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I I Hd
1he he Nationa l Forum
f t i
Subscr Subsciption iption Ri R les 1 s
On OnB Year 100
BIx Months 50
Published Pu IIGhed Weekly
ftT T
1022 022 You Y < IU Street N W Roam 1 1
= =
Editor and Proprietor
Business Manager
Ent FntI red 1 as second s cnncl class elu s matter May
27 10 at the t tJ tosti lost1licc J osti lliCL at Washing ¬
ton D C under Act of o March 8 1870
Address J IIdress all communications checks
mul 1111l11U011C mouey orders ort lcrs to
The Niitlbnul Forum
0 9 F I Street N T7
Was hington D C
The National N ntiona Forum l < ur11ln of Washington
n n C owne d lnnd and edite d by 1 H W White
an Ohio hoy is to be highly commen ded Iel i
for the interest interlst and good service he ren ¬
dered throu through gh its columns e dur ing the
Grand Session it itof of Klks in that city Edi ¬
tor White also gave a beautiful walcll
charm with withIt a diamond se e tting to the most
popular Elk and Dr ft n L Peyton was
tIle happyhorny IIIIJl pyhorny one
The Xanesville Zl1n svil1e Advocate
Many thanks friend Tom We think
of fyoll yon often and1 11111 11 kindly too We remem ¬
ber b r the many man kindnesses you Oll did 1111111 us while lIl1e
in school We can sny all you have sa jd
a bout the forum l orllm for the Advocate and 1lI1l 1
then add some om Than ks for your kind
ex pressions toward the Forum We are
licre to stay stn
Dr Varkhurst in iu the New York Jour ¬
na l sa 11 ys S among IlmougJthN other things in re reference ference
to the propose d 2 000 diamond studded
be lt for Jac k Johnson lohn olll This project will
be considere d with withI derision I by II Y a con ¬
s idera ble part o f the lighter co lored lolC po pu ¬
lation It is certain ly l no t to
be called nJJcd nJJcdIt a wise 1118 expenditure mqwl1c lihue of money mOI1
It has as been h tm suggeste d that Booker T f
Washington T n8hlllgtoll could suggest 811 gIst a number o f
ways that it could be invested to a bet ¬
ter a dvantage by h the colored race
Nn Notluc kuoViii vi l g just what the Dr means
liy the t1 jl itt djeetive ijec te UgJitcr in in this connection coun c tJon
we i irb rb not notpepnretl prepnred to discuss that part
o f it iH nitclligently tril1Jgentl lie may mean from
the viewpoint vew Jo lt o f fl pigment l or ho may mean
froni the tleview viewpo o int of bruin Its ambigu ¬
ous to say the least
With Withreference reference to the Other injunction injunc llou j
it is pro pmjlcr per to say that Jack Jo JiJhnson hnson has
done good goo l in his capacity npac ity while Mr 11
Washin gton has done good go o in his Ji Jo hn
on stands abso ltso lute ly l at the lhl head l of his
class Iass and it must l11ustbe be remembered that
a ll 1I1r prizefighters il fjghters or professional boxers
are re not IOt hoo dlums In the face Of mpst
evere o eIC o h1 ppos 1 1 0S ition I tl 011 and a n almost IIIU IIJSt impossi i11111 s if ble Ie
conditions Wl1I lltiolls ho has proved pIOV that i i11111j tie he j NVmro N 10
3s Jscitpalie rcapiibie o of f reacliin leI ihin i tle i tl Mameplr 8lunt pll 111
ittiJ illli tiiT I iSiJ1irJitW lj i iJus Jus ti
ilea the th assertion Il so rtitlJ1 tliat he hICilIlOt can do tiio 1o so so
jrjnaliy en Jnn > If the Negroes want V11utto to give
Jatk a belt let tliem tl tlentM entM do it Nothing
would lIoultl have been bl en said contrary contrJu to a belt
for Jeffr fefldes ies ha d tlhti lift won nor would the
Motion pictures liave huvcben been suppresse d
The last Instw wee w e k iu the general fie ld o f
politics jlo litlcs has stirred l up the t lC thinking
New ew feii jfland bus lm done donothe the almost IIlplOSt unex
jncte Iecha J in a gree gleeillg ing to send us bac k kII a
goodly gllol llyni1l11her number of insurgents to keep I ep the
pot a bo ilin g Oiit West the good C Col
is iskc keepin pln g things thingshumin humm ing yet et to tell
the the truth j he hehits lias kept the middle mit ltllc qf qf the the
road Toadlml and ke kei1 pt 1 it well e n Just Jns whci ithe thu
insur insll rg gen nl ts were le rea dy to come out t and imt
a II dopt opt him hhnhlsai ha said d J 1 ay a lNa Nay and when
the th thregullps regulars thought they ha d him ho
was just fustgone gone and so kee ps up the merry
war nr o f fcontllet conflict of Jfopi1lon opinion as to whera
3ie uJJ stands lll1dsfheIIJ 1 There Is no denying de 1 lng the thefnet fact
that thatth thatthre there re is go g9ing ing to 0 be n a lig ht o f fs01 some s01 1e
pro IrpItil1 portions 1 Ibis fall and aJll I the sooner we
iviilfee Tt lIlii dhat tlmt the better off ofrwe we are going < oill <
to tr b he as ULpu n1nJil blica ca hs The real lenlfi fight lJat Is
not between In twe hl the Demoerats and the lie
publicans pIlLlic II but bn t it tis is a t family alTa ir and
OiOKf t11O arpf1ie lIrf 11C most bitter o f feuds We
will bo compelled CIJ11Ipc lId to fight for or ever eve y inc inch h
of ground rountlwcget we get This Thl is not on the ac ¬
count o f f the strength of the enemy but
on tlie account of our mi own wea kness
brought IICughtlJboi1tb about by contention and strife
We ll we VeIHI have C to have JuilJa a lenull general ll house hon
cleaning clJtlilri sometinies sOl1 idilli 11Il1i an d per le ilmp haps this thi is
KH II good g oot ii it time us M any l lint u it is to t be
Jio pi d that tll t jve II can eiln c lean the house hon e jf
lean it wo WOO O must without destro ying lug and
dama ging the effects there in
An AuBtrlan AU Jtrlan physician commends
yuwtilng awnln as asn n euro for all pulmonary
trou bles ble Philanthropic Pl1l1ltnthroplcleCturero lefiturfersi Will iJ
jileace JIeaceavol avoid belnf beltltoolntere too Interesting t1ng
Tho Utinavydepartmenf navy department Is Inclined In cline d to
make JT1akea a thorough test of the thvalne value of
011 BB aRCue fuel l to for r rworsblpl warship Several mil m il
mill gallons of lfpetrolellIn petroleum wUlbe will be pur
fhuceiJ for use on onvel vessels els which carry
1ld illMdrae H fuel This indicates the most
flxtenslve experiment experlnentyet yet IInde undertaken talcen
and If all ll llre1ulromento reguIroraentD are met It Is
finite poEElblff that tl1lltbeCorelong before long o 011 il will
nupcrscde 1Iuperscdecoal coal entire cntlrey ly
Tho Th ncirpnnutlp balance keepa about
pycn vcn One nalleraplanlst hero planlst killed and put onl <
new n w aeroplane aero hine Invented every day day
seems to be th U11Wt1I way It stands
t 1
Actkfh taken tlllcenhistyclr last year condemning
the irso of benzoate of Eoda Eodaas as a food
jjneorvatlve ri CrV1t1vo WIIrJlI1Mlnded wa k rescinded by b > tho tn
American Institute Instl ut of Homeopathy Homeop thy In
tppslpn at atJ1l5ld Pasadena J rL Call A resolution r 3 lut1 n
t aa adopted 3 loptd dcJa declaring ngthat that subsequent stbsPCj eltt
JnvEBtlfrnUoDs lnV ltJrrjtfons ma do It It advisable vJslble 1 11 to
fpcrde from fnunt thd bo pos po ition aJtHouglj thB th
iBOTocJstloD t cf tlon dosa do not n t Approve p pT pTv v tVe use Ii Iie e
irf r fccnssoaf bC Jt of irodtL po dfi If I fond rlo d
Sweethearts SIeethl rt3Are Are Bquaht
u t t prn hl trct prrIt 13
< 1 p 9r1I l1ls sreetheirt Yr Yret et rl
1 rTl jr f qt < r A rreU5I 1 ofgo d
1jUli t b M
It I Or
1 II I i
f i f I Hf jr 111
P U b 1 C Disease I xease 1 o OJ l G Do n nA Ob gf A >
l lC Menace r17r f2 naCe to t O fe
Hea l h Grtea t De g tee
iN a Il congit cOl1f leration o f the dog na a rnliiaco bllacc tOthe t public l healllv
I tlicro is one disease abovo a 1 ll 11olhers others tpho to bo looked lookodupon upon as
particularly dangerous and that is ra bies Other poss ible
sources of mischief are trivia l and insign ificant in com par pa rison ison
i with yHh this disease peculiar lo the dbg do and dog e og fam ily o f f
whic h he is the pr inc in cipal ipal dissem inator The virus of ra rabies bies
in conveyed by b his su livti into wounds inflicted inflicted by li isbjte is bite or or
even into any any fresh cut on the face or han ds s of ofn a person into
w hic h the sa liva may ma be be intro duced by lic king
At times when cases cMes o f fra ra bies are ri e rare rnroiimong among do gs there
is very little danger to the hea lth lthof of the community from hydropho bia
but every twelve tw elye or fifteen years a sur plus popu lation > of extra susceptible
canines accumulates and an d then spine do g or dogs w ith ra ru bies bie s tar ta rt t an aJl
outbreak which becomes almost epizootic epizoo tic Under Undcrt1eso these conditions con litions the t e do g
becomes a menace to the public hea lth to a muc mucr h groaterdegree geaterl egree than the the
misinformed Lllisinformedgenerally generally rea lize
One Oneof of these pe riodica l loutbrea outbrea ks of frr ra bies has hasbeenta been takin kingPnce g iplace in
Massac husetts ln setts dur clurin in g the past five years ears h but tpresen presen t inc in 4 jications < m tions are a e that tha f
it is a bout over ov er eras as very ver y few cwcases cases have lI ive been reporte r ported d
to the ca ttle bureau burcaudur durin n g the past mon ths
There T wasnqt was not an aJlauthe authentic tic case o frabies fra i is s in llas
sac husetts from Se piprnbef 1905 until 1 Novem ber er
1904 During the winter ihter o f 1904 an nn d d19Q5 1905 ai a few f w
cases occurred in various loca lities and an ci by the t e spr spr ing
of 1905 the outbrea k was as well un der wa y a ttaining
its height in 1907 shice fiinc w hich time it it11asgra has gra dua lly
dec lined until un til the dise dis asehasagainnear sehas again near ly disappeare d s ppeare d
I dont bcliev bclievV cJic V < that ha t the notip no tip hotel l
w hic h has been peclto o pened in Lon don an d
Not Ripe w hic h has met w ith ithextraordinary extraordinary success
f in the British metropolis will be speedily
for du duplicated plicated in this country
e The venture in London was starte d dur r ¬
No N Tip T
0 Ip in ing ingm g m y presence there and I Iclln can bear w 1t it ¬
Mote l ness to the enormous crowd that sou ght to
be entertained in a house where the accept ¬
ance o f fa a tip by an employee will w Hlmean mean his
Bj A C DWIGHT I dischar dise i1ar ge Still as I said the t11Csame same pro ¬
Sin Fruc cit iico ject w ill not be attem pte pted ptedoer d over here un ¬
less the tipping evil evil eviland and it is an anev ev il
assumes worse proportions propor tions than at present
Englis Englishmen hmen rus hed he to the new place because the y had become sore over
n custom that had behind it itcen centur cen t r ies of observance and andof of w hich hicha a big
par t to o f the public pu blic had hear tily wear ied
In InErigJand Englan d however they dp not tip tipnearly nearly so lavishly as Amer icans
do dOi the average being beingsay say sixpence or 12 cents centsagainst against 25 cent ent here
The T big tip of this thi coun tr try y lias unques tionably had hada a corrupting
It has hasma ma de a host o f em e 11ployeesutter plo yees utterly y in different to the com fort of
the man w ho is rio t ta a ble to give fat gratuities i
The bestower bes tower of small tips in most mos t c ities is treated with withcontem contem pt
and gets no thanks f from om the rec re ipient
Aga in the rec ipient of jbig tips deve deyeo jo ps psa a lust and an greed ed tha t knows
DO bounds
1 f < n l b l
He is D YCJsatisfi d withth siie i fbis l1a tion 1Mnl aYB d h nks
lIfMb o iiJli v C i yi i n f Ji1 1 i it t v
Bad riSthe nsthowhoes who lesysiem s m isitimighi lsi rmghtbe be worse worse jart un l ttan klieayen khea we
have hnvenotyetldoptcd ro tyet adopted the fhe Britis h hnui nuisance t ceof of giv givin ing g tips tbpolicemeja toPQ 1i 1iemell emell and
c ler le rks ks in stores
It has nnsalways a lways been a m ys tery to me
where tlie t11eridicue ridicule nnd an kidding of o fthe the
Origin o f redHaired red haire c person erson or Qriginate igina te d
Ri R Rd 1 e dicu d ICU le If e for lOr Why WII Yllre are they so sosensJtrvc Bensitivo a bout it It
AVha Wh t tstar tstartedt1e star ted tie thin g anyway
Re d If HYOl1 you are re re dhea ded dedygu you can cllngointo go into
Hea ea de dd e d the backwoods baekw > de wherepeo where peo ple live who have
Ie never never seen arnilroal a ra ilroad train fr lin and dont d onfk know I o
People Peop I e a ahobbe liobble skirt skirti i from aj aha ba g gof of pota toes
bu but t if ifJOl1 you dont keep qu iet ie f the y ywill will iin iri
By B1CAROLl CAROLINE E EPHRAIMS forrn formyol1 you thatyoJh that you have v re e d ha ir
Ba Baltunore ltimore I Isaw saw some 80mecrl critic 1C1SIn ism m in one of pur purmag mag ¬
az ines in esofsome of some prominent pTom l1ent people and anda a ll
the flaws fi wstleycoudfil1 they cou ld find in one poor wom worn
an was that thats s he was wasr redhea ded Is this thiscer cer tain type of peo ple particu ¬
larly i iorly orly home ly yor or do some o of these has beens beenswant want to pick pickat at us
A m ma iden la dy dyrec recently rec ntlybe be gge d dmy my pardon for or mentioning re red d hair
in my presence f TfeIt felt like telling her that if she had shown iip 11Jlllittlc a little
brighter the desira ble bache bacheorsm lors m ight ightnothave not have passed her by
We Ve will w ill try trya1d and bear u p punder under the a ffliction
Why do so man ma 1 y American women tw ist
the ir features when whentnkin talkin g
Women Womenrlhe The wr iter who ha ils from fr om another
M a kM e continent con iincnt originally orig nal1Yi bu but t who ho has teen a
resident o of f Chicago for a number nllmbero of years
Grimaces past has 1 so o bserved bse dh tha t til1 ju the ma jor ity ityot of
Wh Ie I instances women Vomen here express the ir irJeeliD feelin g
almostas much by fac fncialexpress ial express ion as by
Ta lkin g actual speech
It ItdoesnQtsccmto does not seem to matter mnttcrw w ho or w hat
Bj BtWRNIETSPE W R NIETSPE the y ma y be rich poor inva nvl lids li liBathletes Bathletes athletes 1
Chiugo mo modest dest vio vlO lets or jo Jol1ygrrls lly girls home grown
or imported importedthe the y ya a ll l1Beem seem to jetthe habit h bif
Is Is it the climate or orwhat what
The neighborhood in which I live
would wou lil be Ilea a very quiet and des irable rabe one n
Roosters R t ers were it no t for the fact lact tha t tlbou About 75 per per
90S cent ccntof of the
peo ple plchave have chicken coo ps
an d Bo gs s plante d on onthcrcl1r the rear o f their lo fe ffjlin fin d a about bou t
thq th same percen pcrcentngc tage own do gs
Nuisance Those who are nrcto too JiQor poor to own ownon one do go g go o
e mana to own two
In in Cities Ct 1 les ge
With the yelping of the he dogs in the he
fore forrpart part of o t the night and the roos oos ters let et
Bj S 1 VM H ItlllED BIED ting loose with withtheir their qlarion Qlarionnotes notes at t dawn
Cinc innati nn ti one < mecl1n can imagine what a poor chance a light
sleeper lecperhas has to get the necessar y rest tc tc
i iCe1Hp eqiiip him for the ro fo llowing dn n ys YfIw wor r k
A great man m an y yo o f the flo ft 1 owners nrd not notp paying ying taxese taxes c ither itloIjf if the
truth were i reJnoWJ1 known J
Mdiiydpg8 MdnYd gl arc aTCl1l11n rutn irig ingJo loose il and BlU r Oi Oirc here rc is s not a ln muzz 1ZZcon le bri one of r
lltfl11 thenii Y
I f Vii 1I tcre t < re thepoliccdoirigthati fI pojcel1ojng thatlhc hc y YC cannot lIl ots sec eOJhjsc this evil v rim and ci cic cOj c rre frec ct t it it
Jirothi Dg j8g le l jj Jl dofieuntil le until untilsmeqno some smeqno nq is bitten I > y I > Ji I
i If Ifth theseTc lc j liic lhhRenarid Ii jcen and dog owners wis wish h lo toun run un famShey arm they s hould go
where thSybbiig th yb louginto into the country
J 1
11117 JIIIm r rr r
= r
m p U MTQ A AN N D Du u < U = =
A t JI I f JO 171 i I
3f i il l f i ii i r I =
H fC
1nstoij 1118101 Itev t 1 N Koss lH 1444 Q 9slc street pt
N W WI V I l Kditor tlItlll 1C l 0 Kvi BVIi jiis 1015
street NWSn1li111 N V SiiiulnyBcliogl scHoQlntIJ30 nt 30A i
31 1 Cliwoli Chllr6hSlly rv jecSntlVAf JCC I1t IIA J t tnnd am nnd H
B 8 1 MJ ljLH j Lwi g giie i iie Meeting lc ti llglItJ ut 0 1 31
rnv I I yir I1 3ijwtin Iillli t 81 8 1 i ii I JYcineirt Wel llletl iy
General lCI Class ss81i 8 1 Mf flhillslIclre Thmsiliiys >
1riMic li hll1g hll1gntlI ing at ntlI 11 A Ai AJl i Jl Jli h i Sunday Hnillll1yJJIO JrO
if l Scott iiny liold the fort fOIteQnle come fariy ent
to toseln secure seln e II Ii COUVCU leHt Reil n t
Several of 6f 6r SlillaYiSc Sum lnvsc liopl JIIHJ ft ftliin teachers liin S
have returned l from fio in the ir fJ fJyaclI vacations yaclI t tlJs lJs but
many IIIl1n aro IIril tlll tlllllvuy livviiy many nf the tHeYIIIug young
men niu l women umcn have returne Ict1Jncd d and autlele were ele
nt llie lr classes Siimliiyy 15illu luy last Of oui ci ciI I
teac hers itiss iijs Mabe lnLd l Hall hits hli jujst ju t re ¬
turned from Iittsburgl Ill l i Mi 1iss iliiv Iu
well from St Pun liiini nml l1l1t l MUa Ii8
Ella Brown from a Ivis vis it to her hels s ister
in New Vor o or r jc Misses lIse8 Chancy ChlliwyIm ami Im l Kmnlii
Patterson P tcJsOil Ifcft I ft this week eekbn on a Itl ten days I ln
trip to Vev W York YOlkc c ity
Tho Sumlnyschool Sitllllllysellopl is issHpg swe lling ln in num ¬
bers Three Q yoiiiif men lllenilihwdtlwfcY jbhied tlle tlley tlleJeY JeY
Movement lllblo mhlo Glass Cll1ssof of yomigiiiei f fi fiast y i iast IS t
Sa bliatli Tljo lI Ihstllssi8 first assiUaut laut Sti pViinteii JjlliJ le1i
dejit wan ms a t Ills bispost post Sunday SnJII niu l liJl will
be so hiiitcfbrtli htnccf JtlJ until 1111 1I llio aupi slJJll > riitendeiit int nllent
is jsn a ble to tOlehllli re turn to tlie 11eol work k The pas ¬
tor and presiding e lder Ilelnllt1J addressed ssed the
sc hool hoo Sunday Ululn which lhlchm8 was I h reclaim lnim ing
day v
The 1he procee JIOCCI ds from the illustra ill us ha te lcc d I fee <
tiiro on St StCPuul Piill i delivere deli le d by Dr Wat Wn ¬
son an d MiasJI n II lloss HosshQlpcl1tO helped to raise rnls
the required imuoimt amount nee n e de d to tob tobnlilify beautify nlilify
one o f f the primary rooms rooinsI whic liie h has
been pa inte d lu several 5Ccll 1 Jbnuitiful hlnu lfllleolois colors
and supplied sUPiJ llet l with ilh ilhsnllahle suita snllahle ble furniture and
apparatus to teinieet meet the oncoming rush
Promptly lrom at 11 l oclock A M Mi i the thcpca pea hf s
from the IJ big ig Jpipe Jl ipe01g prgiuv 1l1 rin d the Bounds
of Dftlm ihe yoiingi Y01Ulgswce swee t tvolcc8 voices from u itp psta tn irs
told toll l lus us below li lo that church serv sel vice ice had
begun b gun j our o lil jun j1 ior lorchol choir is i certa cetl1nly inly Ten I n ¬
der ing sufficient ufficiieiltsel service iee this IlllJm summer r
The senior choir holl will have to do I Ii Boiuis
hustling to t lcr lend Ith Ithse these se young men and
women this frill fallnnd and winter Too 100mlJc inue li
praise plaisecanno cannot bo given Mr f1 K SI S For ¬
tune lender nl1er and Miss lIss P Woo dson super ¬
intendent intendentJ o f f the cho clO ir for their untiring un tiring
and I1ntlvlgilllntwork vigilant work w ith these the young peo ¬
There 1 is a movement on foot to en ¬
large the sealing ca capncit pacity o f the cho ir il
to accommodate IIccllnmlot lnt1l 150 O voices voicesthell then the big
bass notes of the vio violin lin will chase those
of tliesniallcrj thc sn lclth the 1 trombone those oftlie
flute and the tllel11lght mighty pipe will pea l forth
and repeal Ie pealitsthulldl itsthundering ling tones upon Jhe the
hysteric h hsteric steric audience 111 lie 1lcelmtil until they thc will wi1lrun run 1o to
eac elic h ot11erSlLllnl others iinns exc l > xClnI1l1lng laiming l Opo Opo1lo llo
strikes s the Jyre 1
Presiding Elder Sti > ptcau preac pr ached hed a
powerful sermon e rm pn1t at 11 IJC oc loc k I His dls
eoursB was the earnest ClII t pamcn > em Ve f plihul pl l1d l
jugsof Jngsofthe the blind man to tC1I1ce receive lehissi his sight ht J
his hist te llin g applications pJicntitills were that tliosu uo8e
who kmnq I i io tha thllt t they the are spiritua l blind bli I I 1
but butbacl1lie becaUse of ofth their ir connec ctlolll tion Vvitli ltl the
c hurc h dece M iiv ive f themse lves lcsnnd and continue OI tinn I
ill gross gr piis darkness and that those lIio e who hei
are lrcIIIi lrcIIIiI blind I I VmV nl iildon i lont tlmOw know it nor take
time th io to t investigate nestigllIeself self so soengarloli eager to note te
them the m istakes o ftliOl ttho hllltel > etter elenieht of oftl the 4
world worldI Ilayi Wo n n iil jreacr iter nceoinltnbility nC OI n nJ Iitt to
face tlian than the U UfOltunllto urt fOltunllto prUnatc uliii dniiin IIII1U jjift illt
ting PIlthi by ilie lieI Warai m tJo ilo Sun Sm1li day be b ing i ggPll Jom 1 V
muuioV mnlllOI dllYI djiy f h1r 1 11 300 ki IUj ie lfcsPtli I lI kr i hif t
4 4i i eJtiw t G Ol JjJ Jfj i v
Sitc el tcl d ll AyuhvtlW UItlit pniniuni6iiw5The IIl111nll10n1IheV I 1 teveniS en
li 1i1g5el igserylee jiceI Was i Very IY impressive l11plcl sie A full fllHj j
liouse 1i 1il l iscWll8 was out Am 6ng ngtho those who joine d
the cliurc li h during durillgthe the day was a sister
from Big Mt ItZionof Hion of Jacksonv ille lJl Fla
At At3 3 V Al 1 Drs Ste St ptcan ptclluund and Boss o s weiit
out to preac h l foi1 th1eople the people o f Brown nr wn
Memorial lulJ1orinllll1l1Allell ani l Alleii Cha pel res jiectiveljc ictrvil
Ija bor Day Dliycaihp Scampered led out ofs of s ight iht
and gave gavCwuy way to joyful joyfuldai day Monda ondIl y Yl1s as
Jar far as our eluirqh is concerned for our i
own JwuHcDI Ke y Dr O Of Ov q qJ f v J J Scn tt was due du to h
come out of f th tlie West A largo 1111 ge dele
gntiolllllet cation met him a litUnimi i Union Station heade d
by hyom our noble ItoblelllUl liear tc d jwstor Dr Koss
and a ill lin in carrla jica kc slaxieahs Y laxicabs and n auto 1t
mobiles struck striI In a be ij line for the c liurch hm h
where they demande dClI1 ill e d r Speech 1 1c c h Then Thenaf af ¬
tel shakin g whl1nt bauds ls am ipa pa tting enc h h ho o ther
pn backs They the nioellu1on in pved upon the fiuanc ial
lIcplirtmelltDr department Divi DiviScotl scott will willclulcOJ lecture clulcOJ on
The Mys 1II 8 teries of the lhili lhilil Philippines l pijle uejct
wee ee k
Pres iding itlhl Klder Stcpteau hold his see
ond quarterly 1IIIIlte rly rlyc conference c bfclel e a t the churc h
Itlonday night A large luIAemembelshlJ membership was I1S
out to hear what the different dIlTenntboallls boards had 1
been doing lev He Dr rSc Scott H came in and
was given a great c ha laui t tII11 pia salute i he
made lll lle a few happy IJI1ppYIel11illI remarks Hey Drum
mons lIlJnsof of York Yorkt Ia was nsintloducetlTh introduced The i
meeting was a great success Dr
Sfepteau must feel ftic proiid 1lo ll1 of this one of
the many in hi his circuit cilc tit There were
about I1boutl8 18 reports epol srlol1t horn boards and lIul I other
organizations ol nml 11 IUI a nl ll showed a dvance ¬
ments over Hin t pf pflllt last quartoiv quallellhose thqse
of the trustee e s teward and linl l Sunda y
sc hool hoolol11c boards ol11c ls lead both nnnuc finnnCially lally and
nnmerically nllmcricn l1y Thft Th trustees s have reduce rQl hi l d
the full f II indebte dness of the c hurch s ince
lust lustluurtel quarter from t 12008042 2008042 to 18
T672t notw ithstfttidliig ithstlllI l1n the summer tea e
son our on pastor is some hus tler The
StimlayHc liool hoollepqlt rejiort was the fullest fullest1l1l1 and
best presented Jlcsenhdiilsome in some time til c Tlioni was 1
notli nothing liig for the Mckeii kickers 1 to kick klelabout about
ofj of course the king kingkicker IdngJd r kicker kcl bapjened > 1 1 to be
away The presiding geder elder was slmul loud in
his praise of the Excellent xcellel1t xcellel1tork work ork done
Mr r1nnl and Mrs Ih f iCiJu C Ba iley l1e have jus t
I returned l from fro an extended Ixtu decl tr ip to totho the
Blue Mountains < tind nd to Asbury sI1111y1alk Park
N Ji J Prof J Henr H IlIY y Lewis Lewl ha hn8otllln return ¬
ed cl l front f on a aIHteel flftecnda tays ys trip to Atlantic lImitlc
City N J JlIlId and tfov e York Yoeit city i
Kditor l ditOl White pf the hc Forum ForumlmiS lias ap ¬
po inted l Mr r J L MUhde IIlnclIia ll sa le lcn agent el1t of
the Forum at atoul our churc h It Is s hoped
tha thnt t our membcrsi mem cr will w ill encourage Mr Ir
Muu luIlIIIlIb dell by buyillgC buying copies pilS
The member II1cl nbcJ of ofthe the plurqh 0111IIh 0111IIharCIfrlesl arc arCIfrlesl earnest ¬
ly IJrNJlIr Irf qiicMqd IQI I to hand I Iju lfJi fii slort articles altl les
relative r < laUvlr to 10111111 tlieir sic ia llll lllllImllIthel i and lImllIthel other pleas
ant June f unctions lloll ever CYIY y wee Iak k They lt y may
hand tlieni tben to n ovvto f t1 Missiilaniie Iids IallJ I111los Ross
or Mrs A E Wadi Walltlleton lletoii not la ter than
Monday morning mOlllhl w g pf the wee kll k desjrcd r cI
for forpu publication icntlol Anything AI1 thln over ilve lines
w will jll be hlpnbltshetl ipiiblfslic il on olin a sliding s1il liJig sace l of o f
ten cents per line
The best description of the RhIne
was was written by l inn who had h dne nevei ver
seen H And thelfello thei felloiy w wwho who buries
lues 1ucShay hay fever never naylir had badlt it
We Have hiye Heard It Sa SlI id
Nothlllgelseevel Nothing else ever looks ns ns foolish
fs 1 th9 sinlio IJ lrilio of a al l jtyoman ydmnniJitm wJfen you y u
h hetecl1uscd ave 1 ceu Bed locar to care eto for fie 1 rChicago iqhc go
Il o tdArnJd
To to Our friends rend 1
Welcbmq shall RhalJth they y be nnil ni1dallth a il tii f J i
honors hon Or II Uiat ita tcan can fl fly thl tlirouBhfus U s A sfia aii ii
on o n the lli tipettre i ettleQ Oliver ver Bheijparcl helpar d II
< I
Rev J J Milton Mi ton Waldron Pastor 1 astor 1334
V Stree t N WJ W WHSco W H Scott h
Church Editor 15Q3 Pierce > ie rcc Place
INW N w I i
1uItSulldnYII14htthough Last Su nday night y though very CIYWIII w rili
oilr oll1chUlc clmiciivas ll iV S filled lWHh with mi Uill interested pll plli plled i ed
an d l ln n attentive llelllleongl congripgatioii gll on Hint thn tcil1llC ciuiie to
hear II a u IIB1i Spidli lllsel l seimuii lIl lI to the wor o rJdn king l
people p oil o nh f the c q ity tJ tJa n special lllIltlltion Invitation to t
this seryici SelvIC having h lWhig 1 been sent senOy by the olli
cwS o f f the clmrgh cIIII h during tlUI llg tlie preceding
week to u lar ge number lI 1m lel o o f fwhile white ami
co o lored I Jl Jnboruuibiisih OI lIl1iOIlin thu District JJistJietnnd and
to sevcral cve1llIhllHhe hiiiulrei d l individuals IlIdlvhl 1ul The
Doctor DctOltopkls took as Ills hl text Matt Intt 1355 IJ Is
not lhl this the Carpenters Sou Son1 Luke
117 111 i The Inljnrer is worthy olthyof of his hire h 1a
ami nlil l Luke USiiJJ 2 27 1 1 iim among you ouls us
ouewho one who Hivetlij 81VCt 1 11I1l11nIlIlOll1leet and 1I1l11nIlIlOll1leet announced l us his
subject Jesus Chr ist lstalld and the Workin g
man Among other thelt things ho Siiid sa itl
Jesus JeusGhrht Christ has I a message l11c sage to all
classes lnssesuf of men lIum Ho UOCilJ11lJ eamo tutenc tu teac h hut hu
riiiui lty how hJtq to livea live and d JoyeV oy us wc ll lllS as
lio hOl y tIJl to die he and l was Himse InJIIself lf 11 ii wor II king hig
hliuHr 11111lI1CIII ii carpeiitei llulltel iiud IIIlhel0Iiof tl > eoii of a car
penteiy JeltlirIIdiJi nml iii Itllplubllbllity all jirp bability be b longed longetlt to J
i II i labor 1I4QI uhlon 1111 1011 j 1 or guild ill in NaVaratli N lIleth his
iiativo town For this thisllIlS011 reason Jesus
Christ ought to be receive d I by lJ working
men and labor unions IlSI as a friend IClI and
not as u illlleneI11Y an enemy At t the thetim time o fCIllilits f Clirists
birth the poor weru liateil Jialc i inntl and the labor ¬
ing illgcII8se5 classes was second l cond condIIUlI and Created lreatedaJ as 1
slavey slltve and IUltlth the conlliqt conl1i t between betwe l llaliol labor an IInd d
ca pital was mos 1Il0 it t intense IIn and ti bitter Un Ul i ¬
til tilllCall recentl tly y the la bor unions un lOlls ill this cOlin
try and ia Europe have nglllI regarded I d the
churches and the ministry min Istl us liS the ir ll llellelI enem ¬
hsbut ies but we re joice iri irithofllettmt the fact that tills
lutiplithy aiitipi itliy 1 is jsgloWlu grow in g glcss less ihe churches
are nre beginning to lOllwlIkl awakp to tha th ifact that tha
tile they have 11I1Ve1 i s pec peeiallhissiou ial liiissioji to and nudlt ii
messa message ge of Ijopa OlJC for i ri those wHo toil With
their theirhlldsnm bunds and1 labor organ izations lllttionsniil alo
turning to the thee c liurelies lulc hesullI an d I the in Dlinls ihls
try us nSIlCv1 jipvSr hefore hu fijrcj nndthis and tlils service is I
held in rispphsciii 1 8pon ctlthel the re quest of the lie
American Fe l ctl deration e111t1 on of Labor rJu or nnd with w ith
the des ire to have ill 0 tliii working man feel
that Jcsus JIsusCh1ist Christ is his friend and IInl l lonly only
Savior Those at the thehcnd head o f r labor
unions In this thiscountry country are showing sho iJig the ir h
wisdom isdom in see ce king the IIldof aid of thoChris the Chris
tiaii churches for since the advent IIIl1ellto o o f
Christ into this world worlllno no great am i Li1cr per ¬
manent re forms have hlVeevelbeell ever been success ¬
ful fulw w hic h Ignored IgII eJ red Him HI 111 or Ills followers
Christ and Chr Cliris is tianity I linlt arc in tho ear th
ami they must be reckoned l with Thu
dispos ition that the la a bor bolorgl1ni bolorgl1niiltiolls organizations iltiolls
make of Christ and 11111 1 His l1 skichlllgs teac hings will
determ inc the ir success or failure and
the la bor problem wll1ill will never el lie solved l
until both employees 1mfJto Ylcslln an d il capitalis illi llitlis ts tso ob
servo the toiichliigs le ehhigso o f Jesus JcsusChr Chr ist tlie
carpenters soii We Would rtinind Ilmllldoul our
hearers that thll t Jesus JeeusCh1ist Christ emancipate el ilucljJl11e d
the Working lolkingn niuii ulI The laborer iboll 1 is worthy
of his hire h 1e The dawn dlwnof of the Chr Christilln istian
era fbuud foundi the 1e masses II1nsseseryw everyw here htleprnc prac ¬
jii slavery rece iving for the ir il
work worklot not what ihntit it was worth bilt biJtw w fiat fJ t
ever their thdremployers emp lo yers fe lt ltdisPcl disposed ltoglvu to give
them IFu Hoolljoinci enjoined l upon ufJontlll tlife wpruriis DrJn q
man thc duty dutyof of fa ithful lthfulsCIjce service aim
taught the ca pitalis pitlIsts t the virtue of jus ¬
tice We would wouldulso also remind thfe th men ¬
bers o f f the labor uuioiis of America that
the YCil1Jioto y cannot ex pcct fair treatment trcn Jentl1 a t t
th c hands Il1ludRIf the ca pitalists when hen they th y
Jue 9 91l not 1l tI Willing llhngItllJrit to tr bafc their II Ie fe
JX lI I lt ltims ims nc Jo I1 1 1at at cl1i 1
tf I y I M tl 11 ng Jl lfl14i 1 11
nio fll fpjflc f lnc lntJI 1N3 l tll f stimI J jls V
wheiiitco I le < l1 1 CO roic 1 OIel 1 d dl dflifinapli v i l flifinapli 111111 aJ1111 lie liej3 I i j3 foi f Ol ii It j jo 0 fw Ii lie 1 1 c <
isloId is told that he cannot get ot It beeiiuse liec l lie li
does tIoesHot not he lnlig loilgto ton a labor llt L l union and nnt l
when hcn he makes mllkesllJ1pJicntion application for n iimbeiV mbel
Ship iu Int1ieunion tlie union ho is to ld that colore d1 d
people pcolllenll are not ltleC received I dl as S member IHm lwri This
IS s rot oiily air nil in justice to Jhl thi black
worktngmnn but It Is su fe ida hlal l to the
labor union tlicnise lves ly 8 We Ve Iiiivc no
ho po p for fOIthe the coining olJlingo o f better bcttclcollditious conditions
in inlhe the world of labor and business until
the teachin gs g gof of Jesus Christ are uni
yersally Yelsall o ohselv bscrvedj di and Obeye d by work 1
in gmen und capitalists caJ1ita li ts alike nlik
We wero ertl grea tly tlyjilense please d to no to te th the
return of several soyell1lof of our irtemljers who
have been 4eenuII awa y fortJlesluume for tlie sumincr an d
some sumeoll on their vacation Yl1cll tiontllps trips Amon mong g
them tJlIlJlwerc vcrc Mrs IlsPoenhoutl1 Pocahontas Oono hq
Jlrs lrsJos Josephine phine Carroll C 11roll nnd daughter
JIfsi Hs Jlnry J J Tigiior llgli r an IlIl d Mrs Mrs Sypliax Syphll
our JI ll orgiiuiat f
Oiir pas tor D1 Dr Wa li lden len be gall Il J ls va ¬
cation last Mbiiday Ioncln u ulorti portion lorti n o f whic which h
will he hi spent at New ud Or d r leiim attcndiiij u tlel ing
the JCationn l Ua ptist lJ tist Couve CO l1yc iition We
hbpe that ho h will willll after ll fter a irioiithii no thif res t
be greatly benefitefl benefiteilIInll and we ll prepare d
for his winters work
Eac h Sabbath sees a new addition to
our 1Il Adult Adn 1t Bible llibl Class several o f f whom
arc ladies The fhlY y are welcome WI lco111e and a1l we
would oulll like to tosce see some o thers
At the th commun ion last la t Sunda y even ¬
ing the fo llowing members membelswelu were added nc lclell to
tlie c linrch Brothers nlo th thls ls Wesley Irestiin
Benjamin II Ho dges dgl S nllllEdwllll and Edwar d l Me Ic
Qiiinn Slst Sisters Js Jennie McGu IeGu lnn Louisa
IJiggs and Belle B lle JJr JJrr Hryaiit r l t
Our choir CIO 1 uiider the lea Icnler ders hip of f Dr
Rattley RattleyluuhegUlI bus begun regular rehearsals for
the winter
r We are l11eplO proud 11 1 of the york be ing done
by hyourlIcwl oUr newly x xlicell licensed licell cd ministers Broth ¬
ers cr Jan E Kent and It 110 O Ca C ltlS tes Broth ¬
er Ken t has not oi ily lYllc active tively ly assisted
In miss ion Wiilklilth vork vorkiiithe f iiithe c Itybut ity but has been
VeiHested hqllested to s pea kut k at Mauassas lauasi as on sev se ¬
eral occasions and iii i lothclpulpits other pulpits hear ¬
er the city Brother ll thelCoates Coa tes bas been heenin in
c harge hargeo ot ia a misision at Tenintllytortii len 1 1I3ton
Several o f flho the residents out thwe are lIie
members n1e111bclsof of Shiloh nn nntl il it is their In 11Iten ten
tion at a t tsonic sonic time iu the future to have
a regular rcgulaIIJ1 house eowos of worship 1Jipi
si Sister terIaw Luc y IWyy Wi who has ha been so 8 ill
continucsi to JlI1lno Improve
SI Sis tel Jennie Jones Is s till at Mid lil l
ttI Ijim isj Sj Va We learn l nH that Jl her l hcnlth he alth in
somewhat s01 1ewlat iin iIllIHIJel1 proved
Should Be Discreet
A man who Is good because becnu e he has
ueyer had a c cha bance nco to be bebnd bad may may be
vorthy of respect but Jthe he should shouldnot not
attempt ltte rrpt to make cap capita ita of his virtue
ABadAdYe A Bad Advertisement ls cmc l t
Druggist Druggist to tohlsftout his stout vflte wl wleDof eDof Dov
conic eoniela In just this minute I Inma jwn a bo bult it
to li e ci cisltbotUeS1of il sis sltbotUeS1of bottles jof my niYMrcdnclllr fatreducing
mixture I11lx ureIdcaB Ideas > I
An Otifisebf Ounce of Preerutloiii PrJc UtlcI1
Ii j Ifj1tc Bjilte of printej Trfnt drf dllNUI > tlir n
buns cns Itiiaa It > has never ljoeh IH l perfectly riiIC Ctjr > ivf
tfput Jut r fcalci penledtln i tin llrivJirtJwntOT Inhdwntirr if
P Fsl1ht fJl1 iJit qr qrcor cor e tl I
oiit Jttn lntoa oaII11c Muee pan pl1nbthpryll1e bthprwle fti l u I < iV X
pios n jbslo l ln h n IB IIIPose poss ible
Corner First and B Streets Str ets S Wj W
Rev R R Kent Harr is Pastbr 41 D
Street S SE E Miss A Woods
Church h Editress Editiessf106 1106 O Street
N NW w
OIlUH011 S mT1Cl S
Sunda U1Itli yscioo sc hoiJlIJlO j 030 to 105C 1O 5 A MMr I II
John Boston l JSn jSuperiutendent pelllllentlentj Miss liss Bl n
Clillord Asat AstSupel Superiitemlciit lutelhlellt1 Preacli > rcae1
ing 11 11 A r NIght Scrv Services iecs 7JO 1 JI
Tliere l ole have been few fowoecllsions occasious in the
history of Israel C M E Churc CI IIc h hcom com
parable lll ruble to last Sundays devotional ex x
urc erclees ises when the iiudicnee i1tl1 Iiellcea a distill
gitislicd and representative ie1lescntu tlve one onelistened listened
witlinttcntioii with nttcntion to o the fiermoiij ser serllOn llOn hilen ta ken from fro III
tliii first 1salm 111ellehe preache 11ellehe serl d l byrtur be loved
pnstor p lstorHev i Rev K It K 1 C Harr is w whoBoqnlc hoso quic k ¬
ness of intellcpt inlelleptcxelilplil1ed exeiiipliHed itsblf IhOlfclel1l clear ¬
ly in the the way ho applied II ppliedueh each ueh verse ycr8eof of
JhlJfllstPsn tlin first Psa lm to the Ialtel la tter1 day wayi WI11
wnrncgg jIUlnesso o f ftho those c professing g 1 fa ith ui
J11e tlie tencliiiigSi of the humble Nazarenei
ilractical PlncticnIChi Cjulstiaiilty til1nlt in lnn a ll lJof of its tshenr bear
iiigs was giyeit giyclfslluhn such n brilliant blllllimtlIhlin illumina incl ¬
tion ns to remind1 leneh lenehJerson each person Jerson in In the l11 ai i
dleiice that he nee ded aolfbxainination solfhlm llna llnatlon tlon
His explanation of the thell1tterpalto latter part o f
verse erseollc one of the first Psalm lsnlmnot nor stan d l
etb e th in the way Wayof of sinner nor s silleth ittetli in
itlio tllCsci1t seiit o f f the scornful sCDlI1flllIIMver was ver y yc c lear
and force ful Time Timcth the priceless le > gacy gn y
o f the Chris C1I1Jtlnn tian he reminded us idly
spent in inresblls resorts of ot1nerUltmUSement8uph mere amusement sueli
as IIsthosnlooiltl the salooii dance nco hall and thea tre
was tlia th immediate cause eilu c of somuch SOi milch 1111
go A l dllness lJln s8 and nric misery n lselY in the world And
the result of such snchlreclous precious time tlll1ennd and o p ¬
HOI tunities lost thus t IUS in revelries lcvel1 es lib
com com pare d to the tceWlos tree w jiosd leaf lenf was ns
w WI ithered thcn dIUldthochanwhicII and the chall whleh the thlwlIlcJ s wind
driyeth dr ivdh ivdhawny away
Tliq lllljfn fact et is ishls his remarks were Were direct clir ct ¬
ed erlYith erlYithsuol With suc suol h fa therly tltellytendelnessnndhls tenderness nnd his
wor ds were so la den with sweet admoni ¬
tion that tie y brought from floi many it a
heart lieultlhe the frank Amen and from many
itii III eye c e a aten tear of ofsymp sympathy thY or I remorse lemOrse
Ills sermon was delivered de llvlred witha with a free ¬
dom and nnc l ll disinterestedness l that won all
his hearers
Rev He R H II Harris left the c et ity Wel Wed l ¬
nesday nesl lay for the conference confercncehel held l lat at Front
Ro yal ynlYu Va
I n I
At AtCrltcaIPoln Critical Point t tc cf c Glen GlenJslan Islanpl play
Gencsee Breaks Brea ko In With Has
Anybody Anyb dYH Here re8 Seen en l
1 cIIY7
Gcnesea Is a sevenyearold seve llye 1lOll1 Indian
boy who lives hia In a wigwam w igwam on the
shore ot the thesoimrlntGlerr sound nt Glen Island
where a tribe o lrpjlbway f Ojll1way Indians iTidlansls is
re producing Hiawatha the t h he e Indian Iadl n
Io love pla y for foreHy city children chlldrnwhqbay who baVe baVer r
been hear dng ing I1dlan Indian nj ilc d oi 9t l liejre i f 9
reatfqa rea tlonplers ilers this hlsunmert hlsunmertGonf1 unmer l Gqn Gonf1 ggpe re
ne n CrJ f hfiF h irdjJof irdjJofArur rd rdQ Q f s Arur Artliur f la t
dltl i uf li1 ilJtnrtnll licJth li lal bi l hl iIl
k l r b i f Olfi 1 a fh H ij8 t >
jtw t tk wuan I ana I d 1 j IreeonenatvpL j jIIi IIi I fIi sou g I OI
iie CijibwayB Qj Vi y ithn1 f fj j in il liekf ne kn bwBJofcourso ws t pur se
the cliants c of o fthe 1 the Indlnns IritUnnsashey l iuji they
dance and perform p errormIon Jongfellows gfeUo l great gr oat
Tlie Thcothorr1a other day Gcneseo who Wils vafe
born up on the Cattaraugus Ca 1jaugus r serva
tion 1I0nau and f Is the grandson gran d SOli of thp th indjan lll lIal1
who w boholds holds the medal n ne e 1lf9 for te bell1 jng the e
finest physical ype ypeof of Jroquois Jeft Ieft
alive allvenfter after the tlie Inroads of otclvlllzatlon civilization
wanted tolutr to Introduce b bl l luce n flying Jngmachlne machine
Into tlie UiEm most st critical rltIClilpart part o of f ttip Iioper per ¬
formance Hehas H has been loo 10Qldngatthe king at the
papers paj1elstl arid c llias lias een pictures pfct rE jo of fCur Curtlss ss
salHhB snlllngthrougli through tbeialr Wlt With a crack CiaC
er e f box the boy boy had lilldma ma de a l fair flying jJyl g
mac hlhmotle hine moi lcl and an d wanted wan tedBrc Breathes itth itths s
Hard bis father to have bleli a big l lIone one
made so sOtlint that the8011l the soul of Mlnhebaha Mlnl1eb ha
after she lini IIn d i been been I Iburle burled burle 1 In Jhe the
branchee hranc 1es ofthe of the trees In the forea forest t
deep I e p and antldaritsQmeunde dar ksome u pdernea nen th lhCl the
moan I1l0ln1ng ing hem hemloeksco ibcks could ld get gel back pacltto to
Old OIlr Nokomls N komls his grnn grandmothfer dmoth dmothr r who w ha
takes the poem play pi a verjf v r seriously
refused refused to listen IIstenanl and lhls his father cuffed
him for the unholy un oly sugges tion This
made mudeGenesee Genesee feel bad Its too od
fashioned Cas hloned ho hosecretly secretly told tb the an
clent arrow nrrowmaitersdnugbterwhlle ma kers daughter while
he was dressing for forthcpart the par t of the
boyhood of Hiawatha Hia watha But Du t wa it
The next day be went e ltover over to the
beach dressed In a little shirt s hlr f and nndleg leg
glngs glngsitriswlm to 1 swim wIUitl1eother with the other ba thers
and there he heart l a Bsong song that tI athal1 had
more than three tones It was full
of notes and 8M they th y rippled up and
down the scale ic ale to the ho rav riwls is hment l l erit of
his little IIttleenrs cars There was one lino
that pleased P I ased him b 1m very much It be ¬
gan Has Hnsi1n anybody bodl here Boon Kelly
He got gofawn away yby by himself Jimse t tIIndsanglt and IIndsanglt sang It
over and over over
The next morning there was a r S
bellrsaJln hearsal In full full drees The TheJlayllad play had
reached the tl e point lolnt where Hiawatha
patMJes away way across acro B the lake to the
tent of the > ancient a r rc c lent arrow allow maker and
killing a deer throws It down a t t the
fee t of Mlnnehaba Mlnnehahn and nndher her father
Across the lake the voice vocf ll of the In
r dlans rose and Bndi Bndtellln i fell tellln In harmony Tho Th
voIce of thehldllcmreadercameAt the hidden readercame At
tho doorway door ty of his blswlgwam wigwam Bat sa liha the
ancient n Clent arr arrow w maker ma ller at 8thls his side s d all
In her beauty beautysat sat the lovely ov ly Mimic
Just then In the tense s llenco out ou
> on the float nt n t tho lower 10werelJllof eud of the
laUe It appeared a tiny Indian boy his
feather fe therhelrl head dress trembling with wlthEx ex
cltemcnt at the example of modern
progress be1 Intended to ev6 Iveand i nnd i
stretching I tretchn up hI his arms arm Bkywnrd stywllrdto to the
abo abode de of ottha the Great Spirit he sang sangln In
a hoysh boYlshsopr soprano na thatconld that could b b6 heard
all l1J1o over ver the theilland Island
Has anybody hero hcrosecn seen Kelly
Kelly with YIththegreen the green necktie Mcl te <
That wnsnsf was as fur lr jiB he lJegot got for CorIwa Kwn
lnl l lr lthe r the young Q1n p Intil man dolgedou lodged put pt o t
thi th doorway and bore boehhl1 him away
Re RetAtlveRllk iatlve Ris k
i i JqultnP foji knpw t th iio fnte ate of o flhe the pltchcir pl c har
IhitgoerUo hit goes to Jhewell the well tM too bften ftcn
I Going to the thiycll 1 Ycll never hurt hUrtnn any >
pitcher Illtcberyet yet UsB t pliE IIl 10 W tlie ti corner
ea solebn lcbn that t ptEe 6e rid I1 blnitiflc itm i ck k 10 to tl tljli I
bl1 IllenguI8 l
Dr A C CGarner Garrieri Pastor 943 T Street
N W Miss Gussie Harrod
Editress 1H2 1142is 15th h Street Str cNW NW
Sun day6eioal J JYS YS ilJol j1JO j 030 to 1050 A AM M H
A Adiuns lIII11SSU SuiHir pcrilttcl1llcn iuteiideiiti J Ji i 8 is isT iseii N T eii l tl tll l l
Assistniit Ass latnnt Superinten Sup inten den l t1eachlngj Preaching 11
A M lVIspelSurvices Vesper Services 030 P 11 M I
As last Sunday Snnl y waa ns the Ilrst Sum Sumlt liiy
in September eptelllbel the opening opcn llg o f tile new
c hnreh ycur eill Br D Garner preached a very
instructive IlIstl1c tiU and inspir inspiring ing sermon en ¬
deavoring deavo ring to impress upon the people
the importance impotnllceo o f fentelin entering entelin entelinJ J upon this tu la
years wprk with s stronger fa Jllh Jllhandtlo ith and andtlo de ¬
tcrmiult termina tion to do more for ollristlllld Christ and
the ehureh than ever before
The Junior Choir Choirns 1 was present Iasentand Md f fur 1I ¬
nis hed vcr y ftopd Iflo dmusic music l l ii t keepinjj w ith
the tJlethemc thcine of of the th Any dnyWe We liave u been
delighted dHghte 1 with the serv ice rendered rcmlercdb by
the Junior Jl1I ior Cho Choit ir this smnnlii 1 under tho
direction d eclonof of our lf or ganist gn JJfstIIlJs Jliss Hi Got
den They will ylll serve thrQiih September eeptern uer
Miss us Julia Willhinis who liI Jiaf 1 4CCI1 peen
spciidln 8p utling g her hCIvacati0l1 Vacation w ith her 1 motherV molh r
Mr s Philis l hiis Scott ha9 hl n lso returned re turne t to
her post pos to o f fdhty duty an 1nd d takes c harge mge of of
her sc 8cl lioi o cfllll fl In PunnsylVaiila this wee Vcef k
3ifsu Iis Sylvia Gurher who lins 1111 been on on
oi our ir sic k list l for foracpuple a couple of wee ks is IS
much improve d 1
Mrs hsLnn Lan dolia Childs CllI lclsIJrcntono Brent one o f our
very faithful members who has been re
cciitly residing llsdingin in Ilockvillc JId 1 d Js a rer re
por te d on OI Ithe the sic si k lis t tthls this wcsk
Miss 1IIis IJclorcs Page P 1 eis is enjo enjoying ying 4 few fe
weeks at Piijey P 1c Pointy Point 3fd ltI
Some Speed
Mayor MtyorQeorgeW George y TIedman of ot Sa ¬
vannah varl1a condemhlns a n munlcpolblll municipal blll
that he de de6roed med toohasUlYdrattedj too hastlly draftedj
sa id to too a reporter
Why they drafted this bill the the
way the t u Lo oldtime Georgia editor ls used d
to perform performhlfl his wedding we lcllngceremJn ceremonies ie
i iTha The oldtime editor edlt rotGeorginiwa of GeorgfaiiwaB
usually usual1ymaroras mayor as well HeV He was also
Jus tice ice of the peace conveyancer acd
real es estate tate agent deacon of the
church chur chleadinglhyer leading Uiwyer and head ol 0 1
the therlhilldlng miUding and loan
As one oneotthcso of these editors e dltorswns was w wdt lt
Ing Inga a twocolumn tvoco u mn editorIal l on on the
tariff t Georglacpu Georgia couple pJe came In to be
married The editor without wltitoutonce once
loo 1001t1I king up without slac sla citlng king tho tho
steady movement movementot of his pen rensnld said
Times moneyi Want her
Yes Yesaa said ld tbeyoutIi the youth 1
Want WalJthlm him the theedltorcontlnuad editor continued
nodding townr toward dlh the girl glr
Y Yes es rBhoreplled she replied
Man M o and andwife andwifepronollncedthe wifev pronounced pronollncedthe the
editor his penJra pen trav iellrig srooothliand smJo thly and
rapldl rapidly iPnetollar 6ne dolbar Brfnfe dng a lot I d pi of
wood for It Itonethlrd paothlrd tilne lne balance
oa ba k
European Writings In InChina In China
Pell Pelll street > tre reports that among the
Chinese Cltln se thoi inost luo st popular populanran translations sla ons
of European Eu pean andAmerican ilJ11 Amlrcm1 bpoks ire r
Camllle Treasure lreas reIslanditpbln Island Rabin
son Crusoe Gr soeSketcll Sketch Book Dook j h ht tnqlp t IQ
Toms TO 5 L1 i Cabln l n 1 IlyMhoe i iY Y U9 Dawnr Da wn1
i1ie i I alr m 1iIIln Qn t c U t
J Ar li qilg r rshflW shflW t Hpltn e
and several se ernll or o 0clce t Jclcel iis < fNi2w Nw oit o r
Press 1
Had Been Married Before
A min n n ister was reading the mar ¬
riage rlageservce service thalws that ivas to tounlfe unite n a negro r ego
couple whn became he came to the qupsflon qU1 tlqn
will you LoV Loye honor honoranl am i obey tjie
dusky dllslQgrpom groom Interru interruplfid pted him Speak len k
dem demwo wo ds is again pason pasollspealtdem spea k dein
wods puce pnce ma mpi spse so sede de lady gn get
de rIU full solemnity Qlemnltot oJ de menning mel1nlngob 6b do
wods o Il Pee bnen married mnrrlrf befo
A Cold rd Sh Shoulder uldcr
Talk about t tJiJurI1Yde your JiJurI1Yde v deftlsl Mslnn an ¬
grily grlJ bleated the fi fhvellng iiiverinff Bheep sheeplm Im ¬
mediately after af er being sheared s be rcdEv Every rr
body bodYknoV8th knows that t the thewoo woo len industry Industry
Is Is projected by byU tho tar tR dfyet iff yet tho tin
grateful rateful pirates p at sdal1t dont leave me the
brlglnn f wool manufacturer lIl rllfaclureri enough
Jprotectibh prlt tlo 1 to wad w r1 off olla 4 cold c jlcI i In lltl1a tha
Reclaimed by Irrigation
Two million acres acresln In New NewS South utb
Wales have been reclaimed reclnlme d b by Irri ¬
For Iiora a JcVdays few days we wcwl1 vi ill
make to your order ordt a i
I i
1 6 6PI PI 50 > P
from fromwoolel woolens that regularly
fle ell il at at20 20 and 2250 Choice
of 73 7Jpatterns patterns
S GoUheiii SOO So
403 403405 5 1 SeVentft St
I M lastion HasbonGruSQf Crosor
Contractor an n d dBuilder Builder
ArchitecturalPlans Prepared
Materia Alr crins ls selected 6elected01 or furnished All
building bulldingdetall details superintended superin tended with wIthklll skill
ftiidpiomptnciiR and plOmptliesl
t i t 1
Office OfficC5ist 5Ist and DdGStN G St NE E
Address R R3 3 Box No No 44

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