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h The National Forum For m
i Su Subscription acrlptioli Rates
l lI I One Year i 10 100
Six Months B 50
1 f AT
1022 You Street N W Room I
f Editor Ed119rand and Proprietor
Business BUll DeSI Hanagtr
it Special Spe cial Agent
t Entered as assecondelllssmntter secondclasa matter May
i 27 271910 1910 at the Postofflce at Washing
ton n D Q C under Act of March 8 1870
ft Address all couimunleatlbns conimunlcntl ns checks
and money orders to
i U W Wniris
1022 1022YouStreetj You Street N W
r Washington D 0
WJ10 Whos S looncy now
j The people w ill rule
An n honest honestrasca rasca l w ill stay
Politics are warm ing up and the
weather is cooling down
The real lea der serves the thepecwle people
The 1 boss makes the people serve
We Weare are npt ll > t jdentifi identified d with w th thany any
faction faction c clique lique or 01 clan We Weare are for
all the people
lea ding Ne gro newspaper publis hed
at attl tlie je Nationa Nat ona l l Capital
The TheoverlhrolVo overthrow o f the monarchy monarc hy
in Portugal is another exemplifi ¬
cation ca ti61 10f of the statement that tli this is is
a batl ba il ilyear year for bosses
i West WestVirgin Virgin ia is down downthere there be b ¬
J hind hin ithe the mountains staunc h and se ¬
cure in the Republican Republic n column
peeping pee ping over at the other States and an d
en joying jo ingthe the scrap
From a ll llreports reports there are more
things thingstp to disturb distlib people in New Jer ¬
sey than fh tmosqu mosqu itoes it es At least sonic
o f f the tl1e fellows f110 ws who have 1a e held office o ffice
a long time are saying saYll1gthat that
A Aicoloredman colored man of ample ampleexpe expe ¬
rience t1 ien e su silhstantialreputa bstantial reputation tion and
matur mat r ity tyqfjudgmCnt of judgment w willbechosen illbe chosen
as pro pr prbttioilPffi bation bttioilPffi officer c r ror for or tlie Distr pistrict ict
Suc h haman a man is William Wjllianlenifer Jenifer
L 1 I
That T t massmeeting massm etin g ca tlled lled to
denounce den t lnce this infamous s sschool school
if I system sys t em was a I If frost f ros t There TI 1ere was
I a monster monst r outpour ing of o f a tota l l of
10 in dignant persons The people
11 cannot be eJooled foole d
j litl The Democrats are laughing up
their s leeves leev es an d for a ll llwe we know
it itma ma y be a agoodJaugh good laugh on the who le
The situation situa tion is not yet w here the
I Republicans can lie on OIJ their th thoa oars oa rs
and andd dr ift w ith it111hetide the tide There is a
poss ibility that the next House
1 might mig t go Dcmocra Democratic tic It means
wor yor k and plenty o f it
i Those wh w ho cla im to be dissatis ¬
fie d dwith with the theadl11in admin istration o f As ¬
r sistant gis antSuperinfendentRoscoe Superintendent Roscoe Con k
ling Bruce iii the Washington pub ¬
lic licsc schools hoolsa are re offering nothing n thing bet ¬
ter jnhis in his stead Can any man
satis sa tfsfythecon fy the con flicting flic ting wants wantsmd and am
bitjons o f 600 teachers and a va ¬
r iegated i gated populace of 100000 Mr
Bruce shou should ld be supported a dvised
w ith an and d sympathetically assiste a assist ssist d
bailie by the patrons of the sc hool system
rather rilther than fought on tr iv ial
Every Negro Negr boy boyandg and g irl out of
school s hould hot lldbe be sought but and if
he h comes cdme w w ithin the lim it of the law
should be be forced to t < atten d He may
not like Hkeit it His parents pa rentsl11ay may not
exert exertanyin any in fluence to have him go
but for or the goo g o d dbf of the c child hild and for
the good goo l of fitturegenerations future generations in
the Negro race it is the thin g gto to be
done It is a duty the State owes
an a an n d J one that thats s hould be di disc sc barged I
With tMsdone this done we we can easily fin d
employment emplo yment for the number Iof of
teachers tea Ji 1J 1Jwe we have now n w w ho h have ll t
qua q 1ifie H d dj andarejidle j pd ar Jdl
This Thisj Thisi J Jiy iy j i I tlleda if y I of the sa lve
spr r f fJ J IJ J 1all e C gress onat
dis dlstr lr lct ts lS < iHJi3is jHlsris am m ighty impor
tant ta rit tipositi I P9 iti dh n His has become eCOtI1e to
be a high art and nd he who assume ull es
that respons ibility ibilitymust must be bean an adept
He must be a ble to s how the othe othcr
fe llow that if was better that he dii did
not get the nom ination He nuts must
how him that he has the chance
o f f his lifetime the next convention
He must ma ke the fellow who los lost
know that thatthepartycannot the party cannot pos i
lively cannot do without him am and
he must do it without letting tin
other fellow suspect that he is try ¬
ing ing Hard job this dont you
thin k
It is not transgress s ing ingthe the realm
of the a dvertising page to say r ight
here that our people should shouldgiyejhe give he
New Howard Theater the ir heart ¬
iest support It isi is one o f the pre pret t ¬
tiest tiesta1d and most complete playhouses
in the country and a dreprescnts represents an
investment of 100000 in cold cash
It w ill furn ish an open door to the
most capa ble per performers formers o f our
race an d affor a ffor d the Negroes of
this pre judicer JlI iticer idden community a
place of amusement where they thcr are
free frccto to s it itwl1erevcr wherever they choose and
be treate d like la dies and gentle ¬
men The Thebroa broa dminded dmin ded men who
have invested their mone y so liber ¬
ally in this thisenterpris enterpr ise in response
to what seeme seemed d to to be the unan imous
demand for fora a theater for the people
s hould not be perm itte d to suffer
disappointment at our han hands ds from
lack of patronage If the How Howard ird
venture fa ils it w ill be man many y moons
be fore any o f us will have h ve the thee e f ¬
frontery to go to another white
man and ask him to ta ke an anintercst interest
in our 1 complaint aga inst the narrow
and bigoted custom custon10 o f f segregating segrega ting
th the Negro Ne groinallot in all of the theaters and
publkresods public resorts of this c cit ity
This s plendid playhousespellsop l op
portun ity i ty iti more ways than one to
the Negro race 1 To support suppor t it is isa is a
duty that we owe to those who wbohive have
placed it within our grasp
Boss Racing Racin
Horse racing ra cing has 13s been ca calle lle d the
port o f kings It Itmayhavc may have been
alloft4atin 11 of that in a buried long ago agobut but
now low the whole wh lethingis thing is a a frameup frani up
to o tr trim im those misgu ided du duffers ffers Who who
thin hink the y are sports or that they
can an get something for nothing or
that hat the y ycan can beat a game which w hich
theyknoI hey know other men are going
broke on It It has finally develo developc pe d
into a gigantic gigan tic sc sclleme heme o f refined
sw indlin g from from the owner down to
the theflleasant Jleasant welldressed gentlemen
of unctuous manners w ho te lls you
w w ith affable affableo o ffl1andness ff han dness that he helms has
something good com co ming ing through
tomorrow He is but one of the
many dev ices an d fools of o f a bunc h
o a f surething gamblers that are sure
to brea k up horse rac racin in g giu in this
c country 1ntr y If it was oncethe sport
o f kin gs it has fallen down and an d is
now the sport of ofsuc suc kers
A Quintal oi Wheat
We are used to the thought that
the Un ited States was the greatest
wheatgrower but according to the
Bulletin Of o f Agr Agricultura icultura l Statistics Statis tics I
have just received from Rome Rus ¬
s ia leads with 2497391200 qu in tals
Uriited Un ited States is next with 182408
1 145 45 quintals quittt lsThe The next nex t great grow ¬
ers are Argentina Canada Hun ¬
gary Bulgaria produced the high ¬
est est number of quintals to space
1055 w with ith Switzerlan d the smallest sma llest
wheatgrower in the theworld world next
with 100 A quintal l gentle
reader is 22046 pounds Are you
happy how
Notice NoticeMillinery Millinery
Syphox Downey will open a
Irstclass m illiner illi11eryestabli y establishment > hmentat at
1 458 P street Slr et N W The genera l
public is i cor cor dially invited inv ited to inspect
thcar the artistic tiStic and stylis h display dis play of fall
and w winter inter hats at their opening
October Octo ber 21 21 an d 22 Friday Fr iday an d Sat ¬
ttrday urda y Open until un til jp O in the Uecven even
ingTllc ng The latest and uptodate upto date styles
Prices r ight Br Bring ing us your last
years ea rs hats We We will ma make ke them
Mr Mr hJ1l and Mrs rsF F E James enter ente r ¬
tained taincdGen General cral Forrest and a party pa t r
of fr iends at their handsome new
fjOm ibme Mrs r James excels exccsasa as a host
i 1
essi ss and 1d an an fnyitation to dine at f
t he Cir ir home h I11 C isa is a guarantee ar antee of ofaho a aho lips s
pltrible > itable and pleasant evening
oIl t 11 1 1 1 IN 1
c > 1 f
1SZ SZ i > v if 3
PUliiPIISAND < mm P PVf t Vf I
Corner First and B Streets S Wi W
Rev R Kent KentHlirr Harr is Pastor 41 E D
Street StreetS S E Miss A Woods Church
Editress 1106 O Street N W
Rev R Kent Harr ris is spoke last
Sunday upon a su bject taken from
that portion portionofthe of the Scr ipture i htre whicl hich
tells tcllsof of the 1 rebuilding of the walls oi of
Jerusalem J erushlem w ith a beauty of plyasing
and a boldness o f purpose which
aroused and arrested immediate at ¬
tention In his compar ison o f f the
necess ity o f f the rebu ilding of these
walls wa Usof of Jerusa lem to the wor k oi
renovation rcnova tion o f the church < 1Urc h han an earthly
Jerusa Jerusalem lem he sa id that Go God d was
jealous jealousofthewor of the wor k kand and he ma made de an
elo e10qucnt quent appea l l to us to cultivate
and andcmancipate emancipate our souls souls soulsand and br ing
our lives in harmon y w ith the life of o f
Jesus It was a grand appea appeal l and
it must mllsthave have stirred the most callous c
and indifferent in the audience
After Afterthc the sermon scrl11onthere there was o ffered
an hum ble and fervent prayer for
par don as well as for gu idance to
that strong strongsweet sweet force forccofdivinc of divine
love than w hic hich h there is nothing
sweeter or stronger an d tovhich to which no
human soulever soul ever truly tr Ily appea led in
va in Rev Severson Seversonassistc assiste d the
pastor in inadm adm in ister iste ring ing the com < om
J11un ion
The Epworth League followers follOyers
were grateful to listen to a flow ow o f f
br bright ight and persuas ive oratory or tory from
Dr Mc Duffy Duffyw w ho was the s spc peaker aker
of oftheevcn the even ing One is always glad
to heat Dr McDuffy for f r it seems
natural natur l for hirii hi 1toplead to plead a acausc cause with
the picturesqucness pictur esqueness of of a poetand poet and the
power o f f fa a philosopher Mr Mc
Gowan who opened the discuss ion
is always fullo full o f f spir spirit it and activity in
Christian wor work workand k and his remar remarks ks are
both interesting and impress ive
We are prou proud d to announce that
Bis Bishop hop R R L Williams will be w ith
us on the fourth Sunday of October
w hich hichannouncement announcement is suffic suffidcntto ient to
insure a crowded house The mere mere
mention of the name is enough for
ever y yI I member and fr iend of o fthc the C
M E Churc h are interested in the
character an and d personality o f this
A Agr grand ndRally Rally will bebegun be begun on
the same day d y at it Israe l C M E
Notice o f events attending aUendingtl1c the
meeting mee ting o f f the Buildin g Assoc Associa iation tion
which occurred We dnesday night
October 12 w ill be b given in nex t
Booker Doo kerT T Washington Banqueted
in New York
Dr Booker T Was hington was
banqueted in magn ificent style in
New Yor k last night1 at the Park
Place Trades Club 14 Park Pari Place
signa signaliz lizin in g his return from a tour of
Europe where he had been enter ¬
tained by royalty and by the most
distinguis dis tii1guis hed hedpersons persons on the Conti ¬
nent The function fu Ction was wascolJceived conceived
an d dattcnde attende d dby by eminent emincntco co lored
men from froma all parts of ofthe the country
an d dwas was truly o f nationw ide sig ¬
n ificance The comm ittee in charge
o f the banquet em braced the follow ¬
in ittg g Charles Ota r1es W Anderson cha ir ¬
man I1lai1j Fred R R Moore Mo orc Wilford H
Sm ith Philip A Payton Pa yton J C
Thomas W H Smith and P B S
Pinchback all of New York YorkjRob Rob ¬
ert H Terrell Terrelland and Ralph W Tyler
Washington DC D C Dr S E
Courtney Courtncyand and William H II Lewis
Boston Mass Dr S G Elbcrt
Wilm ington Del an d J C Asbury
News Items
Alexander Henson Jr J of ofPhila Phila ¬
delphia Pa has assume d the man ¬
agement agementof of the North West Under ¬
takers t ker Co formerly forl11erlyknQwnas known as Wm
Grayson Company Mr Henson
comes highly recommen recom men ded hav ing
served for 25 years in this capacity capa city
in one o f the leading firms of Phila Phil a ¬
de delphia lphia He adopts the thelatcst111eth latest meth
pds pdsis is Up up to date d te in point of service
Mr Her Herjson json is a member membe o t taWthe f all aWthe the
leading Jea dingsocicH societies si and andc comes c omes highly
recommende rc mm nde d 1 < f
Pastor Rev evN N Ross Ross444 1444 Q Street
N W v Editor EdltorE E G Evans JOISQ
Street N W Wi Sunday S iIdaySchooll1t930 School at B3C
Our entire entireSulldays Sun dayschpol 11Qol > vas vasin ir
smiles Sun day da y in keeping with thai
most 1110stbeautifu beautiful ld day y a fter ft r the drear drc ilr
weather on Saturday All teachers teac her i
of ofour our Pr PCimar imar y Department Depaitn 1entwe were re
present Professor Williams o f f the the
M 11 Street StrcetHigh High Scholretttrned School returned to
his Itisclasso class o f f Young youn g men and was was
heartily rece ivedby them The class
has set out otltto to increase its itsl1U1nbcr number to
60 these thesencxt next few wee ks ksandif and if they
ma inta in last W winters inters ratio o of f in ¬
crease the num n un ber w will ill soon be o b ¬
tained tain d
Mr MrG G C Thompson rhom psonwas was sincerely
thanked by Pro P o fessor f ssor Williams for f ° r
the success ful ITlanner manner in w hich he
has hascarr carr ied on the class classwor wor k kdttring during
the summer There Thcre will witlbca be a special
reception given by the c class lass to its
pro fessor and Mr Thompson in the
near nC rfut future lre
In the abscnceo absence o f the thepastor pastor Dr
B F Watson occupied the pulpit
Sun da day y and preached preachedapove a powerful rful
sermon lin in the morn ing ingtoa to an i1 appre ¬
c iative audience Mr and Mrs N
D DSoloil1ol10 Solomon of fMadisoni Madison O were
introduced at the morn morliingservice ing serv ice
they are v is isitiiJg itin g friends fr iends in the c city ity
Rev Dixon of Shilo h Baptist
Church h preac hed hedas a splendid sermon se rmon
atn at n ight
Mrs Lena Iktc hner rea rcad d a paper
before bcfOIethc the A GE C E League LeagueSuI1day Sunday
evening eveniqgand1rs and Mrs M Jones sang s ana a
sweet so lo Thepaper was discusse discussed d
by Messrs H HThomas Thomas Sha Shade de Wil ¬
son an d Tuc ker by by1 Miss ss Smith an d
Mrs I N Ross
The A A M EPreacliers KPrea cl1ers Union Ull lon i of f
the Potoniac Distr Districfhel ict held lits its regu regular lar
meeting in the church Mon Mo r ra da a y ylast last
Dr B F Watson presided in the the
absence o of f its president pr prside side t Rev Dr
Ross The mee me tin g was w ws s very in inter ter ¬
esting cstingand and profita ble Pres idin idihg g
Elder Stepteau Stepteauwaspresent was present and an d lent
his ass istance toward ma king the
meeting a success successitheir the ir present sick
brothers are Rev5 R v S Molmson MJohnson am agel i
P Eo E J J B B Warner both botho of w v hom
ha d been Yls vis ited itcdbycomm by comm ittees
Lawyer Jas H Hays rea re d an able
paper pa per before the thel11cetingconcern meetin g concern ing
a new bus iness il ess project about abouttqbe tp be
put pllton on foot In il this tI is city ity The Thepaper paper
is to be ta ken ken up t nhe the next ne xt mee ting tin g
o f f the Uition Un ion Rev J Jev ev U UG G Leaper
w ill illread read a apapcr paper at at the next lextmeeting meeting
Tuesday n ightthe Bethel Literary
Associa tion en joye jo ye d an abl able able e address
by Rev Brown of o f Ebenezer EbenezerME M E
Churc h hi i and some so rrlesweetmusic sweet mus ic ren ¬
dered deredb by his cho ir li liThe The Necess cess ity
for f r Mechanica l landCommer and Commercia cia l
Train ing wasi wastHe tlie spea kers subject s
He argued that the hand as as we well ll as as
the head shouldbc taught to earn earn
bread for the th ma l1a intenance intcnancebf of the
body that both1 male i aleand and fema le l
should be taught tra trac1 des s of some
kind The appreciative audience
gave hiin marke m tk datfention d attention Tlie Th
paper was discusse discus Sed d by Profs Pr fs Wv WH H
Richor ds and L G Gregory M Mr
Rix Rixal1l an d tMcFe McFelder lc1 lc1r r All were 1 favor f vor ¬
ably impresse d dw w ltldhe tlithe paper paper
Dont fa il to attend atiend th the Literary
nex t tT tTcs Tues cs day da yev even nii1g ing
Miss C Wa dc taicton lleton has returned
tp t > her sc hool at t Annapolis nnapolis Md
where whcresl1e s he has worked two two years ears
Th The people ther there fee l that thatslte she gives
themasquareand theln a sr llHireal1lt honest h n stda da ysla bor
and they show the ir apprec iation ia ti l1 by
employin employ fl g her he r yearly > early to teach teachpri pr i ¬
vate school after afterJ afterJeclose the eclose close of oHhcreg the reg ¬
ular sess ions
The Masons of the Dis trict w ill
have the ir ann hn iversary sermon
preac preachcd hed Sunday SUi1dayn n ight at the church
by Rev Ross >
ProfessorPpl P ofessor ppl jon j k appears 1p pe < r s at the
churc h Mon day ay ayeven even ing next with
a l highc i 1 cl lass lSS ini mtt mica f1le l entertainment 1t rtai1mel t
which has elicitedicommenc e lidtegc9m l1d lable b ecrl cr it ¬
ic i e eism ism from t ma nian p jnusjical 1hp 1hpica ica f l lau authori au tJiori
ties HeAvillbe HeAvillbeJss HI WI lIbe Jss s istedby > t d by bySlivera several Slivera
of of the r rbe best be t local 10 aIJfl a len J1ts is
There will w 111 b liin giyen iyen a < I Old r
Folks Concert t tra the t 1 c chnrchthe hurch the
Dr A C Garner arnerPlISt Pastor r49 49 T Street
N N W WMIss Miss Gusslt1Har GunieHsrrpd pd Editress E41 r ss
1145 1 H5Flrteenth Fifteenth Street
On last i st Sunday morning I11Q 1 i1g11ev Rev
Wiseman Wisc i inm nm it9pk ippk charge l1i l1ir r ge o f hl1e the service tv e
in the absence a ence of i PJIIpastor pur pastor Dr
Garner All w ho were V Vr r eprcsenten present en ¬
joyed an 31 1irispir inspir ing sermon ser mon deliver ed d
by Rev Wiseman Wis manon on the subject
Come tuito me all yeth ye that flib labor r
and are le heay he yyl laden de and rid Twill l vill give giv
you rest rest The Theconll commun nun ion serv serv ice
was so sQ beautifully au Ufu llycpn conducted du te d that
everyone seemed to leave with witha a very
solemn II impress ion
Dr Grun Gl n ker p pfthe f the Fifteenth Flftecntl
Stree t Presbyter r ian i il l Church deliv ¬
ered an qn < excellent sermon at the
even ing ngservice service
The Thepraye prayer meetin m c ting g n next xtThurs Thurs ¬
day n ig ight ht will be conducte con dll tcdJ d > by y Dea ¬
con Fcrr in
Professor Clark of Howard Un i ¬
versity will preach for us on next
Sunday morn morning ing and an d it is the desire
o f f the pastor and ando o fficers that a al1 ll
who poss ibly can will willattend attend the
services regularly es especia pecia ly lydur dur ing
the thepastors pastors a absence
The fa ir committee is isa at t wor kan k an d
prom pr11isesj ises with Viththec the cooperation operationof of
the th entire membership to make this
the most successful successf l fa fair ir in the his hi ¬
tory o f f four our c hurch i Mrs Belle Ne N e l ¬
son 011o o t2206 f 2206 14th street N W Wis is the
c ha irman of the fa ir comm ittee an and d
the mem membe1softlte bers of the genera l comm it ¬
tee are Misses Martha Lee Jessie
Mason De lqres lqresPage Page j Nellie Ne llie Mor
ton Mrs Phyllis Scotti Scott Martha
Gwin G vin Kate Saunders Venie Mason
Mn Charles W WMason Mason Mr James
N Cox an d Mr Harr y Thomas
Mrs Ne Nelson lson is a very fa ithful
competent worker worlerlI1d and has a com ¬
m ittee o f f furm Our urm most stsuccess success ful fulchurcl1 church
wor kers The cntiremcm entire mem bership is
divided into sections sec tions and each sec ¬
tion tionassigned ass igned to to otic of this comm it ¬
tee to wa it on 0l1111em mem bers for foracont1 a contri
btition btlli n for the fir fa ir an l1 d dWes we sincere incer ely ly
hope that no member memberof of our church
will willrefuse re refuse fuse to donate something
Any iartic article le w ill help helpand and will be
gladly rece ived The spec spe cial ial pro ¬
gram that w ill be ren r n dered deredeach eac h
even ing will be announced later
Mrs Evelina Eve li ta McGrundy an d Mrs
lIcn Henr rieitalIar iettaHarr ris is returned rcttirn d on O Thurs ¬
day October dcto b br r 6 aftcr a fter a adeligbtfu delightful l
visit vis lf to Mrs Lucy Lu cI Hahsomei a some Web ¬
ster in Chicago Ill They are r both oth
muc l11u h bene fited by the ir tr trip ip
Mrs James SNe SNcile ile has has returned
from her v is it to her l1crhome home Knox
ville villel l Tenn Jookingver looking ver y well an d
ha ppy
All tie the financ ciill ial and recording
secretar secr ta r1 r1s ies s o f f the 37 counc ils in the
Distr bistrict ict of the I 1 0 OSt St Luke met l1 etat at
the theSt St Lu ke Home corner cornerl3thand i3tharid
U streets N N W Won on Fr iday evenin evening g
Octo Octqber ber 7 1 910 and andorgan organ ized izeda a
Round Roul1 i Table Secretaries Assoc cla ia ¬
tion Mrs Re becca McKenz zi ic
Youn g gcilc one o f f the or o iginal riginalmembers members
of our church churchf churchand f and the recording g
secretar y yofPlymout1 of Plymouth Counc cil il 476
was unan impusly hn msly mslye elected e lectedpres president dent
pf the assoc asso cia iation tion
Ass istant is taiIt United U Un n ted States St tes Distr District ict
Attorney Janies A Co Cobb bb is isathome at home
aga in inia a fter fterav a v is it ittc to > Beverly BeverlyMass Mass 1
Where Where inc in company ol l1pII1Y with Messrs
Charles harles W AnderSon and Emmett
J Sco Scott tt he ha d a a highly highlysatisf satis factory ctory 1
interview w vithPresiclent ith President Ta ft
Mr An drew W Searswh Sears who > has
been in in Was hington for 30 years
and is well known to the general g neral
public is Past Master pf ofSo Soc dal ial
Lodge No I Ii Past High Pr Priest iest of
Mt Vernon Chapter hapter No I 1 Royal
Arch Masons MasansPastComlllanper Past Commander of
Gethscmene Comniandery Comm ndery No NO3 3
Past Potentate of Mecca Temple No
10 xomen mei riber ber Of fJonaiha Jonathan ilDavisGbn Dav is Gbn
sisfory Thirtysecond I Degrceof Degree of
Scottis Sc nish h Right Masonry Acting
GrandHigh Grand High Pr Priesto iesto fi fthe the Distr District ict of
Columbia olumbi Roya Roy l Arch Masonry
= =
2 21St 1st inst Don Dont t fail fa ilto to ittet tte 1 icl d it if
Y0 yoK 1Jbein being go o ld care are tplaugh tplmtghyourse yourse lf l
yoling yeiun g because beca se Uncle Tom TOI11Boo Boo
boo artd01d alid Old Aunt un fAill Ann iie ie Suesue Su Sus s ue
w wiUb illMthfc thi stars of 6t theplay the pl y Ad
hjiss m iss ion1id lo tfildc cents1 nts i i ff I i I < Y v i
Rev J JMllton Milton Waidron Pastor Pastor1334 1334
V Street N W W H Scott ScolIChurcb Church
Editor 1503 Pierce ierce PUce N W
Shiloh Shilohw w ill beginn be ginn ing on Sunday Sund y
October 23 23celc cele brate her fortysev ¬
enth enthamiiversary anniversary An extensive
program has been outlined for the
entire wee wede wedel k l whic h will be publis published hed
later One of o f the chief chiefevents events how ¬
ever eyerw w ill be a lecture on Christian
Endeavor night Fr ida iday y the 28th
by that eminent scholar an d pu pulpit lpit
orator r Rev M W Gilbert DD DDI I of
New NewYor York k
Of that earnest and fa ithful few
who were the foun ders of Shiloh
but blIttl1ree three rema in iilan an d dthcir the ir names
are Sister Sist r Lucy Minor brother bro ther
James E Payne and brother James
G GScmple Semple Qn the first firstSund Sunday y in
each month at least one oneo of these
members is present sister Minor be ¬
ing on the honor roll in po int of at ¬
ten dance She never 1 fa ils to toltave have a
wOrd v rd to say for the Master inc in Ci i ¬
dentally giv ing a leaf out o f her hcrlong long
and var va ried ie d exper ience and windin g
up w ith a bit of loving adv ice of
how the younger mem memberss bers s hould
live and la bor for the c hurc h han an d
ta ke care careoftltepastor of the pastor For a long
time brotlterS brother Semple mple has been con ¬
fined fine d to t his home be ing ingalmost alrnost to ¬
tally blind Brother Payne Pa ne be ing
also welladvance well advance d in 11 yea ye rlrs Vs suffers
muc much h from fromJheill the infirm firm ities of orage age an d
cannot get to the churc h has as often as
we would ot 1tllike like to see sec him All Althcse these
however how verihavea have a deep and a biding
place in the hearts bf afillf all themem the mem ¬
bersofShiloh bers of Sliiloh
The Adult Bible Class last Sun ¬
dayreceive day receive d utwo two new members m mbers in
the thepcrsonsof thepcrsonsofsistersFl persons of sisters sistersFl Florence rcnce
Glowe Gloweimd and Mar yDent Dent w ho recently recen tly
returned from froll1the the Isthmus of Pan ¬
ama amawlter where e they theyha ha d dbcen been for near nea rly ly
a year yea r At Atllte the morning serv ice they
both oth othrec rece rec cive ive d dqu qu ite an ovation so
pleased p leased were were the their ir old friCl1 fr iends ds to t sec
them bac k We Wehopcthey hope 1 they w ill riot no t
leayeaga le veaga in scorn s601l The Tlicyare y are very ver y yact act ¬
ive wor w 6H kers < ers an aIld d while away were
greatly m issed =
Among others othersrecently recently returne d
from the ir summer outings were weresis sis ¬
ters Katie Kemp Eliza Branon and
brothers A DPowellan D Powell an d Chapman CI apmaIl
Tlie sympathy > yn1pa h of ofJheen the entire tir mem mem ¬
bers bership hip goes gocSOltt put to s ister Carr rie ie
Mitche Mit cl eil eili ll i Wlio vI1ojust just returned to the
c city ity who wh isill isi1Iand and sa id to be threat ¬
ened w vithblOodpo ith blood po ison Spec Spe cial ial
prayers were offered for her recov ¬
ery cryas as we ll llas as for others o f f our
c hurc h who are ill
Sister r Jenn ie ieol1es Jones aflast at last reports repo rts
on Sunday was still s till tillat at Catlett Va
an d iasyet as asyet yet too 511 llto to be b brought brouglttbac back k
to tothc the city Her Bisters sisters Mrs E E B
Walker and Mrs JfrsMaggieTaylor Maggie Taylor
and a abrothcr brother from New Jerse y are
still stillw w ith her
Brother J R R Mosson Moss on last Sun ¬
day dayafternoon afternoon ma de dcaddresses addresses to the
soc socicties ieties o of f the Metropo Metr po litan Baptist
Church Churchan Ihurch an d Lincoln Temple Congre ¬
gational Church He reports active
and encouragin g gworkbe work be ing ingdone done in
the thcsocie soc ie ties named The soc society iety o f
the Metropolitan lVIetropo litan Churchit Church it was
sa id is soon to engage in a alley lley m is ¬
s ion work in some o f the courts near
that c hurch
The Junior J uitiorC C E Soc So ciety iety began
its wor k for the winter wint r last Sunday
under the lea dership o f f fs s ister Mary
Payne Jac ac ksoii Sister Jackson is isan an
a i dept in the managemento f c hildren
She knows how to win them and her
work with withtltem them has ha a lways been a
success Miss Sadie Sa di Jo hnson was
reelected reelcctetlpres pres ident and Her bert
Coates secretary s cretary
The Theso soc so ciety iety is still s tiil growing in
mem bers an and d enthusiasm
Shilo h Endeavorers are glad to tore re ¬
port another glorious meeting last
Sunday It was v as rollcall roU a ll Sunday
and more than lob roowere were were present
Amtng those who had returned to
the city were s ister Florence Glow
sister sis erDe1it Dent an d ds sister s ter Kate Kemp
Rev Per Pe kins SIId Sunday y Miss ionary
for f8f f8fo pur o urdc denom hom ination inationin in the Distr ict
of o fC fColllmb Columbia olllmb and State of Virginia Vi gina
was vas present pres tt an and d made eloquent and
helpful h l > fulrcn remar litries ks on the topic
Miss Edna Sm ith the secretary
of our our society said saidgooclby goodby in ina a
hort but very touch touching 11gaddress address
after which Deacon Charles P Roy
pfferedaspe offered a special c cal al prayer praye for her safe sa t
journey and success suc ss in her new field
a of Habor labor At Afthc the close cl se o f the meeting
657 57 was presented to her 1 by the
Endeavorersasa Endeavorers as a token toleeno of f their love
and apprec appreciation iation of her faithful fa Ithful
service as secretary
On OnTuesdayevcn Tuesday even ing October 4
a m iss ission ion stu dy dyclasswas class was organ ized
an d the textbook use d is the Up ¬
ward Path Brother J A A11iI Miles s
w ill ill teach J R It > Moss is secretary
and Mrs Jennie J cnnie McGuinis McGuinislibrar librar ian
The c class lass w ill meet for one hour
eac h Tuesday evening eveningSnc Six were
present at the organ ization iza tion
The TheLord Lord is still stillsending sending blessings
upon lIponour our sc hool Three or four fourncw new
pupils come in ever y Sunday S nday An
other bless ing for w hich we pra ise
the Lord is that He is sending good
competent compe tent teachers Last Sun day
Miss Prowd the daughter o f Rev
H H D Prow d of o f South Amer ica
kindly took charge of ofa a class
Miss Josephine Carro ll is acting
su per inten dent 9 pt o f the Pr JrilnaryJe imary De ¬
partment Miss Edna1 dna Smith S i hha hav ving ing
resigne d to totcach teach public sc schoo hoo l in
The photographs photographstalcen taken by Dr
Rottle Rottley y of the Sundaysc hoo hool hooln l on n
I IHnlly Rally pay ay are highly satisfactory
Copies can canbc be purc hased from the
super sttpedllten inten dent at a12 2SandSo 5 and50cents cents
The TheSundayschoo Sundayschoo l lteachersn1is teac hers mis ¬
s ionary onary onarywor i wor kers ker and some of the
alley i lley m iss ion Sundayschool Sunda yschQOlteac teac hers
are ta king a deep interest in the tbem mis ls ¬
s ion study class whic h hmeets meets on
Tuesday Tue dynights9 nights 9 to toxoP 10 P M Mlhe The
book bookbein bein g studied is the Upwar d
Path Sun dayschool l teac tea chers hers
above a ll should know how the race
of whic v h h we form forma a part have trav ¬
eled el d in in just 300 years from the jun ¬
gle in Afr frica ica to highway highwayil iii Amer i ¬
can c civiliza ivilization tion They s hou hould ld know
how stage by stage the Negro has
come up from tr triba ibal l ls s lavery in
Africa tocommerc cia ial lbon bondage dagein in the
s lave ships to the feudal feudal serfdomo ser fdonio f
the South and then jo to su dden em eman < n ¬
c dpationand ipation and to toa a dazz ling day of
c citizenship in a republii Shiloh
teachers and an dmissionwor mission wor kers willbe w ilrbe
greatlylclpedby greatly helped by this supplemen supplemental tal
Politics in West Virginia
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port The FirstPistr First pistr ict w ill be
amply prov ide d fMand for an d ta ken care
o f by the leaders Being the home
of that war veteran an and d statesman st tesrtlan
Senator Scott there is no no doubt
a bout Hsdei its departing > lting from its usua usual l
custom o of f fsen sen sending ding back a Repu bli ¬
can Congressman
On the whole while New Jer ¬
sey Maryland New York Connec ¬
ticut and numbers o f other States
are dou btin bting g their ability a bility to t come
back little o ld West W cst Virginia
n ic iched hed down there south o f the
Mason and Dixon line between the
Inountains mounta ins on the thesouthan south an d the
Ohio River on the nOlthhas noith has an
army o f Republicans both white
and black la < k on every mounta inpea k
an and d a corps in every valley va lleytrme Brine d
capapic w ith iththedoctr the doctr ine and spir spirit it
of oldtime Republican ism and are
only awaiting the call ca ll to battle on
the thee e ighth when they shall do the ir
duty d ty toward this nation na tion an d its best
i interest interestls as the y have always done
since 96 an al1q al1qas d as it is be lieve d they
will do in the future futllreas as long as West
Virgin ia gives s to the Ne Negro gro Vote a
s square quare deal as she is do ing toda y
Mr Aa Aaron ionGas J Gaskins kins propr ietor
of ofGa Games illes Ca fe met w ith a pa in ful
acc ac cident ident a a few evenings ago be being ing
thrown from his buggy near the cor ¬
ner of loth an d K K Kstreets streets N E The
horse hors became be came frightened fiightcnedat at a street
car and fan away starting from Sth
and K Kstr streetsi str ets Mr Gaskins sus ¬
ta ine d da a fracture of the knee but is
on the road to recovery

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