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i 1L f
The Nation National al Forum F rum i
Subscription Ra tes
One Tear 100
Six sI Months CO C O
1022 You Street StrcetN N W WRoom Room I
Editor and ndProprlelor Proprietor
Business Bu3icssi Manager
Special Agent
Entered Bn tered as nSRecondclllsS secondcliiss matter May
27 1010 at nttbe the los toflleo at Washing
ton D C under Act Actof of March 3 1870
c Address nil 11 allLO1nthunieatIon 11 11l communica l lIIlllUnlcntlons tions checks cl eclts
and money orders rdel s to
1022 1022You You Street N W
Washington DO D C 0
y Colone el l Rooseve lt has demon ¬
strate strated d tha that t he Is is isthe the thel theIt l It w ith itha a big
I II ar I I Some time ago we ca lle d dat at
tentionjto ten tionto the fact that thatwhen when a ll was I
sa sad id and done the Colonel wou ld be
in n the saddle an d it it ftnow now appears
that our pre diction was not w ithout
foun dation o f truth tru th There is s no
Use tisetoattemp to attempt t to to discre dit dithim li im He
is one of that thatclass class o f men w ho be ¬ I
lieve in fighting for what they thcyget get 1
and before before1h that t be believes lieyes in in fighting
whether he gets it itor or not Just what
e ffect this is go going ing ingto to have upon the
l lOld Old Guards is isa a thing to tobe be deter ¬
m ined but it is issafe safe < to say that if
Colone l Roosevelt can carr carry y this til isI
convention in the face of olthe the odds
that seemed to loom up he can come
close to controllin g the State in the
next e election lection Much Muc h has been made
o f f the statemen t given iven out by Wm
R R Hearst that if 1 f Mr Roosevelt
stoo d for oranytl1inglike anything like lik what he
i Hearst Stoo d for he Hearst
wottldsupf wottldsupfort would su sui pport p port ort him hi There is not
much to this seemingly more than a
if V grandstan gr andstan d dpIay dpIayon play I lay layO on O n the part partfMr of Mr i
A q Hearst If I Mr Hearst desires des1resto to
J come cOlneover over overto to the Republican party
so I we wellandgood vell ll and good This ThiSis is a time of
revival r and nd all the thccoiwers converts are wel ¬
come c me who Will wi ll join join Us The doors o f f
the Republican Church h are wide wi de
bpeni open p nl an d whosoever w will ill may
I come They Theyare are welcome as slcin lon g gas as
they theyjo join iil w ith the knowledge Imowl dgethat that
they must m ust a bide 1 by the discipline disc ipline of
the thech church rch
I The recent meeting at Atlantic
City o f the old oldveterans veterans v teransof of o f the G Go o A
R emphas ized the fact that they theyare are
fast be ing thinne d out and that
the ir ranks are ire growing growirigbeautifu beautifully lly
but sadly f fewer wcr Each year w when hen
the th roll is called there are scores scor es
I that do not answer to the ir names
j They heY have ha ve answere answ ere d the th e ir last la st roll
call and Taps have been sounded
l for the last st time Whatever e lse
i A i may be sa said id we owe themiade thema o de bt of
It it gratitude gr at it u deWI1ic which hch we w e can c an never neve 1 repay r e pa Y
We never meet meetnnold an old soldier that
1 I we do not fee l l like li ke ta kin kingour king g our our hat
1 off to him for what he has made pos ¬
I sible for forus us The They y were werethepioneers the pioneers
who stood stoo d doitt out in the fore for front and
made this country what it is isThey is They
I it was was who preserved the Un Union ion
S t when wb nit it was totter ing and ready to
I fail They The it was Who w ho en dured all a ll
I I manner mann r o f depr dep ivations in or der that
m mi i the present advantages m ight be been en ¬
i I i joyed joye db by y us Again Aga in we e say sayall a ill ll Hail H Hai ail l
to them the an d d dmay may the marc march marchon h pn on the
other otijer side S1 de be less turbulent than the
1 J ones that fell felIto to the ir lot on this
> Haying Hav ing served pur time muc h ho of o f
itin itir it inboth both oth the hehighschoolandcoUege high school and an d dcollege college
t i asan as an l1i1stl11ctor jnstructor instrtictor we weare are in a position
to t sympathize S w ith the corps which wh w hich ch
teaches tea h s the theycUng young idea i howtostQot how to shoot
i If it tistrulya is is truly a fact that the teac teachers teachc he rs of o f
I the t je public pu Wc blic schools are the hardest
I If f worke d dan and dpoorest poorest paid pa id o of ofany f fan any an y em em ¬
plo pl ployes 9yes yes we know J1ow And yet to them
comes c pm pmnore more norei norecqmpIail1tsthan i complaints cqmpIail1tsthan than to any ny
1 other class Qf Of them themiscxpe is expected ted
i morie m more r than t anan an any y yotherset other set o f f persons
an and diBbptJt d about bpttt them isa is Sa iai id l more Iiar J13rd d d
anil and riii unjust un j jst st things thing as aclass a class When Wh Whe Vlicn e
one I co conies hics to thm tlnnkit thti lQit lit i over ov overndbn rand and con
s si ider t it from fr o m h a viewpoint vi iwpomt < w p i int nt o f fre freXj rea re Xj 1 1
fa faii il ness n s the thcs tli sa lar y of every xery teac hc h jj 1
in in the lheDistrict lie Distr District ict as well as sput put ought
to be beraisetl raise raisetl d dat at least 20 20 o per cent cei1tThe The
fo llowing llowin g from the Co lmnbus State
Journal is so germane to the subject
that we herewith herew ith subm it the same
With Withall all our presentday prcscnt day tendenc tcncIei des ies to
re icforl e form n it seems to me we arc entirely en tir ely
over o er loo dng the most important source e
o f f our ur trou bles It is incompetence in
our on schoo schoolrooms lrooms To the public schools
is entruste d the greater part o f f the task
of Ofl13 ma king the youlh YQUlho o f the country into mi9
effic efficicnt ient lawa biding lJ id idng ng c c itizensby itizens by a ll llo o dils dls
the most most important task to be per formed
in such a society MotifS as ours But Bu with w ith a
na ive s horts ightcdness instca4 instead o t f f secur ¬
ing 11 ii for this tas k the biggest an d best men
an d lwol11cn I women o f the coun try we e ta t ke the
most 1110stprac practicable t tcable cable way possible to t secure
the wea kest We offer for this truly
soulsearching soulscarch 11S an d bodyracking tas k a
recompense reco l1pcnse that is ISs s imply il11plya an il insult to
anyone anyoriecapable capable of ofcarrying carrying it out
This Tli is course ma m makes kes o f the pro prOfessioii fession
o f ftcac teac hing a catchall for the weaklings
and incompetents w ho could not ma ke
good anyw here e the lse At least 75 per
cent o f the educating e ducatingoft of this tis country is i
done by teac hers who get litera literally lly less a
year than section sectori hands And A11llw what J1at is
the result No stream can r ise higher
than its source source It is true that thatvc vve ve get
much I l11u h more than we pay for but anyone
who has had direct directdca dea dealings lings with the
alleged e ducation w ith w hich the great
111ao ma i jor rity ity o f f the children arc equ ipped
realizes acutely that the thcundcrpa underpa id over over 1
for or r ke d teacher teacherdoesnot does not alone bear the
penalty for our lack of fores ight Ac Ac ¬
cor ding dingtG to ttirofessor Professor ProfessorMunstcrbers Munsterberg w wllo ho
is i s probably the bestequ ipped man in
Amer ric ica ato to ma ke the th e comparison co nlparison the
Amer ican boy comes o out from pur our
schools at least leasttwo two years behind the Ger ¬
man m an student s imply because be cause tlie jatter l latter ltcr
has l had better betterteachers teachers all alltltrough through Dur ¬
ing i ng the formative per pe riod iod practically all
that t the average boy knows of law and n d
order and an d dof of i citizenship is his school life
An d the contempt Jie ie has for it is no
secret secrctto s to anyone w ho has had dea dealings lil1gs
w I ith ith him in connection with this life
The reme dy is obv ious We can have
the c ho hoicc ice o f f the big strong men and
women to fill fillp our r teaching pos itions any r
time t ime we are rea dy to ma makc ke it possible posst ble for
suc s uc h to stay in in the pro fess fession ion w without v ithout the
sp s p ir ldtua itua l su ic icid ide of liv iv ing starve d lives
When we have a generation encr tion of men and
women w ho have been well tra ined illedin in
persona l honesty hones ty and e fficiency we shall
have less need necdo o f a Rooseve cltto lt to teach
these qualities qua litlcs If Ifwe If we must econom ize
let hi it be in in something which we ye can more
easily afford than in the tra tra training ining in il1go o f four our
Compulsory Co Vaccination Vaccin itlon
A num bero ber o f highly iitf inte lligent
parents I a w hite an d dcolore colore d are
keep ing the their ir children awa aw away y from from
the 1 public j schools of this c city ity be ¬
cause of the laWcompe law compe lling vacc vac Ci i ¬
nation I be fore orea adm admitting lr < itting ttil1gptp pupils pupi ils ls
While Vhile the author au authorities thorities ities have hav a a r right ight
to ta ke steps toward prevention of or
disease it itis is nonsense pure purean an d ds s im ¬
pIe to inoculate a child w with ith a m ild
form formof formofsma of ofsma sma llpox to prevent it from
c catchinga catching a v iblent i lent form of the same
c disease diseaseespec especia cia ia lly at this time when
there t is not the iheremotest remotest in dication dica tion
c of an au epidem epi demic ic The value o ofvac of f vacc ci i ¬
nation is by no means certa in It
frequentlyisatten frequently is atten ded by bloo blood d
poIson po ison soncony convu ls lsions ions ionsloc loc kjaw is is gen ¬
c erally pain ful and annoying annoyingan an d
l leaves eaves an ugly uglrscar ugi > scar It His is is just as
reasona ble to compe compel l ever eyeryman every y man
woman and andc c hild nildto hi ld to be inoculate d
not only for smallpox but for foral1 all in
fectious f fectiousdiseases diseases including ipcl ding a co ld in
t the head
Almost Alm ost st All A11G Gone G ne
A w white hite hiteman man of ofinqu inqu inquiring ir ringtum ing turn o f
m n ind while conversing conversin g gw w ith a col
ored red man I know knowq qu quite ite itewell well said sai d
What nationality are you yauMr Mr
I 1amatt Iam am amatt an Amer ican replied
Yes o f fcourse course but what race
I belong to a race now almost
ex c extinct x tinct in in this country co ntrysa sa said id B
till I see s e trep replie lie d the inquis inq1J inquisitor itor
You be long to totlle the In di dian l1r race c e
No NoI I belong to the race r ace o lgen f gen
tlemen lemen emen I hope
1 Mr William Johns Johnson on dnum an n d wife Wifcof of
WilkesBarre spent a a Week reek veek in
Washi Vashirigton tgtonvisiting gtdn visiting ir the ir daughter
They had lmdan an enjoyable enjo able time sight
see s ee ing Mr Johnson is one o of f
WilkesBarr Cs s leading lea din di g colored cit citi1 citi
lens ens He fills the position o f cler k
to t 6 the tl1epresidentofJtheLebig president ofthe Lehig li h Coal
Cbapos 6 a pos ition he has dield he1clfor for quite
a number of ofy years ars
Mr Le LeCount Count Cook will leave lea leav v
loon pr QrChicago Chicago where he wHlrer will rei
S imp I11 els 1is 1S studies in irt ifl me dic dcineat dicine ine at Chir Clii l h
cagoUn cag ago Un ivers ity
1 Thhb 1 a bHA4 at a I4aqtL JflI II1II j SS I
i01 W it iI 1 1ft p j1I1 A W 1 1 li JI
t ft 1 1 j v IP1
ji11f I i l M > > t Si jf
1 a Ii I I I < I 1 I
J = I 1 1j j J n PUJJPITS r u nI r Yll S SIi iQ iQf AND Ii ND NOFJ f I i r FJ FJEltXI PIWS > EWS EltXI < S I I i 1vI
Corner First and nd B Streets StreetsS S W
Rev RKent R Kent Harris Pastor Pastor41 4 1 D
Street S Sreet reet S SEjMlss SE E Miss A A WoodsGhurch Woods Church
Editress 1106 I 106 O OStrect Street N W
Sun da day IaXchoo yschoo clioo l 930 9 30 tP O 1055 10 55 A
M i Mr 11 John John Boston BostonI BostonISupe i Super Superintend intend
cnt Miss B BtliffordAss Clifford Cli fford Ass Assistant istant istantSu Su ¬
pe per inten dent dentPreac Preac hing ir AM A M
Night NightServicesi745 Services 745 P 1 P M At
Practical Pr cti al Chr Chris istian tian ity in all Illo o f its
bear ings was given givensuc suc h a brilliant
illum ination last Sunday at Isr Israel el
C c M MEChurchw E EChurchw Church w hen Rev R v Harr ris is
se lecting his text from the second s cond
chapter of the Second Sec pnd Ephesians
verse I w hich rea reads ds thus th s An d you
hath lie qu quic ic ickened kened who were were dea d
in trespasses and s ins as to rem in d
eac h auditor that at no time of the
worlds growth has the worth o f
ideas been so thoroughly investi inves ti ¬
gated as at the present day The
w v ise teacher or i preacher prea her is the theOIie one oiie
who whois is able to show the people peopleho hoW
to live and rea rea r lize lizetheglo the glor iousdoc
tr ine the Father hood o of f God Goda Godand and i1d the
Brotherhood d l o f man and ho iioprcv previ ¬
oils OU expos exposition ition of the gospe l l more
ev evi idently iden tly betrayed the fact that our
pastor himsela himself a lovin g example o f
the highest moral excellence has
uppermost in in his thoughts th ughts and at dpray pray ¬
ers thesupreme the supreme hope ho of se lfsacr ifice
an d c1se selfden se tf 1fden cien ia ial lj l to the end of practi ¬
cally teachin g gfhe the wor To rlds lds hor des d
that thatthere there is isesselice is essence an an d va validity vali lidity dity in in
the thee e fforts ffa ts of our Savior who w ho so
tragically tragicallyclose close d His career on his
tone t ricC Calvary lv ry lt It was shown s with
ax axiomatic iomatic clearness that if Chris
tian tian tmamty ity itys s hould houldever ever atta attain in the ideal
o f f its foun founder dermen der men and andwoniemi women must
in eac h act o f f the ir eyeryday eve ryday lives
live by its its precepts pre cepts The congrega con grega
tioiiy i ion on listen ing 1 intently as eac h
thcught grandly grand and strenuously in ¬
s isted upon by y the clear vo ice ic that
had hadnq no tone o f f hypocr isy in its w Whole hole
sca le and loo king kingupon upon the serene
an d thoughtful countenance of of our
pastor felt fe It that thatlterewas here was a man
w Vihose t hose steadfast ways ways w were ere all a llex ll ex ¬
press presive ive iveofi of thatorcp that repose se an and d integr integrity ity
bf O f soul so l w hich lifts li fts a man a bove the
common level l vel an anc d hv l w ins in S for orhim him the
silent silept honor and andres respect > ecto o f fall a all ll
Many o f f our pastors s pro profess fess fession ion
m mig mi ig ght ht take aJesson al a lesson sson from him in in the
art attpfpse pfuse of pse fulness if i they would woulddrop drop I
into the church any n ight o of f the
wee k to note notcthe the improvements impr verncnts be I
ingWrought in wrought in the c hurch by the
brethren there for aside asi de from the
credit creditof of hav ing starte d the wor k kof of
renovation etc w hich hiL li liis is is progress
ing ing rapidly rapidlyth rapi dly the thought will cling to
your yourm memor memories il1or ies that With his own ownl
hands Rev Harr Harris is is is helping to
pa paint int the t1i churc ch rc h Israe l Church is a t
gran d do o ld e edifice spac spaciousand spztiotis ious and beau
tiful t ul located loca ted at the foot oot of thena the na ¬
tions Capitol bear ing it imiga garecor a recor d to be
proudo pr proud ud udo o f Cin in the fliehistory history of colored co l ieel
churc du irc hes and anditow now liow that fliatits its interior
beauty b beautys auty autys s ha ll p 1 be re freshened an d its
outside outsi de walls wa lls pa painted inted together toge ther with
the tl increased lighting power ower an d
last l 1stbup but not otleastits least its l gowne d c choir hoir
it itis is the hope o f f the members m mbers and
fr ien ds o f thechurchto the churchto church to br brin in g gthe the
congregation c up uptoitsformer to its former large
atten dance
Wors Tos hipping hi hi pringwlthus w witl ith us last lasfSa Sa bbath
were MelSrs Me rs Felipe Fe 1ipe E Unans Unansee e
Antero AgUinoand Aguino Ainoand nd M A Alvara do
three tl e foreigners fop igner on QI11y ly one o ne bf w vhich inc h
spo ke Er EIghish glish
1 r The Th o fficers ffi ers an n d dinenibets dniehThe mem niehThe bers of
Israel r el C M E ES ESn Sun n dayschool
learne le learned rne d 1 with w ith regret that Miss Julia
Ta Iaylor ylor loroneo one o f four our our most effic efficient ient
teac teachers hers w who ho has been away more more
than t1i n four months Will willl not t return turn
until November i x 1910 Be fore re ¬
turn turning ing s s he will willstop w vm ill ll llstop stop for a br brief ief
w hile il1 in New York c cityN ity Newark Nea ewar c N iN
J and Mt Mt Clair ft J The
younger yotln ger members of ofie i the tll ie Sun un day
sc c hool will be ets es pecially pe ciallygla glad d of 0flwr o f her
return ret rJ1
John H Berry Bel BemTyp L j > fWashiligto fW Wasliihtoii shih toh ii
DC P ft > le lefti ft for Richmond Richm > l1dy Ya Mpn pn
day c1lYr c1lYrS September S ptcmber ptern ber 26 Ow ing topr to pre
vjous viousarrangemeutsjwhich vous arran arrangements gements whiclv whch have hav not 110t ot
been t r announced anntnced nognced Mr rvrr Berry nerr r ra may a yre re ¬
ma in in it the c city ity indefin indefinitely itely
Dr A C Garner Ga Gai i 1er Pastor Pasior493TStreet 403 TSfreet T Sfreet
NW N W MissGussleHurod MIss 1 1Gus Gus Gusielarrod leJbrrod Editress
IMS IHSFlfteenth fifteenth Street
Sim u hdaysc hda y ys s lioo liooi I00 i l 93 9 y 30 tbi to lb5 to p5oA 50 A
M H IL A A Adams dams Su Supe Superintendeiit per rint intendent n il ilnti nti
J S V Neal Assistant AssistantSuper Super Supermmiten intendent ilite l lent ent
Preaching Preachingu 11 A M Ves VesperServ perSery
ice ices63OPM ice5 630 p PM M
The I he con congregation gregation at a Plymouth
enjoyed enjoycda d a m opt exce xce llent llentsen lleritsermo sennoh nori last
Sunday moniingj niori ing delivered by Dr
Garner on pu i the subject Uhdefile d
Garments Rev 3 4 The dis ¬
course V was s so sQ fu ll o f f dee deep p uplifting upli fting
thoughts an a an4 nd ndwas il was de livered so en +
thusiastica thus iastically llythat that it it itseemed seemed impos ¬
s si ible bit for forai1yo any o f his hisJisteners listeners to leave
Without fee feeling ling 1 spir spiritually itually itua lly renewe d di i
The number h mbero o f fv fvisitors v visitors isitors s at our ur
morn morning ing serv service service ice is is increasing increasing every
Sunday an and d both spir spiritual itual an d
financ fin m cial ial ihsight seems seems more prom prom ¬
is isin in g Let eac h handever and ever y one oneol of Us
put a foot to t6theplw 1 the plow and success s uccess
w ill illsurely surely be ours
At vesper ye ve sperserv serv ice ic the YP yP Y P S C C
E held he helda lda a del1ghtfulun delightful l un union ion io r meeting
We greatly grea tly des ire 4 d to have have a ll the
soc so societies ieties join joIn joInus joi us an d take some SOI11 part
in the meeting
Societies represente d were Shiloh Shi loh
Baptist t Vermont VcrnlOntAvenue Avenue Baptist
ioth 19th Street Stre tBaptist t Baptist Metropolitan Metropo litan
Baptist Bap t tstan stan an and d Linco ln Tem TemRle Tenule ple
Genera GeneraU9pic l topic What is our de ¬
nomination do doing ing for our country
Discusse d by Pres ident J Ne e ill ll
Rec Re c itation ta tio nby1iss by Miss Hattie Akers o f
Vermont Vermont Ayenue Short Sl ort a ddress
by byth bythsecretar the secretary of Vermont Avenue A venue
C CE C E An tnocte octette tte of ladies from fr9m
i 19th pth Street Baptist sang under un der the
direction direc tion o f f Mr L Alexander
Shiloh Shilohwas was wa s srepresente represente d by Mrs
> Dismon is mon d d911e one of its itsm m iss ioil woti workers wo r1ers < ers
whogavean whogaveanexce excellent llenttalk talk
Tlje Tlleplesidel1t Tle president o f f Lincoln C E
Miss Blanc h h Adams gave us a itstore store
of ofinformati information l1concertin concerftin g corigre
gatipnalism gatipna lism
On last l st Thursd Thursday yn n night ight ight bur ou our
prayer meeting jl1ee ti tig g was vas con coiid ducte cte 4 d lj 1
the deacons Mr Ira ra Ba Bililey iley ley rea read d 1 I
the Scr ipture lesson Mr JohnvLa
cey ceycon con ducte d te d the tes testimon testimonial timon ial ialsetv serv ¬
ice ice then Xr 1rj1urr Mr Furr Furring ing 11gt9 took k charge
of the meeting whic h hwasvery was very veryn en e er el1 II r l1 >
joyable to a all ll present Next Thurs ¬ i
day d yn n night ight ightt11e the deaconesses will hl have
c charge bargeof of the prayer ineeting and an d it it
lis is hoped tha t tall t all who possibly can
w ill attend
Sister Siste Henr ietta ietta Harr ris is has le lefti left ft
her fr friend iend Mr Airs s Sylv ia Wqo dar ds
of ofe Je e ff fferson erson O Oan an d dis is is now nowvis v visiting is itin itingi g
Mrs Luc y Handsome Webster at atl
Chica go Ill I
Miss Anna AnnaV Y V Nelson ij Nelsono elsono o f Chicago
Ill was the guest o f f Miss Catherine
Sm Smith ith at 1217 1217T TstreetNw T street N Nr NW r W for
several days day last 11l t tl l wee k I
Mr and Mrs MrLLe M Le Ro y y Jo Joimson hnson o bf f
New Yor Y or k lcc1ty c ity are spending this
wee k in the c it itr W y wIth MrsHE Mrs H E
Harrod 1 II42 142 15th street N W i I
Mrs Isabel C13e1fo Bell of fI018U fI018Ustreet ioi8U ioi8 U street
N W W1s is is onoursic ono on our nick sic k list istth istths this s wee k
It Itis s desire d that all a Unotes U notes be in into to I
me not laterlliari later than Tues day noon noom
Please Pi Lase write writeo oi oii rlones i one s si ide ideo de o f fthepaper the paper
only I
St StL Lukes kesMeeting Meeting
There There was w sal1interes an aiinteresting interesting tingl1leeting meeting
of ofthe the degree degreec c chiefs hiefs hiefsof o 6nh f the 37 37 Coun ¬
c ils of Mthet the L I Oi d dof of St Lukes of the
District held Monday Monday yeven even evening ing at the
St Lukes Luk s Home corner 13th an an d
U Ustreets streets N I Ie e Wr W All informatiqn as
to what Was v a as s done a ne will willapp appear app ar in in the
next issue issue of the 1C FORUM
The mem bers bC are plannin g for a
reception to begiyen be given on October at 2 I
at attheir at their new lypurc Iyp lypu rc hase d dhome home i No
1924 r I3thstr 13th 3th street et N W The St
Lukes o f f Washington ire are wide ¬
awake along business DJt siness lines fis ilWel1 well
a as s fraterna l ones onesiand onesiandw bnes and andw w ith Mrs Mrs Irs
Bessie Be ssie An derson ders and iid Dr DrGarrter Garner as
the their ir leaders are tlreaccomp accomplis is islHilg hing re
s smits st its Very V Vc VerysOin c ry sc s sOin ita the St St lukeS Luke s swill will
ocupy a column colqrrUL Jn i ii the FpRtht Foath
throughwhichallthe throughwhichah1 through whichall the news can be
had by allofgs all 1 of its meinbers t11 11berswee wee kly
Watch the i FORUM Fq q Jlr Jlrl l for it itw w wm ill ilkgiy giye give
yojt thenewso the theriews news o l f f tliei theSt tf t Lu kefly ke
Rev RevJ J Milton Mliton Waidron Wa idron idro n Pastor 1334 I
V Street N NWj W W H > Scott ScottCburch Church
Editor dftor 1603 Pierce PlerccPII Place c N W
Tlie Tl1cserl11onof I le iSeri sernon on pf Rev Revt t Dixon last
Sund Suna Sun day d a ymo ymof mornin mnoiniiig f I 1 1ng ng g Was Vas as the th tl best b bes es est eso t o f the
number iiumu ber which whi liI h he has delivere d dur ¬
ing ingalmost almost a months sta y w ith us
while w whi i ile le jivcharge in n charge of o of f the tli churc cliurc h Each
has hasl hasleen been > een an improvement on the i
other ther For Foran an hour hdu r rWe we were held
s pe llbound llboundw w hUe hi le he presse pressed d home
the truths of the gospel
At the theeven even evening ing serv service ice Rev Wil ¬
liam Wa W lker de livered livereda a most excel ¬
lent l nt sermon from rom 1st Cor Corinthians inthians
I3th verse Watc h hye ye stan stand d fast
in in the faith quit you like li ke men be
strong Hav Frav Having ing ings s spo po poken ken for for us on on
other occas ions he sa idhe ha had hadnoth d dnoth noth ¬
in mu g gnew new to present But he did di d fo for r
his sermon n was va vas so s prac tical and an d his
illustrations so fitting that all w ho
heard he rd him hh1jwere were deeply impresse d
Dr Waidron Walc iron w ill be present next nex t
Sunday October r i and w will ill deliver de liver
a spec spe cial ial sermon to parents Come
and al1 lbrin br ing g your friends
At the afternoon afterncol1scrv serv ice at 330
P M M the the Lords r ror or ds Supper Su pper will wi v l1 l1e be e ob o b ¬
serve served d Special Specialarran l larra arran arra gements geil1ents11ave have
been been made nta de tq to have the age aged d mem ¬
bers brought bro ghHo to c hurc h han an d prov ided ll ded d
with a a dinner so that they may re ¬
ma fllaiil in to the serv s rv ice
We are please d to have with us
a gain Sisters Pattie M Jackson
Sarah Mallor y yand and Brother Cha Charles rl s
Preston who have been awa away y for
the summer sUl11Jller sum ier i
Brother Isa Isaac c C Re Reddie ddie o f f the
c lio h hoir ir has returne rc returned urne d to Baltimore B HinlOrefor for
a a5t stay a tay of ofloda oflodas to ro da ys > s When he returns
he will wi ll br brin in g his w wife ife who WlJO ho has
greatly improve improve d since since her recent re ent
II In sad ld but b t lov ing ng remem rel11e ril brance
o of f fm m my y ydear ydearson dear dear son Everett Evetett Disinon d
who departed depar ted this life two two years ye1 d
ago agoto to today day dayS daySptel11 Septem ptel11 ber ber29 29 1908 1 9P8
Mypwn Myo M own 1 11J myj ny a all ll l1sq sp good gOQdfnd and true tr 1
50 So youn youngS9 young g so kin kind d l land1l andnptte and1l and no 6ql ble topj too I
So fu ll tlo o f prec pr ec ious iou sHfe life lifes rs sbe bestblopm best stJloqm bloom
l His is death d dathla athla has fille fiiled fiiledm I d 4 P my m f y heart J Jear f ear kVith with v ithi
glool gloom
l t I t i V
i Fncnds Fr Fncndsmay ien iciils ds may thin k k Ill PItsoon soon forge
Arid An id idmy d dm nvy m yWoun woun I de dedhe ded d heart rt be qe Heaje lw hale l d
But the they y little know the sorrow i
That within w ithin niy hearts hea fs conceale concea le d
By his mother
Last Sunday was Rally RallyD Day y in
Shiloh Shilo h Baptist BaptistSun Sundayschoo daysc llool l The
lectureroom lecture robm room W Was s well fille d dwith w with with ith an
apprec a ateciatiye ppre iative a tiye audience a ati die1te Many ra y o pfthe f fthe the
former pu pils responded to inv itai ita
tions t tonstll onstll thathadbeen that thadbeensent had been sent to theman them and d
a a number numberoftheparents of the tlieparents parents o f fthechil the chil ¬
dren w witnesse itnesse d d the exerc exer cises ises whi whic which h
were entire en tirely ly new an d uplifting
The 1h Ii serv ice icewas was entitled the Kings I
Banquet The Lhe super inten int n dent had
asked aske q the children chi ldren to eac ea clrbring h br bring ing
something sOl11ethingto to put ptton on the banquet
table the theresu resu result lt twas was a we llladen lHad n
ta ble b ewithautun1l1 with autumn fru fruits ru its vegetables vegeta les
and other artic ar artides ticles les o f food These
were used to teac teach h an o bjectlesson
of how God preparesa table before
his hisrchildren children as s set forth fortbinthe23d i iri the 23d
Psalm PsalmiIhe The sc sc hoo l then voted i to
send end the the supplies to the th poor saints
of the c hurch hur h
Among the distingu dis tingu is hed vis itors
were Pro fespr fes Brawley a amen1ber member me iber
of Q the factltyo facu facuty lty o f f Howard Univer ¬
s ity Mr Silas James Jal11essupe super intend ¬
ent o f the Third Baptist Churc h
Sun tnday dayschool dayseliQoland schqol schqoland and Mr C H Bar
nett netto o f t Columbus olumb tsQ O
After the theexercisestlie exercises exercisestheschoo the schoo l lw was s
photo photog photographed graphed aphed in in front of the church
With Wtl1smil smiling smi ling 1 gface faces light ligl1thealtsan hearts and an d
Waving wavingl wayingbanners l banners anners the sc hoo l l presente d
a 11 notsbontpbfSfbrgotteii no notsoon i is s onto to b beforgotten forgottd1spectJcle spectac le
The super intendent inten lent Brother Miles
desires through the courtesy of ofthe the
NATIONAL N flO AL FORUM FO UIoLtothank to thank all a ll Who
in inan an y way wa yhelpedt helped tb make makethe the day
a agrantsuceess grand succes
r K < < <
At a business meeting meeLimI held or br i
Sreptember 123 23 23ti3efOlloWng thei thef fbllowjng llQwing persons perS ns
were elected for the next nextsix six months
as c hairmen of comm comm ittees Look i
Out Mr rv er James R Moss Prayer
Me Meeting tingi Mr M Mr r Jo John hn S Brow der
Missibnaryj Miss n iyMr Mrs s Mary 1I1 ry C Dis Di
hiond Calling Mrs Mary A >
Dix Dixon n Flower Fl FlwerS werS Soc Socia i ia l Miss Emma
Don Donbho 1oActingSecret Acting Secretary r yMr Mr Wil ¬
liam lianlSlti Siiiith th The office o of f secretary I
had hot expired but Was ma made de
vacantbecaitse vac vacatitbecatiseour nfbecattseour our very e effic ffic ffil1t ient and
fa f ithftilsecretar futhful ithful secretar y Miss Edna
Sm ith ithhas has been called away from I
tHe tliec c city ity ityto to accept n position as schoo l
teacher teacl1erih in in the State of Maryland
Sister Sm ith is held in very high i
esteem st el11 by all allo o f f her colaborers colaborersand and
we ve will wi ll bid her a dieu with withmUch mth much real
deep sorrow an d praying praying e earnestly rnestly
for her success in in her new neWfie fie ld 1 of f
la Ja bon Mrs MrsM Mar I ry y P Jackson J cksonwas < was
tnvin imbusly im buslyelecte e lecte d as asJtmn Jtin ibr super super ¬
intendent intendent Sister Alice Early Earlyhavhig havin g
resigrte resig e d After the themee meeting til1g the
En Endeavorers deavorers deavor rs held helda 1 a soc socia ial l hour
and andr andrefreshments refreshments r reshments were a bun dantly dan tly
Our last Sunday Sundayprayer prayer meeting me ting
was full fullo o f interest throughout
Eac h Sun da y ybri ybrigs br brings ings gs an increase incre increase s in in
numbers a ar amid rid id many n 1any v vis is itors from
other churc hes he3vere lme were made we lcohie
and ann expresse d their deter dete determination rl11i rl11iatioh itiinatioh atioh
to come aga again in Among Amongson1eof soriieof some of our
v isitors was i Professor Brllw Brawley tey of
Howar d Un Ul11vers ivers i ity an d Miss I
Prowd daug daughter hter o f fRev Rev Dr Prow r row wd d d
of South Amer ica Professor Pr fessor
Brawley expressed ex pressed himse himself lf as be bein in g
highly pleased pleas pleasdd dd with withonryoung our young pea ¬ 1
pIes work i I I
Our topic iP rhr for pr SundayQctPber Sund sunday October 2 I
Se l fcentere Jfcenterec lf centere d c dor hr or ChfStcentere thH t centere d l 1
Phil 1 I 21 3 74i 74 II3 3 Conse onse 1
crationl1leetli cration ir Ku iet ho rse serv rv
ice ice from from 63q 63qt064 6 3q W645 to 6 45 s13ro Bro Brother ther Jphn
A AMiles Miles Mi les wilj lead the meeting I
jlR I I Iill ill ii J JRMoss R I Moss 111 lOSS I
Continued ontlllllccl from raIn ranD 1
Jyranes1e tyrants tyraitsheeljomi heeljispn eLspnthy thy shore Mary Ma y ¬ 1
land my Mary Maryl Maryan l an d 1
Organize 9r 1 i J JI t I Organize 9 lniz II i Organize r i 1WnU jl Ill
Any Anyperson person son who has notice d the I
progress pra gre ss ma n made ia de by y the lJ J fore 1oregn r ign ignl ign pie l ¬ i J
m ment n nt t Jn iii the Un 1l1it United itet l States S s t will i
natura naturally lly be curious cur ious as to thereal the real i
cause caus e thereof The The industria l lsue sue sue I
ic cess c t tess Jss ess o o ofth f fth the JIeQrew Hebrews Germans Gem ians Ita Ita ¬
hans in 111 this country is IS phenomena l I
TIle political po litical power the Irish Irishpossess possess
is is wonderful wqn lerfutQrgan Organ Orgamzatpn ization iza tipn is is the
first fir cause Eac h hone one of these thesena thesenai na ¬ i
tionalities are closely a allied llied into so ¬
c cietrescl ieties clu bs b band and organizations 1
forme d pr primarily imarily for f frso rso soc so pal ial and
econom econom economical ical ic al improvement imnprovenien t an d sec ¬ I
ondar 6ndar ondarily ily ilr for po political litical advancement advancement1
Traveling from Richmond d Va
through tbroughMar Mar Marylan ylan d dDelavarePenn Delaware Penn ¬ I
sylvan ia i New Jersey New Yor k 1
Connecticut Mass Massac c husetts New
Hampshire and ami d Vermont I Io o bserved I
that all ailthelaborersmendiri the laborers laborers mending g roads I
and i dojng qoingtherougller doingtlie 1 the rougher class o f la bor I
were Italians The prevalence of o f
this 1 c dass class lass o of f la bor in inso in so many States
arouse d m y curios cu curiosity rios ity an d d investiga ¬ 1
tion fo fd110 followed llowe ve d I found that these I
laborers were wereahl all mem bers bers berso o fan f an or ¬
gan g ganization ization izationwh izationwhse whose se object itisto it is is to con on ¬
trol this class of o f labor and it is
claimed d by some that this soc society iety
has agents agentsiii in Ita Italy ly gather gath r ing re rej ¬
cruits to sendto send I to this country and
that the theisteamshipconipan steamship compan ies i s o bf f
Italy an d dthe the United Italian Soc So cie ier ie I
ties tiesale ties are behind the movement The I
humble Jew peddler pec1dleto o f collarbut co llarbut ¬
tons and phony jewelry is a mem ¬
ber of a power power ful or gan ization and
can canstoc stoc k up his hi tray with wHhorwitlv or orwitlv with
out money A German entire ly in ¬
nocent o of f English arr ar arr riyes ives in New
Yor Yqr York k kan an d the cooks an arid aridwa d wa iters
c club lub takes c harge o f him and he
gets getsa a job jo b bas as a a f scullion This will il
do i las as a a starter Some say that
II IIU U Uncle nc1e He inr ic h wrote Louie that
he cou could ld get g t a jo jo b bifl1ecam bif if he came tb this tlu
country and kept quie ti t an al1d d be bes st tlr lre
not n tlet let the inspectors know 1 any ¬
thing < a bout it I dont on t know
whether this is true or or not nots so I
leave leaveittoyou it ittoyou to you I
Now the Negro occupies occupies the posi posi ¬
tion o f f analienin fan an alien in this country c untr y yand and ami d
r LI
lliar nr nra nrJ hard hardasit a J d as asit lit Wi Wis Wito is is s j to to adm admit it the position
of f an Un ulesirablc til desirable desira ble a lienr lien or c itizen
i i < fWf
h hr or r botlM both 4t As ide from secret socie
Jies lies ties clirch chGfch cli a arc rc h or purely soc social ial ialc clubs c
of fsma sma irhuniber ll lli i A uniber mberthere there is no organ ol gan i ¬
zation zati n among them and the churc h
and andsecret secret societies so soc cieties ieties do not nqt concern
themselves themse lves with w ith industrial industr ial l lan an d po
litical liti al matters YOU can ca n nsee see with w ith
half 1 an ln eye ye what wh w hat torganizilHbh organization will W v ill l1
do for t1 this is peo people ple pleLao Loo Lok k kat at this
city Citn w ith its its 100000 IO000 colored peo
ple dwelliiig dwe lliug llin g in ina a bout botttseven seven square sq are
miles o of f fterr terr itory itoryth the benefits
ga ine ined nedby d by or qr orgami gan ization are i1retoQ too nu
nierous 1 1l rous to to mention men tion
Among the Sports
The sporting editor edit6ro o f L Leslies slics
Weekly Wecl y has two things tim ings to say saythat that
may interest your you
Walter Talter Johnson the Washing Vashm ing
toils speedy spee dy flinger is hot after
Rube Rub Wa Wadde Vadde dde lls seasons seasons recor d for
str strikeouts ikeouts ilceoutiJ30I 3OI > made mad in 1903 At
thE 1li ii wr vr iting Walter ITalter has 247 str ike ke ¬
outs to to his hiscre cre credit dit In a recent en ¬
counter cOl1nterv With w ith the Tigers Johnson Jo hnson
fanne d d 12 o f the Royal Bengals
w vhichi hich is just a ribotiUive bout five better than
liei will w villhave ill have to average tcisurpass to surpass
Waddells Wadde lls record
Just as I I to told dyou you ycti the Jeffr Jeffries ies
Jo Johnson hnSon fight ghf picture kare are slowly but
sure surely ly be ing s hown tin in the va var ious
c citiesan ities an and d dare are caus in g g gno no trouble nor
race r iots Like New York Yor k Den ¬
vel and all 1 St Lou LOUlsaP1 Louis is approved approve royed d of them
and andthe amid they i were lcepfthlthese kept in these cities be ¬
yOml yond l the time tirl1corigina or iginally igiia lly sc scheduled hedu led
i s I
Often OftenUse Used dlnAHempts In Attemp Attempts U to toChent Cheat the
Treasury Pe Deprtment partment p rtment
Many efforts are aremn1t ma ma1e < Ie to cheat Un ¬
cle cleBarn dc Sam through the r edemptton edemption divi ¬
sion slonot of the treasury department which
division has to do with wltI i redeeming part
Iy destroyed government t currency
Once 0 a man m n In a western state sent
In half of ota a ten dollar dollar bill accompa ¬
ned by an affidavit to the tbeelleet effect that
y while Jffbfle IJ on O h hi a i spree proo beha heJin tie hal 4 used the other
hllifto half to light a c ciga cigar igar r The half hnlthe be for ¬
warded was was nicely charred chnrrednlongthe along the
Innercdg Inner edge and the story would have
been accepted by trens treasury ury officia officlnls ls had
It t not been thntwltlHn that wltUln twentyfour
hours there was received from a bunk d
In the samestate sn Destote the other half of the
The theory of t treasury officials was as W
that while more or less intox Intoxicated icated the Ii
manhad man had struggled for possession of
the bill with some someone one who had wrest wre ¬
ed half haJtot of It from him l lm that the dc d
spoiler 3pollerbad had turned the half Into the
bank and received rcceledfiedolJlI five dollars s for it
tbntthe that the intoxicated Into xlcoted man recovering recover ing
his blsrJens senses s lbnd had foundthe found the other otlielh othorhaif half ll In fn
his hls > pocket Jcketand and not n9twlshlng > 1wishlng wisblng to lose los
his money ba bad d conceived the plan of o
slngelngtbe singeing the edge edgeot of the tl tlen en J note t and
claiming tl aftbeotherbalf that the other half bad been
de destroyed roY cLj So hp h ho rclPJrnltted committed perjury
In an attempt to rob the tbogovernment government i
jf o t 5
A man manlnCleve In Cleve Cleveland land sentan sentnnnffidttvlt sent an n atlldaVit ffldavlt
to the he treasury trcasl1rydepartment department nccom accom
pnnylng anylng the tbeslngClI singed half of tWJ two twen
tydollar bills and nndone one tendollar tendollar bill
This T 1lsnmdavlt affidavit was typewritten typewrlttentind and in
perfect form It set forth that the
deponent was a a commercial lttraVele traveler 1
that after aftelretl1r returning nlngfrom from a journey lie
bad hndbeen been cleaning out his traveling
bag jag when whenlnadvenlently lnadvenently be hebndthrowp bad thrown
Into into the fire ane an envelope pveh > Jocon con containing taining
fCO 50 O In bills that In accordance w with ith
section so and so he he would like to1 to have
the money restored res toted to him etc et
The clerk who brought this docu
meat mentto to the officials omcll1sconimented commented on o Its
lucidity and mdcomplcteness completeness but to one
of jf these the story seemed unnatural
and nndhe ho ordered that the tbeclnlni claim be held
lp Ut ip for while n
Twentyfour Twentyf ur hours la Inter ter h nblgsblp a big ship ¬
ment of mutilated muUlatedcur currency reacy came from
a i subtreasury in In the west west The official mclal
who had ordere ordered d the thocln cla im field h ld 1 tip
isked whether there were veronny any half
notes In this shipment t In four or
five m minutes inutes a clerk cler k brought him the
mls mlsslnrr missing slnrr halves balvesot of the tllebllls bills the theOleve Cleve ¬
lan land lan d dman man had sent In
The attempt t to todefrllu defraud wns was plain
Tbomatter The matter was at once onceput put into the
hands han ds dsof of the secret service division dlvl lon
and a n man mllnwas was sent west to tolnvesU Investl
gate ate Tho Thoman man who had made the the1dlt afll
davlt confessed nt 6tonceno once Ho Jmd Jnd cut cu
the he bills bltls in Inhnlves halves and for forone briehalf lll ilf
oftb of if them mobtnlned25 obtained 25 The other otherbalf half
lesinged he singed and nndnttllcbedto attached to his affidavit
The gross profit of ofd10 the swindle could
jot not have been more than 25 nnrlt and for r I
tbnttrffilngs that hat trifling sum m the theUIIlli man maO forfeited his
liberty lIt > erty for p l1yearnnd a year and a baltWnsb halt Wash
ngton Star
The Barefoot Bare foot Burglar
Have yon seen the barefoot bur
glar1 Jar asks the Florida liIorldaTimesUnlon TimesUnion
We Pe have We We caught her In the net
esterday ie t ter er daymornltjgt1i morning the th threeyear threeyear threeyearold bld
miscreant l iscreant as 6ssho she stole up to our bed
stole tole a kiss shook her tousled bead
and nd saldIf said If you y ulpnt dont get getIJp up dad Iiad you
wont wonCget get any anybretcs anybretcsi brefes i Xilentown Allentown I
In Is a Democrat Demorrllt
Unselfish r
Mrs Backbay Ba BackbayWhy ltbayWhy Why are you leay lea bay
lag tng us Bridget Boston nos ton Coo CoohM k Me
reasonsnrephflnnthroplc reasons easons arc philanthropic 1 I want wni1ttd Id Ld I
glvesomtr give lye some wnnelsellcbnneet won else a chancct at the
joys oys of liv living ing with v ltb yez yezHarpers Harpers Bn I
Lar I II I

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