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The national forum. [volume] (Washington, D.C.) 1910-19??, October 22, 1910, Image 1

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I 4 J < 4 f I J i n UJ J nnoitV n V1 I o r j t I
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= I y i I iiist i < el Ll IH l > f
VO VOL L 1No I Ih IhN N o 26 fl I r i i r Vt 11 11j 1 j i WASHINGTON WASH INGT ON D Dc c dJ Ci C SAttlMiAY SAUR I r bAY bAYO OCTOBER O V CTOBER 22 221 1 9ibJ1tl D1O 1 I < 1 11 1 Id 1 VU irlijJ1 niGUiJ 1 U6 11 < ONE ONtf ON E DOLLAR h ho DOLLA l o tf I A YEAR y R
I I 01 < 0 J
o n i I i
P Politics li ics jn in Fayett C COunty 1t < I
West est Virginia
tll tllsky Tfe ie sky Is is s lJvigMchin ht jghtchingconsidcr tonsidc ons id
ably ablylhc the I StateoVer Sh St teoV eoVr What ma l1 niLyh iay y ha 11aVe I
seeme sccl1lcdaf sterne4 sterne4t d t fortnig i hiighta ht agoto ago g tb t hayb have 11 e be been
hazy hay1iasc1ec lias cleare l aicd d an tn nc d dthe the s kies kie1i ha li live 1 ve
begun to assume ss rt1e a beautifiil b autful 1 ifitl hi lui
Gortfulenccis C rtfiden Ct e is restored That Tl1a lirai prand ia
of COflfikf1 con con fidence fid cel1ian mani fested by > in < n
When they the knbW ll l wtheyhave they have haycrgiit right P 1
the irkIe ir Side arid aildw1feiittiy when wlfelith w1feiittiy they y see s evl v lctb tory
i aheu thcCt Iittc ti 1 What Whattittlehop little Jitt1he hope the th Dclii Peh1o
crats batSr Citsmay may have entertaine e tlterthiriehhat dthat tin they Ui
would WC1I l1ld Id by 1yome Some ltb libPk Or1 t crook rOoks si stip
in irla a Congressman oflressman fr from mth the th tit l 1ii lst
and Secpn SecOn1 d Distrittshasvat Districts has variis vanis is he h cl
and nd the Demmies are 1 leading lea ding th tl
j 1 same sam old forlorn h hope h they ha ve
been leading kadhi g s Si Siie ince CCI 1906 i 06 o6
Those rhQcwho who enterta cntertaininyiear enttahi in an y fe
that Fayette layettecounty county Will go g off offa o ff a fter ft Ii
strange gods go ds fliay Ij1ayccas ceases tbicnterta tbi t enterta ntert tl
any such suchaJc and rest restsccur st Secure ecur in tl the
fact factthaf that ha the 1ecolntywill county will dp lp on tl the t
e eigllthof eigllthofnext ei ighth of ofncxt next November as she has h
ic lpne qne in the past pastyizrQIl pastyizrQIllip pastv v iz kr11 rqll up a b big
Republican ma jor ity for fo the h ticket tick
of Regulars R Rgii gltlarp 1ar Th The consistent cOns istent ar al1 d
sane colore c loredl11an d man themal1 thc man who w wi l
thinks fpr pr himself himselfall 1irnseIfapd arid all dus uses s ju d dg
mcnt in inthatprpccsof n that process o f thought thoughtjis
go going ing to tQstopafl stop an dasic d ask a Jewques few qtie que
tions tion tioflsp p and theyare heyafcgo go going ing ingtbesql1e to be AQIT spti
s s im ilar i1art to these Since wheriha wl when eI1 ha haye
the Democrats become so J spjc ClIici qc itoi ito ous
o of ofOUf f our the Negr Negros d welfare we lfi lfire re til that
they the y will willendorse endorse him 1illrQrr or his Ho How
does it come that the pemocratic Democrat
part party y is so generous g nerousthat nerous that it i will wiJiIoV no o
step forward d toelH to en endorse dorse brs a aid id an at d
abet a ti ticket ket ma m at de i up t i o Pf f sbcallc d
Republicans Rcpubl cans cansf f an apij pd d for forsake sake sa ke of QLde ofc c l <
ceptiveJ e ptivc pqr11p pur ril rilfIW fIW ppsftL gu u ise is itelfas itself its as a
l >
1I1clependent ilcket When 1ils
great c hange I 1 ge o Of f heart on the pai part
o f theDem the lie Demperats dt dtrats rats bfi cit E Ia yette yettecouI1ty county cout
What rev ival iyalhas has Mr Ir Osenton a at a
tende ten de d that he lias liaslatJhis at this late dal d da t
become bet 11C so magnan imous Tw Tvo
years y ars a ago go in a 1 speech in Mon
gomery Mr Osentpn Os Osentot entqn sa id id Jhat that li 1
Was for t the 1e Democra Democratic t tc c tic ket kettee tee teet t tlt
an and d toe ria na ilj il and Uia that he ha had d 110 n
apology to off offer o ffen n The platform l > latformof c
1 tha that t party partywasthe was thern thet nIas as it its is s tqdaj tpd y
aga inst tl tlvery the very best est interest interC1st c pf
every Negro Ne ro in the State St ate te of o f Wet W We es
Virgin Yirg llia ia and in the Un ite d State
for that thatmatter matter The platform pla tformcer cet
tan ta in ly has not 1otbe iot been n c d da hanged a 1ge d di Jor fo
tberc has been b en I no O convention eonve l1tion to t
c han ge it an d if i if f there ha d hay have
been it would wot tlc l have Ita ve rema ined ine d the th
same NOW the thepta plan p pwe we sa say a y plan planj
but uf scheme is s a better use o f f the th
correct co redEn Englis g s h his is to break rea k u tI up p p pthe th the
splen sp leJ1did did hi l or gan ization iza tion of o Republic
ans In this county co countyand nty ntyai1 and ai1 d wh when n tin this
is is done lone Hit if it could be done which
it tcant cant the pur Pllrpoethey jiuiioe pose they wis h t ti
su bserve wou ld have been bec acconl accom
pus plishe plishe he l d and these goo d cplbrec o o1ore fored
brethren w whoarebr hoarebreakingthe akingthc king their irjiec ir hc h c k
to t do the bidding OftJic of o ftll th Democrat Den i crats
in this county c t1t1tywiJl will wii find fin d out just j sl iow nov
ijiuch lUc h iheses these same nl fe llows h1o l1ovstl1j think thin kbf k 0
them They Theywmfind will ih1 find fin d tiul tiuttheldtow then jibv boy
lova ble they theyarC are arC Tliey The Th will c6m con1e <
into the realization reatizatio11of qf f l the fact tha that
they have been beens31l1y sa sadly dly duped but blltit I i
w will ill be too latei lat They told their
the same thin thing g in N Nbrtli rth rthal1d and South
Carolina Caro lina The They y told them the same
thing in Miss iss iss ippi and i d Lou is iana ian
an and d every other ther Southern SoUtl1ernStatei State bin
today the t tli 1eresult result is i apparent app rent aii al1dthe and d the
resti result k is history whic h hever h every ever y yln mar n
can an rea read d and un jrnlerStaTU derstan d t Better
not swap horses in the middle 61 f
the stream
Funny tis ti ltis tis passing pass pass ing f funn funny tinn y y hpw ip
Whenever a disgruntle tis lisgti grl yfltled ll tfe d dpatty party oi or
faction want to organ orga i1 ize izca a new
move ahoutw about w hich hichtheyare they are dubious
they theyimJi1cdi immediately teir dragln drag in the thcillhs illus ¬
tr ious name naltteof of thi the thcsainted d dsainted sainted Lincoln
an ant d i make ma ke it to serve the ir nefar far rious ious
purpose p rposc Bryan Drya us iisc ud d it but u fhc he did
not foo l l the people p op1eudgel Ju jtdge dge Par ker
use d it but the voter voter got w ise
Hearst o f fN fNeW New eW Ybr k kin in his hi In de >
pendent pen dent party used t1sedit it but butthe the
voters 1 tuniedhim un uriilhiiloii ed Bl Bll l c lo lown Wtt TliiiEiel 1HdDeH1 Thtti
ociats oc ± ats iti this State St htc t 1 diid Id IdI I tliis t1 thi is isv ve v Hyl
I cpuntyJ cQmt c rnt used s d ittw ittwbyeari5 i w bYeirl 6 ar Wa W agbU a go1 UHt J
We W Republicans RephhIiEansl R ptibhidan l got g6 the 1 votes v s Nov NC N
hnfiong mDng tts Us Sjtihi s sjrtiii iii gg uii 111 u Jh ihl J sli1le ille gi gipi
mate ImitechM c child childof hild of politics ihiscrcatu this feaht cati C
i Wlth w ithout t ti a tihtllii kiiii riaitie w vid vid1l itli 1l 1lnot not o V t e even i fUie I 1
pareiito l ti > arehto rtht of f fac aconventibila acOnventiOt nVeJtti t1 ii plan pl ll c b i
ce e1tYCEA1UI ived and n d 1 earned carrIedott1n a rl4d9 ouTTri fiI1 the bra hiaih hi
Pf i seycn evel Jn inei nen l iael and for fprwaI Ayant 1 p1 o f a
name 2ta1 1 se se1fstyl lfstyles lfsiyl s itself tS th he Tji 1i pq d
J peideiU pen ndeI dent H Republicaiv geIH epubii HR I party 51 51e TI e
yoters repu rcp diated diatc d all Uothers o 9tilerQf fhers fhersp fherspf p pf pftl tl ti isi
1 stamp stam p anc N ii4 j calIber IW I aijd ju I tthe i they the y will U < 9
this one likewise Iilccw ise
ri Ii
> The < samei same Democrats who whoare a
now 1owappatenUyso apparently apparentlyfo So f friiidly ripn dly dlyw with lth tl the I
colore d dbrotherof brothero f Fayette Fayetteancl and Wl vh i
are rea ready dy to bun Ji b ikn lc fin n d board w with i
him just justt tyo q s l Prt r f years y dfsa a ao go o sa s i l
h he was wasn no pf t fit ito ca ea with wi v ithJ1ot pot ot fit fi J Jt t
sleep with withn not n dp d fit t J to kee ke keep cl clcol11pat p coni col11pat par pa Y
w wIth v itii an and d lheE the f9re fore 9re itje they y pro i propos posi pose 1
by their th Jt hvoc vo voiceailQ voc ice and id vole vote to lore je e le leg ga tc
hln hin t tto to o the ther r rear ar What f evangp evtngl vaI li t
has h S gone one throu thruh hr gh l Fayette F Ff f e te so o Xo r
ceity ceJt and al1 d 1 c iian hanged gcd d tlieir hear l x ts t
Brother Dr iher ifr if if you you r u think thin k y61I yo y ii wei W vhh
Wron wrong g g why w liy clb dont it you you > r ou come c dnie nie bvi ver y
and j jo in tlie th i ie e l regu gu lar l r 1 church Hur hiut th 11 11nc at at nc ncl l
then we ve w ilFthij1k ill ihi think itik you y tht u are lesillcer sincer
The d dborii oo or d o ftk f r the Re publican phhic > ublic n c hnr hurc dt
are a r always ahv a1WyOp Yp bpch e ei i 1 nai an l d ip ypu yp f ari2 r we rc I
co oi1 ohc hie t and gi so solic ti itcdt ited i dto to join j initiut 1ut yp t
mUst i st cpiiie C > I I1 in t h the 11 strai tra tri1 ig 1 ght ijt a and iid in na Wr f
row r W Way fr for he tha thdt h t c coipds btnes I in nf in ari ar
otlii t11 ir r rw wa w va3 y is is a athi ihiQf fjid ajid a rpbhe bh r
Then rh The n when wh vle b YOl you t get ge I Ii in i i you yo nji J1J n ii S
a abide Ulde by y ih the disc thS ns il ip 1liflC line thl of dfthc f the Rt Rc I
i J 1 i i
pu publican blican I c hurch l 1 7 WeAypn Y wot t tf dri
you away 1 W We e waiit yPii yO Ve ia
bee b ittryiitg ittryiitgt if 4 f tryihg tryihgfj tii fj fjto J to t convert bRP v rt t yt yo 1 1J tis J in i rc 1
1861 i bJtyjlf but you 111 must abbr bring brn ing certif
cates catCQfg of good goo Qd d intentions h i at lelst leas lear
Yguyegot Youve got > tt tQ stan fan dsquarelY91t d squarely o
yot your your r feet f t an ant djet d i l lt l us knpwUwher kl9Wi w here het
you Y l1are > are and aa dWe d W v e will be iWi1l i Willing l1g t to I
treat hcatwithyolt w ith you Better thmkltpvei thtI1ki thi iukitoy QY n
Delays Dela pr are ar dangerous i
1 i i k
Ollepf Ofl1C Of Pl o Si < cp1or qlor c ci i r tl tlr r n Hr
incline inclined d to lciock l P1 k J Jw J gp jS i Si Sim SiitJm m
welll wellllWis Well he lWis lWisnO is S nO not per fect le Ft but u as asa fa p
tS as rs we the Ne N groe ro sar are areconceniei Iqrf Iqrfrned qncezne rned
lie is i as a far fariahead iahead ahead aheado pffhis o frloppo fhi opppnen oppo ent cr
iii be ig in in g pur pu r fr iei ien 4 d asan i trn hn airship a irs ir hip > i
o Qf f the theoneIQfseshly pnc oncqrsesluiy jiprse shay He is pu our ou
fr fr frien iend i m 1 You y cant iit d deny it11 that thatf f H ij
has ias been be l1 our ot it JrieI1 friend t i Thousan nd d d
ViHte willtestify tftr t9 t9r t9tjat t9tJa r tjat is Ts his hi li ppppneii t
our our IIT fr frien ien d dlAskSql1 Ask Squ ire Mos M fy fypi pi oo
o f the h lea Ica dii g co colore lore d cl voters vptcfs otcrsp pt p
Fa Layette yette coimty COtmtywhat w what hat 111 Jul Judge 1e gc Smim Simms
OPPO1c opponent pt sat a id r d l a aoutcolCr about outcolCr outcolCrd colore d I Ip pe p pcppl ppl pple
fin vid d dec see w what hat he tells you Bette
ta ta ake ke c cljmc hances s with w ith a aJnan man han who v to ha lias
rea really llyto done le something for you thai
w iv v itlrbne itllo c who hb has h s not on on ly not dOn done <
anythingibut anything ibut never iprom promised ised tha that
he ie would and an d does not notnow how prpm promise isi
tha that he will w ill i
Hon J H ItGaines Gaines spent spetitmany spet it man
yea ears rsin in thiscoul1 this coun ty tyand and is s knowi
for or his wortli wor l an aM d mer l l1er it He re
Fused use d to allow tr llow his hisnameto hisname name to be pr int
Mon d oil the thcm mongrel ngre1tic tic ket ketbet because use hi he
knew new there was vas 1 nothing in it biv btlt
the he advancement of ofcertain certain persona ll
interestsan nterests an d the thesu subscrv su bserv serying ing of fter cer
taill ain am personal en ds He had ha d the best best
ititerestof nterest o f the th people at heart ant an ti
re e fuse fusedfo d to su bscr ibe ib to anything
that hat at didnt have the proper stamp
upon j poll it it tan and an dwas d was Qfan qf an in feribi fe rior
lran ran d We Wcgtor glory in the fear less
nessof less of Congressman n Ga ines am and i
will sen sen d il1 l him il11 bac backto k to Congress bj by
i iii l increased incre sf d ma n ijo jority ty
The Democrats are are Jaughingup laughing ur up
the he c ir s slcevcshow leeves hoW theyh they have ve foole d d <
game certain Repu Republicans blicans into 1 thi this
liiiig iili An d lbelieve believe us there an
somcccrfa ome n1eccrtan jccrta iii Republicans who ari ate
in n it itnowwho nowwho would w utd give gve just lIst hal half
they hey icy possess tpget t o get out Its It a pit pity ity
toslaught p slaughter s r them but thenihe then the sac
r ificciiiiust ifi ficcnustbe c11 ust be ma de an d while its
going oing oingto bg L to be betw aw tw fully bitter boys
you oull U 1I have to ta take ke it Me Medic dic dicine ine
i ith tha th tht r m ma iuaes kes le s si sy i y you J a wfully illy i 1mi 1 i il ma ljes le es
you HPt fee e eJl l Jl muc much lICh h be bpHeJnth bpHeJnthend better jter ih in the1 the end
i p < Muc Mu chisbei1g h is being ma t11rttlci iad de of f the 1 de l fent feat
pf pfoulgD9d our gopdi good l frien il di JMiEll JM Ellis
Per haps there there11reno are no more 110rewarm warm
personal frind fr fricn iends dsthantl1issanlt than this SanW antt one
sa 8aI iti id < l JnHl James JaIpe > Mi M Mi MElIis i Ellis EUisan an d oiirselves dollrselvesi I i
lantlmyth > and anythiiig 11g that might mighbb m ight besaid aid
will wmbeJ wi fejisaidF al l prtre ly lyi i f frQnl rpmi i iv a Repub Rcpu b ¬
lican Jkii ilit i standpo tndpoint ndpint int San an anc d 1 1nt not persona l l
Maybe MtY Mn Ellis could couldJeU tell better
Whyi WhyiheAvasj VhyIJ1 heAvasj waSj de defeated feate feated d thaiii any l1y bo dy
else ls i nf ifh ifhr jf j jvould he r vould 0l11d Tile truth of fthc the
I mntt iliattfiris ris is that tha l lit itwitsasl11uchnegli it was as much ne negli gli ¬
gence g I ice C pn the tI tt part pa rt of Qfout QfoutOlnp our own r Olnp peP
pie as a anything any l ing else lsc The apathy
and an d dovers ove overs rs ight o ofi f iiot i t f go going ing to tothe the
po p pplslial lls lJ hadld1 I 11tigreitdea a greatj grettdea dea i tb fcFd Od do p pwith with vith it it
lritvo 1 In 11 two pWc phictsAisfedan p ihctS ihctSj ihctSAiislcc j Aiislcc Al Alisfcd isfcd l larid arid nrid d Ha Hdv lav Wks ks
Nest di tlidre re were w e 4 4SCbior 45Olrcd co lore ecFyo d yo yOtds tcs
vliicli Vhfcl Vhfclnever never nevertttrn turne turnd J d but i andlie ndi dt < idliob triot
cas cast cifaii taiiy ati Vole vpt at ata atatlV ali all tlV This Tliis same san me ieorxr c bri brir n r i i
difipni c hition bf o ofa f faff affairs aff a ffa lrsexis irs ex is istCd istCda te leil d a liover hlover the
c c bunty rlltn ty Cou COuple ple d dw with w ith this 1is 1isi i Mr
Ellis Elli ne ne neVer Ver wSiit re lit put Qutatl tit ai and id dI mae 11 iade le one oHe
Speec spee pec ch h hihsClf hihise lf in hisDwiiii his on tv interest iaHer
You KnoW the thegr great atprin pr prrnciple inciple ipre that th t
rttn ritiis through Nature N hlrehldill arid n dthen the a 1ffitirs ffa irs
o of ome f f fmehis mei me mel mehis l ij is tliat ll ttt lt you YOu y tt ca c cant rift t1 tg get to Some on1i ¬
thing 1 f for no nothihg nothing thing Ifyoh If yo yougetany g get t ti i hn iny y
thirig you I lia lae Ve Ve bt t t to t6W Work 1 k fbr ori it
W We arc arc perhaps erhapsblamin blaming blamin gsbnl g gsombody sbi sombody hebody body
upon whoih whonith r the blame does docsiibfbe iibt ibtb be ¬
lon r 1 n g when wh We titirselves bhrs rsC1ves lvcs by byotto oufPvv tt own h
Re ie fusal fits ls Ho l to get gettip Up tI P and go gOl to < thepbjls thep the po1 15
lia had nas dts s much to do withth with the de feat
bfHon of IIbn J M Ellis h1is aS is rI 1 aiyb anybody nyb dy dydsc e else lse
if Iftlot riot bt more i re
PollticalThinklet8 Io1itlcaI O JtiCIlI T Thinkletit il1kl t In ri Fayette llyet e
County 0 ont r V Jj
t r f t0 J
i Well W V1l Gl I its i it SJ time 1 1e to tqi tqiskjr ask skjr Sl in 2nayett L ga Fa yett y t
solm unty t yJ uT p l0A99t < jos I f Jlo 1 gn XP yj yjnow now l r
jfl1 ii tlie i independent ndependent nd n H ltp pebple p1fthi pl tli thii in l k
io SoweIllM o well wellt1 bf the Negro Ner b bv b wiiy tlIlo 1 J td lo it iit
th they y ystickd stick stickd thdi tl riameofoiie l nai a Meof We Of Ofi ii i ic Pt 6f 5 f them 1ht
on onth Hid1 tic tick ket t SoiU Soil1e SofflCb5d b5dy b5dyt b5dyarisve b il lld t arisve syer vC
ihisKpleaseir thiV h IS U pease jilease 1 w i 1 I Iil il
The Tl Liberator Ljbaratp4hq has some som oie s plendi plelldi4 plen di
letters J tte ail in it when w hen cons ons idered ider idere d from a
stanclpoint of o rhetoric rh torican an ai d goo gooel <
English an d pleasing compos corn pos itipn
but t tl l brother jts votes otes that thafcol11t count
The TfzcIJjY Eibtrdto t frdlcwsays f says not nofa a mall
Jco color colord lored < 1triedto Itriedfogd riee llo ge i biitlie I th Itid In de
pe pelll1c iuleiitticketjthere t1 ti ketifhere fore foi there lsn is n ni <
f fa fault iiit ltto to be cfo found fotin n d dithttlie with itlt itlti i the tic ticket ket
Maybeivas Maybeit IayhcifW r was s a a case case as of f sour so fgrapes grapes
Ifyq Jf t yqu are ar sp sp ps se s lf lfrabsp ralptv rabsp Q lJyin lyin in g gll iir ni Y
gopel gpqdln pod in In dcpcn pen < nt n brpther br9theri br9theriwe brother wewsl we wisll
you ha d have s shown sopie o of f i it i
before you left the fo ld Char ity ity
yqujcnpwbegins y yqucriow IIJlQw1 begihs > ins athonie at a home h0l1leUay May Uay b be <
alrig qhightul a ir ight ht htj j an d nQdOU1 no doubt > is but b1ltdOl don 1
it strike str trik jkp you yolls as be ing just a tri tnfle tr fli i1
inconsistent inc011si tent t that thatYQuleftone you left one part party
because you say say they wouldnt wouldntgive give
you youanytl1ing anything and andyougo you yougo go into an ¬
other one oneand1aydowi1the and lay down th thvery the very
pr priiiplc inciple for whic which h you OU are arecon con
teiidin gandinan gU1 d nat1i ifestbyactionso fest byac tiQns overt yeri
that you xo dont dontYan want an ything ytjIingan and an d d
wou woulthit ldnt have any anyliiiig thing tlli 1gas as aprc aprecibus aprec c ktts ou s
gift We Wcl1 Nell ll tell te l1 l111S us pray pray then w vha v hat t
is your gr r ievance iev dnee nc t 1
it Its It going to be bcmarv marve rn rv clotis lous how
the number o f In depen dent voteS vot
will wiUcliii1ihishby diminis h by b r ra a a process proce ss of grad ¬
ua l l l gra gr dation latiot as nsthe the time for elec dcc ¬
tion tipnapproaches Approaches Bpys l3py the y yw w ill
eat your beef dan dance to t the stra stra ins
of your music an and d sitat sit s it at the bac ¬
c hanalian han hanali itiillltable n table w ith you and an ahdstip d sup
from the bowl that sparkles spar kteSj but
When Whenthe H the ides of o f November Novemb r come
and an d the r rea a l lissuetonfronts issue confronts them th r
yotVjl yo 1 fin find d the ranks of of the mdc In de ¬
pen J pendflts en dents d ntsperce perce perceptibly ptibly J tibly thinned You
may maythil1 thin think k you are foo foolin fooling ling g the col co l ¬
or ore d dbrother i brother an and d dthe the case c case s cll1ay may be
that th Llmtlie the be is fooling 1 yotiand you Oltand and you youVont wont
awa awake ke to the fact Until ntil the n inth
of ofN f November Npvent pV l1lber ber
We Wei see iJ iJe e that thatMrW Mr MrW W A Meadows i iadoVs adoVs
is is out in a letter toTlle tti Tile Liber Liberator to r
s aying he has organ ized izedml an In mdc de ¬
pen CnddflL dent dentcl c club lub t > o f fl5 150 voters whic h
w0l11dof would of course cOl1rsego courser r go O to in indicate dicate that
lie IC Was i an Indepem lent This does dq s
not ot just just justexactly exactly tally taUywitlta w with ith a letter
of f his to Mr Phil Waters w which hich
letterhas letter has ha becnturned been turned over 1 to the
comm ittee Maybe i if that letter
wasjrinte Was as printe d it would WOlllcfput put a different
phase hase on things
BISHOP B1Sll i SMqJl sMip1 ttiI < t LAID < Aib i it ti 10 RE R RESr 1
iFinft F1ri t t t Exercises Ererc ts tsl l Ov tiVar vOf rth W tlin Rema ins of f tho t
LatbPr Lnt LatbPeie l lpr pr J t to e 6f fAfitC At l icaiiH I M MEChur M B EChur Church Ch
< r fliho Bishop BIs l Clinton Pi Prosifles Pfo fde 4es Bishop
1 1Wa1ter AVaUers W41ter Aanounees d oll ce fEllogy Eulogy
The fuiieral l serv scrv ices ic of o f the tl1 late la h
Bis hopu hop hopSJohn jo hn Wesldym Wesldy l Sm m ilh ilho o f tl the t
Sixth Distr ict icto of f ithel the Afr AfricaJiMetho ican Metlx
dist distEpiscopa Episcopa l l Zion Z o1t Cliuich < hurch hurcht t vvl who w
i lied in ihthis this city cityljliday Frida y a fternbb ftern fternb bbn
were were held hc1tlMoI1dayaL Monday at aiJo Jo o hn Wesl Veslc Y
A A My M EZioli J L Ziol1 Church Chuirc htJfchil8th i8th stret str eet
between betV beweenL nIan L ant an d I M Mstr str stre et tN t N Nl Win W i
the thepresel presence eQf of ja a gtither giHhering ga thering ing thi that Ui
tested the thecapasity capa capapityj capapityjPt ityQ Pt the e edifice difio
Many hun hundreds dreds of ot finte interested cstee l frienc els
an and alJ d 4dm atm lt l irers irer Were livable 1j lble to ga i in
a dm dmission ission The qxerciscs Gxe f iscs whtc which wliii
were yere dec ide i de e dly dlyill1 lly impressive pr prs5ive s5ive wpi w we re
pres ide d doyer 1 over by Bihop Bi BilOpGeorge l3i 1iOl lOpGeorge Georg eorI
Wylie Clinton o of f Cha ChlrloHe rlotte N Nr NC 1 r C
tie tlcQfl tile official dfll hea d do o f qhe fthe the j jPourth l iourtli Epii Epis
copal District Dr Dsfr trict k of oftl thLion the Lion ion connec
Lion ti qn A A J Jrvent fervent rvent a an a i d fc1 l elo 6 quent 1Iellteu eu lpg lgy lo
was was 1 le llivere livere d by Bis 13l 1hiq hop Atexan de der
Watters Wa Va tters ltez a lifelong 1ifc4 ng frien Wem r ien d f fo o ftli tthe f U
de decease i le els ease ccl d and at j 14 hea 1 a d lii1 o of f the Thir Third
Episcopa ll l bistr is tr ict t res resi tb 1in din g gin in Ne
YorkCty York City Vithjri Wlth thc th ac hance l lral Ira ra l
Sat at Bis hops J ji Jw W Atetprk ltprk tprk and A A
J L Warner of the iiu itiffh itiffhan 1itland jt an and d Nhit Nllltll
i 9i Distr tr icts ictsres respectivdlyi espe e dtidIThe c ivdl i S The ThgCl geiiers h ral r
officers 1 o of f f the Zjot Ziol i l lcOI con cOI cOIh cOIectlOnpres cbiiection iiection h ectlOnpres pres ret
e ht i1t were Dr G Gi cr C t tll1ei1tCditor Element ll1ei1tCditor cdito
oftheSt if f the 1 Star r of Zf Z Zib ibj bK I Cliarlotte 1lallotte N W
d fiJ Dr J 1 Harvey Harve y Aiiuerson Ail 4erson ersone e ditb ditor dit
o Df f f the Zion Z on Year Boll Bfyk John G C
Qahcyy ancy editor edif r Zion l Qhartcrljj l q1iarlcrlji Dt
JamesEdwa f 1ritcsEclwadMa allies EdwaM d Maspn 1 is 1 secretaryo secretarypf
Iivitl tivihgstbne ivhi gsto 1e e College Co llegeMigs Miss Mis Sarah J J
fan Iaiilfd ii1Ir lfe i1 isecr secretary secr etar tary y iWomans WQhian t s HOllie Horn
uu Lfll tl a U Fore ore ign Mission Missbny ary 1 Society Sod ty
Among the promifient promil nt clergy ii i in
Itten L1teidrce 1t n daivce were Rev Ev r T TD D Pi i W yl
fpnes pnes of of Harr HarrisblrgPfl isburg Pa P E > A
W kVa nlllce llace llace Philadelphiay Pa B W V
Sw Swam va ain i1 Har HartfordlConLi tford 1 ordCon1 ConnVP P 1C K Fan
yJ fje ie lH IISa ll SalisburyN li i N G k 1 E BSmith
PF PFj j Irtl Jatib bllr kfPa Pa f fHaze Hazel
P E Trenton N N J George D
Fatds arr is o Q f New Jersey JereyDr Dr R A
Mor ror lorr issey o f Phila delphia delphiasecretary secretary sccretai
Cif jf t f ni 1 issipns is iqnsii i Dri Dr J R I If Ieyy f evy qf Jhe th <
Virgin irgin ia Con ference feren ei W D DClintn Glintot
of f Cham Cha111bers bers burg burgi Pa G W
Ga Sa a ines Phila delphia delphia J C Tejiiple T J11ple
H Jarris rris burg bu rgPli Pa and andothers 1 l others 0 Il crs
Wa hjngtpii hjng Q1ministetspr m inisters prcseir s nt
w vcre crc r Prs S S Si i L Corrpthers
Logan ogan Jo Jo hnson J C Overtoil W WJ
T i r IiergUOII Fer guson r C QCv C AlleyiieJi AllcYIW J A
S > Cole Co le P E W > A RaYio Ray o f i the
Ziol ion CQnnectioni cqnl1cc lionRev Rev M MJ M J W WCla Cla it ir
and m nd d R Pi P Williams Willia s pfthe of the M MK E
ChllrchjRey hurc hRey h Rer R Kent K nt Harr Harrisofl is pfi of the
C M E Churc h Rev Steeling N
Jrpwn rQwn o f f the he Congregationa l l
Ch hiirc rc h hj j Rev I D D E Wiseman o f the tl
Luth LuthranChttrch utheran ranChttrch Church h Revs J Milton
Wa Va a ldron W V J J Howar d J Andcr Anc ler
SOI1 on n Taylor TaylorSGcr S Gcr ia h hLun Lam kins kinsAn an tnd d
W V T > D Norman pf o f the Baptist
Ch hurc urc rc h han an d dRcvF Rev F J JGril11k Grimke Gr imke of
the iie IC Presbyter Pres byter ian Churc h
The very impressive exercises exer cises
W ere re opene opened d by Rev S L LCor L Cor
rother DthcrSj tthers s pastor o f the Galbra ith
Ch hurcli Liurc 11 rell li the sen ior member mem be ro o f fthe the
Zion ion On pastors p storsl of o bfthc f the c tity ity who i intro i tro
duce iced Bishop Bish pClinton Clinton as the pre
s idiiig o officero officer fficer of o f f the da day yi y The fol
lowing > wing program was o observe d the
ddress Ic iress be bcingpecll ing peculiar liar ly iyeloqll eloquent cn t
anU rttl Iti s she he dding ddiitgl11t1c muc h hlight h light upon the
Hfe fe e and la lbos bors of the decease tle ase d
prelate relate an and d the mus ic was wasbeal1tifu beautifu l l
an n i d appro appropr pr iate ia te
After a hymn > lined by Rev Jlev J J
AS S Co Cole le pres pres iding elder Bis hop >
i Alstork Istork i r rea d the first Scr Scripture ipture les
r ol1fln > n fin d dR dRev Rev ev W H Ferguson o f
Union Tnion than Wes Ves ley Churc h read rea d < 1 the
secon con d Bishop Warner le c d in
prayeri ayer and Rev J JHaIVeyAncler Harvey Ander
son > n followed f fcilowe owe1witha I with a hymn hy 1I1 Servant
of f Go d Well Done Bis hop ho Clin
ton m ii announce d lthatfiftyor that fifty or more
lettersantl tiers ters and te legrams o f fcon con do lence
had ad d been received rec eivec numerous bodies
had id c i a dopted dopte d resolutions of respect i
that mt at as many as poss ible Wou Voul would ld be
r c a a d datid dan an d others oth rs would be b Deserve reserved d
fOr r a memor ia ial lmeetiiigto meeting llee titigto to be held
l tor er Resolutions Resolu tio1s from fr l1l the Phila hila
Qe i lphia an nd d Ba Baltimore ltimore Conference
were ere re presented by Rev RevE E p pW 0 W
Jones > ncsQf nes of Harr isburg Pa from the
> i
Intcrdenominatibhar Interdenomin ti i1al n hl Minis Mihiste ters rsi 1 A 11
liance by Rev R Kent t Harr i is i
from froillthe the t he A A M MltChur E Church h by Rev Re R
C CH H Stepteau P I E and andRev Rev 0
C C Clement presented a mcmor i ial
from fromtl the e congrega con t tega ega tion bf Gra Graee <
Church N Nt NQthe t G the last pastOra tei
> he 1 c1 ld t by Dis Bishop li hOp Sm ith lthpr ith pr ior to t h his I
e c clevIttiotitothe levation ev tl tioiltotl tollie benclv h hnch nch nchf f ahdreadan an d dreacl read a
a ffectin g gmessa gmes messa a ge e front rol1 Bis Bishop hop J
W Hoo Ho d dof ro o of f F Fa Fayettev ycttcv ille NC N C tl the ti
sen se n ior id 1 prelate 1 eJ fe o f f the the thecom connectioi com ection
who wh was w was s suna una ble on account a c0l1l1t o of f poc poor po
hea i iiea he iea ilUl lth lth to come II IIThe The City c o f
Dreams Dr anls an an n no orig o rigina ina l lp l poem p O Ot1I t1I b by 1
Bishop Smith was sung S11l 1g by tli the ti
cho c ho ir i by byreqlletran request reqlletran j an and d Miss Nctti Nettie
Murray Murr yr rendered ndcrec l li lN i Nearerij NearerijMy N ar l My y Got Go Qd
to Thee one 0neo o f Lt the decease d si
favor favorite ite hymns
The eulogy pronounced by Bishop Bisho
Alexan der I Wa Walter Wltervis lters s wasaniagn was a magn ifi ii
cent erit tr tri trib ibute te to the worth orfh and wor work wo
o o i f f Bishop DishopSm Sm ith It told r ro o f f th the ti
generous and J11agnan magnanimous imou5 c tha har
qcterof jcter cter of o f the mail 1llI1of of his stur dines
is san an expounder eXIOtln e o f f l the faith faithand am and an
his l is a bility as a deferider d dCfei felide1ofthe dcr o f the Zibi Zi Zin n
Church exto extollc ile < dli him im as asl a true lead lea il
cr r of of his l1israc race exemplary exet x l hplary hea head d of of ofa i a
fam ily an d his contention for i a
clean lean l an m miriistry nhii in istry afl ai u ic id l 1 higher grouni ground
for or the Church Chur c11 o f Go d The Thevast vas va
con on ongregation gre gregation gation was wa visibly affected affectcdby b
thestirrinfSermOl1i he stirring 1 sermpni sermon of Bishop Wai Va
tersan ers an d many hearty II Aniens
were Aere cre heard h Jrd Follow Fol1Q Foh1oying v ing a apray prayer r b by
Rev iev ev Lo gan Jqln Jolnispn n there th n were
fivcminute ivem ivem ihute talks by Mr Jo hn C C
Danc Dancy ancy yand an and d prs Drs D rs Swa in Ross
Gfl Gflnke j 3i flmkc nke Walilron Norman N rmlI1 Mason M T1asor son
tayLevy iay ayLcvy Levy Hazel H Hz z l Cla ir and andoJllers others
cop Ohclr bnchfdihg cliicilhg idig with ithi a grace gbce fitl tr ibuh
BY jy y Bfs Brh Bfsiop hop CliritonV Clihto l It was an
iotiiice o l1 d d th that Hmtil the themce mcetingo meeting tfng of o
the he Bis Bishops hops Council Coulleilin in January tin tb
llo rlor ridt ida cpn conference ference would l be cared caret arc d
f or rbyDis by Bis hop hoprAlstprk Alstprk Aistor ki k the Virgin i ia
Qqfu 1 i lQPslnt QBtp1i < J1 lIll an
the he Philade Philadelphiaand lphia1 lphiaal1d and Baltimore Dtl ltil1 19re coiv C OI
Vrencq e rence by Bishop Wa lters lt rs These
vere the conferences CQll fer ntespr pres < ide d dVer d pvei ove Ver
by > F y the late Bishop Sm Smith ith
The Thca Thenitar altar ltar was wa ban ke d w w ith c hoice
lowers pwers Among i1l101 tl tbe pr pr Prilacipa inc in cipal ipal
l1ieces > ieces c were a lar jar ar ge c harp given by bj
he ic Metro MetrOlOhitaIl politan A IvI M E Eo Zion
Churc hnrc h hi a massive massiecrosa mass ive cross by pythe the
Min isters istersA1lianc Alliance an ananc anc horb hor hj
tile ic c Western We terll New N Nc ewYor Yor or k J kConfcrcncc Con onference ference i
a i broken wheel l by the Womans WOU1at
Home an d l Fore or eign ign Miss v 1iss ionary ion r y So
cictYiwreithsb iety ety wreaths by Miss Ne Nellie llie Jo John hn
sotil1r oii n Mr an ant n d dMrsR i M Mrs Mrs rs R W N Thomp
kins ins an dothersalH d others an d I a pillow by
the lie IC Nationa Na tionilN l Negro N gro Protective l > As
socia oc iatioh tiOli Pf df dfw which w l1idi Miss tiss Marie Ai A i
bMadre Madre Ma dre js is s pres ident idcntand and Attorney
JlI H Hi i i i Hayes is is secretary
The JUl1eratparty funeral party procee proccdec de d l im
ledialely from frol11th tha tlu c hurc hlr ch h to the
station preparatory preparatoryto to to leaving leav ing for
Car Carlis arlisle lis le Pa wherethe where the interment
is to take place l > ace to day da ys Bis ho hop p Sm ith
is i surv ived by bya a w v idow ido father fathersis sis
fer r an alld alldmany d many distant re r relatives latives He
was as s a nnative native o f North Carolina and an d
was ras born in rayettev Fayetteville ilhe in 1862
He e was orda or da ine d into the min istry
in i 1880 He has serve serve d cli clsuccess i success
fully lily lilyas as pastor of pfc c hurches in New
avcnCpmi avcn Conn BaltinioreMd Baltimore Md iJIar liar
ris s burgan bur gan d Car lisle lis lePa Pa Lou isville isv ille
Ky y Washington 1 Di DC D C an I d l 1 Char
16tte > tte tt N C C In 1896 x8 Gat 6 at Mobile
Ala Ja La he was elected e editqr ditor of the
StCllo tar ar o of f Ziollandserved Zion an andserved dserve d dw w ith great
cre edit it for e ight years In 1904 at
St t i Louis Mo he was elevated clevat d to
I Ithe the ie e Benc h h o f f Bishops an d was at
the ic C time o f his death deathen en joying the
unusl1a tiusua l honor of o f be ing the pre
siditig ding officer of the Boar d da a pos i
tion 011 in generally genera l1y held hc1dby by the s senior
member teml inbcr > er of o f the Episcopal Benc h In
the ie passing o of f Jo hn Wesley Spi Smith ith
the ie i Zion Church the th nation l1a tionan an d the
Negro fegro gro race loses a valued helper
MJlc luc uc h sympathy is iscxpressec expresse d for
the ie yv widoW idovVj Mrs Ida V Sm ith ithw who w ho
as i vicepres ident o f the Womans
Home tome otne and Fore Fortign ign Missionary So
cietyo ety ty tyo o f ftheconl1cction the connection ren dered dere d
yebma1 ibman oniap serv service rv ice for forth the peo ple and an d
o i whose w hose active interest a large
l1leas l1leasrro leasvire asre rro of o fthc f the success SllCC SS of pf her dis
l1leasl tll1glls ngms gu l Ls hed hus hushan ban d dIS is IS due
T r
> h
1i i 11 rfJ
Some SoIfi SonleThings Tilings That AH Are lappi H pperl i I
A Wee kly Resume Res Ileof of the Ac Activiics Ac q it1yites iVj les p of ot j > l M d di i
People Worth WorthWh WhIle e T g I
u Bob rib Cole C jle Improving Under Care
ful Treatment Trea nept 1
Au AudifqrRa ditor Ra lph W T Tyler yler Who w ho at at
tende tended d the banquet banque t to Dr Jjr Bpo Boo kci ke iel
T r Was Washmgloii hfnglbn in I New Yorj York las I st
Fr iday ia n 1 iiglt ight saw saw J J Rosamon d
Jo Johnson hnson w vhilclhere vhile hile there an d dwas was tblei t to ld lt
fh the trite tntstor tritd tritdstory stor story y pf bfth bfthcan thp thpcml the causes can cs s that thaflei1 let 1c
to the thellenta menta l l brea br Ca ke kdown lown of o f the thir
hatters 1 tter s spar partiicr par tller Bob b Co t lc lea > am arid tld
Wits was given giv n 1 the the latest latestin information rll1 atii t1
touc to uc hin hing gthci the present pres ntcol con idition iclmonof dition oi
U1 the ce cele le brate tr rite ate d dcoiiielian < f comedian c le tiaJ land an and d pro
d1 ducen icer Mr 1o r Cole Co le had h hadbecn db dbeI1 been eI1 wOfking w9r ing
yer very stea dily di ly for the past s s ix x
months or more mo re on on new pro produc duc uc
tions phannn planning plan ni ig g for acts for his own
team cain and for a num ber o f r roth others oth rs
Refus Re fus ing to accept the a dv 4vice ice o i f
fr ien d ds w ho ho ho notice n otice d his growing
nerv nervousness im l1es sll slls ii his fs s collapse co llapse came as a as
the he resu re S n lt ltof pf a astra stra in that tliatno no human
const lonstitU lonstitUj lonstitUtibn onstit9tioii itqtj j tibn 1 could w witlWanc ithstan d Jtjs t 11
Mr Johnsons opin O1iiiOn ion that rest e t an d
care are fti ful l treatment wi yill br bri brng i hg ng Mr Mr
Coleart1l1d ole around all r t ight w ithin ithin a few
weeqat wee ks at the outside outu ie and that the
roa d tour o f the team tea n will w ill be b re
snl1lee iumed l in a short time Already
there is noticeable improvement ilnpq > velnent in
Mr Coles Co les condition accordin g gto to
Mr tr Johnson who vis its him himdaily da c lady ily
at it the san itar ita rium ium In the th mean
time ime the theDrcts acts cts in course of prepara
ion by byCole Cole Johnson JoI1l1sonnot notably nota bly
Sambos Dream will w ill be staged sta ged
as is announced annoul1 ed am an j the stars tars > are
jather athcr dng iiig in g in in New N w Yor k l from frol1lva va
ions po ints for re rehearsa hearsal l l Edgar
< Imo ho s le lel l f 9J
J Johl1son folins ohl1son bri and fae1ioiis facetiously Iy htylc s styl tyle d a
poc ioc ocket ke ket t edition editipi1 o f George Ge rge Walker
ist s to be feature f ature d as Samb Sam bo and an a nd d
great reat things are ex expecte pecte pe dc d df o f him
Bob Coles Cb1 s host l ostof of fr frien ien ds in
ATasliingtori will wnibe be glad gla d to hear lear
1 uc h h a favor favorable il > Ie report of > f him from
l i source source 1 that thatlsre is is re liable
Prof Keallng Is President of West
ern University
Wordcones Word coires comes that Pro fi t f H II T 1
Kea ling editor e ditr ditor of o fthe f the A M M 1
Church Rev iew publis publishe he d at Nash Nash h
v illc Tenn has been elected pres
dent o f the Western Weste rn Un iversit iversity iversityat iversity y a at
Qu Q indaro indaroKan Kan an to tosuccccd succeed Dr Wil
liam Tccumsc Te llmse h Vernon res re igned igne l
Pro f Kea ling js is a native na tive of o f f Teas
a pro Profound found sc holar holar and is thor
oughly oughlyconversant conversant w ith the var va rious iou
types o of ofe f fe e ducation nee nccdc ded de d l to make
the race well wehirounded rounded and use ful a at
this thisst stage ge of o f our deve development lopment Re Reg g
ister Vernollwho VernOn who is just rccover recovering iii iiif
from a severe a ttac k of ofneurasthen neurasthen ia
expresses the utmost satis satisfaction sa tisfaction factiot
w ith the c ho ice of Pro f f Kcaling ai as a
his successor and bespea b spea ks for for bin
it i successful a dmin c cn n lin istration
He is ls just the man for the theplnce place
sa a id iclDr Dr Vernon en enthus thus iastically
l lan an d I I congratula te bun Tin The
Db Board rd l of o f Trustees Trlste s could not haV have
J1Iqc1ea made a better se s lection ei ction
Re R Register gister Vernon who wh retires froth
the Treasury reasury Department February Febrliar
Iannounces I announces no plans for the fu ¬
ture lirc beyond the fact that he hean and i1
Mrs 1rs Vernon will rema in in the Cap ¬
ita l lall all winter w inter As ide from filling fihlin
anoccas in occas ional iona j lecture engagement engagem ent
lie ie w will ill do nothing until lIntilnext next spr spring ing
tee feeling lingthe the need o f f a absolute rest
Dr and Mrs Vernon are comfort ¬
ably insta lled lle d in aparh apartments 1ents at 912
T I street streetN N W
VilHamPlckens 7iihiIanr Pickens at Bethel literary
Prof William Pic Pickens kens instructor
inlan n languages lan guages at Talla dcga College
I Ala la bama the first firstNegro Negro to tow w in tin
PhlBetta hi fl3etta Kappa pr ize at Ya Yale le Uhi IJii i
vers ersity ity will willbe be the the pr principal princi inc ipal pal palsl speaker sl aker
next Tuesday Tuesda y yev even ev l1ing ing at the the Bethel Bethel
Lite Jterary iterar rary raryand y yand and Histor ical ica l Association Asso ciation
He r le is isan i an orator o of f force an d e el cia lo
ql1ence iuenceand and hispos his position ition on theprpb the 1rpb
lel1l cm of Negro education is a dmittcc l
by b bytM bytli ytM ti 6 iicst i test critics c ciiti iiti e 2 to t obc be b bc c 11 sound Jjtf d
Vf Music l lLiStC l ls s c will v vi o Vi h1 1 be e furnished f furnis fiislie he d ty tyM ii by y i theAm M fire V c A Ani aa
p l 1kh iit hib briji x x Glce Gl h he e Clib Clibn > J ndr n d dr MtJi r tli j i c s
tion o f Prof J lIe Henry HeiwyTcw ryJe Lewis vis is Pres
iclejit iec i 1 Garnet G rne f tc C Wilkilit yillc Vihhc iiisbti ins bn m will pre ¬
s Si ide IC
i 11 rl lii JltfjlJf
Hampton Institute Alumni Atumnrto to toUoid Hold l
The Hamptoir Institute IIstitu c Alumn AI llln i
Assoc Ass Aso iation iati n is arranging a atan rrang gin ng to t tohidkl li hdi hdia lcl a an
e ducational massmeeting l11as rnasmectin nl cting g Novem No N ir di th ¬
ber I er 15 at Metro letroplitan Mctropo po litan A Av v i 1v M rE > E
Clujrch hIJrcI at which it is expected exp tedJIat that
Dr Booker Boo ker er T 1 Was hin h lgtol gton Drt ft H
JL B Fr FrimU issell presi prestdcit dent of Hampton JTampt in 1
Institute Instituteand and Ma jor R R R R Mpten Itl teri
coninian cOJ11lllan dant of cadets cadetsatHan at ITampIon Ham pton
tl Institutc lstittif will w ill deliver dcliveradcr addresse ss d s It
i is iki ikilj hoped lj p dd to create interest in terest t trcst rcst am an m thug itg
the th Hampton J amptolls students iden tsanlgri am and i grad l
Hates ia teS residing rcsidingin res iding In this hisc c city ity ityaiid an n d vidll v ic kii in i ¬
ity to toa assist ass s jst in ra raising i is ing sc s cHbUtrs ho lars liips
to a ai id d the poor an I1c int d worthy 1 students stll dcl dents ti
at Hampton The recent rec nt meeting
pf the assoc asso ciationheld iation held at the resi ¬
dence t ence o of f Mr Ir Fer dinand D Lee Lc
1704 170 + roth street N N W was ad at ¬
dressed dress < byMissElo lbYMisEloie by i Iiss Elo ie iseBibb e Dibh res kcn ident ilel
pr prncipah prncipaho inc in ipal i palo o f fthc the the Colore Colpre4 d Soc So cialS ial Sc S1
tlcmcnt in South Washington Dr Pro I
A i J J Gwathne Gwathney yR y R R A AStewart AStewartnl Stewart ani nl n l
others w v hov h lio w v ill ass ist ill illn niakiiigthe makit 1alddth iithe
JlaflSO plans of of f thcorganization the organization effective effc e ffectW H
j 1 Alexander Chiles Denied aRe 8 aR Rt
J i
The case o f Attorney J Algx Alexan Ali AlianL anL iL ¬
der her Chi Chiles lies aga ganst inst Jt thc th Chesapcakc Che Chesap S p Jc le
0hipRa Ohio OIii Ra ilrqaci ilroa d Co for forIkgt fo allcgedivi AlIcg N 4o b
v ra s
1 la I latn uoni Joni pf QtheCIVI oiec E ticr Civi iv i1 l mt mtIts r nglitsrpi 1 Its < x M F
Chiles while a passenger on that
roadcameto road cameto me to an ui l abrupt ending end 11gMqn Mon ¬
day c in the Unite 1Jl ited d h States Siiprenie ipce Pt 1C
I Court By Byor ordwito or ord ordy ordyo d o f Justice liar Hllr
la Ian nthe tIre n1OtiOI l I If f Mr c1 Chulesfor i1es fQr
leave to pres a petitionf01 petition fora are re
he hear ar in g g wa waS den ie d dThi This was wasa a
ce cele le brated brate d dcase case and had 1iadMrChiles Mr Chiles hile
been success successful ful in iltconv conv inc in cin in g the
Coiirtof Co Cotir iirt t tofther of ofther the r ighteousness s bf ofhis Ir his is
contcntibri contcn contcnti ti itthe the entire fa f fabr br hric ic o 6f f tlie th tI
jihl jiiiic1 jiiiicrow cr dV V s scar car s sstem ystem sfel11 in inv vogue vouc g1 g1e e in
the th South as is far as interstate ilttersti te pas pa l ¬
sengers sCligcrs are concerne c concerne tlccrne d V wOuld ttlcf have ha ve
been swept from its itsn1oor niobr ii 11gs igs i
There are arei arev 1 Wellequipped v v 61l equippedlawyers lawyers
who whosar say that the the3dverse adverse dec < e dsib isifah 1
in the Chiles Chi lies s sactiond action actiond docs es not stop
the th br inging illgingo in ging gingof of i io other o ther su suits its into the
court o f last resort It is asserte asserted d
that his hi case was not fought fO lght out llt
upon its its mer 11 ritS its and andjhat an d Ihat hat the he cpn ccn
tention of Mr Chjles C iles was based a d
upon uponqles questionable tionable prem lrcniiss ises A AII new II V
su it may be expected e pctc d at at any timeto
further test the validity va lidity of ofHle o f the jini i 11
crow practices o of f the C 80 80an 0 an and d
other railroads rail foacl s
Glittering Genera Gen Generalliles eraUtl eraUtls lities s
Mrs irs Arc Arcl1bald hibald Runne Runnef Ri 1Ulner innc I f of Ii Jl fli fhi
s treet returns tomorrow fr from n1 a
pleasant v visit is it itto to fr frie iends iciir iHlsi ls in Wiimihg v Vihii iili 1g
tohDe tO 1De1 l J i 01 y vl iti i
Vi I f I
Mr Cyrus Fie FielclAdal Field ld Aclai Adams ps Assist ¬
ant Register of the Treasury Trc s lry has has
gone to t his ht ishome home in Chica Chicago go to regis re is
ter t r and vote vot i I
Mr M Ra Ralph lph W V White Whiteeditor editor in
c hie hief f of o f THE NATIONAL FORUM FORu r is
taking part in ill iiithi the thecanipa campa ign ig grilliW in West st
Virgin ia He reports that thin thin gs
arc loo king good for the Republican r
candidates for or Congress Con ess
Mr rr Allen AlI n Mercer Dan iel i61 o fthe f < the
War Deparlmcnt goes to Boston
Tues TUeslay day w here on the sjrth 2jt11he he will
lea l ad d to the altar Miss Portia Por tia Eliza ¬
beth bcthflird bcthflirda Bird Birda a c harm harming ing young youngs sc cltool hool
mann Mr an a11l and andi d 1 Mrs i Irs Dan ie id idw l will w v U
be At Home to their fr iends ien t ta a fter ft cj
the izQtli at 13 1323 23 Wa Wallach llach place pli Ce N
W v i H
Mrs J B Small Sll Sma alL ll o pf f f Yor kjfeEa kPa h 1
widow W1 lOW of f the thcl late tG BisbopSiitl BishopSmaliit r ris 1 is
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