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A Progressive Weekly * a
VOL. 1. NO. 8 'wrckiv' Chicago. Oct. 30. 1948 : NOV. 2 VOTE :
-— . ■ —■ .- . - ■ a
Radio hints U. S.
future Nov. 2nd
Don't get confused Tuesday night by the babel on your
There are only a few really significant election returns
for which you should watch.
Space does not permit The Standard to print a com
plete guide to the election returns, but here are some of
the most important things lor
which you should watch on
election night:
One of the more signifi
cant questions how many elig
ible voters will go to the polls.
Although an estimated 96 mill
ion are eligible, only 50 to 55
million are expected to cast bal
lots Where liberals are run
ning. a large vote will help
The candidacy of Henry Wal
lace should help boost the vote
Nov. 2. And the number of
- votes cast for him will surprise
many a dopester, despite the
extreme campaign of intimida
tion against Wallace and his
In Cook County, Progressives
will be paying special atten
tion to four races. Watch the
size of the vote for congression
al candidate ICarl B. Dickerson
in the 1st district.
At least three Progressive con
testants for state representative
should draw a heavy vote. They
1 are Oscar C. Brown Jr. in the
; 1st senatorial district, Albert
1 Janney in the 17th. and George
i R. Cermak in the 19th. The vote
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To vote for Wallace:
No "write-ins" when you take your ballot behind the screen to vote Tuesday?
One X on each of the two ballots — no more, no less — is all that's needed to cast
your vote for Henry Wallace and the Progressive Party candidates.
This fact was emphasied in a final pre-election statement by the Progressive
Party of Illinois. The Party emphasized "the one and only effective way to vote for
Henry Wallace and the Progressives is not to write in his name or any other name,
but to vote a straight ticket."
Wallace's name will not be on your ballot, but, as the Progressive Presidential
candidate explained at the Wrigley Field rally last month, "a vote for the Progressive
Party is a Wallace vote."
The No Write-in warning
was issued to Cook County
voters only. In downstate coun
ties, where the party's name
does not appear on the ballot,
voters were advised to write
in the name of Wallace.
When you enter the election
booth Tuesday, you will be giv
en two ballots. The first is
called a “Candidate Ballot.” It
contains the names of all candi
dates for county and city offices,
except those running for judge.
The second is the “Judicial Bal
lot.” It contains the names of
candidates running for the mu
nicipal bench.
At the top of both ballots
party names are listed. The
name “Progressive” will appear
over one column. Simply mark
one X in the circle to the left
of the column headed “Progress
ive” on each'of the two ballots
you cast.
To the people of Illinois:
A message from Henry Wallace
You people of Illinois
have proved that the Pro
gressive party is going to be
the strongest political force
in this state
and that you
1 can finally
smash the
corrupt Re
publican -
De m oc rat ic
which has
poisoned the well of politi
cal democracy.
Your outstanding success
in the judicial elections last
year and your sweeping
petition campaign fright
ened the political bosses
and their gangster friends
into the desperate act of at
tacking the sacred right of
franchise in order to keep
t h • Progressive Party off
the state ballot
By this act of political
sabotage the Wall Street
parties overstepped the
limits of tolerance. Ameri
cans may be careless some
times in how they use their
ballots, but they rise in
righteous wrath when
someone tells them they
cannot use the ballot to vote
for candidates of their own
You people of Illinois, like
the people of America, are
not a cowardly people. You
are standing up to the fight.
Carry on Tuesday.
Your X in the Progressive
circle on the Cook County
ballot will mark the spot
where bipartisan reaction
and corruption begin to die.
Progressive votes will
count more than any other
vote you have ever cast.
They will guarantee that the
Progressive party is here to
stay — to grow into the first
party of Illinois as a force
for peace and prosperity.
The future belongs to
This is straight ticket voting
Any attempt to write in t h e
name of Wallace or any other
candidate may be utilized as an
excuse to invalidate your ballot
completely, it was explained.
A straight ticket vote amounts
to a straight punch at the sell
out artists of the two old politic
al machines now dominating
Cook County and the nation
Straight ticket marks in the
Progressive circle are expected
to create even bigger political
upsets than the original Pro
gressive vote in last year’s ju
dicial elections. Then, while po
litical bosses and newspaper ob
servers scoffed at the new party,
voters avalanched the polls to
smash every prediction and roll
up the almost unbelievable vote
of 313,000 for the top Pro
gressive candidate.
Heavy straight ticket voting
on Nov. 2 is expected to advance
the prestige of the Progressive
party enormously. It will
strengthen the foundations upon
which ordinary people can build
their own party into the first
Many state and local Pro
gressive candidates have strong
chances of being elected. This is
especially true among candi
dates for the State Legislature.
Here, you have three votes. You
can scatter them among three
candidates or you can plunk all
three on the Progressive candi
date by the simple X at the top
of the column. Thus, your
straight ticket vote will provide
three votes for the state legisla
tive candidate of the Progressive
Hear Wallace, p.3 Campaign issues, p.6,7 Sample ballets, p.11
Progressive goals, p.3 Youth fights back, p.11 Att: Poll watchers, p.8
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