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The main differ ence nce between civiized civ hized man m nanthe and the
siivage s vagehsavages is savages dont tontread < read
Less L p than tlUIlI a year Mr ngothls ago tliis pro jec f t had
its beginn ing and nn last lil t Monday saw SI W tin
Howard Theatre 1 cntroflrtlshc flrtishcd arid m lllca rea dy d for
the audience lIu nce This Is tlm Mu nea test tc t hest I Ithe
equippe d and furnishe urnl Illhouso d house in til this ls
city IIll1will and will rank first t1rstu1lonBtlethl among the theii 1
Jrelof tre of its kind kintUu iii tlleifchtirc t ecn fre country counh > Its lt
dimensions dirnensionslUe are width 80 fee feeb t depth 120
fee t w with ith a stage 28 by a bout i8 58 feet
being 312 feet e t before befolthefJ the footlights lighhrhele There
UIeeiglit ur eight proscen ium boxes bOXl 8 four olllon oiVenc cac h
side 9i4c The wide beautifully curved CUI yel l sweep
of the ba lcony forms forrpsunurc1wstm an orchestra c irc le
that thtltis Is very vel grace ful nlllplel and pleos lngsj mi nud d
the dip o f ftlUJ the same snmonrc arc h gives a I pleas ¬
ing contour to the parquet The balcony juleOl y
is the most artistically artistiell lly proportioned propo dionell o f
any a y I have viewed viowedJ J The fhccn entire tn house hot so Is
moist ml1ttcllr care fully designed deslgnedIIIIlIC and constructe nstluctc d
and undelegllIUy elegantly furn lsliod isb d though tjlOllghone one
might IniglltsaYthe say saYthe the mural decora dlcolationslln tions and the
frescoes are A trifle gaudy gnld The scats
are wide comforta ble nml nn pleasant well we
I proportioned and withplenty ljthiJh > nt of ofroum room
space spacubetwccn between nnd IImlln in front of them so
tllatthdu ttmt the ta ll Har and ar l the fat may sit In com Olll
ifort fortnllltpersonsmrw and persons may pass in am i out
With w thenSl ease There are seats for a bout
1250 persons with IvilhcomfurtulJle comforta comfurtulJle ble standing
room for about 300 more
Henry L h Mans Muasof of Baltimore the hu il
dcty says he lias built four theatres In
the fault III t ieiglitech months and this is
the prettiest Irettl st and best of the lot Mr
Maas built one thel theatre tre in this city dur l ¬
ing Ingthe the tjine timemm mentioned tiolled nnd nnl lit it does not
c compare with the Howard JIowunlJor for beauty beautyan an d
equipmen equipm n t tor or in indesgn design and proportion
Mr W Wt t S Sauiidcrs put in the scenery sccner
an flll d i iRtn sta ge settings settingssui said this is i as lis ltne tlneas ii
auy theatre in inthli the country eo mtry Tlie stage is
thoroughly th roughlyequippcd equipped with every mOl modern lern
device devlcefor for safety am ll1Iutility i utility It is a ll
steel tecl brlckandcImcnt brick and cement the the theonlj only woo d be JC ¬
ing IIIgthe the iloor tloori1hu The Hie Hies are fifty llft feot nn util d I
alt all curtnlnsl1ml curtains and scenery IcencIY arc fireproo f
Tlie Thecuta curta ins and scenery se llll arc pa inted by
Mr Walter Slimmer The owners lloseii no en enthalnnd
thai thalnnd and Benedict BlneI Uctorc arc white men l
The audience which gathered Monday
night niglitwas was characteristically clmraeterhtlcnJIYIWoshing 1 iVnhing
Ionian The var vn rtcI ie d I elements of our so ¬
cial life tlOld lowe d in int to one plen pleasing sing sing11IlI har ¬
monious gathering Every Everv seat was so ld
long in a neIllcelUd dvance and whe when n the orchestra
struc k up upthe tho overture overturlthehonsc the house was
full and i Standln Standing Itpom UlomQnl Only > was
hiing h ng out fl f and Mrs MrsfonLlmCIIS Tom Lancasi
tel a white team teambpeI1e opene d the house with
a abllnjo banjo and om rbll1c blac lcfacc k fnce net actTbe actTber They r were
only ordinary The next act was
I iudg Tudgeferre Terre U Ui Uwlthiler i with ttyerygrac yigfa fii lspeecji J speecl
9 of V y fcpme ICQmi 1s siiylng ng AlJ AlJiuJgl l1wnsg iuJgl iuJglhtQ l W htQ Mf8efe r
i 1 1a 1afen 1st afen 1 t iaiffiffite l 0
tttl id fM er erj 9 j 1 II a ll I I Io tl tlj tlJt cn Jt liW t iW In t 11 assii r J IJ 1
UJ < Y I tl IJ Hvnlm I tl j J m tQmR j I IJ f t
f elI o f lm Ijtl n c t1i r 1 r I n plI I 9t
The fudge utg1 billed ntmdst applause only
to tore return Urni saying he had been chosen ch sen ring
jnoster and introduced Hon Harry Cum
mingii of Ba ltimore < who congratiiln te ed d
u uii and lIndRilid sa Rilid id we s should shouldeongratulllte congratulate Ha l
time tlmeWedo We do Hnrl Harry we wecorigrnt congratulate lnte
her on on3ouroccollnt your account Then Th n Hon Ralph
Tyler delighted delighteeIlIs us with wit and tinl l wisdom
The management were lucky in book ¬
ing Mr lrller Tyler The regular rogulllrshw show then
proceeded with Johnson Bro Brothers thers and
Johnson three tllreoo o ldtime m ins inSitrob trels with a
lo J t of wry wryold oldtime tirne jokes The Seymour
Sisters took place of nice Bro thers and
it gave us some very ery clever clo g dancing
We needed Miss Hss Etta Niner iner to really
o wn wa ken kenuR us andsho nndslJOdltl did it assisted by byMr Mr
Frank J J Clermonto who Wllbseemed seemed to euf
fcd from a cold an m d tlsOIDlthing some thing else Miss
Abbie Mitc lite hell was wnsthc the big bigaet act She has
improve ll d broadened hroadt > nCll develo ped pel l her fine
voice is mellower and richer and she hiu 111
gained surety and poise She seemed a t
bit hoarse in her flrstsdng first song but it n il dis ¬
appeared and Cousin Caruso and
Mammys Ma mmys Lasses JussesClullly Candy Chile were fine ¬
ly given After repeated repeatcllencores encores she re ¬
turned and sang Re d Red I Rose over a
buncii o f roses rOSlS some s no admirer had hadstnt sent
Tho Pckln Trio were good es pec ially the
cello ceIJosolo solo by Mr Sam Arnold E R E
Warren Hatch Co were very ver clever in
an old olcleome come dy d dreualll renamed reualll < I I1Hs Miss s Cn pld
The Five Largards Iilr lIdg are good goodacrobllh acrobats
The orchestra orch stra was very inadequate
both hothM os to number and IlIIdarrongemlnt arrangement o f
the instruments They were very weak tuk
Primary time is near Are we go ing in
in inonllbelpnominute and help nominate good clean men or
sha llwawa ll wo wait it itu1l and do 10 the theshoating shouting and Iu l
com pla in ing The l1Iewatehworl watchword l is Prog ¬
ress res brother and anl l many of the oldtime
jrood rood thing politicians po liticla 1g are doing the wise
thing thiil and retiring The J peo ple that is i
tho Republican p < joplei oJtle aro determined
to rule rullunl and unl l rule rulJ right
There aro a number o f colored voters
who whonre are leaning lellnhllrtowal toward d democracy The
majority majorityof of thesenrc these arc Democra Deml > crns ts for
revenue revenueonh only The others are 1 goo d lmell men
Bliort sighted iuu an d misled Now Mr r Tuft 1 lft
does c10 s things I do o not tike ike particularly p rtlcularly
his era eruofp of peace nco stuff stlllTTeglmlJng regarding the South
Mid his giving Democrats good g o 1 pHice
that Republicans should have but I
cant sea where Mr Bryan loo ks like li Re ¬
Tile Democratic party is dead den il the Solid
11 Bolith is its unburied l rema ins ani l it iti if
Washington D D C Aug S3 1910
Mr 1IrT11I1 John H Wills
Business Manager JInnter of the Nationa ll tionll l
Dear car Sir
I Sec in innna an artic rtie le published In Ja last t
wwsks issue rcportlnc lcp rtlnJ mo meus as saying suyiugtha tha t
a ll matters were settled and anl l that every rerv
mem ber o of f both lodges is s satisfie d 1 w wltli ith
the tluqesilts results of fthe the joint sess ion and I hI1 was
surpr fl1IIpriacd ised tha that tlJioMl11s Dr Mills shou should ld provp so O
narrow nnrrownnd and do no not t think many Elks will
be truli fulcled led by hy him in this thlsallalt allain I v ivlsh lsh to 1
enter en ter a denial den ial of makin mnking g any sllc ue l ll state ¬
ment to anyone un yonl as yon Ol know tlie tInonlj only
statement I jnadc mal Ic was pertaining to the
jewel and ll l the th masterly mnsterlymanner manner in inwhich which
your paper papcr save av the account eeountof of tho con
ventlpn Very res pectfully
Wo are nreplensed pleased torep to report rt that it is sno no
longer loujtereonsiclerP considered on t1nre regie olecomme commc il fait
fislilonahlft f hlonable or the prQI prftocr rthrrtto thlpg to gp W >
for forth th into the wlikv Wldcwrile wide tvprld with witha a
toothpic k kolltof out of your our face For inauj mau
yearH there tl1er lias I11 been a goodly goodlnllln num ber ol o f
c estimable timtlbl uml wa le and female persons habit
ually pervadin g publlq places thus iorna ornn
merited After a Idoug long and hard fight b bj
a little band huuIo o f mighty mightYlheu men of wiiiypub Will pub
lie opinion has been j ell brought brollghtto to the t1IQPoin poinl
of condemnation regarding rl this practice
XOY the tJl1mo most t uptodate etiquette e de
inands tliat tJlI t the toothplekbl tooth pick he 1 ustc IIsedlUtHcn l nnstet
lllill nht l then theur relegate lcgnte d dfo to dim o bscur bseu 1 ity t
Tlicr p arc arei5OqOUoo 5000000 spent sl ent ytiarlv r h in
tho lh e Un ited itedS States tn esfo fora ro dvertiseiiient d dvcr vcr tisUJ lcn t leu If v
ing ou t pu publicltyuud blicity and all forms of In ¬
direct dlrcetlldvertising advertising The question is riotj not
Sha ll I advertise udnr tlsI1 but How can 1 ad ¬
vertise ve disepro properly ieilr iloiv il muclo muc h o f tliat
75 7fjmllllonsdo millions do you ou spend Mr I Business
Mail and aIl l how do ypu s pend it Twill r w ill
be beglul glad to ti tilkI Ik Iki i udvertis lvcrtis iiigtb ing t any ill1 quo in ¬
teres ted I am familiar with withr withthe r the bes b s t
me thods thodsuu and know kn t how 110 results esi llt can a1 be
reached re a ached ched
The 1h Conven tion of the Nationa l Medi lel li ¬
cal Assoc Asso cia iation tion was opened O > Cl1Cl by the tJ tJw w presi pres ¬
dent ent Marcus FWheatland F Whratland in the chape chape l
of Uoward l Univers Un erslty ity Tues da y August Augu st
23rdat 23rd at 10 lOn a m After fer prayers by Rev He
D E 1 Wiseman the pres ident ieI nt welcomed elcomel l
the delegates and friends to the twelfth tIJ lfth
annua convention t l of the tlJll association SsocilltionThl Thft
morning se session ssioJl was ls taken tn1mllj up > with the
reports of oflicers of the association asso ln ion An
appeal was made to the delegates nn onl d l
friend present ple cJlt to contribute funds fllmlstl to
liqu idate the indebte Inl lehtll dness o f tile Journal
published by tho association A gener ¬
ous response espon e was made to the extent t o f
one hundred hIllHlreld dollars llors The afternoon ses ¬
slon s ion wa was ta taken ken up with tho reading of
tlie reports by the business manager oE
the Journal Dn Dr C V Roman Rom Il and re r ¬
ports o o f the thlStnte State and and10lo loca l presidents l1 sldcnts of r
thcnsocilltion the association In the evening a public
1III meeting tIJtg he ld in tlielUth tho lIJth Street Streetllnl Baptist tst
Churc h It was nSUllll called l to or der at 8
ocloe oc loc k by the Presiding Officer W S S
Lofton D I D s S Chairman Chairmallof of the Local
Invocation IJlV ci1i > Rev Walter WlI l1et I it Brooks
So 0 lo J Selected i
Miss Charlotte Wa llace
Addrtsso Address of r Weleomebythoecr Welcome by the Secretary tary o f f
the theBo Board iclOf of Commissioner rs on Iii behalf
Iof tth Jj Jjthe the District Go 0oyernmcnt r 1m ent j i 1 1i i
i lVili1 t I d llf riJ J
iGmn 11 iii
1 1 r W14 f Ai 1 nve l li i
jbl 1 1 Hungarjafi Danco D nl1O S > firahn tJrnhlS ia
Mr Clarence ClarenceG O White
Address l ldress on onbeha1f behalf o f Local rC Committee mm ittee
I M 0 0 l ImmasM > umas ill D
Address oh n behalf of Citizens of Wash W sh ¬
ington D C 0
Ju dge R H HTtrreJl Terrell A M r IXD
Cha irman irrnnno o f tho Citizens Committee
Solo Selected
Miss Mis Lola Io Johnson
Response on behalf o of f the National Nn tiona Medi ¬
cal Assoc A 80e iation
J JE E Hunter Hunt r M 11 D Lex ington Ky
Dr C Sumner Wormley W rmley
Solo Selected
Benediction Rev D B Wiseman Wis eman
In Informal formal Smoker
The smoker given iven toy the MuSoLit
Club to the N M A was a decided deci e sue
c ess
It was planned plunnetlon on the unique order of
the lie Gridiron program 1rojr m and an was a wide
lepartiire front the trite and wellworn we nworn
iustoms emplo emplored yed to toeontluct conduct like affairs
The affair was held Ileldln in the Arne Rc
forrners orniers Hall Tuesday August At gust 23 and
goes ocs down as n a splendid feature fea re o f the th
vwks entertainments <
The reception at t the Nineteenth
Street Baptist Church was an alTa ir to
00 m long remembered The speeches of
Judge Terrell l rrell and Dr Tindall were especi
lI i lly appropriate Dr Dumas In n very
nptan ipt and appro pr iate response did him ¬
self honor Dr 1 Hunter Runt r o f Lex ington
ilso came in for a s ham of pra ise by way
of f responding to the address of welcome
The lawn fete given on Howard l Un i
versit rcrsity Campus was wn well attended and nd
vas a pleasing aflalr because becau e of its de
partura jarture from the general routine of this
class i lass of entertainments
Thursday Thllrsl lay n night ight was the occasion oeenson of f the
hall nil In the Convention Co iwention Hall and lUll I it was Wll
we ye ll attended nttenl hid Tho splendid array n1ll y o f rnt at
thl ire and the general air o f fculture culture culture de
sign t ignate e the caliurc of the mekeup of the
iccasion and was well in kee keeJing ping with
tho ho genera l im pression pr ssionma ma de ll throughout t
the he whole proceedings prO < eedlngs
Fr idays i ia a s tr trip ip down the river to Wash
Ington n gton Park vas the crowning feature o f
th he meeting mCtln and was enjoyed by all It
was vas strictly exclusive an d denjo enjoyed el l be
eanse ause of tho fact each delegate and anl l nvery cver
nenibcr of o f the comm ittee felt that his In
bors iors were at an end and he was ut lib
< rty to feel ad libitum
Hon C First Johnson n successfu sueec sfu l
11IVf law yer o f Mobile oblle Ala and Mr Ir Elliott
oters Private Secretary to Mr Ir Johnson
en n route hopie from the the Business Mens rens
League eague will spend spelutSaturdl Satur day Y Sunday and
MondaI lomlay August the 27th 28th imd IInd20th 29th
nt t the home hOll ie of Attorney W TJ Houston
GlIl1I fraud t Master of the United Order pf f
Odd Wd Fellows
Mr tr W A Anderson Ander on the lending leru liul met
chant hant o f Willwforce Univer ilr it Willier
f orcc rce Ohio was VlMin in the c ity last Suii
l illY
Miss 1 s Fuller o f f Cine innati Ohio is
pending the week in the th c ity ityTs vis iting
riends and an sightseeing slght eeh w
The Census l Club gave gnvean an Acquain t
allea nco Banquet at the True l rue Eo formers
lull Saturday Saturl lay evening eenin August 20 Hi The
Wllbetfofcean Vllbcf forcean Orchestra furnishe d excel
lentmusio nt music for the occas oee 1s ion Under the
direction of Mr J J Sherman S1 mlllt Hunniciitt
thlurchestra his orchestra is becoming rapidly r pldl > popii l1op
Hon J Frank Blagburn
The subject of this s ketc k < te h Hon 1 1l dent of ofthe the St Stilul Vanl ilul A t M E I Sunday Sll111111
Frank Blagburn is n ns tivq of Iowa his school sl hnol for two years from which church
homo town being DCS Moines oines Sir lilag lie 1 1was was elected l delegate Jto 10 the Electoral
burn was the second co lored l pharmac pUl1Inne ist College iii Baltimore la Himurl Se ptember > temher7th 7th
in the State and was elected two terms 1H10 lIIlOThere There is no doubt doubt1but but that lie will
as super snpe intendent of the Market be the c ho ice of tluII1l tliu ma jority Ju1 I as n a dele
He cames here us a neop copyist lst and by h dint gate to the General Conference at Cnn
of c lose application ami pers istency to sas City lip 10 in 1012
gethcr Cth r with efficiency c rnelenc he ha has arisen to 3Ir r Blaglmin BllIglJt nlS Is Slir Shlinel iner belong to the
the position of cashier ell hilr o f the o nl1 nl1ce ffice ce of f the Elks and is nn active I1c ie member o f the
recorder o f dee ds ds1e He was supurinten Wilber lbl rfor forceans eans of this c ity
Miss Mary lIr Wa Willton lton is s pen pelll ding two
weeks at Bnena Virginia visiting visitingre re ¬ I
latives and friends
Miss 1 Iss Mary nry Torey f nl o f Zanesville ZIneSV ilIe Ohio 1
ami Miss lIss Uertlm Dickcrson of Balti ¬
more Mi Il l l wero guests of Miss Luc ille
Nooks 1314 V street stre < t N W
Bliss IiM Julia Howard of Atlanta Ga
s pent Wednes day dllYof of this week in the eity
I Miss jgs Howard lroII l l is returnin g from an ex
ten tted kdtrip tllj1U1 in the Xorth olth
Hbii n n Vm L Houston G M I o f the
Un ited l Or der o ofOdl f Odd 1 Fellows spent the
wee wCk k in the c eit ity He returne d to Chi ¬
cago cag the latter par t tof of the week where
he hag his law olfieii iuul nllienjols enjo ys a lucra ¬
tive i rO prac tice
Miss Frankift rankI Sims a popular populnrteaClwr teacher
in the th city cityschools schools of St tL Lou u is s Mo Io ia
stopping O JlPn witli I l lr r Mis Simmon m cns l of L Lt this t I
li Ai Ux MS 11 l v
1t I
I t1 < j l M W r i it t 1iJiN llfL
1lIrts fv 4 pfs It Oliver OIhero < io f f St Jo Jol Joepli j l epli hlo VI m LI ii
I spending s penl ling some time in the th tho city cit lber the guest lest
o f her hersls sis fer Miss Lawrie o Mrs lrsOhrer Oliver
is in the theStIosepli St Joseph sc hools and nnl ils is eon
siderM ono of the most effic ient educators I
in the State of Missouri
Mr r Robert Campbell formerly fOlm ll1 of f
i Washington no io > v clerk in the Posto los to Hico
at New Yor k is spending his vacation
i iat at his former residence 1142 15th street
N W Mr Campbe ll is one o f our on popu 110 > u ¬ 1
lar young youngmen men who has gone forth and I
niade goo d He is a l re lative la tive of Miss Uss i
Gussie Hnrrod the well known churc h I
worker worI I of Plymouth Congregational Congrega tion I
Churc h
Sirs W A Anderson An And d elson of Wilberforce ce
wife of Mr W A Anderson of that
place is I in the c ity it spending a few days dlHs
with her sister Mrs Irs C F PFIIlmole Fillmore
Mrs r J J Frank Blagburn returned from
Ric hmond where she was a delegate to
the convention of the I 1 O of St Lukes I
Mrs MIsllIogburn Blagburn was one of the de legates
Miss jss Mattie Ma ttie Throc < kmorton w ho has
Iteen v isiting in Norfolk Va has IUI return ¬
ed e to the city
Mrs Gould o f Baltimore Md rl l is the
weekend w ekelll guest o f Mr fl and anl l Mrs J T E 1
Williamson o f 1020 Ninth street N W
whose establishment is becoming becomingoil so fam ¬
ous for immaculate linen and palatable
vian ds
Dr D D DD D and Mrs Ferguson crgusou of llin h 1
mnml monl l Vu arc guests IIests o f Mrs lls Fbrenee
Edmonds El lmomh of Y street to tho N M A I IEl
J Thomas Tascoe is visiting In New
York c itv il > add State
Mr Tno II Brooks of New Xel York is
visiting his brother rothelllnj Maj Arthur Brooks
Mrs 18 L Hogans an nm d l Mrs 118 Bowman her
mother and her children will visit New
York and Atlantic City Clt N 1
Jlrs Louis JouisFIrIC Ferre by o f August Au utl Oa Is
visiting Mrs Irs Edwar El lwilll d l Allen o f Four ¬
teenth street stl < ct
Members of the Morn oln ing Star No 40
have organized a Boston Club for the
purnose of having lOll uniformed men go
to Boston to the annual I I B P I 0 EI E
I IConrention Convention net August I
The Intelligence of the death dc th by h drown ¬
ing ingof of Pro f Charles Cook of this tlll place
at I Sea Isle on last Sunday Sundi CLime as a
great shoc k to his many n1lI > frien ds an 1111 d 1 re r ¬ I
latives In thfs here It appears n that he ventur ntul ¬
e d too far out and got caught in the eddy I
ami 111 1 was n unable to get back Every Fver effort
wns WII made to resusitate him but to no I
Pro f Coo k was WIlli identified idcntit ecl with Howard
University Unirerslt > as a tho Professor o f Languages
wns prominent in this furtherance o f all 1 11
atlicletlc and was a general favorite
among the students He leaves a wife
nm l fivo children
It w ill be no easy task to nil the place
o f Prof Cook as ho had studied a broad
an utl d l waa a we ll equipped co llege man be
ing able to enter Into the spirit o f the
University Ul iiversih for the reason that he had hn
lived contiguous cOl itigu us to it all a ll of his life
practica f f1ractie 1ractie U lly IIyalIllk and knew as few others Qthe IS did
its Is nee ds
He was modesfc modestalll and tetinngln etir ingin dispose l
tiori a Chris C HnlstllU tian I gentleman gcn tle pulII an d eIllscllOlIlI a scholar
of high blghdeglcc degree
I News NewsStorieso the
Week Condensed Into
Inadequate Inadequatomeans means of protecting the
forests forestsnnl nnd unusually dangerous con ¬
ditions are areblanicd blamed by Associate For ¬
ester Potter Potterf Mr r the fires In the th north ¬
west t
Senator Warner of Missouri an ¬
nounced in Washington that tbRtonac on aci i
count oountof11I of 111 health luwollhl he would not not6eol seek
re eleeUoni j i <
i m 11 fl l nrjt I1iIJij In
the tbelsle Isle of OPines Pines Cuba rhba callfidtOT ca1Jlad t
Washington Wnshln ton they had been unjustly nnju stlY
arrested and andthnt that they are being
treated shamefully
The government has otakenthe > taken the
necessary stop against the American
Sugar Refining company to protect prot ct
Itself against the statute o of limita ¬
tions in l 1tbo the matter ot the alleged
frauds regarding drawbacks
The state department reports that
fortynine Japanese sealers ale pris ¬
oners at Unalaska Alaska having
been seized by the United States Statesau au ¬
thorities thorltiesoD on the charge of unlawfully unll1 wful1y
Fortysix relatives o of cxPresldent
Castro were expelled from Venezuela
according to t advices received by the
state sta te department In Washington
The United UnltedStates States will not oppose
the annexation of Korea by Japan
which now seems imminent on on ac ¬
count countof of a provision In the Ports ¬
mouth treaty between Russia and Ja ¬
pan which seems to permit It
I It t f PERSONAL < > I
Mrs rrs Jack Cudahy whose husband l
slashed Banker Lillis was granted ronted 1
divorce In Kansas City She alleged
President Taft It was announced
In Beverly Is in favor of a further
revision of the tariff he ha haq < written
a letter to Congressman McKlntey
for publication In the Renublican
camcaisn textbook giving Ivlng his views
in detail
Senator La Follette Is directing llectln his
fight for renomlnatlon from his farm
three miles from Madison WIs His
campaign managers and stenograph ¬
ers so over to t the farm daily and re ¬
ceive his directions
Mayor taor Gaynor wnlknd across his
bedroom hel hoom in the hosntial at Holioken
N K J 1 and expressed eX > rss d himself pleased
nt tho progress he was making 111111ln
Many Ita Americans Including thfl th thI I
Ambassador pnd Mrs Reid attended att lletl
the memorial service at St St Pauls
London for Florence Nightingale
who was burled with simple cere ¬
monies In Hampshire Hm ipsJlre
Secretary Ballln er said he would
rot mlira his offlea as n < long as Presi ¬
dent Taft wns satisfied
The King and Queen ot Italv Itnl may 1111
pp in nerson to tho nrovlnrvo ol Bavl
rielle Puglle where there ts nn epi ¬
demic of Asiatic cholera
KxPrcsldent Roosevelt in an ad ¬
dress to tho jrrangos IIaI1 OS of Herklmer and
Oflda counties In Utl Utlr a aliened I1 Him tm ¬
self with President Tart and Gov ¬
ernor Hughes
Joseph C Slbl 511 following his
withdrftwil from the race for con
sreKs in II the Twentyeighth Pcnnsvl I
vanla district was arreatnvl at Frank
lln Pa on a wrvrant c CWit11 > avgins him
with conspiracy to debauch iJe1 llh voters
It was reported at 3pol ne Wash
that the th number of deaths In thi
northwestern forest fires would reach
400 I
Returns from the Georgia primary
election Indicated that Hoke Smltfc I
had won the nomination for governor
over Joseph Brown tho present In ¬
cumbent I
Safety In Numbers
A multitude of books distracts the
mind mlndScnecl Seneca
Mayor l laol John K 1 lllzsarald lllzrelalllof of Hos
ton tonannbllncel announced tat tJat he Is a candidate
for the Doraocrailn nomination for
governor gOlelnorprovltlccl provided ho Is assured by
the thepa party tloa loadersthat ersthat he Is the strong ¬
est e t available man
President Taft In a letter to Lloyd
C CGrlsCOnlj Griscom president 1 > ot the New
York Yorltcount county Republican nepubllcancommlttee committee
repudiated the action ot the old
guard In I electing VlcePrSsldent
Sherman temporary chairman of the
Saratoga convention
Frank FrankB B Harriman Charles CharlesT T Ew
ing In and John M Taylor former ofll
iIals of the Illinois Central railroad
were arrested arrestecl1n In Chicago on charges
in Inconnectlon connection with the railroad graft
Eleven persons were ere injured one
mortally mortnJlYand and many mn 1y slightly In the
collapse of a grand stand while
watching watch In a balloon ascension at Union
Hill N J JlheJiaJloonlst The balloonist himself
was fatally fati l hurt hurtwhllo while making a par ¬
achute leap
Twq Two navy naVdeserters deserters mur murdercd dered the
captain capt ln of the Alas kaPacific ka aclficllrier liner
Buckman off the coast coastof Of Oregon and Hl
tried to tocaptule capture the ship
The rubber trust which controls
the themnnufactnre manufacture of automobile tires
In this country Is seeking to mon ¬
opolize themnnufactllre the manufacture ot the steel
rims for forIIlItomoblle automobile wheels
President Presldpn t Taft rl ft has directed Gen
Leonard Wood chief of staff ot the
United States Stat s army nrmrto to render all as ¬
sistance sl tance in his power to tho stricken
states of the west He also llsohns has sent a
telegram offering aid to Governors Gover nors
Brady ot Idaho NorrIs of Montana
IInd nd Hay of Washington
A A good government league was
launched In Louisiana a awith with a fund
of 50000 resolutions denounced
Senator Sanders Sand erR and bossism
The United mine workers la spe ¬
cial convention in Indianapolis ap ¬
proved all existing strikes and levied
nn assessment on all working mem ¬
bers for the relief ot those who are
out onto o
The congressional committee in ¬
vestigating Indian land affairs Issued
a statement at Sulphur Okla that
there was no warrant for the use ot
the names of Vice President Sherman
and Senator Chtrles Curtis In connec ¬
tion with any Improper relation with
Indian contracts
Clifford B Harmon In a biplane
made the first aerial fllrtt over Long
Island sound alighting in Greenwich
Congressman J E Ellerbo of the
sixth South Carolina district and P
A Hodges who is opposinpt him for
reelection engaged in a fierce fist
fight at Lake City
Speaking of his recent western trip
Senator SenatorCrano Crane told his callers that ho
found general business surprisingly surprisIn glY
good the only menace to reviving
prosperity being found la popular un ¬
rest which is manifesting Itself in
Rome SOtMotthe ot the political political activities acUvltiesof of the
I clay
B Bt t r rM M
7 > F ii GN
Cardinal Aguirre Agu irre primate of Spain
has openly espoused ospousellthe the cause of the
clerical Juntas ef the north
Great Britain is said to be planning
a motor battleship which will outclass
a Dreadnought
M Venlzelos the founder of the
Hellenic Hellenlcarmy army league lea ue won a Isl signal nal
victory in the Grecian assembly elec ¬
Peneral eneral Estrada on assuming the
temporary presidency of Nicaragua
cabled to the American people assur ¬
ance of warm regard and a promise
of nroper restitution for the killing
of Cannon and Groce and other atroc ¬
ities perpetrated by his predecessors
Fighting between be tween liberal and cleri ¬
cal factions occurred In a suburb of
Barcelona Spain Troops restored
order Serious trouble Is feared on
The official ol elal estimate of the western
Canada crop was announced as fol ¬
lows Wheat 101250000 bushels
oats 108250000 barley baric 17000000
bushels flax 4000000 bushels
A chambermaid and her husband
were arrested at Saint Morltz Swit ¬
zerland for the theft of the Jewelry
of Mrs Daniel Bacon of New York
the former has confessed the Jewels
were recovered
Owing to the enormous rise in the
price ot meat and despite the high
protectionist system ot the country
the Austrian government has decided
to open the frontiers to dressed meat
from Argentina Roumaal and Ser
There was an explosion in the la ¬
boratory of tho proving grounds ot
the Krupp works at Essen the build ¬
ings being subsequently destroyed by b
fire The powder sheds near by con c n ¬
taining tllnln a great quantity ot explosives
were barely saved by tho quickness
of the firemen firem n
It was stated at the American le ¬
gation atlon Panama that the United
States government would woul consider
unconstitutional the election by the
national assembly ot Acting Actin Presi ¬
dent Carlos Mendoza as president of
the republic of Panama to fill out tho
unfinished two years of the term of
the late President Obaldla
Owing Ollill to the strike of the cloak
makers In New York German manu ¬
facturers are swamped with orders
from New York and are working over
1 J B Molssant made two more at ¬
tempts i to reach London In his flight
from Paris but was prevented by
high winds his machine belns bein badly
damaged on the second flight
Dispatches from Bart say that the
cholera epidemic In Italy seems to be
decreasing owlug ow Ins to the severe meas ¬
ures taken by the authorities to com ¬
bat the disease
The Estradn Estrad n forces entered Mana
gua Jose Estrada stlIia proclaimed hs
brother tile insurgent general presi ¬
dent and the city was wa surrendered t1ulren er1d
without fighting W P PHtmaa has
been released
Eighteen men mostly mosU stokers lost
their lives In the hold ot the British
armored cruiser Bedford when she
went on rocks south of Korea
Advices from Lisbon said that the
Clericals wero planning to overthrow
the Portuguese government and es ¬
tablish a military dictatorship
The Paris Journal liaii offered n
prize of 40000 for the winner o of au
airship race from Paris to Berlin
Brussels and London
Makers of
High Grade Portraits and Pillow Tops Novelties and Chemicals
4H Goo ds Ma de an and d So ld I
By Us Are Guarantee d
39 F Street Northwest Room 21 Washington 1 O I
But Work and Workmanship At AtLowest Lowest Pilees
One third deposit required on all orders
Furniture and Decorations Are Ton
or Melted But No One Is Hurt
Though the Bolt Had to Dodge
Lightning has been known to pla play
queer freaks but a streak of the Jer J er
sey brand which struck the home o of
John Ackermann in Rochelle Park
N J a few days ago seems to havo ava
dbno more queer things In a moment
than had been done since AJax defied
the fluid From removing the four
castors of a table to snipping oil the
steel stub of a pen with which a young
woman was writing In an adjoining
house the zigzagging bolt managed to
disrupt or Injuro most everything in
Its path
The bolt melted the telephone 1 wire
and hurled the molten metal against a
window with such force as I s to make
The Bolt Crashed Down on Them
mosaics of several panes the spatter ¬
ing hot metal so deeply engraining It ¬
self in the glass that there has been
no getting It out
One side of the hall was ripped out
and from there tho lightning flashed
Into the parlor where a broken lamp
and scattered and broken bricabrac
told of Its passage through that apart ¬
Then It Journeyed to the dining
room whore Mr Ackermaa was sit ¬
ting The walls blackened seared
and bulged out on three sides show
that the bolt struck stru = k the room In three
places and Ackerman Is still mar ¬
veling how it was that the lightning
flashed all around without ever touch ¬
ing him
In the kitchen was an oldfashioned
clock quite heavy and full fully Iwo feet
in height The lightning removed this
from the kitchen and deposited the
wreck in the diningroom The west
sldo of the kitchen wall was blown
out The kitchen floor was blown up ¬
ward The kitchen table was splin ¬
tered into bits and the range was shat ¬
tered Into many pieces
A young woman next door was writ
Ing a letter and her penpoint disap ¬
peared as the bolt shook the place
Yet strange to say although there
were four persona In the house at the
time not one of the occupants suffered
any Injury from tho freakish bolt
other than the shocked surprise that
would be expected on such an exciting
William H Jacobs nnd hIs son I m
Charles H Jacobs of ofAbeldeen Aberdeen lid
had a most remarkable escape from
death during a terrific terrific thunderstorm
A bolt of lightning struck their burn
In which both were occupied at tha
time In unharnessing a horse The
lightning camo through an end of the
building like a flash fla h and struck tho
an imal killing It Immediately but
both men were only momentarily
shocked They recovered within a
mlnuto or so nnd returned to the th
house There was a a large quantity QUllntltyof ot
hay In the barn but strange to say
nothing caught on fire The only evi ¬
dence of tho visitation of the electr eloc trl i ¬
cal bolt is the dead horse and a hole hol
In ono end of the barn
Relationships of o Its sembero Members Badly
Mixed Because of a Series of
Divorce and Marriage i
St St Louis Mo MoIn In Jerseyvllle 111
there la a family figuring and nd puz ¬
zling today In an effort to find just
what relation ma is to pa pn Is to >
ma and what son Dave Is to tho
whole bunch Thu situation Is brought
on by a long string of divorces and
First the new bride In Jerseyvlllo
is Mrs Mary Elizabeth Matthews
Before her latest marriage to David I
Matthews she was the wife of otlJames James
Matthews Davids father and was
Daves stepmother James Matthews
was divorced from another a 1OtherlIr8Milt Mrs Mat ¬
thews Davids Dav ids mother motberbeforehlsmar before nla mar ¬
riage rlog to the nnw Mrs Dnrfd DnqUattblwt JlaUhuwt
and nd Alts yftir r ftllV h he e ims 1 > > ud l apaie OJ i
Orlenc erienca St Stth tthp i th inarrtsge > aw to I well 011
> she cawU l1iIII I la toi i mir u lIiir r tlues tt IG1
Vw6i w wI I Ht W JtfI < tjr iil ll j jJ J prtBS r6tJ3iA tia ii r
Mrs MevT M lflUbei tl ett h fStwMattiy qr41t Y
RollerMatt il sHMt11
Heres Here > th thl w WI t wked rled >
James Jameshliltw Matuio tunuer wite wite1JInow is now
his daughterinlaw Davids step ¬
mother ia his wife and ond1I a brother
Bashful Dan claims his former step ste o ¬
mother as a glsterlnlaw Pa Mat ¬
thews said Well dog niy cats alive
whod a thought It
Relationship Discovered and Marriage
Averted In the Nick of
PIttsbure Pa PaFate Fate played a
strange trick upon brother and sister
In McKees McKeesRoclts Rocks Pa when they were
about to be ma de man and wife
Robert Henderson the groom had
been adopted when left an orphan in
childhood by a family named Hender ¬
son In Richmond Va His sister HN
malned in McKees Rocks in the care
ot an aunt Robert took the name of
his foster parents and the girl re re ¬
tained her own Elizabeth Marsh
Last fall the brother came to Mc ¬
Kees Rocks to work In the plant of
the Pressed Steel Car company and
there he met Elizabeth not knowing
It was his sister A betrothal fol ¬
In the marriage license the young
man wanted his own name to appear
and ho sent to Richmond for the nec ¬
essary Information It was then that
the couple discovered their true rola
The reunited brother a and nd sister
I Ii Iiowever i however iowever will make their home to
gether ether If not In matrimonial state
Preached In Dark Church
Newcastle Pa PnHev Rev R N Merrill
of the Methodist Episcopal church at
Mahonlngton advertised that he would
preach In the dark The lights were
extinguished because of the heat The
church was crowded wuen wLen the minister
entered the pulpit and moro than
threequarters of the congregation
were young folk
Where The Forum Can Be Bought
100 00 a Year 5c Single Copy
M A Harris 810 Florida Avenue Northwest
Davis Smith 1020 U Street Northwest
Gray Gray 1 12th 2th U Streets Northwest
Wilkerson Montague 2018 14th Street Northwest tJ
Board Mc Guire 1912 14th Street Northwest
Snowden Keyes 1819 14th Street Northwest
Thos A Leatherwood 1516 14th Street Northwest Northw stj
W H Lee 920 20th Street Northwest
E B Bookmon 1 1104 104 20th Street Northwest
Harris and Hovriey 634 T Street Northwest
John A Hanson 1018 4th Street Northwest 1
Thos H Harper 208 H Street Southwest Southwesti J
Dr William E Gales Anacostia D C v
Ellis Ca fe 729 4th Street Northwest

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