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i Seattle Cafe
t 1 Meals at n l hours Good cooking
and cnrctal service
A Ctoan Plaoo To Eat ol > P
j Open Day Duyand and Nlo Night l
The Waldorf L Cafe
15 and 25c Meals
At All Hours v <
first Class Dairy Lunch Service 1
643 Florida Ave N W
Washington D C C1
Open All Night
t t
Quick Lunch Room
626 North Capitol CapitoIStrcctNW Street NW i
f fl l West Side Union Station Half Blookawsy Blook away 1
f Washington D C
j Best Meals At Lo Low > y Prices
Good OOd Things To Eat
Welcome to the the EIUs EII < s
qua FOOD is o THE BEST
iolce and Prompt service ser e our motto
Prices Reasonable
No 729 4th St > t N W
The Bet t o f he ytki g j I
tuoj hO Dun Dl k aitu a iigan tig rl
j Ladies and Gentlemens Cafe Upstairs
1313 E ESt St N W
Pbonc Mitn 3696 N xt to N t anal onal Theatre
Grandest Pool and Blllard Parlors
Ladies L adies Dining Room Upsairs
131O Penna Ave N W
The The Bay State Hotel Hot el ell l
HARDY to O hERY Fnft Prtp
Atlantic City N J
European Plan
CofleafftGPdn Cefl t G dG
Special Spec1 l Ratos to Parties Partl s Taking
I eoC Qo t Ja e O
O e
The English Cold C ldMorning Morning Batli
i no A Snare and a Delusion
Oec G oa cooso OGOQO =
Sajs a plain American In the
Amer Amer ican Magazine
Everyone knows about tho tra ¬
dition of Hhe the cold morhin morning bath All
Englishmen Engll buen mention the fact in a cas ¬
ual isahner tlia they have one at
least once once rach flay ar but I have won ¬ I Ileast
dered If they did not protest too
much How can anyone prove that 1
they actually get into this aforesaid i
cold bath That a twohundred tw
pound man can get into ia a zinc pan
l eighteen Indies in diameter dlilmeter at the
r bottom or prance about the great
bilge keel which surroun surrounds ds it does
not seem reasonable
r After getting out ou t of a fairly warm
i ted many times and trying to do
acrobatic acts in tepid wa ter with
J a damp atmosphere of about forty for ty
14 degrees in a stonewalled room with wIth
the concentrated cold coldof of four hun ¬
f wired or more long yearn hermetically
i sealed in a ilmusty musty old oldcpsUe castle I de ¬
l cided To fake the thecold cold bath as I now
believe all Englishmen do I
Its an easy game g me and this is the
waytodo way to do It Jump from om the ilia bed and
land if possible P SSlble clear of Of the UI e stone s
floor on any old stray rug or piece of f
1 carpet Dress hurriedly hu rrIedly and com ¬
pletely and draw a razor oyer oer your
blue chop called ca lied a chin staunch the
blood with your own pocket handker ¬
chief chIddont dont use Isethe the bath towel towel then
drag the thezlnc zinc bathtub to the centre ce ntreo of f
th the floor lay a bath bilthtowel towel or two
spread out beside it then throw the
i soap as bard as possible in Into to the
water six or seven times this gives
the effect ot a natural English bath ath
splash slap the ends of another
towe towel l in the water wet your hands
no matter if it does make makeem em ache
you must do this and slap them
cinthe in the towels to represent wet foot
i prints Jlrlnt This done you can look the
world In the eye with a bright and
shining morning face farethe the kind R L
Stevenson Stev enson refers to
All art is In Its origin connected
1 with religion rellglonUlrlcl Ulricl
He that plants thorns must never
expect expe ct to gather roses rosesPllpay Pllpay
It tl is not n t the oath o ath that ma kes us be ¬
lieve the man but the man the oath
To be becon conscious clous that you are Ignor ¬
ant Is a a great step toward knowledge I
Benjamin Benjam lnllsrilell Disraeli
Moderation Modera tion Is Is the tlwsllken silken string run
ning through the pearl chain of all
virtues Bishop Hall
Knowle Cn wle dge dgeal1d and tim tlmbers ber shouldnt bouldll t bo
much Used sed till 1 they are seasoned
Oliver Wendell Wend jl Holmes
A Aqulet quiet WQII woman U11s is like ft still stlUwlml Wind
WhlcJ1Jlelthe which neither chills the body nor
blows bloW5dus dust in theface the ta eNlcl1olas Nicholas Bre
Tlin Forum lias boon h lm fortunate fOltlllll1 in
engaging tliu services H ricls o f Miss J IM Mnry II1I Curtis
tliu po 1101111111 pular and elfecicnt 1lfl IIt steno st no grapher to
conduct on llit the tll society column JllsH ill R CurliB
is i mIl o f olii 1 most inollt enterprising IlIlelJlli illg an d 1
I worthy orllt young Indies Inti mid a a young
miblio pnbJlc woman in 11111111 llllii a place pnce unUjni IIniIW11I In
its clmnurter Shu is employed 1 by h quite f flIlu lIlu
a n number o f the lega l profess ion oJl in taking tll fl l dllg
testimony h tllIoIlY is i a no lIotUlj tury public 1 oecntes
pens lell ion vouchers ani IIn l in ti ll is i jiuhliu
upiiiled 1 proilciont llol1ci nt ind much in 1 lemmid
Any All soc oclal ial news den I le ired IICI I to tf be piilillalied IlIhJl h d
will 111 be receive lICl iwl d l by b Miss 1i81 Curtis gla dly lly
lust IISt Hcnd Ille l or br ing llI g it to lier at 110 lion F II
street X Itoom 203
Mrs 118 It 11 II Robinson no1Jin on o f Jeiwey JetI City Cit
X J who wiis WII to have visite vi Itt d l Mrs hiI S
A Fountain 1124 Eighteenth J lghhln tJl street N
W WI V dinIng I the N M 1 A Convention has 11U
c hull d her plans uu an IIm d l lwill will sail for 10
Liverpool Kng l liind I iind 11111 1 August AugustlOtli 10th
Miss Marie l lu o Viud o f 514 You St
X W will spen d the remainder o f her
vacation in Midland Jil llnl1ll Va
Miss lIsil Jos Kstlier tlllr Middleton of 118 1 D Dstrlet street
S W is visiting ut Niagara Falls and
po ints in Canada
Dr Cannon o f Jersey J 8 City will willntlel1l atten d 1
JV ti7
the N N M MA A Convention COIIItOIlIIl in August
Mrs Louise Miller 1iI1I tliu elllcieut c lerk h lk
to Lawyer W L Iolhml is confined 1 to
her hl home on account of ofII a slight indispo indi J o ¬
s ition
Attorney t t 11111 1 Jose ro I ph H Stewart el o f thu
loenl bar miulu mnd mndII a flying trip to Roc k
vllltf illI Mil on the 18th Inst on profes
s ioniil bus iness
Attorneys AtlolIIIS Itussottu OR I tlU an il Wii lkcr o f
Hampton 1I1I1IItollU Va former graduates s of How Ho ¬
ard University Unil I8i1J Liuv LII School are do c lo ing
a thriving arid mil prosperous plO perOIlH business in
their tlIl I legal profession IHofls lolI
Miss ll ss Krnestine Hrent 1Ir < nt will s pend the
Inst two weeks 1Il lqof of July In y nt Nlugura Fti 11 lU 1I
and on her return trip will wills s pend pen the
month of August in Atlantic City
Attorney AItOlIW Elbert l l llt lt HU Hubert IIt of this city it
lias returned from Wilmington Del
where lie went on pro fessional flsss lonill business
Itev K Williams president of the
IorgusonWllliiuns College of Abbeville
S C is here her in the interest of his school
and nlll lllIl1lt reports that he is meeting mce tillg with Hat 1
taring success 1 1tCIlng
Thrilling Feats Feats in Baseball Baseb ii
On m the afternoon of July 19 or last even more remarkable he scored a
year ear In the second inning of a base shutout In each game and In the first
ball game between the nines repre game allowed only two hits
sentlng Cleveland and Boston played The most spectacular college
on the grounds of the former team achievement for 1909 1909as as well as for
Wagner the first batter b tter for the visit several seasons preceding precedingwas was to the
lug team reached first base on an er credit of pitcher McClureof McClure of Amherst
ror Staul tho second batsman He pitched a nohit game against the
Minted bunted safely advancing Wagner to Naval Academy winning by a score
second base With two strikes and of 4 to 0 held Yale down to one hit
three balls listed against him and winning by the same score pitched a
with the 20000 spectators tingling n nohit phit game against Williams WIIlI lms win
with excitement the Boston captain DIng by a tally tall of 2 to 0 and then
gave the hit and run signal The pitched another another nohit game against
next ball pitched was met by McCon West Point winning by a 3 to 0 score score
nells bat with tremendous force and in the way of thrilling thrill Ins pitching feats
was driven over second base in a man it is to be chronicled that Samuel
ner that boded ill for the home team Weems of the Macon Ga nine last
Neal Ball Balli i of the latter nine was play year equalled the worlds record lield
Ins second The moment the leather by Addle Joss and Cy Young in
sphere left McConnells bat the for a game with the Mercer team Weems
mer jumped back ot tho base leaped did not give glv a hit or a base on balls
Into the air caught caughtthe the drive with one and did not hit a batter He struck
hand regained his feet and touched touchedout out fourteen men and retired d twenty
second base stepped quickly to one seven se Ven successive batsmen Another
side and touched Stahl with the ball ballspectacular spectacular performance was that of
and thus made the most thrilling and pitcher Browning Bro wnIng of the San Fran
spectacular unassisted triple play cisco team tea m mwho who won won sixteen smcces ucces
chronicled in the annals of baseball sive victories He lost the seven
Balls feat was the second of its kind teenth game to Portland by bY the close
ever recorded in the history of the SCore of 1 to 0
major leagues the first having been A recordbreaking recordbr aklngday day was Septem
to the credit of Paul Hines of the
her 26 1909 as far as nsthe the Pacific
Providence Rhofielsland team who Coast League L Leagu eagu was concerned The
had performed a similar exploit curl first game of a double doubleheader header was wou
ously enough against a Boston team by the Vernon team tea lll lllagaInst against Sacra
thirtyone years before mento in the fast time of one one hour
Each Eac hpasslngseason passing season testifies to the and fourteen minutes mInu tes one minute minute
fact that the national natJonalg game me Is a sport quicker qu icker than tllan the previous record The
full of unexpected thrills That these secon d game was wonby won b the same
thrills are areas as common to toth the amateur team In the even faster time of one one
as totlie 12tOffnlcmJco1tcAtal W t r 1ibalHilinu
appreciated from fro l1 the record of Geo the theSacramcnlo Sacramento Sacramcnlo n n ine be being ing unable to t 6
Bowen of theNorthslde the Northside Club team get a hit oft ofrpltcher pitcher vance Vance for seven
of Noblesville Ind who In a game innings
played last season with the Black Dia Jti the way of a remarkable rem rlcablelota1of total ot
mond mon 1 nine of the same town struck stlclchlts nits made iy teams In a sIngle lngle day
out twentyfour players and allowed allowedthe the record I cor i iof of the the last day of fthe the West
only one hit hit In n professional al base ern er n Association is unique In in the theJast last
ball on Aug1lst iT T 1 i last Year Wl11lam guinea ol of llle the season ui of aau 1909 in In tins tl ls I
ii i < f i >
Mitchell pitching for the San Antonio
league e PittBburg made thirteen hits
team against Galveston in Texas
a inw V
f to Muslcogeeselevenj D i o Guthrie tVel e
League champlonshlp estab
game to Spllngfiel < ls ten EnId tJfteen to
IIsbed a world s record by strlltlng out
El Renos ten and andSapulpa Sapulpa six teen
twenty batsmen in a nine inning
against Bartlesvllle Bartlesvl1leHarpers Harpers Week
game In collegiate sport a record
was established last season in the
game between the nines of the Naval
Academy of the University of Mary ¬ Rhubarb
land when Anderson of the latter Willie rhubarb has been cultivated
team struck out twenty Annapolis in this country since 1573 It It Is only
players and Meade of the Naval Navalll1telY lately that it has been grown as a
Academy succeeded in eliminating substitute for fruit The early earlycultl culti ¬
fifteen Here was was a total of thirty vation of the plant was a altogether
five strikeouts stilkeouts in a single garnet game I for the sake of the root rootwhlch which was was
In the TrlState League on August used to prepare the medicinal medfclnlllrhu rhu ¬
19 last year the Lancaster nine barb As regards the date of the in ¬
made thirtytwo runs and thirtythree troduction of the rhubarb in Int to this
hits off pitchers Stillman and Gry of country we may note that E M
Johnstown in a regulation game no Holmes in the Encyclopedia Brltan
player on the Lancaster team making nlca states that it was wnslntroduced introduced
less than three hits One of the most into England through Sir Matthew
wonderful feats recorded In baseball Lister r physlclan to Charles I who
chronicles was accomplished last sea ¬ I Ig gave g lve seed s ed obta ined by him In Italy
son by Harry Krause the youthful to tothebotanlst the botanist Parkinson
lefthanded pitcher of the Athletics in The rhubarb of pur gardens Isa Is a
the American League Krause won native of of Siberia and theb the basin sln of f the
everyone every one of the the first ten games he Volga and its tsname name recalls recallsltsRus its Rus ¬
pitched upon his debut In the League sian origin The ancient name of the
This rhis included three victories over the Volga was the Rha andthe and the name
champion Detroit team which team came to be applied to the root of the
Incidentally succeeded In scoring but plant Imported from thonce So the
one run in the three contests In the Romans Romanscalled called it Rha barbarum the
ten games Krause was scored on only foreign roo root t From this came the
four times six ot the games having French rhubarbe an and d the English
been shutouts His first defeat ot oUbe the rhubarb During its cultivation n in
season occurred in an eleven inning this thIs country country many new varieties have
game with St Louis been ra raised ised from fromseed seed The Field
In the game between the Boston
National League team teamand and the th Roan Roltn
Not a allat Hat
ike Va nine last year outfielder
A teacher in one of the Newton
Bates of the New England team
wrought the spectators to their feet by lower grade schools was entertaining
two visitors to the classroom clas room Sev ¬
mocking out two home runs In one on
eral the teacher bad
eraldays days previously
Innlngtbe nnlng the seventh The most spec
furnished amusement and anda at the
acular game In the matter of length
minor combines time increased the childrens chlld en s store of
ev iver l recorded In the
the knowledge by a series serl s of questions ot
vas played last season sellsonbetween between
Decatur and Bloomington Bloomlngtonnh nines es In the the th following nature
when twen What do o we sit on that rhymes
localled ThreeI ThreeILeague League
with hair
tyslxlnnlngs yslx innings were chronicled a
galllenimost ame almost three thlcetlmes times as long as Some child would answer II Chair
Today the t levllSltorswoUld visitors would be beplea3ed pleased
The Irr oit rt
tlie lie game usually runs rnnsThe nn nn0o 0o
gamo amo In the history hlS or of oUhe the Northwest to observe how readily the pupils pupils
ern irn League Leag ewas was played last lilstyear year be bee could answer
tween ween the Portland Por nndaudVancollver and Vancouver What do J wear on my head h ad that
teams earns It lasted for twentytwo Inn rhymes with wlthcat1 cat asked the instruc
Ings ngs
One of o the most sensational after Up went wentthe tiie hand of ofa a boy with red
loons in minor league leag e baseball In hair ha
We Well Johnny Jr h nr said she
many years occurred on August 28 you YOltmay may
1909 909 In the New England EnglandLeague League tell tenus us
IVhe IVhed IVhethe vhen d the Lowell Lowellaud and Hnyerhill Hnve rbUl n nines ines Johnny rohnnyarose arose and appeared fright ¬
met net In a double header be1 el Duval ened ol1el
p ph pched i h ltched ched both games gam sfor for the former forn ier > Itsarat lt s aratheblu he blurted ed
And then the tableau tableauBostoa Boston
team earn and won both Each team was
credited with a triple pla piny In the Post
Ilrjt Irst game Lowell batted out seven
teen een bits and thirteen thir teen runs againsi Distressing
two wo oppos ppos ing pitchers pltc be rs This is Uf3 the Bobby BQJbysaldhlsmother said his rnother sit up
IIrstlnstance Irst Instance In lilbaseb basebail l1chronIClesofstlalght chronicles of straight and dont tuck your napkin
two wo triple plays In Inonea one afternoon A under un clel your chin Ive Ivetoldyou told you hun ¬
week previously to Duvals notewor dreds dredilottlmes o times
thy hy effort Jack Taylor the tbeweUrllere we ll There exploded explodedTomnir Tommy youve you ve
known cnown veteran pitcher of the thl3 Dayton made mo lose mrcountl my count I dont
team cam ot tile Central Centr al League J engue pitched know whether wh ther Its It s2560r 256 or 357 351t1mfs times
and won a double header headarngalnatthe against the 1vo vo chewed this clam clamChcago Chicago
Thrre rterre Haute Hnd Ind team What Wbatwas was Inter Ocean
I Ie
ford DabaeyV abneys Theatre
Ninth and You Sis stsNVV N W
Refined Vaudeville an d Motion Pictures
j JII Pictures Change d dEveryDayJ Every Day
To Disperse Pull puUCare Care Come Here
Blue Mouse Theatre
26th and andMStsN M Sts N W
Largest Han Handsomest dsomest and Coolest
Theatre in Town >
Good Vaudev V l audev ille il1ean an d Motion Moti l Pictures
A Cordial ordlal Welcome Extended To Visitors j
H HC G Smith SmUhManager IVfanaoep
The Jolly Swstika Cju Cliib b Will Give Their First
Grand G andPicnlc Picnic at Eureka Park Anacostia D C
MONDAY JULY J LY25d910 25 J91O
Muslo Muslobythe by the Columbia Orchestra Prof ProlSyiv Syiyester slerTh Thomas mas Director
Gates Open penfrom12Noontol130P from 12 Noon Ip 113O F M
Dout Do forget the Jolly Swnsiikft wns ikl Clubs Hull Btll1AugustHj August 10th latFltz at Fitzgeralds cra hls
Awliipuim Atlunttc C l K J
Pc dcstriiins on South New Yor YOIk k ave
mil nt nt2 2 oc loc k yesterday esteltl r afternoon
witnesse d lan an odd and nll interesting s ight
us a grou p o f grayhaire gln haill d Civil Wur
ve terans stood st od about Xltlt itli bowed lieti ds s
as the cornerHtone of the ir re juvenated l
liome G A H Hall lIn ll was laid
Master Karl En 1 West the son on o f Sir II and
Mrs Henry Henl West successfully Huccesllfull under
w vpnt nt an operation for tonsilitis tuns iUtis and is
doing veil welllIt i lIt t his home 1700 lin ltic
Miss 1I1is Ca Cav Carr v rr rte ie An bton of Vasliington
Indllfls wiil Mrs Die de i1lIa lla o f Philadelphia j Mrs
Hanks o f Hic bniond spent 8pl nt Sunday SUI1 llY in
Atlantic City Cit
Explorers and 11 aviators H will Will WilnpJclu l appear be ¬
fore City < Merchants Friday night n ght to
h lienr I1 A Eliniaii te ll of crossing the sen i
Mr Eugene l ugene Cook C ok o f 134 34 Uav street
piptn few 1 days n H in Pli Philn llnde e lpli lpll11 ia last
Miss Ilnttie Carter and Mr Woodie
Wright of Philade lphia spent Sunday
with Mrs 11 n A Walker o f 134 Jl1IlIO Illinois B
The Common Carriers of l Freight lelght ln
Nearly Nearlr90000 Nearlr90000camels 90000 camels are are used sed lu
llttHttrirt fi3ttgtl ld i1sb ui tfH f
burden burdenam an dwlth donkeys d nkeys they form
the only means meillnsof of carrying carrylniroods goods to
Inland points Camel caravans caravans go in
strings seven camels to the thestrlng string
with wIth two men menln in charge For F 01 a camel
450 pounds Js is I a good load the pack
being helngdlvlded divided Into halves A bur ¬
dened camel travels two miles an
hour on long trips ac a loss ossthe the1 desert
twelve miles a day Is an average
march though swift messengers llko
the mounted dromedary posts from
Bagdad to Mossoul and Damascus
make forty fifty and even more
miles at a stretch
Freight l lelght between betw en Bagdad and in ¬
land points IJolntslnMesopotamla in Mesopotamia is com ¬
monly packed pa ked in pairs of bales each
bale weighing about 225 pounds for
the convenience of camel drivers In
loading The The rates charged for car ¬
rying freight freIght across the desert vary v ry
with conditions being lowest when
camels are cheap labor and pasture
plentiful and freight offerings none
too toonumerouil numerous For a common bur ¬
den camel 30 3 Is a fair price though
t tne e trotters or or swift messenger cam ¬
els are worth more A young camel came t
can sometimes be had about Bagdad
for as little lltt as j30 3 or H 4
Besides its Its use use for riding and car ¬
rying ry ing purposes the the Mesopotamian Me sopotamian
Ar Arabs l bsdependon depend on the camel for milk
Shoes Shoes are made from its tough cal ¬
loused hide and In times of famine
It its It brittle brItUe1trqng strong tasting t stlng flesh fieshlset1t iseat
en Condensed milk made by boiling v
fresh camel amelmlllt milk until evaporation
leaves only on lya a hard tiardi chalky ha lkY substance
is prized among the the desert nomads
By ru r bbing this substance between
the hands It reduces to powder and
when mixed w with ith warm water it
makes a refreshing drink drlnkhlgilly highly es
teemef teemefamong teeme jr among the desert folk Me 1 re
reesyas It Itls Is called will keep in
good con dition for two years When
made from buttermilk It tastes sour
and Is ISllrlzed pr ized among Arabs who have
eaten much of sweet dates Fresh
warm camel milk mllkls is also the food of
many valuable horses owned by des ¬
ert sheiks
Camel calves are weaned In their
eleventh or ortweUth twelfth month When Whena a
camel caravan n Is on the march the
very young camels areoften are often tied upon
the backs of orthemotheranlm1s the mother an imals since
they canno t endure the fatigue of a
long march marchValu Valuable nbledogsand dogs and Arab
desert desert hounds called slugeys also
ride In the same way
Unless camels came ls have hnye been beenespeclnlly especially
trained to the theabstlnencethey abstinence they cannot canno t
go as long as IE is commonly supposed
wlthoutwater without water When When marching march nsnear near
rivers rivers they dr d ink nk twice a day They The
feed teed largely on on tbe the tough scrubby
verdure known locally locallyascame as eanie l fthorn thorn
whic which h grows rows throughout Mesopota ¬
mia except on the extreme deser desert t
wastes Their habits are peculiar
unlike horses they seem to feel no
fondness for fhelrhumanassoclates their human associates
thoughl hbugh they wlllseldom will seldom wander wlnderfar tar
tram rora the caravan 1 tentsevenU tents even if left
un jntied tied over night It is Is f no uncora
mon sight to tosee200Ot03QOOcamels see 2000 to 3QOO camels
on m the desertwaste desert waste outside Bagdadte
vails They represent the th combined omblned
lords of caravans which whl h have metnt met at
3ngdad bringing brin ging in wool etc and nd
ttlklngoutqthercargo aking out other cargo to different
portso iarta of Mesopotam ia aFrom From Weekly
Conslllr ohsul r and an4Jr Trade de < Reports
I IHurrll Hurra h h Hurra Hu rrll h h for f r the he Big Dance
i The Loralno LoralnoNlght High
At At Lfnscom bs Auditorium
Prizes Awarded Awardodto to the Two Best and alldMost Most
Graceful GracefulWAItilngCo Wallxing Couples uples oMha Evening
Citcn ty C GIVNeutcin Y Newton Fran k Ho lmit m 1
and C L RMeltt 1
Genera l Adm iss ion 25 Cents
A Large Increase Sinc SlucH Jfewljaw Xe Ial Sni
pli plii plilod 1 l1ne i lod dF Fornialitlesi n iUtlc
It is an Interesting and uotoworthy
fact that since the ho promulgation ot
the law lawof of June 1907 the effect e ltectof of
which is toslmp to simplify l fr the formalities
which are the necessary preliminaries
i to marriage in that country c untry there
have havebeenmoro been more weddings in France
than thanntllny at any period since sll1c the begin ¬
ning of last century c riturYi with the excep ¬
tion tlollof of the years ears 1813 and 1872 In
the former of which whl h men contracted
unions to toescapebe escape be ing ng sent off to
fight while In the latter many wed wld ¬
dings took too It place placewblch which had been been de ¬
layed by the war with Germany This
v ry Msfa c 1 m 1 s c
c Srdirig rdlrig to 0 correspondent1 of the
tbndon LbndonTelegraph Telegraph is due to the In ¬
itiative I latlvoofthe of the Abbe AbboLemalre Lemaire one of
ithe he deputies for the Department of
theNord the Nordl He wasinot was not able to get all
his propositions prol1 sltlonsadoptedbY adopted by his col
leagues leaguesbu but t the thelllw law which whlcl1wasfinally vas finally
jiassed such suc h has as It is Is has already done
a nvastiam vast ambount bount pf good ood
Among the relief which the act has
brought to persons intending to
marry manylti it has Ilas freed those who are
over over thlrtyi years of age from procur ¬
ing the whole whole series of ofdocum documents ents
and certlflcates c rtlficatesupon upon which whlchthe the Code
Civil Insis te ted d Then after the age
mentioned it Is Is no longer necessary ne essary
to obtain the consent of the parents
Indeed In deedatter after the age of twentyone
this can can also be dispensed ti tiwthpro with wthpro pro ¬
vided that It is Issh shown wn that due no
tlfe t e has been sent to them These Tbese
are ahi the two principal benefits of the
law of 1907 1907 and an l the result is Is that
many people of the lower classes are
now married who mig mIght ht have been
tempted to do without the ceremony
as as they found foun d It Impossible to collect
the tbeneedful needful papers or were prevented preven ted
by the caprice of parc parents tswhorefused who refused
their consent for fcfr fcfrno no valid reason reason
What the relief thus obtained
means Will will be understood understoodwhen when it Is is
explained ex plaIned that In the the case of persons
who had lost their parents and andwho who
were engaged to be bemarr marr ied edtipyard upward
ofltWetee of Nineteen pdocuments documents were requ required ire d
I by the Code Civil of f1804 1804 including
two certificates of bir bIrth th two of resi ¬
dence two of nonopposition the
usual military record book Jtour four cer cer ¬
tificates of the death of o t paren par en ts and
eight of the grandparents grandparentsfor for the thoeh en ¬
tire set ot which w l lchf2 2 had to t be paid
Natura Naturnlly ily it Is Is in the large towns
where people peol11ehave have b been enUvlng living awhile
away from their thel native natIievillages v illages that
the result of this beneficent law ot
1907 has been most conspicuous and
all alf this as need hardly be a added dded
makes for morality moralltywblchln which In these
days seems to require a good deal of
prac practical tical encouragement encourage ment at least leastln In
the big towns
Sixteenth Century C011tu glnns Inns
I Supervision over the Inns was far
stricter than at present especially In
I Italy At Lucca and at Florence JilorenceaU all
the inns were In a s slngleBtreet ingle street and
I In many towns the new arr ival val was 1
taken before the thenutbor authorities ltles by the
guard at the gat gates s before he was w s al ¬
lowed to c choose his Inn toh to which chlle lie
woujd woujdbeconducted be conducted by a soldiery soldier At
Lucca too was department a of the
judic jildldary iary which whlchwasspeclally was specially con ¬
cerned w ith strangers and to this the
innkeepers IlI nkeepershlJd had to send a dally report
of each eachguest guest Yet to Judge by the
tourists tourlstsllc accounts ounts the supervision
might well have been carried further
and reports upon the innkeepers Innkeepersre re ¬
quired from the tourists tourlatsSuch Such asys aJ3YS
tem temofdou of double ble reports would 111 have ive
been a ach check ckoll on the hemilrderlng murdering inn ¬
keeper to whom there are occas occasional ional
ror references rencesi A Alandlord landlord at atpoltlers Poitiers was
detectedln detected In the m middle iddle of the lle seven seven ¬
teenth teenthc century entur Y Yoand oand and at Stralesrind so so
runs rU1slnotheIi Another tale 800 8 O I persons
had dlsappeire i 1at at one Inn They
had badreappefled reappeWed it is true tru but ut
p pjckled ckledAtlantlc Atlantic I
I 11
Attorney Attorney and andCounsellor GounselloratLaw at Law
494 Louisiana LoufslanaAv Mime nue
Ko f lUJ5 JA i Jewis wis Bldg P4Jh Washingiga Washingigap i p C
Joseph JosephH E Stewart
Attorney Attorne y and
GounselioratLavv Counse l loratLaw oratLaw
6ij9 JFtlf FStN W Room R m 1 03
Sylvesier lMc L RISc Laurin
lAttorney ttorney and andCounselloratLaw GqunselloratLaw
609FSTiNW 609F ST N W
First Floor
Varied Resources of a fe w Member ol t
the th Sisterhood of of Stales
Arizona Arlzollt1has has an area of 113p2l
square miles 72332800 acres en
titling It to rank as asslxt sixth 1ln in aizi size
among nmongth the States s
Arizona has vast mineral resources
of copper cop lieI gold silver coal as yet
but little worked lead leadmlc m ica 1 1fl fiuor fl or
spar molybdenum nlclcelores nickel ores lime ¬
stone mar marblegranltesan ble granite sandstone dst9ne in
limitless quantities chalcedony tungr
sten turquolseva turquoise vanadium 1adlum garnet garne t
Cpyrppe pyrope and other m inerals an and ll
there tbereare are many hot and mineral mln r l
Arizona has some flome of o f the grandest
scenery In Intheworld the world the famous
Grand Canon Canonof of the Colorado and the
wonderful chalcedony forest near Hoi
brook Nayejo County with trunks trun ks
four feet thick cracked crackodlnto Into exquisite exq ulBlte ¬
ly colored blocks being b lng prominent 1 omlnent
Arizona has 11asa1ley valley after valley valle of
marvellously fertile lands experiment
demonstrating demolls ratlng that In the Southern
part tinder ulldertavora favora ble conditions the
yield ail an acre is Is 2160 pounds for
wheat 4000 to 5000 50 O pounds for pota ¬
toes 12300 pounds for tomatoes
6000 poun pounds ds for fdrstrawberrles strawberries 27000
pounds for melons and 1735 pounds
ifor for corn Under the reclamation
workn work norln whllargeandn large and active tlvE1 progress
by the Federal Gov ernment rnment a total of
10000000 acres acres or o forty times the
present presEntarea area under undercul cultivation lvatlon will
be reclaimed and put to marvellously
produc tive use The staple crops Cropsnre are
alfalfa alfalfabarleywheat barley wheat sorghum kafflr
corn cornro root t cropssugarbee crops sugar beets fs green
vegetables and small fruits frl llts of every
var va rtetyaprlcqts iety apricots grapes oranges
judge d by many to be the finest In
the world wo fldlemona lemons figs Almonds
olives etc Experiments in the culti ¬
vatlonof vation of Egyptian cottpn of which
i the United States StateshtsJo has to Import abou a out t
1 10000000 0 9 Q9 0 Owottha worth a ye yearare r are also be bee
1 ingmadei and andlt It Jsiexpected Isexpect d that thiltTast vast
i frac fi Cs E of alkali alklilIlim lan ds dsI in 1 the 11 south sOllth
hitherto believed eIlve d Jobe to be waste waste can canb be
i utilized for date dateculturesaysF culture says Ei W
i iHodge Hodge of the SmithsonIan h Ins Institu titution tion
In Americana
Arizona A lzonabas has a climate whlcQ which though
i hot in summer no t very oppress ive
while in winter it Is usually u ua ly delight
fui ful Heavy snows occur occur la themoun the moun ¬
tainous nor th and sWSrp frosts are
frequent even even In the Saladp and Glla
va va lleys but nowhere are the moun ¬
tains perpetually snow capped In
recent years Arizona has become becople a
popular pOl ular resort for those thososu suffering fterlng
from pulmonary tuberculosis and ca
tarrhal ailments
Arizona has mountains m ountaIns and mesas
In the north which are generally generallycov cov ¬
ered er ed with nutritious grasses forming forml g
excellent pasturage for for cattle ca tUe and
sheep sheepjwblle wblle while Irrigated pastures in the
sou th afford means for fattening for
market t Ostrich farming about 5000
birds blrdshas has become becomea a profitable ilndus Indus ¬
try particularly adjacent to the the city
of Phoenix the capital to be of tbe the
Statetllla State till a t leas least t 1925 Thesouthern
pla plalns ins and parts of the north have a
dress of sagebrush greasewood yuc yu ¬
ca cactus and audotber other desert de ert growths
Cottonwoods line almost every stream
Mesquite the g giant iant cactus cac tus or sagua
rb paloverde Ironwood Jerusalem
thorn thor nllnd and other trees tree are ar indigenous
to the southern plains and nn d vast moun ¬
tain areas are covered coveredwith with pine plneju Ju ¬
niper and other othervaluabie Valua ble timber Vast
tracts of timber tlmberh hbwever weverbave have been
set apart in the national forests n
total acreage acreageof15258861 of 15258801
Ar Arizona izona has n population popula tion of ofj j i 250
000 of which fully threefourths are
American Amellcanborn born The Indians number
about 25000 the Nayajos leading
with 15000 The leading cities are
Phoen Pboenlx ix Tucson Prescott Jerome
Nogales Nga fesYuma Yuma Globe GlpbeFlagstaff Flagstaff
Tombs T mbstone tone Solombnsvllle KIngman
Houbrook lIoubrooJtSt St Johns and Florence
Ar Arlzona izona has basar a respectable spectablearray array of f
State institutions university Indian
schools schoo ISreform reform school normal schools
asylum for the Insane penitentiary pen itentiary
Capitol ClipHolbulldlng building and omc offices esl etc
i Arlzona rlzona lias lInsn a m mnlngoutput ining output aver aver ¬
aging I1glnllbout55000000 about 55000000 a nyear year im ¬
ports and exports expor s port of Nogales Nogalesi i
of about 15000000 15 000 000 a year besides
millions yearly for forcattleand cattle and farm
garden audorcbard and orchard products
Arizona has a aUne line public school s hool
system under active extensloncom extension com ¬
pulsory Hon lionsectar sect rianEducltlon ian education with
sa laries to teachers only exceeded by
California and Nevada e da over over2009 2000
miles mll aofsteam of steam railway hundreds hundredsof of
postofllces Jostomcesnbou about sixty daUyvreekly dally yeekly
and monthlyper monthlyperIodlcals iodicals ample amplehank bank
Ing ingfacllItlesWlth facilities with unusually largo larg
large depos depbsltsa its a very healthy condi ¬
tion > ot State county coun ty and municipal n unlclpal
flnanceS tlnam esB esBij B ij ijlntbe in lntbe the New York Yor kSun Sun
I Pro bably Trues Tru
A raw Irishman shipped as rislJne one of
the crew on a arevenuecrulserHla revenue crulaer > His
turn at attbewhel11 the wheel came around and an d
alter alterasomewbat a somewhat eccentric session scsEI n in
the thepllot pilot hpwsa II 1 11P he found fou1dhlmse himself fthl1 thte
butt of ofnollttle no little humor below
Begbrrah he he grow growlq1 io1 at last
aiid aJldya ye neednt talk talkI I I pat t I dpne
more steerln in ten minutes mln teli n nya ye
done in Iliyer yer howl boWlVlltch wutch st Paul P J
Dlspafcca h
k tt lrJ
I 4h 4hI I
Sfioe Sho Shining SlliningPa Parton rlotJ
For FotLadies Ladies and I1d Gentlemen
Newspapers NewspaparsPerlcdlcalsand Periodicals and Magazines
Imported and Domestic tlgaf
810 Wa Afenip Avenn N I I
The rheForum Forum
Ani AnllllLending nil leading Colored Col roclplI Pa pers For Sate
Could You Do Better
Than wear wealan an ice lcetn tii lldrcd ll rccl s ll lightly ht y Used usc d
su suit it at nti3OOtQIGOOlIudthl iaOOtplGOOaud think 1k
of ofthemoncy the money you YOUSIIVC suvc Sayeyf
One Price
Jusths Old OldStand61 Stand 619 D H tN N W
f Pa inting in ingPlall Ftaileriif riKa Ka hom l f fmiiaintl miiaintl hing
Window Shafiee Sba G to roOrder Order
P Prornpi Attention ttenllon
C Ail AbVVorkGUnrnnteed WorkGunrantectl
1 J 1400 Pierce Place Pl ce Nor llioesl
1 jrhohe FhoneNorth4o5 North 4Q15
lli < < fc < t < MIt
Silias SiUasJohnsori Johnson
Hew Pool poolndJllIlnrd and Billiard Parlor Parl 1
1721 172112 12 S SventilStr Sventh ventilStr Street et N W
Too many Idealists lde llsts are areshyo shr 6t
Theres no fool llko the one wlo
thinks he ne la wise
The old bachelor is naturally a aman man
with a single idea i
How seldom beauty and common
sense s nse are ladled ladle d dout out together
A sick man need not expect a cure
at the hands ol o falt a manicure
ConYicts COIlVICtsnretheon are the only r people peopll1who who
do not believe in their convictions
Many a man imag ines he makes a
hit every time Umehe hestrlkes Btrlkes an a attitude
How a small man does d es enjoy goIng go ing
around w ith a a big chip on his shoul slio Ul ¬
A man may may be Justified jcstlfiedln In wearing
long whIske whiskers rs if IfhlsWIfe his wife buys his
I necktfes
i A young widow wldowhasn has a cuto cut way wayof 6t
i pretending she believes bellevesall all mer > n1 irp
Amorallstm A moralist may Y be a lp persop rsoJ Tylto
goes goesaroundwlth around yvlth a searchiight look
ing fO for thinga to tobesMcked lie shocked a at t
If Ifanother another woinans womanshusbimr husbiinr f rI 003
wro ng w ma iis fb I b Itq i
rltf i r ownj iib lds t sb tin
only onlYhunian j humani I 1
What W h hat at we know know about abo1tourre1veij ourrevua is
jiostly oft color
No man has ever failed In iu lulues iuess
for lack la ck of advice
Those on the inside of a deal can
see only the bright side
And the way of the thetransgre transgressor ssoris is
sometimes some times bard to t beat
Lots Iotsof of people expect applause applauseev ev ¬
ery ery time they do their duty
Isnt It about time to to work up a a
little indignation against the ice
trust l
Neal actors are arenllrlgbt all right in their the ir
way but g ive us the theoldfashloned old fashioned
country hams
Prosecutor Finds OH Company CompanylIlS Has
Committed C mmlttMNoWrong No AVrong <
Berlin Thelong The long and venomous
campaign waged by German Germannewspa newspa ¬
pers and dnd rival rlvalindllBr dndusr lal a f Interests
against one of the German branches bran ches
of the theStandard Standard Oil Company Companythe the
Deutsclie DeutsCheV Vacuum cltum Oil Company has
Jast jr1stb been en brought brougbttoa to a Victorious end
for the Americans Involved
A well known lcuGwnHnmburg Hamburg newspaper
tor or months prlntedrsuch series of
attacks on the American graft
methods alleged to have been beenprM prac ¬
ticed toy the tllevacuumcomllInyln vacuum company In tho
conduct coniluctof of Its German Germanbuslnoos business that
the publlcprosecutor public prosecutor of Hamburg
folt constrained con tralnedtomale to make an anom official lal
Investlgatlonwltha Investigation with a view to toevent event ¬
ual Indictments The prosecutor
baa now concluded ia Investigation I II IospcdaUy
especially oj J the work of QrE B L I
Quarles Ameririin Ame iIlU1 i manager of th the
German comnariyr sales department
and announces that no necess necessity ity ox
Ists for forpursulngth pursuing th inquiry further
No evidence of anything waprant
ing 1 prosecution was found agjainat
Mr Qnarles Quarlesand and the cost of the en ¬
tire inquiry will be b e borne born e by b Y the
State S t
The Thereslllt result of the investigation
constitutes a notable trlumph for j
American Interests In Germany German i
It is 18no1 not the first time that Geiv
mans roans finding themselves themselv eS unable to
co inpeto with Americans Amerlca 1s on on ordinary
terms termshaVG hay resortedto resorted toalander 8Iander
Maria Ma exclaimed hned Mr Stubb til
he no rushed rusbeddown down to brtakfastblln breakfast brlnj
ma some s me health food I Ih hare ve th th4 <
appetite of ofan an elephant eleph4ut
And Mrs Stiibb tubbplacedl1 placed a fivecent
bagbf peanuts peanutsbefore before his hlspllite plate
Great Grea tJ Joseplius ileplills roared rol redMr Mr
St Stubb bb In ndlsgu disgust tdoyou do you call allthl thl
health he lth food foodZ 7
fiCe Certainly t ln fy my m rdear dear health foot
for 1he 1henppetiteof appetite of an elephant > > i
C1ilrtLgoiew e
r In his presidential address addressbefore before
the American ElectroChem Electro Chem ical So ¬
ciety cle yatP1ttsburg at Plttsburg Or Lee H Baeke
lan d dstate stated d tb that U the el Jast st hundred h hndi ndi d
yearf YQar under 1ndertbelnfiuenceof the influence o the mod ¬
ern engineer englneerandsclentlsth1Vodona and scientist have dona
more morefo tor the thlb betterment ttermont o of the rac tacA
than all the th13artnllthe art all the civ ilizing t ef
fortH all the t socalled literature ot
past ages ges for w whIch hich some aomerespecta reapecta
ble people want mnt us to have such Buchan an
exnBIlei tedrBIe re n ie II

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