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Library T TJ i11rar J of Conpress
I City I J
ii THE NA TIONfL lonwwa wjy FORUM
r I
The r main difference between betwe nciv civilized ilized man manand and the
savage ay ageissava is savages ges dont read
The TJlepo po pu lar i ideii lthut thai the lrcs Presiden l lcn cn t
can do tlrieer ever ything thing and an Congress CongrcssIUI iin y
thing th tho ing gets a bump when WI n the question it iK
asked aske How cailTli CI t rlus is Be Done Y
o There have bee ii uim niimberlesi mberlcssme me thods
suggested for tliepuril thelit ifcutioli jcii Ubu of the th ba l
lot in In tlio Soiith Soutl f thoukli houbji most niostof of tlie so
called calle remedies rcme leslllcniole are nffire pun l llllitive itive than
curative uratrwandproge8givo an d prpgiessive po litics do not
include metho ds of o f punishmen lJUuishllentm t In their
expression or ollIcUvity activity One will willvagncIY vague ly
te tell fl you that Congress can correct thu
evils evJI another aJlQtherIi1J aJlQtherIi1Jaythat v illsay aythat that cpurts cQurtss s houl hould
give g Yereme reine d rand and rcjic f None seem seemllblo able
to tod definitely flnltclr form a plan o f f1CInedla remedia l
MtioH ac tion that is IS not l anurchlstlclI anarchistic in nature
and tendency nor n ol to tOllppleelllto apprecia te this
limitations jthlcli thlch the theC Constitution nstitn tion of the
Un United ite States sets upon uponthc the general gov g ¬
ernment particularly particulllrlyhr hi its re lation to
the th States y
In these th sC days as there is a disposition
v to look too muc h tothe tothele Pc deral ernlgovern govern ¬
ment n eht for ever eyeryUllng ything lam liberal in the
construction constrl1e tIoli of the theConstitittion Constitution with
reference Tff rence to to Federal Fe der tl power but IanI I am
firmly convinced con inced that thaHhoonly the only safe course
for us to pursue < is to hold fast to the
limitation limita tions o of f tlie tl tl Constitution and to 1
guar d das as sacred sacre the powers of the
When the Presiden t tspokethese spoUc these words
he was w s not discussing politics in the
South mtll he hCIIUS was talkin tlliking g Conservation Conservll ti tin n in
Wisconsin but they fit 11ttho the case so well
that I give them here Kach ael Stale is
absolute in h n all il that concerns itself Hse lfialid arid
some some claim climthat that life Sta l1e te is supreme
and the general gen rnlgoYernmfnt government has on ly
suc h powers as tIle S State tat may de e lega te to
it it However Howevertile the will of the people is
the law and an all re forms must begin in
the spirit of the tqocitizcllland citizens and finally be
expressed in II the laws Illwspf of the tICStntc State
In each national election in the past pas
lew fewyel11S years the most progressive States St t s
hive hcvebeen lieen found solidly so HI Hy arrayed nrnyellilgainst against
those who ho hold ld toa tO suppress S 1 J press ion of the
fundamental fun amentallaw law of the land 1 1J These Thesefcw few
States have beencalled Democratic Democra tic When
these Democrats cease cas 1 tlieir theilevllpra evil practices Uces
and present pres nt to us some ideas coii cOlitalning taiiiing
means arid efforts toward good gool l lgo govern go vern ¬
ment then tlw we wenUlY may consider and nnden endorse en orse
them and act with them
What t tslia s slia ha ll llwe we do o to be saved
To show what interest intcrestoureum intcrestoureumJaigno onrcamnaign Jaigno o f 1
education e ucatlO1 is IS awa kenin g we publish pub I ish th tho
follqwiji gj letter l tterfroll1acorrcspon from a correspondent ent w ho
writes unl iinder lc the tlcr go > lll d fightin g nil name me Of
Crusa CFls der r > v vi i t i 1 Us i Y > < <
Mr w 1 1i o oj j
Jf M I ltf1 eISj i I Y inj6i01 IJmi lt
d 1 1M bI iI 1 r i 1 lt 1 1IJmi lQocr b
r p w wt wf11l t f11l l l ll l II
ov ug st I IIUVQIW r yltA i I 1 1
ran ks and help helphun turn tlie rascals s Bu u i itric Id
replace them themwithgoO vltli goo d l Republicans n puhlicnhs wiio
will marc murcli murcliU10lg h along in the Army Mmyof of Prog ¬
ress First irst of alls nll j we mutt oVganlzc our
forces f rces
HoW can youwork rou 1I0r k Within ltMn the ranks I
and turn the rasca ls out when the ranks
are commande cfJ1U lan de d by byrnsclIls rascals To vork ork 1
w ithin the he ranks you ou must obey ohcor or ders I
and andordersare orders are given by bYconunallllcis commanders and 1111111
the commanders c nuuanders1 I say SI1 are rasca ls In
that the they ImlCopl have proven lyen false In in every 1
pledge ple gw they have made for the last twenty
years ycars The he good Republicans have huv been
silenced ilence or crushed l just because we have
followed foll wcd similar suggestions as unoUlsfor yours for
the th last twenty tIent > years You say SI1 tha t
First Flrsto of all 11 11 we must ml1 t organize our
forces foreesDo Do rOllcall you call ahor a horde of auto ¬
matons forces flc s Of what effec t would
organizing automatons liavo t Take the
present situation s tnation for foremmpIc exam pie Mr trTl1 Ti ft
is is is1901t looked 1901t upon npoaasthe as the leader leallero o f one fac ¬
tion o f the Republican party lartymll our mod m n ¬
ern Caglins C a < lIos tro U nttlm attempting 1Pthlg to usur IIsnrptllc p tho
lea d o ar f the o other ther Suppose our mo dern
Cagliostro succeeds sllc ceM in be bciu in g proclnnn > d
the leader leadl ro o f the insurgfliits wha t ranks
would you ou advise Llri us to work workitl ill Mn 2111
Ta ft favors f lors dlsfrancli dsfrunchlsernei1t iseroeht ahd sajs
that he will not notnppo a ppo int colored men to
office mce in commun cOllmunltlt ities s Where vwre there is Iso o b ¬
jections jee tion our mo dern Caglios CagHostro tro used his
pen pen io to publish to the world worMan an infamous
lie regardin g the co lored fOJelso so ldier in Cuba
he Ileu used spdhii his pen to todisgrllcencarly disgrace nearly 200
colored so soldiers ldiers and to show ah w the work 110111
I I ings ingsof o lils 1IIsilnm ungra tefuand cowardly cowall1 henrt henrtl
lie waited until untilnfter after the election elec tioit to pro ¬ i
mulgate his Infamous infall1ousor order er Shall wo
work in the ranks for forl e ither of these
men Every Republican Nationa l l Con ¬
vention for the lMt 20 years stands Ma as < a
monument 1 ionu ment of per fidy to t tho colore c lore d voter
Yet In the face f iice of these monstrous
wrongs we are a eal advise lvi e d to work ii i the
ranks Jews Tell do 110t no t serve in the ran ks
of any anyoneptylri8 oneptylri8 one party Iris hmen do onotGrl not Gci 1
mans do o not notItnlluns Italians do O not no other
people p poplebut oplebut but ours do Jt IJtI is tlnio to sto stop
it 1t and that growing element elcinenton yon speak
of intends intell1 b t to stop it if there js mi ounce
o f reason in tIHliin the bra in of tlieIJ1 tlie prcson n t nnt l 1
coming eOlllin colore cololetl d man nUIIIoro To be the theslllve slave o f
one party and anl lthQ the foe fo of Another i is i
ignorant and fatal politics po litics 1 It Is Is ns Ij I
muc h JIbur our duty dntrto to de Meltt feat tnemles nemie in tli Ill
Democratic partrns pllrt uS ItiS in il1tha the Hepubllj HepuMi
can party and that we in tend to trrto try to
Hers Her is i food foo d for thou ght I Iwill will com ¬
ment 1ncn later n >
< i
Would Would Vote for the Dev il
In my my Iirstrea first Reading of I1 the thI report l 1rtof of
the National Po litical League TeIl UC he lehllc ld re
cently at Atlantic ltlunticrity City N j r the state ¬
ment i As A tp myse lf I would vote ote for
the devil If If I thou thought ght it w v6Ulc ultl l help
iny my race Tlila repor repo rt t has been b en reprint ¬
e d j by hya a syndicate and published in a
num ber b r of journals and I fee fe el l compelled com pell ctl
to call ca ll nttentlonto attention to this matter We
find fin this statement in what purports to
be the annual IId address re s o f f President PIesll lcnt A
Walters Noiv Nowione > one learne d I In II Div Divii lll jt
law as Bishop IlisJiopWa Wa lters is Imos1n knows an d
must have for forgo go ticn that no goo go oo d thing
can cn i icome come from the ev ev il ilone one and while
lie may not have huvemennt meant litera lly speak ¬
ing in g gwhat w what hat he II said slti the e enee ffec ts o f such
speech as a tli this is upon those who may look
to him for guidance guicJu ice may mayclUS cause men not
verse d in the philosophy of politics and
who vho take rejlgion re ligion as a 0 < matter of faith
a lone to err in inludgment judgment anda andutlon ton If If
nishop I1isho p Walters w1I rsmean8to means to typify t rrify the th >
ijemqcratlo lemQcratlG party as the devil vl1 I agree ogre
with Mm but iiriiHt II t s top io think on Jhe
I Vets Abr aham nm Linroln linr ln lI nt dS dSd dSne Sv dney d ne yMlt M W
The IndewndHvt Jn ernd > ntPoUti ntPoUtilll Political lll League mjZue held
a Inr tii elln > tin < THMtlay l e daY nleht ni oht at Tula Uef n arro ¬
ws IB Hnll Ha ll < of thia hill City ity It li suppojad BIPl1Gi d
that arrangements aIInng menh were re made ma e for fOIU a big
moss meeting l1IectlllgOetobcr October Uth nex t The
principal feature fe1 l lre re o f the pro gram was tsa a
hammer ltulIlI1elthrowlllg throwing g contest htestwitli witli Colonel Colo el
1 Roosevelt ltooseveltns as the mark
It tseems seems that the gentlemen were no t t
sufficiently su iclcntly or ganized ganizetlto to have prepared a
definite line IIneofnction of action or to express an
jinity imityof of idea One said sail l it was time to quit lull ull
Ij Ijtlie I tlie Republican party IJatranothcr another rep lied l iel l
that po no Negro could afford IItfor to to be bca a
Democrat whilemnny while many more moreclau clnniored ored for
prpgrosslvoness 1Ilpgrcss elless insurgency and reform
Polities l 1Itlcs make strange bedfellows bedel wSf
but by no nQ combina tion tiOlof of circumstances ces
coullithesleeping could the sleeping arrangements ba such
that Sydne Sy ne y Mudd lu could couldb be place jJILleel1 d be >
side Bl e Abra ham Lincoln Our gentleman
said saidh h The tiine lias liascon come le Vlien whenthg ths
Amer A ICJjcan ican Negro must forget fOI fOIl l ct Abraham
Lincoln an alu d l Sydney MmM fudll You may
forget Abraham Lincoln the theeman enmnaipator plltol
but if you are Amer Am ericlllIsun icans 1 and be lieve in
the things tliingBAmeri America lt is striving strivillgfor for you
cannot forget Abmhall1 Abraham Lincoln the
c hamplenlf hampion of human liberty and human
rights the theshrtesmltn sta tesman whoso whosecon conception cptlolof of
equality c ualit in the th body politic po litic and before bef rc
the law was wlIst1Ie the highes t aud alHltru truest St this
ago has produced prol luce In the m minds inds of men m 11
iv who ho aspire to the h be tterment ttermeutoftllClr of their
ifellowmeii ce llollmcl and andthe the ir heountrythe country the name of
Lincoln grows grow 1 dcnrcr cllrer eac h passing year eal
Negro NegroNews News In Whi White ePapers Papers
i One of 010111 our most mostlelld read comics has a
cartoon in hilssl1e issue Se ptember jJte mber 3 presenting pr cSenting
a ItIJlUo paro dy i1 on Liheoln Lin ohr Knianc mano ipiiting ip in the
Blac ks from the statue In Lincoln Park
ill thi this c city ity Opposite to this is n a
travesty u upon ponthe the parody par y entitled Jo oJin hn ¬
son soil Humiliating the Whites Uncle rSam Sam
Stands before efore this last presentation IJlcsenta tion in
o penmouthed am amaze lze and a in the distance
are the thecllpitaLul1d capital n hd Washh Washington gton monu ¬
ment The Thetitle title for this thisgemo gem o f fn a car < ¬
toon to on is Fifty iJtY Years Ycn rs Ago and Now No
j Why WhyJl1 Judge gepllblUlic published this thing we wecn ca ii
not tellj teU unless they thought that there
was ft real hum iliation an 1111 d a consequent
elevation in illthat that nowl1curforgotten now hear forgotten prize
fight fightf f
The fhenppcrc upper c lassincii lassmeill l of Howard Ui ji
versity sent out a I cireular l letter ttersome some
time Im ago ugocalli callin g gatte attention ltlon to this l par
tlcidar sort ort o f fJollIlInhslllUnfortnllll journalism l Unfortmii i te
Ir j the thogentlemcn gentlemen took d ripoiutofvI91 po int of vlw
calcula ted tonntagonize to antagonize the theforcesthcy forces they
sought t ti i to tQwlist en lis t nndi were Icr not notso so Accurate Icculnte
as astJley they might mlglthnve have becii J cel in some 801ll state
mcnfs bit their t leiI main maincontelJtinns conten tions were
correct as n th thn the a bove oe inc hlC ident sho Sll pIS es I I
hftve l1 we callcd attention att ntion fcveral verultimeto tihies to
thisttcla s o f jolmialismi j IIIIIiI Il1j H Hvith vith tII tlie only Onl y
lilili hopaStha litit t F Fo bur o r rei i li idcrs t j Av6ilil v lllil see eo the
fc sslfy rtlis e 9 9I I 11 gU Jg Jgp Jgtl p tl t n I 1I1IJ 0rt
fl hfffit Orkln I1l9 JnstiN
iJi wir PI
l 1 1
i i c illsiiono His Honor rJhe the Barber B rber
lip is snll1jng among us 1sngain again jir Ir Dudley Dli l Is is
and he I brought roughtQnoagglJga one aggregation tionof of tdont t ellt
cliieftcst or ehie ftess rsltiier is Madame
Aids Overtoil Wa lker Uerwho who is brighter
more c harming and nnl l In inbet1crvoice better voice than
e llel ycr before In a little talk with her a
few f days ago ngos she IlI expressed eJIHess l great inter in ter ¬
es estllI1d t and pleasure in her part lurt111 in this show
and andtbink thinks it Itwillcertalnlyrankwith will certainly rank with the
favorites of the season Mme Walker
has hnsscwln severa l l ler verV er goo Jo d dsongs BOiuS8uc songs sl sle e h ns
Golly GollrAint Aint 1 Wicked l Porto Rico
The y Call Me l111Shinc Shine It gives ives mo
pleasure to state tatethn tha tou t our Ford Dabncy
is tHe com poser 1 o of ofn f n il three t rceo o f these thes
songs The com pany ha a fine finecol1eo collcc
tion tionof of voices hi chorus chor s an d tlie ir pre ¬
sentation senta tlon of No Use Working All the
Time is dec t le ci idedly edlplensllig pleasing This c horus
is composed co illposel1 by b James Tim im Brunini DIummor or
Jim Ji l Tim Jlmwe we might say sllrwho who composed compos l r
mosto f fthech the choruses lm and incidental music
for this production JI uetion Mr Du Dudlcy dley 1 deserves I leserve
great grc t credit for forth the effort he has s pen t t
in the detailso detail o f cOlutuetionto construction to ma nuike ke
this pro ro duc uc tlo htlie pleasing pleasingJll ploy l it I is
Went Too Far
Yeast Yeastli Do you thlnlttbere think there is a
penalty peilaltyfor for lying Crimsonbeak
Sure I I knew a fellow who whodlslocat dlalocat
cil his shoulder while stretching but
I his hands to show the size of the
flah he h cla cl imed he had hadeau caupht ht
Summer Scheme Scho i1e
Sim youve got a lot lot of old Junk
around the store that you dont want
Yep And theres d dlot > lot of wlmmen
i ilit at the hotel just bored to death dea th for
lack of excitement excll rnent Well Why
dont you hav havo a sale sal f
Educational Educational Discipline
Most persons yill fttid difficulties
lad llli hardships enough enou b w ithout t tseeldng seeking
them let them not repine but b ttake take
them as asa a part of that educational ells
1lp lpIlne iihe necessary ne cessary to tol1t fit tbe tiie mind to
arrive nt its highest good golidCharles Char les
Bray Bro
Very Likely
She Sheu SheTlla u The authoiltOalesoUhe author anoaks of the vil ¬
lain having havlngslllftysu shifty suspicious plcous eyes I
wonder Jand r what ha t Jtind Ind they are I re He
IJ IJCrosseyes Crosseyes I I guess They are al ¬ I
ways watching eac eachotller b bother other 1
View Iew of o f the Immigrant
Irishman lrishniunto to ward leader How
long do I have haNto to be beafter after llvin in
this country co ntry before I can steal without
gettin into in tojallLife Jallr Life
For a Clean Ce Cellar llar
When whitewashing a acollar collar add a
tablespoonful of carhplic ncldto ncldtoevery every
pailful ptllfuloHhe of the whitewaah This Is Is the
beat purifier pu rifier you can have s
Unnecessary Effort
One never has to pu t tsltlt salt on the tall
of oUrou trou ble In order to to catch Jt
Rats Ratllas as Human Foodi
Rats are eaten by the natives ol 0
Northern Northern Australia
Repe tition Forbidden F r bldden
Tomorrow never comes co mes neither n lther
does dOeoY yesterday sterdllJ i
8 si
By ByJ Miss lss Miiry fllr Curtis lIrtis
Itev le Dr C H HStepteuupresI Stopteau presiding lng
elder I cr ol < the Potomac District of th thu
Baltimore UnltimoreGonferenee Conference 1 preached > reached at the
Me tropolitan tlollo litan A A MEChurch MoE Chllrchon on Sunda SUU II Y y
morn 110rn ing lll g and an evening On 911 Monday Monl hlyc even veu
ig Ig he held Quarterly QuurtcllxGollfcr Conference nce at the
above named IlIlIue churc churcll li
Key W S Drummoiid of ofthclh the Ili ili l i
dclpItIIlConfertllCC delphja Conference was wasaviltitOl a visitbivnt It the he
Quarterly Conference c Mbndaynight bl Iny l gh 1
Miss Mollle lIo llie Coins GO lIS of 1444 1444Q Q s sJrech treet 1
N K W WlIIid aiid Mrs Anna II Hopkins IJ ldns of 12th
street N W Wi > returne d tdtliQcityMoii tb tbQ cit 1 Ion
x day y a fter a tworeeks stay alpngtlic ulplIg thJ
j shores lJfthe of the famous l lti US 1otomac lotomucl1iss Miss
Coins is somewhat indisposed iv ilt t present
but butl1e we wish for Jiera ICrll speedy speedylocOVeIY I recovery
Mrs KV Berth DelthaulI IJurst i is s wifb v i oof of the tli
financ ial secretary secr t ry Jtev tev tevD tevl Or D l John J inII Iliirst lrl
lias returned l to tlie thecltytiftera c ity after a six
j weeks visit vi i t 11 i llaltimore JaltimolennlI nnd Leters blirg
M i I
IIrS Irs Fannie 1 unlle llobins 1IobiiS pfc of l 108th o SUl
street trcet N V Vletllnel returned l to tothe tlie c c ity tyWcd Wed ¬
nesday nes ay a fter spending a amonthwitlther niontli with her
mother and anl tother other relatives in inmclu Richmond l nd
anil lIuUvicinit vicinity
Chaplain 1 Qscar sCUl J JW W Scott Sco tti former
pastor of ot the Met A M fECllIIl 13 Chiirclv hthis this I
I city arrived from Columbus GoHunhllsOhio Ohio Moii
da a y yI1omrng morn I1omrng ing at 1105 11 05 Chaplain 1 Scott
is the picture 1ictu e of hea lth l h He was con ¬
I veyed reycdto to the financial tlllllilciaidepnitmcu dcpartincn t tih in u u
tax ica b I I e is en el11Outo route to the U M 110 C
which whichwillconvene will convene hi iii Baltimore Md
next pcxt week Chapla in 11I Scott got gothislellv his leai
in III June for four itioii mohths ths After burying
ihis his father in inOhio Ohio he le ft ft for Washing ¬
ton and Baltimore
Chaplain Sco tt ffw w ill preac h hattho attho at the
Metropolitan A AlIf 31 K Church M street
N XW XWon W on Sunday SmHIIlYlllornlllt morning September Septem er
i Illthl llth at Jl 1ocloek oclock
He will wi1e deliver e liver hiSi famous lecture on
the Philippines hiHlpinlsonllloh on onllloh Monday ay evcnliiK elcn ingnt at
Metropolitan MetropolitnnA A ME fEChurchj Church Septem ¬
ber rtll He has hasol oiio o hundred ami fifty
s lides lide whic h were wer made in the Philip lh iii p ¬
pines pine After Her att attn n dlng the B il lrO C be
will willre re turn to Columbus COhll lbus Ohio > vheru
Mrs Scott and tIle c hildren luhlrenulonndJle are arid pre ¬
pare to l reac ae h jSiio slokane feano Was Washingt9n01l hingtpn on
the first of CfOc Oc tober tol er
Mr T t E Biirton o f 1300 130GGs 4 4s s tree t
N NE E will w ill leaVe next week for the Ap
palachiau Exposition yhic h convenes in
KnoxvilUvTenn Knpxvi1le renn He has has2 2 patents whic h
ho 1iJI wis is hes h s to tl eli exllibitln ibitaii improved win
dow JO screen and a fue fuel l box
Mrs Mury llIr iGri E Griain in o f 130GG 1300 Q s tree t
JT Ei g has re turne d to the city citrlIftiI after
geridin ap I 1rJIP several scveriilyecl weck in i sunmier
sc ho01mNelI to i 1
11 t
> e r 1
The s tewards o f Mt Zion Churc h Lees
burg fa held la a fiftycen l t joint rally mil
Siinday Shn ar September Septel11 I 4th for the pur ¬
pose of raising 5000 to de fray the ex ¬
penslsof penses of the de e legates to t the Kpwprth Bpwort 1
League District Convention held Su p
tember7tlii t mber 7th11110 1010 The assistance of tha t
l linv inv incible hi lble o phi ld WUI rir horse in The Mas ¬
ters trr Cause J L G Moore was IIISIl a guaran ¬
I tee tee of the success of the ra rnll lly as more
than the amount asked a ked for was ra ised
Itey Moore guvo quite a un ique enter ¬
tainment Pocsin and nJHlh hymns mnswriUln written by
himself and m11 1 papers IJapcrsoll 1 on questions ques tions of the
hour being read renditm1sllng and sang by ladles la les
selected l from tlie audience Rev ncv Moore oore
preached prcu chela at tbo bo th morn ing and l1nl l afternoon ft Inonn
services His subject in the afternoon
was the Citcfiin Cuc lInber ber He liked this
I pala alatnble table but dangerous dl ngerous vegetable wgc bble to
lifes fS follies o IHcs His remarks were pla in
pointc tl The audience s howed how d the ir ap I
precldtion PJec ationby by repeate repei ltel d l lUppbU8 applause Rev
Murray Iurlll the energetic pastor Ihist r is to be
congratulated On n the success of his e f ¬
Invitations are out announcin g 1 the
marriage of 0 Miss lI1S Eun ice Terrell the tl100nly only
daughter of Mr Ir and Mrs Irs John N Dors
tel to Mr Joseph Howard Holmes of
Manchester New Hampshire on Wednes ¬
day Se ptember the 14th 14thIttho ivt Ittho the residence
o of f Mr and Mrs Dorster Miss Eun ice ic I
Terrell Dorster 1st an only daughter I an IU1 < d 1
a 1 charming young lady In yiulI nnd flatteringly tllltte ingix
po pular pllll1lamoagh amon < her r se t Mr Holmes en ¬
joys a lucrative Inrrltilepos pos ition in his hi home hOlllctown town
and In is we ll thought o f r They rl1 w liill ill be I at
home to their frien d ds after December D lelllber the
1st htl at l 00 We bster b tcr street strel t Manc hester
Js N V H
Wanted Exper l lcllced ienced Coo C o ks Wait ¬
resses Laundresses IJllIIlll lresses Must Iust bu firstc tlrotclass lass
Wages Wa es 20 to 30 per p pCI CI month Agency
1325 O street > W 1
Prof J p Lo Logan gan w ho is visiting visi ting
fr friends lcnds inCulpeper in Culpeper Va was in town for
It short sta stay y this week Prof Logan re ¬
turned tur ned Wednesday to Culpe CuI pl per where 111ere he
will s pend l > end the rest of his vacation
Vis it the Mnceo l1ceo Theatre for clean up
todate performances Mr 111 Geo G o Rich ¬
ardson who lias ha Iltll d l charge o f this t11 thca
tre since July 18th has vastly vtstlylmploled improved
the program nnd amInow now pllers the public pnblie a
nice clean Wll 1 > 111 Cio and patronize him
His theatre is not in the h trust tU t there henJ fore
he h has hMllu an entire chang o f pictures every eYer i
night IIlT ht
I Mrs frs A L Duffin Dn ffin who has been visiting
her mother and father fll ther Mr and Mrs Mr
Arthur Lucas returned l to Ba ltimore last
Wednesday Mrs Dullin has been spend spenl l ¬
ing the last two weeks here
Mwsrs i 0 H Hi and P P Stewar t bf bf
OcaU Fla Flastoppelloll sto pped oil en e il route to the th
B DMO M C at Baltimore Ba ltimore They l her report the
con ditions o f the colored l people in Flor ¬
ida i a as is prosperous lro perous nnd nnl i improving hnpro ing Mr
P J P Stewart la in the postotlice po totliee depart ¬
men m n t in that thl1tcity city
Mir t Arthur AJth tllLCI1 Luca wMi IYh has been spend SIJe 111 1
ing some time in Frei Uricksburgi Rluh r
mond an d other Virginia po ints lutsof of inter ¬
est eatreturne returned to us looking looJd as brown as lSU a
Mr II Robert Cpatesthe CQntcs the inventor of the
patent pt1entl pt1entlrakli brake rakli td t preel prevent it disaster islstels from
riuiflwiiys has been inv ite tcai d by Mr H
M < Oreen r gu pvesident I e3ic1el pfthe of tlio Appalachian A lp luehlnn
JE EpoKltOItJIisedpl1hls > positiontp sendJii his pa a tent t nt in m order
that thiltft1l it l iiay 1aybei be pu OIL exhibition nt the Ex l x ¬
position t sitOIi I
Ihowit Vali d l r W Washington si sil l hlgtpn the sketch sJetc ll
team at 111 tfijfiMeeo triO lfcco Jllstweek list wcek PlU made e quite qUi te
a hit They do a nice dcI c lean n turn tUll1ana and
can bo bo apprec p l brlited ia led in their Work yolk They 1hc y
iiro iu01Vd Vd9hiiiWbh hit m boys bYIald > und wliije l jlle the y are
far JroIl1 frofi icb < b ing 1I1giin finished l1te artiss rbs f ff f they have
a future Jifjre fefpro the iii r it 1he they will work
iiard har 7 i
Mr f JfiS y Javjdsoitlie > nl1h ithe acting manager
qf ot the the1l1nnehn Miiineha ha hll1S is a acartoon cartoon ist of no
riiea r rl l n ii iinljllit nbilltvjaiidSnie 1a IsQjl of Il hIs ls wo york rk will
bo JO be b fpre tliejrWashiilr tlcdVllshiijgton plblle shortly
JOtthib foi 1 thufKruni tulII
1 Mr lIr Howard q Rpbliison 9bill I1 w lio i lust year
graduated grtdua te J from Jm Obfrllii 9 9e e flhtCo Colle llrgo ge with dls
tinctioii tilctioni tilctioniisnll1ong is isnll1ong among tho yis visitors ltors to oUr o r
c ity Mr lhlt1 Itdbitisonis in on is dividing il his ls stay
between his brotiierjof the athletic and
gridiron fame fpm JI at 4DOU 116 Ush stree ctN t N W Ws s
and liibsistqr hIs sitQr of 1142iflth 1142 IlIthsticetN street N W
The lhea lattcr t r is lsone pne o of f our ur hiosttellicient IlIos ellicient lady
c ler h ks Iii hithenulIfors the auditors office at the Post
oillee building 5 j
Prof Pr of J JJ J Just lias husnehie nchie ye eil il the pleas ¬
ant auttlistlnctioll distinction o f having jjetn Ue n the first <
to toca ca ll llto to the atten lion o f thi t j Bureau llurenuof of
mologicaII1es Biological Research 1lelin j at t the th Agricultural glicllitural
Departnient the fact that tho the heads of
butterlish butterll h are infeste d wit tn tapeworms peworms
That 1hatthis til ls appears apPc ls toha to Jiavo been a 11 dis ls ¬
covery cier or some impbrtance indeed In ee is Isat at
tested to by the fact that it i has been ac
ccpte d as a nsc sc ientific fllCt factiby by that De ¬
partment and an the ev ev1 il resu reS Its like ly to
accrue IIcerueJhele tlieru from have been given to to the
gcnerji generJlI i pu publil blic by that department of the
government govcllumntW W < t congratula c9ngratulale le Pro f Jus t
but this is no more tiuin wd w ha Irm d lexpectctl expecte d
o f hlm hlman > and in fac t we would woul have been
sndly disappo l i is s lpp intel lhad ha d nottlie 1I0tu c professor
achieved some such suclilI1iquo Unique distinction
Rev L rVJlshi Washington gtono o f r 1021 13th
s treet heetN NV W member mcmliero o f f the Senior
Class o f Theology Theologya a t Howard University
is holding ho hllng tent services scrvicesat at f Deanwood
every Sunday SUIllII1rHo He is meeting l with
gratifying gratif ing success bo th Ill point o f fat at ¬
tendance and nlll1 money raised towards towar s the
building of o a place pa qof o f Wor vor4hlp l1p He has
succeeded suecec ed in 11 raisin g 14400i 144JOl toWUr toward the
building Ui lng fiind f illI After A ftel pay iaiI in g tlie ll expenses expels S
ihc IIIcIC ii lentiil lcntnlto to the holding holdlllgIt or the IC mectirigs
he has 7277 le ft in the Milding i ill lI ing lUJu fund l
deposited in the National NattolUl1 NattolUl1lIyings payings lIyings and
Trust lrlJ Conimnyr northeast nOI h t cohier of Iflth
street an and d New York Yo rkaWI avenue I t 1
b i it t iiitfsi i i I un i c i
i gt i i31l 31l t f Vi iJ
th the 7J Ioo Oo f fI fSt7Iiil I St7Iiil St J lleof iofWfl9hiiigtoi < W hillgto rby i by
raro financial fth l1cialski1l l1cialski1lnttd skill and industry has been
successful in purchasin g a home at the
corner of 13th 13t l and U Ustreets streets N Wj T
No 1024 024 13th street This assoc latioil is
actively engaged in efforts to centra lize
and I1lHlnuify unify the ir or gan iza tion which has
about ail llt thirtyseven counc counc ils and about
three thousand members iit this city An
earnest o f the intent and a bility biit o f thc
association as cia tion it is learne d l that they sold s oll l
shares enough lIl1u ll in the ir association to
make maleu a cash castl purchase mlchaso of this elegant
home They w I ill II give g o a house wann wllrl11ill wllrl11illo ing o
and lawn fete August 20th
The Maceo Theatre at llth and an U
streets NV N W Wi w ill present next week Mr
Colcman L I ill lillor nor the eminent black face
comedian comN lInllwho who will w ill delight the audience
In Il his ls own inimitable manner There are
a scries s lies of very interesting moving pic ¬
tures given ew cMhnight h night
Pew Knew Great Author
Thackerays literary work did not
help him much when he h sought to
enter the house ot commons The
Rev RellFrederlck Frederick Meyrlck In inihls his Memo
Ties of Oxford tells of a dinner given
when he stood as a Liberal for that
city I remarked to him that his
must be a special experience as he
was was known n by fame to most of those
whose votes he canvassed canvasse Now pc he >
said saldiayl laying Jg down his knife knlf and fork
and anlli i holding holdh g up a linger there was
only one man III an among all that thntlwcnt went to
see who had1 hadheartl heard ray name before
and an he was was a a circulating llbrlarlan
Such is mortal fame That was In
1857 ten years after the publication of
Vanity Fair FalrLondon London Chronicle
Handed Down From the Past
The fearof the dark ark has lasted long
after the reas reason gn for Uiat hat fear has
gone Just as the dogs habit ablt of turn
Ing round and nd round before he lies
down to tosiee sleep has lasted l since snce the
time when his ancestors thewlld th Wlld
wolfdogs used us ed to turn round rou r d and
1 round Iii the theqeep < leap drifted leaves o 01
the forest to make warm sheltered
1 beds Jt K to sleep In The habit has lias lasted laste
long after afterthenoed the need for It Is over and
on the smooth hearth the dbg og still
Jurns urnllround round and round lounl l
Peculiar Church Ornament
mmbeth Old church churc h has hainumer numer > >
oua historic monuments and In one ol
the windows w hulowsls ls the full length figure
of a apcddler peddler with his pack staff and
dogi dqgThla This Is supposed to represent
the tbeunknown unknown person who presented
PeddlerM Acre to the parish upon
condition that his portrait portra it and thai
of his beloved canine companion
should bo preserved Jescrved In the church and
that his dogshould dog should be burled In con ¬
secrated ground Pall Mall Gazette
Fascination of Golf
Tvo eard of Nero aplaylng on Is
fiddle sir when Is Isome ome was aburn
ing said the landlady putting down
the local 10cnlpaIer paper but this ere re game of
golf ol must be the most fasklnatlng
obby In the world Ive Ivebeenreadlng been reading
about the fire fir up at the tbegolfground golf ground
last la t Fr iday and It Itsas says The fire bri ¬
gade gadeilpromptlyresponded promptly responded to totbe tho call
and wha whsn ri darkness la rlulcss closed in they
lyoro worestlI1 still playing upon the rules rt1h JI b 1
the clubhouser clubhouse Gof Illustrated
Although the sc hool hoolcollegesanl colleges collegesanl and l uni ¬
versities are pouring forth a stream of
graduates every evcryycar year and the problem of
what w l1at shall be done with this ever in ¬
creasing yearly yenr y output grows more diffi ¬
cult it is iseaJh iseaJhI each day I more evident tha tl n t
a bility and merit me rit will make 1 place for
themselves The recent appo intment of
Miss Alice Porter Murray ono of our
mos mos t Intelligent progressive and am ¬
bitious bitiousyoung young la dies to the position o f
teac her in Sunnier High Sc hool hoolItt at Cairo
111 is is a proper acknowle dgment of her
ability and spec spe cial ial fitness for that posi ¬
tion for which she has spent a lifetime
in pre paring pllli ng
Miss Murra InrllY y is the youngest daughter
of Hon P II Murray e editor of the St
L TAuis iuis Advance dvl1ncc and the n iece of Mr E
Murray hllray the caterer of 1210 U street
N W Washin gton D C with whom she
resided I durin I g her attendance atten ance in school
and college coll gc She graduate gm uate d with high
honors from the Howard Un iversity May
25th 1010 and upon the strength of her
thorough preparation in the Teachers
College of that hllt univers ity and the excel
lent recommendations recommcudationsslJ she received lcco ived this tlii
mos t texce exce llent appointment appoi ltment
Sunnier High School was lusesta1 esta blished llshcl l by b
the State of lllli 1II1nqisill is in tlie eitypf city of CarO
for colored COlO rel l students SttJdellCr Vfrho r rIJ eurrleu u rr1 Cliillril tun i J ft
aJ b t AtheiUBiia lieiuslI rrrr fMp Jlt itQ LiI i
in JvoTKi l liM iM o y dvyi Jr Jlos 8f tj > 7 7 1 JifIOW JifIOWItIJtlJ f y Uotf Wt WtT T all ItIJtlJ < tliet J iotI ptli tlfc frlJii f rJlIgl > glj W
sc schools hools wo believe be ele in mtlle the Sla Slute te wi
mixed m ixcd The salar ies pa id ltIto to teachers tcach rf lit
Illino is isllre arc about the same as as to actua l
amount of money lIIoneyas as In Washington but
the cost o f liv ing we are to ld is very
muc h Jess so tha that t the purchasing value
Is is considerably cousil lerably enhanced
The c ity of Cairo is it live growing
town thriving and progressive with with a
po pulation of about 13000 of whom
a bout 0500 are colored people
Miss Murray is generously encrouslygiftel gifted l with
the quality of mind n1ll111anll and temperament le
which forms good ootl teac hers lielSlII lielSlIIIH and lea IH ders o f
others less blessed added l to these are
s pecial p cial fitness and nnclhroad broad training kind ¬
ness of heart ami aUI l a general disposition
whic h hassures assures her success In the fie fi fiI ld I Io o f
her choice Besides these the se Miss Murray
has las a 1 spec ial bent for the study stull of soci ¬
ology and politica l economy eeOlIDII1 whic h to to ¬
gether w with ith a 1 keen interes t and aptitude nptitu e
for literature and journalism would l o f
tl1emsl themselves IIea make her a strong force in
the e ducational world olld
Cairo Ca iro is to be congratulated Wash ¬
ington loses one more bright mind and anl l
nolMsout noble soul Ca iro gains we 0 lose lo e I
Miss 1iss Murray urray le ft Washington last
Thurs day and from Into advices we 0 learn
that s sle he was very muc h pleased with her h r
new city elt and the people aiv l that she
looks forward fnrllaldtn to a pleasant and success ¬
ful life In lier new home
Literary Tastes
Its a funny thing mused an old
subway guard to notice the differ ¬
ence between the tastes of men l11e1l and
women who read on the trains For a
whole week I kept a pretty close tab
on the people in my car and this Is
what I discovered Women stick to
books bookspopular popular novels as a rule
while the men cling to newspapers
When I struck an average at the th end
it a week I found that there werij
seventeen newspaper readers among
the men to one woman As book read ¬
ers the women outclassed the th men six
to one Among the men three out of
four seem to give about all their at ¬
tention to the sporting pages page New
York Sun
Powerful British Windmill
What s s claimed as the largest and
most powerful windmill In Great Brit
ain has Just been completed at Wllles
Jen where Its capacity cnp ty is being elng tried
under varying conditions It Is In ¬
t tended nded for a farm near Bristol Its
use there being to generate electricity
supply power to run crushing machin ¬
ery and work the pumps From rolI1 th
trials made it is said this new wind
machine Is capable o of generating sufr
ficient electricity for 300 lights to
crush oats and grind grlndn1alze maize work an
electric lift cook the food and heat
a room r om at a cost ost of Ih d t unit
Clever Evasion of Lawi Law
A saloon keeper In East New York
has baan a novel way of evading cvar llng the Sun ¬
day dn excise law and giving his neigh ¬
bors and friends a wet Sunday If they
care to have one On O n nan an Iron gate
leading i adlng into the yard in the rear of
his place pia co he has put a lock He has
had 250 keys made to give out to
thoife he knows Nobody gets In whc wh
cant ca nt open tho lock A man sits close
to the gate and closes It attar each
one comes In
1m 1mlJl lJl 1 11 1A111r t
Canned Salmon 8 mon Sala d dan an Always Ac Ac
ctptablo ceptabloPlcnlc Picnic Dith DIhMany Many Math ¬
od That May Be Employed to
Utilize Tongue
Canned s Samon ir irnon non Salad SaladFrom From canned
salmon or a boiled b lled leftover left ver of of the
fresh fish a delicious salad sal dla la available
for a warm days luncheon
Flake a pound of It Into small
pieces with a silver fork Mix care ¬
fully Into this a tablespoonful each of
capers olives and gherkin plcklua
chopped fine Arrange the mixture
en white lettuce loaves leavesgarnish garnish with
thee yolks ot hardboiled eggs and
cover with mayonnaise Decorate with
little touches of aspic Jolly it this Is Isat at
hand ha nd
This li 10 n foreign recipe choicely
On a day when a rather substantial
course Is wanted to accompany accompanytbe the
roast try the thetollowlngorlglnalrecipe following original recipe
of peppers with pasta One quart of
tomatoes three thre peppers sliced sHce d fine
Let Ir them the m msimmer simmer together two hours
Boll tender In Insaltedwater salted water s xmclellJo package
of of spaghetti and anrlbrown brown well well three
goodsized d donions onions In a aUttie little rendered
beef suet When the spaghetti spa ghlttl IB ten ¬
der drain It add tomatoes tmatoesand and onions
Let boll two minutes Serve with gra ¬
ted cheese
Tongue as a LeftOver Le tOverTo To many
housewives cold boiled tongue does not
present Itself as a leftover suscepti ¬
ble of metamorphosis If no longer
lightly for slicing it mutt ba dis ¬
Yet to the Initiated a cold boiled
end which would not be appetizing
l sliced Is most piquant when creamed
Cut the meat Into IntosmaH small bits remove
all skin and gr istle and heat up In Ina a
cream sauce Serve on rounds of
toast or fried bread or In individual
dishes with with bread and butter sand ¬
In suburban places where fresh bon ¬
bons are not always alwaysobtnluable obtainable on
short notice a good recipe for a home ¬
made sweet Is often treasure trove to
the house mother
Peppermint is an excellent
In Inaddltlontoltstastlne addition toJts tastlness ss and in smnu
form is universally liked
Peppermint drops drop with fruit trultllre nro
something sowethlngof of a noveUrarid are arcnotdtf notdif
flcult tlculttoaccompllah to accomplish in th the home
kitchen l tcben
ln a quarter 9 tt r cup P PO of O hlcewarmi fu water et ett
r1 vj i VJV Pt lVf < > HWlv WH7l t >
soalt oneiounc8iiofleumi oneOUnCMo t sumlitrllgacan tragacanthi t
llli1ULt1P m i plil J d ifeii J ifYlj i
8 strlnlng l l lD lrkno diw i Uhf
hand haridIlddhlg adding five rive drops dr pso o il of otp otppper popper pper
ifttnt Int Continue crmtln ue to work It UntlIWhlte until white
Hid elastic Work In little by little
ifii Jcups i cups of confectioners sugar and
onehalf cupful each eac h hof of dates raisins
and canaied pee ls orange orang and lemon
squal quantity mixed and chopped
Roll RolI I t oil a marble slab pastry
board or strip of canvas using tho
sugar In lieu of ottlour flour Roll to the
thickness of hah dollar stamp out
and place on waxed paper in ina a warm
room until dry
For the Housewlfff
A suspected sample of ground cof ¬
fee may be tested In thla way Place
a teaspoon pf f the thccotfee coffee In a wineglass
containing co ntaining water If a part floats and
a part sinks It Is adulterated
If soot falls upon the carpet or rug
do not attempt to sweep seepllntll jmtll It has
been covered thickly with w lthdry dry salt H
can then be swept up properly and
not a stain or smear will be left
When balling milk put two table
spoonfuls of water in the pan flrat and
let It boll Milk boiled in this way
will never burn the bottom of the
If salt Is sprinkled over the range
before frying is s commenced there will
be no disagreeable odor If the tb fat
spatters over
Baking Powder Biscuit
Sift two cupfuls Hour Into a basin
add half a teaspoonful of sa lt and
three teaspoonfuls of baking powder
then sitt It again then rub ru > one table
spoonful of butter and one tablespoon ¬
ful of lard finely Into it with the tips
of the ringers Add gradually enough
sweet milk to make soft dough
Knead neall a little on a floured board do
not handle much roll out half
an Inch in thickness cut Into rounds
with small cutter Lay on a greased
baking tin and bake till ready in a
hot oven usually about abqut 20 minutes
Diet of Italian Laborers Has Given
a Valuable Idea to Ona On
Watch tho luncheons of Italian lav 111
borers If you want pointers on Idea
hotweuther hot weather meals Raid a domestic
science teacher whose windows over over ¬
look c c street whore many Italians
have recently been employed
Every day nt noon I settle myself at
a window and watch each man as he
opens his 1unchlaclcuge lunch package
Nine out of ten of these luncheon
are mado upi of some fresh green I
thing like lettuce or radishes or per p r
haps tomatoes with brown bread and
cheoso What could be better than
this viewed from u scientific stand ¬
point The brown bread and c hoesr
give nourishment and the fresh
green vegetables provide rovlde the refresh ¬
The tomato is bitten Into as you yo a
would eat an apple or a pear In tho
other hand the luucher holds his sllco
of brown bread spread with cheese
tint alternates bltos from each hand
The melon he cuts In crescent shaped
pieces with his pocket knife and
gnaws tha pulp of each piece close
down to the rind Of course course It Isnt
cold lut what doos he care care7
Tho lettuce Is not separated Into
leaves and oaten llttlo by llttlo not
at all Tho young Italian workman
bites Int the head h ud of lettuce just as
ho did Into the raw tomato and
munched the leaves slowly as he he
takes occasional occa lonal mouthfuls of th thl
brown bread In his other hand
Once In a great while the care of
some mother sister or wife in evi vl ¬
denced by a little bow or cup of cold
macaroni or spaghetti but this Is a
great exception The rule is fruit rrul
fresh green vegetables and brown
bread and cheese
Sma SmnII ll papiermache tubs are th thB
best st c llshpans It you have ttno china
Lo o be kept without a chip
If a turkey or chicken is rubbed In
side Ide and out with lemon It will make
lho he meat white juicy and tender
A strip of emery cloth lacked to a
mnil square slju re board will bo found uuo
rul ul for quickly q Uic dY sharpening tha cnrvlne
klllt tilfe
Be sure to Iron garments with ththe the
tralght t of the goods and thus prevent
3 tretchlrsg et fJjIIJGOftba of tha bias rss seama a ll1 i v ya yai yai i i j i
At t woo Volk anditllrn 3 ttiJr 1 b W i i
t rea i tQaCOlHOf l 1 wiIU n ln I1e t < r 1
r1 l I T ii t t
strel leed ertect InIlY be prevlnte tl
If you youbave have splashed Ink on o i aTtnh h >
bogany icgany desk try this Dilute Dilut half 118It 118ItI a
te e poonful of oil of vitriol with witha a
tablespoonful or more of water and
apply with a feather or soft bru brush h
Then wipe the spot with a damp cloth
after thu stain has been taken out
Patches to Which Boys Wont Object
To mend the knees of little boys
rousers so they will look as we w ll and
wear as well as wben new r dp fp tho
seams as far up as worn orn cut away awu
th he worn part take a piece fllec > of cloth
Iks the garment sew sriHchr rlH ht across tcrm
the he front carefully matching goods
press iress the seam well then shnpo by
lhe he piece cut off sew up UI > the seams s aU1S
and hem across the front
If the pressing Is well don onp ono o
could not tell they had bsen b ell mended
Chicken Gailcsch
Cut into dice two medlumBlzod raw
potatces lotatcas Put Into a frying fryi pan pantwo two
ablnepoonfuls ollvo oil and when whenihot hot
add dd the potato dice lce Stir to keep from
burnIng and cook five minutes Than
ad dd a dash ash of paprika a cupful of boll
Ing ng water a crushed clove of garlic
a i cup of cold chicken chopped fine
or ir a t can 1 of boned chicken and salt to t
aste Cover and cook until the pota
toes oes are done stirring sUrrln frequently
Peas With Eggs
Peas aro delicious when serrM serr aa
1 filling l llng for an omelet but they nro nr
Iso palatable when they are com
Dined with scrambled eggs To cook
hem In this way reheat the peas
uasonlng to taste and adding a alA ta
lospoonful of minced parfley In ail
Itloc to the butter popper and salt
When thoroughly tl oroughb hot pour pourlIl all Ibo
liquor froi fro the pea and oer o er the lat
tel or pour two well we bpaten eeS3 stir
Ing continuous contnuo nI 1 until they arc prop
erly rly scrambled 3 rllmberJ Serve oa toast a a3
ulckly as possible
Where The Forum Can Be Bought
100 00 a Year 5ci 5c Single Ccpy
M A Harris 810 Florida Flol ida Avenue A venue Northwest
Davis Smith 1020 U Street Northwest
Gray Gray 12th U Streets Northwest N oJthwest
Wilkerson Montague 2018 Uth Street Northwest
Board McGuire 1912 191275 14th Street Northwest
Snowden Keyes 1819 14th Street Northwest
Thos A Leatherwood 1516 Uth Street Northwest North west1
W H Lee 920 20th 20t Street tree Northwest
Harris and Howley 634 634T T Street Northwest N rthwest
John A A Hanson 10 1918 1 8 4th Street Northwest
Dr William E Gales Anacostia D Do C
Ellis Cafe 729 7294th 4th Street Northwest
Nelson Newman 214 D Street Southwest
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