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I i
Open Al AIINfgbt AU jNight Night
J Quick luncllRoom Lundi Room
I 626 North Capitol Street NW
WtstSlto Wut Slele Id Unron Station Half Block away awa i
Washington D DC C
Best Meals At Low Pr Prices ices
fl Good Things To Eat
l Welcome to the he ElUr EIk
r r P6lce lceand and Prompt pr cmpt servile our O ur motto
Prices Reasonable RC 1lJonoble
l No 729 7294th e 4th st N W
Th The ijDay Bay B 1Y State Hotel
Atlantic Atla t1oC1tYJ City N NJ J
European Plan
Concert oncertGarden Garden
Special Rates to Parties Taktoff Tait nr
f Apartments
IDec Descrlptlon lptIOI cf the th Game That Is
Barred arred From the th Streets Be
cayce Now and an d Then hen Soma S rne
Ptdestrisn Is Injured
Tho Composite Kid I of Baltimore
has u itlck tfekt a Irell real genuine heart
jthrobbing thfOblJlng Itlclt says sar the Baltimore
1 l Evon Evonln IvonLng ing Suii
l t i Marshal Farnan has Issuei lJm d orders
t fr fri i I It that t h a l boys bO ysm must cst ceaae plnylna catty on
j itho the streets The marshal tod all the
jassuat zsseubod boit OII captains of districts that
I JChiet Chlef Engineer Samuel Dukehart of
I tho Veteran Volunteer Firemens asso as so
elation iclatlonl1nd had been struck In the faco
by one of the lying catties And tho
marshal mnUhalsald said that thattl1IB this thing of play
l fng ng ngcatty catty on the streets must stop
Here is the tbewuy Way iay you play catty
JTafee Tae a two or three three Inch piece of
I 1lut pIne round it off ff and nd whittle wblttleboth both
cOOs IL to toa a ap pplnt lnt la la1 the catty on the
1 ground ground hit one end with wltha a s tick aftd a d
I a aIta a It Ita It Oops O pS URi upJntheat I p ln n the tbea iy I f fsmash smash it 13 S
1 Wou you would ba bat 11 bitt > all T Then e y 1
lth lthc < jath c otl w rkldtog kid toget tlt li lh so many
r l humps unipa and I1nl llfheca If he cant nt do doJthe It he gets a
IWhac whack hacU kDcrosfItl1e across the pockethandkerchief pocket handkerchief
J jvrllb the bat Thats the erarno amo Mar
total f hnlFnmarl Farnan Is stopping stopplngbecuusenow becimse now
and then hen an Indiscreet batter lands
the thcca catty tty In a pedestrians eye ee or
bprea pread < t3 consternation In a E group of
kront frontstep runt step Hitters IIlttcrsln Inan ian otherwise eml em
ncctly neitt quiet nelirhbbrhood neltrbborbood
I It t j The T eComposltoKld Compos Conpostto ite Kid was standing stani llng
outside Qutsltlctbn tim courthouse this this morning
W Whl white wh e Marshal Mars ttIFarnnn Farnan was w a s Issuing his
t orders He was wn freckled and snub
h nosed and had hadt a string tied nround
if his right rlghtgrent great toe In none one hand he he
kt carried a dead sparrow and In the
i Ij j 1 other a cigarette
i I What hatdo do you Y ou think of orth that Ilt 1 he ex e ¬
claimed In Inllisgust Disgust Sa > mlste 1 what
1 3 chanees < a boy got nowadays anyhow
i Whyt1rnt Why Vhy first thing you know theyll be
i f t mssIng passing laws to keep kids from grow
i ling I was raised rasedln In Anne Arundcl
t jcounty ounty but butmytiadsold my lad sold the farm and nIl
i i J bought some ground rents up on Lex ¬
I t ngton ington street so we moved to town to
i board board Scons Soon s I I came cnmebele here I found
t t out l1t there wasn t a swimming hole
ticarenn Gwynn Gwnnralls falls or the public
1 baths athsoverln over In Patterson park where
you ouhave have to weill bathing suits and
darn bathing suits sultafor for kids thats
IIi jwhat Iwh wbat t I say sa y I IS saw a W a lot of kids crawl ¬
W I ing through a sewer sew r pipe to swim In
Jones Jones falls up by the candy factory
f put but u t thats tl ts too dirty for me And Anl 1 we
1 1 bAd the he darn t larndest dcst time trying to get
if a place to live The agent wanted to
know how many c children there was
ani nnlll1lItel l osltcd llf t If the boys were rough on
trail paper
Teaching Right Living
i This Is an age when tho necessity
Of t f education cduc1t1onls Is strongly emphasized
fflin whole hole foundation of preventive preontl va
medicine of the antltuborculosis
work workol of the eolal Eo al service depart ¬
ments of the hospital Is the education
ol 0 oftho the public in regard to the laws of
health There can be little doubt that
not money nor even tho lack of
money fs the root of all evil but the
lack of o rlmowlcdge knowledge of right living In
the broadest sense of tho words Ig
1 nomnccf norancT of physical right living Is the
y I cause use of tmostofthe f most mostof of the lliness IIIneEsand illness and bodily
r mfscry icr1 in lathe the world While ignorance
or moTP right living Is largely to
bbuno bhmleforth for the wickedness wlclt dneEsoUhe of the world
Dad physical physic al condition however and
tho ignorance that causes It have
iroora mor to todowlthpQverty do with poverty and crime
thaq tJmmost tLaz most people peoplreallze realize Squalid sur ¬
roundings roundlngsdim due 1 la irel Vge iy fyt to lack lackot of
i Knowledge Irnow 1ed of proper poerllvlng living conditions
and nndarcompatled nrcompnnleJ most likely by dc
crcaml crea1lCI v vitality vltnlltyoroll or outright trlght 111 health
are arelJrobablyortcn wrobably often the primary cause caus au e
of o tins drunktnness drunle nnt s that tlmtbllngs br brings ings ru in
6poi tlpolltiO so o many families The great
linydem JrI 1iLx of ottodays today Is to to teach tho
irutMiCBhpw InaMI sIQw to to1Lvea live a hea lthful lthfuillfo life in n
tin 1 qlrciimgtnncps lr ircumstonc3 umstL1lcfa In which they find
itj huns I lvesD letiAI et1n Gazette
7 Human F fumarl Nature
Ever Evcrre Evcrremark remark remar mark how hOlvmany many people p opo
there bereare are who want you tc neglect
soar01V1ll11lnlrslnorc1er yoar ourowu own affairs nffairsIn In order to t tO1v give them
1cDCfJtUlrieineDt encouragement 1 Atchlson Ii Mcbl tC lSonKan on Kan
QtOooI > Gtcebe
When people neIL as tt Jor for advice it Itla is
V geuorallT aprallr tor fl1 > r tho purpose pu z zoseo oseo of deciding decidln
wttt iat kathQ not n to do da
0 V
M f t d ru Jr l JJ111t J l1Il
cfIxc 1vatiDB
Karble idarbPeaii an o 6rwaite rardte
r 4 I
stailYa fLOOR O 4 P1PZffQOQRRV
Jj 1j w 1t1 U ffi i1 1J > 1 Jt 1i R A declared that London Lon don should sho uld be
f n kf1 1 1rOQullt rebu rebuilt ilt with white marblb Time
IY IY3t1If 3t1If I < i f R h would wo uld he h e said tone ton e the material
tf ii < 4WPd s iNI and touch It t with mellow mellowing ing tints
iiI I t I hIKVJi hIKVJitl II moreover a Ii Iimarble marble marblebulldln building could be
i 1 P i i f I iNII k tl I c leaned down d don on In in a I few hn hours with a
I 1 J waterjet er But u the th caustic st comment o
4 i filtf was made In I connection connec o c tion that a it was wa
f t not a matter of of prettiness and poetry
1iW n ilii jl J Jbut but of the solvent action of acids upon
iMtt d Nh dtb d dI I calciumcarbonate Undoubtedly how ¬
lYtlIrl ZPHI ever hlghclass marbles particularly
N THE minds min ds of most people mar
blo and granite two stones of
I IN I widely different characteristics
ae a e Inherently symbolical of beau ¬
ty strength and an d dpermanence permanence They
preserve the tradition of of something
stable and en during Mans use of
marble and granite has of course
dated ated from the days of antiquity In ¬
deed of all components of the earths
crust no two perhaps have been
more universally pressed into the serv ¬
ke of Construction and decoration
The worlds yield yield yieldof of the finer classes
of marble proceeds from many coun
tries trl s Italy France Belgium Norway
Sweden and America being especially
prolific in deposits
Apart from the British Isles where
In particular the gray Aberdeen and
red Peterhcad varieties are justly
famed granite occurs in Sweden Swed n the
Tyrol Italy Sardinia North America
and other districts
Qualities of Marble and Granite
In chemical compos ition marble is
essentially calciumcarbonate calclum carbonate or rcar car
ranate of lime As a nconsequence consequence the
stone Is very sensitive senslUveto to the action
of chemical agents present pres nt In the at ¬
mosphero On n the other hand while
marble is In this way more rapidly at ¬
tacked than many other stones Its
power I owe 1 to resist the themechanlcalageqts mechanical agents
of weathering otweatherlngwhl which h are geiitraUy en ntraliy rally the tte
most destructive makes m keslta It a compara ¬
tIvelrdu tively durable rable substance su b tancelhe The 1 great gro t
variety of colors saown by marble Is
duemalnb due mainly to the theprosence presence of o r rcompan compan ¬
ion minerals Iron when present In
the ferrous f rrousstateproduces state produces color co iorvary vary ¬
ing In from light jtp t dark green manga m nga ¬
nese and cobalt involve pinkish hues
Accessory minerals in short give rise
to loan an almost endless association and
blending of colors s shades veins vein and
Granite is a crystallinegranular ag ago ¬
gregate of quartz qu artz felspar felsp rand and mica
and comprises ail varieties of of texture
Generally It IUs is the constituent felspar
w which hich gives the ruddy or the gray ap ¬
pearance differentiating the rock Un ¬
like marble granite cannot be split up
with saws apd hence the expense and
labor of quarrying and preparing the th
latter material for building and other
purposes is relatively much greater gre ter
According to the state geologist of
Georgia probably no building stone stone in
the United States has In recent years ye rs
met with such universal favor and
given greater satisfaction than Geor ¬
gla marble It Is is however howevercurlcms curious
to learn that notwithstanding notwlthstandlngthe the
enormous quantify quantl y of native marble
capable c pable of being quarried and the
large number of undeveloped deposits
which lie United States as a whole
possesses poss sses considerable supplies of the
material are Imported mostly from
Italy for statuary purposes and In ¬
tenor decoration The growth of or the
use of Georgia marble for public
buildings in America Is however pro ¬
ceeding on satisfactory lines and Its
merits merltsare are becoming becomlu g generally gCneraIlYknown gCneraIlYknownThe g dneraliy known
The Imposing Minnesota state capitol
was built of white marble from the
Amicalola quarries Pickens county co unty
the Rhone RhoueIsland Island state statccal statecapitol 1 capltol 1tol > the Car ¬
negie public library Atlanta At anta and the
Corcoran art gallery Washington Wahlngtonof of
atone from the quarries of a n southern
marble company
Greek Marbles
In recent years the extensive extendlvcquar quar
rl of Mount Pentellcus
i a range situ ¬
ated eight miles northeast of Athens
have been reexp reexplored lored and are being beln i
worked by a British company From
this classical center came the material matell l
used In the erection of some of the
worlds most famous buildings among
them the Parthenon and the Propy
laea Pentollkon mar marblelsalmostpuro marble ble Is almost pure
carbonate carbonateofJlmeOwlng of lime Owing however howov r to
the presence of minute grains gralnsot of py ¬
rites the mar marble ble w which hich Is a clear
white on being worked assumes a
soft Ivory tint after alterexposureate exposure a fea ¬
lure turewhlch which mater materially ially adds addsto to Its va value lue
Jo decorative dec ratve purposes Blocks of
Immense size up upto to l00p tons t nsln In fact
fire frequently frequentlydlscdged dislodged from the
quarry bed and w ith suitable ultabIe ma ¬
chinery may be cut ut to any required
dimensions dimens ions The private prlvaforlIlway railway railwa of
the company company 1 extends over over a > distance
of 15 15miles miles and meets at one on 1 end nd the
inclined Inclined piano of of Mount Pehtelicus PenteI Pentalicus cu I
The quarries In the thels island islandof l lmd md of Paroe
which yielded yelded the th beautiful be lJtlruIParlan Parian
marble marbletranslatcd translated Into the highest
form of artistic presentment presentmenlby by 1 the
genius of o the the ancient a nClentsculptorsl1re sculptorsrare
under the same control Other varie vane ¬
ties tteswhlch which the company excavate
comprise the manybued rnanyluedClpoJUno Clpolllno
I Skyros Skyro Tinosand Tlnosa Tinos and M Rosso Antlco ntlco
In Jl1splle n spite of our smokeladen atmos
phere blrC not a few distinguished arch
1tCI tciiX tcite have waxedenthuaiastift waxed enthxsiastic over the
c Isms of i marble for the exteriors of
great city buildings l1uldln If IfrOFBodley Mr rOFBodley G Pj F Bodley
the th Gree nr Greek Greek k var va v arietle ieties ie tr trM a are M finding An findin Mn g dis Q ¬
tEnet and increasing use In the build
Ings of Londons newe newer r rand and imposing
business edifices l
Marble and Granite Grane Quarrying
The principal methods of pfmarble marble ex ¬
traction that modern exper exper experience ience and
practise have evolved are those of saw
lug and channeling The former sys ¬
tem Is used largely In France Italy
and Belgium and almost exclusively excluslvol
on the Marmor properties In Greece
The saw itself is I an endless steel s teel rope
of three strands looosely lo osely twisted to to ¬
gether This cutter Is passed round a
drivingwheel and carried on guiding
pulleys from a power house at a high
speed The wire saw enables stone sto rie
not onjy ony to be cut from the rock bed
but sawn on the spot into blocks of
a handy size for export
What Is known as the channeler or
channeling machine Is in operation nt
all Important quarries in the United
States A locomotive mac machlneteed machine hine feed
Ing on a railed track and anlldrlven driven either
by steam or electric propulsion propulsl l It
consists of a row of ortong long vertical f fchis chis ¬
els set in a strong traveling frame
The gang of chisels cbIselsvlbra vibra te up and
down rapidly cutting a channel in any
direction dlrec tlonln in the tbfacoofthe face of the solid solldmnr mar ¬
ble ledge ledgeo or flopr floor
In In Aberdeenshlre granite areas
reach reachthelr their maximum THWRubYslaw Tli Ri1liislaw
aud Kemnay Kemn y quarries are the largest
sranlte bfacl granItequf te quarries qUt irn1es rjes ln lathe the UIlted Un ited King ¬
dom domand and have Iavoeach eac each h a depth ot 300
foot feotTharockis The rock is removed by boring
and blasting blastlngandasthe and as the material m terlalls Is
i blasted out outthe the blocks are lifted from
i the tlleworldng working face by cranes and cable
ways masses beyond the power > of the
lifting appliances being further furtherbroken broken
uy u as IstheY1leRockdrllllnglscarrled they lie Rock drilling Is carried
out by power drills either by steam or
compressed com comresse presse d air At v vthe the he Rublslaw
quarry a acomplote complete new alroompress
l Ing plant driven by a alOoliorsepower 100horse power
electric motor Is Installed for forworklng working
rock drills the pressure be being ing 100
pounds per square inch
Theory That It Has Much to Do With
QJalltles jaiitles and Capabilities
of Children
Do the qualities and capabilities of
children chlidrenvary vary according to the age of
parents varentsTDrCharles Dr Charles Reinhardt the
author of One Hundred and Twenty
I I Years of Life who raised the Inter ¬
lestlng eating question In a lecture on the
pro prolongation longation of life stated that the
theory was based upon researches of
i the late Professor Lombroso Follow ¬
ing up these theseresearches these researches statistics he
i isaid said had been beenobtnln obtained d In Boston and
other cities of the United UnlCedStates States and
I had been the subject of otexamlnatlon examination
I for the last 11 years The conclu ¬
I sions so far obtained are as follows fo llows
Great philosophers philanthropis ts
I poe poets ts and thinkers are generally
found on investigation to be the prod ¬
I uct of fathers comparatively advanced
Iin in life and not very youthful yo yot uthful mothers
I Successful generals gene rtls are usually the
offspr offspring ing of fathers who are men menf of
forty generals being regarded in the
light not necessarily so much muchof of fight ¬
ers orsas as of great organizers and men of
Intellectual capacity Brave and dar ¬
ing deeds are found to be done for the
most part by by byEontJ sons whose < fathers fathersno no t
so much the mothers mothersare are youthful
The lhechlldreu children of very young parents
are generally egotistic and selfish
and not deep thinkers tbln kers The explana e rplana ¬
tlon of the tholastorthesetheo last of o these theor rleslsllal ies Isia is a
leged to t be sa said id Doctor Reinhardt Rehlhardt Rein hardt
the th age of thefatber the father
Census of the Heathen
The Thl1mllllcas millions still unreached bythfl by the
gospel are these heseAsla Asia 42000000
Africa Afrlca70OOO000j 70000000 Arabia 3000000 3 OOOOO
Syria yrla550OOO 550000 the theslnaltlc slnaltlc peninsula pen nsu ia i j
50000 eastern Sumatra and adjacent
islands slands321i0OQO 3250000 Madura MaduraBa Ba li llnnll and an l
Lombok islands 2000000 Malay pen pen ¬
insula In su la 1000000 Total TO tal 113000000
I In In all 788 Protestant Protestantrnlsslonary miss missionary ionary SO so ¬
cieties are at work in Info foreign el n flo flellls ids
The annual annualcpmblnedcontllhutions combined contributions contributions
are arElU535000D 125350000 26350000 There Theieare are 5522 522 or ¬
dained m missionaries issionaries isslonarles982 982 phys phys physicians ic icians ians
2503 men lay aymls missionaries lonarles 540Q mar m r ¬
ned rledwornen women 4988 1 40S 1 968 Unmarr unmarried ied e dwmen w women pmen
or ora a total of ilS t9280 SO foreign miss mission ion
arles Therpjare Tbere Ther 1 are 5045 brilnined rilalned na ¬
tives Uve a aand92i and and92i and92i8unorda 92i8 8unorda unorda unordaine4 ined inelteilchers teachers
preachers iple IIrble IIrblewomeneto women womeneto etc The to
tel ta l living baptized liaptizedChrlstians Chris Christians tians are are
3000373 3006 73 adherents a dherents 5281871i 281ii71j 281871 The
na patlve tive gifts aggregate 2800000
Christian HeraW
Some SomeThat That Tl1atAro Are No t Nice
Toploy TopIOYDo i Do th they hve hlWenfcelteyrs nice fitejvs teWs In
your boarding house hous01
Tiling TlllngYesexcepting TilingYes Yes excepting those the
bonJera bAi er got getln In
I In l rla1IIIW1Q
Blue Mouse Theatre Theat
26th 26th and M MSts Sta l N NW W W <
Largest LalgestH Handsomest ndsomestan an d Coolest
Theatre T hea tre in ln Town I 1
Goo ood o d Vaudeville and an d Motion Mo t ton on Pictures Pictlll s
d A CordlalWolcome Cordial Wolcomo Extended ExtondedToVlmltorG To ToVI3ltot Visitors
H aC C Smith Manager IIJans cger
I Medical Medlc al inyaetjaatori In invsttatorsHave s tlgatm Have > Conclude d
That ThatPlentlful Plentiful Drinking at Meals
Is Distinctly Dfstlnc tly Beneficial l
Medical MedlcllllnvesUgatora Investigators have havereached reached
the conclus conclusion onclu sion ion that Instead Insteadof of being be1n
harmful to dr d1 d1n drink ink n k kquuntltles quantities of water
with meals H is 1sdl distinctly lnctly beneficial b neflclaJ
Recent experiments expe Jment along this lineare line are
describe d In The The New Newyor Yor Yprk k k1edlCJJ1 k Medical
Journal The writer says ay
Not long ago it was wa almost almostthf the rule
for physlclanslo physicians to discourage the habit
of drinking water water except In l1 minimum
amounts an ountswlth with meals on the ground
that the tiiegastr gastr ic julep juice was thereby th reby di ¬
luted and that digestion was waslmpalretl Impa impaired ired
and m d delayed de iayed This opinion lsBtlllheld Is s still held
loy D ymnny y many physicians p yslclansand and Is Is the pet
hobby of o tagreat a great many diet cranks
mJdcranltsprofesslon and nd cranks cranksprofessionhl professional ol and ama ¬
On theother the o other ther hand there therehave have been bee
inany I1 many ny who who believed belley d that thafan an appetite aI > petite
as widely w l1el distribu filatnibutod ted as the desire d slre to
drink at the Hmeolei1tInga time of eating an a a appe ppe ¬
tite tltescen seen seen In EO o many animals as nsVell well
as lnman in man whsn was s fi perfectly safe saf guide
to trust an d that It was was obviously n a
provision pr ovision of o Nature Nat lro to supply water
which was needed at this time
Recent t experimental experlme ntii evidence
seems to confirm confirm the latter atte view vlewlhe The
work of Foster and Lambert has
shown that water Is a distinct stimu ¬
lant to the the gastric mucosa and that that
Instead of the presence of of water In
the s stomach resulting re sulting In a dilute gas ¬
trio tllcjul Juice juicer e r ft it on the other hand handocca occa ¬
slons the thesec secretion sec retion of a juice of higher
concen concentration tration than under ordinary clr c dr ir ¬
More recently Fowler and Haw Hawk k
have made rnad a study of the metabolic metabo lic
Influences Infiuencesof of copious waterdrlnlclng water dr drinking inking
with wlthmeals meals A normal man man22ycnra 22 years
of age was studied studied for a a JJre reltmlnary Jlmln ry
perio period d and then for a period of five
days during which ho hodranlc drank three thre
quarts of water wa ter a day with his meals
The Theresult result s howed an Increase In
weight of oftW tw q ljl pounds lounds
Device DevccPaten Patented edB By ByAnOregontan An Oregotian For
the Prptectlon Prot ctlon of Hl His III Apple
Prc prehardi ard
In rntheco the cou 004try 4 ntry r a 1 il il sorts of homely
devices are used to catch catchthebugs catchthe the hugs
anlklU and IdlLtu t ma and prl ln an lrgo Oregon1Upa 1m 1mi i
who who probablyy probablyyhaa haa his apple l1r > le orchard orc hard
overrun by br brs some s > rriedestUctlv destructive species
patented Iatenteda atented a trap fpr fprthe for the pests
A barrel barre1ha has pieces pl MS cut out of the the
upper upperportlo portion had in dls is halffilled halfmledwUh w with ith
rotten or bruised br uisedapvlesor apples or some other
odoriferous fruit On top of the bar
rellsplacedapan rellsvlacel rd Is placed a pan 1 partially filled filledlwlth with
water oil or or some poisonous liquid
From the apex of ora a tripod trlp d that keeps
the basin from falling off the barrel
hangs a lantern
In Intlie the daytime the the insects will wlllb be
attracted by the odor odorot of the fruit and
In In flying fiylnguptofeastm up to feast many lnyofthemare of them are
likely to to fly into the water ater At night
the lantern is is lighted and bugs will cvii
come from afar to flutter against It
and meet the their ir ird death athln In the liquid Uquldbe be ¬
Nices Pumpkin Festival Fes tival
The pumpkin festival fesUvalatNlce at Nice Is one
of those thoseoldworld old world customs rescued
by popular sentiment slntlment from a gradual
decay that thatwasbastening was hastening towards ob ¬
liv IlvIon ion It is a celebration celebratlonslngularl singularly
unique in Inthit that the wildest exuberance exubera nco
of spirit aplrltalternatE alternate J with Ith serious cero ¬
monies representations of art and
prosaic business dealings dealingsa a celebra ¬
tion so quaint quaintand and so little like the
usual productions productomof of modern m odern mankind
that it It leaves leave one with the impression
of having witnessed a scene Idealized
upon the stage rath r rather thorthan or than an ac actual tual
festival of the present prlsentpr practical actlcal age age
Yet the pumpkin pumpklncl1stomunl custom undoubtedly loubtediy
reflects the c character l1arllcterand am and i Individual ¬
ity of Its Itsresl resuscltators iscltators the thelnhabltan inhabitants ts
of Nice whose w osed deep eprellglousln religious In ¬
stincts Inna te refinement reOnementoffeoUng of otfeoling feeling
and Intenseove intense i love of otlhe the beau tiful were we re
the underlying forces which prompted pr ompte
them to revive a time Imehonored honored custom
without the least trace of vulgar ad ¬
vertisement or orsordld sordid materialism to
mar Its perfect harmony harmonyWlde Wide
World Magazine
Fish Influenced by the Moo Moon
j A recent report ro port of the Scotch fish ¬
ery board boar d dmen men mentioned tioned a curious habit
which wJ > lchaccordlngtofisl1ermen according to flshermenr Is as ¬
soc soclated iated with with fish the phases ph ses of the
moon 1 it was was asserted 3lJsertedhavea have a very dl
rect connection with the willingness
of otfish fish to be netted
To fotest test this this theory statistics wore
obtained obtalned9f of the patch catch atch of herringsfrom herrings from
186Q 186Qito to 1900 with the result that the
biggest catches were found to have
coincided with new moon n on and the
smallest with full fuUmoon moon The report
suggested suggestedthata that a full moon enabled
the thenetstobeaeen nets to be seen much more easily
than at the thetlmes times of new noon rJoonorthe or the
crescent crescentphaBe phase or that the tides
which vary with wlththeiunar the lunar phases
were possible posslbl factors In the themptter matter
WestmlnstorGazette Westminster estm in8tor Gazette
Pedlers Pedl ra re Acre
iRmbeth Laml1ethEng Eng Old > ld Churcl1hls Church has
numerous historic monuments an and d in
one one ot or the t1i windows w1ndo wln4owsis ws i Is tl t tle e full length
1 figure of ofapedier a pedjor w with ith hIiIs his pack packlItatt staff taff
land an and d doff This is su pposed pposedtoropre to repre ¬
sent the thoI1 uakrjpwn za3r vfI11eraon person who wh present
ed Coding odldll ers 5V Acre ure ro to the parish upon
JcpndlUon ICOJlIIIU I cezcditfoa 4t iKftt llli1 Ma b s portrait p tralt and an that
lor to or Us IB J belpTpd > Ef1ofPllplulno canine companion CO11IllDl n
s flhouldbe t3hlOUl4 hou idba be prosarved preserv d iivthe church and
thAt thAthladOg bbs dogsstoould ohouldbe be buried la con
aoorated ecra tedtPOllJ1L Krouad
Palace P latePool 1ace Pool Parlor
Proprietor pro prletor o
I 1448 1448PStreet I 448 P Street N NI I W
Enormous EnormousCl1a Charges gesAre Are Often OftenJUSUfleli Justified 1
by years Spent In Acquiring
Great Skill SkU Ski
A great grea tmany t many people cannot under ¬
stand why hyprofesslpnnl professional professionalexperts experts cpertscharge charge
suc uchllI1ormous auch h enormous pr prices ices fo for their serv ¬
ices rfcy tiy an eminent emln eminentsurgeon ntsurgeonforex surgeon for ex
amply ampish y should i1ldcltarge c charge 5000 or orey even even n
10000 for a single operation opera tion or a
great law specialist speclallstUkOEllhu like Elihu Root
J2500 2EOO for a few fewhours hours wor work k in Incross cross
examin examining ing a witness
They do not nottn take ta kelnto ie Into consideration
that the tl tlesurgeon esurgeon surgeon has pent years In
learning how to perform quic quickly kly an and d
ifflclently 11lc ent1y the difficult dl11lcultoperatlon operation which
saves a life that might have been lost
In less skilled hands hand
Much lIuchOftbo of the training trainingof of the special ¬
1st Is to enable him to meet the un 1
usual the unexp unexpected ctc l demand d The
Surgeon trains for the tli rare operation
the possible posslbleemergency emergency He knows
that there are Um times s when It Is s plow
ing what the ordinary surgeon did
not think It worthwhile worth while to learn that
may save a life
There are surgeons now living who
never lever had a dozen emergency emergencycas cases cas es s
in all allthe1rexpe their exper experience ience which w hich called
into play playtho the utmost utmost power and skill s skill kill of
which they th y are capable but but1t it was
these few lewextlemelYdangerous 1 extremely dangerous oper ¬
ations ntlon which gave gav them the their ir great
reputation leputaUonand and enabled them to get
enormous fees
It Is not no t thegood the good surgeon but the
superb operator the man who knows
a little more a bout anatomy who w ho has
a little steadier stea ller iier nerve ncrvea a more acute acu fe
touch a little little better bettereduc education oD that
Is sought to toperform perform the delicate dellca teop op ¬
eration eratlonln In the th emergency E1mergencywhen when life
hangs by bla a threadSuccess thread Success
Pride P Pride lde of Panhandler Panhan dler
A professional panhandler ap ¬
proached proacheda a man crossing city hall
park says ays a aNew New York exchange and
demanded a nickel which the theman man
goo CO goodziaturedly dlIiBt d triaturedly redIYhande hande bandeti d f out saying 1 1
suppose SUpPOsGthatgoes that goes for fora a glass glassQbeer of beer
< tSurest t3l1r ureat at thing tllin ir iroUl you oUl kn know pw CWr replied pHqd
the thepanhandle panhandler unblushingly And
by bYthe the way WBYwhllo while wpare fre otthesu on the sub ¬
ject j ct I have Jiavenow iave now now in In1l1yposs in my posse poasess Vs s iojftwo1 IoIitW
n nickels ic kels Would you m mind ind giv giving ing me mea a
tencent ten < entplece piece for them
I i iI I will on one condition sa said id the
man manwhose whose curiosity curios ity was wile aroused
Whats What stheansw the answer er
Well you see Its this way ex ¬
plained the panhandler If I have a
dime I I go Into a as saloon OI on and andackfor nek for
beer i Ibave have a nickel come back backwhlch which
enables nablesme me to toaDl amble bleover over to tothe the free
lunch counter and fill up Maybe you
dont realize that tbatg ge getting tting change over
the bar g gives ives n a man man a certain cer t ln tone
that doesnt belong to him If he just
coughs up a n nickel ickel
Why HeMarrle He Married t Elsewhere Elsew here
Seymour SeymourWhywasnt SeymourWhy Why jvasnt vasnt Merlach
married in his hlson own owntbw tbw town ri
AshleyBecause Ashley Because every eyerymlnlsferln minister In
his own town refused to perform the
ceremony They all knew Merlacha
reputation reputa tio n
Seymour SeymourHis His reputation
Ashley AshleyYes Yes ho has the refutation
of never paying his debts de b bs s
Going One Better
In dear old ld Boston Bost ngulhed gushed the
maid from the Hub Ub we college collegeglrlil girls
are ilro so exclusive we webavelndlvldual have individual
salt cellars
Thats That 1I not so much responded the
woman wo mim from Arkansas Why down
In our home ii Btate i tate we are areso so exclu xclu ¬
s slve ive we have individual individual cyclone cy lone cel ¬
Nothing to Talk About
I dont dontsee see that Browns vacation
did him blmallygood any good
Why Whynot not
He hasnt had a word to say Ev i ¬
dently dentlyha ha didnt do anything worth
talking about about
More Than Innuendo I
Now what shall we have to eat old
man m n1
Nothing elaborate I want to dine
quietly tonight
Want to to dine quietly eh Walter
om o omit mit it the soup
Poor oorStayatHome oo StayatHomo
Gunner GunnerAr GunnerAnd And dyou you idont dont think your
wifes letters are as affec aec affectionate tionate as
usual Well you should make Tllakenllow allow
ances Rnces when whenahe she he is at the beach
Guyer Guyersadlyrhatsall sadly sadlyFbats Thats all I I do dlr
make allowances
The Real Rea l Job
I love you youdear dear bat I am green
and rattled and apd I Idori dont t know leno > hoWto how to
Thats all right honey hoaeyyourEr youre
through throu gh w with ith me Alljyouve All II youvegotto ouve got to do
now is to toasle ask papa
Still stillKl1ocklng Still Knocking
Mrs rrrsStu Stubb StubbJohr bbJohn John this this health healthrnaga maga ¬
sine zfneBta states tes that more nlOreM bac b phelpr hplors take
Turkish baths than married marrlodmen men
Mr rr Stubb Sttlbb smilingly sm smUiuglyWell l1lngly Well thats
nothing extraordinary Maria You
know kn ow there therear9 are are lots of otinarrled married men
wiVes wives keep them the m In 1 hot water wate r all allo of o f
the the time
Tru TrJlo Tr Optimism OpUmll1o
Old amoker Afwrall Jafl r nthol the best > elltJllpo pipe
la a a aclaypiDe clar cla1pp4t pip Whoa Wh nyoudrQPltrou you drop It you
noyer n Over have ha i jtp Q p pick ick It OD IJDJNg aFlguro Blgarp rQ
W We e
w t
7g 1 tD
rT = r rZi >
Attorney ttorneynnd and CounselloratLaw Co nselloratLaw
4g4 Louisiana Avenue
oc I1 Lewj J141J J141JJYashl JYashl g9 D
Joseph E HStewad Stewart
Attorney and
609 BOnFS FEN F st N I L Room Rm203 203
Sylvester 1 I IHcLaurin
rAttorn Attorney ynndCouDsellor and GounselloratLaw ato atoLaw Law
6O9FSTVNW 609f 609 F ST d NW N W
First Floor
Famous Edlnburg EdlnburgM Msetlng etlrg House Now
Swept 6weptan tan an and d Garnished With Mod
ern em Sta ta ta ined lncdGla Glass s Windows
and Monuments Monume rits
Come Comesnld said Dr DrSamuelJohnson Samuel Johnson
when h biJand and Boswell Bosw ell went to the
gnaf gnafchurch grwit church of St Giles let le t us see
whatwas what wan wa once onco a church As great
mediaeval mcdla v lchurches churches go go the collegiate
church cif c f St St Giles GUesnever never was wa very
famouo architecturally l1rchl archite te cturally says the tbeAd Ad ¬
vance v nce flio present structure structuredates dates
from the thefourteenth fourteenth century lis lan lan ¬
tern ttm tower r and the artful arrange ¬
ment of Its Inter InterIor ior pillars alethe are the
only features of Interest remaining
Here as aselrectivelY effectively as anywhere the
reformation rcformatloncreated created havoc and let
loose tho dogs dogsof of war The hammer
like lIIeoeloquenceof eloquence of John Jobnlnoxilvh Knox who
Ipreached t preached d here his 20 sermons a weak
each an hour or two long and andferrlllc terrific
In vehemence ve hemence smashed the theatalnad stained
glass laSB windows shattered the thecnrvcd carved
Images 11l1agesoffahltsbroleeJn of sa saints ints broke broke in pieces I1lep s the
priceless prfc lessfabrlcs fabr fabrics ics o of f f mediaeval art de ¬
stroyed d daltars a altars itars and ands shrines l rlnes In Dr
Johnsons sda day y tho thoscars scars were very vis ¬
ible IbfosL St SL Giles was occupied by four
distinct distinct congregations of worshippers
the great greatclmrclibelng church being partitioned id off
for forthelrcoi1venl the their ir convenience nce A prejudice prcjudlceox ex ¬
isted even eenagalnst against cleanliness In
c hurches The pew peVswept swept and
lined IInedH IInedrrled H cried nied Mess Johns wife my
husband hus band would wo uld think It downright
popery operyI Even Boswell adm admItted dmttedtbat itted that
the tbechUNl1wassbamefully chuwh was shamefully dirty
Since Johnsons JobnsonOtlmeth time the higher
aesthetic nes thetlc tas taste te of tnatlons nations the theappre appre ¬
c da iation tlon ot of mediaeval medlaev 1 art a rt first ftr8 tst1m1 stimu ¬
lated Ja lat ted d by yt yt1e the 1e Wa Waverley W avenley yerley novelsr no novels vels have avB
caused causedthe the att attempted mptlre restbraticn torntlcn of 9f
St Sti StGlles st i ptles Glles V The place pl e is ISwept swept and
garn gar garn1hedFhor ishe l he d There he E1l1r0l11od are mpderh modn rn italned t 1 ed
glass windows w indows q qand and monuments
abound The memor mem r ial otRo of Robert bert
Jfou J jouls < l is ls Stevenson Seve psonjsplliced la placed among
tlillslf itltis thVseo f f w Mo Montrose fbn ritros trose and Argyle The
warworn war worn banners bar bann nerso rs of tSc Scottis ttls h liregl regi ¬
meats give a touc tbuc touch h Iiof of ofr ofeo r color eo lor for the the
eye and a thrill to memory Here
Knox shape iltilltory d history Here HereJennle Jennie
Geddes threw threw her stool
A mediaeval church especially of
the Gothic type is not notw well l1adapted adapted to
the use of the protestant religion
There Is an incongruity In Inthestruc the struc
ture The great choir separated separa ted for 01 ¬
morly by bran an impenetrable Impene trable screen screen the th
many m mnychapelsfor nychapelsfor chapels for masses the ar ¬
rangement ra Dgemento of the tho building for a wor ¬
ship by the c iergyv clergy exclusively exclu lvelY with ¬
out referenco to to the thecomtor comfor t tor or con ¬
venience of the peoplo without the
j jldea idea Ideaof of an audltorjum audltor imforthep for the preach ach
lug of sermons make makfl1n on aw awkward kward
adaptation for modern peeds which which
will be especially especlallyo observed bl3ery d In l 1the the
cathedrals cathedralslnEnglandlhe In England The Scots
more more logical l gieal and andlosBconservative loss conservative
rooted out the screens screens and turned the
church Into a meeting meetinghouse house
Martyr to Science
It has been reported reportedtbatmore that tbatmore more than
five thousand tho sand members have bav been en ¬
rolled In in the Kiss Not NotH Notclub H club In hiCln Cia ¬
cinnati and that the club ciubhasrecelved has received
notice from from many places where whereslml s shut imi ¬
lar organization organlzatlonshave have been beenfoundedln founded In
the Interest of goo good d health A A teachr teach
er In an Indiana town who wished to t
enlist enlist the cooperation of 0fher her Crlenda friends In
the cause clusesent sent out outnclrcular a circular letter
and an d dreceived rece received ived among others this reply
Nearly two years ago I was so un ¬
fortun fortunate te as to bo kissed Itlssedby by a man
Whose lip was not entirely free of
germ foster fostering ing hair I I I experienced no
ill resultsup results up to tp the present time tlm and
should like to make further turtherlesearch research
I am perfectly willing wllllngtotalto to take the therls risk lt
in the aid of pf science sclepce should shotildthoop the op ¬
portunity portunl y present Itself
The height ot otatlluence affluence is In asking
your wife wlleour your own wife to totakl take a
spin in a hired automobile
Speaks Many Languages
Ellis island will soon have haven a lin
guUtic gulstiwonderyohowlllbe wonder wonderyohowlllbe who will be able ble to
understand pretty nearly all nUthewould the thewould would
be citizens w who ho land there He Is
Henry Gellitt of ofSt St Louis touloandhe and he Is
coming to t the nations n tlonsgateway gateway as wn a
representative levres ntaUve of the th immigration ImmlgatlonCOIXl com >
mission mls lon ot Missouri to direct dtrectdesirable desirable
aliens thither Mr Gellitt speaks speaksBlx s six
languages German English French
Italian ItaIl nSpnillil nSpnillilarid Spanish1 and Swedish Bw S dlshbesldfls dish besides
many dialects of 0tdlJrtJrentsectJon different sectloni ii iiot of
Europe uropo
Wont you tell me me something
about bout this report that you youprefe preferred red
Staying taylnghome home and darning PBrnlngsocks socks to
acting I1ctlngsaid said the Interviewer nt ITleVor
i Certa ln lnty iy 1 replied Miss Prilllngton
i iWbat What What material atorlal do d you advlia for
darmng dIU1fng1
phi Oh thats an easy asyql1elJtlon question The he
lates 1 latest es t style tYle of of o presu t pr resl su agents yarn ain
Layer Ley and nd Hi HUsband band <
A Affl rcoerye reooryod oo 4 d loTer i er It is 1 said aId always al a1a
makes makes a suspicious DUs > lcloW husband husbandQo1d Gold
lomltha L Lnuth5 ZllthII She h Stoops to toConquerl17at Conquer 1771 1173t
I <
Shoe SlliningParlofi Shilling Par1oi
For ladies LadiesalJd and Gentlemen
ffJawspaprs tewlpapersPe PBtjodloils PeodIo3Is odlC3ls anil an ndMagulne9 Magazines
Imported and IlndDomelUcUgat Domestic Cigars Las
810 810FJorida Flo FIor8 Avenue J 1 NoW N 1
The Th Forum Forum
An Ani d all IILed leadin Leadlnj njCllorodh g Colored Coloro Poi Fapcrs pcrs rs for sale 5nl
eCoaldYou L Could ouldYou You Do Bettei 1
Than wear wear au auee ico tailored slightly sllghtl1usod used
suit at aU i300 j300to 300 to 1500 and think
of o filiemoneYYou the money you save save Savoyt Sne
One Price Prlc
Jusths Old OlcfStand619 Stand 619 DStNW D St t NW t W
Painting P ainling Plastering Plarin Ka Ialo ltcmi mi hing in
Window WlndowShades Shades ades To border Order Or der
Prompt Attcntl Attention n
All AiiWorkGunranleed VVorkGuaran Work Gunron iced ce d
I 1 I 1400 Pierce Place Pla < Nor Northwest N rtawest lin
PhoneNorth4QJS PhoI1eNorth40i5
Davis Smith
Stationery an a d Periodicals dperiodi als
Confectionery Con ecfloneryand and
Toilet Articles Adic les
1020 You Street N NW W
1hono hono North orth 217G M
Silias Johnson
New Fool FO oran and ilBllil Bllilird rd Parlor Pll riO t
1721 17211 12 0 2 Seventh cvcnthStreet Street N K W
Introduced Introduc ld Into Rome From FrorriSlcll Slclyj
Their Shops Became the Re R ¬
sorts of the 1 Fashiona Fas Fashionable h lom itJ ble Ie
Professional barbers are said ta
have beenlnttoduced been Introduced Into 1ntoR Rome meby by
MenaS MenaSfrom i from Sic SIcilY ily of which Island Is iand he
wan waspraetOr praetor in the days of Cc Cicero ro
Under Und r rho the heeuiplre empire their shops In aoma
Inatances 1flstancsbecame became bec Detao faa fahlOflj hlonajic h honj onj k kl it TJW l Q ia t3
at I1twhlch w which hich eyery ver luxury c ih h > tolJ tOIlIt t
Was WI enjoyed ujo redi j and dlhe the sosiilp and hd uW4
of f Ro Rome 1le an an dad ii cli ttje tMor t ornplre pl9 We V Wet > ca ii j
cuised r The Theme means e On ns Itisary and An W i it
hessesOf D iiesses ssesOfperso of personaladofilmett personal 1alddoII11nett deti1nmt herein
carr carried ied to excess eX Oets sIB Is V 1mply niyly t li11IIO1 i oral
ized zdln In the pages of Tef9ice tiauus flIl UJ
Horace Juvenal Juvenaland and Martial il 0the
barber shops were more mor morp retired re tired as we
learn earn from the theannals annals of f the tbeEmperor Emperor
Commodus w whoi who ho having wearied at
times of the wholesale trage dies ilfe s so of o t
the Coliseum where wherein la armies and nd
fleets engaged engagedlumurderathlssavage in murder at his savage
behes tand t and being desirous of a nllttle little
humorous diversion used like the tJ2
Caliph of Bagdad In the Arabian
Nights tp disguise himself hlmselfandsall and sallyi
forth accompan accompanied ied by two or more moreo morei of
his favorites and having l1avl11 hired hlredn a bar
bers shop suitable for his purpose p rpose
would place one of his men at a t the
door to solicit custom Hav Havln Having tngl gl se ¬
cured a customer the emperorbarber emp rorblilber
would politely poJltelya11lx affix the towel t wela and nd ap ¬
ply vlythe the lather l theraUthe all al the Umekeeplng time keeping
up tip tipa a running fire of the thq th latest jests jelt eta
land land little IIttlovleasantrles pleasantries until the cus ¬
tomer and himself hlm elfwerealmostover were almost over ¬
come with laughter lau ght r Then the keen
edged edge d drazor razor would slip and nndtlmong among re ¬
grets gretsand and proffers of otass ass assistance stance the
noseless nosel ssvlctlmwould victim would be ass assIsted isted istet to
the rear rear of tl1oshop the shop where here between
threats threatsand and bribes he wa was kept kepffrom from
making a riot until one or two wo more
victims were added to the number and
Commodus Uredofhls tired of his demoniac
pleasantry was was ready readytD to return to tothe the
palace or the arena nrenaCharles Charles Ch rles Winslow Wlns ow
Hall in the Rationa NatlonalM IationaIMgdzine l Magaz ga1 ine
Asteroids Aste olds AIIMovlngln All Al Moving In Orbits OrbltsB Be
tween tw een Those rhos hose of hf Mars Mnrsan and d Jupi
ter tel Number 659
It Is related rel ted that when the one huu ¬
dredth asterp aster asterpid pid do or minor planet Ianet was wls
discovered dlscoveredrnauyyearsngo many years yearsngocnrtain ngo ngot t certain as
tronbmers toubmersorgalllzcd organized a acelebraUon celebration of
the event and that willie while the solemni ¬
ties were in preparation preparation two two orUirefJ or three
more mor asteroids a terollsvere were vero 1Ictedout ldcled picked out in the
sky by the diligent observers
These bodies bodlesso so far farbs as recognized
and offlcially mapped i now nownumber number 650
Theyallmbveln They meyall iU m move velnolblts in orbits between those
of ofMarsand Mars and Jupiter Jupiterand Ju plterundmar and may be elth
l leI er the debris debrisOf of farulned a ru ruined ined planetbr planetorlho l the
results of o f fnil an nil abortive aborUvea a ttempt ttemptotna of na ¬
ture turelo to form tormliplanet a planet
i The TJ > 1dovelolJwentolaI development of aatronomlcal ronoDllcal
photography has added large lar en numbers mbers
of these Ui theseminor s minor planets to our lists In
the Harvard observatory at att At Arequlpa equlpa
Peru Peruslxtyfollrseparate s ixtyfour separate asteroids I
Iwere were photographed 1 between 1898 and
1901 1901nildfor an d fortyseven ty sevenof of these th these se were
new discoveries
As may be imagined the num number ber of
these thes bodies is now go large that thatltls it it Is
a difficult matter to tell whether w hethe one
of them them is 1if new or O Is to be beld identified ntUled
w with ith a previous pevous discovery In In several s yeral
Instances Inst mc f mistakes of this kind kln 41ilr already ady
havo havebeen hhv been made ma de The swarm sWlrnLof of plane
tolda is Is santimerp a numerous sobBand ono and It has bo ho
come com a n k kind klpdofastroncimhal of astronomical sport to
pursue thoIl1and them them and pic pick k them out
As Aslr IhstrutijentB Sfrjll entl3 become bec > ml mOra power power 1
ful an and d metho methods ds mpr m thOre rl delicate delicate the
smaller smaU r bo b bodies dies dle o t the group w wIll ill be b de l
tected one by onennd one and adde added d to our
charts chartsr r Tho exact xactVa value Ju of ofuuc such suchills h ills ¬
coveries coverlesto to the science scioncaotastrooomy of astronomy
however is scmewhat scmew at probiematical t Drobiematical oblematlcal

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