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t TH E NATI I I I I AI l 1 FORU 11 li HHi iI1fi i 1 i
I I I > j I J 1 1j > rdJ1plti t d
2 = = = = 7r + + LUUU
U j rr r1 Ill X A kj j t VN N
Leading Lea lllg Business Man in IIlTliatCItYi Tha t City Will
Spend Winter In Capital CapltalClty City for
Health ne a1UitayMako Ma y Make Some Business In
The subject su bJect of tli this is sketch was
born in Maryland lIaryl nd from which place
at ear ly years lie launched upOn a
business career tha that eventually eveutuall took
him hi n t to Syracuse N T I V Havin Having g
been successfu success fui l in i several sey ral business D Dsin sin S
enterpr ises he was vas rtbne the t 1c less ess
successful ucc ssfulth ssfulthr there r but butvith With the 1 keen
ins ight of o f a bus iness inesstra tra ining ihingand and
natural adaptibility he saw sawagreater a greater
open ing at t Bin ghamton N N Y to
w inch hiChkla place eltc he moved and opened openelup up
aw mc c n LEE
the Hotel Winc hester w whic hic h h is one on
of o fihe the finest ncst in 1t1the the c cityan ity an oldlan old lan d
mar k kan an d IS is doing a thriving thriv ing busi ¬
ness Mr Mr Lee is isa a man of broa d
bus iness ex per perience ience has trave traveled led
extens ively hav ing ingbecn been abroa d
tw ice and this tl1lscontincntaver continent over many
times He is sa a ffable lfa lc eas ily ap
prpac pr c he d an d dimpresses impresses you upon
fir tl11cctingvitlls ttce ri yand
singleness singlencssa o f purpose plrp S Se e which vhicI leads lea s
one to see immediately what the
source o f his flattering success success has
been b el1 Constant Constantatten attention tion to bus i ¬
ness ncsshas has in a measure mcasitre impa ired the
t hea lth of Mr 1lrLec Lee and he h has made
arrangements arang ments toUrl1 to turn his hote hote1in l in
II Binghamton N V over to a a con ¬
r fidential business fr frien ien d for a a few
months mon ls an and d is see kin g restora restoration tion
in po int o f f hea lth by winter il1tering ing in
Was W s hington
i Mr Lee is a mall man o f a affitiJs ffa irs in his
home homedtv c ity a citizen who is looked
I tip to and res respected pected an d one w yhose hose
i advice is sought upon upona a ll questions
j jofmomei1t of ofmomei1t moment to the best interests o f
the x mun ic icipal ipa l government gever1l1i1ento o f f that
c city ity He has been in bus iness there
for fo rsomething something like 10 years yearsand and in
that time has earned eamedat atid d holds the
con col1fidence fi dence and trusto trust o f the best
bus iness iricnio itien o f the c city ity a andis rid is said
lo do d the finest hotel bus iness of
any anyman man in that section
Mr Lee w whHe hile not here for bus bl si i ¬
I ness gave gavebllt but in 1ran an interv iew with
him that he was a aliveta live to any busi ¬
ness opportun oppor tun ity that presented
pro 1tablean fitable an d dle legitimate gitimat returns
and if ifduringhis during his stay here an y y ysuch such
presented itself t to him he would w uld in
a ll probability probabilitytake take a dvantage of
it an d if lie Vas was justifie j s tilic d in inso so do < ¬
ing would div tiv ide idehis his time between
his bus iness interests in New Yor YorK k
State an d here her prov iding idinghis Mi is health
jiermitted ermitted and he fpund fatll1danything anything to
suit him in the latterpl latter place ce
Mr Lee has accepted the tltepress press ing
inv itation o f ftIrand Mr and MrSi J E
Dent to spend the w inter w ith them
at the their ir home at 1628 Corcoran
street NW N V
Mr JE J E Dent Returns from New
Mr J JE E Dent DCl DClita ita a pro pro tege of Vice
Pres ident Shermans is back from
New Yor k State Sta te for a few days
where he has been for far the past
month or six wee wecl ks s He is a live to
the po p olitical litical situation in NewYar New Yor k
State and espec dallin ially in his distr ict
an d is o othe f the opin apitiian ion that if ifhis his c hief
is beaten the thellC defeat at w will ill be heal on ly y
temporar y Mr Iv r Dent states s that
things thh gS in New York are arctot not so bad ba l
Corner orner Fjrst and B BStreets Streets S W
Rev R Kent Hl1r Harris f fs s Pastor Pas to r 4 41 1 D
Street StreetSE SEI Miss ivfssA A Woods WoodsChurcb Church
Editress 1106 O Street N W
Sun dayschoo dasc too l 930 to 1055 A
M Mr John Boston f rsupe super rin in ten d ¬
ent cnl1i Miss s s B BCliffor Clifford dassis assistant tant su Sl ¬
per pe inten dent der itPreac Preac hing hi hing ng n I I A M
Night serv erv ices745 P M 1r
Rev J H HWiggins Wiggins BD pastor
of o f Pleasant Hiile Hill G M E Church
Conyers Coners Ga dc delivered iiverelanexceIlent an excellent
sermon sermon to tothe the con congrcgati gregation n at t Israel Isra el
last Sunday Sundal11orn morn ing He dis ¬
course ca rse d with great prof profun undity dity the
46th Psalm fourth verse under the
theme The Safety Safetyand and Happiness
o f Go ds Churc h It was ev ident
that th t the Spir it moved Rev Wiggins
as he heprogresse progressed w ith the thought
for with itll the ver y pronouncing pronoun cIng cIngo o f
the words of afthethemeit the theme it appear d
JQhis tq his listeners Iistenerstl1at that the flood floodgates gates
o f fgpentup loi thoughts were
opened op n d and such a a tide tidea o f feloq eloquence ence
came pour pau ring ing from his lips as has
not been beellsael so enthusiastically husiasticallyrec rece e ev ive v d
at Israel for fo r rsome some time tim e
The fact is Rev RevWiggings Wiggings is one
of the strongest strangestyal1ng young min isters in
the C CM M E Churc h w ho by dint
of pfhar hard 1 1study stud study sacr ifice a ePstr d stra ight igh ¬
forwar forwardness ness in mltfc life has pushed his
way vay to the front ran ra nk k in tlthe the c hurch hurc h
o f fllischa his cho ice
Rev J ARobinson A Rabinson AB pastor
of atEQ atEQnezer Ebenezer nezer M < E EChltrC Churc h hS hSparta Sparta parta
Ga Gapr preache e ec c he da d a beautiful bea titiful sermonat sermon at
thCcvc ing serv ic de te d fro
the fifth chapter o f f Matthew
twentye ighth verse Consider the
Lilies of oUhe the Fie ld etcand etc and the theser ser ¬
mon was both instructive and edify ¬
ing He s hawed that that in the Chr is ¬
tian sphere there theres s hould be no anx ¬
ious or1 or fretful fre tful care to tadisturb disturb those
who trust in ihthe the Lor d that like the
lily the Chr Christian istian should grow in
grace w ithout worryin g and fret ¬
ting his life awa y His was a pas ¬
s ionate plea din ding g for a ll l1things things goo d I
and tender an and d true between be tween man
and an his brotherman
Our pastor Rev Rcy R K Harr ris is
preached for the congregation of
Ebenezer M E Church in the a fter
as they would a ppear to an outs ider
from the t 1e reports gleaned gleat ied from the
press When questioned ques tiened upon what
he thaughtthe thought the Negro wou ld do in
the campaign this year yearhe he unhes itat ¬
ingly inglyexpressed expresse d it as his belief be lief that
there would wauldbe be but little ifai1y if any
trouble as as far as the Negro vote
was concerned He sa id li liOf Of
course we dont count New York
city cityw w hen we say saytha tha t t for we a ll
know somethin g o f the political po Iiticalat at ¬
titude titudea o f f that c city ity in re ference to
Negroes and then you au must n st re ¬
mem mCI 1ber ber that New Ne Yor Yorki k w hile 1 a
great greatbigc big c ity is isna no t all o 1 f the State
to of New Yor k and that the there res re o f
us fellows fe llows have something to say
a bout it an d that a vote outs ide o f
New Yo Yor rkcal111tsasmuch k counts as much as one in
New NewYar Yor k katleast at atleast least it itw it w ill if the y
count it r ight No I do not ap ¬
pre hen d that we will lose New
Yor k by byany any means a lthough we w
Mr Dent has been assoc iated
w ith VicePres ident idcntSherman Sherman for
over 15 years and andda doubtless lhtiess Is is one
of the closest closestmenta men menta to him w hite or
colored Mr Dent has some inter int r ¬
ests estsin in New York that will vill ca a ll him
back at an ear e riydateat ly date at which time
he willr will reenter ente r the campaign canipaignan an d
rema in until untila a fter ftcrthe the election l
Rev RevC C L 1 Knox Knaxo o f f Lane Chanel hap cil
this his c city ity was vaso one tie o f thc the v visitors isitor s to
Baltinore ialtimorelast fast wee v dcto lc to the B M C
Dr A ACi CiiGarner IGarner Pistcr Pastcr493 493 T TStreet Street
NWMlss N W Miss Gussie GussleHl1rro Harrod Editress
1145 1145 Fifteenth Street
Sundayschool Sun layschool939 < 930 to 1050 A
M 11 II M R R Adams 1 su slipe per inten dent t
Preaching n uA A M 11 Ves V s per Serv ¬
lice ice 630 Q30P Pi M
The increased attendance afte dance oh last
Sunday mbrn m rn iiig tg was vasvery very encour
aging Most 1fosta of fourmenlbers our members an d
fr fri iends nds who have been away for1 a
j jlittle little vacation have returne d dan an d
everythin g seems promis in g o f f suc ¬
cessful cessfiiiactive active work wor k The congregar
tin ti n listened attentively to a vcr y
interestin interes tin g sermon by our Oll a ble pas ¬
tor t r Dr Garner Garnertakcn taken from Eph
I r rti4 s subject bject Pur ity o ff Pur ¬
pose in Redemption Spec Spe cial ial co llec
tion was ta ken for the Amer ican
Missionar y Boar Board d
The The C E ves yesper per serv scrv ices icesat at 630
P M Mwere M were were in c charge pf a f11is5 Miss
Lenora Jqice ass iste ist 1by < d b y themem the mem ¬
bers o f the church c Sundayschao Sunda yschool
C E an d v is isitars itors We were vcr y
I glad fa to welcome the large number
i of fr frien ien ds ds Those who whotook took part
in the program were
Miss Mis Frances Brown Mjss ljjs817TI ATt >
Brown Miss Mar ionc iaHI Brown JJr JJrwn wn Miss
Inez Brooks rooks rooksli li Miss Mis Els ie Brown
Master Eddie Joice J oicelIiss Miss Martha
Stewar t f Miss Lee Miss Lillian
llrown1Iaster Brown > Master Wadsworth Brooks Br < oks
Spec Spc cia ial l ta lk by Dr A A C Garner
Among the friel1ds fr iends present were
Mrsl 1rs Murray of QfN 1 NqW V York Mrs
Moore iIoorea o f f Pittsbtirg Pa Mrs
Thornton o f f Pittsburg Pitts burgPai Pa Miss Iiss
Ross daughter daug hter of o Rev tNR tNRss I NRoss ss
f e trop tlrtllJ f 1 E ri J f
Mrs Hattie Cole Cal Mrs Fields Fie1dsMrs Mrs
Sims Mrs Jac Jackson sonMrs Mrs Gordon
Mrs Morsej Rochester N Y Dr
Porter Mrs Maggie Brooks Mr
W Y O Dav is an d Miss Florence
Special effort e ffart is be being ing made by
all allo o fficers and leaders to get to
wor warkatancesothat k atonce so that all alltlte the branc hes
of our c hurch hurchwark work may be hemare more
successful this year than ever be before fare
Among the vis v is itors at our morn ¬
ing serv ice were Mr J Dickson Di ksan
i Mr J l Berry Mr l1ran an d Mrs J Ih H
i Tuc ker a former res ident o f this
c city ity w ho is now nowan an active ctive mem ber
of a fthe the Dickswell Avenue Congrega ¬
tional Church New N w Havcn Conn
Mr Tuc ker er spent a delightful v isit
with w ith his relatives and many m l1Y fr iends
of this c city ity
Among those who have recently
returned are Miss Landolia Page
from Atlantic City Miss Delorcs
Page Pine Beach Miss Carr Carrie ie
Thomas Miss Lillie Lacy and Mrs
Pattie Smith Stokes Sta kes
The Tltefallawing following mem bers visited
the B M IL C ill Ba Baltimore ltimore last week
Mr W 0 Dav Davis is delegate aeleg te Miss
Cather inc Smith nith de < lclcgatc legate Mr
James ames Cox Miss Lula Prater Mr
H Prater Mrs Gertrude Gates and
Dr A C Garner Garn r
Mrs Caroline Mason and Miss
Silvia Garner have been tin our sick
list for several wee ks and we are
very thankful to know that they thc are arc
bot beth ji convalescent
Mrs lIrsLandolia Landolia Childs Brent is
much improve d aiid has gone to
Culpeperj Va her former home to
spen d a couple cO lple o of ofwceks f weeks w vith ith her
s ister Mrs Lightfoot
All members and friends fr iends who
have notes or a a ds tlatthpy that they w ish
published in tfTuE THE FOKUM Fon will willldI kindly I1
notify natifyl1e me l1e be fore Tuesday Tite dayof of each
Vis it the Maceo Theater if you
des ire to while away a pleasant
hour an d dat at the same time see some slhe ¬
thing thingnstru instruc nstru dive tive and amusing Mr
Richardson Rich nlspl1 lias ha s sll1a ma de it itvarth worth your
wlii1c while to v is isithis it his place placea and iu sees se s that
the best o f order p der and discipline is
observe pbservc d
Rev RevJ J Milton M iton Waldron wahirori ri riPastor1334 Pastor Pastor1334 1334
V Streeti Str tN N W W w Wi H 11 ScotCChurch ScotiChureh
Edltorj 1603 Plerce Place N Wi w
The Thesermon sernion sermon delivered d live ed by Rev RevV F
I W Wbixol1 Dixpn at Shjlo ji H last Sun day
morning oii on the su bject bj et The Th Eter ¬
n ltta ity of t Wisdom wag wa indeed a mas ¬
ter ly lye e ffort ffartRev Rev Eixon bids fa ir
to becolllcnotqnlya become not only an excellent pas
tqr t I j but a a pulpit oratc pra pratgr tgr jr as welt
At Attheevenl11gy the even in I gs serv ice Dr
Gr Grim im kej kc pastor pastoro of the tl tlel5th el5th isth Street
Presbyter rian ian Churc h preached for
us taking for for his hissubJect subject The
Tra in ll in g o pfChiklrcn f Cliildren Dr Gr imke
has preac hed at aLShIoh aLShIohan Slnloh on many oc ¬
cas ions ionsbutat but at no t time have we lis ¬
tened tenc t to as pr fouiulimd instn ktivc
a aserl110n sermon as he h de e livere d last Sun ¬
day dayevenin evenin g
Rev Dixon who whos whoias s tas ias been very
attentive a in his hisyisls vis is to our s s ic ick k
dur du ring ing the jpast wee veek k kreports reports the
following Sisters Sisters t Kate lte Jackson
2128 K street Car Carne rie Peterson
2223 L street RachehFletcher RachehFlc tclter2I 211 1 1
L ir streefan efan d dHcle Hc leni ili Sto kes 1618
Churc h hstreet street
The Ushers Association Assa iation le d by
its pres ident BrotheriSamueL Frost Frosti
jna de deaspe a special cialsuriJ surpr risc ise v is it on
Brother BrQtherMoses Moses Jo a hnson hl spnoneof one of the
members o f f the thcassQeiHtion association who has
been confined to his rconi r Jom for some
time b by y a severe severe attac a ta k ko o f fr r heuma ¬
tism Brother Frost and nil his mem ¬
bers are areta to be con c l1 gr atulated Atulatcdupon upon
the th9ughtfulness thoughtf ulness and Wld Chr Ch r istian i tian
ljritb l iat4 tv1QD V e I rta toL
kindness kin ncss to one o of f the ir number nun lber
It J t pa ys to do ones one s duty
Ju dgin g by the thecallsJal calls for the regu ¬
lar monthly meetings last week it
would seem that most o f the clubs
of afthc the church arc getting down to
active work for the the fall Let Leto our r
pastors find us all working when w hcn he
returns amtjle and lie Will v illb be made happy
It Itwas It was aiv ll in teresting terestihgs s ight ightta to sec
Brother Miles and a tHI his his hiscorps corps of Sun ¬
dayschoo l lwar war kers last Tuesday
even even in g as sthcy the y were grouped about
the table in the tI1e ir r study studyroem room pre p rc ¬
par pa rin in g the ir lessons less ns for the com in g
Sabbath Sabbathan an d wor vorking king out the ir plans
for a greater Sundayschool Sund yschaal for
Shilo h A more earnest and con ¬
sc s ientious super intendent would be
hard 11a rd to find and his fe llowwor kers
have caught his spir spirit it
The midweek prayer meetings
have haveb been en well attended a for the past
few weeks Rev Dixon ass isted by
Rev Beaman Beamanan and < the deacons o f
the church have done good gaadwor wor k in
keel keepin > i 1g g up the interest t in the meet ¬
ings ingswhich which of oall all our ailr church serv ¬
ices is so dear to the heart of our
pastor p stor
Rally Day Dayexer exerc dsc ises s sw w ill ta ke
place in our Sundayschool next
Sunday S nday morn ing from fr om 930 to 1 1
A M 11
There will willbeno be no lessons lessonsthe the en ¬
tire session be being ing given to to spec spe cia ia l
exerc Cises ises
Rewar ds dsw w ill be given to scholars
w ho br ing in new pupils Spec Spe cia ia l
e fforts are be being ing made to enroll enro ll all a U
former pupils p tpils After the exerc cises ises
the sc hool hoolv w v ill be protographcd in
ifr front ont of the titechllrch church
Parents and fr iends arc urged to
conic and encourage cncaura ge the Sunday
sc hool o officers fficers
Sister Si ter Fannie Ross s s has returne retu rne d
a fter a summer spent at Sea Girt
Sister Ida B1 mCarter Carter w ho has
ha has sbe been n at atCa Ca pe Ma y returned returnedby by
wa y yo o f Baltimore altiinorelast last week weckhavi having g
atten ded IJ dthc the B M C in that c ity
c 1
N f
Pastor P stor Rev NRoss N Ross 1444 Q Street
N NW W Editor E G Evans 1015 Q
Street N W Sunday Schoolat Scho Jl1t9 9i30 30
Rev Starling bt o f Boston Ga
Rev Williams Wll ia111s of f Albany Ga Rev
Murray local locale e lder of o Mother
i Bethel Bet tcl Philade Philadelpl1i lphia and Mr Mr Tay Tav ¬
lor Iaref of St StJohn JohnsChurch 1sChurch Clevelan Clev Cl Cln n d l
0 0arc are arc v is itin g in the c i ity tY
Mrs Dr foveret Loverctte e secretary Secretary o f tI I
the City Federation Federa tian o f Colore Co lore d
Womens Clubs o f Cinc in i innati 0
and High Pr iestess of the Ladies
Court o f f the Jur Ju isdiction of Ohio
is among the outoftown v is itors
Mrs Emma Moore treasurer o f
the Federation of o f Co lore d Womens
Clubs of Pennsylvan ia spent some
time tim ci ciw w ith ithus us last wee k
Mr Dav id James Jan ics o f Pittsbur g
Mrs Wr Wright ight Beckett Beckettf o f Pittsburg
Mrs Was hington of Pittsburg Pittsburgrep rep
sentatives from Qu inn Chapel
Chicago Ill St James Church
New Or Orleans leans La Bethe l A M r E
Church Chur < h New York c city ity St Pauls
A A1f M E Churc hurch h St Lou is Mo i
from i Birmin gham Ala from Co ¬
lum bia S C Mr Wilson o f Ports ¬
mouth mauthreprcsellliltiycs representatives also of Bas ¬
ton Mass Philade lphia Pa Mr
and Mrs Char les Swane y and Miss I
White Whitca o f Pittsburg passed pass d through throughI I
the c city cityand ity and wccr guests at the par pa r ¬
sona ge last wee vce k
Mrs Charles Cox and daughter
of f Washington Pa Pawere were visitors
atclllirch at church Sun S n day
Mr Connolly of Atlanta Ga
Big Bethel B thc1Chtirch Church was vasilt at churc h I
Sunday 1u m i v g rw
The annua l convention convel ion o f the
Mite Miss ionary ionarYSo Society c cety ety of the Bal ¬
timore Conference w ill illconvene convene in I
Baltimore Septem ber 2930 29 30 at
Ebenezer Church Ch u rell
Miss Mollic Ma llie Co ins is convales ¬
There will be a agran grand l rally for
3000 at at the c hurch the third Sun ¬
day dayin in Octo ber
The pastor past r Rev I I N Ross Rosswill will
deliver dc liver an address at the centenn cel tenn ial
ce lebration le bration at Was hington Pa
October 5
Shiloh C E Notes
The Distr District ict of Co Columbia lumbia Chr is ¬
tian En E1 deavor Un ion w ill i1hold hold its I
fall ra rally lly on Monday Octo ber 3
The soc so ciety iety hav ing the largest num ¬ I
ber in atten dance will get a pr ize I
The un ion w ill illopen open a school o f I
Christian En deavor methods com ¬
menc men cing ing November i and ending
Novem ber 18 Nine lessons will be bet t
taught Mr Carl Le hman w ill be
instructor J R R Moss w ill illrepre repre ¬ t
sent our soc saciety iety in the school
Topic for Sunday Septem ber 25
My Denom ination at Work for My
Country Psalms 89118 89 118
Many Man y ynew new active mem bers arc
coming into our society and some
of them w ill ta ke part in this pro ¬
Brother B Brather rather Moss w ill lead the meet ¬
J R R Moss
Attorney Warner T McGu inn of
Baltimore was late la tely ly appo inte d ex ¬
ecutor o f fa a va luable estate consisting consis ting
of properties in Phila de lphia Bal ¬
timore Montgomery county Pr 1r ince
George and Charles counties coun ties Mr
Edward J Faten the late owner of
these properties proper ties has dev ised them
so as to form the beginnings o f a
great industr ial an d colle giate insti ¬
tute for the education and develop ¬
ment o ftolorcd youth Mr Harry
S Cummings of Ba ltimore is the
attorney for the executor
Mr Bealc o f the Census Depart ¬
ment was out of the c city ity this week weekI I
but returned re turne d the latter part
To Whom Her Man y Friend Gave Gavea a Pri ¬
vate v llteReceptioll Reception and all dDlllner Dinner Tuesday
September Se ptember 20 in Honor HOllorof of Her Return n
From Her Vacation VacaUolIOncePlayed Once Played a
Prominent Part lIrt in lnNew New York YorkP Politic lltlcs
Through Letter LetterWritten Written Her Husband
By VicePresident VicePresldept Shernun She mlI
On last Tuesday even ing Mrs 1 rs
lI MaymeE ymcE Dent wifc Wif of Mr lr J E
Dent vas the recipient rccipicntqf o f a un ique
honor on the part of her many
friends fr iends and admirers a mirers in the farm of
an e elaborately laborate ly serve d dpr pr ivate i rate dinner
at the buffet of Washington s most
popular caterer Mr James V
Gray of 1313 1313E E street N No o W The
ion was in the form f < In o f bbe a bc fit
we lcome home to Mrs Dent Denton on
he part of her husband husbandan an d Mr C
i Lee o f Binghamton at atw w hose ho
e l in that thatdt c ity Mrs Dent has been
and w ho is here to spen d I
he w inter The menu cons isted is tcd of
he most cho ice de licac ica cies ies o f the th seai sea
on and the s serv rv ice only such as
an be given by bile of the hecxpe exper ri i
nceaiui hd taste taste or ofMr svirv tiray tiraYVW1o vno
jreside d as tbastmastcr toastm aster Mr M L
hon Crusor respon de ilc < d f to the
The Ladies Mr Lee to
Negro Womanhood Mr Dent to
Our Wives Our Sweethearts
Mrs Den n n tto ftoUi Ihcr l toastTHe sttTHc Woman
of Tomorrow and ricl H ITcr t 1 Respons Ttcs TtcsJ J Jns ibili ¬
ties Mr 1 r Gra jp yor ff Terechana r I a11 ept pt toast
on Our Mothers lIqth r Among fmong the
man y present it was wassaid sa id that the
occasion was one o f the most most pleas ¬
ant tr ibutes dhat ihat conkTlfave c bldI bldIavepessibll avepessibll possibly
been b tt pa id Mrs Dent < > vt
Not lon I01 ig igsince g since while Iil a t liqnie liqnieii IJ r n Jii ii
New Yor k State Mr Dent was waste te le
graphed by noW Vic Vice President l e i l IIJ
Sherman that Brooine county was
the th pivotal county in the distr ict
an d also that the colored vote con ¬
trolle d that county Mr Lec b be ing il1 g
then as he is now the leader lea der in that
county he held ld the key kcyt9 9 the tl s ituation itua tiall
but was oppose d to certain proposed propo ed
legislation by the Shcrman ites iteslfr Mr
Dent be ing una ble to reach rcac hlrr Mr
Lee de legated the task to his wife e
I who by a welldirected wcll < lirected logical let ¬
ter addressed to Mr Lee succee ded
in conv incin in cin g him that the interest intercsti i
o f the colore d people yas vas at atst stake
in that particu lar instance instal lce where vherc 1
upon he acquiesce d an d by his ac
qu iescnce iescncccar carr ricd ied Broome county caun ty
thus turning the tide o f fa affa a ffa irs ir in
the distr ict Commenting upon
this appeal in he form o f fa a letter
ViccPrcsident Vice lj ljresident resident Sherman l lsa sa id later
It was the one sav ing clause in in the
whole s ituation A State Senator Scnat r
said o f it in a public utterance It
was a splendid l lexhihiti exhibition exhihiti n of the lh
good influence of a woman woman aht l
doubtless save d the distr ict from fro111de de ¬
feat at attftat that time tim
Mrs Dent was born in Virgin i ia i
but has alternated a lternatetlbc between veen New
Yor Y ar k State an atH d l Was hington for the
past many years She was wa s pres i ¬
dent o f f the Bannaca Aids for spine sam
time was pres ident pf o f the Willin i g
Helpers for five five years an am d i icl en cl ij9i joys
the distinction dls til1 tion of be l lellg ellg in g cqlor bear qe t fe l t
rcJlctcorp otf1t i R
of which she he is a a member Mrs 0
Dent w ill be be at home to her man a y r
friends at 1628 Corcoran street strc t N N
W during the oncom ing w inter in cr
i f
Conducted by JOHN H WILLS
The Main Difference Between Civilized Man and the th
Savage Is IsSavages Savages Dont Read
The Teacher and the School
Since the days o f f four our learne d
father Stevenson in Old Bethel
jven until untilnaw now there never was
an openin g o f school in this
There are more schoo ls
scholars more teac hers than
aver before A Aver ver y ycncouraging encouraging
is this of Ne gro progress
may maybe be sa id none can
Joubt the earnestness o f the Ne gro gra
n his desire and efforts for fOlan an edu ¬
ction for himse lf his c hildren an d
ris is fr fr iends and their children
I met in passin g an elderly elderlyman man
I w ill illcall call John Sm ith one
lot eas y to identify He asked me
o w write rite his name on a fa ir clean
apcr He folded it w ith care and
jlaced it in his pocket thanked me
said i Im go ing to ta ke this
tome and practice on it The man
vas near to w hat we ca ll age d his
la ir was wa like unto snow but eager
less and andzeal zeal shown from his e yes
ic wanted to learn lie knew it was
lot too late
Washington has a splendid school
s ystem stem a standar d as high as the
cst in our common country The
> nc de defcct fect is the poor pay of our
In every c cit ity and State
n this country the schoo l teac her is
gn ize d as the highest a gent for
pro gress and good and as such is
jiven ivel1 due rewar d In this c ity the
seems to grow apace that a
teacher is a mere routine
ivor ker a stipen diary one who is
as a necess ity rather than
ized for use fu l good an am d ac ¬
Man y yo o f our teachers white and
1 f
co lored arc compelle d taenga to engage gc hi it
work entirely entir ely fore ign to the their ir t d ie
s ire an d profess ion in order to ma ke
the their ir financia l lends ends meet m et This
should not be This the greatest grc tc st
nation of ofthe the war ld l < the r jches ic hest t tand and
w hic h haspires aspires to lea d the inarch mar ch in
pro gress shou ld be the first to rec ¬
ogn ize and reward rewar 1 the instructor of
the future c itizens and an 1 the ir w ives iv es
and mothers in the ver y yessen essentials essen tials
of manhood woman hoo d 1and and good ga d
c itizenship The entire countr y
looks to Washington It is the capi ¬
ta l of the nation na tian and s hould set an im
example in this this one thin tl n g Lv which hich is
the foundation o f c civic ivic strength and
Colonel Roosevelt
Xo one will 111 deny that the Colonel Co lonel is the
most dis cl Is tinct tl net figure In our social and nne lpolll polit 1
leal > n1 llfi today When I sny social I
dont e menu lII nl1 those pinktea nml ont high hnnd
s hake nffnlrs but social socill1n6 as donllng with the
thought and on life o of the people He Is lf a
man of vigorous mind mlu ilnud and body he cricr
Kizis IZIS every action controls nil faculties fncu1ti s
puts nil the power o of body nnd will Into
what lie does ucs lie is positively nnd one l dis ¬
tinctively thHtIeJ nu American lIIcrIcIU produced by h purely
Aincrkiiu influences InIIlleulCs
KnrojicniiM EIIIOlCI ls i tyivo II Ions critic cIitlcspc1 ised spc1 us ns
be hlinl ing too forceful trdul too lavis < h in action action
and lIudspccd speed too florid nnd viv id inclined IlIc lince l to
boasting nnd IIIJCllneklng lacking in that lhn modesty moce st3 which
restrains nnd tempeis power powernud and its use
Colone l Itooscvelt possesses so ninny n ni i nn3 cx e ex x
ccllcncies it is but natural that ho mny m n
have n fault or so One coruthf cnrl llng critic c ritic
says Hn s that the Colonel CoIolIllls is a tin feoldlerjh loJl1ier I toy
colonel who was unwilling to submit J to
military lu illtmr discipline I HscitJ llue for the few days he WIIS viia
in the hc army 1I11I1 but has been impos IlIIposlng ing nrbi
trnry rule lul cve V rs s ince iilc upon up on his own 011 people p ol o
nnd others To nn illl enthusiastic cnlhllsills Hc ilmir a iln rtror
this might mlhtscl11I seem hars hll H h V u iiiL nfJ ld
tontlliletl llPoge i 11 T
1 l HI > pr

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