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When the Peta ls Mingle d
By Philip Kea
h ll A
t or
Copyright COPJriabt1910 1910 bj Au
On each side of the fence there ws was
ft little garden There were red redroseB rose
In Intheg8rden the garden on th therJ Jt9htnnd htnnd whll whlte whltei i
roses in the garden cm the left It
Reamed emed as nslf if the theowner pwner of the thew whll hUe
rose garden gar den m might ight exchange bio bios
s soms pins With the owner ownerofthc of the red ros rose
pardon But there tl rewasnoexchange was no exchang
Bitterness and strife existed whei where
there the re should have teen harmony harmonyand an
the theman man who owned the red rose rostlgtl gu
den never spoke to to the woman I In
whose whosehedstl1Owblte beds the white flowers bloomed
It was a feud of such long longstandlns standlni
however that the enemies had grow grown
gray while fighting it out and thel their
children had waxed strong and ta l 11
and had reached the ago of otlovlng lovln
even while their elders hated
Because 13ecauseof of that hatred the thebqy thebqyand boy an and
girl were forced into secrecy The They
hid their good goodfrlendshlpi friendship and tindwben whe
they theywallted walked in the red rose or the th
white whtterosegarden rose garden only thelreye their eye
Btrayed slrayedacross across the fence Thes These
glances and the the trysts try sts they kept In
the little grove a half mile away o on
the thehillwero hill were the sole outlets for th the
emotions tha t twere were beginning to poi pos
BBSS sesil them deeply In fnct they wer were
In Jove
i iIis Its no use trying to to hide It fror from
anybody David said when ho ha had
kissed klseedElvlraforthe Elvira for the first time
Elvira Elvlra flushed But they wl will
nerer nevQrl Jet t us marry David Da vid she Bald
The boy clinched his fists sts Bu But
we e can run away he told her def defi
Elvira shook her head head Mother
loves me too much muchOfor for that
I i know The defiance left Da Dav
Ids Idsvolce voice Father loves me tot too
but he hates your mother
They talked over the feud afte after
that of the quarrel about the strip c of
land that had made the1 first rst trouble
Their Eyes Strayed Across the Fence
Elviras father and i Dav ids mother
bad died still clinging to the old olddlt dl
terences and tho other two had lIV i d
10fllihttbe to fight the battle to the bitter end
They lheywlll will neverlet never let us marry E El
vira Bald again so 0 we might as wel well
give it up sight jg ht now nowDavld David
I nevtir give anything up thi the
boy boysnlddogGedly snldj doggedly I will find I n
way wayElvlr Elvira af
The Tbenextdaytheymet nest day they met In the same
place undDavld and David bad a plan Elvlr
listened with clouded eyes e es Bu Dtlt
when they find fin It out she said
they will be furious
We shall be married then David
stated triumphantly
That night when he went home the
boy told his father of his love for
Elvira As he bad expected there
was a storm of protest rrotest In the tbefirst firs
lull David murmured mu rmured But of course
I never can marry Elvira It itwould would
kill her motherI mother I
The old man pricked up his ears
Would It hurt her mother he ques
In the next house Elvira Elvlrawas was tell
Ing her raotl motqer jer of her love for David
But I 1 never can marry him she
said It would kill his father
Elviras mother gazed out of the
Window I I suppose he would hate
It she he agreed
The Thenextday next day when David met El
vira in the grove his face was wasradl radl
Snt What t dp d you y u think father said sa id
lOme to me this morning he asked aske d
Elvira shook her head She was wa not
radiant radlllnt Her face was white and and
there therewerc were s shadows under hor eyes
Well David related he said at
brea kfast that ho thought a nman man
ought to be allowed allowe d to marry
woman woman ho cared caredfor for I l believe ho will
give Ive his his consent If If he thinks It If will
hurt your mother Elvira
Floating on Tires
One ot O tho most m st amusing
nttoine of ofthe the English watcringplRce
last summer summerwasa was a sport which ha
not yet been tried in the Un Unlt ite
States but which should furnish mu d
amusement at tho summer resort
This fhls is the game of offlolltlng floating or sal sa il
ing in the water on motor cars Me
and girls glrl attired in bathing suits a
well as s boys and gir girls ls enjoyed el1joyedthem then
selves fj lves hugely In this fashion and ther <
was much muchcompeUtien competition to see how ho W Ion
the roost expert could stay on on th
Urea while they bobbed about in th
water The Theperson person who first Intra intn
duces this novelty at an an
summer resort w will ill not only find bin
self Jeltextre extremely nelY popular but will als
have tho pleasure of know knowing ing
K philanthropist phllnnthr plst for after all
greater phllan throphy throphycan can there b <
than the Introduction of a Ii new ea
citing and wholesome wholesome sport which li
within the reach of ofa a largo
ro of t pleasure seekers 1
Foreign laundry Marks
In foreign for Jlgncountrles < countries Bbrao
p1etbo methods sn are ie adopted for identifyln
I clate e lated d Lllerarj LII era rJ Press
The tears tearsWolled welled np nplnElvlras In Elvira 1
eyes ey s Oh Davldshe David she murmured It
does no sqem l1 < cm right fprvus to pla play
such a game g 1me <
But David took her in his arms arms an and
consoled her her j Alls fair in love an and
war t he he quoted L
It was interesting lnteres ng after that to t
see the part that the e elders iders playe played
in th the little lItt1ecomedY comedy Davids Davld s fathe father
chuc c kuc kled ke d dover over his sons son s progress 1 In
his lovemaking 10vemadnglJot not because his so son
was happy but because the theOItcorae outcora
would wouldmalte make his enemy < linbappy unhappy E EI
ylras Irasmo mother th et smiled w hen sho he sa Saw Sawherdaughtet
herdaughtet Tier daughter start Rtartfor for the trystln
j jlace place > lace She knew how bitter th the
thought of the marriage of these tw two
would wOl ld be to the man across th the
way And so sothe the summer waned an flnd
the fall came and in October the tw two
were to marry marryDavId David with hi his
fathers consent Elv Elvira ira with he her
mothers 1 and yet yetneltborJarent neither pnrei
knew of tbewlllinsness the willingness of ftha the 6thei tber
Revenge was the sword with Vltb whlc V lrh
each hoped to pierce the heart of hi his
On the morning of the weddin weddIng
day dayElvlra Elviras s mother mo ther helped the gli girl
to todress dress There was no novell veil no uowhlto whit
satin but Elvira In In her filmy filmympll mul
with her fair hair in a golden olden coront coronet
ar around und hT r head h ad and with a bunch c of
Iwhlte white roses from the garden was a
I thing of beauty
I The mother was was in a flutter of tcx 03
clt cltemeni ment mentoer over the thesupposed supposed runaway
You Y u go on and meet David Dav id ah s lie
said and I will come after aeteryou you t to
the church It wont dd il to let l t David Davhls
father suspect
On the other side of the fence th the
oldman old man wns giving giv ing sim simila ilar r advice
i iyou You go and meet meet your girl he ac ad
Ilsed and Ill go down to the churc church
after you It wont do to let he her
mother know Then he brought ou o ut
a i bunch of red roses Shed better
have Save a br ides bouijuct even if it is i a
runaway match m tch
Into the dim country church ai an
tour later came the young couple
The bride was fresh freehand and sweet sw eet in he her
snowy finery and In in her arms sb s he
carrladgreatbuncbes arricd great bunches of roses rosesred rei
and nd white and fragrant The bride
groom with his hlshead head up looked a as
If f ho defied the world to take he her
from rom him The minister brought will
ilm a IJ couplo of servants to act a as
witnesses and the footsteps of o f thi the
five persons echoed through the still
ness iess Then as the young pair stooi stood
before fhe man ol God the silenci
was broken by a careful tiptoeing ii In
the he aisle to to the right and a careful
Iptoeing in the aisle to the left The
red ed flamed into Davids lace facebut but El
vra rira was white The minister began
lhe he serv ice and back bacltof of that that happy happ
trio rlo two old ptrsons caught in t thi e
net let of o f their own evil passlbn8stlaret p ssl ls J lllr d
lit it each eachotheracro other across ss the empty mptypews pews
But D as the theservlc service e ewent went on thi thE
11 las hing blngglanc glances s softened softene lnone none couU
hear lear the beautiful words tbatlolnel that jolne
you routh th and beauty beautywlth with youth am and
s strength trengthan and il remain rema in hardened Into
the eyes of Elviras mother came
tears iearSi She leaned her head on on thi the
bactof sack of the pey in Crontof front of her ant and
wept vept
Davids father cleared his throat
What God hath joined together
Eald nld the mitltter lot not muc pu Jut
The service over Elvira alriiost ran
down tho aisle But it was the aisli
to 0 the left le ft and It was to David Da vids
Cathe ather that she ran
Forgive us oh please forgive us
she be said
In the a isle to the right David held
a 1 little weeping woman woma n to her arms
a i little wpraan with the hatred al all
gone one out of her heart And AndpreEenty present
tbe bc couple in the left aisle went to t <
meet the couple con pie in the right aisle am and
Jie old woman was saying sa lng My son
while tho t110old old man muttered Mj Iy
Then they the all went out of the
church together and as they went
heir way was marked by the falling
potaln totals of the roses rosesred red and white
nnl ind white and red intermingling now
In Inperfect n perfect harmony
Superstitious Divers
The native pearl divers of the Pann
ma ia Costa Rica and Colombla C lombla coast <
have ave a superstitious regard for th the
sharlt hark the barracouta the swordfish
and nd devilfish which abound In thes
waters waters due to the great number o of
501 mall 111 < fltjh fl h If a shark for instance I Is
observed lingering around a spot near
here the th divers are working they the
wl1 ill at once declare that somewhere
on n the clear sandy bottom over which
this is sentinel sentfn l patrols t hero lies n pearl
of f great value and If tl tir < fish cannot
be e frightened away Eomti zealous diver
will Mil risk his life in an mteinpt to lo
catp atp the oysters or ters supposed to be found
be10w elow
the contents of the wasltub In sorm
parts of France linen is defaced deflc d with
the whole namo and address ot thi the
laundry launr lry stamped upon it and nn ad
dttiorial geometrical design to indl Inl ll
cate the owner of the property Ii In
Bavaria every patron of the washtul wa shtu b
has a number stamped in largo char
acter acteron on his linen In Bulgaria ever every
laundry has a largo number of stamps
engraved with designs and an 1 la
the laundr laun drl ies s mark marlt linen with thread threads
worlted yorked In arrow shapes s In Insom somi
Russian towns the the thepolice polled
Issuo regulations for laundries Ii
Odessa books boo is of marks marts are a te
annually to the laundry proprietors
and n t these marks and no others can
be used
The Muslo Was Fatal Fat l
A ANew New York politician once onc foun
I it necessary to tonttend attend an entertain e Jtertaln
ment at an orphans home and he was
haying a had ad time of it Tho seloc
tlon by the boys band wau particular par ticular
ly distressing dlstressln Turning Tt rnlng to a afrfend friend
th tho po litic litlclin ian said with a shudder
No wonder they the are orphans Sue
rl JJ1I 1J J AL AfJ 1I1i
T Tlssald Is said that Americans aro not especially In favor with W1t1lhe the now king klns pt England Englnndbut out the emperor ct efGet Ger ¬
I many still counts many of them nmons nmonrhspersonalfrfenils his personal fr iends and an doCt ottqn nontertalhs entertains them on board the imperial
yacht Hohenzollern The Illustration accompanying Is from tromaphotoraphot a photograph of one of these yachting parties
the tlielady lady at the kaisers Immediate right being belngMrs Mrs GoeleV Goele of New York
n n nu u
Buttermilk Adopted by Chicago
ans as as Best Hot Weather
It Is Chasing Mint Julep From Bar
and Has Relegated Sundae to
Rear of Drug 9tores StoresCeal Deal
t uI ers er Busy
Chicago ChlcagoButtermllk Buttermilk the drink
that Is making Chicago famous
If you dont live strictly on a but ¬
termilk diet during the hot weather
you dont belong and dairymen doc ¬
tors drugstore keepers e pers club l lb men
caterers and restauranteurs have as
much as agreed upon it
According to people who devote
much of their time to the laudable
labor of selling thirst quenching oev
orages buttermilk has for the last
five years ears steadily increased in popu ¬
larity ns a hotweather hotweatherdrlnl drink until
today it is the most sought after of
all having surpassed aurpassedsuch such rivals as
the oncefavored icecream soda the
mint smash or the theentranclngjl11ep entrancing julep
When tho thermometer hovers be ¬
tween SS 8Sand and 95 buttermilk buttermllltbecomes becomes
the cup that cheers and never Ine ¬
briates no matter how plenteously
imbibed Drink experts say so sofhey They
say that this once more or less de
splsed liquid is now called for more
frequently frcquentlytharr tharr any anyotherln other in country
clubs clubsln in dr g stpreSf s to e r hi li hote ls in I
restaurantsr I b ffo tS1f ib
it is served servedlnthacou In the couijtrj tr clubs clu sln in
c C
Montana Prisoner Prls ner Serving Long Term
Is Eager to Spend Idle Time
Douglass Ariz ArizC C C Allen does not not
claim to be a master of the lyre but
the Douglass Chamber of Commerce
and Mines has jus jll treceived an appeal ¬
ing letttr from him which showsthai shows that
while he does not hope to get out of
the state prison at Deer Lodge Mon ¬
tana yet he has employed his one
shining talent well welln in hope of using
bis time behind the bars barsfo so well that th t
when he gains gain I his freedom he will
lead n better life Here is the letter
which expla ins ns Itself
Yon may be e surprised to receive
this letter letterns ns I am < art inmate Inma te of Mon ¬
tana state prison I I am serving quite
a long term here and wish Ish to put In
part of my time studying Having this
in view 1 I have spent several months
in tedious work Vlor upon a fancy fanc horse
hair bridle In the hope that I should
be able to raise enough money out of
its disposal to purchase the books
that I nut In need of of I
It is In regard to this bridle that
I take the liberty o f taddreslsng nddreslsng you
asking If you will take an interest in
disposing of it for me The bridle is
made of thousands thousandsof of strands of varied
colored horsehair and it will be found
useful and strong as well as a work
of art C C Allen Box 7 Deer Lodge
Allen lIenprobaby probably sent his letter to
Douglass In the hope that some cow co
puncher or Mexican M dcan Vaquero who de ¬
light In gay saddles and ornamental
bridles nnd horse trappings might of ¬
fer a field for purchase
Troops Will Fight Fires
Washington WaEhlngtonPresldent President Tnft has
authorized the use ot troops to fight
forest fires in Montana Idaho Wash ¬
ington Oregon and California CallCar nla
steal ot highballs and other possibly
attractive but certainly heating mix ¬
tures being put up In long coolap
pewing cylindrical bottles It is ad ¬
vertised vertlsedlu in drug stores from our own
churn and is outselling outselllngthe the soda and
sundae It IUs Is made by private fami ¬
lies from lactobacllH tablets which
are placed In unskimmed milk At
hotels and restaurants res taurants It is served Ice
cold in bottles mado especially tor
And why why1 Because for a long time
physicians have hav been pointing out
that it is the best b st hotWeather drink
They havo said that It Is the most
easily digested the most cooling the
most most healthful healthful They have declared
It even an excellent exc ellent hotweather food
And besides that tbat there arc compara ¬
tively the iy few rew people p ople It is said who
dont take tq buttermilk naturally
like a duck to water
Buttermilk queried Manager
Marsh of the Borden Dairy company
Why we are selling more buttermilk
right now than ever before It Is the
Chicago summer drink and we are
in a position to know It Is being sold
everywhere eve rnvherebecallse because most everyone
has a nicked to spare and most every ¬
one onelllt likes S buttermilk bu ttermilk Almost every re
tall store where they the y ysell sell soft Foftdrlnks drinks
is fscalllng calling for buttermilk in large quan qUa n ¬
titles this summer And then a whole
lot of a nt it goes toprlvatehomes to pr ivate homes too
Its a great greatdrlnk drink is buttermilk buttermllltthe the
ideal drink
Thesales The sales of buttermilk increase Increasoev ev
rr r yj year ear sad Manager Bowtnan BOYmanpf pt
I lKty lKtymi mi f nV i ia a irr com t n ns i 1i
yearttiere Is inore of It sold s 1oe liave i
than ever before Of Of Ofco course co rse there is
moro sweet sfeetmllksold milk sold than buttermilk
but sweet milk mlllrls is used for cooking and
buttermilk buttermlllrls is purely pure a drlnkt Within
the lost six years there hns has been a
steady increase In the consumption of
sweet milk but buttermilk has certain ¬
ly kept pace pace with it
Out at the Lake Zurich dairies the
foregoing statement st tement were agreed with
Why its remarkable the quantity
of buttermilk that is being called for
said James Davidson manager of the
dairy We are s hipping more of It to
Chicago Chlc go this year than ever before If
It isnt the favorite hot weather drink
for Chicago Id like to know what on
earth is
Others said that there was only one
summer attraction in this city thnt
could compare with the lake breeze
and that was
Young Horse HoroeThlef Thief
Suffolk Va VaRalph Ralph Heae H ze klah Hln
ton nine years old possibly possllJl the young ¬
est horse thief ever convicted was
found guilty gullt In Justice Deberrys court
on the second offense
Owing owlngte to his youth there was no
prosecution for the first horse stolen
but when he disappeared with Thom ¬
as Smiths horse he was pursued and
captured after n fourmile chase by
Hurricane Branc Branch h and a posse
Dry For All Time
Fresno Cal CalDry Dry in perpetuity is
the restr restriction iction placed by the Santa Fe
railroad rnllroadh in all deeds to property in
the new town of River Bank which is
to ba bea n mldvalley division point on
that tlla tllne line District D trlct Agent Hobart Hob rtsays says
It 1013 is the he flijst fi t tr jwn n la id Mout put by a rail ¬
jr road oiid tb tbexc exc excl iude d Tsaloons i al o n fiirillthrie f 6r aH time f
International Movement Submit
ted to Our Government
Fourteen of World Powers Be Arrayed
Against Butchery o f Feathered
Tribe of Globs for Millinery
New York YortTo To array 14 of the
world powers against the butchery of
the birds of the globe for millinery
ornamentation is the object of an In ¬
ternational movement whic which h has been
formally called to the attention of the
United nlted States government from this
city Recommendations for the pro ¬
hibition of this feather traffic by non ¬
expert and nonlmport laws l ws In Great
Britnln German Prance Italy Rus ¬
sia Norway Sweden Belgium Den ¬
mark Holland Hungary Austria iustrl 1 Ba ¬
varia arln and this courltry cou dtJy have just been
filed with Secretary of State Knox at
Washington by William Dutcher pres ¬
ident of the National Association ot
Audubon Societies who represented
the United States at the recent Inter ¬
national Ornithological congress in
Berlin where they bcy were framed and
unanimously Indorsed by delegates
trom every part of the world
For or the first time In history the
ornithological authorities In their in ¬
ternational ternat ollal conclave are reported to
have ha ve been able to unite upon some
simple course fit Elt notion that would
I best check the economic loss of bil ¬
lions of dollars each year that has
been shown to result from the killing
of the pestdestroy pestdestroylng Ing and plaguepre ¬
venting wild birds of land and water
Acting as an International commit ¬
tee for the protection of birds a
score of ornithological ornlth loglcal experts select
New YorK Farmer Getting Ten Cents
Quart fcr Animals Product
rlghntnll1D Hit Her
Tannersville N Y YIf If Harvey Ba ¬
ker a 1 farmer farm er ercould could only get gctlDother another
cow and another bolt of lightning he
would have money in the bank He
said so himself in describing an un ¬
toward occurrence In which his only
cow Fannie and a thunderstorm play ¬
ed the principal roles
Fop several severa years Fannies generos ¬
ity in the matter of giving milk has
been Bakers chief asset Selling tho
milk for 8 Bc cents nts a quart and the fact
that Fannie has always been an ac ¬
commodating cow have made It possi ¬
ble for the farmer to keep his head
above water He has laid in no sur
plusage of wealth but after what has
happened he bejs s sure that It be had
ona more cow and If the weather con ¬
ditions were propitious propltloutlhe ha would soon
j be a altmded landed proprietor
Dur During ing tho thunderstorm Baker Bakerdls dis ¬
covered that a bolt of lightning had
struck his only cow Was ha down ¬
hearted 1 No Not after ho found that
as a result of the lightning episode
Fannie yields milk of a light blue col ¬
or which because of its novelty now
commands 10 cents a quart instead of
S cents which is all that buyers in
this section will pay for white mlllc
The bolt of lightning IIg tnlng has made Fannie
a versatile cow in that in the morn ¬
ing she yields blue milk and at 1t night
white A judicious adm admixture ixture of the
two colors produces a a quality of milk
which w l1 l1ch ch Is so s good that Frederick C
Boynton proprietor of the St Charles
hotel has ordered all he can get ot It
When Baker after exhaustive exhri stlvo ex ¬
periments found that thntFaQnles Fannies color
scheme schenlebldsfalr bids fair to be a permanent
fixture he sot out to get another cow
He has made mad arrangements arrang9m Emts for tho
leasing of ot an animal of which ho has
heard heardmnny many kind words Now all that
beneods la another another thunderstorm
ed frorr the nobility and scientists o of
14 of the leading nations are placing
before their governments the pr ppo
sltion of cooperation to break up tin
destruction of bird life by the world
wide traffic in feathers Though th tho <
people of the country have come tc to
extend reasonable protection to their
birds in many states the destruction
of American bird life must go on as as
long ns any foreign country continue
to offer a market for the sale s le of the
scalps of the birds of the United
States according to Mr Dutcher
Americans need the help of th the
great world powers powersas as every other
people need our help helpto to check the do
stniction of the birds who work wort for
our common prosperity and health
he says Qwlng to the high prices
offered for the plumes s soC of white herons
birds of paradise humming birds al
batrosses and similar species in the
European markets these birds have
been slaughtered almost to the point
of extinction On the other hand
thousands of tho valuable Insectivor ¬
ous wild birds and game g me birds of Eu ¬
rope are shipped here as cage birds
and to make choice tidbits In our res
aurants Only by putting a stop to
the oxpbrt exp rt and Import of birds butch ¬
ered for commercial purposes can the
nations of the earth hope to retain
their valuable bird resources It re ¬
mains for the American people pe ple to
take the first step in this very vita
Shopping by Wireless
New York YorkA A New York depart
me lent nt store lias ha s sordelcll ordered a wireless
telegraph outfit which wil will l be in ¬
stalled on the roof of the store so
that hat passengers on Incoming liners
nay do their shopping by wireless
Women Cannot Get Aboard Cars I If
They Have Hatpins With Uncov ¬
ered Points
Moscow MoscowThe The prefect prcf ct nf this clt city
Is suddenly popular with tho men Bu But
the women regard him as a meddle
some and an Ignorant person For ho ha has
Issued an order that no woman is t to >
be allowed to use the street cars m
less the points of her hatpins are pro
Several claims for damages were
brought before b tore the courts recently b by
sufferers from hatpin wounds and th the
frequency of the injuries caused th the >
prefect to toko action One man who
claimed damages for an Injured cy eye <
engaged a smart lawyer who contend
ed that not only had tho defendan 11
wounded a harmless citizen but sb
had broken the law Moscow being uu
der martial law and anl l the carrying o 01
a lethal weapon being illegal excep excep1
under a permit from the police ThE
vfomun was fined accordingly in addl
tion to being ordered to recompensi
the sufferer suffe rer
Ostric Ostr ic h hFeathers Feathers
There here seems to be something somethln irre ¬
sistibly slstlbl attractive to women In the
fluffy nodding plumes of the ostrich
and if this great bird could not be
bred on ostrich farms his race would
become extinct Like many another
wearer earer of fine plumage the goddess of
fashion would pursue him to the
Although good ostrich plumes aro
as costly as ever they the are In wider
demand r than In all the history of mil ¬
linery IIneryEver Everyone one wants plumes nnd
other ostrich feathers In all the va ¬
ried beautiful mountings which the
artists make mate them up
There Is a wonderful variety to
choose from The Introduction of
willow plumes that Is those hav ¬
ing the flues lengthened by tying on
extra extraplOces pieces has brought out all sorts
of color combinations and plumes of
long sweeping fibers They The y yare are very
beautiful but not ns practical a os the
unpleced plumes In buying high
priced ostrich feathers the French
plumes with long slightly curled flues
arc by far the best Investment hive2tment They
Quaint Qualntldell Idea TJiat iatHas Has On ly lYRecently Recently
i Made fts p pea ea nce 1 d fsi
ttl f < > > tj r < Wol W 0 r rh com < 5orncd h p i 1 1I i I p ni
Jewe Jewelry lry at any an rate In in oiir oiirv oiirlqotc v lqotc o
acceptance of the term lor no stones
ar visible in this pretty fancy I have
spoken spoltenof of the gold lace pins crocheted
with lace Now farseeing manufac ¬
turers have brought out wooden orna ¬
ments in all manner of sorts and
shape sbapE1collar 1 collar pins pln hat pins plnsl l belt buck ¬
les cuff links slipper buckles 1 1les
all to be covered with this cro ¬
cheted lace One may m 1Y < have a whole WhOIeset
set of them for an afternoons work j
and they make the daintiest of gifts
for brides and next Chrlstmasers I
If crocheting is not in your line fine
lace can be darned around these wood ¬
en foundations of dotted or figured
net may be used Instead Whatever
material is used they tbe Rre re a quaint
and pretty as the lacecovered gold
I pins which Is s saying a great deal
The Tidy Girl
Never puts put her be beclothcs clothes nway ow y un
Never neglects to put trees Into
her boots if she owns thorn if not t1 t
she uses tissue tls e paper stuffed into the
toes as a substitute
Never sits about a ClUt the house In n
walking dress dre s
Never forgets to pull out I and
straighten gloves when she takes
them off
Rolls up her veils leaving them on
her hat
Keeps any jewelery she may elect to to
wear immaculately clean
Fastens her collar straight t In In the
back instead of having it gaping in
sections or tha pins set in at all an ¬
gles to each other
Bracelets 8rnc lets Over Gloves
Few women omen seem to realize that
bracelets over gloves are almost or
quite as < bad as rings over gloves If
one wears a bracelet with long gloves I
nt all it should bo worn under them
ossible It should not be
but if IfJ ij J I
worn wn
Jeweled Laces Arc Marvelously Beau ¬
tiful Though Only for Thoce
With Long Purses
The very newest thing In jewelry Is
the reproduction of old and priceless
laces in tiny tin pearls and diamonds
mounted upon gunraetal platinum p riltlnum or
diamond 1 not The exact > act pattern patte rn ot
the laco la copied and the whole Is
formed Into In to a Jabot or a a lace fall for
the collar Sometimes there Is a bow
above composed ot some colored
stones stonesemeralds emeralds or amethysts or ru ru ¬
bies biesset set in solid
This new and wonderful work has
revolutionized the art of the jeweler
since the workmanship has become
quite as valuable as the stones them ¬
selves These laces of jewels are of
course ruinously expensive but they
MO such marvels ot beauty that a wo ¬
man might well dispense with all oth ¬
er ornament for the sake of possessing
cno of them
LowCut Neck Edging
A readymade dress of dark blue
an be cleaned l nnd recurlod at a com ¬
paratively small outlay aud an may bo
> on a guarantee from the dealer ealcr
they will stand wear Molstura
do them any permanent barm
the other hand the willow plume
be guaranteed to wear Those
n black are especially fragile some
in tho dye causes thorn to como
or to break off when tho air
s damp The white and light colora
better than han black
When one does not need to think of
iconomj there are beautiful effects to
10 wrought out by using plumes with
pieced leced flues which are well worth
he price
Three fall hats are illustrated hero her
the simplicity and richness
if ostrich used for trimming They
ire mounted In groups of three or
toward owarl the back of the hat as at
tile Nothing else is needed on the
and the addition ar lltlon of a band and
ipw about the crown is a matter ot
choice for a shape bearing a full tuft
of if plumes Is amply trimmed
e i I
1 J
This illustration shows a simple but
good loolllng frock for a young glll
made from Tussock slllt and trimmer I
with spotter satin foulard anrI Gulpuro
coHar The belt of suede matches tho
ground of trimming
For Rcd Halrcd PerSC13
It Is all ve1Y wpll to taUt ahout Uw
hurns en tlOana but EOme Elf liS do
haye carroty rJd hair and lcnow
It In that case we should avoid the
greens an IIgbt IJlu usu1l1y recom
mended to liS and dress In blacle and
whIte In darl blues moss greens In
all occasional yellow and above all
In brownbr own of every shade an
lscrlptlon mornlug Clernoon anll al
most cvenlng
awn seen recently had at tho round
utch nock a tiny plplrts formed from
ho edge of a tine hemstitched hand
The ellcct was cool and
arid th the handkerchief had
lalnt on It anyway al1 ay said snldthe the bright
The Th SwanLike Throat
this is to to a great season for col
But one pretty neck is often harder
to o acquire than the dozens of chemls
ittos we may ma have done away with
A good goodnoclt neck depends much lUuc h hupon upon tho
general enoral health but considerable nay
be je done that is of direct benefit
Many nn otherwise lovely neck Is IBt
ruined by an awkward poise polseof of tho th j
lead The best euro for this is to sit
or jr walk each day with a book on on
the he head Do not stiffen the muscles
to o hold this weight Manage It by
Plenty of sleep and an abundance ot
milk with raw eggs beaten up in it
should help considerably
Tho neck nect should bo washed well
every night with warm water folloved
by a cold spray and massaged after IItte
ward with a cold cream cream

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