI IJ1Ie me tho ds lS of ofal1 o f farrivin arrivin al1 hl g gat at the truth
Imt JUt ut iii Ill the last analysis ana lysIs the truth is IS the
trutH an d no amount o f embellishment cmhc lIishm nt t
i i can ma ke it otherwise and an d one til thing ing is
certa in that we Will Sv v ill have to face sooner
or later and ant i for expediency eX pEielicy pEielicysl sn ke k ks > the lle
sooner the better
The over ovcrdrawn drawn and eager recitals com ¬
ing from certa in quarters a ubout bout the ti e ex e ¬
W hibition of the fight films pa pale le into in ¬
sign igfliflca71ce ificance in point Irn int of their tha l evil effects
whon compared with the bdnting b nting up of o f
oil innocent men mim without provocation prOYOcll provocati ti n as in
tlJq case CIIS of Mr fr J Louis Taylor an d the
shooting without cause of the Negro by
the so ldiers the other night on the Aque ¬
I duct bridge It is sheer folly to allege
that that these thS things are happening on ac II ¬
f fft ft count of the feeling incited by b the fight
I It t r These Thcsetll thin things ngs gs went on be fore e ither John ¬
ijiih ifh son o Ofl l or Jeffries were born Suc h h pretexts
Jlfi are on ly c loa ksto bide the real rea I pur pose
and andy y the in herent maliciousness of the
If las much inti h effort were expended to Co 0
suppress these ev ils which are at our
k very cry door 110 or and a n which have been there for
ir years fester in g gand and seething and foment ¬
I until til the and an wreak dire
ing lag ingun laguntil un they y explode
disaster upon the innocent as Is s peht in
ven venting ting personal pre judice ju 1iee < un mldel der color
o rifmorl f mora moral 1re l re reformation formation tlie t thie Je wor ld Would ould
be far fnrbettcrcom fnrbettcrcomtf1 letter commun tf1 tf1un un ities c cleaner and an
tile moral e ffect much more pronounced > 1OnOlllCel1
than by expen expending ding dlngit 1 it on something tliat tha t
is 8 on ly lylocal local in its effect CITCC effectand t an and d transient
0 I in 3 its itsehllrnctcl character Let us clean dccii up the
yard yar a t 1 home be fore foreentcring entering enter ing the field
to to do donway may with sw ith the tares Its a 1 mighty
meritorious merito ni itorious rious thing to tp o be able to do the
duty dutyw e w hic h lllics lies nearest to us
There are are some some men muses tn th
4 New York Tribune who take the ir
pleasures for business bJISI 1 ssreasons reasons
Am And if gome people p eople didnt think
I they the knew quite so much muhthe they wou would ld
probably know a lot znoe zno ins Inslafs ists the t
11 Boston l3ostonPot Post
I Of course you know Just what what t you
would do in Jnanoth another mans place but
asks the Chicago News why yhy dont
you yo ou > do the right thing in your own
place lace
Ono Count de Lessepa is wounded
In a duel Aiother Another A othertlies flies across tile
j IElIg18hCllan tengllgh iiglsli Chan CbaniflI el tJf Medllaqvalisin Mcdhavalisin Ied laqNa 1lsm and
modernity 3nodernit ra haHzea alfzts 11zo tho New York
JltoerJcan Ati1erJc
lr r
L LUs Its wonderful wOI wondrfuIto 4 rtul rtulj j to totho tfio ho New York Yo rk
2estfhowjnuc 4eehowjnu eaf henv nulhblgg h x bigger bigg i a arJ a dfiMar dtlarlooke IUarloQks looks
tQ a llml1n man vUcn lte l he bespei1ds1t1J spends it iipon upo 0I1hls his
wIfe Jit home than lar w i Oen hen lie throw H t
J jfway sta lr Upon UptJlUrenMdowntqwn friends rJens downtown
1 Ii
I 1
I ani i
Get Ge E Em in Malay Ma la y Pen insu insula la an d The yre Scarce
Ralph Isham sham Is Back From Strange Shooting Shootin Exper ience ienceGot Got Finci
Specimens SpecimcnsThey They Are a Buffalo Bu ffalo Animal an d When
t Wounded They hey Hunt the Hunter
There Thcr Is I at least one kindof kind Idndi i 1ot of tropi ¬ killed him As soon as I had brough 1
cal beast that is not In the bag of a mine down d wn one of the natives rushed
great faunal naturalist whos been out and cut his throat so that it I
killing every kind there Is to be could bo claimed that the beast had hai
found In the East African jungle No ¬ been killed by slaughtering Other ¬
where In the cabled reports or the wise under nder their Ulelrre relig religion Jig ion he and and11ls his hi
magazine articles occurs the name of fellow Mohammedans could not eat en
a selaflang Yet Ralph RalphH H Isham of tho carcass There Is not much to ti
Elizabeth N J who wl o recently re ¬ say about the others because there thor
turned from a trip around the world Is j a great deal of luck about abo t hunting
killed five My ty Malays were very faithful and am
One doesnt hear very much of se willing except one who got rebellious
ladong In those parts Mr Isham I had to keep him tied up In fhalns halns hain
who is at the Imperial said yesterday for three weeks Going up the Krau ICra
that the animal is only to be found In river we found that the stream could co coUl ld
the Malay Peninsula and Is scarce sca e hardly have been navigated for a
there Ho himself was In the bush two long time as we had to cutaway cut away log 10 lS s
weeks before he got his first shot It that lay across the streamto get ge t our ou
was only recently that a traveller boat along When When we We got up to Ulu
coming from the Far East described krau Itr u which means source of the
In The New York Sun how Mr Is Krau I found a little kan kampongi ipong or o
hams exploit was tho talk of qf the settlement if f aborigines They are nr
Malay Peninsula for his bag had beat ¬ called Sakls and are absolutely absolutelyjun jun ¬
en tio the t e record established only onlya a few gle gb people They wear no noclothcs clothes
weeks eelts previously by another young except a bit of twisted skin and are ar
American smaller than the Malays In their ac ¬
That tho seladang Is not ot of the tions and habits they are very much mud
temper of a al l giraffe or a zebra may be like monkeys They are dark brown
gathered from the fact that a British their coololng utensils lare are of the th
army officer who went out to shoot shootcrudest crudest kind and to make fires they Ihe
one three thr ee years ago was caug ht by use u1o1llnt flint an d t fibre They They grow their thou
the animal ho h was trailing and gored gorcd gorcdown goredown own tobacco which I tried and found
to death Mr Isham didnt want to go very rank ran It and their own rice though tboug
into the particulars of certain hair ¬ monkey meat Is the principal article artl le l
breadth escapes the report of whiih whlqh whlqhof of diet
had been brought by another travel ¬ At first they were Inclined to be b
ler because e he said he did not want hostile looking upon me with suspi ¬
o make a racket ra ket about what he had cion because of my my color but I gave
lone them thlm some matches and some civi ¬
I had no Intention of going after lized tobacco and that warmed their
leladang when I reached Singapore hearts They had never been put out of 01
laid Mr Isham but there I met the Jungle and most of them ha had d nev ¬
Fowler the chap who had killed l two wo er seen a white man They dont even
and I thought I would like to have a speale Malay though their King had ha
try I did not even ev n have any guns of ofa a smattering of that tongue They live liv
my own with me but I l managed to In n huts of bamboo lashed together
borrow a eyi 6O cordite double barrelled barreUetlwith with rattan and a nd placed high up In
Express from a fr friend iend and taking a trees because of the danger from ele ¬
cook from from Singapore started for or the phants and smaller beasts I made
seladang country one of these huts my heaUquarters hca quarters
What is is a seladang Well Vell the thg th for three weeks There is no furniture
word Is pronounced as if it were of any description In them the only
spelled slahdang It belongs to the con oonents tents being palm leaves which
buffalo family I should say and the take the place of a bed
only other of the family that ap ¬ Their main weapon In the chase
proaches It in size is the Cape buffa ¬ Is a blowpipe of green bamboo through
lo The biggest I killed was six feet feetwhich which they shoot a small poisoned
seven Inches from the top of his arrow They hunt hun t tmonlteys monkeys with this
shoulders s oulders to the ground and there and the poison makes no difference
was 36 inches inside the thespan span of his for as soon as a monkey tumbles the
horns hunter scoops out t the e flesh near tho
The seladang has hasa a heavy heav e vy mane wound with a sharp stone They r ey have
and is hairy about the head but there some crude steel knives among
Is no no hair at all on his flanks If them but they use an axe that is
there were we re It wouldbe torn off by b the made mad of a sharp stone around which
thorns and twigs of the jungle The rattan Is bound for a handle
skin of the animal is a full Inch I i iI I was surprised at the scarcity of
thick His legs are of a peculiar shape reptiles in the jungle I saw a few
for the foot Is smaller than the ankle cobra s but buton only h one oriCboa boa constrictor
and the legs look like fat hams all He was sleeping sl eplng after having just
the way down the flesh overhang overhangswllllowed i swallowed a fawn He was Wa9tWcuty twenty
Ing thi th hoof He is tremendously feet long I t tcut cut him hlmdn In half and
1 thl 1 l 113 I I Avnn ln V1 V1p p fleet Iflft l f of f t I x heads
h heavy avy uUdbut ulid but remarJlablYlleet remarkably brought him h pmeWI pmo wIth h t tho eJt a Mii
fd root t HUU 1t t Ii1IeilSh1J juerffiB ms > grait gr grt > ht A flifletenw tt t e1 I otthe the se1afia selhUangu ngs < ril
between hlmr him and the ordinary ordlnarybuf buf ¬ I came ou lof df the the country eountrt ou 5 bygo 1iiGo
falo tab that the latter when hurt h rt will Ing up the Tr land river to a place
flee w while hile the seladang sela ang will try to which whIc h Is on the new railway that Is it
stalk you If you Injure JIm him building between between Singapore and anc
To get to this particular parUcularjungle jungle I Bangko flglcolc k and rode down on a ballast bal1 1
had to go on a steamer from Singa ¬ train I did not get the fever in the th
pore to Port Swettenham and thence jungle junglel l but all my men did Including
on ona a train qf very low cars with the the thepll80ner prisoner I sat up three nights
roofs projecting to Kualalumpur The with that man He could not take tak
majority mlljorlty of the towns In the Malay Mal y quinine and it was blackwater fever
Peninsula by the way have the pre ¬ so sol I had to give It to to him with a
fix i ilml1la kuala before b fore their thel names Kuala hypodermic syringe
means mouth o of f a river Kualalum ¬ One One thing that struck me In that
pur means mouth mou th of the mud river rlverjunglewus jungle junglewus was the extraordinary num ¬
andlhe name fits ts Well from there her berof of wild chickens s which are
I took to kanothe another r train to Kualakubu KualBI ubu smaller but whose whosehllblls habits andappear and appearS
and from there therelactuallyrodeislafllo I actually aetuallyrode rode in a mo moance ¬ ance lire are the same as our ourbar barnyard nyald
tor torbu bus huspperated iPperated perated by bythe the Government GovernmenttO fowl tO low WI The natives call them ayamou
to iRaub RaubThere There 1 got conveyance onveyanceln In a tangs Then the woods w oods are full of of pink
baggage wagon my baggag lfollow follow ¬ monkeys which they call white wops
ing me in bullock carts ca rts and at the or waups Wild peacocks are numer ¬
end of ofi i the thefourth fourth day from from Singapore ous I got the tall of one that meas ¬
was at a Kualallpls on the Penang riv nv ¬ ures 4 4felJt fe feist jt 6 Inches The peacocks pe eoclts
er make good eating
Here I got a large dugout about 30
Jeet eet long wtlh a a sort sortofcabln of cabin over QUAINT AND AN D DCURIOUS CURIOUS
the stern composed of a thatched
roof only three threefeet feet high and to get New York has ha one school sch ol teabhei t te c c1c bhiex 1c
under which I had to toerawl crawl on my for f r each 270 Inhabitants
hands and andlmees knees I got my five boat ¬
men at Kualallpis Kualnllp s and our ourplan plan was A prayer book was among the thear ar
to drift down the river with the cur ¬ tides found in the stomach of an OB cis
rent stopping along the banks at In ¬ Mch ich dissected in London L mdon
tervals when we saw natives to in ¬
quire whether whether any seladang bad been Lucknow boasts boas o f t the theJargest largest room
seen We travelled a good deal by In the world without columns It Is
night getting out and looking about built of ofa a kind of concrete I
by day We did this for two wo weeks
before having ascended the Krau river Ali elephant In the wild state has
where I heard that a seladang had such suds a delicate de licate sense of smell that
been seen it can detect an enemy nearly a mile
I kept after that beast for two away
days before getting near enough to
him to try a shot for torI I had to keep necor Records ls of the port of New NewYorJt York
a direction direction oppos ite the wind so he show
in since stn ce the beginning of the year
u i l vi eiAn scent t T I linri had Tin no
wOllld not get my that the natonwllJ nation will receive IOOOOOU
tent because the men could soeasl so easi
Immigrants before 1911 comes
ly build little huts out of sticks and
thatch them with banana leaves Much More than 400000 400000persona persons emlgrat
of the time we went through swampy
ed from thllrcountry during year
land and In spite of stout shoes and
I 1907 This 1s a much smaller num
the leaches got a at mY
leather puttees
her than s shown hawn by the previous year
legs and gave me some scars that I
cant get rid of I I had had prepared I The natives of Corea carry visit vis I t
two bags of boiled rice from froIlwhlch which
tog ire nnrr cards l whlc which lr measure about
the water had been squeezed and
twelve Inches and when
when we had nothing nothing else to cat we
is they are merely
use required
of this as
used to break oft as much
we needed
To make any progress at all In
Wages Wages are going up in New York
some places I had to keep Iteephacklng hacking
with the other advances and house
away In front of me with a knife and
servants are receiving rpelvlngon on an average
when we got near the game gauie1n in order
2 more a month than they did ono
notto not to attract Its attention we W would
have ha hafeto feto to stop cutting culUngand and crawl crawlonour onour year ago
bellies along the ground
When I first caught sight of my Two years v vago ago lIgo the Hudson UdSOn River
first firs firstdeIadang tsela eeladang dang he was only ten yards was crossed crossedat 7at at New No York only by
away I could hear him chewing eh wlng his ferries fe ryies and how now the tunnels are car
cud Then through a rift rlttln In the tbebush bush rylng at the rate of 50000000 passen ¬
I saw saWa a little patch of black which gers yearly
I hoped would be the head but It
wasnt Hut Jlutz I blazed away at the The suffragists of Kentucky Kentucllyare are fol 01 ¬
the theexau example lpleoftbe of the ir sis sisters ters
patch pat < h and t teh h seladang seladangdtsappeared disappeared lowing
I I U got up on him him four more times tak ¬ In New NeYork York by holding a series of
lug Ingl a shot each time before I brought openair meetings rhe first flmtwllA waa
him down downThen Then I I found r I had put held recently rec ntly at Covington and the
four bullets In him speakerof the evening was Mrs 1C K
I I was warned that the animal Trimble Woolsoy
once wounded waundedhunts hunts the hunter bunterand and
had heard of an experience expe rience that hap ¬ After waiting altlng 32 Jearsexsergcant years exSergeant
pened to Cap CaptSyres Syres o ot f the British Alexander Goodall of Dunbar Eng ¬
army armywho who had hadgone gone out to shoot sbootwl so lan 1n d late of the Royal Artillery Has
Jadang three years before He wound woun ¬ received recelvedlilUmation Intimation that his pension
ed d an animal IlI1lmaland and thought he was ia to be increased by b 16 cents a day da
trailing him but 1l1tth the beast circled for fori forgallantry i gallantry In the Crimea Crimeaand and that
came around a und an and d dgo got his ia scent and be belJ U to set etnn an annuity of 50 5
ac < I l
I 111 d l
lh Uj jI l jJn J11 UlU llill 1J JJ IU A
i H
I 1
lAi Lut a at t r
1J 1Jt1 t1
U 4
j I
Teach School Children to Swim
Ella Flagg Young Y ung superintended
of schools assisted by officers of thi the th
Y M C A Astarted started a movement ti to
teach every school c child hild in Chicago
to swim Instruction began at bath
ing beaches beB hes along alongthe the shores of Laki i
Michigan Michigan
Character gives weight to one ones
words and mdpermanence permanence to ones acts
Charac cter ter secures the confidence o of
those who employ us the respect o of
those above us the love of those or on o
our level the loyalty of those be
neath Character Is tho guinea
stamp on on the t tlegold legold ie gold the signature a at
the edge of the por portrait trait the ring o of
the genuine g nulne coin coinc the accent of ofthe thi th
speech of the New Jerusalem whi pl pll p
is found fo ndonly only on the lips of the tru true <
citizen cltlzenWomans Womans Life
Making and Using Stencils
The use of o the hestencllfor stencil for w walldec lldec
oration oratlono or r for toror ornamenting amenUng curtains
scarfs and even dresses Is effective
and notSaifflcult no notdufllcu1t t Ufficult Whether theeffec the offect
Is cheap and tawdry or beautiful ani and
dignified wlll wllldepend depand upon the design
and colors selected
To make snakothe the stencil procure some
fairly heavy heav y Manila wrapping paper
Give It a coat of raw linseed all Wit W1Ur
a cloth wipe off the superfluous 1 ol l
and hang the paper aper to dry It should
be used when fresh
To cut la lay y the paper upon a sheet sheet
of glass and an use a very sharp sharplcnlfe knife
This keeps the under side of the cu Clt
clean and free from fro III ragged edges
When finished the stencil should b bo bi <
given lven a coat coa t tofsheIlac 1 of ofsheIlac shellac
It will be easily seen that since the thi
design desgnsbowsonly shows only where th the opening
occur the openings alone make the th
design and the paper must be si so S
made that the paper completely comPletoJysur sur 1
rounds each ea h opening that is unless
care Is used In planning the design I
It mayfall apart when it Is finished i
This can canreadllybe readily be seen by s studying
4 j
L r f I
IIaa IQ r lIa
I f
r 7 r
o oJ J
teI KI
Pig 1 When thsflgure this figure Is cut th the <
pieces A and B will fall out In Fig
2 this fault is corrected In othet otber
words the parts that make the de
sign muct In each case be separated
from each other by the background
of paper
If when the design is drawn an and ant
before beforeltls It Is cut the spaces are filled i In ir
with pencil or ink it will be easy tt to
determine If the figure Is made so i it ii
will wllinot not fall apart
Those stencils are are re best which avol avoid
longJoose long loose connecting connec ting parts Fig 3
as they are likely to be pushed aside
by the brush and the design blurred
Fig 4 4sh sh shovs qVs the nrope prop arrangement
The space to be decorated snug must
first be marked dif dff into rectangles tIlE the
size pf unit in the stencil Four holes
cut in corners of ofthc the stencil will en
able one to see where to place the de
sign Fig 5
If more than one color is desired
the parts Intendedfor Intended for each color mus must
be be beCUt CUt CUton on a different dIfferent piece of paper
and jit f three colors are wanted a thin
stencil must be made These an ar
used u ed one after the other otheLa allowint iIowlng
each to dry thoroughly before using
the next
If however the different colors ar an
quite removed from each other In the
design or if one one color Is a small por
tlon of the design sometimes it ii Is
possible to cut them on the same
sheet and then with a separate smal small
brush the 1 extra xtra tra color may be worket
In at the time tlm the first color is ap
plied The stencils must be wiper
l lvltha with vltha a clean cloth from time to tlms tlm <
and care must be O taken not to le let
the color get oil the front of th the <
paper The brush should be stiff am and
with short hairs If f a regular stencil
brush cannot be procured bind an at
ordinary brush with twine for at an
Incu Ine or more and then cut off the the
hair threequarters of an inch below
this tblsblndlng binding See cut c t
The color COlolshoald should be the conslstenc
i of cream and applied by stippling
that Is dabbing not by moving brush
backward and forward
For stenciling on onclotll cloth It is Isnec fleece s
jary to have the color free ree of o oil il de
posit os ltSqueeze Squeeze tube paint On to blot
flng r ring paper Then if thinn thinning ing Is nee
assary use benzine which dries very
Although It It Is Impossible to give
any absolute rules rnlesabout about thecbm
binatlons blnatlonsof of color i yet to help those those <
unfam unfanllJl unfanlillar iliar r w with ith colors colo Itoprodlce to product
pleasing pleaslngeUic effec ts t we we e hazar hazard d datew a few com
binatlons blnatlo lswhlch which have proved provedsa satis s
These colors are areglven given in the tl1eor4er onje orces
of the proportion that Is the first
nairied nalrledshouldbe should be used In the th largest
areas and the others In the tbeordlJr order 01 oj
their precedence
1 1 Gra Gr Craygreen ygreen Yl reen reenl l gray orange
2 Yellowgreen fira pray y Itmonyellov iernon3e llow
3 3 Graygreen uuHoranjeorred
4 4Grnyvioletyellowgreen t Grayviolet yellowgreen creamovliite lmwhite
5 Grayblue dull orange
6 Lightgraygreen salmonpin k
Two r rwoshades shades of any an o f tthe the colon
niaybo nay he used in place ot one In cas
the des design ign calls for more colon
Cream or ivorywhite Ivor white is always bette be bett tter
than pure white whlteJf It the colors In Inn
combination i care are kept in or near neBrthe near th
same value they will be more llkel likely like
to be agreeable By I dthe the thesame same value
is meant neither darker darkernor nor llghtei
0 Youths Companion
Hints on Letter Le ttelWrlHng Writing
When writing letters l tters a woma
should keep In mind lulndthe the following
Business letters le tters shou should ld be concise
and clear bec bediLlisebusinoss because uscbuslnesspeopleare business people peopleax nr <
supposed to be busy
No letter is complete without thi the tb
In writing to solicit soll pit employment o of
any kind on no account i3hoild should per pe
sonal perplexities or needs be men
tloned The world is full ft l lofunfortu of ofunfortu unfortu
nate persons and and to a stranger stra nger thi the th
troubles of ono oncare are no no more thai n
those of 0 f a host of others
Letters Lett rs of intro introduction duc tion are let eft
open when written
Elaborately BIa borately ornamented o namentednote note pape paper
and highly perfumed perfumedno no tes are areyulgar vulgar
When answering letters le tter s remember
That written words Stand stand as ever
lasting witnesses
That an ambiguous amblguollssentence sentence is like
ly to be misinterpreted
That a friendly word never harms
That a written word of sympath
can sometimes do much good
That a letter written in Ina a klndl kindly
spirit should be b answered In the same
way even thqugh the message messa ge Is dls
That business letters and Invlta
tidns must be answered ans w red at once once uce
That a lady acknowledges an any
friendly offer of hospitality even
though It be not not by byacceptance acceptance
Washington Herald
Rights of o fl Fiancees <
The f iaIV law courts of Gottlngen have
i just delivered deUvereda a weighty decision declsloll decisiona1
fectlng the rig rlgttsand rights hts and liberties 6 at
fiancees r
Some wee eveeks ks ago a a young Berlin Be rlin ar
chltect had a ylsltlrom his his be
trothed a Gottlngenlady Gottlngen lady 5heBtayec shes She itaye tared
in the capital over the week weekend end and ant an
tho architect nr hltect escorted his sWeethear
back to to tbestBtlon the station where b hefondij hfo N di IY
thought he saw her berm in In the thetraine tralrr tralns safe ile
Iy bo bound und for GoJtln Gotingei gei1
L4 epoarahoweyer i arahoV cr tW tathad fhel hd
was sr reluctant re f lrictant ri t to tear tl t ar i ii i herself rt jti a aa w aj i
from the itie Joynof joys of the metropolis metr opo ii Si
renllke re nUke Berlin beckoned her hac bathe ir
and at the second station sta tion s she he left the th
train trni and andIret1rnedto an returned Iret1rnedto to the qleclty tile city when where
she sbestledt1Il stayed till the next morning
Some S mo kInd friend Imparted jntelll
gence genceot of this to the architect am and an
added that his fiancee had been seer
unescor unescorted ted in the Frledrichstrasse
The architect t at Btonce once wrote to hli his hi
sweetheart demanding demandln gexplanatlons explanations
Receiving no re reply lyhei he broke rolee off thi tb
engagement and instituted proceed
ings for a return retur n nof of his blspresentsand presents ant an
the money he had ha hadspent lspent spent during duringhi hli his
betrothal Including cab fares rail
way tlskets tIke ts from rrom torn Gottlngen to Berlin
and the ladys Indysboard board while Vhlleshe she wai was
Her explanation of her conduct wai was
that she was tired tliedto to the point of en
nul of the Intellec IntellectuallJfe intcllectual tual life of Gottin
gen and sighed for lhe herenowned renownec
midnight revels of Berlin Be rlin The cour courts ti
decided that she she had done donenothl nothing g t to ti
Justify her lover breaking off the en
gagement and a nll dismisse d the action
a dding that there was no proof thin thrtt
the the ladys escapade reflected in the th
least upon her character
Breach of promise cases < ases are un
known to German law so the Gottln Gottin
gen lady cannot mend me nd her broken
heart with coin of the realm re realsnBerUi lm BerUt
Correspondence Corres tJondenceLondon London Ma Mall ll
Changeable taffetas are In high bighta f fa
vor forafternoon frocks
Tucked long gloves are in again
and will stay for the season seas on
Thin Thlnbrown brpwn cloth elothgaunUets gauntlets ar are
good for the horsewoman an
Parasols Parasolsundstocklngsml1tch and stockings match th the
gown gownwhethertlte whether the shoes do or orb ornot ndt t
The stitching itself is varied a
broad chain effect effectfs Is new and pre pretty tty
Pink silk glovps are arerev reversible rslble t to te
yellow and just just match the tearos
gowhfv gowns
Yellow Yellow lisle gloves are cool an and am
washable was wlls wllshabl hable habl and look 100ltllke like the th fashion fa Bhlon
able but butheavychamols butheavy heavy chamois
Flowered net shirred over awblti a wbltE
Neapolitan straw hut hil l makes a nove
and pretty effect effecUor for a dressy hat
Whit White kid gloves are stitched stltch dh ji ii
colors to match the frock Lavender
and aridplnsareespeclally pinks are areespecially especially i ifavore favored d
Ghantecler Ohanteclergloves gloves have come ti tc
match atbli the ehantecler handkerchiefs handkerchiefs
A tiny rooster or a golden pheasan
Is Isembi embiroldered oldered at the elbow
With the barnyard trimming frhDJ rilng
iwhlch are so much sought for forth thi th
straw strawbraidsso 1 braids braldssocoarse so coarse tbatOne th one won
ders that they hang together togetberare are thE
first flrs choice
Silk Slntfiower Slntfiowerm Slntfiowerad flowers made m ad so exactly exacUythai tha
It Is Isdimeult difficult to tell the them m from thE
original models are used for or fasten
era er a aat at the neck with the collarless coUarlessiaf af
ternoon gown g own <
Very T ery pretty afterno a aftornodn rterno bn n gowns gownsarE an
made of the hes sheer sli liflprbatls r batiste whlc Whlc cyhici
comes in the thomosUnsclnatlngs moat fascinating shade ade
this year yearThis This material too ii 11
used l1sedtorprlncels fof fo princess slips worn untie un GI
the white Vh1telln lingerie rlegown gown
U 111
1 i I 1
etntc c
Eloping IOP Up to i io o o Date Dn t
rhe coatless coatlc s JIII man I puts pu ts a care careless less arm
Round the waist of o f the hatlees girl girlJ J
W WI While hile over the dustles dustlessmldless mudiess roal18 roa ds
I Ina horse less wagon wngonthey they whir l
Like headless It s bullet b111et from nammer li lcb leas l gut
By smokeless s pow der driven
They fly to t > taste th5 th1spec th spec pec hless joy joys
By endless un UIllOn ion given gven
The only iunc heon his hisco co coinless inlees purw
Affords to them the mal means Ds
Is Ian a tasteless tnstelc taste less ss meal of boneless co cod coi d l
With Withlldis a dia h lof of stringless beans
He smokes his old to baccoless bnccolessl1 pipe ipe
And laughs a mirthless laugh
When papa aa tries to > coax coa her back
By Dywlrelesstc ivire wireless lcss te legraph
i Mo tor Record
101lyAglf1shouldIl folly rohlyA A girl shouldnt 1t 5 1 t marry a
man UllshekDows till she knows all about abou t him
Dolly d And And then she wouldnt
wan t Ho to toNew New Y York rkTmes Times
Just JustUle tie Reverse
Gunner Was young Blltwood
fired w ith ambition
Guyer GuyerNohewas GnyerNo No he was fired flre dbccauso because
3 didnt dldnthllve have any anYDos anyl3oston Boston onPost Post
His File
Tommy TommJPa Pa says say s I I must lUustand and ma
Bays saysl I mustnt mustn t
I Johnny JohnnyGee Gee you must feeUlko feel llko
a 5 railroad raUroadNew New York Sun
LVLI 1 JtceJ I Ii
A AMadamede Madamede Madam d de do e Sig Sl gbt ht htDo Do DoyoLltblnk you think
the thtre ° re Is any any danger of my be belngrun being ing run
awayw awa away ywlth7 with ith
Jenkins JnklnsNot Not by me meNew New
York p pkTelesram tk kTelesram Telegram
4 rUeelgiDg lledgliig
ClerBymanr Clerg Cier imanWm Wlll you take this
oma omannt1l 1hintf death
Etos 11o3jiLe Hv tiv Brld Bridgroom groo mt Isnt
1 l 2fm n mi i ee t e1 f Nc w
lk JII ft
ii Ii
or k rrCEi I
The TheRulb1gPlIss Ruling Passion on
First Office BoyDe Boy Doyi DoyDebosss i De Debosss bosss boss grand
tnu mudder dder died las night nlghtO
Second Second Office Oalce Boy BoyGee Gee 1 won ¬
der if hes hesgoln goln to de deballgame ball game
Sew T ew York Times
Not a aGoodLlar Good Liar
Judge j JudgePrisoner dgePrlsonerar Prisoner are you guilty
or not guilty
Prisoner PrlSonerLet PrlSonerLetl Let l my lawyer Inwyer plead
not guilty for me mejticlge judge I aint got
the nerve l1erveSt St Paul PnulDlspatch Dispatch
The Battle
First FllstSweetYoungThlng Sweet Young Thing We Vie We
are starting the battle battle of life
Second Sweet Young You ng Thing ThlngYe Yes s
and we dont dont know whether adlvorce a divorce
is a victory or a defeat defeatJu defeatJudge Judge dge
An Enthusiast
Yes ho went crazy over golf
Sad sad
Oh no great harm done They
have links at the asylum Hes Hesplay play
ing a better be tter game game than ever evernow now 1
Kansas City Journal J urnal
What Whatslngle single trait tral In common co n nmongtves mongtves gives gvcs
even his hl nerve the right to think of
her h r as hi his affinity
I I dont know unless It be because
she Is dove eyed and lie is pigeon
toed toepBaltlmore Baltimore American
The Reason
You mark all your c cmp compositions cmp mp sltlonll
forte said thefrlend the friend
Yes replied the compoeer
They w wouldnt wouldnthaveany puldnthaveany have any vogue among
people who whoUve live in flats If I had them
played pla yed softly soft1y softlyWashingtofl Washington Star
Secrecy Se ccy Asl Assured red
> I found foun that hat our stenographer
cant cantread read his notes after they are a
day d yolq old 0141
What did you do Discharge
him him
No Raised Ralsedhls x his salary and pu put t
him under con contract tract Washington
For Fora a fewidnysve few days we ve will
ma ma make ke lteto to toyour your you order a
fromvwoolens from wooleMthat woolena that regularly
sell scHat at a t 29 20ari ami j 62250 2250 Choice holco
I of of7 75 7jp patterns t rns
SGoldheim S Sd d fioldheim J Sons
403405 Seventh St
ix i i VLJI i A > I
7 7
10 1 1i J
a B1JY tHome
Stop Paying Rent
ff1erY ueiy EU1Years cw Years ears You Pay Enough
Rent ToUuya To Bay a Home of Your Own
Very few fow chances clll nccs now left dt to buy
c fl heap ea1 homes hpm s in n the District of Columbia
Go o out and andlookat look lookat at
East Deanwood De m vood Burville Burv ille
Beverly BeyerlyD r D C
< This subdivision bu bdlvislon lies llcson on both sides of
wcnnlngs cnnln s D DO 0 and Chesapeake mI eSllpea koJunc June
lion Ion One faro and 20 minutes time to
tho city Get Gctoffat oft offat at BrooUsStation East
1eanwood jDeanwood 1 eanwood I DO D 0 I
I I Buy Duynowwhen now when you youcanltlotscteap can pet getlotschea lotschep
Prices rfces will soon ad ndvlnce vinco Greater Wash Was ¬
ington fi firfces ngton is Issprellrllng sprea ding out In every ev ever r ydirec y direc
lion 10nendwJllsoon and will soon cover covcr the enure entlroDl Dii Di
tr trlct lcb of Columbia Co lumbia
1 Lots Lotssol sold on easy mon m n thly tl 1y payments
No o interest and no taxes till tllIlotwro lotsJaro paid
for Titlffffcrfcct Titl fcrfeet t
I This Thhh i is now n now vthc the only onlyscctlon section of the the
Pistrlct District istr ICtlll in inyvlileh which laboring 1 a b orl n9 people arid
leoplo eopllof eop1 of moderate means can olin buy
lomes Buy now The Thoprico price Will soon
be jo o double what wlllltltis ills today J
The undkrslgned und rsltned agent ogentwIl1show will wlilshow show the ho
I ground Call Colland and set seshlm him and u >
I range to go o out suite to look tao suMlvls
Ion over
1133 113B15thSt 15th St N N W
Fran k k T Raw lings Co
1505Pa J505 Pa Ave N NW W
Contractor Coniracioran an d dBuilder Builder
Architectural Plans PlansPrep Prepared 1red
Materials selected or furn ished All
building deta ils superinten superlntepded ded with skill I
and nd promptness
Office 51st and GSt G StN St NL N F E
AddressR3BoxNo44 Address R 3 Box No 44
rjjicI hZ
Russia leads the way In Inplant Inplantng planting ng
forests and ndAmerlc American n in devastating
them J
I A great electric I ctrlc power powegen generating ratln g
station in InGermanywUl Germany will make use useot of
peat iuel 1 elentl entirely elY
It costs less to send sen d a dozen palra palr
of ofshoes shoes from from fronithis this country cou ouritryto ntry to Acapulco Ac pulco
by ma mail It1ian l tIzanbyfreight by rfriI ht W 1
In Scotland Sc fland the legal egalagEj egal age at ntw w which hich hf h
boys and girls way marry D1 rry Is IsfDl1rteeD fourteen
and twelve years respectively
Baltltnoro Daltlmore proposes a banner hannerex ex
position 110sitlonlrllJl4 In 1 1914 the centennial year year
of the writing of the Star Spangled
A litter of eight eightpigs pigs In Mason
Mich boasts fiftytour legs two of
the animals anima ls s having eight two seven seven
and four fo ur r six si legs le apiece Pece
Official census figures by the GOT ¬
ernment show that the average an ¬
nual salary of the m minis inis lnl Jers ters of the
Gospel Is 663 in the United I 1States States
Under the law of Mexico MexCothen the na l ¬ I
tional hymn may be played laye only onlyon on
occasions oc caslops when W n theOhlef the Chief Executive E xecut
of the Nation Wi i 4 4or or the government of a
State Is present prese t
Sir Hiram Maxim Maxlmproposes MaxlmproposesJ Maxlmproposesgat proposes proposegal J legal gat ¬
ized roulette wheels whee ls in England JiO 10
out of every 500 to go to the State
which could then pay payoff off the national
debt In a few years
The oldest hospital In the country c untry
the Pennsylvania Pennsylv i1a Hospital has had
only one supposed case of hydro ¬
phobia and this was found to to havo
been diagnosed erroneously
ivor j I r rraising 4 raising oranges or grape fruit
In Porto Rico windbreaks are abso ¬
lutely necessary if If i the grove Is ex ¬
posed to the trade winds which whlchbio blow blo
continuously for nine months mo iiths and
which cripple crlpplcunprotected 1 unprotected trees
Letters curiously c curl curoualy url uslY formed dnndwrlt and ant i writ ¬
ten te with red chalk says say sthe the New York York
Press on a card cardin card In the window of o ra a
frame building not 300 300yardshtlm yards frtm frt > m
Columbia University Universltyalll announce ounce Day
Bored an and d V Vkel pkel Music Taught
When the budget of the thoRllssfan Russ ltjasian ian
Empire for for19i bid bidwent went wentrromtheDuma from the Duma
to the Council of Empire the th latter
restored the naval credits cre dits w which hich the
Duma Dum B had s tricken off including In cluding the the
provision of 7337 7337j 7337000 j OOO for the con ¬
struction of war vessels
As far as 13 la known no noonaover ons ever
died of seasickness seaslcku ss although althoughfle fre ¬
quently this cause Is ascribed In re ¬ d
ports por ts of the death d atb of travelers in In t
practically practIc lI all Il suc such h cases however
some o organic rganic disease has been tho
real cause causellnd and not the simple simplfJSe sea ¬
sickness itself
Census enumerators numeratorssay say that Lit ¬
tier County Ark holds holdstlteStatq the State Statq
record for large families famllles1IIrs Mrs Abra 4br ¬
ham Bullet Duller thirtyfour UilrtY fouryearsoldlB years old Is
the mother of fifteen children all liv ¬
ing Mrs MrsLaura Laura Bundles Rundlesfol for fortyfour tyfour tY foul
years old has twentytwo children
living while two are dead dea d Mrs
Maggie Howard has been married I
nineteen years and andls Is the tllemothorof mother 61
seventeen E veuteen children ch1ldrendl 1 all llllvlng living
It Is reported that th t from 2500 250 to
3000 tons of electrolytic copper w will ill
be required for the thoelectrillcation electrification of
1310 miles of railroad in InSwederi Sweden the
conversion of which whlchfrom from steam ste ni to
t Lfillectrlc1t lectrlclt has been b be boclded e dec oclded ided upon up dn n

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