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Local witch hunters get Kennedy's blessing
Accuse Dem precinct captain
in assault on Progressives
Marceline Blair. Democratic captain in the 27th pre
cinct of the 5th ward, this week was named in a police com
plaint as the leader of a mob of hoodlums who attempted to
break up a Progressive Party street meeting by violence.
A second outbreak of violence also was reported soon
after Mayor Kennelly had
gone to great pains to an
nounce that there'd be no
political assaults in Chicago
A group ot ' young toughs'
threw stones and tomatoes at
speakers who were protesting
against the state electoral board's
action in barring the new' party
from the state ballot.
Some 150 people were listen
ing to the speeches in an open
lot near 55th and lngleside when
the outburst of violence oc
"1 personally saw Blair hand
a hag of tomatoes to some one
in the crowd, who began throw
ing them at the speakers." Mrs.
Lettiie Phillips. 1310 Madison
Park, secretary of the 5th ward
Progressive Party, declared.
Mrs. Meredith Sheehan. 1500
E. 55th. and her child were in
jured by stones. They were
treated at their home by a
The arrest warrant, signed by
Mrs. Phillips and Mrs Janet
Wolfe. 5330 Harper, charged
Blair with having been an ac
cessory to the assau 11.
Violence broke out at another
Progressive rally during the
Rod Holmgren, radio common
hi the
is intended to further the
best interests of the peo
ple of Illinois. As condi
tions permit, it will be in
creased in size in order
to give its readers wider
news coverage a n d a
Greater variety of fea
tures. An important fac
tor in the success of this
progrom is advertising
income. It is, therefore,
EST to patronize STAND
ARD advertisers, so that
they will be encouraged
to continue to patronize
1 N. La Salle
Phone: ST 2-4603
I« ovtord and publisher! WEEKLY by
I he Illinois Piogres«i\e Publishing < ■*> .
In* . 187 N. LaSalle Sr.. Chicago 1, II).
Phone: RAndolph 6-9270
KENNETH McKENZIE—Managing Editor
1 year —.—.. $2.00
(Add $1 for (Canada and Foreign.
Re-entered as second class matter. Sept.
I 7 )948, at the post office at Chicago.
III., under the Act of March 3, 1879
tator. was speaking on behalf of
the new party at a street meet
ing in Washington Square when
some hoodlums on the edge of
the crowd began throwing eggs.
None hit Holmgren.
The crowd, amounting to about
800 persons, turned on the hood
lums and ran them out of the
Register today!
All three major political
parties this week speeded
up their drives to register
a maximum of Illinois'
voters in time for the cru
cial Nov. 2 election. Eli
gible citizens can register
in room 308 at the City
Hall from 9 a.m. to 4:30
p.m. Mondays through Fri
days, and from 9 a.m. to
12 noon on Saturdays
through Oct. 4. On Oct. 5.
the last day. precinct poll
ing places will be opened
for one-day neighborhood
I "Pr^Uf(^//7mnm 1waua||
IN PREPARATION for their coming convention, members of the
Young Progressives on the Near North Side tell the people of
their opposition to the draft and to Jim Crow in the armed serv
Torchlight parade planned
for state YPA convention
Youth from campuses and in
dustrial centers all over the
state will gather in Chicago this
weekend for the first annual con
vention of the Illinois branch of
Young Progressives of America.
i 1 1 ■
Enjoy on
Circle Pines
284 acres of orchards, farm
land ond lakefront
$20-$24 per week, inch meals
Information ond reservations:
Violet Robbin
HOIIycoort 5-0787
Teh Prairieville, 7R-4
Fountoin Pens — Legal Blanks
Brief Coses
(Opposite City Hull)
106 N. LoSalle ST 2 1862
The convention will be held at
the DuSable Community Cen
ter. 49th and Wabash.
Saturday morning YPA dele
gates will be addressed by \
Charles P. Howard, keynoter of
the Progressive Party national
convention, and on Sunday
morning by John Gojack, na
tional vice-chairman of YPA and
international vice president of
the United Electrical, Radio & j
Machine Workers of America
The Saturday, afternoon ses
sion, which will open with sing
ing. will end at 5:30 p.m. At 7
p m., the delegates will form a
line of march outside the Du
Sable Community Center and
parade by torchlight through the
South Side community urging
repeal of the draft and an end to
Jim Crow in the armed forces.
Aid. Burmeister seeks probe lot
'red taint' in city employes
Everybody's trying to get into the act!
Now it’s Aid. John C. Burmeister 144th), a fat-cat
Republican who lives on Lake Shore dr.
Burmeistbr has discovered — the Red Menace.
The Reds, he says, are trying to overthrow the Loop!
(Given a little encourage
ment, they might even join
the liberal citizens of the 44th
Ward who are trying to over
throw Burmeister.)
In the City Council, Bur
meister painted a lurid picture
of what those wild-eved Com
munists are trying to do to Chi
It's illegal! It's awful! It’s
Burmeister didn't disclose the
source of his information, but he
says that the Communists are
trying to infiltrate the city gov
They're raising their heads in
the bureau of bridges. They're
flowing into the water system.
They're utilizing the public
utilities. (That’s why the city's
in the Red.)
And do you know why? Bur
meister does.
"It would be easy.” he says,
"for a few men well organized
under the guidance of the Com
munist Party to paralyze util
ities, isolate the Coop by throw
ing up the bridges, then destroy
ing it.”
But Chicago's citizens need not
fear. Burmeister. like the U S
Cavalry, is riding to the rescue!
He has proposed a resolution,
now under consideration by the
City Council rules committee,
which would require all officials
and employees of the city—both
elected and appointed —- to sign
affidavits swearing that they are
not and never will be members
of the Communist Party (ya
gotta a fortune-teller, too).
Lest his fellow aldermen
should doubt the need for such
a measure. Burmeister re
assured them. He said that the
American Legion, which has
been devoting its mighty ener
gies to trying to kick a gentle,
middle-aged woman teacher at
Senn High—Miss Emily Noack
—out of the school system, has
placed its OK on his proposal.
‘ But that wasn’t enough to
satisfy Aid. Reginald DuBois
(9th). who thinks the.4. Congress
man Rankin is a piker on "white
DuBois asked why the resolu
tion couldn't be extended be
yond the 20,000 city employees
He said he would like to see it
include semi-autonomous agen
cies, like the Chicago Housing
Authority (which has an inter
racial policy) and the Mayor's
Commission on Human Rela
tions (which believes in the Con
stitution). Both outfits are
"Red,” according to DuBois.
Before the Council sent the
resolution to committee Mayor
Kennellv got into the act, too
He said he thinks the resolution
ought to call on the state gov
ernment to cooperate by chasing
the Red out of the Red, White,
and Blue at the State House at
As far as the resolution goes.
Kennelly’s all for it.
In that he differs with a lot
of Chicagoans, it seems. For ex
ample. Zal Garfield, county di
rector of the Progressive Party.
Referring to Burmeister's wild
account of how the Communists
are out to paint the town Red,
Garfield cracked:
“He forgot the dangerous pos
sibility that the Communists
might also release the monkeys
from the Lincoln Park Zoo. But
so many of the purge-minded
politicians in City Hall are act
ing like monkeys that I guess
.our supply would be equalized.”
Garfield, who called on “all
Chicagoans” to “fight the reso
lution,” remarked acidly that it
"would start searches for Alger
Hiss Jr. in our sanitation depart
Vote non-compliance
NEW YORK—<FP)—A policy
of non-compliance with the Taft
Hartley act was overwhelmingly
indorsed, 36,297 to 6.055, by the
members of the United Office &
Professional Workers (CIO) in
a nationwide poll, the union an
nounced here.
The results were greeted by
union leaders as a "blow against
company unionism and against
those employers who raise the
false issue of compliance in or
der to divide and weaken the
union's fight for increased pay
and security for its members.’’
Jewish leader says Israeli
will fight for full freedom
There will be “further war
fare” in Palestine unless full
recognition is granted to Israel,
it is admitted to the United Na
tions, and th ' arms embargo is
lifted. Dr. Joseph Mayer, chair
man of the Israeli Emergency
Medical Council, declared this
HENRY u.-,
WMAQ 9:30 p.m.
(Daylight Saving Time)
But Dr. Mayer said that there
could be no doubt of the outcome
of such fighting.
‘ Our people went to Palestine
to live there and to die there,”
he said. We can’t be chased
Dr. Mayer was in Chicago to
raise funds for the National
Committee for Labor Palestine,
the U S. backer of Histadrut, the
Arab-Jewish labor federation in
Palestine. He is medical director
of Histadrut’s sick fund, Kupat
Many Arabs desire an Israeli
victory, Dr. Mayer contended,
because of the improved stand
ard of living whicl. the Jews
have brought to the Holy Land.
In support of his statement, he
pointed out that the infant mor
tality rate among Palestinian
Arabs has dropped from the 240
per thousand level of 25 years
ago—before large-scale Jewish
immigration — to the 130 per
thousand level of the present
day. This rate will drop still
further in the near future, he

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