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V *
\ Read WALLACE'^ j
: column in THE j
A Progressive Weekly ^ • ;
-STANDARD... page 4 •
VOL. 1, NO. 5 l'wlS'h 618 Chicago, Oct. 9, 1948 V*' 7 ! -r ;
International hankers are at it again!
Dickerson wages fighting
Campaign in 1st District
Earl B. Dickerson’s campaign for Congress from the
South Side’s 1st district is moving into high gear.
• Next week Henry Wallace and his running mate,
Sen. Glen H. Taylor, will speak at a rally for Dickerson in
the district. - __
- • This week a labor commit
tee in support of his candi
' dacy was set up by represen
tatives of CIO. AFL, and inde
pendent unions with a total
membership of more than j
0 Three special canvassing days!
have been scheduled, on which j
Progressives from every part of j
the city will ring doorbells in
the district to bring the facts in
the campaign home to the |
• A special newspaper is being j
published for voters in the dis-1
trict with the aim of presenting j
the Progressive program to the j
widest possible audience.
• Dickerson himself started in
on a strenuous schedule of
Labor cases up
for Supreme
Court hearings
labor cases were among the sev
eral hundred matters facing the
U.S. Supreme Court for deci
sion Oct. 4 as it formally opened
the 1948 fall term.
The nine justices must decide
whether or not they want to
hear oral argument and rule on
300 or more cases filed here
during the summer recess.
Among these an action by three
rail brotherhoods attacking the
right of Judge T. Alen Golds
borough to grant a permanent
l injunction against their planned
strike of last July.
Other cases involve the Taft
Hartley law non-Communist af
fidavits, the NLRB ruling that
s employers must bargain on wel
fare funds, and various state
• anti-labor laws.
The high bench also has be
fore it an appeal from the con
I tempt - of - Congress treatment
dished out by the House un
American committee to its op
speaKing engagements 10 kick
off the campaign.
The rally which Wallace and
Taylor will address is to be held
in the 8th Regiment Armory,
35th and Giles, next Friday
night. Oct. 15. It is one of three
mass meetings at which the na
tional Progressive candidates
will appear.
Preceding the rally Young
Progressives of America will
hold a torchlight parade through
the district, led by Taylor and
Master of ceremonies at the
meeting will be Dr. Clifford
Doyle, Progressive nominee for
coroner. Mrs. Pauline High
Reed, candidate for secretary of
state, and other Progressive
nominees will put in an appear
Sam Parks, district secretary
treasurer of the United Pack
inghouse Workers of America
(CIO), is chairman of the new
Labor Committee for Dickerson,
which hopes “to place 1.000 pre
cinct workers in the 1st district
and turn out 50,000 votes for
Dickerson on Nov. 2," according
to Parks.
“Our union members know
well the courageous fight that
Dickerson waged as a member
of the wartime FEPC. and his
successful fight as a City Coun
cil member to win employment
of Negroes on the surface lines
and elevated as motormen and
conductors,” Parks said. “He is
the type of representative that
we should have in Congress.”
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THIS IS NO ANGRY MOB storming the bastille. It's just part of the
crowd of 3000 fans who stormed the windows at Braves Field,
Boston, to boy World Series bleacher tickets for the first two
games in Boston. More than 300 of them waited all night.
The Marshall Plan’s economic master-mind is an Amer
ican who worked side-by-side with the Nazis all during
World War II !
He is Thomas McKittrick, whom Paul G. Hoffman re
cently appointed as his chief advisor in financial and mone
tary matters. Hoffman is head
of the Economic Cooperation
Administration, which is ap
plying the Marshall Plan to Eu
McKittrick’s astounding rec
ord of wartime collaboration
with his country's enemies,
which must have been known to
Hoffman, has been exposed re
peatedly, but the daily news
papers have suppressed almost
all such exposures.
Information made available to
The Illinois Standard by Rep.
John A. Blatnik (D., Minn.)
makes it possible for Illinois
liberals to get the facts on Mc
Few newspapers, for example,
carried the statement by the
U.S. Treasury Dept, which said:
‘‘McKittrick was president of
the Bank of International Set
tlements (better known as BIS)
throughout World War II and
was doing business with the
Germans while our American
boys were fighting the Ger
BIS, which is still a power in
Europe, has been dominated by
two men since its establishment
in 1930.
One of these men is Hjalmar
Schacht, Hitlers financial ad
visor and head of the Reichs
bank, who recently was freed
from war criminal charges by
U.S. authorities in Germany. He
is expected to give financial ad
vice to U.S occupation officials.
The other is Sir Montagu
Norman, former governor of the
Bank of England, ‘‘who had
done so much to help the Nazis
prior to World War II,” accord
ing to Blatnik’s information.
During the war, when Mc
Kittrick was president of BIS,
German Nazis controlled 72%
of the bank.
One of the rare newspaper
comments on BIS appeared in
the New York Times of May 19,
1943. At that time the Times
“Allied preparations for an
invasion of the European conti
nent make the BIS at Basle,
Switzerland, look still more in
congruous than it ever looked
since the outbreak of the war in
September, 1939
“In the seclusion of a Swiss
city, American, German. French
and Italian bankers . . . are still
at work side by side and attend
to common business.
“Does it mean that ... all
belligerents are tacitly agreed
to preserve a unique shelter for
what was formerly called inter
national finance, a shelter to be
eventually used at will for the
purpose of a policy of appease
The U.S. and- its Western
allies now are following such a
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